Newspaper of Evening Star, August 31, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 31, 1861 Page 1
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/ _ 1 * ' ' : - ~ ?< Opening jlftfS ' t V^. XVIII. WASHINGTON. I). C. SATURDAY. AUGUST 31. 1861. N?. 2.662. i,^^ THE EVENING STAR M . PUBLISHED EVERT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED.) AT THE ITAA BUILOlNQI, Cbrmm V vmm* mm* BUtxntk it. mj W. D. WALLAOH. Papers irwd la package* by carrier* at ?4 a year, or 37 oeata Jjfit month. To mall aubecrVbera the prlea la t3 JO a yaw, im mdvmmct; SS tor tlx months; SI for three months; aad tor leaa tbaa three moatta at tbe rate of IS cents a week. Single eoplaa, ova cbut; la wrapper*, two curra. C7" AmiiiuKKta should b? sent to tbe oftce before IS o'clock m ; otberwlae they may sot appear until the next day. THE M flAKKWAKE'S" DOG. Loflua hia nam* waa? Lofty we moat called him for abort; but with atrangera he anawered to "Mlatar Loftua," nothing leea than that. Paiaangera and visitor* to tha ahip naed to try and make frienda with him in the naval ooaxing way, bat be never took the leaat notice of them If they had anything te aay, they moat call him by kU proper title?talk atraignt out, with no nonaenae about' good fellow," or "fine old dog," or any anoh phraaee; then he would liaten respectfully, and an<3eratand what waa aaid, too. _ I aailed in the Makewake with him going on ight yean, but will aay I never had a batter shipmate. Orderly and good catared, he never made the leaat trouble, and wouldn't allow anybody elae to either, if he could help it. I don't think he would interfere between the office roand the orew, bat when we were bringing emigrante Loft as would alwaya pot a atop to dlaturbaaoea among them. He would (dngle out the leader in tbe fight, throw him, and hold him down until the othera came to the reacue. Sometime* he hvl to throw two or thraa, but the steerage eoon learned to stow shilalaha whenever Sir. Lot lug appeared. I remember one time, we were lying In the Wellington Dock at Liverpool, taking on a I'tof Fardownera? and the (steward bad some difficulty with one. Hia only argument waa a rope'a and and, when Lofty thought the poor greek had enough ha intimated u muoh quite plainly. Bat by nm? means the Steward contrived to gat a line in his collar and to make it faat in the main riggiog; then the Fardowner had to suffer. Pretty soon the dog parted the line with his teeth, qaietly went ashore, and rolled himself over and over in the thick, black tide-mud?stole on board again and crawled, whole length, into Mr. Stewart's berth. After thft ha wealdn't go to market for a long time, and on the whole, I think the Steward got rather tha worst of it. He did all oar marketing?Loftas did, and never onee made a mistake to my knowledge. They would try trieks with him sometimes, bat were very likely to pay tot it by loss of his eostnm. He was acquainted with most of the market-men, and if one did not treat him well he woald go to another. I sailed in Stirling and Field's Line five years before I got to be first mate,and then the very next voyage I came near losing the number of my mess. While we were in Liverpool the cholera broke oat among the shipping and we lay in that steaming mud-hole from the first of Jaly until the last of August before we oould get men enough to take the craft to ?ea. Ideantime we lost poor Captain Hepworth?the best officer in the line?and I same prettj nigh going too. Loftox watched me and tended me like a true friend, and I do believe if it hadn't been for him I never oould have pulled threugh, for there was hardly any one to even pass a cup of water. When the new oaptain came down from London he called on me, and I didn't like hia looks at all. He waa smooth spoken enough, bat, his eyes were vicious, and I felt sure we hould hare trouble. He said the ship was quite ready for sea, and as soon as I was able we should set sail. Not to makefarther detention, 1 was earried on board in a cot, and we hauled oat of dook oa the next tide. In the oabin I found another oot, beside whioh a young lady was sitting with a fan, while Captain D&rey waa busy preparing the state-rooms. I then learned that oar oabln passengers were an old man named Archer and his granddaughter Jennie. Poor old Mr. Archer! He was far too ill to undertake such a voyage, bat he insisted on going with the ship, feeling sare he should recover when the oool Atlactio breeao began to blow. Well, the first Sanday at sea we baried Vi-, Little Jennie Archer wu left entirely alone, witly>ut a friend in the world, sere en aunt in Brooklyn to whom the wh going. The good, strong-hearted girl bore ap bravely in that sorrowful time, and even in her deeptat grief foand opportunity to render me a thousand kind aerricee. When I first began to crawl oat into the cabin I noticed Capt. Darcy'aevil ye often wandering towards her with a peculiar expression that alarmed me. I was troubled and didn't know what to do. I ovuld net ay anything to Jennie, and, unable to stand alon?, I ooufd not in any way proteot her. In this difficulty Loftua came to my aid. He would guard the lone girl far better than I, and his dislike to Capt. Darcy waa stronger en than mine. A ? J ^ T 1 4I--4 T ? T auu mj icuuiriTw ia?v ?#enme ua boitus should beoome ereat friends. She wu the kindest sod gentlest little soul that ever lived, and the dag learned to love her more than he ver did any haman being. Lofty never had mistress, the Makewake was his mistress, and ha clang to the ship through all her chsngesof craw, officers, and owners. Bat to Jennie be Momed to attach himself as dogs usually do to thair owners, or even more closely. After fairly understanding that she must be watched and protacted, he hardly left her an hour in the day, and slept before her door at night. By the time I was able to go about a little? and out on deck when the son was not too warm?Jennie Archer had quite won my heart and I was much hurt to find that she grew more reserved as health returned to me; the little womanly ministrations, which had been ao grateful, were gradually discuntinaed. Yet we ware very friendly, and being the only idlers in the after part of the ship, we were with each other a great deal. Our long pleasant evenings on deck and morning reading* in the aabin were the happiest hours I had ever known. But I did not believe that I was making sny progress in her affections?that is, 1 did not think that aha would ever care for me as i a?a xor ner. i ?u pleated to see, however, that the Captain's attempt! to be agreeable vere bat decidedly repaired lie aw it, too, after a woile, and his hateful diepoeition thereafter began to show itself. He persecuted poor Jeonie without mercy whenever he could And an opportunity, and though Loftoa and I were seldom off duty, he yet contrived to make her suffer from hie spite in a thousand ways, Her simple dignity and unswerving faith in herself during these trials made me leve her very dearly. Bhe never ooaplained to me at all; not even when I found her, one time, weeping, heart-broken, and frightened, with little bits of a note from him scattered over the floor. Captain Darcy made no secret of his rage and vengeful temper; he seemed to oonsider that he owed defeat to me, and hated me accordingly. "You think yourself d smart," he would say; "but I'll show you I'm not the man to be baalked by any suoh whelps as you and that dog You may do your d?est, but I'll master her yet, and then I will settle with yen, voung man." I didn't mind his threats much, knowing him to be oowardly, like other mean souls; but I kept closer watch tbaa ever over Jeanie, and fed Loftus with own hand,in which care I think he owes his life. On the thirty-flfth day out we were off the Banks, and about noon I went up with Oapt. Darcy to take the sun. Loftv assisted in the observation, as he always did with the utmost gravity, and Miss Archer added her smile to the brightness of tne hoar, happy?thought I? to know oar royaga ?U so nearly done. While working up my ealcnlaions I noticed the Captain hastily deecending the cabin gangway. I thought it odd he did sot wait for the remit, ad directly I ?m further tarpriead to And that Loflaa had also disappeared. I didn't thiak much about it all, though. I was alone with her for, perhaps, the last time, and I lingered a good whila before going below to ui ay entry ia the lag. It saaaod to n* that she had a ever looked so kindly npea me as than, aad X aaaa very near telling her bow daarly I had learaed to prise her favor, aad aaktag that U anight ha mine forever Bat I felt es though that woald be taking a certain ad vintage of her aaadiag a nroteetor, aad. in worn* sort preaasaing apoa the el aim I might * wppoaed to bar*?m th? word* wblch 'a* * * ^ * -4 trembled on my tongue were not apoken. I after warda wiahed they bad been. Entering the oabin at laat, wo wore startled by aoanda of atrife, evident struggling, fleroe Srowla, and a atorm of enraea. For tne flrat me Jennie'a courage gave way; yet even tben " abe aeemed more bnrt tnan afraid, aa abe leaned againat me, sobbing, "Oh, Heaven! he'a in my room!" And ao indeed it waa. Crouched down in one corner?a pitiable aigbt indeed?lay Oapt. Darcy with Loftoa' teeth in hia throat. He atill clutched the leather belt which oontalned Jennie'a little fortune, and in a Bailor'a bag at kia feet I found everything elae of the leaat value which abe poaseaaed in the world?even the lettera to her frienda. Loftua muat have aeen indignation and horror in my faoe, for be immediately renewed hia attack with tbe utmost ferooity, and it waa only by Jennie'a beat efforta be waa prevented from silling the wretch on the' instant?he wouldn't liaten to me at all. Aa it waa, Capt. Darcy had to be carried aahore when we arrived, ac 1 I remember they uaed the very same .^4 A T I Lx I i qui mat i wm orougni aooara in. uunng ttie fever whioh followed he waa delirious part of the time, and I bad gathered from his wild talk that he hid hoped, by reducing Jennie to uitar poverty, he ooald make her dependent upon him and submissive to his will. Thanks to Loftua, the robber was caught in the aot, and I half envied the dog his reward of fond gratitude. He acoompanied her to Brooklyn when her friends came for her, and alter that he used to ran over tbere every day or two. As the captain's duties fell to my hands I was unable t? leave tho shir for more than a week, but as soon as I could get off I made a visit to Jennie in her new home. A very nice place it was, away oat on Clinton avenue, and I found her deligited with it, as well she might be. Her friends, too, were just the pleasantMt sort of people, and received me very kindly. But somehow I felt disappointed and uncomfortable, though I couldn't tell why for the life of me. Jennie's manner Wis the same to me it had always been, except a little embarrassment at first. She was very friendly and oonfiding as ever; yet I felt that in Clinton avenue she was very far away from me and from the life we had lived together. Then there was a good-looking young chap at the bouse who played on the piano and sang with Jennie, and who had all those pleasant little acoomplishmenU_which show cultivation and good breeding. Well, I liked bim?I hadn't any spite at all?hut couldn't help thinking that 'longside his fine gentleman's graces my plain sailor ways appeared to small advantago. So I did not enjoy my visit as I had anticipated, but went away as early as possible, vexed and dissatisfied with myself and everybody else. Captain Daroy got an idea into his unsettled mind that Jennie and I were goiDg to prooeed against him for piracy on the high seas, and though I|aasared him that neither of us |had any such intention, he became frightened, and suddenly disappeared frem hia hotel before I believed bim able to so about. I have never seen bim or beard of nim from that day to this. When I reported hia flight to Stirling A Field, eur owners, they seemed rather glaa than otherwise, and muoh to my surprise immediately offered the command of the Makewake to me. During the long days of oonvaleecenoe, when I oould do but little else, I had dreamed again and again of the time when I should be oaptain of the Makewake, and b? in a position to offer Jennie Archer a home aa well aa a heart. These had been visions of happineaa to me; but now, when they might be realised, their brightneaa faded fast?it seemed highly improbable that I should ever make Jennie an offer ef anything at all, and being oaptain of a liner a ? - uiuu h auiuuui vj uiucq uj way. However, 1 accepted the proposition gladly enough, and therefore staid by the ihip more closely than ever. Lofttu still oontinaed his visits to Clifton Avenue, being over there, indeed, at least half the time, though he always came home at night. My first experience there had not been of a sort to encourage my going again?bo, when the Makewake was nearly ready for sea, I sent by Loftus a note to Jennie, apologising for not calling and sajing good-bye. Of course I half hoped he would bring some little reply from her?and so he did. She wished particularly to see me, and begged I would come to her before I sailed. Weil, I was delighted ! I spread all the light canvas I oould carry, and bowled over there?gay as a lark. The very first thing I saw was Jennie walking around the grounds with that good-looking young fellow?talkiag so earnestly and gazing up to his face in aach a charming way?it just took me oat iduk ; 1 wished myself aboard ship again and outside tbe Hook. I don't know but I might have ran awaj, only Loftus attracted the children'* attention, and then 'twas too late. I had not been in the house ten minutes when I notioed an understanding of some sort between Jennie and the handsome young gentleman. They had consultations and side glanoea, and looks towards me?as I thought? and, finally, it ended in his presenting to me, on behalf of Miss Jennie Archer, a very fine gold chronometer and ohain. lie delivered it with a littl a speech of whioh I hardly heard a word?I was ao oonfused Passengers aboard ahip often met in the cabin on ooming into port ana gave the officers something or other to remember the voyage by, and I had certain phraaea which were always used on such occalinnfl t ?nt t Kom nff itAK O- n?!l ?- T ? ?J VM uun no noil <?3 X OUUia, and ut down in a oorner to think the matter over. I don't like people who are over soniitive, emailj grieved, ana perpetually feeling hurt. I think it generally ahowa a mean disposition; bat I do aappoee that wai about my state of mind. Thia, thought I, ia what ahe wanted me for. Thia waton meana payment in full of all demanda againat her; and ahe didn't want me, even while going to Liverpool and baek, to have an idea that ahe waa under any obligation* to me. A valuable gift aettlea the old aoeounU. and leavea her tree to open new booka. What a fool I have been! But I'll not be any more?I'll never treuble her again, that'a oertain Such bitter, gloomy reverlea ai tbeae kept eoming all the afternoon. Meantime I hardly knew what to do with the watoh. I oarried n at>oat in my band a long time, and finally hat up the velvet oaee containing it, and took it into my eoat pocket. I thanked Jennie in an awkward, cold way, and felt an agly aatiafaction in noticing how aurpriaed and grieved ahe looked. I do not think, however, that any one elae perceived my apitefal temper. I never had better auooeea among young folka thaa that afternoon. I determined to ahow that I didn't care for any one partio> nlarly, and tried my beat to be entertaining and agreeable to all the girla in the honae? aucceeding. aa I eaid, better than ever before. Bat my heart?the whole time?waa filling more and more with aad, troubled emotions. Gradually pride and vexation gave way to the old tendernaas fer Jennie, and aa I thought of the lone, weary houra I had to paaa, without a hope or her, in the very place where we had ' ao lately been happy together, I realised how dear ahe had become to me?how utterly dee> olate and lonely I waa deatined to be. At laat, I oould keep up the appearanoe of eheerfulneea no longer, and determined to a teal away; never to return. I looked all about, a mat]* tnr T ?) After soma tin* found\im in a little summer houM In the garden. 'Twm now quite dusk, bat with him I recognised Jennie, her arms about bis neoh, her faoe hidden in his lone fleocy eoat. She started as I spoke, and would have run away, bat Loftns was seated upon hor dress and would not more. " I'm sorry to part old (Hands," I said; " bat Loftas and I mast go now. Miss Jennie. I wanted to say . " Miss Amber," bat oouldn'L I " And are yon going away angry, when we bm nlwayi ua4trrtoo4 other *> WtU V How ashamed and repentant I felt, finding the poor girl bad been erring. ' No, indeed, Jennie," I answered; " I am not angry now. Forgive me for burting jou by accepting your E resent with ao bad grace?I waa vexed then at am not any more. Believe me, I do understand, and I tee; you could not have told me in a more delicate way. Oood-bye, Miaa Jennie?do not feel troubled about me; I'll try never to think of you again aa I used to." " What have I done so dreadfully wrong that you should ohange so ? Only the watch ? Is that all ?" "Praydon't think you have done wrong. You have always been fair and sinoere with me, and I have only myself to blame. I shall esteem and respect you as ever." "We may be friends, then ? You will visit me when you return ?" " No, no, Jennie, I could not do that. If you ever need me, I shall be only too happy to serve yon; but, otherwise, I hope this will be I our last meeting in the world. After all you bare been to me, and all I bare dreamed you might be, I eonld not bear to see 70a happy with toother, even though he ia more worthy of you." She turned away, covering her faoe with her dear little hands, sobbing as if her heart would break?" Oh, mother, what shall I do! what shall I do!" I had been standing at the door of the summer-house, much farther away from Jennie than I used to be in our talks aboard the Makewake, and Lofty did not understaiffl it at all. He walked from one to the other, growling, troubled and perplexed. When Jennie began te cry he seized my arm, dragged me across the floor, and polled me down at her feot. The darling girl put both her arms around my neck, nestled her beautiful bead upon my shoulder, and without a word we did understand each other right well at last. We have often tried to persuade Loftus to ftay at home and keep Jennie company while I am away in the Makewake, but he never would desert the ship. Whenever we arrive in New York, though, the instant we touch the deck he bounds away to tell his dear mistrPJIf kav KniKan/1 V.yv?%? TJ - uuuv?uu uuc VU1UO UU1UO. 1XU' P9r J Weei/y. SUMMER RETREATS. CtA BATHING AND SAFE RETREAT, o At Point Look-Oct, Ma.kti.ahd. This 00 ebrat*d Kaihine Place, situated at the jbiiotion of the Potoinao River with theA . . A Chesapeake Bay, will be opened by theY]fajfey undersigned on tho loth of June, in t>iA ? very beat style, lor ail persons who may wish a safe Mid suiet retreat, where they oanhave the benefit of trie best sait water bathing ami enjoy the deiioacies of the water, suoh as Fisn of all kinds. Oysters, Crabs, Ac. Every description of fishing tackle will be kept fbr the accommodation of guests. A fine livery stab e kept on the farm. Also, ten-pin alleys and bil iard saloons ; With all other amusements usually found at suoh plaoes. The table will be supplied daily with fresh vegetables from the garden on the premises and from the Baltimore and Washington markets. The best Liquors and Cigars will always be found at the Bar. Board, #3 per day; one week, 919; second week, 910; four weeks for children and oolored servants half-price. The steamer St. Nioholas leaves Washington Tuesday a: 6 a m. and Baltimore on Friday at 4 p. in The half past 2 o'clock p. m. train from Washington will oonneot at Baltimore with the boats, reaching Point Lookout daily ; a so, a tri-weekly stage from Washington, by way of Leonardtown Address the proprietors, at Point Lookout, Washington. D C., or Alexandria, Va. m 4i u t'i?i l' nniir ?-* n a- ** ? u >m iibf ?_j?t r>iv 9 \>u i rrop rii DENTISTRY. JH. PKABODV, M. D.. SuroicaL and Mi cH4n;cal Dxhtist, having laKen^-*^ rooms at No. 376 Pa. avenue, betweennaflbBB I llth and 13th ata., two doora east of the^*'' ^ SirkwoTd House, respectfully soiioits a share of e publio patronage, in the various br&nohes of hia profession. J y 15 2m* Mtketh. LOOMIS, M. D., the inventor and patentee ofthe MINERAL PI.ATK TEETH, lit s tends personally at hia office .n this oily.Mfeaii Many persons nan wear these teeth who^* rn cannot woar others, and no person oan wear others who cannot wear these. Persona caliicj at my office oan be aocoramooated with any style and prioe of Teeth they may desire; but to those wno are particular and wish the purest, oi'tneat, strongest, and most perfeet denture that art oan prod use, the MINERAL. PLATE will be more fully warranted. Rooms in this city?No. 339 Pa.avenue, between Bth and 10th ats. Also, 907 Aroh street, PhLadei GAS. FITTING, Ac. Awm t. dove * oo. RE Now prssared to execute any Tina wiU Whjoh t^er may be favored in the rLUMBlNVi ?A3 0R STEAM FITTING BUSINESS. CT Store on tth street, a few doors north of Pa, avenue, where raa* be found a oomsiete assortment of CF.ANDL I-IKKS and other AS, STEAM and WATEk FIXTURES. ]a?T-W I* 8NYDE^L?TMi?iK AND OAS FITTER. Has removed to thooorner of Twelfth and -F sts. Hois prepared to introduce Water and Gas upon the roo?t favorable terms, and guaranties enure [ satisfaction. He has on hand a lot of COOKING and other STOVES, whioh ho will sell less than oost, as ho wishee to get rid of them. no 17 GAS FIXTURES. E Have in store, and are dai.y receiving, 0iS J/XTPfiiS of entirely New Patterns and Desicns and Finish, superior in strie to anything heretofore offof d in this market. We invito oifiions genera! It tr tall and examine oar stook of Gas and Water Fix ires, feeling oonbdent that we have the best selected stook in Washington. All Work in the a'wve lino lntrmstod to Mr oars Will be promptly attended to. MYERS * McGHAN. mar ?-tf 3Tft l) street, f\t ICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER U OF GAS .METERS. W asbmtr ton, J sly 11,1MB. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That, agree ? ably to tho provisions of the oidinanoe of the Corporation approved May 12, l&o, tho undersigned Is now prepared, "whenever reJy red in writing, and on pro- payment of the fee of bfly oonts, to inspect, examine, test, prove, and ascertain the aoonraoy of registration oftnj gas meter in see in this oity." Every aieter, iffouwl incorrect, will be oondemned i wvtyu *4U lUMKOU M true, will CM aet in i?* fiaoe, Lr proved to be iMKtie in ita mscxoioment of cm, it will be aaalea aoco-mnxiy, and ?(tinnt in volition lor use. OAoe No. 910 Borenth etroet,(near Odd Fel toiaS0#.1 Jy l>-tf lna??otor and Scaler of gta Melere, ICHWKRIN'I Annihilating Powder I* the only known and DMt m:o'.? to axtormioato f^nPBggW^^Hfttrn*. bed Baga, AnU, Moths, Khee, T^ 'm ! !?^ ~ Fleae, Garden Worm* VimBui,**. /{ eentuwi m poiiea. 8CH WKRIN'8 PILLB are enre death to KaU and Mioe, M. Sohwerin haa reoeived oertifioatea from the Prealdent of Oirard College, Direotora of Hoaeo of Refaee, Penney lYania Hospital, and other Prominent Inatitntiona of Philadelphia; U. 8. Jail, WMhiucloc, D. C.;and Charity Hoapital. New (lrliui. Ti The original oertifioatea can be Men at the Wholeealeand Retail Depot l3i North Seooud treet, Philadelphia, ina for sal* in tail oity by D. B. C LA RK, oorner Pa. arena# and 4H ?ta? and by FW11'RE^S FSS PUIU OU8 IM IT A TION 9. [r, " Remember to aak for Sohwerin'a AnjuhilatU I Powder. CC None ?enalne nnleee aigned M.Schwhh. m? Ifr-ameo T CARRIAGES. HE Subscriber having made additions to hia ft"?' ??,?. for mannfastonn* CARRIAGES aadW55** LIGHT WAGONS of all kinda cannot bo ear p&ased, and from hia long experience m the baaineai, he hopoa to gire general eatia/aofion. AJi kinda oI Camatia *ad Lu ht WmgoaM kept on han^i. A . R K PAIRS utttr don?, and all ordnn d U tf Aorwr of Fonrte?ptih and K ?U. V WOOD AND COAL. . ii2f? nm ST SgMMk itrut mmd OmmJ, (GEO PAGK, Axnnt.) Tmj mO ohnapar and ctv? hotter mMiri than any othara la th? city?out. anlit. M doti*%SSSs: <"* ICR AND WOUNDED SOLDIERS. U HtiylUli AifUt 93, 1M1. Pubkshtd in conformiif tcith tht rttohdim if I At Stnati of July 16, 1861.

It Gtntral Hospttal on E $tr$?I, bitwtm Fourth and Fifth ttrait, Washington. MRi(.NV F.Zouiw 1 1st Pennsyly&nls Vol.. 9 1st do Excelsior.. 3 3d do do.. 8 3d do do..(?)14 3th do do.. 1 3d do do 2 0th do do.. 4 14th N.Y.Volunteers.. 1 12th do do., 2 18th do do 1 23d do do.. 1 91st do do 2 27th do do.. 3 **d do do 1 2d New Jersey Vol.... 2 Mth do do 4 2d Msin? Volunteers.. 1 25th do do 2 3d do do 8 27th do do 8 4th do do ...(<) 4 98th do do 1 Ah do do...... 1 31st do do .. (b) 312d New HsmoshlM .. 4 33d do do 3 Jld Michigan J SU> do do 2 4th do (/) 2 th do do 7 2d Wlaconala 2 37h do do 3 19th Indiana 3 69th do do 1 lat-Callfornla Vol 2 ?9ih do do..(e)4 lat Kentucky Cavalry. 1 Tammany Reg....(d) I S^raguea' Rifles 1 9th Mass Volunteers.. 1 D. C. Volunteers 1 10th Mass Volunteers. 1 2d Vermont Volunteers 1 Total 124 lat Minnesota Vol 2 (a) Including an officer. (6) One officer, (e) One officer, (d) One officer. (?) Two officers. (/) Two officers. At Seminary Hospital, Georgttovn 1st Artillery 1 Excelalor Brigade.... 1 2d do 1 Garibaldi Guarda .... 1 2d Infantry 1 Mlnneaota lat 14 2d Maine Volunteera . 7 Pennsylvania 8th 3 3d do do...... 7 Do 3d 2 6th do do...... 4 Do 11th.... 2 4th do do...(a) 1 Do 12th.... 1 1st Maaa. Volunteera.. 1 19th Indiana (6)15 7th do do 1 2 tat do 2 34 Vermont Volunteera 5 2d Wlaconaln 3 25thN Y.Volunteers.. 1 Penn. 1st Artillery.... 2 33d do do 13 Teamster 1 3d do do...... 1 1st Michigan Vol 1 79th do do 4 2d do do 14 13th do do...... 2 3d do do 15 14th do do 6 4th do do...(c)26 Mozart, New York... .10 i auiiiiaujj UU.m.i.ii II I OUL1 ?174 De Kalb. do 41 (a) One officer, (b) One officer. (?) Two officers. At Union Hospital, corner of Bridge and Washington streets, Georgetown. 2d N. Y. Volunteer#.. 4[2d Maine Volunteer!.. 2 13th do de 8 3d do do......10 14th do do 9 4th do do 2 17th do do 2 6th do do 1 19th do do 1 1st N. Hampshire Vol. 1 21th do do 2 1st Connecticut do.. 1 25th do do 1 2d New Jersey do.. 1 26th do do 1 3d do do.. 1 33d do do 12 1st Ohio do.. 1 69th do do 1 2d Michigan do.. S 79th do do 8 3d do do..19 Mozart N. Y. do 4 4th do do..16 Tammany de do 3 19th Indiana de.. 3 De Kalb dodo 1 21st do do.. 1 1st Pennsylvania Vol. 2 2d Wisconsin do. .11 8th do do.. 6 1st Minnesota do.. 5 10th do do.. 4 2d U. 9. Infantry 1 Uth do do.. 2 Sth U. 8 Artillery 1 26th do do.. 1 2d U.S. Cavalry 2 27th do do.. 2 Sturges Rifles 1 2d Vermont 1 Teamsters 2 3d do.............. 14 1st Massachusetts 1 Total 179 9th do 9 At Otntral Httpttal, No. 300 C itrttt, Wath in gI on. lit U. S. Infantry 1 5th U. 9. Artillery.... 4 3d do 3 1st do Cavalry 4 3d do II 2d do do 1-2 8th do 4 '2d do Dragoons. .. 2 l?t do Artillery.... 7 Recruit 1 Sd do 5 * ? 3d do 1 Total 56 DISIKTBD. Corporal Lawrence Dwyer. Company D, 5th Artillery. At Hospital at Columbia Colltgt, Washington. 2d Maine Reg Vol.... 4 IMth N Y. Volunteers. 9 3d do do 0 35th do do 1 5th do do 10 36th do do 5 7th Maaa. Volunteers. 1 37th do do 2 10th do do 17 79th do do 2 14th do do 6 Sickle* Brig.N Y Vol 4 15th do do 1 Tammany N. Y. Vol.. 6 3d Vermont Volunteer* 2 Garibaldi do do... 2 2d Conn do 1 De Kalb do do .. 4 lit Reg NY Cavalry, e 24 New Jeraey do... 1 2d N. Y. Volunteera..l7 3d do do... 3 0th do do 3126th Penn. 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O U Moat liberal advanoea mad > on bold and cilvr<r W atones, Diamonds, Jewe rr. Silver ware,Clothing, Pistole, and all kinds of Merchandise. Business striotiy confidential. ISAAC HERZBBflG, 3ftI C street, an l-?m Between 4% and 6th sts. JJOM E-MADK ?OOTS AND SHOES, Lamm'. Miss as' and Chilsbbm's Wui, At ?xt*4ditnl* LovPrxctt. At JNo mm -*0 P* sr.. ho* Sth And 4th uta. WATCBEBPA^eAN^VE. WU. 1 have on* of the best establishments, and furnished with a complete set of tools for repairuig every deaonstton of fine Watches, and M) sartjoalar attention give to the same, by mHB Uio ?ll oompot*nt workmac.and a., work cuau tied Also, everr osaam ion nf tUnHnrH anWra VV. UK. p. am and ornamental, manufactare^un^ej my j*o auparnaion, which my ouatomera will find far an peri or in ^aa.litj end finish to northern war* aold by dea.era in feueral and repreaented aa their ewn manufacture. H. O. HOOD, ? > Pa. a??nna. nwtr *h SUMMER CLOTHING At Rbdvcid Psicsa. W a offer our large aaaortment of thin BUMMER CLOTHING atreduoed prree. Our atook embraces all at?lea and taalitiea of Gentlemen. You tha, and Boya' Wearin* Apparel, of the moat deeirable and atylee Ala>. 8HI RTband FURNISHING GOODS in great variety. Clothing made to ordar at the ahorteat notioa. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., 349 Penney 1 van la avenue, )T n (Intel. A Rea l bet. Oth and 10th ata. ?AA AAA L?s. ROUGH TALLOW AND OUUjUlAj GREASE WANTED, for whiok the buneat pnoe will be paid. Alao. iso,ooo Iba of sOAP and CANDLES for aale cheap for oaah at tha National Soap and Candle Works, Green atreet and tne Cauaj, Georgetown, D C. aal lm C. B. JEWELL, Proprietor. alwaya on kaad.or made to order at the ?hortes4 nouoe. Hair Work rtuir?d or axaha.n?nd N. B.?LftdiM'lUlrlhwi in Si* mkii'iinl jgW^ * ;"> 1 W WBW VOLUME BAL.XACT8 N0VBL8??Tk* A'ebfmiK, or tk? H dsm of CtM* ;froai th* French of Honor* d? B& mo. Fro* by, 11. ^.uNuMt.ttM Wktw of KtTMt; by 6*o. B-? I?K JOHNITOfl, AlTinVRB LOCK HOSPITAL, Wm d\ic?9*rtd tk* mott Omm, S?iWf mmd mtif Hftctual Rtmudf im tkt W?rU, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PKSTENT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. W*aka*? of - Back, Btnctara*, ificuou rf Ik* M 71 tad Bladder MMMJ Ji*:n*rf*a, Impoiaac?, Oat ral Dabilny, Nttvoaaaaaa, D'mn, Lunar, Caatem of Idtaa, Lav 8p:r.j, ? ** tha H*?rt, Timidity, Traaibung*, Dunn*** a? Sijot ar Giddiaaaa, I>taa*aa of tha aad, Throat, Noaa or Skin, Afacuooa of th* Lanf*. Storaach rr Bowala?thaaa TambI* Diaordara anataf trota Solitary iiabita of Tooth?ihaaa Draadfal and Daatracti** Prac(ieaa whieb raodar Marnaaa trnpoaaibl*, aad daatray botk Body u.d Mind. YOUNO MEN Kapaelt. T who hava baeona tha ficuaa of Solitary Tie*, that draaJ*al aad daatraetiv* ha bat which auaaally awaapa to an aatimaly fraa* thoaaaada of Toau ( Mtu rf tha saat asaltad talrov* aod brilliant latallact, who sight otharwiaa ha** *ntr*ne*d liatxabg Saoata* with th* thaodar* of *! ? aoanc* or wak*d v? tcv.icy lb* Uruif ljr?, may Mil with rail cooldaoc*. MARRIAGE. MilklkD Plkioiti, or Ymiif M*a ea*t*ayltU*| Marriay*, baiof a war* of pkymcal waakoaaa, AbUityi dtforrnita**, Be , apaad ? cartd. H* who f lacaa himaalf andar tha ear* of Dr. J. May raliri*a*!y Coned* in hi* honor a* a g*uUaman aad caa(d*auy r*ly a poo hi* *k ill aa a phyaiciao. OFFICE N0- 7 SOUTH FREDERICE ST. I*fl band ltd* fOirf froai Baltimora *tr**L. a fa w d? ra fro? th* comer fill wx to oburri niai ib4 >iatw. Lauer* nui bi paid icd contain a tuap. DR JOHNSTON, Mimbtrtf th* Royal Colleri of Sorfeone, London, era 4 aat* from m of th* moot *ntin<nt Co. t/u m th* Uattcd Bute*, nod the rtaater part of who** I.( baa b**n ap*ot ia th* koopital* of Loodoei. Paria, Philadelphia aad *!**wti*r*, ha* affected aoma of the moot aaloniabiitf aaraa that war* avar known; many tfoablad with rin(cu ? in th* haad and a ara wh*n aaleep; fraat nar?o*aniH, beinr alarmed at aadd*a eonnda, baahfaln*** with fr*qa*ot blaahinf. attended aomaumt* with d?raa(in*at of mi ad, w*r* cur a 4 >* HiAilj* TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Yoanjr Men ana other* who har* ia)nrtd themaal*** by a cartam practice indulged in whan alaoa?a hahit frtcoeoUy liarnad from **il eaenpaniona, or at aehooi, taa ificu of whicn ara nlfhtl; fait *?en whaa aalaap, aad if mat cured, randan narnar* impoambl*. aad doovoy* both wad and hod*, ahoaid apply immediate!?. Thea* art Mini of the *ad aad mtlaaehoiy effect* prod need by early habiu of youth. vat: Weaknea* af th* Back aad Limba, Pain* in th* ()*ad, Dims*** af lifhl, Loaa of Pcwtr, Palpitation of in* H**n, Pyapepey, Nervosa irritability, D*ranf*m*nt of th* Di(**u>* Fut.cuana, CcnaraJ Dahtiity, Bymptome of Conaunption, 4c. MIKTALLT.-1>ie fearful effect* oai th* njtad *r* Bach ta ha dreaded?Loo* of M*mory, Cor.fusion of Idea*, D*pr***ion of 8pmti, EtiI foreboding*, A**r>iou of Bocitty, Belf-Di*troat. Lo<* of Sotitada, Timidity, ate., ar* totaa of th* *?il* produced. NrRTOl'l DlBlLITT.?Thooaanda can now )adg* wbai i* th* caoaa of thair declining haalth, loainf afceir eifoe, bacoeaUif waik, pal*, uar?ona and amaeiataa, haeir.f a aia'alai appearance about th* eye*, couj t, or aympUMs* of coo* am pDISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. Whan the miec aided and imprudent Tour* of nlaaaara Anita ka baa imbtbad tlx accls of this panful diMtH, k to* oftan bappai.a that aa ill urn*J muh of ahauia or draad of diicour^ datara him from apply tnf to tboaa who, from adocatioa and raapa stability, can a Ion a brfrtaod him. B? lalto into tba band* of Ifuoram and daaifntnf pratandara, who, uicapati* of enrmr, fleb bia pacamary, kaar bua trifling month after month, or aa lour aa tba amallaat faa can ba obtained, and in daapair Iwa aim witk rainad baaltb to atrb Tar bia railing diaappoinunaat; or by tba im of tkat daa alj potaon?Marcnry?haaian tba eouatitauonal aymHom of tbia tarntla dtaaaaa, anch aa Aflactiooa of tha Haari,Throat. Baad, kin, Ac ., prorraaaing with frifbtfal rapidity, till daatk ptu a pariod to bia araadfal aoffariufa by aandinf himt J>?t andiaca?arad c??iitry iron whaaa baarna aa traaalar ra tarn*. DR. JOHNSONS REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTBNCY. By thia rraat and important ramady vaaknaoa af tka arrana era apaadUy carad and fall ai?ar raatarad Tbaaaacda M tfca aaaat aarvoma aad dabilitatad, vka bad laat all bop a, b?? a baan immadiaialy raliavad. All ispadimanta to Marrtaf*. Riyaieal ar Maotal Dlaqaal-' llcatiana, Loaa af Pracraatiaa rowar, Barvoaa Irritability, Trambhnr and Waaknaaa or Eibaaauao af tka moot fatrial kind apaadUy carad. ENDORSEMENT OF THE FRESS. TBI Mart Thov?a*D( carad at tbia inautauan within tka laat aarantaan raara, and tka namaroaa important Burriaal aparauona parrormad b* Dr. Jakaataa, witnaaaal by |n raponara af tka patara ana mur otkar Oaraona. aoticaa ml vfcish bar* appaara'd if+m u< again b*/or> tb? pablic, baaldaa hia standing aa a (*0 tit mar ?f ebaraciar and ratpaaaikliiij, la a uiciiDi g aaramaa ta lha afictid. mar If-ly i>* J. U. MoLBAtf'S STELKEOTHESIJfQ CORDIAL AND BLOOD FC&IF1ER. THE ORBATEST REMEDY tn tit WORLD, tknd tbe most DXLICIOTI IBB ?*1 DELIGHTFUL -t M* CORDIAL L Jl?lk EVER TAEEN.jiM^M U (irlatlr a ?al- jD aula aad Ttfsukit C*?faaLd, ?r?ttrad ky tka dlalf'la- yj U?? W IMtl, illM, 10 *4L aad katlra. Tallav ?Hk, llaad l#?i, |t S* llatk tiN.laMM' fV. jCm ftiUf Wllo CbtfTj UT At Bark, ami PuliIlM M inn law tta a**pallia*. W?g Tka HtlN aiuri ?"? HH 1 rasadtal prtaalpl* f aaak lagradlaa na After Ukinf. dWUlllaf, inditi f a dailaiaaa, aiauaratlag (pint, u< tM Mat lafaUlbla laaady far MavraUng iki diaaatad ipua, lad rattarlaf tka al?k, amfarlag, aad daklltuwa UraUd ta fcfttitfc u4 ?i??*ytkMtLEAJfS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will afaataall* a art blvar Caaplalat, DtimmU, Jiaadlaa, Ckraala at Harvae* Dakllity, Otaaaaai aftaa KJdaara, ifti All iUuua > w*nim m faaa m. rflwia...4 Li_. ? ? yaaapaU, Itinkin, htud Pilaa, Aaidity ? I ikttu J U* >??!>, Fwltaaaa af Biaad la Ua Ind, Dail Paia M la tk? Cut, Patydwuaa Ui lun, Fauaaa* at Walfkt ta Ua luatU, ?? KntuuMi, Ukakla* ?r afaaauac Faaliaj ?k'? dawa,Drytar aa nTilMVkm af Ua BkU uJ y??, fli/hi Ituu, lawird Fnin, PaU la Ua Caill ?f Ua I?m. Ckatt, ar Rid*, Maddaa Flaakaa af Baal, SipnulH af ?ptr1i?, Prlfkifi. Dtuat, kucui, Btitwiitij u u; ctmu duiiK. Iwm m UMtkH aa Ikilkla.ut fnnui Apt (at CfclUa u< 9TBB A MIBB10N BOTTLBB ktn k??? Mid dcrla# Ika laat ait aaaUa, aad la aa taituti k&* U (ailad la flVUf antlra aailafaauaa. Wka, tkta. will a afar tnm Waitaaaa at DakiLty vkaa MckBAJI'l Riomoril COEBULfc wUi aara rn 1 a laafufa au an'if aa tdaftm Ida* af U? taaadlata aad ilaaal alrualtu akaara pradaaad ky uklar UU Cardial ia Ua diaaaaad, dakUitaud, aad akauatad aamta ystta, vkilkat krataa dtvi kj aiataa. tail ky aatmr*, M lapiiik ky aiakaaaa, Ua nlaiad aad aariraaf ariuV lat.aa u taatMtd ta Ua friauat katlU aad *1gn MARRIED rB&SOH&t n atklra, aaai:iaa? af laaWlUr fram akntrai atlaa, Will tod MckBAJI* (TUJItTlUlN COUlUb a Ikam|k npiiuLtf M Ua i;iua: aad all vka ? kari la t*rtd tktmttWai ky lapraatr ladal|?a?n will tad la tkil Cardial a tartala aad apasdy ramady. TO THB LAD1BB. muun rr*M?TB*w.*a ooB.Dn.ku a aln aad iy?(ly aart far laalpitat CaoaaapUaa, waiiaa, katraatad at ?lB?ali KraitnaiiaaJ aaaauaaaaa af trlaa at la*MMiary kuuon Uaraaf, Palltaj af Ua Vaak, Iddlaaaa, Palatial, aad all dlaaaaat laaldaat ta Tataalaa. THE BE 18 NO MIST ABB ABOUT IT fti aa iaaf*?. Tiia U-aaaardiaf ta dlrttdaaa. It will tUaaUta, ttraafUaa, aud la*lftn.t rtm aad aaatt U? kkaaaa a< taaita ta ataaat yavr akaak afaU. B*ary ka?la la varraaiad la flta aatlafaauaa. FOR CHILDREN, Utmi aklldraa ui alakly, pur ar tliawd, KcklilV OOlOllk till taaka tkaa itaiiky, fat. aad rakyat. DaUy Ml I mull WJ l, U? JMTlil < MITlMit III* 4*M?>?? WlUi. A WTION. Itvin / dn|(1iy w liilm trk? My try M pais IM fn Mmii ? umrw1"1 Uuk, whiak tkay ui kay tkni, kj M?1rf It li Jul u (Md. At?i4 aack aao. Aak f*t MckCArtrruniarHKKiHs OOKDIAL, ua uu aathiaf llw. It to tka ?ly r?ia*4y tkw rill parity tka laad iitUlk* IUHtime IUII(UM lit ipUa. Dm liupmlll ukaa i?irj aaaratng u a ?ir?li punilTi f?> Ctolm, CUito ud r?T?r, YalUv r**ar, ar ui priTilHt dtotui. ll U pat a? la Urr* toUlM. Pnaa It |I pil tottlt, H tottlM fw |l JT McLEJLM, ala praprlatar rf tkto Cardial; tltt, Hltou^ Tadcaaia 01 UtWut Priaalpai 1?m? aa IM aaraar af Twd ud flat itrtiu, Ui. bill, Ma. HeLtan's Volcanic Oil Linimait, rrax wt wmiMrwr n ni voun.) fit aaly aafa aa? amlu car* ft Cauaara, PUaa, Tk a*ra, willinga ud Braaakila ar Catua, Pasalrata, *aanlfla, Witknaai af Ua Maaclai, Ckraaia ar l?l?aaaw> LkauaaUMm, BUfaaaa af Oka Jadata, Caatraatad MaaaJaa ar kftaaau, luuU ar TatUuto, lma?a, Ban la a, Tiaafc Cau. Waacda, Clcara, fmi Ian, Cakad sraaat, Sara tpplaa, Sana, Baa.4a, Sara Tkraat, at aap lil?aaatlia ar pain, aa dtfaraaaa kav aarara ar toujkt duaua aaay bra aitoud, MckKAIPB CtkXUUnO kDUMUTT to A itfUii ilatd*. Tfcaaia.i>da af kaaaaa kataf* Ura kaaa arid a Ufa af 4to wapHidi and abaij ky tka aaa af tkto tavalaakta raaaty. MtLEATTS TOLCAJtIC OIL LI 1*1 MKMT VUI rauara paia atoaaat laadaatiaaaaaly, aad M till ataaa, parify aad kaal tka faalaat aaraa la aa iaaradiMa ikart tea. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. MtkEAKI CIUMLATED LHUUffl la iktMlf ?fe 4 wU>Hl iMMij for U? mm af I^th, *>flni. 5S}SM2S/r?i I5S1 J'ii'irSSS MM| M LMMM M^4 |k? ^M|UM "^Tr..^E' 'FTJ MokBA?Tsar l.tlloUUpWihwMN. -kwibESSS?^itasf Sieamma&f THE WEEKLY STAR. TkX ?xwil?rt Family u4 Neva i?wwi ewWili| I graator rv\t+f ?f limwBf m4 lac tku cu to to**4 la uy gmm * piMMrf m Friday MMrmlag. Tnia?Oui, mimriaHf, <f #??11. WijW oopf i pv ? Five oopls 4 W T<i ooptea.. ?. * 9 W Tweaty-avc re plea. It tawl&fcly two Ulna tb? "WnMifW N?w?* tfcat haa made IV Dmtij #Mr olmM ; I* |?Mttllr tkm|ko?t tki ?Mitry. C7*81b(1c coplea (U wrapper*) ou b? procurrd at tbe counter. iMMailal* a* ' of the paper. Prlc*?THREE CENTS. f\AVY BEEF AND POE1 POE INI a^tTRsas. cttsjS/Bsgi; be, will be reoeived at thie cAee antil f o'eloeh a. m. oa Wedaaeday, Ue Stth, fey el aext. for far r.. thins aed dell vera, t, free uf all eoetan* rtek to the tailed Btatee. at Ue folio win* Nary S Barrels Beat Barrels Pert. At Cbarleetowa, Maas~.AJM IJH At B rook l j n, S.J. Ot IM At Philadelphia, Peu... ij? i jm t.aae ij.ooe One half of Mid Beef and Pork mast be de.irer'* at eaofc ol Ue above-aarond Tarda reepeotirelr. Ue 1st day of April. IMS, and Ue renaming half by the 1st day of Jane, IMS. anleea earlier delivertee should be repaired by the Chief of th ? Hi. ml Payment to be made within thirty days alter delivders meat apeeify their prieae sjsaiaMli aa4 distinctly in aiisnU* Hot ?or Ue Beer aal for U? ?*ork, ard (or each of the plssea of delivery, ooverinc all exeeneee and atl chars?m The B!?f nuet be from are 1 fattened eattle, a aaghtered beivern Ue trt < ay ol October, 1M1, and the 1st day ol January, IMS, and weighing not leas ttian six h?ndrrd pounda, nett weight, each. The We and lee rands ?f the hind aaarters.and the ahiaa a- d ah oa o - r eloda. Ue shonldera of aaatton aad endt of tfiaftriM ** ' *" p > from the seek oed of Mek for* quorter or Ik' parte marked Nno. 1,1.1, i, arid 5, on the d rowing or do'ineotmn of tk? foreood kmc ?o?n*ra of ao ox whieh will be attached to oad fo-in a part of the contraot, muft be wholly ?*c t, 1*4 iron) each r?a?re ; a i the other piece* are to be paoked. mm4. imlmd ?f 6m?i rmt wttk a clearer, mwi m r?U ik'tmtk with imtr and kntjt te hM tk* m?i niuart, *?a; and rmmoik *rr*m*?< ?. t* ptece* mf net lit tkm mkt numJi, Mr more 14a* iviJm pound/ tuck. The Fork m?et be packed from oora-fed, wall fattened hoga, alaaghter d b?twre? the let day of l)?o* mhe*, 1ki,od<1 the let day of Joaaary.lm, and weigbirg not le-a than two haod.x aounde eoch. exalaf ing the hoadt, Jotoa, neeka. ah"? ders, haaa, lege, feet, butia, ramp*, lard, and oil rofaee yi^caa, and iuu<t be oat with a ?atr mmd km, ft ia pieoea weighing not ltea than a;x pooada. aor aero than twelve poind a eacn. Bath the B-W ard Pork sra* ho ao'tod with at lroat one araute ba'hal of Turk's la a?ii, leleof May, Kay Weet aoiar. Oaoudaca aciar, or 8t Ubo'aaalt: and the Hmat m^TEw ' fine pu>*-riied aatpefe to eaoh oar r el, tic qiiti of a p ckle. to be made from freeb water aa etroaa ui?t *111 wake it. acd mutt be ferfeoLy bright and i iear. Kaor. barrel matt oontaia (tell SH> poaada Mtt weight of beef or fork, a?,d bo axoeee of *?|U ta either article will be paid for. Tha barrela muat la entirely new, and be aaad* of the b-et o*?oae<l h?art of white oat >livee and heat'icga; tha lUrrito ha aotleae tbac ire etgbtha of ?n <uob thi< k. and tha tiaariip not imi ttoai, t ,r?-f jurtha ofar. inoh thick, they meet ba threefou tba hooped orar, luo lading vna iron h<>op?, with b??t vhita oak or kiakury h K>p?,aad eaoh barrel ant hara oo it toar iron toope. t.b one of <>b* asd a half inch to wiottooa eaoh bi ge. arid ooa of one and aa eighth iaob ta width on aaoh a lima, ai d eaeh to he tf ona eiKteenih of aa iaoh tr 10k. fcaob barrel man ba of tha laierua. oapaoiiy of thirty-two gallona aaj tha iron hoopa niuat ba wall p*4Bt*d wuii red lead. t aoh barrel muat ba branded by baraiBf on .ta head " Nary Beof," or - Mary PorkTaa Hie oaea may be, with the oontraotor'a name and the year wtoaa pack**!, and weight; and iha.l aiao ha branded on tha bang atave with tha letter B.or P? aa tha C4?6 ftl&? b6. The keefiand fork will, nnleee otherwue 01>aoted by tha Chiefofthia Bureau b? inapected by tt>a iaapaotin* oftiere at the reepaotive Nbt* \arda aforesaid, a d h* mm? " b ?1 ? proviaioM " woo will ba Mleatad l>y the iMpMtir? ouwi?pBm oScrt; *at their <t.artee fur mm inapecuona man bo paia the rti^u re oonUaator?, wu? most likewiM ha?e the barrala pal la food ahipping order, to tpt aatiafnotiuc i f the oo?mandanta of the reeeeetive Ntn t arda a/or Maid, altar inapMtion. and at their ova ii^bm Two or more approved anretiee la a mm eeaal to one aa f the eetimated a meant of the oonfact wl j ba required, and,twenty peroentem > additioa will be withheld lrom theann not of aaoli payment to be made, ae ooliatarai eeearity lor the dee and faith m perrormaoe of the reapeabve oouUMta, which w li on no aoooant be paid until theooatract* are oomplied with ia all reapeoU ; aM la to be forfeited to the Uaita-1 Matea ia the evert of fai'are to oomplete ttie Relive Me wittiln the ereeoiibed period. In rue of fhilnre oa the part or Ua oontraoior to deliver nil or any of the beef or poik above mentioned, ct the qua itr aad at the um and piaoM above provided, the ooatraotor will forfeit and pay to the United ? la tee, a* outdated dama<ee, a aua of moaev aaaal to twioe the amonnt or the ooatraot pnoe to Le paid ia oaae of the ao.ual delivery thereof; whioh liquidated dam a?ea may la recovered from time to tine aa they aoorae Payment will ba aaade by the tailed statee at the perioda above peoibed. (eio?pua* the twenty par oentum to be withheld antli the oompleUon of the cont act, aa before atatad ) aft-r the eaid beef and jpoik aba! hare been inapeoted and reoaived, and bira for the aaine ahall have been prevented to the navy amenta, ra?pecbvalv, daly approved by the oommaadante of the raepeotiva naw yarda, aooordiuf to tha term a of the ooaraot The partt of btf to be tztlu&td trill he port tea 4mri* d situated to tlu mrraruu to t* atia/i^ *? the contract ttritmi taurum cm MI?i? umr on arptittum mt tkts ngitr. Bicdera wboee eropoeaJe shall be mmmM (ul none other*) vill be forthwith notifced, ud aa early aa practicable a ooctraet will be transmitted to taem for exeontioB, wt ci eoqtraot meet be retareed to the Bureau withit tec days, exoleaire of the time reqaired for the regular tranaouaeioc of th# mar. rcoord, or dnplioate of the letter Informing a t.d.ier ot the aooeptanoe of hie propoaai, will "be deemed a totificaion thereof within ite maacir.i of the act of IMS, and hu bid wul be made and ae wpted in soiifurnit; with this a?d?ri?MiB(. Every offer made mn?t be ee*<n j.nued (ae d?reoted in the 6th eeotion of the act of Co'greea ir?kir<g appropriation* Cor the naval aernoe for IMS '<7,approved Kth of Auguat, IMS,) l>y a WTit tea guarautee. eigaed b? one or more responsible rrona. to the effect that he or ther naSeuake that the bidder or bddara will, if hie or tnmr bid be aeoepted, enter into an ob igation within ten dare, with good and a u Ac lent sureties. to fhrninh the ariiole propoeed. This tua an tee muit be accompanied by the oeri.hciUofthe United Ma tee dietnot judge, United Males diatriet atto ner. or nary agent that the gn%rantore are ab'e to make |o?d thei r gaa antee. No propoaai w ll beoonsideted naieea aeoompa bim or (mob latruiM. The bidder's came ai.d ud ^be use# of eaoh mmb r of trie firm, vktrt a cmyuy offer a, with the ChnaUao uism written la fall, nut be diHiactij itUM. U nder the Joint reeo ?tion of Cowmi.u?rort4 37th March, MM, -all t.da for aoppliea of prorl etoaa, o othint, aad (mall aloree for iha oaa of the nary, may ba rejiotrd at the option of the Popart moot, if made hy one sot kaowa aa a aaaaano?arer of or regaiar dealer is the artioe prop.???j to be fnrni''ed. wtich fao'.orthe r<rerae, maat be diatinctly atated is the Uic? offered. an U laXw F?MAL* 524K5T&N; V/Y ?CHOOL Mra. ft. J. MeCO&MlCK., Paowtral. The thirteenth annual seeaion oHgis iMtitutior 1 'U, oatioa^aad Maaic, Franoh. Labsted Kawia?. U Ill fcc" .ur I- VO OfcT vCLO^wtk Hit. HOUOTBUAC W P'es-s?4 U>reoMT?? ku. .ad nrmbar o: ??pu# M tMrtark wfco.oomCtttin* ? Mrtat her tniu iCT.viM* nudw be- inmMiJua gintW wimt lon. Bte w~?L (EC??ror.??lM if kou;bi?.te nrroand taan -nth ttu n~Mrrrt? Tftifli ? 'J*?"*' - - _ ? . _ _ __ JaB^2SsSiSXSSSS?. "S^y^rssv . pjtf l& I (lata*. * iihhi Q U N BO A T ? Pun imJrinm?TWH fbr halls W 9m Bo?u to d*Uf?M?MMHL Ml ikMU to 7??, a S VrMl) ^OBtWiltll ^fhft I iuMiu.w **

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