Newspaper of Evening Star, September 2, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 2, 1861 Page 4
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I ?s??? THE EVENING STAR. ' lr TBS WAY TO BAMBOOZLBNcClellan's afraid that the n?w^>aper wrltera < May dlaclcM to oar foee the new plana for hia * lighters, But lot Mae only bid them all write aa they chooae, Co each Washington aerlbbler may make his own ??wi, .Let him give each tart* blame k4, to tell all that he knows, And twill be lust the beat means to humbug our foes!?iv. T. Sunday Timti. ROW TO NAKR V.xn PACK BITTER. I oheerfully comply with your request in givfng sooh information in relation to paoking and keeping butter through the summer season as I am competent to do, giving you the method lh*t baa proved the moat successful with us:? 1. In the first place you ask in regard to ( churning, we use dog power, having the , temperature in warm weather about 55 deg. < Pah., which gives the butter R good solid oon istencT. ? 2. When the butter comes, it is removed and i waahed with cold ice-water until the butter- ' milk U Rll removed. i. It is then aalted?about one ounce of salt to R pound of butter?worked in thoroughly ' and sot in a oool place twenty-four hoars, when ! it ia worked just sufficient to remove all the ! buttermilk 4 It ia then packed in the firkin, and covered , tight, so aa to exclude the air. 9. When the firkin is filled, then yau pat a 1 ?l?th over the batter, pat on a good covering of salt, and then pour on water, which makes i brine. We keep it thus covered an til it goes to market, (it Wng the only way we ooald verkeep a dairy perfectly sweet through the season.) Theaa rules are atrictlv observed. I will warrant never to fail, if the batter is properly made. We use good whito oak firkina. Manner of preparing them before putting in the batter? fill them with cold water to soak three or four days; a handful of salt thrown in will make them all the better. When we get ready to put the butter in the firkin, we rub the inside all over thoroughly with salt, which forms a brine b?twe?a the firkin and batter. All salt used about butter in any form should be good dairy salt, aa there is more or lees lime la other salt, which renders it anfit for butter. A?J <4 a. I ? a* _i __ ? a vrwu Boib wnier is aiso essential, as nara limey water is very objectionable.?Country Gentleman. , THB VIRTU* OF BORAX. The washerwomen of HoHand and Belgium, i o ^rorerbially clean, and who get up their linen so beautifully white, use refined borax i M washing powder, instead of soda, in the p roportion of one large handful of borax ( powder to about ten gallons of boiling water; they save in soap nearly one-haif. All the large washing establishments adopt the same mode For laces, cambrics, etc., an extra j quantity of the powder is used, and for crinolines (requiring to be made stiff.) a strong solution is necessary Borax being a neutral salt, does not in the slightest degree injure the texture of the linen; its effect is to soften the hardest water, and therefore it should be kept on erery teilet-table. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS From teb Uair&b Statu. I.tar*. for. Pm\s. j 6I&ICOV Niiv Vnrlr * Ar?i"o???-?New York_.Havre. Sept 14 Fro* Egbopb Slaagow..... ..Liverpool New York?Aug. 21 , ' jra Liverpool New York..Aog.22 ArtMt .?...Liver pool.. ..Boston An*. 24 Aft o\ ? Liverpool ?New York.. Aug. 31 The California mail steamer* leave New York , ' en *he let. lith, and 21*t cf every month. ? T CARRIAGES. DE Subscriber naving made addition* to hit ftotory, making it sow one of the largest,* u> the District, where hi' ' aoilit:e* for manalactarine CARRIAGES andWr? LlOHT WAGONS ^faii kinJ* cannot be ear 4 passed, and from hie long experience in the bnsln*?*,he hoposto give general tatisfaction. AJ^kinds of Carnal* ani Light Wagon* kept AjlftKPAIRB neatly done, and all orders promp'tj &tt4Dd6d to. Seeond hand Carriage* taken in exohu>f* f?r MWOtdt. ANDREW J. JOYCE. , d U tf corner of Ponrtoontb and K its. J Proposals for side wheel 1 STEAMERS. NAVT Dxpaktmb^t, J I , Burt- ? cj Couslrtutxrm, ? J . Wa?h:kotuN. August 8. '88M Is CowoBXiTT with tne act of congress app roved the SJ Aug oat. l?H, the f>avy Department \ will rooeive proposals tor the construction and ; aaipmeot of T waive Side Wheel Steamer*. 'I he load draft of water not to exoeed aix feet . ai?e inohee;to oe armed with two rifled gone, of I lb*, each, oca at eaoh end of the veasel; also, with two ij-pouad howitxers; the complo ment to i bi one hundred persons with provisions for sixty ; days, to have two thousand gallon* of waier in tanks, and to be provided with a condenser for disT<~ I wm 1 I p???i w atvi wv iwuuvurr J i? |cu< ?UU have a rodder at each end, properly protected by a Tfce Department desires to have the hi cheat at ftaiaabie speed, which must be stated in the offer, together with the lengtb o! time it can be mamMined, and the quantity of coal that can be carried la the b ankers for that speed, whioh should not be ? MM than for eighty day a. Tike proposal moat be for the hu!l, spars. rigging, > Mile, and canvass work, boats, anohora, and oabiee. tanks, oaska, fur nit ire. cooking apparatus a*d atCLsHa, Meant machinery and spare work, with ail tha equipments for a vessel of war complete and ready in alt reapeota for sea service, and ready to reoeive her ofioers, men. armament, I tor?s, proviaiona, and fuel for steam macluaery. The armament, store*, provisions, and fuel will be furnisned by tbe Government. The-sp-ctcatuns must fully deacnb* the n.aIwwa to be us 3d,the method ana site of fastening, the detail ol the aize, material, hniah. kird.and arrangement of machinery, and of the varioaa eoi?stteaia inoladed in the proposal. The plana n?9*t be working drawinr s.from which the veaael and machinery r an t>* built, showing the allotment of space for accommodations, store rooms, magazine, and shell-rooms, disposition of tteooal. Jto. The boilers and englnee tobebe'ow the deek? the main shaft may be above; the boiler pre?aure not to be less than thirty pounds per square inch, aad a snrfaoc condenser to be used ; the to be overhang. U? Jn application to theCommardant of any navy ' , yard the blade* can seethe list of equipments reqsired for the propeller gun-boats, to wnioh, as far aa piaotioable, tue*e are to conform, and for wvMlt convenient stowage it to be provided. The bidders will state the leant time wit' in whiob thay will agree to comp ete tua vessel for sea and deljver her at arch navv yard aa they mai name. W>U0*it extra o at to the Government. It muat itj ?vru iu iuo '.uoi iiio wjui( suiuuiit tur ^rhiohihM *nf&f6 to uo all th%t is required aOom l?d embracrd in their specifications and plane; and tie hi. man be aooompanied by name* of gaaratitora that if avaided they will execute theeon tract. The nauai oonditiona of Sovernment contracts yiu be ooeerved. Payir.enta to be made at foar : d fferent mt-rvaia, aa tae work proereasia, retain one-fifib of the whole amonnt for ninety asya after the delivery uf tne veaael, to repair any de feou that uiay be dieoovered within thattimem trial at aea. It ia under*too t that in the contract a gaarantee wi!i he ineerted of the fu>fiim?r.t of the ooaditn a of apaod, fuel, aat'afaotory working "t the machinery, *o., with a forte ture iu caae of feltre. Tae reputation of biddera 4b enooeeafal ateamoaip builder* will have dne weight, and the propopa? meet state the name of the marine ateam-engine building eatabll aliment at which they intend the MM machinery to bo made t Tae l>epa tment reeervea the right to aooept the pi-opojitiona made in oonforraity with the oou^iUcob preeoribed which ahaii be considered moat to , toe la tar eat of the Government and oombi^e th? J (Taoteet oumoer 0 ad ran tag ea, ai.d to reject acv ' j orail of tkom, at it? option. woeapec;6ooUonaaod p.ana of partiee not obmlaiag the oontraot oan be withdrawn by them. - ( The Deeortm-ct will notooonder iu?lf andar obugauoaa to reoeire propoaala after the 5th ol I September. 1W1. an 9 lawiw To>HAM S , V F MM MI CM TRUNK W& ' tn Bstmth ihr?w^j?eiiwroe, D. 0. { Silver Medal awarded by Maryland Incbtmte o M J?* ."^^oreu.^r 7. H c^vst!" ta"Mw 1 ".yM22Ja&*2i2lT2iiE2?,-y><? i ^<D^w^^NB^msierisi# ry Mongol of rKk?*~r:ar.*?. AI Iw Prit4*. I W^ture of Coasreesacu travelers will pleaaO ' lamme my etoof before purcn??:nx eieewhero Tntu* that are made id other eauee. i? wspertor LitUer ud ifreee Trmafcs mart# to Tre'ake eovered end repaired at short aetioe, | ? Acweileli vered tree oroiiarie to aaytpart of the " ?ty i??oTf etown. and Alexandria. I Jan-1T?o JAMEt* B.TOPH AM. H.?, ?'KK>.cH a ?iohPJn.lh ? AVB Jast reoeired a freu taifl; of Nate JV . Mr, Co.areJ B- rd?r?, riled and plain, wfth E?velopee to matok Also, Mac Paper of all kinds, Mtn sad vithoet Mottoes; Loretopee to match. t rareee aad Pookec Books of every deeoripuoa. " Ajerie aeeorUnent of* tauoserr. I ,I?ow V?jrk Paperejeeeived daily; Papers from 8 " ^ " l" FRENCH * glCMTEIN. ft _ HTH "oi MUHM. t 0 SSTEW! WAV 4 *ONB' AND HAVhl^JU- f ffO.Vt PlA.NQ6.-A Iff wortaenC^fc, , v j??{ MM) r*o?ivaiL- P?r*oOJ is . iiliewe iMtrsmenl ?t? low ynoeBTeQlS" * , ffrj ?f.U cyyuuice It U? M??io gwfl ?f 1 tSoS^SF^ MAXOVt %"iV;, \ * tfoe ry ampin* a packet of papkb and envelopes to matcba liUl . metropolitan bookstore. philp * solomons. Attmit fir iMntmWt $titbr*t*d Lt**n Pmptrt "Mttrw'iitm? MiUt," fe? tt. wle iy het. 9th and l?th tU. WASHINGTON LOCK HOSPITAL. DR. 8HUMAN has, After an experience <rf tea rears, established the above refuse Trom tnaokery, eelf-iabeled Indian or t^rmaji doctcrs, in .I pretender* of witohoraft and impostors in central This is the only plaoe where a nre and speedy sure o&n be oBtained in the world for ail improper md evil habits, gonorrha, gleet, seminAl weakness, syphiliis, primary secondary, and tertiary, orcanio weakness. pains in the lotna, striotnres, tenera. doulity. prostration, nervou?ness, restless nights, palpitation of the heart, rinring in the ears, loss of memory, oonfnsion, melancholy, agscttons of the head, throat, nose, and skin, and all those seonliar disorders arising from the indiscretion of i : 4i ?4 r v Tuuiu, rennnnug vnr-m debi tur o.uivr uubh.cbi, study, aociety. or marriaie. Dr. S. hu the greateat remediee in the known world for diseaaea of the blood. gonorrLfg, gleet, itnotures, ayphillia, seminal weakneea, self abuse, fcc. There is no oaae in which they lail to oure In from I to 6 daya. Viotima of thee* horrible oomf lainta, who would wiah to be valuable men and ornaments to society, ihoold embrace the eariieat opportunity for relief. Dr. 8human haa made the moat oompiete arran cements for the comfort of bia p&tieuta who ooma from a diatance. They will be furniahed with the DK>at plaaeant and agreeable quarter*, neceaaarv liet, and made aa ojniforiahie ae they would be at k first olaaa hotel at leaa than half the ooat. Do not forget the name and number. Dr. Shu man'a office ia on the corner of Sixth atreet and PennaylTania avenue. Clarendon Hctel, oppoaite the National Hotel, Washington, D. C. Foraona at a distance ahonid enoloae atamp for return postage. Office hours, 9 A. M. to 1" P.M. Varioua partiea have been enticed from my inititutiou by certain awindlera on baok a tree ta in Una city, who will rai it till the day of their death, K word to the wiae ia mifficier*. ?M|? Curt Cough, Cold, Aoarjmuj, In Autnza, any Irritation or Sort*"* or tk* Throat, Rtlitv* tht NkJMmTl Hacking Couth m Con sump Hon. Bronchitis, Athma, WiUKUMM|9 4r Catarrh, Cltar and givi y3<BfW strength to tht rotet of public speakers am> singers. Few are aware of the importance of oheckirg a Cough or ''Common Cold" in ita firat atace; that which in the begming would yield to a milu remedy, if neglected, aoon attacks the I.unsa. "Erovn'i Bronchial TWochts," containing demulcentintredienta. allay Pulmonary and Jtionohial Irritation. oor,Tw,*,,c "That trouble in my Throat*, (foi BROWN S which the "ivoelUi" area apectfio) __ uavine made me often a mere wl ta VROCHES perer. N.P.WILLIS. BROWN'S Recommend their use to Pi?li? TROCHES '*41"3 REV. B. H. CHAPIN. "Great aervioe in subduing Hoau?i BROWN's *bm." REV. DANIEL WISE. VRorHri "Almost matant relief in the die tressing labor of breathing peouliai BROWN'S* w ahh**/ KEV. A. C. E68LESTON. TROCHES . * Cor.tain no Opium or anythmi BROWN'S ,,UttnOU-" DR'kJLfti^ triwr va . A ?iinp!o (iid p o^inhict IKUIHL8 tionfor C0U6U8, to." BROWN'S Da" BIGBLOW, B ostoih TROCHES " Beceficta! tn BuojfcHTTi*." BR. J. F. W. LANE, BROWN'S Bottom _ " hare proved th?m exoellenl for TROCHES WHoonr?? Oo?sh." noiiwvu'K REV> "* W' WARREN. BSOWN'h Bottom. ybopnvi "B?iofioi?J when compelled U iftutnbs mg from Cols.*7 BROWN'S *B?.S.J.?.AN?ER8?Jljj mooHEs a;;,^VniVoV;rtb?? CROWN'S o?mJBon Sr??a?*a and SiwaXI8 VROCHE8 ProC M. STACY JOHNSON. _ . , _/-? Ormmit. (im. BROWN'S aoher of Muaio, Southern r etr.ale College. fROCHES "?:aai benefit when taken before and after preaching, aa they prevent BROWN'S jioaraeneaa. From their paat effect, 1 think they will be of permanent adCHOCHE8 vantage to me. ^ REV. 15. ROWLEY, A. M. BROWN'S Preaident of Athena College, Tenn. .ROCKS) 5?-?f^jS?4?n^2SN40 My PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL AMD BLOOD KEJTOVATEB In preciaelj wlat ys name indt?atea, for, while rpleasant to tue taste, it is revivifying, exhilarating, nvigorating and atrenitherung to the vita, power*, and at the am* time revivifies, reinstates, and renews the Blood lb all its original parity, and that at onoe rtstoris and rttuitrt ike Systtm tnvulntrnbli to attacks of distas*. It is th? only preparation ever offered to tne world, so chemically and skillfully combined as to be the most powerful tonio, and at the same time to perfectly adapted to, as to aot in perfaci jvooordanoe with the laws of nature, and henoe w?il teeth* tk? te>%k'st ttomaek. and tone n p the digestive organs, aud thus allay all nervous ai rt other irritation. It is perfectly exhiiara ting and at the same time it is composed entirely of vegetables, jet so oombined as to produoe the most t'torough tonio effeot, without pnxincing any in iuritrns oonse^ueuoee. isnch a reined? has long nean felt to be a dosultraturn In the medioal world, (or it needs no medioal sit.11 to see that debility ?llows ali attacks oi disease, and proceed* and indeed lays the system open to tlie insidious attacks ol many of the most fatal, auoh, for example, as the following: Conaumpticn, Indigestion, Dyspraxia, Lcssof Appetite, Faictnass, Nervous Irritability, neuralgia. Palpitation of the hoart, Melancholy, igUt Sweats, Langor, Giddiness, Retention of. aa well as FuiiTnl obstructed, too profuse, or too ?c*nt Menntruation, and FaLing of the Womb TUeae all depend upon general debility. This pure, nealthy tonio Cordial guid Blood Rono^tor is aa aare to oure aa tae ann ist o ria? ani an. There ia no mistake about it . Bat thia is not all- If the return is weakened we are open to biliona attacks, the liver becomes torpid, or worse diceaaed. the kuinoya refuse to perform their functions, ana wearetronMeii with acaidict ann moontinence o urine, or involuntary discharge ufthe same, yam in the baot, aide and between the ahouidera. exceeding* iiaMe to alif ht ooma, oourna. and 11 on checked. aoon emaoiatiou follow^, ?#d the patient oea down to a prematare crave. But apaoe will cot allow as to enumerate the manv lila to whioh wa are liable id a weakened condition ?t the aratem. Bat we will say in this Cordial and Blood Renovator yon havo a perfeot- safe pi eaaant and effectual remedy for.loaaof Appeute. biliousness. Flatulence, weak and aick HlomAch. Laijtour. L.iver Complaint. Chiilaard Fever.or any BiUoua attack Cottivenesa.Aoiditv of the Stomach, Nervouaneaa, Nenraigia, Palpitation of the H*art, Depression of Spirits, Horea, Pit'tp.ea on tne Face, or any dia ea*e ariainc from impure blood, enci; aa Borofnia, Krysipelaa, Brcnohitia, Cccch, diAooity of Breath ins, and all that claaa of J.seasea oal ed female weakneaa, and ennneratad above. Wa willalao avthe trav?ier expoaed to epidemios, oi ante of eUmate and water, will find it a pleasant, aafeand aure remedy, and no one *hv>a'td ever travel without. ReAuer. try it, fer we aasnre you you will and in it a friend indeed,aa weilaa a frienu in need. All persona of sedentary habits will find ita perfect preventive i.l, aa well aa a care for those ailments which they are particularly exposed. Henoe mimsters, muoenu, attorneys. nterarr gentlemen, and ladiee who are sot acoustomed to muoli oatdoor exercise, will LSu it to tb?ir advantage to keep a bottle oonstastly on band; and above ail mothara, or thoeo oecoiuiuk seon, will f o through that most danfero?B period not only with a!! their accustomed strength, but safe ana free from the thousand ailment* ao prevalent among, the femaie partiur. of toe world. In short, la indeed a mother a oorrtw. Try it old and young; no lorger run the a of de>vy; it wili relieve and prove itself emphaty ft K*stor*H*4 Cordial and Bleed limovator. O. J. WOOD, proprietor, 444 Droadwar, Maw York, and 114 Market Street, lit. Louis, Mo., and oldjjy ail good Drnigiati. frioe One Dollar pei PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL un BLOOD RENOVATOR. So 14 In faua olty by O. 8TOTT, ST# Pa. av?M?, _a b tO-eoly, aiw QUNBOATB roa thl WESTERN RIVERS. QuA.atumast?m Swnii'i Oppick. i Waikmtton, Jtmt 17,1961. | Pboposals are invited tor oonatrnoting Gnntaata upon the Weatern rivera Bpeeiaoationa will be immediately prepared and [n&T hfl iXlmiLM) ftt LJnart<krma??Ur,a ? Cincinnati. Pit abnrjh, and at tin* office. Proposals from boat buil''era and eufine-bnUd ?r? alone will be oona.dersd. 1 Plane submitted by bidder* will be taken into Mneiderfttion. M> O* MblbS* te 18 Q garter master general United State*. |JOOV8 AMD BHO^^ WO B?l? VMS We are bow 1?nifrntartng all kind* of BOOVt Ad CdOES, and oot slant, t recemn* a^m* nlr of eastern made, work of ever? Je-SMI leretofo-* ehferred in uua eilj for maok inferior *Pweox in want of Boote and JShoee of easwn er ?aj > wvi> *iu >? ; iibuajsou Mwrunei * V^FFn VBVO!!' > * 'OTMilnni* iT?ria lauhmi Bn Boh, AoU. tte. Movra'i Rat and (aim Exterminator irrarriili, Moore'a Bennne rilF rtnort jaint, ?nrah, or freaae of any kind ro?| tta? mot delkMt* fabric, ailk or voolan, wttbitmiup to oolor or otfaerwia*; will claan Kid i;sTH^wwaffiruiKoj-,rf'i?ta.,u. * W?M MtHU-WWW "Tlnjijrgo rl* lit ( th? 8p#t'^ I INSTANT RELIMF BTOP \ OUR COUGH PURIFY YOUR BREATH STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICR! | SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, HI GOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, GOOD FOR LECTURERS, GOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, GOOD FOR SINGERS, GOOD FOR CONSUMPTUES. GENTf-EMEN CARRY SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. LADIES ARE DELIGHTED WITH SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. CHILDREN CRY FOR DAiinrvniD nmnniT nnvni?ni?T?*r? Diaiii/i?u a xiuwcxm. willHiVllU^O. They relieve a Coach inetantly. They clear the Throat. They give strength and volama to the voioe. They impart a delioiona aroma to the breath. They are delightful to the taste. They are made of simple herb* and cannot harm any one. M I advise every one who haa a Courh or a Husky Voioe,or \ Bad Breath, or any diffionlty of the Throat, to get a package of my Threat Confeotit>us. They will relieve yon inetantly, and yon will agree with me that "the? go rirht to the apot.' Yon will find them very useful and pleasant while traveling or attending pnhlio meetings, for atilling yonr Coagh or allarin* yonr thirat. If yon try one I tm *a.fa in HTinr that inn will ?? ?f terwardi oonsider them mdispensibla. Yon will find them at the Druggists and Dealers is Mediowes PRICE TWENTY FIVE CENTS. My signature la on each paokage. All othera are oounterfeit. A Package will be sent by mall, prepaid, on raoeipt of i hirty Cents. Address, HENRY C. SPALDING, No. 48 CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. NervousHeadache ^ Ss ^ Headaelie. By the ?* of these Pills the periodic ittuki o Ntmout or Sick H**d+tki may be prevented; and 1 taken at the oomraenoemont ol an attack tome dlate relief from yarn and sickness will beobtuned. They seldom fail in removing the bfnuttx and HiMdatk* to whioh females are so subject. They aot gently upon the bowels,?removing Cot Ntsuu. For Liitrary Mtn, Studmii, Delicate Fenales. and ail persons of Kabitt, they art vaiaable as a Laxntivt, improving the myjHtit*, jiving ton* and vigor to the digestive, organs, atd re storing the natural elasUoity and strength ( the whole system. The CEPHALIC PILLS are the resnlt of lcng inVMtlr&tinn m~rtA naraWle ?? *-i??* - ? ?? vwa ??vuuviuuwu CApOTUHOtU, having been in in many jmti, daring whioh tme they have prevented and relieved a vast araoaai of pain and suffering rom Headaohe, whether or floating in the ntrvout system or from a deranged tate of the itom ick. They are entirely vegetable m their composition, and may be taken at all time* with perfect safety without making any ohange of diet, mmd ik* mb~ ittu* of (my d*tagr*tabl4 <??(? rtmdtrt it Ml le mdministtr thtm to tk*ldr$n. BKWARE or COUNTERFEITS! The genuine have five tlgnatares of Benn C Spalding on each Box. Sold by Druggists and all other Dealers la Msdi inee. A Box will be sent by mall prepaid on reoei|t? the PRICE, 3ft CENTS. 11 orders chosld b? addreeeed to HENRY C. SPALDINV, 46 Csoaa Strict. Niw Yoai. From tk* Eromintr, Norfolk, V*. Cephalic Pill" accomplish the ohjeqt for wtrtoh they were made, via: Care of haaaaohe In all its forms. Am tb? Bummimtr, Nmfotfc Tm, Tf *y nave tested In more than a thanked wmm wtui vumB IBUWO#* From tkt Dtmoernt, St. CM, Jfta. If you are, or have been troubled w ith the headache. saud for a box, (Oepha.lo Hills ,) so that toi may nave them in case oi an>ttaok. From tkt Wttttm R. R. VsKttU, Ckittno, 1U We heartily endorse Mr. Bpaldlcj, and his ibnvailed Cephalio Pills. Pr?m tkt Southern Pmtk Findor, It mm Orltmmt, La. Try them ! 70a that are affliotad, and we are nre that your testimony oan be added to the alretdy numerous list that has received beneftte that ao other medioine oan prodooe. From tkt (f**tttt. Jwwyirt, ietea. Mr. Bpaldinf would not oonneet hie name Trttt an artiole he did not bmow Co possees real merit From tkt Admtrtittr, Promiimu, R. I. The Cephalic Pills are said to be a remarkably effective remedy for the headache, and one of the very beet for that very fre?aeat complaint which has ever been dieeovered. From tkt St. Limit Domotrmt. 3he immense denaad for the artlsle (CephaJe Is) is rapidly increasing. From tkt Kaaatsia PaUsy St*r, Kmmmrha, P*. We are sure that persona suffering with the headache, who try them, will stiok to then. From tkt Admonitor, Frtoiimut, Jt. J. The testimorv in their fhvor is strong, from the most reepeotable ?Barters. From tkt Daily Nomt, NtZrort, R* /. Cephalic Pills are taking the plaee of all kioda. From tkt Commurtiml Built tin, Bottom, Mai*. Said to be Terr efltoaoioae for the headache. From tkt Commercial, Cimetnmati, Ohio, Suffering humanity oan now be relieved. in* A unci* bottle of BpaldlBg'a Prepared Glue will hti tan timet if eoat annually. SPALDING'S PREPARED OLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE THE PIECES! ECONOMY! DISPATCH Cr'A STiTCd m TIM 8A VU N?m.w-/T? As aootdenU will h??f?n, eTeo in well reculatae famine*, it n rery deeirable to bare some ebaae awCeonvenient way for repairing F urai tore, Toy I Crockery, Ac. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE meeta all anoh emercenoiea, and no boaaehold ea effort to be witnout it. It u always ready. aad to tke etiokinc point M USEFUL IN EVERT HOUSE." N. B.-A Branb aooompamee eaeh Bottle. Prio tt oonU. A'liireea HENRY 0. 8PALD1N0, No. 4? Cedar atreet. New Vort CAUTION. mo tfo n tS# u n u?ooctipi MbjP. lalStMa ci y i rkpared vLDCIVnIi! emotion k. i?w iod& to luauM Iman fwtkliiii, Hd m u? ths t? i vm* pALOINtt JFUFAAJLD CL.BB-/T1 i HSwffcry**inwm *" (f ' THX OBIT JSXPASATIOS wofctmt or UNIVERSAL CONFIDENCE * PATRON AOE FOR STATESMEN, JUDGES, CLERGYMEN, LADIES, mm* GENTLEMEN In all parts of the world testify to um eAoaoy ot PROF. 0. J. WOOD'S HAITI RESTORATIVE and gentlemen of the Press are nnammous in ita praise. A few testimonials on.7 oail b? here siren eee oirou ar for more,and it will be impossible for yon to dou'ot. 47 Wall Btxbbt, Niw You, Deo. SO, 1W6 Gmtltm*n: Your note of the Uth instant hw been received, saj;&g that ron Lad heard that I had been benefited Dythe uu of wood's Rair Restorative, an<i requesting my certificate of the fact if I had no objeotion to (ire it I award it to job eheorfu'.y, beoaaee I think it dae. My ace is about CO years; the oolor of my hair auburn, and inolined to onrl. 60ms ire or six year* since it began to torn (ray. and the soalp on the crown of my Lead to lose It) sensibility ana Jandruff to form upou it Each of tcaee disagreeabllities increased with time, and abont 4 months since a fourth was added to tbem, by hair tailing

od tho toy of my head and threatening to make me bald. in this unpleasant predicament I was tndaoed to try Wood's flair Reatprative, ma n y to arrest the tailing off of my hstir.for I had really no expectation that gray hairoould ever be restored to its original oolor except from dyes. I was. however, gseatly surpnsod to End, after the ^se of two bot ties only, that not only was the off arrested, but the oolor was restored to the gray hairs and sensibility to the soalp, and dandruff o*Msd to form on my head, very muoh to the gratification of mi wye, at whose solicitation I was indaot-u to try it For this, among tho many obligations 1 owe to her sex, I strongly reoommend ail nnsbands who value the admiration of their wires to srofit b* mi example, and use it if growing gray orxetting &el*T. Very respectfully, Dn. A. Lavindm. To O.J. Wood & Co., *44 Broad wayTNrY. My family are absext from the city, and 1 am no anger at No. 11 Carroi Piaoe. 8iamston, Ala., July J", 1899. To Pftov. O. J.Wood; D*wr Sir?Yoor "Hair Restorative" has done ray hair so much good since I commenced the nse 01 it, that 1 wish to make dots to the puhlio of its efl eots onthe hair, wnicn are (rent. A man or womanmay benearly deprived of hair, and by a resort to your "Hair Restorative" the hair will retsrn more beautiful than ever; at least this is my experience. Believe it all! Vonrs truly, Wit. H. K|mvt. P. 9.?Yoa can publish the above if yon like. By publishing in oar Southern papers you will cct more patronage South. 1 see several of your certifies las in the Mobile Meroury.a strong Houthem paper. W. H.Kbiut. WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE. Pxov.O J. Wood: Dtar Sir: Having had the misfortune to lose the best portion of my hair, from the effeots of the yellow fever, in New Orleans in 1851,1 was induced to make a trial of your preparation. and found it to answer as the yery thing needed. My hair is now thiok and giossy, and no words oan express my obligations to you in giving to the afflioted suob a treasure Fihlit Johnson. The Restorative is put up in bottles of three sixes, vix: large, medium and sirall; the small hold half a pint, and retails for one dollar per bottle; the medium holds at least SO per oent. more in proportion tl:an the small, retails for two dollars perwttle; the large holds a quart, 40 per oent. more In propor Uon, and retails for fx O. J. WOOD k. CO., Proprietors,444 Broad way, New York, and 114 Market street, Bt. Louis Sold in this olty by C. STOTT, 3Tf Pa. avenue, au n eoly^lw Jot for the hick and 8?.!fff4uiy? LmT ALL WHU^A^B ArrLlCTMD ATT4.Y m' REMEDY ME JO JOE W HEALTH. Frlaad.4* yea acfsr.' Are joa the victim il ut efthoaenameronaailroenta wh,oi? tnw fram imaarlty rf t>e Mood.' WUt are they, do ja Itather ask. wrat are thej not/ The blood la the aoaroe of lile-acd health, and il la the ft rat o.einent of our i>*LLg to rea^otd to any eaase which afeou the ay?ten<, at the ?wla* lnAklltbir attpata. Tne ever ptevaliing Nmrai*ia, tne; Lrjeijeiae, the aabUn Sorofnia. the aconisinc ithenmatiaifi, Nervoaa Detihij, Drt?cpila, Llvtr Comjlaint with ita r>raoT and d?jec'.iou. at. a the lumberleaa Hi: that eeh ia heir to, derive their hkieouc otic in from the blood, i>eal rlwhy tfcrn ana fently with the blood. Uaa the TitalisiDt reaoaroea of natare for ita aid. and aaCer u? to commend to roar confidence aua aaa that trmlr valuahie medicament ki;own aa it as. m. oars IXUIAN YMaETABLB DECOCTION. With r***rd to tbia almoat mfa'Iible apecifit papular Mzitur.snt im apoken in deotried ttfrina ana the evideri^e of tbia treat eEoaoy are ana tained by oocatr.ct tYova.a of curative eiTeota ar.d the uapplect reaulta from ita cne are after all other remediea and the boat medical akill have failed. Let sa aar. in oouclualon, that certlnoatea a area are not acaght from the illhrrue and acaerftoial, bat they are volunteered from the moatr*a pec table jour oca and juatify the higheat terma ia which it la poaaible to qommend eo valuable a aano flo to pablio aeprovai. We may add aiao that the curative properueaofthen;sd:cine areequalled only by it* reatorative effeota. the ayatem rroo verln* fromdiaaafe vrith renewed oonatitutionv vigor. For a*le by all respectable Druffiata in thia eity. and by tbe proprietor, MR8. M. COX, None genuine unieaa her name ia blown on the bottle ana ner ee?l on the cork irrPnoe A1 per bottle, aii bottiea for ft. m eUimU Aim I. R- P. T. ClgSEL, Dragglet eorjeto-wn. D C., Whoieaale Agont for the Dla triot, and will npply the trade at my pnoea. am li-tr ALL 8WFF10IKN* THREE. TRIESEMAR, 1.9 and t-Proteoted by Roya Lettera Patent of England, and aaourerf by the ?<:\.a of the Ecole de Pnanuacie de Parte, and the Imperial College of Medioine, Vieana. No. 1 ia invaluable for extmaation and natc-rrhea and all physioal diaabilitie*. No. Soomaleteiy eradioatee all traoea ef thoaa diawvaea that ha-re boon hitherto treated by toe naa aeona and pernicious uas of ooaaiva and oubebe. No. 3 h&a entire,* aupplanted the mjurioiia aae of mercury, thereby injuring to the aafferer apeedy relief, aiapersing all Imparities, and rooting oi the venom of diaeaae. TRIESEMAR, Noe.I,Jand I. are prepared 1b the form of a loxenge, devoid of taate andamell, and o&u be carried in the waistcoat pooket. Sola in tin oaaaa. and divided into aepar&te do?ea, a* ad m:niatered by Velpoau, Lallemand. Roui. Rioord to. Price S3 each, or four caaea for ftd, which a&vea ^3; and in TToaeee, whereby there ia a but i lii iuin IUW1. wnoieeaie ana rcuil, of l)r BaRROW, of 194 p.eeoksr street, New York. Immer!!&:<*'t oa reoemni a remittanoe, Dr. Barrow will forward t.le Trieeemar to &nj part of the world, eeoarely packed, and addressee according to the lnttrc jUuls of the writor. The Book, of ail others, that should be read bj men with damped and broken down constitutions u "Human Frailty, or Physiolocioa! Resoarcnes." 2 la beaatifnlly illustrated, and treats minutely ot I the eymp.ome that inwiably develop themsalveq, sooner or later, resuitinj troiu the frailties and Titi&hiag habita of earl*youth, mcajtaoltatini the victim from so^nac the (rult)on of the matn momal state, and. if notobeoked in time, decener atmg all the ranotiona of manhood, and hrlnrinc him. step by step, to a lingenm and untimely doath. Sold by Dr. HARRow7l04 Beecker street, four doors below Maodougal, New York. Pnoe St eetU. Bent free every where. Sold also by 8. C. Fora, Jr., Dreg Store, Wash tnctQD,P. C. dentin P HEADER, ER USE The following statement and then Judge of its fcotB Tor yonraelf. ABRAM COI.E, of Brooklyn, N. Y.. a wall known oitiion there, had suffered from Dyapeye"1 for some years. with6'it Dermsnent r?li?r triad AYAH'S P1L-L8, which taken acoortiLug to the direotiuns for thia oomplasnt, reatored aim to health in a few wMka. After an interva of aome month a he Uaa had no return of hia complaint. GEO. W. CROSb. of Harmony, Texaa, had an eruption on hia neok. ahou.dera, back and leg, whion covered about one third of hia body. It kept the parta affected oovered with a aoab, and being o.tor. a raw sore, waa of oourae very troublesome and diatreasing. It ao much impaired h)s health aa to unfit himt or buaineaa and kept him in oonatant Buffering. All medioal aid failed him until he took AYKlF? COMPOUND EXTRACT HAR8APARILLA, which oured him. Hia akin atili ahowa aome aoara from the uloerauon, but it ia otherwiae as olear aa an infants. JOHN H. SHOOK, Em > an eminent lawyer ol Richmond, Va.. took a eold whioh settled on hia junga. a aevere pain aet in on the left aide, wita a badoough, whioli waa aoon followed bj the nmiatakaole sjuiptoma of consumption. \Vhenr?<2ueed erxlow heoogimenoed taking AYER'8 CHER RVrECTHRAL, which soon stopped theoough and c mp;ete.y cured him. Prepared by dr. J. C. ayer * CO., Lowell. Maes. man eota Hnew book*. I9T0RY of the United Nether,anda, by Joha Loth r op Motley ; 8 vole ; free b? mail, *4. The Riae of the putoh Republic, a history, by jonn WJinrof .voMy; ??oj oioth; free by Dttl, 8|,:? Mirner, the W?v#r of Ravelol, by ths author of ''Adam Bede , oioth 7i|oents ; p?p?r flo m and Career of Major Andre, by Win troy Sergeant; #1>0. Icebergs with a Painter, a Simmer Voyage to Labrador and Newfoundland; by Rev Lotus L. Noba; ?1.50 Th* Manufacture of Pbotogenia or Hydro-Car bon Oils, by Thomas AntiseU, M. D.; #1.16. Any of the above free by mail. FRENCH! RICH8TEIN, as 28 ay a Penna. avenae. UHNION PAPER AND EN VK LOPES.?T wen ty different styles of Note and Letter Paper, with Envelopes to match. Vtews of Washington in the form of a Roee, and in ttook form; a!no, separate All the Daily aid Weekly Papers oonstantly on hand. Herald, Times, and Tribune reoei ved every nifht at Bo'olook. Papers from all parts of the ooantry. Beadle's Dime Novels and Song Books. A fresh sapply of Books for summer reading, oheap A large assortment of Juvenilee? Mayne Reid's Books, Rollo Books, Abbott's Histories. Ae. A disoount of lu to 50 per cent, on all bound books FRENCH A RIQHSTE1N, aIS . National Bookstore. 9TW Pa.aT. VVK OFFER TO MILITARY MEN a large wTioti we Invite alt ouh purohaaere to axamiae *oo? aaa Pa. ? ., uiwmo ?th uTiiu m. S3 (latellifenoer and Repnblieaa.) matt for #W, at the Mniio Store oT W. G. METZEROTT, eole unl of 8tei?wa? ft 8ona* aad Rt^>. IH<w>* ^ PA't P^tnfti mt tf eqEaegg.. TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. | TINTED STAT198 MILITARY ROUTS. CHAXGB~OF HOURS. Oh and a/lw Monday, Augutt 19M. 1861, FillllltU TKAINt WILL B?? At FOLLOW! : LEAVE WASHINGTON at MdTKLoi, 130 and 6 46 p. m.. arnTin* at Baltimore at 7.46 and 9.10 a. v. aou 4jQ6 and 7JO a. m. LEAVE BALTIMORE a? LRudlffa .aad s.46 and 6 p m , arnrin* at WaaaHwtoa at aad 1QJ6 a. m. and at S61 and 6 46 *. m. Pmwciw Traina tearing Waakiarton at 1 JO a. m. and tS) p. m.,atid Baltimore at (40 a. a and Ui 5. m . make diroct oonaaxloaa tor h naapolla at the unotioc. ,, Traiaa loare Anaapolia for Baltimore aad Waat lafton at &66 a. m. and t p. a PuHH|*r Traiaa loans* Waahiaftoa at aad Baltimore for PI .ft will leave Baltimore at 4 ? a. il L??veWa?ti5ton at 7 p. m. By ordar of the Secretary of War i THOM A8A.B^OTT, THOMAS H. CANF1ELD. ^ Aaautant Mana<er. as 17-tf SPECIAL NOTKE. O SUNbAY TRAIN. On and after SUNDAY, itlb Jaly, there vlU be but od6 Sunday dally trainLeave WASHINGTON at S.30 p. m. for NMW YORK and PHILADELPHIA. From New Yor< and Philadelphia, amriag la Washington at 6 10 a. m. J A SCOTT, jy n General Manager. jnaa STEAM WEEKLY HVTWEEN &klat? NhW YOKK ATSDLIVKRPOOL, Laading and embarking paieecgera at Qaeenatown, Ireland The Liverpool, New York and Philadelphia Steamahip Company intend diepatohioc their fall powered C|yd?built iron Steam?lupa aa follows : GLASGOW SatarLar, Amut 3d. CITY OF BALTIMORE. " l*h. KANGAROO. " " 13th. And every Saturday, at noon, from Pier44, North nver. nana or raaaaei. Pint Cabin. ..#15 Do. to London 80 K. to Pari* uS to Hamburg ?? ...... *6 Storage.?. #30 Do. to L>ondon ? .. 34 Do. to ^ana 34 Do. to Hamburg. ...... 96 Paaaeogera forwarded to Havre. Br*men. Rotterdam, Antwerp,&o , at redaoed throcjn tares. Hereon* wiahiag to bring oat their friends oaa bay tioketa at low ratee Kor farther informal? c apply at the Cap talas Offioe. JOHN 6. DAL*, Affect, 1* Broadway, N. V., Or to Q. A. HERRING, Acama Ezp ^* Baltimore. jp?wlNDlVIDOAL ENTERPR18B ?Bf1 EASTER* ASj> WR8TERN SHORE STEAMERS. "EENT," Cart J- H, Rirwan. ' ^inwrvn TU-* W M"-? Will run their roufea aa'folloVe, laavl> g Light atreet, Baltimore, foot of Camden alT o'olook A. M: KENT? For Cambridge. Denton ar.d on Cfcoptank river, every WEDNESDAY And KATrRDAY, returning every Ahuraday ud Monday. For Annapolia and Weit River, every TUESDA Y and FR1 DA Y and returning aa > e daya. VION EEK?For gt. M-chaei'a an* Kaaton, via Mile'a Hiver, every WEDNESDAY, aud return the aame day. For Annapolia, VVaat River, Cambridge, Oxford and Eaatcn Point, every THURSDAY. returning by Hme route on Friday For Anuapoha. Weat River, St. Michael'* and Ea ton, via Mile'a River Ferry, every SATURDAY, returning eve'y Monday oy aame route Fare to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and Kaeton Point. A1 SO Fare to Ht Miobael'a and Milee' Rivera round tri P - fl 1, ) .... mm mm ..... ...* ?..?? . 1 00 Fare toWeet Riv?r, (round trie, 511. .. 1 an Fare to Annapoli** round trio75oenta)__ 78 MkALS EXTRA. HT*Freight niuai be prepaid. Wharf and OlEioe, LIGHT ST., foot of Camden. Baltimore. C. R. CANNON. NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY. 8UPER1NTENDKNT:B OFFICB.I CiiruT f TAT105. Batimore. May II, LMQ,. < On and aft^r Sunday. Ma* 19th, Ufel, on the NORTHERN CENTRAL AaTlWaY arrive and depart aa folio era, until furtaer aetioa. TRAINS NORTH. ^ts.30 fj.M; nAKKlBUUKU ACCOMMODATION at P. M The 8 15 A. M. train onnneota at R*lu Hoih with trains on the Western Maryland Railroad; at Hanover Junotion with Hanovnr and Gettsbarg Ha .roads; at York with York and WrigtWvtile Railroad; at Harr'sbargwith Pennsylvania Railroad for ail parts of the West, also with Lebannon Val ey Kailroad le JYm York dirvt,at Northern berland with L and B. <tamoad for RiLtstoc and ali parts of Wyoominf Valley .and at VnnBnry with the Philadelphia and Erie Railroad lor all part* Northern Pennsylvania *r,d New York. The 3 3" P. M train makes all the above connections ezoept Hanover Kailrnad, Writhtsville Railroad and the Lehannon Vail*? Rs.:roa<! Ti e 8 P. M train makes oonn-ctions with Penn vlvama Railri ad for all parU of the Weet, and direct connects for New York. TRAISS ARRITK. Mail at 610 P M.; Expre-s at 7 ?5 A. M.; Harriebo r* Accommodation at 3.43 P. M. Por Tioketa and inforn ation inquire at the Tioket Oflaa* Calvert Station, Baltimore. J. C. CLARK. Bnpt. B4P4S le$ok n^v^SIL*8" The Camdea and Am Sot and Philadelphia and Tren'na Railroad Companies' Line Iron jPHILADELPHI A TO NKW YOMX..AND WAY PL AChS,from WALNUT STREPT WHARF AND KENSINGTON DEPOT, will leave as foi lows: At 6 A M , via Camden and Ambos. rfi. and a Accommodation.I _ . Ate A. M , ri% CwdH and Jwny City, (N. J. Aooominodation.) At A. M., via Camden and Jeraey City, iMorn if At ail.) At 11H A.M. via, Keuaingtan and Jeraey City. (Weitern Kxpreaa.) At 12X P. M., via Camden and Amt>oyt( Aoaommodatpn.) At 2 P M., via Camden and Aaboy, (O. and A. Exprtri ) At 4* P M . via Kenaington and Jeraey Gky, (Emlni Rxpreu.) At 4>t P M , via Kmaingtoo and Jeraey City, (8?ooL,d Claea Tioket.) At6 P. M., via Camden and Jeraey City. < UTemng Mail.) AtlUK P.M., via Camden and Jereey City,(Boath ernMail.) , . At 5 P. M . via Camden and AmUoy.tAoooaimodation. freight and paaeenger, Pir*t Olaaa Tioket.) 8eoond Cla?i TiokeC The e P. M. Mail Train rnna daily. The UK P. M. Mail, Saturday* excepted Por Belvidera, Kaaton, Lambertville, Fienungton, Ao., at 7.10 A. M.; anl 4* P. M., from Keaaington. For Water Gap, *troed?beri.8oranW>n.Wilkeabarre. Montroaa, Great Bend, fco, aPlitA.M., from Kaaaington, via Delavare, Lackawanna and Weit-rn Kail road. For Mauoh C&ua't, Allfcntown and Bethlefcem,at 7.10 A. M. and P. M. from K<?rain*toL depot; the 7.10 A. M. li e oonneota with the train leaving fcaaton at 3 36 t*. M. For Mount Holly at and 8 A. M. and S and 4X P * For Freehold at A. M u41 P. M. For Bristol, Trenton,he. at 7.10 A. M..? and 5H P. M from Kensington, and 2* P. M from Wa cut street wharf. For Palmyra Riverton, Delacoo, Beverly. BurHniton, Florenneoo, Boraentovn, Ao , atlSK.t, S, 04 and 5 P M- ' feteam*r Trenton for Bordsa town, and intermediate plaoes, at 2)4 P. M. from Waltot street Wrrp? For New York and Way Lines, lsarini niton Depot, take the ears on Fifth street, H*ove walnut, half an honr before departure The Smrs run into the depot, and on arrival oftraia ran om the depot. Fifty pounds of bagfafe only allowed tofaek passenger Passengers are prohibited from 'aking any thine as baccate but iheir wearing aswaref All bass ace over fifty pounds to be paid for extra. The eompany limit their responsibility for bastacs to one Hel ar per souud, and wJlaftbe liable for any amount beyond one hsndred do.iars, San B,T?Sio RAILROAD. On and after May Wta, IWl. ths t/aics will nu as follows, Tisi?Leave Camdea Statioa.Be.umore.?Mail, vexcept Sunday.) at 5,3D A. *4 ILXpress da*y at A 46 P. WL B^Ui Train* so cI ireotj FOR WAT PASSENGERS. Between Baltimore ana Piedu;<>Dt take the A. M. Train; between Piedmont aad Wtieeliac take Aeoomniodauon Train, lea* inc Piedmont at A dl A. M; and between uraAon and Parkers burg, take the 6*' A M Train trom Ba.umore. TheFRhDEKJCR TRAIN I.ares Baltimore at 4 90 P.M. and Frederick at 6 ? A.M. The eLlICOTT'8 MILLS TRAIN leave Baltimore at 6 an a?d fiu a . fcr i mm. ?i ? ? ud fcliipott'i Mills it 7.40 and 11 jFCThfTftai sts and 1JH P. M., ? ? a. ?aa ?MrrH. u*cJl!g3SffiS?Sk wBBW. And Wttf, TmjM.i?y _ a.'?.; 'JMi* ?- U4IA and 9 Jo ud ? m. hJSpm. agp??srr.: ?siwir. ^ I ______ 1 ?-? M- W FALL*. Pt?1 ^ SlfM: Trvoilor Pt iu?.?kto ?.. Iot* frmim?tr?t Depot ?ai))(?io?H ?aadara)aa foOova, ru Kxaraaa Tr? ta ttlUA. If., Way Mail Train at {ftfsia-4 JW! " VUSHUSlfStt Nrw York fib axoept KM P. N.tma aa tatai | I with paaaaagar oar aHaafr* laaraa at Vp. M . aMpiat at ali htaucce Wliree Ba Umoraaad Harfv de-?ra?-. Paaaarftra for Da awaraaad Ua Kalara fhmr of Maryiaad Vtll ?p<l tha maat axp??iitUaa roa>a t> Wl^Aufef^?idl\iaraoDi aaat jlra boad bafora nmmltmii. w?.C?lWPO?D.?nit j s^^ms ?E6M?fcr'TiAii MOT m I Wy? Ml~M.AlTiwAP ^ r?j * ^L-assrssr1, rm:su A.?.-, At Too a a At7*a? not" ? oo p m lit i?r* iv f iMfa Montr'aT and BUUo Train with alaepiaf SoiuiaotV* at Albany Wttfe theNew' f?(lTc? tr?i *aiiro*cl tor Sohf cfciad jr. R < ctmtorJIUw y?:*v * Rome, and etaUona on lofMaad WfMrtown Raurr?4. Wnfa.o. girm*, Niagara raJ i, 9?mtii' r. B'. '.f* Antmrn. Geneva. Cabandai tea. Trains in oounwt.on laare Buffalo and 9asptx ton vin Lake Shore, Buffalo am! aka Haroa atxl Great WMtn Railroad, for Hamilton. Tor r'c, Detroit, Chicago, Toledo, Mi waakie. Poo Da Lae. La Crow, Madison- Prairie Da Cbieo, Ga eoa, DanJOith. Dvbaaae. Peoria. Roak i?.nc<\ Mnaaattne, Iowa City. Barhnston. Qairev. Harir i held, Alton, St. Loais.Caitp,Terra ksaata, lwTiaaaao'i*. Louisville, Cii.cunat*. 1 aytoa, Cola aba a, ftm land, and all points West. North weal and Seat*WMt* NORTHERN ROUTE Connect!nt with Tratas at Tro?, with Troy k Boston and Rens. A Saratoga Roans for Saratoga. Whitehall. Rntla'.d, Hur-'ng^a.M. Albans.Roi?a Point, PlatWburgh. Ogdensbuigh, Montreal, *o , AO - CET Freight Arrangements by this roata am ebevr, wimuut orange of Cera, from tb? l>epot* W Chembora and ? anal MtmU. tr* at all Umaa a? . favorable u BHt*bfo'b'T Ffclroa/' Corner;-. w The faoUfliae ofthia irMt New York Roat%?o the Weel cocnmxnri it to the ootfidenoe of ira.okeaU UT ah'ppera ior promptneaa and diepeteh PiiMtl'r train, with Hmoking and Weeping Cara^raa in oouMtm on the N?v York Coalrai For partieslers as to looel trues and freig kt ar rengements, mqure at th? Warren at. if>7r-g ^ViWoW'cio Leave* tha lower end^i t^off DO<5t Belti J m?re, *Mt aide, IMILY, (nmara l|Mltw,)al I iH o'oloek P. M. tak in* Hamitra and feigbt. aod ' tor.EMt m with tha Railroad r)??.to aid torn Wwiiiu'ot. 0. C., Phi eqelphia. New York, B ? ton, York.^arrieWj.~Piiirt>?r*, Pa. and tha w oat, immediately ePer th* arrival of tha Eipraae . T r&r. fro in New Yoik and Philadelphia. Tha following iathe t*?lirdn.s: Prom New York to Fort Monroe and beok - 11? From I' 1 < a ard hack- IX Fro in Batitnore and baok |t ETPROCURE YOUR TICRBTi?.0 la New the Naw Jereoy kailrotd Oftoe foot of Coartlard street. In Phil adelphia, at the Cempaey's oAoa. N. W, Knar of gixth aod Cheatnat etreeu. or at tha >ot. Broad and Prtm* atrreta. in Baltimore, oa board tha Bteamora. foot of Uaion Duok. HUGH O CONNER, Patenter Aral YOhK. HARLEM AND ALBANY RAILROAD. I.EAViftS_NEW YORK FOR ALBANY, TROY , NORTH AND WheT. BUMMER ARKANGKME >T Commanding Monday. May tTth, isn. For Abany-llA) a. m. feat rxpraaa train from aerh atreet. _ I r or iwver riuti-i.'f p. m Ko^u it Wklt? PMns ami *t*tious north to Dover pftiu-fVt?m 38th *treet station. (This train will ran to Millertn ererr Fatarder minij ForCroton FeT.e?1:15 a. m. stopping at all sta tigna north of Fordham lmm S>h street MMtM. For *% hit* Plaine?*s3?, iH and fcOu p. 1a. stop plnx at all station* from 26ib street *tation. For White Plains?6c 6 p. stoppini at aH its boss from W bite ?treet station For William Bridge-7-jn, 11:15 a. at aad Ml p. m. stopcin at all s'abons f?om J?U stint station. RotL -1. i will Isars Albany?a-no a. in. last rjprns train. Dover p aine-MO a m. <thi* tram lee res Mm Isrton every Monday morning ailaa M CrotOE Pal.*? ?. u.. w tiho Plains?& is, iAa a. 4?1? ti?p s. V\ . aim B:>d|e?fi*i. few s. a.* 1*< p. m. Sue jar trains will leers 4th A oorner ad trset, for Central park* York Tills. A arista and Hifh Bridge e*er? f-w rolLst-*. fro? (M? a. mi. to liOff m. JOtlN BUBCHiLl, As*t gs?t. YORK AND fcillh RAIL Passenger Trait* leave via Pare nia Ferry and Lon# l>ock, from foot vfChfta^eis trert. New Yrt?*,as follows, via : 7.00 a m , KXK8^p for Dnr. kirk, end Buffalo, end p-ilc pa. inw rm- ta ? Stations. ton a. m. MAIL, for Dnnkiri. and intermediate Stations?This Train remains over ni|ht at Kimita, and sruoeeOs the next morninc MP a m MILK deii,, for Otisvlils, aad later mediate Stations. 11 00 a*m . ACCOM MODATION. daily, for Port Jams, and p i no: pel (Herons too p. m . WAV, for Midd.eiown, Newbsrjh, and inter medial* Station* 4J>0 p. m.. NIGHT KX^KEBS. da;iy, for Dan kirk. Buffalo. <' uaaud principal b-tapoi.* I The Tram of Serurdey stop* at all Mai: Train Stations, and ran* oeh to fclmire C00 ACpOMMODATION .for oiaseiffla. and principal BMoai. aJET^r<" 5W?VM\M5.po,T asf{? atraatth ud apaad, bat part\oalarl? adapted to U* navigation of Lot* It &co feoand, muni ui aox. naction witii the rwl River ft?d Old Colony ft?u road, diat&Loe of 51 n.iiae qjuj to Boatoa ..^iSSvM r?RK ^"Sxfssi. Mocday? VV e?d oaadjaya, aad ntiigii at 6 o'o.ock P. M.f tnuofciLj at Newport each iray. The htf^rnc M KTROPO' .IB, Can. Brow*. on Taeedaya, Thiradaya tod Satarda*a, at i o'clock r.Jf., louf| at ,%0T(>i- rt taM way. Theae rte>*m?'? a^e fittad Wttfc oommodlobi atate rooma, aad erary ar?anffB?e?t for the eaearity mm) aomfort ol paaeencera who ara afbrdad by thiaronte a nighta' raat on board, and ?b trrxa at Fall Riyot prooaad par Btfturi'-at Traln.raaafrkoi Boatoc early the fn. owuj morcing i or My rtaiii on board antu atartiac of taa Aooomnoaa boo at I A. M.t by whiaa thay may raaah Boatoa aboat 1.45 A.M. ^ baccate maatar ia attaci ad to each ataamar, > rao?TM aod ticket* the bacfaca, and aoaoapaaiee the tame to iu daati nation. A ataamar rare ta ooaaaotioa with thia Lisa be rroeB Fail Rtvar and Piovidaaoe daily, eaaapt Freixbt to Boatoa la forwaadad throat h With fraatai*patch by aa Kxprea* Triia, whloh eavaa 'all Kivur aver* ir.ornii *, Banday* 1% o'clock for Boa to n ard Naw Bad lord, arrinai at lUdoauaaUooat aboat 11 A M For freii tit or pa*eat?, apply oa board, or at the oftoeoa Piar No. S North River For atate raoia bod be'tha aap y on U>ard. or if deairM to aeaare than taadTtcoe, to WM JURDEN.Ai't IB aad T1 WhI atraat, h Y. 11 Sm t TON?Inland Rout*?Tt>e mortaat ana moatdiragt?Ca-rry Ike baa tarn MmT aSW&fiHKflffi I W ill iima, to eon Motion vTtk tb? fctoBfiiftoe aad froTiaecf * aqu Bo?'onand Pron<jeMOBMlr?*<:? lgaTiaf N?v York daily t?ui<flap aa c^jrtad. fr?? P&rNo U Norit R vrr, at 6 o'ciook P/M., M Grotoa at MD o'qlooa I*. M?or am ?* arrival at taKr ttday, Weot a?4 F rweurroe ?rayafcr Jri- i TiMiM, Tkmilw. Fro* Qromrn -Moiidaf. U <?lii?-*<iafta?d Friday. hwUHi fro* Oratoi tro?Md mi to Pro?id<wM and Bo?ton, (* Um Kxftw MaH < T--HI1. rf&on.ia ?a.<i in adraaaa o/U?M h olMr roata*, and la am?l? tin>? tor a'l taa tarty Mormirc Lit*t oonnotiaf North and Kut fu3^r^|EriPcMt i i -?.n. ooi lifctif.f at Prortdaoaa with tkm I AM Tn:n forBoatoa. Aba* ^ Newporteonu^ Trn*e?cff^5y* mna|IW ? ia'SSSl F..NC r*o*i*?4 . elsdiat: __ A B?W dUioi ?f Hard**1! Iikata m4 Eli* TWfcic?. ogpftUte. ?1J9 Vor*?*?' Ttlntwri' Muni,tr?!i, ft Ai.w'i C6n?e odium ofHardM's TimIn, ? ferfKyniai cSsksg &* ?- *? nm^ M pr^ wwRi n Jv

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