Newspaper of Evening Star, September 2, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 2, 1861 Page 1
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f? < / M ^ # ^ v. . ' ' ~ ' " I., Wsmim Star, i / V01-. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C. MONDAY. SEPTEMBER 2. 1861. N?. 2.663. THE EVENING STAR M PUBLISHED SVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY BXOBPTBD.) AT THE (TIE BUILDINGS, Corner / P**niyiv*mim artnu* amd SU**?tk tt. ST W. D. WALLAOH. Paper* aerved 1* packages by carriers it ft year, or 37 centa ppr moith. To mail aubscribere the price is SB JO ? year, im mdtmu; S3 for six moatha; SI tor throe month*; ud for leaa thaa three moaths at the rate of U centa a week. Slagle ooplea, obi cut; 1b wrapper*, two cun. fET ADTUTiaaMKHTa ahould be aoot to the ofloe before IS o'clock m.; otherwlae they may not appear until the Mtt dev. - ?? / Growinf Strawberries tor Market. Hotbj' M agasine of horticulture for Ann<t, ku an article on Strawberry Culture, from wbioh we make the following extract: We shall now detail the two mode* panned by the onltiTKtor* around Boston. We My two, for there may be other*, bat we Uke moh u we hare witneaaed, and these comprise the Belmont system and that panned by Mr. Seott, end *oate other*. The Belmont growers prepare their ground well by aomeerop the preriona year to planting. They manure well and plough deep, and ae toot their plania in April or May. Tbeee are plant* ed in nogle rows, about a foot apart in tk* row, end just four fat fromjow to row, running the whole width and length of the ground, with an occasional cross alley of three feet for eaay aoaeas to the centre of the field. The ground la kept oleea entil the runners bwla to apread rapialy towards thelaatof Jane, when no more labor ia required daring the eeaaon, other than to pull oat e few weeda, for the young planta so quickly and completely cover the ground that ary few weeds will start up. By the antumn, *.% e a. * a ?? me wooje grouna win ne covered, wnen a wais boot a foot wide is cleared oat in the middle of the rows, "leaving solid beds of plants just three feet wide. This walk is for the pickers to stand in, also to afford air and light to the plants. On the approach of winter the beds are covered with meadow hay, which is removed in the spriDg, except that in the walks between the beds, which is left undisturbed in order to keep the frnit olean. The fruit begins to ripen about the middle of June, and is usually all gathered by the 10th of July, when the beds are itisnediately turned under with the plow, a new plantation made in the spring supplying the crop for the next year. The Bext spring the land is well manured and planted with potatoes or some other erop, and the following year is ready for another plantation of strawberries. This is the mode now pursued bj the best Belmont cultivators with the Hovey's Seedling, and though an old plan, pursued by English Cultivators as we have above shown, it was entirelv original here with Mr J. O T.r><>hn who first trie3 it, and with to much success tbat nearly all follow it. Tha old plan wii to keep the bedi two or three jeara, and this is still followed bj those who raisa the Old Virginia. As regards fertilisers, the Belmont growers plaat six rows of Hovey's Seedling, and then one or two rows of Jenny Lind, Boston Pine, or Brighton Pine. These are ampla to thoroughly fertilise tha plants. These sorts are subjectad to the same treatment?all plowed ap after one erop. Tha system pursued by Mr. Scott and aoaie <>f the extensive Brighton growers is different. It is as follows: The beds are marked oat three feet apart, with an alley of a foot, (which is i'ust the same as tha Belmont growers allow;) at tun rows of plant* are set oat in each bed, instead of one; these are planted about nine inehes from the edge, tearing a spaee of about eighteen laches between the two rows. The plants are allowed to corer all tha ground, (three feat wide,) tha runners in the walks baing cleared away. Tha treatment the first year is Just as we hare detailed with the Belmont growers. Bat instead of plowing ap the beds after the first crop, they are allowed to stand the second year, keeping then clean and restoring superfluous runners. The orop the seoood year is *ood. but sot eaual to tha first: after that thar are plowed and the ground cultivated a year or two with aome orop, when it it again occupied with strawberries The difference in the two modec i? thU: The fruit of the Belmont grower* ia In the highest perfection every year, (excepting drought,) with less labor in planting the beda at first, and in keeping down the weeds the second year. By the Belmont plan, there ia a crop every other year; by the Brighton plan, two crop* in three years. But it is belierea that the extra site and product of the Belmont system will yield a much greater profit than the inferior sise and diminished product of the second year on the Brighton plan. What the exact erop of Mr. Scott is per acre, taking the two years, we do not know, but the erop of Mr. Wellington was 4100 quarts in 1869, 4000 in I860, and this year, in eonsMuenoe of the dry weather, leas than 3.500. The difference in the expense of culture is, we should suppoee, not large; but the crop must be smaller and inferier the second year. TO KIFSM LATB TOM ATOM. The tomato aeason ends with the first part of autumn If the plants are pulled up nefore the froat oomes. and hung up in a well-Tentilated oeliar, with the tomatoea on them the fruit will oontinue ripening until Christmas. The oeiiar Mould not be too dry nor too warm? Gin. Farmer. [In Britain we hang them np under the roof of a vinery or peaoh-hooM, from whieh the fruit hu been gathered. In this way they ripen, although quite green when removed from the ground. So excellent a fruit, however, deeervee to be grown throughout the winter, whieh is easil r done by growing them hi twelve inch pota, ana setting them in a melon or oucamber pit, after the melon crop ii finished In a mean temperature of 66 dec. they will continue to grow and ripen their fruit until the eeaaon returns for eommenclng melon culture again ]?Seotti,ik Parmer arid Horticulturist. * Til Pcppt THAT WAS " MiSCrACTtlir IT Jakes P."?P , of 8t. Peter haa the following huge story told about him: Whila reading his paper, he saw an aceount of how sdme San Francisco Yankees advertise, by means of marking their plaoe of business upon a white dog, and sending him out into the atreeta. As our friend ia proprietor of a chair factory, the thought struck him that he might juat aa well introduce thia eheap and novel method into St. Peter, by marking a few docs with his stencil plate*. So he cautht hia dog, a short-haired 'ear, marked kin, and started him into the streets. After taking his dicaer, while 1 ottering in the bar-room of the " American," P had e great deal to .ay about his new method ef advertising. He said that he thought of retting a patent lor it?providing the 6an Fraaeuoo fellows hadn't, while in the midst of this harangae in came his dog. >r "Th*re gentlemen, is my perambulating 1 ailvavtiaamant " -malA Km nAin?in? Ia tka Y "W VVIUMMg W WIV VV^f which wm attempting to bide itself ' Come out her*. C??r-Ut the aeaUemen see yon." Cmsar obeyed; and what wai Us muter'i consternation, at reading open the poor dog'a aid*. "Maaafaatured by James P ." Th? rest had boon nibbed off by aoma wag. Cubical Tbahsmctatioks ? Linon can b? converted into near, auger into alcohol (spirit) and carbonic acid; alcohol ean be ehanged into ether and watera; sugar ean alse be eonverted into oxalio sold; alqp into pure oharooal < carbon) and water. Aloohoi (spirits) will readily change into vinegar (aoetic aoid ) Coal tar will yield the most beantifal colon for dyeing?more brilliant than the Tyrian purple of old. Starch may he transmuted either into gum, aloohoi, sugar, aoetio or oxalic acid, as well m many other substances, to which, however, taeehemiata have rlran nab namaa that tbey would be oat of plaea here. ICTTtai Hyatt, a pamanger oat, la the Great fartera, writee hi* experleoce on board tbat TMiii, M tk| wm? down (be 8t Lawrence. He had nuy hardablpe, bat the hnrdeat ww the lnopoeatblUty of procuring anything to oat, drink, or Inwardly dlgeat JET A horrible accldeat occurred Laat week at a dietlllery at Agawam, Maaa. A man waa load* lit a horee over a plank thrown war a lario rat tiled with bolllag awlll, when the bridge broke, aad oaa and bona waaaoaldad to death. 07* The royal aalote la baneeforth to eonal* of tbalrat afx ban of "God nn the Qoeea," played twteo rrar for bet Ma)eaty, and onco only for any other is ember of the royal ffmlly. ITT Bt aa advertlaamont lathe Examtnar It ? aftbiit or a Pbokixikt Politicia* fo Tbsason in N?w Yon ?Mr. Ellis B 9chnabl< a prominent politician. waa committed to Fo Lafayette Friday morning by the United StaU Marshal of Connecticut. Mr David H. Carr. Tt following particulars or hla arreet are taken froi the New \ ork papers of last evening: Hewu taken In Litchfield county, where t waa organizing and preaching Secession. Ma and otber treasonable doctrine*, which toe Coi nectlcut men do not agree to. The United 8taU Marahal haa taken a receipt from Colonel BurJ for Mr. Schnable. Schnable formerly reel da In Philadelphia, bat. when treason became dangerooa trade in that city, be departed f< Connecticut, and waa announced to apeak at tt Secession meeting In Bridgeport, which did ?< take place. Schnable then went to Lltchflel county, where Marahal Carr caught him. Tax Cotton SurrLT?A letter from Mr. Ha] wood the Secretary of the Cotton 8upply Aaeocli tlon. detailing the reeult of hla lnb-rvlew wit the Viceroy of Egypt, and blageneral Impress! or as to the productive capacity of the country fc cotton, la published In the English papers. H KaIl*Vtia lK?t tK* flr?A?a*4k a# aaHam k- J ?v..v CMC ?u VI V/Vkiuu may mc CAtcnuc to an unlimited extent, and aaya that one of tb recommendation* of the Viceroy waa that Eng llah capitalist abould come forward and mak those advances on the growing cropa, at a reaaoc able rate of Interest, which have hitherto bee made at moat exorbitant ratea. He believed tbl would Induce the fellaha to considerably extern their production American seed town In Egv; bad produced notton valued In Liverpool at8d per pound, and It la recommended to aend imal parcels of thla aeed to the several Pashas of Egy( and large cultivators of cotton. 'XI^No family does its own washing In Parii To help the poor, government haa long linea c floating washaouses along the bank* of the eve muddy Seine. Water-wheela, worked by tb rapid cnrrent. pump the water into trougba, am there are bollera for beating It. The building have a second story for drying?apartments wltl open slats, and also artificially heated rooms. Tb smallest charge Is msde, and a happier aet c chatter boxes Is not to be found on the earth Bathing la provided for by similar floating atruc tores Every variety of oath, up to vapor, ca be bad, and swimming Is taught In many c them. These floata are got up In the usual taste ful style of the French people, and tbe approach* are by clean and convenient atone steps, leadlni down from the quays, which border the river fo miles on eecb side of the Seine. C&ptvbixq a Caxnon ?The other day abou a dozen soldiers, stationed at Fairmont, Va , rt reived information that a Secessionist nimii Henry Morgan, who lives about three miles froo that place, bad a cannon In hit nnavKlAn ?ni went down to take it. They reached the bout In tbe middle of the night ana made known the! errand. The woman who anawered tbe aummon of tbe soldiers, said tbe men folka were absent am abe didn't know anything about the cannon Tb captain replied that waa very unfortunate, for 1 the cannon couldn't be found tbe bouae mlgh ac^dently catch fire. Tbla Information, tbougl given out only In a jocose manner, bad tbe desire* effect. Tbe cannon waa aoon found and takei down to Falrmount.? Wheeling Intelligencer. Octbagbs Urow Union Man?We are con stsntly, aava tbe Parkeribu^ Gazette, hearing o moat cruel murder* of Union men by unor?anlze< binds of aecesalor at# Last week, we gave at account of tbe cold blooded murder of Mr. Weave In W irt county. We now record tbe wounding of Mr. Lemuel Pariah, Poatraaater of Worthing ton. a amall village In Marlon county, by aom aneaklng, cowardly aeceaalonlata. who fired a him across the river. There is also a report ** the murder of Union men in Roane county Foa compsnlrs of tbe German regiment which passe* through here last Sunday, were a?nt out there. A Railboad Ubidok Bubkbd and a Tim Re* Of* ?The Calais (Me.) Advertiser state that on Friday night last tbe bridge across tbi Hvm aft flntannss tall* > - ? J ?? - - ?- ?- ~ f ^ a va iuc uaniiK auu rrincc ton Railroad, waa burned, auppoK-dby an Incen diary Persona living in the vicinity gave n*In formation, and took no measures to stop a trail which tbey knew would be along in tbe morning but on the contrary looked calmly on to wllnn the train come round a curve within a few roda o the bridge, and pitch into the stream Fortunate Iy Jhe conductor was able to check the speed sul flcently to allow the passenger* and employees h jump off with aafety. CI?"" The following are now the army station In California, as laid down In a late official docu ment; Fort Umqua, the Colorado, Los Angelas Fort Ter Waw, Fort Garton. Fort Crook, For Humboldt, Fort Bragg, Benicia Barracks, For | Union, the Presidoi (?an Francisco,) PortMojave Port Tfjon, New San Diego, Fort Vuma. Thi camp at Los Anpelos Is a headquarters. Tb regiments serving in the Golden tateare, in som< Instances, very badly off for officers, on accouo of the numbers ordered to the seat of war. Tai National Polici.?The arrangements to the formation of the National Detective Polio force are now nearly completed. A celebrate* Western detective, whose reputation Is well ei tabllahed all over the country, will be made th bead of the new organisation, and its operation will extend, not only to every city and town li the country, but also, by means of its agents, int everv family and neighborhood Trumn wii find It Impossible to raise its hydra bead any where whea this new organization gels into ope ration. TTT During the stay of the Empress at Fontair bleau she and mine of the ladiaa who accomps nled her adopted some very pretty and origins fancy coatumaa. They wore their dresses loope< op over striped at Ik petticoata of very brigt colors, with leather gaiters, and small turoed-u white straw Lata, with black and white rosettei or tutta. One of the ladiaa wore aaailor'a cot turn*, consisting of a small atraw bat with straight brim, and a jacket embroidered wit anchor*. Thi Covins Elections ?A Boaton pap< aayaVermont eleeu Bute officers the first wee In September. Maine tbe second Monday. N other eiectiona take place in tbe Northern Stab until October, when Pennsylvania, Ohio, an several Western States cast their vote. In Nc vembar.New York,Maaeacbusetts.and we beiisv New Jersey. Tbe Democrats have tickets i Vermont, Maine and Obio, and In all probabllit tickets will be put up la Pennsylvania. Nei York sad Massachusetts. Sbootim* bis Child ihstbad or a. Hawk One day last week. Mr. Oliver Comrao, of 8 Mary's Bar, N. 8 , having been Informed by or of his children that a hawk was kilting youn robins la a willow tree near his bouse, wet b pa rath tbe tree and Ired up In order to shoot tfc hawk. Oa elimblag to tbe nest he was borrifie to and ha H.<l la #3 kla nta>n sai? IksAMivk #V heart. . Bihoulab Stsikb ?There are nearly a hundre Toans women and girli employed nt the labon tory at MemptaU, making cartridge*. Lately line-looking young man, who waa employed i foreman, waa diamlsaed the aervlce: wbereupo the young women aforesaid " truck," and refuse to go lo work until their favorite was reinstate is the service from which he had been dlsmlsset C7* During an Interview between two Ne< York merchants ons day last week, ooo of then John Colbert, of the Inn of Culbert k, Flnlsi expressed the wish that " the rebel privatsei would enter New York harbor, seize the vessel and fire ths city." The other. Rufua Story,? Front street, immediately slapped his ffcce, an branded him in the streets as s traitor. fi~T* The recent experiment st Shoeburynen In which a projectile weighing 196 pounds, st range of OuO yards, crashed through a 10-1 nc Iron plate, carrying away its bsck lastenlnga an demolishing ths hopes which have been resto upon Iron-pi a ted venae Is, was performed, not wit s breech-loading, but with a muzzle-loading gu ?the Armstrong abaat gnn. dT" The Crimean war coet SM.000,000, and tb outbreak in India taxed the British Goveri meat 938,000,000. The French army expenM exceed (100,000.000; those of England nearl #75 000,000 annually TbeCongreaa of the Unite Statea hu Juat voted 500,000,000 to proeeeate tt exiatlag ww. (E7"Mr. Thomaa Spencer, of Ctaetnaetl, bi invented a Mbnvarlae bomb that can be throw into the Water, and will explode after It la aul merged Tbe atteatioa of the Government bi been called te tbls abell. ETA aabaortber tea mere! reform paper calle at tbe paat o?ee tbe etber day and Inquired If tt "Friend el Virtue" bad come. "No," repltc tbe poetmaater, "there baa been no aucb prru bere for long time." (17 Tbe i*eeead I*aw Jeraey Reel meat ban ainoe tbetr aalMmeat, aeat borne te tbelr fbnllk Marly 94,000. I SICK AND WOUNDED SOLDIERS. >. la Hospital, Aafast S3, 1861. * rt ? PubUthtd in eon form it f with th* rt solution i? tk* Stnalt tf July 16, 1861. a ? At Ottural Hotpttal on S strut, btttettn Fourth ta and Fifth ilrMll, Wasking ton. [l IstReg.NY F.Zouaves 1 1st PennsylvaniaVol.. t H lit do Excelsior.. 3 3d do do.. S m 3d do do..(e)14 5th do do.. 1 | 3d do do S 6th do do.. 4 4 14th N.Y.Volanteera.. l 12th do do.. S )r 18th do do 1 23d do do.. 1 ie Slat do do 8 87th do do.. J it iWd do do 1 2d New Jersey Vol.... 4 4 84th do do 4 8d Maine Volunteera.. u 85th do do 8 3d do do a 87th do do...... 8 4th do do,..(?)4! , 88th do do 1 5th do do...... 1 ' 3lat do do ...(*) 3 8d New Hampshire... 4 J 33d do do 3 2d Michigan 2 . 35th do do 8 4th do if) 2 30th do do 7 2d. Wlaconalh 2 37th do do 3 19fh Indiana 3 ? 68th do do...... 1 let California Vol 2 79th do do..(e)4 lat Kentucky Cavalry. 1 ' Tammany Reg....(d) I S^raguea' Klflea 1 >* 9th Maaa. Volunteer*.. 1 D. C. Voluateera 1 * loth Masa Volunteers 1 l* 2d Vermont Volunteara 1 Total....... 124 " lat Minnesota Vol 2 d (?) Including an officer (6) One officer, (e) One officer, (d) One officer. (?) Two officera. (/) Two I officera. lt At Stminarf Hospital, Giorgetown lat Artillery 1 Excelsior Brigade.... 1 2d do ............. 1 Garibaldi Guarda..... 1 ' 2d Infontrv T 1 Minnesota lat 14 ,r 2d Maine Volunteers . 7 Pennsylvania 9th 3 ' 3d do do 7 Do 31...... 2 ? Oth do do 4 Do 11th.... 2 I 4th do do...(a) 1 Do 12th.... 1 lit Maas. Volunteers.'. 1 19th Indiana (6)15 II 7th do do 1 Slat do 2 ? 3d Vermont Volunteera 5 2d Wlaoonaln 3 ,r 2SthN.Y.Volunteefa.. 1 Penn lat Artillery ... 2 u 33d do do 13 Teamater 1 ^ 3d do do 1 lat Mlchlgaa Vol 1 ? 79th do do 4 2d do do 14 '* 13th do do...... 2 3d do do 15 k 14th do do 6 4th do do...(c)20 * Mozart, New York....10 < Tammany, do 1 Total 174 * De Kalb, do. 4 (a) One officer. (6) One officer, (c) Two officers. y -at union irospitai, corner of tiridp and Washj ington streets, Georgetown. j 2d N. Y. Volunteers.. 4;2d Maine Volunteera . 2 13th do d? . 8 3d do do 10 " 14th do do 9 4th do do 2 17th do do 2 <ith do do 1 . 19th do do 1 lat N. Hampshire Vol. 1 21th do do 2 1st Connecticut do.. 1 t 25th do do 1 2d New Jersey do.. 1 ? , 26th do do 1 3d do do.. 1 ' 33d do' do 12 1st Ohio do . 1 2 69th do do 1 2d Michigan do.. 6 Z 79th do do 8 3d do do.. 19 4 4th do do..16 Tammanydodo 3 19th Indiana de.. 3 De Kalb dodo 1 21st do do.. 1 i- 1st Pennsylvania Vol. 2 2d Wisconsin do. .11 f 8th do do.. 6 1st Minneaota do.. 5 1 10th do do.. 4 2d U. 8 Infantry 1 r> 11th do do.. 2 5th U 9. Artillery.... 1 t 26th do do.. 1 2d U. 8. Cavalry 2 I 27th do do.. 2 aturges Rifles 1 - 2d Vermont 1 Teamsters 2 8 3d do 14 t 1st Massachusetts 1 Total. 179 f 9th do 2 r ? 1 At General Hespttal, No. 360 C street, Washington. tit U. 8- Infantr* 1 nth IT s ' 3d do 3 lat do Cavalry .... 4 3d do 11 id do do 12 8th do 4 '2d do Dragoona. .. 2 lat do Artillery.... 7 Recruit 1 Id do 5 ? 3d do 1 Total. 56 DKaXETID. Corporal Lawrence Dwyer, Company D, 5th Artillery. At Hospital at Columbia College, Washington. id Maine Reg. Vol.... 4 34th N. Y. Volunteers. 2 3d do do 6 35th do do 1 &rh do do 10 30th do do 5 7th Maaa. Volunteers. 1 37th do do 2 ldth do do 17 79th do do 2 14th do do 8 Sickles Brig N Y Vol 4 15th do do 1 Tammany N. Y. Vol.. ? 3d Vermont Volunteer* 2 (jar ibaldi do do... 2 2d Conn do...... 1 De Kalb do * do .. 4 lat Reg N Y. Cavalry 8 2d New Jeraey do... 1 2d N Y. Volonteera..l7 3d do do... 3 8th do do 3 20th Penn. Volunteera. 2 9th do do 3 1st Mlnneaota do 4 11th do do 1 2d W Isconsln do 1 12th do do 3 2d Michigan do 3 14th do do...... 4 3d do do 8 18th do . do 2 4tb do do 6 21st do do 2 19th Indiana do 20 224 do do 8 lat California Vol.... 1 24th do do 9 lat Reg U.S Cavalry.. 4 26th do do...... 1 2d do Dragoona 1 ? 27th do do 3 1 38d do do 1 Tatal ail * 33d do Washington papers please copy and send bllla to the War Department. ang 97?d,tr i pBNBlON OFFICK, JpW? eTn, 1861. t? TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. P Application having been made under tee act of i 33d June. 1800, for the reiaane of the Lant Wari rants desoribed herein, whioh are alleged to have a been loat or destroyed, notice u hereby given, that h at the date following the description of each War rant, a new Certifioate, of like tenor, will be la aed, if no valid objection shall then appear No. 3,116, for ISO aorea, issued under aot of 1847, . to Augustus Ingram, private of Captain Murrar'a * oompany, second Regiment of Tennessee InTan0 trr.? September ?th, 1861. a No. 46,745, for 120 aor*a, issued under the aot of d Maroh. 1866, in the name of Jacob Guliok, a .d granted on tne 84th day of January, 1856.?Septem.. ber 31, *861. _ No. 56 6lS, for 80 aores, issued nnder the aot ol n feepu-mber, 1850, in the name of Elizabeth Wells, V widow oi Daniel Wells, ami granted on the 37th " day of September, 1354? September 38,1861. So. 45,90, for 160 aer^-s, issuod under tne aot of Maroh. 18&6, in tbe name of Alexander Orme, and A. ?k. 1<MW J*. tem o . _ vh ?u? i?i%u ua; vi uowmi loao ?oopieBl. Mr 38, 1861 No. 71.636, for 180 wrM, leeued under the aot of 10 Maroh. 1856, in the name of Araoa Arthur, and g (ranted on the 17th day of Au* uet, 1857.?Ootober it B.1981. ie No. 69,00, for 140 aoree. under aot of 1847, and a beanoc date May 6tn, 1850, in favor of Miohael Rope father of Samuel Ropp, deoeaaed. Third In10 dlana volunteer*.Meaioanwar.?Ootober IS. 1861 No. M 818 for ISO aoree, leaned under the aot of A Mareh. 1886, m the name of Jamea Lone, and 41 cranted oa the Slat day of Maroh, 1866.?Ootober i- it 1861 a No S4 657, for 160 aorae, iaau?d undrr the aot of u Maroh. 1866, in the name of 1 homae 1 anner, and ? granted oa the 3d day of May, 1M6 ? Oo'ober 19, 4 No 96 100, for 100 aoree, leaned under the aot oi , Mareh 1866, ui the name of Ho lv. widow oi David t. Bradbury, tid tranted on the 19th day oi September, I860 ?November 16,1861. w No. 43.S4S, for ISO aoree. leea'd ander the aot of i, Mareh. 1866. ia thenameofChriatopher Dougherty, and ira-ted an the trth day or September, 18M. '' November 16 1S61. n No.88,814. for 160 aoree, leaned under the aot of *2 Marc h. 1866, iu the name of 6uy 8 Alexander, mill nor ohiid of John C. Alexander, deceased, and d franted July S. 1880.?November <6.1861 No. SJ68, for 180 aoree, ieeaed ander the aot of M\'c i 1856 lathe name o? Benjamin Meily, and granted on the 37th day of Jane, 18M *i No 8S3 for 80 aoree. latfeed under the aot of * Maroh. 1866 ia the name of Renbeu WoodrafT, and h created oa the 9:h day of May, 1896. d No., 869. lor 180 aoree, 'aevod unJer tho aot of d Maroh, 1866, in the name of bam aelH. Water houee, v and cranted on the 231 day ol May, 1866 No. 3,533. lor 88 aoree, leaned anaer the aet of a Mlmh IBM. in ilia n. . ?( rv? irar.tej on tlks~|d day of'Antuirt,"lM6 -VoVeni^r ? No 41 9?, for 100 um. taraed ender the aot of ; i^i^'trgss'isrti^fgtst ?. ? Ja 9?. (ar 160 Mr**. iMued under the aot of j[ Maroh 1166, in the hum of William m ,Jahua C. and John D. 8., minor ohildren of Irwin B?e get, dNtMM. and fr *nted on tke Mtb day or Mtjr, i#66 ?Noftinl)?rtt? >811. ia /osCPl H. BARRETT, lHaw Commiaaioner. J TBI OLD PAWN Omct, /IK n Monk liberal advanoee made on ttold and ilvr "1 ?LS'aiu. SUMMER RETREATS. UEA BATHING AND SAFE RKTRKAT, ? At Point Look-Opt, Maitlaxd. This oe ebrated Bathing Plaoex situated at the janetionof the Potomac River with the A . ? A Chesapeake Bay. will be opened by theyCa^V anderslgned on tho 10th of Jane, in thelfiJLL very beat style, lor a l person* who may wish a safe and euiet retreat, where they oan nave the benefit of the best salt water bathing and enjoy the

deiioaoiee of the water, saoh as Fisu of *11 kinds. Oysters, Crabs, Ao. Every description of fishing tackle will be kept for the accommodation of guests. fine livery stable kept oa the farm. Alep, ten-pin alleys and billiard saloons: with , all otnsr amusements usually found at suoh plaoes. The bible will be supplied daily with fresh vege- ] tables from the garden on the premises and from i the Baltimore and Washington markets. i The best Lieuorsand Cigars will always befoand i at the Bar. Board, f 2 day; one week, 913; second week, 10; four weeks for 935; children and oolored servant half-enoe. >. The steamer St. Nioholas leaves Washington Tuesday at 6 a m. and Baltimore on Friday at 4 s. R. The half past 2 o'clock p. m. train from Wasngton will oonneot at Baltimore with the boats, reaching Point Lookout daily ; a so, a tn-weekly stage from Washington, by way of Leocardtown Add ess the proprietors, at Point Lookout, Washington, D C., or Alexandria, Va. m 31 HEFLEBOWEK A CO , Prop'rs, - DENTISTRY. ! JH. PEABODY, M. D.. ?cboical awd M*- i ch*n;cax Dkhtist, having taten rooms at No. *J7 6 Pa. avenue, DetweenAsflBM lith and 12th ats., two doom east of the^4"-^* Kirkwoi>d Home, respectfully eolioits a share of , the publics patronage, in the various branohes of i his profession. jy 15 2m* < TEETH. 1 LOOMIS, M. D., ti?e inventor and pXtentea i oftha WIN SB AL PLATE TEETH, at-M . tends personally at his omc<? .n this citr NaNBif i Many persons oan wear these teeth who^tLtI-D < cannot wear others, and no person oan wear others who oannot w?ar these. Persons calling at my oAoe oan b? accommodated < with any styie and pnoe of Teeth they may desire; I bnt to those wtio are particular and wish the purest, oleanest, strongest, and moat perfeot denture that { art oan prod use, the MINEBAL PLATE Will be 1 more fuiiy warranted. Rooms in this oity?No. 3SS Pa.avenue, between 9th and 10th ata. Alao, 907 Arch street, Phi.adel phia. oo It tf { GAS FITTING, Ac. AWM T. l)OVE h CO. RENow prepared to exeonte any orders witk 1 wmoli they rnay be favored in the , PLUMUiNe. OAS OR STEAM FlTUNt RIIH1NCC4 1 li_r~ Store on tth street, a few doors north of Pa, J avenue, where n/ayb* frund a comaiete assortment of CHANDELIERS and other 6 AS, STEAM an4 WATER FIXTURES. iatriv | 18NYDER, ! FLtTMEER AND GAS FITTER, , Um removed to the oorner of Twelfth and K sta, I He is prepared to introduce Water and Gas upon < the most favorable term*, and guarantiee entire < eatU faction. < He has on hand a lot of COOKING and other < STOVES, which he will sell leaa than oost, as ha I wishes to set rid of them. no IT We AS FIXTU RES. I E Hare in store, and are dai y receiving, BAS ' FIXTURESof entirely New Patterns and Designs and Finish, superior m style to anything heretofore off** d in this market. We invite oitiiens eeneral It te tall and examine our atook of Gas and Water i rix irea, feeling oontident that we have the bast aeleoted stock in Washington. I All Work in the above line mtraated to Mr tart Will be promptly attended to, MYEks h MoOHAN. mar t-tt 3T6 D street. ' Of tCK %rt8APSB?l%R^D &KALKE Washimtoh, Jaly II, ISM. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That.agreaably to the provision* of the ordinanoe of the Corporation approved May 11, IMp, the nnderngned ia bow prepared, "whenever ref^ired in writing, and vu fio'f*;uiC4( VI wo IW UI BIT OOQH, 10 IT.Sf OOtt " examine, test,jrove, ud aeo?r*ain the accuracy of registration onany (as meter in use in this oity." Every meter, if found incorreot, will be condemned and another, sealed acd marked u trie will be aet in i>? plac9. If proved to be aooar*;e In its mea*?it?ent of em, It will be sealed acco-amgly, 1 and again pnt in pontoon for cse. Ofice No. ?10 8eventh street,(near Odd Fal wi' HallO' Osea from ft a. ra., to 4 ?. m. . CHAfCbEH W. CUNNINGHAM, JyM-tf Inspector and Sealer of Gas Meters. ^SCHjTERINjl Is only known and ?ybest article te "Z Roactie*. Bed Hues, \atf, Moths, Flies, 'eyl n^f>n Worm It contain* no poitm. BCHWERIN'8 PILLS are snre death to Rats j andMioe. M. Schwerin has received certificates ] from the President of Girard College, Directors of l House of Refuse, Pennsylvania Hospital, and ' other Prominent Institutions of Phiiadslpbia; U. < 8. Jail. Washington, D. C.; and Charity Hospital, New Orleans, .La- . " The original oertifioates can be seen at the i Wholesale aud Retail i>rpot 1J>4 North Seoond street, Philadelphia, and for sale in this oity by D. . B. CLARK, oorner Pa. avenue and 4)4 sta.. srd hw , ^B^WiR^^FSSPURi0U8 IMITATIONS. j IT - Remember to uk for Sohwerin's Annihi- i lain (Powder- I JC 1 None genaioe nnleaa aigned M. ScHwiam. , mt lMw*o I W TRAVELING TRUNKS. ' E Offer for aale the largeat amortotfnt o i TRAVELING TRUNKS to be found inm* I Ecity, comprising beat Sole Leather &??( 1 aa> Dreaa and Paoking Trnnka, Va-^"?? | , Carpet Baca, fco., whloh we are now M'.ling at very low pnoee. _ I WALL, STEPHENS A CO., i a? II ? '<* *** P?nn. htmibo. i |^OME-MADE HOOTS AND SHOES, 1 biUli', Miaaaa' and Ghildjsn's Wia?, - i At Bzcsidintiy Low Pruts. i At J. ROSENTHAL'S, < No. 16 Market Space, i m> -*? Pa w h?t wth ?nH a?h ?f?. WATCH REPAIRING AN DSILVER WARE ! MANUFACTOR j 1 hare one of the beat eatabliahmenta, and fnraiahed with a oomplete aet of tool a for repair I ing every deaonption of fine Watohea, and aarUcuiar attention give to the tame, by tho iichooaipetentworkniAn^juia. work ntaoLn i tied Alao, every deacrip ion of at&ndard Si CVER i vT, RE, plain and ornamental, manoiaoturedunder i Ay own aupervision, whioh my ouatomera will find ( far anperior in quality and finiah to northers ware old by dealera m general and raereaontea aa their ?n unufutiiM V <1 u/\rtli I _ _ _ ..I ?. I ? ?? w. At V? UVU iff ^*4 Pa. avenue. DMireth ] RUMMER CLOTHING ?3 At Rnvcxo Pucks. W offer onr large assortment of thin 8U M M E R CLOTblNt* at reduced prices. Oar ?to:k embrace* all styles and qualities of Gentlemen, ] Youths, and Boys' Wearin? Apparel, of the moat demrable and fashionable (tries Also. SHIRTS and FURNISHING GOODS in great variety. Clotning made to order at the shorteet notioe, WALL, STEPHENS A CO., 333 Pennsylvania avenue, jy 18 (InteL A Rep.) bet.ftth and 10th sts. THE SUBSCRIBERS RESPECTFULLY 1 invite the attention of the Array and ^ Navy to their fnll suppW of MIL1 TARY^M ago NAVAL FURNISHING GOODS, KK 1 such as Indigo Blae Cloths and Doeskin?, Wm Caps, Epaulets, Laees, Shoulder Straps,*-" Belts, Swords, Sword Knots, Caps, Hats, and all respective embroidery Aiso,th* oeiebrated PATENT FILTERING CANTEEN. Orders in that line respectfully solicited. ? , a. fTloudon a co.. Naval and Military Merchant Tailors, jy M eo3m 3ti8 pa av.. under Brown's Hotel. LBS. ROUGH TALLOW AND OUU,UWJ GREASE WANTED, for whieh the highest pnoe will be paid. . Also. ISOJinolbs of sOAP and CAN0LE8 for ale cheap fur cash at the National Soap and Candle Works, Green street and the Canal, Georgetown, D. C. au 1 lm C. B. JEWELL, i'roprietor. - - Z ERoTT, oorm* of ElaveotH lirtM *nd Ptiut, ?tiwii?. ., t/ > H MKW VOLUMB BALZAC'S NOVKL8.-Th? BUioM, u? liaor of'Adftrn B?(V? " Ftmut nuul, isr ^^wrfjeT 1: Bur johnstoh, ALT1MURK | LOCK HOSPITAL, H?? dtt?0*tr*d tk$ men (Vmw, Sm?4| ?U ?Uy KfftduAl Ktwitdf m Ik* World, FOR ALL DI9EABE80F IMPRUDENCE. L*T NO FALSE BELICACY PREVENT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHAROK, JJV *AOM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Weafcaeaa af a* Sack, StnciarM, Afecunoe ef the fcdaeys sad Bladder J:nnsun ^itcMrjN, Impotence, Gea rmi Debility, Nec*oaaseee, ^rscepey, Lanrvor, Cot 'ueiaa f Ideas, Low Sfir.-J. at the Heart, Timidity, rremblinft, Dimness o' Sijni or Oidrtn.eee, Disease of ike Heed, Throat, Noee or Skia, Affecuona of the Laare, 8to?Ut or Bowele?theee Terrible Dteordere arieiaf from Solllary Habita of ToeU?these Dreadfal and DmrKUte Praeucee which render Msrritrc Unpoaaible, ud <e?iei bmJk Body and Mind. YOUNG MEN Especially wbohaee become the eietiaa af Senary Tice, that dreedfnl aad deeirnctiee habit which a>>aaallv eweepe la an Botimaly fra?e tuoaeaode of Your f Men af (ha Duel Italted taltnu end brilliant intellect, wbo mifht otherwise be?e ectranced Uetenaur Senatee with the thaodere of ala. onence or waked to ecetacy (ha living lyre, asi call with rail cocidence. MARRIAGE. MARRIED PI1I0II,or Youjg Men contemplaunf Marriare, beiof aware of physical weakness, erfauic debility, deformities, Ac., speedi'e cared. He who placee huneelr andar the care af Dr. J. may relifleaely cooEde in hie honor ae a fentleoun and c?ildtntl} rely upon bie ekill at a physician OFFICE N?. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. lift hand tida rain* fmmn Ralnmnr* * f* ? lb* corner, ^nl nm lo obtirti ntm u>4 tuabn. Letter* Mil be paid and con lair. a tump. DR. JOHNSTON, Member of lie Royal Coll iff of Sorgeoi.a, koodoo, gradaiii from ona af the moot eminent Goliegee in the Uoitod But**, and the gieater part of whoae life hae been e>peni la the ttoepuale of London, Paria, Philadelphia and elaewhare, haa effected aoma of tba moat aatomsh i.g o?raa that vara Tir knows; many troubled wiih ringing la tba baad ai.d lira wbeu aaleep; great nerrooaoeaa, ktlaf alarmed at icddca eoonda, baehfulree* with frequent blaenmg, arended lometimea with derangement of mud, wara cured mmeliately. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Young Men and otnera who haae injured themeeleee by a tertain practice indulged to when alona?a habit frequently laaroad from e?il coinpenioaa, or at echooi, tha electa of vhicn ara nightly fait even whan aaleep, and if not curt 2, randara marna^i inponiMi, aad deetroy* both mind and bod?, hoot<1 apply immediately. Tnrea ara eoina of tha aad and malaochoiy (facta produced by aarly habiu of yovtb. ?ii: of tha Back and Limba, Paine in tha Head, Dimnaae of Sight, L >a of Mueca?ar P" war, Palpitation of tna Haart, Pyaf pay, Nervosa irritability, Derangement of tha Digeauve Fuoeuona, Oanaral Debility, Symptorie of Coneumption, fcc. Miktilit.?The fearful effect* on tha mind ara mach ta >a dreaded?Loaa uf Memory, Confcawa of Idaaa, Depreeaioo ?f Spirit*, Evil t'orebodmga, Averaiou of Society, Self-Diemat. Love of Soiitade, Timidity, etc., are aoma of tha evil* prod need. NkrtoC* DkBiLlTT ?Thonaande can now Jadge what u .he cauae of their declining health, Inelng their vigor, becoming weak, pale, nervoua mod emaciated, having a aingular ippaarance about the eyei, cough or eymptotna uf couaumpDISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE When the mieguided and imprudent votary of pleaeare Code la haa imbibed die aeeda of thia painful dieaue, it to* often Happen* that an ill-umed aenee of ahameor dread uf diecovery latere him froia applying to thoae who, from education and raapcctabiluy, tau atone befriend him. Da 'alia into tha hand* of ignorant and deaigmng pretendera, who, incapable if einnt, filch hie pecuniary eubatance, keep him trrf.xg after month, or aa long aa the emalleet fet can be ob.ained, aud in deapeir lea*a aim will mined health to eirh rver hie railing diaappointmant; or by the caa of that dri< y poiaor,?Slrrcury?baaun tha eaiemcuoeial lynnoaie of thie Lerrible dieeaee, each aa Affertione uf the Hear., Throat, Head, Ikin, 4c., progretiiug with frigbt/al rapidity, t: death pate a Mnod to hi* dreadful aafferwga by eroding hi flat ii?; an jiacaaaraa cokhitt trocn i'hi Marc* trKilir raiarua. DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY . By tin* rraat and important raaady waafcnaaaaf thd argmm ira ?r??<ily cBrad mo fmli vigor raiiarad. Tbaaaanda ?f U>? Ml uaraaaa and dabilitatad, wt? kid Imi all bap*. Oaf* taan immadiaialy rtttl'll. All impadiraauta la Marnaga, Fhjdcal ar Maotal Diaqaajicatiaoa, Low of ProcraajTa Pavar, Riritu*. rrtrablinf and Waaknaia ar Elhaaauao *f (ha ioni faarfa] tind apaaailj carad. ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS. TBI Mint ThoiiiKDI carad at thM Inautatlao vtlhia ba laat aavaotaan aaara, and lb* namaroaa important tuif iMl aparauoca parformad br Dr. Jahnatan, wtlnaaaad by {ha apanara ot tba papara and many i/thar raraw.a, noucaa of rfiicb baa* appaarad again and again bafora tba pablic, )< lidaa bia standing aa a gautiaman af charaetar and raaporai>111(7.1* * aaMeiant gaaramaa ta tba aBiciad. mar 16-1? Dm. J. H MoLKAN b 8TB.ElGTHENIN0 COBDIAL AND BLOOD PI RIFISK THE GREATEST REMEDY *% tJu WORLD, Aetkr TAKEN. iL Cb'1 la atrlatlv a aalJM| \f atllt aad tagalaFa*' -H bla Caapaaad, a?a- VI tetad by iba dlajita- Mdr^K EShCTL tiaa of raau, >.aika, V'S mtt kuki. Y*liav vJtfV liaad Lm:, ?* ,:<* Iltak 1ml kn^' r - <^| Ym, Wild Ck.rr* A'drM i?iti?< OuiiiiN fitt\g uun taw IH MB- NHl yotltiiE. 8F?Tfl XO If Tk* Or* utlTt 4 .. dl*l pila?irl?^jA|ML^ KUw if lit! lofMdlMm Won tikSt?~-S': i^-;lller t*kii(. Utulllaf, ?r?d**i ( t d*llat*a*, kaiumlaf (pint, u< u* MM lafalllkl* i???d y fat iwallof U* tiMiiii *y?l?m, Lad **terla( ik* itll, iifiriif, u4 tiWUutMl lattlM M laaitk u< lUtaflk. MtLEAIfS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL 111 *f **taally *mi* u*i( Cta^lilM, Dy*a*pila, Jibb11*1, Gkiaala *i H*i**?* Debility, DImuh a?u* li4a*y*, Lad all iliuiH ?m'?| ftaa a dt?*rd?r*4 brti at Sleets*. triiiNU, aartkwa, lavard Ptl**, Atidity ar IiiImii at Jt* luatU, rmllBM* ?f DMdutLi i.Dail Pua OT I w La mla( la (k* laad, Palpluuaa af tk* an, rallate* It Wtirkt la Ik* litauk, ? ? Cmuuwi, Ckafciaf > ImfMiUaf F**liag wk*a l*ylu( d*wa, Dry**** aiTilbVimi af lk? ikla aad By**, Might Ivmu, lavatd Frtn, Pala la tk* ill af tk* Batk, Ck**t, at Kit. toddta n?ak*? af lut, D*pr**alaa af Spirit*, FrlgkUkl Dimbi, Uipai, Dnmi'k.t; a* *oy tinm du*t**, Bart* a* aa tk* Skla, aad T*?t* aad Af** (*f CfcLU* aad 9TME A MILLION BOTTLER lav* k**a **ld dailaf Ik* last tut aaotka, aad la aa ta>taa?* ka? U fallatl la flVkaf amir* *atUfa?tlaa. Wk*. tk*a, rill *?r?i fraa VhIum m Dtkliity ?k*a MckJKAVS ITIMWMai GOEDLAb will tin yea 1 Uif*t|* ua M*<*y aa adt^aata id** af ik? tm***dlit* *ad *lm*it taliaaalea* *k*n(? piedaod ky taklaf tkl* IU?iUl la (ka rfItMUd. dtkllliAltd. aka timm+d * nm ifiua, arkatkar krakaa ilnri ky him. *ul kj uuii, M iMaaitad ky alakaaat, Ua Hlmd ud ii>tmf ?(ul> laUaa It raaiaaad ta it* f riatlaa kaaita tad rigm HARRIED FJSRSONSj ? ntm, af laakllity fr?m vki'.irti um, will lad NcUUTI TlMCTizjUM COUUh a ikartift ?afaaaaataaaf Ua ayataia; aad ail vka ur kara la ?r*d tkaaaaalraa kj lapinn ladaifaaaaa will tad la Ikla Cardial a aanala aad 'P*tay raaaady. TO THE LADIMB. MaLBARI nilXtTIIIW* OOWUfcla a mtiiHxa aad apaada amta far taatplant CtMUaptlaa, Wfcnaa, Eatraatad a? Mailt Maaatraaua&J aaaatiaaaaa af ?riaa n laaalaatarr Duilr rrt Uaraaf, Failing af Ua Vaak, ktddUaaa, Palatla#, imiall dlaaaaaa laaidaat ta Paaulat. THERE IS NO MISTJ.EE ABOUT IT N(ii aa taafai. Tata It aaaaidlng ta dlraatiaaa. It vUl itlaalata, atraaftkaa, aad larlfaiaia raa aad aaaaa tka klaaaa 1 kaaita ta mui rami ataak tfiiv Braar katlla la ruruul ta glaa aauafaiuaa. * FOR CHILDREN, If yaar aklldtaa ara alafclj, acn* ar iliaiid, Moklin CO&D1AL will naka tkaa fcaaltka. fat, aad fakaat. Dalt* aat a Baiaaati to U, aad j?a-?rUl ka aaartaaad. It u daBalaaa tatata. AWTION, a vara if drafftata N daalari vka mt 07 ta fala naa f?a taaa kluar at aaraapar.ila traak, vkiak tkar aaa (a? Mklif tin. It to U? ml; rtBtdj ital vill ??iify tfca Biaad aw?U? isduut WN tin* aUaoftkaa ifca I7MIB. On* uu^miM ulit ntfj mavataf htuu U * tartaia paiTtBllTa fat Cktlan, CfcUla u4 r???, TalUv rifir, aa ur artralaai diuui. It U f*t ? I* larft kai'.laa. rnw tmly |1;ii battla, a* ? fcaulaa < ' |1 j7 . McLKAB, Is It araartavai > Uta Cardial) alaa, MabaaVi Tadtaaia 01 kiauaaat. Pn&aipal Dap? aa U? aaraai af TliH u4 Flat auaata, (lImKIm KcLean'i Yolcanio Oil Liniment, (TIC UR blH 1MKMT Ql THE WOftkD.) Tit Mly tafa ul aartain car* far Caacara, Ptlaa, Tbaan, vallia?a aa4 liwiHli m Catua, futlraia, Maarilata, Waaknaaa af Ua Maaclaa, Ckraaie a* l?l?anaQ Kaaaaallaa. ailTaaaa af fta Jatula, Caniraatad Maaclaa a* kifamaau, KuukaaiTwltaeka, Inuaa, fcmai, fr?k ClU, Waanda, Clean, ra?ai larn, Cakad Braaat, Sara Siplat, Sana, Baalii, Sara Tferaat, aa any liitaaauaa aa i, aa diffaranea haw aavara at taujka Ataaaaa aa* ra axlatad, MckKAHl CKkESBATTD kOWIKMT ta i aartala raaatr. Taaaaasda af M*aa fcauf* Ba?a baaa aa**4 a Ula af 41a wayliada ud anarj by tfca aaa af ifcta laralaaU* raaad}. lfar *iino f/iriiivmnri r r w r w? m*m? ? ? ? i/uvaiiiv vui r 1 n n i Will m!i*t* pain hIttti iBWiimnx? ly, u4 fc vtii t'?. pwify u4 k*al lk? f*al**t Hrti to u utNUU toan uai. jnOK HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. MtUCAN* CKLKMUTED LOIIMXMT to to* Ml* ?a* w< nliiMi wiulr for to* Mr* ?f Sparta, IhAmi, Wto?r*l!?. pUau, %anatar?! L?n Mm at BvXiZml It mhi foU?d u *ar* Bif * *, fail**tl( flmla, OM wiy. Afrl;HM<lmu4itotHnl*MiliktotrM} TWa ?tl? m tafw vlto to* mm wtol? totowi J. ?., M* hi)imi. l UM*inMuint*toilktoto,lU ""^ ??*?: * to ~ ra?Kk. ???#?>??? ? 1 >**'? THE WEEKLY STAR. TUa exoeliaat Family u4 N?wa liwlMattlalac * grm*n wldy af lain MB t nailag tbaa caa W t?und la aay trttet l> piMMM on Friday aaornlaf. Taana?CteU, waactaHy, te ateawei Natl* oopy, par Nan Flre.copiea a a ?aaaa a aaa a? 4 Tea copiee Twenty-ftve fiesta* M It laoartably costal m tba "Waafciagtoo New* * that baa made Tki DmUf Smmtmg Btm otrrakato ao geaerally abroad boat tbe country. C7" Single copies (la wrapper*) eaa be procured at tbe counter, Immediately after the leaue of tbe paper Prloe?THREfc CENTS J^^VY bkkf and pork fob imi Aafaat M, 1N1. \ aiLKD Pi >roiiU, endorsed " Proaoeale for ,,raad " Prooo-aia ft>rPork,"ae tbe oaee ma* be, will be reoeived at tbia < fto? anbl 9 o'eioofe a. M.OB \Vedu?edaj,tb?23th day ol Beyioabar next, for faraiabing aod df liven at, free of all aoataad riak to tbe C&itad ?to tea. at tbe folio viae Nary Yard*: Barrel a Beef. Banal* Pork. At Cba'leetovn, Maea... JJa ? At Brooblva. N. V. ?* ' At raiiadelphla, Penal.. \jni \jm 1^ 0 A (kfrf) 1 a fMM) One half of Mid Bwf ard fork mast bo dt.lvtH at eaoh o| the above-i.nmiHj rad?. rriMLroit, by the let dsy of April, 1962, Bud Um ttMlUM (kUT bf stt p s^ixts- i?answvwtEs Pn<m?Bt to be male w ithia ta.rty day* alter delivAidders must specify their prices e?eorwtoly aad distinct ; in separate otlere lor tbo Boo; and for th ^ork, ai d (?>r each ot the piaooa of doiivpry* cowl! c a i expenees r nJ a.1 charre* The Beef m :st b? from ve 1 IWttoaed oaKle, a aaghter< d bt tvrva the li t? a? ol October, IM, and the 1st da? ol January, IMS, aaa weighiag not lees t?an *ix kaidred pcuiuia, i?ett weight. eaoh. Th?l*es aa<> Ire rands of the hind a warier*, aad the ahins a- d shou der oloda, the shoald?rs of matton and ends oi suokiag puces, ae* ot least tvo.^e G>un<ls from the neok oud of each for*-* Barter. or parts marked N<*a. 1.2 S, 4, and i, on toe d?BW? lug or do'ineation of the fore and hied quarters of an ox which will be attaohed to aad form a part of the contract, must be wuolly exoiuded from taok ha re ; a i the other pieoos are t- be packed, ni. xn.utad of bttm rat tetfk a rltavor, most M rwi tkroui k %ritk a i air and lenift 1+ tiv* ikt ?MSf o iquart, mral, and smooth ippeareoes, <s pwsi of mit 1**1 tknn sigkl ?o**di, mar mort (Us nesJos pounds tack. (be Fork mist be packed fVoro oora-fed, well fattened hor , ulaaghter<d bMWion the let day of l>ooembe% IK I , and the 1st day of Jaaaary, 1MB, and wei?hi: g not le.s than two hand ed sounds eaoh. exoiumng the head s jotoa. necks, sfe^n dera, hams, legs, feet, botu, ruuips, lard, and ail rffuea pieces, %nd niu?t bo out with ? sew and kmif* IB pieoea weighing not Ires than six pounds, aor more than twelve poB ida each. B >tb the B f and Fork m at ( e ea tod with at least one s'aute bu?hal of Turk's Is an', Isle of May. Kev W est solar Onoi dace aolar, or St Ube'a ut; and the Beef must I ave few oufioea of tine puivrnsed aa.tpetre to each oarrot, exeiu.ive of a p okle, to tx? made from frseh water as stroat M>at will nate it,aad mast be perfectly bright aad clear. Kach barrel must contain fall 800 poaada nett weight oi b?rf or pork, aud no aaoeea of weight la eitn?r aticie will m paid lor. The barreia must be entirely new, and be mad* of the beat seasoned heart of whit* oak (tare* and hiaJicga; the lUreitohe nte?* titan five eighths of an itichthuk and the hearing* not tee* thau t. re* -fourths if an inch thick; the* meet be tkrcafouths hooped OTer, itoluding the iron h'H>ps, with i>?ac white oak or hiok^rr hoops, and each barrel must have 01 it lour iron ho >pe. * * oueofi neand a half inch iu width on raoii bi g*, aid one of one acd aa eighth neb in idth on each oaime, aid each to t>e i f one cixt< eftth of an iaoh ti.iok. Eachbairei muat be of the internal tifMit; of thirty-two gailoLs an. the iron kouH auat be well pvnud with red lead. 1 ach barrel muat be branded by iummf on iW head " IXary B-ef," or Nary Pi>rk," aa the oa?e iua> be. with the eontraetor'a name and tliv yeat wimn pecked, and weight; and ha 1 aieo be biended on the btaag ata?e with the letter B.or P., aa the oa?e mat be. The t.eef and fork wil>, nnleea ntharwua ai'acted ry the Chief of this Bureau, be luapeoted by the inspecting cfiaara at the r?epeet>ve Navy V ards aforesaid, a d by eorne "sworn inspect >r of sailed provielooa," who will be aeleoted '?y Uie respective oommai diDK tf.ce a; nt their ehargea for anefe inspections muat be paid by th<j respective eontraetore.wrto must akewise have the barrats pet la good ahippiug order. t<> the aabsfaction of the ooamaudat.,1 of the respective ISavt t ard* aforeaaid, attar inspection, ana at their own eaymee. Two or more approved mrelies in a sum HaalU one ha f the eetimated smount of the eoatract will be required, aud twenty per oentam in adaitioa will he withheld troiu the amoent of each payment to be made, aa ool aterai aeoarity lor the due and faith ul periormanoe of the reepaotive oostiaett, whioh w.ll on no aooonut be paid an til theoontrm_/>f m tra aait n lwi?K ' ? ?1 * ^ * ? be forfeited to tiie United State* in ih) event of failure to complete the Retire lee within the ?reeeiibed pariod. In cue of fatlnre on the pej-t or the contractor to deliver all or an; of the beef or pa* k abovo mentioned, of the canity and atthetim* niid plaoea above provided, the ooctraator vi > forfeit aid pay to the Ui ited Statee, aa liquidated damacea, a asm of mooey eeeal to twtae the amount of the oontraot prioe t'> be paid in oare of theao.ual delivery the-eof; which !i?oldated daaiagea may te reooverea from nine to time aa they aoo ne Payment will be made bj the tnited Mate* at th* perioda above apeetfiad. (exo*ptta? the twen'T per oentum to be withheld niitli the completion of the oont-aot, aa before ?tated > aft-r the at id beef and port thalt have bees inepoetod and received, acd bflia for theaame a hall have beaa preeented to the navy aceota, respectively,duly approved by the oommandar.ta of the re?p?ot.T* uavt yarda, accjrdiug to the terma of the coa raot Ttu purtt ofbefff be trtludr4?vxll bt partun iar.y d signattd in tkt i?(r?rtai te M attacked te ttu eontract tmoni (attrwM ?a obtmm tktm on arptnation at tkt* vjUr. ttiQder* whoee propoeala ahall beacoeptec (and none -Uiera) will be forthwith notified, nod aa earlr aa praotirable a ool tract will be traaemitted tft tkAm r??r ***An?i<>n ?hi-K ? ? ?a ^ 1 1 ' ?vi W MiWU III ? ! M returned lo the bureau within top jaya, axc utire of the time repaired for Uie regular UauBtWM of the man. A rtoord. or duplicate of the letter informal I i a Jer ol the aeoeptanoe <y hie propoaal, wiiibe deemed a notification thereof within the men Qlag of the act of 1846, and hu bid wilt be made and ao or pied in conformity with thia under?ian< tag. Ever; offer made mu>t be acoompanied (aa directed in the 6:h section of the act of Cos green making appropriation! for the naral rerrioe for 1846 '47, approved Itth of Auguat, 1*46.) by a writ ten gnam^tee. signed b? one or sore responsible p Tioni. to the etj t-c: that he or they t nuertake' hat the b;dder or b'ddera will, if hit or Uteir bid be ao oepted, enter into an ob'igation within ten day*, with good and sufficient sureties, to furnish the aruole propoeed. This tua an tee mast beacc <rr pam?d by the oertifioate of the Umt*? states uistnot judge, United Stakes diatriot attorney, or ~avy agent that the gnarantora are ab e to make good thei r gaa a at?. No propoeu w.ll be eonaideted anleaa aooompamtd by tiich guar&rtee. The bidder* name ax.d re?idenoe. and the nant of eaoh member of the firm, where a company offera, with the Chnaban names written in fall, meet be dutinctl; stated. t'nder the joint resolution of Conrrees.approwed 27th March, 1844, ' ail bids for cuppiiea o' p o?t aiona, a oihinx, and final! Uoree for me axe of the nary, may be rejeotrd at the option of the Department, if made by one not known a* a maaafseturer of or regn'ar deaJ?r in the arJole propoeed to be farm abed. which faol, or the rrrer*e, mnet be distinct'* stated in the bids offered. an 24 lawtw CEMALK BOAKD1N6 AND DAY SCHOOL I' ALEXANDRIA, J A. Mm S. i. McCORMICR. Piuktvai. The thirteenth UBHJ mmiob of Uu InaOUtiM will oouumnmm OE TLrtidi.}, ?eptomL?r wa, IE tk? ttzasrs sssi " " br",t" 8**The cobim of ?t?<tj purnod will oowrtMAll the or*. oriMr*?ui?t?to?tiiOroiu(i Knrueb Location, &&d Utuc, French, LfttufK&d Dr&vtac. if Tl vac tioii to (toy ebol^re. Mr*. MeCormiai to vrep&red to receive * Hpitori nunbfr of ??pua M UrSn. who. counta ting a Mil aThm fcr? km uy, wil. t?e under hf iwtedijto mn aaa nr?r*issn ^w^aSSSSSusaelS^ B^,cNo^xuS^2i"p ? " ' ?~rw? ILT WO Mtrt twnil HB-s ??&? ? TC^Ba^neM she* Bs-iree. Vtewi ef WMkieeton. ArrieMoan aci: KorritL MMU.iiN, l)a ? bad FRENCH jk RICH8TKIN'8 I MnUL * STB tmH Q U N BO A T B ^BmuTO ffifcfi'>? mi to Qwwrymr ewSTefthe Uutotf MMM it ? Brit. 1 ?d Qwrtwwtw Wl iP^lilil^

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