Newspaper of Evening Star, September 4, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 4, 1861 Page 2
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t THR EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: WE OHES DAT September 4, 1M1. On Fkikkc* it tin *nrfoaa military camps and position* will center a ftt vor by keeping oa posted a to movements knd affair* la their vicinities. Spirit ( ths Mtraiag Preaa. The ImttUigitT, has an article npon the " Publie Kertanc," abowing that tbe yearly eipenae of tbe war, heavy tbougb It be, la not greater than the present annual coat of tbe British Government Is time of pence. The Ripuhlicmn yet holda to the belief that tbe ?" ?>" cocuiy is Virginia nil Men overrated THE NEWS HERE. HIGHLY IMPORT AHT! The Run or* of the Death of Jefferson Davit Confirmed. At i lit* boor last night, a branch of the Government received a diipatch ftom a reliable party la Loolrvllle, notifying St that thoae In that city understood to be In cloaeat communication with Richmond,were satisfied of the correctness of the ruaofs of the death of Jefferson Davis, that had vwebed Loalaville from Vaahvlll# on th? nlaht Wi have to add that at 10 a m. to day a party reached here from Manaaaaa Junction, which p^lnt he left on Monday night laat. He haa more than once previously brought correct Information from that quarter, and therefore we place reliance In hta statement of the fact that, on Monday morning. Information reached there by telegraph that Jefferson Dav!? died at a m , (ef that day;) and that ere hla departure (from Ibef Junction) thaee persona there who could raise a piece ef crape, had. each, donned It, on account of the death of Da via. P. S.?Aa we go to preee. ttmllar Information reaches Washington from still another source. _ - w embracing the further new* that the immediate oauae of hia death waa "congeatlve chill*." la the coarae of the day on Monday laat the Confederate flaga at aome of the polnta on the Potomar were put at half-maat. IMPORTANT FROM GEN. RO.SECRA>S He la ldraacli| te Give Rattle te Wlae ad Fiayd'a linuaadi I This morning the Government received a telegram from General Roaecrana, embracing information that he waa then, with a considerable portion of hia command, at a point halfway between Bulltown and Fiatwooda, on hia way to attock Wlae and Floyd, or either of them who anight be In the vicinity of Summerville or Gau* a? * ? -a mm _ -? ? " ~ try orioge. ne sjariea irom uiarksburg (bis headquarter*) npon this expedition, leaving an ample force to protect the Cheat Mountain pass, la Lee'* front. By this time he has doubtless joined Gen. Cox and the thus increased Union force is probably up with the enemy; If the latter has not executed another of Wise's favorite and famous "thorough bred" movements, (to the rear ) 1 m ? The Situation m Kentucky.?The Hon. Emerson Etherldge returned last night from Qalro and Loalsville. He represents the western portion of Kentucky (Burnett's district) as par. tlally subjugated?as completely under the dominion of Jeff Davis as 9outh Carolina. In tbat portion of tne State the oAcers of the Confederate army are lionized, while Union men are Insulted sod driven from their homes. Daring the last week, Lloyd Tllghmsn, who Is In command at Camp Boone, In Tennessee, was for some days publicly In Paducah, while Union men were unwilling to risk their personally safety there. His opinion is that the Confederates will precipitate Kentucky Into war so soon as they can concentrate a suSclent force on the northern border of Tennessee; that they would have done o long since, had they not been employed In Mlaaourl. He thinks thet nothing but the most stringent measures on the part of the Legislature now in essUm can save the State from civil war. If Indeed, such a state of things can be averted ?t all. In Louisville the Confederates are becoming bold and delant. They beast that the State will fen oat of the Union in forty day*. The contraband trade carried on from that point la Immense, ad wields a most pernicious influence. Nothing can prevent It bat a military force on the southern border of Kentucky. From all Mr. E. could learn he thinks that the Confederates, known there as the "Peace Party," are Just at this time having things pretty much tbelr own way, and that nothing can save the rnu iron ibc rate of Miaaouri bat extreme m^psarea on the part of the Legislature, and prompt action on the part of the true Untoo men tfcare, In auppreaaing the leading but well-known traitor* la the State _ Rmorss abb Appointid ?The following ehangea among the laborera, meaaengera. Ac , o* the Poet <JAce Department, have been made. VU: Thoa. Owen, of Md-, aaaiatant meeaenger, vie* Ohaa Creamer, removed Christopher McDonald, of Pa , removed Tn ScB?cBiPTioNa to thi Loan?The Treasury Department are now oreMrln for mhiiM. ttoa, probably within forty-eight boon, a pamphlet giving fall explanatory Information on every point likely to be of Interest to thoae who may <blak of subscribing to the national loan Such a publication la moat deairable at thla time. icr It la a remarkable coincidence, that the U. 0. ship of war Mlnneaota, which performed ao creditable a part at Hatteraa, la the very vneel which waa formerly In command of the rebel com mode ra, Barron, who commanded the enemy's forta. "Secession" tboa worka aomecurloua changes la the fortunes of men who have been led by It to deeert their flag and prove recreant to their trurta IZT Ob Monday the oath of allegiance waa administered to the employeea of the New York custom-booae. Several refused to take It, evincing their aympathy for tbe rebel a They bad been prrvlooaly dlacbargcd, and bad been summoned to receive the remainder of their anlarlea not then # *< r-r- Tka wn.K^I O ? ** * " * ~ UV a- rwwa,Dl D0l101,inir having ma ashore la leaving Boston harbor, firing into aa American veasel after having aeen her papers, and again grounding near Cape Charlea, haa at length reached Old Point In tow of three propellera It la alleged that ahe haa drunken officera In command. C7" Monday, the cargo of the prise ahlp Gen. Parkhlll wae aold la Philadelphia by the U. 8. Marahal. The aalt of which the cargo waa compoaad waa aold at the following ratea : 400 sacks at 97X cents per nek ; 900 at 96 cento; and the remainder (over 4,500 aacka) at 96 cento C7" Prince Napoleon haa bad manufactured on beard hla yacht, to be preaented to the children of Randall*a Island, a splendid French national flag of h*ary atlk, doubled, richly studded with golden beee. 4 ? |CT The ateamer Mate of Georgfh, of about one thousand toss burthen, haa been purchased by the Government, and la to be immediately fitted up for service la the blockade. 17" The ftomaa Catholic achoola of Now York cites*/*** ^ ** renamed their datlaa Witt sheet ** ?***** ? Bsls and female, a j ; w.V ? ? OtJR MILITARY BVDGET. ^ 1 uui disurior roses adtarcbd orposits thi chair bbidgb. Yesterday afternoon, between and 7 o'clock, Beauregard threw a considerable force within three fourths or a mile of General McClellanV pickets In front of the Chain Bridge. The long roll was beaten, and every preparation was made to meet the enemy, not only by oar troops In the Immediate vicinity, but by sll on both sides oi the river. We do not feel at liberty to state whsl these preparations were; bat we may not improperly aay that the completeness of the preparation of each and every regiment of the army In so brie) time aa that took place, demonstrated not only the great Improvement In its discipline, but that It Is now thoroughly prepared and reliable for any emergency that may possibly arise, sudden 01 otnrrvlv Up to noon to-day wf hare not beard wbethei the force thua advanced in tbat particular quartet remained there or retired. The movement wai e/ldently, however, a part of Beauregard' plan for a general advance to Immediate proximity tc oar ltnea. " FIGHT NO IIOHT," LAST IflOBT. The city haa been full, thla forenoon, of a story to the effect that thla morning between one and two a. m Munson's hill waa taken poaaeaalon oj by a body of onr troopa, after a severe light with artillery, In which the enemy were routed wltb great (laughter! Not a cannon report waa heard here or In any of the forta over the river laat night, at any hour; nor had the Government In thla city heard of any engagement tbere per telegraph, to-day, up to 9 p. m. So, we need hardly say that Munaon'a hill had not been taken by General McClellan up to thai boar. How soon he may choose to take It, we know not. But that he can take It at will, easily, we feel assured. HER PCIintS CLOSING DOWN UPON TBI PSI' VA.TKBR ItMPTKK. The Navy Department to-day received official Information from two points In the Gulf, dated on the 13th Instant, from which It Is evident thi< three or four of onr vessels-of-war have reliabW information of the position of the privateer Sump ter. and have probably by this time closed dowt upon her; as they were then preparing to do (frost different points) ImmediatelyPLUGGING CP THE 1A.T HOLXS. The Navy Department have Information tba the DfllM Ukpn frrtm MiannlAnU'* ?? m .. ?... <uw W1VUHIVU ? 9 III ?U' water* of Florida and that Immediate region are being rapidly aunk (filled with atone) li the entrancra to varioua small haibora of tba Btate upon the Gulf side; thua blocking up the! navigation. The scheme of thua rendering then unfit to harbor prlvateera, Ac , works admlrabl there, as It will work on the coaat of North Caro lina. THE PRESIDENT AT THE ABSENAL. Yesterday the President, accompanied by i couple of friends, visited the Araenal andlnspecte< with much Interest the operations of the establish ment He was shown around by Major Ramsey and examined the work very cloaely, especlall; the rifles and muskete In the armory, remarkinf that he did not see much cause for complaint bi the troops with regard to the quality of thel arms. rBOM SKKIKAL rosecbahs' colcms. An aid te Gen. Rcsencrans reached Washing ton laat evening. He reports all well for thi L'nlon cause in Western Virginia. Lee's picket are within bailing distance of thoae of Rose crans, who is ready for any attempt L. may maki to penetrate west of the mountain passes. NAVAL BTimiNO BOARD The Secretary of the Navy has appointed tbi following as the board authorized by the acto Congress for retiring infirm or disabled officers Commodore Hiram Paulding, chairman; Cap tains Chas. H. Bell, David G. Farragut, and Sur geons L. B. Hunter snd N. Plnkney. WAVY TA1D. Arrival of Another Prix*?News from Old Point This morning the propeller Reliance, Lieut Mygatt commanding, arrived at the yard, bring ing in tow a schooner heavily ladsn with tobacc< and other valuable freight, captured laat Wednes day below Port Tobacco creek by the steame Yankee. The schooner Is the Admittance, o Baltimore, and has a black hull with a white bel and blue bottom. A portion of her mainmast ha uku l?inru iwit, in wnicn conaillon ?te wt found at the time of her capture. She had 01 board a number of passengers, who are atlll belt ai prisoners. The schooner lie* out in the chan nel under a guard of marines, her cargo of to bacco In hogaheads on deck covered with canva? The Reliance, with the Resolute and one or tw< other gunboata, h?s done great service in destroy Ing boats and effectually breaking up communi cation between Maryland and Virginia. She re ports alt quiet along the abores and with th flotilla. Shegoesdown thlseventng again, takin) packages, &c , for the Potomac fleet. The steamer Baltimore, Capt. Mitchell, cam up from Old Point this morning, having lei there last evening. Yesterday a splendid 6-incl rifled gan was placed on board the Savannah which will enable her to punish the impertl nence of the little Confederate tug which has rui up under the ncses of our officers several times There Is no news of Importance at Old Point everything being as quiet aa the jubilant feeling i of the volunteers over the Hatteras victory wtl admit. A flair of triir? ram* nn ? ?? r. -- JtwuMJ JUB before the Baltimore left, but Its object wa? no i ascertained In coming up, Captain Mltchel i picked up In the bay, about 30 miles this aid of Newport Newa, four contrabanda, the prep erty of Confederate officers, formerly plantera li Gloucester county, Va. f letts* or cowe ratvlatios f10.m the !?avy d? paktmknt to coxxodoll 8trimsham Navt Dkfabtxiht, Sept. 2,1^01. i Hag Ofictr S H Stringham, Commanding Atlantic Blockading Squadron Hik : The Department congratulates you, an< those of your command, and also the officers an< soldiers of the army who co-operated with you on the redaction of Forts Hatterss and Clark an< the capture of the forces employed In their de fence. The tuccesaful result, thus far of an expedltloi projected with great care, and the occupation o toe positions commanding the most importan inlet on the coast of North Carolina, will be %t tended with consequences thst can scarcely b< over-estimated. The brilliant schlevement, accomplished with out the loss of a man on your part, or injury U sny one In the Federal service, haa carried joj and gladness to the bosom of every friend of th< Union. It Is, I trust, but the beginning of result that will aoon eventuate In auppressing the Insur rev 11 vii inu ronnrming more strongly than eve the Integrity of the Union. Convey to tbe officer* and men of the respeo tive vessels under your command tbe thanka 01 tbe Department for tbelr gallant conduct, and tbe assurance tbat la thus afforded tbat In tb< great emergency now upon ua tbe country ma\ rely, aa of old, ypon tbe vigor, tbe courage, am] tbe enthualaam of Ita brave officers and sailors. I am, respectfully, your obedient aervant, Gideon Willi*. oaoia or em. scott. HiadvcaRTIRS ov TUB AfcllY, ) Washington, Sept 3,1801 ) Gtntrai Chirrt, yo. 16 ?The General-ln-Cbl*l la happy to announce tbat the Treasury Department, to meet future payments to the troop*, li about to supply,beside* coin as heretofore. Treas ury note* la flvse, tens ud twenties, as good m gold at ail bank* and Government officca througboat the United States, and moat convenient foi transmission by mall from officer* and men tc their families at bome. Good butbanda, fathers, aons, and brothers, serving under the Stars and Stripes, will thus soon have the ready and tafc means of relieving an Immense amount of suffering which could not be reached with coin. In making np such packages, every officer may be relied upon, ae doubt, for such ses1 stance as may be needed by his men. By command of Lieut. Gen. Scott : E D Townssnn, Assist AdJ't General ow mi oar abmobt bawds. [Special correspondence of The Star J Sard* Book, Md , Sept S ?EdtCr Stmt :?Aa Intelligent maa, who formerly worked la the Ar> mory at Harper's Ferry, came hers this moralag, a.>i ? <e * e and reports that be aeked permlaaion of (be Confederates to come to Waahington to get the money due him from the Federal Government. Colonel Ashby told him he need not do that, u the Confederate Government would not only pay him What was due him In Washington, hut three dollars pfcr da? for hit services?payable weekly. The same gentleman states that a great many Harper's Ferrians were induced to go to Richmond 1 by like promises. One workmsn, named Chambers, who had S800 due him from the U. 8. Gor' ernment, besides what was dne blm for wages, wss promised payment of the whole, if he woald 1 go to Richmond ; bnt be refused. Things sre in statu quo here juit now, there 1 being only sn occasional pop at a secessionist 1 across the river, to vary the monotony of camp life. LATEST rmOM MATTHIAS FOIST?SHORT OF POW ? ?) mmv 11 nuu a *m LKAI) THIII. | [Special correspondence of the Star.] Potomac Rivbs, Sept. 4.?It It undoubtedly true tbat the enemy Is not now In any consider. 1 able forca at Matthlaa Point, and that there Is a 1 scarcity of powder and an absolute dearth of lead 1 among them there; tbelr missies to be fired from their small arms being of wbstever they caa contrive them; except lead, of which they have absolutely none. I . ? ? > f There Is but one drawback to the very gratti fylng results of the nsval demonstration upon i Hatteras Inlet,?and tbat is, the departure of several privateer steamers from the inlet a few hours , before the arrival of the fleet at that point. fp- Dr. Loomla has returned to the city, after ' a brief absence, and Is In attendance at his dental I office. PirMMl. Gov. Hamilton Gamble, of Missouri, ar; rived In Wa*blngton to-day. i Militaky Oxons ?Tbe publication of the ' following regulations of tbe War Department will prove Interesting to both sutlers and volan. teers i Tbe 2l)8tb paragraph of the Regulations, which forbids sutlers to "keep ardent spirits, or other I Intoxicating drinks," Is absolute, and admits of t no exception; and a violation of It not onlv sub, ierta the offender to the penalty which the Regulations prescribe, but also, within the Indian country, renders him amenable to the act of Con> gress of June39, 1631, regulating Intercourse with i tbe Indian tribes. No sutler shall sell to an enlisted man on credit to a sum exceeding one third of bis monthly pay with tbe same month without the written sanet tion of the company commander, or tbe com. manding officer of tbe post or station, if tbe man does not belong to a company; not exceeding one i half of tbe monthly pay with such permission. 1 Three days before tbe last of every month the t sutler shall render, for verification to tbe company commander, or to the commanding officer, as ibe case may be, according to the meaning of 1 the preceding paragraph, a written and aeparate 9 account In each caae of any charge* be may have . against enlisted men for collection, and the officer aball aubmlt the account to the soldier for acknowledgment any signature, and witness the same In the case of death, desertion, or removal i from the post (of the soldier), tbe account will be I rendered Immediately. If the soldier dispute the account and the sutler insist, and In the case of death and desertion, the > sutler will he required to establish the account by j affidavit endorsed on It before any officer autho. rixed to administer an oath. Such verification 5 will establish tbe debt. Debta thus verified as f due tbe sutler are to be noted on tbe muster rolls, r and will be paid by the paymaster out of the arrearsges due to the soldier at th?* time of death, desertion, discharge or aentence of our court martial; the sums due the Government and laundress " first paid. s All accounts of sutlers against enlisted men s which are not collected at tbe pay table?as of those who have died, deserted, or h??n rrnimxl beyond the reach of the sutler?after being duly 9 audited as above, will be entered on the next succeeding muster-roll, or on the descriptive roll, or certificate of discharge, as the esse mav be, and the same shall be retained from any balance s due the soldier, after deducting forfeitures and f stoppages for the Government and laundress, and be paid to the sutler on application to the Second Auditor of the Treasury, through the Paymaster General. Thk Fr*qat*' Powhatan in Pursuit of thk Sumter ?We are In receipt of a letter from a correspondent on board the steamer Santee, dated at Key West, giving a detailed account of the voyage to Fort Pickens, and from thence to Key West, from which we make the following extracts: 1 " Off Pensacola, on the evening of the 14th of ' August, when 'he Colorado was all ready for r starting to the Mississippi river, the stesmer Pow? hatan earning In, announcing that they had captured a vessel, prize to the privateer steamer 1 Sumter, trying to get In the river, and that they s hsd found a large letter mall bag on board, cong talning letters from the officers of the Sumter to Jeff Davis and others On opening the letters J the fsct was disclosed that the Sumter was going 1 to a certain port or entiling ground, and would remain there for a certain number of days So _ the Commodore Immediately despatched the Powhatan to the point Indicated, to look after her " 0 The letter does not give the name of the Sumter . prize recaptured nor tbe place at which It wu - expected the Sumter would be found. K*0Msh Cannon roa Philadelphia?The e Philadelphia papera of Monday announce the g arrival of an Kngllali cannon, presented to that city by Mr. McHenry of Liverpool. The Inquirer aya: "Accompanying tbe gun, Mr. MftHenry aenda t two hundred uncharged ahella, aulted to the oalli bre of thiacannon; they are not unlike thoae made and uaed In thla country in any eaaentlal particular. Four hundred fuaea, two gun awaba and * other appurtenance*, alao accompany tbegun, and i all that la now wanting it a gun carriage and i. calaaon. We underatand that the gun carriage maker* of our Navy Yard have offered to work ' ove/tlme and make a carriage and ralaaon coma plete, and to plac? it at the command of the 1 Mayor." t . Misplaced Confidence in the Coast Dlfencis ?The Raleigh (N C ) Standard aaya: 1 We learn, on good authority, that Commodore s Barton, of the Confederate Navy, haa been aaL signed to duty, by President Davia. on the coaat oi norm >aroma aria Virginia. With the arn mament already at hla command, In connection with our land battevlr* on the coast, It la thought that be will give the Yankee* a warm reception. It will be seen from this that the Confederate Government has assumed entire control of our "coast defence*," and to allay all anxiety on the subject we can assure our friends on the sea roast ana elsewhere that Governor Clark la omitting 1 no opportunity, hut la employing all the means at hla command, to have them rendered not only secure against attack, but prepared thoroughly for i offensive operatlona. Bihdins Gbaik it Machinery ?We witnessed yesterday the trial of a grain binder upon the farm of Caleb Jewett. This binder may be attached i to any hand-raklng reaper. It takes one man to f direct It. The grain la neatly and strongly bound t In sbeaves as the reaper proceeds The band Is of wire. The cost of the wire sufficient to bind an acre of average grain Is about fifteen cents?not more, It Is estimated, than the value of grain lost In bands when sheaves are bound In the ordinary . manner Thus, If this machine accomplishes what Is claimed for it. and what we would judge ' it might accomplish the trial of yesterday, r It save* the labor of four to Ave men ? Madtton s (Iowa) JtntnuU. 1 QTTThe CentrevUle (Maryland) Timet savs mat the "pence" men In that county have carried r off from the Court House and concealed the powder and balls recently purchased bv the county. Tha Union citizens have no knowledge what haa become of It, and pertinently remarks f that " it Is the first time we ever heard that 1 powder and balls were weapons of peace." U7- A Bt Louis correspondent says that a man ' named Mcintosh was borne about the streets of ^ Springfield on the shoulder* of his comrades, and otherwise treated with distinguished honor, on account of his claim of having klllad General Lyon. HT" Timothy McCarthy, Company 1, First Infantry, found guilty of sleeping on nls poet, and sentenced to be shot, has had his sentence oommuted to loas of pay and dishonorable discharge f from the army.?Cor. N. Y. Timtt. t?F The Albany Argus says if there be anything that will mske a woman swear it is hunting for her night cap after the light la blown out. How does the Arvua know7 > HIT The Maryland Zouaves, Captain T. C. Hukbey, of Centreville, Md , numbering 90 men, have received from Washington a sufficiency ->f Hall's breech-loading carbine*. IIy We bear nothing now about Gen. PrlofcJ We don't know that anything has come froBS ' him stnce be waa at Boonevllle ?Prtuttet' QjTThomaa W. Barnes baa baas found guilty in Memphtaof the murder of John Hendrlban, and aentenced to be bung. American farmers have already received anmethlng like thirty millions of dollars from England mr breadatuflh, this year. CTOen. Twiggs la constructing works of defence. Tbe New Orleans Delta aaya 100,000 are placed atYla disposal. 1CT Every bask of New York city has paid into the Hub-Treasury tbe ten per cent, installment apoa the subscription ta the loan. 117" Tbe Russian war cost the English Go*?rameat more annually than the whole wisst to be raised fat war pwpsassky f t i AMltiml Ftrrip Iltiin. The London Tlisrt publishes br. Russell's correspondence to the Ath of August Tfc? la>t letter mainly refers to the alleged lnsmbordtnste state of the army; at the same time crediting Gen. McClellan with speedy reforms He ssys that tbe Southerners believe that they will be safe If they bold oat until October, and that at ths end of the year the Northerners will be further from their aim than ever. Tbe Times hss another editorial on the financial difficulties of the Americas government It says that the coarse pursued at W ashing ton throws Into the shsde all borrowing of England Tbe election for membera of Parliament In South Lancashire has resulted In tbe choice of Charles Turner, a conservative This Is regarded as a ministerial defeat. Tbe weather In England Is rather variable and leas favorable, but no Injury has been done to tbe crops. The harvest progresses finely. A commercial treaty between England and the German Customs Union II being negotiated Tbe Italian Minister Of Msrtne ha* contracted wllti Ma \1? -v v. i!? M w? - ? ? -? - - a ii c?u, iuc new i ore snip-ouiiaer, ror two iron-cased frigates, on the model of the La Guerre. Among the paper* read at the meeting of the Social Science Congress at Dublin, was one by Mr. Basely, M. P., of Manchester, entitled, "With Cotton, employment and food; without It, famine and expatriation " He said manufactures exnerted to be able to command a supply of cutton to keep them working with tolersble regularity until spring. Tbe crop was growing up in the Southern Slates, but the difficulty would be to obtain it. Certainly It will be short of past rears. Mr Basely is an extensive spinner, and said that cotton ia now laid down in hla warehouse at twelve and a half per cent. In excess of the price paid to American planters, whereas to bring cotton from Beerar would cost two hundred percent, on the price paid to the Ryots of India, owing to the difficulty of transportation. Dr. American, said that tbe statesmen of the country would hall with del'gbt tbe

efforts to relieve them from the monopoly of cotton. The matter of supply of tbe staple wai further discussed when Miss Sarah Renmond read a paper on "American Slavery and Its influence on Great Brltlan " M. Chevalier, the celebrated French frea trader tnen denounced the Morrill tariff as the bill of discord. Tbe Timet announces the following changes In the colonial department: P. E. Woodbouse, late Governor of British Guiana, succeeds Ctr George Grey, aa Governor of tbe Cape of Good Hope; Sir Franr.ia Hincks goea from tbe Governorship of Barbadoea to that of Brltlah Guiana: Hon Arthur Gordon, son of the late Earl of Aberdeen, la to aucceed H Manners Sutton in New Bronawlck; Colgue Brown, late Governor of New Zealand, succeeds Sir Henry Young, In Tasmania, and Sir Dominique Daly, late Governor of Prince Edward's Island, goes to South Australia. FKAKCI. Tbe Emperor continued to remain at Chalons camp Grand maneauvcra had been prevented by the Intense heat of the weather. The Parla Honrs* was firm and animated at the opening, but eloaed lower. Tbe Rentes were quoted at 68f 45c. Tbe Moniteur publishes the text of a convention between Franco and England, regulating the immigration of Indian laborers Into French colonies. AUSTRIA* The rupture between Austria and Hungary la regarded aa complete No new movement bad taken place, and uo Imperial decree bad been Issued, but the dissolution of the Hungarian Diet waa fully anticipated, to be followed t>y a manifesto agalast Hungarian pretenaiona. ITALY It was reported that the Marquis deVlllamarina bad been appointed Governor of Naples, in place of the Marquis Datitto. Gen. Cialdlni, in a speech to the municipal council of Naples, reiterated the policy of the King's government, including the deliverance of Venice and the obtalnment of Rome as the capital of Italy He exhorted all faction to cease that the people might be united The English squadron continued at Naples, and the French papers were complaining that the crews belonging to the same were dally sutiered w go un Boure in aeiacnmenta to drill. Htw Frtmtit'i Proclamation la Regarded at St. L?ilt. St Louia. Sept 3?The Republican, a democratic Union paper of tbiaclty, aava: " Tbe proclamation of Major Gen. Framont, which appeara in another column, la tbe moot Important document which baa yet appeared In tbe pragr?aaof tbe war Let it be reaa with careful conaideratlon by every citizen. The prompt vlaiting of the extrrmrat penaltiea of martial law upon all rebela within tbe eatabilabed military llnea; tbe conflacation of the property of ptreooa who ahall take up armaagainat the government, and the declaration of abaolute freedom to tbe alaveo of ail auch peraona, tbe extreme penaitiea to be vlalted upon bridge-burnrra, nllroad and telegraph deatroyera. treaaonable correspondence and libela, and peace deatroyera of all klnda.are mea urea of tbe moat extraordinary atringency; but tbe wladom of their promulgation by tneau^reme officer in the army or tbe Weat, we are confident will be conceded by every Juat and loyal citizen.1' Private latelllgence from the Saath. Philadelphia. Sept 3?A gentleman Juat ari ?lv. ??? di!l. j - - * i mm udi uvui iMcumona. miorms tne Journal that be waa captured at Matthias's Point, on bia i way N?rth, and returned to Richmond for trial, i He reporta tbat the number of secession troops in Virginia baa been greatly exaggerated in tbe North and in Richmond. Tbe actual number now In Virginia does not exceed 70 000, and by the statements in southern papers fully fifty per cent, of tbe fighting force are in hospital He further says tbat on Saturday laat Jeff Davis was very ill, with but little hopes entertained of his recovery At his trial at Richmond the gentleman proved that he was an English subject, and was released. Prentice an Fn mast's Prsclnmailta. Louisvillk, Kv , Sept 4 ?The Journal of this morning strongly condemns General Fremont's recent proclamation, and urges the Legislature of Kentucky by Its action to avoid the contingency of such action being taken in this State by the Federal authorities It aays we must now decide whether we will organise a body of local soldiery for Htate purposes strong enough to enforce the obligations of loysl neutrality, or whether we [ will suffer things to go on as tbey have been going, with tbe prospect of lapsing at ao distant uay iuw> ice conaiuon Wblcblnao brief > time brought on tbe ?way of martial law In Mlaaourl. rrf BALTIMORK-HKAI>U?>ARTKR8 ?D 115 MARYLAND FEG'T.-ReoruiMnr Offi oera for thii Regiment will report to Maj. Wall, 3*J'J Pa. avenue, for ordera. J. C. MoCONNEL. Col. Commanding 3d M. D. V. R ECR U1TS desiring to join th a Regiment will b* forwarded to the Enoampment. near Ha tnnore. without delay The II. 8. Quartermaater General haa piomptlj ordered the rlothing and equipping %t onoe. The familtee will be al owed #2.5<i per week. W WAi.L. au 30-3'eo Major 3d M. D. V. ryTfT URNPIKG ELECTION.?Notiae ia 1L3 hereby given to the titookholdera of the Washington Turnpike Company that an election will be held at the Farnmra and Meohanioa' Bark. Georgetown, D C., on the eooud MONDAY (liihi in October next, for the election of a President, eight Managera and aTreaaurer to rotnage the affairaof aaid Company for the year then enauing, or until their auooeaaora are elected. au ?-lawtd KOb'i Rl'AP, Treasurer. fVB^COMPANY A." U. 8. ENGINEERS.? lk.5 Fifty intelligent and asle bodied mechanic! will be enliated to fill thia Company to the max imum fiiM t>? law?i?a ? 1? -* " ? iv?*?"i*? uiou. m^uiro m no. 344 6 street Pay from 913 to 934 per month, besidee food end olothicg. en 17 tf .> THE UNION PRAYER MEETING ILS will be holden E VERY DA Yin the E street Baptist Church, oommecoing at A o'olook p. m. ard to be oontinned an hour. Strangers as veil as oitixeni of all denominations are invited to attend and take part in these social meetings. m & fOR 8ALE LOW?Several spring WA80N8, r light. Also, one ov prioed WORK r\ HORSE. Apply to JAMt 8 ROBERT 8 'N, Agent, No. 60 Proepeot st., tfeorge-^^2-*town. It* rfHE ARMY WATCH?A oheap, substantially 1 made, and reliable timekeeper with key arranged with** the case, thereby preventing the possibilitr of its b.Mng lost or mitl&id. A small invoice jnai received M. W GALT * BRO , Jewellers. 324 Pa- avenne, se 8-8i 4 doo.s west of Bioil's Hotel. T fWHTIPe Tn onui pod _ M. V/ OU ? UORO* JL HAVE on h&nd a large assortment oT HOSIERY. HANDKERCHIEF", SUSPENDERS. TOWELING. FLANNEL HHIRTS and DR*WliR3 YARN BOOKS, suitable tor imp purpose*, at low prioee at wholesale. HENRY EGAN, 383 Pa. avenue, between 6th and 7th ?UM an 30 3iM New Iron Bui dinia. \f ED1CAL DEPARTMENT OP GEORGEifi TOWN COLLEGE. Wmtkintton City. Comer of F and Twilftk Strutt Passion or lMl-'68. ' FACULTY OF MKDICINM. NOBLE YOUNG. M. 0.. VrofeMor of Principles and Praetioe of Madioiaa. p,?.w s*esse. aiwfcfcf " JAMES E MORGAN. M. D . Professor of Mataria Medioa and TherapeuUo*. Professor of^bstetNO* ^n^b^Lasee of Women and Children. THOMAS ANT18ELL, M. D . Professor of Meaieal Chemistry, Toiiooi^fy, and PtayuolofT J. E. W1LLETT, M D.. Demonstrator of Anatomy. ID" The ohair of aaatomy to be tiled. pROPOSALB FOR REVENUE f EMBLft. , . ttiimt DimtiiAt, [ I Washington, September JTuU. \ I Tba Depaita?nt will reoaiva propnaala, ioxhi panted by models, plana, and ryMifiatmna aufl J IS o'clock MomUt, 3 th Saptembar, IN' forth* 1 coaplt f coo?t-oetion Md of Two < Stoam Screw Revenue TmmU or 15* tone eaok. and ?f Three Steam Scew Rercn Ve.'NiioflM toneeaoh United States meamrement. Proposale will only be oo nude red seooeaaful steun<hip bat dera actually engagel in that bestceea, the name of the marine steam en sine es tatliahment at which the maeruney to ha wade mu t be i t&ted tad will have dee weight | The load draft of wat?' rf the vena* of TSO tona nnat not exceed tan (10 lb? t, and t*ey will be arm'd with one rifled pirot can of tjtnt lb*. wei*ht. two S2 pounder (una ot 42 cwt, and oca hear? nary M ? under howitzer on the top ga lant foroeaatle. ie complement for each Vessel to balV perenna, (Carrying provision! for atxty day a, and S 800 galloaa of waie- lntaakk o be tarnished with aooiTdeaaer for_di stilling potable star. - _ a The vmi?|i to t? chornfr' fitted, V>*h flyimg fafl topaaila, rqoareaai ,*nd yard to Nl"U. The load dralt of water of the ntfli of W> tone 1 moat not r-xoeed 9K f?et, and they will be armed, each, with oae rifled pivot gun of lb*. weight, two 33-ponndera of 42owt.,end one light navy M pounder hiwitier on the top ga'lent foreeiatle. The eo.npiemrnt for eaeh Teeael will be 9* p*r ' eona, <arrymg provlaiona for eixty day*, aod 2,MO gallons water m tank*, and to be farmah- d with oor dena. r lor dtatiiling p tab e water. The veaa*la to be achooner rigcd, with flyiag gaff* tnpauls, aeua*e aai , and yara to net flying. The prnpoatla n a?t be f >r the hall, aptra, rigcing, aai.a and oaivai wot k, in a t eoMe. awcinga, hamraaoka ard bag*, b>ata, anohora and oabl*e. j tanka, oa'k*. biiaael**. bella. nrnitare for oabina and ireaa rnorai, oj?king appe<atu? and ner.aila 0 mjlete.atevm n achineiy. aparewo'k.ooal bonke-a fill *d ari.h duck Mountain ooal, with all the eqoipmenta ar.d t-u flta jf every kind, and in all I l reapecta ready to receive her oSoera m?n, pr Ti 1 I a 0 a, and a moment, and at onoe proceed to aea. The ermttment.provifcioEe. nau'ioal u trnmenU, an4 eharta only will be provided toy the Gofer* Mb it is deairable to t-fcre the hiiheet obtainable apeed. which matt M stated in tie ofTrr. together with the lecgth of time it oan be mti'itiiud ana the quantity ol eoal that oan be oamed in the banker* for that speed, whioh should not be leaa than ten dara oft*enty fonr boar* eaih The specifiouiona matt d?eoribe fall; the materia! to be need; the manner ar d sits ot f??kn,iir the detail of the size finish, and ar angemeat of the machinery, and oftne v%- ions eqaipmecta and outfit* inoluded in the propoea . '1 he plar? mu?t he woiking drawings from which thev?s el and machine j om b-- bui.t, showing the al otrnent of space for aocommoda lone, s eam room magfxiue?,shell rooms disposition of ooalf and convmieut stowage mu*t be provided. It is to be anderst>od that in the contract a guarantee will be inserted ot the fulfilment of the ooniition of draft of water, sperd, fnet, satisfiactory . working if the maohinery, ard <>thv points required, with aforfriture incaae of failure. Thebinuera must state the least time from the 1 aiming the oontract or aroeptanoa ot the proposal within whioh they wi I a< ee to complete the tm> ' -la read; ior aea and deliver themataay pcrU the* may came Th? total amount for whiea they wi l engage to do all that ia required in'be foregoing advertisement, and to be embraced in their apeciGoationa and plana, meat be stated, and the bids moat be aooompanied b? the guarantee raI AinrM^ h* . m w f if wa *A mA <1 ? ? ? "J ?? i| llfj W HI VAvvBiiV th" contract. Payment* will be made at fonr d (Terrat intanral* as ti?e work progrea***, retaininx oae-fith >1 5) of the whole amount for ninety (90) day* *ff>r tna ' delivery of the vessel, to r??Ki" any defeots that mar be dieeovered within that time oo trial at aa*. The Department reserve* the right to aoe?pt iha proposals madeii conformity with the conditions presented which it may oonnder most to the interests of the Government and to oombinc the greatest n imbc of advantages, and to r?t)*ot any or ail of them at its option A competent parson will be appointed by the Department to mperintand the ooo a tr notion and e?uipment ofeaoh otjhe Teasels. Tee ?p*oifioauoas, pi*ns, and mod*!* of parties not obaining o ntraot* may be withdrawn by them 8. P.'CH^SK. a*p 4 8taw Secretary ef the Treaaary. I^OR SaLK?Four young WORK MAKES. I They were ae'ected by me for farming CV ard breeding, are in fine condition, and jL^A work kind aud g?iite in all h&rnega. W 11. I e sold, with a guaranty as to aoundnes* and docility, at oO per oent below their oost if %ppiied lor this week. Wo?U particularly call th* attention ol ha?k owner*. Apply at niv stable, corner K and Fift^eotli sta. Al*o, tiie splendid Harness Horac "Eatiohus," dapple grey, uands high, long tail, oan trot in 3 with two per ons m a ii.^i y roa-i wagon. Can be seen at Dureh's Stpt le, 14 h at. Prioe i;<00. ae3 2r w Wilkinson. C KAI.Kn PRnPOH4 I .ft KM .mntaJ Mil Ik.Wk day of September, 1M1, Tor supply ir.g the Amy of the Potomao with PUl ATOEo. A boat ?<>,? ? | bushels vill t>e required, in lo s of aboat 1600 bushel* per week. The Potatoes to be of the first qn?Hty and equal in quality to tae following kind*: Meroera (blue,) Pink Eye, Mercers t white) I The Potatoes 10 be delivered 10 Washiagton, and sub eot to auoh inspection on delivery a* the Subsistence Department may requir?, and payment to be made in Treasury notes, if GoTeri.m*nt ahoald desire it. The Potatoes to be delivered in good. strong barrels, ard eaoh bushel to be estimated at 6" lbs. Th? bids to be d r?o;ed to Caet A. BECKW1TH. C. K, L 8 A , Washington. D. C se3 EN N I B'S ARMV OR CAMP 8TOVF. This la one of the best and moat ooereniect Stoves for Arm? use>ver yet indented It combines all the conveniences ot aoompiate Cooking Stove? broiling, stewing, baking Jan and boiling the rations w thout srr.oku.g oiUL! burnicg them. The stove with alt its afpartensnces when peeked, occupies about as muoh M DAi'H ft a fi n nrdinart miw*A Kae^l m ^ "" - / aiu vaiivitiauu v?M> "C UU" racked & d made ready Tor uee in three annate*. The I'ovca are packed for traisportation in a pair of atrong iron In.uh* oak tuba, barrel ahape, fitted witu hoop* to hold them firmly tote-her. whioh oan be uaed for water tuba. Certificate of their adaptation an1 utility for army nae, from the Mozart Regiment, Ginbaldi Guarda.and Colonel t aker'a Cah'ornn Regiment, oan be aeea on application to C. W. BOTELER * BON. ae 3-3t a 18, Iron Hall. VOCAL INSTITUTE. RS. CKCIL'A YOUNG Will resume bar Claaaea in Vocal Mnaio on Monday next. September 9ih at her reaidene*. No. 4)16 Eleventh street, between H and I aia Terma made known on ap pnoation. ee t Imao rp J i:OK BIN, Fx-Profeator at the Veteiina1 ry Collet* of Philadelphia, oan be consulted at E. R. Coi khn'a stable Fourteenth and D ata., Washington, i>. C .(late Biroh'a.) as 3 lw* A NOTICE. i STAGE Will mn between WASHINGTON and TKNAI.YTOWN daily : leav , ing the Avenue Honse (corner t. and Pa. arenn*/at7a. m. and ' W ? p. m., leaving Tenalyiown at 9 a. m. and 6 p m.; ftopplnt at vVillarda' and Union Hotel. Georgetown, a few minutea. (Rep ) eel St* CCHOOL BOOKS, ! W WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. A full aupply on hand at exceedingly low prioee, both for pi.b to and private acho< la. Kirk'a Grammar for introduction at SO cent*. Kirk'a Ftm ary do do. S eenta. WM BALLaNTYNK, 49!* 7th at., ae2-lw Above Odd Fellowa' HalL AMUTONOMIC INK$TAND-CL*K*S, COPYISTS. LETTER WRITERS.-!'** sabs">iber off-re to the writing public the newest and moat perisst Ink Und vet produoed. It has bo springs. screws or delicate oontri*anoaa Ths ink flowa into ths oup, f'nm i atnral law; after the ink I geta at a aertain height, atmoaphno pressure stops th* flowing and yos have freah irk at every dip of the pen. Clerks, o pyis's, and letter writers knr w the advantage of a good inkstand We guaranty* (he ink used from tbi? tnkaland oan do t get mouldy, muddj. or t^iok. 'I he inkstand oannot get outoforder. J>e grrat aav ing of iiik la admitted b all. CH.\S ECKHAR'i, fcoie Agent. At <'has H. Anderaon'a, Bookseller at.d *talio er, 4 96 Seventh St., opposite Post Uffioe, Washi g ton, D. C. set St* P^PHILADELPHIA PRINT BUTTER! UA CtNTa rn Homo. M D T D urn Orv a. *? * " - tum a ?% ?? iLiouni oi?u 4iu v?enwr n^r* ket, back of the old wateh house (ill Red Curtain, is wun selling this unrivaled BuUer at tf oent*. Patronis* him; h* has kept the pno* down all the summer, and, having determined to n.a^n mi his permanent resic'enoe, intends to kee* it down. . as iMt* TT 8. MAIL 8TAGE LINE Between Wank[ffirr n EVKRV MOKNIH6l8iiUn?I-^BBK5 ] ce?too)at7 o'o ock and 1. C. CoDooe a. oor. nun and Bead sM , Georgetown, at o'o'ook; returning daily. On Mondays, WMnecdays. and Fridays, through to PoolMvill*; Tuesdays, Tmnoays a*d Saturdays to Fredenok; reternin* next days. an 22-1 m* BKN J-COULBY. Mh notice. R. M WILLI AN reeneetfnljj informs kit ' friends and the pubiio general-i that he has oeeoed, in association with Mr. OTTO 8CHLOEMICR, of N#w York, at 301 PlHRSTLTiMU AVIJIUB, , Bttircm 9tk and It#* stretti, tovik iid*. 1 a Bto'e tor the sale ot ike cUoio-st WIN BP. B oliePGEN 'A * e A'UB A<j vWK&TP1HALI A HAMS.?all o? their own ^rteUcg. OTTO 8CHL(5eMER. i Washington. Anrnst?. W. (Int.) anil *w MOORE'8 AGUE CURE AND ANTIDOTE, an infallible, safe and effectual remedy and preveatabve of Ague m its varioua forms, havia* Men ally tried atd proven, is n?w offered to tie public Prioe fljnftolJ only at MOORE'S Weat . End Drug Store, 113 P?. ar M U-tw i H FRENCH A RJCHSJEIN ? . AVE Jut reooireda free* sn?ply of Ngta Paper, Colored Borders, rmed and plain, vita Ra- j relopes to matoh Also, KIm Paper ofairkinds, with and vithont Mottoes;Enreiopee to ewLtok. ] Purses and Pookat Rooks of arary description. rw- *- I all parts of Um oountrr. fHnc" MKgKggi* /I .u/?i 1 ENOCH WARD i STiTJilErn rS^wnar *" MA?C" "WI I * * * pTjtJofldM "*a> Br I. 0. VteUlRB ft CO . Ammmmi. PXPIBM WAGONS, CAtllAGF*, WAV ^t^DAT%e? * j'elock, IB frost of u* AmUm Room. v? iU. rV?'itC?wrod Eiiiim wnm, l tvo-mmwi omi wmo?. I UWlf MV Ud kMlNW PhMtOB, Ibr (N W two Ilium F*?uiy CarrUf . I Hii H iroMii t iT ' J, c. MoGUnu. A OQ-, A?<A_ Bl WALL A BAfcHA^P. UiH iilrt. MkmassssBs fes nwjr&jkffi' U U? wrw of N itrool Mrtk ul V#rrmi ?' Ko, known it Uo l?>i of Lot No. t. *r. i mm m, mm) tk? imrotmtoti, o?uu? h ?f t .1 rwn story bri?k dv*Mi'ng hoaaa. T?rma ma*:* knovg M ?i*. fi/J? CHAR1.F4 M ItATTJIKW?. > jr 17 ?awA<?? WALL * BARNAUL*. Auk -sra, c^^aspfMmvW CT-THK A?l?v* 8 A IB IPmjJH roitMMd actil WEDNB*DAV AFTERNOON Itk S*?utab?r. M fn'alock. an tltawAd* WALL k BARNARD. Aa<f* Bj J. C. M0611RB 4 CO..A?otooM*t SUPERIOR ROSEWOOD CARVED rjATW FoKTt, ElCELLBKT fnStTCM AKB Hot** rc* 3^tha raaidtnoa of i. H. MeCatohan. Bac.. No. *4 aaaouri avenue. bttfCM 4H and ?ik air, vaaka*1 all fan Paraitara aad fcfoot*. ootrpnaiai ? Vary a?p*tior Koa*w<>nd Oaaa Cat red Lv?f Beraa OottTe PitM r rt? h* Kwfci a c?ti? Etar.o Cover and Stool. Vf halaot, okwoo ' Marble tn? Center hod SoNTablee, Wa nut Sprm* ?**t Sofa and per or Chaira. Flaehlad H? r Cloth Mahocaa, Kwktri, Gi.t frame Mantel M irrrv, V?sae. Venetian Biiadaand Wi'.dow fbatles, Braseelaend Inrram Carpets. Stair Carpets, Brent* Iron flat Tree, Oiloit th? < ti_trniior. Dininc Teh e. Sideboard.. Cane end wood aeat Chairs ,_Lob sea, China 8)aee. and Crockery ware. Superior Wanat Marble ">? Dreeenc Dareaa* Solid Welnntard Painted Wadrebee. t* a< le a d Oout>le B?d?'*ad ^ ae , stand a, Toi'et Seta Tows'Recks, Clock. Hape ic" J-e*tl?*r Brda. B ateca aad Pillows, Blacke'a, Comforts, and Spreads, Wainst and Meliocanj Bookoaaeeaad Deeks, C"Okio* - tore and Fixtures. K?^neu ITteoeils, ho., 4.0. Tarm? oaah. < sea d J. C MoGUfRB fc CO.. Aaeu Ur J. C. McOl'IRK * CO.. Aartioaaera. SUPERIOR ROSEWOOD CA^E BBVFN O OciAVB PtABO POETB WlULlI A Wit oit's i*iwms Mari rb. Kxcbli but rysirrrrmi WtllK?"tfoViire: *g?'*?? T. o'clock, st No 8 aoith A atraet,be'weee Delav -re nee and First street raat,(cjspoeite the h. of the Capitol.) we ah ill sell the Fbtuu s and Electa, oomprisinc? Superior Rosewood Seven Ootave Gold M?Uk Rosenkran*!. Piano Cover and Htool. W Wanut ud Mahofaov Hair 8pria(-*Mi ?of%i Rocker*. a^d Pad' r Cbsns. MarM*-top 8?>f* and Center Tabic*, M<Tt-fram? Mirror*. Dan a*k Csrtaiaa, Venetian Blind*, Window shade*, I ."ungee. Cane and Woo"-eaat Chairs, Whe-ler & Wilson's ??*iu Maoi.ine, Gilt Ga? Chandelier* and Fixtures, Kxoel ent Bruss'ls, Thrts p y, aad lBfitii C*> ft* BatUac, Oi'oloth. 8tair Ca pet*. ahoRtnr Card and franoy Tables, Do Hat Tree. Hall Chairs, Holm**'* Th*'*pouUe Chair. Wall,st Kxfnuon T*b e Ptdrhoard. (Jsanttty of Cnna. OK*? sail C?ookery, Bedsuad*, Bureau*. Wa^Btaada, Wardrobes. Toilet pet* Ciook*. Superior Ff a'h?r Bed*. Roisters, aad Ptl.ovs, Hair sod Husk Mattresses, Blanket*, Comfort* aiid hsrrads, Sookinc, Ksdiator, aad other Aleves. 7drant and Pipe, festta Peroha Hoes, As Together vith a gene?a assortment of Eikot* Reqsiste*. Terras nask. P. 8?The House is for rest. Ids si re of tee Asotionters. as X>-d J. C MoGUIRK A CO. Aaots. CTTHE ABOVE8ALK 18 UNA VOIDAP Lt poT>oned snbi FRl UA\ MORN IN tt s*xU* o'olook. set d J. C. MoOU EE It CO., Aacks By WALL A BARNARD. Auobooaar* T^RU8TEE'S BALE OP VALUABLE 1Mi raoTVti Rial F?t*ts.?B* rlrtas of a seed of trsst, daud the 18th day of Msrch. 1M7. aad Svf. r rordad imnnt f ha laiwi mm a J? * Wa<hinfton, 6 C , I *?~a> proofed to aetl, oa the aramiae ,en MONDAY .the 2M day of faptambar. 1961. a S o^loek p. ia.,all IboM pmom or fMMli of f r >UI)d ntuated ID til* OitT of WMMIftOO, ID Mid B?"nct. and known tod dMi(ntt?o aa Lola aa?red thirty foar (54) and Uiirty-ive (*> is ftqaara nomhorod fir* hundred and throe <4M> togeXf ? with the impro?enie u thereon. onaaiatiaf of a larje thro* atory Brick Houaa. with a fine baamact property I* loeatac on thaaoath aM?W N - treat a^uth, Dotwaao ?H and 0 h atrarta. Terma of aa'e:?Oae auater in naah. balance .9 six twalre. eiff t^a.and tweatr four aaoytSafro? the oay of aala, to be aaearaa by a deod of traa . ni the aremiaaa. Iftb* i*rma of aala be not oom ailed with ic ?** daya from day o( aala tha Traataa raaarrae toe ruht to raaa;] at the nak and o^at of thalrat \ cnaaer. JOHNP E>*If.Tnutae aa> Wall 4k BARNARD. A? By BONTZ ft GRIFFITH. Aactioaaara. TRUSTEE** SALE OF HOU8H AND LOT 1 ! THI No*THB*5 LlBiaTJWBy ill If I Ol a dead in traat bearinc data on the ?th day offjatober, ttfl. ai d recorded in Ltbar VT A. I?H?. MS, folio* / ft. aw aiid ??s, the eabaaribv wiJ a?*". at pabUo aaJa on THURSDAY, the SKh tar <4 Aagaat 1861. a> o'oioek a. ia.. oa tha pra?tai t. p*rtofLotNo. It. ia aabdirieion of aaaaraNo. US 'rocUr.r 17 feat UH lnoh?a oa kt? alraat we an h a depth 9" feet to an alle?. with the lraf^o*menta ooaaiatiac of a two atory aad attie rra re Dwelling Houaa. with oallar. The above property ia aitaated at tha aoraaro! Ith (traat weat and M atra?t north, la a rapid* la ?ro?laf part of tha oit*. at d offer* a farorab?e ? aortanity to parse aa daairoa* ot proeanac a r*? de- oe or making aa laTaataant. faff ( rina of otl* are not oofvipied with it f.r# Aftaa tWa -I- ?T' * ?. w. wr RUfVrif Will M r*> " n*on one weeks' eotioe, at u* risk ard iiNni- . All ooaTrraaoiBf it tli?UK' ^ of the ?aroh*?er. R CHARD A. ROMONeTON.Tnut**. ti? r?v?di uONTZ 4 GRIFFITH., Aaeti. C7,TPE AnoVE SALE 18 P<?TPONED tit TUESDAY, September lotk, at v'eioek jSV BONTZ A GRIFFITH, A?to J VST RICEITID FROM BT. LOU IB. ARMV OFFICERS AND OTHERS are respaetftdly imnted te eell at Ike etere of C WOODWARD, No. SIS PK NNSYLVANI4 aVRHU* Nmn 10th ud litk itiMtf, WMhiaito *. D. C.. nd Mt tbo aoit Wflm trtio'? of CAMP MBit CHItTI, TABLE AND WRITING DE8E COMBINED EVER INVENTED. km arttoU Oloon vbo ,?prooi?to tiio onforta o Cwy Uio ofeoaMaot bo viUoil mi OFFICER*' CAMP COOKING STOVES, nU Mo Otms, Cur Em^omcU. A? , U AD Iciaio of COOKING AND HEATING STOVES, if tho Ifttoot inprnvad for Ptriora. Cbon: bsri, OEooa. A*.. Ao? Ae. ARDWAEE ANg^ggUSE FURNISHI^* To bo bod M C. WOODWARD'S. No. H? Pa.**.. boClMt ud lltkoU. Mll-S BoJooay la fro 1 THh IHJBSCRlBfcRS. RESPECTFUL.LV * utiw im uwoiioa of ui irgi nwk m Imico BiMCWtkiwd Do*akIa%, VV ^ISSwOTJsrasL bt>?5 swK?t5!Nnrc^'?V',*b~jrw Ordara U tkM IwrMNotfillfMiMltii W B IUt? rSSivwi j*^?d|V f|OKK-MADK ?OOjJT? AND INOH 0

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