Newspaper of Evening Star, September 3, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 3, 1861 Page 1
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/ ^^^^^=^^^=^^^^^^^=55555=!^=??555^S5555S-Sa55S5fleB5HeSBaBaaBSBSSSSaB! (Ebmins Star. ? i V<*. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. SEPTEMBER 3. 1861. N?. 2.664. __ THE EVENING STAR n PUB LIB HE D EVERY AFTERNOON, <f?UNbAY EXCEPTED.! AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Corn* / Ptnutf ???u and Eltvttitk ti. IT W. D. WALLAOH. Piper* tei-Ted In packagea by carrion it Mt year, or 37 centa jjer month. To mall aubacrtbera the price la S3 SO a year, m adtante; S3 for aU months; SI for throe month*; and for leaa than three montha at the rate of 12 cents a week 81bgle eoplee, oh* cist; 1b wrap pen, two csbts. CT ADVBBTiaBM?5TB should be aent to the ?flee before 13 o'clock motherwise they may not appear nntll the aazt day. the rlERIE REALITIES OF WAR [From All the Year Round ) / Think only of the eommon hackneyed ex( preeaions which paaa so lightly between the lipe when sp?aking of a great battle. We talk.exultingly, and with a certain fir?, of " a magnifteant charge !"of " a apleodid charge!" yet ary few will think of the hideona particulars these two airr words stand for. The "splendid charge" is a headlong rash of men on strong bones, urged to their fullest speed, riding down an overwhelming and opposing mass of men on foot. The reader's mind goes no farther, being content with the information that the enemy's line was "broken"' and "gaT? way.'' It does not flllfn the picture. To do ao effectively, we most think first of an ordinary individual run down in the publie street hy a horseman moving at an easy pace. The ) result is. usually, fracture and violent oontuaioD. We may strengthen the tones of the picture by setting this horseman at fall gallop, ? and joining to biu* a company ?f other flying * horsemen. How will it then be with tbe unhappy pedestrian ? So when the "splendid I chargV has done its work, and passed by, * there will be found a sight very much like the scene of a frightful railway accident. There will be the fall complement of backs broken in two; of arms twisted off; of men impaled upon their own bayonets; of leg* smashed up like bite of firewood; of heads sliced open like apples; of other heads crunched into soft jelly by iron hoofs of horses; of faces trampled out of all likeness to anything human. This is what akulks behind " a splendid charge!" This is what follows, as a matter of course, when ''our fellows rode at them in style," and " cut them up famously." Again, bow often does the commander, writing home in his official dispatcher, dwell particularly on the gallant conduct of Capt. Smith, who. finding the enemy were " annoying our right a little, got his gun into position, and effectually held them in check. Both ezpres sions are fair drawing-room phrase*, to be 1 mentioned cheerfully by ladies lips. It is, as ? it were, a few flies buzzing about "our right c wing," teajing and fretting "our" men. And ( jet, properly translated, it signifies this : that stray men of that right wing are now and then e leaping with a convulsive start into the air, as * Mime bullet flies with sharp sting through 1 their hearts; that stray men, suddenly struck, ? are rolling on the ground; that a man, here 1 and there, is dropping down quite suddenly a with a shriek, his firelock tumbling from his hand. In short, that there is n series of violent death scenes being cnacted up and down g the long line. a Then come the bayonet wounds, jagged, v perplexing and painful. Now has it been t thrust violently through the chcst and lungs a and out at the back, and is as violently with- t drawn with a peculiar twist, whence comes t suppuration, painful gasping for breath, and i all manner of horrid accompaniment*. Now t it has impaled the intestines, producing g strange complication. Now it has pierced the t lower extremity of the heart, and. curious to c say, the vietim has lived five days. The spine j comet in, too, for its share of injury. A bullet i skims through the body, smashes the lower a vertebra of the column, makes its eseape on t 1 - mi * _ ?._? vb? uiutr siao. lot dones some away in luue t pieces. The new Minis ball has, we are told, j the useful property of shivering the bone into numberless splinter* and fragments. The con- l leal point aots as a wedge, and the scattering r of the splinters adda much to the inflamma- ? tien. So the diapal catalogue runs on. i The real horror* of war are played out to i the utmost on the hospital pallet when the the- a atrical business is all over. 1 Attrjcpt to Blow cr a Train with a Keo 1 of Powder ?A correspondent of the Missouri i Democrat writes from Rolla, Aug. 28 : An at* t tempt was made this afternoon to blow up the I train due here at 4.50. The train had reached ' a point eight miles from here and two miles be- I yond Dilton, when a loud explosion was heard, ? which was supposed by the passengers to be < the discharge of a cannon by some of the secessionists. It was ascertained that a keg of powder had exploded beneath the engine The dirt was thrown up in clouds, and covered tbe floor of the engine, and the roof exhibits the effects of the pebblea thrown against it. The engineer, Benj?min Smith,was thrown off his seat by the concassion, and had his wrist injared slightly by an iron screw drive? upwards from the floor of the engine. The powder was contained in a oomman nail keg, buried between the rails, and it is supposed that a fnse extended from it to the I track The escape of the passengers is oonsid- I ered providential, as there is no question that | < til* dastardly scoundrels who perpetrated the ] ut intended to effect a wholesale laughter of > all on hoard. The train moved back to the scene of the explosion,when it was ascertained from a woman that eight men were seen bj her on the spot a half hoar or so previous. The rebels could be heard talking, by some of the passenger*, in the bushes, and after the train started, a man was seen to come out trom his hiding plaoe and take a survey of his nefarious work. The blackened stones brought along by the passengers are nearly two feet long. Aug. 27.?A company of cavalry under Capt. MoFall was sent down to reconnoiter lsst night. They found several rail* ripped from the traok in a deep cut near Jamestown station. Three suspicious-looking characters were seen on the track in the neighborhood, and wer* fired at. Nothing further was heard from them than the exclamation from one of the party, borne on the midaight air, "I'm shot!" Arrant at Mixuiii?Se De Kay, the war corrcepoudeni of the Louisville Courier (seceab) writes from Manawaa August ad. We still linger lu poaaeaaion of our dearly bought position; our force* occupying at prraent, no more advanced lines than before the 2lat ot July. Aside from the moral effect upon the ?- - * - ?1 a -a a a?* a_ ? nuuic worm, ?ua iui is oomtDioui, our lm- ] mortal victory baa availed ua but a little. We barely bold our own; but tbe month of apparent Inaction baa been wtaelv employed by our Gene- j rala in preparing for tbe decisive blow of tbe ? contest. When we shall strike, quit* smb* No j one. cave General Johnston, who closets blmaelf , in bia Utile yallow brick headquarters, a mile j w?t of our camp, and diligently engages bi maelf , la reorganizing tbe armv, and making ready for tbe conflct wblcb aball result in freeing nine . mlllioasof people aad ro-estsbllsbing tbs Ark of Liberty, ao long desecrated by the Impious North- 1 Tbat there will be a forward movement aoon j we have every reaaon to believe, and ao reader of ( tbe Courier need bo astonlabod while aipplng bia j moralag coffee if be aeea the announcement??? our occ upatioa of Maryland and the hemming in of the Federal Capital. We muat have winter q Barters, aad Baltimore would furnish splendid accommodations for oar forces. But Or* Hops for t? RzrtiLic ?The N. Y. Lender says: " There ia bat one hope for the republic, ft mast assert itself, crush out rebellion and compel the fear and respect of its enemies abroad and nt home?or it is lott! There Is no middle ground; there Is no mlddlo course. Let tbe rn*m of tke f?pl* shake off this discouragement, and recognize at once our duty and our ptetr to triumph, aad tbe work will aoon be done. Then?the dut j of the present met?we eaa eaailv take care of the future"' CTTbe New Orleans Delta tavt tbat Eafteld 1 rites, not inferior to tb* original pattern of tbe English article, are now aianufactared In that I city. ) There are bow forty-two Brigadier Generals la the army, not including regulars entitled j to Oat rank. , iTT The Mayor of Barriebnrg haa suspended t the ulefof lienor entirely. fTT* U nlon lodges are said to exist la almoa y very district la Nerth Carolina r 0ir The rebel Congress baa adjourned, to ne?t again la November next. , lO" The oSclal statement of the rebel amy at 1 theftoath makre It110,000 men. ITT' In the cHt of New 7?k there are twenty 1 ynagotoeoaad 30^09 Java , | CT Cotton wu raleod ta Ocean county, N.J ?7?M? ago Tebacoo ta ralaad time now. Deettlcka "Sheddy." Doeatioks, who claims to be an EUaworth 'ouave, that narrates the experience of hi( egiment after receiving their uniforms from he Military Board : The uniforms sent from New Tork were the raahiest things possible; thej wouldn't stand iny pressure?they wouldn't stand any presure. A gentle wind would blow a man's coat nto rags in half a day; while if be ventured >ut doors in a stiff breeie, bis red breeahes rould tear out into long red flags, and in ten leeonds he would look like a walking flagstaff, rith the signal set for " never mind the comnodore, old follow, but sail in and fight on four own hook." No man has had a whole mit of clothes for two months. We've gone >n guard dressed only in overcoat and muscat, and we've done scout duty in the easy and ilegant attire of a revolver and one pair of boea to Three men. When we've wanted to Ireas extra fine for Sunday aervieex we'd polsh our musket and tie a red rag on each leg. The chaplain, for decenoy's sake?when he ireaches?stands in an empty perk barrel to tide his leps. I called on the Colonel yesterday, dressed inly in a bayonet; and thatponsider/ite officer irimirAtfl rnn airv J T'J ? j ?? * j vvavuiuv IUUV'U| PttlU X U >etter kill a few seceahera, and when I bagged me of my own iise I might help myself to his treeches. When our whole company lately ipplied to him for clothee, he aaid he hadn't ;ot any for ua, bat he aerved oat fifteen roanda >f ball cartridgea to eaoh, and gave ua leave of tbaenoe for two daya, and told as to bury all he aeoashers we killed, so as not to lumler up he eoantry. Most of the fellows got good aits of clothes, and Bob Brown was bo nnoomnonly particular that he didn't suit himself ill he killed five fellows. With my usaal lack, . ceuldn't find a fellow my site?they were all ?o abort or too long. When at last I did find i fellow five feet nine, and had good aim on lim, he raised his head and disclosed the nnvelcome fact that it was one of oar own sergeants. Just my lack?he had on a lovely suit >f gray which woald have fitted me to a hair, tn i if I'd henn half ? iwnnri nni/.lu? ? ^Mawaava VU trigger I could have had it, bat I oouldn't deently shoot after I'd seen hiaface. However, [ got a full suit of blue cloth, and Bob Brown s on the lookout to help me to better my conlition. He wants to find a fellow five feet line, rather slim in the waist, and with a new ind well fitting suit; army blue preferred. A Talk of a Shirt.?One of the traitors or pies arretted in Harrisburg, Pa., a few days go, on his way from Virginia to New York, rua a man named W. J. Kelly. He and his wo comrades were all thoroughly searched, ind evidence was found on each to prove that hey were properly arrested. Mr. Kelly's urn was the last one, and was much the most nteresting. He had taken off all his clothes mt his shirt, but nothing contraband or treaonable had been found on him. He stood bus before the Mayor and an examining offier, and, under theciroumstanoes, the position ras a very embarrassing one, for, to say noth g of ordinary modesty, which may even exist mong me reDels, tbe owner of that shirt knew hat it wu lined with treason. The raising of hat garment would reveal his treason, and >robably make his life forfeit. The moment of uspense, daring whioh Mr. Kelly stood thus >etore his oarioas oaptors mast nave been a ather agonising one. But fanoy his feelings rhen the offioer remarked something peculiar n the hang of the shirt, and fancy them when te was ordered to take it off. He trembled ind turned pale, and his bare knees shook and knocked together. He oould not endure the hock to his modesty; he called for water ; he ?as on the point of fainting. Bat the officers rere inexorable. The shirt came off. and the reason as well as the person of Mr. Kelly was aid bare. The shirt was a marvel of ingenious aeedle-work, baying various well-concealed >ockets, in which were found numerous letters rom the South ; some from men in the rebel irmy to their friends in Baltimore, others to nen in New York, and a number for Europe. [n addition to this, there were various bills of tales at Richmond, for pork and other articles, .?/! ) -1 uu iutc pic&ages ui money, principally id jotes on banks in the Confederate States All )f these articles, &ys the reporter, were done ip in neat packages, and looked as if they had >een subjected to the pressure of an bydraalio )ress. The ingenuity that contrived this new node of carrying letters was commendable; >nt it wu baffled by the perseveranoe and )atience of the officers at Harrisburg. Mr. ielly was provided with another shirt and aolommodations with hia comrades in the county iriaon. The money waa plaoed for safe keepng in one of the banks, and the letters and >ther documents were delivered to the Attorney General. There ought to be Taluable revilatiocs in these document* concerning spiea ind traitor* in New York, as well as in other >laoes. Kelly's shirt ii a valuable acquisition o the Government ^ XiwapAPift Cbahobs in Nsrw York.?The Fribune of Saturday report* another newapa>er change in that city. It say*: " It i* understood that The New York World m>4 Courier and Enquirer was aold out a few laya ago, machinery, stoek, good will and all, to Mr. John K Ford, one of the principal itockholders. Out of thi* sum Mr. Ford is to pay all the debt* incurred by the e*tabli*hnent since the 1st of July last, and the $17,000 nortgage on the press, held by Mr. Hoe. As The World paid $100,000 (in stock) for The ^nnrinr anH Rnnninr f?- ?"! - ? u _ ?_? v* a i vtt noouo SlUUOf XXII E*. has evidently obtained a bargain. The expenses of The World are said to be $1,600 per reek in excess of tbe receipts. The experinent of publishing a daily religious newspaper ma eost tbe proprietors $200,000 in cssb, and ;beir journal the very slight reputation for aiety which it established at the start." \TTOat day last week a large number of sportng men uMmbled at tbe Gothic Bowling Saloon, Syracuse, to witness tbe skill of t Miss Hoyt, who isils from Texas or New Orleans, where it is said the realized over $2,000 by playing for wagers, kliss Hoyt has an eye like an eagle and steps like lqueen. She rolls gracefully, something whieh aaies seldom do. and apparently makes a ten itrike whenever she pleases. A medium-sized Secession flag is exhibited in the saloon, which Mars the following placa'd : uTbls flag was taken 'rort the Exchange Hotel, In Richmond, by Miss Hoyt, and brought to New York by Mlas Hovt, :onoealed under the skirt of her dress." Miss Hoyt offers to roll with any gentleman. It Is stated that Senator W ilmot of Fennivivanl* baw Ivlnnr ! Wla J -w -v- ?j??5 ?? uuiue, i uwinaa. le la 111 from a dlaeaae which hu settled In hi* itomach In the shape of a cancer The Senator xaa been declining for several months, and waa ilnoont Incapacitated from attending to his active lotles In the Senate during the last aeaalon If^Cltlxena of Tennessee are leaving that State n great numbera rather than take the oath of aley lance to the Government of the Southern Conederacv, and the Loulaville Courier and the rest >f the Se>csaston organs can And no better name or those fugitives from treason than outlaws. IT/- The outcry about the ravages of the army vorm turns out to have been a false alarm They ire not ariny worms at all, but "buckwheat rortna," and the Urat frost will kill them. iU~ Col. Abram Duryea, of Mew York, at >resent In command of the Fifth Regiment, staloned on Federal Hill, will be appointed a Brigtdier General 1117"Mr Frank Bellew, the well known comic lraui;htsman, former I* attached tn Vaniiv Pair tad more recently te the London Punch, returned o this city on W ednesday hut. The rumor of Floyd's success in Western firglnls derives the more confidence from the eport that he *t?U the march over General Tyler. ICT The Laborer* la the laboratory 1b Memphis, ivhere the cartridge* are made, track on the 23d natant, aad refused to work aay longer. Q^AdeUna Psttllsto receive for singing at bnr concerts. during the Birmingham Musical 'rftlvaj, >2 SOU \rj- Ex-President Pierce has arrived at LoalsrilC, Ky, bom Uf Nsfthwwt. QOA EMILE DUPRE t)^U PllfHSTLVANIA ATKHUB, 1*05 BUILDIIW, Import* mud Wkol*flt Dtaltr in FINE WINKS, BKANDIE8.SK0AR9.8AR. DINESJPICKLFS. PRKsiERVEI) FRUITS, CON DEN8ED MIL K, ASSORTED 8VRUP8, and CAMP SUPPLIES. JUST RECEIVED? 100 CASES OLD BOURBON (18*?) AT EMILE DOPRE'S 1?0H BpiLPiwa, 380 PA. Atmbi. F ?F^IEDERIC TUSTU9* HAMBURG CELEBRATED SMOKING TOBACCO, The Best Article Ever Imported, Go to EMILE DUPRE, IKON BTMLDINO, 320 PA. AVKCTX. JUST RECEIVED20 Casus Importid 8ELTER8 WATER, In Original Stone Bottles,. At an 13 Inn EMILE DUPRE'3. jjMREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 8900,000. Qfu comer C strut and L<m\s\an* ?? o*?r B*nJk 4f Washington. I VHTTD I** Iinirara A M F\ ATucn nn/\npnrwr? ...uvi.u ..uvunu ni.u u * rnurcn a i AGAINST LOSS BY FIRK. Diuctois.% Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel Redfern, Samuel Cropley, William Wilson, Richard Jones, John D. Barclay. Jaoob Gideon, Andrew Rothwefl, Tnos. Parker, Richard Barry, B. B. French, Br. 0. W. Davit. No oharge for Polioiee. _ JAMES ADAMS, President, Alii 6. Davis. Seoretary. an 9-eo6n> .ifr=~ BILLIARDS! T H'VI The lovers ?-=* L of the GAME OF BILLIARDS will find in EMRICH'S FINE HALL. Comoro Pennsylvania aveaue and 11th street, (south side,) two of the most admirable TABLES in the United States, with every oomfortand convenience au 5 tf for the players. US. MAIL STAGE LINE Between Wasb ington and Rookville leaves Martin's Hotel, oor. 8th and l> 'ts EVERY MOJtNING (Sunday* ex-jS3sBL?i?!i rented) at 7 o'ojock ana I. C. Conodr s o<?r. nun ami o??ti sis , n? >rgetown. at 8 o'c'ook; returning 1 daily. On Nondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, th roach to Pool*sville ; Tue?d?ys, Thursdays a ;d Saturdays to Frederick; returumg nextdaya. au a-lm? UKNJ. COOLK V. pENSION CFFICB, Jc** 6th, 1861. TO ALL WHOM ~IT MAY CONCURS. Application having been ma-'e under tee aot of 23d June, 186<i, for the reiasue of the Land Warrants described herein, ^rhioh are alleged to have been lost or destroyed, notion is hereby given, that at the date following the desonption of eaoh War rant, a new Certificate, of Uka tenor, will be issued, if no valid objection shall then appear No. 3,116, for 160 aces, issued under aot of 1847, to Augustus Ingram, private of Captain Murray's company, Second Regiment of Tennessee infantry.?September 8th, 1881. No. 46,745, for 120 acres, issued nnder the aot of March. 1866, in the name of Jaoob Oulick, and granted on the 34th day of January, 1856.?September 21, >861. No. 56 608, for 80 acres. issued nnder the aot of September, 1850, in the name of Elisabeth Wells, widow ot Daniel Wells, and granted on the 27th dar of September, law?S?ot<mS?f 9? laci Mo. 45.390, for 160 aor-a, taauod under tne aot of March. 1856, in the name of Alexander Urine, and ranted on the 13th day of Ootober, 1836.? September 28,1861 No 71.626, for 100 aorea, laaued under the aot of Maroh. 1856, in the name of Amos Arthur, and crafted on the 17ih day of Auguat, 1857.?Ootober 12.1861. No. 69,080, for 160 aorea, under aot of 1847, and hearing date May 6th, 1850, in favor of Miohael R. pp to I iierof BMW Ropp, deoeaaed. Third In- I diana Vo'nnte>er*. Meaioan W ar.?Ootober 13.1861 Mo. 64 526 for 120 aorea, isaned ur.der the aot of March. 1855, in the name of Jamea Long, and granted on the 31st day of Maroh, 1S56.?Ootober 19.1861 No 24 631, for 160 aorea, iaaued under the aot of Maroh. 1855, in the name of Thomaa i aoner, and gristed on the 3d day of May, 1856?Oo ober 19, No 95 100, for 160 acree, iaaue>d ur.der the act ot Maroh 1856, in the name ot Po lr, widow oi David Bradbury, and granted on the 19th uay oj eeptem bar, I860 ?November 16,166i No. 43pS42, for 160 acrea. ia?u"d under th? act of March 1855 in thenameof Christopher D"U{h?ity, and gra ted on the 2?th day of ^epiember, 1856. November 16 1861. 814, for 100 acres, issued under the ao'of March, 1855, iu the name of Guy S Alexar.der, m nor ohll>1 of John I! *l(ll*nll?r_ ri?/??. -.1 ?ti<l granted July 2.136'i.?Noveml*r '6.1861 No. 2,lb3, for 160 aorea, issued under the act of Maroh. 1866 in the name i>? BerjMnin Kelly, and granted on the 2'th dar of June, 1855 No 622. for 80 a"rea. laaued und*r the aot of Maroh. 1856 in the name of Rt uben Woodruff, and granted on the 9th dar "f May, 1855. Nu. 854. i< r 180 aorea, asued un^er the aot of Maroh, 1865. in the name of tJamuel H Waterhouae, and granted on the 231 day ot Mar, 1855. No. 2,535. tor 80 aores, laaued under the aot of Maroh, 1866, in the name of 8tnll? Down*, and cranted on the 2d day of August, 1856 ? November 16.1861. No 41 9?J, for 190 aoree. leaned under the aot of Maroh, 1856 in the name of J amta Pray. ai d granted on the 21at d*y of Maroh, 1861 ?Nov ember?, 1861. No 26 9*0, for 160 cores, iaaued under the aot of Maroh 1856, in the name of vVilham M.JulinaC. and John D. 8., minor otuldren of lnrin B?get, deceased. and gr >ntad on the S4th day o: May, i8*> ? November 23, 861. No 44,818. for 80 aorea, laaped under the aot of Maroh, 1866, in the name of Getty, widow of Thomas Elwood.and granted the 19tnday of January, 1887.?November 23.1861 A>aEPH H, BARRETT, 18-1 aw Commiaaioner. m/rnADlMil * oitr* ?at?. ? ? -? ?*? ? " ? ? [Y|UUBC/ o AOUIi Al^l U AZN TllJtJ TGi i"I an m'allible, safe and effeotual remedy and preventative of Ague iu iu variona forms, having been :nllr tried and proven, is now offered to the pnblio Prioe ?1.50. rtold only at MOOR b'S West End Drag Store, 113 Pa av au 26-2w /(\AT THE OLD PAWN OFFICE. /Ov 1W1 C Steekt, a A 0 W B*tk of th? Rational Hotel. (V w Moat liberal advauoea mad j on bold and r-ilvnr Watones, Dianionis, Jewe ry. Silver ware,Clothing, Piatole, and all kinds of Merchandise. Buaineas atriotly confidential. ISAAC HERZBRRG, 3S1 C street, an 1-im Between and 6th ate. Ywood and coal. OU Will sorely get your money's worth by oai ing at the PIONEER MILLS, femthmst tor nor of Seventh strut and Canal, (GEO. PARE, Agent.) They sell oheaper and give better measure than any others in the oity?out, split, and delivered free of charge. If you doc 11 elfeve ?i re the Pioneer Mills a tna., and be satisfied. v-lvj DUPQNT'S 6UNPOWDER, i For sale at manufaottfrers pnoes, by JO?nT. B06UE, 6iomerrown,D. C? Sol* Agency for I As District of Colmnbim. A large supp.y, embracing every variety, Mwayl en hand, and delivered free to all parts of the Di?tnot. Orders can aleo he left at the offioe of Adams' Rlirtu rnmwii,. n P (. 1._I. W BOYS' CLOTHING. E Hit* reoeiTed within tie iut day or two a, large aaeortment of BOYS' SPRING CLOTHING. embracing all atrlea of now-priced, medium, art (tee quahtiea, whioh we are selling a t very low anoea for ouh. ^WALL, STEPHENS A CO.. 339 Pa. ay., between 9th and 10th eta. mtt (Intelluenoer and Ra?> *m\ RESUMED BUSINE88. /f\ X A The Underaigned would inform tiiX l 9 frtenda and the publio that he haa9 w taken houae on Ninth at., between D and K, where be will again do bnaineaa aa a lioenaed PAWNBROKER. Fair dealing in all bnaineaa tranaaauow. Jetl aoi? ENOCH WARD. nrHE EUROPEAN HOTEL., KEPT BY F. 1 EM RICH, at the oorner of Penn.A .. A arena a and Eleventh street, has baanVflMf giiith imKPAWAH ? ? ? ? m 'j r? ? - ? oiiu ww vaersjff^^x greater inducements for the patronise of oitlxena gsfrangeri thin any other public ho nee in the hia prioee being leea than thoae of any other el on Penn. avenne, and hia acoominodations permanent or transient boardera unexceptionable. The bar aad restaurant arrangements of the tidioaa. The proprietor pledges nnrenutted attention and oontinued iibersJ expenditures to giyeetftisfaotiuu to all, and thns renews hi* invitation W> all tociv* the Rtrnwi a aBl. rt?4-ti In Conee*sea5^? 'harfu^to pay oaah for every arbole ?rgoodi we purchase, we are foreed to redaoe oar buaineea to Cash exclusively, f??r the "* *-save?* **** ** - SUMMER RETREATS. uea bathing and safe h?trkat. o At Point Look-Out, Muturd. IDUb oe ehrated Bathing Plaoe. aituated at the ougftion of the Potomac River with the A . . A JhJmeake Bay, will be opened by theVfSJkY unflkrsigned on tho 10th of June, in theJLfidBJ. ft Mat atria, lor all peraona who may wiah a Mia and auiet retreat, where they oaa nave the aearat of the beat salt water bathing and enjo> the doiioaoiee of the water, auoh aa Fiah of all kinda. OJigara, Craba, Ac. Every deaoription of fiahing tackle will b? kept for the aooommodation of gueata. A ine livery atab'e kept on the farm. flao, ten-pin aiieya and billiard aaloona ; with other amuaementa naually found at auoh placea. The table will be aupplied daily with freah ve?et%b?a from the garden on the premiaea and from

the Baltimore and Waahington markets. The beat Liauora aod Cigars will aiwaya be found at tho Bar. Board, 53 p?r day; one w?ek, 912; aecond week, lft; four wecka fur 335; children and colored ?ervant < half-price. Tho ataamer St. Nioho'.aa leave* Washington T>* .'?lay at 6 a m. and Ualtimore on Friday at 4 p. in. The half pa&t2 o'cleok p. m. train from Washington will connect at Baltimore with the boata, reaohmg Point Lookout daily ; aao, a tri-weekly et&gefrom Washington, by way of l.eonardtown Add-eaa the proprietora, at Point Lookout, Washington. D C., or Alezandria,_Va. _ uw nr.riiE.uuw bit ft UU , ITop'ra. DENTISTRY. JH. PEABODY, M. D., Surgical a.5d M* chan1cal Dentist. havinc taken^jME^ rooms at No. 476 Pa. avenue, Detweenft|JBB0 1'th and 12th iti., two doors east of the Kirkwood House, respeotfully aolioits a ahara of tba public patronage, in the various branohea of hia profession. jy 15 2m* TEETH. LOOMI8, M. D., tbe inventor and patent** ofthe MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at tenia personally at hia office .n thia city.NMfeMP Many persons nan wear these teeth wno^^"77 oancot wear others, and no peraon can wear others who oannot w?ar these. Peraona calling at my oftoa can ba aooommoaaled with any atria and price of Teeth they may deaira; but to those who are partioalar and wiah the pare*!, oleaneat, atrongeat, and moat perfect denture thai art can arodnae, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Rooms in this oity?No. 330 Pa. avenue, bet ?eaa 9th and 10th ata. Alao, SOT Arch atreet, PhLadel phia. no lt-tf ~~ gasfittInx>T&c. AWM T. DOVE A CO. RE Now -reaared to execnto any ardera wiU Which the* !,./?? be favored ?u th^ PLWMBlNtS, bAS UK STEAM FITTING DU SIN 1185. CT Store on Ith atreet, a few doors north of Pa, avenue, where mar be found a comavto aaaortmoat of OH AN DEM KKS and other OAS, STEAM ac< WATER FIXTURES. Jan Iv 1 SNYDER. . PLUMBER AyI) OAS FITTER, Hu removed to the corner of Twelfth and F st?, He 11 prepared to introdaoe Watsr *nd Gas upon the mo't favorable term*, and gcarantiea entire satisfaction. He has on hand a lot of COOKING and other STOVES, which he will sell leu than oost, as he wiahss to set rid of them. no 1? 6 AS FIXTURES. E Have in (tore, and are dai.y receiving, SA8 FIXTURESof entiroiy New Pattern*and Designs and Finish, superior in atyle to anything heretofore olfci d in this market. "Ve invite oitixens general It tc tail and examine onr stock of Gas and Water Fix iron, feeling oonfident that we have the beet elected stock id Washington. Alt Work in the above Tine intnreted te Mr ear* will be promptly attended to, MYEks h Me&HAN. JMrJMtf S76 D street. 0',0K tBAL&K Waskii??toi*. J?ly 1?, ima. NOTICE JS HEREBY OIVEN, That.agre*ably to the provisions of the ordinanee or the Corporation approved May 12, infip, the undersigned if now prepared, "whenever roibired in writing, and on pre-parment of the fee of any oenta, to inspeot. examine, tset, jrove, and asoertain the aoeuracy of registration ot iny gas meter in uee in this oity." Every iceter, iffound incorrect, will be condemned and another, sealed and marced as true, will be set in i'' plaoe. If proved to be aooa^aCe in ita mment of gas, it will besealea acccaugiy, and again jut ir. (oeition for nee. vmos mo. ?io sseventn street,(n?*r Odd Fai.?* ' Ha'l.i' u??d from 8 a. m? to * ?. m. CHAKtiiiS W. CUNNINGHAM. Jy 11 tf Inspector and Sealer of Gas Meters. ^CHWERIW'8 Flea*. Oa'dm'w orra? ^^Wm;/:,9jM7/7^/-/ntf? Vin* B"f*' * *? - It contains no ?oitm. SCHVVERIN'S PIULS are sure death to Rats and Mioe. M Schwerin has received certificates from the President of Girard College, Directors of House of Refute, Pennsylvania Hospital, and other Prominent Institutions of Philadelphia ; U. 8. Jail, NYashuigton, 1). C.;and Charity Hospital, New Orleans, La The original certificates can be seen at the Wholesale and Retailbopot 134 North Seoond street, Philadelphia, Mid f?r ?ale in this city by D. B. CLARK, ooruer Pa. avenue and 4X sta., and by all Druggists aid Grooere. Br,WARE OF SPURIOUS IMITATIONS. IT'* Remember to ask for Sohwerin'a AnnihilatTi i Powder. CD 1 None gennine unlets signed M.Schw*e:h. ma lMm?o W TRAVELING TRUNKS. E Offer Ipr sale tue largest assortment o TRAVELING TRUNKS to be found inw^B this oity, comprising but Sole LeatherBgvfl Ladies' Dress and Paoking Trunks, Va lioes. Carpet Hans, Ac., which we are now ee'ling at very low pnoes. _ WALL. STEPHENS A CO.. ao 1ft W2 C?rn>. *t?mn?. pjOME-MADE HOOTS AND SHOES, Lambs', Misgas' and Children's Wui, At ?xci*dxn?ly Low Ptiets. At J. ROSENTHAL'S, No. 16 Market Space, ma *? . Sot fitii ami ath Ift/ATCH REPAIRING AN I>SILVER WARE MANUFACTORY. I have one of the beat establishments, and furnished with a complete sot of tools for repair- Jgtk ing every description of fine Watches, and particular attention give to the same, by nJSMK tho; ugh oompetent workman.and a. work ejWBLn tied Alro, evsry desonp ion of standard SILVER Wi RE. plain and ornamental, manulactured under my own supervision, which my customers will find far superior in auality and finish to northern ware old by dealers in general and represented as their ewn mtnafkoture. H.O.HOOD, # < Divirl'li CUMMER CLOTHING at ridvpid pitrm. W e offer our large assortment of thin SUMMER CLOTHING at reduoed prices. Our stouk embraces all styles and qualities of Gentlemen, youths, and Boys' Wearinc Apparel, of the roost desirable and fashionable styles Also, SHIRTS and FURNISHING GOODS is great variety. Clothing made to order at the shortest notice. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., 322 Pennsylvania avenue, jy 1< (Intel. A Rep.) bet. ?th and loth sta. Thhk subscribers respectfully invite the attention of the Army and Navy to their full ?upplv of MILITARY ana NAVAL. FURNISHING GOODS. WK saoh aa Indigo Bine Cloths and Doeskins, _Wr_ Caps, EpaaleU, Laoes, Shoulder Straps, Belts, Swords, Sword KnoU, Caps, Rata, and all respective embroidery Also, tn? oelebiated PATENT FILTERING CANTEEN. Orders in that line respectfully solicited. h. fTlctudon a co., Naval and Military Merchant Tailors, jy W eo3m 3h'j Pa av.. under Brown's Hotel. LBS. RuUGH TALLOW AND OUUjUUU GREASE WANTED, for whioh the highest price will be paid. Also. 190,000 lbs of ?OAP and CANDLES for sale oheap for oaah at the National Soap ai.d Candle Works, Green street ami the Canal, Georgetown, D. 0. _ ru 11m C. B. JEWELL, Proprietor. yVlBBS' HAIR STORE, Ul No. 242 Pa. 12th ai?d 1*th sts. PBRrOMEKY tc BRAIDS.CURLS WJUS. HALF WIGS, FR1ZETTES, Ac. A full sU.cs always on hand, or made to order at the shortest ...? * U... vxr?l J ? 1??? itvww. MMI TTuri ippoirvu ui OAUii*U|(Hi, N. B.?LadtM* Hair Dr*d in tb? moit na'ura! HI Ulnar. mi ? fc.? AjMMmiR'iSvsi! Ma 8tiok? and Boarec. Bma and Oopptr Bui'm, Fife*, FlatMvBuuoa. Gaitara,aad VioIlBs.atlov (now, jiitirTiTtdMUwMiiio Store of W. G. MKT ZbRoTT, oomnr of Klavaatfe atraat aad Panoa. bi It (WBW VOLUME BAUZAC'8 NOVKL8.-Th? I Alchoccuat, or the IIoim 4CImi; Uom th? Frjifh of Honor* de Ba.tao Vtm by nul, f I. BDR. JOHNSTON, ALTIMORI ] LOCK HOSPITAL, H?i dutovtrui ik* own Omm, Sf4*df mmd ?Uy BfftttMMl Romudy ia tkt world, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE, j LET NO FALSE MELICACY PREYENT. APfLiY IMMEDIATELY. A CVRE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, \ IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. WiikoiM if " Bi:?, tirutVH, Atfaeuonaaf the Mill;! aad BI1M1: .u.wisan D?cur(?, lapniKr, Om ril Debility, Nil>ouvi?h, ^yecepar, Luriot, Coi.faaioa I Ideas, Low Spr.j, ?-:fu?uou sf the Heart, Timidity, Triablui|t, Diooiuif lif31 or Oiddmeai, Uiiiui of tba Head, Throat, Noea or Skin, Affectione of the Loan, Siobacti or B?wele?theee T?rriM? Diaordera anainf from Solitary Habitaaf Youth?theee Dreadful and D?itrncti?e Practical which reuder Mamife unpaaeible, and deatroy bvtb Body and Mind. YOUNO MEN KipecWliy who ha?e bacocne tba vicuna af Solitary Tice, that dreadfal and deauartiae habit which aunaally aweepe to latiiall; (ri'l thoaaaada of Ymi | Miuef the BM axaltad talenu aad brilliant intellect, who ocfht otherwise ha?e entranced heteianfr Senatee with the thandere of alo. coaoca or wakad to ecatacy tha li*w( lyre, Bay call with rail confidence. MARRIAGE. MaBRIBD PUIOHI,oi Yoanf Mai CMtlBplattit Marnara, beiof awari of phyeical weakneaa, organic debility, detormiMae, Be., epaediir cared. Ha who placaa himat If andar tha cara af Dr. J. Bay ralifiaaaly coonde in hia honor aa a gentleman and caoldenuy raly apou hia akill aa a phyaiaiao. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICE ?T. left hand aide rou>g froai Baltimore street, a few doers'rom tha corner, rail not ta obeerve nam* aad nam bar. Let'ira Baat ba paid and contain a a tamp. VK JOHNSTON, Member if lb a Royal Collefj of Sarreoca, Laedoo, rrafla- ? at* from aoe of the ism eminent Coliejea in the Wetted ' luiu, and the (iHiti part of wboae life baa been epent ui Ike koapiule af Landau, Paria, Philadelphia and aleewbere, bee elected earne W the m? aetoniakinf r?i that war* , *ar koavi; uiof ireaklad villi riafiuf la iba head and | an wbaa aaiaap; great Dejacaareae, tela* alarmed at 1 eiddaa moil, br.ahf?U>eee wiik frequent blaakinf, attended 1 lemuaa vkU deranfamaat af aund, war* mil inai- * TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. t Taaof Man ana aUien who ba?? latared tkemealaee ky a P aruia practice ludaljed to vhaa alaoa?a habit frequently 1 laarnad fr*m eaii aoiupaniaoe, ar at acbaoi, tka efeoie of whiao ara uijktly fall eaeD when aajaap, aod if art cared, randan mirnafa lmpnaeible, and daairoye bath Bind aod I bade, aboard apply immediately Theee ara aania af Ui a aad aad aalaiekol; affarla produced I by early babita if roath, all: Weakneaa af tka Back and C Limba, Paina in tha Head, Diraneee af Bight, Loaa of | P' war. Palpitation of Uia Heart, Dyepapey, Naraaoa irn'a- g bility, Daraiigainant of tha Difeetlae Koncuaoa, Ueceral Debility. Saniptome of Conaampiion, 4c. , MUTilir.?Hi a feartal effect* on tha miad ara mach ta e ba dreaded?Loaa of Memory, Canfoaion of Idaaa, Derreeeioa ar Bp. nta, K?il Fare bad in ye, Areraion of Society, Self-Die- I traat, Loaa of Solitnde, Timidity, ate., ara aorr.e of tha eaila l produced. NnroCl n*atLlTT.?Thoneanda can now )adfe what u J tha cunea of thair declining health, luainr tfieir aif or, becom- 5 iiifT weak, pale, neraoue and emaciated, hiaing a eingular *' appearance about tha eyei, coogh or eymptome of couaump- J ban. o DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. ? Whan tha miepmded and imprudent votary of pleaaara 8nde a ha haa imbibed uie aeeda of thia painfal diaeaaa, it toe often btpptue that an ill-time J acnee of ehame or dreed of diecoaery ' detere him from apply nig to thoea who, from education and 0 reapectabil.ty, can a'loue befriend him. Re falle into tha 1 k J # : - M M- " M - u?uua 01 i|nonDi &oc aenjnit g priivnairi, wfio, iQCtpiDIl af curing, filch bit paeaniary Munct, k?ap his triling h mouth irer month, or aa lone ?.? tha amallttt Tea cu b? oO- n Uincd, and in detp*ir laata him with rcictd health to airh % *ir bit railing diatppouitmant; or by tha oat of that dtnaiy e poiaor ?Mtreary?haatao tha couatHBtionaJ ayrnnoma of tbia g tt rribla diacaaa, tech aa AffacUoaa of tha fltarl, Throat, Haad, km, *e., prograaaiLg vitk fnghtfal rapidity, till daatb pau a t pmod to hia draadfal tuft ring* by ifndu.g hiiat ih?t anditcavt rad caantry (ram vbaaa baarr.a aa travalar ratarua. a dr. jOHifsorra remedy for organic p weakness and impotency. o y thla rraat aad important ramady vaakotaa af tha araant II art apaadily cared ana fall TLpar raatarad. Tbaaaanda af iba b am n a treat and debilitated; whe had laat ail bapa, bata g been immediately relieved. n All iir.ptduu^cta ta Mamafa, PbyaiaaJ ar Mental Dteqaal- a ilaauane, Leaa af Pry aaura Paver, Wer?eae irritability. Trembling aad Waakoaaa ar llhtuUn af tht Meat faarfai o kind epeedily aarad. ^ endorsement of the press. * tm Mart Tnoctinti aarad at thla laatitatiea vithia b tha laat eeaenteen ratrt, and tha ganaraaa important Sarri- II aal aperatioae performed by Dr. Jahnetan, vitneeeed by (La W rapartara of tha papara and many athar Daraaoa, naucee af tl which haae appeared afain and again before tha pablia, ba- b e.dee bia au.nding aa a gentleman af eharaaur ana reepeaei- f bllity, la a taBeiant gaaramea ta tha aCieiad. mar li-ly | 1 O Proposals for bids wrbel ? steamer!*. * Natt Dbpartxknt, j Burttm of Conftrmetian. > Washington, Auiait 8, '861,\ In Conformity witti the &ot of Coogreta appro*^ the 3i Auiiit, J8W, the *?vy Department will receive proposnia for the conatruotion and equipment of Twelve Side W'hesl Steamera. 1 lnn/t nf ? ?!? >* 1 nice inohes; to be armed with two rifled (una, of ? each, ote at each end r.f the vessel; also, with two 12-poncd howitxers; the compie ment to b? one huudreu persons. with provision* lor sixty * day*, to have two thout&nd gallons of wa^er in * tauki. a: d to be grovided with a oondenser for dis- D tilling potable water. To be schooner rigged, and ' have a rudder at each ond, properly protected by a . po?l> The Department desires to hare the hirl.est attainablo speed, which must be stated in I he offer, ? to^elhur with the !eugtc of tiine it oan l>e maintained. and the auantity of coal that oan be parried in the banker* for that apeed, whioh should not be * leas than for eighty tiayB. 11 Tho proposal muat be for the hu'l,spars, riggtn*. ri sails, and oanvaas work, boats, anchors, and 0 oables, tanks, oasks, fcrmture. oookm; apparatus 0 and uteusiis, steam machinery and spare work, , with all tus esmpments lor a Teasel of war oom JJ piete and ready in all respects for sea servioa. and Q ready to receive her oftcers, men, armament, ? store*, provisions, and fnel for steam maohiaery. 0 The armam?ot, stores, provisions, and fuel will be furnished by the Government. lfce specifications must folly describe the ma !' lerials to be used,the mnifiodand of fastening, J the detail of the sixe, material, finish, kind, and 14 arrangement of machinery, and of the varions P eauipmanis inaiaded is the proposal. The plana must be working drawinis^rom whioh ? the vesael and machinery ?ab be built, showag the 11 allotment of spaoe for aooommodations store * rooms, magaxine, and shell-rooms, disposition of . toeooal.Ac Jj (he boilers and anginas to be beloy the deck? B the main shafl may be above; the boiler pressure B not to be lets than thirty pounds per ssuare inott, and a surfaos oondenser to be used ; the paddla- 0 whee. to be overhung. Upon application to the Commandant of any navy ? yard the bidder oan see the list of equipments re- JJ Iuired for the prope,ler gun-boats,to which, as'ar ? s praotioable, these are to oonform, and for wi ich convenient stowage it to be provided. Tne bidders will state the least wit1 in wh mb they wi.l agree to oomn ete the vpaaal for baa. i nd n deliver her at sroh uavt yard at they ma? nai. e, n wittoit extra o st to tbe Government. It mi at likewise be stated m the i ffer the total amount for * whiuh they will engage to do all that is re*uned D above and em<>raod in their specifications snd p *ob: and the hi must be aooumpiiued by uamM of guarar.tors that if awarded they will execute the oontract. I The usual oond Hons of Government oontrac's will be o: eeived. Payments to be made at four d.ffcreut intervale, as the work progresses, retainin* one-fifth of the whole amount for ninety days ? alter the delivery of the vessel, to repair any de k fects that may be discovered within that time in jf trial at sea. It is understood that in the ooatract a guarantee will be inserted of toe fulfilment of tha tl oonditicn of speed, fuel, satisfactory working ?t 0 the machinery, Ao., with a forie ture in oase of 4 failure. Toe reputation of bidders as suooessful steam hip builders will have due weight, and the prnpo- fj aai must state ^he name 01 the marine steam-engine T building establi shrnent at whioh they intend the a steam aclnierr to be made. The Oepa tment reserves the right to aeoapt the a Sopoaitiona oonformity with the oondi)ts prescribed whioh shalJ be considered moat to f interest of the Government and oombi e the ] greatest numoer of advantage*, aad to reject any orjail of thrill, at it' option. The speoifioauo ns and pians of partie* not ob- i UiCLng theoontract can be withdrawn by them. \ The Pepartment will not oonwder itself under | obligations to reoetve proposals after the 6th ol i September, 1W1. aa? lawsw TOPHAM'8 BS 1 QBE / R a M I V M T R W N X W& * MAN V FACTORY, 191 SlTIIIll 6T1UT, WllHIMTtm o> o. Sliver Medal ^warded by Maryland Inatitata f BaIti mora, November 7, la?. * Also, Medal ^Metropolitan Meotianioe'Inatitata, ** ?? iv? v*i awii I us constantly makinf, and linn hare oa haad, * of tii* test material, every deeonption at , Pine SoleLoather, " few Wood Box, atd hMkmi Trunks, PeuUi?,Cin?(,|M ? ? J^SSSfifc. < Member* of Coni remwia traveler* will pleaae x*oune my atook before purohaatng tUnrkm Tfnnks that are mad* in other oitiee. c Superior Leatuer aad Draaa Trunks made la f Trunks oovered and repaired at short notooa. 6 aod* delivered free or otiarre toaayfpart af the m aity. ?aorjetown, and Alexandria. A iak-lreo J AMK&V.TOPMAM. J r^. fr~ ! "JT *mho" msns* r - . >. "V THE WEEKLY STAR. Thla nulim Family uM Newa Journalronta!alng a greater variety of latuaaUag ?4Ing than ran be found la any otber?la publlahed on Friday morning. TltMf?Ol.'i, Mfirujif, ? UMMKI Klagle copy, pet annum . > " Five ooplea 4 71 Ten ropiea .. 00 Twenty-ire oopica 90 90 It Invariably contain* tbe ??Waablagtaa Ntm' Ibat baa made Tk* Dm*if Earning S*ar dmliU >o generally throughout tb? country UZ7""Hlngle coplea (la wrap para) eaa be ptaeared at tbe counter, lmaoedlately after tba tow pMhe^aperPric^THEEl^EWT^^^^^ [^ Y BBEF AND_POE* FO*T?M Sbj lsd PkorosAU. eodoraed M FmoMli for Beef," aud Propoia.a for Pork,nae Uk? oaee aaav >?, will be reoeived at thta clot until o'aioak a. f.oo Wad need ay,theSMh day of Bapt?abar aex'. or furmahing ai.d delivering, tree of all ooat aad I* ?<> the Lnltad Btatee,at the following Nary Tarda i Bar rail Beat. Bar ran Park. At Cba'leetown, Maw _. -ajw 4JD0 At Brooklyn, N. V. W ? 4 080 t 4*niladelpkia. Penn....ljm ljmo |t0H 'kjOM Od? half of eaid Beef ard Pork moat ba de, twd kt each ot the above-named Tarda, reeaeoti veir by hs lat day of April, IKfc aud the renaming half by na lat day of June, I8b2, ualeae aarner deJiveriee ticuld be required by 'he Chief of th.a Baraaa. 'aj ment to be made within thirty daya a.'tar dfllivfriddera meat a aerify thatr prioau a*?ar*taly aad iiauaot T la aeparete ofiera lor the U*M aad lor h< fork, and (or each of the ylaaae of dativarri <o>-ermg all expeneae ami ail ehartee The b*ef muat 1>j f om we 1 fattened oattle, aachterrd Intw*^ n the ltt? ay of Ooltber, IMl, ,->u the let day ol January, IMS, aad weighing set eaa tuan nx hundred round a. natt weitht ? mo ! ?? an.i leg raids of the "hio<l euarte-e, and he anina at d ahouider elods, tbe ahou'ders of maton and end? oi atiokiag pi'oaa, and at least twelve luunja from the neck and of each fore-quarter or he parta marked Nos.l,3.S,?, and ft, ou the d-awbf or delineation of the for* and hind qnartara of ox whioh will be attached to and forro a part of M contract, muat be wnolljr exo;uded from ?aoi. arre<; a 1 the other pieoes are to be paoked. sad. ml tad of btimi ret yeitk a tUmvm, must it imt ktou?k with a taw tmd kmxjt la fnx llu oteai a quart, mi, and smooth i^Mraad, tn puui e/ \?t U?t ik<xn ?tgkt fimmiit, aer mere Um laeetoe ouni* tack. the b<>rk mast b? packed from ooni-fe<j. wet. httened hoja, alaughterrd between the let day of >eormber, 1861,and the let day of iaanary, 1MB, md weighn g not leu than two hand ed pounds aoh. exoluuing the haada, jolee, naoks. shf u>dera, i&raa. lega, feet, butta, rank pa, lard, and all raraea leoee, and matt be eat with iav mmd kmift in neoes weighing not leaa than am pounds. nor more hao twelve poanda eaoh. Both the B**f and Fork m at be sated with at eaatone atatuta buthel of Turk's l?*m, laleof >l?y, Ke> Weat ao tr. Onoodaxa aolar. or 8t J be'* aalt; ana the Beef must have ire ounoee of ine pulverised saltpetre to each harrai, exolusiva if a p okle. to be made from fresh water as atroaa >aiat irul u ake it, acd muat be parfaotly bright tad i tear. Kach barrel mnat oontain full SOP pnanda nett reirht ol liei-for >nrk - itner article wtll\>e pud lor. Th? barrel* muat tie entirely new. and be made f the t>?at eea?oued heart of wbite oak >Utm and i sating*; the ataveeto be not:eea than five eighth* if an inch thi. k aud the headii>[i not iea? than rtH-f mutuofao inch thick; they muat be three Dii'ths hooped over, including tue iron h^opa, t>??t wmte oat or hiek jti hoop*, and eaoh arr-i must uave on it four iron ho >pa v g neofoueand a half inch in width on raofe bilge. ,Ld one of one and aa eighth ineh in width on each itn.e, ?i.d eaoh U* rte of oue nitreoU ofaa inch . ick. Ea.-li barr?, mun be of the internal oapaoity if thirty-two (allcci an . the iron hoop* nuit be reii pvnu <1 wuU ted ies.U. J acli barrel must be branded by on .U ead " Navy B^ef," or * Mary Pork." aa the aa?e nay be, with the oontraotor'a name and thr year rti<?n packed,aud weight; and the 1 alao be biaadd on the bung stave ?ith the letter B. or P.. aa tbe ate mat be. Tue oesf and pork wil.nnleea otherwise flueotd by the Chief of thie Bareaa, be teepeeted by the napecting offisera at the r?epeottve Navy i arda foreta'd,a d bv aome "aworn inapector of aaitad rovnioua," wnn wilL~be aelected f>y tbe respective oir.manding tffice a; r nt their oaargee for eaeii upestiona muat be paia by the respective oontrec or*. wno muat likewiee have the barrel* pat ia wod ahipping order, to the aatiafaction of tbe ot-mt&udan.* of the reaaeotive Navi \ aida aforeaatd, iter inspection, ana at their own ej^eaae. Two or owe ar proved ?uretiee in a aa* aeaaJ to ne t>a f the eettu.ated amoant of tbe oonuaot will e required, and twenty per oectam in addition wi? f> withholtf Irnm lh?4fnf>?nt made, u ooi turti security lor ?ho due and kith Hi penorroa oe of the respective ooc tracts, rhteh w 11 ?n no kooiant be p?id until the oon racts are oomp.ied with in all reepeou ; ud is to e forfeited to the United 6imm in the tmt of uture to oomplete the'elivenea witnin the are oiibed period. In cate of failure on uie part of the on<rao.or to deliver all or any of the beef or poia bove mentioned, el the qua ity and at the ume ,td p aces above provided, the contractor wiil for?it and par to the United ftatee, ae liquidated . araates, a sum of moner eeuai to t?ioe the mount of tho oontract prioe to be paid in oa?e of he ao.ual delivery thereof; which liquidated duii ge? may ' ? leoovereu l oin wme to time aa they ccue Payment will be made by the Cm tad 'tutes at th< periods above rpeoifiad. (exo<*pung he twen'y per o?nturn to b? withheld until t),e nmp.etion of the oont.act, as bel-re ttated > ait r lie ?*id beef and jpoik shall have been luipeeted nd received, and bun lor the same shall have been reeented to the navy agents, respective,?, duly pproved by the commandants of the re? avy yards, acoordtng to the terms of Uie ooaract The part * of bfj to bt trtludtd vill bt partttm xriy d sit *att i xn tut mtrartnt to bt <t:asK*4 to it contrast ttr:cm? initristta. roa ootaim tkewi n application at tkt.? oJRce. Hi jdero whose proposals shail be sooepted (and one othersi will be forthwith notified, and as irlyas praot able a contract will be transmitted j them for execution, whioh oortract must be etorned to the Bureau within ten dava. exclusive 1 the time required for the regular transmission f the inai . Ar oord.or duplioateof the latter irfarminga idder ol the aooeptanoe of his propoaaj, a Hi be eemed a notification thereof within the meantug t tne act of 1M6, and hi? bid will be made and aa cp ted in conformity with thin understand lag. Every oiler made mu-t be aooon panirnl <a* di ecieu in the 6th section of tha aot of Co< grtas iskinc appropriations for the naval earnoe for M6 '47, approved loth of August. lM6,)by a writ ?n, signed b? one or mora rarponiibia ?r<ons, to the ettec; that he or they ucaertakathat be b.dder or b dder? will, if hia or their bid be ac epted, enter into aa obligation within ten Oaye. ruh good and sufficient suretiea, tofurmah the rtiole proposed. Thia sua an tee mnit be aoooo>pani*d by the twifioate <>f the Umt*d Bt*tM outriot judge, tatee diatriot atto.ney, or navy < r.i that the u*.rantora are ab e to make good that r gaa ante*. No piopoaa. w.U be oonaidered anleea aooompa itd b? ?uch guarantee. The bidder'a name and reMdn o*. and the nan e f each member of trie firm, where a o^mpaty of art, with the Chrutiau uamea written ic full, matt ediatinctlf atated. Under the joint roeo ntion of Conrreaa.naarovrc 7th March, 1844, "ail bida for anpplica or p owi lona, e othint, and email atoree for the nee of the avy, may be r?j:otfd at the option of the Do part sect, if made by one not known aa a manafaonrer of or re?u ar dealer in ths aruo.e proposed a be farmthed wmoh fv>t, or t tie reverse, mutt e diatinctiy atated ic the bide offered. au 24 la w4 w L^kMALtS BOAKDlNtt AND DAY SCHOOL ? ALEXANDRIA, TA. Mra. ft. J. MoCORMICK, P*mci?au The thirteenth annual eeeaion of tola laatiUtm riii oommraoe on Tueeday, PoptomSor l?th, in the ouac reoently oooupied by Sylveeter soott. tva?M Jo. 1?0 Kmc The oonrae of atudy ptrmd will oompitMAll be branoliee re?aieite to a thoroagh Kngliae Ui atiou^ and Jkluaio, French, Labs and Drawing, if In addjtion to day aebolarax Mra. MoCormiok hi _ rajarau u> rnoeiT* a amiwa nurnwr or papua M pMert. who. oonaQtaUaf a Mrt? her own fi? 17. vili ba undar Lar laaMluU Mr* aad aaparolon. lib? will pnCsaror.M fmr aa poaaibla. to ?ar owl Cham witfc UMooafrrtitM kutdJv ulmM HDt Mis&sdSSiu^saxB: tidmo*. Mu?io and Lu(M(M it fulMW' prtow, lir No extra ohaxiaa. u*f if APS OP THE SEAT OF WAi?A a^Mdld *1 Map of the Seat ofWir for oaly $ o?iU., P >ck?t Mui of all k kut, Soidiara' Gamy Draaai r.? Gam from ftM to #?. H it.k Booki acd Stationery of ail kind#, FIm SASSs**v,.? rf Wfiwmenoan aad Foreign Mngaaiaae, Daily and . ^^""?"?gggSk J U N BOATS Ommrurmmttsr Omm-mft Mm, I rttiMviMru?. /aiyu,un.| Plait* awb Br?cmcATioiu tor kulK of Gn lo*U for tb? W?t??rivtri irt on xhibitio* ftt Jftt Bri|. Cm'I ud q?mraMUt ^?b1 -?-?^ ^

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