Newspaper of Evening Star, August 31, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 31, 1861 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: &ATCRUAY A agist 31, 1961. Ovm Pbikxmi at the various military cam pa and positions will confer a favor by keeping u* posted ma to movemeifts and antra la their vicinities. Spirit ( U? Maratag Press The Hflligmctr notice* elaborately the political question* arising between us and Europe out _ of th? blockade of the southern ports. The Rer*blUa* argues that green volunteers fight better than drilled ones. mtTI.I T 'VST ? ?? incj ixtiWa tiniitni. Mm. Aimis Hiiiii?The extracts from let. ters of Arnold Harrla appearing in late New Orleans paper*, to be found elsewhere In the Star of to-day, prove the correctness of our original criticism npon the act of permitting him to pass beyond the lines of our army Into those of the enemy. Hs nov avows that he has always heartily favored the cause of the oligarchy. He denlea that he is a beef contractor with the United States. W? presume that his name does not appear In the voted M8 cents per lb." contract with Dyer of Chicago. Yet not a single person here, familiar with such matters, doubted ere the promulgation of these New Orleans letters from him, that he was one of Dyer's partners In the operation. It was publicly and commonly asserted all over the city, snd never before questioned that we hesrd of. The reason why those whom he proclaims to b? bis friends bold him In confinement In Rich mend U, doubt leas, became they have no confidence In his professions, on any aide. Were be as well known there aa here, we think hia manifestations of aympathv with their cauae would obtain ready credence with Davis &. C*. Warned by hia example, it ia to be hoped that hereafter no facilities for injuring the cause of the United States will be granted by the authorities here to dialoyal men; and that none such will be lathe receipt of money expended nominally for the prosecution of the war, either aa avowed or eeret contractors, aa contract-brokers, or aa employeea of the Government. The evil of contract-brokerage la faat disappear, log from the management of the affairs of tbe War Department, through the energy and firmness of Secretary Cameron and Aaalataot Secretary Scott; though having been fastened upon tbe system of transact lag the public baslneas for a quarter of a century, it is hard to break it up in a single aeaaoa. Mr. Harris baa been long known t>s of\e of the most peril stent and successful men standing between the Government and real contractors for aything and everything Now, be show* himNtf to be thoroughly disloyal. It will be well for Congress, at tbe next session, to Investigate whether he was or was not a recipient of any public money, directly or Indirectly, on account of Dyer's elght-cents-per-pound beef contract; If but by way of showing the true character and tendency of contract-brokerage In times like We never visit either the War or Navy Departments without Andlng half a dozen or leas notorious contract brokers, drummers after special pecuniary favors from the Government, men who notoriously jell to the highest bidders their claims to social Influence over members of the Administration, Ac , kicking their ahins within their portals. Ths present Cabinet found this nuisance Installed and of very long standing when they entered office, snd we sincerely believe set their fsces against It. But they fall to net with sufficient emphasis In the premises They should refuse to listen to a word on such objects from any man they know to he a dabbling go-between la Government contracta; proclaiming the Intention of dealing In such matters ly with the men who reslly furnish the supplies Until that Is done, the treasury must Inevitably psy two prices for what It pur^haaes. One for the article, and the other to the contract drummer or broker as a compensation for his wmcm Ms. Rciiill amd Sbcbbtaby Blaib.? Mr Roatll, In b late letter to the London Timet, made the following statement: 111 went Into tbe private department of the Post Office tbe other day, and found there a gentleman engaged la assorting letters at a desk. Tbe last time 1 met blm was at dinner wltb tbe Commissioners of the Confederate States, at Washington, and 1 was rather surprised to see blm now In tbe as actum of the Post Office, within a few feet of Mr Blair, of the .tanfre axul of abolitionism. Said be: <1 am just looking over tbe letters here, to pick ont some for our southern friends, and I forward tbem to their owners as I find them.' And if tbe excellent and acute gentleman did not also forward any little scraps of news be could collect, 1 am in error." According to tbe Republican of this morning, Mr. Roasell mistakes tbe City Poat Office for tbe General Post Office, and It was at tbe former place he met the gentleman alluded to (Mr. Phillip* of Alabama), " who was engaged In looking over tbe foreign mall In search of packages and letters,which be was authorized to forward to his outhern friends, upon paying tbe postage." Of coarse Mr. Blair was not present, for be has nothing to do with the Washington City Post Office, and seldom goes there. Rbtvbk or thb East Ihdia S^vadbob ?The flag officer of tbe East India squsdron has, In dispatches received yesterday, informed the Navy Department that the orders for the return of the visblis under his command bave been received Hfiiurti were ti once taken to cany them into effect It hu heretofore been stakd that the African and Brazil squadrons have alio been ordered to retarn to the United State*, their employment being needed at home, owing to the Southern rebeUlot. Oar coantry will, however, be represented by one ship on each of the coaata of Africa and BraSil, aa well aa in the Eaat Indies. Sbcbbtabt Cambbon left Washington this morning, for his home la Pennsylvania, to be abaent from his post only until the day after to-morrow. Rbtcbrbd ? Jno G. Nicolay, Esq , the President's private secretary, baa returned to his post la this city with Improved health. A Postal Noticb ? Letters to Western Kentaeky, to the continued post offices, should be directed ete Louisville. Sbcbbtabt Sbwabd is expected to return to Washington by day after to-morrow. Til Boa. Ma.Cos, (H. of R.j) of Ol^o, Is now fcert IfT It is understood that Gerard H allock, Esq., will retire from the N. Y. Journal of Commute*, aad that the editorial staff will in future include Mr. David M. Stone, the present commercial editor, aad Mr. Prime, who has long been favorably Itown to tbe mdin of the Journal under the signature of W. Mr. Stone baa been a frequent contributor to the leading column of tbe Journal, and baa tbe ability requisite for bis new position of edltor-ln-cblef. Under tbe new admlalatraHen tbe paper la to be neutral la politics and wholly loyal to tbe Governmeat. ITT Captain A. 9 till well of tbe Waahlagtoa, New Jaraev schooner James Steel, oa tbe 10th of Aagast, picked op la tbe chaaael between Sewall's Point and Newport News a barrel con tainlag about 190 pounds of very ooaree grained powder, tad rigged with a percussion lock sad loag cord, so that It could be flred from shore. Tbe barrel waa taken to New York city, aad la aa object at great cariosity to the Gothamltee. U_T Yesterday afternoon four of tbe Baltimore pellee discovered, concealed under tbe floor of a teem la tbe secoad story of a houee on Sterling treat, areeral ft rear ma and quite a lot of cartrldgee, wblcb had beea bid by tbe famllf. ET Fort Lafayette being nearly fuU of prlaoa. | art, It la thought that Fort Schuyler win hereafter be need for offenders. This fort is located la tbe Mad, aad la not ao expoeed to rial tors as thoee la New York barber. GT'Laet Tueeday ?lx caeea of powder were taken from a schooner la Boa'ra by tbe oflrm Tbe captain alleged that be bad ablpped It for .r ???mm i i OrR 91LUTART BUDGET. TBI Da'lL iMOMIT TBI TKAMSTBES. We bear that two wagon muter*, twenty-lire teamsters, and the cook "seceded" from a wagon train across the river yesterday, tearing U without a moment1* notice. They came to thla city, bat did not enjoy their liberty long, as Capt. Putnam promptly had tbem arrested. They, and others disposed to follow their example, will no doubt And out before long that the two parties to a contract are equally bound, and that they will not be allowed to hold the Government to accountability and violate tbeir obligations when tbey please We believe the Government requires ten dsys' notice from the hired men in the Quartermaster's Department, who are paid by the month; otherwise army operations might be seriously embarrassed by the defection of teamsters and other attaches of the service. The oficers in the Quartermaster's Department are laboring earnestly to Infuse a proper spirit of subordination and discipline amongat their employ ea, and they are required to be on hand at a minute's notice, night or day. Capt. Putnam has dlsmiased a half dozen wagon masters because mcy were bfdi ror (ti placet detigntted by themselvea) during the night and could not be found. NAVAL AFFOI!YTMBHT?. The following additional candidate* have patted the requlalte examination before the board at New York : Acting Masters ?L P. Morton, L. A. Hooper, 9a ml Y rat on, Robt. E. Lytac, Erattut Crowell, Wm. Rogert, Richtrd Vertnt, Wm. Wttton, W. A. Milia, W. E. Putnam, A. ?. Gardner, E. McKelge, Anthony Chaae, and Jcahua H. Dill. The following named candidatca have patted the requltlte examination before the board at Boeton: . Acting Volunteer LieutenantsJotiah P. Creety, John Eldredge, L. D. Vorheet, Wm. B. Eatton, Wm. C. Rogert, John Humphrey!, Jot. P. Couthony, and G. W. Frott. Acting Master* ?George W. Domet, George P Stephenaon, Joe. H. Hallett, John H. Eldredge, Geo. W. Parker, Geo. Lunt, John M. Morrill> Chat Endicott. Irt B. Studley, Florance J. Danton, John S Hall, Wm. Chlpman,Geo. WlUlamt, Wan n>ll? -?? u ? ? .. w i/auc; j auu ticury \>. riBSSD. If BAltl !<Q YOU, 81*! Are the New York papers which continue to notice minutely the movements of troop* (with fall particulars of numbers and equipments) from that city to the seat of war, aware that such publication is in direct violation of the 57th article of war just enunciated with such emphasis by the Government? Moreover the greatest sinners of the New York papers In this matter, are precisely those papers which are loudest in their professions of patriotism. The Baltimore papers, we sae, have promptly discontinued the publication of such Information upon the laaue of Government notice, baing the first of the papers north of here to act so good an example THI eOVllRMKNT STABLE*. Although there is such a heavy drain on the Government atablea and yarda In the First Ward of hnf? for Main ??< 4ln ?? ?' ?* * ? ... v.- J a?u ai Vliici J j ?nu "VI 111 U IPS for army wagons, there Is no perceptible diminution of the stock on band. The arrivals this week have been very heavy, and yesterday near* ly 1,000 horses must hsve come In by railroad. The scene at the breaking and training ground Is an exciting one, and attracts a great number of spectators. Some of the animals are very unruly, and accidents are. of frequent occurrence. At least eight or ten men were disabled this week, by having ankles sprained, legs broken, and heads bruised. ANOTHBK COMMOTIO!*. Yesterday afternoon the wondtr-mongers who constantly crowd windows on this side from which views of the other side of the river are ob* talnable, were thrown Into "conniptions" by seeing some thousand tents in and around our fortifications suddenly dlssppear. They communicated the wonder to those around them, and in half an hour the whole elty was speculating over It. A moment's reflection might have suggested to their minds the key to the mystery. The ground under tbe tents required (to guard agalnat ague and fever) some hours of sunshine upon It after the recent heavy rains, and?that's all! TBS AT r AIR AT SCMXBkSVILLB. VA . The Government have further newt concern lng the affair at Summeravllle, between Floyd'a brigade of dlsunlonlsta and Col. Tyler'* Ohio regiment, from which It aeema that oor loaa In killed waa not more than 14, and that moat of the mining, originally auppoeed to have been killed, have alnce rejoined hla command. Tyler loat nothing whatever In material, and ao cut up the enemy aa that though outnumbering him more than five to one, Floyd made no attempt to Interfere with T 'a retreat. CAPTAIN TKXPLITON. Among tboae of the District of Columbia now Imprisoned at Richmond la Capt. W. C. Templeton. now of Georgetown, In thla Dlatrlct, formerly of New Orleana. He went to Virginia to reclaim hla aon, a boy of fourteen, wbo waa Induced by tome acoundrel to run away and enter the ollgarchy>aarmy. He la held for going within the clutcbe* of the oligarchy without a paaa. CUTTING DOWN TBI C01N. Aa several large fields of corn are being cut down by our troopa on the other aide of the river, n?ir th? ftnnAdln<* II ' * ?? *? * rI fs ''"V-, 11 uiajr ue (irvpcr to my that tbe act la not one of wanton mlacbfef, bat for precautionary purposes, it baring been found tbat these fields of corn afford quite as good protection of larking secessionists, who crawl np thus under cover to marder our pickets, ss patches of woods. SXBVED HIM SIGHT. Lieut Wm. H. Ward, U. 8. N., wbo not lonir since forwsrded bis resignation to tbe Nary Department. reached New York, yesterday, In tbe storeshlp Supply, from Key West, and ere going ashore was taken into custody by tbe U. 8 Marshal, and carried to Port La Payette, for a summer vacation, at least. DISCHAtSBft. Mr. T. 8. Seybold, a correspondent for th? northern press, wbo was arrested by the Provost Guard at Aleiandrla, has been discharged, nothing whatever being abown to bring suspicion upon bis loyalty. Tbe arrest was doubtless luiuugu muc misuse JI latDOIJ, AXOTHEE IWlir or TBI ?ROKBS. Last night another ivwp waa made by the autboritlea of amall boats along the river ahores aa fhr Fort Waahlngton. Tbe facilities of the enemy for obtaining Information of whst is going on within oar lines are being diminished day by day. OlDlIlSi Gen. Martindale, of New York, having reached tbla city, haa been assigned to the command of a brigade in tbe department of the Potomac, now on the other aide of the river. abkivxbGen. Morell, of New York, one of the newlycommlasloncd Brigadiers, is here, awaiting orders. iirim at lAirii'i rim. [Special correspondence of Tbe Star.) 8a!*dt Hook, Md., August 31 ?We have hen, occasionally, vialta from aome of the few cltiieiio left at Harper's Ferry. They report that there Is a Home Guard of S3 mounted men ("secesh") seouriag the town and vicinity all tbe time. Col. Ashby'o Black Horse Cavalry is In the neighbor, hood of Charles town, and they sre very active in boating down Union men. Cel. Ashby, with 900 of his troop, came down lnte Harper's Ferry a day or two since, and tried to lad ace tbe low "Armory hands" left to go to Richmond to work. These Armory hands have been treated with great consldsratioa, whether tbev were Union men or Secesh, aad none of them have been prasatd into the military service of tbe Confederacy, but they have been " coaxed" to go to Richmond to work ?w ??IK(VI j . M* W?w uiincu to them, ranging from three to Ire dollar* per day. Some of them could not realet the temptation; and It to safe to My that mora than half the mea formerly employed la the Armory her* have gone to Richmond, although a large majority of the workmen were Union mea. Theee who have gone to Richmond write that thoy are paid off every week, hot in Virginia money. Of coone thto ? wertlt paying oC'ie ^temporary arraagemaat, 11 icpr ia three who em at 111 at Harper's Ferry la don hi Many of the workmen am at work, I hear, at the A rental la fOU City, baring nH>M A _ _ . . . _ the seduction* of Col. A*hby and other premising officer* There la aome f ring, occasionally, between oar aide of tbe river and t'other aide, but It does not smonnt to anything. avvaies ovmn ths eivie. [Special Correspondence of The Star.] Neae Foet CoEcoEAit, Aug 31?There was aome desultory I ring south and west of here ysnterday Mr. Baall Hell, who lives about four miles west of this place, pessed through here on his w*y to Georgetown, reports that hla outbuilding* were battered down, and that a cannon bell peaaed through hla kiteben. Noticing the approach of troopa, he fled from hla premlaea, leaving his two children and his colored woman End her child in the houae. He waa evidently badly frightened. Understanding there la a report In Waahlngton that the aummer residence of Miss Mary Hall waa " shelled down" by the Confederates, I will state thst he reported it standing when he left. It Is In his neighborhood a brush yestkeday at bailey's ceoss eoads [Special correspondence of ths Star.] Albxandeia County, Vs., Auguat 30.?Thh forenoon a detachment of the enemy now stationed upon Muneon's hill made a demonstration against our picket guard at Bailey's Cross Roads, and were bandqpmely repulsed. The first round fired by the latter sent them scampering back to theli position on the hill. ID" The Savannah paper* that reach us are de. voted to electioneering appeals, as wellaawai nours Tke AHAintf ! D??a4Ja?*Ul ?* ? I uw>T?. a uv VUIIUJ UM Uil riCWHCUUU r ICC null la little more thag two month* hence, beside* which there ar? State Officers, etc., to be chosen In the several States. 'According to the Republican and the News, everything Is going on harmoniously,?"thesplrlt of party," (we quote) "everything succumbing to the good of the country ." We do not see that any Presidential candidate* are mentioned, from which we Infer that Jeff. Davis Intends to retain "all the honors" pertaining to the bad eminence to which he has attained. There are no market or marine reports In these Savannah papers. All dried up, by ths Blockade Navigation of the Kentucky river has been I interrupted by secessionists, who fired into the steamer Trio, recently, obliging her to turn back, Her pilot had a shot through his hat, but thougk 1 about a hundred shots were fired Into her, nobody was killed. UjTSeven gunboats for tbe western riven have already been commenced, four atCarondelet, neat St. Louis, and three at Mound City, on the Ohio, near Cairo. The coat of each boat, when com< pie ted, will be 989,000. |fT The Mlasourl Democrat of tbe'28th publishes an article stating that tho Confederatei have recently erected formidable masked batterla on the Allsslnlppl, just below Cairo. [P- Last Tuesday night, Mr.Waahington King, agent of Adams Express, and formerly mayor oj St. Louis, Mo , died In that city, in a fit of apopi?y IT7" A petition la in circulation signed by prominent men of all parties, headed by lion. Edward Everett, for a public meeting in Faneull Hall, Boaton, to be addressed by Hon. Joa. Holt QI^TheU.S frigate Congress, lately returned from tbe Brazil coast, haa been surveyed and will be ready to join tbe blockade In two or three weeks. irr The United Statrs friimtj.s-hin- ?.ni commission yesterday at tb? Portsmouth navyyard, N. H 07" The Weekly Central Union, published In Lexington, Mo., come* to ua to-day printed on brown wrapping paper. Hard times out there. IZT" Col. Wardrop, of the Union Coast Guard at Fortress Monroe, Is in Boston, recruiting for that regiment. Two hundred men are wanted. JI^Gen. Fremont has a very formidable body guard of cavalry forming in Missouri. JET The fore between New York and Albany by watar 150 miles, now Is only fifty cents. PcrMial. Edwin Gomez, Inventor of the Patent Electric Fuse Train, Is at Klrkwoods'. Hon Joseph Holt, of Kentucky, Is expected to address the Chamber of Commerce In New Yark, or the people in a public meeting. Preparations to that end are now on foot in that city. The Richmond correspondent of a London psper says: ? The Prince de Pollgnac, grandson of the famoua Polignnc, Minister of Charles X, has been here for a few weeks. The purport of LI. 1-?* * - * uii Tim i am not yet at liberty to divulge. He starts for New York to-morrow." Bayard Taylor, who baa been apendlng the last three months at Gotha, Germany, with the relatives of his wife, Is expected home by every steamer. Immediately upon bla return be will join a division of the National army as war correspondent of the Tribune. His new volume of poems was stereotyped In the early part of the summer, but will not appear until November.. Abnold Harris ?Two letters from Harrla are published In the New Orleana Plcaynne of Aug. 21st. which mark him a traitor of the first water. Writing from here, April 27, be says : " The South must strain every nerve, or there Is great danger that these northern rascals will win their game." Writing from bis present place of confinement, Aug 11, be says: "My family, 1 believe, is still in Kentucky, though 1 have not beard from them for a month or more. I wrote Mrs. H. to go to Naahville, or aome place in the Confederacy, so as to preserve her citizenship, as all our Interests are there except Washington, and I am praying that the war will not cease until that also Delongs to the South. " Since we hsve been here, some persons, whom I have found out, have charged that 1 am a beef contractor for the (Jolted States. It Is entirely false. I have not one cent's Interest In any contract. I have refused many offers of place and profit in the Northern Government, so entirely do i despise it;^nd though, while In Washington, I bad to acTOs a neutral, yet my whole heart, as all my friends and manv nnrf Vi??n m?n v>i>? ? I with ibe South. 'Tla therefore aqueerlhlng' that ! I should be In a aouthern jail." Lath feom WkpTKKN Virginia.?Siirmitk and Defeat of tke RebelJ at Wayne Court House ? We learn from the officera of the steamer Fannie McBurole, which arrived last evening from the Big Sandy, that a fight took place between alx companies of Virginia volunteers under General Zelgle, and an equal number of rebela, who were encamped near Wayne Court Houae, on Monday afternoon, in which the rebel were completely dispersed with the laas of four or five killed and fifteen taken priaonera. Gen. Zeigle was atlll punning the rebela.?Cincinnati QazetU, 29tk. IfT The following ia a list of the fleet that left Fortrraa Monroe on the 20th Minnesota, (flag,) QUO officers and men, 2,400 tona, 80 guns; Wabash, 500 officers and men, 2,200 tons, fit) guns; Pawnee, 110 officers and men. 1,000 tona, 8 guna; Harriet Lane, 190 officera and men, 400 tons, 6 guns; Adelaide, 100 officers and men, 400 tona, 4 guna: George Peabody, 94 officera and men, 450 tona, 4 guns; Fanny, 114 officera and men, 360 tona, 3 guna; Adriatic, 110 officera and men, 500 tona, 4 guna; Quaker City, 114 officera and men, 800 tona, 5 guna; achooner and bargea. Ho*. Me. Nelson, or Tiikuiii ?We have nothing directly froth Mr. Nelson since be bss reached borne But an incidental notice of a card tbat be bas published, by the Knoxvllie Register (secession), confirms the view taken by bis friends, tbat he Is yet a true Union maa. Tbst paper pronounces Mr. Nelson's card alto, gether unsatisfactory, and hints that another visit to Richmond would be beneficial to bis patriotism. Akekst or Maeylahd Secessionists.?'The Boonsboro Odd Fellow says thfct on Toeedsy night Daniel Dechert, editor of the Hsgerstown Mall, was seized by agents of the General Government. and sent to Fort McHenrv. Gen. McKaig, of Allegany county, and two others whoee names we bare not beard, were also taken In charge. They are la hot pursuit also of Mr. Gordon, from the same county. The Bveht Disteict at East Boston ? Shortly after the destructive fire on Border and the adjoining streets In East Boston, on the 14th of July, workmen commenced rebuilding the dwellings on the former sites, and large number are now nearlr finished, while the foundations are being laid for others. One brick block la almost done. e - ? Teeasoh Among the Teakstees.?On Wednesday, twenty-three teamsters were arrested at Bt Louis, Mo., bavins refused to do 4nt* win. , prlaonera who were captured ai Lexington, Mo , recently, in now c on lined at the araenal at St. Lonla, on obargee of treaaon. CZTTbo Collector at Cincinnati on Saturday aetsed on the LbulavlUe mall beat, twelve aery rerolvera, ten piece* of bunting. and eighteen military aeahea, all declined, Ufa auppoeed, for the rebel army. There waa nobody on the beat to claim them. A DtaLOTAL Town ?The eltlieaa of Bantington, Ct, bad a meeting laat Week, and, the papera | my, voted not to pay fte wa? tax. 9 # I / I s IPerelga Flew* St. John*, Aug. 30 ?The steamer A raj?, from I Southampton the Slat, pawerl Cape Raco thti morning for New York The crippled steamer Etna had arrived at Qneenstown, and the passenger* were transferred to the steamer Glasgow, to sail on the Md. The steamer Arabia arrived at Liverpool oa the 17th. Prince Alfred was received at Liverpool with great enthusiasm. The King of Sweden had left England for home. The steamer Great Eastern was expected to take more troops to Canada. The application for discount at the Bank of England iraa moderate Loans on the Stock Exchange were offered at percent. Foreign '? exchange waa allghtly higher. American aecurlttea were unaltered Advices from France ear that a deficiency In i the wheat crop la generally addnued. Accounts from Italy aay the react! on lata were everywhere beaten by Vicar General Sorrento. Twentv-nlne prieata and three monks have been arreated, and the reactioniata at Cancello made prlaonera by the royal troops. Clprlalo was taken

after a short resistance Garibaldi was expected at Naples on the 8th of > September, the anniversary of nls entry Into Ns* i pies. Grand fetes were preparing In honor of the I event. , General Claldlnl reminds the government that be onlv provisionally accepted tne Lieutenancy 1 of Naples, but will not resign nntll the countrv has been purged of brigands and a new Lleutenant shall be appointed. From Turkev there air accounts ef further reforms being effected by the Sultsn. The chief of the Herxegorlna Insurgents had requested the Intercession of Russls for peace with the Turks. Omar Paaha had approved of i tbe proposed Russian and Austrian embassy at Constantinople and deputed a commissioner to proceed to open negotiations. The Russians bad sustained another defeat from tbe Circassians. In Russian Poland serious disturbances bad i broken out at Kallldab, for arreatlng a man. Tbe patrol were Insulted and a number of men sur1 rounded tbe officer and demanded tbe release of tbe prisoner, which was granted, wben tbe garrison assembled and threatened to fire on tbe people. Numbers were arrested subsequently. From Hungarv advices are tbat tne diasolution * of tbe Hungarian diet was considered certain within a few days. An Imperial rescript was expected ahortly. t Tbe Liverpool Cotton market closed quiet but i arm, wuu met on Monday and Tuesday of 30,000 bale* to speculators and exporters at an advance of 1-10 to >k'd. The market bad atill an upward 1 tendency at the close. Tbe advance la chiefly in ' middling.and lower quality. Floor 1* inactive and 6d. lower. Wheat ia dull and 2a. lower. Corn ia eaaier. Beef ia quiet. Pork ia dull. I Bacon inactive. Lard inactive. Tallow la firm. . Coffee la steady. Consols closed at 90 ? to 60 V I Bsnthern News. Louisville, Aug. 29?Surveyor Cotton at this port publishes a card, threatening to aelie all wagons, vehicles, and steamboats that may be found engaged in the transportation of articles for aiding the rebellion after tbe flrat of September 1 next. President Davis Is still confined with an attaek of chills and fever, which may Induce Congress to i postpone an adjournment. > Vice-President Stephens Is lying sick at Manassas J unction. Tbe Richmond Examiner of the 26th says the Confederate Congress has decided to repeal the > law establishing ports of entry, and throw all the Southern coaat open to foreign commerce, providing that veaitls which run tbe blockade Into shore inlets may pay the Confederate duties at the port nearest their landing. There la some dissension In the Confederate Congress in reference (o confiscation. Some advocate tbe confiscation of all Yaukee property in i the South, and others favor a sequestration of estate Congress has appropMated ?.*00 000 for a fioati Ing defense at New Orleans, and f160,000 for two iron-clad boats for tbe defense of the Mississippi river and tbe city of Memphis. i dc Avai&ncce nyi the schooner A del! ne, with three former Federal army and navy officers on board, was brought to by a United states man of war, but taking advantage of a squall, got into Savannah,with a cargo of coffee, fruits, and lead. The correspondent of the Huntersvllle Advocate tells the planters to give their negroes more molasses and rice, and less bacon, which plan would diminish the consumption of bacon two and a quarter million pounds weekly In tbe Southern Confederacy. Tbe Memphis Avalanche ^ongratulaUa its readers that no more letters are to go North, and hopea the interdiction of all Intercourse between the two sections will be complete and everlasting. try On Saturday morning, the pavements of some of the principal streets In New Haveo were found chalked over with tbe word "peace." ryg?REV. ROBERT COLLYER.olChicago, J. 3 will sreaoh In the Unitarian Chnroh, oorner of D and sfs., TO-MORKOW (s-undar) MORN1 O, Servicesto oommecoeat 11 o'olotk. 31 It* rre^l. O. O. F-GRAND LODGE.?A special ikJf session of the R. W. Grand Lodia of t*? District of Colombia wl 1 be held on MONDAY EVENING. Sept. 2d, atfto'olook. A fuil attend anoe is desired. By order of the M. W. G. M. an ?l-8t JOHN T. BANGS, 0.8. nrs*national building associaLkJ* TION.?The third annual meeting will be neTd at Temperanoe Hall on TUE9DAY EVENING nrxt, at?o'clock, when an election will be held for officers to serve for the ensning year. , an 31 St CHAS WILSON, Sea. uniteu building association - ?. -? aii ivuiJiouLacri ua per>oni interested arc re?> e?ted to mMt at Potomac Hall. oorn?r of Ms ryland avenue and Eleventh it., on MONDAY EVENING. September 3d, at 8 o'clock, for the purpose of deciding upon the futu.e oonrae of t&* Association. By order of the Board: au 3i-a chas. Wilson. s?o IT**PUTNAM R\NGER*-ThisisaCompa1]^.? ny of Mounted ?oout*t and part have already been mustered in the servioe A few ranr* good men wanted^to make up the Company. Callattht Island Hall, or on Seventh st. near the bridge. G. THISTLETON, Capt P. 0. The Government furnishMall the hor?es and equipments. au 39-M* m^COMPANY "A." U. 8. ENG1NKER8.Fifty intelligent and aMe bodied mechanios Till be enlisted to fill this Company to the max imum fixea by law?ISO men. Intaire at No. 34> G street Pay from $13 to 931 per month, besides food and olothing. an 17 tf [*m the UNION prayer meeting will beholden every day in the e street Baptist Church, oommenoing at A o'olook p. m. and to be oontipued an hour. Strangers as well as oitisens of all denominations are invited to attend and take part in these social meetings. m 31 Mrs. turpin and daughter will f. sume the duties of their Soh^ol on Monday, September 3d. at their resiflenoe. No. 410 d street, between 6th and 7! h sts It* rfiHE CHEAPEST PLACK IN THk r.i?v X . To get SCHOOL BOOLS ! at RUSSELL'S* 5a."> Sbvkhth Stem*. lt_^ Two doora from Pa avenue. Edwin gomez, Inventor of the PATENT ELECTRIC SAFETY FUSE TRAIN. 963 Pb*NBYLVAIIIA AvKflTJl. au SI-St* Over Leprcex'a Grocery Store. Butter, cheese, AND EGOS. 60 firkma Frean New York Butter, S6 buokets, mall and larsaaise, 35 keg a good Cooking Butter, 4" I-?xn prime Cheese. For sale at 4 SO Eighth at, bMw?en Pa aT?nae and Pat. cam 31 ?t*) D E. DUTROW. Md. russell. _ Bbvkhth Stkbbt. Vndjt Ihi Avmmt Houn, la sailing SCHOOL BOOKS Ten par oent oheajer than any other hoaaa in the cut viw mm a call before porohaainf e ?ewhere. _ It* pAl& HILL BOAKJMN^ SCHOOL. At Bandy Bf&imo' Mb. This Institution, wt, loh has bees ia anooeeafal operation for the pa?t ten rear*, will oommenoe 1U eisuiag rejalar term on the let or the 19 po. (Ootober) next. For ciicu &rs. oontaininf farther information in regard to the sohool, apply to K. - KIHK; WM. H. FARQUHAR, an 31-eMm* Olney P. O. QEOROBTOWN FEMALE^S^MINARY, A BOARDING AND DA Y SCHOOL, No. 151 Wut it., bttwten Cmgrtu amd High <(i. The dntiee of this Institution will be reramed oa the first Moadey in September next. The former pupil* are earnestly solicited to attend the Claae in Calisthenies. _ IssTKccToas. mjkis'-srC'reala's mar be obtained at the Bookstores, or by addressing the Principal. , an 31 M. J. HARROVFR. Entire 8tock?ofc dry goods SELLING OFF At Oiutit Riducid Pkicks ToCIoa* Busioom. MMSttfllll the rttouMWBf *to?k on hwd at froat'jr 'MMN aaru,do" IV. B.?Mr. Hail havinv for ft long tine ocojmc4 tira ?tore??No. ?7% and JITi?this i? to totifjr all poisons that Ite sootss of both storoa hava r ;? stzz ?2L jsttTtoSjp ' MSl-w* ?hEO. 8HECKEL8? Tnut?t. I I * * * * * v . v** * f-+* > ' 09DW w|HK.. oCOw^^flBtatfg JUST RECSirtD FROM ST. LOUIS. ARMY OFFICERS AND OTHERS are roapoomiiiy inntod to Mil at the atora of C. WOODWARD, No.sis Pennsylvania avenue. Bmvmii loth and 11th atreota. Waahiafloa, D. C., and m the moat complete artio'.e of CAMP MESS CHESTS, WITH TABLE AND WRITING DESK COMBINED, EVER INVENTED. An artiole Ofioera who approoiata tha oomforta of Camp lua ahonld not bo vtthoat. A Lao, OFFICERS' C/MP COOKING 8TOVBS. with Baka Oram, Camp Etuipmenta. fce, Ao. A11 kiada of COOKING AND HEATING STOVES, of tha latovt improved atrloa, lor Partora, Cham bara, Ofioea. A?? A?., Ac. HARDWARE AND HOUSE FURNISHING GoODd. To bo had at C. WOODWARD'S. No. *18 Pa. av? bot 10th and 11th iU? an Sl-6t Baloony ia front. j^~T A T 1 O N E R Y. Navt Dbpaatmknt, Ant oat 89,1M1. Hiratn Saalid Peopo?al? will be roooired .attho cftoo o: the Secpt*ry of the N?tj antll 9 o'clock, P. M of Saturday. tha Slat Peptnahor neit, for foraiabinf all tha Sutionory that may ba required by the Nary Department and tbaaaratal burr ana from the latter data t> Jaly 1. lrea All tha artiolea farmahed mnat be of tha b?at anaii<4o1i ? *Wa?? ? ? V- ? ? ?-A ? ? -A ? ? M/t wvivvou ?iiRVB?uo mj vorn unJProq,ftOQ to tho satisfaction of the head o' the effioe for whioh ther are re*n red If it be rrauired, each bidder for stationery mast furnish with hit proposal a sample of eaoh artiele bid for. No bid will b? considered which does not ffcMr oon'onn to the advertisement, and in which ?ah and every article ia not bi 1 (or, and ia whiah more thMi one prior is named for any one artiola. B nds in saffioient amount. with two or more ap proved sureties, for the faithful execution of the oontraot will required of the eerson or persona nontraotinf. 1 lie authorised D?m?i of the earetiae that will he tifcn. as also satisfactory testimonials to fall' the otvtraat, mutt accompany the bid; ot? erwise it will not be oonsiderrd. ' The Lepar>m?nt reserves to itself ths richtof ordering a greater or le?s qnantry or eaok aad every article ooutracted for, as the pablto service may require. Snaald any art o'e be repaired hot enumerated in the oontraot, it ia to be farmahad at the lowest market pri e, according to its quality The subjoined schedule specifies,as aearly as oan now be done, the amount, qaali'y, a?d description of eaoti of ths arbolea ikel t tu be repaired. ?CH?D*LI. 40 reams heavy, white laid, desp%toh sap, atop ruled, equal to sample, per resm an reams foo'a -ap. blna or white, rol o.per ra'.m 76 reams extra at nerfina. blue or whit < imd or wove. letter paper, ra.ed, equal to simple, per ream 10 iMnii Manilla paper. 38 by 36 inohee, flat, per aanip'e, per ream *? reams he*t huf or white envelope parer, roya\ flat, per ream 16 reams best onte paper, thi-k, per ream 16 reamx best note paper, medium, per ream an reams oopying or tissue quarto post, per ream ion ?ards traoinc eloth, per sqaare rard 3 r*ams blotting pap^r. royal, per re?? 60 gulres patent blotting paper, m^dtsm, per quire 30 sheets elephant drawing paper, par sheet 30 sheets doable elephant drawing paprr, per sheet X) sheets antiquarian drawing payer, par sheet 6,000 oream 'aid envekpee, letter ? . par l.or? 1,600 o ream laid envelope", note sise, per 1/W0 5"0 card envelopes, per 500 1,000 patent oloth lined envalopea. by 4 inohee, per 1,000 SV0 patent o'oth lined envelopea, 6)t by IK inches, per S90 360 p\t?nt olo h-ltned enreopes, U( by ll< inohee. per 250 3*/no beet br ff or white envelopes, Government pattern, official sue, pastel stamp, per 1.000 SMMObeet huff or white envelopes, government pat-erns,oAoial sisa, engraved stain*. per I y000 30/100 best buff o- white envelop'S, Government , patte n, oflaial sise, lithog-apked stamp, , per l/?n ft/100 best buff or white envelopee. Govern meet fattens, letter use, lithographed tamp, Hf WO 1,000 beat beff or white envelopes, Government pattern, letter ?ize, unstamped. p?r 1400 0 beit white ofltoia envelop**. 10X by CK inches. lithographed, per 1 ,?<00 tt gro**st?el pen*, on oari* or In boxes, (the Department to have the liberty of eel noting Irum *11 the d.ff.reEt kinds manofaotared.) per groaa , t? tolcpn-. large sis \ With ?i 'ver extension holder*, beat macufac are, aer pea i 40 quart* Maynard 4 Noyes's black ink, in bottles. per quart 9t quart* beat l.ondon oopying ink, Arnold's or j Terry's, in bo'tie*, per quart 24 ounce bottles penne, Gnjott k. Co., saeorflns carmne, per bottle l.onoaui Is, Now), opaque ?r clarified, per l" 75 dosen red tape, escorted per dos 6dos~n ailk taate. per dos 4dosen penknives. Rodgers's be*t, book or pearl undies, large site, 4 blades or equal. p?r dos 4dos?n erasers, 'arc* sise, irory handles, in eve*, Rodgers's host, per dos , 1 drsen pairs of shears, tnoi b ads, per dos 1 d sen pii-i of sheer*, 6K mob blade, per dos 1 dozen pair* of *he?ra,6-ineh b ade, pe- dos 1 dozen pair* of soiseors per dos 2 a< sea nine ineh i vor? folders, per dos I ldrs<n rul>rs, parallel or gutta pereba, per , dosen 19 dose., black lead peneils, Patter's beet, as sorted, pe>- d?sen 10 dozen beet Amenoic drawing pen oils, M sorted, per dosen 12 dozen aber*s red and h ue pe oils, per do* < <3 il?.. _LU I. L m ?V?' M mmi'l*' Ul BfJIPB. B?OfWi % p %f O0I 3 d~>scn oar el hur bruihea. aaeorUd, per do? i 3 d.jen itioka beat I - di* nk per tic It I 3 pcvd- extra eoperfine a*alirg wax, per pound i 15 pounds b**t qoa'itj w%rer?. psr poand in pound* be?t wh'to jom arafc o. per p crd 6aoz*n prepared muoi'.age and brash. large, p*r del 6 dogen prepared muoilage and brash, mall, per dos 10 poaiHM be t hemp twine, per pound 10 p and* beat lin*n twine, per ponnd 5 enart* beet bl?*k 'and. per a mrt 6 dos <n beat p epa ed irditrabber, per doc. aeSl,aep6 13 30 _ OH ! OH !?9o to the People's Clothing Store, No. ISO Seventh street. oppouta Poet Offloe, and examine that nev etook r FALL ^LUTH ING. IKUNKH. HATS and CAPS, all for aale at the loweet New York prieea an >0-1 Thk great RUSH to arms has MiMd . SMI t H to rash North and repemsb kit stock I of FALL and winter clothing, wkiek offers at rem&rkaMe low prioee, at No. 460 Bev , onth ?t., opposite Post OHoe. *n? ! ' BARGAINS! BARGAINS !-Graat her inns in all kinds of CLOTHING. TRUNKS. VA- ? LISES, CARPET BAGS.SHlkTS "HES. COL- < LARJ. HAT* and C A PS, at SMITH'S, No. 4t0 i Seventh at., opporite Poet ORoe Call aed see lus new stock of Gooda, which will be sold at aeton- < ishing low rate*. M? ln 1 PHILADELPHIA PRINT BUTTER! < A 8* cni*Ts rn Porno. _ MR. T. R. WILSON. Stall 91* Ceater Mar- i ket, back of the o.d wateh hoase sign Red Car- I tain, Is again sellinc this snrtvaled Batter at M oentv Patronise him; he has kept the price dowa all the ssmmer, and, having determined to make this his permanent reeilenee, intends to keee it down. hX' 1 NOTICE TO SUTLERS. purposes, at low prices at WboiwgJe 393 Pa. a venae, between Mb anf 7t? sta., SSSSM Newlroa Raildiaca. A SPECIAL NOT1CK. , x\LL Poraor a indebted to on opoa aoooaat or BoUipwtdii,?ri rMftfally rojaoetod to fl*Q ; ud My the MB* by latday ofgtptoabar Mit 4 Our DMioon nsit bo C'Oted m^o*aibo to that d?t*. Wo thorotoro oonld*ntiy axpoot "" kt-to 10 ~^r?rSiaRYop. aa 90-M <83 CoTQBth aC.aboTO Pa ww. ProfsM KjS a oodloay, will rooano the daboe or bia profomica in Waafciaxton, Wodoooday, Boftmbor 4, ML m6a?' CHi.opS^rairai?9?e INS ik Mtoriw for their oMtoa trade, oasikt- , :asfesr oaior tyW u wn low priooa. I 6m tiMntn vtahlac m faMMdiate ovtftt will lad j "B^ffiSSSKZ* M W ItWW, 7 PRieEfl FOg^Lljm^ AUCTION SALES. y WALL ft BAENAED. AuHmhii pnupToiT auction ULior ?utMao i.ChMN,Santn^M,tad orrtat. Fm?, Onpn. Ma CMnmnKi r-.nfci*# Fwwb, fiw tm, Aa., Jail aa, I Rr>t?na*i5? Mo m aa. 1? BWa. < row'a A Bon P .rSon Wliiak?f, 25 HM. P?rk^r>( HnMtoMl WMaKf, ' fi ? a Hika*a 4sen...l%wCabey. 1 Bb , Ckainiat Orera, aa* Ja?la> Rta, K ^ i a?ki B-\. ay, p)| CaanJfTtBdy. t k ruki P*J? and Brov* Bkarrr, * Jfcad A harry .Part, ft CUM Jfjaiyana! tS Caaaa 0?l Nf?wWlu5V. _ r ?* Otftrrf aad Warratt Co . Bread*. S-iortaiKl ?ola?oo m? WALL 4 BABNAEP. A?*a. By 1. C. VifiCIll * CO, AMUaaaara Excellent fubn!Tube, bousekbipim Evracra, Skall C*l?i*a?. Ac,. *c . 4j Pv?lic Arrriow -Oi *IBUE8DA* aOENnfd. AacaatMU. at Um o'c o-A, a* ua altar*aai Ml?n na?HJa? Ro.Vw^aift'Wa lyitiblw, Cliiu aod i?lMtM Vim, omim?tm. C*neao4 Wood-MtCkin, Loaogas. * ?? o??u sii^ktait^^sesabmmm. BollUriiml Pi!.owe. Blank eta Comforti ard Sp^i. SKS?&1KS-.,VtJ?-:~. Ckiot, Glare eon (V??kerT W*r?, TaMe Qaftary. Cooking Md other Store#, Kitahea lUoaiJt A leo, w tan o'e lock, la ?roat of the hoeee? Oaa aitai ant nee liorae Faauly Carriag* for four pereoLa. with Haraeaa. Tenaa oaah ia oarrant fund* MIM J. C. MoUUIRE A CO., AaalB. H^THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED, a aoooant of the rata, aatU MONDAY, Stftoa bar 3d. aame hour. aa U d J.C. MoOUIEk 4 CO- Aaeta. By 1. C. MeOUIEE A CO.. Aaetkaaara. SUPERIOR ROSEWOOD CASK SEVEN O Octiti Funu Fobtb Wbbblbb A wa oir*! Sawixe Machihk, Kxcbxut Pvibitcbb md Hocibbold Err era, at PWBlie it'KSDAY MORNINtt. SeptraaUar if, at 1# o'&look, at No 8 north A street, Imaaw Delaware ^v#aa* aad^Firat itraet *aat,(rppoeite the Eaat I r?r> 01 UI? uvi>Oi.l we II111 Mil tM Farnitara Mid Lfect? compnaing? _ Papertcr B?newood Octave Bold Piano. by Roeankran'a. Piano Corw and Moot, WIwhwt. . Wa-cut Mid Mahntiuiv HMr Sprmc-aaat Bo?a\ Rockera.a^d PmI?t Ckaira. Marbl* top Hof% and <>cier TaMaa, | Bilt-fhMaa MirroreDamMk CurUUM, Venetian Blind a, Window Ut^N, i^dbin, Cane aad Woodeaat Cbaira, Whwla 4 Wilawa'a ftowiaf BukiW. ?;lt ?aa Chand^li^re and Fiitaraa, _ Kxo#; ant Breia-la, Tare* ply, aad lurkii Cm Batting.Oilaloth. W*ir Carneta. tS Holmea'a Therapeutic Chair. ExUnaioa Tab'.a 8id?haM4. Qiut ty of China Gl*ae aad Croafcary* BedaWada. Bareaaa. Waehataoda. * U'ar/4?nt... T?-1-? ?-? "1 * ?* * UIIIH OWW. V/iOCBa, ' Sirerior Feather B*d?. Bolatera, ad PiUawe, tir %nd Husk Mattreeae*. lankete, Comforts and riratdt, Cookie*, Radiator, and other SIotm. Hydrant anci Pipe. Gatta Feroha Ho*, he Tot?tb?r with a genera mortawit of Kilolioo Reeaieitea. Terma oaeh. P. 8?The Hout is for mt. In* aire of U? AaoUoaeera. auan-d J. C MoGUIKK k CO. Aaoka. Br BONTZ A GRIFFITH, Aeetioaaera. T'RUfTKF.t* SALE OF HOUBK AND LOT 1 Id THE NokTHKBH llltlT.l* B" ftftW OI a deed in treat beancj date on the ?u> day of October, inn. a; c recorded ta 1. t??r J. A. 8. No. US, folio* /T5, SN aod jnft. the aabeeribor will Mil. at Mblio sale on THURSDAY, tke Mi day of A of oat 1K1, at 6 o'olock ? art. on the presieee. a*rt of Lot No.l?, in aabdirieion of eaeare No. 425, fronting 17 feet UK iaok?e oa Mk atroat weet. wi?h a depth ta feet to aa allay, vitk the iaror?menta aonaiotiac of a t?o atory and attie Pimm Uve.nni Hoaee, with oellar. The a bore property ia nf atari at tk> eocaor of tth atraet waat and M atre-t aorta, ia a rapid! v is proving part of the eit*. ard ohri a favorable opportunity to perecaa deairoaa of proearlag a reei?'oe or matiag aa ia i Kant IT theterraa*of aaieare not complied with ia lee daya alter the aale the piupeilf will be raacld. ?ae weeka' aotiee. at the nek aad aaya?a of the parehaaer. All aocTeyaaaiaf at the axpeaee <a.i2,75sa5 V> ***" BONTZ A GRIFFITH, A?la. II m U'Al I a. n 4 a. . ? - oV VIRTUE OF*A^BEDOFTRuJV D rW1 rosd, April 7. 1B8P .uoeci UmW r???or<ds of Waahinrton oojDtr. D Ihs aadsrsifBod. Trsstrss of tb?* Third Bailing Am^I?Qoi" if t}N>ri?to?,D. C.,wiil 01 AifMt tttk acst, at M r >., rxpoas at sabiie aartioa tha followljt RmI Estats. sitaatM lc Waahiactoa City, I) C . M ths oornsr of N strs?t aorth and Vsrmoat ?w one, known ai tba wsat baif of Lot Na. t, la B^aarnSa. and tba imaroraoaaata, ooaaistinf of a iro story brisk dwelling hoass. Tsrms viad* k Down at sals. A.. f Lvm. j.r jatOPitof ??'ch*J?r. WAt ThJ b. COX. (TrMt^a CHARLE?* M MATTHEWS. < Jy 17 tawAda WALL A BARNARD. Aaota. i&O. ffKHS^flcl ttlvW It- RNoON.SMinsl., aams hour and plaaa U?tt WALL a barn ardTamib. .KZRMHMAJft iWHSBSf. Itb September. at 4 o'clock. aa tCtawAds WAI L A BARNARD. AbsO. By WALL * BARNARD. Amdosmtb. BY VIRTUE Of A DEED OF TRUST, Mr reoorded. April 7, IMC. anou tfe* land rooords E3E?:4Sio&tv Georgetown, D C.. trill, os lOtli day 8opt?ibor. at ih o'olook p.m., sxpose at pab.ic aaettoa Us >ollowmj Real EsMt?, sitaatsd ib Washington Ci>r, ob MassftokBsstts arecae, Mvhd sth aod lib trsets known m tk? wart half of Lot No. M, Ib SsOATcS17. with improvements, OOBSiSUlkg of a two-story frame dwelling hoass. Tarma made knowc at aala. All aOB*MkMm> at a< *k***' WaLTe* P. 5oX. I - ? CHARLES M. matthews, \ trm9tm*jt it kwtdi wall 1 barnard. a?cu. m. i. pranilin, I JCONTiyiC AND PRACTICAL OPTICIAN, C??PlilrtiMHi.) 144 P?ttn'??T.,i?o;th ?i4*,) bat. ink Mi Uth ate. inpraraa crKLTACLK8?g< EYK CliBHM. raited oorrwct'y for Tory hcm onafd il >o d Silver. &? Stool, ladi* Kibbw, or TwMm Mil I (Til FUU OltMW, KttrMMMI, St T 03tsp t mmd Ml I f tmt Mfiiny, ti uiiiowMt Eutiri prioo* Mlvt' Po,1,0"! roti....: , JsraJTSK rc )f 8wo>4 bL Pint ?r Io*4 ?mvo4 to-doy. ?!? trial, m4 w# atell kit* tn muiImBOO. Ohio, Indian* tad lootaokr Moan, mroo4 iUod^t*k*B M ft. J ^ gXKKLE 4 OO- # I *Abo?t 4X? bbU will b* ro* ntr*d lak* hliwii< 1 i? i>?r?ti loU of i J>* bbu, ?h TM rlomr to [ W| to tin tMlM^ttm ?T? Boariof .Amy I M dM ? >** rforituVVxvZ*?*T' I (t|6LV OOd dO ft. gsgpr I tflFT I Bjr*o? to Ue br?a?e ?ow ? wt I The bidicra to atajto Um WaaiMitt* Makw?f 1 ^Wal^Eafes?" I w i j^v. D i wi ? En IM MOTVMI rroptw K ?B.SeORY*? 1 8T0TM HOVtM, ' ? 1 SI PENN8YLVANU AVKWUK. Ml S 3KS5K%a!Jt rrjrr^r I M IT nfv E l? MWOIT. I ' J

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