Newspaper of Evening Star, September 4, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 4, 1861 Page 3
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I.Of;AL ..SJBWB. g7 Thrush Tub sr?t ta gritted oa (he fastest Meam prrm in use soith of Baitlsaore, tta edition ki so large u to require It to be pat to press at an arly hoar; Advertisements, therefore, should he Ml i? before it o'clock m ; otherwise they may Ml appear until the aezt day. Nonci.?District of Coloatit Advertisements to he laaerted la the Bsltiicobb Be* are received M aad forwarded from Ta* Stab Office. Maatrso of thb Peine School TtrstBBs.? It tkt Firgt Dmritt School-koine too far pt'? Mrrlront t lr i thimat. it no hardship to go out FourUtnth strut to P?Tho Columbian ColUgt SrAolStkoo matttr Abroad t? Ntbttska? Aldermen's Room, at the City Hall, yesterday afternoon, nominally at hslf-psst 4 o'clock, actually t ton minutes peat S. Before proceeding to busl*em Mayor Wsllseb entered tbe chamber, and after exchanging salutations with his fellowmembers, was conducted to the chair by Mr F. 8- Walsh, who was presiding; wben he entered. The appropriate committee reported several rales for the government of the schools, but tbe second on the Ust?which was to tbe efl>ct that "a teacher who Intends to resign shall glee one mosth'a notice in writing, otherwise tbe salary doe said teacher shall be forfeited"?was objected to by Mr. Ironsides. Some debate ensued, when It waa dlaclosed that the rules reported came from two members of tbe committee on rules, and that there were two vacancies U mid committee. Thfe Chair tyled the Vacancies by the appointment of Mr. Josspb (WaltbT?JB^ Mt Cato?i aflef which the rule* were referred back to the comltit waa moved and carried that wben the board adjourn It be to meet at tbe call of the President. Mr. Ironsides, from tbe committee to which the communication of Mr. Charles F. Daily, aakln^ for tbe an appointment as teacher of vocal mualc In the public schools, was referred, asked tbe discharge of tbe committee from further consideration of Bald application, and that tbe Secretary of the board be directed to return to Mr Dally his letters of recommendation. . , A communication from cltlxens of the first school dlstrlst (Second Ward) to the Msyor was read. It was signed by fifteen cftlsens, and requested the Mayor to remove Mr S. John Thomson's school from its present location to the place formerly occupied, as the distance waa greet and tbe old achool-bouse was larger and better ventilated than the new one. Mr. Ironsides saldbls worthy friends and frllowcUlzens were In error In relation to-tbe ventilation Tbe acbool was formerly in tbe building corner of Ponrteentb and O streets, which the Chair would perhaps remember as tbe old Jefferson stable. Tbe Chair playfully remarked that hla recollection did not extend that far back. He remembered tbe building aa tbe old Lancaaterian acbool. Mr ironsides, resuming, said tbe new building was erected by the Corpoiation last year on a site chosen by tbe late Mayor There was not a better ventilated building In Washington, but the distance might be objected to, tbouKh be thought It no hardship for a boy ten to sixteen years old to wslk out to the corner of Fourteenth street and P. The old building was now occupied by a primary school. The matter wss referred to tbe sub-board. A communication from Dr Samson, President of Columbia College, was read, stating tbat provision had been made for the gift of a scholarship to the most deserving pupil of tbe public schools. A note from the Mayor, in answer to an invitation to be preaent at tbe reopening of tbe public schools, was read. He regretted his inability to attend, having a meeting of the Metropolitan Police Board to attend at tbe hour named, but added that it gave bim pleasure to learn of tbe gift of scholarship In Columbian College to a pupil of the public schools He inclosed the letter of Dr Samson to himself notifying bim of tbe fact. Tbe letter sUtes tbat Ust year tbe gift of a scholarship was made by Mr. wim Gunton. and tbe year before by Mr George W. Rigrga. (without naming the doner this year,) and said the usual way had b?en fr r tbe City Councils to refer tbe selection of a pupil to tbe Board of School Trustees; but this year the matter was left to the discretion of tbe Major. The Chair said he thanked Dr. Samaon, and would thank the generous donor if he knew him. He would lesvs tbe selection to tbe Board. It waa moved aad carried, tbat one member from each dlatrlct be appointed to make tbe selection The Chair named Mr. Miller, of the Second Dtotnct; Mr. Ironsides, of the First District; Mr. Price, of tbe Third District; and Mr Holmead, of the Fourth District; but, on the suggestion of Mr. Miller, Mr. Jronsldes wss made the chairman of aaid committee, be having moved tbe appointment of the committee Mr. Miller jprtsented to the board from Mr.Wm E Harvey, commissioner of Pnbllc Schools In Nebraska Territory, a bound volume of theannual reports of satd schools, and specimens of tbe " Spenserian System of Penmanabip"?one elementary and one highly ornamental Mr. Miller suggested thst Mr. Harvey,who was present, should address the board. Mr. tiarvey rose, and after a few words of apology playfully alluded to a remark made by the Mayor as to his being from tbe Far West, and aaid they did not consider themselves so far out west, and that tbey were in some respects ahead of New York, Washington, and other eastern vil lages. They were only an hour and a half further wear, and the news we bad here at seven o'clock tbey had at half pest five. He gave an Interesting aketch of tbe growth of public schools in the Territory?from 13 last December to 187 In May?giving one school for every 40 children; and said that 41 per cent of all tbe children of a proper age were at achool?a larger proportion than in any State, or In the city or Washington, he thought Tbe Cbalr observed ihat Nebraska roust be tbe place where the schoolmasters are abroad It waa moved and sarried that the board proceed to the election of a teacher of vocal mualc; aad Dr Willet nem'nated Mr. J. H Daniel. There being no other nomination, Mr Daniel waa elected ? ? ??m Mr. WlUett called op Mr. Ironsides' resolution to pay Mr. Edson until he received an appointment from tbe Government Mr. Larcom moved to amend by paying him to tbe end of tbe scholastic year, (to Sept. 1st ) Mr Ironsides opposed tbe amendment, but It was carried, snd the resolution was passed It was moved and carried tbat the committee on books prepare a new and corrected list. A resolution tbat three (male) pupils in the first class of each district acbool be selected for examination, and the pupil found moat proficient be selected for tbe scholarship la Columbia College was adopted It wss moved and carried tbat a committee be appointed to examine tbe treasurers books, and tbe cbalr appointed Messrs Holmead, Larcom, Fort aad Jos Walsh said committee. Mr. F. S. Walab aaid tbe aub-ooard bad removed Primary No. 5 from the basement of a church on Capitol Hill?a dark, badly ventilated room?to two good rooms in Duff Green'a bouse, at the same rent? g 100 per annum. The action of tbe suK-board was approved Mr Ironsides sild the sub-board of tbe First District la tbe esse of the school bouse of Primary No *. which had been taken forcible possession of by tbe Government teamsters, bad been unable so far to provide suitable accommodations for tbe sehoel. but hoped to be able to furnish a suitable room aezt week. If they got the room tbey bad Is Tltw, It would only do for tbo frtnile departmeat, and tbe boys would have to be transferred to the male primary. Tbe matter was left to the discretion of the sub-board, and the Board adjoorned to meet at tbe call of tbe President. Mvas with a Vi vanmaaa.?Yesterday morning, as a vivaadlere of one of the volunteer regiments was standing at the corner of Seventh and K ttwta, waiting for the baggage trala of her regima?t, she was approached by a regular and addressed la terms highly offensive She wss armed with a knife, said placing her hand upon It without drawing it from tb#sbeath, intimidated tbe soldier, who at ooce struck out for his quartets, as a squad of men appeared at a short distance By the advice of a bystander she went to the officer or the regalar with ber complaint, and had the fellow arrested, not, however, until after a long chaos through tbe alleys in thst neighborhood Tbe "gsy and festive cuss" waa placed in tbe gaardbouse aa pualahmeat for hla Intoxication aad his behavior to tbe girl. Abbbsts av thb PaovosT Guano ?Yesterday afternoon J notice Donn tried and disposed of tbe following cases of parties arreated by the Provoat Gosrds s Tbornss Mason was brought up charged with sa assault upon Mrs. Sbugro, and held to ball for court Lemon Loogh, for being riotous and disorderly, wss bold to security for peace. Those arrests were made Monday nlgnt. Yesterday AnguMos Cook was charged with aelliag liquor to soldiers. His esse waa ruled for a further hearing. Tas wat ths Rbbbls vsb Uhiow Mas.?A young geattemsn of Loodoo county Va , wboas father was taken by the rebels snd csrrled to Masimsi with other prominent citizens of the eouaty, aad who saved himself bv coming swsy **. good tione, haa heard from his fetber, who, with other prisoners, Is now employed la carrying water for the rebels at Maaassas. To-bioht is the lwtof the Campbells la Georgotowa, aad aooe should fall to improve this the asujppeetnaJty for enjoy in* the richest ao.t of an ealertalnmeat Those who want something exc roc la ting shouldloek at the bill for this evening. Paver.-There arrived at the depot yesterday EJ2 ^ horses .,4 two Z ata^^. w cyl*?tor tbe Government, 4t*>ut oae hundred horses this moraiag. TaaJaaL ?Durlaa the fiao weather of this , Riiiu Cotrvf Casbs.?There were two cues I of knbtat corpus brought up before his honor I /ulf Merrick, of tbeCircBlt Court, this morning. 11 Tbe first cam was that of W. Jackson, who I WN committed to J*I1 previous to or daring thi I last sitting of the Criminal Court, on the charge I ] of stealing eight pots of lower* from John Doug- 1 las, of tbe value of 910 In consequence of the 1 ( Indictment not Identifying him as a "colored did," the case was dismissed by the Criminal j Court, but Judge Crawford remanded him to Jail I until the grand Jury ahould meet, and an Indict- 11 ment be made In prsper form. The prisoner hsv- I, lng been brought IntoCourt, Mr. McNelr plead In I his behalf that, having be?n tried once and sc- I quitted by the Jury, he could not be recommitted I I to Jail to be tried a second time for the ssme of- 11 fense. The Court, sfWr hearing the argument, reman* I ded tbe prisoner into the custody of the Marfhal. I and he was taken back to Jail. The second case was that of Wfcp A. Northern, I who was,tried fnd convicted at Richmond some | months since/while t?nM6d States law* werfe In I i force there) of opening letters sno fobbing th?m of their contents, and waa sentenced by the U 9. I Court to ten years' imprisonment in the pen i ten- L tlsry of the District of Columbia. Toe prisoner was brought into court and his I petition read, praytng for relessi on the ground I, that no clmmltment or authority for hla detention I can be found. [1*. aeems that the present warden of the penl- I tentlary la unable to find In the office of the prison I ( any commitment or other papers bearing on the I case J |i Mr. Dsvls appeared for the prisoner: snd His I Honor, after learning the facts, adjourned s further I | hearing of the caae until Saturday, to give the I j District Attorney an opportunity to procure tesli- I mony on behalf of the United States. J A SotNfiino ?Veiterday afternoon I' there w*a !*me butting of headi on the part of a 11 crowd of spectators gathered about the bulletin I board of a potemporary.on Seventh street, tbe ob- I ject of Interest being tbe following flaming an- I nouncement In six-inch letters: |i ..41 Evsnins at 3 o'clock! Cannonading by the Enemy against Fort Corcoran I 1 commenced at % past 8 o'clock this I1 morning'I Our batteries will reply thii afternoon The President, Major General McClellan, and the 11 Secretary of War t? consultation.'!!! A Battle Imminent ! Later In the day these Vittimsuf misplaced con- I fldence in capitalized and exclamation-pointed I , bulletins seemed to have arrived at tbe conclusion I, that the observer of the abeve described battle, I over tbe river, was the Identical pary who some I time since astonished the town by starting a six- I teen steamer expedition fn m our navy yard to I' Manassas Junction?overland?or possibly via 11 Bull Run. Da93iioiii Assault ?Last night, Charles I Peerce appeared before Justice Donn to answer to I a charge of assault upon John McLeod with sn | ax. It appeared from the evidence that a few | nights ago McLeod and several other employees I of tbe Government printing office were standing 1 ' in G near Seventh street, and were about to separate to go home, when tbe accused passed between I tbem snd s house near which thev were standing, I anl remarked, " You are the one I was looking I ! for!" or words to that effect, and struck at McLeod I , full at bis forehead with an ax which he had In I his hand. McLeod parried tbe blow with bis I arm, and the ax just grazed bis cheek, taking I * sway a small piece of tbe skin snd flesh. The ax I waa taken from the accused, and he again made I at McLeod with bis fists But tbe parties were I separated without serious Injury to any one. Mr. I McLeod thought that tbe accuaed entertained I i hostile feelings towards him because McLeod had j objected to his getting a place in tbe office The I accused submitted that be was Intoxicated st the time, snd said be has no recollection of striking I at McLeod with the ax Justice Donn held tbe I 1 accused to ball for court in tbe sum of S2G6. I , A Bogcs List tin a nt.?Charles Temple, a I young, light complected man. clad in the unl* I form of a Lieutenant, rather faded, by the bye, | was arrested this morning for stopping Mr. J . A. I McDevltt, while on bis way home with two I ladies He was arrested by the Provost Guard, I Resisted by Capt. Leler, of the U. 8. brig Perrv. I He exhibited a pass purporting to come from | Gen Porter, and claimed that he bad been as- I signed to spieclsl duty st tbe Seventh st. bridge I He whs taken befor* Justice Donn, who held I him for further hearing, snd sent him In custody I j of an officer to tbe office of Gen. Porter, to be I ( Identified If be has received s pasa from tbe I Provost Msrsbsl, or if hit statement Is false, snd I < tbe document forged The evidence went to show that he is an impos- | tor altogether, and has no right to tbe uniform I' He will probably find that bo has got himself I Into b scrape by attempting to stop respectable I citizens In this outrageous manner. RxtusnsD?It will be recollected that the I Orphans'Court of this District, some weeks since, I directed the United 8tates Marshal to bring from I 1-ranee tbs four children of Samuel Chase Barney, I ex Lieutenant of the United States Navy Mr. I i Samuel Philips, son of tbe Deputy Marshal, was I > entrust*d with the execution or tbe orders of the I 1 court, and proceeded to Paris After showing I his authority, the tribunal to which tbe case was I submitted decided tbat the children should be I given Into tbe custody of Mr Philips, when certain debts Incurred for tbelr maintenance should I be paid This matter was satisfactorily adjusted, I and Mr. Philips arrived In New York yesterday, I and reached this city with tbecblldreh this morn- I lng There are four of tbem?two boys and two I girls?the oldest thirteen snd tbe youngest about I five years old. Action at Hsbring Hill War Amongst I the Georgetown Darkies ?A terrible row occurred I on Herring Hill, in Georgetown, last night, and I for s while the battle raged fiercely; stones, sticks, | fists, and woolly heads, bobbing about In lnex- I trlcableconfuslon, knocking and being knocked. I Result?everybody badly whipped; a peck or two I of wool and some blood upon the pOvement; sev- I eral combatants slightly Wounded, and on* named I Jet Conner, (ton of s very worthy colored msn In I Georgetown.) Supposed to be fatally Injured. He I received a terrible blow over tbe eye, and it Is I fear?-d bis skull Is fractured Tbe Provost Guard I was soon on th* ground, and made several arrests. I Gymnasium. ?The following officers were I elected at a late meeting of the stockholders of I the Washington Gymnasium : Bryan Greene, I President; C. A. Woodruff, Secretary; H. L. I Puller, Treasurer The gymnasium, wrsreglad I to besr, Is in s prosperous condition. Tbe build- I lng and spparstus has undergone a thorough I overhauling under the supervision of h ptacttcal I gymnast, and everything il now In "apple-pie" I order. Rs-abbest.? John Gross, who was srrested I sbout three weeks sgo for robbing a Jewelry store I at Betblebem, Pa., of a large amount, but made I his escape from the officers while being conveyed I to Philadelphia by Jumping from the cara, was I arrested yesterday by officers Lamon and Barthol- I omew, Philadelphia detectives, at a cfcmp near I Georgetown. He will be token to Philadelphia I to-day. Arsivbd at Carter's wharf, foot of Thirteen- I and s-bslf street, schooner Joseph Hunter, Bailey, I with coal for Messrs Castleman & Bro : sloop I Stafford, McCready, with coal for James Frazer; I schooner Charles We*t, Cade, with coal for I Messrs Castleman A Bro.; also, schooners Kmlly I Murray, Wllliama; Henrv M Smith, Jonea; I Euphrates, Barnes, with cargoes of coal for C. I M Keys. j Assault and Battbbt.?Rantel Henson, a I member of Capt. R. Clarke'* company of the D. I C. Volunteers, ws* arrested this morning for ss- I suiting Charles Hsu, snd striking him with s I brick. He was required to give security for 1 court In S3M. which was given by his csptoln, I after Ransel bad been sworn to total abstinence I for twelve months Tbs Rivxx?There have been no arrivals at I tbe wharves within tbe last twenty-four hours, | except of vessels with wood, of which there sre I several. Two of tbe stesm ferry boats which for-I merly plied between Philadelphia snd Csmden I are laying st the Sixth street wharf. Painful Accident?Samuel McNamee, a lad I sbout ten years old, son of our worthy fellow-cltl- I -sen C McNsmee, of the Clerk's Office, City Hall, I ] hsd s thumb snd forefinger blown off, dsy before I < yesterdsy, by tbe accidental discharge of a pis- I tol, with which he was playing. * Whitshcsst, 431 Pennsylvania avenue, fur- I nlshes superior Card Photographs, suitable for 11 sending Id letters. See nit likenesses of dlstln- I finished men, views of camps, etc. Pbotogrspbs I n oil snd water colors snd psstel, from minis- I 1 ture to life site. so 17-eolm Health fob ths Soldiebs?For ono who dios I from the effects ?.f the bulirt, ten periah fr?m damp I and si?rxare to n<|Kt air. Small doses of Hollo I iray'j p.lis token every other night will oorreota'l I disord- rs of Liver sad 8t?>maoi. purify ths blood, I sn inas'e aosnd hsa th to every man Onlr as I cent* per bo*. sef-lw To tsb Afflicted !?Be sure to read the advor- I of MoLean's Mrsiutheninc Cordial and I Wood Psnfior. in another oolumn. tf | MARR1C1) I 1 Oa the evening of ths M instant, bv ths Rov I toaeity. ' I On Tnsedajr eve nine, 9d instant, bv tks Rev, W. 1 B Edwards,of FonsJry Chorch, Mr. GEORGE I w. barn a*>. Miss Martha ellen dk- I of this city. In Georgetown, ob the 3d instant, by th* Rov. I WiJltam Ch istian, THOMAS C COX to MAR- I GARET, daughter of the late Col. William Mob-I lasoa. Tfi * DISJ>, I MMii AMUSEMENTS. THE FRONTIER CLUB W ill fire one of their asreeable COTILLON PARTIES on f* THURSDAY EVEN! NR. 5th of September, fit at rotoncaa Hall.eorner Ilth ?t and Mary-/'!* land av. A rood bard of tSa* 14 has bern en-Www gaged for the occasion, and ever* t*rir* to add to the comfort ar.d erjnyrnent wll he attends to. Ttoketa 51 cent*, to be had at the door. ee4-2t* ODD FKM.OW81 H ALL?KSrtTJl V OF THE PA VORITKS ? D'ipnnt ft ?aylord'? Original CAMPBELL MINSTRELS will reopen thea' ove Hall for a short i?won,comm?nflmi T 'UR'DAY EVKNlNO.Heet.Mh. Mr. Chartea Villiere. the treat Female Impersonator, is now connected with this Troupe. seS-lw Di. O. FORD, Agent. WANTS Ijl/ANTEO?A WOMAN to oo< It, waih, and j" iron. Inqdire at oorner of Seventh and^H r^ANT^D IMMEDlATELt-A rood CAKE " HANlT Also, a LOAF-BREAD BAKER. Apply at the oorner of E and Ebtsnth stj ?ef>t* \]^ANTED?A WOMAN to oook.wash andiron. Aleo, a 01RL to do housework. Apply at 139 F si., near 6th. It* U7ANTED?Bya respeo table woman a8I rUA~ "" THIN aa 000k in a private fa-iilf Best of referenoe given. Apply at No. 30, oorner 13X and C sts. It* COOK WANTED.-A joo<1 oolorel Cook, brrad and pastry maker, who oan come well recommended oan secure a good plaoe and rood wages h7 applying at No. 600 MassathuseUs av., near New Jersey av. A slave preferred. ?e 4 St* IK/ANTED? By a respectable young woman, a " SITUATION as 000k, washer, and ironer in % private f*mil*. Good referenoe, if required. A pp'y at No. 39T L street, between l?:h and soth its. _ it* WANtED-INFORMATION of HeflrjTho-. m Manning, a native of Dublin, ire'And, eighties r^ars of age; supposed to be in Wa-hington. If found, his mother and sister wait to reoeive htm with the moat affectionate regard. Should he wisk to write, letters to bi directed to Store 33 Court it.. Brooklyn, N. Y. It* WANTED-A good SALESMAN in a drv goods, fanoy, and milinery store. Good reference required. Apply at No. 32 Louisiana av., between 7th and 8th ?ts. se 3 3t* BURNISHED HOUSE W ANTED.-Wanted t to rent, (m a genteel, hea'thv location,)a pl*in Famished House, containing about eight rooms. 1 Communications addressed to A B C, Star Office, will be promptly attended to, >e 3-3t* WANTED?An American HAR"ENERi or a Colored Man, who must be a first-c'ass gardener, to raise v*gctablfs and attend oows. Best references required Inquire adjoining Kalorama Plaoe. owned by Mr. Vivan se 3-3t* Mra G. B. BALCH. WANTEO-A WOMAN, to do housework, at No. 4S7 Tenth street west. se 2 3'* 1117ANTED?To have every body to call at * SMITH'S. No 460Se?enthst.,opp-Bit,? Poet Offioe.and purchase their FALL and WINTER CLOTHING, TRUNKS. HATS and CAP*, at the very lowest prices. Give him a call. au30-lm 1*7ANTED?A well furnished DWELLING" " HOUSE, containing about six room* exolu sive of kitchen and servant's rooms, well aitnated, with a large yard or lot. and a gcod carnage-hou?e ind sttble for not 'ess than three h 'rses. Persona having such premises to rent will p'ease Ifave wntten descriptions at the Offioe olSolicitor of Court of Cairns witli terms au 3ft 2w* WANTED. FOR THE CASH-A1I kinds of SECOND-HAND FURNITURE AND HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES. Persons leaving the city or having a surplus will do well to oall immediately. R. BUCH'-Y, je 3 43S Seventh, between G and H sta. WANTED.?We are now buying SECONDHAND FURNITURE,STOVEsand BEDDING. for which we are paying the highest oaah prices. Families declining housekeeping, or having a urplus of furniture, will find it to their advantage to give us a ?all. BONTZ ft GRIFFITH, jel3-tf No. 3A9 ?th st., betw. 1 ana K sta. LOST AND FOUND. FOUND?On the 2d instant. In the canal, near Fifteenth it., a SHEEP. The owner la re luested to come forward, prove property, pAy charges, and take her awar, R. GRANAGER, Ohio av.. It* Between 13X and I4t.i sts. CJT RAYED AWAY?From one of the Governed ment Stables, yesterday, the 3d instant, r\ 1 medicm-sised bay HORSE, with three white feet, star on forehead, white stripe^*^_V on nose, and long bushy tail and mane. A liberal reward will be paid to the finder on returning him to No. 3 President'* Sqjare, weat of Lr.fayette Square. a* 4-3t* ?> C R EWARD.?Strayed away, on th* Srtth lilt., V*-' from the Arsenal Grounds, a straw berry oolored COW. The above reward will be paid to any persv rt turning her toXaJkne the Arsenal. ge 3 3t? STRAYED AWAY?On Wednesday morning last, a pale red COW. with white feet jdTiii small white blaze on her forehead, and and bell without hammer around her AsJIm neck. A liberal reward will be paid to the finder, on reluming her to RACHEL JENKINS, on Jl*t street, near H. se 3 2t* I'AKEN UP?On Saturday night, 31st ult., a bar MAKE, about 4 years o d. The/rv owner is ieque-ted t? oome forward,proveTiLfi property, pay charges, and tak*h-rawar ? henkvc holme*. 3 3t Cor' er Twelfth and H streets. Q 1 A REWARD.?Straved from my slaughter CIV* pen. between 10 and 1 o'olook Pri M|ti^ uay morrlng, two CATTLE. Weighing about 1/00 pou-ids e*oh cross. One ia afiJLa red and white piod, and the other a brir die o ed, asaearaaoanbereo 'll'cted. They have a slight dip of tar on the root of the tail. Whoever will return thece o&tt-e to me wi:! receive a reward of #10 JOHN HOOVKR, New Jenej av , e 2 3t# Between M and N its. north. FOR SALE AND RENT. FOR RENT?HOUSE 403 Pennsylvania a*., over the bookstore of Fran.k Tar lor?a pla-e for a professional man. s9 4-tf FARM FOR SALE.?A new Cottage House, with from 10 to ISO aores of ohoice Land, at Annapolis Junotion. for aa e. Terms easy. Afi e young orohard on the premises Apply, personally or by letter, to T. SHA1LER, Jr., Annapolis Junction. se2 1w* KSinn&i?ifkllclaomeJ FURNISHED a UOUst. with all the modern improvements, in a pleasant location. Inquire at the Star Oftoe. au 3D tf 1^,* KKNT-A fine new HOUSE (brick', with I 11 roottis and bath-room, and with Wat r and gaa, situated in a <roat desirable locality, in the vioinity of Judio a'y Square, is f >r rent, ready furnishel, on favoiabie terms. Apply at this office. au a-lw I?OR RENT-A very desirable STAND for a poardmg house, on Peansy Ivama avenue and Eighth ?t? now oooupied by the Messra. Joy. and has always had a full share of the patronage of the city. Possession given on the 1st of September next. H&id house ia in rood order. For further uuTfr' *'P|y. to JAMES TOWLES. Agent, 4S0H street north; or Mrs. JULIA KE^P \i6 h lltr<>?'t' au 17 tf FOKRfNT?A substantial three story brick . HOUSE, with la'ge lot adjoining, situated on Third street east two doors from E street north, on Capitol Hill?a very healthy location, and price of rent to suit the present tune*. Possession given immediately. Inquire u! Mr. BACON, nextdoor; orofMiuM. c. LINCOLN, 301 Pa. avenue between 9th and 10th sU. au 15 lmro* OANDSOMKLY FURNISHED ROOM8Four nacdsomely h urnished Rooms, supplied convenient to the Patent Departments, for rent Apply at f.k **Tenu8- north aide, between 4th and kth eta. maa h. i. franklin, BCIXNTIFIC AND PRACTICAL OPTICIAN, (From Fktladtlpkia,) 844 Penn'a av.,< no. th aide,) bet. 12th and 13th sta. Improved SPECTACLES and EYE GLASSES. sntUd oorreetly for every eye siaht-mounted in Go d. guver. fine Steel, India Rubber, or Tortoiaa S lie II. MMuary Fitld Qlatsts, Mierotcopts, Ttliscoptt, Opera andMartn* tolas ft witk the best Achromatic Lensts, MatKtmatxtai and Hkysteal Instruments. Compasstt. Stereoscopes and Stereoscopic Fi.iti m a i -At variety, at the loweat Eastern prices au avtr 'WnT EMILE DUPRE t>?U Pkhnstlvamia AVISOS, Hon BniLDma, Import*r and Wholesale Dealer in KINB WJNKS, BRANDIES. 8F.GARS, SARDINES, PICKLES. PRESERVED FRUIT4*, C 8 ^ M 1 L Ka ASSORTED SYRUPS, and CAMP SUPPLIES. JUST RECEIVED? 100 cases old bourbon <isso XT EMILE DOPRE'S Ikoh BgiLDiifg. 330 Pa. Avawnx. j F ?FIREDERIC TU9TUS' HAMBURG H CELEBRATED 8MOEINQ TOBACCO, The Best Article Ever Imported, Go to EMILE DUPRE, ImoK Builbino, 330 Pa. Avxsox. JUST RECElVE1>? SO Casxs lvroiTis BELTERS WATER, la Original Stona Bottlea, t aa lt-la _ KM I LB DUPRE*8. EDUCATIONAL. I No. 151 West it., b twt*n Congress mn4 High sit. ' #hT?* d"3? ?f ^hi? Institution trill be rtnnied on I r,t Monday in September Mil wmmmva ?b I ;hi *'*?ntio8 of parents am guard ana ia partio- I will the Ci?M lu, t ?lieibenioa, which I tevKZjn&E,'''" " ? u?. .. ._ Instructors. 'J m Sr tWJ,fh> ?Jr.,Ceei!iaTo g< > y w'A' KmfnoAn, Mr_\V. C. Bergman, Mn. M V. H*rr?TW, A. Zap pone M D. r!r??r. *5" ?.. . Charlea d? Frond rat. m*T be obtained at the Bookatorea, or I

by Mdreaamg the Principal. | ? MISS HARROVKR. j PL0?A9ANT VIEW SEMINARY.-Thed?tie, [ Mo.,*. . S^001 b? re*Mi???d on the aeoond I . V" S*Ptemh*r Terms f 160 for board and *!!??.? 'a.&* Engliah branchea for year of tea I 2?? Jl.A<u r#!" _i,i nJ*188 M KEKCH. I <B ? ?w? Hyatteville. Prlnoe Georgo'a <n?? Md. I m*i nl?irL'^ SEMINARY FORa YOUNG ^ IM! i!52ai/" re,Bme ?,n Monday. September ail on oorner L and Testh ata. I W,iT o MRS. L. C TODD " aIT LLL.thedutiea of her8oh-?o| on Mon- I day, SepternberJdat her reaidenoe, 387 D atrwt, I between 6th and 7th eta. au 29-1 w* I CJCHOOL FOR " I m YOUNG LADIES. i DUNCAN will, on Monday, the 3d ??f | n?Rt, reaume her Sohool at her reajr.n^f:^10. *.* '"H1" arenue Sha hat made ar- I rangementa to redoive a limited number oi papi'a I aa boan?ora. aa n-Aaw I MassacV&KVs kTOJS, im ^ ? 10th PT*MT8, I A Select School for Boys. ! I ne sixth Annual Session of this Inat tute will I oommenoe on Monday. September 2. Terma mod- I; d iL^f Or further partiouiara. see oironlara at the I Bookstores. or E. W FARLEY, the I j his reaidenoe, 493 Tenth at. aa 86-2w* 11 (ttCHOOL/OR SMALL BOYS, SL . No. ?7T I St., Cor*rr ITth 01 p.rT'01 will reopen on Mondar, September |i Un /* at Bookatorea. Fonurther infor- 11 m&tion (all from ff to 12. I j Rcferencts-Dr. S. L. Loomie, Professor L. C. 11 an 26-eo2w IJ FEMALE SEM^A^ O^RejfTOWN. j ?* . . En*liah purposes, on MoLday, September 11 2d, to take oharge or a limited number of pupila, to I j whoae loatruotuin and improvement her beat ef- 11 forta will be direoted. Fiom her many years' ex- 11 psnenoe in thia buaineaa, ahe hopea to Be able to 11 givo satisfaction to those parenta and guardians I ' who ma* place pnpila under Ji?r care. Terma made I' known on appiioation at No. 35 Gay at. I1 _au^62w^ IJ ST. M A T T H E W' 8 A C A D 5 M Y, i Cor. 18th *t. amd New Yorx A a, Washing ton, it. C. ?. ?.xer?'*e*of t*aa Inatitution will be reaumed I j on the Monday in Sep tent ber. Terma per aea aionrf five montha. from 87 to #16; payable in I advance. The German and French lancuacea. I I Muaio, Drawing and Painttnc, form extra charjea, I For particulars apply at the Inatitution, I an 24 2weo I j IPMERSON INST1TUTK, j <* H Street, I c ? m Between !2th and isth aU., Seltcf Classical and Mathematical School f* Boys I ? T.hffex?:cl?ea of thia School will be reaumed the I firat Monday m Sept jmber. Addresa II an!9tf CHAS B. YOUNG, Princio*!. I j rJpHE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. I The Twelfth Annual Session will commenoe I September 2. For particulars inquire of the Prin- I 0lfai?. ? Mra. Z. RICHARDS, au 17 lm Corner of Fourteenth and K ata. o?H.E western ACADEMY, i i. - j97.I '*oorn?/ of Seventeenth atreot, reoent- | i ly under the care of Dr. Loomis, will be reopened | \ Monday, th<< 2d of September. Application ma? I be ma^a at Dr. Town's, 4 80 Fourth atreet, Judioiary Square. au l7-8w* JOSHUA O. COLBURN, I' I^ROOKEVILLE ACADEMY I] The next session will oommenoe September *d. I Boys are prepared for oollese or for bosineas. For I anft-lm (Intel.) Principal. I j Those f^^.m/SSIihu,. u.^ eeiye a thorough and systematic education, where 11 their ahyetoaJI training will reoeivedaily ana apsctal I < attention, under the moat approved ay stem of Calii- 11 tbenioaand Gymnaetioe.arereapectiuUy invited to 11 a it i5'pf.w f""MR. h MRS. Z. RICHARDS. j |p-tf Principal a. I ^??| I pENSlON OFFlCEjjrtri?? ?th, 1861. j to all Whom it may concern. i! Application having been made under tee act of 11 43d June, I860, for the reiaaue of the Land War- 11 rants deaonbed herein, which are alleged to have 11 .??,S.l^8.t?frrd,?,trOT^ao}to* " hereby given, that 11 at the date following the deaonption of eaoh War I rant, a new Certificate, of like tenor, will be ia- 11 aued, if no valid objection ahall then appear 11 No. 46.745 for 120 acrea. taaued under the act of | . * 183A in the name of Jaoob Guliok, acd I ler 21 ^ January, 18i6.-Septem- 11 No. S6.6T8, for ?) aores, laaded tffjdnf the act of I, September, 1850, in the name of Elixabeth ^Teila, I! widowoiJMiuei VV ella, and granted on the 27th I ( 2 of September, 1354.?September 28,1861. I, No 45 ?), for lBO aorfa, isauod under tne act of 11 Maroh. 1855. in the name of Alexander Orme, and I i granted on the 13th day of Ootoi?er, 1856 ?Septem- I ( DOr 28, 1861 I , Noj! ?6, for 160 acrea, issued under the act of I < >larcn. 1868, in the name of Amos Arthur, and I{ KVJed on tne ifth day of Aaguat, 1*57.?October I{ 12. 1861 e" , I I No. 89^0, for 160 aorei. utjd#r Hot of 1841, and 11 bf-ariDg oate May 6tn 1850, in favor cfMiohael 11 R' pp rather of Samuel Kopp, deoeaaed, Tnifd In- | 1 ?'jp?y<rtantjMr?. Mexican >v ar.?Uctoher iS. I8bl Mamh \SL .?scrM- ntder the act of 11 Maroh. 1855, in the name of Jamea Lonr, and I fs iKt ?D ?f Maroh' 1M?.?Ootober I | PSZL'toT.L60 Mre,> '"h?*1 undfr th? *ot of 11 March. 1855, in the name of Thomaa lanner, and I , Fafi? ?n y MaT' 1858ot>er 19. I ' No 94 100, for 130 tcrea, laaOed under the act ol I Maroh 1856, in the name ol,P9 It,. Widow oi David | Bradbury, and grantrd on the mh cat Oi beptem I bar, 186ft?November 16,1861 No. 4J.-342, for 160 aorea. laaufd under the aot of | Maroh. 1866. in the nameof Christopher Dougherty, I and gra ted on the 27th day of drpteoiber, 1856. I November 16 1861. I No.98 i 14. for 160 aorea, laaued under the aot of I March, 1856, la the name of Guy 8 Alexander, mi- I nor ohild of John C Alexander, deoeaaed, and I granted July 2. lWn.-November 16.1861 MeV8,^k'9r ?? *?rea, iaaned under the aet of | March. 18? in the name o? Benitmin Keily, and | granted on the 2nh day of June. 18S9 No 662 for 80 acrea. lamed und-r thJ Aot of I Maroh 1855 in the name o'Reuben Wcooruf, ata grafted on the 9th d*y of May. 1855. I N". 856. lor 160 acrea, laaued un?ler the aet of | Ma.roh.l855. in the rame of Samuel H Waterhouae, and granted on the 23J day ot May, 1856. I No. 2^83 lor 80 acres, issued unaer the aot of | March. 1856, in the name of Sh^lW Downs, and I ?n August, 1855.?November Slo 41 9S9. lor 161 acrea isatled nnder the aot of March, 1856 in the name of Janaea Pray, acd granted I t>nrv o21?Li V ?f M*ro^? 1861 ?November 23,1K1. I f?r 160 aore?, issued under the aot of | Maroh 1856, in the nama of iJiht, m . jBnB- c, '..and John D. S., minor children of Irwin Bag- I fo, . '^'Med. and gr -nted on t?ie 34th day ot May, i?5?? November 23, 861. " No 44,818. for 80 aorea, laaaea under the aot of | Majoh, 1855, in the name of Getty, widow of Th?mf I.E1T,?'><i' ?nd tbe 19th day of January, | 1857.?Novairber &, 1861 | No, 75 3S0 for 160 acres, laaued under the aot of I Maroh. 1855. in tSe name of Alexander Mo uUou?h. I at d granted on the 8th da* of January, 1858.-November 23.1861. JOSEPH H, BARRETT, e it-1aw Commiaaioner. NOTICE. " ADAMS' I Thia Company offers to the oublio" Unequalled | Advantages'' for the Safe anf Quick dispatch of | Heavy F eighta Paokaaea, Valnablea, Money, *o. Ac., to all parts ofihe United Hiatea. Expreaaea to and from the No>th and Weat de- | P*rf from acd arrive in Waahington twioe dally. | All Ejtpra?eea are in oharge of experienced and | reliable Meaaengera. All Paokagea for The Soldiera carried at "omi | half''our uaual ratea. All Gorda for the ao-oalled "Confederate State*" I and all Aruolea ** Contraband of War" will be | RxrusxD. Our Expreaaea leave New York at 1.5, and P. P M* ln WMh'H*ton ?t 6A. M and &30 E*'reaaea leave Philadelphia at ?JK A. M. and I 6 A 'ft? ' ftrn"nf w*?*>ingU?n at 630 P. M, and I Expreaaea leave Baltimore at 4 ? A- M. and 3 P. I M.^amvi^ in Waatmgton at ? A.M. and 53) I Expreaaea for all pointa North and Weat letve I Waahinxton at 7 30 a. M and 2 30 P M. daily. Special Contraota for arge qnantitiea of Freight | oan be made on apphoation to this >ffioe. All Gooda sailed for and delivered fru of Extra ohaLrgea. s p. Mclaughlin, _ .. Agent Adams' Expreaa Companv. Waakington, Auguat 23.1861. au 23 tf nUTTER. CHEESE, Wk AND EGGS. 80 frkina Fresh New York Butter, t6 bneketa, a mall and large aise, i r S kega goo 1 Cooking Bntter, ^OTICE TO SWP^UVI) RAILROAD 8hf/> and RailroadAg nu ia Waahington wiU pleaaa fcrward all gooda direoted to the^SaniUpr I Comta'saion" to tae Commission Store-room, No. I 911 F stroat, and preeent bilia for freiaAt, Or? icr or SAHiTanT ComatasioNV Traaaarr BeUdiuf- ?n77 lw POTATOES! POTATOES! S48 baa Mi prime Weetern Mereera will be I this aea, wn at No. ? Pennsylvania av., sorter ;"rl .1 GEORGETOWN ADVEBTMT8 forOra month ending Asgaet St. 1MI. nT* PereoBeewlyier ft* lettere is <he following LADltT L?T, Allen MaaMaryR 3 Ketmg Margaret Rooe Rack* I A Braatou Mr* Jilu K>afaaa Mri M E X rt Murt BM|?nii Mr* L Ktnoll MioMirTl Rod DilfUt A f'? Blre Mtr|tO LeemanMriLuc'tia Ryaa Mra ?? Belt Mr* Ana Marcy Mim Jut A Rita Mra M J CroeiatllllnMTl M?rc; Mr* Jaae A Rotoru Mr* Helea Colin# Mi?? Ellen Mart a. Mim Mary Brnallr Mim Mary Dodaon Mm J McCaaa Ittdnt lipfli MiaeGeorgie Ed## MraMaryAoo Major Mma M iMldiif Mr* tUr; Erana Din taiu Major Mm Salli* K.,aa<. MnCtrni Engli.h E V Mian Mim E 1 Smith Mr. Barak E Enby Miaa Maaafea E|h>a Steele Charlotte Foley Mim Mary Merrae Betty Taylor M m IUmn OibU Mra H?rr.?t McHwiet Emily Taylor Mr* Tmeeai Gray Mm in?i Marry Mra Wn Taylor Mra iaaia Hoeg Mim Maria i Norv<ro4M.MRtbacTniaa?IMittMa(il1a HarpOT MwaMarjF Orl* Mim Haanab Tkoaai Mm/iitii Harbaaf hMiMEtaa PattaraooMiuMary Tataao Cora alia Hosfiiy Ana Pau?rasa Mr* Hw- Tarry Mra Carotia# Holland Mim Alice mon Timaou# Mim Howaa Mim Aaaie Pri#er Mim Martha Weed Mr* Aaauda Johaeoa Mim M Pr yer 8a brio a Hilda Mim A J Jobaaoa Sarah E Ph I pa Mr* R WiUk Mim Aaail t Jufcnaon Mra J Peraaillioo Raaatia Wilaoa Sar.h Joo## Mr* Mary W Rtyaolda Mra Bar- Willtaae Mra E Jtfntt Mra M riat E Waikar Mra Naacy Jackeoa Martha Rickarda Racktl Woodward PnacilU Jewell Miaa Jeaaie GEN1 LEMEN'S LtBT. Alexander B D . Finely Jaa-t Mtmll R L Aaatia U Al Fitummoo# J B?3 Ntrtctd Ri> Wa Ansa A O Fanch J H N.aoa Ju Aumigtou A C Flruhar Joel W Neoa# Edw Allabaet H E Feely Jaa Newtahr Frad'k Abraham* Wm Flaharty Jaa Nealiy Jaa M Archer Oee-ft Fitchett Hamilton Nicboioon Mac A 4 AppltfaU Lewi* F.ahtr Hugh Nat* A H Armatron* W n W Futgerald Gaa P-? Oaborn Murria?I Berrleldt Wa Fonutae E W Oarood Chaa E?< Butler *af Footer Daat ft Oweo AI bam Bttktr W G L Fink Mr OVonnor Daoaia Boyatoa W H Gnndlc Goo O'Callahaa Jaa Bradiah W G?3 Griat Win O'Brtn Lawrence Brmar J Greene Col Wa B O'Goontll Patar J B?r*y Cot Groaa Thoa Orm# Capt W? M Briutr Capt Wta On?th Thoa Paaalar R H Botlar Thoa Gaaaa Simon Patar* A a?ft Bradiah A G Uoodau Saml Povall A 1ftad J BerF Thoe A D Gelberteen Cla Parka R B Bialiop Thoa Gilroau F F Paya* C H Baaatit Thoa C Grant Jim K Porter Chaa ] Byrne* Thoa Gripg Jaa Porter Geo 8 Bailey Cot 8 V Greea J J Palegoou H Bryant S\ml E Gothic Lt J J?3 Pane Jno B?kr Robt Gaabrill Jao Pierce Jae Bartholomew P Gormly Jao Patteraoa J J Baker Philits* Gerahty Jaa Parker Ota Bond Luciue H Oilman Hanry Phillipa P B Batford L 8 Gar* Horaee E Pinner H Bradabaw Lother Goddard Jaa Pataam The* J Brady 51 OearaalGao R Patten Wm H Bergen Miebl?2 Graham Francie Ptrrya Wm F Brown M F G.tfe-d Ed far J Paaraon Mm D?3 Bremorr Mr Grey O H PhelpaTE?S Barrett Jno A Gaptil Chaa C Penroae W M?S Born* Ja* Graut^-haa Pcwera Lt Jaa?5 BaroeaWmA Grey C C?3 Rearer Wa M Bartoo Jaa Gilau 8 V RrruerJoa Boeworth J C G or ham A 8 K pley Wm B Barr J B?5 G?r?m A R?8 Rittcr Wm H Br-vok* J H Granger Alei Rodger* Nathl V BiaftcyJjrwb Garhardt A Reqoor L Biechold BoImdob HuAiof Lt Wm?3 Roberta^a Ja* Babo Jno ttitchene W n Roatledge Jao Boa* J no M Havilaatf W a?I Rom Jno Biahop Jaremiab HawkinaWia Reed J ia A BuraellJno Haace Wm Rahc Geo Burt J M Htrriapn W Rafl* T IT Bohrer Jacob HurtouWm Ryder Capt t H Bunkley J H Holmee Wo Rambo E H Baaaeai Jno Hxnkin Want worth Raed Edw Bready laaiah Hand Some re Rheem E B Brotherliu* Jao Horary Thoa RoilaD Baxter Jno Hance T F Reily B?3 Bemeut H H Hine* 8 W Ruggle* Lt J D Bow e* H W HtleLtRG?3 BL-ck A Idea Bale Horauo Hartuf P R Schibuer Allen Blunt H W Hum bet M 0 ft i uiaon A N Buner field Geo H H.afild Lock wood Smith A J Butler Gorham W HirlaudJoho Smftn A C Bennett Geo A HickmaaJae Stoddard Tboa Bower* Fraoci* F Haaaell Jno Storm A Iodic Bowman F L Hodadon Uen 1 Seuter A bra to Badger F Hoyt Lt J M Saferfal A E Butler T Heat Jakob 6chn?er C Bachelder Eli Hebehituer Jno Shirey D R P Bartleu E H Hammond J S Stoughtoa C B Biker Ernat Hurdeubuxg H M Singer Chaa Barlow E C?3 Haywood H R Slater Thoa Bryant CD Hmmau G E SeilertChaaF Buelord Mr Haitoo P Schafer C Begbie C W Hooker Geo Steward D G?A Briaou C D Howard Geo C Smith Demaraah Backachu-.idt Chaa Hai.aou Fr*d?4 Smith Daul Duck B J Harriaoo Franeia E Smith Eliae Beckett BeuJF Hobaoo Frank Saoty Edw Barden Amoa?3 Helmbold Frank Sharp Fraacu Blette Albert Han.iuond E C Seclar F P Beattie Lt A M Hill Lt E B Sche*er Frank Biahop A Howard E P Storm* G?o ft Bradt Abram?7 Harrinrtou Oeania SbeldenFS Brown Chaa R Howe C Smith Lt Oeo H Corcoran Jereli HacketCebaa?3 Swartwort Geo H Carey Wm J Haibert Cebae?3 SchmithGao Caldwell Wm N Holum&a Alex SuowmaaGecH Cale* Wm P Head A J Simmone Geo W Cafy Wm HeMet Albert 8billiagaJno Chaner Wia Hammerchley A Ktow Lt F A?3 Cook Thorn Bro? 3 8<te Capt H R Carrolia Thoa JaCkaem Aantlla Street Jao?3 Cook Thoa Jackmaa C FBin.ere Jaa B Chaae Silaa A?3 Jane* Capt Jaa ftheppard Joa Chaae 8 C Jooee Joe Stockman J a* Cook Seymour C Jooee Mark C?3 Sidea Jnd Can R 0?3 Jooee WmH Shuiich Jao Cunningham Robt johoeoa Cnaa A SiU* Jacob Colling* Robt Joha*oaJuoC Sutherland Jao Che*ter Robt JohnaoaWmH Snuli* Jaa Clark* R E Jaoie* Thoa Saiih John Cahill Patrick?t Jarrold Thoa (aliitaa Michl Cafrln Hiahalaa Jaqnith Thaa?3 Smith Nichoiae Caldwell M J?4 Knight Wm Btayton Oaten Cox John Benaedr laaaa 8?iSnaonoo Patrick Conoery Cap J W -Kock W m ftlarr Patt Clemence Joa Killihel Sulomoo Sterna RB Camaieeky Jaa Kelly 8heldea Shalu Robt Chnatem J H 8 A Kelly Peter Straak* Richard Cuahiog Gapt Jao Kelly Michael Scataa Stephen Creamer Jeremiah Kialer Nathaniel Siugletao 8 M Cralf Jao L Kef pier Mr Smith Sitae Ca'ler JaeM Kitchen J K Strong Saml CCthher* Joo Kealer Jno Steele Paul 8?3 Cox Jno T Kinaey l*aac 8?3 Stockman 8 S Caather Ja* H Kennedy J N Slcnmer* Thoa L'ouoir Ja* W Kimball JncW Smrdar* Jaa Corcoran J Kid well Geo F Siye* Wm 8 Clark W C Keith Geo W SullenbergerLtW H Coomb* J N K|imG?oW Stroud G W Caatigan Jere'h Kitchledge G*o Smith W C Campbell John Keraebooo F W Thornton Barbly Croagrore Ja* H Kurtx Oauiel Tboenaoa C Chaaim Har*ey N Kimble Franc .a Toon Edw * Canulnghain Juo Keen Chaa W Trott Frank Carroll It Lougher Wm Thompaou Frank Ct?tip Henry Leary Timothy TelerOH Crippf O W Lrneh Martin Tucker Geo W Chamber! F * Leeeh Wa A Tuell H R Colliatou Elijah L* <eh Jn? Tbouipaon J W Clark Ephraim Leach Jae Tharp E T Corbett O Lewie Otirar Teaayaon Jaa?3 Clark D 8 Lewie lea?c E Lt Campbell Got Laii( Juo H Troy Martin Carter Chaa Layman Jaa Tntai Moai'ra Carley Chaa Litchfield H T Trott RuaaeII O Cook B P Leaere Frank Troup Simon Cale* B F Lamb Ed B?3 Twift Wm Cfow*ll A F Laflin Byron Taylar Aaron H Chance Albert Morn* Win L'ptonHonCH?3 gbwling Wm A Muter Lt H C?I I'ptanRobt Utfn Wm?3 Manning Jao Vee**yCaptWO?3 Darr Saml Mayer J L?4 Williaiaa C?aa H Dunham DC Mill# Saml A? W il*oa Chae E Duggaa P F Mill* Cha? C Wood. Chria'er?3 Doran Martin Millar Georga W?|*hB Dou Lowraaa F Miller Robt B Wood* Orayfhl Dolan Joo Milter Morrie W nrht Chaa L Diiler Joe Mallay Wa Wood E E Dougherty Jaa Mealey Thad B WapIeaEC DePear Jno Megary Robt Wethaa Frank DaBennenlu J 8-8 Mackall R L-3 Wunder Geo De Wolf Joa McAnaiy Thoa W mu Geo A Dtraghton J B McNalr Michael Walee Gee Donnelly Jao McLeod Chaa WalUer Herman Do Ian J a* MaCormaek Lewi* Wataon Ja* H Dimborew taaac MtCata Jaa Witbtck H L Doneren Jno C McCarty DaIII-"*3 WiutoaH? 3 Dunlap Hon G W McManoa Wm?4 Walfe J A Dunhaul Hiram A McGrathMark Wlea#P Danaon Geo W McLaughlin Robt Ward Jaa Drietan Gee?3 McGarrty Saal Willie W in DoaGeoT McGowan Tboa?3 Witiey Jno Deunella Prank McDonald Alex Work Jao?ft flail# Chaa H Moateith Geo?ft Wataon J H Detftar C H Manning D W W altea Joa Drowu Cbai Ma?ll 0 W White Jaa Donah Capt Mffrri*On David Worrelle Jno A Darling A W Madigan Dealt Wielaad Jaa Eby Van B Morrill Cal C Whelaa J no F Eaton Solon Matbere Chaa Wotherapoen Lt Jaa Elkridge M V Molt C M Willihaa 1 McGill Eby J H Martino Caaper Whipple J W?ft E*aexJacob' Mulligan Barney WakerigbtJ Eldridge Jabei B Morrill Abel Walter* Wa?3 Eliot Jo* M.rtineWaF Whipple Capt Entwiale taaac Murphy Joa Whipple MT Ehiman Jacob?3 Moody Jaa?4 W ilcax N Lnrle J oho Morey Juo Woodard Oacar Ewiog Matter A Muchel Joo?3 Wilooa Richard Eaatou Joo F Murphy Juo Wilooa Richard W Evtrttt Albert Maharg* Jao W *taoa R Farrtll Tho* Manning Jaa Wilaon Robt Fiah 8 R Monty Juo?3 Whiunor* ft C Flaherty Stephen Mtiler Joa WUa"aftT Footer Manacl Mooarty J J Wright W B Flood Lortu Matetug*r Jao Webatir Wa W Faller Leo W Mitchell Ja* Went worth Wm Farrell Jno Maddox Jacob Willi# Wa Furguaon Jao Marrat Jaa Young Cape K W Forayth Jaa K Moor feaac F Yocag Mark Fellowa Ja# E Maniac Hanry?3 YordyWmft?ft Fletcher Jaa B?3 Morri# Heury J Einuaeraau Wa A Freeman J B Mallory H MISCELLANEOUS.?Paba. of ? MeMeager;'* -C. E." All Lettsr? (exaspt " 8oidi?r?' Lettsra") must, i 3 every iaatAQce, bft prepaid. Sap 4-lt HENRY ADDtftON, P. M. jyjA&SEY, COyUN?ACO.-? UU/tT. 40 do. XXXX do. do. too kif.-bbl?. do. do. ,d?'_ Which on arrival will be for ft?to. Teri&a M?fc on delivery. AR.^Ii A 8HINN, ml Union D^pot. GeorgetowR. J sueaae uo bb!?. Old Rye WHISKY, FTBRleby JOHN J. BQ6UB. ?? BILLIARDS! > M Ll Thft lowi ofu# GAME OF BILLIARDS will tad ia KMRICH'S FINE HALL, Ceraar v Peaaeylvania aveave aad Utk ft to si. (sooth aide.) two of the most adauraMft TABLEb ia the Lai ted State*, with mry >??fart ial aat-tf tor the Blayera. A SPECIAL NUTiCE. ALL Persona indebted to as, eo open aeeoant or "" fc"ar- . aaSMt 4?i 8e^atha*..abcTePa.BT, TELEGRAPHIC NEWS INTERESTING PtOM TMHOCTB Ore?? Eicitrafti f?r Irar of tkt ? ste.. e tc BilfatU, Sept 4 ?A copy of tbe Dispatch. tffflTw1 by (be Ssg of trace st Old Point yealcrdsy, contains tba following iUna af newe: A dispatch from Cbarleatoa. S C , dated B?aday ??xbt an ibrlf Mta with eeffre raa tba blockade on r*eadey moral ag; also saslhai ?m*1, wHb fruit The ablp (ion dor, from Liverpool, arrived at Beaufort laot week. *^'P Alllaoeo, which arrived at Baaafort last week, it a poke* of by the Richmond I ! ? aa laden with ansa, smmuaiO<>n. thread, ?|t>1ckstlear. etc Tbe Richmond Dispatch says "Wi assy la f w day* export General* Beauregard and Ma100'a report of tbe battle of Maaaaaaa." Tbe Petersburg F.xpreaa of Meadey gives mm account of tbe takiag of Forts Hatteraa aad Clark, and aaya a portion of tbt Woanded escaped aa a (teasboat. It gleea tbe np?tor af killed aad wounded at about 80; addlag, (bet thoae wbo eecaped contend that tbe magazine exploded Tbe Kxpreaa, however, doubta thi? story. aad remarka, ?? Our latest sdvlcea from N.ertk Carolina are up to 0 o'clock last night?' At tNai baar it wa? known in Goldsboro' that a formidable Vaakae fleet waa la alght off Fort Mama, wb.'cb commands tbs entrance U Basufort (N. C.) harbor, and la spoken of aa tbe meat formidable fortification on tbe North Carolina coaat Aa waa expected on Mondsy morning. Tba garrtsoa ?s well prepared for aaaault. aad will realat with a determination and darlag worthr af tba gleelous cause la which they are enraged !'* Tbe excitement throughout North Caroliaa aad Eastern Virginia ia inteaae. It was mmoved that W'aahlugton, Nortb Caroliaa, bad been destroyed bv the Van keen No mention la made bjr tbe " Dtepatch" of tba illness of Jefferson Davis; but coatalas his proclamstlon again calling Congress together, (aa tba 3d instant,) on account of tbe fhilore to deliver to the P real dent for his signature tbe Mil covttaatag tbe military appointments IMPORTANT FROM MISSOT Rl rH!LAMLfHiA, Sept 4-Tbe Nortb American of this morning contains an rmportast dispatch from .Missouri, In which it ta auted that Ooaeral McCulloch has retreated to Arkanaaa, aad that all the rebel wounded baee been removed fr< m Springfield, where aaly a portion of Genera! McBride's division remains. It U further stated that oa Tberadar Genera) Price was moving on Jefferson City, tbe saat af the State Government, with tan or twelve thou* and men Excltemeat at adlaaapella. Indianapolis. Sept. I.?A conventioa of arm* path tiers with tbe peace party ssaniililed at tba court-house yesterday afternoon. Although there were but few partlclpanta preaent. a large orowd of excited people assembled Bon Robert Lthla city, waa made chairman, and While "addressing the audience In denuuclatlao of the administration and l*a war policy, was interrupted severs 1 times, and Anally withdraw from the stand amid great confusion A man named McLean then attempted to harangue tbe crowd, st the same time drawl a* a pistol, when the crowd ruahed la and ha waa rather roughly handled. m*lee> "amber of fights occurred, but with no aerious results Considerable excitement was manl feated throughout tbe city all tba afternoon, and in the evening a large party visited the residence of Mr Walpoie and several other political men, whose loyalty was questioned, aad forced them to take the oath of allegiance ta tba United States government. This was doae without disturbance. Ersas Europe Halifax, Sept 3 ?Tbe steamer Arabia, from Liverpool on tbe 24th ult, baa arrived Tbe saJ>a of cotton oa Saturday at Liverpool amounted to 20,000 bales, inci d ng 10,W0 balsa to speculators and exporters, tbe market clsatag firm Manchester sdvices are favorable Brehd stuff*closed Inactive Consols closed at London st 01 %. Richard Ostler, a well-known factory philanthropist, is desd n Queen Victoria waa moat entbuslsetically received at Dublin. Cotton aeed ia being regularly shipped Is India from 9utt p Protestants are to be allowed to opea seheois la A company of Italian soldiers st Poatefcadale while beirg refreshed were set upoa by tbe people and a number massacred. The troops retsltatsd d?tTOvlng tbe whole tows One huadred aad fifty persons were killed la tbe affair Frem Kentucky Lovisvillx, Sept 2 ?Tbe Courlerssys there la a company of armed Federals stationed at Horao $utieo on tbe Naabrllle railroad elirhWB mliearouth of Louisville "gateea Immenae ammounts of freights and a great rush or people are dally going South by tbe NsshvlOo route, of which tbe greatest number of pissengora sre arriving. It Is thought the great rasa to tbe South Is caused by tbe edict which has gone forth September non-intercourse with the South will be rigidly enforced, and tba rush to the North ia owing to Da via' proclamation. Sereaade te Hea Aadrew Jehassa, fct, CiHem5ati. Sept. 2-Hon Andrew Johaaon wss serenaded st the Burnet House last evonln* and be made a patriotic speech to an lmmaaM crowd of listeners Gen. Rob'l Anderson arrived here this moralag Nxwroay. Ky., t<ept 2?Senator Johanna/af Tenn , addressed an Immenae Union meeting yeaterday at this place. Strong Union rsosiuUoM ware adapted. f'*ai Wester* Vlrgisls. 1_jJV.i,iili-"*- Sept 3?Tbe expedition which left here on Sur d?y night, to sscertala tbe character of the rebel gathering la Marlon ceeaty, returned here to-day. They report that the oat break baa been much magnified in tmportaaee. Before the Union troops reached NorthlM, which is some distance across tbe country from tbe railroad, tbe secessionists bad disappeared. Yerateat Electtea Mohtfxlixx. Vt, Sept 3 -Tbe SUte election to day passed off quietly The vote was unusually small. Twenty-eeven towns heard from give Hofbrook, republican, <H97, 9ma 1 ley. I n ion democrat, 1.090. Tracey, Breckinridge democrat, mi Of the 47 rtafeaeatati vea c boaen, 39 are repu blicaaa and 8 are Union Candida tea k Eight Betweea Secessteaista aad t'alaa Mlea Lor is v ill a, Sept 3 ?A letter from Dublin Graves couaty.ta this SUte, saya that two brothers named ttailey, srmed with bowie halves, killed Beck Smith and Bill Sherwold la a quarrel which arose from a political contention The Baileys were Union mea. Weather of Coagreaa from nana Caroliaa. PaiLADXLfHtA, Sept 3?Boa Charles Beary Foster, Union member of Congress from North Carolina, arrived here to-day, en route for Washington, to confer with the AdmlaletraUoa apaa the affhlra of bla State Rebel aoouta lay la wait for him In Virginia, wboae vlgllaaos ha sunrissa fully eluded. Refold ag la Wool Chester. Wxst Chsstkb, Pa , Sept S ?There Is a geeoral rejoicing here over Gea. Butter* aad Cam String nam's victory. The Ire bells, church beUa, town bells, aad ear bells, have all feeea ringing for three-quarteru of aa hoar. Arrival af the Callleraia hteamer Nerthera Light New Yoax. Sept. 3?The steamer Northeea Light has arrived again la satsty from Asplowall with treasure, from California, amountlag to 750,000 la gold . The Ksatachy Slate Lefts la tare. FxAHxroaT, Ky , Sept X ?The House of Repreeentatives organised to day by tbe election of R H. Buckley for Speeker, w. T SamaaAs, clerk, aad Joke 8 Bmedley, sergeent-at arms Maalcipal EiscUas WiLBtaeroB. Del , Sept 3 ?The eltv elect!oa here to-day resulted in the whole Union ticket belag elected. Vlaoaat C. Gilpin waa ra-aiao?ed Mayor by 771 majority oat of 1J00 votaa. The ported Dea?h e< Jeff Davfts Lovisvillx, Sept 3.?Tbe reported death af Jeff Deris is aot civdlfed bare The aaly report of the event reoetved here ta that af the New York Herald The Ceafaseauoa Act ta Mao tea. Bostos. Sept t ?Tbe barha Meueyntek aad Sumier, both partly uwaed la Cbnrleatoa, were salaed here to-day by tee Ualtsd Ststas Marshal. U SR6 A INS ! B ARM A1 .^IH !?<?rea; a io f-Sl "t cLO/?tINw. rs. . , VA tARd, HA* ud C tA.?,t h C . Seveatk au.oapo its K ?t i># * J > i as nis new shook of eloda. whiah wi I be ode sraaiahin? Ijv ratea. 11 a. a a d

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