Newspaper of Evening Star, September 5, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 5, 1861 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITT: THURSDAY %?ptember ft, lMl, On Fmiasos st the various military camps and positions will confer a fsvor by keeping as posted as to movements and affairs in their vicinities. Spirit sf the Horning Press. The Inulligtnctr treats upon the barbarity of the Confederates aa shown In their employment of Indian allies. The Republican expresses gratification that tha 41 forward to Richmond" policy "is now Boding Its response snd realization in the acta of a patriotic Prealdent." THE NEWS HERE. A Emovai.?The Secretary of the Treasury caused tha removal of hla immediate bureau from Its late confined and dark quartera, to the south wing of the Treasury Extension, where he hss chosen chambers which are, perhaps, the f nest and most desirable apartment* of the kind la Washington. T*? Warn Dcpasmknt yesterday received of clal accounts of the bombardment of the defences of Galveston by the U. S steamer South Carolina on the Id of Auguat, all the particulars of which have already appeared in this paper. Ravovno and Appointed.?Alien McKean, of Pa , to be a aceond-class (SI,400 per annum) clers in the Light-house-board Bureau, rice William Stamp, of Md., removed. ???? Ybstisdat, Secretary Reward paid an unofficial vialt to Fort McHenry, accompanied by his two daagbters Tax Catholic Cbcbch North and Socth ? Archbishop Hughes has issued a letter In reply to eae from Biahnp Lynch, of South Carolina, in which Bishop L. expresses lurprlsc that Irishmen and Catholics ebould eniiat in the war agalLst the Soatb. and repeats the srguments with which the public is already familiar to show thst the South aever can be conquered. Archbishop Hughes replies with calm and clear argument. After refuting the statement of Injuries inflicted on the South, he urges the utter wrongfulness of the means they have taken for redress, and shows the folly and shortsightedness of destroying the Union to escape the temporary role of a President whom they do not like. The word Ptac$, he aays. Is used for th? purpose of covering a policy whleh Is neither just aor safe?one which would change the basis of the war and make it a contest b?twe?-n the two political parties which divide tha country He suggests conventions in both sections to consider the whole question, snd lsy the b'osls for future negotiation. d^Tbs subscriptions to the new National loan In Philadelphia, oa the flrat day, amounted to S135.000 In New Vork i30 Individual sppljrstlona were made, and in addition to this, the ss aocisted banks deposited S3 500 000, aa the third Installment of ten per cent, on their negotiation of AB|sit 15th; ao that the National Treasury Is not only quife rich in New York specie balaucea, but i"M,500,000 still to Its credit In account with the banks of that city. ETMr Russell, In his last letter to the London Timet, notices In a quiet way the air.ualn^ blunder of the band at the VV bite House, on the occasion of the Prince Napoleon dinner, In "complimenting the Prince by the performance of the "Marstlllaise." the French revolutionary air, which lust now Is not often heard by French ears? ?a Franca E7" At the Charles town navy yard the steamer CambrldgeandbvkGem.bok took onb<?ard their powder last Monday, snd expectrd to leave for thl Powder has been put on board ??ing Rover, which expects to sail this aak- The frigate Congress will be ready for aa la the course of ten days. ^TTlie old Mgate Brandy wine, In New York ' 8'ted up for the confinement of *be Hatteras prisoners, the fort being reserved for U>s accommodation of such citizens as mav be arrested for treason. Last Monday morning the Massachusetts, Prsacott, Tremout, and Suffolk mills of Lowell, Maas., were started again, one half In each department. Manufacturers there are beginning to re?lxa a prospect of much better times LT7" A day or two since, In unloading a cargo of hides in Boston, a boa constrictor waa found curled up In one of the (kins. Being In a torpid atate, the aerpent waa eaaily captured. The vessel Waa from South America. E7" Slgnor Maggl, formerly an aid to Garibaldi, has been commiaaloned Lieutenant Colonel of the Twenty-first Regiment Massachusetts voluateera. IH7~?!oce the great London fire the Insurance companies of thst city have seat agents to America foe plans and specifications of steam fire engines to be drswn by horses. IT^On Tuesday, the steamer Northern Light arrived la New York from Aspyiwall, with ordnance stores, valued at over half a million dollars, and 30,000 Mlnle muskets. 1LT" Com. Strlngham hss received a letter igaed by many of the principal merchants snd lasnrance oAcers of New York, congratulating him upon the success of the Hatteras expedition. |?7*Oa Tuesday the first Important sale of dry goods of the season wss made la New Yor*. The Catalogue numbered flOO lots In sll, of which 240 lota of sqasrs broche shawls sold for SI 82aS3 75. G^Mlse Dlx, the well known nurse, hss gone to St Louis via Chicago, to attend to the hospitals there Cy Nearly all the fishing vessels of New England bow go well srmed, many of them carrying rifled csnnon. ILT Ob Tuesdsy,st 12 o'clock m .s salute waa red in the Park at Albany, N Y , by order of oov Morgan. In honor of the Hatteraa victory. lp* Hon Horace Maynard, of Tenn , Is In Massachusetts, where he has been making speeches on the present condition of the country. JP~ AI1 * *? on? or two of the Lewlston Falls mills, Maine, have agsln commenced running. inr Authority has been received la Maaascbu??tta to organize a regiment of cavalry for the war. P?iaoH??a -The Columbus Jf ^ou'"1 "A aqaad of Secession prisoners sixteea la number, arrived here veeter?ay a ehargs of a sergeant and six privates. la W~*rB Virginia, umt Cheat K i?*L Were the herd lest KLlif yet brought to this city. a2mVL^^ weronaen wallsdvsnced In years, them, said to have been Colonels tn OasV^fell^'J^^H^J? *lxty ***** old ?i!lt JIvL' h*d fifed upon the Federal Ptoketa had recelved s bell directly under the L'el,t*,,mntt had been a hidvoi. ^ ^ OB P*ro*> which he 2I2J-2* nP ,nn* against the Gov. JSala captured The penalty Iter the violation of a parole of honor Is death TTiey^were conveyed to Camp Chase for safeJnmImi PaariaaaT ?The Louisvills One secessionist makes more noise than a dot#n IbIob men He Is criminal. His powers snd energies are perverted to mischief and wlckedLlaeoln, ha corses "The Stars ?d ^trlpsa," be curses Lincoln's wuos, Lincoln's army, Lincoln's Government; but If he has a lot , ? *il?f T,?"* ?w# have received a letter from If i' comPA,tn 1 Bg of extortions practised who v" . upon Mary landers h? Potomac to flght under the V\ ( deem It annwesszrV tn Tld^L?1?! Jh' We r<* ihMt ***** ,lldlVldusl who swindles a soldier la tbeae times de> r-7S/iiTUoa ?' gowl Vnsui Captobbd it Paivaraaas ?The ! U T?asels known to have been captured t-y the Confederate privateers up to th- 1st last . elaartied aa follows: Steamers 4, ships ft. ?,kri?sl#t m4Kka?ta? 1*. ToW*"' OUR MILITARY BUDGET. m AN IMPORTANT 8*N**AL 0*D*R War Department, Adjutant General's Office. > Washington, Sept. 5,1981. J General Orders, No. 71. All persons having received authority to raise volunteer regiments, batteries or companies in the State of New York, will immediately report to Hia Excellency, Governor Morgan, at Albany, the present state of their respective organisations. They and tfieir commands are placed under the orders of Governor Morgan, who will reorganize them and prepare them for service in the manner he may Judge most advantageous for the Interests of the General Government. 2. All commiasioned officers of regimsnts, batteries or companies now in service raised In the State of New York, Independent of the State authorities, can receive commissions from the Governor of thst Stats by reporting to the Adjutant General thereof snd filing in his office a duplicate of the musters, on rolls, of their respective orgsnlxatlons. By order: L. THoxta, Adjutant General. G*o. D. Kuoglx*, Aaa't Adj't Gen'l. This general order cannot fall greatly to facilitate the organization of the Nsw York troops, snd, It strikes us, should at once be made applicable to all independent companies, bsttallons and reglmenta being raiaed in all the States. Much of the past confualon, and no little of the p&at extravagant expenditures in raiting volunteers, grew out of the want of responsibility of parties raiaing tome of them to any legitimate authority until their several commanders were mustered luto tbe aervlce. Without auch a rule in force, we doubt whether a Governor can even know how many volunteers are in the service from hia State. THS CASK OT Ma. TKMPLKTON. W. C. Templeton, Esq.,a wealthy Louialanlan, who bought the fine property of Dr. Mann, on Prospect Hill, Georgetown, a year or two ago, and greatly Improved the building and grounds, left bis residence several weeks since, avowedly to reclaim hia son, (a minor,) who was aald to have gone to Dixie as \ "soger." He went over the Chain Bridge In his private carriage, but had not paased long before the carriage returned, the driver?colored?stating that his master had been arrested We next heard of Mr. Templeton being in prison at Richmond, and tbe Baltimore Exchange subsequently snnouneed his prompt release by Jefferson D., on being informed " of the f*cta" ol Mr. Templeton's case His residence in Georgetown was searched by the Provost Guard on Tuesday last, snd since that time an armed guard has been placed about the premises. armt affointmints. Lieut. Colonel John Sedgwick, of 8th Cavalry, U. 8. A., has been appointed a Brigadier General of Volunteers. Hoyt Sherman, (a brother of Senator 8 , of Ohio,) has been sppolnted an additional Paymaster of Volunteers. GKNZBAL BC*58IDE. Gen. Curnside has been assigned to duty here, in command of the regtmenta which have not yet been assigned to brigades, and all arriving 'roops. NOT so. ^ Com. Sam Barron, recently owde a prisoner by Commodors Strlngham, is uot the son of the original Com. Barron, as represented by the press, but his nephew. THS RirORTXD DEATH OF > KFFLUSn.N DAVIS. L p to the Ume of ^olng to pre*s to-day, no further Intelligence has been received confirmatory of the reported death of Jefferson Davis. DEAD. The Nsvy Department have Information of the death of Lieut. Joseph W Harris, U 8 N , on board the Lancaster, at Panama, on the 24th Inst COLONKL MARCY. Colonel R II. Marey, Inspector Genersl U. 8. Army, has been appointed chief of Gen McClellan's staff. INTRRRSTIN? INFORMATION CONCERNING THK KHKMT. Position and Numbers of the Enemy at Various Pointt aerott the River?Prevalence of Diuas? in their Ranks?They art Well Supplied tetih Provisions at Present ?Their Contemplated Movement?, fc. [Special Correspondence of The Star.] Fairfax Cobntt, Va., 8ept. 6, 1881.?From Information, of the correctness of which there can be no question, 1 csn inform yon thst at present there are no disunion troops st Vlenns; s picket guard only being kept there. Immediately around Flint Hill?half way between Falls Church :ind Fairfax Court-house?there are tbe remains of four South Carolina regiments?Kershaw's, Cash's, Bacon's, and Williams'?reduced to about half their .original .number by tbe contingencies of their service?principally through sickness Each of these regiments were originally (MM) strong. Tbe camp measles has raged long and terrifically In these regiments, as throughout the rest of Beauregard's army. As soon as a man is taken down with it now, he is sent off to some hospital in tbe interior. Recently the South Carolina regiments received from their State a supply of new clothing and shoes, of which they were In great need. At present they hsve a sufficiency of provisions?fresh beef, bscon snd flour. Much uncertainty exists among them with reference to their military movementa, It being whispered around that tbe idea of really striking at Washington has been abandoned by their leaders becsuss success would be but probiemstlcal, at best. m 9 m * Front Fortress Msnrse. Fortrkss Monro*, Sept. 3 ?'The steamer George Peabody left Old Point for Hatteraa Inlet, at 4 o'clock p. no , with a large quantity of commissary snd ordnance stores. Tbe gunboat R. B Forbes was gotten off the besch at Cspe Charles, night before last, with three feet water In her hold, and proceeded to Washington this morning,for repairs. She would have gone to pieces had not the weather been unuaually mild. The contraband staves st Old Point now number 1 8W souls, including women and children A flag of truce is Just down from Norfolk with the crews of the barks Bowena snd Glen, and cbooner Mary Alice snd brig Joseph, ell csp. tured by the prlvsteer Dixie, with tbe exception of the Joseph, which was taken by tbe privateer Savannah Tbe captain and mates of the Glen were retained ss prisoners at Richmond. The captain of the Mary Alice is almost direct from Charleston He reports that the force there does not exceed! 000 men, snd that they apprehend an attack from tbe recent naval expedition to tbe North Carolina coast Congressman Ely is still at Richmond, and has to take his turn in cooking and carrying wster for the prisoners Col. Corcoran, of the Sixty-ninth New York Regiment, was 1stelyput ts trons for several hours Tor refuting to answer to his name on the roll. Butter at Richmond la worth 50cento per pound, ham 30 cents, and coffee 45 cento per pound Capt. Darns msde a reconnoiaance yesterday in the direction of Rock river, and captured two of the mounted North Guards Col. Richardson and P*ac?*s ?A letter from s member of the Second Regiment contains tbe following : Soon after tbe regiment went Into camp st their present post, near Arlington, s messenger from a rank secessionist asked of Colonel R icbardson that a guard be placed around a very floe peach orchard on his plsce. This was done snd for several daya tbe peaches were allowed to ripen undisturbed. Happening there one day tbe Colonel picked from tbe ground half a dozen peeebes, when be was met by the owner, who, In s very pompous manner, said, " pay ms for 'hose peaches, sir." "Certainly," said tbe Colonel; " how much shall 1 pay*" 'Fifty cents, "said the rebel. Hsndlng him the money, the Colonel turned to tbe guard and said. 44 now go to rour eamp, boys >r "Hold on. here," setds-cesh; "Col. Richardson sent tbsse men here ? " To be sure he did," replied tbe Colonel, " and be now sends them back." Abduction or a Girl bt a Mabrird Man ?A man nsmed George W. Frame, In North Coventor township. Chester county, Ps , with a wife and three children, ran off with s voung girl of the vicinity, on Sundsy tbe 3Sth ult , and it is supposed has married her. Tbe girl Is the daughter of John H Welse, one of the moat respectable citizens of North Coventor township Sarah, tbe girl abducted, ts only 13 years of sge, and on that morning had been sent to tbe Sunday School of the Methodist Church of which the ffimily are members. ICTHwrv T. Berbeak. of Freeman, Maine, IS Tsars old. killed eight black ducks at onesbot. Tbe gun was oae of the sasalleet kind of fowling pieces, that cost but S3 50 (ETThe Apple Ciep In Massachusetts, it la feared, v ill be fWlnre; some of tbe lanmt fruit r ils?r? say that toBf shall not gat no ugh for their ?>wn um. ITT I'be Boston Transcript says thst before two moaifes Massachusetts will hare twenty-two thoufSAd BMaUIlM Ualott iobj. 1 Seathera lecMit ( th? Cayttri ef Parti Hatteraa u4 Clark. The Petersburg Express, of Tuesday, aaya It ob.^ Ulned the following from two soldiers, who were preaent at the bombardment of Forta Clark and Hstteraa. On Thuradsy morning early the enemy's powerful guns opened Are at Fort Hatteras, the war ahlpa keeping out at a distance almost beyond the range of our guns. Thla they were enabled to do by meant of their #4-ponndert. while the largest guns at Hatteras were only 3*J-pounders. It la stated that one of the Federal steamer became little bold, and ventured within range of our guns. A well directed shot was Immedlstely fired, which struck a mall boat hanging from the davits en her forward quarter, and knocked It Into fragments. Another shot speedily from Hatteras, which atruck the hull of the steamer fair and square, producing an opening which was distinctly visible from the fort. Tiila was more than the Federal craft had bargained for, and she Instantly directed her bow to aeaward, and made far deeper water. The wounded soldiers say that about 11 o'clock our magazine waa exploded by a shell from the enemy, which scattered death and destruction all around. It is to this unfortunate and unexpected casualty that the capture of the fort Is sttrlbuted, and not to a lack or ammunition, as has been erroneously stated. By this explosion, we have been Informed, the great majority or deaths on our side were effected. The wounded were speedily hurried to the Wlnslow, and the steamer sent off to prevent her from foiling Into the hands of the enemy. Among the wounded we regret to hear of Lieut. VV H Murdaugh, a native of Portsmouth, Va , and for several years a member of the U.S. Navy. Lieut M. waa at Goldaboro' on Saturday, and we learn that be was In much pain, his arm havln" been badly hurt. It Is feared that amputation will be neceaaary. It la generally believed that the killed and wounded will reach eighty or ninety But fifteen escaped on the Winslow. Lieut Wm. Sharp, late of the U. S. Navy, Is known to be among the prisoners He is a native of Norfolk, Va., where, as alK) m Petersburg, he baa many relatives and friends. Com Samuel Barron, formerly of the U S Navy, and a nephew of old Com. James Barron, la al?o among the prisonera. A gentleman now In tbla city, who visited Fort Hatteras l;ist Tuesday, two weeks ?lnee, inform* us that it was scientifically arranged and substantially built. The timbers used were of the most massive and durable kind, and the wbole was covered with earth to the tblcknes** of twelve or more Inches, and then turfed, the grass being already verdant and luxurious. The same gentleman Informs us that there was an abundance of ammunition?powder, shell, and solid shot?and that the magaiine, located between tbe fort and the shelter in the resr, was considered by skillful engineers as bomb proof. If this be so, the wounded soldiers may have been mistaken as to the exploalon of the magazine. All accounts agree that the Yankee aoldlera now quartered on Hatteras Island will have a most unpleasant situation, if they can be confined to that locality It is a dreary, barren apot, composed chiefly of sand During the latter summer and early fall months It abounds with mosquitoes remarkable alike for alze and bloodthlratlncss, and during tbe winter tbe winds from Old Neptune sweep across the Island with a fury and keenness against which the thickest of garments offer but poor and inadequate protection. Another Insurmountable obstacle Is the entire absence of fresh water, so Important for drinking and culinary purposes Every drop used by our troops has been carried from Newbern, a source to wbich the V ankees cannot resort. All that the Yankees procure must be brought from Old Point, where the article Is already scarce. It! fact, we believe the supply at Fortress Monroe la obtained chiefly from Baltimore. An army to protect Washington, within it situated it tte bead of Pamlico river, and a strong garrison at the mouth of Neuse river, which commands the approach to Newbern. will secure these places from any marauding expeditions which the vandals may attempt Fortifications have been already tbrown up at the mon'hof Neuse river, and tbere is nothing now to do but to place the guus in battery. Phe waters of Pamlico Sound, which the counties of Tyrrel and Hyde, are entirely too shallow for several miles out to admit the approach of any but the smallest of boats, and the citizens of those counties need apprehend no danger of molestation. Further down, a distance of 4(1 or 30, are Beaufort and Carolina city, where the blockade has been so repeatedly run without trouble; but the entrance to these harbors is commanded by tbe guns of Fort Macon?a fortification of mocb greater snd more formidable dimensions than Fort Hatteraa. Arsaias is Mimocbi ?From the Missouri Democrat of .Monday, we clip the following: By passengers on the Pacific Railrood trjln last night, we learn that on Thursday last, the notorious Capt. Magoffin, of Pettis county, was captured by a detachment of Col. Marshall's cavalry surrounded the town, and took Magoffin and some others without difficulty. One report sayS that ss troot* were passing through. Magoffin fired out of a window and killed two of them. He was immediately seized, and it waa supposed was hung o shot by order of Col. Marshall, on the same day. - Col. Marshall's regiment of cavalry left Sedatla on Friday morning for Lexington, and doubtless reached on the following day. Two companies of Iowa troops, with a battery of four pieces of artillery, lately raised In Wayne, Page and Ringold counties, have arrived, and are encamped at Lafayette Park. They will shortly join the eight companies of the Fourth Iowa regiment, now at Rolla, under Col Dodge. Information has come to hand, such as leaves no cause for doubt, that Gen. Prentiss has captured HJO rebel prisoners, many of them leading secessionists of the Southeast, and be is prepared to mete out to t'uem tbe same treatment, whatever it may be, which the guerillas in Northern Missouri may adopt towards Union men who have fallen into their hands Tbe Springfield muskets and Enfield rifles telegraphed by the Governor of Indiana to Col Saunders, of the Twenty-third Regiment, as having been purchased by that State for tbe use of her soldiers, arrived on Saturday, directed to Col Rose, Quartermaster for the State here There were 4,000 of them?two companies of ea^h regiment are to be aupplted with tbe Enfield rifle, and eight companies v 1th the Springfield musket These guns are of about the same weight, and carry 1,000 They were purchased in England, and came byway of Canada. Some hundreds of laborers bsve been busily at work for ten days or two weeks past, digging extensive trenches aod building great earth works and fortifications at numerous chosen points, commanding the western, southwestern and southern entrances to tbe city About a quarter of a mile southwest of Lafayette Park, Mr. John Born has been working about one hundred and fifty men alnce the lfith of August They have nearly completed a trench of an irregular zig-zag circumference of eight hundred feet, by nine feet deep and seven to n!n? feet wide Along the west side of this extensive trench has been thrown up a solid breastwork of earth six feet in height Five 64-pounders and some smaller guna are to be planted on thia earthwork. Frem Mtsionri. .. C,A1? Girardeau, Mo., Sept. 5.?General Prenjss little army, which left Ironton some days alnce, had arrived aafe at Jackson, some ten miles wett of here, yftterday morning. No enemy was met. A scout arrived from Hardse'a Confederate camp reports that tbey immediately commenced retreating on hearing of Prentiss' advance, rapidly moving towards Arkansas with bis f. rce of 6,1)00 men. The enemy are reported to be strongly fortified at Sykestown Rolla, Mo , Sept. 3.?Tbe correspondent of the St Louis Democrat, furnishes the following- A genUeman from Springfield on Friday evening, reports that Ben. McCuIlocb, with 6.000 Texas, Louisiana and Arkabsas troops, were moving towards Arkansas. He was last heard from at the Chalybeate. Rolla, Mo ,Sept 2 ? A genUeman from Springfield reports that Ben McCullough, with a 000 Texas, Louisiana and Arkanaas troops, was moving towards Arkansas, snd was lsst heard from at Chalybeate Springs, near Mount Vernon. Tbe wounded were being moved from Spilngfleld hospital and taken southward On Sunday, Generals Price. Paraona, Slack and Churchill moved towards Bolivar with a force of ten or twelve tbouaand rebels. When lsst heard from they were msrchlng towards Jefferson city. St. Louis, Sept 3 ?Laterdstes from Lexington confirm the safety of that place and withdrawal of tbe rtbela There Is much disaffection in McCullough's army He is now In Arkansas, This la reliable. A party of tbe Dent County Home Guard were surprised early on Sunday morning at Bennett's Mills, by three hundred and fifty rebels Two of the Guards were killed and wounded and the rebels also had aeveral killed and wounded. An Eagsgeaaeat Betweea tianbeats Near Calra Cairo, Sept. 4 ?Tbe Federal gunboats Taylor and Lexington bad an engagement off Hickman. Ky., thia afternoon, with The rebel gunboat Yaiua kee and two batteries on tbe Miaaourl shore iiifi ported by about 1,500 rebels, who also flred'upoH our boa'a. None of the enemy* shots took effect? Tbe Taylor and Lexiagton 'fired about twenty abota, with what effect is not yet known, and returned to Cairo thia evening. On their way up thev were fired at with small arma from Columbia and Chalk Bluflb, Ky Col. Hlcka, of the Illinois regiment, who waa Bent to arrange an exchange of prisoners, returned last night from Charleston, Mo, The rebels 1>"1 but three Federal prisoners. It Is rsported that tbe rebels have fallen back from Lltertown to Madrid. Gen Grant took command of thla poet to-day. 117" Switzerland continues to prosper The national revenue for Ittu amounted to 81,700,000 franca, nearly doable of what it waa tea yaars Additional Ftrti(i tl?wi fcy (hi Arabia. The Arabia, from Liverpool, brings 109 passengers and ?11,754 in specie. The Borrussla arrived oat on the 22d, and the Africa on the 25th ult. Baron de Vldee, of London, haa been sentenced year's Imprisonment, for the aasault on hla aon, and the latter to a month'* Imprisonment for refusing to give evidence against his father. The Freoch wheat crop la lamentably abort, and the potatoes are beginning to show disease In some dlatrtcta. IT ALT. The correspondence of the London Timet jrlves a very gloomy account of the state of affhlrs in Naples It la reported that Gen. True la about to marry the Princess Weiss Bonaparte. Cardinals Plccolominl and Santuccl are dead.

Two supposed assaaains had attempted to enter the house of Garibaldi. They escaped after being fired upon. One of them was wounded Holland haa officially recognized the Kingdom 8 of Italy. fi It Is announced that the Government of Prussia P will soon recognize the Italian Government. ? ACSTBIA. The Hungarian Diet was formally dissolved on the vSM of August, and a new one ia to be called A resolution paaaed both Houaes declaring the dissolution of the Diet Illegal, and protesting against the unconstitutional and arbitrary conduct or the Government. The collection of taxes by a military force will be rigidly enforned C A collision had taken place between theaoldiers and the people in consequence of the latter ainging " national airs " Five persons were wounded. The German Diet has ordered 530 rifled cannon, and voted 5,451,077 francs for the armament of the federal fortresses. TUKKBT. The Circsssians have proclaimed a republic. It waa reported that three engagementa had taken place at Herzegovina, and that the Turks were victorious Omar Pasha has Issued a proclamation, that the Sultan wouid accord with all the demanda of the Montenegrins. An European Conference is to be held at Constautinople, on the subject of the Principalities PORTCQAL The Cortes has confirmed the authorization of the Government for opening the ports for the importation of grain. ID-A color the rebels can't wash out?our Dahlg"*n. THE MEMBERSOF COLUMBIA FIRE Company are hereby notified to attend th? reauijar monthly meeting of the company on FRID * Y NIGHT,6th inst se 6 2t* JAB MoDKK MOTT, Vice Pres. Tr%"* M AKONIC?A special m?eting of St John's Lodge, No. 11, will he hei<( at Masonic Hal*. snd Nlnth TiiIB (Thursday! I- VENING at 7)4 o'clock Master Masons in regular standing are fraternally invited. It* WM. M. SMITH-Bee. ,f??COMPANY -A," U. 8. ENGINKEBS.iJsf? , Fifty intelligent and aMe bodied mechanics will be enlisted to fill this Company to the max immn fixeo hy law?160 men. Inquire at No. 244 6 street Pay from ?13 to *34 per month, besides food and clothing. an 17 tf THE UNION PRAYER MEETING lL5 mi 1 beholden EVERY DA Yin the E atreet Baptist Church. commencing at 6 o'clock p. m. and to be continued an hour. Strangers as wall as citiiens of ail denominations are invitad to attend and take part m these aooial meetings. m 21 IVflSS ellen A. WAY: Yonr friend A. M. iVJ. Buker is in the city; would like to see yon; drop a line in the Pust Office se 3-2t* For sale-stock and fixtures on ? Seventh st., mar M at., adjoining No. 472. C Also, the lleuee will be for rent. The house ia three Terms moderate. Apply at the house. seiSi* Dr dupont's sugar coated fe male regulating pills are the rtry best in use They operate epeedi y and effectually, and being ngar-coated crease no nausea up u the m<?st delicate s'on aoh a trui of tl ese Pills will prove their superiority over all others Price ftl a b'x. Sold only at uphaw's, 310 Chesnut street. Sent by mail to ail part" ol the country in a sealed envelope. Sold m Washington by S. oalvekt ford, comer 11th street and Pa. ave. aep 5 eoly a DK GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE used for the last half century in the Hospitals of Ixindon and Paris for the cure of Serf ft Difeant. may now he hai at UPII AM'8, No. 310 Chesnut street, sole agent for the I nited States It contains no meroury or other minerals, and wi 1 not harui the most delio?te constitution A ipetdv cure gnaranteed and no change of r?iet required. Pm e #1 Sent by excess Sold in Washington by S. 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These you csn get at Steel A Co's, 316 Pennsylvania avenue, oorner of Second street 'I O GROCER?*.?\ ou want to please your enstomers, and induce them to oall a tain and reootn mend your stock to th ir friends Then oall at ? " eei Co s, and buy what Potatoes you need, either for your owr. consumption or lor sale. They are warranted t'j please. TO HOTEL a>d RESTAUR ANT KKEPER8. Do jou want to please tou' gue?ts,an<i tickle their palates? Then buy Potatoes of Steel A Co. By doing so three parties will be benefited-the seller, th" buyer, and the cor sumer. Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky money in good standing, taken at pa'. W STEKL A CO., 536 Pennsylvania avenue, oorner of Seoond street?< Old Sentinel Office ) sep 5 1VOTICE.?The copartnership heretofore carried on by the name of H. t . LOUDON A CO.,has been dissolved on the 1st inst, by its own limitation. All those owing amounts ?o said firm ars requested to settle the san>e without delay, as the successois are anxious to olose the books and settle accounts against the above expired oopart- I nership. GEORGE W. FAfcaNT HEIBERGER, JOSHUA H. KING. ny NOTICE?The undersigned respectfully inform their ea-rons and the public generally of their having formed a copartnership to oontinue the business in all its tranches, as successors of the late tirm of H. F. Loudon A Co. Whilst ten dering their thanks for the very liberal patronage received, they pledge themselves to use their utmost exertions to merit their continued favors. F.J. HEIBERGER A CO., successors to 11. P, Loudon A Co , Military and Naval Merchant Tailors. F. J. Hkibkhqsk ( J.H.Ki>b, \ sep 5-3t SEALED PROPOSALS, till thel?thSeptanber. 1861, at 12 m , are invited forfurnishitg FUOUR ol a oertain quality. About 5.One barrels will be required, to be delivered in separate lots of l.ono barrels eaoh The flour t?> be made of new wheat, and the delivery of I the whole lot to be made bv the2"th September, 1861 The Flour req uired to be of th? following brands, and to pass the inspection of a Board of Army Officers, or suoh otuer inspection as the Subeistenoe Department may direot: Arlington Extra, Congress do. Fairview do. Florette do. Glenwood do. Chesap ake Mills do. Clag tt do. tNeweome do. Smith do. Koxbury do. Joe Charles do. J Davidson do. Foundry do. Heck do. kyon's Union Flour, i* spring Joe Charles, Ede's Extra Baker's. A few barrels of the same grads of Southern Flour will be taken, provided that it proves equal in irftde to th? briodi above rained The hidatn to state tne brand and the number of barrels of each kind thev propose to furnish. Government reserves the right to pay in Treasury notes. vv'rAT0^0^1* n *>?CM1-A, BECK WITH, C. 8., U. 8. An aud endorsed (*Propo sel j 'THE ARMY WATCH?A oheap, substantially 1 fl. made, and reliable timekeeper with key ar- t ranged within the case, thereby prevenUic the possibility of its being lost or mislaid. A small invotoe jost received M. W GALT A BRO , .. a* , Jewellers, 35 4 Pa avsaue. >e *-3t 4 doors west of Brown's Hotel. T QORBIN, Ex-Professor at the Veterina.Tp 7 ?,f L111!?'1*!*111*- ?*? U consulted at E. K* Conklm's Stable. Fourteenth and D sts.. Washington, 1>. C .(late Biroh'a) se2 1wa CCHOOL BOOKS, ~ fy,? ' b*lih ft'r Ru? 10 privats schools ' ^ r , Gramma'* lor mtrodaotion at 20 cents. gi. . V ,SS. ^ *1* Above Odd Fellows' Hall. PHILADELPHIA PRINT BUTTER! A? _ _ _ Cbhts rn koftsd. r;WIL80N, Stall 218 Center Mar- I th* .?.,d nonse sign Red Cor- t iSnt'. pt? 0 this "rivaled Butter at S6 tff&l .P*^oniB# ! h.e has kspt ths prioe dow n < Ml. the summer, and, having determined to make tus his permanent resit*enoe, intends to ke"p it down? aa3MR% , IT 8. MAIL STAGS LINE Between Wash- I iisslfe; rifcli P fif ^ 8e >rgetowa at l o'o oJk; e<u n- - g t WrdE??i*js?nd Fridays. IWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE' DEATH! kWFUL SACRIFICES' DISEASE' DEATH* kWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE' DEATH' kWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE! DEATH! IWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE' DEATH! kWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE* DEATH' IWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE! DEATH' IWFCL SACRIFICES! DISEASE! DEATH! Awfnl Saoriioee! DiMUt! Dwth: Awfal Saonfioee! Dkwn! Death! Awlol t*no'ifioes! Dieeaee! Dr?th! Aw?u! Saorifloea ! Direvae! Death ! Awfnl Saer.hoee! Diaetse! Death ! Awfnl Saorifioee! Dieeaee! Death! ITRIKE AT THE ROOT OP THE DISEASE' ITRIKE AT THE ROOT OP THE DISEASE! 'TRIKE AT THE ROOT OP THE DISEASE! ITRIKE AT THE ROOT OF THE DISEASE ! Strike at lb* Root of the Dieeaee ! Strike at the Root of the Duaaaa ? Strike at the Root of the Diaeaae! Strike at the Root of the Dneaee! CONSUMPTION, INSANITY. EPILEPTIC FITS, GRAVEL. DROPSY. LANGOUR, NERVOUSNESS. CONSUMPTION. GRAVEL. . INSANITY. DROPSY, ? EPILEPTIC FITS, LANGOUR. NERVOUSNESS. Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, Gravel, Dropay, I anjtour, Nervonen?ee, Gravel, Dropay, Largoar, NervouabOne, Gravel, Drcpav. Langonr, Nervouaneae, Gravel. Dropay, Lancoar, Nervousnees, Gravel. Dropty, Langonr, Nerroaeaeee, Gravel, Dro/sy, Langonr, Nervousness, Universal Lassitude of the Muaoeiftr System, Universal Laeritode of the Mneonlar Pystem, Univerfal Laeeitude of the Mntoular Sretem, Uaivereal Lassitude of ihe Muscular System, Universal Lassitude of the Moeealar Srstem. Universal Liteitade of the Muscvlar Syatem. )imneea of Vision, Impotency and Ineamty, )imn?u of Viaion, Impotenoy and Insmitv, )im;ieee ol Viaion, Impotenor and Icaaaity, >.mneaa of Viaion. Impotrncy and loaamty, Jimneea of Viaion, Impotenoy and Insanity, )imneea of Viaion. Impoteocy and Insanity, THOUSANDS OF THE YOVNO THOUSANDS OF THE YOUNG THOUSANDS OF THE YOUNO THOUSANDS OF THE YOUNG THOUSANDS OF THE YOUNO THOUSANDS OF THE YOUNG >1 both aexea die annaally of the above Dieeuea. caused by abuse of the GENEKATITE ORGANS, GENERATIVE ORGANS, GENERATIVE ORGANS, GENERATIVE ORGANS, GENE RATINE ORGANS, GENERATIVE ORGANS. md frr-m diseases arising from " Habit* of Disaipatioii." Dueasea of theae organs require the aid of a Diuretic. HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBO D'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU IS THE GREAT DIURETIC IS THE GREAT D URETIC IS THE GREAT DIURETIC 18 THE GREAT DIURETIC IS THE GREAT DIURETIC IS THE GREAT DIURETIC ind a poaitive and apecifie remedy for diaeaeee of the BLADDER. EIDNEYS, GRAVEL, DROPSY, ORGANIC WEAKNESS, ABl'SE, Sjphilitio atd Venereal Diaeaaea, FEMALE COMPLAINTS, FEMALE COMPLAINTS, FEMALE COMPLAINTS, FEMALE COMPLAINTS, FEMALE COMPLAINTS, FEMALE COMPLAINTS, md all Diaeaaee of the Generative Organa, vhether existing m YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD. YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNO OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNO OR OLD, YOUNO OR OLD, MALE OR FEMALE, MALE OR FEMALE, MALE OR FEMALE, MALE OR FEMALE, MALE OR FEMALE, MALE OR FEMALE, From whatever oauee onginatiag, a.d no matter of HOW LONG STANDING. HOW LONG STANDING. HOW LONG STANDING. HOW LONG STANDING. HOW LONG STANDING. HOW LONG STANDING, HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU [a pleaaaat ia ita taaU and odor, immediate ia its lotion, free from all MinJarions," and ia akea withont "hindraaoe" from "bneiaase." Little or No Chaste la Diet. Little or No Chance ia ?h?t. Little or No Change la Diet Little or No Change in Diet. Little or No Ch&age U Diet. Little or No Change ia Diet Cares atM Little Rxpease" and "No Expoeare." Caree at "Little Expense" aad "No Expoeare." Cares at "Little Expeaae" aad "No Expoeare!" Caree at "Little Expeaae" aad "No Expoeare " Caree at "Little Expense" and "No Expoanra!" Caree at "Little Expeaee" aad "No Expoeare." If yoa areaaferiag send, i?r eallfor the reme'y it onoe. Explicit directions aaoom.<any Price II per bottle, or su for ?, delivered to any ad utM* Bold in Waakiagtoa by 8. B WxiTl,*. D. Qiv a?, D. B. clam. Kinwau. A Lairaxiicn, 8 C. / Drnggists everywhere. Phyaieian in ttteadaaoe from a. m. to p m Direot letters HELMBOLD'S MEDIC iL Dt POT. 104 Booth Tenth etr b |JW Che?nat L>e " r?bo ?ymptonu iaaV oominaai a.??t.a CTAdvioe gratia. CT-Cai.* G-araUced ' e AUCTION SALES. By J. C. MeGUlRB * CO.. AnOamwi SUPERIOR ROSEWOOD CARVKD PIANO ?3 Fobtb, Excbllbwt FraviTru i*s Hor?i thereaidanoaof J. H. MoCntchea. Eae.. No. 3 4 "fr*?!"!1 ! ? between ?S and ?h eta. weahall Mil all lii* Paraitare aad Electa. enmpnetagVery etpenor Rosewood Cam Ch?k l/*g S??? Rw*w Piano Fort*, by Koabe A 6ahle. Mo Cover and Stool, W haAo.t. oeewooi Marble top Cutter and Rofe Ta? le*. W a aat Hpnng Mt ud Parlor rha-ra. Plaanand He r Cloth MahotaPT Rocker*. Gut Tram* Mantel Mirror. V?ae*. Venetian Blind*M Window ^mIm, BrsBeeUaad Ingrain Carp*ta. Stair cat pet*. BroBMlron HM Trot, Oilotntb. Kxtension Dimag Tab e. Sid*boaid, i ud Wood-eeat Chair* beanie, China. Glaee. and Crockery Wara. ft Saperior Wa Bat Marble foe Dr*ee<nr Bureau. Sond Walait an<l Painted wardrobes > l* > B'd D..?P ? h-Oeteada. Waeuetaoda, Toilet Seta Towe' Racka. Clock. Pap* lor Farther Bed a, Boteter* Bad PllioWe. Bracket*, Comfort*, acd Spreads, Walnatasd Mahocany Bookoaee* and Deak* Cooking ~ tore and Fixture*, Kitaren Utensils. k?., Ao Tarru* oaah. se3d J. C- McGLIWK A CO.. A acta CT'THK ABOVE BALK 19 POSTPONED. on ateoaat of tha raia, aaiil HA TT m DA Y. Separator Tth. same hoar. aet J. C. MoGUlBK k CO . A kU By WALL A BARNARD. Aaetioaeere. EXCELLF.NT FURNITURE AND HOUSEhold Fffbct* at Abcti**.?On TUt-SDA Y MORNING. t-?a loth la*t., at It o'clock, wa wtil aall. at No. 46*. n >th aide of Pennsylvania are., ov*r Swartx'B Drag 8 to re ail tha Faraitara Bad usa rp:;;':v.T?. T?. u-. 3 Eaar. and 4 Pa-lor Chair*, made to order. 1 Mahocany Haircloth Parlor im a, eoaeistiag of 2 Tat* a tete. S aay, and ? Par;*' Chaiia, Roar wood and Wa'not Marblo-Up Tables. Carved Wa net Ccmode and Ftaser*. Oak and Mahogany Marbl?-toe r'i>1ekoerds. Gut Mirrors. What ot and Sofs Table. Marble top and Plain Bureaus. Mahogany Fr?n?h. Cottage, and olliar Bedateada. Kxteneion Dining Tab'aa, 6 ai* and Crcakery Wara. CaneaccPWood Peat Chair* and Rocker*, Chamber Tab!oa, Wardrobe* ar.d Waaiiatand*. Carpet*. Ku<* Clock*.and Matting, Hat Bark. Oilcloth and Toilet rveta. Together .with other Furritare not here mrationed, all in very good order, whioh Will offer great inducement to peraor.* farniahing. Term* ia*n. ?e>M WALL 4 BARNARD. Auots. By BOTFLF.R A W1LLSON. Aactioaeara. Four-beat carriage or open baBores roa Sal a - By virtae of a deed of triM b aring date on the 3*th day of I* as. 18*1. *e will a-H. by order of the Trustee. ob TUESDAY, the 17th Sept , at 10 o'o ock a. m., in front of onr Aueti?i Store, one ? seat Carnage or Opea Baroucb Term* cash aa6 e?t* BOTTtlER A WILLSON. Aeota. By J. C. WoGL'IRK A CO., Aaotionoer* I^XPRESS WAGONS, CARRIAGES. BAR A^wasa aim Bob*b* at Praiic Salb???n HATURDAY MORNING, Beptemtier 7th. at ia o'olock. m front of the Aaotion Room*, wa akall all, without reeerve? I new and we!I-bailt Con red Bipreea Wagoa*. 1 two-seated Open Wagon. \ 1 nearly new and hasome Phaeton, for ooe or two horse*. 1 mall Family Carnage, 3 *et* H erne**. a Lao, 1 fine bob tail bay Carriage Horse, 1 exoel lent cheetnnt Famn Horae. , Term* oaah. WILL II ADDSD. *3,000 fane and low pnoed Doaaeatio Cigar* a n<e of *nperior ^oa'Hy. aa 4 d J. C. MeGUlRE A CO? A acta. \ By J. C. MoGUIRK A CO.. Aaetiouaara. SUPERIOR ROSEWOOD CA?E HhVbN C5 tfCTAVt PlASO FOBTB VThkblbk A V\ ILaon'a SiiwiM Macuri, Exc*bllbmt Fcbritcbb a?P HorsBBOLD Err cti, at Pfblio Saib.?Ob ILKPDaV MORNING. Septum or Sd, at 1" o'olock, at No S noith A atreet, between Delaware avenue and Firat eVeet east, (> ppo*ite the Kaat Park of the Capitol.) we a hall *eli the Furnitare and EpeeU. oompnaing? Superior Roaewood Seven Octave Gold Medal P>ano,hy Roaenkrantx. Piano Cover and Htool. Whatnot. \VaJnnt and Makoganr Hair Spring aeat Sofa* Rooker*. and Pail >r Chaira, Mar hi*-top Sifa and Center Tablee, But-frame Mirror*. Dan ask Caitaina, Veneuaa Bhnda, Wreiow Shadea. Uonncea. Cane and Wooti-eeat Chaira, WbealerA Wilann'a S^wmi Uaoiuoe, Gilt Ga* Chandelier* and Fixtaree, Exoel lent Bru***l*. Thrre ply, and lag rain Cat Maftiug, Oiloloth. Stair Careola. Mahogany Card and Fancy 1 at***. Do Hat Tree, Ha l Chaira, Holm**'* Tf.arapeu'io Chair. WaTnat Extension Tab.e Pid*hoard, Ooart.ty of China, Glae* aad Crookery, Bed*t*a^*, Bureau*. Waehataada. Wardrob**. Toilet Seta. Cioaks, Snpenor Fea'her Bed*, Bolatars, aad P&v?r*. Hair and Hoak Mattresaea. Biankeu, Comforta ard tarsals. coking, Radiator, aad other Stove*. Bydraataad Pipe.Gntu P*rct,a Boa*. Ap Together with a genera! aeeortnent of Kitchea Rm * i * i tea i ati^i ga? h Ki-fB Honae it for r*Bt. IngBira of th* A*oUone*ra aa SMI J. C MoGUIRK A CO. Aneta. ETTHE ABOVE8ALF. IB UN AVOIDABLY ^oa poned aabl FRI DAY MORNINu next, at le o'ciook. ? 3d i.C. MoGUIRE A CO^ Aacta. By WALL A BARNARD. A uetiooeer*. TRUSTEK'S SALE OF VALUABLE 1Mpbwtpd Rbal Est ATX.?By virtue of a ile*d or trust, riaud the 18th day of Marci:. 1RS7 and dale Woided among the land record* of the county of athington, D C , 1 cjiali proceed t>> eel!.??? the Bremiae*, oa MON DA V, the 23d day of t?eptemt>er. a'So clock p. m.,al( thoee piaoea or paroelgof groaod aitoated in the oity of Wasluagtoa. in aaid District, and known and oeaignated ae l<ota numbered thirty foar(34) and thiny-five(36) in Saaara nninhered five haadr*d and three (503) together with the improvement* thereon, cnaaiating of a large three atory Bnok Honae with a fine baae ment. Said property i* lo> ate"( on the aoath aide of N street *outh, between <h and 6 to atreeta Term* of aaieOne anarter in cash, balanoe ia # aix twelve, eighteea, and twenty - foar m<Lti* m>tn tbe day of aala, to be aeonrea by a deed of traat *n I the pramiaea. lithe term* of aala be not complied with ia five day* from day ot aala. U? Trustee r***rvea tea right to reaell at tha nsk and o tat of the firat earcaaaer. JOHN F F.NMS^Traatee. Bet walla Barnard.A*o?a By BONTZ A GRIFFITH. Auctioneer*. T'RUHTEK'S SALE OF HOUSE AND LOT A, if tbb Nobtbbbn Libbbtob.? By eirtee of a deed in trast bearing date oa the 4th day of Qetober.lMB. and recorded m Liber J. A. 8. No. IK. foiio* /T8.304 aid the *abacriber wul eaH. at pa bit* aala on THURSDAY, tr.e 3?th day oi Aagaet 1*1, at e'e.oek ? mi. oa the premiaea, art of Lot Ne. It, ia aubdiviaioa of agaare No. 42f>, 'roBtiLg 17 feet ll)fi laehe* on ?th atre*t w*et, wvh a depth 9" feet to aa alley. with tbe itnp-ov* ment* oon*i*ting of a twe atory and attio Frame Irwe.nci Ho?ae. with o*ilar. Th*above property ia aitaated at the comer rl tth atreet west and M atre*t aortn, in a rapidlr improving part of the eltv, aad oRer* a fa\-orabie oa por unity to pereoa* deal roa* of ptooanng a raaide ee or makiag aa 1b i *iliae*t Term* oaah. . If the teraia of sale are not oomptied with ia five day* after the aale the property will be reeold. apon one week*' notioe, at the nafc aad expeaee of th* parohaaer. All eonv*yaaoing at tha *xp*aea D A. EOMONSTt?N. Traat?. aa t-atawada BONTZ 4 GRIFFITH. AacU. C^TBE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED nam Ti^^ ' Bett*iabar loth, at 6 o'clock? au? BONTZ A GRIFFITH. Aacta. By WALL A BARNARD. Aacuoneera. By virtue of a deed of trust.dt'.r reoordad. April 1,1M0, among the land reoorda of WaahingioE cocn. D. C., the aoderfigBed. Trustee* vT th* "Third Baiidiag Aaeooiaiioa" ol G*or?etowa. D C . will, oa IM day Sepaeeaber, at AH o'0.00k: p. m., axpoae at pah-ieaartt..* the fol'"wirj R*al Batata,aitaated ia Waahington City, oa Maaaaoh aaetta a venae, between ?tb aad 3th 1 ftreeta known aa the weet half of LotNo. M, in Sgnare 517. with <mprov*iaenta. ooaaiattng of % two-*tory frame dwetlirg hoatB. Trim Blade kaowa at aala A- W?abI,,3K^c K1 criVluSs M. MATTHEW S, | Traateea. B jy rr 3a w A da WALL k BARNARD. AuoU. CBALED PROPOSALS areiavited Ull theltth O day of Aeptamber. JM1, fbr aapplyiag tha Arm* of th* Potomac vth pu i* A TOES. A boot buahei* will be reaaired. ib io'b of aboet teen baahala per week. Tha Potatoaa te be of the first gjialj.ty aad egaal ia gaality to tae following Meroer* (blae,) ? Pink Ey*, ^IBatlvUla.) Potatoea 10 be dec ver*d ia WaahiBgtoa.aud it to aaeh laaeeetioB on delivery a* the S*bBiateao* Daaartaaant say regair*. aad par meat to )>e inaoa la Treasury cote*, if Goverctoas.'. ahoald deair* tt The Po'aioe* to be deli vered Ib good, etron* bar re la, and eacb baahal to ba aetimatail at w Ik*. Th? bia* to be dir**tad to Capt A. BECKwITH. C. S^ U. B A . Waahington, D.C. eeS E_ N NIB'S ~ ARMV OR CAMP STOVE. This ta one of the b*?t and moat ooave' ient S* jve* for Army uaeever yet iBveated It ^ eombiaea ail tbaaonveL.eooeBof aoowplaia ^ O king s'tova?broil lag, atoving, i-atii.g.dMj aad boiling the rations without smoking 01 karatag hem. Tit* atove with all rt* apporten*Baaa whea yackrd. 000a pies aboat aa maeh spare a* aa ordiaary barrel, aad eaa he aatao^pri and made ready for a*e ia three mmaiea. TaOUivea are packed fnr traaaaertotioa ia a pair ''WfUiMltSrf?' tCiir' u4 ttflin fer Sssfi g&ix I MORKU AGUECtTRE AND ANTIDOTF. a laailabi'. aaf* awl aRaataal lamadi a- 4 ?re.*ktatiae t>l Axaeta ita varaeit* Imm taw

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