Newspaper of Evening Star, September 4, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 4, 1861 Page 4
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! - "ll! I MM! THE EVENING STAR. Sewtag With Beth Hands. Tha way of towing rraina, seeds, plaster, ?tc.,is with a good machine For those who do not on machine, the next beat waj is to now with both hands. It is no more difficult to Jearn to sow with the left hand, than it was at first to learn with the right; and it may be done bj sowing with the left hand exclusively, until the work can be done well and easily with that hand; then both may be used at onee, and the work aooompliahed twice as fast as when one only is osed In case of mnoh wind, it is an advantage to ba able to sow with either band. The sower may aow the usual way with one hand with the wind. and. when 0)ini in the onnoaite direction ow with the other hand with the wind, w before The advantages are, that the grain, when thrown with the wind, goes much easier and Matters more evenly than when thrown against it, and that each arm doea an equal share of the work; while in the common way one arm does the whole, and often gets very tired and lame. The moet convenient way of carrying the grain when towing with both hands, is in a market buket, suspended in front of the sower by a broad strap passing around bis neck. The breast, or hold-back strap on a common double harneas, is just the thing; and if there is a snap on it so much the better. The handle of tho basket may be hung to the snap; and when it la desired to set the basket down to put ia grain, or for any other purpose, it may be done imply by loosening the snapwitheut removing the strap from the neck. When sowing with the left nand alone, the basket or other receptacle should hang on the right side, with the strap on the right shoulder; and when sowing with the right hand alone, it should hang on the left side, with the strap on the left shoulder. Every farmer should have a set of sowing stakes, made light, straight and long, ironpointed at the lower end, with white streamers I on the upper. An old narrow chisel is just the . thing for the lower end. A set of just such | stakes are very useful in Bowing, in striking i Ua?br.i mm m ?n mnniriM fatw?a linos* 1 ifaiKUk l/aUHlUt i \j w i u iuuuiu^ iivv tiuvc, and, if saved, are always ready. In cowing plaster I have got along the faster by sowing from the wage n. I use alight Welsh or Democrat wagon, with springs under the "box. Put in a barrel of plaster, rig a seat near the back end so that the sower may ride backwards, and sow with both hands at once?taking jour plaster from a measure before you. H ave a driver to manage the horse or horses, driving by a line of stakes moving each over as you come up~ The sower refills his measure from the barrel in the wagon while the stakes are being moved. Two men in this way will sow thirty aeres tn a day very easily. #o walk or drive in a straight line to a stake or other object:?At the starting place, fix the eye in the direction of the stake or other termination, and notice some object in the distanoe beyond this rsnge or line with the eve and stake. Go towards the stake, keeping the ye upon it, and the object beyond; and as long s the three are kept in range, the line traveled will be straight, but as soon as the three are oat of range, they indioite that the person moving ha* deviated from the straight line and he :uay get back into line at once by ? bringing himself in range with the stake and distant object. A Beed, in Dairy Farmer. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS F*om tis Ukitbb Stat as. ^tiHuri. Ltav*. For. ?/>?**. ?laafow?-New York -.Liverpool.-.. Sept 7 Aratu ..-New York-.Havre ? >eptU From Etjrops ?ka?fow._....Liverpool. .. .New York .Aug. 31 irs. .Liverpool New York.Acs 22 Arat>i* - - -. Liverpool Boston ..An*.24 Afre* ? ? Liverpool New York- Aug. 31 The California mail ateamera leave New York OB the let, \iU\, aad 21 at of ever? month. Machinery for screw steam sloops. Navr DiruTMtNT. { Bvrtau 9/ Conitrutttou, August 8,1861.\ P*aa*d PaorosALs ?i!l be received by thia Bureau aatil 4 o'clock, the 5 h of September. 1861, for t ' e eoaf truction of the Machinery of the Umt>-d mate* aorew ateam aloopa "Ossimk," at the Kittery Navy Yard," Hoc?ato!?jc." at the Charie*townNavy Yard," Adirondack,"at the New York Navy Yard, acd "Jcsiah," at the Philadelphia jiayv Yard. j These propofala ran at be endorsed '*Prop?aala for Maohinery of Screw Steam B)o<pa," that thsy Ray be diatingu abed from other buaineea letteia. o propo?ia ?ili be ooa*id Ted exoept from pro- ! prator* ot marine engine buiis-ng eataMiahmerta, \ and the reputation of tr.o?e whiohhave constructed moc^?afui machinery of this character wi l have the we ght to which it ia eitit ed. Establishments But movn to the .Navy Department as builder* of aiAria# engines will, if th*y propose, he >equired to fanuati aauafactu.y evidence of their experience and itv Parties desiring to make bonajld* propositions wui rqpeive. ou application to the Bureau, a copy of the Speoifioitiana of the work to be done, and of the Contrast under the proviaions oi vhich they will ba required to execute it Drawings oan be aeen at the offioe of the Eogineer-ia-Chief, and, if ooavement, photographic copies of the tame will be sect with the rpecifioatione. The proposals mast be for the machinery of eaoh esse, separately, w:th a statement 1st. Of the number of yease s far vhioh the bidders desire to construot nachmory, .saving to the Department the right of selection. Thia ia pre fared, though a bid for a apeo.fia vessel, exoiaoive o' the others, will be considered. S. Of the sunt for each vessel by name for which the entire work will be completed air eably to the apeeifications, d.awings, and oontract. S. Of 'hecumber of oonascative days fnm date of notification of acoeptance oi oootract within whioh the bidder will oootract to complete the ma tiintry on board and read* for sea service. proTided the vessel be plaoed at his oomm&i-d within a eertair number of consecutive days fr- m the date of said notifioaUon, whioh number he will slate in the pr"?o*a. m 1<lt_ _ l.. j J ?111 _ a. _ ^ _ a & I - *. # > i _ _ a ?. i no diaaw win nue< id mo mm 01 me TNiei ot being p'acrd in hie oommand within the atipulated time from date of notification of acceptance of onntraot, the number of ooncecatiT* day* with la which he will contract to oomplete the maomneaoa board ready for sea earno* from the data ha kh te notified that the re**el la at hia com"Omipbs" and the "HorsaTo?iic" ara to kare fixod acrewa. Tha "Adirohdacc" and the "J chiata" ara to have hoiat-up acrewa. Tnapajmenta vill be made at four different intervale aa the wo k progreeaea?one-fif-h of tha total amount at each payment, tha la?t fifth being raaervad for four moctna afW th* trial trip, in order tp mats food any dafacta that may ba dia* Mfrnidannc tha, time. An ample guarantee will be neertsd in tha oontraot lor the aaoasa ful fulfil oient ot all ita oondibona, a ad a forieiture will be required for delay m e "jplenoa. Wo aropeaal can be aoaaidarad unlaaa aooompaalad by a written guarantee. aigned by two reeponRtue peraoca. to tha 'ff*etthat t ey undertake tha dder aha.l, if hia offer bo acoafted, enter into aoi\|r- :t witt good and aaAaiant auretiea for ita eorpp .et.os. Two or more auretiea id a asm equal to tha ?ino?at of tae contract will be required to eigu it, and their r?apoo?. mitr muat be oertifietl oy a Uaited Statoa d ethot Judge, diatriet attorney, collector. or navy agent. Hidden whoae a-opoaala ahall be aoe*pted. and apoa other*, will be ao'ifiad, and aa earl/ aa pr&otaoable a oontraot will be traaamitttd to them, Sa'ed two day* after tha notification. The Department raterva tna right to aooept the aropoaiUt'C* made in oonformity wit.i tha oondifioa* prescribed which ahall be oonauered moat to toe itiiert?*i f f ue uovernment and oorobine the jreatset number of adTaataces, aod to rqjeot any or all ot them, at iU option. Form of Off I (or we) of .BUM of , hereby airN to e?astraot ths maohinery for < nam* the nninner) UptUd Matas soraw ateam aloopa in oonformity with the iroritioni and terms of the advertise Mat of Ute Augu?t 8-h lafil, from the Nary Depart meat aau lisreacto appended, aod for prioos and wiaiia Loe tinea as foUowa: For tne maohm-ry of the (name the Tassel) the mm to b? (nam* Ua ) doliara The tntai time of oomp etioc to be (cams the Biabernf oonseonnve daya) from two days after 0m> potifioation of aoeeptaooe haa been made by tao U areas, provided the veisela be plaoed at my lor oar) diapoeai withiatname the of ooaSa daya) from the aame date. Tiasal shoe 1 not be piaoed at oar diapoaal Lhs urns stipulated, then the time o> eointo be(name tbe samuer ot daya) from the t r.e &uUfic\Uun that the rsasel 1a plaoed at oar diapoaa. Nota?AspaaJ tkt l**t thru rarafrofkt for tht 4rtLSf UfM (Miicii, Shosid mj (or oar) propoeal be aooepted, 1 (or we) reusest to be ln/onaed at , aad that the gs&ssrk,nr4fd#d to , lor aifua tares ot.) (BUaed) A. B. ' ri i - / ?2m We, the aDderaicned, rasidenuof . in the Mats oi ,hereby jointly and several]* ooTeaaat with tbe United States and guaranty that in oase the foregoing proposal be aooepted. will, within ton daya alter the reoeipt of tae oontraot at . ueeate the aame, wi .h good and auSoient sreaee, for the ronatraotion of tne ma hinery freioeed la oompliaaoe with the terma of the adTsrtiaement of Algaat Pth, (Ml, hereto appended ad snder w!non it waa made; andlnoaae the aaid _____ .kail A.M a? -- - * -? awi aw ium mw ?iur???ia, Tt |BwtDt] to ntk? rood the difftrnM between the offer of the mud and UuU wiuoh m?j be fvftfiei) 0. O. Vjggji K.F. I hereby oertify ttot to the beet of?y knowleJgn Ae4 Nief the ?ho*?-Mied (urMtors, aod ? are good ftnd so Aoieat. <8UMtir?.) 0. H. Te t< linW Hi Ui PeUel Sum ZHstriet Judtt, Cntfd 9tlti DiitriM Attorney, CciUttor, er N*ry Atmu. Ml Ut4t pmp fFOE 8T AMPINS A PACKET OF PAPEft AND ENVELOPES TO MATCH, liUi METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. PHI LP ft SOLOMONS, Aitmt*/tr Lmmmtt't Uitbrmttd Lium r*ftrt "MitnfW? Milk," ft., #?. mMj ?..brt.?th and imhrta. WASHINGTON LOCK HOSPITAL. r*R. SHUMAN h&?, after an oXMrieno* often 1/ inn, established the above refute from qnackery.Mlf-labeHed Indian or German dootora, and pretenders of witoharaft and impostors in central Thia la the only place where a rare and speedy oure oan be oStained in the World for all improper and evil habits, gononha, gleet, seminal weakness, syphillis, primary seoon?lary< and tertiary, orcamo weakness, pains in the loins, strictures, general debility, prostration, nervonsnees, restless eights, palpitation of the heart* nc; asm the ears, loss of memory, confusion, me.ancholy.afleo'Jons of the head, throat, nose, and skin, ar.d all those pAouliar disorders arising lrom the indisoretinn of youth, rendering them unfit for either business, study. society, or marriage. Dr. 8. has the greatest remediea-in the known world for diseases of the blood, gonorrhs, gleet, strictures, syphiliis, seminal weakness, self abuse, Jto. There is no case m whloh they fail to oure in from 5 to 6 days. Viotims of these horrible complaints, who wo aid wish to be valuable men and ornaments to society, should embr&oo the earliest opportunity for relief. Dr. 8hnman bas made the most ooinpiete arrangements for the comfort of bis patients who oome from a distanoe. They will be furnished with the most pl?aaaul and agreeable quarter^, necessary diet, and made as comfortable as they would be at a first class I'otei at less than half the ooet. Do not forget the na:no and number. Dr. Shu man's office is on the oorner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue. Clarendon Hotel, opposite the National Hotel, Washington, D C. Persons at a distance should enoiose stamp for return postage. Office hours, 9 A. M. to 10 P. M. Various parties have L.een entic-d from my institution by oertain swindlers on back street* m this city, who will rue it till the day of their death, A word to the wi?e is snffiei^nt. nyi U fjfcv C*Tt Co*tk, Void, Hoarwuit, JnJluinza. any IrrMaium or Sorr ??*.? of tk* Tkroai. f\tli$vi tk* Hirking Cough in ConsumpI.Tk^TrU:VV<H ft/Mi iifctna. W'Td&XlSS andiivt' strength to the voir.* af ' ? " E " 8 Pew are aware of the importance of cheokini * Coctbor "Common Cold" in ita first stage; that which in tho beginine wonld yield to & mila r?me d*.if nefl*oted,soGnattaokstiio Lungs. "Brovm't Bronchial 7Vc?e;*?.?." contairr-ng demulcent ingrediI ents. allaj Pulmonary and Bionohiai Irritation. 1 ????? ?I "That trouble in my Throat, (foi BROWN'S! whioh the "Troches" area speoifin) having made me often a mere whitWROCHES! perer.ft N. P. WILLIS. BROWN"* ^ " I recommend their nee to Piwje TROCHES REV. E. H. CHAPJN. "Great service in subduing Hoa gsi BROWN'S Nisa." REV. DANIEL WISE. B(ir.nVa "Almost instant relief in the die 1 U"ES treseic* labor of breathing peeulia> BROWN'S l? A"Trev. A. C. E66LEST0N. TROCHES "Contain no Opium or anything injurious." DR. A. A. H A v KS, BROWN'S Chemist, Jfotton, , .... "A simple and pleasant oomMna j TROCHES t;on for Cor#nsA?c." : BROWN'S ? TROCHES " Benefioia! in Bkonchitis." Tau Bl,S i>R. J. F. \V. LANK, j BROWN'S B?Hon I hare proTed them excellent for TROCHES W??ori!ie Cof?h." REV. H. W. WARREN. BROWN'S Eoitm. ! "Beneficial when eomaelled to TROCHES ?fea*, 3uflenng from Coin." noow/v.^ REV. S. J. P. ANDERSON, BROWN'S St. Lauit. vDnrni,-c " Er**CT?*Lin rewoTiDe Hoarse . ?nutuh. neM gIJ(1 irritation of the Throat, ?o BROWN'S 30m>^l(>Q Witn SriAiias and Sma; TROCHES M.STACY^JOHNSON^ ! BROWN'S TaaohCT^MnwojS^utho'rn TROCHES " Great benefit when taken before an 1 after preaohinj, aa they ?rerect BROWN'S Hoiraenese. From their pa*te<Teot, I think they will be of permanent aUI TROCHES rantaxe to me, ! RKV. E. ROWLEY, A. M. BROWN'S Presmaot or Athena Oollece, Tenn. TROCHES oi-iy PROF. WOOD'S nrcT/io atii/p rnimii lltiJ X Ullil 11 I U VVMV1AU mm BLOOD REJTOVATER la precisely what its name indioates, for, while Seasantto the taste, it i* revivify ir?j, exhilarating, ;vigorating and stren;thewng to the vita. powers, and at the same time revivifies, reinstate*, and renews the Blood in a.l ita original purity, and thua at once rtstorts and rtwUrs tk* tyst$m inrulntrablt to at ticks of distas*. It ia th? only preparation ever offered to tlie world, ao ohemioally and skillfully oombined aatob?tne rroat powerful tonio, and at the s?.me time so perfectly adapted to, as to act in perfect aooonlance with the laws of nature, aad henoe will sootk* tk* utakest tto-natk. and toe up the digestive organs, and thus allay all nervoii. and other irritation, it is perfeotlr exhilara ting a::d at the aamo time it is oompoaed entirely of vegetables, yet so oombin*U as to produoe the moat thorough tonio offeot, without produemg any in i?rimia oonaejuences. fenoh a remedy haa long i ?en felt to be a desideratom in the medical world, for it needs no medical to see that debility follows all attacks of diseaae, and prooeeds and indeod Iaya the system open to the insidious attacka ot many of the most fatal, suoh, for examole, aa the following: Consumption, Indirection, Dyspepsia, Loaa of Appetite. Faintnesa, Nervous Irritability, Neuralgia, Ta'.Ditat. <n of the heart, Meianoholy, Ni?li* lAnrnr. OlduinMi. Rfrtantion of. ma wall u Painful ol>et.-uct*d, too profuse, or too sc?nt Menstruation, and Falling of the Womb. Tnese all d^perd upon tenera! liability. This pare, nealthy tonio Cordial and Btood Renovator is aa are to oure as tne sun ist o nae and set. There is bo mistake about it . But this is not all- If the system ia weakened we are open to bilious attacks, the liver becomes torpid, or worse diseased, the kidneys reiase t-> perform their functions, ana wearetroublfi with acaiaire ana incontinence o anno, or involuntary diRoharge of the same, pais in the back, side and !>etween the shoulders, ex oeadmnly iiabie to slight ooias, oougns. and u un cnecked, soon emaciation foaowa.tnd the patient toes down to a premature crave. But soaoe will not allow ua to enumerate the mauf ills to wnioii wa are liable in a weakened condition oi the system, But we will say in thia Cordial and Blood Renovator you have a perfect safe ?1 eaaant and effectual remedy for loe* of Appetite. Biliousness. Platalenoe, weak and aick mo mac h. Langour, Liver Complaint. Chinaand Faver.or any Binousattaok Cot ti venees. Aciait j of the Stomach, Nervousness, Neural (la. Palpitation of the Heart, Dapreaoioi of Spinta.Bo-ea, Pimpleo on the Faoe, or any disease ar'sing from impure blood, such as Borofula, Erysipt 'as. Bronchitis, Couth, difficulty of Breathing, and all that class of aiaeaaes caled female weaknesa, and enumerated above. We wiilaleo say the travebr exposed to epidemics, ohange of o.imate and water, will bad it a pleasant, safe and sure ro>r>edy, and no one "ti^nld aver travel without. Reader, try it, far w? assure yon you will find in itafris id indeed,ae wail aa a fr.oDJ in need. All persons of sedentary habits will find it a parfeet preventive of, an well aa a oure for those ailments which they are articalarly exposed. Henoe ministers, students, attorneys, Hlerarv gentlemen, and ladies who are nor aoourt* mod to much outdoor exeroiae, will !.n<l it to their advantage to keea a bottle ooustantly on hand; ana above ail mothers, or those oesouiiug euoh, will go through that nAitduif*roi> carina not only with mil their aoou?tom<vJ strength, bat an and ft em from the thousandai:merits so prevalent among thelemaie portwftoftne world. In short, is indeed a mother'! oordlM. Try it old and yoanj; no lorger ran the risk of delay; it will relieve anaprove itself emphatically a JtfJ?eraiw>? Cordial Mi Blood Ksaovaler. O. J. WOOD, proprietor, 444 Broadway, New York, and 114 Market Street. St. Louis, Mo.. and gildjiy all food Drnggiste. Prioe One Dollar per H U PROF. WOOD'S RE8 TOR A TIVB CORDIAL I - A. ITS BLOOD RENOVATOR. Bold la this 01 ty by O. BTOTT, ST* Fa. ITNil, aa >o-eoiy.aiw QUNBOATS to* thi WESTERN RIVERS. QtTAKTUMASTJl GlXMAL's OVVln, I I Washington, June IT, 1861.t PaorosALf are invited for oonstruotm* Bonbeats aeon the Western rivers Bpeoi&oeuons will be immediately prepared and may be examined at the Quartermaster's Office at CiLotnnati. Pittsburgh. and at this offioe. Proposals from boat buil- era and engine-bnild er? alone will be oonaidered. Plans submitted by bidders will !>e taken into consideration. M c. MK1GS, to U Quartermaster General United States. innm tan strnKn w7? > ? d Times. "" "? We are now manufacturing all kinds of BOOTS Ud SHOES, and oo&stactir r?cfiTinf Applr of eastern aidi work of SYeri deBHfl sorption, made expressly to order, and wi.if fl b? told at a mncu lower jrioe than bu b^a* pBk heretofore oharged in Qua city for mi oh laierloi "perSou tn want of Boots and Bhoee of eastern et eity made vork. will always ftnd a food asaortmes la store and at tae lowest prioes. 6 its ?s a oall. | EIFFIN * BRO., i ? *-? si 4 fwk GTAMS'^igvgs^r^v'.1.^ Koachea, Bed Bi(i,AiU,to. Moore's Rat and Mouse Exterminator never fails. Moore's Benfcins will remove paint, varolii. or grease of any kind from the most delicate fabric, silk or woolso, with "They go right to tlie Spot," INSTANT RELIEF STOP \OUft COUGH PL'RIPY YOUR BREATH STRENGTHEN YOUR YOICE! SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, t? GOOD FOR CLBRGYMEN, GOOD FOR LECTURERS, GOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, GOOD FOR SINGERS, GOOD FOR CONSUMPTUES. 6BNTMSMBN CARRY SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. LADIK8 ARB DELIGHTED WITH SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. CHILDREN CRY FOR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. They relieve a Cough instantly. They olear the Throat. They give strength and volume to the voioe. They impart a delioioua atoma to the breath. They are delightfal to the tut*. They are made of eimple herbs and cannot harm any one. I advise every one who ha* a Cough or a Husky Voioe,or a Bad Dreath.or any difficulty of the Throat, to rflt a DMkRf a nf m* Thr^ tiona. They will relieve you instantly, and job will acree with me that "the? go rirht to the apot.' You will find thflm very uaeful and pleaaant while traveling or a'teading pabho n>eetinga, for atilling your Cough or allaying your thirat. If you try one package I am ?afe in aayicg that you will ever af terwarda eonaider them lndispanpible. You will lied them at the Druggiata and Deal era iu Mediouiea. PRICK TWENTY FIVE CENTS. My signature ia on each paokage. All othera are counterfeit, A Paokage will be aent by maii, prepaid, on re oeipt of Thirty Cents. Addreaa, HENRY C. SPALDING, No.48 CEDAR 8TREET, NEW YORK. NervousHeadache CURE x Jrinfo* Headache. By the iu of lh?M Pills the penodio attacks o Ntrrout or Siik HfdatK* may be prevented; and 1 taken at the ooinmono*ment ol an attack immediate relief from pain and sickness will be obtained. They seldom flail in removing the Namttm and Htmdatkt to which females are so suhjeot. They aot gently upon the bowels,?removwg Cotlivmiii. For Litirary Mm, Smdmts. Delioate Females. and all person* of t*d*ntmry k+biti, they are valuable aa a Laxativ*, improving the oppttut, glying ton* and rigor to the digestive organs, and re storing the natural elasticity and strength of the whole ??? Urn. The CEPHALIC PILLS are the result of long investigation and oarefullj oondnoted experiments, having been in nse many years, during whioh time they have prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and suffering rom Headache, whether originating in the ntrrotu system or from a deranged state of the stomtuk. They are entirely vegetable m their composition, and may bs taken at all times with perfeot safety without mating any ohange of diet, mnd tk* ai~ Imet of any diiagruablt tattt rmulort it omty Is *dministor tk*m to childrt*. BEWARE OP COUNTERFEITS! The genome have five signatures of Henry C. Spalding on each Box. Sold by Druggists and all other Dealer* in Medisines. A Box will be sent by mall prepaid on reoeipt e PRICE, 9* CENTS. All ertfers should be addressed to HENRY C. SPALDIN9, 48 Cidax Stkbit. Niw Yoax. From tk* Xzmmimrr, Norfolk, Tm. Gephalio Pills aooomplish the ohjoot for whieh thoy were made, via: Cure of heaoaohe In all its forms. From tk* Bemmimor, Norfolk, Tm. sncy bats noon mua in mors um ft iMuurf mm, with entire snooess. From tk* Domoormt, St. CJowd, MUm. If too we, or lure been troubled w ith the hMdache. send for a box, (Oepha/io Pil.e ,) so that you may have them In out ol aiCattaok. From tk* Wttttm JL R. Oumi, Ckitmto, IU, We heartily endorse Mr.Mpaldinf.aad Ida uai nrailed Cephalio Pills. From tkt Soutkon Pmtk Fmdor, Iftw Orltmu, Lm. Try them ! yon that are afflicted. and we are sars that your testimony can be added to the a .read: numerous list that has received benefits that no other msdioine oan prodios. From tk* ff *motto, Dusty Oil, Jma Mr. Bpaldine wu.:ld uo' oonneot his nans With M artiols he did not km<m to possess real merit. From tkt A ivtrtitor, Frowiimu, M. 1. The Cephalie Pills are said to be a remarkably effeotire remedy for the headache, and one of the very best for that very frequent complaint which hM eter been oisoorered. From tkt St. Lomit Domoormt. The immense demand for the art Is Is (0#ph&lis Pills) is rapidly increasing. From tkt Ktuuctoks Julio* filar, Iwwti, fa We are sure that persons suffering with the head aohe, who try them, will stiak ?? Kmm From tkt A4morti*or, ProrUontt, A, 1. j The teitimor* in their flkTor ia rtrocf, from the eioet reepeetab'e quarter*. From tk* Daily Nottt, No?port, R, J, Oephalio Pills are taking the ?laoe of all kindi. from tA* Commoroial Bull*tin, Boston, Man. ttaid to be very effioaoiona for the headaohe. From tk* Commireial, Cincinnati, Ohio, Buffering humanity o&o now be relieved. 117 A nngle bottle of Spalding's Prepared Glue will nve ten time* lU ooet annually. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! BAVb I'M IS riKCKS! ECONOMY! DISPATCH C^"A 8TITC?I in TIMBSATM Nm*."^3| Aa aooidenU will happen, even in well retuiaUo ( is very deeirable to bare iom? oi??ap andlconvenient way for repairing fr urnilure, Toya-4 Crockery, Ac. i 1 SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUB^ meeta all anoh emergenoiee, and no honaehold oa afford to be Without it. 111* always ready, and to the tickinf point - USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." I N. B.-A Brush aoootnpanie# each Bottle. Prie IB e?nu. Addreee -BNEY a 8PALDIN?. No. 49 Qodar street. New York % CAUTION. ??pgS5SJ U ? rtEfriw*'* rivitis ?uui I t&sSr^"m~"pw?r ^ iU ji ?t tdL . 3ST15 ' t ? / . 1 4. THE OWLY F&KPABATIOI woitit or mmnnsAL confidence * patronage FOR STATE SITEN, JUDGES, CLERGYMEN, LADIES, m4 GENTLEMEN In all *a.rt? of the world testify to Uve efficacy ol PROF. O.J. WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE and gentlemen of the Press am unrnimous in its praiaa. A few testimonials otlroai. be here given see circular for more,and it will be impossible for yon to doubt. ? O Wiu Srim, N?w You.Dso.?. liB GmtUmm: Yonr not? ol the liUi instant has been reoeived, saving that yoa had hwvrd that J had been bencfiW by the use of Wood's Hair Restorative, an-i requesting my certificate of thonct if 1 had noohjeotion to give it. I award it to vol cheerfully, because I think it due. My age is about SO years; the ootor of mv hair auburn, and inolined to carl. Bome five or six years sinoe it began to tarn gray, and the soa.? on the erown of my head to lose ita sensibility and Jaclruff to form upon it. Each of these disagreeabihtlee inoroased with time, and about 4 months sine* a fourth was added to them, by hair felling off the top of my haad and threatening to maks me nit predicament I was induced to I try Wood's Hair Restorative, mainly to arrest ths failing off of mv hair, for I had really no expectation tuat gray nairoouid ever be restored to its original color except from dves. 1 wan, however, iMsuj surprised to nna, arter the km of two bot (lea only, that not only vu the off arrested, bat the oolor was 'Mtored to the gm^hairs and sensibility to the sealp. and dandruff o?ased to form on my head, very muoa to the grauioation of my wife, at whose solicitation 1 was lad coed to try it. ror this, among the many obligations 1 owe to her sex, I strongly rrcommetd all husbands who value the admiration of their wives to profit t>T m* example, and useittf growing gray or getting bakl. Very resseotTuDy, Bntt. A. LAVXJfDX*. ?o O.J. Wood A Co., 444 BroadwayTN. Y. r family are absent from the city, and i am no oaier at No. 11 Carroi Pi toe. PiajkstoN, Ala., Jnly TO, irs?. To Pxot. O J. Wood: Dtar Sir?Yonr "Hair

restorative" has done my hair so mnoh good sinoe ommenoed the nse of it, that I wish to make known to t!.e putlio of fts ofl eit* onthe hair, whiou are great. A man or woman may Lenearly deprived of liair.and by a resort to yo:ir" Hair Restorative" the hair will retarn more beautiful than ever; at least this is mr experience. Believe it all! Yours truly, Wm. H. Kfirxsi. P. 8.?You car. publish the above if yon like. By publishing la our Southern papers you will get more patronage South. 1 see several of rour certificates in the Motile Mercury, a strong Southern paper. W. H. kzhxbt. WOOD'8 HAIR RE9TORATIYK. Plof.O J. Wood: D?ar Sir: Having had the misfortune to lose the best portion of my nair. from the effeots of the yellow fever, in Mew Orleans to 1361,1 was induced to make a trial ot your preparation, and found it to answer as the very thing rwydM. Mt h&:r ii nnv think ?? words can express my obligations tt'jou Yn (trine to the afflicted suoh a treasure Fislit Johmson. The Restorative is put op in bottles of three sizes. Tlx: Urge, medium and small; the small hold half a pint, and retails for one dollar per bottle; the medium holds at least 20 per oent. more in proportion than the small, retails for two dollars peroottle; the large holds a quart, 40 per oont. more in propor Uon, and retails for A3. O. J. WOOD * CO., Proprietors,444 Broad way, New York, and 114 Market street, St. Loon Bio. gold in this city by C. 8TOTT, 37f Pa. avenne. an 27 t>oly.alw JOY FOR THE SICK AND 8VFF&JUN* LET ALL JfHO^ARR AFFLICTED AT TIT rHE REMEDT REJOICE *IN HEALTH. FrieH, ?e vol rafer? Are yc* tb# vietln ef aaj I those namero^s a:ln:*^ts wfcioh arise tram imparity of the bloodi Waatara they, do yoa ask I PstHerask. what are taey not? The blood is th* st'siof ef lite and hoa tn. and it is Lie Bret element or oar toeing to r?s?ocd to any eaate wiuob ifiecu the nystpm, as the pulse ifcfa!i:b!y tttaet*. The ever e revei!'Eg Nearajgia, the irritating Erysipelas,th? subt'.e Berofaia, the ator.ii r j Pheamatism, Nervocs Debility, I>y *pepsia, la>er Camplaint with ita torpor and dejection, and the usmbeflese liis thai fieen is heir to, derive their hb'eovs origin from the blood. D*al kii.v-.* taen and gently with ths blood, I'se the vitalising resources of cataie for ita aid, and safer as to commend to yoir confiJsnorand ase that traly va-sable medioameut knows as MRS. n. COl'S INDIAN TEG RTABLE UECOrTIOX. With regard to this almost infallible speeiis po^njar sentiment has ctoken in ^ecided terms wu iiro ptiuouif1* ui iui? jr^.n ckctcy urc hii*inea by constant of our*tivj effects ud th? happiest res alts from iti nee are alter all other remedial and the c?eet modioal aitill have failed. cs ear, in oouclnsien, that certificates euros are not sought from the illiterate aud iuwrfccial, tut they me volunteered from the most respectable sooroes and jcrtifT tne Lifiieat torma in which it la possible to oommend so valuable a saecibo to puulio approval. We may add alao that the ouraiiTe y roperLss of the medicine are equalled on r by its restorative effects, the system reoovermr from disease with renewed oor.c'.Itutional viror. For sale by all respectable Drujcut* in this ity, and by tne proprietor, MRS, M. COX, None cenumo aniens her namsia blown on tfc< fcott-e ana her seal on the oork tnrPnoe 91 p*r bottle, ?x bottles for ft. wlcUtmlt ifMl. R. P. r. CIS3EL, Prniiist rorgctown. 1)- C.. Wholesale A tent for the Dlatriot, and will supply the trade at my prioe*. as la-tr 1'UK ALL at'rFlOLEWT TDKKK. TRIE8EMAR, l.J and I?Protected Iw Royai Letters Patent of Kcs^and, and seourea by the Seals of the Eoole de Pharmaoie de Paris, and the Imperial Collate of Medicine, Vienna. No. l is invaluable for exhaustion and natorrhea, and all physical diaabiiities. No. 2 oomslet?ly eradicates all traoaa of tfeoas diseases tiiat hare been hitherto treated by the nauseous and pernicious uso of cosaiva and cabebs. No. S has entirely supplanted the injurious sse of meroury, thereby insuring to the sufferer speedy relief, dispersing all impurities, ana rooting oa the venom of disease. TR1ESEMAU, No*, l, land s. are prepared la the form of a loienge, devoid of taete and smell, and can be carried in the waistcoat pocket. hold tu uii vwwi ?ou uiTiueu iaio sep&nue aoies, aa act ministered by Veipeaa, Laliomanu, flou, Rioord &o. i'rice #3 each, or (oar oases for #1, whioh uvea 83; and in B2l omm, whereby there is a uiinc of 99. To beLad .wholesale and retail, of Dr BARROW, of 194 Bleeoker street. New York, Immediately on recoirinf a remittanoo, Dr. Harrow will forward the ffrieeemar to any part of the world, securely patted, and addressee according to the m trnctiona of the writer. The Book, of all others, that ahonld be read hj men with damped and broken down eonetitutior.* la "Human FrailtT, or Physiological Reaearohee." It ia beautiiu:ly illustrated, and treats minutely ol all tne symptoms that invariably derelop thera elvee, sooner or later, resulting from the frailties and vitiating habits of earli rorth, incapacitating the Tiotim lrom soaring the fruition of the matn monial state, and. if not checked in time, degenerating all the functions of manhood, and bringing him.atea by step, to a lingering and untimely ddath. Sola by i)t. KAKROWJ94 Bieeaker street, foui doors below Maodougal, New York, Price oenta. Sent free every where. Sold also by b. C. Foro, Jr., Drac Store, Wash isiton, D. C. de ?4m P READER, ER USE The following statement and then Judge of its facts Tor yourself ABRAM COLE, of Brooklyn. N. V. - w.ll known ci?t*en there, had suffered from Dyspepsia for some je&rs, witho-it permanent relief. ur.ti; he tried AYER'tJ FILLS, whioh taken according to the direotions for thia oomplasnt, reatored aim to hecith is a few weeks. Alter an interva of aome months he has had no retarn of his ooroptaint. GEO. VV. CR088.of Harmony, Texas, had an eruption on his neck, shou.ders, back and leg. whion oovered at>out one third of hils body. It kept the parU affeoted oovered with a soab, and being often a raw sore was of oourse very troublesome and distressing, it so muoh impaired his nsalth as to unfit him! or business and kept him in oocstant offering. All inedica: ai<l f%ilou hi*n nntil he took AYER'9 COMPOUND EXTRACT SAR8APARlLLA. whioh oured Lira. His akin still shows some soars from the ulceration, bat it is otherwise as clear as an infants. JOHN H. SHOOK, Em , an eminent lawyer ol Rioninoud, Va.tooka cold whioh settlsd on his lungs. A severe pun set in on tue left side, with a had cough, whioh was soon followed by the unmistakable symptoms of consumption. W hen r?d aoed ery low ne oommenoed taking A YER 8 CHERRY PECTORAL, which soon stopped theeough and oompletely oured him. Prepared by DR. J. C. 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LEAVE BALTIMORE at <L?aad ?.40a. m.and 3.45 aad 5 p m . amTin? at Washington att and 10.35 a. m. and at 6 3"' aad 645 r m Parwuier Train* leavici Wa?t>initon at 7.? a. m. aad 231 p. m.,apd Baltimore at 140 a. m and S.45 5. m . mete direct connexion* for Anra^.n at the notion. Train* leare Atna^oli* for Baltimore and Waefc incton at I5S a. m. and 3 p. m. Passenger Train* leaving Washington at and and UO p, m. make direct oonnsxion* at Baltimore for P^adeiphia and New York-. ?si iMviw vt ii di|ui i o<h ooocnoiiia of W) will be trim ported over the line. Trnnace Truu will leave Baltimore at 4 30 a. m. Letri WuitbT iMttTf.m. Br order of tha Secretary of War: tho M A S^A^k cott, THOMAS H. CANFI ELD,G**^1 ****** A Mutant Manager. au W-tf SPECIAL NOTI' E. SUNDAY TRAIN. SlPiVIRH On and after SUNDAY. Sith July, there will be but one Sunday daily train? Leave WASHINGTON at MO p. ro. for NBW YOKE and PHILADELPHIA. From New V or* and Philadelphia, arriving in Washington at 410 a.m. J A. SCOTT, ij 27 General Manager. ffill STEAM WEEKLY BETWEEN NtW YOKE AND LIVERPOOL. ^^ ^ La?dirg and emoarking paaeoogers at (Jueenptown, Del and The Liverpool. N*w York and Philadelphia Pieamanip *.-om;any int?nd dispatohint their fail powered Clyd--built iron as folio wa: GLASGOW y?tr.ri a?, August 3d. CITY OK BALTIMORE, " 10th. Kangaroo. m m uu. And ever j ftatarday, ?t noon, from Pier 44, North river. satis or ta.ssaok. First Cabin ..#75 Do. to London 80 l)o. to Pari a..- 86 Do. to Hamburg . 86 Steerage ? #W Do. to L,ondun. * J;o. to ('a la s* Do. to Humbnrg.... 85 Passengers forwarded to Ha*re. Hrtmen. Rotterdam, Antwerp, 4o , at rednoed throngb fare*. Hersot* wishing to bring out their fHends oan bar tickets at low ra'es. f-or furtiier information apply at the Captain Office. JOHN 6. DAL , Agent, Id Brt/Mivay, N. Y.. Or to Q. A. HKRK'NO, Aoaraa Kxsreia Baltimore. ^INDIVIDUAL KNTERPRI8K eastsriband western shore steamers. "kent,'* Capt. J H. K rwan " Pioneer,*? Capt. W. Norman. Will run their r>ute* a* follows, leavi c Ljght street. Ba.Umore, foot ol Camden, at 7 o'clock A. M * KENT?For Cambridge, Dentin and Landings on Cfcoptank rive*, every WEDNESDAY ai.d SATf RUAY. retnmin* aver* Thnr?i4?? ??/i Monday. For Aocasolisand West River, every TUE8 DAY* and FRII>A V and returning ca . e?*ays. PIONEER?For St. Michael's anl Kaston, via Mile'? Kiwor,every WEDNESDAV.aiid return the same day. For Annapolis, West River, Cambridge, Oxford and Easton Point, every THURSDAY, returning by came route on Friday For Annapolis. West River, 8t. Michael'a and Ea'on, via Mile's River Forry, every SATURDAY, returning every Monday by stne route. Fare to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and Faston Point Al 50 Fare to m Michael's and Miiee' Rivera round t f 1 P* I,) ?? . . . . . . * . * 1 6? Fare to West River,(ro?nd trie, ill....... 1 *? Fare to Aiin&poii* ('onud trio7ioents)_? 78 MEALS EXTRA. 1 FT Freight must be sresa.d WWf and Offioe, Liu H I ST., foot of Camden. Baltimore. C. K. CANNON. ??? NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY. SUPERINTENDENTS OFFICE,i CalvK&T Station, fiattnure. Mat is, 1861. f Oo ftnd after Snnday, Mar 19th, 1861, Trains on the NORTHERN CENTRAL RA1lWa Y arrive ana depart aa follow*, antii farther aotioo. TRAINS NORTH. MAIL at 8 15 A. M. EXPRESS atSJOP. M. HARRISBURG ACCOMMODATION at if. M The S.15 A. M. train ooonoot* at Relay Hoaw with train* on the Western Maryland Rulroad. at Hanover Jnnotion with Hanover and Getubwf Railroad*; at York with \nrk and WrifhUrl.le Railroad; at Harriborf with Pennsylvania Railroad for all part* of the Woat. a'ao with Lobanaon Valley Kail road to New Yerrk dimt; at Northum berlaodwithL and B. <tabroad for Klcpstoc aod ail p*rt* of Wyouming Vai!?y,and a' *nnbur? with tie Phi'arielphia and Erie Railroad lor all parta Northern Pennsylvania *nd New York. The 3 90 P. M train make* all the abov* eonneotion* exoept Hanover Railroad, WYUhts villa Railroad and the Lebannon Valley Railroad Ti e 8 P. M train make* oonnections with Perm Tlvania RailrcadCar all ptrU of tha West, and direot connect* for New York. TRAINS ARRIVE. Mail at 610 P M.; Expret * at l 46 A. M.; Harrlabor* Accommodation at 2.43 P. M. For Ticket* and information inquire at tha Ticket OftflA. nRJvAPi Wtafinn ? ... uDi?liliulV? J. C. CLARK, Bnp't. Mn^^uwr- LEAVE PHILADELPHIA Cli^ PUK NEW YORK. The Camtfrn and Am Soy and Philadelphia and Tr?n?oB Kaiiroad Cotnpaniea' Line from PHILADELPHIA TO NEW YOUK AND WAV PLACt-S.from WALNUT STREET WBARF AND KENSINGTON DEPOT, will Inti as lot Iowa: At 6 A M , via Camden and Amboy, (C. and A. Aooommodation. > At6 A. M , via Camden and Jaraey City,(N.J. Accommodation.) IAt 8 A. M., ?ia Camden and Jaraey City, (Morn i. a Mail.) AtllX A. M , via Kei.ainfton and Jeraay City, (Western Expreaa.) At 12H P. M., viaCamdan and Amboy,(Aaoommoilat'op.) At 2 P M., via Camden and Amboy, (C. and A. Exprera > At Of P M , via Kensington and Jersey City, (E*onii>g Expreaa.) At 4H P M , via Kenaington and Jeraay City, (Saootd Class Tioket.) At6 P. M., via Camden and Joraay City, (Evening Mail.) AtllJK P. M.,na Camden and Jersey City,(8o?th em Mail.) At6 P. M . via Camden and Amboy. (Aocommoda uod, Height ?tid ftiNDitr, First Clan Tiokat-) Beoond Clui Tiokat. Tbe 6 P. M Mail Train runs daily. The 11* P M. Mail, Saturday* excepted Por Belvtdere, fcaatoo, Lawbertnlle, Flemington, 4o , at 7.10 A. M.; and 4H P* M., from Eax *P?W Gap, Mtroud share. Soranton.Wilkaabarre. Moctrose, Great Bend, Ac., at 7.10 A.M., from Kensington. via Delaware, Lackawanna and West?rn Railroad. Por Mauoh Chunk, Allantown and Bet Li eh em .at 7.10 A. M. and 5H P. M. from Kensington depot; tho7.10 A. M li e oonneots with tbe train leaving t aston at S 35 *. M. For Mount Holly at 6 and A. M. and I and <K P M For Freehold at? A. M and ? P. M. For Bristol, Trenton, Ac. at 7J0 A.W..M and 5K P. M from Kensington, and 2)6 P. M from Wainut street wharf. For Palmyra Kiverton, Delanoo, Bav?rly. Burlington, Fiorenneoo, BordeLtown, Ao., at ISJ^, I, 3, ih and 5 P M bteamer Trenton for Bordentowa.aod intermediate plaoes, at tfc P. M. from Walnnt street wharf. Q7" For New York aad Way LIdn. lea viae Kensington Depot, take the oars on Fifth a treat, above Walnit, half an hoar before departure The oara run into the depot, and on arrival of train ran front the depot. Kitty pounds of baggage only avowed toeacr. passenger. Passengers are prohibited from taking anything as baggage but their weartr.g apparel. All bacctfe ?*ver ^ht pounds to ba paid lor extra. The oompany limit their responsibility for baggage to one <*ol ar ?er sound. uH win liable Tor any mount beyond one huwlreddollars, except by ipeoiti oontraot. WM.H, 6ATZMKR, Agent. fiMWB railroad. Oo and after Ma? lfitn, wi. tne trains will ran aa foliova, ti*:?Loare Camden Station, Baltimore,?Mail, ?exoept Sunday.) at l ? A. mtaFOR WAY PA88EN6KRB. t _ Between Baltimore and Piedm"Dt take the A. MTrain; between Piedmont and Wheehn? take Aeoommodation Train. !ea?ia* PiedinoctetJ.?A M ; and between Grafton and Parkersbarg, take the ??> A M Train from Baltimore. .The FR^_E 8^ JHlAIN 7. avee BalU?or. "tk" kl?/lc0fto"m\lls";tr'yifj bjl. ??i.K?-?"*-?-<H.P 8mitb. Mwtw of Treiuportioa. l. M. col.E, 6m". tiokct A fret. MrimpkSNtK ^?S552SSunnr.*.* snd uo ?tid 6 hi. Ul? Ti?vs?v- :*aw.! ^*-u"u Pour hk*AM<* tnune, ? (J6t. m.ftad ?. ra 4 15 ? m / I % ? A A . tw ... o'clock p. m.. or lmmoiifctaly anar Uf arrival of tha Wmmliton Train, vkiok intm Waafciactoa attHo'eloci p.m. m?-tt M. W FALL*. Praa1* PHILADELPHIA, WIL MB fMSS>lfSSik; SPRLNQ AND SVMMKR Ah HA>UEMtST. Or and attar TUfcttDAY May i?tn, PMMfr Train lor Phiiada ?kia will laar* PraaMaat at root iVh't dailj_(e*Of?t $>BB<jKT()M follow*. ?T*: ! *?r??? Tr?in at 6 15 A. M Way Mail Tfilll 6,45 a M.; Kraainc Man at 4 45 o'oloak O* flTjC DA V8at 4 45 P. onhr. Al train* oaaaaft vita Now York traina axoopt 4.46 P. M. train otM^r X**FraifM Train witk pamiiw oar at?ao?*4 lwTMatt P. M . rtopp. n* at al BCatxaa battraaa Ua ltmonai^ H?m d^rar. _ Haaaraar* for patarara a?d lka*aatar* rtw H Mainland will lad the noataxpediUoaa raaW by way of W' 1 ona* too. in^ All Colored Persona unit fire bond hefere eMr'lEI til* OAT*. WM CRAW For p, AjwL^ _^^^__GRKAT CBNTHA1 ROI TE FOB 3BH I h K WE8T. rvi HrpiOS a ; r HAllhOAO md SEW FOJf* 8K*ThAJ. flA/tRO^I* "Rxfraw Trntaa Iwn v YorFeity aejota of Had eon Rlear Ralread daily. rsixien exoeyted. ae loltows From Cktnktn street Preen Slat st. atatioa. At t of a m At 1*6 a m 11 W " 600 V ID HJ5 S3i f m 3 3" f m 3 V> p rn MocUik. aid Btffa-o Train with a.ery nf Mri,l<|? n Itff* CoL- wci.: i at Albany with the New VviICm tra. Rft. r.Kid for ScbeoeoUw; j.Rr chaster .Utlea Bat*rift. Roma, aad stations oa Roar %nd Wataetown Rn r<~a4. ttaffcio.traMM, Nls-ara Fnl'a. 8u?penai?B Bndxe. Aabara. Geneva.On; ende>fl?e Vraina in connection leave Bnflklo and >m>? aion via Lake Shore, BiC&loanC eke Heroa aad OreatWeetera Raurued. for Hnmlltoa. Tomato, Detroit. Chieaco, Toledo, Jditwautoe. Fob Da Lae, La Crorae, Madleoo. Prairie Da Chien, Oa??a. Danleitfc. Dabaaae, Penrla. Roe* Ulau'. Muaeetine, Iowa City. Barliactoa, thinner. !*cnr ii?^, Alton, St. (/ooiv.e sirj.TerreHftutA. ltd anaeoUa, Loaiavilla.Cuioir.Dan.1 aytoa, Co.uiuiaa, <".*** laod^aadal: poitta waat, Northwest aad aoatAW NORTHERN ROUTE. Connecting with Tr?w? at Troy, with Troy A Boaton and Kens. A Samoia Roads for Saratoga. Whitehall. Rot and. Burling ton. et. Alheo?.Roa?e Point, Platttbargh, Ofdenabaigb, Montreal, A?., Ao fC7" Freight Arrangements by this roate as above, without chance of Caia. frost the ntsnii m ufcambera tad caul etreeta. ara at all tia.a* a* favorable a* made by ottan Railroad Ct mjau>a The laoil>Uea of this nreat New Vork K??te, ?u the Wnteir mead it to the ocnftdepae of laoiohacU ao ' shipper* lor pmmptneaa and diapatehPaaaanfer train*, with Sm?kic? aad Keeping jjary in connection on the New York CeatnM For particular* aa to loot! train* aad freight ar ruftaanu, loqa're at th^prtbt, 69 W arras ec A. F. HMTTH7BepariBtaav>>oL Loavea the lower D<^, Haitiwore, weet aide, OA 1LY, < prude*a mcLlel.itl o'clrck P. M. takinr paeaeocerii aad ooaoeotinc vuh ti>^ Bailroav, liaep to aiul rum Washington, D. C., Pbilwtetptna, New y?>r? , bton, York, Harnehnrf, rittsberc. P*. and the Weat, immediately ef'er th"arriva~of the Uprtu Tram from New Yotk and Philadelphia. The fellowiac * the ScbedaiS: Prom New York to Fort Monroe and back.. ?14 From Pii adelph aar.d naok - - a 10 From Ba'.timoreacd baok %f>. CTPROCURE YOUR TICKETS-TT1 _ In New the New Jersey Railroad uftee foot of Coertland atreet. In Phi ade phia, at the Cempaay'a oftoe. N. W. oorner of Sixth and Cheetaut atraeU, or at U.e Depot, Broad and Prime atrceta. In Baltimore, oa b the St?*mer*. foot of Unioo Dock. HUGH O CONNER, Pa??CTireT- AfHi YOhK, HARiEM AND ALBANY RAlLROAO. LEAVING NEW YORK FOR , ALBANY.TROV, NORTH AND WEST. SUMMER ARKAN(TKME>T Commencing Monday, May 27th, IdU. For Abany?U--00 a. m. faat exproaa train from *th street. For Dover Piaira?< ?> p. m stopping at White PKwa and atatiooa noith to Dover plaice?from Vth atreet atation. (This train will ran to Millertcv every Patortiay evening.) For CrotoD Felia?6:16a. m. atopy in* at all Nations north < f Ford ham from 2B' b street atation. For V* hike Plain*?2*r, 4:10 and frno p. m. stopping at all stations from 3BU, atreet atation. ror n r ?rx a p. n. W Ml a*ataoci from W bit* ?traat H*tioa. For \V iLliama Bride*?7 jn, 11:18 a. a. ud M* p. m. atopalm at ail a*atior>? from 97th at/eat ataOoa. Ratnrnin< will laara? Albany?fcOO a. m. laat ex pr*M train. Dovar P aina-630 a. n. (Tbia train laaraa Mii larton arer j Monday aturnint at a. ru.) Crotoc Pali a?6 a. it. K urte Piama??-u, 7:00 a- m. 4sl? k. Ml p. m. IVi uli Bruit*?fe*". 9>w?. b. ft ljflfl p. m Snndar train* will leave 4th Arenoa oorn*r ad tr?<n, for Central Park, YorkviDa.ilarfam and Hirh Brldf* a??'? f-w minataa, from feflfta. m. to 7:QC? m. JOHN BrRCHlLL, Aa^gayH. RAIL Paaaencer Train* Icare ria Pa to nia Ferry and Lone l>oek, from foot of Ckwara traet, N?w Y<wk,aa follows, via : 7.00 a. m . KXHR KSS^tor Dank irk, and Baffa.o, and ariocipai interme a ? Stations. Wa. ra, MAIL, for Dankira. and intermadiato Btaboca?Tbia Train r'main* orar nip htat Klaura, and trootela the next momma. 9.00a m . MILK dailj, for OOaTiiia. and inter maa lata Station*. 11 Oft a m . ACCOM MODATION. daily, for Pott Jama, and p.lneipai Stations 400 p. m.._WA>, for Middlatown, Nerbcrjb. ?uu lkwriBMlue BlHOll*. &.? ?. m.. MOOT EXPRESS, da^y. (or Dunkirk, Bud vo. C&i.M,(1(wtc*Au(l priroipai Ptaftoaa. The Tram of Sa'urday ?top? at ali Mai! Train PtaUona, and met only to Elmira^ 60" p.m.. ACCOMMODATION,for BoraMrtlla. aad priucipai Statu-na CHAS.MJNOT.GaBl Sap'L NATHANIEL MARSH. Rw>.-tw. ' JP?kFOE BOSTON VIA NEWPOlT AND FALL RIVER. By the aaiaaaid and ap?r^r 1 pteame.a MKTROP??Ll* E>a PIRE PTaTF., BaY PTAtE. aoaBTATliOF MAlrtk. ofgraat J tre&cih and ajaad, bat parti on Larlr adaptad ta U* navigation of Locf It and Soao<l( running !> ? Motion with tha Fail Ri*ar a-d OM Coloay muroad, diatanoa of Si milaa only to BoaW?n Laava Pur No. No-th Riror tear the Battary. The Staamor EMPIRE STATE, Cart. Eraytoa. Monday*, Wadnaadaya, and Frloaya. at oWak P. M., tonohing at Nawyort aach way. The Staaroar METROPO'.ift. Capt Brown, on Tufadaya, Thursday aud Sata'dava, at t o'otooi P.M., tonohing at .Van p ait aact. way. That* Pbaamara ara ftUcd with oonunodloaa rtata rooroa, and er*r y arraagen.act for the weant? and oon>rort oi paaaangara who ara afford by taia roataa nighta' reat onboard, and on am* a. at Fall RiTar prooaad per StaamL-oat Train raaoamg Boatoc aarly tha faUowinc morning: or.may rwsa n on board until atarting of tha AooomnoaaUoc at 8 A. M.f by which tnoy may raaoh Boalon it A Vl'IIMOA. A bditme master la attaobad to w. h itMJMt, who r*eeiTM m?<J tioketa tl%? bMlKi. ud aooomyamae the rMW u? lu destination. A ittuiar ro-a is eonnootton with this Line ba tween Fall River and Prolidase* dailj, u?*y< FreXht to Bobton i? forwarded throve h wiik craat diepatch by an Kurw Train, wkieh laaraa Pall River ever* roomies, Babdaja aacaptad, at o'clock for Doaton ard N? w fled ford, arriving at ita domination at about II A M ?or treiabtor boari.or attka >e on Pier No. 3 North River for a lata rootaa and bctha app j on board, or if de?irad to aoeara them m?d*noe,t? Wm. HORDCN. Af*t To and 71 W wi street. M. V. " *?aad PROTIDKNCTB, PO* BO? TON?Inland F. L>ute?The a Wort at and saoat di?rotos?a?tJp o'^oaa T-lSflrt arrival i M Mail Trail whiak laami !< itia * Th. f LVMoi Tfl Root**." w?4??o??,m< F"4if. Proa (fro "TM *offiifoWw?yi'.i1f.>?i<Ffcw I"*<n~* g Putrnim tnm Grotoa koow mt railroad to P'oT-dtH.o# and Bi>?w>c, ia U?? F*r ?* Mall Trail, r?a?kinf mH pieoo in ad vane*?1 Uun by otter roate*, and in aaiele Liae lor all tee earlr Morning 1l?? oobkuui Ncrtk ami Uaat. Paeaeagert Uat prefer It, rema.n us board tea reamer, etjoy a nigbU'reat ?mt.?i?rbeeT l.reak?at if daaired, aad leave Grctoa ia tterUiTi, Train, oorr^ot.r.y at Provideaee vitt ih? 1# A M. Trtia for Boeton. Far* fro.n rrovtde ce to Nrrpcrt, Fifty eeete. A baggage master aeeoapaaiaa ti?? tfteaaer and Train each *ay For Pimge, Bortlir. State Room*, or Fraukt. Me'y on K>arc tk* it^tn^r, or at the Freight Om oa. Pier 11 North j v*r, or ai tee OAeeef " *N^va-.?^vSr FRRNCH k k^CHSTlKN^Tejaet reeetred a la.-?? aad complete a??ortmrat or Military Books o< all kiooi, wuiok they cfer tron tea to tjiy par oenu below the ragakr retell prieee<??aaledlng : A new editioa of Hardee'* Infantry aad Rita I Groaa'a Military t*urrarT. We SWirifW KortitohM u< OitycK, M*k W rdao*a TiMiei, cheap oditraa. tto a Koldiar'a Gaida, a eomlala nag' a ad book for tha aaa 01 tbo VoulMrMiliU* M tka Hum Guard Sto Tka Hand Bookiof tfca U.S. Soldi?*. bata* tr?t t^k of taatraaboa to U? U.S. lateau-j ?ae ctxvxs. rr"M " igstrasgia^airtg' "*" PIKNCtl ilYCHSTKlW.

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