Newspaper of Evening Star, September 3, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 3, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. lETTbocjh Tn Bra* la printed on the luteal Wniiti prra^in ose south of Baltimore, Iti edition to ao targe aa to mjnlre It to be put to preaa at an mrty hoar; Advertisements, therefore, ahonld be aeat la before 14 o'clock a.; otherwise they may not appev aatll the next da?. NoTien.?Dtatrlct of Columbia Advertisements In he Inserted In the Baltihoib Sun are received at and forwarded from Tan ?ta* OAce. Paocaaniaas o? vaa Qjtt Coukcils, Sept 8. 1981 ?Bsarrf of A'dtrmen?A communication wa? received from the Mayor notifying the board of his approval of an act authorizing the reception of Treasury notes at par In payment of dues to this Corporation; an act authorizing the erection of a Ire-plug at the southwest corner of MassachuaetU avenue and Thirteenth streets; and an act further v> amend tne currency bill An act for the continuation of the Thirteenth street aewer, la accordance with the plan of the Surveyor, and appropriating ?9,270 for the earn*, was reported from tbe drainage committee, and after being opposed by Mr. Moore and advocated by Meaara. Mag ruder, Fisher, and others, was Mr. Bayly, from the police committee, to which had been referred the act repealing the preaent police laws, said that there bad been a question as to the power of the metropolitan police to collect floes ana judgments due the Corporation, and the committee wished to consult the Corporation Attorney as to thst point before reporting tbe bill, bat Mr. Csrlisle having resigned, tbey would have to consult his aucceasor He bsd no doubt tbe committee would be ready to report neit Monday. The committee to count and destroy duebllls were discharged from further consideration of a communication of the Mayor In relation to the certificates of indebtedness, tbe bill recently passed having accomplished the objecta proposed In aald communication. Tbe act naming tbe apace enclosed between Seventh and Ninth atreets. at tbe Intersection of Massachusetts and New York avenues and K street, "Union Place," came from the Board of Commt n Council with several amendments, smongst others one changing the name to "Monnt Vernon Place." Mr M&gruder opposed tbe bill, and Intimated that the names of -'Union Place" and "Mount Veennn P! ?r-o' ' nrnKahl v *vn?n?frnm crantl*. men whose patriotism was oozing out at the finger end* It would only tend to still further confuse a system already too complicated to be Intelligible Mr- Richards said that he had introduced the bill, and did not do so because his patriotism was ooalng oat?he did not know that he had lost any In that way?but because persons cannot find places from the inconvenience of having no names for such placet It was at his suggestion the name vn changed in the lower board to "Mount Vernon Place " Mr Magruder aaid the difficulty arose from bad numbering If they changed the names of streets badly numbered, they would have to change the names of all of them. After further discussion, the bill waa laid over The petition of J. H. Hoffman for remission of a ine, an act making an appropriation for .the repair of bridges across the canal; and an act making an appropriatlsn for a gravel footwalk on the north side of square 543. were severally reed and referred. The chair read a communication from the Mayor enclosing two nominations That of Jos H Brad lev as Corporation Attorney in place of J. M. Carlisle, resigned, was confirmed rtra r?ct That of Jacob Klieber as messenger to the Msyor, in place of Wm Q Locke, was debated at conalderable length, the rules having been previously suspended by the Board, ao that the nomination would not take the uaual course of reference to s committee Mr. Bayly thought it strange that |^is nomination should be made by the Mayor. The Mayor stands in a very peculisr attitude to the public, and should not without good reasons, remove any of the lst? Mayor's appointments He (Mr. B ) hl(i h^arHI nn rhxroff iiriinit Mr T atkr? ?nH without there Is same charge against blm mutt oppose the nomination Mr Moore thought the nomination a rather extraordinary proceeding. A gentleman who ought to know, expected the release of the ex-Mayor In a few days, and It wrs atr mge that thla nomination should be sent in. Of courae we cannot restrain the Mayor front dismissing any officer. Mr. Bayly said that Mr Klelber had no warmer friend than him, but he felt bound to vote againat the nomination, unless Mr Locke had done something to warrant hla dismissal. He again said it was strange, and In that connection alluded to the charge banging over the late Mayor, and the language of Mayor Wallacb, who said he would halt with delight the return of the late Mayor. Mr Moore saId the friendly position of members in regard to the nominee was well known, but the late Muor may return within ten days, and then we will have It all to do over again. Mr. Lloyd said tbat the Mayor bad a right to nominate whom he pleased. It wts natural that he aboutd desire to have those about him on whom b? could rely. He (Mr. L.) would not say tbat he could not relv on Mr. Locke. He was Mayor dt facto, and bad to asaume all the responsibility and perform all the duties of the office. This officer (the messenger) is one be has to have about him, and entrust with delicate duties, and he ought to have the privilege of choosing him. He (nr. Lt > wouia accora we iaie mayor we lam* Cvilege when be return*, and vote for any party might nominate He (Mr. L.) bad voted for all bat a few of tbe late Mayor's nomination*, because be (tbe Mayor) naturally wished to be surrounded with bis friends, and be (Mr. L ) would act towards tbe present Mayor am be bad done toward* tbe last. Mr. Moore ?'" We all admit the right of tbe Msyor, but lt t* the aame right as if you, Mr. Chairman, bad tbe place for a week or a month, the Mayor being sick. 1 am sorry the Mayor has taken this course " Mr. Lloyd said that If tbe Mayor was sick, or . away, and requested tbe chairman of this board to act for him. it was very different from the present disability. Mr. Moore Mid the disability was. only from J absence f Mr. Lloyd said there was a wide difference between voluntary absence and being removed from the city on a grave charge. "In one case," said he, ? be deputes you. Mr. Chairman, to act for him: In tbe other case It devolves on tbe boards to elect Tbe present Mayor Is Mayor dt facto and <U r*r?." Mr. Moore read from tbe charter to sustain bis view of tbe case. Mr. Bayly said he hoped tbe board would reflect a little before they acted In this matter. There Is no charge brought against the gentleman now acting; be is a Union man?better than some who talk so much, as be has served bis country three months In the volunteers. This looks very much like the old p*rty business, and now Is the time to nip it in tbe bod Let tbe Mayor see we will have ne party in this thing Mr. 8arg?nt thought, as tbe nomination had led to a discussion, It bad better take the usual course and go to a committee The Cbalr reminded the gentleman that the beard had suspended the rnle requiring It to go to s committee After some discussion, tbe question of a reconsideration of tbe suspension of tbe rules was carried, and tbe nomination was referred to tbe police committee. A resolution offered by Mr. Moore. Inquiring of tbe Corporation Attorney ss to tbe mode of collecting Corporation flnes, Ac., elicited considerable diacuasloa. Mr Magruder stated tbe case at some length, saying thai tbe act provides that tbe Metropolitan Police shall enforce all our Corporation ordinance*. How are they to enforce them unless tbey have tbe power to collect f nes. Mr. ttohrer took tbe same view. 1 Mr. Do re (Mr Brown in tbe cbalr) said that tbe Metropolitan Police superseded our entire / police force, and all tbe power lodged in our police was transferred to tbe Metropolitan Police force It was their duty to enforce all tbe ordinances of tbe Corporations o< Waahlngton and Georgetown. But ne (Mr. D ) thought some lewk I station was necesssrv on our part as to bow said nes should be collected, snd to whom tbey should be paid Tbe resolution was referrt d to the police committee, snd the Board adjourned Common Cotmeil ?Communications were received from tbe Mayor approving certain bills, and from tbe Surveyor In relatiou to the drainage of tbe Intersection of Twentieth atreet west, Connecticut avenue and R atreet north The following bills, Ac , were paved :?Bill authorizing the payment of the semi-annual interest on certain bonds guarantied by tbe Corpoi ratlnn Kill miklnii an annronrlatlon of KU taw placing a wooden trunk al the intersection of Tvnactb Mrert west, Connecticut avenue and R tract north; bill reducing the salaries of the Heglater and Purveyor each tofl.UM, joint reapiutlon appointing a committee of the Jlayor and one member from each of the two boa/da to suggest to the Corporation authorities auitable name* for the various public aquarea in the city; joint resolutiea Instructing the committee of luanee and of ware and mnm to inquire into the provlaloaa of the tax bill paaaed by Coogreas at its late aeaaton, and to report whether the Corporation ahall collect it b* Ita own machinery er not; joint resolution repairing the employees of tbe Corporation to take the oetu of allegiance to the United states Government, (aame aa that administered to the metropolitan police;) joint reaolutloa authorizing the Mayer to leader to the Government the use of the school house ou Judiciary Square. The following were referred:?Bills making an I appropriation of *10 for repairing Third and l-uerih streets eaat at the Intersection of those ttree* and Pennsylvania aveabe, and to defray toe expenert ef the Corporation for the present ?*ai rear A joist resolution la relation to hogs golo* at Ur^e ia the city waa tabled. ^ &*** ***?**?* 01 cheap Philadelphia Prtat Imttar it No 214 CM * #" Th? GaLlast New Yoaa 71st Rnixnr ? This fin* regiment wii among the first. It will b? remembered, to come to th? aid of oar Government when threatened to be attacked In April last. They made the march from Annapolla to the Junction with overcoats, knapsacks and muskets, and srrlved In Washington with fall ranks (not one straggler), and were assigned the duty of grotecting the Navy Yard and the Anacostia While In the navy-yard they were the recipients of msny acts of kindness from Capt. John A. Dablgren and Lieut. Parker, which the regiment most grstefully acknowledged yesterday by the presentation of a magnificent sword and gold epaulettes to Capt. Dablgren and a pair of go'4 epaulettes to Lieut. Parker, of the U. 9. Navy, for their msny acts of kindness to the regiment. The presentation was made by the committee? Col. H P Martin, Adjutant A. H. Pride and Lt. Thos. B Oakley, of ttie Seventy-first. Col. Mar Tin ? remark* were : Gentlemen : On behalf of the ofBcera and membera of the Seventy-first regiment of the State of New Vork, we have come to thank you for the many kind acta they hare received at rour handa. From the moment we arrived at the Nary Yard, until the hour of our departure, they were the reclplenta of your bounty and goodness. Not satisfied with mere verbal thanks, thev have had prepared for your acceptance thia aword and these epauletta aa a alight token of their affection and eateem. I aaaure you it la with feelings of gratitude they ever remember your kindnrs* toward a them, and with heartfelt feellnga of emotion ever Seek of your pralae. Accept theae from those at love you and remember the Seventy-Brat regiment. Capt Dahlgreen and Lieut. Parker accepted them, and made some very fitting remarks on the occasion, saving they would ever wear them In ervlce of our beloved country?giving to that gallant regiment the pralae ao worthily due them, as they are well known to have done their duty, not only at the Navy Yard, but on the battle field at Bull Run?they being the last regiment to leave tbe field, marching in good order and with tbe perfect coolness of old and tried aoldlers The ^O < i tL. ti n i -M _ a ?i J J i^r / i awiiiirni, who tue nnoac mana ana new Hampshire boys, forming a brigade under Brig. Gen Buruside, returned home across the Long Bridge together, proving that they were trus soldiers The committee then called on Major Thomas Talbott, sod presented htm with a pair of gold epauleta for hia many acta of courtesy to the officers and members. Major Talbott Delng too ill to leave his room, acecpted them from the Colonel and returned them hia thanks. Thk Levi Cor*t, of Washington county, met on Monday, all the members except Mr Justice Mver. were present Sundry accounts were presented, and were ordered to be psid License to keep an ordinary In the county, was granted to James Eslln. Geo. W. Rlggs and Sales Bowen, Eaqs., were sppointed to make the proper Inquiry whether or not the fines imposed for selling liquor to soldiers should be paid to this court. A member was appointed to superintend the repairing of the road belonging to the United States, and leading to the Navy Yard bridges Mr. Crawford, of Georgetown, waa appointed to draft the form of a warrant to issue against persons charged with the violations of th? ordinances of this court. Messrs Loughborough and Crawford were ap CtnU'd to report a mode for a more speedy col:tlen of county taxes Messrs Loughborough and Pierce were appointed to report to the court the practicability nd the expenaeof constructing a foot bridge over Kock Creek at Shoemaker's mill. Adjourned. The Bad Liquok Ca?k ?Yesterday afternoon, C. VV Haydon and Rudolph Kralnawold were a mated for aelllng liquor to aoldtara, contrary to the recent act of Congress. The rase was taken for trial before Juatlce Donn, and while In progreaa, Mr. Thomas McGrath, who waa alao charged with the offense, came into the office and gave himself up. Messrs. Krslnawold and McGrath were dismissed, and Haydon was fined fr?5 Havdon waa also accused of selling deleterious liquors to aoldlers of the Third Rhode Island battery. It was in evidence that several of the men on last Sunday afternoon purchased lager beer at a stand whicn Havdon has near their quarters, and that soon after drinking each waa seized with crampa in the stoiuach, affecting some of them very severely. They did not drink at the same time; aome drank early and some later in the day; bat all were alike affected. Their statements as to what they had been drinking, and where they obtained it, led to the arrest of Haydon Justice Donn required him to give security for a further hearing. The River ?Quite a fleet of coal and wood vessels arrived laat night and this morning, and there is more activity alonsr the wharves now than t any other time tb(a season Among tb<* arrival! are tbe arbooners T. C. Worrell, Capt. Hubbard, and Sarah Louisa, Capt. , with coal for Harvey & Co.; acboonera Joe Hunter, Capt. Bailey, Cbaa. West, Capt. Cad?, Henry M Smith, Capt Jone*, and Emily Murray, Capt. , with coal for Keyes; tbe achooner Euphrates, with coal, (lays In the stream;) the sloop Stafford, with coal for Krazer; the propeller Eureka, witn potatoes and oats; ai d a large schooner with wood for Pettlbone. Two of tbe above schooners consigned to Keyes are nnderstood to have coal (or Castleman A Bro Beside* these vessels there are three or four discharging cargoes, which were noticed yesterday; and these, with tbe long boats and river craft crowded around the wharves, make a very animated scene. In fact, without much exaggeration one might call It "a forest of masts.'* Mbtbopolitak Polici.?The Board of Police .Commissioners met yesterday, but transacted no mislness of any public Interest We are antbortzed to state that in consequence of the number of II * * ? * * B|>i>iic?uuui 10 uf considered?tDout 1,000 for Washington?it la hardly probable that the Board can make all tbe appointment* and organize the force before the middle of tbla montb. it la expected, however, that the* will elect enough for a Day Police for thla city Immediately. The force will be uniformed. The Board meeta again on Wedneaday. Th* Pbovost Guard ? Laat night the Provoat Guard were In active aervice Indeed, they having for the time being the police duty of tbe city on tbelr handa Their manner of performing the oneroua dutlea devolving upon tbem receive* the approval of all lovera of law and order They are prompt to arreat. and a bad aubject in their hand* atanda very little chance of escaping on tbe way to the lockup, a fact duly recognised by tbe " bard cases" about town, who rave in to the authority of tbe Provoat Guard with wonderful alacrity. Fisht and Arrest.?Yesterday afternoon a little fight occurred at the corner of Thirteenth and E atreeta. which soon collected a very considerable crowd. It appeared that a chap, who had been indulging in fighting whlakv, waa seeking a "muss" with all who peased the corner. At laat he found a cuatomer In the ahapeof a Georgetown huckster, wbo polished htm off until he waa unA ntlwil 4 (onAiink If A - * v> * v? vuvu^u, a ari^csuk ami iwu men from the Thirteenth street prison guard took him to the Central Guardhouse, where his case will be attended to. Niw-Flxmkd Digsitt ? Folks laughed some la an svenae omnibus this morning when a newfledjred Second Lieutenant (of the volunteer "persuasion") balled the driver for a place for himself and Betsev Ann, but declined entering on seeing there ware but six empty seat*, and waved the omnibus on with a dignified toss of his dexter digits. The gal seemed to think that one seat would do for her. crinoline and all, but her milllngtary escort quite evidently was of the notion that the other five would not accommodate himself and bis new shoulder-strap*. Family Quaibkl ? Last night a fight occurred la the Swam poodle section or the Fourth Ward, between a man and his wife, which so disturbed tbe neighbors that they sent for the Provoat Guard for relief, which was promptly afforded. Tbe offending husband waa takent to tbe Central atatlon where he gave security for a further hearing before J ustlce Donn. Child Lost.?About noon to-day a little child, the daughter of Mr E. H. Kdmonston, No. 514 Massachusetts avenue, near Fourth street, was lost, being last seen in tbe vicinity of the North em m??? roe cnua wu ?ome twenty montns of age. and wore a pink dreaa The 4nder by returning It to tbe dlatreaaed parenta, will receive their grateful thank* CotPotATlos Attorhst ?It will be aeen by our report of tbe proceeding* In the Board of Aldermen laat evening, that Joseph H Bradley, Eaq , wu confirmed u Corporation Attorney In place of Jame* M Carllale, Eaq., realgned. Pakadb?Tbe Eighteenth Maaaachuaetta Regiment marched up the avenue tbla morning, and attracted much attention by their aoldleriy bearing. Tbey look as If they would do good service when called en. Attbntio* la called to tbe desirable achool of Mr*. G. Monroe, corner of Ninth and E atreeta. Hoiiowat'* Pill* ? Biliimt Ftwr.?This dan ce.ou* atara^e is inm.txhately didpea in the bad by a tim?ly ate of tbia antifebrile and corrective medicine* ; they purify the aeor tiona of the liver, renovate the ttumaoh, and eleanae the bio<xj. rhnutaoda vbu would have sank beneath the vio lono** of tttia fever have been restored to heelth by the aaeof these remediea, after all other m an* had !*.led Bold bv all Drinnti itiv.. aa.v *nrf ai ?orboTC " MHI* OIBO. Ob tk* mcmirg of th? M inaUnt, JOHN KNOWuES, in tb? ttat y?orof hiaaf*. Tha fri?n !a and ountkotM tr< mritod to attaint t ;?> Jnnerol MrtioM, at hia lata re aid noe, T*mh Oudf o? to morrow mor> ins ot ' # >'Viock, ?h-no# bia ramafaa will b? oo yad to Baltimore fur interment * BA.K*H A.NN. daoehtor of Da!il* and Edward C Voam#r, ?*e?l 9 jrear and i moathn He fdueial onl Uk? flv;* from her fathe.'? re? idenoa. No. <03 tiloroMh at,b?twaea H. anu I, at AMUSEMENTS. ODDFELI.OWS' HKL.L-RXTURHOFTHE PAVORTTKS ? Do font h Kay lord's Orifiial CAMPBKLi. MINSTRELS will reopen the show Hall for a short aeaeon, commencing TMUK?DAT EVENING. Sept. Ath. Mr. Char!e? ViUiera, the reat Female Impersonator, u now connected with thia Troupe. se3<w Dm. G. FORD, Agent WANTS UI7ANTED? By a reapectaV.e youn* woman,a Tf SITUATION m nurse, chambermaid, or to aaiiat in wathinc a*d ironic*. Apply at No. 90 K atreet. be'ween 7th and ?th ata. It* ANTED?By a rea pec table woman, a SITU A" TTON aa child's uurse, or ohamb?rmaid and dining room servant. Applv at No 314 De aware avenue,or address Bo? 7, Star Ogee. it* tXZANTED-A good SALESMAN in a drr " goods. fanoy, and milinery atore. Good reference required. Apply at No. S3 Lou ir ana ar., between 7th and 8th ?ts. ae 3 3t* rURNIUHKD HOUSE WANTED.?Wan tad r to rent, (in a genteel. healthy location,)a pl'in Farnished Houae, containing a?>out eight n oma Communications addressed toABC, Star 'Mfica ?all ha arnmall* a?Un/)aJ ?? ? o *? Will uv |>l Wfll |T?i J r??. H-II 'VU V"t HP vj~?3l> V%/ ANTED?At the Refreshment Room* of tke Railroad Depot, a stead*, settled DIN1NSRdOM SERVANT; ?lii)*it*dy Girl ??r W?man to wash dishes and aot as second oook. Colored preferred. Good wages and prompt pay. se 3 It* WANTED TO HIRE-A MAN and BOY. (fa'tier and son preferred,) to work on a farra n*ar the city. Inquire at the southeast oorner of F and Thirteenth sts , (on Thirteenth.) to morrow from 8 to 7 a. m. or at 4 pm. Recommendations req uireJ. It* TO/ANTED?INFORMATION of James Mur ?" phy, who enlisted in Boston. Mass., in one of the new U. J*, regiments, on the 2d July last. Any information concernin* his whereaboats wit thankfully reoeived by PATRICK O'BRIEN. Old Fields, Prince George's County, Md. It* %]|7ANTED? An American AAKhENKR, or a " Colored Man, who must be a first class gardener, to raise vegetables and attend oow*. Best refersnces reauired Inquire adjoining Kaloram& Place, owned by Mr. Vivan. se3-3t* Mrs G. B. BALCH. WANTED-A WOMAN, to do housework, at No. 487 Tenth street west. se 2 3t* WANTED?By a respectaMe woman, who can come well recommended, a SITUATION &a oook in a private family ; no objection to assist in washing and ironing. Apply at No. 39 Washington street, between 4th and 5th. ?e 2-2t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY-A good-six-d HOUSE, on Cacitol H !l. readv furnished. Address, with terras,(by letter,) E. DUPRE, 820 Pa. ave.ue an 31 St* \*7 ANTMD? By a youcg lad*, of several years' " experience in teaching, PUPIL8 in Musio, Frenoh, Latin, and Mathematics. Lessons to be given privately, in olaaaea, or in school*. A.'.dreaa Miaa M. L.. Washington, D. C. an 31 -3t* WANTED?To have every body to call at SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh at, oppr,g|t? Poat Office,and purohase their FALL and WINTER CLOTHING, TRUNKS, HATS and CAPS, at the very loweat pricea. Give him a call, au 30 1m Vl/ANTED-A well furnished DWELLIN?" HOUSE, containing about aix room* exolu aive of kitchen and aervant'a rooma, well aituated, with a large yard or lot. and a good carriage-hou?e and atable for not iesa than three h~>r?ea. Persona having auch promises to rent will p'eaa? lrave written descriptions at the Offioe of Solicitor of Court of Claims. witti terms an 30 2w* WANTED. FOR THE CASH?AH kinds of SECOND-HAND FURNITURE AND HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES. Person* leaving the city or having a surplus will do well to oall immediately, R. BUCHI.Y, je 3 42* asventh. between G and H sta. WANTED.?W> are now buying SECOND, HAND FURMTUIT E, STOVES and BED DING, for which we are paying the highest cash prioes. Families declining housekeeping, or having a ?urplus of furniture, will find it to their advantage to give ua a ?a!I. _ , BONTZ A GRIFFITH, je 13-tf No. 369 7th at., betw. I ana K sts. ????mam LOSTAND FOUND. ?C RKWARD.?Strayed away. On the 27th ult., from the Arsenal Ground*, a straw- ^?l| berry colored COW. The above reward aJU#* will be paid to any person rtturninr her t?Cak the Ar?enal. se 3 3t* CTRAYKD AWAV-On Wednewlay morning last a pale red COW. with white feet mftM mail white blaze on her forehead, and nUr rope and bell withont hammer around h'r&api^ neck. A liberal reward will be paid to the finder, on returning her to RACHEL JENKINS, on 21it street, near H, se 3 2t* ri^AKEN UP?On Saturday night, 31st ult., a ' bar MARE, about 4 years o'd. The fly owj?r is req uerted te oome forward, prove *1-^ property, pay charges, and take hnraway > HENRVC HOLMES. se 2 3t* Corner Twelfth and H streets. Q1A REWARD.?Strayed from mr slaughter V I" pen. between 10 end 1 o'clock Friday morning, two CATTLE, weighing fUr about 1,000pounds e?oh. gross. One is iLsm red and white pied, and the other a bridle ored, as near as oan be reoollected. They have a slight uip ui iv umne rooi 01 cue lau. w noever will return there oattle to will receive a reward of $10. JOHN HOOVER, New Jersey av., se 8 3t* Between M and N sts. north. LOST?On the evening of Wednesday last, in ths Vegetable Market, near the Canal, a bucksum st?el-c'asp PURSE, containing about ?S7, consisting of bank notes and gold. Also, a $50 Check on Sufer, Lea ft. ?'o , payable to my order, but not endorsed The finder, on returning the same to the undersigned, 300 Ninth St., near Pa. avenue, or 504 Mary'and av.. will be suitably rewarded. (au313t) P. M. PEAKSON. REWARD Will be paid for the apprehons'on and delivery to me, or scouring m in iail of NEGRO WOMAN LOUISE; jg calls herself Louise Hanson. She .? a tall, Jtfm likely negro, quite black, well dreased, wiMi full suit of hair. She is no doubt larking in JaL* Uppe- Marlboro' or neiehborhood. She has a husband in Washington city, and may make her way to that plaoa. WM. WORTHINGTON. Near Wo<xlvil'e, an 15-3tawtf Prinoe George's oounty, Md. ~ FOR SALE AND RENT\ PARM FOR SALE? ft new Cottage House, r with from 10 to 150 acres of ohoice Land, af Annapolis Junotiou. for sa e. Terms easy. A fi e young orchard ou the preimnes Apply, personally or by letter, to T. SHAILER, Jr., Annapolis Junotion- ??2 Is* Furniture for sale and hoi se KOR RENT.?The Furniture in House No. 33ft Eleventh st, betwsen Land M, is ottered at private sale. Any person wishing to look at the nous-t ana turn lure with intention of purchasing can do so any hour from 9 a. m. to 6 p. m. au 31 Sf |7>OR RKNT-* handsome FURNI8HKD r HOUSE, with all the modern ioiprovem?nts, id a pleasant location. Inquire at the Star Office. au 30 tf P)K RENT-A fine new HOUSE (brick), with 11 rooms and bath-room, and with wat-r and gaa, aituatrd in a moat desirable locality, in the vioinity of Judio a-y Square, ia f?r rent, ready furnished, on favoiable terms. Apply at thia office. au 28-1 w F^OR RENT?A very deairable STAND for a boarding houae, on Pennsylvania avenue and Eighth at., now occupied by the Mesara, Joy, and haa alwaya had a full ahara of the patronage of the city. Poaaeaaion given on the 1st of September next. Said houae la in rood order. For further partioulara apply to JAMES TOWLEf*. Agent. 490 h atreet norlu; or Mra. JULIA KEEP 376 E street. au 17 tf House on capitol hill for rent. The three atory Briok Dwelling-house on the oath aide of Pa. avenue, at the oorner of Third a*, east, a short diatanoe from th* Capitol fcquare. at f resent oooupied by 6. S. Minor, Esq. Applioaion mar be made on the premiaea, or to TH"8. BLAG DEN, No 499 Seventh st west au17 6teo Houses for rent-no. a* and no.?t,on the south side of Indiana avenae, both of them very large and convenient houses, with good stabling ana carriage-houses. AJso, the commodious and large House, No. 388, on the north side of c street. Apply to THOMA8 BLAGDEN, No 499 Seventh street. Jv 17 Sawtf FOR RENT-The north HOUSE of the row ol new fonr atory housea on Foarth at-, between D and E a la., No. 369, fronting the City Hail seuare. Poaeeaajon given immediately. Apply to WILLIAM II. PHILLIP, Attorney at-Law,No. 0 Louiaiana avenue. mt 11-eotf (?OR RENT?A aubatantial three atory BRICK I HOUSE, with large lot adjoining, situated on Third atreet raat. two doora from E atreet north, on Capitol Hill?a very healthy location, and price of rent to euit the preaent timee. Poeaeaaion given immediately. Inquire ol Mr. BACON, next door; orofMiaaM, C. LINCOLN, 301 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th ata. au 15 lm- o* HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS.II Four haL<laom?ly Furniahexl Rooma, rapplied with caa anQ water, and oonvenient to Ue Patent and Poet Office Department*, for rent. Appiyat 490X Maaaachmette avenue, north aide, between 4th and toh ata. ma89 A SPECIAL NOTICE.

LL Peraooa indebted to aa, on open account or notea paat due, are reepeotfally reaueeted to oall and pay the aame by lat day of September next Our buaineae muat be oioaed up aa aeeediiv aa poeaib e to that date. W e therefore confidently expect intuit 10 ' n-V'S^ftay'tso, aaSD-M flax Seventh at. above Pa. av. UMITH'H, no. 4 60 seventh tireet, u the Uit ? ilMe in town to bay cCoTHlno, trunks, SA'St aMwkgtei GOODS, h he Mlla all nit foode at New York prioefc aa ?-lm Edwin gunkz. Investor of the tHPnnurAiii Avurva, aa 51-st* Over Lepreu'e Grocery Store. 409 HHPS HaKMSVaad?MI^ULlNtiH, 106 kece Bl/rrt-.R, <eH corner FUtaeata at, aafl Vermont aV. f 0 EDUCATIONAL. PLEASANT VIEW ?EMINARY.-The duties of this Sohool will be renamed on the second Monday in September Term* #100 for board aad taition is the Euliili braoohea for year of ten months, Addreea MISS M REEC". ?e 2 ?w? Hrttarille. Prino* George's oo . Md. IpAIR HILL BOARDING SCHOOL. " FOR OIRLS, AT SANDT SPBIM, Mb. This Institution, whioh hM beer, in suooeesfal operation for the past ten years, will ooramenoe its e. suiag regular term on tne lat of the 10 mo <<>otober) next. For oiroulara. containing further information in regard to the sohool, apply to WM. H! FARQUHAR, au 31-eolm* Olney F. O. MRS. HELL'S SEMINARY FOR YOUNG J* LADIES will rMQineon Monday, September ?, 1E6L Looated on oorner L and Tenth ata. an 30 lw THE DUTIES OF THE HOME SCHOOL will be leaumed on Monday, September 9Ch. Mo. K street, south side, between 8th ard 9 h. MRS. M. C. BROWN. an an- F.S.Ta.Th.S Prinoipai. 1QrT, ? FEMALE ACADEMY, STREET, Bxt. Eiobtbkkr asp NnimirrH, Miss E. E. JANNEY, Principal. The duties of thia Institution will be resumed on Menday. September 8J. an ao-4f WMRS. L. C TODD . , ? ILL Resume the duties of her Seh?ol on Mon a?y, September 2d. at her residence, 397 O itrwt, between 6th and 7th sts. au 29-iw* A LNWICK SEMINARY, A *X)R YOVNO LA DISS. The duties of this Institution will be renamed on Mpnday. 16th of September ?ddreis m. A T\t*ON & SISTERS, Laurel. Prince George's oourtj. Md. ]n the oity, Circulars rr.av be had at Dr. Tyson'e Drug Store, corner of L and Ninih ata. au 28 d6tfceo2t* OT. VINCENT'S ACADEMY, 0 ComitiB 10th and 0 Stbixts, * Washington, D. C. The exeroisea of thia Institution will l.ereturned 01 the hrat Monday of Sep tern' er. Ita a'vaita^f s for improvement reoommend it to the patronage of ail. l-or particular! apply at the Institution. jku?7-#o4t M EVERETT INSTITUTE. ASSACHUSETTS A V.. Bitwkkn 9th and 10th Struts, A Select School for Boy*. The Sixth Annual Session of this Inst.tnte wf 1 oominenoe on Monday. September 2. Terms moderate For further particulars, see oiroulars at the Bookstores, or E. W. FAR LEY, the Principal, at hiaresidenoe, 483 Tenth st. au 2S-2w? CMSMALE SEMINARY. GEORGETOWN, r L. 8. ENGLISH, Pnnoipal, Kiaa English purpoaes, on Monday, September 2d,to take oharne of a limned number of pupils, t.? whtae instruction and improvement her beat efforts will be direotod. Fiom her maay /ears' experience in thia business, she hopes to be ab'e to givi satisfaction to thoae parents and sua dians wh? may plaoe pupils under her care. Terma made known on application at No. 33 Gay at. at 26 2w* Emerson institute, ? H Stbkkt, Between 12th and 13th ata., Stlrt Clot steal and Mathematical School ft Bavi T>e exercises ol thia School will be reaiimed the first Monday in Septembsr. Address ac 19 tf CHAS B.YOUNG, Principal. 'pHE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. Tie Twelfth Annual Session will commence Sep-.ember i. For particulars manire of the Principal Mrs. Z RICHAKDS, au 17 1m Comer of Fourteenth and K sts. |\] THE WESTERN ACADEMV, 1 NO. 8TT I, corner of Seventeenth street, recently under the care of Dr. Loom:*, will he reopenrd Motrtay, th? 2d of Septeml-er. App ication may l>e made at Or. Town's, 460 Fourth street, Judiciary Square. au 17-3w* JOSHUA O. COLBURN. C'EORGETOWN COLLEGE, D. C. f Acgust, 1861. The exeroise* of this Institution will be resumed on the first Monday ol September. Terms for board and Tuition per annum, $*on, payable halfyearly, in advanoe For further particulars apply to the President? au 13-lmeo JOHN EARLY, 8. J. COLUMBIAN COLLEGE. V/ Washington, O. C. The Preparatory Department opens its session on Wednesday, September 11th. The Cia?s*s in the Philosophical and Classical Department hare their first exercises Wednesony, September35th. For catalogues or further information apply to G. W. SAMSON, D D.. an 13-8aw4w (Republican.) President. I AFAYETTE INSTITUTE. A SCHOOL FOR YOUNU LADIES. 367 1 atreet, between 13th and 14th, SiMion will oommenoi on MONDaY. SepUraber 9tn. Circulars at Bookit -reg. Reference n made to reaident Clergymen, Penatora Foot, Foster, Harris, Wade, Trumbull, Harlan, and othera. L. C. LOOM 18, A. M.. au 10-8, TAT, lm Pnnolpa'. |?ROOKEVILLE ACADEMY Toe next aeaaion will oommence September >1. Bcyi are prepared for oollege or for buame<a For oatalu{u* pleaae at Hrookenlla, Mil , E. B. PRETTYMAN. A. M., au ft-lm ftntel.) Principal. CI CARD. GEORGETOWN CLASSICAL AND MATHEMATICAL ACADEMY. Thia inatitution will be opened Monday, Septem ber ad, 1881, by i HKODORE MoOOWaNTm. a. Theoouraeof inatruotion will include, in addition to the elementa. ail the branobea neoea-ary for a thorough olaaaical and mathematical education. Mr MoOowan h*a been actively engaged aa a teacher during the laat aix yeara?aa Tutor of Beilee Lettrea in the College of New Jeraey at Princeton, and aa Principal of the Aoademy at Sumter, South Carolina. "Colliok or Niw Jixsit, Princeton, N. J. The underaigned take pleasure in exoreaainf the favorable opinion they entertain <>( Mr. Theodore Mottowan.a graduate of this College. as a aoholar and a teacher?Mr MoGovan wai the hrat scholar in hia class; was tutor in belles lettres, and, in the judgment of tho undersized, is well qualified to give instruction in any branch, a knowledge of wtuoh is requisite for admission into oollere. JOHN MACLEAN, President of the College. M. B. HOPE, Prof, of Belles I ettres and Pol. Eo. STEPHEN ALEXANDER. Prof, of Meoh. Phil, a d Astronomy. L. K. ATWATER. Prof of Mental and Moral Phil. JAM KB C. MOFFAT. Prof, of Greek. JOHN T. DUFFIELD. Prof of Math. G.M. GIGER. Prot of Latin." Reference may also be had to Hotl. Gso. Chambers, ) Hon. Jambs .Mill, > Chamberaburg, Pa. Holt. A. K. McLcks \ Edward McPhrrson, M. C.. Gettysburg, Pa Josrph Hsnrt, feeo. Smithsonian Ins.. Washington, D C. Gso. W. Beall, Georgetown, D. C. H. M. Swicanr, do. do. LIbmi b n<r Wrt <4* UAilJ . JLTAAOl, UW. p Ul/i T?r*n.t. Tuitioi, Engliah, per quarter of 10 weeka #8 on 44 4* ana higher math 10 oo 44 ?? ft .. ciauioa.... 12JA Fuel,latacd 2d quarters (0 au 3 SiWlin (Intel MfcThlm) T FKMALK W)UCATION. HOSE Parenta who wiah their danghtera to r?oeive a thorough and ayatematio education, where their physical training will receive daily and apeoiiu attention, under the moat approved system of Caliathenios and GymnasUos, are respectfully invited to iait the Union Female Academy, corner Fourtee? th aC and New York av. MR. * MRS. Z. RICHARD*, ? tf Priadptk GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS (VW-POST OFFICE, LLs Oxokgbtowm, D. C., August 28,1*61. Notioe u hereb* given to ail pereona having uvelopea of the old iaauethat they will be reoeired in eionance for those of th*new atyle, if preaented to thia offio? with la nix da?a of thia date ; after whioh line they will not be received in (aymentof poaUce on letiera, _au2B:6t HENRY ADDISON, P. M. rT5?MAYOR'S OFFICE, J Irtortrttnen, D C , 4?g?:l 17. 1861 Whereas it is provided by a late aot of Congress? ' That it shall not be lawful for any person in the Distrust of Columbia to sell, give, or administer to any soldier or volunteer i n the aervioa of the U nited ma*ea, or any person wearing the uniform of snoh eoidier or volunteer, any apiritnoua liquor or intoxicating drink; and any peraoa ao offending against the provisions of thia Aot shall be deemed gui ty ol a misdemeanor, and upon oonvictioa thereof b?K>re a magistrate or court having criminal juriadiouon ahall be punished by a fi>e of twenty dollars, or imprisouuieot in tae jail of Washington county, in (be District of Colombia, for the period < f thirty days"? Thf'tfvt, bt it know* to all persons eoncerned, witi-in the limits cf this Corporation, that the Police Offoeri, with military aid, have b?en, and are hereby, direct to enf iroe, moat rigidly, the proviaiona of the aforeaaid law, without any raapect to parsona whatsoever. au 17-Uwaw HENEY ADDISON. Mayor. MA?.EV. CO^.N8ACO.^ ?> hJl-bbls. do. do! * do! JSK* "rlTmJ wU1? mm .U.AB. B7fS?Sraf % k?c? food Cookies Butter, TELEGRAPHIC NEWS R? PORTED DEATH OF JEFF. DAVIS Nsw Yobk, Sept 3 ?A report la prevalent and publish ed here to day that Jefferson Davla died In Richmond yesterday [A a'mliar report haa been current in Washington to-day, but tlx re ia no meaoa of verifying Ita truth ? Ripobtir .] LAi'ER. Nkw Yobk, Sept. 3.?The Herald publlahea a dlapatch from Washington announcing th&t President Davis's death had been received from Richmond via Loulaville It also saya that the rebel flags are displayed at half mast near \Vaahlngton. FROM WESTERN VIRGINIA. A Fight Bmwmi Uaiea Mca ta4 Stc?nUa> Ists ? Beeae Cnrl-Unw-Tht Inm> slealsts DtltaUd Ciucinhati, Sept. 4.?A light occurred yeeter day at Boone Court House, In the Kanawha region, between a body of rebel* and Federalists, revolting In the total root of the rebela. with (he loaa of 30 killed, and a large number wounded Forty were taken prisoner* The Unionists had alx wounded, but none killed During the light the Union men aet Are to the town and burnt It. Alara at Falraseant Whkiliho, Sept 1 ?There ia conalderable excitement here to-night in consequence of a dlapatch juat received from Falrmount, Marion couutv, by the Governor, etatlng that a larye number of aeceaalonists bad rlaen In the back country, and were marching on 'he town to burn It and to tear up the railroad track The drumt are beating to arms and the atreeta are crowded with people. The Governor la dispatching the Home Guarda and volunteer citizens to Falimount, and tbe train la about ready to start Tbe rising is supposed to be In concert with some movement of Gen l,*e. All the United States troops have lately gone forward from Fairmount. It is feared that the movement among i me m-niioiiira may or grnerai, ana large num- < bers of citizen* are going on patrol to-night. I YVhiblixs, Sept 2.?The secessionists en- < camped at Worthlngton, Marlon county, to the < number of 4UI, were attacked bv Coi Crossman, ' of Gen Kelly's ataff, with two companies of U S troop*, at daylight this morning. The Sece*- ; alonlsta, however, were two strong for htm. and 1 he wac obliged to fall back with a loss of two men. The expedition from here last night bad not reached Fatrmount, at oar last advices. Two pieces of artillery were sent to Col. Crossman's relief from Clarksburg to day. He reports that he can hold the enemy in check until reinforced 1 Ssathera News. Louisville, Sept. 1 ? A dispatch from the Nashville American aav* that la is believed in Kichmond that the blockade haa been eflbctlvelv broken by tbe arrival of the Brltlah ship Alliance, at Beaufort, N C. Commercial non-intercourse with the North, under a limitation, la to be enforced by peoaltiec during tbe war. Letter correspondent la also prohibited Advice* from Matanzaa to tbe 25th instant atate that a Britlah acbooner ran tbe blockade off Newbern, arrived at Matanzaa She baa Balled again for Charleston. A sloop frqpn Charleston also ran the blockade. Lotttb villi, Sept '2 ?The Journal eays there ire two secession military companlc*. infantry 1 and cavalry, at Beard's Station, on tbe Louisville and Lexington railroad, armed with tbe State Guxrd arms Tbe Courier aays there are fears entertained of a collision among tbe citlzena of Newcastle. Ky. Tbe Opelousas (La ) Courier, of the-*4th ult, aava that two schooners ran tbe blockade at the moutb of Colcaaian river and landed tbeir cargoes of coffee, flour, salt, etc A correspondent of the New Orleans Creacent sugt;e?i IKMRN IUMMMHM tleemboata lying in that port for tbe use of the army Tbe Mobile Tribune says there la every reason to believe tbat tbe enemy at Fort Pickens la removing tbe valuable* prior to tbe evacuation of tbat pl>ice. A letter bad been received In the Rapldrs pariah from Gen Beauregard, In which he aaya "we hope before long to make the enemy pay for all tbe depredations they have committed on our oil." Superfine floor waa quoted at New Orleans at S8, and choice do. at *9; mixed corn 54 cents meaa pork #87; lard, la bbis., 16^ cent*; fair suj^ar 5% centa; whiskey centa. The Santa Fe dispatch aunouncing tbat Col Loring commanded the Texan Rangers oa their capture of Fort Fillmore la incorrect, aa be la now In Western Virginia. Tbe Rangers were commanded by Col. Baylor. Ex-Gov. P. O. Hebert, of Louialana, baa been commlaaloned by Congress a brigadier general In tbe Confederate army The passengers and crew of the steamer W R Powell, before reported lost, have all been saved, and arrived at New Orleana A secession account of the capture of tbe forts at Hatteraa Inlet say that twenty were killed and forty wounded. Another account aaya eighty were killed and wounded. Affair* la MIimim St. Locta, Sept. 2.?Lexington, In this State, remained in poaaeaalon of tbe Federal troopa aa late aa Friday, and relnforcementa have reached there before thla. No apprehension* are now felt for the aafety of tbe troopa there In the attack of Thuraday laat aeveral Union aoldiera were wounded, but none killed. Gen. Pape leavea for t^ulnrv thia evening He will immediately take the field in peraon in North Miaaouri. St Lotna. Sept. 1 ?The Republican baa a dlepatch saying that the aecea?ionlata. 4,500 strong, attacked tbe 430 Home Guard* and tbe Federal troopa in the entrenchmenta at Lexington, on Thuraday. and were repulaed with a loaa of 60 killed None of the Federal force w&* killed. Thia needa confirmation. Charlea McLaren, Baal 1 W. Duke, and Jamea H. Carllale, accession police commissioners, have been removed by Gov Gamble. The report that Palmyra waa occupied by the secessionists under Martin Green, a few daya ago, ia untrue. The money belonging to the Fayette Bank, aelzed by secessionists on Wednesday, has been returned. St. Josxph, Mo , Aug 30.?Thia morning our city waa aurpriaed and thrown into great excitement by tbe *udden arrival of one hundred and ten mounted armed rebel*, who paraded tbe atreeta and captured two United States army recruiting officer* and then returned to their camp, which ia aotae. eight milea dlatant. ] t la reported that there ar e 150 more rendevouaed near here The withdrawal of the Federal troopa from thia point haa left tbe field open for tbe depredatlona of the re be la in thla remote section of tiie siaie. Qcikct, (llloola, Aug. 31?The train from St. Joseph'! baa arrived all safe. To-night there are report* of the track being torn up for miles west of Palmyra. It cannot be true, however. There is great excitement in this city to-niybt occasioned by fears of th*rebels coming over from Missoari to burn and attack the place, but the excitement will probably soon subside, as these fears will prove groundless Jbvvkbsok, Citt, Mo , Sept.l.?Col. Marshal's cavalry were at Georgetown on Thursday, and surrounded the town, taking Magotlln prisoner, with several othsrs. One of Col M.'sf>rcewa* killed, and one badly wounded. They have probably reached Lexington by this time. From Fsrtress Mearae. Foituis Mohkok, Sept. 1 ?Additional advices by the steamer Geqrge Pea body, from Hatteraa Inlet, state that since the departure of the steamer Adelaide, our troops have been busily engaged in strengthening torts Clark and Hatteras They have mounted the ten-inch Columblad brought down the Inlet the day before the attack. The place will, doubtless, be permanently held bv the Federal troops It Is of immense Importance, and can readily be held against all spproaches of the Confederates A new alll- , tary department, it Is supposed, will be erected there, and Gen. Butler placed In command Capt Larned's company of Third Artillery, returned on the steamer Pes body They war* the first to land, and with the Naval Brigade, completely ( cut off the escape of the Confederates by land ( Lieut Loder was the ttrst man ashore i The steamer Wabub felled soutbwsrd on Friday, leaving about tbe time the Minnesota left for New York with tbe Confederate prisoners Tbe secessionists are known to have bud at least 8 killed and 25 wounded. I The chartered steamer R B Forbet, from Boa- I ton, went ashore yesterday, on Smith's Island, near Cape Charles. Throe propellers were sent down from Old Point to assist fa retting her off Two members of Hawkins' Rr?; merit were ac- j ctdentally shot to-day, and one of them killed. The steamer Adelaide is expected to night from | Baltimore, to prooeed forthwith to Hstteras Inlet. | ftaecessfal fcxpedltteas. Bakdi Hoax, Bept i ?'The Massachusetts Thirteenth Regiment surrounded tbe Cbarlestown "Home Guards" Cavalry about two o'clock this afternoon at Beher's Mill, two and a half miles above Harper's Ferry, and took twenty prisoners, having first killed tbree snd wounded Ave of the secessionists. The Maasschusetts bovs brought them in, singing -Gay and Happy " The Twenty-trigbt Regiment croaeel the rtrar fro* the Point of Roeki thla morning and captured thirty tend of cattle AMtkir Rtwa^Mar ftnppreeoed. Macch CncHK flept ** * the oflce of the Carbon Democrat laa* night and deatroi ed the type, apeet the ana, Ac The praaa wna not dlatarbed. Ar.leslef the Minnesota nt Hew Yorh Naw Yens, tent t.?The ateemer Mlnne*ota la heitw from hattern< Inlet, with the QonfaderateprlMoe;. , j. 'it* . ' i# X rram Ctlitorala. Oct** SraTio*, Paelftc Teleyrapb Uw, It mlkea went of Fort Kearnev A?| Ju ?Tbr ponr riprM piWBd bore at 3 o'ciack a m , with Su Franc lace da lea to tbe *1* There bad beaa m arrival* Sailed July 1Mb. ablp Yeoman, for Syduay; July *!at, itfam*f Un^lr Sa? for Panama, carry 10|( 193 paaKRii*n u<l fl .lOO.nW la apecle for New York, and ft^ WU for Kagland Among the passengers for Mew York arc Lt. ( man. Lt. K. Ball. Lt Alexander. Major Allea, Major Gen Vrler. Capt Gregg and Major Hue gerford, all af tbe U 8 arm v The ?blp Thatcher. Capt M ago woo. bat beoo chartered to load for Sew York Bwlnea |tarrally ia Mumlnv a more baaltby condition, with rather more lacnnatton to purchase lt-adlag articles of merchandise reeeatly reoalted Some W> bales of drills and brr(ln|[t were aold resterdar. concentrating tbe mock la few haada, and eaaabHablug tbe price at II rent all rouflffor aUadard, In other raapecta prices are unrbaagad. Tbe demand for mouey for today's itraarr waa not arrest, bat sufficiently active to eaable bankers to obtain two per rent for tbe oaoal abort rsU upon the atrr^t Th-re Is more d spoaltlon manifested to bar wheat for export. anme irregular export buyes ire paying ?l 42t*a?1.43 Relief midbiIum. composed of former real ienta of New York ud loostef the New Karlw4 Siatea and Mlrbigan. are organised 1b 8aa Fransiaco, for the purpoae of receiving a .bacrlptlooa to i d tbe families of volunteers from tbe states named. Tbe body of Terrance Bellow Mr Manua, one of tbe Iriab exile of 1M4H. waa shipped to-day kr the I'ocle 8am for Ireland, eta New York Tbelrtab realdenta of 8an Francisco joined la a grand fa Deal demonstration previous to placftig tbe body oa tbe s:ean>er Shaw's flat, In Tsulumne county, wa* tbe arene >f a destructive flre on 8aturday. Tbe total loan eatimat-d at 1<-,UIU Supposed to be tbe work if incendisriea Tbere are aaid to be a pood many afmpath 1 sera lib aeceaaton In Nevada Territory TWy held i convention In 8ilver City on the 28th. and adoptrd re*olutlona reaffirming tbe Brecklaridgo-Bal11 more platform. In favor of tbe prraerratloa of tbe I'nlon, tbe duty of tbe Territory to yield obedience to the cooatitutlonal acta of Congress, recognixlng Mr Crittenden'a compromlae aa sound: a Union formed la peace la not to be maiatalned by force; that It waa tbe duty of tbe general goveminent to eatabllah a branch mint, and to provide for entering landa. and to leave tbe universal landa to private enterprise: also tbe following: Rerolvtd, That the President of the (jutted State* baa been guilty of tbe violation of tbe coast! tutloa. and an usurpation of power, la borrowing a ad appropriating money, raising armlea and Increasing the navy without the authority of Cong rem. and that such acta are dangerous to liberty, and tend to convert tbe government Into a military deapotiam Only twenty delegatea were preeent. Judtfe Craalebaugh and Judge Br van, e4 Caraon, and J. Williams, of tbe Euterprlae newija rv? < wuiivuui ?ur iiwti nm ttuviliam Hn delegate* to Congreaa from Nevada Territory. Reported Kecaptare ( the Poaaacola Navy Yard. Nrw Vol a, Sept. <?Tbe Commer-lal atatea that tbe frigate Minneaots, on her trip to thia port, poke a pilot boat, which reported having apokea an unknown veaael, which reported that Colonel Brown of Fort Pickena bad recaptured tbe Pea 4Cola Navy Yard, bat gave oo particalara HAVE VOL SUBSCRIBED FOR THF WEEKLY STAR, TO BK MAILED TO YOUR FRIEND OR RELATIVE? IT IS THE BEST DOLLAR WEBKLY IN THE WORLD! ITS WASHINGTON NEWS IS UNEQUALLED! ITS GENERAL NEWS IS UNSURPASSED BY THAT OP ANY TWO DOLLAR WEEKLY! ITS AGRICULTURAL MATTER WILL BE VORTH TO ANY FARMER A HUNDRED TIMES ITS YEARLY COST. ITS HOUSEHOLD RECIPES WILL SAVE TEN TIMES ITS COST EACH YEAR TO ANY FAMILY. Tke Number for tki* Week, to be out on Friday Morning?-prtee Three Cents anil be a remarkably/ interesting one. Every Person at a distance trho icon Id ieep Posted with referenfk to what it rtally going on here in these interesting times should receive it regularly. CALL AT ONCE AT THE PTAR OFPICE AND SUBSCRIBE FOR IT. Rl. 1. FRANKLIN, SCIENTIFIC AND PRACTICAL OPTICIAN, (From PkUadelpkim,) 244 Penn'aav.,'noith aide,) bet. 12th and 13th sts. 'rrproved SPECTACLES and EYE GLASSES, snitrd correctly for every eye right?mounted in Go d. Si ver. tine Steel, India Rubber, or Tortoise Sue 11 MBuary Field Giantt, Mtrrotcop*', lUitevw, Optra and Marine Glasses wi'k the belt Ackromttt I.enses, Mathematical and fkyttml Instt hkiHi. Comrisus Stereoscope* and S<innc?k Tuws tn a f eat variety, at the lowest Eastern prices au 3 >-tr ____ NOTICE. mrnwsmmmmmm ? ADAMS1 FXPRESS CvMPAMT." Th.s C:>?npany offers to ths pub ve " Unequalled Advantages'' for the Saf* ana Quick IMspatch of Heavy p eights Packages, Valuables, Money, Ae. Ac., to all parts of (he United States. Expresses to and Irom the No-th and West depart from and arrive in Washington twice daily. All Expresses are in charge of ezpentneed and reliable Messengers Al! Packagei for The Soldiers cameo at "oi?n half' our umal rates. All Go< ds for tne so-called "Confederate State"" and a'l Articles ** Contraband of War" wulbe Rirusn. Ou Expresses leave New York at 1.6, and 6 P. V .. arriving m Washington at 6 A. M and M9 p Expresses leave Philadelphia at IX A. M. and II P. M .arriving in Washington at 590 P. M.aad Expresses Imm Baltimore at 4 SO A. M. ud 8 P. M., arriving in Wasting ton at 6 A. M tad 5*> P. M. KiprtHN for all points Nor'h anl West leave Washington at 7 So A. M and 2 an P M daily. SpeeieT Contraots for ante qusctit.-s of Freight oan be made oc application to this 'ffioa. All Goods sailed for and delivered Jrtt of Extra ohargea. 8 P, MoL.AUGHI.IN, A Kent Adams'Express Company. Washington, August 2S, l?t. an a tf WsrtLLNG CLOTHING. ALL. STKl'HKNS * CO are tine l? ta reset pt ol their oeo- nd eupptT of SPRING CLOTHING and material for their cuslo*. tre/U. ing of New Cloths. Cassimers and Veeliaxe, 9i the latest styles, wluoh they will make to order ta aapeeior style at rerr low prices. Gentlemen wuk.of an imm*d ate outfit will fia4 in oar Ready-mad* Department every artisis of Wearing Appare snitable to their w? u WALL. STEPHENS * CO., ae ) ' * >???. OH : OH !?Go In the People's Clo hiag Store, No. 4*0 Seventh street, oppon'e Port Oftoe, and examine tnat new stock ?* FALL CLOTH ING. i HUNKS. HATS and CAPS, all for eale at the lowest New York pnoes as 'PUR GREAT RUSH TO ARMS has oaeeed 1 SMI TH to ru?h North a^d rep enish hi* stoek of FALLand WINTER CLOTHING, wh?eh>a I'UVIBkl IUIII?I|B >.r IVV|IIU??| ! ilV. ?WW wv " ?pth ?C, o?K>?.U Port Q?o? ? ?!? i? AR6 AIN8 ! BARGAINS !?1?r?*t b? iiw in O Si kin*. of CLOTHINtJ. TRUNKS. VAL18KS, CARPUT BAGS.HHIkTs* T1 fc>. COLLARJ, HAT-CAr?.t( SMITH'S, No. ?*? at.. o?po lU P?.?t ()4m C*Il bud m? kn new tooii of woods, vhiob will b? to.d mt mat? rum l >w ntoi. M m-im roK :p?a L)R vWfcks. VaRN SOCRS. aaitabla tor Mf * *h i&fr MAN. f^OTlCE TO RAi^ROAO Bhifsnd RSJI'OVI AimU II WMkiuioi viU MM li rw*r?l fell fi?od? dif*ot*4 to th? *S*jntiuj ContmUwoa" to t >? Co??ihi(>[i Btorv-romn, N?. HII K itrttU^M ?r?#??t bull for frtiikl Omctei 8i*!TUT TrMMH Mil Him *mTI 1> PO T IO til POTATO! ! Stum Witeli prim* WMttn iMM f ? *>ld tkli "Uo' H Au.-pMl?;:miklT.,ourMr of B?o<>ad at. Firtt car 1<m4 unwd to-4*jr. ' ** **" J W. STEELE 4 CO. ttGBOOL FOE B YOUNG LADlKft ^ mim m. p. dunc&n hi, ?( ff 9?9t*?tor k-it, r* em < ?- i-o?o.l at h?r >c?id*no? No 21 )n4i+iu ? Mm U< urucMMiU to ifdin ?Uuu??* ? >? o m>< * M buu.wi, MP?(? ? <? .wall??i < ?

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