Newspaper of Evening Star, September 5, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 5, 1861 Page 3
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? * I ^ LOCAL NEWS."" Thonrb Thi Sraa U printed on tbe Jfeateal rum preaa In aw aontb of Baltimore. Ita edition la ao large aa to require It to be pot to praaa at an arly bonr; Adeertieemeata, therefore, abould be aent la before IS o'clock m.; atberwlaa tbey may a at appear until tbe next day. NorKi ? DWtrlct of Columbia Advertlaementa to be lneerted In tbeBiLTixoaa 8vm are received at and forwarded from Tna siraa OdJce. -- oamri-m kUVM II TBI Hill "?SIHCf the ItW of Congress, prohibiting the ulr of lutoiicittng l'qnors to soldier*, hat gone into effect,moat of our respectable restaurant keeper* and resident dealera 1* sutler's stores bare rigidly observed Its Kltlont, but complain justly tbat tbe effnrt has U deprive them of tbe camp custom, aa dealers mostly from New York ctty have ratabllrbed stores here, and manage to evade tbe law, and tbua draw the custom to tbemeelves. Some of these houses have painted In a conspicuous manner about the front of the establishment' Sample room In tbe rear," and It Is astonishing to sea now atany ?firera of tbe vartoua regiments call to 11 sample'? the provisions We notice that officers snd men, before entering, deposit their quids ?If they an tobacco cbewera?on the side walk, to leave thrlr seaae of taste unimpaired, we presume, and emerge wiping their lira. Soma of tbe dealers do not reaort to this expedient of a rear room. but the sampling goes on in full view of tbe street If the Provoat Guard will only keep an eya to some of the establishments for the sale of goods to sutlers, they may Ind caaea of tbe violation of the liquor law, ana probably of other lawa, as we have h?ard of some of them receiving from the quartermaster* of the regiments salt Detf, shoes, and other stores, whether hv ?i? r.f ?Ahii<? n> not we are unable to state. In this connection wi will state that It baa been a question of debate among Inquisitive folka lately whether the headquarter! of the PeKalb Regiment are oyer the river or on Pennsylvania avenue between Ninth and Tenth streets, south aide Tboae who advocate the claim of the last named locality to that distinction have strong ' circumstantial evp deuce" In favor of their view, as any one who know* the regiment will admit if he paWs down the south side of the avenue very often. Affairs at tbi Dkpot ? disgraceful vnui ?/ ( ovtmment Stortt? Improvements are still progreasing at this terminus of the Washington and Baltimore Railroad, and new buildings being erected fo? the convenience of arriving troops. The large storehouse out on the flat is nearly completed, and Is already filling up wtth boxes and other freight, notwithstanding that wagons arc constantly loading and departing Two commadioos rooms are in the building for the accommodation of clerks and safety of the papers, Ac The principal freight now arriving la composed of waeoas, tents, boxes of saddles, harneM, and clothing. Within the last few days an immense number of axea have arrived, and are being taken across the fiver for the felling of tree* cafrled on tber* *o extensively just now. Large quantities at bay are left at tola place by tbe teamsters, a large portion of which never leavea the claaaic precinct* of Swaru poodle, the cattle In tbe vicinity fairly shining In their gloaaycoats,which have recently appeared upon their hitherto lank but now round-and plump proportions. The manner In wbieh bay la wasted at that storehouse la disgraceful to tne officer whose duty It i* to protect property committed to his charge. TLe White House, its front bearing tba words ' Soldiers' Rest'' In huge characters, look* quite tidy, but, being kept closed most of the time, a most sickening effluvia pervade* the whole building. With it* many door* It could be ventilated perfectly The cane factory has been christened '-Soldiers' Retreat," which name it bears in Urge white letters upon its front A building is being erect*d In tbe rear cf this, to be devoted slso to the comfort of toe soldiers. Mbtbofolitas Pouch Board?Ats meeting of the Board of Police Commissioners yesterday afternoon, Mr Z C Bobbins wss present. ft ? 1 JJi - # O ? J A _ J m .iiay ui nuuirou, vi utuBr.uwD, uuDiinaira ior Snj-erlntendent of Police, Mr. Wm B Webb, ol this city He wu elected on the flrst ballot, and hit election then made unanimous Mr Webb Is well known In tbls community as a young and popular lawyer, waa a Bell-Everett man at tbe laat Presidential election, and la a tberongh Union nan now. A resolution was efferrd by Mr. Brown, declaring that all appolntmenta made at present shall be eoiisldfred temporary, and that permanent appointments shall be made dating from the 1st ol November next, retaining only such oHirers as have proved themselves efficient. Laid over until the next meeting. Tbe Corporation Attorney (Mr Jos. H. Bradley) having given an opinion that tz-oflcio members of tbe board coolrt not properly hold office In it, tbe board proceeded to the election of a President, when Mr Z. C. Bobbins was elected to that position A resolution, ratifying and affirming all acta ol the board to tbe present time, was adopted; and the board adjourned to meet on Friday afternoon. W W Beaton, fceq ,who waa appointed by th? President to All the vacancy in the board, positively declines to serve. It Didm't Won ?Yesterday afternoon, a German. named John Ralph, went to the office oi JniLtrp iokniOD and rnmnl?ln?^ th?t k? KmA ? quantity of baggage at the fxcbsnge Hotel, which be wanted to obtain, bat could not, slthough be bad paid hla bill, for which be exhibited a receipt Officer King went to tbe hotel with him. and there ascertained that tbe fellow bad got a bill and receipt, but had not peid a cent He waa taken back to the magistrate's offlr.e, and put upon bit own defense, Mr Justice Walter appearing as hli counsel It appeared from the evidence that foui days ago Kalph went to tbe hotel on C street, real of tbe National Hotel, and took rooms for three ladles, whom be styled "Daughters of the Regiment," and himself. After staving four days, be went to tbe olftce snd s*ked for his bill. Mrs McNlckle, tbe wife of the proprietor, being is the ofBce, banded him his bill, receipted by hei husband He Mid "all right," and walked away as Mrs. McN supposed, to get tbe money to pa] for it. After a while be returned, and demanded hla baggage, which was refused, be not having paid his bill. Tbe attempt to play the "sharp' upon tbe proprietor was so clear that the maglt trate began to consider tbe propriety of sending the rase to conrt. Kalph blabbered like a baby, and confessed that he had no money, and took that method to get his baggage. Mrs. McNlckls was advised to retain the baggage as security fei tbe Money, and Kalph was dismissed Ibi "Daughters of the Regiment" were *om *st at th< time of the trial, ud we failed to leva whlcb regiment fathers then. District Volhtiiii ? Rtlitf Fund. ? The promptnesa with whlcb several thousand* of oui clUsens responded to the call of the Government, and the Importance of the service they performed, Is well known That they patriotically made saerlfleea. la a fact equally as well establtahed ; and certainly no troops outranked them In superiority A regiment from the as me good material la now formed, or forming, under Col. Tait, and It will doabtleas be a credit to the metropolis, as well aa to the country With this preliminary, considering the comparatively acanty pay, why cannot there be a fund raised for the relief of the families of these national volunteera, such as ex let 1b otber cltleo?even In Baltimore* That there are Union men ready, anxious to contribute for thla purpose, Is ocrtalaly ascertained; and not doubting the liberality and patriotism of a larce majority of oar citizens, we are satisfied that If a committee of Unstworthy gentlemen would take the lead, their followers would Indeed bo many la making the Just provision proposed. Rosa Hashakah ?Yesterday afternoon oor cltuens at the laraell tlah faith cleeed their stores snd rrnalr?i tn thai* Mfml nlirM ?f arnrafcln u tldpete la the religious ceremonies usual at tbe ( eglnn'.ng of their civil year Over all tbe world where there are Isrselltes tbe anniversary is rengloaaiy observed. Tbla, with them, tbe civil V* ?2. comm eared last even lag, being the evening ef tbe Irst day of Tlshrl, tbe aeveath month The religious observances will be continued three days, and the business of laraelttea generally will be suspended tour. Including tbe Chrlatlan Sab. bath There waaa very large attendance at the new Synagogue, oa D, near Tnliteenth street, (late Harmony Hall,) which was then first opened as a place of worship by tbe congregation. rtsawat and Smash ? V ester da v afternoon, a horse attached to an empty coal cart ran down Louisiana avenue trtun the direction of the City Hall at a fearful gait, endangering tbe Uvea of pedestrians sad the safety of carrlagsa and other property. Near Seventh street he took a direction toward Center Market, erasing the space In front of tbe Bank of Washington, and barely aliasing me can ay aura it tne corner 01 seveni n iirw ana tbe avenue, wbere the vender w?i ?lttiujf, unaware of tkpapproach of danger Tbe horae waa brought up aaddenly by coming in contact with tbe large tree at tbe nortboaal corner. ainaahl ng tbe cart, and upaottlag tbe Are-plug at tbe corner. Bsllixo Liqco? to SoLiunaa ?Yeatorday, a woman, rather meanly clad, waa taken to tbe oftoe of Juatlce Dooa by two otteera of (be California raglmeat. and wttb aelUng Manor to aoldlere She Rare ber name aa Anna O'Brien. Har atork of liquor cooalated of twu or three amall juga, which ahe carried la a baake', concealed by a cotton abeet Tbe lav la poeltlve, and abowa uo favor to aex or condition, and tbe woman waa 1 nod ?36, and In default of payment a be waa aeut to jail. Prop Lowa'a Balloon waa brought over tbe Alexandria Aqueduct yesterday, probably for tbe parpoee of relnftatlon at the Waahlngton gaa work* After being tally laftated, it waa carried back, through the atresia of Georgetown and over (be AlranadrU aon?-duct, Prof Lowe In the car. Itawaped la toe Kirat Ward, but did not go tar before being overhauled II waa up at a conaldHSffeSS i* tbi TWalty forlCorooraa m TBI Cats of MajoI Bittai* ? Mr. Editor: IB a city paper of Satarday laat, there la u aecuaatlon agalnat Major Belger, of bla employing aecaaston partlea la Baltimore to make hta purrbaaea; and tbe same paper baa strlcturea on Gen. Dix'a report In reference to thla matter Now, in the first place, Major Belger never had at any time, nor baa he now, any one -directly or Indirectly to make purchaaea, and partlea ahould Inform themaelvM before they make raanbllng atetementa of thla aort. Such ordera aa bad been given to peraona of aeceaalon views were promptly a topped when thefact waa known of tDem; but let me add that the aame partlea came to Washington and got a contract after that. Again, tbe naval a to re keeper, In hla report to Gen Dlx, a la ted that h? alone waa to blame, aa MaJ?r Belger referred to him as to tbe patrlotlam of these nartlas Ks tk. if waa LTV uc H?uiiim tuc vtaujc, 11 ?uvic ??? any blame to be attached to any one. Gen Dlx waa bound to make the report he did; and no one who haa the slightest knowledge of that officer, would for a moment question him on any report made by so faithful a public servant. \V hat elae could he do ? There waa the Collector of the port, the Surveyor, the Pcstmaater, the Navy Officer, and a delegat.on of the first merchants In Baltimore, who ?*ited on him, and assured him of the utterly groundless nature of the reflection upon Major Belter. The charge made on Major Belger waa that of patronising traitors, knowing thenftto be tach. Tnls respect, able delegation, and officers appointed by the Administration, and high In ffevor, came with assurances to Gen Dlx lhat it waa not ao, and what course could he pursue, but state emphatically that the oharge waa groundless, as It was, In fact. But It la eaay for letter writers to attack officera whose duties and responsibility are great, and who have not time to pay especial attention to every scribbler who mav come along, and thereby they Incur the august displeasure of such writers any one who baa tne leaat spark of human klodnesa. go to those public officers and a?e all the crowd of peopletliey haveto deal with, and the pressing buslnetts they have upon them, from early morning till late at night, without once leaving tbe;r oosta. and he would realise that the greatest punishment to fault Under* would be to set th?m down similarly to be perplexed, and withal to find out what and bow a man's patriot am it It !a easy to find fault, and disappointed parties always set up a howl and all foli low. It Is time we looked higher and to nobler purpose than to attack such men as General Dlx. Major Belger Is one of the most faithful officers In the service. He Is not of vesterday, but old In the service, and economical and careful In all ' his transactions. t What a "Heap" or Ladii* HavktoSay.? Ed Star: Inasmuch as you had the kindness to "stir np the animals" by publishing the note of your Irate correspondent on the hog nuisance?to every word of which I say, amen?will you not also call the attention of the powers that be?now that we have a Mayor, and hope to have a decent police force?to a couple of other, and nearly as great nuisancer? first, that of the back drivers, black and white, continually blocking up the pavements In front of the hotels: and second, the assembling of men, soldiers, politicians, con tractors. darkles, *t id otnne on the cross walks for th#ir AAnfaha' H?lf tk? Hmu H fmnnMlkU for Indira and children to pan without going off the pavement Into the atreet, mud or duat, as the case may be Manv a time have I aeen our former model police force stand by and witness these things. without ever offering to Interfere or clear tne way. I can't aee. for the life of me, wby people cannot talk lust aa well somewhere elae, na on the croaa walka. It ta <1 nutaance that ought to be abated, and which would not be permitted for an hour In New York or any otber cirtliatd city, and why abould it here? Come, let'a have it done with Let an order be laaued to our neVf police to quietly aay to these obstructions, "move on," or "clear the walk,'' and if tbey don't do it, give the police the power to make them do it, and then see that they exercise it A "Heap" or Ladies. Arrf?tki> fob am abrkut ?John W. (alias Curlv) liross. of Georgetown, a county constable and reputed secessionist, stopped a Government tearr> Ira that rltw 'I" ? ti last an<) t uw iu >im? \ . ? ?y via 1 u couu j toat, ouu qiicsicu *uu driver?a colored .man?on auiplcion of being a runaway Biave. He took the negro to Ull, leaving ' the tram standing in the street, where It waa found by the Product Guard. In the afternoon of the aame day Gross waa arrested by military aukority, and la now Imprisoned. Oct Again ?Dare. Magrnder and Mmith Suit, of Biadensburg; A F. L. Keeae, of this city, and John W. Manklna, of Georgetown, who were arrested a week or ten daya since, were yesterday released from the military prison, corner of Thirteenth street and the avenue, where they have been confined. Thib *v*j?i!to the Frontier Club give a cotllIon party at Potomac Hall, corner of Eleventh street and Maryland avenue. A rich entertainment is anticipated Tn Campbells are back again at Odd Fellows' Hall, everybody will be glad to kuow, and reop*n with a wonderfully rich budget of fun and aong. i Makkiaoks ik Apoust ?J*eventy-four marriage licensee were Issued from the Clerk's office of this District during the month of August. ' Oft Asain.?I take pleasure to Inform my friends who sympathized with my position for 1 the last eight days, that the falae and mallcloua I _ I V I ? J A* O ? - - cunrgea wdicb inaucea me uoTerameni 10 arrest 1 me could not be sustained, and was therefore honorably discharged, and am attending again to mv businets. aa usual I alao return my sincere thanks to the officers tfnd privates in charge, for the utmost kind treatment I received from them during tnv confltie| ment. A F. L. Kiesi. Whitwcmt, 431 Pennsylvania avenue, fur1 nlshe* superior Card Photographs, suitable fur sending In letters, gee his likenesses of distln' guisbed men, views of camps, etc Photographs In oil and water colors and pastel, from minia| ture to life ?lze. au 17-eolm Hia.lth for thk SoLDikis ? For one who diea ' from the effeots of the bullet, teD perish frem damp i and exposure to Bight air. small doses of Hollo r way's Pill* taken every other night viil oorreota I > disorders of Liver and Stomaon, punfy the Moo.1, ana insure sound hea th to every man. Only 26 oents per box. ?e 4-1 w Rurni, have you seen prof. Wood's advertise ' ment in our paper. Rear it; it will interest yoa. ? am ?-eoly i To THl AFTLICT1D !?U* sure to rttd the adrer, .aeznent of MoLmo'* Strengthening Cordial and Blood P?nfc*r. in anothw oofumn. tf DIED, > September 6th. l'W, EVA, ohild of Charle* W. ' and Jaie F. O'Neill, aged 7 months. , The friend* and acquaintances of the family ar* respeofu It muted to attend the faoeral on to morrow, at 3 o o!o*k, from it* residenoe, No. 494 K stieet *aat. * On the 4th inetant. F.LIZA ANN, youngest daughter of Kehecoa and Samuel Hurna, aged 2 years a< rt 3 months The friends and acquaintances are rea?*ctfully incited to attend the fanerai, on Thuraday evening at < o olock * NOTICE. "ADAMS' EXPRESS COMPANY." Thia Com pan j offers to the eublto " Unequalled Advantage*'' for the Safaanrf Quiok IMcpatoh of Hea*y Freight* Packages, Valuablee, Money, &o. tea., to alt parts of the Uuued states. Express** to and from the ^iorth and Weetd*-, p*rt from and arrive in Washington twioe daily. All Expr*?ses are m oharge at txptrunctd and reltabl* .Messengers. All Packages for Th* Soldiera carried at "onb half" oar nsaal rates. All Go?ds for th* eo-oalled "Confederal* Htat*?" an i AH Article* 'Contraband of War" will be Emwm. On Kxpreeate li*w New York at 1.5, and 6 P. M. ^arriving in Washington at 6 A. M and 6J0 EiirtuN Itavt Philadelphia at 8.? A. M. and llTTll, arriring ia Washing ton at 690 P. M. and Ei>nwii leave Baltimore at 4 90 A. M. and 3 P. p.^arrmng ia Washington at 6 A. M and 5 90 Expresses for all points North and Weet leave Washingtonat7J0 A- M.and J30 P M. daily. Special ContraoU for targe ?uantiti?* of Freight oaa be made on application to this "Aoe. All tfoods called for and delivered fru of Extra thifCNe 8 P. N1..LAU6HLIN, Agent Adam*' Express Company. Washington, Am sat a,!??. an a tf CTEINWAY k SONS' AND HAVEN* BASS CON'S PlANOK.-Alaigeaaaortmei^M^ has jast l>?eq reoaivad.?Peieona in eaarc<i|IBBBI ef a reliable instrument at a lov pnoe ai?ll|l> ' invited to cajl and examine at the Masio 8to1% of W.6. MtT/tROTT. Orders reoeived for Mr. MAHCU8 REBINK Piano Port* Tun?r s?il W BOYS' CJUOTHINS. ^ L Ilare raoaivad within Mif laat day or two ft laraa aaaortmaiit of BOYH' S1'RIN6 CLOTHING, ambraeiug all atylea of low-prio?d, madiam, a-<3 "ir.e aualitiaa, wtuoh W? aia aalling a t Tffy tow pr:o?afor ouk. WALL, STEPHENS * CO., 399 Pa. av., he'vMo Md and 10th its. mtJ (Intaliifncerand Re?ublioan.> AVTVNOM C INKSTAND .-CLERKS, CO PYISTS, LETTSH ITR/r*RS.-Thn ant *iiber oJ-rt t? th? wriung publio the nawaat and nou per.aot Ink tana >at producad. It haa no aprtnga, a^rewa ordaucata cont'i*aneaa Tha ink fovi into tha cup, from natural law; a/tar tha ink caU at carta, n haight, at?o?ph?nc praaaara atop* th^ flowing and yoa hava fraah ink at ajrary ? pof lha f+u. Clerk*, e pyiata.aad I attarwritara kn w tha advantaaa of a rood inkatand. Wa guaranty b i"k " *? lr? in u?ia inkatand eannot gat \f- madtlr. or t ick. i Ka mkata J cannot get ant i>l t raer. T r e? at ravine of ink la admit.ed h aK Ctl*? 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IB Omnibuses to start evert hnor from Pev-UutBk vnin (. ftuu ra stvuuo. aq rmoieut punoa n?rcc it engaged- se ?4t* THE FRONTIER CLUB Will give one of their atreeable COTILLON PARTIES on M THURSDAY EVENING. 5th of September, JC at Potomac Hall, eorner 11th at. an<l Mary land av. A good band of musio has been en-|PMi fated for the occasion, and every thing to and to he comfort and enjoyment will be promptly attended to. Tickets 30 cents, to be had at the door. e 4-2t* ODD FELLOWS' (1ALL-R5TIJR V OF THE FAVORITES.?Dneont ft Gay lord's Original CAM PBK Lb MINSTRELS will reopen the above Hall for a short season, oomm*noing T^URHDAY EVENING. Sept. 5th. Mr. Charles Villiers, the great Female Impersonator, is now connected with this Tronpe, se 3-5w Dr. G. FORD, Agent WANTS. WANTED?A GIRL to do general housework, at No. 3** L st . near Uth st. it* WANTED TO RENT?A small brick HOUSE containing from 4 to 6 rooms ; or would rest part of a house, unfurnished Address?stating Iooation?A. F\ LONG. Star Off oe. re 8 3t* ANTED? A good plain female COOK. Must " oome well reooinmended. Apply at the Ea*le nesuturant, fa. avenue, between '.7Ui and 18th U It* WANTED? B? a respectable German woman, a SITUATION aa cook in a hotei or retUnrant. Best of reference can be given. Inquire at No. 448 Sixth st. west, (up Btairs.) It* WANTED-By a resp-otable woman, a SITUATION ? chambermaid No objection to assist in washing and ironing or nursing. Gno<l reference, if required. AJdreaa Box 9, Star Of fice. It* WANTED?My a respectable young woman, a SITUATION as conir. washer an<1 ironer in a private family Good reference. if required Apr<? at No. 6 Hog Alley, H street, b.-tween 6th and 7th lt*_ WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A rood CAKE HAND. Also, a LOAF BREAD BAKER Apply at the corner of E tied Eleventh ata >e4 21* COOK WANTED.?A good colored Cook, br ai and pastry maker, who can come well recommended can secure a good place and good wa?es by applying at No. 6(10 Massachusetts av., n?ar New Jersey av. A slave preferred. f e 4 3'* WANTED-A good SALESMAN in a drv goods, fancy, and mtlinery store. Good reference ream red. A onlv at No. 3:2 r.nniai&na. ?.v_. I between 7th and 8thVtg^ se 3 3t* 1 BURNISHED HOU*E WANTED.-Wanted to rent, (in a genteel. healthy location.) a pl?in Farnishe-1 House.containing ar>out eight ruomi. Communications address-d to A B C, Star Office, will be promptly attended to. Be 3-8t* WANTED?An American GARDENER, or a Colored Man, who muit be a first ola?? gardener, to raise vegetable! and attend oows. Best references required. Inquire adjoining Kalorama Place, owned by Mr. Vivan. e3-3t* Mrs G. B. BALCH. WANTED?To have every body to oall at SMITH'S, No 460 Seventh ?t.. v>ppo?|t? Poet Office,and ruroha?e their FA1.L and WINTER CLOTHING, TRUNKS, H*TS and CAP*, at the very lowest prioes. Qivehima oall au3Q-lm WANTED-A well furnished DWELLINGHOUSE, containing about six room* exoln aive of kitohen and servant's rooms, well situated, with a large yard or lot. and a good carriage-hou?e and stable for not less than three hertes. Persons having such premises to rent will p'eaxe Irave written descriptions at the Office of Solicitor of Court of Claims, with terms. aa 30 2w* WANTED. FOR THE CASH-AH kinds of SECOND-HAND FURNITURE AND HOUSEKEKPING ARTICLES. Persons leaving the city or having a surplus will do well to call immediately, R. BU<7IIIA, Je 3 48** Seveath, between G and H st?. \mi 1til.- we are now rvuyuic 8bU< ?inij-1 ?Y HAND KURNlTURK,STuVE*and BKD DING, for whioh we are payinc the highest oaah prioea. Families donlining honnekeepir.r, or having a aurplua of furniture, will find it to their advantage to give us a "all. BONTZ tt GRIFFITH. J* lS-tf No, 369 7th at., betw. I and K ata. LQSTTAND FOUND. f OST.?Waa left at a store on Pa. avenue, a 1 j LINEN BAG oontainioc 1 pair panta. 1 ahirt, 1 pair woolen drarera, 1 pair stockings, and 1 pair ahoea. Any information ounoerning aatd bag will be thankfully r??ocived at thia offi e. 't* ?C REWARD?Strayed or stolen from the neighborhood ofthe Poat Oflioa of thia c\ oity. a black or very dark brown MARE, ImQ 6 or 6 yeara old. The above reward will be^^2-* paid f?r ita delivery at the Apctheeary Store of Mr. w A1TE, oorner of Seventh street west and Pa. avenue. ?e5 3t* ftOA REWARD.?Ran away from the subsonber, living in Piseataway. Prino* tieori re*a oounty, Md., on the 30th ultimo, a NEGRO BOY,oalling himaef Alfred Duck ett. He is II years of age, about 5 feet A Vj inohes in heiaht, dark oomp eotion. and TJi throws himself back while walr ng. I will give the above reward, if delivered to i* e at the above addreisor secured in jail so that I get him arain. aeS 3t? J. H. GR1FKIN. CtTilVBn lWlV-P.n~.U ! - ?? ^ >? n a ?* r vim vlW wi Hin v?u? Wl U" C5 ment Stables, yesterday. the 3d instant. r\. a medium used hay HoRSE, with threeTi-A white feet, star on forehead, white triFe^^za. on bom, and long bu?h? tail and mine. A liberal reward will he paid to the finder on returning him to No. 10 President'* t?q jars, weet of4,aay?ite Spare. a* 4-3t* REWARD.?Strayed away, on th?27th ult., j from the Arsenal Ground*, a etraw berry oolored COW. The above reward will be paid to any pera<>n returning her tu AbJmi the Arsenal. se 3 3t* CCh RRWARI) Will be paid for the sppreheni>oo and delivery to ine, or securing m in Jail of NEGRO WOMAN LOUISE; tg call* herself Louise Hanson- She is a tall, Jff*. likely negro, quite black, well dressed, with (ull suit of hair. She is no doubt lurking in JSLm> Jpper Marlboro'or neighborhood. She has a husband in Washington oity.and ma* mako her ?ay to that plaoe. WM, \VoR THING TON, Near Wood vil'o, an 15-Stawtf Pnnoe George's county, Md. QOA EMILE DUPRE (JiU PSNHSTLVaillA Avenck, Ikon BUILDINO, Import# tmd WkoiueUt Da&ier w KINK WINES, BRANDIES, SEGARS. SARDINES. PK3KLES, PRESERVED FRUITS, CONDENSED Ml L K. ASSORTED SYRUPS, and CAMP SUPPLIES. JUST RECEIVED? too Cahkh ni.n riiitbdmm nun

""""" SMI LB DUPRfTS Iaow Bbildiw. Sao Pa. Av?wp?. F ? FREDERIC TUSTU?? HAM B"RO CELEBRATED SMOEING TOBACCO, Tk0 Beat ArUole Ever Inpoited, Go to KMILh Dl'PRE, I>om Bpildiw. 3*i0 Pa. Avihpi. JUST RECEIVED? UO Casks ImpoITSD BELTERS WATER, In Original St on* Bottl??, At ?n IS la EMILK DUPRE'8. ^ H. I. FRANKLIN, SCIENTIFIC AND PRACTICAL OPTICIAN, ( IVm Pkil*d*l4tia.) 944 Pann'a av.f(noith ?<U ) b*.mh and 18th iU. Improved SPECTACLESand EYE GLASSES, nited oorrtotly for 17 *y?Htht?mouutad in Gold, Silver, tue Sml, India Rubber, or TcrtoiM Sferll Affluent f?*ld Wmm, Muroscor**, Trl$scop*s, Btra mud ilartrnt til** ft wtik th* ktti J chromatic uu, and Pkyttoii lmur%mentt. Compattu, Sfr?upu mm BUrweoptt Fi ?w tn ? rantty, at Um lowMt ?Mt*rn prices, i au ihU ? ? M ^ EDUCATION AJL. 1 I^JEORGETOWN FKMALF SEMINARY, = (Mis* Hab*ov**'?,? No. 151 Weft ft., b'twttn Comtrrtt anA Hitk fit. Th? (I a tie* of thia Institution vill be resumed on T the fir. t Monday in September nest. fl The attention of p?r*oli aud cuardiana is part'O- , 'a?J? called to the Glass ia Caliatheniea, vhioh lr will he farmed oa Monday the 9 h mat. bja grad- tr aate of the"L*wia Normal Institute of Phfaieal B Kdaoation." The former pupila are earnestly so- r licred to attend the Claaa. at InsisrcToaa. f Miaa K. W. Wricht. Mrs. Caeilia Yoang, , ' M. K. J. Kaufman, Mr W. C. Bermnan, " M. V. Har rover, A. Z*ppone M D. lo M'lle M. Uard'tte, Cbarlea da Frondrat. n C'roula'* mftT be obtained at the Bookstores, or u by addressing the Principal _ w gJ-iw migg HAHKIIVKK. PLEASANT VIEW SEMINAR Y.?The dntita of thia School will be reaumed on the aeoood Monday in Peptem^er Ternia flfin for board and h taition in the Kndiah branohea for year of ten months. Addreea MISS M KEECH c< ee8 ?w* HratUTilla. Prinoe Georgc'a oe.. Md. q W MRS. O. MONROE ILL Reanine the dntiea of her School on Monday, the 9th of September, on the oorner of Ninth and E atreeta?No. 488. (Rep.) aeSSteo* u pAIR HILL ^OARD^ SCHOOL, At Sandt srmma! Md. Thia Institution, which haa bees in auoceaaful operation for the paat ten year*, will eommenee ita enema* regular term on the let of the 10 mo fOo- \ lobar) next. For oiroalara. containing further information in regard to the aohool, apply to 01 WM. 5! FARQUH A R. an 31 eolm* Olney p. O. THE DUTIE8 OF THE HOME SCHOOL tt will l>e resumed on Monday, September 9th. No. 9 K atreet, aouth aide, between 8th ard 9'h. , MRS. M. C. BROWN. dl au ? F,S.Tn,Th,S Principal. * Alnwick seminary,\ i wr at/1 # A v\ r?in 111 ?m. r< m iuujk/ uaiu no, . The duties of this Institution will b? resumed on le Monday. 16th of September Address M A-TYSON 4. SISTKRS. l aurel. P?inre George's ooun- w ty. Md. In the city, Circulars mar he had at Dr. ti Tyson's Drug Store, corner ol L and Ninth *?. jt an 28 d6tfceo2t* r< Mkvkrhtt institute, ASSACIIL'SE rrs AV., Bktwxxm 9th ahd 10th Strkxts, A Select School for Boyi- n The Slxtli Annual Session of this Insttute will ^ oommenoe on Monday, September 2. Terms mod- * erato For lurther particulars, see oiroulars at the b Bookstores or E. W FARLEY, the Principal, at ft his residence, 423 Tenth St. au 2S-2W g /GEORGETOWN COLLEGE, 1). C. "I Acgcst, 1861. 1i The exercises of this Institution will be resumed Ii on the first Monday of September. Terms for n Board and Tuition per annum. $iOo, payable half- ? yearly, in advance N For farther particulars apply to the President? au 18 lmeo JOHN EARLY. 9. J. COLUMBIAN COLLEGE. C V/ Washikotoh, n. r. The Preparatory Department opens its session on Wednesday, September 11th. The Classes in 11 tlie Philosophical and Classioat Department have p their first exeroises Wednesday, September 2Sth. ?, For catalogues or further information applyto G. W. SAMSON, D p.. " au 13-2aw4w (Republican.) President. ? Mrs. bell's seminary for young n f.A OIKS vill rAAiimAnn \fnnH?v 3d, 18617 Looated on oorner L and Tenth &7. I? au an 1 w 1 FEMALE SEMINARY, GEORGETOWN, L S. ENGLISH, Principal, | Miu English purposes, on Monday, September tl 21, t. take charge of a limited number of pupils, to c whoas instruction and improveni"nt Iter best ef- , forts will l>e directed. Fiom her many years' experience in thia business, she hopes to be able to eive satisfaction to those parents and icaa'diana who may place pupils under tier care. Terms made v known on application at No. 35 Gay at. c _au 26 2w* Emerson institute, h stxext. Between 12th and 13th ata., d SeUct Classical ami Maikematicil School f r Boys j The exercises ot this School will be resumed the f first Monday in September. Addre?s * au 19 tf CuA.S B. YQ.JNG, Principal. x rJ,HE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. 1 The Twelfth Annnal Session will oommenoe 8eptomber2. For particulars inqnire of the Principal Mrs. Z.RICHARDS, J _ au 17 1 m Corner of Fourteenth and K sta. r JVJ THE WESTERN ACADEMY', 4 O. 27 7 I, comer of Seventeenth etreet, recent- 1 ly under the oare of l>r. Loomis, will he reopened I Monday, tho 2d of Septeml*er. App.icn.tion mar t be matla at Dr. Towlx's, 490 Fourth atreet, Judt ciary Square. au IT-3w? JOSHUA O. COLBURN. LAFAVHTTE INSTITUTE, , A SCHOOL FOR YOUHO LADIES. 367 I street, between 13th and 14th. Sission will commenoe on MONDAY, Septem- 4 ber 9th. Circular* at Bookstores. Reference is ' made to resident Clergymen, Senators Foot, Foe- 1 ter, Harris, Wade, Trumbull, Harlan, and others. L.C. LOOM IS, A. Mau 10 8, TAT, lm Principal. * J^ROOKEVIL LE A CADEM\., The next session will oommenoe September 3d. Boys are prepared for college or for business. For t catalogue please address, at Itrookeville, Md , > E. B. PRETTYMAN. A M? . au *>-lm (Intel.) Prinoipal. T FEMALE EDUCATION. ' HOSE Parents who wish their daughters to rc- eeive a thorough and systematic) education, where their phjMoai training will reoeive daily and speoial attention, under the most approved system of Calietheiuos and Gymnaetios, are rospeotfuliy invited to visit the Union Female Academy, corner Fourtec th st. aod New York av. MR. A MRS. Z. RICHARD*. *>-tf Principals. PHD Ui r IV A vn DPWOI vjl* uauu ail xj ivuii A FOR RENT?HOUSE 40a Pennsylvania ? ., over the bookstore of Franck Taj lor?a place > for a professional man. se 4-tf I/ARM FOK SALE.?a new Cottage House, wuti from 10 to ISO acres of ohoioe Land, at Annapolis Junction, for s& e. Terras easy, a fate young orchard ou the premises Apply, personally < or by letter, to T. SHA1LER, Jr., Aunapulis Junotion se 2 1 w * LT<OR RENT-A handsome FURNISHED < 1 HOUSE, with all the modern improvements, in a pleasant looaUun. Inquire at the Star Ofioe. au 30 tf tjMJR RENT?A very desirable STAND for a boarding-house, on Pennsylvania avenue and Eighth st., now occupied by the Messrs. Joy, and has always had a full share of the patronage of the city. Possession given on the 1st of September next. Said bouse Is in good order. For further particulars apply to JAMES TOW LBS. Agent, 490 H street north; or Mrs. JULIA KEEP. 376 E street. au 17 tf House on capitol hill for rent. The three story Briok Dwelling-house on the south side of Pa avenue, at the oorner of Third at. east, a short distance from thi Capitol bquare. at present oocupied by G. S. Minor, Esq. Application may b? made on the premises, or to TH'?S. BLAGDEN. No. 409 Seventh st west aul7 6tso HOUSES FOR RENT-No. aft and No. 87,on the south side of Indiana avenue, both of them very large and convenient houses, with good stabling and oarriaga-houses. Aim, the oomraodious and large House, No. 388, on the north side of C street. Apply to THOMAS BLAGDEN. No. 499 Sev com www. jy 17 2awtf l^OK RENT-The north HOUSE of toe ruwTf r new four story houses on Fourth iL.Mwmd D and E sis., No. 3t?H, fronting the City Hall rsuare. Possession given immediately. Apply to WILLIAM H. PHILLIP, Attorney at-Law. No. 40 Louisiana avenue. ina U eotf THE GREAT RUSH TO ARMS has caused 1 SMi f'H to rush North and rep emsh hisstnok of FALL and WINTER CLOTHING, which ?e otfers at remarkable low srioee? at No. 460 ?ev ecth St.. opposite PostOmce. au 80 1m LfOR RENT-A substantial three story BRICK 1 I HOU3E, with large lot adjoining, situated on Third street east, two doors from E street north, I on Capitol Hill?a very healthy locatioo.and price of rent to sait the present times. Possession given immediately. Inquire of Mr. BACON, next door; or of Miss M. C. LINCOLN, 301 Pa. avenne, between 9th and iota au. ait 15 lmto* , U/LNDBOMKLY FURNISHED ROOMS.- * II Four hai;(ie'jiu3:r Furnished Rooms, sapplied with gas anfl water, and convenient to the Patent 0 and Poet OfLoe Departments, fer rent. Apply at 49OH Massachusetts avenue, north nde, between ?th and tU sta. mail I M NOTICE. R. M WILLI AN reeeeotfullr informs hie friends and.the puhliog eneralj th<Une Uy ujyned, in MtvuiMiuH Willi iur. U i X U StULU&IIILKi of N?w York, at ~ 301 PENNSYLVANIA ATM7I, I Bttitte* Otk and liUA struts, * ulk tuU. * a 8lo?*i lor the naie ot lb* okuiooM WIN68. BRANDIES, to.; al?o, HAVANA CIGARS, BOLOGNA 8AUHAQE3, VVLBTPHALlA HAMS,?all of thoir own import*tion. OTTO sfe'HLtJEMER. . * Wwhincton. Amvit 30, imi. (Int.) ann tw Jj u FRENCH fc R1CHSTE1N m ti Sft ft ' jp?? to nt&toh Also, t 1m Pa?ir of all kindt, b and without Mottoea; Kr. velo*?? to matofc. t nrsea and Pocket Books ol every deeoriftion. a irfA iMnrtniAiit r*9 - I ~N?w Yorli FV|wri"r?o?V*d i*i]y; P?r?i Croat \ all parte of tha oonntrj. a FRENCH h RICH8TBIN, mat 9TP Phi.aaenaa. j X*V rJSSSSiS!S^k.?/ * . ulw^oi?5OD^hnthatTuMrMn D ad'fcj. ?h?a ? s&8lSFv*43K n S aiuoMi ]?B 3a?* ENOCH WARD. U AR0A1N8! BARGAINS !-Gr?at barcaiaa ia J McOKl rELEGRAPHIC NEWS a fight in missorm. Hm;m, Mo., 8fpt A ?Corporal Dii, of the bird Ohio Regiment, while out scouting with re men at Klrkavllle, laat week, wu urrcmoded i a farm bonae, while at dinner, by twenty.flre cwatonlata, who demanded a aarrender. The ederala rrfuaed. when the aeceaalonlata made an tack on them. The light waa nerere, but the cderala maintained their poaltlon In the bouae, riving the aaaalianta from the ground, with a a of ae*en killed and five wounded Corporal lx waa killed, but none of the other Federala ere hurt. LATEST FROM MISSOCRI. S*t. Lorn, Sept. 5 ? Prince Napoleon arrived pre early this morulng, quietly escaping the es>rt which bad been prepared for him by Major en era 1 Fremont. Three runaway slaves arc to be restored to their men, on proof of tbe latter1* loyalty to the nlted States It la reported that Hon John W Reed, a memfr of Congress of Missouri, la ralalng a rtbel gltnent In bla district. A military commission will aaaemble at the raenal at St. Loula for the trial of the rebel prlsiera, under tbe Rule# and Articles of War. Kealacky L?|liUtare. Frankfort, Kv , Sept 3.?Tbe proceedings In ie House to-day were unimportant Jud^e Robinson Scott has been elected I'reslrnt of tbe Senate pre ttm It aeetns tbst sli or 'Ten more Senator* than tbe constitution sllovr* id been elected, snd the permanent organization r this body Is delayed by tbe question of con?ted seats. Fit AKirosT, Sept 4 ?Tbe question of contested ntl in fh? Ka*? n hw ta?W. 1 on of the two Union members The temporary peaber then resigned, and the Senate will be gularly organized to-morrow. New V*rk Uemtrritic I'tiTeitltn. Syraccsk,Sept 4 ?The New York Democratic onventton met here to day. Herman J Kedfleld rat chosen president. The committee on con sted seat* made two reports, the minority in ivor of admitting both the Tammany and Moart delegates, which was adopted. The Tammany delegates withdrew for oonsulitlon, and after appointing a committee on resoltlons, tbe convention adjourned till to-morrow t Is thought more than probable that tbe Tamlanyltes will bolt entirely, and unite with tbe tepubllcans on the Union ticket lav. Magsffin, sf Keatacky, Willing ts Sabua11 ts ttas Mtjtrliy. Cincinnati, Sept 4 ?The Commercial says that t Is understood In Frankfort that Gov Magoffin "fuaes to play Into tbe hand* of rabid secessionits. That he has had a quarrel with Mr Breckirldge, and refuses to demand tbe breaking up f the United States camp In Garrard countv, and erlares that he will aubmlt to tbe will of tbe iiinrlt* of the nMinlf of iMtnck*. mm mu h? tpreaed through the Legislature. Stnthrro Itrai. Lnr is villi. Sept 4 ?It Is reported here tbat be President baa telegraphed the Union members if tbe Kentucky Legislature tbat be baa repodlted General Fremont's policy In regard to alavts. Tbe Charleston Mercury of Saturday laat anlouncea tbe acrival at tbat port of tbe armed priateer Gordon,"from a six weeks cruise. She bad aptured four priles The Neva Scatta fltld >Ilaes. Halifax, Sept 3?The gold mlnea recently iiacovered In this province continue to be producive, and miners hjve bad tbeir labor most satisirtoelly rewarded This disc over?, tt is thought, irlll open a new field for tbe Industry and euter>rlse of our citizens. A Iharge stt Sastaiaed. Philadelphia, Sept 4?The trial to dav of Augustus Douglass, of Baltimore, for Ligbmisdeneanor, on the charge of endeavoring to Induce leaertlon from tbe United State* service and enlstment In tbe Confederate army, resulted la bis tonorable acquittal, tbe jury finding htm not ;ullty. Arrival ef a Prize. N*w York , Sept 4 ?The schooner H MiddIron arrived here this morning as a prize to the iloop of war Vandalla She was captured on tlx tlit, off Charleston, and was bound to Liverpool vith a cargo of naval stores. She had previously >een Intended for a privateer. Iilnre ef Seatfcera Merchandise at riaclaaati Cincinnati, Sept. 4 ?Yesterday the U. 8 Marihal seized the Interest of certain citizens of rebel states in frercbandlae now for sale on commlalon lere, amounting to $50,000. ^ORQETO W^TAD VEK'FMl^ mHHDS PKIMK P. R. MOLASSES. I hhds. prime P. R. Surar, 37 boxes New York Cheese. 10 bt ls. new No 1,2 and 3 Mackerel, 1,0 0 lbs. new Hake and Col Fish, 50 boxes Scaled Herring, i tierce Rioe. S bags Lac ua; ra Coffee, l.nnn lbs. A No. l Sucar oured Ham*, Superior oid Bourbon Whisky, 92 per gallon, treorzetown Corporation Notes of the old issue t il taken at par at my regu ar retail erioe. se5-6t W. H. TKMNEY. \1 ABBEY, COLLINS & CO.?? LtI PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT. Expected this dar, per steamer J. Jerome? barrels XX DRAUGHT ALE, 40 do. XX XX do. do. 600 hlf.-bbls. do. do. do. Whioh on arrival will be for sale Terms caah >n delivery. ARNY * SHINN, ml Union Depot, Georgetowa. JUST RECEIVED? 10 bhda. prim? Porto Rico SUGARS UObbla. Old Rye WHISKY, HO bbia. H KR RING atui ALEWIVE8. 0 bbla. Cruahed and Reiin?d SU6ARB, to but Rio and Java COFFEE, lo hnda.(low-prioed) MOLASSES. For aala by JOflfN J. BOOUE. ? l? * JUST RECEIVED FROM ST. LOUIS. ARMV OFFICERS AND OTHERS are re?p*clfu'l j invited to oaII at the store or C WOODWARD, No. 318 PENNSYLVANIA AVBNUE, letween 10th and llth street*. Washington, D. C., tad see the most complete artio'e of CAMP MESS CHESTS, with "ABLE AND WRITING DESK COMBINED. EVER INVENTED. IB Article Officer* vho AppreoiAte the comforts of Camp ltie should not be without. also, OFFICERS' CAMP COOKING STOVES, nth Bake Ovens. Camp Equipments, Ac , Ac. All kinds of COOKING AND HEATING STOVES, f the latest improved stvles, for Parlors, Cham bers, OAoea, Ac,. Ac., Ac. LAKDWARE AND HOUSE FURNISHING GOODtf. To be had at C. WOODWARD'S. No. ?1? Pa av.. bet. loth and nth iti.. aa ?l-t Beicony ta trout. E NOTICE. NTIRE STOCK OP DRY GOODS SELLING OFF At Oesatlt RlDCCKD PaiCM To CIom bandom. The andereigncd. Tru?t*e of R. Brio* Hall, rou'd moot re?p?otfu ly oall the attention of R. B. lail'a K>rm*r patron* and tko public m general to he foot that h?4? now au-1 will eoeUuM* 11 tell ail he remaining etook on baud at great jr redaeed ;ar u,^g5?gasasf!f?ar N. B.?JR'. Bail banns for a long time ooeupied wo atoree? No. a 7 J and 3T*?thi* u to n<*ifjr all fliaons that the goods of both stores hanWa laoed in Store fo. 373, where all Mreona ia earoh ol bargain hontd not la 1 to oaa. an 31 ao6t TH KO. HBCKKLS, Trustee. DOTlfOBB! aojm be?belt prime WeltL* Me?oe?#wlll be ?i?e ?i atrial, and we shall jive yos satuiae ion. uik, inaiut U4 KMtMkf momtr, ti good tf***** " J. W. 1TKBI.B * CO. gUTTKE. CUCSSfi. K0??. W Crkin* FrMh Now York HaMr, :S t aoketa, iiuaII ?u 1 lui? iii?i 25 mi |co i Cyiy g?>w, Tfi^oT % SECOND EDITION. THREE O'CLOCK P M. The Rtrotrtr Diath or Jtrr D*n?.~Co( Butler reached Waabin^ton thla noriikf direct from ForUrw Monroe He Inform a ua Uai y?Mii. d?T forenoon a Itg of tiuc? mcM there tmn tbe enemy. Tbca? with It were questioned with reft recce to tbe reported 4e?l.h of Jeferaoa Mela, which they denied, u?ou2h admitting that a nu of great Importance among then waa dead?who, they refined to te*1. Our belief la that it la Daeta, afl^a all ADDITIONAL TATMA?TKaa.t<r TRIBI-Tlill' *OtCSTKBB* APPOINTS* TO- DA T Z?plna K Puitbwi, of Mm* , Mark Mo; Junrt W fkiaabort, of Pi.; HcylMrrUIIO of lowi ; W m H Ji bMpg, ef O ; H P i. Adam*, of Kaaaa* ; Jamra C.JoU. of 1*4 , Boat. F WiUon, of MaM , Nicholas Vedder, of IlllMftai Oliver Hoi man, of Massachusetts , Wn Ollaaa, of Mich ; Wb Lsrned. of 111 , Goo F Knory. of Mbm ; John E Newell, of N. J ; Julian O Maoon, of Maaa ; Win H Rlttor. of N Y ; Frank Bridesman, of Iowa ; Thomas M Bart. t4 N. Y-i Kussrll Errett, of Pa ; Ira L- Hrwrtt. of Texss, Henry V.Sulllea?, of IU ; W.J. Martin, of N M ; Rufua Cheney, of Wla ; John A. Lowry, oi Ind ; Trutuan G Wright, of Wla ; 0. R SAundsw, of Cal ; Wm E Culeer, of Ky ; Hoy. of N. Y.; Alexander u wuilami, of N V , Ktbrt L Webb, of N Y. The above list comprise* all the additional Paymasters of Volunteer* proposed to be appointed ? IILUiU. Pay matter Gallagher, wbeae arrest we notice elsewhere la tbe Star to-day, baa been promptly released and reatored to duty H la arrest waa through a mistake. Appointed and Rkhovkd.?John Beckert baa been appointed a Laborer in tba Poet Ottce Department, viet Henry SHerena, removed Arrttt / Pnymmur (wuliaghtr?Am++l 0/ tkt R. B. Forbtt VeM^diy afternoon. Mr. Gallagher, Faymaater of the Yard, waa arrested, and Is now In the cmtody of the authorities The cause for the arrest has not yet been promulged Laat night, tbe gunboat K B Forbes, of Bootoo, Capt M V Gregory; Chief Engineer, W. 1> Peters, arrived here Tbla veesel run aabore la leaving the harbor of Boaton, and then fired signals of dlatreaa with her magaxlne open and ligbta moving about the vessel. Her next arhlevroent waa to board the Brio, examine licr papers, after which abe laid off at good range and knocked thing* to pleoea with her long 32-poundera Reaching the mouth of the bay ahe agalu mo aground and after considerable difficulty, with the aaalstance of three tugs, got off. Anally reaching ear navyyard, where ahe will enjoy a abort respite until her present Injuries are repaired. Her damage cannot yet be ascertained, but It la thought that she Is bilged quite badly, as in the hay abe made water at the rate of three feet Id fifty id inula Her machinery la but little injured. Tbe Baltimore went to the Araenal last night, where she took on board a quantity of artillery and ammunition for Alexandria. Ttoia morning abe left, with schooner In tow, probably a tender to the fleet. The Mount Vernon went down to Old Point yeaterday, about noon Work la still going on In tbe ahip-bonae upon tbe Underwriter, which will have coat, whan It for service, many times her value when purchased. Tbe Philadelphia, Island Belle, Ceres, and Lealle are at the wharvea. No news from below of Interest. LEA * PER It I N ft* CILIUiTlO Worcester* hire Sauce. Pronounce* by C EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS If of a Lattar fr? ? to ba Ibe El M*d*c*l Utmiltmtn "ONLY GOOD T? Hn Brttkf SAUCE." wl m Worttittr. and applioab'e to IT V IT D V mi lW their Sauce lVIS hi*illy MtMinoc. VARIETY R-Xgir ,nTopiMon.themoat M"_ll H aubie, m vaii aa ?F dish, ^^rsjssap Th? abov* SAUCE is un oolv the imtwO m?tt Fopclak co!tDinesi knovn, b?t the w>il Feenfmxcal, *a a l?w dropi <n Sowp frrar?. or with Mi*, hot aod oo d Jotuts, B*?f Sua*, (ra?a, fc . in.part an exquirte seat, winch aaprtactpiff Saeee n>aaufaoiurera have in vain endeavored t-> imttatt On the BreaJefa'l. l.mmktom, Dtmn*r or S*ep?r Tibl , a cruet containing " LKA A PfcRRl.NS* WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" ia itidiapeBaable. To appreciate the trttlUnt qua u*?* of this Mi eitms preparation it ia on ? neowssry to paiehaea a sia*ll bott'e of the itsmmmu. of a respectable gro oer or dealer, as man; Hoitl and Ko <sr*si pro prietors ss.dom p:a~e the Pur* Saooe oefore their cuest* r at substitute a gensia* BottU felted vith a levriotti mixture. Pnr ea la Kv rfwtara anW PraitaMM > mmm JOHM DUNCAN * ?On?, Umiom ff?itart mU 14(4 ItrMI, Hrrr Y> rh, Sol* Wh<il??le Afeata for Uo Uuitrd A Stock a!w*y? id atoro ? Alao orders rooeired fordirrct ife.pmNU from KntLa-d. (J Commtrrfexti mmd ItrtumttornM.^m ?pyij,?o GREGORY'S STOT M HO USE. *81 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. *tl Kreps oonsUatiy on bud m oomplet* MortMnt of 8tOVt?, ? * ATE8. Md KA,N?E?; tJio.CAMr KQUlPMKN-n* of a.11 kiMs.^09 inoiadinf Camp St^o'a. Cuii Ttb!**, Oair pm| Stovee, Pr*coh lKiokiQf Com-oommon Tit^r Cap*. Tin Pla4e?, Ac ; mc a a eoertt of Tip. Kn?m?i*d Japaci fd and P:aAni?h?sj War a. All kiaas of Ti?. Copper and Snoot Iron Wok made to order m a workmanlike usntr ud at abort not oa (ET RemcmUr, 391 Pa. trdit, aooond door from ^'enth it, aoath aid*. m? *rtt H. J. GREGORYDr. CHARLES R BOTELER, DENTIST, No. 33? PENNSYLVANIA A V EN UK. Between Ninth tad Tenth BtreeU no ?-eo2m WESTERN I.ANDB IN EXCHANGE FUR LAN08 NEAR THE FEDERAL CAPITA L.?The eubaoriber will rxohnute hoe Farming Landa in Ohio nod Michi*>n tor lnuda within t> mi e. of thia eit?. WM.THOS OaHMOLU Wn'tuncton City, A at eat 23, 1M1. na to *otw piREMEN'8 INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital ,777... ?< <>,0*0. 00m ?en??r C strut and Ltmiimt ee? ?wr Bmmk Wa iktmfltm INSURE HOUSES AND OTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOBS BY FIRE. AG D AMES ADAMS, PreakdanL MWtttb ? .BILLIARDS! TCTTI The lg?M ? fc of GAME OP BILLUIM will tad ia KM RICH'S FINE HALL, Corner P?Mrlnaik itmm mU it* KilK, ( oatk m4*>) tva of U? BMt idatabl* TABLEb ia tfca I'aitad State*, vllk avail wfcrl iat ( aa? tf If tfco |l*iw. A SPECIAL NOTICE. LL Pirw' i laMud to mm, oo ofM mimM or aotM ??Jt d BO, are failf to ca.'l oo?l par tko mmn> bj I at ?*v oJH fmthm n-xt. ar bwiMM BMut kt( oi^ a* aaax~Mti * aapoa to that date. W? t be *tor? a aid tt\ exp y* oar friMda to r?apo?4 p o-aftlt to ??r a* l J. w. WtbUtY * CO, __ >)? i ,X) .tj ?v. T?Hlk S B?CRIBKR8 ftKSPKCTPi'ULT n^UoSS fi?Lrt?5Rrf m M. MAVAl. 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