Newspaper of Evening Star, September 5, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 5, 1861 Page 1
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/ 9 1 I - , '? * . fSwtmg ??. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C . THURSDAY. SEPTEMBER 5. 1861. N?. 2.666. THE EVENING STAR M PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED.) AT THI STAR BUILDINGS, CmMT fnurl??M inmm mmd BUmlk ?|. it w. D. WALLACH. Papers erred la packages by oarrlers it S4 a year, or 37 cento fter month. To mall subscribes* the price Is S3 JO a year, im udvmmtt; Si for Ml months; tt for three months; and for lees than three months at the rate of IS cents a week. Single copies, own cist; la wrappers, two cuts. L.T Advbbtiiswsstb should be sent to tba ??oe before H o'clock m ; otherwise they may aot appear until the aezt day. AN ENGLISHMAN'! VIEWS OF THE AMERICAN WAR. Mr RmwII'i Letter t* the Ltidia Tibm. [From tbc Special Cor. of the London Timet ] Waihijotox, Aug. 5.?"Letus only bold on till Oetober and we are aafe." That, or aomething like It, waa said to me over and over again in the South bj men who play no inconaiderable part in the myatery drama of the Confederatea. And when I aaked oae of tbeae gentleman, more than two moatha ago, what ebanoe there waa of the North giving the South all that time, I waa answered almoat in theee worda, "We are bound to go to the aaaiatanoe of Virginia. The whole of the northern frontier abounds In good poaitiona, which can be fed by the rail xrom the South. The Abolitioniata will come and give ua battle. We are eertain to whip them if they attack na, and the North will then learn itcan't atonoe overrun na, aa it fanoied. The leadera will pause. There will be a reaction up there. We will work all the harder and all the better for oar victory. Drilliag our men and conaaiidating our resources. The northern cities will become discontented. Foreign nationa will aak wb?n the cotton porta are to be open. The North -will bare no reply. We ahall be better able to ?.ht l_ 1 -U.I1 U- I M^uk IU WI VUBU ?t O auail W W U|iik IU June. Every week's delay will add to tbe complication* and weakness of tbe North, mod the end of the year will find them farther from their aim than ever?divisiona in their oouneils. even disturbances in their populations, while we, Inspired by the approacn of success, will exhibit increasing energy and unanimity.'* A part of the programme has been already accomplished, but it does not follow that the remainder of the prophecy will be fulfilled with as much nicety So far the result of the action of the 21st has been the prolongation of the war in America. The effeot it may have had abroad will be known in a few days more It is plain now that the Confederates were not only really unable to pursue their advantage, but that they were not at first aware of its extent. They suffer from deficient transport, and are better prepared for defence than attack. Their army was almost as mueh 'scared,' to use an English word in an American way, as the Federalists, if the reports are to be believod of confusion, wavering and retreat in their ranks?and ef the passionate exertions of Che officers, as well as of their losses. In faet, the Confederates stand before tbe world stripped of a good deal of the strength of which they nnut?1 in tntual nnmlwn' unrl it ia * twif cover to their weakneM to put forward the assertion that only a small portion of their force was engaged, when it is notorious that they had pent to all quarters for reinforcements, aad, above all, when it is considered that, by using all tt?e men at their disposal, they could have forced the mass of the Federalist army to surrender prisoners of war, and have occupied the oapital. Their operations up to this time indicate hesitation and want of vigor; but it is jast possible they may be preparing to strike some great blow. It is given out that General Beauregard has gone for a short time to Charleston. Qen. Johnston has not shown in any force in front of his old position about Harper's Ferry, nor has he threatened the Federalists under Gen- Banks, who are covering the passage of the river from the Maryland side. Before Hampton and Fortress Monroe there is an equal absence of offensive demonstrations. The secession oavalry and pickets occupy the Alexandria road, and the eommu nioationa leading by Vienna and Fairfax Court House towards Manassas, at a considerable distance from the outposts and lines of the Federalists, and there is leaa of the wild, guerilla sort of work between the two armies than was formerly the oase, but the attitude of the Confederates is not that of a very confident or aggressive foroe. One does not hear either of the vigorous advices to drive the enemy from the sacred soil of Virginia, which were ao rife, nor of the hot menace8 to take Washington, nor even of the earnest promises to liberate Maryland and other afflicted portions of the slaveholding sisterhood. There may be Kltay in this, aod, notwithstanding the growlj opposition of one or two papers in the 8outh to the men and measures of the war, the infiuenoe of Mr. Jefferson Davis is quite sufficient to induce the press to keep its peace, or adopt any tone he may suggest io furtherance of the oommon cause. They can organise a transKrtorops in time. . There are plenty of excelot mules in the South if the planters can in their patriotism submit to ruin and send them from the fields. Horses in abundance oan do doubt be procured from the southwest and smuggled oat of Kentucky. Twenty-five brass field pieoes, one rifled gun thrown 301b. shot and shell from small bore, and perhaps several other guns not enumerated, captured at Manassas, will go some war to make up for the want of field artillery, under which the Confederates were laboring, and the quantity of ammunition of all sorts which fell into their hands must strengthen them in their weakest point. The thousands of muskets loft on tbo field will bo bo indifferent acquisition,and thej bare boon already applied to arm men who were not well provided previously with amall arms, while whole regiments are made happj by the blankets,overcoats, canteens,knapsacks, and accoutrement* of all kinda distributed among then, to the great relief of the Confederate Treasury. Meanwhile, the army of the United State* is undergoing a complete reorganisation in the faoo of the enemy. The old army of volunteers and three months' men may be looked upon as annihilated, or at all events dissolved, it would be carious to ascertain how many of them will re-enlist, even under different officers The affair at Manassas not only destroyed McDowell's army, bat it gave a heavy blow and groat disparagement to the very spirit of the Ameriean system, by which men were placed in positions they had no fitness for, and large masses of armed men were assembled whom it were delusion to oonsider as an army. Mr. Davis saw the mischief long ago, and br special aet of Congress of the Confederate States at Montgomery he seised the power of appointing officers. It may seem strange ifeat the soldiers should not feel proper reopeot for the men they had selected to oommaad them, but the fact is that snob a mode of eeieotion,particularly in tbe lower grades, waa iojarioua to all real discipline. U any offioer i aria tod on obeying the rules end regulations gC the army, ho waa recorded by hia nominator* u an an grateful fellow, who wu using the Kwer they had given hia to Tex and harraaa Mn, and ho, too often in a spirit of retaliation and in ignorance of the proper mean* of enforcing a respect to wbioQ personally, port ape, he had little claims, resorted to gross language, abuse and harsh treatment, and incurred tbe positive oontempt and hatred of men who took little eare to oonooal their feelings. It is hard to teach Americans discipline Their regular army has boon for tbe most part composed of Germans and Irish. The people are averee to obedienee on principle; and even ehildren, as I have observed particularly in the North, are less manageable?''biddable" as mothers say?than in tne old-fashioned *000117 where the fifth commandment U held in respect. Muter Pickle and Miu Pert ere fond enough of laying " I won't" ell over the world, bat tbe breed U unusually large in Ameriea, end disobedience peeeee for independence. And, es tbe ebild is tbe father of tne men, ao Sovereign Smith, on prinelple, rebels against obeying the order of Borereigu Brown; fcieks in his inner men, reoeleitretes morally end even physiosllj, end only snooeeds by the preesure of e self-spplied dureeee. "Sergeant, will yon oome end lAbk at this man's pees," called out a sentry at the Long Bridge the ether day; "do yon think I am going to shout myself hoarse fer yoe?" And when tbe sergeent did arrive, the sentry, who had been sitting down when I eame up, ased bad language.|and threatened to report him' Yesterday evening, as I was riding through Georgetown, I saw an officer "fall in his mea to go ou some patrol or relief. They were drawn ap by the side of the street 'What bare yoo p* in that bottle?" said the officer to one of hit men. "Whiskey." "Let's have a drain," quoth the affable subaltern. "Don't take it ail, then," replied the proprietor, producing from hi* harersaok the black bottle, which had been detected by the eagl< eye of his anperior. The offioer held it np u the light, ganged the oontents, smelt th< month, and then took a Ions pull, which wbj followed by a sounding smack of the lips, and a "fust rate" of great intensity. The bottle was restored; then "Shoulder a?m*?bj th< right?wheel?quick march," and away wenl bottle, officer, and men. It would be very unftir to assert that suoh officers are commoc and suoh practioes usual; but that there ii on qufstions of discipline an extraordinary deviation in principle, sentiment and practice in the American feople from those of any other military people, requires no proof when we see Colonel Richardson, iz an offioial document respecting the oonduot 01 his troops at Manassas, accusing his senioi offioer, Colonel Miles, who was in oommand ol a brigade, of being drunk and incapable on th< field, and Colonel Miles in reply publishing i statement, which amieara in all th? n<?ni. pers, in which he says he wai not drunk, and pray* God to forgive hit accuser. Thej will b< aught by experience, and the sweet uses o; adversity?bitter to them?will force them t< bend to discipline in order that they maj oonquer; and if they desire to carry on th< campaign, and escape the Caudine Forks, thej must stoop, as people free, intelligent, and brave as they are have done, to the thrall ol order and obedience. That much can be don< bv the judicious exercise of authority in en. forcing military rules and regulations among them, as amon^ the rest of mankind, isconclU' sively shown in the great changes and im provements effected in the army of Washing ton, and, above all. in the citv itself, by younj General Mgplellan, who bids fair to be th< next President, if his success is at all cowmen ?urate with the enormous praise and flattery which, much against his will, are forced dowi his throat. Before his nomination the street) of the capital presented a spectacle the like oi which waa probably never seen in any civilized city. A routed, demoralised army, with jusl sufficient equipment to enable them to be i terror to civilians, and to inflict death and wounds in their drunken quarrels, crowded th< thoroughfares, formidable only to those whoa they were intended to protect. The hotels and bars were filled with officers whose regiment! were in a State of flomnleta di?nrtr?ni??tlni? The small tradespeople trembled for theii little stores. Suddenly oat cornea an order which I give entire, leat it might be said the words I hare used exaggerate the condition ol affairs at the period in question. (Here Mr. Russell quotes Qen. McClellan'i General Orders No. 2. prohibiting officers and men frequenting the Washington hotels, etc.] [to bk cohtihdsd. j Rait?What Cause* It? Eds. Prairie Farmer :?Under the above head in last week's paper, E. S. N., asks for the cause, prevention and cure of red or leal rust on wheat. I believe it is oaused bv high winda breaking the fibre of the leaf and letting the sap ooxe out, and coming in contact witn the atmosphere, forms the red rust. If this is si, belts or timber would be a preventive, (the trees would be good whether tney favored the wheat or not) and I weuld invite my brother farmers to note the appearance of this rust ic coming years and see if it does not make ita appearanoe soon after on* or more days of high wind. F. D. Lot*. In many instances which hare been brought to oar notice this season, fields protected oy groves of timber, or elevated ground, from the severe wind (at the time the rust attacked the wheat generally) were and *r?> entirely exempt from the rust. It is now generally conceded that rust is a parasite, and the severe heating wind probably assisted to break the epiderinh and afford a lodgment for the parasite. Wc oopv the following from ' Klippart's wheat plant." Rust is a mushroom of the family of the uridines. It is devoloped upon both surfaoes ol the leaves, upon the stubble and upon the heads of the graminsB with the appearance of little oval point*, pulverulent, projeoting, at first yellowish, and afterward becoming black. The little streak which it at first forms in parallel lines at the side of the fibres, finally spread and joining, form large patches. When the rust attacks the grain only feebly, it does not appear to be very injurious to it, but when it is considerable, it oocasions serious losses Among all the graminte wheat appears to b< the favorite of rust. If the streaks formed by the rust be attentively examined upon the stalk, but particularly upon the leaf of wheat, the epidermis will be found_split in every instanoe, and it will not 06 aimoult to perceive that the sap extravasated by thla split givea birth to the mushroom, or at least that it aervea aa a receptacle to the sporea of thia mushroom, raised from th< freund by the raina, carried through the ail y the winds, or, what is perhaps more probable, absorbed in the earth with the nourishing juioes of the plant. It haa been remarked thai the ruat ordinarily shows itaelf when a verj hot sun auddenly auoeeeda rains which hav< been somewhat prolonged. It ia at the time when the evaporation of the water left on tha stocks and leaves, going on too rapidly, oocasiona cracks in the epidermis or vitreoua varniah, whioh covers all parts, and tbus permit! the sap to defleetfrom ita ordinary oourse, that oireumstanoes favorable to the development ol the mushroom are presented to ita spores, whether they oome from the interior or exterior. From the time, alao, when a stalk oi wheat,i? attacked by rust in a somewhat serious manner, it begina to languish; ita leaves quioklv begins to dry up, and when the rains are infrequent, the malady proceeds from the atalk to the head, whioh also soon turna red. The huak er nearest envelope of the grain then drying and adhering to thia. soon oocasions iti diAAmnOiitioiL HA ITIIIAK K* th? ed bT It a* that whioh ii maintained by the streaks of the mushroom fixed upon itsglumes. It will not b? rare it theae dun to tee fields of wheat produce leu than half what thej would have done witbont thia aooident. The more, then, that beat and moiitnre permit* the ?pornlee or semimform germs of ths rust to attach themselves to the (talks of ths grain, and develop themselves there, the greater a ill be the damage it may cause. There arc oertaln places, aa in South Carolina, for example, where the cultivation of wheat had to be abandoned, because the natural humidity ol the soil, oonjoined with the mista, which prevail ao frequently in that oountry, too greatlj favor the development of rust. On the contrary, it has been remarked that, in the vioinitj of the sea, or in greunds improved by means ol lime or leacbea ashes, or manured with ses plants, the rust never exhibit# itself in sucfa abundance as to cause any considerable damage. The following seems to be the reaaon: There ia found npon moat of the graminse and particularly upon wheat, aoertain shining Tarnish abeolatelj of the tame material as glass. Moat commonly this vitreous material terminates the edges of the leaves by little teeth, resembling a aaw of extreme fineness, hat always oapable of serstching the fingers of thoe? who oarelessly amass themselves by frequently rubbing theee leaves in the direction or theii length. The greater than, the thickness of this glassy layer, and the stronger the stalk, the greater will be its resistance to the moisture 01 other atmospheric infiuenoes, whioh might eauso it to crack and present false iasues to the sap upon whieh the rust attaches itself. And It is imagined (oonceived) that thislaysr of vitreous material will be stronger in proportion a? the soil itself sontatus, or. as are furnished arI tificial ly. the elements of its com position. 11 | is well known that to produceglaaa, aandia used i with lime and ashes, whioh are melUd togeth' or by heat, although each one of these subs tancm U scaiealy foible ifheato4 alone. If, then, i by mixing with the aoil, lime, ashes, etc there be juiced at the disposition of the met rial* whioh enter into the composition of tl ; vitreous material with whioh it i? covered, will neoeeaarily absorb a greater quantit, and thereby place itself In better oondition resist the rust. The sea-weeds whioh by the decomposition produoe soda in quantity, whi< also enters into the composition of glass wi produce the same effect. Thai, too, it hasbex remarked, that the rnst has shown itself muc more rarely in silieioos or sandy groands. The rast is the lea injurious to grain tl nearer it has arrived at maturity at the tin it is attacked by it. The damage which it r ceives from the suppression of its nourishmei which it (the roet) intercepts to appropriate to itself, or whion it leads away from its ord nary channels, it (the grain) suffers the mot it has great need of this nourishment. SICK AND WOUNDED SOLDIKRI If HOSPITAL. P*bhtk*d m conformity %citk tke rtfoluticm i li? t a ICUi ( ?w> wc??4*?c yj j?ty IV) kCVli ' Jf (fwwrai Hotpttal on K strut, betrrnen Four I * and Fifth struts, Washington, Aug 30. lit N. *. Cavalry 1 3d Vermont Volunteer* ' N J. Cavalry 1 1st Minnesota Vol l?t Kentucky Cavalry. 3 1st Pennsylvania Vol . * Harris Light Cavalry. 4 3d do do.. r Cameron Dragoons ... 6 8th do do.. I 1st N Y F. Zouavna.. 1 Key?> do do., f 1st Excelsior Brigade. 2 26th do do.. I ad do do.(a)14 27th do do.. 3d do do.... 1 2d New Jersey Vol.... ' Hth N. Y.Volunteers.. 3 2d Maine Volunteers.. > 17th do do 1 3d do do 34th do do 4 4th do do 30th do do 2 2d New Hampshire... 27th do do 7 2d Michigan r 29th do do 1 4th do (e) ) 31st do do 2 2d Wisconsin 33d do do 2 19th Indiana 35th do do 2 1st California Reg.... ' 3flth do do 6 Anderson Zona vet.... 37th do do 3 Sturget Rifles * 34th do do ..... 1 Cameron Rifles^ r fldth do do 1 D. C. Volunteers I 79th do do ...(&) 4 ? t 9th Mast. Volunteers.. 1 Tatal 11 t 10th do do 1 [ fa) Including an officer (6) One officer. (c)Tw > officers. 1 At Seminary Hospital, Georgetown, Aug 30 I lit Artillery 1 Garibaldi Guards .... 2d Maine Volunteers. 11 lat Penn. Artillery.... 3d do do 7 6th Penn. Volunteers . 4th do do...(a) 1 9th do do 6th do do...... 1 10th do do...... ' 1st Mass. Volunteers.. 1 11th do do ' 7th do do 1 12th do do 3d Vermont Volunteers 5 19th Indiana (6)! 13thN Y.Volunteers.. 2 21st do I 14th do do 0 1st Michigan Vol i 18th do do 2 2d do do ...(e) 25th do do 1 3d do do I 33d do do 14 4th do do. 79th do do 4 2d Wisconsin Mozart, New York.... 7 1st Minnesota 1 Tammany, do 1 Teamster. Q M D. .. DeKalb, do 3 ? ( Excelsior Brigade.... 1 Total If (a) Oneofflcer. (6) One officer. (t)Twoofflcer p (d) Three officer*. 1 At Union Hospital, corner of Bridge and Wat) t*ift on street*, Georgetown, Aug. 31. ' 2d N. Y. Volunteers.. 6 1st Mtnnesotado 1 Sth do do 2 2d Vermont do 1 12th do do...... 9'3d do do 1 ' 13th do de 3! 1st Conn. do 14th do do 14!2d Wisconsin do i 16th do do 1 6th do do 17th do do 1 0th Pennsylvania Vol. 24th do do 2 10th do do.. 25th do do 1 11th do do.. 20th do do...... 1 12th do do.. t 33d do do.^....l3 21st do do.. lammanyr* Y.vol.. 4|9th Maanrbuaettado.. Mozart do do .. 3|12th do do.. De Kalb do do... 1 Kentucky Cavalry.... Excelaler do do... 111st California Vol..... Jackson (1 do do... 1 ad U. 8. Cavalry 2d Michigan Vol 3 5th do Artillery 3d do do 12 2d do Infantry 4th do do 23 3d do do 2d Maine Volunteers. 2 Tea mater 3d do do 9 ? 4 th do do 1 Total 1! 6th do do 1 At Hotpital at Columbian ColUgt, WaiAmgtcm Aug^29. 2d Reg. Maine Vol ... 7 37th NY. Volunteers. 3d do do 0 79th do do...... 5th do do 11 Sickles Brig N Y Vol 1 7th Maaa. Volunteers. 1 Tammany N. Y. Vol.. ? 10th do do 22 Garibaldi do do... ) 14th do do 7 De Kalb do do .. I l?k A - J? ? ? ? ? "" ? jv?u uv UV? ( A AUUmUQ liOllBTwijIl X t ad Conn. do 1 2d N. Y. Fire Zouaves. lit Reg N.Y Cavalry 6 'id New Jersey Vol.... 2d N Y. Volunteers. .15 3d do do.... 6th do do 2 26th Penn. Volunteer*. Otb do do 2 31st d? do 11th do do 1 lit .Minnesota do 12th do do.*.... 3 2d Wisconsin do...... I 14th do do 3 2d Michigan do......] [ 19th do do 2 3d do do 1 22d do do U 4th do do 24th do do 8 19th Indiana do 5 25th do do 3 1st California do 32d do do 1 litRegU 8 Cavalry.. ' 33d do do...... 9 2d do Dragoons " 34th do do 2 Teamsters, Q. M. U.. 35th do do 1 ? ; 36th do do .5 Total 22 At Qtniral Hoipual, Alexandria, Aug 30. > 2d Cavalry, U. 9 A... 2 2d Maine Lincoln Cavalry 1 3d do i 1st Artillery| U. 8 A . 1 4th do 2d do do.... 3 5th do 12th New York.. 1 2d New Hampshire... , 15th do 2 2d Vermont t 10th ds 10 1st Massachusetts ..... ; 17th do 3 11th do 18th do... 0 1st New Jersey \ 85th do 5 2d Michigan 8#th do. 7 3d do 27th do 5 2d Wisconsin 31 at do. 11 lit Minnesota 33d do. 10 Mozart 1 37th do 3 Fire Zouaves 38th do 14 ? 9th do 2 Total 1J 79th do 8 Sick rtmaining in ik? Hospital for Bruptix Dutatit, at Ralorama, Aug 30. 8th New York 1 3d Wisconsin 14th do 1 31 at Indiana 31U do 1 3d InAntry 34th do 2 8th do Excelsior Brig., N. Y. 1 2d Cavalry 3d Pennsylvania 1 1st Artillery 8th do t Regiment from Gotlit Penn'a Artillery... 1 ernor's Ialand 9th Pennsylvania 1 10th do 1 Total S 3d Michigan 2 U7' Washington papers please oopv and sen blUs te the War Department. se?>t3?3t /#V AT THE OLD PAWN OFFICE, /O* 11 C 8TBBBT, <0 Back af tk* National Hottl. (# I Most liberal advanoes mado on bold and cilv? f WatoaM. Diamonds, Je* e.ry. Silver-ware. Cloth u>(, ri?u%*, aaa ail Kinds of Maiohandi??.' Bun b?m atnotlr eonfidonual. > ISAAC HERZBKRG, 381 C atrMt. M 1-Sm HMwmb 4H and Btti lU. jgt TOPHAM'S WW HB PREMIUM TRUNK 1SS MANUFACTORY. 499 Birwrm Bnm, Wasmiiwtow, D, 0. i1 sga^*a?sa>rJr umtuoi vrxmm. Wood Box, and Paok"?r Trunks, ! * z 1 at ConfrMi ud traraim will aleaa ; tww.^iga^fts"' ' *"" Sn^arior Laathar and Draaa Tranka mm i Tnnka oortrmi and raaairad at abort aotiM. ?&&??? is ?&is?mo'-n ?' ? ' **!? ' JAJreTS-TQUAH. SUMMER RETREATS. e ie UEi BATHING AND SAFE RETREAT, it o At Poiht LooK-Orr, Mastulhd. _ Tliia oe ebr&W Bathing Flaoe. situated at the J? junotion of the Potomac River with the A A *0 Chesapeake Bay, will be opened by theVcn^V ir undersigned on the 10th of June, m tfceJL&BU. h y*l1 * * ' ?tyle, for ?!l persona who mar wish a .. ?afe and aniet retreat, where they oan have the " benefit of the beat salt water bathing and enjoy the ?n deiioaoiea of the water, anoh aa Fiah of all kinds. ,h Ojsters, Crabs, ko Every description of fiahlif taokle will be kept for the aeoommodation of guests. ie A fine liverj stab a kept on the farm ie Also, ten-pin alleys and billiard saloona;with all other amusements usually found at snoh piaocs. e* The table will be anpplied daily with freah v agent tables from the garden on the premises and from it the Baltimore and Washington markets. The beat Lnuors and Cigars wiil always be found *- attheBar. re Board, #3 p?r day; one week, $12; aeoond week, 10; four weeks for $36; ohudren and oolored aer_ vanu half-prioe. ? The i tea mar 8C Nioholas leaves Washington Tuesday at 8 a m. and Baltimore on Friday at 4 p, m Th? ha.f past 8 o'clook p. rn. train from Washington will oonneot at Baltimore with the boats, rMUthin# Pni nt t.^nlrAM* '/ st&c# from Washington, by way of Leonardtown Add esa the proprietor*, at Point Lookoat, Waahintton. O C.. or Alexandria, Va. t* m 31 HKFLteBOWKR A CO . Prop'ra. i DENTISTRY* a I H. PEABOUY, M. D., SraoiCAL AND M?? *? CHA.N1CAL Dentist, having taken 4 room* at No. U7 6 Pa. avenue, uetwo^iiJaJJajl 1 llth and 12th sta., two door# eaat of the^'11" 1 Kirkwood House, respeotfully aolioita a ahare of

2 the pnhlio patronage, in the varioua branches of 2 hia profeaaion. j j 15 Sin* i \f TEETH. 7 1*1 LOOMIS, M. D., the inventor and pAteotee 1 oftha MINERAL PLATE TEETH, ill _ m l 4 tenda personally at hia omoe .n thia otty.flpflhaif 2 Many persons riac \r*ar theee teeth who^t-u-z-D 2 oannot wear others, and no person can wxtr other* ? who oannot wear these, J Persons oallicf at my oflioeoan be aocommooated 2 with any style and prioe of T*eth they may desire: 1 bnt to those wno are partioular and wish the purest, 2 cleanest, strongest, and most perfect deutnre that 1 art can prodnce, the MINERAL PLATE wil! be l more fully warranted. Rooms in this oitr?No. 339 Pa.avenue,botweea 1 tth and 10th sta. Also, SOT Arch street, Phi adel ? Phia. oo U-tf 14 __ i GAS FITTING, &c. - A WM T. HOVE A CO. A. RE Now prepared to execute any orders wiU _ wnien they tort be fiYored in the 1 PLUMBING, GAS OR STEAM FITTING J BUSINESS. , |ET Store on *th street, a few doors north of Pa. arenas, where m?r l>e iound a oomalete aaaortment 4 of CH ANDELIERS and other GAS, STEAM antf * WATKR FIXTURES. laH-l? a W H w n K K ft. /LUMBER AND OAS FITTER, i Has removed to the oorner of Twelfth and F eta. 7 He is prepared to introduce Water and 6aa upon > the moat favorable terms, and guaranties entire 13 satisfaction. 12 He has on hand a lot of COOKING and other i| STOVES, which he will sell less than ooat, as ha j wiahea to get rid of them. no 17 I* \A] OAS FIXTURES. 1 E Hare in etore, and are dai y receiving, 9AS ? FIXTURES of entirely New Patterns and Designs 53 ana Finish, superior in itjlp to anything heretofore ofl?i d in this market. We invite oitixens sonerai It to tall and examine our atook of Gaa and Water Fix tree, feeling confident that we hare the bast ? selected stock in Washington. i- All Work in the above Tine intrusted to ear oar* will be promptly attended to. MVEltS Jk McOHAN. 3 mar > H 3T? 1) street. if /\( gnV OP D l?in m m - mt-mrmmm w* * 4' VI* Ail V OfiAliClR ? yj Off ?AS METERS. ' Washington. Jsly II, 1M6, NOTICE IS fIXREBY GIVEN, That. *rreaably to the provisions of the ordinance of the Cor6 poratioa approved May 11, lqgo, the undersicned u 2 now prepared, "whenever rnf\iir*4 in writing, and 3 on pre- paj roeut of the fee oi fifty oenta, to inapoct, 0 examine, teat, prove, and ascertain the aooii raoy of , registration ofany gaa meter in use in thia city." 1 Kvery meter, iffoitnd inoorreot, will be oondemned 0 and another, sealed and marked aa trne.wtli be '2 setini** place. If proved to be aoon^e in Ita 2 meunieipeut of taa, it will beaealea aceo-tangly, >> and acain pat in position for uae. 0 Oflloe No. flu Seventh street,(near Odd Fal, .aw*' Hall. > Open from 8 a. m., tola. m. 1 CHAKbEH W. CUNNINsP AM, Jy ll-tf Inapeotor and Sealer of fiaa Meters. 3 ! the only known and best article U axtarmloAte Rr>V3ue?. Bed Hitja, 2 Anta, Motba, Flies, 8 f>??uabJ!1 Hm. Garden Worms 13 VinsBaga,*a. " It (Mtatsi no poum. 8CH WERIN'S P1L.L8 are aure death to Rata 4 &nd Mioe. M Schweriq haa received certificates 4 from the Preaidant of Girard Collet*, Dueotora of 1 House or Refuse, Pcnnaylvania Hospital, and 1 other Prominent Institutions of Philadelphia; U. 2 8. Jail, Waahiugton, I). C.; and Charity Boapital, n NswOrlea^a, La. . The original certifioatea can be seen at the ^ wholesale and Retail Deput li* North Seoond 4 street, Philadelphia, ana for sale in this oity by p. a a ni adit 1 " u. uuann,ui>i uoi ra. ftvouup >nu v% IU., &LQ DJ 19 all Druggists aod 6roo?rs. c BP,WARE OF SPURIOUS IMITATION^. ? IE " Remember to ask for Sohwerin's AnmhilauJ i Powder. ? tC None genuine unless signed M. ScHwaam. 3 ms. IMimeo a rpHK EUROPEAN HOTEL, KEPT BY P. ? 1. EMRIOH. at the oorner of Penn. i. .A avenue and Eleventh street, has beenltflAV .. vreat'.y improved reoently and now offer* " greater inducements for the patronage of oi(iseus - and strangers than any other publio house in the oitT, his prions being less than those of any other - hotel on Penn. avenue, and his aoooramoaations 1 for permanent or transient boarders unaxoeption3 able. The bar and restaurant arrangements of the 7 European Hotel have already Ixscume very posu Q lar. being all that oan be desired by the moat fas * tidious. Tne proprietor elodges unremitted atten* tion and ooatinued liberal expenditures to c*ye sat'1 isfaction to all.and thus renews his invitation ** 1 all to tive the Kurope?.n H?W ? o*l|. de4-ti 1 W TRAVELING TRUNKS. , vv E Offor ipr sale the largest assortment o ! TRAVELING TRUNKS to be found mma i this city, oomprising best Sole LeatherJHMI 3 Ladies'Dress and Packing Trunks, Va-*"?*0 4 noes. Carpet Bags, fco., which we are now selling 10 at very low prioes. I WALL, STEPHENS * CO? _ as II WJPwnn. HT?na?. * CASH NOTICE. IM - AiT VVUro^HVHUO U| WUI UftVlllg W 0M11 IOr - ?verj artiole ol gooda we purchase, we are forced > to reduoe oar baatneea *0 Caah eioluaively. for the preeent. We hive in atore a verj large assortment - of READY-MADE CLOTHING for men and 0 boyi' wear, which are selling at a much lower rata ; than uualir, WALL. STEPHENS A CO.. 823 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th at*. 1 )al Hotel. A KeeuK i 1 W/ATCH REPAIRING ANOSILVER WARE 1 Tf MANUFACTORY. I have one of the beat eatabliahmenta, ami fac1 aished with a oomplete set of tools for repai r- ?v _ in( every desoriphon of hue Watchea, and M ,A aartao?lar attention give to the seme, by mBUE tho tiih oompetent workman And a., work mmhld tae^ A'.so, pvery deeorip ion of standard SILVER - Wi RE, plain and ornamental, manafaotnredtt?ti6r a my own snpervision. wbioh my ouatomera will find far auerior in f aality and finish to northern ware - sola by dealera in general and represented as their ~ awn manofaotnre. H. O. HOOD, . Pa. avfune. near 9th 1 CJUMMER CLOTHING t So At R?duc*d Pare**. We offer our large assortment of thin SUMMER ~ CLOTHING atrednoed prices. Oar stock erobraoet all atrlea and eaalitiea of Geatlemen, Youths, and Bora' Wearini Apparel, of the moat deal'able and fiahionable atvlea Alao. SHIRTS, and FURNISHING GOODS in I great variety. Clothing made to order at the ahorteat r.otioe. WALL, STEPHENS A CO.. . . ?3*a r?na?*lv?m??venns, I Jyl? (Int>l. A R?j?.) bet, ftth and loth ?ia. 1 jaiBBS', HAIR STORE, u ?s8stes^r: Onror. mmtw DUPFoVmJ ?unpowde*jor&V BO SoU Aimuv for tk*Di*trxct of Cohtwuim. A l?w reji.T, embracing ry TanM*. aiwaja * SJi aAiYerod & to all part* of*the Dirmot. (Maraaaoaijjo boiaftat theoSo* of Adamtf I Comaawr. wr?h. nrton. P. P- U Hwh VOLUME BALZAC'S NOVELS.-Tha * Aiobaiatrt, or the hobm o/ Ol*ea, now iLe f* ?7b PeDu4.?v?ou?. ?? - ?^ BDR. juunstor, AirimoRB LOCK HOSPITAL, Wil dilt?*r?d ik* autt Cirlra, Spttdf ?U ?Uf E_ff*dual Riwudf m tk* World, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE BELICACY FRETENT. j APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRA?TTED. OR iYO CHARGE, ! /if FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. WuhtM af E*:k. Smctoraa, Atactica* of tb* W4DOT! ?nd Bladdor OiKMrfta, Impotaoc*, Goo r*J DabUiiy, N*t*oua?M, Oyocopay, Lmr&er, Cooifoaioo f Idwi, Low 3pr.;a. of Ul Hitrt, Timidity, TnaMup, Diaoaaao of Si^ot v Oiddir.oaa. Dmui o( (hi Kud, Throat, N-?I Of Skin, Afoctiooo of ik* Lai.n, Bunacft or Bowalo?thooo Tombla Diaordara anainf from Solotary Hobita of Towb?chM* DraadfmJ and Doouncti'o Prac- ! ucao which rudu Mirnifi impoaaibia, u< ditjc; bvU Body u>4 Mind. ' VO UNO MEN Ea poet ally vki ha?a bacono lb* TIC u mo of Solitary Tie*, 4 ibtl friadfkl Md iiauicuti kiblt okich onHll; owoopa to ID acumoly fra?? thooamdo of Toarf Moo of tho moot j mod taloota ud brilliant intallact, who might otharwito h?? alraaeod Ummr.g Iimiu villi tho til wad ora of *1?- ' aaaoca or ?ikid to acatacy tho li?u( lyy*, may call vitb rail coatdanc*. MARRIAGE. ' Mikl I ID PHMHI, or To?i| Mao ewtitaoiplaticf Mar- ] n 6?iof awar* of pnjucaj viuom, ot|luic acciuty, deformiue*, lc., epeedilr cond. H woo plac*a hi?n*elr ulit the cart of Dr. J. may raHgi- I I; confide Id bia booor u a f*aU?maa and conldtauy I ratj apon bia aktll at a phyeician. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. l*ft head aid* roinf froai Baltimor* au**t, a faw doore from ' tha ceraer. Put nat to tbaar'a nana aa< oiabai. Leuera meat b* paid and coo laic a (tamp. DR JOHNSTON, Maabataf th* Rayal Collagy of Snrgeone, Loado?, graduate from on a of tba moat eminent Collej aa in tha Catted Soatee, and tba rteater pan of whoa* 11fa baa been ayent ta th* Bnopital* of London, Pana, Philadelphia and e lee where, 1 haa elected aotna of th* tnoet aatoniehinj ecraa that vara . a?ar known; many troubled with ringing ta tba b**d and ' aara whan a*l?*pi rr*at acraonana**, oelax alarmed at aadden eounde, baahfulneee with frequent blaahinf, attended 1 eomeuraea with derangement of mind, wara cured Mama- 1 diauly. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. I Young Men and other* who haa* injured th*ro*?la** by a certain practice indulged in when alor.e?a habit frecoerua ' learned from e?il eompaaiooa, or at ecKool, the effect* af whica are nightly felt e?eo when aaleep, and if not cared, rendera rrirnife impoeeible. and destroy* both mind and bod*, ehuoi i apply immediate!?. Theae ar* torn* aI the ead and nMlaneboiy effaeterri dace i by early habit* of youth, Tti: W*aka*** of th* B-ce and Limb*, Paine ia the Head, D<tnnee* of Bifbl, Loae of Moi'sitr P^wer, Palpitation of ine Hear, Dyapepay, Naraoua irritability, Derangement of tha Dig**u*? Furcuoo*, Central Debility. Symptome of Goaiamrtioo, Ac. Mkitiilv?The fearful effect* on the mind are mach ta b* dr*ad*d?Lo** of Memory, Confaaion of I4*aa, Derreaaioo of Bpirita, Evil Koreboduige, Aversion of Socicty, Belf-Dietrua:, Loae of Solitude, Tiiridity, etc., are *om* of th* *ail* produced. Nnvocs Debility.?Thouandaeaa now Jadr* what ta tha cauae of their declining health, lo*mg their aigur, I coming weak, pal*, oeraoue nod emaciated, hiring a singular appaataiiC* about th* *y?*, cough or aymptome of coMamptiac. I DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE Win, the miegcided and inprndeiit votary atplmiri b? hue id uit eeede of ton piinfal diitmc, it too ofiea h?pp?nt that an til-timed eenee of etwme or dread of dtecovery d?t?ra him from applying to thoee who. from education and reepectability, cm alone befrtend him. Re fa he into the hende of ignorant an<? deeirniag preteodera, vho, incapable af eurinc, Rich bia pecaifury eubetance, keep bus trifling month after month, or ae loop te the emalleet fee can ta obtained, and in deepair leave him with rained health to eifb e??r hie rolling dieappointmaut; or by the nee of that deadly peieoti?Mercury?haaten the couetuational eymwome of thie terrible dieeaee.'eochaa Affacuoceof the Heart,Throat, Head, Skin, Ac.. prorreeeinr with fright/al rapidity, till death ptr? a period to hie dreedfal aefennp by eenduig him 11>..| uaiecavered coantry trom wheee has rue as traveler retame. DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY By tbia great and important remedy weakreae ef the argooe are epeeduy cared ana tail rigor reetered. Tbeaeaude a? tie ??t nerToae and debilitated, whe had laat all bape, bare been immediately relieved. All impedimenta to Marriage, Phyelca! ar Mental Diaqaalllcauaoa, Loee of Fracreauve Fewer, Nervaae lmtabilitv. Trembling aad Weakneea er Exhaaetian af the moet fearfel < bl. J J .l_ a hiu i^tiuiij ciria. En DORSE MP NT OF THE PRESS. TNI Mart Thouiandi carad at Ihu limitation within Ik* Nat ikiiuim nin, and tba rvniroH important flarri- f al aparauana parforraad b? Dr. Jotnaion, wiu ????1 by "i i rapenara of thapaparaard bu; atbir paranna, aeticaa al | which baaa appaarad again and again bafsra iba public, ba- j aMaa bia aiandinf aa a (ranllainan of eharactar and raaronri- j Ultiy. la ? *>;not faaruuaa la U>a ctad. mar l?-l> I Db. J. II MoLBANB J 8TRKHGTHEHIH0 CORDIAL AND BLOOD PIRIFIEK. j THE SREATEST REMEDY tm O* WORLD, | tnr.d tb? most Dxlictovs an MTMM TAXEI*.ykg/WjL j It la miatiT a aal- H;* aad Vagaiabia oaapaiad, ira- IMFf aftd by lk? d la ill la- BT tin af Mali, warba, T? 'S aad bark*. Tallav HH I atk, Blaad Raat, HLJH taak laat, Sana pa- Rd| Iti aaaaTba asilra a?u?a t. taatdlai prt**:pia faaab la(f*dla?ni?77!^^^^^^^* ibaraifbly aruatao^j Jff tfiklDI, by a? aaw taaUaa m ' L AUUillai, aradaal f > Ciiltiaa*, *mii*nuaj i^irtt, aad lb* ataat lafalllbl* raaaady (al r*a*Taitc( tba dlaaaatd Iftua, aad MMatiaf tb* Uak, laltrlaf, aad dablliuiad tavalid ? baaltb aad (Utaflk. MtLEAlTS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL WUl ?f*ataally_aata fcl*ai CampLalat, Djapapala, Jin (HI, MMWH * mu Uliuil;, OIINtH tl Ut lliilfl, ud all dlwuu utiU| fraa a duwdin4 Umu hwuk ?y?Iipiii, Itinkm, la ward Pilu, Atilltr > lltkam ! Ua luauk, riUiMi af Biaad u iaa Itti Da. Tata ar Bwlamiof la Ua Mud, Palpuauaa af Ua tari, PiIjhi at Waifkt la Ua ?? ?>, ??i Bnmnwi, OaakW ItfHiUif Faallaf *Ma laTtuf dawa, Drycaaa ar YallaW. am af Ut BkU aad ItM, lilfM Iviui, tavud Parara, Pal a la Ua Baal! af Ua Baak, Ckaav, at Btda, Baddaa Plaakaa af Baal, 0tpreaalaa af Bplrlu, Prlfklfal Drta?a, kupM, Dtimlot; at any narraaa dlaaaaa. Bcrta a> glaukaa aa Ua Bkla, aad Fa*?? aad aft* (n cmui Aad rrr**J 9TMM. A MIH10N BOTTLMM kara kaaa aald darta# Ut laal aix naoUa, cad la aa taauaaa kat b fallad la ffrlBf anllrt aatiafaauaa. Wka. Uaa, Will a afar fraa V ailtaaa at DaWlIt* vkaa MckBill ITUUMTIIIIM COUUk will am ytm 1 a lu(u|a iu aaaray aa ad areata idaa af Ua ImBadlata aad alma* I atiraaaiau Akanfa pradaatd kj valla( Ula Cardial la Ua dlaaaaad, dakilliaud, aad akaotrad aarraaa Ifataa, vkaUar krakaa darra k; aiaaaa, taak ky aatiri, ar lapaJrad ky riakaaaa, Ua ralaiad aad wmttrmg at|ullaUra la taitarad u Ua yrlailaa kaaJU aad rlpt MARRIED rMRSONSt at at* art, aaaaalaaa af laakiliir fran vkaiarar aaaaa, will Bad McUirB ITIUKTIIIH* COftftlAb a Uarruk rartaaralat W Ua apiaai aad all wka aar kara la tVM<) tllBBMiT*! k* idllMMk* ?*4ll i?A ?_ bardlal t aartaia u4 ap'aaify j TO THE LADIES. MlWlAKI nUHTIHUt OOUUk U a aarar If ui ifiii; nit fat laalplaat CmupUa, Wkltaa, katraatad aa Biflaan MaaairaaliaaJ tiwUimi af Bnaa . t lKilnun Buouri itrnW, rilliif af Ui Ttak, l Mdlaaaa, riliUlf, aad all dliiuii UWiiii w Taaalaa I TUB RE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT B?tai u IH(II TUI tl UMfHar * It will t atlaaiatt, auaafikaa, aaa larlfama rat aid aaaaa tka a klaaai af kaaiia la aiui T?? akaak af aia. Baary kattla ia 4 vtrraaiad ta gift aattafaauaa. PVR CHILDREN, I If yami afeikdraa ui alakly. pu* at aBtatad, NckliR'l b COIDUb will ?aka Uaa kaaltay. fat, and raaaai Dalay 1 aat a aaaaatj try U, aad yaa-vlfi aa aaariaaad. it U da- d Bt ?*i ia taka. r 9AWT10N. ? avara af drdffUu at daalara vka aa; try ta pais a aaa yaa aaaaa kittar at aaraa aanlla traak, vhiak ikay aaa ii? akaap, ky aarlag il tojaat aa *a?d. A raid aaak aaa. Aak for MckBAB'iVrBBXBTBkBlBB COBDIAL, aad laka aatklnf alia. Il ii Iki aaly racnady thai will parif7 tka Blaad tuaraajfclr and at tka aarna dma atraaftban tka ayatam. Uli ta&apaaafai takaa aaary laamlag ia a carte in praaaoU'a far Cfcalara, GkllJa and fatal, Tailow Parana* aa* wawlaai dtaaaaa. itkaaataa la larva ka. Pnaa aafy (tl par kaula, at I kattlaa far ft. JTB.Mci.KAR, Bat a prapriatar af tkla Cardial; alaa, Makaao'a T aleukia Ol hlalaaaat. Prtaalpal Hapat aa tka aaaaar af Tkird aad ( Plaa atiaata, It. Waala, Ma. * MoLean'i Tolcanio Oil Liniment, (TIC BUT UB1MKBT Ol TIE VOUD.) Tka aalv aafa aad aartaia aara for Caaaara, Pllaa. Tm. I aaa, Bvaliiafa aad Branekila at Cakra, Paralrata, Baa- [ alfta, Waaknaaa af tka Maaalaa, Ckiaalc ar lalaaimaiavy BkaaaaUan, Culaaaa af tka foau, CaaUMtad Maaalaa ar btyamauta, Kanaka at Taathatka, Brataaa, Bpraiaa, fraak Cata, Waanda, Bltart, f a?ar Baraa, Cakad Braaat, Bar* m Klaa, Baraa, Baalda, Sara Tktaat, ar asp la?a?atiaa aa * aa difaraaaa kav aaaara ar iaar tka diaaaaa aa; . auatad, MchKABI CBkBBBATU) UDIUBT to 5 a aaruia taraady. ? T?aaaaada af Waaaa katoya lata kaaa aarad a Ufa af Ma arapl'.ada aad mlaavy ky tka aaa af tMa IsvalaaMa itaadj. MtLEAITS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will lattara paia almaat laataataaaaaaly, aad It will alaaa, ~ pwtfy aad kaal tka faalaat aavaa la aa fowadfola akaat llma. / VnB unsarr i wn ati/?o , atw . > 1 MikKAM-fl OXkJL BSLAT JuTu?2nT* to*Si^iy m* u< iilMkli iwUf In iha car* ml Ifirlt, ktaffcaaa, Wt?4r*il?, lrUau,lauuiU l.tan, Mm ar villusn. H ikii hilii ! tui li( liUinlUfU, rkak, CT14 1 aaaiof l?n?i at Hinr tf fiiiiHi inIM. Tm fl Ifituii, Inuu, Itrtiuti, OnUti! ChU??, ?U?1? p ? OaUaf ?JK Cm, teaa, a* vfm4, huu lafcUlifcU natij. ABlyhMtowai i?4twwliwwhl>l*in m TMe'tftti aa taafar V* u* nnwrtlai tfcllWIi J tfMd w T?? Jkuin a cappi* ?f M. MckKiFI ClUi&atbs umimmr. u ?ai ?*? *?. OM*VtMHaUriM I ??r^M88iy J OB : OH !-6o to iht Pwflt'i CMiag JNf>?. 11 No. 4H? S*v?Dth atraat. of?o?ita Port CHto*v 1 udiXMiH tutMV atock oTPALL CLOTH , i Eus^Ss5<a^sa?" ? THE WEEKLY STAR. TUa eioeleat Family u4 Nm JmrhIcontaining a frmtrr variety of UlijiMMnf read tag tban cu be feoad la ?tf aU?er?le pabUabad Friday aiornlaf Tun?Ca*k. awaHaMr,** Umn Flagle copy, per tan at .ti a* Five oopta 4 * Ten copies .......,...?i t ? Tweaty-lee copies.... M 90 Ittavarlably nrtili1?iHn "TT?fcliftnii New*' that baa made Tk* Dm*jp Xmmv J Mr circulate e generally ttmxif bout tbe coaatry C7-P!n#le copies (la wrapper*) oaa be peacured at tbe counter. Immediately after tbe tea* of tbe paper. Price?THREE GENTS. J^AVV BEEF AND_FOftK FOE IMS Bur to? ^^JSS^iS'SlYm^A? I Am.t sTrnT'S Bulbs PioroaALa, ?dor?d M Prcnma f.?r Beef? aud " Proposala lor Pork," as Ue mm but be, will be reoeived at th.a oflot natil o'clock a. h.od Wadneeday, the Mth day of BeaOraber sex*, lor furnishing and delivering, free of afl ooat and risk to the Lnitad States, at U>? followiac Narf Varda: Barrali Beat Barrel Fork. At Char lee town. Mau ?. JUOO 4 JM At Brooklyn, N. Y. <000 At Philadelphia, Penn...1,000 ijM One half of eatd Beef and fork mait ba de*irer*d it each of the a bore-named rarda. ree?*oure.r by the let d?y of Aaril, l?8fc and the remaining half by the let day of Jnne, 1KB, unless earaer deliveries ihould be repaired by the Chief of this Bureac. Payment to be made within thirty day* alter d?Lr?rr. Bidder* milt specify their pnoes a??*rately aad listmotly in aeparata oflera lor the beef and for th* ?*ork, and for each of the plaoee of de.irery, joveriug ail expeaaea and all charge* The Beef mast be from we 1 Xattened oattta. saDKhter<d ktwix c the lit < ay of October. 1MT, and the 1st day of January, 1MB, and weighiag not ess aix haLdred pounda, cett weicht. aaoh. TheWa and leg randa of the hind enartera, aad the ahina ar d abou der elods, the ahoaldera of matton and end a of sticking pieces, and at lestst twe re pounds from the neck end of ascb fvre quarter or Ih* parte marked Noa. 1.3. S, 4, and 5. oa the drawng or delineation cf the fore and hind qnarters of an ox which will ba attached to and form a part of the oontraot, muat be wnolly excluded from each i*rre ; a i the other pieces are to be paoked. n ad. inttfod of bttng rut apttk a efaarer. m?*t fca (M tk'cmk trtlk a law omd knxft t? im Ik* wktMi a I quart, mat. and t moo Ik arp?ranc*, m r??ii ?f not lets thin ttgki pc-mudf, nor mart iham tw*l*t POHUfiS ML(h, lt>e Fork rawt Ke pecked from eore 1W, well Fattened ho*?,aiaeghterrd l*?twr*n the 1st da? of Deoember, 1M1, end the lat day of Jaeaatr.lMt, ud weijtaug not leaa than two hand ed poenda ?ach. exoludinc the beetU, jolee. neoka. ah<*a dors, hams, legs, feet, butta, ram pa, lard, aad a 1 rafaae pieces, ai-d n:u >t be oat with a nic and icntjt IB pieoea w?u t not leaa than aix poocda. nor more Lhan twelve pnauda ?ach. Both the B -f and Pork mast be ?a tei with ftt leaatone ataiute bu-belof Tura'? la aa-i, laie o f May, K?? \Ve?t aoiar. Onutdaca aoiar, or St. Ube'a aa:t; ana the Beef niuat rave five ounoea of fine pulverized aa tp?t e to eaoh tierrei, exciu.tre i?fa p ekle. to b? made from freah water aa at>ooc u at vu! n>ak?'J muat be perfeotly b .<hl itid near. Karh barrel mniit A?", ann *?r.T,a -* ? areigh.tot be for ?ork,ai.d nr> clONtufvr'tStiB Mt'-er articie wt!ll>e tiild f > . The barrel* msit l-v ?-uiire iv new. and be mad* [>f the t???t aeaaoned heart of white oak >UrN *nd lie&uc-(?; the etivea to he n >t hi than five etghtha of an i.'.-n tin. k. ar.?i th? h-adit g? not e*? than l.iret-f uuhai'tan iuuii thiok the> mua? t<eth'e* fou'tha iioope<l over, lac uding tue iron b'-opa, beat white oa* or h'ok .rr hoop*, and each barrel muat tare oa it lojr tron hoipa. v,a Ju? of one and a haw inch in width on raoh bige, i nd one of one and aa eighth mcr in width on ea< h 5 iime, and each to i?? c f woe ?ixt< enth of aa mot t"iok. K&'h barrel mnn tie of the internal capaoitv ?fthirty two gallon* ?n> the iron ho^pc muat be rail painted with red le&d. haoh barrel muat be branded by horning on ita head " Navy Bsef," m ** Navy Pork." aa the ?a?.? maj be, aitb the contractor'a name and th* jaar aruen packed, and weight: and ?ha 1 i- b aa<l?d on the bung ata\ e with the letter B. or P., aa tha ca*e ma? be. Tne t>eefand aork wlll.unleaa otherwira flreetrd t y the Chielof this Rarean, be inapeoted by ti<? impeoting olBoera at the reapaot ve Navy \arrta vforeta.d, a d b? iome "aworn inepect ?r of aa tad proviaio: ? who will be aeleoted l-y the respective ??>mniw.<lir g office a; ' r.t their chargea fer each napectiona moat be paid bv thereapeou ve oontraalora.wtio muat iikewiae have the barraia put 10 rood ahippiug order, to the eatiafystion of the oomtn and an a of the respective ISavf 1 aid* afureeaid, Uter inapeotion. and at their own 'apenae. Two or more app-ored r cretioa inaaum equal to >ne ha f the eati mated amount of the eociraut a III >e required, arid twenty per oectnm in addition will >e withheld irom the amount of earh tayme>.t to .+ made, aa col ateral aeeurity lor the due and a th ni DFr'ormai.oa of th* rMMKtin r.nn^it ratch w II ??n no aoc?ant be pud onti. the oon .racta ooinp.ied with in Ml reepeot* ; and le to >e forfeited to th? Limed MtiM id the eeent of r*ilure to oomplete the''elive-iee within the ereMiibed period. in CM* of failure on tfe* p?rt of Ike sot'ractor to deliver all or any of tbe beef or pot k tbova mentioned, ct the 411a lty end at the time Ujil p MM above provided, the con Vector wi.l for [eit and pft j to the United htatee, m liquidated iarnagea, a sum of money eeoai to twiee the tmoant of the contract p'.ee t? be paid is oaee of he ao aal delivery thereof; which iquidated dam if e# may he rooovereti from time to Lee ae they toe tie Payment will he made bj the veiled *tatee at the period* above tpeoified. <*ao*puim ;he twen'y per oentem to be withheld antll tfce (omp euon of the cont act, ae before stated ) altf ;he eaid beef and jpork anal he ve been n.spec ted ind received, and bil e for theaameehall have beea treeented to the navy acente, re*p*quvelr, duly ipproved by the oommandant* of t*e re?p??i,ve inv j yard*, acoordinj to the term* of the com net Tkt parti of botf le bt cxtlmdtd vUl bt panic* any d * i tnat'd i? lit mrrarimi to ti attatktd le ki ton'rart. ttrtoms imierettoa cam e6ieie tkem m at tkii ofUt. Biouer* whoee propoeala a hall be aooepted (and lone other*I will be forthwith notified, and ae lar'.raa , raoti able a ooutract wilt be transmitted o them for execution, whioh ooc tract maet be etarned to the Bureau within ten dave, exoiuat ve if the time repaired for the ref nlar transmission ifthemaii. a record, or du?:ioate o! the letter informing a udder ot tli* aoeeptanoe of hia propoaai, ?lli b? earned a notifies ion thereof within the meaning >f the not of 1846, aud hi< bid will be oue ?l J ao lepted in oonf- rraity with thia undera.aataag. Every offer made mii.t be aeoompanled (aa dleoted in the 6th aeotion of the lot of Coigreaa naking appropnattona for the uavai tarvio* for 846 '47, approved l?h of AB(iit. 1M6.) by a writ en (U<v;?.itee. aigned b? me or mora reaponaibia >?reona, to the *i{ act that he or they hojmlake ihat he b.dder or b'daera will, u hia or Uiair bid bo aoippted, enter into an ob igation within ten da/a. nth good acd a nftoient enreuaa, to famish tha >r<icle propoaed. Thia cua an tee mnat be aoc^rr p%r.,?d by the oerihoate of tha United Htatea dietriot Jndre, United itatoa diatriot attorney, or nary agent that tha utrantora are ab.e to aiak^ good thei r gaa antaa. No propoaai be oonaiderad anieaa aooompaued by tuoh guarantee. The bidder'a name and residence, and the oaa* if each member of the irm, where a oompacy ofera, with tneChnatian namea written in fall, mut lediitinctly etated. Under the joint raaalntion of Congreaa.approve 17th Maroh, 1854, "an bida for euppiiea of pro?i none, o u.uidi, ?oa imaii iiorN ior me in or tM nvy, may be rejected at the option of tha IVepartnent, if made by on* not known ae % urer of or regular dealer is the truet propoeed o be furnished, whioh not, or t be reverse, nut te dietinoti v stated in the bide offered. an H lawtw FKMALfc BOARDIN0 AMD WAV SCHOOL AL El AX DILI A. TJL Mrs. S. J. MoCORMlCK. Punorai. The thirteen th annual whim of taie lnetit?bou rill oommenoe on Tueeday.Bop tern bar ink, in tfaa louee reoentiy oooupiad by fey 1 Teeter boott, Eh. ?o. ISO King mtr?C The oouree of atudy purauod will ooaprlM ail he branohee requisite to a thoroagb Knglieh F?daatioaj and 41 aa?o, Franoh, Latin and i>rawtag. M In addition to day eoholar*, Mra. MoCormiqk la reparod to receive a 1 muted niabtr of pupue ae lOarflen, who, oooatitating a part of her own ftaly.wili be under he- .immediate oare and euperviion. She will endeavor .ae tor aapoeeible. to evounu then with tae oomibrta aad EumUt mjueaoae K?rar?KM^R*T. Oaa. H. Nwfn.U?.IK Khae iarriaroTWer. D. f. 8*ngg. William J/i.J-vwm. ? *-. Tdrar t r?wd??. Km.. Edmand P. Witmar S: ?? LT" No extra oiivm, M at V Also, ?eiT '*** P-omintV Cu^Drtwai Cum froa $SJO to #>. Blank B aLG Stationery of nil kinds, Fine *M?2fe - W-"~ 3d, A merioac and Foreign MhUium, OUl; and P*^?K.NCH UaCBR. 1 (Intnl. A SoynU) irffiiTMi* J U N BO A_T^? Mt tuQivnrfMtor 0?^r&) ofU? UiUdnUM irmr, ?t WMtJa?U>n, by lat Afjvt?jtf?? H* Brit. Sin ?i OwwrnxUr GwV v'.lli-fwg>A 11

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