Newspaper of Evening Star, September 2, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 2, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. , JDTTfcrujrk Th* S*ab is printed en the teste* town prrss 1a me south of Baitiaaore, Its edition to ao large as to require it to to pat to preea at an early boon Advertlee?eate, therefore, should to Mat la before 14 o'clock m.; ofherwlae they may aot appear aattl the aezt day. NoticiDMrlot of Colombia Advertisements to be laaeited la the Baltimobi Sun are received at aad forwarded from Thi StAi Office. A Sbbxxadb ? Last errainf, about ten o'clock, tome thousands of our follow-cttlzens and others 1 sojourning here, moved by their joy over the r?centioint achievement of the combined land and naval force under Commodore Stringbsm and I Maj Gen. Butler, gave the totter (now at the Na- < tlonal Hotel) a fine Improcn^u serenade After i tbo performance of a few national airs by the I band, loud calls for Gen Bntler brought him to tbe balcony fronting the magnificent parlors of the bouse, where he waa Introduced to tne people 1 aseembled la the street below by Gen Walbrldge, ' of N. Y., in a few appropriate remarks. Gen. B. I then delivered a modest but really eloquent address; attributing the compliment to tbe frallaat 1 achievements of bis companions, naval and mill- 1 tary, engaged in the Hatteras inlet enterprise 1 Be explained that it was a naval, not an ar^py victory; though awarding due credit to the officers and men of this latter branch of tbeaervlce, who** presence and co-operation from tbe land aide did ' mocb to prevent the escape of the rebels from tbe forts His nsrratlve of tbe circumstances of tbe brilliant aflfclr, end his explanation ef lta import- J ant military coneequencee, though simple, carried with tbem conviction that the country may ' Justly expect most Important services from the Navy (to which be did ample Juatlce) throughout the wir. He waa followed by tbe Hon Mr Sedge wick, of N. Y., In an eloquent exposition of tbe necessity for sustaining tbe Union in this. Its hour of greatest trial. Senator McDotigai, of Cal., being called out, entertained tbe audience <! for aome minutes moat agreeably; and waa followed by another gentleman, who made a few remarks in response to tbe call made upon him from the street below. Great entbuaiasm marked , tbe bearing of tbe audience, wbo aeparated immediately after the close of the speeches men- , tloned above. , A lack of apace to-day preventa ua from ven- ] turing to present tbe S/ar's readers with a longer account of tb!a bappy serenade to Maj Gen. But)qf, of U. 8. volunteers. * , Ah Occcbsbxcb at tbx Finn ?We have re- 1 celved a communication signed "Justiee," com- < plaining In bitter terms against tbe portion of the Provost Marshal's euard that hastening to the fire of yesterday morning In the centre of ths block ' hounded by Eleventh and TwelftL and G and II < streets, on the ground that one or more of tbem i had wantonly assaulted and injured a venerable 1 and esteemed citizen, Mr Jacob Hines; ac using the guard In question of b^ing Intoxicated. Ac The true facts of the case, we learn from a cltlxen who was present, were as follow*, vixOn reaching the locality, tbe Lieutenant command- i lag the guard found groups of persons standing 1 la the narrow space for working to extingu'sb toe flames, Idle, and so In the way of these who dtU exert themselves properly, as greatly to Impede their labors Be coasequen'lv verv properly ordered his men to clesr the locality of all who were thus In the way. In so doing, If Mr Hlnes was Injured bv either of the guard, it must have been through his refusal to obey tbe so necessary order, and by the ruah of the Idle crowd being iorced back in tbe narrow alley. Tbe Provost Guard, we know well, worked msnfully and successfully throughout the fire, and with tbe assistance of the ever reliable Franklin Fire Company and a few reaidenta in tbe immediate neighborhood, saved perhaps tbe entire block from utter destruction, and therefore deserve the hearty thanks of every one at least owning property la It. Tbb Rivbb ?The water of tbe Potomac Is scsln ss clear ss usual at this season of tbe year. There was considerable activity this morning, five ?team boats being visible between here and Alexandria at one time, besides some sailing vessels. At Csrter's wbarf three schooners are discharging, tbe James Nelson, Capt Burt, with coal for Moran A Hilton; the General Taylor, Cspt. Hunter, with coal for Csstleman A Bro ; and the Hsmiltoa, (of the Dodge line,) with 250 tons of the finest Ice we have seen this season. The schooner Davison la also there, taking in a cargo of empty pork and beef barrels. At Riley's wharf the schooner Streamlet, Capt. Cokelv, Is discharging 100 tons of coal for CastleRjsn A Bro Six vessels sro discharging cargoes of Ice st Easby's wbarvea, In the First Ward. How thit Takk It ?It was easv to see " who is wbo" here, yesterday. The Union men looked elate and jubilant as the news from North Carolina spread abroad. Secesh took it very hard, as 1 might be perceived by the m<-st casual observer their countenances plainly denoting wrath and sorrow in about equal proportions. Passing i? group one could hear such remarks ss " D?d if I believe It;" " ft la all a pack of lies;" I won't believe It until I see it In the Sun or Ezcka?g?t" Ac., Ac. A Union citizen of Georgetown pasted up an " extra'' at the corner of High and Bridge streets, but secesh took It down as soon as it got dark enough for tbe purpose. Flao large and handsome Natloral Flag was raised over Capt. Putnam'a office, comer of Twenty-aecond and I streets, in the First Ward, on Saturday evening. Capt Putnam ran up the ensign, md as it floated to the breeze It was greeted with entbusisstlc cheers by the Isrgs crowd nresent He was then called on for a speech, and commenced by aaylng that he was not born for a public speaker, but disproved that assertion by speaking briefly patriotically, and to the point. A Q M. General Geo. W. McLean way present, and delivered a short and patriotic addreaa, after which Capt. Putnam lnvitsd thoas present to a sumptuous repast which he had prepared. Fiaxs ?Yesterday morning, at sn early hour, a stable and wood house located opposite the Provost Marshal's office, was fired and destroyed About 3 o'clock a. m , a stable located In the allev between Eleventh and Twelfth and G and H belonging to Mr C Schneider, was fired. The flames communicated to other stablea and wood Bouses, which were partially destroyed The Franklin Fire Company, notwithstanding the disabled condition of Its apparatus, wasont at both alarms At tbe first they could render no assistance, but at tbe laat did good service Tbe property destroyed waa that of Messrs. Wheat. Schneider aad Mrs. Fowler, who are the only ioaers. - Hiohwat Robbebt.? Bsrtley Lipscomb, a well known bard character, vesterdav enticed a man from Washington Into a lumber yard In Georgetown and knocked him senseless with a stone: after which, be robbed him of his silver watch, spectacles, Ac Lipscomb, finding the officers on his track, threw the wstcb into ths 5*?^ . "l*rrfsted, and has been committed to jail. Tbs wster was drawn off the lock In Which the watch was thrown, and it was recovered. Cxhtxai GuABDBotsB Cases Yesterday, the 1 arrests mad* during the night and disposed of by I Justice Clark were H. Ebeling, amaultlng hla wlfie; gave security for a further bearing! Tbos. Linton, (col'd,) drunk; dismissed John Kelley, J The Auxiliary Guard answered < to their roll calls night snd morning for the lsst 1 time, snd left tbe building lu charge of the Provoot Guard on doty there Tble morning, upon inqairy at the station, we were Informed that there was ao civil cases docketed. Naw Hospital ?The large brick boose corner of North Capitol and C streets has been taken by the authorities for a military hoapltal Thia I holding la admirably adapted fir such a purpose being in a remarkably pleasant and healthy neighborhood, and having large porticoes to each | story It also has a most excellent well of cold i water In front. Wutebh Acadbmt ?1b noticing the varlooa ! aehoels laat Saturday we *poke of thia institution, corner of Seventeenth and I streets, as s school for females and smstl boys. It is, we learn, a ae- i lect school for tbe Instruction of male pupils in tbo classics, mathematics. Ac . Ao. There is, I however, a good school for small boys connected with the eetabllsbment. School ?la our llat of achoola on Saturday we . omlued to mention the establishment of Mrs General Wheeler, corner ol Prospect and Frederick streets, la Georgetown, which waa adver- 1 Used la our columns PareaM in selecting a school 1 wtlWo weil to sre Mrs. Wbyler before making a J Te bisbt the Campbells give the first of their ' three promised entertain men ta in Georgetown: | after which they return to Washington. Now Is i tbe Urns for tbe Georgetown folks to enjoy them- ' saNaa, aad drive off the bluee effectually. This < even lag a splendid bill. YaraaiBABT Session. ? See advertlaement, etowbere. of Prof Corbya, of the Philadelphia VetertoaryColtoge. He comes here abundantly j recommended. Pouca Commissiobbbs ?There waa ao meet- ! lag of the Beard of Police Commissi oaerTou Saturday. There will be a meeting to-day at one ' o'clock p. m ' J** ? w a tar has bee* temporarily drawn I. ln Qwrgrtowu It will b? filled agalB la a lew daye. Kwira-Wi hear that James M Carlisle, l.aiCbtaWTwZ? ft ,*_?rne * Bopki* Th? Ex Polic* ?The Auxiliary Guards completed their term of aervlce Saturday night, and retired from the guard room after their la*t rollcall Sunday morning. The ex-Chief of Police (Capt Ooddard) vu at hi* former deak In the City Hall to-day, preparing hla book* *?d papen to be delivered up to the Mayor. A ?7.UC?< number of Corporation judgment* are filed In tbs Chief's office, to b? collected when due: and th? question haa been naked by the retiring force, "Doe* not the new law prevent the police from collecting thoae Judgment*, tbev being civil debt*'" Thla matter will doubtle** be provided for without fall, by the properauthorltlea. Ciin Bbtoki jcstic* Doss?Ann Hall(ool] wai arreated thla morning for aaaault and batter* on Margaret A. Moore and required to give hall for coort. Margaret Myeri and Nelly Shepherd were arreated thla morning by detective officer* Allen and Buaher for the larceny of about fortyfour yarda of black allk, aultable for ladle*' dreaaea and valued at about sixty dollar*, from the rtore of Taylor A Hutchtnaon. They were committed for court. Pakads.?On Saturday afternoon, the Seventh md Eighteenth Maaaacbu^etta Reglmenta and Col. Baker'* California Regiment were out on parade, and attracted much attention aa they marched np Pennsylvania avenue-company front?with the ateadineaa and uniformity of regular*. Their appearance indicate* that some palna have been taken to perfect them In the drill. Rev w w Rusk reached thla city Saturday with hla wife, after a tireaome Journey from Fredsrlckaburg, Va He waa stationed at that place by the Maryland Conference in March lMt; oat bas been obliged to return to Maryland without iompletlng his term of one year. He dt'llver?l two very In'erest'ng dlacourses yesterday, In the Ninth street Methodist Protestant church. Th* Psovost Goaid.?The city police being iefunct, the Pravoat Guard performed a portion ?f their duty Inst night by arreatlng d"?>'derlv persons The arreated partlea had not been tried p to noon to-day, and It la probable they will be iispoeed of by the justice who la appointed to atlend to the cases of the Provoat Guard, and the Corporation finea returned directly to the Mayor. IscssDumisM ?They had the uaual Sunday fire ilnrm In Georgetown, yesterday, cauaed by the Bring of aahedln Wheatlev's lumber yard. In which aome laths were stored. The Are was extinguished with the loss of only a few bundles of laths Dkvsx ?Our late conaervatora of the peace (the >x police) had a high old time on Saturday night, i rather large proportion of them being out for a frolic. Rather a poor recommendation tor places an the Metropolitan Police Da. Ramsay la now In charge of (viceGanaelen) the Union Hospital In Georgetown. Several chances have been made among Uie nurses by Mlaa Powell, the lady In charge of that department B B ?Mr J C. Heenan, the Benlcla Boy, li la town. Hoilowat's Pills ?Bilitm* Fever.?This dan lerous disea e is immediately nipped in the bud by a timely use of this anti febrile and corrective inodisin?s ; they purifv the seor'tions of the liver, renovate the atomaon. and cleanse the b ood. Thouranda who wbuld nave aunk beneath the vio lenoc of thia fever have been restored to health by the oaeof theae remedies, after all other mrans had fa led Sold by all Druggists, at 26o., 62o.,and HI per box. au 27-lw CowaHs.?The sudden changes of our climate arc aouroes of Pulmonary, Bron'kiil au;! A*kmatic Aftctions. Kxperience having proved that simple remedies often act speedily and certainly when taken in the earlr states of the disease,recourse should at oace be had to '' Brow1* ErontK<?l Troches," or Loxengea, let the Cold, Cough, or Irritation of the Throat be ever so slight, as by this precaution a more serious attack may be effectually warded off". Pvbliz Speaktrs and Smgrrs will find them effectual for clearing and strengthening the voioe. See advertisement de 1-ly k linn. have you seen Prof. Wood'* advertisement in our paper. Real' it; it will interest you. an au-eol i Pbssibs. Persons desiring pecmes will always fend them for exauauie at tEe Star Office ooniiter. tf To th* affi.ictxd !?Be sure to read the adverof MoLean'a Strengthening Cordial and Purifier, in another column. tr 0IK1), On the 1st ina'ant, CHARLES EDWARD, son of T. Martha J. Williams, aued fourteen m mths. " On Sunday, September 1? t after a long and painful illness, KLL a Hamilton . _ , Fun? ral will take pace a 10 u'olook on Tuesday m rning. September 3d. at the residence of W fc, fatt4 94 D street, between 1st and 2d. * rr"5r*I O. O. F-GRAND LODGE.-A special 1 5r session of the R. W. Grind Lodse of tM Distriot of Columbia wi I be held on MONDAY hVi- NINO, Sept.21, at 8 o'clock. A 'ull attend auoe is desired. By order of the M. W. G. M. an 31-itt JOHN T. H ANGS.G.B. Y5*NATIONAL BUILDING ASSOHIAIL2 TloN.?The third annual meeting will In heTii at Temperance Hall on TUESDAY EVENING nrxt, at 8 o'clock, when an election will be he'd for nffioers to serve for the ensuing year. au3l 3t chas wilson, Sot fTR- UNITED BUILDING ASSOCIATION 'X5 All stockholders and persons interested are res e? ted to meet at Potomac Hall, oorner of Ma r?lar.d svnue *nd Eleventh ?t., on MONDAY EVENING. Septembor 2d, at 8 o'clock, for the purpose of deciding upon the futu>e course of tue Association. By order of the Hoard: aa 81 -it CHA*. WILSON. Sec rrw?BALTIMORK-HEADQi'ARTERS IJ9 MARYLAND R EG'T.?Recruiting 0? osrs for thi* Regiment will report to Maj. wall, 324 Pa. avenue, for orders. J. C. MoCONNEL. Col. Commanding 3d M. D. V. recr TITS desiring to join th s Regiment will be forwarded to the Knnampment. near Baitimoie, without delay The l>. S. Quartermaster Genersl has promptly orderod the lotbing and equipping at oaoe. The families will be allowed 82.5?> pei week- W WAi L. au 30-3'eo Major 3d M. D. V. PUTNAM R ANGERS.?'This is a CompaIL ny of Mounted Voout . and part have already been mustrred in the service a few more good men warned to make up the Company. Call at the laitnd Hall, or on Se#rnth at. near the bridge. G. THISTLETON, Capt. P. S. The Government furni?hesall the horses ad equipmen'a. au 29-5t* T^^COMPANY "A," U S. ENGINK.KRS.L 9 Fifty in'e.ligentand asle bodi-^d mechanics will be enlisted to fill this Company to the max imam fixea by law?130 men. Inquire at No. 344 6 street Pay from $13 to 834 per month, besides food and clothing. au 17 tf li THE UNION PRAYER MEETING will beholden EVER Y DAY sn the E street Baptist Bhuroh.commencing at 6 o'clock p. m. and to be contiucfMj an hour. Strangers as well as citizen* of <11 denominations are invited to attend and taka part in these soaiai meetings. m 21 TJ rOR BIN, Ex-Professor at the Veterina ry Colleg of Philadelphia, oan be consulted at E. K. Conklin's stable. Fourteenth and D sts., Washington, D.C ,<late Birch's.) ee2 lw* VOCAL INSTITUTE. RS. CECIL'A YOUNG Will resume her i.iwi sin V.tcal Musieon Monday next, September 9.h at her residence, No, 4*i6 Elevet th street, between II and 1 sts Terms maueknowa on ap plication. ae 2 1 meo LEASANT VIEW SEMINARY.-Theduties ot this School will be resumed on the seoond Monday In September Terms for board and tsition in the English branohes A>r yfar of ten montbs. Address MISS A* Kfc.fc.LH, sei ?w* HraUsville. Prince George soo . Md. NOTICE. STAGE Will run between WASHINGTON ind TENALYTOWN dailv: leav , ing the Avenue House (oorner 7tl8>MipL J it. and Pa. arenue at 7 a. m. and 3KBCX! i. m.; bavin; Tecaly town at 9 a. m. and 6 p ta., -topping at Willards' and Union Hotel, Georgelown, a few minutes. < Rep ) se 2 3t* I a CARD. L ,_ DESIRE to return try sincere thanks to those noighbors and citizens who rendered their assistknoe at the fere at my residenoeon yesterday raornng, and also to the soldier* of th* Provost Guard Tor their aid and gentlemanly deportment toward* W|LLEY S' HOOiJ B?Wid OLE SALE AND RETAIL. A full nip ply on hand at excradinciy low prioes, Do'h for pnb le and piivate schools. K>rk's Grammar fir introduction at 20 cents. Kirk's Primary do ao.~ 8 oenU. wm BALLaNTYNR, 49? 7th St., n|.|w Above Odd i-'ellows' Hall. aCTONOMIC INK8TA > ii ?CLEKKS, CO \ PYISTS, LETTER WRITBRS.-T\i? aubK?'iber offers to the writing publio the newest and no?t perfect Ink Und ye' prodnced. It has no ' rings, screws or delicaU contrivances The ink &wb into the eap, from natural law; aftor the ink reU at a certa n height, atmospheyie pressure iteps th? fluwieg and yoa hava fresh trk at every Hp of th* ^e?. Clerks, c pyista-and lMt*r wnUrs tn w the advantage of % good inkstand. W e xuarkate-the irk vaea Ir"iB this ink?tand oannot get nouldy, muddy, or triok. l he luksta-id oannot gst >ut of order. Tt e gr?at saving of ink is admired i all. CHaS. eckhard, Sol* Agent, ^t eras h. AaQersoa's, Bookseller and Matiorar, 484 Seveath st, opposite Post uttoe, \* as hi 'gton, D.C. '??* SMITH'S, Ne. 400 Seventh street, is tbe best plaoe m town to buy Ci.oTHlNO. trunks, P D W I N GOMEZ, .*r,4t?Jfmc?iCA.N. <63 paesstlvarla avksc*. > Sl-M* Over LeprsuX e Grocery Store. gurrss. CHKESK, K0<}9 mil kins Fresh New Yo;k Mutter, t* t uckets, small and large sir.e, A kegs g> oA Cooking Butter, m i-fxe* prune ci'e?s?e. jife: - I i 8ko*nne the amount at his chdit in the Treasury, mm and in tkt Mtnt and branches, by returns received , drafts have been issued, but verr then unpaid, and t , also, the amount of future transfers to and from dep I ' 1 I ? In what plaoe. ' . [ 1 Treasury of the United States, Washington, D. C.. Assistant Treasurer, Boston, Massachusetts........ Assistant Treasurer, New Yotk.New York ... . Assistant Treasurer, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania^*. , Assistant Treasurer, New Orleans, Louwiana........ Assistant T-easurer, St. Louis, Missouri Assistant Treasurer, San Francisoo, California I Depositary at Buffalo, New York i Depositary at Baltimore, Maryland.. Depositary at Richmond, Virginia..... Depositary at Norfolk, Virginia ... Depositary at Wilmington, North Carolina. 1 Depositary at Savannah, Georgia.. Depositary at Mobile, Alabama ... Depositary at Nashville,Tennessee.. ? Depositary at Cincinnati, Ohio .. , Depositary at Pittsburg. Pennsylvania ... _ Depositary at Louisville, Kentucky Depositary at Galveston, Texas.......... Rpasi ary at Baltimore positary at Norfolk (Sawyer) " *' Deposi'a'v at Cincinnati {Sherlock> Depositary at Little Rock, Arkansas.. _ t Depositary at Chicago, Illinois Depositary at Detroit, Michigan :... Depositary at Omaha City, Nebraska Depository at Falls ofSt. Croix, Wisconsin ....? .. Depositary at Olympia City, Washington Territory. Denositary at Tallahassee, Florida. Depositary at Omaha City, (Gilinore). A* say office of the United States, New York.. Mint of the United States, Philadelphia, Pa.... Branch mint of the United States, Charlotte, N'(5'" Branch mint of the United States, Dahlonega. Ga " Branch mint of the United States, New Orleans La" Branch mint of the United States, San Francisoo, Cai Deduct overdrafts Add difference in transfers Net amount subjeot to draft . ... Transfers ordered to Treasury of the United Stat Transfers ordered from Assistant Treasurer, Nei '1 ranslers ordered from Assistant Treasurer, Phi Sept t-lt WANTS. WANTED?A WOMAN, to do housework, at No 4ST Tenth street w?st. se2 3t? WANTED-A HARNESS MAKER. Apply to RIi.LV A BROTHER. Georgetown. It* VI/ANTED? A ROOM, either furnished or un" furnished, for two gent'emen. in or "ear the center of the oity. Address Box 6, Star Office. , se 2-1t* \X7ANTED?By a respectable woman, a SITU" ATION to oook, wash, and iron in a private family. Please insu're at No. 343 Ma'raol.utetts ar., between 2d and 3d sts it* WANTED?By a respectable woman, who can come well reoouimeiided a SITUATION as cotk in a private family ; no objection to assist in washing and ironing. Apply at No. US WashingI ton street, between 4th and 8th. se 2-2t* WANTF.D IMMEDIATE L Y?A good-siz?d HOUSE, on Caritol H 11, ready furnished, i Address, with terms,(by letter,) E. DITPRK, 3?0 Ha. ave .ne an 31 St* \E7 ANTED?By a young ladv. of several yesrs' ! v* expe-ienoe in teaching, PUPILS in Music, Frenoh, Latin,and Math'-matiog. Lessons to be given privately, in classes, or in schools. Address Miss M. L.. Washington, D. C. au 31-3t* WANTED TO BUY-A light BUSINESS WAGON, with a top. inquire at J. H. SMI TH'S Clothing Store, No. 460 Seventh at., opposite Post Office. au 30 3t WANTED?To have every body to call at SMITH'S. No 460 Seventh st., oppi s!t? Po?t Office,ajid purchase their FALL and WINTER CLOTHIN6, TRUNKS. HaTS and CAPS, at the very lowest pnoes. Give him a sail. au3Qlm WAITED?A well furnished DWELLINGHOUSE, oontiining about six room* exolu ' siva of kitchen and ser' ant's rooms, well situated, I with a large yard or lot. and a g od carnage-hou^e and stable for not less than three h"r?es. Persons having such premises to rect will p ease Lave written descriptions at the Office of Solicitor of Court of O'aima. with terms an y 2w* WANTKD, FOR THE CASH?AH kinds of SECONDHAND FURNITURE AND HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES. Persons leaving the city or having a surplus will do well to call immediately. R. BUC1II.Y, _je 3 42* Seventh, between G and H sts. WANTKD.?We are now buying SECONDHAN D FURNITURE, STOVES aud BEDDING, for which we are paying the highest I oash prioes. ('amines declining housekeeping, or ! having a surplus of furniture, will find it to their advantage to give us a "all. .. RONTZ A GRIFFITH, je15-tf No. 369 7th st., betw. I and K sts. | PERSONAL. ^ ^0 REtVA RD ?Having learrad th\t a rumor <{? '"" is bus?ly circulated in Washington city that I have had shipped to Nottingham, recently, s?me eight hogsheads of bacon whose destmat'on i was supposed to ba for the South, I rake this m ?thod of pronouncing the charge wholly and maliciously ; for I oan solemnly attest that I i have never ordered to .Nottingham, or any other i port, but one ho< ahead of baoon in my life, and how there oould be any cause for snch a o arge against mr integrity I cannot conceive, tn'ess it ' originated from the faot that, ab ut th? tiire alluded to,there were soma mi cr eignt hogsheads of ooal and one hogshead of bacon that oame to Notting > ham?the hogshead of baoon and five hogsheads of ooal f?r W. H. Gwynn, Sr , and so marked ; other two were mine, and marked W H.Gwyno, Jr.; so, if the malicious mischief maker had have I notioed a little more particularly, he might have saved himselt the trouble of reporting falsehoods, i and mvself the neonssity of publishing this. ! I will give the above reward for any positive in formation that will lead to the detection and oor.viotion of the person who would make this unwarranted attack upon my eha-acter. WM. H. 6WYNN of Thos. T. B.. August 28 h. au29 4t* ~ ' LOST AND FOUND. f^AKEN UP?On Saturday night, 31st ult., a * hay MARE, abont 4 years o d. Thecv owner is requested ta oome forward, prove property, pay oharges, and take her away 1 ' HENhVC HOLME*. se2 3t* Cor-er Twelfth and H streets. (JOT ASTRAY?*>n Saturday evening last, a vary sr>all bay MARE, about 4 years /a old; never has been shod. Any peison lea ing information where she "ay he/XZ? found at '231 Pa.avenue,opposite Willards'Hotel, will be suitably rewarded. 6e2 2t* rOST-An exchange of TRUNKS was made in Philadelphia. Pa., on Satu"iaT??riB night. The one missing is a small HaokRnnN trunk, and the one in my possersion ls^**1"*" markedF L." The owner will please commnni ' am very anxious to recover my property whioh I have, call on or address J. T P., No i 16 Fourteenth street, Washinston, 1). L. .?in REWARD.-Strayed from my slaughter VI" pen. between id and 1 o'olook Fri- rtTi^ day morKing, two CATTLE, weighing*^ about I, *) pou ds e?oh gross One is aJL^i red and white pied, and the other a bru die or ed as near as oan be reoollected. They have a slight dip of tar on ths root of the tail. Whoever will return these oattle to me wi I rroeive a reward of 10 JOHN HOOVER, New Jersey av , * 3t Between M and N sts. north skin steel-clasp PURSE, containing about $37. consisting of bank notes and gold. Also, a 850 i*n 5 c2" P*yable to my order, but not endorsed. The finoer, on returning the same to the undersigned, 300 Ninth st, near Pa. or4?* Mary and av.,wiII be suitably rewarded. (au 31 3t) P.M. PEAK SON. G TRACED AWAY?Strayed into mvpremises, C? on Thursday, the JJHh, 20 which the owners cin have bf provioc vwean Mr?. lsherweod s and the FirsfTolUata. au ao 3t* E8Jrd^T Woa ?T K ^ K^'bVhe'iwne*^T|^' ' an have them (by proving his ownership K7 " " " "'.'"is,"' M. I. FRAULIN, 8CIKfTrPIC AND PRACTICAL OPTICIAN, (From Philadelphia,) 944 Penn'aaT?'noi th side,) bat. 12th and 13th sts. Improved SPECTACLES and EYE GLA88BS, ?s?r.Ti0'. ' BUiumn Field Glasses, Microstores, Teltscores. Opera ani Harms Oleusss with the best Achromatic Lenses, Mathematical and Physical Instruments Compasses. Btmetcopes and Stereoscopic ri.tri ts at eat variety, at the lowest Eastern prwws aut>tr !V1 NOTICE.

ifMt' WILLIAN respectfsllv tuforms hia * Hi'nmimNi. Anm, Bi wen 9th emd li?A struts, south side. Jtoje tor the sale ot the ohoto-at WINKS, HAMS,?ail ot Uieir own importatioa. > Or TO 'se Hl'N(i E M K R. WMhicjtoa, A?(?st to, |*l. dat,) mi 9w miLY STATEMENT, itk imi'Mt Treasurers and designated Depositaries, to Monday. J6rk Annul. 1SQ' ; the ?m?*i for which ke amount then rrmntntne subjttt t* draft. S4wm|, osttarut, at ordered by the Secretary of the Treasury Drafta hereto Amount on de huT not*Tet Amount sub**? Ja.d thoMh J??ttodnA payable. #144,131 44 S5%?*? * S*5.142 94 679,4'? 38 *4.733 07 47?.K72 21 3,451,015 04 1,817 "82 86 1,631,9R2 18 532.3*1 "7 4 5 68185 96,If* 83 14S.226 74 22,853 88 123 372 86 5ift.?39 56 144.816 58 395.433 03 582,507 87 286.22 1 43 316.338 44 1,?? 17 1.175 V> 514 82 4,??W 3 611 75 <*3?4 14,097 21 2.389 0' 11,71-8 2r> 1I.-9S58 1.062 70 10,132 88 6,M8 r? 737 0? 5 351 78 4,874 11 1J51 85 3,7H 26 18.225 35 3,456 10 14 760 25 4 8*0 88 J61 85 4.618 93 4,916 80 4 001 47 915 31 ^ P34R8 217 85 417 03 699 74 699 74 2,811 98 1.0W 15 1,805 73 S? 79 20 79 Z? . * ? " 1,413 00 1.413 fO 1,118 61 96 U7 1,03 54 ?. 5*69^ 29 54,505 '9 4,187 10 SHIM 8,543 45 8/54 41 8.359 24 3,793 38 4.565 86 917 54 237 50 68104 e.i'd "1 - 6 000 01 516 ^9 516 79 679 68 679 66 9.210 40 9.210 40 202.513 00 202 5>3 00 199,654 16 19V54 16 ?. S2,?00 00 2,6^5 00 29.375 ?>1 27 OS 27.950 03 S89 2CT46 339 .267 46 ? - 5?>,fl00 00 500.000 00 SIS * 87^98,112 83 1 S3,040,709 33 I 94.557,'3i 32 **- ?- , ?,, i > ? ? ? .? i -i , , , ? aSE Q 4<5V?,?K! M> ? I7^nn no ? ? #?- ? 4?974?3 eg, Washington, D. G ? 650,000 00 r York, New York 532.500 no iladelphia, r?. ? 'oo,ooo oo 532.500 op AUCTION SALES. By WALL A BARNARD, Auotioneors. Trustee'S SALE OF VALUABLE |Mprovid Rial Estatb.?By virtue of a deed | of trust, dated the 18th day of Maroh. 1857, and duly recorded among the land reoorda of the county of Washington, D. C , 1 shall proceed to sell, on the remise*, on MONDAY, the 23d day of September. 1861, a' 5 o'olook p. m.,all those pieces or paroe'a of ground situated in the city of Washington, fn said 1 District, and known and designated as Lots numbered thirty four (34) and thirty-five (35) in Square numbered five hundred and three (503) together with the improvements thereon, consisting of a large three story Hriok House, with a fine base ment. Said property is located on the south aide of N street south, between 4X and 6 h streets. Tsrms of sale:?One quarter iu cash, balance in aix twelve, eighteen, and twenty four montha from the day of sale, to be secured by a deed of trua; on thepremises. I (the terms of sale be not oom plied with in fire days from day of sale, the Trustee reserves the right to resell at the risk and e^st of the first curchaser. JOHN F ENNlX.Truj'ee. so2 WaLLA BARNARD, Ano a. By WAUi A BARNARD, Anotioneera. PEREMP^RV AUCTION SALE OF SUTlku'b Goods and Gbocbbibs to ClosiiCon sii>>M?!?Ta.? On TUESDAY MOKNlNG, 3d September, at 10 o'olook? itacoc, Cheese, Sardines, and Herring, Flour. Crackers, *o? Ca?esand'Kega Pick es, Sauoea, Preaervea, Ao., Jell ei, 2 Hogsheadk \loa?-??, lo Bbia. Crow's A Son Bonrbon Whiakey, 25 Hbla Parker'a Monongahela Whitkey, 118 Bbla Pike's Magnolia Whiakey, 1 Bb'.Chesnut Grove, and Jamaica Rum, 10 V Casks Brandy, 12 % Casks Brandy. 5 J* risks Pale ana Brown Sherrv, 5 5G& on Keta Superfine Holland Gin,Sherry,Port, Biandy and Whiskey. 5 Caa*s ^ 'mperial Champagne, 25 Caies Okl Nectar Whiskey. 35 Cates Otard and Warrett Co , Brandy, 20 Cases <;iaret, S'cars and Tol'aooo Termscaah. ?ua WALL A BARNARD, Ancta. Br J. C. MoGUIRE A CO., Anotioneera. Superior rosewood CASE SEVfrN otttava Piano Foeti Wheblbr A VVitbon'b Sxwino Machine, excellent Fdbnitcbi and hqttsrhold Err-cTs, at Publio Salb?On tUKSDAY MORNING, Sept< inter 3d, st 10 o'oock, at No ? noith A atreet, between Delaware av?nue and Firat atieet ea*t, (opposite the East Paik of the Capitol.) we ah^ll sell the Furniture and Effects, oompns-nc? Suienor Rosewood Seven Ootave Gold Medal Piano, by Roaenkrantx. Piano Cover and Stool, Whatnot, Walnut and Mahogany Hair Spring-seat Sofai, Rockers,aid Parlor Chairs, Marble-top Sofa and Center Tables, *?il.-frarae Mirrora, Dan a-k Cu'taiua, Veietian Blinds, Window Shades, I'Otngea, Caoe and Wood-aeat Chaira, Wle-Mer A Wilson'a Sewing Machine, Gil Gas Cbandeliera and Fixtures. Exielient Brucacla, Three ply, and Ingrain Car pete. Matting, Oilcloth. Stair Carpets, Mahogany Card and Fancy 'I ahlea, Do. Hat I ree, Hall Chairs, Hoimea'a Therapeutic Oh air, Wali.ut Extrnnon ''able Sideboard, Wuict'.ty of China. Glass and Crockery, Bedsteads, Bureaus, Wathstands, ! Wardrobes. Toilet Sets. Clocks, Suierior Fea'her Beds, Bolsters, and Pillows, Ha r and Husk Mattresses, Blankets, Comforts and Spreads, Cosking, Radiator, and other dtoves, Hy Irant and Pipe, Gutta Teroha Hose, Ac Together with a generai assortment of Kitchen RejuiS'te*. Terms cash. P. S?The Houae ia for reat. inquire of the Auitioneera. ai 30-d J. C MoGUIRE A CO. Aucta. By BO^iTZ A GRIFFITH, Auctioneer. TfRL'STEE'B SALE OF HOUSE AND LOT 1 in thb Nokthkbn libbbt.x^bby virtue of a died in trust hearing date on tMVth day of f)ctob?r, 1850, ?nd recorded in Liber J. A. S , No. 185,folioa2u3.204 and 205, the subscriber will sell, at publio sale o* THURSDAY, the 2'th day of Aucust 1861, at fl o'clock p. m? on the premises. p\itorLotNo. 19, in subdivision of square No. 425,'rooting 17 feet 11)f inches on 8th street west, wi a a deptn 90 fe?-t to an alley, with the improvameits consisting of a two story and att.o Frame Dveliing House, aith oellar. The above property is situated at the oorner of 8thstreet we<t and M street north, in a rapidlv im arming part of the oitv. and offers a favorable op?or unity to persons desirous of procuring a resie co or making an investment Terms cash. If the terms of sale are not oomplied within five days afier the sale the property will be resold, upon one weeks' rotioe, at the risk and expense ol the purchaser. All oonveyanoing at the expense of toe purchaser. RiCHaRD A. RDMONSTON/Trustee, ai 8-3'awads UONTZ A GRIFFITH, Aucts. IT^THE ABOVE SALE 18 POSTPONED u Tl TUESDAY, September 10th, at 5 o'olook? sane place. au 30 BONTZ A GRIFFITH, Aaota. FUK 8ALHi AMD KEiNT. PARM FOR SALE?A new Cottage House, 1. with from 10 to 150 acres of ohoioe Land, ai Amapjlia Junotion. for aa e. Terms easy. Abe young orohard on the premises Apply, personally or by letter, to T. SIIA1LER, Jr., Annapolis Junction se2iw* Furniture for sale and hwuse FOR RENT.?The Furniture in House No. 3ii Eleventh st, between L and M, ia offered at privau* sale. Any person wishing to lock at the tiouss and furn<t?re with intention of (-urohaaing can tb ao any hour fiom 9 a. in. to 6 p. m. au J 3t^ 1/OK RENT-A fine new HO USE (brick), with I 11 rooms and bath-room, and with wat r and gaa, situated ia a n o%t desirable looality, in the vioinity of Judio a y Fquare, ia f >r rei.t, rea<ly furniahel, on favoiabla terma. Apply at thia once. au 2B -1w LUiK RENT-A very dea rable STAND for a K boarding bouaa, on Pesnaylvania avenus and hiightn st., now oocupiod by the Messra. Joy, and has alwaya had a fall ahare of the patronage of the oity. Poasestioti given on the 1st of September next. Said house Is in good order. For further partioalars apply to JAMES TOWLES, Agent, )90 8 street north ; or Mrs. JULIA KEEP 376 E "treet. au 17 tf 'HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS.IX Four iiandsomeiy Fnrmshed Rooms, auapwed with gae aod water, and convenient to the Patent aud Peat Office Departn.enU. for rent. Apply at i 490)4 Massachusetts avenue, aorth nde, between 4th and 5th sta. matt GEORGETOWN ADVEBT'MTS fYTP?PO0T OfFlCE, L3 , , Gbobobtoww. D. C.. August 28.1861. Notioe is harebv given to all persons haTlnc Cvelopas of the old lasue that they will be raeeired ftxol.ance for thoae of the new atyle, if presented to thip offioe within aix dayaot this date; after whioh time they will not be receive i in payment of prt?*,td 'sl'"r*- hensy addison. p. m. Mi88EY' WIAffia DMIOMT. ?th!f?bb!.. *o.X do! nnwr* 1 u^ 6wiwwi. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS INTERESTING FROM THE SOUTH Lorn villi, Sept. 2 ?A special dispatch to tbe NewOr leans Delta, from Richmond of the *7tb 4 'ifpK. uya that President Da via is to 111 that Coafress haa adjourned to await his convalescence A bill baa paused Congress for a settlement of accounts between the Confederate Government and the States for allowances towards the prosecution of the war. Some members favor the release of Messrs Harris, Mag raw and Ely. Commander Boutwell bas been brought to Richmond, charged with being a spy Gee Magruder, from Richmond, la here, and conflrmaRoeecrana'surrender to Lee near Beverly. President Davla baa been authorized to appoint two aids to the commander-in-chief. All absent officers of the Army of the Potomac are required to be at their posts on the ?>th of August. After the adjournment of Congress Dsvls will take command in person of the Army of the Potomac. Richmond dispatches report several arrests in Loudoun county, Vs., of old citizens, charged with treason. Several deatha among the Federal prisoners had oocurrrd. The Knoxvllle Register of the 35th notices tbs arrest of Com. Boutwell, U. S. N , by order of the Confederate Secretary of the Nsvy. j The Pensacola correspondent of the Columbus (Ga ) Sun says there are whispers of a fight soon. I Litters are being made by order of the Quartermaster. Troops are expected. Capt. Abernathy, of the 19th MTasisslppl regt- I ment, reports on the 20th that more than half of bia brigade are in hospital. ARRIVAL OF THE NORTH AMERICAN. Montbeal, Sept. 2.?The ateamship North I American, which left Liverpool on the 23d of August, arrived off Farther Point at half-past 9 o'clock thla morning. The Anglo Saxou arrived out on the 19th and I the City of Baltimore on the 20th ult The North American brlnga S 100,000 In specie. I the mabkbts. Sales of cotton for three days, 50,003 bales, of I which 83.000 were to speculators Kxporta?the I market closing quiet, and with an advance of Is. I 8d. In Breadstuff's there was still a declining tendency. The market closed very quiet at a decline of 2d on wheat and 6d on flour. Corn was dull. miscellaneous The political news Is unimportant I The F.mperor of Austria has issued a decree for I the dissolution of the Hungsrlan Diet. AFFAIRS IN MIStOtRI The Prectnmatten sf General Fremsat? Martial Law ia Mistsa 1 St Louis, Aug 31 ?The following proclama- I tion was issued this morning: H-adqunrter* Wetttm Department,) St. Louis, August 30th. \ I Circumstances, In my judgment, of sufficient I urgency to render It n<ces*iry that the command- I Ing get eral of this Department should assume I the administrative powers of this Slate, its disor- I ganized condition, the helpness of the civil au- I tbority, the total insecurity of life and the devaata- I tion of property by bands of murderers and ma- | rauders who infist neariv every county in the I State to avail themselvfs of the public misfortunes I and the vicinity of a hostile force to gratify nrt- I vate and neighborhood vengence, and who i nd I an enemy wherever they find plunder, finally de- I mand aevere tneaaires to repress the daily in- I creasing crimes and outrages which are driving I off the Inhabitants and ruining the Sta'e In thla condition the public safety and the sue- I cess of our srms require unity of purpose, without | let or hindrance to the prompt administration of | affairs. In order therefore to suppress disorder, to main- I tain aa far as Is now practicable the public peace, I and to give aecurity and protection to the persons I and property of loyal citlzena. I do hereby extend I and declare establlahed martial law throughout I the State of Miasourl. The lines of the army ofoccupstion in this State | are for the present declared to extend from Leav- I enworth, by way of the posts of Jefferson city, | Kolla. and Ironion, to Cape Girardeau, oa the I Mississippi river All persons who shall be taken with arms in I their hands within these lines shall be tried by | court-martial, and if found guilty will be shot The property, real and personal, of all persons | in the State of Missouri, who shall take up artns I against the United States, or who shall be directly I proved to have taken artlve pert with the I enemies in the field is declared to be confis I cated to the public use, and their slaves, if they I have any, declared free men. All persons who shall be proved to have de- I stroyed, after tfce publication of this order, rail- I road tracka, bridges or telegraphs, shall suffer the | extreme penalty of the law All persons engaged in treasonable correspon- I dence, in giving or procuring aid to the enemies I of the United States, in fomenting tumults, In I disturbing the public tranquility by creating and I circulating false reports or Incendiary d^umenta I are In their interests warned that they are expos- I lng themselves. All persons who have been led away from their I allegiance are required to return forthwith. Any I such absence, without sufficient csnse will be held I to be presumptive evidence against them The object of the declaration Is to place In the I hands of the military authorities the power to I give instantaneous effect to the existing laws and I such deficiencies as the conditions of war de- I mand; but it Is not Intended to suspend the or-I dinary tribunals of the country where the law I will be administered by the civil < Hi-era In the! usual manner and with their customary authority, I while the same can be peaceablv exercised The Commanding General will labor vigilantly I for the public welfare, and In his efforts for their I safety, hopes to obtain not only the acquiescence, 1 but tbe active support of the people of the country. I (Signed,) J C. Fremont. Major General Commanding St. Louts ,4Aog 31 ?The provost marshal has I issued peremptory orders forbidlng any person I passing beyend toe limits of the countv without I a special permit. Railroad, steamboat, ferry and I other agenta are prohibited from selling tickets to I any one not holding s pass from themarshal. Tbts I order Is aimed especlslly to reach parties leaving I tbe city for the purpose of communicating infur- I mation to the enemy The correspondent of the St. Louis Democrat I furnishes the following items: Parties from | Springfield report that a aklrmish had taken place I iu Vernon countv, east of Fort Scott, between I Colonel Montgomery, of the Kansas forces, and I tbe rebel troops under Gen Kalos. Reinforce- I ment had been sent to Gen. Rains from Spring- I field Six thousand rebels were said to be encamped I at Pond Spring, and another encampment of over I five thousand was at a spring south of the Fayette- I villa road. Gen. McBilde, with one thousand I men, passed through Dade county las* week In a I northwest direction and a thousand men were I at Dry Leads, Dade county, devastating tbe I country of every vestige of property belonging to I Union men. Fayette, Aug. 29 ?Apprehensions being felt I that tbe branch of tbe Stale Bank at thti pla-e I would be robbed, the cashier yesterday sent lbs I specie, amounting to about Si(10 U00, to tbe Allen I depot, on the Northern Missouri railroad, for I transportation to St Louis. Oa reaching Allen I depot, the money was seized by a party of seces- I sionlsts and carried off. A Seathera Acceaat af the Captare af Fart I Uatteras. Louisville, Sept. 1.?A special dispatch to I the Courier from the Union and Americasi of I Nashville says dispatches from Richmond state! that General Butler, commanding a fleet of one! hundred guna and 4,000 men. arrived off Fori I Hatteraa on Tuesday and <5?ened fire on Ihe Fort. I which was vigorously returned by the garrison af | 300 men, under the command of Captali. Barron, I formerly of the U 8 Navy. After firing twenty I rounds the Confederates' ammunltloa gave out I and the entire force aurrendered. Tbe fort was! built a few months since, and mounted twenty I guns. Selxare af Seathera Merchandise. Boston, Aug. 31.?Fifty thousand pounds of tobacco was seized here ta-day by tbe Ualtad 1 States marshsl the alleged property of Jamas I Thomas, of Richmond Vs. It reached here via I Nashville and Louisville. Extsaaiva Firs. * Csicaoo, Aug jl?There waaa ire yesterday at Bishop Hill, In this State. which flsaHnyad several corn-bousss and machinery, and a large I amount of broooa cora, together with several I hundred thousand feet of lumbar, belonging to I tbe Bishop Hill Colony. Lass vary heavy. No I lnaaraooe. ~ ! The Reaaalaa el 6ea. Lyaa. Tbbnton, N. J-. Aug. 31?The remains of General Lyon passed through this place at elena o'clock this morning. During tbepassage through the city minute guns were fired, the bells tolled, and the flags were displayed at hatf-aiaat. Earth?iaake stClsclsasU. CiaciNBATi, Aug 31 ?A ssrlousAaok ofaa/thqoake was felt in th s city aad vtolaltj at Ave o'clock this mora lag, si?lag peep* tragi their * _!i irif Frwte tke l>^tr r?U?*c. !..Pl!V4:"t * "?*.* a?*. 31 ?Advlc? froa Martiesbuig *?-d?r r>*te that tbe Hon Edtftuud J. Pen<llftM, of Hrrhaiav county. Va , bad bftt ctptu'M i>v the rakate Mr. Pendleton wtt oae of tbe mot: proeetaent Union men of that county Ewrjlhlng ! reported quiet "long the Patoouc. krtwnen the mouth* of the 9roirt and Mwiooarr rlvera, this morning. Prime* Napeleonat NhmfeM. MiLWAriM, Auk 31-Prince Nipoleon and J"'|f arrived from Lake Superior tart night and. ST o'clock trim for Prat du Chlea. ' rlnce and hla suite were nil In Una spirit*. EDUCATIONAL. GBO.?ET,,WN JE?ALf. A FOAKDIXO A *J> DA Y SCHOOL. ft*. 151 Wtu St., between Otwrtu am 4 fiith id. alfc.d. MrjtM.'isss? sHJr fsvia ? "Md u* ci?M. _ . iMTmccroaa. u'S i u' f1, ' 51r?. t 'eotlin Voaii, ? L1 t i Hi?f"naa. Mr W. c. Berrmnn. * " ? au3 M J- HAHEOVFR. M^i55?f^Si?Ll,INAV F?11 young iJ" '-AO1W?n nwm on Moiny, September ^ ^ i 1'o0*u* ? oorner L and Tenth sts. m J* I w I ?T 0w*rSMAJ?E ACAl>E*T " EKT, Bit. KiaHTiiy? a?d Nmiriuinu h- fc- / ANNEl , Principal. The duties of this I notation nil te r*itti>?i on M o-day. Septa trh-r 7i. aa ? ?t* \V., ? D MRt* l* C T<?DD * ILL Resume ihe dutirs o' h-r Sch >ol on Mandsv, h'r'*?>>wM<at her residenoe, Jf>7 I) itrwt, between *h and 7th ata. as KMw* A LNWICIC SEMINARY? ~" r.u . *VK \oVHG LADIES. The dutiea of this Institution will be res a mod on Mod..ay. 16'h of 8? ptember address M. A- T V??\i ^ i ^sorce's ouiiity Md. In the oity. Circulars mar be tad at l>r. Tj?'_n sOrufStora, oorner of L an J >inth sU. MKVERETT INSTITUTE, A8JACHISKTT8 *VM Hitwiu Vri aire . , 10TH rrmnrrs, A ' Sck*?l for Fort. Tne Pixth Annual Session uf this Inst tste will eommenoe on Monde?. September J T%m"modnra^_? farther sartJcuVrs sae circulars nt the B.ickstorw, or K VpPARLfcY. the Pruwial, it hia residence. <9* Tenth st na y >w I^KMALK ^tMINARY, GWiRUKTOWN, ?*t ?.- V ? kNGLISIt, P'tncipal, Enslish purpose*. oa Moi.dsy, September 8?1, t-j take charge of n ,muted numbt of pnpils, to h?n instruction and improvement bar b*at efforts will i>e directed. Fiom her many years' exPTienoe in this business, she hones to be ab'e to siva satisiastion to ti>o*e parents nnd sin dinns who may place pupils und<r her onre. Terms made known on application at No. 3d Gay st au j6 2w* W T. MATT H E W'S ACADKNY, J? CoM?Tiiu.iMNiw\*nAv., ITa.?AtiM''>n. It. C. The exorcises of tris institution wi'i be resume! on th? fi st Monday m September. Terms per sae f n of five months, from f7 to #16; paiable in advascn. The German and French lanruaces. Music, l>rawii.K an-1 Paintinc. form extra charges. I- or p\rticulars applj nt tne lnat.lut.on. a H 2wep SCHOOL FOR SMALL BOYS. No ?7T I St.vS?o?se* ITth rhisSch ol will reopen on Monday. September 2d. Circulars at Bookstores. For farther inforinition ' all from ? to 12. Krftrencts?Dr. 8. L. Loomis, Professor L. C. Lo mis u K-ettw SCHOOL FOR 0 ? YOUNG LADIES. Mias M. P. DUNCAN will, on Monday, the Sd of ? n-xt, resume her School at her reeldance, No Ml Indiana aveuue. She has made arraicements to teoeive a limited number ol papiln as boartiers. as EM E R 8 O N IN 8 T 1 TUT E, ? H 8t*B*t, _ , fletween 12th and I3th sta., Stltrt Clatsttai and Math, mat%(al Srk?ol fir Bomt Fit'' exe cisae ol tr.ts School will be resumed the first Monday in September. Address au 19 tf CHAS B. YOUNG. Principal. i J^HE UNION FEM vLE ACADEMY. ^ Tha Twrlfth Annual Session will oommeaon September 3. For particoin tneeira of the Pnnoipa Mra. Z RICHARDS, a a 17 lm Corner of Fourteenth and K ata. Nthk western acapkm v, o 87 7 I. oorner of Seventeenth street, recently order the care of Dr. Looms, will be reopened Monday, th-? ?d of Septemi-er. Appication may be ma?s at Dr. Tcwxx's, 4?0 Fourth street, Judhoi\ry Sauara. au 17-Sw* JOSHUA O. COLBURN. |JKOOKEVILLK_ACADtM\. The next session will commence September M. Boys are prepared for college or for business. For oataiogae please address ju Brookeville, Md . E. B. PRETTY MAN. A M.. au a-1 m (Intel.) Pnr.cipal. T . , ? FEMALE EDUCATION. . HCSE rr.reutr who wish their daughtna to raoeive a thorough and systematic education, when thoir physical training will receive daily andtpesial attention, under the moat approved argtetn or Caliathnuoa and Qj mr as tics, nre r-spectfklly inrltad to viflt the Union Female Academy, oorner Fourtee th m. ar-ti New Vork av. . MR. A MRS. Z. RICHARD*. mtf Prtneiaam. * JUST RECEIVED FROM ST. LOUTS. . s ARM V OFF1CEK8 AND OTHERS are rerpeotftily invited to ell at the store of C. WOODWARD, No, 318 PENNSYLVANIA aVENUB, Between 10th and lith streets, Waahinnto i, D. C., and see the most complete arflc e of CAMP ME8S CHESTS, will TABLE AND WRITIXG DESE COMBINED, KVEK INVENTED. An article Officers who appreciate tha oomforta of Camp hie ahoald not be withoat. also, OPFIt'fc.RS* CAMP COOKING STOVBS. with B^e Ovens. Camp Equipments, Ac, Ao. All kjids of COOKING AND HEATING STOVBS. of the latent improved stries, for Parlors, Cham b*ra, Offices. Ac.. Ae^ Ac HARDWARE AND HOUSE FURNISHING GuODd. To be had at m X. WOnDWARU-8,No. SIS Pa avM beC leth and lltk ate., < aa S1-?t BaJeosy in front. QH f>H !-8e to the People's Cio h n< Srore, No. 4*6 Seventh street. oppo?i e Po?t Ofe*. and examine that new stock FALL CLtiTH 1N?, i U UNKS. HATS and CAPS, all ft?r sale at the lowest N w York prioes 9 aa ?1n THR GREAT RUSH TO ARMS has eaaaed f Ml f H to ra?" N th aca '?s e- ish hit moot or FAI! VN IM1.K O tiTHlNG, whieh 'e offers at remarka^o k>w pries, at No 4an iter anth ?t..pppos te Post Offiee ?? In BARGAINS.'BARGAINS!-Grsat be gains IB a-1 kinds of CLOTHINB, TJtUNkSTVA."tlSES, CA R P*T BAGS, SHlkTS Tl KSTCofABi, H AT-? and CAPS, at SMITH'S, No.?fcr> !>ventn st . oppo-ite Poet Okse Call aed eea his new stock of Goods, whiok will be ao.d at astonishinig law rates. aa ? 1m PHILADELPHIA PRINT BUTTER? Cbwts r*x PurMj MR T. B. WILSON. StaU 813 Center Market, hack of the o>d watoa house sic a Red Cnr 1 tain. Is acaia va.lins this aarivaier butter at ? oent?. Patronix- him; h? kept ths priee down ali theauaaer, and.havmi determined te mtfte t^ia his permanent reaic'enee, latere to kens it down. nn te^t* 1 ? NOTICE TO SUTLEB8. purposes, at low prices at w -olaaala. aa? New Iron Bmldfta. "? NOTICB TO **&??? BAILIOU fences tySmwsr5* OiFicisr SaaiTamr Ci mm anion, Tr^nry Buildin?. Mfl If POT A tO B8! -las. - POTATOEH W* Waaterm Miyaara wfil be No ~ Pennsylvania av.. eoraer* tJxrsuzsrxi.' iky i w. sir.Bi.r a Jt NB^W8P,W;w- - iJC

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