Newspaper of Evening Star, September 3, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 3, 1861 Page 2
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% ' tuf f.vfmng star. WASDIN<1TC)N CITY: TVESOAY SfptmWr 3, 1961, On Fimw tt the rarloui military ramp* and fwwrttWa will confer a ffcvor by keeping ua posted u to moTrmenta and affalra la their vicinities. ?l>irit ?f the VlarHtag Preaa. The Imtilligfetr notices the treachery of Robt. F. Scott and other*, who, while living upon treasury of the Government, have sought in every way to effect Ita overthrow. The Rtpmbliran treata this morning upon the cultivation of flax cotton. THE NEWS HERE. Majoa^fcpBBAL Fiimobt'H BICI*T PROCT.AKATioa courge, the subject matter of much conversation among public men, military and #lv1l In Oil* ?!! ? ?* * -?-?? *? * vi?y. aucu CTII1C1IU1I, lUOU^D almost universally adverse to the positions be appear* to have taken, are by no meant unkind towards him personally, as It la evident that, though a tried and competent soldier, be is no lawyer, and therefore may not be expected to be always successful in so drawing up such papers, as to state such things with legal precision. It is well understood bere that his purpose was aimply to notify the people of Missouri of his intention to rarry out tbe letter and spirit of the confiscation act f*o far as the Government here la concerned, all In Washington realise that such Is their purpose; and therefore no one among ua dreams that they in any manner sympathize with the views of those at the East who would have that act interpreted to mean a license from Congress to atteirpt to pervert the war from its legitimate end?the re. estsblishmer't of the Union under the Constitution and lawv-so as to make it, instead, a war for tbe abolishmsnt of slavery throughout the United States, or in some one or more ?tat?s of tbe | Union. Conditio* of Things is Vibgisia ? A gentleman just from Eastern Virginia gives us the following interesting particular* of the condition of portion of Virginia through which he has passed within a few days. The inhabitants of the coartry village* are in a very staltened condition?necessary supplies are hardiy obtainable and In the larger towns it is little better. A brief tay in Fredericksburg enabled him to ascertain that coffee is selling at 50 cents per pound, sugar 37 cents; flour 812 per barrel, though wheat is only 40 to 30 cents per bushel. Sewing needles cannot be bought, and spool cotton is 12 cents per pool; boots $ 15 to ?2t? per pilr At Fredericks burg be learned that a manufactory for making sabers bad been established there, which had fOrn'.thed a large number of those weapons to the rebel army; but other arms were very scarce Fredericksburg has not been fortified, but there is a squad of about fifty men from Maryland at Camp Mercer, near the town. A division of the rebel -army, under Gen. Holmes?about fifteen thousand men?is pocted in the country from Fredericksburg to Manassas Junction. Communication with Maryland has not been cut off; and by some means the New York Hna'd and Tribune and Baltimore 5mm can be had at Fredericksburg The local columns of these paper* are eagerly scanned by the Confederates, to certain what troops were moving to Washington and the seat of war; and by means of the information thus gathered they are enabled to keep thoroughly posted as to the strength ef our forces It is said and believed there tbat about 6,1100 rebels are posted near Aquia Creek, and are corstruc <?i ? lurmiaiine oaiiery several miles this tide of it He came to this city by way of Matthias's Point and Port Tobecco, Md ,and regards bis escape as almost miraculous A gang about 130 militia, who have been on duty about three weeks at the Point, are a drunken set of fellows, who employ their time in the way peculiar to roughs. They hide in the bushes when the noise of boats approaching warns them. About midnight they agreed to take him and his associates to the Mary4shore for the sum of ten dollars each. This gang, or a relief gang. Is continually lurking about the shore at the Point. All through the country they confidently expect Beauregard to drive the Federal forces away from Washington Thb PaovosT lie as d ?The late municipal police of this city having eeased to exist aa such, before their successors are Installed in office, for the due protection of person and property here in the meanwhile, Provost Marshal General Porter yesterday directed that the commanders of battalions (of the Provcst Marshal:* Guard) hold their aeveral command* in readinesa to turn out at any alarm of fire which may occur, each in hia own dlatrlct. He ha* also directed them to inform themselves of the position of the fire engines, (each in his datrict) and to use tbem to the best advaatage in extinguishing any fire that may occur. * _ rkomotkd asd appoihtid?Mr. J. H. Hawes of the General Land Office, bis been promoted to be the principal draftsman In that department. Tie* Capt. Bleliske, resigned, to take position under Oen. McClellan. Thomas (Sales Foster, of Philadelphia, an old reporter, and a nephew of the late Joseph Gales, bas been appointed to a second class clerkship in the War Department. Appoihtid ?The President to-day, made the following civil appointments. Viz : Jonathan C. Burnett, of Kansas, to b? Register of the Land Office at Fort Scott, Kansas Willis Holland, < f Missouri, to be Receiver of public monies at Warsaw, Mo. Rit cagkd ?Secretary Cameron yesterday re-1 turned to Washington, after several days'absence The New York papers, more particularly the Herald. Trtbunt, and Leader, treat with utter Indifference the order of the Government that no more information shall be given to the enemy through the newspaper columns. They continne to publish colnmn after column -of minute Inlafniatua a# ? *- ?0 * * * v> we uivicuiciiia ui iruopi irum ana through that eity to tbla point, and the Leader goes so far &i to announce the precise location of arlous commands of our force* In this neighborhood. ITT The Pmn'plrania (Eaaton) Sentinel, recently destroyed by a mob, in consequence of its alleged secession sympathies, appears again thla I ?wk oa a half sheet. The editor denies that be ?er had any sympathies with secession, snd claims to be s sincere and loyal supporter of the IH7"The correspondence found upon the rebel c fleers taken la the Hatteraa forts, show that much paias was taken by the Confederates to conceal the number of prizes taken by their privateers upon the North Carolina coast, lest the attention of this Government should be called to the necessity of extirpating this nest of pirates. (?TSaturday afternoon the remains of MaJ. Gen Lyoo arrived In New York, and were escorted to the City Hall by a detachment of the Seventh Regiment During the passage of the cortege the flags on most of the buildings were displayed st half-mast. The Confederates raptured at Cape Hatteraa had no provisions of say consequence, except salt pork and nylaaaee, and were suffering terribly from want of water. On being taken aboard oar vesael they consume* nearly all the 1M A# IK* fry A petltloo signed by a large number of Preach citizens In New York has been addressed to the Ualtod State* District Attorney In thst city asking for the suppression of the Court f Uts Eftg (Mi, on the ground thst it Is Inimical to the UoveramesV ILrThe prohibition sgslust the departure of F?lagers from Baltimore to place* on the West?ra shore of Maryland without a pass from the Prs??t Marshal, has been removed, and there la aew no obstruction to travel 1a that direction. ? * ? I\j~ General Abbott, of New Hampshire, has received authority from the War Department to ralae* regiment of lnfabtry In that State U7* LastSatorda) 3i,U00 pedestrians, 388 equee. trlaaa, aad M7? oafr^g?* Plaited the New York (total Phrtr. ^ n - rr.-'K - * diii t.i* rm xxj.f-j 5 orn military budget. THI riatNG TO-DAT. The heavy booming of cannon heard this morning created quite a buzz of excitement on tbe street corners and at the Center Market, from which latter place some of the old lady customers scuttled away to their respective homes with half filled baskets, and In a state of considerable trepidation. Tbe first Impression was thst the firing was in the direction of Munson's Hill, and a good many glasses were at once directed In that direction. but all seemed as quiet as a summer's morning in that locality, with few Confederate soldiers islble, and those pursuing tbe even tenor of their way. Ail seemed equally tranquil at our own camps over the river with the exception of a little artillery practice by one of our companies near the Potomac, this side of Alexandria Tbe heavy firing, however, was evidently in the direction of tbe Chain Bridge, and was soon set down by those nrartlre vunnerv nlao It was continued for two or three hours AFP A IKS DOWH TIU RIVER Fifteen or twenty vessels have arrived here within the last twenty-four hours, and with one exception the crews report all quiet down the river, having seen no batteries and no mr>n on the .Virginia shore. The exception Is the schooner Charles West, which arrived last night, and reports that while opposite Mathlas Point the captain had a fine glass, through which he was trying to get a peep at the Confeds, when a shell came whizzing over his head and dropped In the water about 400 yards bevond his vessel. He made no I farther observations in that locality. At Potomac ' Cr-ek?b-low Aqula,and above Maryland point? | he noticed some commotion just above the old steamboat landing, at the mouth of the creek. Taking his gla*s he saw the "men as thick as blackberries," apparently throwing up entrenchments, and twenty or thirty horse and ox teams hanllng earth. One team had six oxen attached, and appeared to be drawing a gun. NEW BRIGADIER GENERALS . On Saturday last, the President made the following appointments of Brigadier Generals. Viz : Capt Geo C. Meade, of the Topographical Kngl. neers; Major Lawrence P. Graham, of the Dragoons, (a Virginian by birth, and breveted for gallantry In Mexico;) and Colonels Abercromble, Biddle, Duryea, and Casey. The l;ist Is Lieu tenant Colonel by brevet In the regular army. He served with distinction In Florida, and was breveted thrice for gallantry In Mexico. To-day, be also made the following Brigadier General? Vis: Wro A Richardson, and Eleazor A Paine, of 111.; Justus MeKinstry, Assistant Quartermaster U. S. A ; O. Howard and Chaa. D. Jamieson, of Me ; A McD McCook, of Ohlo; Ebenezer Dumoot. Robert H. Mllroy, and Lewis Wallace, of Ind ; Daniel E Sickles, of N Y. THE BAOJING or ARTILLERY THIS FORENOON. The firing across the river this forenoon, of heavier guns than have heretofore been beard at this point, was occasioned simply by the exercise of the men (at the guns) stationed in some of the United State* fortifications in the vicinity of the Chain Bridge, and near Alexandria. The enemy afso fired several shots this forenoon from rifled guns on Munson's Union pickets, without, however, killing or wounding a man. OTUER DCTIK4. - We understand taat Col. Mark H. Dunnell, of the 5th Maine Regiment, will soon leave for Vera Cruz, at which port he was appointed Consul In April last The three months for which he was allowed leave of absence by Secretary Seward, expired on the 9th of August, and he was duly notified of the wish of the Administration, that he should enter upon bis duties as Consul PASSES. After to-diy, passes to cross the Long Bridge, or to co to Alexandria by boat, will only be granted between the hours of 9 a. m and 1 p. m. Th-y will be issued by Lieut. Bache, of the Provost Guard, from the same office in which, for I some time past, that gentleman his been preparing them for the signature of Brigadier Genera} ' Porter. APPOINTMENTS. Capt. George G. Flynt, of New York, has been appointed Assistant Adjutant General, and ordered to report to General Thomas at Louisville. Oliver S. Witherill, of Indiana, and William G. Ferrell, have been appointed additional Paymasters. GENERAL H08KCBAKS. The Government here hive telegraphic advices from Gen Kosecrans, intimating thitall is right with his command, forwarded since the Richmond papers published the account of bis alleged surrender to General; which, of course, was utterly false. lIIS?T?Tin The President baa reinstated Roger Perry u a Commander in the U. 8. Navy. HAVY YARD. Affairs Doien River?Prize brought up?Fortifications of the En?.my Down River?A Shipment Declined by Uncle Sim. Laat night the little propeller,Resolute came up to the yard for coal and supplies. Her commander, Capt. iJudd, being confined at the hospital with an injured foot, the Resolute is under Capt. Poster, formerly Master's Mate of the Penguin Mr. Johu Barrett is Muster's Mate of the Reft'lute, vice Mr. Fuller, recently killed at Matthias Point. The propeller towed up the little craft, T. J. Evans, caught transporting arms and percussion caps a day or two since, and also brought up one of the men as a prisoner. A Virginia refugee, who was picked up by the Tigress, report* that the Confederates are constructing butteries at Cock-pit Point, and opposite Budd's Ferry, about 40 miles b?low Alexandria He states that the officers in charge of the batteries have orders not to tire on anv vessel un? til all tbe work* are completed. The steamer Philadelphia went down to Alexandria to-day with naval alerts for tbe brig Perry. The Baltimore left iut night for Old Point. This morning quite an amount of furniture Aid other article*, all boxed up, was to be aeen at tbe navy-yard wharf, having b?;en brought to the yard in that condition to be shipped down the river so that it might reach Richmond. It was supposed by the parties bringing them for shipment that tbe Mount Vernon would take them to Kappabannock river under a flag of truce, but all such agreeable illusions on their part were at once dispelled by an order to remove them from the yard, as no snch operation could be carried on by " Uncle #?m," The boxes were addressed to Mrs. Jackson Morton, Richmond, Va. Among them was a box from the glass and crockery establishment of Chas 8. Fowler A Co., Seventh street, to D. W. Archer, Richmond, Va. The Pensacolm has taken on board ber smoke stack, and daily assumes more of the trim and neat proportions of a man-of-war. Firing of heavy ordnance could be distinctly beard Id the direction of Alexandria this morning. but from tbe top of the ship-house its locality could not be ascertained The Confederate* on Munaon'a bill can be distinctly seen from this place with a good glass, snd tbelr movements rendered perfectly visible. Most of each morning la devoted to drill, and amall bodies of troops can be distinctly seen performing tbelr varloua evolutions Officers of the flotilla atate that, from Alexandria to tbe Rappahannock river?a dlatance of nearly ISO miles?not a aoul is visible on tbe Virginia shore, tbe whole country bearing tbe mark of desolstlon. No borses, cattle, or anlmsls of any kind are seen, and not a particle of smoke to note (be habitation of a single Individual Is ever perceptible. Complete sllenee and lonellneaa pervades ihe whole extent of country, as though It had been devastated by a pestilence arvaiks up sivga. Tkt /ores / tk* Entmy at L*tib*rg amd Drain*vtll'?Stciik cut off Jrom their ktntojort facilititt. [Special correspondence of tbe Star ] Coitvad's Febky, Montgomery county, Md., Aug. X, 1(41 ?All has been very quiet in this viviuiij iur wujf oiyi pail According to the be?t information In our rcacb, Secesb continues to bars at l,eesburg about 3,000 Infantry and 4,000 cavalry, and an aggregate of a>>out 4,000 troops at and Immediately around Dralnrrllte. A ntgtif or two ainee, two young men from hallImore endeavored to get acrcsa tbe river from this immediate vicinity .in a amall boat tbey brought with th*m, from we Jwow not * J . 4 '+JU*' y where. The boys on guard, however, put two Mlnle balls clean through her, when tbey paddled back to thlsbsnk In doable qalck time. Onr opinion here is that It is getting more difficult than formerly for direct communication between the Baltimore aeceshers snd their fellows In Virginia. There sre no sigps of any move- j ment on the part of the enemy In this vicinity. affairs os the v1bsihia ?!di?tbi exkmy fobtiftipfo oh tbi uttle river tur.npikk? ? sbizur rs of unioh mbji. [Special correspondence of the Star.J Alexandria, Sept 3 ?Editor Star: The disunion troop* are rrectlng a fortification about a mile below Murry Mason's, on the land of Levi Deming, (cottage farm, five miles out on the Little River turnpike ) The southern pickets have possession of the upper part of the farm and the Union plcketa the lower part of the firm. In the meantime, Mr. Deming has thought it prudent to leave. The disunion pickets are arresting Union men in lue Accouni neiguooruooa. ?e lear i tliat they have arrested Mr. P H. Troth, a very worthy and reliable and Inoffensive cltiecn, a miller, and one of great value to the neighborhood, who can be badly spared.and who, although a Union man, haa committed the unpardonable ainof not thinking secession wis a cure for all the evil* that now affcct u?. * MOVIMINTS OVER THC KIY'KK. Movements of the enemy?A tstesh ex magistrate kilUd at Falls Church. [Special Correspondence of The Star ] N*ae Lanslet, Fairfax county,VaM Sept. 2.? The disunion troopa continue to acout around this nelghbohood In considerable numbers. A servant belonging to Craven Aahford (late a magistrate In your city,) who Is hired near here, says that her master was shot, and killed, at Falla Church, on the 27 h ultimo. 1 write you the fact, as he was well known in Washington. Interesting Particulars *f the Surrender ?f the Hatteras Fsrtt. A short time before the surrender of Fort Hatteras about three hundred of the rebel garrison had taken refuge In the bomb-proof magazine, which was so crowded that several fainted, and when a shell struck and penetrated It, a panic ensued which the ofllcera could not control ttTUktn ...i. *T UUiii irit uaiiiutra Qjwiwaiui, UUI IUU4 UJ^fl 11time raining in upon them, the white flag was ran up. During this time most of the casualitifa occurred The priaonera manifested great Burpriae at falling into Uncle Sam's bands, from whose grasp they had believed themselves perfectly secure The rank and file were equally astonished to find that thev were fed and (bettered instead of being slaughtered in cold blood. The officers felt keenly tbe miscarriage, and did not hesitate to say that North Carolina bad got a severe blow. All manifested great anxiety to know what was to be done with them, and were assured that they were going among better friends than they had at home, and where they would receive full ration* regularly The last consideration seemed to att'ord great satisfaction to the privates. When the capitulation took place, the provisions of the garrison were running very low, consisting principally of salt junk and mol?s?es The rebels'shells were filled with sand. But few fuses were found In the fortress. The shells were supposed on shipboard to be rifled shot, owing to the sand The powder In the fort was of a poor quality There was a large number of percussion caps, rebel make. The copper was not water-proof, and they were very poor About half the prisoners bad b#?en In the fort for three months, with little pay. They complained of hardships. The arms were mostly altered from flint to percussion locks They were of very poor quality. But two companies were fully uniformed, the reii were in citizens' clothes There was a ?eparate corps of Coast Guard, recently organized iuto regiments, under Col Martin, one of the most prominent North Carolina lawyers. A number of the defenders were from the country, having volunteered since the arrival of the fleet, consisting of substantial men, plan'ers. ship owners, tar boilers, proprietors Some of the soldiers said thev hid enlisted to avoid being Impressed; others didn't hesitate to express the hope that the war would speedily close, adding that it was " a bad business " When the prisoners were taken on board the Adelaide the call for water was universal, and their thirst appeared unquenchable. All the ice on board was used up In a twinkling. The prisoners said they bad bad no water fit to drink (I nee tfcey bad been In the fort. They were perfectly exhausted, and could lie down anywhere for a nap The hospital was poorly supplied. The wounds, without exception, were caused l>y the explosion of bombs, and were of a horrible description They bled but little, in consequencc of the searing from hot shell In the correspondence between Gea Butler and Com Barron the latter wds recotrrlzed only as Samuel Barron, who signed himself-'Commanding C 8. forces for the defence of the coast of North Carolina and Virginia." Barron Is a brotber-in-law of Commodore Pendergast of the Roanoke. He left the navy after srt;e?sion. When the white flae appeared, cheer upon cheer went up from the fleet Our tars, who had entered Into the contest with their whole aoul, regarded the captives as their game, which they bagged with the utmost enthusiasm. One gunner. who lost bis ramrod overboard, was In the water after it In a jiffy. He returned with it before he waa missed, swearing that he waan't going to have hla gun disgraced for want of a rammer. The Roanoke waa shot once, and the Montlcello thrice, but sustained no great damage. These were the only rebel shota that struck. The rebel prisoners speak of the firing of tbe Cumberland and the Susquehanna as most terrific and telling. A little before tbe surrender, a detachment of the Twentieth regiment proceeded to tbe encampment of a rebel regiment up the Inner beach, and burnt the tents, munitions, and all the garrison equipage. AS C.1PIM8HJU LETTER. Lieutenant Biggs, of the Roanoke Guard, commenced a letter to his father on the'22dof August. It bad reached the volume of eight pages when captured The last postscript Is hs follows: August 27 (the day of the attack) ?In all probability by to night or to-morrow the rattle of musketry and tbe roar of cannon will be heard here. Old Abe has waited long, but at last has come, and one would suppose with the determination to i breakup this u hornest's nest" at Hatteras A large ship has been In sight, about eight miles off, all day There are now four In sight, and an islander who belongs to Capt Cahoon's company u? jum? <.uuic uiiwu, iui:n^ idoi ko lar^e War teamen are in sight, nnd so clone that be could see all the surf boats for landing men, and said they bad a good many of them, and be bad no doubt they would commence landine troops very > soon. I have sent pickets out. TSere are elevsn ships now In sight?the Adelaide among them, and as full of men &* she can stick. Our men are now laid off and practising on the cannon One steamer has come Id a mile off the shore. She first turned her left side and then her right side to us, ?s though she intended so give us a broadside, or was bantering us to tire. But no doubt she came to roconnoiter, and has now gone back to report. 1 n the present season of turmoil and anxiety, when all the- faculties, physical and mental, are keyed to the highest pitch of excitement, there Is nothing more Important to the general health than the use of good and nutritious food, rendered palatable ana savory by that best and purest of condiments, long known throughout the old and new world, "Lwi A Ferrlns' Worcestershire Sauce " A few drops of the genuine In soup, on bot or cold meats, game, fish, A.c., Imparts a delicious relish, known only to those who use It. Many travelers consider it an indispensable In guarding against derangement, incident to change of water, food. See. It will do much to overcome bad or Irregular cook in jr. and render savory an othftrwll* iinnalaUKU A l?v? ump U1?U. An Eaitiin Shobb Homb Guabd ?Col Ju Wallace, of Cambridge, having been authorized by the War Department at Washington to have enrolled and mustered into the service of the United State* a regiment of infantry to act as a home guard on the Eaatern Shore, has Issued a call for < volunteers for that purpose. The enrollment has already commencra id this countv, and we learn that quite a number In this place and vicinity haveenllsted. We also learn that Capt Comegys, of the Hicks Guard, at Greenaborough, with a considerable number of his company, will also enter the service. Col. Wallace has tne written promise of the Secretary of War that the regiment ahall not be called from the Shore to perform military service ?Denton {Aid ) Journal U7" It la expected that a trial of steam fire engines will be had this month in the New York Central Park. Engine* from Cincinnati, Boston, Baltimore and Philadelphia are to be competitor* with the New York machines. - [13T The New York Day Book having lost the ! corporation advertiatng, and Its aouthern aubacrlptlon, haa auapended publication. The Tribune, it la aald, la about to reduce ita alze, and haa already ralaed ita aubecrlption price to 97. ITT The New York paper* are calling upon ! Col. McCunn, of the New York Thlrty-aeventh Regiment, (o r eign. | OjTA thorough Union paper la about to be atarted In Rockvtlle, Maryland, under the auaplcea of Hon. Richard I. Bowie JZT The proprietor of the Albany fllalaaniaii cflW? that paper for aale. . . M * >^ev. "' * < / t Frta ikt Sutk. We gather the following from the Richmond Enquirer of the 28th ultimo : loss or tbb nrr. davis. A letter from Fernandina, Fin , dated August 21, received at Savannah, savs: ' The crew of the privateer Jeff. Davis arrived here thla afternoon. The>* state that on Sunday morning, while trying to get into St Augustine, the vessel struck on tbe bar and was lost. All hrr guns were saved, with the exception of two small ones " The Jeff Davis was a brigantine, armed with five guns and manned by sixty men lbttbx from tbxxs. Austin, Texas, August 6,1861 ?Tbe organisation of a large coast force is now going on Perhaps it will compose thirty thousand men strong. This has been effected by tbe addition of the militia to the volunteer force. For some time past Adjutant General Byrd has been at work enrolling the militia on an active footing. Tbe whole abore line from tialveaton to Matagorda Bay ia lined by vldette guards, and these operate with algnals, stationed at three And four miles apart. appoiktwbwts. Hon. Thomaa L. Clingman. of N C , has been elected Colonel of the 25th regiment of volunteera from that State. The regiment is composed of upwards of 1 300 men. Lt. Col. Trimbell Las been annnlntol Rrliradier General, and ordered to report for duty to Gen 1. E. Johnson at Manassas fighting across thb potomac. The body of R K Royal], a member of Capt. Ball's Chesterfield Cavalry, was brought to Richmond on Monday for Interment Young Rovall (who was only ?2 years old) was killed on Sunday lest in a skirmish carried on between some of our troops on this side and a body of the enemy on tne other side of the Potomac, near L#esburg. JohnW Barr, of Richmond, a member of Shields' Howitzers, was wounded in the leg in the same engagemeut. No other casualties occurred on our a'.de Our men are of the opinion that they killed

some of the enemy?tl.ey could not say how many. Important Rkvksck Movements.?The Custom House officers of New York, on Sunday last displayed an unusual activity, which created no little surprise among the officials, who were suddenly ordered to assemble at a given hour for immediate and mysterious service. It was stated a frw days ago that clearances for the port of Matamoras, in Northern Mexico, were no longer to be granted by the Collector of that port, inasmuch *s goods and provisions for the rebe's were being transported there, and thence transferred across the rrontler to the rebel State of Texas In accordance with this order, the Surveyor of the port seized or put under surveillance on Saturday, no lfts than forty-tire vessels at the dlfierent wharves, loaded with Merchandise, and some of them eleared for Matamoras, while others had obtained elearmers for other ports, but are suspected of J --AI 1 * - al ? * ucius unuiicn lor njauirioras, ana Deia upon thai presumption. Huw Maisachc3ett* Rec*cit? ?The Boston Transcript says : "General Wilson's regiment is to be, beyond question, a iplendid success Eight or nine companies have alrtady ofrrtd, anil the General's headquarters at the (State House have been thronged to day with officers and military aspirants. No doubt, from general appearances. Gen Wilson could organize two regiments within ten days; but he will be very circumspect in h s selection, and at least one very superior regiment will be the result of his labors in a very few days. Offers bave been made to-day of seveu full com panies of infantry, besides cavalry and artillery.'? ff-B-THE CAPTAINS AND LIEUTENANTS LL? ol the Fourth Regiment District' ol?inbia Ml itia are meet THIS AFTERNOON, at 5 "'cock, at the former drill grounds, near the Capitol. It* IT'S"national huiluing associaIL2 TloN.?The third annua; meeting will be fiiTri at Tempera-'C" Hall on TUESDAY EVENING nest, at 8 o'clock, when an election will be held for officers to serve for the ensuing year. au 31 3t CHAW WILSON, Seo. (Vw?PUTN\M R\N6KRS.-Thi? is a Compaq's njr of Mounted Scout-, and part have already been must*red in the service A f?w mop g"oa men wanted to make up the Company. Can a: the lsisnd Hall, or on Seventh at, near the bridge. _ G. THISI LETON, Capt. P. S. The Government furnishes all the horses an eqinpinrn's. au29-5t* [>TS* COMPANY "A." U. S. ENGIN* f.RS.i " Fifty intelligent and able l>odied meehanios will be enlisted to fill this Company to the max imum fixna by law?ISO men. Inquire at No. ' M* 6 street Pay from 913 to 934 per month, besides food and olothir g. au 17 tf ,? m THE UNION PRAYER MEETING llj? will l>e holden EVERY DAY intne E street Baptist Churnh. commencing at Ao'olook p. in. and to be continued an honr. Strangers as well * oitiiens of a>l denominations are invited to attend and take part in theae sooial meetinga. m 21 WMRS. ? MONHOK ILL Rosumetbe of tier Sohoo' 03 Mooday.the 1th of ?eptemb*r, on the corner of Ninth and E streets?No. 43%. (Rep.) te 3 3teo* THK ARMY WATCH?A cheap, sut stintially 1 made, and reliable timekeeper with key arranged icithin the caae, thereby prevent.n* tne possibility of ita being ioat or nrnlaid. A amall invoice just received M. W OALT A BRO , Jewellers, 35* Pa. avenue. aeS-3^ < doors west of Biown'a Hotel. FOR SALE?Four young WORK MARES. They were selected by nie for farming cy and breeding, are in fine condition, and jUaj^Yt Work kind arid g-ntie >n ail h\rness. Wil r^/ ^ !> sold, wi'h a guaranty as to sou"doe<s anddoeitity, at SO per oent brlow their co?t ifnpputd (or this week. Would particularly call the utiention of hank owners. Apply at in? corner K and Fifteeutli ata. Also, the splendid Harness Horae "Eutiohus," dapple grey, id* htnOa hut., long tail, ovn trot in 3 with two per ons in a heavy road wagon. Can be seen at Buroh's Stpble. 14th at Prioe 9200. _ae 3-2t* W. WILKINSON. SEALED PROPOSALS are invited till the loth day of September, 1861, for supplying the Army of-he Potomac with I'UiATOES. About ?n,Mn Kn.k.^1. ?ill :?J *? 1? - ? - --? UUOIIViO will UO I PI'I I I P* I , ID ios ni aoout H "W I bushel* per week. The Potatoes to be of the fir?l quality and e^ual in quality to the following kinds: Meroers (bine,) Fink Eya, Mercers (white ) The Potatoes !o bedrlivered >n Washington,and snl> eot t<> such ii?pectijn on delivery as the 9ubsisteuoe 1>< partmeiit may reguir*, ami payment to be made in Trea?ury notes, if GoTer.m?ut should desire it The Potato#* to be delivered in go<M. strong barrels, acd eaoti buttliH to be estimated at 6'J lb?. Th? bids to be dirccied to Capt A. BECKVV1TH. C. U. 9 A., Washington, P. O se 3_ Georgetown female seminary, (Mim Hakrovir's,> No. 151 West st? betwen Congress and High its. The duties of this Institute n will be resumed on th* fir*t Monday in September nest. The attention of parents am guardians is partio ui?mt cauou 10 me i i&h* m Cftliaihenios, which will be I rniH ?b Monday the 9 h i"at, bj a graduate of the "Lewis Normal Institute of Physioal Fdooation." The former eupils are earnestly solici'ed to attend the Cl?m IlMTftUCTOftS. Miii E. W. Wright, Mr*. Cectlia Young, * >1K. J Kaufman, Mr W.C. Bergman, " M V. Harrover, A Zappone. M I>. M'lle M.Gard'tte, Charles de Frondrat. C<roulara ina? be obtained at the Bookstore*, or by addressing the Principal. ae 3-1 w MIPS H A K ROVER. ENNIS'8 ARMV OR CAMP 8TOVB. This is one of the belt and moat oorvenent Stov** for Army use ever yet invented It combine* all the convenience* oi aootrplete Cookinr S*tov?? broiling, stewing, baking fan and boiling the rations without smoking urWC burning them. The atove with all it* appurtenance* when packtd, occupies about a* muoh space a* an ordinary atsed barrel, and can be unpacked a d made ready for us* in three minutes. Ttie atovea are packed for trauaportation in a pair < f atrong iron bound o*k tuba, barrel shape, fitted with hoopa to hold them firmly togetker, which oan be used for water tub* Certificates of their adaptation an* utility for army uu, from inftMossrt K^?inimt, Garibaldi Uu*>d?, and Colonel Haker'a California Regiment, oan he teen on appltoa'ionto C. W. BOTELF.R & 80N. aeS-3t Iron HaJI. LEA tc PERK1NI' CELEBRATED Worcestershire Sauce* Pronounced by EXTRACT COiNNOISHBURS || of a Lettar from a to be the * II fitmUmarn at Madras "ONLY GOOD % _ ? D To Hts Brotht* SAUCE." at Woroeater. and applicable to .. fell L-V#%rEVERY ngg ^hiW,tb?te^ in InAi ?ni4 - VARIETY opinion", the mo.*t ? iTpHf|Mpa!aUbte. aa veil u OF DISH. BaK' ??? Smki lhati* made." The above SAUCE is n?i onl? the liar and moat popvlab coxdimbnt known, bat the moat Jcew?m it*I, aa a lew drop* n Soup Gravy, or with Fi?k. hot and oo'd Joints. B"f Sunk, &ame, #c . impart an rxqniaite seat, which unprintipltd Sauce man netarera have in vain endeavored to imitate On the BrtakfnU, Luntkton. Dinner, or Cwmt Table, a oraet oontainini LEA A PKHRINS' WORCESTER SHIRE SAUCE" la indirpeneable. To appreeiate the exttlUnt qua't tits of thia dthan* preparation it la only nec?e?ary to parohaee a am?ll bottle of the mnuitu. of a reepeotaMe gro ce? or dealer, aa many Hotel and Res aurant Pro prietora aeldom plaoe the Purr ?auoe ue(ore their gueaU. bat aabecitatea genaioe bottle felled with a spurious mixture. For aala by tfrnoera and Frvl'eren everywhere JOHN DUNCAN A SO 'S, Union Squatr and Hi* street, Sett Y rk Sole Whcleaale Areata for the United ?titea. AStookalwaya in atore?A law orrfera received lordirMt alupmenta from Engla d. grftiMfi of Counterfeits and Imitatioeu.^R ee|S-lj,ao * * ' n 9 t ??? ??mm SICK AND WOUMDEO SOLDIERS IN HOSPITAL. Pmbhsktd in tonfoTtrtitf with tkt resntmtim / Iks Stnnt* tf July 16, 1861. A< General Hospitnl ok ? Strut, btttr**n Fwmrth and Fifth stmts, Washington, Ant 30. 1st N- v. Cavalry 1 Sd Vermont Volunteer* 1 | N J-Cavalry 1 1st Minnesota Vol .... 1 lat Kentucky Cavalry. 3 lat Pennsylvania Vol . 5 Harris Light Cavalry. 4 3d do do.. 6 Cameron Dragoons... 5 6Ui do do.. 4 1st N Y F.Zousves.. 1 K?n' do do.. 1 1st Excelsior Brigade. 2 '26th do do.. 1 i 'id do ao.(a)14 '27th do do.. S 3d do do.... 1 2J New Jersey Vol.... t 12th N V Volunteers . 3 2d Milne Volunteers . 1 r?fh HA A A 1 ! lA A n Ha 7 94th do do 414th do do 1 , *Stb do do 2 2d New Hampshire... 4 I 87th do do ?'2d Michigan S ! 2s th do do I 4th do (r) S | 31>t do do 2 2d Wlaconain 3 . TM do do 2 !9th Indiana 1 35th do do 2 1st California Reg.... 1 1 36th do do 0 Anderson Zouaves 2 < 37th do do 3 Stnrgea Rift** 1 I 39th do do 1 Cameron Rtftea 1 09th do do 1 D C. Volunteers I 79th do do...(b) 4 ? 9th Mass. Volunteer*.. 1 Total.. 124 , 10th do do I (a) Including an officer (6) One officer (e)Two 1 officers. i At Stmintrf Horpxtal, Gt&rgtttten, i?f 30 1 at Artillery 1 Garibaldi Guarda .... 1 J 2d Maine Volunteers .11 tat Penn. Artillery ... 8 I 3d do do 7 Cth Penn. Volunteers. 1 4th do do ..(?) 1 8tt do do 4 ! 6th do do 1 10* h do do 2 1st Mass. Volunteers.. 1 ll'h do do 2 7th do do 1 12t h do do 6 i 3d Vermont Volunteers 5 19th Indiana (6)30 13th N Y.Volunteers.. 2 2Ut do 2 14th do do 0 1st Michigan Vol 1 18th do do 2 id do do ..(e)13 25th do do 1 3d do do 12 ' 33d do do 14 4th do do...(rf)*l j 79th do do 4 2d Wiaconsln 1 Mezart, New York.... 7 1st Minnesota 12 Tammany, do 1 Teamster. Q M D? I De Kalb, do 3 _ ?? ( bxceiaior Brigade l| Total 183 (a) One officer. (6) One officer, (e) Two officers. (d) Three officer* ! At Union Hospital, comer / Br id ft and Wash' < ington ttrtel*, Gtorgtlovm, Aug 31. '2d N. Y. Volunteers.. 6,1st Minnesota do...... 8 ] 5th do do 2 Jd Vermont do 2 12th do do 9 3d do do 12 13th do de 3 1st Conn. do 1 ' 14th do do...... 14 '2d Wisconsin do 7 16th do do 1 6th do do...... 1 17th do da. 1 8th Pennsylvania Vol. 5 | 24th do do 2 104h do do.. 9 < 25th do do 1 11th do do.. 3 . 26th do do. 1 12th do do.. 9 33d do do 13 21st do do.. 1 . Tammany N Y Vol.. 4 9th Massachusetts do.. 9 Mozart do do .. 3j12tb do do.. 2 , De Kalb do do ... 1 Kentucky Cavalry ... 3 1 Excelsior do do... 1 1st California Vol..... 2 Jackson do do .. 1 2d I' ? Cavalry 3 | 2d Michigan Vol 3 5th do Artillery 1 3d do do 12 2d do Infantry .... 1 | 4th do do 93 3d do do 3 j 2d Maine Volunteers . 2 l eamster 1 j 3d do do 9 ? i 4th do do 1 Total IS) I 6th do do...... 1 At Hospital-at Columbian Colltge, Washington, t Aug 29. - 1 1 2d Reg Maine Vol.... 7 37th N Y. Volunteer*. 9 3d do do 8 79th do do 3 * 5th do do 11 Sickle* Brig N Y Vol 13 J 7th Mim. Volunteer*. 1 Tammany N. Y. Vol.. 4 loth do do 22 Garibaldi do do .. 2 ' 14th do do...... 7 De Kalb do do ..A 15th do do 1 Anderson Zousres,NY 4 2d Conn. do 1 2d N. Y Fire Zooav**. 1 ' lit Reg N Y Cavalry. 6 id New Jer*ey Vol.... 1 J 2d N Y. Volunteer*.. 15 3d do do.... 2 < t-th do do 2 28th Penn. Volunteer*. 3 j 9th do do 2 31 at do do 4 I 11th do do 1 l*t Minnesota do 4 < I 12th do do...... 3 2d Wlaconalndo 9 j 14th do do 3 2d Michigan do 19 ! | 18th do do 2 3d do do 15 22d do do ll|4th do do 6 24th do do 8 19tb Indiana do 90 25th do do...;.. 311st California do...... 3 32d do do 1 1st Reg V 8 Cavalry.. 2 33d do do 9 2d do Dragoon* 2 34th do do 2 Teamster*. Q M. D.. 9 , 35th do do 1 5 w?u uw 9 ) 1 UUU # .ZOO At General Hospital, Alexandria, Aug 30. id Cavalry, U. # A... 2 2d Maine 1 4 Lincoln Cavalry 1 3d do 3 . 1st Artillery, Ui 8 A . 1 4th do 7 2d do do.... 3 5th do 9 I 12th New York. 1 2d New Hampshire... 2 15th do 2 2d Vermont S 1 10th do 10 lit Massachusetts .... I . 17th do 3 Uth do 1 J 18*h do 6 1st New Jeriey 1 ] 25th do..... 5 2d Michigan 1 < 26th do 7 3d do 1 i 27th do 5 2d Wisconsin 3 ] 3Ut do 11 lat Minnesota 4 ' 32d do 10! Mozart 10 3?ih do 31 Fire Zouaves 1 3?th do 14 69th do .'2 Total 135 79 th do 2 Sick remaining in ike Hospital fee Eruptirt ' Diseases, at Kalorama. Aug 30. ( 8th New York 1 2d Wisconsin t ! 14th do 1 21st Indians 3 , 31at do 1 3d Infantry 1 j 34th do 2 Sth do 1 i Excelsior Brig., N. Y. 1 2d Cavalry 1 ' 3d Pennsylvania 1 1st Artillery I 1 8th do 2 Regiment from Oot- 1 lat Penn'a Artillery... I ernor'sIsland 1 9th Pennsylvania 1 ? I iiuL -a _ - ?- - i ulu I Total 94 | 3d Michigan ? ; IH7" Washington paper* please copy and aend bills to the War Department. ar^ 3?3t ( TJ. COH BIN, Rx-Profdator at the Veterma- \ ry Colle*? of Philade phta cm be oonaulted at E. ft. Coyt'm'a ?tablo- I jurteenth and D ata., Waahipgtoaru. C ,(late Biroh'a.) ?2 1 w* A NOTICE. STAGE Will run between WASHINGTON ' and TENAI.YTOWN daily: leav . ' ing the Avenue Houae (oorner at. awl Pa.a*enue. at7a. m. and sflKSS p. in.; leaving Tenalytown at 9 a m. and t p m.. >topping at wiilarda'and I nion Hotel, Ganrcetuwn, a few in inn tea. ( CCHOOL BOOKS, ? , ? WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. A full supply on hand at exceedingly low price*. both for pi'h ig and private a"ho< la. Kirk'a Grammar for introduction at SO eenU. Kirk'a Primary do do. I oents. WM BALLANTYNF., 498 7th at.. se2 lw Above Odd fellows' Hall. Autonomy inkstand?clerks, copyists, LETTER WRITERS.?aabaniber offers to the writing public tha neweet and moat perfect Ink'land vet prod need. It haa bo springs, aorewe or delicate oontrivanoes Tha ink flows into the oup, from caturaJ law ; after Ute lak geta at a certain height, atmospherio preaaure atope the flowirg and you have fteah ink at every dip of the pen. Clerks, o' pyis's, and letter wntera know the advantage of a good inkstand. We gaarante ihe ink need from this inkatand oannot get mouldy, muddy, or thiok. The inkatand oannot get oat of order. The great savins of ink ie admitted h-all. CHaS KCKHARD, Bole Agent. At t;haa H. Andereon'a, Bookaeller and Ptaliooer, 483 Seventh at., opposite Poet OAoe, Washington, RC. eeUt* FniuAuai/rma fKlNT BUTTER 1 'Jt Cbhts rim Porno. MR. T. R. WILSON, bull U14 Center Market, baok of tha old v?uh home eii n Red Cartain, is acain eelkng this unrivaled Batter at 36 oent*. Patronise him; he haa kept the pnee down i all the aommer, and, having determined to make t*ia hie permanent reeic'enoe, intande to ke?e it down. aiiHt' 1 WESTERN LANDS IN EXCHANGE POR LANDS NEAR THE KKDERAL CAP! TAL-?The eubsoriher will exol an*e hue Farming Lande in Ohio and Michigan for lMtda within ? . mi es of tkta eitv. WM. TH08 CaKMOLL. W*?hington City, AuimtB. Htl. *e ?-*otw GREGORY'S STOT B HOUSE, 0 Jtill PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Mi Keeps constantly on hand a oom plate aeeortnent of STOVl-8. UMATES. and RANGES; also. CAMP koUlPME^TH of all kiads.^3 lco.udiDi Camp Ktoo s. Camp Table?. Ca^rfMl Htoves, Prenon Diiskias Csps, oomroon Tin LALh Cups, Tin Plates. &o; and a general aseo'tar at of Tin. KnaniM?-d. J*p?cor*d st.d P.anniihed Ware. All kmoe of Tin, Copper aae Sneet Iron Wo k i made to order ia a work? nhke saaaer aad at I m p. ^ ^ from Seventh at, oath aide, an 17 9o?w H. J. GREGORY. Dr. CHARLES R BOTELER, No. 336 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. \ BftvMo Ninth tod Tenth StrwU V W *-?of lil NOTICE. 1 IflE. M WILLIAM re*p??trallT inform hut . of W?w Yogk.fcj 3*1 Avmvm, \tSb$m&?te! fzZZsmr** I 9 + ] AUCTION 8ALBS. By J. C. MoOUIRK * CO.. Aactioneora cupeeior ?o?KwooDcav? n f:?no C5Foar*, Exckllxht frairtttrm **:> HimSi1? e reeidano* of j. 47 McCotokoa. No. S4 iwori aroaae. 4H tod Mi eta. vtiki: Mil *11 hi* furniture feed Effect*. oornpriaiai ? Vary j'rior Roeewood C?h Ctrrol L*f Sevan Ootat* pimo Fort*. *y Knat>? A Gahle. Piaro Cover arxl tMool. U hata?l. koavoo'* Marble u?a Car t?r aid ?of* TaMea, Walaat 8iriu aeat 9?fi aad Pirior Cba ra, P.aab and Hair CloU M*boc*t>* Roofcer*. Silt frane Marital Mirror, V?e*e, Venetian Blind* aud Windov *hade?. Hruaaei.ard ln?rain Car?*u. ftiair l*rp?u. Broti* Iron Hat Tree, Oidoth, Extension i>inat Tab a. tM?h?*!d. Cane ud Wood aeat Chain. |.?anke. Chwa.flua. and ' rockery Ware. inferior Wa'nat Marble t<>* Dr?**'ni Rareaa, loud Wafnrtaad Painted Wardrot**. f pintle ard Doable B*d*'e*d?. VN atniaod*, r Toi'ot 8ota Tow# Raeka, Clock. KaM tor F*U*fr Bed*. B<> *t?r? aad Piiiova. Blanke'a, Con.forta, and *?>rn*d*. Walnut aad Mahotaaj Boot caeea aad Drake, Cookie* ' love aad F xture*, K'tohen Utaraila. Ac., A a. W*S^" J. C Mod'IRK 4 CO., AuoU a SB, J. C. McGlIRK A CO.. An-tt.Tw*,, 1 UfERIOR roskwoou CAMi BMKN ! octavb Piajio ruiti wimn A W:l i ION'* t*iwu?a Ma cm mi. Kxcilibwt PrAJIlTWtt !hd hoc?eboli> EfllCTn, at pc mo pali ?Oa ll'KJDAY MORNING. td, at 10 o'olock at No S noitt A *treat, ba?waen ?m?? and Ptrat st-a?t ?-A?t. !< rp^"t# t' F>A*t Park of tha Capitoi.) w? akvil Mil tba Furaitara And W?cU,?om?ri*int? Bapanor K"??wood StrM Ootava 6 old Madal P aoo.hy Ro**nkra?ig. Piano Cotw and Ptool, W hataot. Walant and MafcOfAay Hair byrinf aaat Sofa*. Rockers, Ar>d Parlor Chair*. Marble-top & .fa And Caatar Table*. Rilt-frame Mirrora, Daaa?k Caauu*. VanMian Blind*, window Shad**. Loaacaa, Can* and Wood-aaat Chair*, WhaHar A Wil*nn'* Savinc Machine. Gilt 6a* Chardaliar* and Futures txoel ent Brn**fl*. Thrra fij, and lncraia Car KU. Baiting, Oiloloth. Stair Carpet*. ahogany Card and Kaney 'I a??l*s. Do Hat Trtm, Hal Cht>'(, Boltnea'sTnera^eelie Chair, Walnnt Extension ' 'ab.e Sid*k>oai 0. Unastity of Ch'na Gi*e? an* Crockery, Bureau*. Wa? hstaula, Wardrob**. Toilet Set*. Clock*. Superior Kfa'h^r Bed*, Bol*iera, and Pillow*. Hair and Huak M*:tr*??r?. Blanket*, Comfort* and reread*. Cooking, Kariiatnr, aad other sUotm. Hydrant and P *o. Gutta Perot.* Hoee, Ao Tog?th?r with a genera1 aasortmeat of Kite Ma iMIMitN. Term* n**h. P. B ?The House it for reel, inquire of the HeetioBrera. au**-d J.C MeGUIRE * CO. Auete. ID" THE ABOVEBALB IS UNAVOIDABLY H" poned sntil FK llM\ MOINI.Nti next,at ! ?'elook. ee3 d J.C. M eGURE A C?.. Ate*. By WALL A B&RN 4RD. * uotcneer* TRUSTEE'S SALE OP VALUABLE IM movid Rial Knin.-B' virtue <>f a deed >f tract. <?ated the Iftth day of Maroh. 1**7, and dal* r^orded among the l\nd record* of the oouuty of , Washington, D C , I et-a!' prooeerl to eel!. on the iremiM', on MON DAV, the 23d d*y of hettem tor. 1861. a' 5 o'oioek p. m..aJi thoee aipoe* or paroeia of croand ntuatM id the eitf of Washington, in said Distriot. end known and aee:gnate^ a* I<ot* nam- 1 jerwd thirty four (?4>and thirty-five <9S) in Square V numbered hre hundred and three i?H) together with the inprovemert* thereon. o?nsisting of a arge three story Hriok Hoose with a fine base ment. Said property i* |o? ate j on the eoeth sj^s of N "treet south, between t.S and h atr?^U Tr ms of ea eOne quarter in <.ash, balanoe ia lix twelve, eighteen.and twenty four months f-ow? [ .he day of sale, to he secured by a deed of trvst on I - - ? 11 urn ? ! mi uj Rft.o >JV BHl OOITp lPQ Willi ID IT? laya from day ol aa> th" Triiw rMrm ti.p if ht to resell u the nak Kiel coat of tae first purshaeer. JOHN P KMM*. Treatee. Ml Wa[ L k BARNARD. Mo t. Br WALL * BARNARD. Auctioneers. B| Y VIRTUE OF A DEED OF Til L'S r. dnlr reo-nrded, April ?. IMP .anion* the a*d reecmU if wMMN county. D. th? uLdoreuned. rrastees of the' Turd BuMdtnf As?"c.?ti..r '- of Beorfetowa, D. C., will, os AiimI ivi i?*xt, at M p. >., expose at tab ic aactioo Oi* T i"wms Real Eatate. aitaatea In Washington Ci*y. C. U the oorner of N street north and Verrnun. ave laa, known as the vest half of lx>t No 2, in Maars 243. and the imp 'ovemerita, oonaiati o| of a ,wo ato>y brisk dwelling hoaae. Tenca mad* known at aale All ?onv*?a*ioinj at ooetof pareh?aer. WAiTM U.CUX- I TnitMM CHARLF.S DC- ?ATTHKW?. \ Traatees. Jy IT SawAda WALL A BARNARD. Aaota. irr IN CONSEQUENCE OF RAIN. THE hbove gals is Postponed anti, THURSDAY AF I> RNOON, 9d last., sains boar andplaoe MfPSt WALL k BARNARD. Aaota. IETTHE ABOVE BALE I ^FURTHER Kmponsd ustl WEPV K*DAY A FT tRNOON, Itb f**ptemb?r. at a o'clock. aa jS Uwkdi WALL A BARNARD, Aaota. Bp WALL k BARNARD. A act ion sera. BY VIRTUE OP A DEED OF TRU&T.daly r*oorded. April 7. 1880. am one the land reoorria )f Waahmitoa oouaty. D. the aad*raicn ?d, rrmateee of the "Third Bailing Associa.ion" of }eorietovi, D. C , wi'1, oa loth da? >-ept iber, at >K o'olrek p. m.t expose at aaotion the ollowmg Kaal Estate, aitaUed la Washington C. y, >a Maasaohaaetta armaa, between 4th and Mh itreets known as the weat half of Lot No. 96. in I Nnare5!7. with nprovementa. ounalating of a two-atory frame ^wt-Uir g houas. |j v. ? uimv aauva *1^, i 11 ooBTfv?DoiDf?toAito! Mror.Mtr. I CHA Rl3s V NATTHKW8, t J JylTlawAda WALL k. BARNARD, AocU. I By BONTZ * GRIFFITH, Aatrtionoora. 1 T**UMTEE,? SALE OF HCl>E AND LOT M. in tbb Noktbim LiBKBTun.? By Irt?? of Ldeed to treat heanrg data on the 4th < ay ofOo;?ber, 1800, and recorded in Libor J A. 8 , No. 88, folio* 9N aod ??6. the bomber ml! Mil. it pubic enle no THI RSDAY, toe 8Mh day of kugaat 1861. at f o'clock P- m.. <> the prer taeo. ?%rt of Lot No, 19, in rahdir'tvion n{ ho*-? No. ?, 'rooting I? fret UK inch"* on 8tn street wwt. n?h adepthfnsa?t to an alley, with tke iMgroTaKia oouaiating of a two atorr aod attic rrwt Iliac How, with oelar. The above property it situated ?t the oorne<-of ith atreet weat and NTatro?t nor'U, m a rapic t introving pert of the oity. aod offera a favorable op ort unity to poraona deairoaa of procuring a roai! ' oe or making an inreatment. Terra, oaah. If the taima of aala are not eomp ied with id in lay a nf>er the aale tha property will bo raaold. Co ou weeka' roOee, at the riak and expense of pnrohaaer. All oonveyanoiim at tha exponas f the purehaaer. * CHaRD A. KOMONSTONjTrnetsa. aa R S'awala aONTZ A GRIFKITH, Auota. ICTTHE ABOVE HALE 18 POSTPONED I til TUESDAY, Bert ember ,otk. at 5 o'oloakiftme plaoe. MSI HON TV A I5H1FR1TH k -? . JUST RECEIVED FROM ST. LOUIS. ARMV OFFICBftS AND OTHERS r* raapeel/a.It lo^itad to Mil ml tk* ator* mt C. WOODWARD. No. J18 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. loth and 11th it'iiu, WMfciagto", D. C., and ?* tba ao* conflate trtic'* of CAMP MEII CHESTS, will rABLE AND WRTTIXQ DESK COMBINED. EVBK INVENTED. " | La artiole Ofteors w!k> appraotate tlM ooariorla af Cur 1U? ahoaid aa?l? vttfcoat. AXao, orFlCEM' CAMP COOKING BTOVftS. nth Bake Ortu, Camp At, 4t?. AU ktaia of COOKING AND HEATING BTOVBft, f tka latovt improrod for Parien,OtMi b?rs, (>float. Ac.. Ao., Aa. iaedware and^h^mjbe furnishing To b* had at ' C. WOOD WAft 0 a. No. sis ra. a*? b*. m* aarf nu **., '? aa Sl-M Balooar is Aroct. ENTIftft ?TOci!0OFC%ftY GOODS SELLING OFF At GaiATLT ftaaacao Pairaa To C>OM lUIMN ,T." M: bt r*iaUun( stock oa b*s4 M jr**r j riiiMi fMH, to WM omt tM buiiMH taarOCxilly M Mtbto. THKO. 8HECKEL*. Tnfc* N. Htil fauna* tor a loss Um eMM(i woitowi No. ?T? a*4 17 ??tola Ufa) ?tin <h*t Ua rood* of botk torn kwWi >'mW to mora ft*. 171, Ttot all pa.-aci.? to Sag^aKa?g.a!w~ j C .i?or8*r^?Ki5?ttU? ~m, lit aorviaaa to to* U4ia ??d (Mtoaraof the vi rt%f2jr isTrtr?PZ^i uu. mrim

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