Newspaper of Evening Star, August 31, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 31, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. Tsi Is printed on (he (uM Aram press In w aouth of Baltimore, lta edition to ao larjrr u to require It to he put to pre* at u m*\y hoar; AdTTtlsrments, tberefose, should be eat la before 19 o'clock m.j etbenrlae they may met appear as til the aert dir. Nones ?District of Colombia Advertisements to be Inserted la tbe Baltimosi 8c* are reoelved at sad forwarded from Thi tram Oflee. Ova Schools?Next Monday tbe rarloos schools throughout the city resume their sessions, when we shall again meet upon tbe streets and In AM* sKulw Maka #Wa kalnkl * ww ?** mig ui-rytu, uiiiifiatcu Ium and more precocious representatives of Young America, who, refreshed and Invigorated with their long holiday, will bend to their "tasks" with renewed energy and profit. Oar city affords excellent teellltiea lor the attainment of a good oond and practical education. Beside our free school*, private institutions sbound whoae reputation ara. unexcelled, and whose advantages are within the reach of nearly all. It would appear lnvldioos to Institute any comparison between the arlous public schools or Washington, either primary or district. Their teacher* are well known to oar citizens, and their respective reputations folly established. The nsaln defect of Importance In the public school system is the want of proper school rooms and surrounding* Many sre poorly lighted, miserably ventilated, and highly prejudicial to the health of both tsscher and puplli Several are located la the basement of public build!ags, often rendered dsmp and close from a want of pars air, and which, being closed ap immediately after the departure of Its Inmates at night, proves almost suffocating on being opened the next day. There are, however, many achool rooms whlcn will compare favorably with any In the country, and year by year all are being brought up to the same standard. Of the private schools, Mr. and Mrs. Z Richard's Ualon Female Academy, corner of Fourteenth and K street*, affords excellent facilities for learning, and is well known throughout the city for Its superior advantages In svery respect as a female Institution. Mlas M. P Duncan, No 31 Indisna avenue, haa added Improvements to her establlahment and made arrangements to receive pupil* into the institution from abroad. Miss Addle C Klnsey, No. 461 D street; Mrs. Abbott, corner of Pennsylvania arenue and Flfa ? - .a. ? a a. a ? I /-a 1?. J J %r ? r\ irraiu iirrr?, ana jirw l u. ioqu, iiw jo/ i; Mrrrt, afford excellent opportunities for those who reside In thew neighborhoods. Tbe Westem Academy, under Mr. Joahaa O Colburn, 377 1 street, embracing schools for both ladles and small boys, hss a wide spread reputation, snd will doubtless be patronized by all who can avail themselves of Its advantage. The Emerson Institute, a select classlcsl and mathematical school for boy*, on H street, between Twelfth and Thirteenth, Mr. Charles B Young, principal, commends itself to all aspiring to a thorough knowledge of the mathematics or tbe desd languages The Ever At Institute, a select school for boys, Massachusetts svenue, between Ninth and Tenth streets, E. W Farley, principal, affords all the scholastic advantage necessary for a thorough education. Gonzaga College, an old and time-honored In stltutlon, B. T Wtget, S. J., President, on F street, between Ninth and Tenth, la worthy the attention of all in pursuit of knowledge. Tbe Rlttenhouse Acadernv. O C. Wight, principal, Indiana avenue, near Third street, also opens Its session on Monday This school Is well-known as one of the first In tbe city. The St. Matthews Academy, corner of Eighteenth street and New York avenue, commends Mae If to tbe parents and guardiana of young ladles desirous of acquiring a finished education. The St Vincent Academy, corner of Tentn and G streets, has advantages for improvement surpassed by few, and Is worthy the patronage of all. Beside these, there Is the Brookeville Academy, E. B. Prettyman, A. M., principal, located at RronkffYlll^. Md . a fln#? hpxlthv Inrnlttv inat th? place for atudy and mental labor. Tbe Alnwick Seminary, for young ladle*, at Laarel, Prince George's county, Md , is worthy tbe notice of all, and recommends itaelf to a libera 1 patronage Tbat time-honored and excellent Ina'ltutlon, Colombia College, (G W. Samson, D D , President,) opens aeaMon of ita preparatory department on Wednesday, September 11. Tbia college baa not only every requisite for tbe succe?ful cultivation of tbe mina. but it baa a location of unaurpaaard beauty and bealthfulneaa. Mr*. Turpin and daughter, No. 410 D street, alao open their school with promise of success, and offer great advantage* to pupils. A desirable school for small boy* Is that announced to be reopened on Monday, at 277 1 street, corner of Seventeenth Mr* Bell** popular seminary for young ladle* Is located on tbe corner of L and Tenth streets Mrs M C Brown's " Home School" Is at No. 0 K street, between Eighth and Ninth Lafayette Institute, one of our very best schools for young ladies, (L. C Loomls, principal,) Is at 367 I street, between Thirteenth and Fourteenth streets Another good school for females is tbat of Miss E. E Janney, 1 street, between Eighteenth and Nineteenth. Tbe announcement elsewhere of a select school for boys, conducted on the plan of claaalcal achoola I Id Germany, (lo< ated on C street, between Fourand a-balf and Sixth,1 will attract the attention of parenta. At tbe school of the Mines Koonea, 450 D atreet, Instruction la given In Engllah, French, and music. Parents will And a good school, at moderate terms, at 435 Fifth street, Mia. tioodrlch'a Seminary. Bladensburg Academy, (Prof Fill, principal,) preseota many attractions, educational and other* wise. The Fair Hill boarding school for glrla, at Sandy Spring, Maryland, baa been In successful operation ten years, snd has a well eatabllsbed reputation as a first class institution. Principal, fe. 8 Kirk The four departments of the Georgetown (Pub lie) School, under competent teachers, sre located In the building formerly a Methodist Church, on Montgomery street That venerable Institution, the Georgetown College, is so well known tbst It Is hardly necessary to call attention to it. Ita students have heretofore come from all porta of the civllixed world and from all tbe walks ot Ufa. Manv of them bar* distinguished themselves In divinity, tbe law, literature, statesm&nsblp. and tbe uaeful arte, and the namea of some of Ita graduates are now household words. We mar not expect to see msny of tbe southern students return, but there Is no fear for tbe continued success of sn Institution where tbe course of education is so comprehensive and thorough Ita able corps of professors snd Its salubrious sltustion and extonalva grounds commrnd It to favor; while the library, Mnn, obeerratory, gvnininum and other acceesorlee, make it one of the beat places for mentai and physical training In tbe country Mian Lyals S English (ao long and hvorablr known aa tbe principal of Miaa English'a Academy on Washington street) proposes to again establiah a female aemlaary and tako charge of a limited number of puplla She can be seen at No 23 Bay street Georgetown Female Seminary, Miss Harrover'a. This successful teacher, who formerly occupied tbe large building on tbe corner of Gay and Waablngton streets, now used as an army lcapital, has established a boarding and day achool at No. 151 West street, between Congress and High streets Tbe Georgetown Institute Is In charge of the Brothers Conrad, said to be competent and fhltbful teachers. It Is located on Dumbarton street, between High sad Congress, and haa a la ge yard attached, with requisites for gymnastic exerclsrs. Tbe Georgetown Classical and Mathematical Academy, Theodore McGowan, M. A , principal, opens with n coarse of 1 Detraction Including in addition to tbe elements, all the braachee of n thorough claaalcal and mathematical education Mr. McGowaa la a graduate of Princeton Collage, New Jersey, and was for some time tutor of Belles Lettres la thst Institution In a Hrmmy ?Yesterday afternoon, as a^arge drees of horse* was passing down tba srenue. a hss?iisi came daablng furiously down one of the eroaa strtets aad rushed headlong against the front ef the column, knocking the horses'beads together like battering rams, while the fast youth left tbe i J|. % e . -- -a ' ? - - aai? ana incMa up ipnwui| UDOO Dil tMCk I* tbe Middle of the avenue. Picking blmaelf up. be wu surrounded by an anxious crowd, all aaklag If be wae hurt; to whom be replied, "No, bat rn> in a d d hurry," and, mounting bia bene, plunged down tbe avenue aa If Jefferson O. wee after him fall tilt. Te 8u t l in s?Sutlers in want of dry goods suitable for tbelr saiee will certainly And tbeu at Henry EUjan'a, en Pennsylvania avenue between Sixth and Seventh streets, at as reasonable prices as aaywbere elae in tbe United States, and of aa mod quality. His store has long been bnoos nere aa one of tbe very beat places In tbe country wbarest te'purchaae staple goods each as fatten require Fin Potato aa.?Prom Steele & Co , 596 Pa. v., (eld Sentinel oAce,) we bavesomeCae specimens of white mercer potatoes, such aa tbey have for sale Tbey are of bandaome proportions, thoroughly ripe, and promise tbe meeJleet pooslbU Internal developmenta. Bee tbelr advertlaemeat. Citt Post Orric*?Yesterday Uu clerks aad employees of tbe City Peat OAce under Peatmaatar Clepbane, took tbe oath preecribed for all empbym ef tbe Executive Deportments. Tbe oatb was sdmi sintered by Jostles Johnson. T*a Oat Polktb ?Tbe day police, bavins Wm settled tbat tbelr term of service expires '*w *?y> ?' preparing u, render up tbrlr founts to tbe lty authorities, under wbi^b tbey I M terms or tai Polic* Comciactoitnt -/* t cut ting Proceedings?Tkt Standard of Height Requirtd for Policemen Loietrtd?Firt fsst in has a Chant* ?A Subdivision into Precincts agtmh Upon?SUetion of Fiftf-tiz Patrolmen ?Tb? Board of Police Commissioner* met yesterday af ternoon. After dlscueslon, It waa agreed to amend the rules by f zing as the minimum height foi patrolmen 5 fee! 6 Inches Instead of 5 feet8 Inches [Five feet 8 Inches waa advocated probably be cause that Is the standard for the New York cttj police; 5 feet 4^ Inches Is the Army standard J The question of anbdlvlng the District of Columbia Into police precincts was again discussed after which, a resolution waa adopted making th< following aubdlvision and allotment; with ol course one aergeant to each precinct, the aergeanti being mounted In the lat, 3d and 3d of aald pre clncta 1st precinct?*he county east of the Eaat ern Branch?7 mounted patrolmen; 3d precinct? tbe countv between Rock Creek and the Easteri Branch?9 mounted patrolmen: 3d precinct?tb< county west of Rock Creek, including George town?23 patrolmen, six of yhom are to b' mounted. Each one of the remaining asven pre clncta comprlaes a ward of Waahlngton, as fol lows: 4th precinct, First Wud 15 patrolmen. 5th ? Second Ward....17 " th ?< Third Ward 18 " 7th " Fourth Ward 81 " 8th " Fifth Ward U " 9th Sixth Ward 10 " 10th " Seventh Ward... 18 " ^ Tbe above allotment (so far as Waahlngton and vwiKvwwu ?ic uvugancu; is in nuo wun iu< papulation according to the lut cenaua. giving W Georgetown and each ward of WaanTngton t patrolman for ever? 537 Inhabitant*, diacardlnt fraction* In the county the extent of territory U be patroled waa taken into conaideration. By this dtvlaioo Waablngton will have aevei aergeanta and one hundred and eleven patrolmen Georgetown one aergeant and aeventeen partol men; and the county two aerge&nta and twenty two patrolmen. Flhy-aix patrolmen were elected for Waahlng ton city. but the board do not with to have i partial list published Publication of the name will be made aa toon aa the Hat la complete The board adjourned to meet again to-day. "Thoii Infernal Hoqn "?Editor Star: Ir yeaterday'a paper I notice aome one Inqulrfhf whoae buaineaa it la to removea dead bog from tin atreeta. I. air. would like alao to inquire whoei buaineaa it la, If anybody'a, to remove the livi boga from the atr?*ta? It la bad enough to ae? flocka of gaeae paddling In the guttera and pooli of our atreeta, and covering the aldewalka of tb< avenue with their tilth; but the drovea of boga both great and amall, which roam at will all ovei I the city, are a greater nulaance atlll. Capitol Hill in particular, la alive with them. They break Into our lncloaurea?deatrov our gardena, obatruci our dral na, root open our gatea, beamear our fencei nr\A ?..j -?i muu a ? wi?u iiiuu biiu mm, crraie wbiiow' log boles to engender disease, and raise tbe d?] generally. There la notanotber city In the conn< try whereaach a nuisance la permitted; and I, foi one, am becoming tired of it If there la any lavt to prevent It, why la it not enforced?and If then la no auch law, who do not our cltv autfcoritiei provide one, and then see tl enforced ? There art a large number of two legged boga, which keej their four legged companions shut up during tbe daytime, and turn thein loose atnlght, for the pur pose of having them forage upon the cltlzena ir the neighborhood. It la time tble was stopped , and a very good way to atop It, would be to au thorite any and every person to kill every hop found in the streets, night or day. The Provosi Guard and otbera of our soldiers who desire t< practice at a target, might also be allowed to pro | vide tbe troopa with & little fresk pork In thii way. Seriously, 1 am in earnest; and I desire ben to notify tbe hogs of all classes?biped and quad ruped?that If tbe authorities don't do their duti aud attend to them, I will. All tbe " aecrshers' In Waahington have not given me half the trouhl* that these Infernal swine have. There la no fui In being routed out of bed at all times of night aa 1 have repeatedly been, to drive theae brutei out of my premises; and I am not disposed to stand this foolery any longer. Qetdado. A Citizbr. Not* ?Our Irate rorreapondent but gives utter ance In pretty forcible Anulo-Saxon to the genera sentiment In relation to a great and general nul sance. To th* Editor of the Stak Haying beer anxloua to see vonr valuble laaue of yesterday feellrg aattafled that It would give me aome In formation In regard to the arreat of my buaband I was pleaaed to see In one of Ita columns "Arres of County Constable A E L Keese " I feel sat lafied that some person unknown to blm or me bai done this out of malice agalnat blm; but 1 onlj bope tbat the party may be found out and brougb up to suffer for this outrageous act so committed against such a great Union manaimr huaband la I nope the Goyernment will give him a fair trial and Wing the party face to fkce, and It will show that my husband la a greater Union man thai aome of the clerks now In the employ of the Fed eral Government I know that there Isnostrongei Union family In the United States than my bos band's Even bla little aon, onlyalx years of age will make aa good a Union speech aa aome older whlcb will ?how that Union feelings are alread] planted In hla bosom In early childhood. 1 fe?> I sure It can not be anything elae but talk, wbllt I trying the pulse of others to find out their sentl ments; offae stated, to Injure the good cbaractei of my husband. Respectfully, * Cathahihr KKB'1. Recommendations roa Passes ?Some of ou: neighbors of the lower countlrs of Maryland, whi are now anxloua to secure their passes to and fron tbla city, brtng recommendations that will hardh be satisfactory to the Provost Marshal. One o these was exhibited to-day to a magistrate, whicl was signed by a number of persons unknown U xoe magistrate, who certified that they bad nevsi beard the applicant cay aught against the Govern ment. and they know bim to be "strongly in favoi of the State," whatever that may mean. Th< magistrate read the document and advised him t? go and present it to Qen Porter, as he was th< proper one to give passes. It maybe that h< went."but not very likely that the recommendatlor secured a pass Cbntial Guakdhouse Cases .?John Faggerty a deaf and damb boy of about thirteen years, whi has been running aboutthecltyapparently uncare< for by any one, was arrested for stealing a pistol The article was found upon bim, and he was sen to Jail for court Tbls same boy was one of i gang that was charged with stealing pistols fron the U. 8 troops quartered on E near Fifth street some of whom were aent to jail last week. 8inc( then be baa been roaming about the citv a pleasure Thoa Welch was arrested for belnf drunk and disorderly. He was taken up by th< Provost Guard, and tola morning was fined 81.5* by Justice Walter. A Bust Oat ?To-day has been a remarkably busy dsy with our merchants and tradesmen \X agons. carta, carriages, and boraes were crowdrc In varioua sections of tbeclty. awaiting their turra to be laden with provisions for the near countie of Maryland. For many months, sucb a numbe of wagons, carts, and other vehicles belonging t< the farmers of the surrounding r/inntr? been congregated |n this city. Wasbinotobian Captpbkd ? Intelligence bai been received In tbia city that a young man, Dr C P. Davie, aon of the Rev. Charlea Davla, I Chaplain In tbe Navy, and acting aa Surgeon t< tbe United States troops In Mlaaourl, baa beer captured by tbe Confederates under Ben McCul loch. All Navy Yabd is agog with tbe IrrealatlbU aonga. jokes and burlesques of tbe Campbell] last night. Thla evening is their last at Odd Fellows' Hall, and everybody la on tbe qui vlv? for newa concerning tbe programme for to-nlgbt Don't mlas the bill this evening by any mannsi of means. Bikhins's Beidsb.?Yesterday morning a part] of workmen commenced aome important altera tlona upon the drawa of Bennlng'a Bridge, ovei tbe Eastern Branch. Tbe alterations will aoon b< completed. Rimovbd?Yeeterday, Amon Duvall, one oi the guards at the county jail, appointed by tb< present Marshal, was removed from that poaltlon The cause of the removal baa not transpired. Wbitbbvbst, 434 Pennsylvania avenue, fur. tabes superior Card Photographs, suitable foi sending In letters See his likenesses of distinguished men, views of camps etc. Photograpbi In oil and water color* and pastel, from mlniatun to life sl*e. aul7 eolm Hollowat's Pills ?Bilious Ftvtr.?'This dan te'oas disease 19 immediately nipped in the bud bj I m. ti ma I w n mm r%f Ikia Bjiti-faKeiia ? w ? ?- / ? ? w? ?<** wuwi iWUI liv auu UVIIWUTI medial n*a ; they purify the aeor?ti?aa of the liver, renovate the atomaen, and oleenae the blood ruouifvnda who would have aunk beneath thevio lone* of tbia fever have been reatored to health bi the uaeof uieee remediea, alter all other meana had (ailed Sold by all Dmggiata, at 96o.? Mo., and 91 per bos. _________ au*7-lw Coeeua.?The andden ohangea of oar climate an aoaroee of Puiw%onary, BrmckuU and Attkmatit Aftctiem*. Experience having proved that aim pi a remedies often aot apeedily and oertaioly whei taken in the early etagea of the dieeaae, recourai abould at onoe M had to " Brown's Bronckia< Trotktt," or Loiengee, let tfle Cola, Cough, or Irritation of the Throat be ever eo alight, aa by thji precaution a more aerioaa attack may be effectual!] warded off. Public SpaaXar* and Stafiri will find them efeoCaa) for oleariag and etreogtheuinc tha voice. See advertiaement. deT-ly lusn, have yoa aeen Prof. Wood's advertia* meat in oar paper. Rear it; it will interest you, an ?-eoly tSSS^KivS^^SS. To rn AfTupras!-Jto aura to read the adver UAT9, CAPS, VAi.ISR_?, CAEPkT BA?M mow, iit-la T AMUSEMENTS. T Q D D F B L L O^W 8 * H A L L. j the ORIGINA minstrels i Will ei*e T?n M"f? nf their a CHASTE CONCERTS a At thk Abovs Hall, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY. i ?ny>-tt D*. G. FORD. Agent. * WANTS i WANTED IMMEDIATKLY-A good-ai**d ? HOU9E. en Capitol H II. ready forniiM. Addreaa, with termi, (by letter,) E. DUPRE, 390 Pa. ?w?i?. en 31 3t? WANTED? Br a young ladr. of aevtril reara' I eipenenoe in teaching, PUPILS id Maaio, ' French, Latin, and Mathematioa. Leaaona to be 3 given Privately, in elaaaea, or in aehoola. Ac-dreaa P wiaa M. L.. waahington, D. C. aa 31-St* n WANTED-A rood STEAM AND GAS FIT 0 TKR. Apply to J. W. THOMPSON * CO.. 969 Pa. avenne. au 3ft-?t 1 WAITED TO BUY-A ligbt BUSINESS ,, WAGON, with a top. Inaaire at J. H. SMITH'S Clothing Store, No. 480 Seventh at, oppoaite Poat Office. an 30 St I 1*7ANTED?To bare every body to call at " SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh at., oppoalteJPoet I Office, apd Duroha?e their FALL and WINTER D CLOTHING, TRUNKS. HATS and CAPS, at the very loweat prioea. Give him >o%JI. an 30-lm I I17ANTED-A weU-fnnuihed DWELLING- i s ?' HOUSE, oontaining aboataix rooma ezoin 11VA Or kltAhun Anil aariant'a rnAvna ?r?lI aif?a?*il _ with a large yard or lot. and a good oarnage-houve 1 * and stable for not less than three horses. Persons J ( having such premises to rent will ?'ea?e leave ' > writton descriptions at the Olfioe of Solioifor of $ Court of Claims, with terms so 30 2w* f \ \I7ANTEF>-A FURNISHED HOUSE between > " M street and Pennsvlvania avenue, and in the i * neighborhood of Fourteenth st. Apply by letter J - addressed to "J. H Willards' HoteL. au? 3tr I WANTED. FOR THE CASH-All kinds of * SECOND-HAND FURNITURE AND S i HOUSEK EKPINti ARTICLES. Persons leav- E i ing the oitr or having a sarplus will do well to oall J immediately. R. BUCHI.Y. J Je3 49* Seventh, between G and H ste. " \A/AN TED.?We are now baying SECOND- ] 1 v? HAND FURNITURE,STOVESand BED- i r DING, for which we are paying the higheet ? , oash prioes. Families declining housekeeping, or . having a "urplus of furniture, will find it to their f ' advantage to give us a nail. i ? BONTZ A GRIFFITH. ! s Je 13-tf No. 369 7th st., betw. I and K sta. j ! PERSONAL. t 1 ? RE WARD?Having learned th\t a rumor C : is busily circulated in Washington city e t that 1 have had shipped to Nottingham, reoently, i some eight hogsheads of bacon whose destination I was supposed to be for the South. I lake this j method of pronouncing the oharge wholly and ma- i 1 lioiously false ; for I can solemnly attest that I i have never ordered to Nottingham, or anv other 1 r port, but one hotshead of bacon in my life, and 4 r how there oould be any oause for such a charge > against my integ ri'v I cannot oonoeive, un'ess it | o Iginated'rom the fact that, ab^ut the time alluded . , to, there were same *ik or eight hogsheads of ooal ' and one hogshead of baoon tfiat came to Notting- 0 > ham?the hogshead of baoon and five hogsheads of \ ? ooal for W. H. Gwynn, Sr , and so marked ; tae ' . other two were min*. and marked W. H. Gwynn, 1 i Jr.; so, if the malioioui mischief maker had have E noticed a little more particularly, he might have I L; ? ??ll a ..Ul. -f f- l 1 ?- I rcil IIIIU5C1I U10 IIUHUigUI [FpilIUD| iwnavuui, I and mvself tlie neoesaity of publiahing thia. 1 I will give the above reward for any positive in- a t formation that will lead to the detection and oon- i viotion of the person who would make this imwar- t ranted attack upon my character. . VVM. H. e WYNN of Thou. T. B., AucnatSS'h. au 29 4t* | Lost AND FOUND. i f OST?On the evening of Wednesday la?t. in ? Li the Vegrt?ble Marknt. near the Canal, a buck- t , aim ateel-o'aip PURSE, containing about ?57. t i conaiating of bank notea and gold. Alao, a SU i I Check on Suter, Lea A Co . payable to my order, r bat not endorsed The finder, on returning the eame to the nnderaigned. 500 Ninth at., ne*r Pa. avenue, or 404 Maty and av.. will be suitaly re- , 1 wardrd. (au313t) P. M. PEAKSON. ' LOST OR STOLEN-From No 431 Fifteenth ?i at, a large Japanese white CAT, with one or t two black spots, and a natural bob tail. An? one " i having said oat. will bo rewarded b* returning her , to No. 431 fifteenth st an 30 2t * STRAYED AWAY.?Strayed into my premise*. I ^ ?,n Thursday, the 39th, 2" COWg,^M| ? which the owners o\n have br proving mtf* - property, paying da^aies and taking them AbJmm i away VALENTINF. HES*, farm situated be- c , tween Mrs. Isherwood's and the First Tollgate. , au ao st* I 1?STRAY8 ?Tak'n up in the First Ward, yes- , -Ei terdar. TWO STEERS. ran have th?m(hy proving his ownership ; and parins the oharcea) on application toflUki , JAMES V. COLLINS, or JAMEd MORaN. at 1 the Government Stables, on H, between Slat and - 23d sts., First Ward. au ?-at LOST?On SaturHay evening. August 94th, be tween 10th and 3d streets, a small tx>ad PURSE > containing from $12 to <15 in gold. The finder will ? be rewarded Dy leaving it at MoDERf MOTT'S Coach Factorv. Pa. av. an a st* / 1 i: ? 9 REWARD Will be pud for the apprehenlion arid delivery to me, or aecunng : in jail of NKGRO WOMAN LOUISE; M i r calls herself Louise Hanaon. She ia a tall, likely negro, quite black, well dressed, with i fall suit of hair. She ia no doubt larking in JSLa, Upper Marlboro'or neiihborhood. She nas a hua- . r band in Waahiniton oity.and rn%r make her way 1 , to that place. WM. VVORTHINGTON. , Near Woodnl'e, au 15-3tawtf Prinoe George's oounty, Md. , TO HOU8EKIiEPK.R8.-B7 leaving your or- ? ders immediately, to be delivered from the vea 1 ' aela for oaati in ourrent funds, we will aell the beat . r qual tr of COAL, via : J White Ash, al! sues, at #6.00 per ton. ' r Red do. do. #6 35 do. s 2^40 lbs. to tjbe ton. ] , J. W. P. MVERS A CO. 8 s Office oor. 6 and 33d sts., Firat Ward. auX lw , M NOTICE. _ 1 R. M WILLI AN respectfully informs hia , frienda and the pubic generally that he haa opened, in association with Mr. OTTO SCHLOEMER, , ? of New York, at 301 Pknnsylvania. Avknui, , ? Bttwetn 9(4 and lwA ftreits, south sid*. a 8to-e for the aale of the ohoioost WINES, t BRANDIES, etc.; also, HAVANA CIGARS, 1 BOLOGNA SAUSAGES, WESTPHALIA . , HAMS,?all of their own importation. 1 M. WILLI AN, ( ? OTTO 8CHLOEMER. ' Waahington, August 30, l?6i. (Int.) au31 2w r TVIOTICE TO SHIP AND RAILROAD 1 11 AGENTS. Ship and Railroad Agents in Washington will Please fcrward all goods directed to the "Sanitary Commission" to t&e Commission Store-room, No ?11 F street, and present bill* for freight. ' Ornci or Sanitary Commission, Treasury Baildiog. au?T lw OOA EMILE DUPRE pennsylvania avknub, iron building, . Import*? and Wkoluait Deaitr in >. fink winks, brandies. segars. bar- 1 1)1 preserved fruits, C on d e n s e d milk, assorted F syrups, and camp supplies. I JUBT RECEIVED- 2 100 CASES OLD BOURBON (1806) AT t EMILE D OP RE'S ? Ikon Building, 330 Pa. Avknuk. FO R " f FREDERIC TUSTUS' HAMBURG CELEBRATED SMOKING TOBACCO, ' The Beat Article Ever Imported, Go to KMILE DUPRE, Ikon Building, 3'JO Pa. Avinoi. * JUST RECEIVED- I 30 Casks Impoktkd BELTERS WATER, I In Orlcinal Stone Bottles, _ At 1 an 13 lm EMILE DUPRE'B r nUPQNT'8 GUNPOWDER, 1 Lr For sale kt manafaotifrers pnoes, by ' JOBNT. BOG UK, Giomiiowh, D. C? Sol* Ammuv for tk* DUtrUt of Column*. A large aupp.y > emOraomj every variety, iitiii to udu, delivered free to all parts of the Diam?t Cmmouklio beleft attheofioeof Adama* t r riWMi Coiwimt. WMhinttOB. O. n. lb Htwl? f W BOYS' CLOTHING. J B Have reoeived wit tun the jut day or two a l large aaeortmaait of BOYS'SPRING CLOTH 1N?. embracing all atvlea of low-prioed, medium, J at*] fine jnaiitiea, whioh we are aelling a t very lowpnoeafor o&ah. r WALL, STEPHENS * CO., > 399 Pa. av., between 9th and 10th ate. , b8 (lntellneno<?T>nd Republican.* W TRAVELING TRUNKS. E Offer for aale the largeat assortment o I TRAVELING TRUNKS to be found iuan II i this oity. oompriaing beat Sola Leither Ladiea' Dreaa and Packing Trunka, Va-^ "1 uoee, Carpet Baca, Ao., whioh we are now ae'.Ung I at very low pnoee. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., Mil Pmn.tTMU I All Paraona indebted loR. Bnoe Hall are re-1 . sues ted to oome forward at an early day and settle I tlieir aooounta with the underaijcned. Truateeof r the aatd Hall, for the bepeit or hia creditors; | otherwiae they will be pet lu a proper train for eol- leouon aoooromg to law. THEO. SHECKELS. J au U 6teo . Trustee for R. Briee Hall. J ' V WOOD AND COAL. ^ Ir ia& p^^aysrsis?,* i

air V Sjmmik strut ?U OmmI, (GEO. PAGE, * : sgisSsssI^ i l Mw b ; ir.xriss^.r5^??rs5flfw 4 naaited tottail anU examine at the Muaio Stoi% ef I jOnj^rj^r^kr. MAJLCVS RKH1NB / t f ^ BOARDING. 1 BOARD AND ROOM-A Farniahad Pml I j l? Chamber, on tee wwrrl floor, with Bo\rd, I ' par he had at No. 4flS Tw?lfth atreat, b*tv??i 4 I 3 no H ?treeta,-a very deairable room for two jwr- I a???' I , norNTRY BOARD?Good Board mar be ob L> tamed iatheooantrv at Mra BARNARD'S, f >ne mile from the Omnioue Stand in Gtorrrton. t'farenoM required. Apply ?t R S. T Cl&KI/S >'ill Store, Georgetown, or to FRANKLIN , 'HlLP, Km-, Waahington. Aleo f?r rent, a Cot- 1 M?. with Hoard. aa 36 Iweo* J KOE SALE AND RENT. ! FURNITURK FOR 9ALB AND HOUSE FOR RENT.?The Furniture in House No. 13* Eleventh at, between I. and M, i* offered at rivate aale. Any pereon wiahiag to look at the ioaa* and furniture with intention of purohMing an do eo aay hour fioin 9 a. m. to 6 p. m. an 31 3t* FOR RENT-A handaome FURNISHED HOUSE, with all the modern improve meata, na pleasant location. Inquire at the Star Oflkoe. aa 30 tf FOR RENT-A fine new HOUSE (brisk), with I 11 room* and bath-room, and with water and aa, aitaated in-*, moat deeiraMe locality, in the ioiaity of JndiorVr Pquare, ia f v rent, ready furtiahed, on favorable terma. Apply at this omoe. . An 1 JTORE TO LET-STOCK AND FIXTURES 3 F"?R SALE.?Inquire at 874 Pa avenue. 1 an 36 4l? FURNISHED ROOM FOR RENT, M No. " 450 Twelfth street, between G and H ats. The loom it Terr oomfortab'e and the neighborhood J >ne of the most desirable id Wuhmiton. batisaotory attention guarantied. Terms moderate. ' <io ohildren in the house. aa?-lw s pOR RENT?A Terr desirable STAND for a 1 L boarding-house, on Pennsylvania avenue and Eighth at., now ooeupied by the Meaara. Joy, and \ iaa always had a full ahare <fl the patronage of the I lty. Poaaeeaion given on the let of September lext. Said honae la in good order. For farther A articular a apply to JAME8 TowU?.s? 90 H street north; or Mrs. JULIA KEEraTfT . ? street. an 17-tf j [JO USE ON CAPITOL BILL FOR RENT. ' LI The three atory Briok Dwelling-house on the outh aide of Pa. avenue, at the oorner of Third a', ast, a ahortdiat&noe from th* Capitol Square, at ? resent oooupied by G. 8. Minor, Esq. Applies- ; ion iraj be made on the premises, or to TH??t*. ] ILAGDEN, No 499 Seventh st weat. au!7 6teo J BOUSES FOR RENT-No. 85 and No. 87. on } the aouth side of Indiana avenve, both of them ery large and oonvemer.t houses, with good stalling ana oarriage-houaea. 2 Also, the.oommodionaand large Hoiee, No. 30?, , m the north aide of C street. 1 Apply to THOMAS BLAGDEN, No 499 Sev- , mtKKm* ?- o- ? r I Wt jy i ? ?ow >| j D?OR RENT-The north HOUSE of the rov of ' I new foar-atory houaea on Fourth at, between * ) and E ?U., No. 368, fronting the City Hall iinare. Poaeesaion given immediately. Apply to \ WILLIAM H. PHILLIP, Attorney-at-Law, No. < 10 Louisiana avenoe. mall-eotf I?OR RENT?A subetantial tl^ree story BK1CK I .HOUSE, with large lot adjoining, situated on < rhird street east, two doora from E street north, f a Capitol Hill?a very healthy location, and price i >f rent to amt the present timea. Poaaeeaion given mmcriiately. Inquire of Mr. BACON, next door; i ?rof Miaa M. C. LIN CO UN, 301 Pa- avenne, >etween 9th and 10th ata. ail 15 Imro* J LI AN DSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS.- I 11 Four hacdaomely Knrniahed Room a, supplied rith gas and water, and oonvenient to the Patent l nd Poat Offioe Departments, for rent. Apply at 190* Maasachnsetta avenue, north aide, between th and 6th ata. man ' GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS \ ff^POST OFFICE, kg Gioigitown, D. C., Anguat 28,1A6I. Notioe ia liereb* given to a I persons having nvelopea of the old isauethat they will be reoriveU 1 n exchange for ?hoae of the new atyls, if presented ! o this offio? within aix day a of thi a date; after I rhioh tune they will not be reoeived in payment of < oatage on letters. ana 6t HENRY ADDISON, P. M. IV MISS RAINEY " ILL Resume the dotiea of her School on Mon- > lay, September 2d, at No. 17 Firat eU, George- J own, P C. ft \| ASSEY, COLLINS A CO.'S "I PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT. , Expeotsd thia day, per ateamer J. Jerome? ' SuO barrels XX DRAUGHT ALE, 40 do. XXIX do. do. f 600 hl?-bbla. do. do. do. i Whioh on arrival will be for aals. Terms aaah > >ndelivery. ARNV A SHINN, , ml Union Depot,Georgetown. JUBT RECEIVE D16 hhda. prima Porto Rioo SUGARS 1*0 bbla. Old Rye WII1SKY, Ua bbla. HERRING and ALE WIVES. *> l>bla. Cruabed and Re>finedSU6AR3. < 90 baga Rio and Java COFFEE. < 10 hhda.< low-priced) MOLASSE8. J For sale by JOHN J. BOGUE. M M NOTICE. ' J ? ADAMS' EXPRESS COMPAWY." * < This Company offeri to the public " Unequalled I Advantages" for the i?afe ana Quick Diapatch of 1 leary Freights Packa?ea, Valnablea, Money, Ao. to., to all parts of the United States. Expresses to and from the North and Weatde>*rt from ar.d arrive in Waahington twice daily, | All Expre?aea are in oharge of erptritnted and eltablt Messengers All Fackagea for The Soldiers oarriea at "om ?' our usual rates. J All Go'ds for the so-called "Confederate State*." ind all Article# ' Contraband of War" will be ibfcskd. CIO' Expresses leave New York at 1,5, and 6 P. 4.. arriving in Washington at 6 A. M and 6 30 | ^ Expresses leave Philadelphia at 8jn A. M. aid IF. M, arriving in Washington at 5 30 P. M, and i A. M. t Expresses leave Baltimore at 4 20 A M. and a P. t W., arriving in Washington at 6 A.M. and SO t Aft* Expresses for all points North an<1 West leave Washington at 7.30 A. M. and 2 30 P M.dailv. Spaoiai Contracts for large quantities of Freight J >an be made on application to this office. All Goods sailed for and delivered frtt of Extra iharges. 8 p. Mclaughlin, i Agent Adams' Express Company. Washington, August 23. I96L au 23 tf \ tflllT'Pfr BILLIARDS! I T_| L-l The lovers i 1 " L of the GAME OF BILLIARD9 I will find in EMRICH'8 FINE HALL. Corner o Pennsylvania aveaue and 11th street, f (south side,) * two of the most admirable TABLEb j in the United States, with every%omfort and * oonvenienoe 1 au 3-tf tor the players. [T 8. MAIL STAGE LINE Between WaabU mgton and Rookville leaves ifartin's Hotel, cor. 8th and D ?t* jfUmt&Z^SC SVERY MORNING (Sundays tx-SBOBsS& :epted)at7 o'c'ook and I. C. Conode'a. cor. rtigta ;od Beall ?ta, Georgetown, at 8 o'clock; returning Uuly. On ^Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, hrough toTooleaville ; Tuesdays, Thursdays and. Saturdays to Frederick; retiming next daya. an 3-lm* BENJ. CQ()X.Ey. visoicAL oko"skVm m L /V?.. r* ? _ r 13 I ?M likt . ^ _ 1 TUMMliin IVMUTM7IV r una iWN/lt OlfHIh l SKS8ION or lHei-'ea. FACULTY OF MBDICINB. 1 NOBLE YOUNG, M. D.. J 'rofeaaor of Pnnoiplea and Practioe of Medioine. f rrfW i'ffiSSSC. Sorter?. | JAMKS K MORGAN, M. D,. 'roieaaor of Materia Medioa and Therapeutioa. J. M. SNYDER, M. D., 1 'rofeaaor of Obatetrio* and Diaeaiea of Women and Children. , THOMAS ANTISELL, M. D , * 'rofeaaor of Meuioal Chemiatry, Toziool*gy, and Phyaiology r J E. W1LLETT, M D, J Demonatrator of Anatomy. ? R- The ehair of anatomy to be tiled. _ U e aeeaioa will oommenoe on the 2Sd of Octo a ter and end in Maroh following. For farther in- U Donation address JOHNSON ELIOT, M. Ot, )ean of the Faoulty, 406 F street, between 0th * od 7th aU. an 6-lawtNorl* FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY t of 4 WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. 5 Capital 1900,000. #C4 eeraar C strut mmd Lorntnaaa a?., eear JM 8 ft/ RToiAwitM. NSURE HOUSES ANDOTHER PROPERTY I AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. | Geo. SteoemakerPr**CTOSamuel Redfern, 5 Samuel Croeley, William Wilson, n Kiciiard Jones. John D. Barolar. No oaargo for PolioiM. J. JAMES ADAMS. Prwridont. t abb. q. Path. Beoret&rr. mhoto j ti >,.^1 s | SfnenUH and tfe? public that ha buv % W Ufa hooao on Ninth at, batVMD D and E, where '? fetffl ttlfSjga: i jotfto* ENOCH WARD. n r??Wt?liw of Abb* in ita rinoai forma, hiring ? l ixl Dm tHore. in Pa. by m x tw J ffiwrfF"*---- E ar Sa?sa& I % EDUCATIONAL. UI& BKLLT* PKMINAftV FOR TOl'NO *1 LADIES will rMin?og Monday, gilt?War Id, IMI. Looatrd oh corner L aad Tenth at*. 30 lw rHK DUTIES OF THB HOME SCHOOL will be i?nm*d ob Mon.laj, 8eptewt*r 9th. 4o. K street, tooth aide, between m ird mrsTm. c. BROWN. an >v F,*.Ti,Tb,9 Principal. * [ ACADEMY, L ITIEKT, Bit. Kwarini ird Niiirnm. Miaa K. E. JANNEY. PriMipal. The datiee of thia lnetitatioa will be reaa<*ed on ioaday. September ?J. an ?0' C STREET. BETW. 4* AND ?TH 8TS., Siow D* I)* a Actrini. Stlocl School foe Beyt. Conducted cm tk* Pimm %f Clmsrteal School* m Grrmany. The dntiee of th* Sebool will bo reeamed oa Monday.2d September, IW. For oironlara apply * the KimmeU Hoaee. au 3" 2t* F. H1LDEBRAND. VLf MRS. ABBOTT ILL Reoame the datiee of her Sohool Bay tea or 8i. 1M1.?eoatheaat corner of Pa. avoaae aid fifteenth at. aa J X* w MRS. L. C. TODD * * ILL Reaume the dntiee of her Soh*ol on Moalay, September ad. at her reaideooe, 387 D etreet, >etween 6th >nd 7th ato. an?-iw* HONZACA COLLEGE. Ul (saminabtt F St., Bit. 9th amd H*th ) The Sch ' me Kxereieee of Son nag* College nil be reaumed next Mood nr. September I. B. T. W1GET, f. Jan 8i 4t* Preaideot. a LNWICK SEMINARY, t\. FOR YOUNG LADIES. The dntiee of thia Inati?ntion will bo resumed oa Uniwia? IC.K ?f 1 JJ " - -? iw?ii v/i cr? vkernyt?i 4UUiWi n A- 1 IT* K)N ft SISTERS. Laurel, Pnnoe 6eor*e'a oounv. Md. In the oity, Circular* ma* be bad at Dr. ryaoa'a L>n>i store, oorner of L aad Ninth ata. an 88 dfitteoSt* DITTENHOUSE ACADEMY, L*. INDIANA AT., Hltl Tlill ST. The next aoadenue year will oommenoe on Moalay. September *. a*?-St O. C. WIGHT, Prtaelpal. VI EVERETT INSTITUTE. "IASSACHUSE TTS a V., Bitwiih *th aBD 10th St*mts, A Stlect School for $0ftThe Sixth Annual Seaaion of thia Inat tata will ommenoe on Monday. September 2. T*rm? modirate. For farther partioulara. see oiroalara at the Jookatorea. or E. W FARLEY, the na reaidenoe, 483 Tenth at. an M-tw* Female seminary. Georgetown. l. 8. english, Principal, Miaa Enfliah purpocea, on Monday, September d, to take eharte of a limited number of papila, to shoe* instruction and improvement her beet eforta will be directed. From her many Team' exmrienoe in thia baameaa, ah* hoaea to Be able to lire satisfaction to those parents and gaa diana rho may plaoe pupila under her oar*. Terma made iiotn on appitoatioa at No. 34 Gay at. au 26 2w* ST. VINCENTS ACADEMY. 7 Cokkbb lOra and G Stents, Warkintttm, D. C. The exercises of tMa Institution will t eretnimrf >n the brat Monday of Septem' er. Its ttinnta^t or improvement reoommeod it to the patr jntge of kll. For particulars apply at the Inetituuon. an *7-eo4t Emerson institute, H Stkht, Between 12th and 13th its., 5tltct Clntiteal mmd Matkematicml Stk?lf.r Bofi Tb* exercieea of thia School will be nuMd the irat Monday in September. Addreoe an 13Uf CHAS B. VOONti, Principal. pHE ONION FEMALE ACADEMY. The Twelfth Annual Srsaion will eommenot Septembers. For part:cn'ar? inanire of th* Friniipai? Mra. Z RICHARDS, an 17 1 m Corner of Fonrtaenth and K aU. N~thk western academv, 0.5J7T I, oorner of Seventeenth aireet, r?eent1 under the care of Dr. Lnoxis, will be reopened VIonday, th* ?d of September. Appioation may >e mvu at Dr. Tcwlb's, 490 Fonrtu aireet, Jadinary Pauare. an 17-^w* JOSHCA O. COLBURN. |^ROOKEVILLE ACADEMY. The next aeaaion will oommenoe September Id. Boya are nreeared for oollti* or for Imaineu Pn? ataoine'pleaee addre**,at Brookeville, Ml , E. B. PRETTY MAN. A M., auMm (Intel.) Principal (GEORGETOWN INSTITUTE. The <*Btiea of thta School will be returned on the irnt Monday of September next It* advantage both aa to loeation and faoilitie* for improvement! ind moderate f*rma reoommend it to the patronise of all. THOMSON. CONRAD, M. A., JOHN 8. CONRAD. au 6tSeptl Principal*, ULADENSBUR6 ACADEMY. I> Pbihcb Oioxox'a Cocwtt, Md. Thia Institution will l>e reopened Monday, September 2d, with a full corse of loatruotora. and jverj oonvenienoe for Boarding and Day Pupils. Ample grounds are attached for grmnaat-oa. Prof. j. KILL. Principal. WtStiD-An USHER, oapat.'.e of leaohmc 5reek at.d Latin?a aingle gentleman preferred. %PPly letter. _ aul7?teo' f GEORGETOWN COLLEGE. D. C. IT , ArGrsT, 1861. The exerciae* of this Institution will be resumed >n the firat Monday ot September. Terma for Hoard and Tuition per annum payable halfrearly. in advance. For further particular* apply to the President? au 13 lmeo JOHN EARLY. 8. J. nOLUMBLAN COLLEGE. L WitHimoiii l>. C. The Preparatory Department open* ita aeeaion >n Wednesday. soetemher lith. Th? ? ;he Philosophical and Classical Department have .heir first exercises Wednesday.September 2Sth. tor catalogues or farther information apply to G. W. SAMSON, D. P~ au 13-2aw?w (Republican.) President. Lafayette institute, a school for young ladies. 367 I street, between 13th and 14th. Session will commeooe on MOND ^ Y. Septem?er 9th. Circolsrs at Bookstores. Referenoe it nade to resident Clergymen, Senators Foot, Poser, Harris, Wade, Trumbull, Harlan, an1 others. L.C. LOO MIS, A M., au 10-8. TAT, lm ~ Prinoipal. Gcard. EORGETOWN CLASSICAL AND MATHEMATICAL ACADEMY. This institution will be opened Monday. Septem X>r ad, 1861, by \HLODOKE MoGO W AN . M. A. The oourss of instruotion will inclnde, in addiaoo to the elements, all the braoohes necessary for b thorough olaskioal and mathematical education. Mr MoGowan h?? been actively encaged as a eaoher during the last six year*?as Tutor of Be< les Lettres in the College of New Jersey at Pnnoetoa, and as Pnnoipal of the Academy at Sumter, k>uth Carolina. "Collboi or Niw Jkrskt, Prinoeton, N. J. The undersigned take pleasure in expressing the svorable opinion they entertain of Mr. Theodore tlcGowan. a graduate of this College, as a scholar wd a teaoher?Mr MoGowan was the first scholar n his olass; was tutor in belles lettres, and, in the udgment of the undersigned, is well qualified to ;ire instruotion in any branob,. a knowledge of rhinh 1 rMiiiiitu fnr in?A /w>lla-a JOHN MACLEAN, , President or the Coder e. M. B. HOPE, Prof, of Belle* .ettr? and Pol. Eo. ? 8TF.PHEN ALEXANDER, Prof, of Meeh. Phil, a* d Astronomy. L.R. AT WATER. Prof of Mental and Moral Phil. JAMES C. MOFFAT. JOHN T. DUFF1BLD,Gr#elc* G. M GIGER, I'/ol bf Latm." Referenoe may also be had to Ion. 6ko. Chambms, J ion. James Nill, > Chambersbnrc, Pa. Ion. A. K. McLcei \ Sdwais McPhirson. M. C.. Gettysburg, Pa. ogKPH Himrt, Seo. bmithaonian Ins., Washington, D C. , rio. W. Bxall, Georgetown, D. C. !. M. Swjuift. do. do. Ibju UaRbt. do. do. 'uitioi, English, per garter of 10 vaaks.00 an l hither math 10 00 " M Classics mm i 'nel. 1st and ad quarters . -. 10 i ai3 8?Wlm (Intel MfcThlm) [W U, ^ eiye a tboroagh and systematic) education, where lairphyeioal training will reoeire daily and saeciai ttenoon, under the most approved system of Cal is- i MUM[and[Gymnastics, are respectfully mntad te -r~r fw" m MR. * MRS. X. RlCgARP^ 20LD1KR8 * S18HT DRAFTS 1 ON THE NORTH j bought and sold m sums to salt Army Officers aod Soldier*. . WKKNV, RITTENflOUSK, FANT* 6Om Bankers, Pa areoue, 1 jy g la (Ssnd-Chron) near Brown'* HofU 1 1BRARY OK CONGRESS, \ Notioe ia hereby given that tbe NUbrsrr of Co* J r?M" will pe closed on '1 ueeday. tbe 1JU das of Bgsst, and will not bo reopened util TUMiy, < te 17th aay of September. I wt JOHN O. STKPMKWSON. Librarian. | niLBBCTIE ggFatSM* fr ; reuse and Eleventh street, has b*?MM really improved reeer.tly and now oferil|H| reater indsoemeots for the pairoaace of einseafe i nd stranger j ?bas asp other ssbU? hoase lathe I pnoee D?ag lew than those of aay other , otel ob Pena. averse, and bis aawoJabow ir per^Anrot or transient boarders BoaxoepUon ft CoiN<MMt!wumu>it pay eash for ] rery artio I e o< (oods ws ps rone so. ws waforeed | i rod see osr haaiasss to Cash exoleslvery, Jbr Ue ? *' i *" V 0 ???? TELEGRAPHIC NEWS INTERESTING FROM FOETEEtS HON* EOE. Baltihoii, Auguat 31.?Tbe mtumi which arrived at this port to4>T brings tbe Mtovl^ Information from FottiM Mmw, laM yaataa dtf: The gunboat Iroquois, from the MtcMlif fleet of Stnant lut malaf, HpHi li*tac beard bravy rannonadlag when of Hattaras laWU aad slso that abe apoke a brig which tad BMt tba Federal feet No otber Intelllgaaae baa boaa received bere of tbe formidable expodlUoa which left Fortreaa Monroe several dare slaea One of tbe Confederate prisoners, rrtalaa4 tor some dara at Old Potat, expreaaad tbe optaloa tbat tba Federal Teaarla would be btovi ap toy aubmarine batteries which Cofcanaadar Maary baa placed la Hatteraa Ialet aad otbar amllaMa point* oa tba Carolina coast SI ace tba qoairal betweaa tba Alabama aad Virginia troopa, at ? orhtawa. which i?HH %m the killing Sf eight men. tbe Virginia nymm* have bfrn tnufemd to Norfolk TW Akbial in, It will be recollacted, aocuaed the Vlrf lalaaa of cowardice mounted with rifted braaa caaaon, raa out trmm Norfolk to within two mllee and 4 half of Newport Newa. She ft rod tweaty three t be Lis at IW U 9. frigate Sarannah No parooo waa Injured. The tug waa la range of tout two ef tho Binanab'a gam and Bawyerto rifted cannon oo abort W ben they were brought to bear oa bar abe raa down toward Old Point, and ftrod twoabelia, aaa of which exploded near the talaoa, aad the other done to the Rip Rape Tbe ftro waa rata rn?d, wbereupoa abe latmated babtaft MM1*I Polat. LATER FROM < LARKSBI RG, TA. CiwciwwATi, Aug SI.?-A tpaclal telegram to tbe Gaaette, from Clarkaburg. aaya tbe e#cl>l adrlcea show tbe iftlr at Croa Llnea waa a aklrmlah Col. Tyler, with oae dlrtaloa of h* regiment, waa aurprlaed by a atrong rebel force, aad fell back under ordera. Tbe enemy bad got between him and hla other dl vlalon. BaCh dlrlatoaa escaped with only tfteen (reported) killed. A picket aklrmlab occurred tea ml lea below HuttoMTllle yesterday Tbe rebels retreated with a loaa of Ire kilted, while on the Fedaral aid* only one waa kilted Front Miutirl Roll* , Mo.Aug 99 ?The correspondent of the Louis Democrat furniahea the following Intelligence: An attempt waa made yasterday to blew up the train doe here at 4.SO thla afternoon. A* the train reached a point eight mtlea eaat of here an ex oloalon took place beneath tbe locoaatlve, covering It with dirt and gravel, and aMgbtly wounding the engineer. On lacking tbe train to the aide track It waa discovered that a keg of powder had been burled between tbe ralla. which waa exploded In eome unaccoantnble manaer when the engine pasaed over. The expkmioa occurred on an embankment over twenty foet high, aad had Its force been spent In aa upward direction la UmI nri?l#nl1> ? tti? 1 ? "" 1J doubtless, have been thrown from the track ud several live* lost. A company of cavalry sent down the railroad to reconnoitre last night, found several rails torn op la a deep cat near Jamestown, and trad anon three suspicious character* on the track clooe by, but with what reault la not known Gen McBrlde. with 1.SU0 rebel*, la reported to bo on Bprl ng Creek, 85 ml lea southward from here. Qcircv, III., Aug 90? A body of aecesaioalsta, eatlmated at S.3U0, under Martin Green took poaaeaalon of Palmyra, Mo., (eight miles west of of the Mlaaourl river and about tea mites from Qatncy) yesterday. There were no federal troopa there and ao resistance was made A train of cars containing s considerable quantity of mu<kets for the troops at St Joseph'*, was ft red Into near Palmyra and forced to return Caiao, Aug. 30.?A flag of trace arrived this afternoon from New Madrd, at the Federal camp at Bird's Point, Mo., opposite this place. The object was an exchange of prisoners It Is reported thst the rebels under Jeff Thompson and Gen. Hardee are falling back on New Madrid Prom New Mexico. IsDiriNDKncs, Aug 99?The Ssnts Fe Mall Express has arrived here, bringing dates to the 17th Inst The U 8 troops, 790 In number, who surrendered to the Texan Rangers, eighteen miles from Fort Fillmore, have been released on parole. The Texan* retained their srms sad the horses belong' lng to the companies of mounted rifles Gen. VV. Petham. formerly Surveyor General of Nepr Mexico, and Col Clements were arrested la ttanfa C. ..J *-? I. - vj?u?o a v auu tuuuucu id kuf ^ustq-qoulf , dj of der of Col Canbjr. commander of tbe deportment of New Mexico They were auspected of giving giving Improper information to toe Texas troop# At Fort Bllaa, below El Pmo, Col Clementa took the oath of allegiance and wii discharged Gen. Petham refused to take tbe oath, and Ii still oooflned in the guard-house. Col Canbv haa, by proclamation, auspended the writ of habeaa corpoa In New Mexico Fort Stanton haa been abandoned by tbe V. 8. troop# and destroyed by Are, by order of Col. Cum. ' * War Spirit la Bestea I'aaHM. Boston, August 49 ?The report today that tbe War l>epartment haa called for lee additional regiments from Massachusetts renews tbe military patriotism of oar people. Senator Wilson* regtment waa Initiated to-day with three hundred recruits, including the Salem Zouaves Col. Loo will recruit a second regiment in tbe western part of tbe State, and Col Sprague tbe third la Wm? ter county The forms lion of tbe other two will be immediately made At a public meeting this afternoon atlrriag addressee were made by Senator Wilson, Congrsasman Rice, Mayor Wlgtumn, and others, who pledged tnat Massachuaetta. In the prasentatruggle, would maintain her ancient fame in battling for liberty The meeting waa a large and enthnsiastlc one Tbe first installment of tbe Government loan of ten millions was formally accepted at meeting of the aaaoclated bank* to-day Later from Kanawha?The Use lastalaM by Col. Tyler'a Ra|iBsat Clxtil*hd, Aug 30 ?Got Dennioon baa lust received the following telegram from Brigadier General Cox: Gaultf Bridgt, Vs., Aug. 89 ?Authentic reports show only fifteen killed and about forty wounded of tbe Seventh Ohio Regiment A large uuhiu^I were KiHfrfa too iff mining, AfWlfW* bat we hope mast of thaae will tnpe Death sf Wm. Lysn NicktuH Toaosro, C. W , Aug. 27 ?Wm. Lyon Mackenzie, ex member of Parliament, died last night In this city. The deceased wm the Upper Canada leader of the rebellion of 1837, whicn reeulted In his exile te the United State* fo- twelve yean, during which time be waa connected with the New York Tribune Being pardoned in 1841, be returned to Canada, and waa elected te tbe Parliament. which position be occupied for several years. He wss universally respected Raulai the Blockade New Yoke, Aug 30.?Tbe steamer Matanxaa brings Matamaa dates te the Utth inst. A Brlttah achooner had acrlved there, having ran the block* sde offatiewbern, N C , and aalled again far Charletmn A sloop from Charleston hsd alee arrived there, having run the blockade. Arrival f one Fart Pteeean Nbw Yobe. Aug. 30.?TheUnMed Btntas s?isabtp Release haa arrived from Port Picksas en tbe 3d Inst and Key West en the Uth Inst J as Brown and John Browa, Invalid seamen freatbs dssmer Colorado, died en the passage, and their bodies were consigned te the deep Tin Govmnur Loan ?The Government iona ia being freely taksn Car laveetosont. The V?W H . -a IssajJ uvs uctmu w r namj up: The number at applicants ;ulifdty n Mr. Clew's olr* was one hundred and thirty 1 resort of then wmmi ?rt the nr??rti nmuI at auberrlpttons received m cttSTow This waa I court derabie Increaaeever Wedaeeday* operations, aa that day>iwu over previous eaaa. Much of the bortaeaa la dooe by letter?mall application* coming principally from Maaaacbuertts aad Connecticut The individual aubecrlptlona pralerday were tor larger en ma than the average of preview daya: atl 11 there waa a large naber et Ifty aad om hundred doUar aabocriptlena On rough looking apeclmen came la, stepped up te soanter, and untying a eolied haatttekll, Uld low* the eaataats with a naert csueaqaeatlal air, laylac be had eaae te lead the Gerwiaaal Ave anadred dollars Of oeaiae the praper degree ef jntttaM weejgpreaaed^dfce money taken, aad ICTTbe Claolanatl Kaqntrer aaya that aaatbar leavy ahlpoaeat of quinine is kaewa <a have beea eeeatly amuggled la the South freau that city brough Kentucky. at It learns from a <eaUamee rbe arrived freas Parte, Ky , Friday. Laraar raoa Gaasr.aL Boaaarnaas ?The W heeling latelllgeaeer et Thursday learns f^eaa neagers jort arrived that all was quiet at Oaasterland aad aleag tbar line of the laHlaww aad >hlo Railroad kwatea thai flty aad ID" The eatlre Catholic clergy ?4 Chkago, iiirr.Sr #

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