Newspaper of Evening Star, September 4, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 4, 1861 Page 1
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(gtaing Sta. V^. XVIII. WASHINGTON. P. C . WEDNESDAY. SEPTEMBER 4. 1861. N?. 2.665. THE EVENING STAR i* PUBLISHED EVERT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THB fcTAR BUIUHN6B, Ctmtr tf FiMUffruM inmu and Eltvtntk tt. *T W. D. WALLACH. Paper* *erred In packagea by carrier* at 91 a y*r. or 37 eeota Qpr month. To mall ?ubacrlber* the price la 93 SO a year, w advanct; #9 for alx Month*; 91 for three month*; and for leaa than three month* at the rate of 19 eenta a week. Single coplea, on c?ht; In wrapper*, two chits. ILT AmaTtiiiMT* should be sent to the ??oe before IS o'clock m ; otherwise they may not appear until the next day. OOMIP ABOUT REPORTERS For a long time no accommodation waa afforded to the reporters of Parliamentary proceeding!. On the contrary, they were liable to b? arrested if aeen taking a note of what waa eald by the Lords or Commons. The oon equenoe waa that persona were to be found oapable of remembering the snbatance of a debate, such as m. Raaclifie, the bueband of the calebratad novelist, and Wm. Woodfall, who was known by the name of * Memory Woodfall." Than came another change, the Introduction of several reportera for the aame paper?a change flrat effeoted by Mr. Parry, the proprietor of The Morning Chronicle, to whom, with Mr. Walter of The Times, the country ia indebted beyond all other persons, for embodying that most remarkable olaaa of men They were followed by Mr. Thwaitea of The Morning Herald, and then by The MornlnrPost. Mr. Perry first established a corps of Parliamentary reporters; bat Mr. W*lUr, In forming a Parliamentary corps, sought to improve its quality, and to have the Ttry best n?n connected with his journal. The inducements to young men to become Parliamentary hrrmcrkt in frh* Ur W II V|fVI WVI? VI VV>^ a ? IU?V ?UV ^HllVty 4JA ? . WW Russell, present American correspondent of The Times, end Ches Dickens, wb? never was connected with The Times, bat left The Mirxor of Parliament, which paid e guinea " a tarn," to baoome a regular Parliamentary reCorter on The Morning Chronicle. The Edinnrgh banquet, in 1834. to Earl Grey. is referred to aa an instance of what was effected by newspapers in former times. Speeches were delivered t>y Lord Brougham and Lord Durham. To this banquet The Times and The Chroniele sent their best Parliamentary reporters. The Times was represented by John Tyas, Jas. Woods, Jas Shendan, and Eagene Nugent; The Chronicle, by Thos. Beard and Chas. Dickens. The Times won the race by several hoar?, its#report being published in London several hoars before The Chronicle reporters?although traveling all the way in a post-chase and foar?could reach London. The manner in which it wu won was this : The Time*, bj sending so many reporters to Edinbargh, calculated that on their return they would have finished the account of the baaauet before they reached Wether by; and nil tne waj from Wetherby, Mr. Delane?the manager of The Times, and the most marvelous arranger of expresses that ever existed ?had posted single horses to carry up with a speed that can now only be surpassed by an express railway train, the report, so as to have it printed and circulated all over London at an early hour in the moruing! That trip alone cost the Chronicle ?400. Nearly all the parliamentary reporters who war* %L thai bacqud^are now dead. Two of them? Nugent and Sheridan?died very young. Sheridan, who caaght a cold by going outside the chaise to targe the post-boys to a greater peed, was cared for by the Times in his sickness, sent down to Deroudhire, and an ample allowance to the day of his death provided for him. Upon Mr. Woods retiring from the g?ll?ry, ?300 a year was settled on him, and the same snm was bestowed annually upon Mr. Tyas, of whom it may be remarked Oat he was a distinguished Greek scholar. Tn Beloian Got?R!*me5t. having recently proposed to expend nearly $3,000,000 during the next five years in the reconstruction of their artillery, have prepared a report on the lubjeot. After reviewing the progress of all th? European nation* in this direction, they ome to the oonolaaion to adopt breech-loader* on the Pruaaian ayatem. They divide rifled cannon into two claaaea, breech and muiile-loading, and adopt the breech-loading because it gives the moat acourate fire, bevauae loading fa eaaier and leaa dangerous, because It has been tried with complete success in Belgium, because it baa been adopted by a large number of foreign power*, beoause countries which hastily rejected it hare returned to it, and becauae, after trial, they are convinced that they can be made in Belgium as well as in any foreign country. They recommend ateel instead of bronse, aa the better and cheaper material in Belgium. Thia report has called forth from M Fourcaulttwo pamphlets, in which he compares the French and Prussian ?y**-5in? of artillery. He says the Prussian gun is loaded at the breech by means of a complicated mechanism, which consists of four piece*, worked bj the aid of ohains and screws, while the French gun is a single piece of metal, without a shadow of complication. The French gun requires only four operations for eaeh discharge, while the Prussian requires eleven, the mission of any on* of which may render the Kn unserviceable during the remainder of the ttle. The breech-loading apparatus adds to tha length and weight of the gun, whioh may prevent it from baing brought up so quick as tfce lighter French guns. At the attaok on Sin-Ho, the French guns advanced, while the Armstrong guns could not be brought forward in time. For the much greater liability of the breech-loading guns to get out of order, he finds no compensation, as one hundred rounds ean be fired from French guns in quite as little time as frem the Prussisn or Knglish. The o :? ?J piVJWUVI IUU X [UNIIQ *011 English (j?tema he thinks inferior te the herder metal of the French, both for accuracy end keetut it U liable to peel off and kill outlying riflemen. The aceuracy of the Freuoh is equal to that of the Prussian. In regard to the cost, the price of a bronse cannon is the same as that of cast steal, bat the breech-loading meohan4<m increases this br about $150. Old cast sttel is almost worthless, while old bronie is worth from 20 to 26 cents a pound. To replace the 6-pounder bronse cannon of Belgium with cast steel will cost about $500 per sun, while the present guns can be rifled for a little more than a dollar a piece. Besides this the Prussian breech-loader reaaires more artillerymen than the French mussle-loader, and the French projeetile is cheaper than the Prussisn by abo?t 60 oasts each oa 6-pound shot. Tas U?? or Balloons whioh has been made in reoosnoltering at Washington and Fortress Monro* seems not to hare been oontinued at lt.11 D U.J V... - a t DBU AI1B. omiwu ucvu bqiu up irom Centerville in the morning, and kept floating above tha oenter of oar army daring tha day, it iM very probable that tha Are of the three or four batteries which ?u wutad on oar left in feint to which the enemy paid no attention, weald have been directed co poinU where it woaid here told on the fate of the day. Everybody remembers the aee which the Freneh Emperor made of tGodard and hi* balloon in reooaooitaring in the Italian campaign. The only battle ia whieh a balloon floating over the flala wm aaod to give information to the commanding General, ia that of Fleanu, which wm foaght ia Jane, 1794. In that battle,which eeeared all Belgium to the Republican armiee of Pranoo, 90.000 French, under Jourdon.were opposed to 110.000 AlliM, under the Prince of Cobur*. The French lMre Mattered along a aemi-oircle line, 15 or 18 miles in length, both wings resting en the Sambre. Of the ten divisions of French encaged, six were already retreating, and the Imperialists were sliding their rear troops from the center to the left, to eat off the retreat aerasa the river This movement wm readily perceived by the aerostats, who reported it by telegraphio signals to Gen. Jonrdan, enabling him toMnd a sufficient force to the rapport of the retreating right wing of th? French army to tarn the tide of battle. At thia time Joardaa ?u in the center-front of the Sold, aiz miles away at least, whither he bad gone la eonaequaoee of other report* of the aerostats, and where the decisive blow waa truek whioh gained the vietory. The information which the aerostats gaioed was ooareTed by telegraphic signals to the earth The balleoa was seat op twioe dariag the day, aad remained ap about foar hoars each time, at the altitude of about 1,900 feet. Oa the seoond aeeeasion the enemy opened a battery against lt^baMt attained aa elevation beyond the I Hu DlitflMllia im*i| Tr?f The recent instances of insubordination ?monj several regiments in the vicinity of Washington have s wakened alarm and distrust in many patriotlo hearts. It may serve to quiet forebodings and reassure the publio mind to know that this experience is not peouliar to onr ranks, but is a common inoident to nearly all great military operations. Well-disciplined etersn aoldiers, whose subsequent eareer has been marked by bravery and saccesa, have exhibited a like unhappy tendency to mutiny. We cite a single example: In the year 1812. at the request of the Duke of Wellington, F. S. Larpent, Esq., a member of the English bar, was sent to Spain to aot as Judge Advocate General to the armies in that country. While serving in that capacity he kept a journal of passing incidents and wrote letters home deserioing his daily experiences. The journal and letters were subsequently published in three volumes?reprinted in 1853. At his first audience the Duke placed in his hands fifty oases against officers?remarking: " A pretty army I have here. They all want to go home; but no more shall ge, except the sick." Eirlv in th? innrnal find St " The breakings, hangings and floggings for the recovery of discipline have been painfully frequent." A short time afterward Lord Wellington complained of the difficolty of obtaining conviotiona. "How can you," he asked, "expect a court to find an offioer guilty of neglect of duty when every member of his command is guilty of the same offense?" "Yet in the very month in which this remark was made," says Mr. Larpent, "we have hung six, broke several officers, and flogged sixteen or eighteen men?and we are still at work." At the end of another fortnight h?J speaks of having "hung eight, transported eight or ten, flogged 60 severely, and breke several officers." All this, and much more of like oharact^r, is told of an army which met nnd conauered the veteran troops of France, led by tne bravest and most skillful Marshals of the Empire. Doubtless the history of every large army would show similar occurrences. While, then, the recent outbreaks among our soldiers are to be deplored, they do not afford grounds for serious apprehensions of disaster to our cause; espo? i-~ *- -* " vx?.tij nucu no auuw mil ^ar an laguuisiB must encounter still groater embarrassments of the like character, since their soldiers are less carefully provided for, and are hardened with much greater causes for disaffection and discontent.?Albany Evening Journal. A VTarsiho.?The Charleston Courier is delighted with the non-intercourse policy. It says : " The late declarations from the Vigilance Committee of several cities, and of this eity, denouncing needless and equivocal intercourse with the North have commanded general approval, and should be?we believe will be?executed and enforced without ' fear, favor, or affection.' It is not a time for visits to the North, or to doubtful border cities, without well-defined purposes and objects. It it not a time for oovert operations in stooks or dividends, for remitUnees to the North, or for : speculations in southern stoeks. If there ever ' is a time when a honorable citizen oould speculate on the name and good faith of his State, that time is not now. Largo amount* of divi- \ dends have accrued lately from southern inTMtmAnU fA t Vt A namoa r\t L - ?^ *V ?uv UBUIVO VI UVIHUOIU BIWR.* holder*. Let the disposition of suoh dividends, or the transfer of auoh aorip, be olosely watched." Thi Shoe and Leather Reporter saya that i the Sou'h had a good stock of northern-made hoea at the commencement of the war, which ia not yet exhausted, and that of the six thousand tanneries in the United States, two thou- ! sand are in the slave States, their full proportion, considering for how many other uses than shoes leather is consumed in the northern | States. One seventh of the shoemakers in the United States were alao iu the slave States. On the whole, the Reporter says : " So far as shoe*, and most of the manufactures of leather are concerned, we reach thii> conclusion, that although the facilities of the ; southern people are limited, still, with a proper husbanding of their resources, there is no occasion for any immediate suffering, and that it is thi nftrt ftf wiaHnm fr\r iia fnflaUnlat? V*#.-** I ** ?v* wr W??v kU-fc ? will oot b? brought to their knees d jrirg the : present year in ooDseauence of a deficiency in the supply of leather. ' What Don it Mum.'-The N. Y- Leader, In a personal sketch of Col. Corcoran, makes the following curious assertions, probably referrlug , to the secret Irish society known as the "Emmett Monument Association," or "Pfcanlx Brigade." (>Thls is neither the place nor time to speak of another army as formidable In numbers and at least as well drilled as that to-day under MoClellan, la which Col Corcoran alao holds a post of high command. It la an army scattered through the chief citlea of the Union, and having rowerful ramifications through a distant Island, t has, and for aeveral years baa had, companlea and regiments and brigade*?not seen save by the eyes of the Initiated; Dut meeting In squad and companies and battalions, two or three nights \ every week, In nearly all the more populous towns and citlea of the Union, and undergoing the strictest and moat active drill The army tu which we refer Is loyal to the Republic, and only wishes that the Republic were more loyal to the to the republican Idea as understood by Mirabeau, Jefferson, Wolfe, Tone, and Robert Emmett. Should the evil destiny of England lead her to take part against the Lnlon In the present war, tht?. but not until then, will thla Invisible army, In which Corcoran holds a General'scommlsslon, swam forth Into daylight and activity, only asking arms and tran?port-shlps from our Gover?ment to give full employment within sight of the Welsh coast, to all tike naval military resource of u.u.i. ?? VIVW* VIIM1U. " Patriotism ill the W est?Indiana baa about 30.000 troops In the war and preparing for the field, exclusive of tbe three months' men. In one town of Martin county,with only 1375 lnhabltanta, even conjpaniea have been rslsed. In another, a gentleman worth only 940,000 haa expended 10,000 tn cash for families of volunteers, and la willing to give all to the cauae. In another, a fsther of IS children baa enlisted with hla eldest aon, for tbe war Example* like tbeee ought to awaken tbe patriotism of the people la all part* f the loyal State*. Gamblers in the A rut ?A correspondent of the Columbua Time* state* that tbe Confederate army In Virginia was Infected by a great number of faro dealer* and professional gambler*, many of whom bad "joined tbe army as private* for the pnrpoas of swindling the poor soldier out of his nara earned pittance of til per month. It la hoped that the superior officers will punish with severity end cut the wing* of all such "carrion crews,'1 wbo are a stench In tbe nostrils of honest men. A V101lahci Commutes in Chicago The Common Council of Chicago, 111., has passed sn ordinance requiring all new comers to take tbe n*w oath of allegiance, or Wve the city forthwith. Tbe Union Defenae Committee is transformed Into a Vigilance Committee, for tbe pur ,/vwv VI cAVUiiumg an BUi^VCU pcnoai. 10 caie of a refusal Xm take the oath, the name of thfc auepected person la to be published In the dally papers, and the facta are to be reported to the Common Council. Rbisbobcbmbnts ran Gbs. Fbbmont ?We bear that #700,000 In Treasury notes, mostly of small denominations, were sent out laat Friday to Oen. Fremont The Government la determined to give him all the authority and sinews of war be asks for, snd the country may look for one of the most brilliant campaigns In that quarter ever known ?Philadelphia Imquirtr. lyTbe business of Impressment Is carried on briskly In Metnphle, and n regular press gang organ'ied. In many ca?ee, saya the Memphis Avalanche, acts of barbarity have been perpe! trated, and not unfrequeotly have farmers, who were In the city on buatneas have been seised, ae well as bend of families, wboes wives and children depend entirely upon them for support. Mobb Tcsfbbtibb ?The British steamer Eastern State, which arrived here Ala morning, fnm Hallfhs, brought eight hundred and three casks spirits turpentine This article le aow selling In tfcr market at fl *0 pet gallon fL idmm SICK AND WOUNDED SOLDIERS IN HOSPITAL. Pubkthtd m to*formitf with the rnolutim / th* Senat* of Julf 10, 1881. it Otntral Hotpttal m E ilrtst, bttunen Fourth and Fifth ttrtttt, Washington, Aug. 90. 1*1 N. v . Cavalry 1 2d Vermont Volunteer* 1 N J. Cavalry 1 lat Minnesota Voi 1 l^t Kentucky Cavalry. 3 lat Pennsylvania Vol.. S Harrta Light Cavalry. 4 3d do do.. 0 Cameron Dragoons... 5 6th do do.. 4 lat N. Y. F. Zouavea.. 1 Key*' do do.. 1 lat Excelsior Brigade, 2 2flth do do.. 1 3d do do.(a)14 '27th do do.. 2 3d do do.... 1 2d New Jersey Vol ... 3 12thN. Y.Volunteera.. 3 2d Main* Volunteers.. 1 17th do do 1 3d do * do 7 24th do do 4 4th do do 1 25th do do 2 2d New Hampshire... 4 27th do do 7 2d Michigan 2 28th do do 1 4th do (c) 2 Slat do do..,*.. 5} 2d Wlacoosia...* # 33d do do 2 19th Indiana 2 35th do do 2 lat California Reg.... 1 36th do do 6 Anderson Zouavrs 2 37'h do do 3 Sturgea Rifles 1 A ~ A ? 1 <1. ? rt J a? . vv/tu \*v v? u ? i |V/oiiiC(ou n iudtmiii I 69th do do 1 D. C. Volunteer! 1 79tb do do ...(b) 4 ?? 9th Mass. Volunteer*.. 1 Total .......134 10th do do 1 (?) Including an officer. (6) One officer. (e)Two offlcera. At Seminary Hospital, Giorgitoum, Aug. 30. lit Artillery 1 Garibaldi Guard* .... 1 Id Maine Volunteer*..11 1st Penn. Artillery.... 5 3d do do 7 6th Penn. Volunteer* . 1 4th do do...(a) 1 8th do do 4 6th do do 1 10th do do 2 let Mass. Volunteer*.. 1 ll'h do do 2 7th do do 1 12th do do 6 3d Vermont Volunteers 5 19th Indiana (6)30 13th N Y.Volunteer*.. 2 21*t d? 2 14th do do 6 I at Michigan Vol 1 18th do do 2 2d do do ...(e)13 25th do do 1 3d do do 12 33d do do 14 4th do do...(4)21 79th do do 4 2d Wisconsin 1 Mozart, New York.... 7 1st Minnesota 12 Tammany, do 1 Teamster. Q. M. D... 1 De Kalb, do 3 Excelsior Brigade.... 1 Total 183 (a) One officer, (b) One officer, (e) Two officers. (a) Three officers. At Union Hospital, corner of Bridge and IVaiAinqton streets, Georgetown, Aug. 31. 2d N. Y. Volunteer*.. G lit Minnesota do 3 5th do do 2 '2d Vermont do 2 12th do do...... 9 3d do do 12 13th do do 3 lit Conn. do 1 14th do do 14 2d Wisconsin do 7 16th do do 1 6th do do 1 17th do do 1 8th Pennsylvania Vol. 5 24th do do 2 10th do do.. 2 25th do do 1 11th do do.. 3 26th do do 1 12th do do.. 9 33d do do 13 21st do do.. 1 Tammany NY. Vol.. 4 9th Massachusetts do.. 9 Mozart do do .. 3|12th do do.. 2 De Kslb do do... 1 Kentucky Cavalry.... 2 Excelsior do do .. 1 1st California Vol 2 JacksonG do do .. 1 2d U. S. Cavalry 2 2d Michigan Vol 3 5th do Artillery 1 3d do do 12 2d do Infantry...... 1 4th do do......23 3d do do 3 2d Maine Volunteers.. 2 Teamster 1 !M An ? ith do do!!'.!!! 1 Total lfc? 8th do do 1 At Hospital at Columbian College, Washington, Aug. 29. 2d Reg. Maine Vol.... 7 37th N. Y. Volunteers. 2 3d do do 8 79th do do 2 5th do do 11 Sickles Brig N Y . Vol 13 7th Maw. Volunteers. 1 Tammany N. Y. Vol.. 4 10th do do 22 Qarlbaldl do do... 2 14th do do 7 De Kalb do dn .. 4 15th do da 1 Anderson Zouave*,NY 4 2d Conn. do 1 2d NY. Fire Zouave*. 1 lstReg N.YCavalryr 6 2d New Jersey Vol.... 1 2d N Y. Volunteers.. 15 3d do do.... 2 iJth do do 2 28th Penn. Volunteers. 3 9th do do 2 31st do do 4 11th do do 1 1st Minnesota do 4 12th do do...... 3 -2d Wisconsin do 2 14th do do 3 2d Michigan do 19 l?tta do do 2 3d do do 15 22d do do II 4th do do 6 24th do do 8 19th Indiana do 26 25th do do...... 3 1st California do 3 32d do do I lstReg U.S Cavalry.. 2 33d do do 9 2d do Dragoons 2 34th do do 2 Teamsters, Q M. 1).. 2 35th do do 1 ->? 36th do do 5 Total 256 At Oentral Hospital, Alexandria, Aug 30. 2d Cavalry, U. A... 2 2d Maine 1 Lincoln Cavalry 1 3d do 3 1st Artillery, 0. S A . 1 4th do 7 2d do do.... 3 5th do 9 12th New York.. 1 2d New Hampshire... 2 ioiq as M|2<i Vermont il 16th de 10 lit Massachusetts ..... 1 17th do 3 11th do 1 18th do 6 l?t New Jersey 1 25th do 5 2d Michigan 1 28th do 7 3d do 1 27th do 5 2d Wisconsin 3 31it do 11 lit Minnesota 4 32d do 10 Mozart 10 37th do 3 Fire Zouavei 1 3Sih do 14 5?th do 2 Total 135 79th do 2 Sitk remaining in tkt Hospital for Eruptive Distasti, at Kalorama. Aug 30. 8th New York 1 2d Wisconsin 2 14th do 1 21at Indiana 3 31?t do 1 3d Infantry 1 34th do 2 8th do 1 Excelsior Brig., N Y. 1 2d Cavalry 1 34 Pennsylvania 1 1st Artlllerv 1 8th do 2 Regiment from Govlst Penn'a Artillery... 1 ernor'sjsland 1 9th Pennsylvania 1 ? 10th do 1 Total 24 3d Michigan 2 H7 Washington papers please copy and send bills to the War Department. sept 3?3t nnn lbs. rough tallow and DUU.UUU GRKASE WANTED, for which the hig hunt price will be paid. Also. lSU)oolba of SOAP and CANDLES for aale oheap for oaah, at the National Soap and Candle Work*, 8reen street and the Caual, Georgetown, D. C. an 1-lm C. B. JE WELL, Proprietor. ifVAT THE OLD PAWN OFFICE, /Ov 1W1 C Stuit, A A 9 Btk of tk* y it tonal Hotel. 9 V Moat liberal advanoe* mad a on Gold and silver Watoti??. Dianionoa, Jewe.ry. Silver ware,Clothing, Pistols, and all kinda of Merchandise. Bnaineaa etnotly oonhUential. ISAAC HERZBKRG, 3*1 C at-eet, asl-tm Between and 6th ata. m TOPHAM'S xni VB PREMIUM TRUNK WO MANUFACTORY, 99 SBVKITH DTK KIT, WASHINOTOR, D. O. Silrsr Medal awarded by Maryland InatiUta Baltimore, November 7,1M0. AIM, Medal ^Metn^om&o ft?echanioe' Inatitata, 1 am oonatantlr making, and always hare on hand, of toe boat material, every aeeciption oT Fine Sole Leather, Paokirt TrnnltB. Pelliaier.Csxpel.aad Canvas Traveling Bars, School Satohels, ke., At Low Prww. Members of Congress and travelers will please examine ay stook before purchasing elaewhere Trunks that are made in other omea. Ssperlor Leather and Drees Trmnka made Ul order. ^ . i racti ooToroa ua rejairea at ?hort notioe. ^ 6oo<l* delivered free of coarse to tojtetrt of the Olty. (Jeorjotowc, ud Alexandria. Jab lyo JAMES B.TOPMAM. V Z WoOD AND COAL. las ?&R^^mErsijKV wer of SrmiA iiml u4 Camul, (GEO. PAG K, SJ Thej sell obeaper And five better measure *y others in the oity-?ut. ssLt, and dehvree of ohArge. If yom do* 11 eiiere , i w oaeer Mills a tna., aad be saftrfed MtJ 9 SUMMER RETREATS. KA BATHING AND SAFE RBTKBAT, At Point Looe-Ovt, Thia o? ebrated Bathing Place, situated at the to notion of the Potomac River with the* ?. A Chesapeake Bay. will be opened br theVcmf undersigned on the 10th of June, m thtifiJU ery beet style, lor a.l persone who Bay wish a sale and euiet retreat, where they oan have the an?fit of tne beet salt water bathing and enjoy the lioaoiee of the water, suoh as Fish of all kinds. Oysters, Crabs, tto. Every description of fishing tackle will be kept for tfte aooommodationor gnests. A fine livery stabe kept on the lara. Also, ten pmalleys and billiard saloons; with all oUter amusements usually found at suoh places. The Uble will be supplied daily with fresh vegetables from the garden on the premiere and from the Baltimore and Washington markets.

The boat Liquors and Cigars will always be found at the Bar. Board, $3 p*r day; one week, 512; second week, 10; four weeks lor $35; children and oolored servant: half-trice. The ,_-r 8*. Nioholas leaves Washington Tuesday a: 6 a m. ana Baltimore on Friday at 4?. m .The halt pasts o'olook p. m. train from Wa*hington will connect at Baltimore with the boats, reaching Point Lookout daily ; a so, a tri-weeklv lageirom Washington, by way of Leonardtown Add Ma tee proprietors, at Point Lookout, Washington. D C..or A'exandria, Va. m SI HEFLEBOWER fc CO . Prop'ra. DENTIST&Y. JH. PEABODY. M. D., Sumtcal AKD M* CHANICAL Dk.iTisr, havinr taken/?q| rooms at No. ST6 Fa. avenue, between KsflBBaP llth and 12th sts., two doors oast of th?*<-ttl^ Kirk wood Bouse, respectfully solicits a share of the publio patronage, in the various branches of his profession. jy 15 2m* TEETH. LOOM1S, M. 1)., the inventor and patentee ofthe MINERAL FLATK TEETH, at >A tends personally at his office .n this oitj fcJBCpJ Many persons can wear these teeth who**"-"-' cannot wear others, and no person can wear others who oannot wear these. Persons calling at my office oan be aooommonated with any style aftd price of Teeth they may desire; bat to those who are particular and wish the purest. | oleanest, strongest, and most perfect denture that art can produce, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Rooms in this city?No. 339 Pa. avenue, between th and 10th bU. Also, 907 Aroh street. Phi ad si I shia. oo U tf GAS FITTING, 4c. AWM X DOVK ft CO. RE N;<w sresared tn inwnt* ?n? ?t?? Which tii?T rnatv be favored in the PLUMBING, GAS OR STEAM FITTING BUSINESS. C7" Store on tth street, a few doora north of Pa. areaae, where may be focnd a compete assort Tied of CHaNDF.LIKRS and other ?AS. STEAM antf WATER FIXTURES. taW-1* 18N VDEK FLUMBER AND OAS FITTER, Haa removed to the oorner of Twelfth and F ata. He is prepared to introduce Water and Gas upon the raoat favorable terra a, and guarantiee entire satisfaction. He haa on hand a lot of COOKING and other STOVES, which he will aell leaa than ooat, ac he wiahea to get rid of them. no 17 We AS FIXTURES. E Have in store, and are dai.y receiving, BAB FIXTURES o{entirely New Patterns and Deairna and Finish, auperior in atyie to anything heretofore offer d in tnia market. We invite oitiaena teneral ly to tall and examine our stock of Gaa ana Water Fix irea, feeling confident that we have the bad selected stock in Washington. All Work in the above line latraated to air care Will ?rAfnB*!w a ?v fivmpti] ??1WHUUU IU. MVERS * MoSHAN. Mr JJf 376 D trad. Of ICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALEX OF VAS METERS. Vr'AaHinoTGR. J*lj It, IMS. NOTICE IS HEREEY GIVEN, That.atreo ably to tbo proviaiona of tae ordinacoe or the Corporation approved M?r tt. ] fp, tho anderaicned ia now prepared, "whenever r?cuirod in writmc, and on pia-payn:out of tho foe of fifty oecta, to inapeot, examine, teat-prov, ud aaoertain tne aconracy c' registration ofany caa mater in n?e in thia oity." Every meter, if found iaoorreat, will be condemned and another, aoaled and marked a? tree, will be aetini'M p ace. If proved to be aoou-a?o in iU meaeun-ment o?ea?,it will be aealea accs-ainily. and again *ut in position for uee. tHioe No. *10 Seventh atreet.(near Odd Fol vi' Kail.)' Open from! a. ra., to I p.m. CHARbES W. CUNNINGHAM. iy It- tf Inapectorand Sealer of baa Meter*.. ^CHWIElW'i JIs the only known and heat artio e to nu- . Anta, !*fotha, Fuea,' Fley. Garden VVorma " > SP** It contains no poijoa. SCHWERIN'S PILLS are aure death to Rati and Mice. M. Schwerm baa reoeived oertificatea from tho^reaidont of ttirard Collar*, Directora oj wi ncm||V| a vuua/if vuia * & u o p 1 lOi , dUU other Prominent Institutions of Philadelphia; (J. 8. Jail, Washington, D. C.;and Charity Hospital, New Orleana, La The original certificates can be seen at the Wholesale and Retail Depot 1x4 North geopnd street, Philadelphia, and lor sale in this oity by D. B. CLARK, oomer Pa. avenue and 4)4 ?U., and by all Druggists and Grocers. BTWARE OF SPURIOUS IMITATIONS. IT'* Remember to aik for Sohwerin'a Annihilate i Powder. (C * None genuine aniens alined M. Scivmn. ma l.V-fimeri THE EUROPEAN HOTEL, KEPT BY P. 1 EMR1CH. at the oorner of Penn.A . ? A avenue and Eleventh street, haa h?eu WMV greatly improved recently and tiow offera JLUK1 greater induoemenU for the patronage ol oldens and atrangera th\n any other public houae in the pity, hia prices being leaa than those of any other hotel on Pena. avenue, and his accommodations (or permanent or tranaient hoarders unexceptionable. The bar and restaurant arrangements of the European Hotel have already become very popu lar. being all that oan be desired by the most fas odious. The proprietor sledges unremitted atten tier, and continued liberal expenditurns to give satisfaction to all, and thus renews hia invitation <" all to sive the P.o-i.i^in Hnt?J s call. da 4-tt W TRAVELING TRUNKS. E Offer lyr aale the largest assortment o TRAVELING TRUNKS to be found inMWM this oity, comprising beat Sole LeatherlBWai Ladies'Dre?s and Packing Trunks, Va-^?**" iioes. Carpet Bags, &o.t whio'i we are now se ling at very low prioea. WALL. STEPHENS fc CO., as H ^89 Penn. avenue. 1CASH NOTICE. N Conse^uenoe of our having to pay oash for every artioleoi goods we purchase. we are forced to reduoe our business to Cash exclusively, for the present. W e have in store a vorv large assortment of READY.MADK m.OTHrNK tnr ?? boya' vnr. which are aeilinc at a rauoh lower rate than naually. WALL. STEPHENS t, CO.. 3*44 Pa. avenoe, between 9th and 10th at*. )> 7 (Intel, it Reanh.i yj ATCH R K P AIR 1NQ AN D SILVER WARE I have one of the beat eatabiiahmenta, anil I nraiahed with aoomplete set of toola for repair- Jtv in* every dcsori(/uon of fine Watchee, and m] Mrtioular attention give to the ume.l t mBW tho, ?thoompetentworkman.anda. work atann beo Alto,every deeonp ion of standard SILVER W2 RE. plain and ornamental, manufactured unoet my ?vn auperviaion, which ray ouatomera will hna far rapenor in fnality and fimah to northern ware old by dealera m general and represented &a theii ewn manufacture. H. O. HOOD, a* a tlXM P%. nvenne. a*h CUMMER CLOTHING C3 AT Riducxd PBICU. We offer oor largeaaeortment ofthin RUMMER CLOTHING atreduoed pri-ea. Our atook erabraoea all atylea and qualiUea of Gentlemen, V out ha. and Bo* a' Weanur Amril. at daeirable and fuhioaable etjlea Alt". 8HIRTb and FURNISHING GOODS id treat variety. Clothing made to order at the ehorteet notice. WALL. hTKPHENS A CO., if ?. ? . 3?3 Pennsylvania avenue, irl* (Intol.A R|>> ) hot. Oth and 10th ate. ?JIBBS' HAIR STORE, aiwaya on han i,or made to order at the *hortee( nouoe. Hair Wori repaired or ekehaajed. N. B.?Lac i#?' Hair Dyro in the moat oatura1 Manner. ma W tin rkUPgNTS GUNPOWDER, " iotey^K'g.'g^r^c. S*u Atnuy tm tks District of CMewHa BDK JOHNSTON, ALVIMORI LOCK HOB PI Til, Wm Aitt?trtd tkt Mil (VIMS, Swt?df mmd mJ| Effectual Riwudf H lii World, FOR ALL DISEA8E9 OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE BKLJCACY PREVENT. PPXjY immediately. A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Wia>M af a* Bat*, Ivwivh, Afacuona of tha K4m;i and Bladdar ^:wi?tar? OiKiufii, Inpotiui, Oitaral Dabtlity, Nat*ooaaaaa, Lun*, CmfMiei of Kiaaa, Low Sfir.-j, ? :ptiuo?i of tha Haan, Tuaidity, Tranblmfa, Dtmnaaa of Stfai or Oiddinaaa, Dimim of Ui Rod, Throat, Noa? or Skin, Aff acuooi of thj Lnn, Bt<>??ten or Bow a la?lhaaa Tambla Diaordara uiiio| from Solitary Babiu of Yo?tb?thaaa Dreadful and Daatroctiaa Pructicoa which mdirlUrrufi uspoaaitla, aad dutm both Body and Mind. YOUNO MEN Kapaetally who ha?a bacoua tha rtctima of Solitary Tlca, I ikM draadfal and daamcuta habit which uaaaU; awaapa to ?n aotiisal; pif? Ihoaaaada of Yarn m Man of tha MM Calttd tal*oi* and brilliant intc tct, who tsifht othtrwitt Uti inuuci4 luti?( Itutu with th* tbaud*r* of elo?aeoee or arakad to ?cr.acy th* lmn* lyr*, mt call with ail conldtDC*. MARRIAGE. MaEIIXD PIllOKt, or Ymnf M*n conUmplatinf Mirriar e, ttinf twin of pbyaicai vMkoM, organic dtbility, d*formiu**, Ac , ipttdilr cmrtd. Hi who p.tctt Limit If and*r tit* car* of Dr. J. may r*lirv Hl; caond* in bu honor a* a f?ni)*mia ud coaldtaUy r*ly upon hi* skill a* a phy*ician. OFFICE Xo. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. Ufl hud aid* foinff from Ealtimor* ttutt, a ftw door* froa lb* coratr. Fail not to ob*?r** tut* aad aarabar. L*u*r* matt b? paid and contain a ataaap. DR. JOHNSTON, M*mb*r*f th* Royal Col It** of Sctrcon*, London, rradaat* froa om rf tb* moot *mui*nt Coll*f** in tlM Coutd Stat**, and th* fiaattr part of who** 1 if* bat been *p*nt id tha boapiul* of Loodoo, Paria, Philadelphia aad *l**wb*r*, baa *B*ct*d *oin* of tb* mo*t acumuhing ecet th-t war* e?er knowa; many u-oobled with ringing la tb* b*ad and aar* wheu aal**p; great ncrvoaaneaa, b*iag alarntd at *add*a aoands, haehfulntaa with frcqatut blBehlo J, attaadad ooiiURi** with d*raug*ia?nt of mind, war* cnxad ?aidiaMly. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Young Man and other* who ha?* in>r?d th*n.**l?ee by a rum prmctlCt indulged in wh*o alon*? a habit fraqatatly learned from *>! eatopuiov, or at acbool, tb* ificu of wbica u* nightly felt *?*i. when ul??p, aad if aot cared, r*nd*ra uarmra impoaaibU, and d**u"oy* both Bud aad body, thoold apply in>m*diately. Th*** ar* corn* of th* *ad aad melanehoty tfteu produced by *arly babita of yoath, *11: Waaknaaa of th* Back and Liroba, Pain* in till fiaad, Dimaaa* of 8ight, Uw of MaKa>ar Puwar, Palpitation of u>? Hun, Dyepepay, Nerroaa irrr.abiliiT, Derangement of th* Dig?*tiT* Faneuooa, 0*a?rai Debility, Symptom* of Contain ptioa, 4c. Miktult.-Tli* feartol effect* on tb* mind ar* mack i* k* dreaded?Loet of Memory, Cotifaaioa of Idfaa, Depreaaioa f Spirit*, E?il Forebodinr*, Attrtioo of Society, Beif-Dietrast, Lot* of Solitadt, Timidity, ?., ar? *om( of tb* *?nt produced. 4 Nl*Tors DlBlLlTT.?Thoaatoda caa now fadga what la tb* casae of th*ir declining health, loeing their ti got. 'tening w*ak, pal*, o*r?oa* and cmaciatta, haTjag a eiiigalar appearance about the ayat, coagii or eymp-.ome of cor.aanapUoo. nrxFJSFG nv tmpRrrnv?crv Whin th? muguided aid imprndcnt rotary of p!*a*?r* (r d* he ha* imbU>?d ii>* *c*d* of thi* painful di*?U(, it too oft*n happene that *n ill-timed uou of *h*iii< ordrrad of discovery d*t*r* him from *pply ing to tho** who, from iducauoa ud rtspecubility, can * Ion* befrtaud him. B* fill* into th? band* of ignorant an(f d*sig' liug pr*teud*r*. who, mcep ibl* of carinr, filch hi* pacauiary *ut>*tanc*, keep hira trifling month after month, or a* long a* th* *majl**t fee can b* oLUin*d, and in despair leave him with rained health to nfb T*r hi* railing disappointment; or by th* b*? of that d**dly poianc?Mcrcary?ha*t*n th* eoiiatitatlotULl symptom* of tm Mrribl* ditcaac, inch a* Afictiooiof th* Baart, Throat, Htad, km, Ac., prorreeaiar with frightfal rapidity, till death pat* a *nod to hi* drodfaf (afftrinp by Mndiiig fcimt o andiec*?*rtd coantrv from whaa* boarce * ir*r*l*r rttaru* DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY. By tfcu (rtat end important ramady w*akii*aaaf th* organ* art speedily carad ana fall rigor r**tor*d. Tboaaaad* *7 tt* oat ntrraa* and dabiliutod, wh* had loat ail bop*, fear* b**n immadiauly raliarad. All impadimaau U Marriag*. Phy*leal or Mtatal DuqaaiUeatlan*, koa* of Piwcraatira row*r, Harroa* Irritability, Trambiiaf and Wtakooaa a* Kahaaauoo of (ha Boot ftarfal kind *p**dily carad. ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS. Turn Mart ThocsaPD* earad at tUa matitauoe within tfea laat H'lMttn niri, and iba r.arnaroaa Important BarriMl aparauooa par'.irmad h? Dr. Mniun, ?iui?h(I| hy u>a lapertara w tk< papara ul buy Kbir himMy nsucii mi which h>? appaarad i|tu u4 iftla btlofi tha pabllc, b?aldaa hit aiandieg aa a faoilaman of cb&rtcur and raapanaihlllty, ia a aafleiant fWarajitaa la tha aflictad. mar l?-1y D*. J. 11 MeLXAN'S 8TRK5 GTHESIK0 CORDIAL AMD BLOOD FLRIKIKK THE GREATEST REMEDY tm tk* WORLD. tBTMM. TAKEN.^jJf la ititiilf a fiV ?at:t? aad YafataH? <'MipsWd, ?ra- fOLw ml ?7 the dlauiia- fix; f >a ' rcau, ?.arha, K* ij aad aarka. Taliaw at ? % alt **>)(>> aatara lata 11* am Tka aailra aatlaa ' HH A raaadial prlaalpla f aaah taf tadiai it* Sr^SfaES^wt*1"^ dltUHlaf, tradaai ( a a aitalaaa, aiaUaiaUaf ipiru, aad U< at tafaUlkl* (aatdy (at laaavulaf tka diaaaaad ayatam, aad taaiarlac tka ilu, lalartaf, aad iiMIMM lanKl tt kttltfc U< atraafU. MiLEAPTS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will afaataally ami* ki?ai CaapUiat, DytytpaU., Jiu<1m, Ckntll at > !? ? Daklllty, DIiium aftaa Eidatya, tad all diiiuH arUtaf trmm a diaardarad Utar a* IumM. Pyapapau, lunkin, la ward Pilaa. AtidUy at tiakaaaa at Ua Btaaaatk, PmlUaat af Blaad (a Ua laad, Dail Paia at wimaalaf la Ua laad, Palpiutiaa af Ua lauL PaLiaaai at Walffcl la U( Btaaaaah, Ian Inauuwt, CMltt at faaatlaf Paatlaf wkaa tartar dawa, Dryuaaa at TallaV. aaaa af Ua Kkla tad Byaa, IIIjm Bwaua, Uviri Pavara, Pal a la Ua Vatail af Ua ftaak, Ckaat. at Mda, Baddaa Plaakaa at Bail, Daprtaaiaa af ptrlu, Prifktfal Dtataa, Uipai, DaiNidMiy ar u; aarraaa diaaaaa, Iiih at Blatakaa aa Ua Bkla, tad Parat ud A(aa (ar CklUa aad rr"*J 97BRA MILA10N BOTTLES ka?a kaaa aald dariaf Ua Uat aU anUa, aad ! M tktuaat ku tt failad U flrtaf aatlra aatlafaatlaa. Wka, Uaa. *111 aafar fr*a Waiiuu ar Daktlity vkaa Mcklii'l nUMTIUlM COUHAb will am yaa 1 a lupifi aaa aaaaty aa adaqaau tdaa af Ua Uftaadlata aad alsaat wtraaalaaa akaaifa pradaatd ky ukuf Ula Cardial la Ua dlaaaaad, daMllUMd, aad akautrad aarraaa ayaiaa, wkaUar krakaa dawa ky alt aaa. walk ky aatara, at lapalrad ky alakaaaa, Ua ralatad aad u?m( atfaal aUaa la raatarad U tu prlatlat kaalU aad ?lf?t HARRIET) FERSONSf n ?!?< , mm ?fww ? *???WW MIM, Till h? Neuiri *ra*?or?s*iB? couiAb a u?mfk af tka u4 all vkt ut h?i la Israd ikaaaalraa by tapraaar lihl|uin vt)l 111 ta tkto Cardial a aartala ul apaady n?i4j. TO THE LADIES. Miwiiii mutriiiiii ouuiAk u a w>ir tlfa tad 9**6.J c?f? l*t laalplaul CMU^ta. IWuu, ?air*aud at ViMaxli naaauaaaaa ai Briar at lavaintarr Outkarat ikartaf, Palllaf af tkt Waaak, Iddiitaa, JalaUaf, aad all dtoaaiaa tnaidaat la ramalta. THERE IS IfO MISTAKE ABOUT IT mlat aa laafai. Tata It aaarrdiof la dlraauaaa It will allaaalata, atraapfcaa, aad larifarata y?t aad aaaaa tka klaaa af haaita ta anal pamr akaak afata Itii; kaula to varraatad la ft*a aanafaauaa. TOR CHILDREN, llriu aklldraa ara altkly, pany at aSiatad, MrkKAHt CUftDlAh trtll aUi ikaai kaaiiay.fat, aad rakaat. Dalay a at a aaaaati ui It, aad yaanrlll ka aaartaaad. Ill* dtUalaaa i? Lata. A WTlOIt, avara af drafftoto at daalara vka may ifj M pala tf?t Ka aaaaa kiuar a* aaraapanlta traak, vkiak tkay aaa kay aap, ky aariaf it to taat aa faad. Aaaid aack aaa. Aaa fat lickkAll'S VrKKtemtNIHO CO&DlAb, aad laka aatklaf alaa. It to tka aaly raiaady that vlll fartfy tka Uad taaraagklr a ad ai ita aaroa tlna ttraefthaa via ayataia Oaa laaapaaeral lakaa arary mania* faatinf to a aartala ftaraau*a fat Cfcalara, Cktlto aad Parar, Talia* Parar, at aa* praralant dlaaaaa. It to pat aa la larra kattlaa. rrita aaly fcl par kattla, at ? kattlaa far f A J7B. McLKAH, Bala arayriatai af Ikto Cardial, atoa. Mtlaaa'a Tataaaia Ol klalmaaL Frtaalpal Da pat aa tka aaraar af Tkird aad Plaa airtt u, IL Wall, Ma. MoLe&n'i Yolcanio Oil Liniment, (TBX IUT umMKMT IB TBK WOlkD.) Tka aa!y aafa aad aartala tut far Caacata, PUaa, TV matt, valltafi aad Braeeklia at Cat Ira, Paralrua, rmlfta, Waaknaaa af tka Maaclaa, Chraoic at UiaMatary Uintuam, Buf naaa af tka Jaauta, Caotracttd Maaclaa at kl|aaaati, Baraaka ar Taatfcaeka, Brauaa, Bpraua, Traak Cala, Waanda, Bltara, fa?ai Baraa, Cakad BtUW, Kara Splat, Btraa, BaaIda, Sara Taraat, at any lalammaitoa at , aa dlfaranaa to? aa?ara at laar tka dlaaaaa nay 1 attotad, MCUU1 CtkHLATIO MHMWT to a aartala rtrntdy. Taaaaaadt af toaai ktiaga kara kaaa aarad a Ufa af Ma aaahlda aad mtoatt ka Ika aaa rfalalailailli MtLEAITS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will ralMM pata iImm ImumummIj, u4 H vttl tlaa*, putf? m4 hMl U? fMlMt MtM IB U UmiiUl Uwl UM. I FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. mtkkany ckucbrat1cd linlmcut u ui ml* nil i*4 talitUi nm4i f?? Ua Uft af ftpaTia, IhAwi, WtDtfalia, tfUau, iBMlamJ Linpt, Mm at lutjr*. U > ' ! MM la tar* Bif ***, NiLavii, PlraU, 014 tudii fctn, ? ItMf. If mmrtt mill Tm Itnibi, lniiM|fltftuiiii Onikid Lkf CAifn, BiiDi M Oatlai %!!?, <Ku, ???, "attmli, hUu tahHtbla imtif. tp*l;tt aa tlmul ul a mm to imili k iw; ( Th#a otia mtMf?v vMbtka aiii m>lin Hilpwi ' Uvw'ZuniuHW* % McUAnC^>< lu> *cZL'AJsSlEsfzssu \ ^vrcSgkS^.-? ~i ajasy , THE WEEKLY STAR. TkU excelieat Family u4 News Jtfntlcoatalalajc greater variety etf latoreeuac rm*Inc tku n> be feuad ta uy ataer to pabUahed a Friday morning Tuna?Cask, wnniHy ta <>?n. tangle copy, per ana um .......SI ta Five ooptea... 4 1 Tea eopiw Xweaty-gee ceplea..? ? Sb It la variably oeatalaa the " TTatalaffa Newt' bat baa made Tk* DmUf Ivtaaf Smt elrcoltaa ae geaeraliy throughout the oeantry CT" Single coptea (la wrapper*) caa be precared at tbe counter, laaaaedlately after (he laaue of the paper Price?TBft KB CENT?. ^AVY BKfcF AND FOE1 FOR IMt _ NiTT DlPiltww ? Bwr?m /Wiimi uU ^ Sealed Pboposal*. ?dofsd M Proeoaala fvr Beef, aud " Prupoi?.li for P?rk,"uU? MM Bar I bo, will be rM*ind at thta out Mtul o'oloa* a. m. on Wodneeday, the 29th day of SrptMnber Ht<. for farciebicB and delivering,frwof ail mtM riak to tto Lai ted fltatee. at the lo .owuut N??y Yarda: Batrola BmL Bvnlt Fork AtChkTlMton, 4JM At B rooklra. N. Y. _ _. 4,5 0 fw At milMolphi*. P?ul?'jwo 1JM 9 OOC 1]M On# ha'f of Mud Beof M4 Pork mast bo ae'lrsr** at each ol the aboso na??d u'di. the 1st day of A?rii. IMS: a-.<f the rtMlvii half by the 1st day of Jim, lata, anloee earlier o>h rmrim houid be ired by the Chiof of thla Hanu. Paj ment to be made vithia thirty daya a/tor datirarr. liid.lera maat specify taeu prtoes NMnWi Md diaiiA?t<Tia aepar?te oksre ?or the ttaaf ar c for th **? rk, and tor eaoh of the ptaooa of delivery, oorerinj a.l e*pene?> wfA ail o bar tee ... iiijii us 1-om W* i nttMM e*Ki?, auchterrd b?t*^ n the Ut< ay of Ocu>b?r, MSI, and the 1st day o! January, ISC, and weighm* not less aix huidrtd pound*, nett weight, eaeh. Theleta and |e? rudi of the tin: auartorn,ih the ahic* a: d shoutdor e.oda, tba shoulders of antton and ends of sticking pieooe, an<< at least tve re Ciunla f-cm the neck at d of each fores uartec. or i- parte marked Noa.l,tS,4, and 5, on tbe drawing or delineation of tba fore and bifd ?nartora of an ox which will be Attached to and forma part off tfce contract, maat be woolly ?lc:tdtHi Doni raoh bar re;; a ?the other pieoea are to ba packed, mmd, of btiut cut with a eiaoeer, *?ii M cart ik'cmtk ititk taw mm.d faii/i la r?M ik* meat a .'qvart. mtmt. and imMi a^iariaci, m fwui mt nut Utt tk*u tttkt pcwn ii, air mere (4am iwelea povndi tack. The Fork moat be packed from corn fed, well fattened bote, slaughter- d i>?tw??ec the lnt dar of t>eomber, IKI, an<l the lat day of January,]** and weighing not leea than two hnuc ?d pound* each, excluding the bead*, joiee, nooka. ?hou dera, hama, lega, feat, bntta, rnmpa, lard, and all refnaa pieoea, and nut be out with ??w mmd km*J* in pieoea webbing not leaa than six pounds, nor mere than twelve pounds each Both the B<*f and Pork m?at be aated with at least one atatnte buthel of Turk's la anIsle of May, Kej Weet eolar. ^noeovta eolir, or St t'be'a sa t. awl the Beef ir.uat have five ounoee of fine pulverized saltpetre to each barrel, exo.naive ?'i a p c?.e, 10 m diM> from frock vMtr ae atrou ui?t will nake it,and mast be perfect.? but hi and clear. K.ach barrel mast oontain fall Son pcands nett weignt of beef or pork, and do axoeee of weight 1a aitner article will be paid for. The barrels most be entirely sew,and bemad* of the beet oeaeoas* keart of while oak iteree aad headings; the sUresto be a t leo? than five eighth* of an inch thuk.and the keadugs not iees than ttirnc-f urihs of an inch thick; they meet be tkreefou'tns hooped over, inalading the iron h ?ops, with beet white oak or hiokorr hoop*, and eaek barrf most have on it foer iron ho pe, t.s one of one and a half inch in width on each bi .( , and one of one and an eighth inoh in a idth on each onime, and each to he iT one sixteenth of an laek thiok. Each barrel must be of the internal oapaoity of thirty-two gallon ana the iron hoops m net be well paiiit? d with red lead. k aoh barrel most be branded by burning on ita head " Navy Beef." or "* .Navy Pork," ae the ease may be, with the contractor's name aad the year when packed, and weight; at d rha.l also be biaaded on the bung stave with the lettar B.or P., as the case n&i be. The i and po'k will, aniens etberwire <11 eeted by the Chief of this Bureaa, be inspected by the inspecting oftoars at the reepaotive Nary Yarda afore?aid,ard bt some "sworn inepeot->r of saitad nrnnai/i' a " whA wnl Ka mm> * ?? oommanding cffioea; 'nt their cnargee for nu ioa pactions mnii be paid Or the m|*oDve ooutrae torn, vno must likewise ha?e the barren patia good * hipping order, to the aatis faction of (he oom uoduie of the roeaeotive N?v? > ard* aforesaid, after inspection, and at their own ej^caaa. Two or more approved sureties la a earn *e aal to one ha f the eetimated emoaat of tl|eooaMct will be repaired. ao<l twenty per eenteic in addition will ne withheld troa the amount of oao'h pay me: t to , as eollateraJ aooanty lor the dae sad th al periormanoe of therMpacure oontraete, which w 11 <>n no aoooant be pud until the contracts arc p-nP uo with in ail imiku ; ami into be forfeited to the Utiitad tttatae in the treat of failure to complete the ''elive'iea with la the pre aoribed period. In case of Dulare on the part of the contraoior to deliver all or any of the beef or poifc above mentiored. ol the ^aa ity and at the time and plaoea above provided, the contractor will forfeit and pay to the United States, aa liquidate*! damage#, a aum of tnooev eaaal to twioe the amo ant of the ountraot p rice t? be paid ia caae of the ac.ual delivery thereof; whioh liquidatou daw ages may be reooverea from time to time aa they *00 us Payment will ho made by the 111 led Mate* at tfi? periods above ?peo:fied. (excpting the twen'y per oentnm to bs withhold unti the oompietion of the oont act, aa be It* stated ) ail"? the said beef and pork anal, have t>e?n luapeeted and reoeived, and balla for thesame shall have bssa preaonted to the tavy agenta, re?peotive>v, daly approved by the oommaudanta of the r?pecuve avy yarda, acoording to the term a of the ooa Tkt pttrtt of be(f to t* tjcludtd will b* rurttcm Imrli a nr*a.:>d ta tkt npirux to he ttmtkod to tkt contract. / trim* imtereuo* cam obtmm tkom cm *r?luatio* at iktt qjkt. Bidders whoee proposals shall baaco^pu-d lul none other*) will be forthwith notified, and aa arliM praotirabla a ooutraot will ba transmitted to then for exeontion, ooo tract nest ba returned to the Bureau within tec cm*, exeaaire of the time repaired tor the regular truinuaatou of the mail. A record, or duphoate of the latter informing a hidJer of the aooeptanoe uf hi* propoael, eiib* deemed a notification thereof within the meaniug of the aot of 1M6, and hia hid will be made aad ae seated in nonformity with thin aaderet+aciog. Every offer made ma<.t ba *cc?npi'.?! (ta directed in the 6th aaotion of the act of Co freaa nrnkmiE appropriation* for the naval ?*m*# for 1MB '47, approved nth of August. 1Mb.) by a writ ten guarautee. signed b? one or mora raaponnb.e perton*. to the aflect that he or they aatfertake i hat me b.dder or bidder* vili, if hie or taeir bid ba ao ceptod, enter into an ob igation within ten data, with good and a aftoiaat euretiee, to farniah the article propoeed. Thia ? ua an tee muat be aoo >nc p*ni?d by the oertifieate of the United Btatae diatriot judge, United Statee diabiot atuo-ney, or nary afoot that the guarantors are abla to make good their gua an tea. No propoaa. nr. 11 be considered aaieaa aoeoaapanied by inch guarantee. The bidder'a name and re?idenoe, aad the aama of each member cf the ftna, where a company offer*. with tee Christian names w r itten ta nil, maat bediatinotl* stated. Under the joint reeoluticin of Congreae. ap^ror-d 27th March, lkM. ' all }>ids for supplies ofp'ovl iviW| v viuiui % suu nmi iwi ure avf ui wv nary, may b? rejrcud at Um option of the Depart moot, if made hy one not knowa a? a ~i-rfr? tarar of or ref mar dealer in the aruee proposed to b? furnished which faet.orthe reverse, neat be distiaeUy stated in the bids offered. an M law4w FEMALB QHSi^^TKMOOL Mrs. B. 1. MoCORttlC*. Paisnrak The thirteenth anneal eaeaion of Una Institsboi will oommenoe on Tn*s<ia* iSeptember Htk, in the house recci.t.* occupied by Bylvaeter gistt, No. 1?0 h.x.j street. ^ |gks&?g?ti3SS "iV aoVtv-utoday scholars, M re. MeCormiek la f:epared to reoeirea limited nambarof papils ae boarders^rhrfj^ooeititaUaf^a ^art of her Ova Ma 'oeodtkem with the eeeUerlBeeil&adlT ialMMM Kt/riitu.-Bev. e?o. H. Nortoa, R*r. Dr. KliM d?rri?ot, R?t.D. F.Bgm, WttMM Mj'Wtt. Em-. EJi?j fLo?d?ii, |m, lunai FTWiMMr & jesss bm?a^vsn3svss ^ Ho>ra: irltt Thutt J?Vt\p? -tara. iwhm u r^JTL-. fry No utn ekiriM. " m fc-tf Also, Pocket Mm oF*11 kiwi*. ^K^ffii'sifo'isrtfaraa.'vft W^kly P*??^EKNCH * KiCBBTElN-B ,1 ,^uJ&TM&SSZ* Q 0 N BO ATI -r Bo2i?%rtCf >^OT^>ub4uo? ^ ek h

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