Newspaper of Evening Star, September 5, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 5, 1861 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. TWILIGHT. Longfellow thns happily describe* the gradual cooing in of lis shadows: Slowly, siowly op the wall Steals the sunshine, steals the shade; livening damps begin to fail, Evening shadows are displayed Round me. o'er me, every where. All the sky is grand With clouds. And athwart the evening air Wheel the swallows home In crowds. Shafts of sunshine from the west Paint the dusky windows red, Darker ahadows, deeper rest, Underneath and overhead. Deeper, darker, and more wan, In my breast the shadows fall, Upward steals the life of man, As tbe sunshine from the wall. From tbe wall into the sky, From the roof along tbe spire; Ah ! the souls of those that die Are but the sunbeams lifted higher. The Errxcr o? Naval Storks ?'The Bostontans. In view of the rapture of Fort Hatteru. anticipate tbe opening of Pamlico Sound and an earlv renewal of trade in naval atorea and other article*from North Carolina. The Traveler says: Some Idea may be formt d of the enormous advance in the price of a single article?spirits of turpentine?in thlscity within a few months from the fact that it has been sold as low as 45 cents a villon, and even lower, but sines tbe war SI 75 has-been paid for It in New York, though it ?eldom rote higher than SI 50 per gallon in Goston. -Last week 700 bbla were received here from \ armouth, N. S . which brought the price down to SI per gallon. But if the porta of North Carolina are now thrown open?we mean those ports which we can undoubtedly aelze and bold?not only spirits of turpentine, but roain, tar, yHlow pine, (bow in great demand,) and even cotton will find its way to our ports. During the past vear, strange aa it may se*m to those who have thought North Carolina exclusively a naval Store State, we received In Boston alone 6 535 bales of cotton from the single port of Wilmington, N C., aU the product of the State. Our recent success has certainly created considerable sensation among the holders of naval stores in this vicinity, and has had tbe tendency to uuaettle prices. Ex-8lav*s isa New Position?The Wa*L* log ton correspondent of the Philadelphia Inquire' says: "Considerable merriment waa occasioned to-day by the passage through tfce streets cf 122 baggage wagons, each drawn by four hsllw and escn driven by a negro The negro drivers three weeks ago, were all slaves; they are now In the service of tbe United States Government and receive the same pav as 'any other men ? I wat< h?-d theo closely, and saw among them some Intelligent fsces, although the majority looked stolid and stupid. Every one of them, however, understood his bnsinrss. and drove bis horses well and properly. In this respect they are really superior to many of the drivers tVat one sets every day here, who nearly kill their horses with 111 treatment. It Is a common practice with the latter to lock one of their binder wheels and make the peer beasts draw the heavy wagons up bill and down all day. with the wheels locked.'' A Roman Tbaokdt ?A dreadful and romantic trsgedy occurred some night* ago in a large house cf four stories, close by where I am now writing. I A busbsid. eomlns home suddenly at ?n un- j wonted hour, found his wife with a paramour, who fled fronr. his pursuit through the attic win- ! dow to the roof of the bouse The enraged husband followed him. grappled with him on that giddy height, and both rolled Into the street far b?iow The husband was killed on the spo*; tbe other will scarcely live. Such things are u**ver mentioned In the public journals hers ?Roman Correspond*met Dai'y .\'ie J. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DA Y8 Jxou ram Uwitib Statss Rr**w,*rj. *- ?*? ForC ascow ??New ) ork_.Liverpool.... Sept 7 i Aragu ~.__Now York^.Ilavre Sept 14 From Efrop* Glasgow.? Liverpool New York Ant. 21 Jura. Liverpool New York.. Aug 72 Arabia Liverpool. ...Huston Aug. i1 Air o1 __Liverpoo!....New York.. Aug.SI The California mail steamers ieave New York on the 1st, lJth. and 2ist of ever? month. i Y?? .. vvo?l> AND COAL. OU Will sareiy g?t your money's worth by (Sltloi tl Uis PlO.NfckR MILLS, stnierr i V % A'.f*1* \ir": a** Camai, (b ! .(?. PABK, : Agent.) 1 ha j ssti ubeapar and *i *e better it" sure ' than any otinrs in the oity?out. ??iit, and tieiiv- ' red fres of shares. If yon doo 11 elicve .; ve i toe Pioneer M.:'a atria., and be satisfied. t lyj A FULL ASSORTMENT OF BRASS AND r WOODEN DRL'MS, Drsrn Heaos. Drum aoksand Snares. Brass ami Copper Busies. Fifes, late*. Bat.o*, Guitars, and Viouns. at low pric?4, jBst arnved at tne Music Store of W. (j. METZEROTT, corner of Eleventh street and Penna. a Ten as. m 17 | = w. v carriages. i Hh Suosonber having inaao additions to Ins , factory, makinc it now one ot the :ar/citAj*nu ' In the District, where his faoiiitiesftfluSSfc for raanuiacturir.^ CARRIAGES inillPK LitfHT WAtftliNS of all kinds oaonot be sur passed, and from his locc experience ui the busina??.'?? *tvt general satisfaction. AJiktnds of Carriages and Lijht Wagon* kept AJ REPAIRS neat y done, and all ordors prom pi. y attenaed to. Seoond hand Carriages taken in exchange for new ones. ANDREW J. JOYCE, d 14 tf oorser of Fourteenth end E s?s, PROPOSALS FOR SIDE WHEKL STEAMERS. Navy Dkfabtxxst, i (.'osjfrsfrins, S . ? Washington. August 8. >W1.S In Cosfohxiit with the not oi Congress approved the 3: August, ?86i, the f?avy Department wtu receive proposals for the oonstruouon and eeaipnient of Twelve Sid* Wheel Steaners. The load draft of water not to exoeed six feet nine inches; to be armed with two rifled gun*, oi waoh. o l? at each end of the vessel; also, with two 12-pound howitxers; the oompe ment to D* on* hundred persons with provision* for sixty day*, to have two thousand gallons of water in tacks, ai d to ba provided with aoondenser for distilling potable water. To be sehoont-r rigged, ana hare & rudder at each end, properly protected by a The Department desires to have the high eat attainable speed, which must t>e stated in the offer, together with the length of time it ean lx? maintained, and the suantity of ooai that can be carried in tae bunkers for that speed, whioh should not be less than for eighty cays. The proeosafmuat be for the hall,(pars, rigging, mLiB' canvas* work, boas*. auohors, and cables, tanks, casks, furniture, oookmg appa*atus machinery and spare w?ik, with all the eetupment* for a ve**el ot war corap^*te and ready m all reapeoi* for sea servioe, and ready to reeetve her oifcors, men. armament, teres, provision*, and fhel for steam mach;?ery. The armament, stores, provisions, and fael wiU Wjoriiiwd bf tb# GoverQiu?Dt. The sp?? hoations must fuilr describe the n a terlsus to be used.the method and of fattening, the detail oi the sixe, material, fcuish. kind, and arrangement of machinery, ar.d of the various e*aipm?nts molcded in the proposal. The plans most be working drawinrs.from which the veesel and n>a?hinery fan be bsilt. *howiiig the aaotment of spac* for aooommodations, store rooms, magajme, and *heli-room*, dup xition of theo">al, Ao. I h? boilers and engine* to be below the drok? I the ^ain shaft may be abov*; the boiler prepare ! not to be ies* than thirty pouias per s*usre luoti, aiwi a surfsoe condenser to be used ; the ciduiewh*e to be o?erhung. L p.?n application to the Comma-dant of any navy yam tne Uadr' oan aee the h*t of e*mpmenta required lor the propeller gun r?oat?.to which, a* 'ar a* practicable, the>.n are to oonform, atd for w ich convenient stowage it to ee provided. t Tne bidders wiliatat* the :ea?t t me v.t in wbiob tuey wi I agree to complete the vassal for sea and l"',ivZr,h2r.*t*roJ} !*ZZ fZrd " th?? cane, i ?x,ra 8 st to th* Government. It must the ' ff4r tbe ami.stt for whuhtkev will engage to do all that is resulted ai>ov# ma m their ipeoifioatiooa and . pi%o*; and tbe li? mott be acoompam^d by names I ?f (*ar?Ltors that if awarded they will execute Us ssstiist Til* nsoal oond Hons of Government oontrao's will be ot>*erv*d. PsymenU lo be mads at four d.JTerent interval*, a* the work procresaea, retaioW tb* whol* amount for ninety days Jter the deiiv*ry of the vessel, to repair any de fyts that aafy .be discovered within that time in trial at see. 11 u understood that in the oontraot a arantee will be ia**rted of the fu fi ment of tije fi?*l? *atisfactory working oi IwJara0 tT' *W * fori* tare in oa#e of Tj>*r?Mtat?o? of bidder* as suooesaful steam 2^1 iSILTiii h*v# dBeww#t?ht? and the propeaal wast state tke nam*or th* marine steam-engine Sii^mX'ht?bSt^dihloa lh" ' lin?"t rceerves the right to aeeept the ropoeinoss made in oonformity with the oonditoo* pi^escribed'whloh shall be ooasidared mo*t to th* interest of the Government and oombir* th* groatsst number of advantaga*, and to r*i*ot any ?r all of them, at it? option. Th* *P*o?hoatM? a* ana p ans of parti** not obtaining theooqtract oan be withdrawn by them. KThg Department will not oon*ider itaeif under fa?ion* to r???ivo propoaala after th* 6th ol (ember. 1*61 an * lawsw "w A S . - 8r?ING CLOTHING. ** ALL, Hi * Co are taia day in "J tneir aecond supply of SPRING CLOTHim fS? m?J',ria! for their onstcna trad*,eon*istI"* ?f Cloth*. Casaimer* and Vesting*, of the jat.<>?t ?ty.e*. which they wui make to order in sa">? prices. ? ??, wishing an im mod ate on tit will find Department every artiote of vV*artag Appar^ *?itabl* to their wai ts. H ALL. STEPHENU k. CO., - f?nr. avenne. INECI (IthK|N-RIT?K-?^F?R AJUL. KINDS or ; VAlVirKlT^intvi1 rTS , TRUNKS. 1 COLLARS.and TlK.~?. at ?' ?! swath st. op posit* Post ' '? an 8 lm J||U PROVISIONS. bus. OATtS, "erasinga lbs per hash*!. * - 4M .. I * i- ' * 4 ? - <e \ tFOK 8T AMPINS A PACKET OF FAPEK AND ENVELOPES TO HATOI, kitkl METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. PH1LP * SOLOMONS* if<?K for Lovrmu'l ultbrafd Limm To*mi " Mttrf'it? Mill*tu, fa. MM It *"*-** andHttska. WASHINGTON LOCK HOSPITAL. DR. SHUMAN hM,?ft?rui M??n*M?oMei tmii, established the abovs refuge fron ?uackery. self-labeled Indian or German dootors | and pretendara of witchoraft and impostors in gsn#rThn ia the only place where a sure and spaed; cure can be ontalned in the world for all imprope and evil habits, gonorrhss, gleet, seminal weak neaa. ayphilus, primary secondary. and tertiary organic wnkneii. pain* in the lolna, strictures general debility, prostration, nervousness, restlssi bights, palpitation of the heart, ringing in thsaars lo*e of memo.y, ooafuaion.meianohoiv.aneotloni of the bead, throat, nose, and akin, and aH thos< peculiar disorders ariaing trom the indiscretion o: youth, rendering them unfit for either business study, aociety, or marriage. , ^ , i>r. S. baa ihe greateat remsdiea in the knowi world for discanea of the blood, gonorrbia, gleet trioturea, syphillis, aeminal weakness, self abuae <kc. There is no caae in which they fail to oure u from S to $ daya. .. . . ? . , V ictims of the*e horrible oomplainta, who woal< wish to be va.uabiemen and orsamenta to aooiety ahouM embrace the aariieat opportunity for relief Dr. Shuman haa made the moat oorapiete arrange ments for the oomfort of bia patients who oomi from a distanoe. Tbey will be furnished with th< moat pleasant and agreeable qaartara. neoessan diet, and made aa o :>mfortable as they woald be a a first class hotel at lesa than half the oost. Do not forget the name and number. Dr. Shu ['s office is on the oorner of Sixth street anc : Pennsylvania avenue. Clarendon Hotel, opposite the National Hotel, Washington, D. C. fersons at a distance should enclose stamp fo: return postage. Office hours, 9 A. M. to 10 F. M I Various parties have been enticed from my id af.tution by certain swindlers on back atreeta u tii i a city, who will ru* it till the dav of their death A word to the wise is unfficient. we 9 It #Curt Couth, Cold, Hoarstntst, In /lumxa, any irritation or Sortnt*t of th* Throat, Ktli*v* tkt Haclrtn* Comth M Consumption, Bronchitis, Athma, t Catarrh, Cltar and fiei UTtntih to th* vote* Q/ PUBLIC SPEAKER! and 8INGER8. Few are aware of the importance of oheoting i Cough or ''Common Cold" in its first stage; tha which in the begmins would yield to a mild reir.e dr. if neslected.soonattacksthe Lungs. "Bro%*n[ 1 Bronchial TrocAti." containing demnloentiugredi ants, aiiay Pulmonary and Bronchial Irritation. "That trouble in my Throat, (to UROWN'8 which the 'lj\oeh4*" area specific I i.aving made me often a mere whie TROCHES perer.* N. P. WILLIB, BROWN'S " 1 reoommend thair uae to Ffiui TROCHES " REV. E. H. CHAPIN, "Great service in subduing Hoaxsx BROWN'S ?**?." REV. DANIEL WISE. i TpnrRN "Almost instant relief in the dia TKULHiSs tresstng labor of breathing peoulia j BROWN'S | C. EGQLESTON. 1 TROCHES " Co.-itain no Opium or anythini injurious." DR. A. A HAV E8, ! CROWN'S Cktmist, Bono* " A simple and pleasant oombina TROCHES tion for Coos Hi , &o." UR. 6. F, BIGELOW. BROWN'S Bottom ,?n(.u , o " Benefioial in BaoNCHiTia." TROCHES DR. J. F. W. LANE, RRRWN'S ?osti* " I have proved them excellent fo TROCHES Waoorma CosaH." ,ftU^ REV. H. W. WARREN. BROWN'S Bot laa " Beneficial when compelled U TROCHES <pcak, snttering from Cold?' &EV. 8. J. F, ANDERSON, BROWN'S St. Louu J,v " Kf TBCTWA.L in removing Hoarae ! OCHh. U9V, 6;i(j ir.nauonof the Throat, a BROWN'S :;on SriAMM and Sina " Prof. M. STAC V JOHNSON, , v.:tvnns La 0rMi?. b< ! nmt\- Teacher of Muaie, Son then BRO^.N'S Fomaio Collage. vaocnro "?5rea.t tou fit whan taken befon an 1 i"nr prraohing, as thev preven RROWW? Hoar.-enesa. From their paeteffeoi I think thay will be of permanent ac tt a nop ! rantage to ine. TSUvL"8 REV. F. ROWLEY, A.M. BRO W N'S President of Athena College, Teen TROCHES 4* 1-iy PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL AMD BLOOD REJTOVATEE Is prceiscly V iiat its name indioates, f6r, whlli pleasant to the ta te, it is revivifying, exhilarating p.vii.jratiug aiii stren,tHoning to the vita- poweri an' at tl^ ^me i,m? revivifies, reinstates, and re news the IJlvx>d in a.l >U onytnal purity, and tbu ?t once rtstori.% and *rudtrt the lyiten invnlnsraol to attacks ofdistau. It ia the ever otfored to the world, ao oaemically and skill fully combined as to be tne moat powerful tonic and at the aame time ao perfaotly act ic perfoot ftooordanco with tn? lawi of imtare I and hence will uotk* th* V9oi*tt stoniaeh. am tone up the digestive organs, and thus^layaUner ! v>u* and other irritation, it is perfeotly exhilara ting and at the aame time it ia oomposed enttrely o v?-<etao!ee, yet ao combined aa to produce the moa ' thorough toaio eject, without producing any in j rious oonnetueiices. Such a remedy has ioni \ >an felt to b? a desideratum in the medioal ^world 1 for it needs no nwlioai sk.ll to see that debilit: fallows all attack* of disease, and prooeedi and in d"e<< lays the svstom open to tue insidious attack o: miinr ot the most fatal* luoh, for oxavnplA? as tin following: Consti npticn, IndigesUon, Dyspepsia I I oss of Appetite, la ntneas, Nervoua Irritability Neura gia, ValaitaUon of the heart, Melancholy Night sweats. Langor, Giddiness, Retention of, a well ax Pain/nT obstructed, too ryfuae, or to. sc^nt M.n-truat on, and Falling of the VV omb 1'li-ee iil d?per.d upon general debility. This pure 1 cnalthy tonic Cordial and B'ood RenovaUiris a saro toe - reas tne sun ist o nae and set. There n 1 no miotaka abom it . But this la not all if thi system is weakened we are open to bilious at ta'ku, the liver beoomea tprpia, or worse dieeaaed the kidneys refuse to perform their lunctiona, an( , we are tro- ;-e<i with aeaioing and .uoonlinenoe o urine, or mvoinntary discharge of the aame, pail in the back, bi-jo and between the ehonldera, ex oeeainRly uah;e to alight opiaa, oongna. and U u i caftoked. soon emaoiation follows,and the patien goes down to a premature grave. But aaaoo wil cot allow us to enumerate tne pianv ilia to which wi I available in a weakened oonditionol the s? stem But we will aay in thia Cordial ana Blood i^nova tor you have a perfect, safe pi eaaant and r^nedy for ioaa of AppoMte. BiuouaneM. Flata , l^noe, weak and sick Stomaoh. Langour. Lav? ! Ciinplaint. Cuillaand FeveT,,or any BiRousattack Cottiveni'ae.Aciaity orthe StoniaohjNervouanesa Neuralgia, Palpitation of the Heart, Depreasioi i of Spirits, Sores, I'implea on the Face, or any dia ! f.vue ariaing from \mpure biood, such aa Scrofula E; ysipelaa. Bronchitis, Coufh,difficulty of Breath mt, and all that olaaa of diaeaaea oaf ad femaW \r<?akntas, and enumerated above. We will ala< say tne traveler exro??4 t? epidemioa, ohange o e'.mate and water, wnl and it a pleaaant, aaftant aura re"??<iy, and no one "houid ever travel with ; out. Reader, try it, far we aaaare you yen wu i find in it a firiewl it -?ed,ae wall aa a friend in need All periocs of eedantarr habits will find it a per feot f.eventive ol, aa well aa a core for thoaeail niBL'ta whioh ttey are particularly expoaed Heu<x mmiBtera. studenU, attorneys, liwrarr gentlemen and ladiaa who are not aconatomed to muoh out door exerotre, will u=d it to their advantage U keep a bottle constantly on hand; and above a! motnera. or those oecr.atijig auch, will go througt that mo*t dangeroue jeriou not only with all then accustoms strength' but safe and free fropa thi thonsir.d ai ments so prevalent among ui# J email portwli of tne world, in ahort, ia indeed a mother i cor-liai. Try it old and young; no lor gar ra? ?( risk atMaj . it will relieve and provei iU?lfem>haticai.y a n?uernti*? Cordiml nmd Blood Honov+tor. O. J. WOOD, prtprutor, 444 Broad war, Nea York, and 114 Market Street. W.Lffaia^o.. anii acid by all good Druggists. Price One Dollar M' PROF. WOOD'S RX3T0RATIVB CORDIAL *N9 BLOOD RENOVATOR. Soi4 in this city by C. 8TOTT, STf Pa. avtM* _aa 8ft-aoly.aiW UN BOATS *o* th? WESTERN RIVERS Pxoposals are invited for oonatraoting Gunboats upon the Weatern rivera Specifications will be immediately prepared and may be exauuned at theQuar'eriuastor'a Office al Cinomnati,pit sbu-gh, and at thiacifioa. Proposals from ( oat bull era and engina-bnlld err alone will be oonaidarad. ... ^ P ana submitted by bidders will be taken into consideration. M^ C. MEIGS, te n Quartermaster General United Statea. ||OOTS AND TO SHIT TII We are bow manafrweanng all kind* of BOOTI aad SHOES, and oo:atanfl> reoeiving: aggta ^^tofore* 3a?ged Tnrfiua*fox"naah rn^oi ^Paraona In want ol Boots and Shoss of eastern w ity made work, will always inda good asaortmsa I. .tore an? at *e law-t ^FpfaVB^!* ulI ' 111 ^nnrisvlvania avensa. t iOOD ART1CLBS,?MOORE'S INSECT a* It VERMIN DE8TROYER wl.l rid yo* oj Roachee, Bad Buga, Ante, ftc. Moore's Rat an< ouse Exterminator neverfaila. Moore'a Bemint will remove paint, varn sh.ur grease of any kind from the most deliaate fabric, ail k or woolen, withost inisry to color or otherwise ; will clean Ki? . fr pf..*; We?t Krw| Arim B! S& ^^Jn^id^SiSniSf ot Piaaos M They ft right to tk? Spot." INSTANT RELIEF STOP V OUR COU8H 1 PURIFY YOUR BRBATH STRBN8THEN YOUR VOICE! ' SPALDING'S 1 THROAT CONFECTIONS, j abb GOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, GOOD FOR LECTURERS, | GOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, 1 GOOD FOR SINGERS, j GOOD FOR CONSUMPTIVES. ' ( ?I 8BNTLBMENCARRY * j SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, j LADIES ARE DELI8HTED WITH i SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, j CHILDREN CRY FOR J SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. ] They relieve a Cough instantly. ' They cis&r the Throat. I They give strength and volnme to the voioe. \ They impart a delicious aroma to the breath. They are delightful to the taste. They are made of simpls herbe and cannot harm any one. I adviee every one who hae a Cough or a Haaky Voioe. or a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of the Throat, to get a package of my Threat Confeo- < tione. They will relieve you lnatantly, and you | will a?ree with me that "they go rirht to the spot' Yon will find them very neefnl and pleasant while traveling or attending public meetings. for stilling I your Cough or allay in* your thirst. U yon try one j package I am aafe in saying that yoa will ever af terwards consider them indiapensible. You will find them at the Druggists and Dealers ia Mediates. i . PRICE TWENTY FIVE CENTS, My signature ia on each p&okage. All others are < 5 counterfeit. ] A Package will be sent by mail, prepaid, oa re j i oeipt of Thirty Cents. 1 Address, j HENRY C SPALDING, J No. 43 CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. J 1 : NervousHeadache ! x|?, CURE Jf i Headache. : By the ise of these Pills the periodic attacks o I Nit 1CV3 or Sick Hiadtick* may be prevented; and I taken at the oommenooment of an attaok imme j dlate relief from pain and sickness will be obtained, i They seldom foil in removing the Nnutta and lltndockt to whioh females are so subjeot. They aot gently upon the bowels,?removing Cot i ?t Ttnt/s. For Liltrary Mm, Studmts, Delicate Females. 1 and all persons of ttdtntory kabiti>, they are val- , uable as a Laxativ?, improving the appo'U*, giving i ton* and reiror to the digestive organs, iknd re storing the natural elasticity and strength of the ' whole system. The CEPHALIC PILLS are the nwait of long investigation and oarefully oonduoted experiments, having been in use many years, daring whioh time ihey have prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and suffering rom Headache, whether ongi- ; nating ^ the ntrrout system or from a deranged state of the ttomack. i They are entirely vegetable m their eompoaition, , and may be taken at all times with perfect safety ! I. without making any ehange of diet, and tkt abi ttnet of amy dttagrttablt last* romdmt it mii le I t odmxmittor tk*m to ckildrom, ? BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! ! i, The genuine have five signatures of Henry C. ? Spalding on eaoh Box. i Sold by Draggists and ail other Dealers in Medi l sines. j A Box will be sent by mail prepaid on reoeipt a ] 1 PRICE, Sf CENTS. I All orders shoaid be addressed to HENRY C. WPALDIN8, 48 Cbdab Stbixt, Nbw Yoxk. i i B 1 " ' I * Prom tkt Emamimar, Norfolk, Fa. 1 , Cephalio Pills aooomjlish the objeot for whiah > they were made, tibj Care of heaaaohelnall in ? forms. | j From tkt Euamimor, Norfolk, Fa. i They have been tested in mere tfcaa a j i eases, with entire saooees. , From tkt Domoerat, St. ClmU, Mimm. | may have them in oase of aiCattank. < I From tkt Wottom R. R. Gaatttt, Ckitato, IU. ' i nsussiiivte " : Prom tkt Somtkom Pmtk Fmdor, Now Orlomu, La. t other medioine oan produoe. j From tkt &*M*tU, Pmrmrort. lotam. ? I From tko AimmtUor, Promiimot, IL I. < I The Cephalio Pills are said to be a remarkably ' effeonve remedy for the headaohe, and one or ue ! ! ^^fchSL^7^Bentoom^wLch j Prom tkt St. Limit Dtmoorot. From tkt Kamamka Vailoo Star, Eamamka, Ta. > : JX??sra&wraa.'S'ffiSf*"?\ Prom tkt AAmoriitm, PromUtmtt, R. I. ' . The teatimorv in their ffcvor is strong, from the i * most reepeotab'e ?Barters. | ? ?* Now. Nowrorl, R. /. j I Cephalic Pills are taking the plaoe of all kinds. from tkt Commercial Builttorn. Bottom, Matt. ' Said to be very effloaoious for the headaeha. Prom tko Commortiol, Cuutmmati, Okie, Buffering humanity oan now be relieved. 9HBBBS^SBX^H^C39!^SS9DBSE9BK!^9BiHK5SSES^S^^ H7" A single bottle of I Spalding's Prepared Qlne will save ten times iu oost annually. "j ! SPALDING'S PREPARED OLXJB! \ SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! l ' SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! 1 SAVE THE PIECES! ECONOMY/ DISPATCH 1 IL/-"A Stitch ib Timb Savbs Nibb.w-TT1 As aooidents wUl happen, even in wail regulateo 1 famines, it ^ very deairable to &ve some oh?aa r rep*iTla* F?rni*?e,Toys , SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE^k BMets all raoh emergenoies, and bo hoasehold oa { afford to be withoat it. It is always ready, and I to the stioking point *' i w USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." 1 f B0U* PrU [ HENRY a BPALDIN8, ] No. 48 Cedar street, New York. ( i CAUTION. J : ! I " "piuIpiHra r?aPA?aa Ji ng y-11 ' usjs.'i-4* " " evati" * -> i ei9l?1 w JiiiUU THE OILY PRXFAXATIO* WOITIT or PNIYKRSAL OONT1DKNCIA PATR05A91 rOR STATESMEN, JUDGES, VLMRQ YMEN, LADIES, amd GENTLEMEN In all parti of the world testify to tae effioacy ol PROF. 0. J. WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE tad gentlemen of the Press are unanimous In ita praise. A few testimonials only oan be here given lee circular for more,and It will be Impossible for ron to doubt. ? <7 Want, Stuuut, New YoUi Deo.SO. 1MB. OmtkmMa; Your note or the litb inatant ha* a\ rooeived. saying that you had heard that I been benefited by the use of Wood's Hair Kei to rati re, mi requesting my certificate of thefaot If I had no objection to gWe it. I award it to .you oheerfully, beoanae I think it Sue. My ace ia about SO years; the eolor of my kair auburn, and inclined to oarl. Some fire or ux years sinoe it began to tarn (ray. and the aoala ?n the crown of my head to lose its sensibility and land raff to form upon it. Eaoh of taeae disagreetbilities iaer?ased With time, and about 4 months lino* a fourth was added to them, by hair falling ?ff the top of m? head and threatening to make me In this unpleasant predicament I waa indmoed to try Wood's Hair Restorative, mainly to arrest the hailing off of my hair, for I had really no expectation

that gray hair oould ever be restored to its iriginal oolor except from dyes. I was, however, neatly surprised to find, after the use of two bot Bee only, that not only was the fal-ing off arrested, but the oolor was restored to the gray hairs and lensibility to the scalp, and dandruff cased to form ?n ray head, very muoh te the gratification of ray rife, at whose solicitation I was inauoed to try it For this, among the many obligations 1 owe to liar sex, 1 strongly recommend all busband* who raine the admiration of their wives to profit by my ixaraple, and nse it If growing gray orgat tine bakl. Very respectfully, Bun. A. Latind**. To O.J, Wood A Co., 444 BroadwafTH. Y. My family are absent from the city, aad I am no anger at No. 11 Carroi Plaoe. Biamstoh, Ala., July M, IBM. To Paor. O- J. Wood: Str^Your "Hair restorative" has done my hair so much good smoa ooraraenoed the nse of it, that I wish to make tnown to the publio of fts efl ects onthe hair, wnioii So great. A man or woman may benearly deprived hair, and by a resort to your "Hair Restorative" the hair will return more beautiful than ever; at east this is my expenenoe. Believe it all! Yours truly, Wu. H. KinnT, P. 8,?You can publish the above if yon like. By publishing in our Southern papers yon will get more patronage South. 1 see several of your certificates in the Mobile Meroury,n strong Southern paper. W. H. KiimT. WOOD'S HAIR R E8TOR ATI K. Pmov.O.J. Wood: D*ar Sir: Having had the misfortune to lose the best portion of my liair, from the effects of the yellow fever, in New Orleans in 1851,1 was induced to make a trial ot your preparation. and found it to answer as the very ibing needed. My hair is now thiok and giossy, and no words can express my obligations to you in giving k> the afflicted suoh a treasure Fihlxy Johnson. The Restorative is put up in bottles of three sine*, ris : large, medium and small; the small hold halt I pint- and retails for one dollar per bottle; the raelfum holds at least Jn per oent. more in proportion than the small, retails for two dollars per bottle; the large holds a * uart, 40 per oent. more in propor Don, and retails for A3. O. J. WOOD A CO., Proprietors,444 Broad ray, New York, and 114 Market street, St. Louis Mo. Sold in this city by C. STOTT, STS Pa. avenue. au 87 eoly.alw jut ffligewsjgfwmm AM J THE REMEDY REJOICE /"HEALTH. FrlsaU, 4a you suffer? Are you the viettn af any ?i those numerous ailments wkiok arise from lm (trttr of the blood' What are they, do you askf Rather ask, what are they not? The blood is ths tosroe of life and health, and it is the ftrst element >f oar being to respond to any oause which affects the *y*}em, as the pulae infallibly attests. The ever prevailing Neuralgia, the irritating Erysipelas, the inbtle Sorofuia.the agoniaii^g Rtoimatisin, Nerross Debility. Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint with iU torpor and dejection, and the namberless ills that lech is heir to, derive their hideose origin from the jiood. Deal kindly then and gently with the blood. Us* the vitalising resources of nature for its aid, tnd suffer us to oommend to your oonftdeooe an* ase that truly valuable medicament known as MRS. M- OOl'S INDIAN TEOETABLE DECOCTION. With regard to this almost infallible sseeiflt popular sentiment has spoken In deemed terms ana the evidenoes of this great eftoaoy are sus tained by consUin arova s of curative sffeots and Lhe happiest results from its use are after all other remedies and t&e best medioal skill have failed. Let us conclusion, that certificates lures are not sought from the illiterate and anperloiat, but tliey aro volunteered from the most reipeotatle pouroee ana justify the highest terms in which it is possible to commend so valuable a pecitio to lublia ar;m .-al. We may add also that lhe curative pr perticsofthe medicine aree^ua/ied prJy by its restorative eSwOts, the system recovering from diseace -- ith reuewe.i constitutional vigor. For sale by all respootabie Druggists in this ilty.and by the proprietor, MRS. M. COX, None genuine uniee* her naos is blown on *h* bottle and her seal on the jork inrPnoe ! p#r bottle, six battles 'or ft. WkoUsmU Lis'. H. S. T. CIW3EL, Druggist 0corgetowr..D C., Who'??ale Agent for tie Dls kriot.and wili aapplv th* trade at iny pnoes. as ll-tr ^HE A Lit-SUFFICIENT THRKK. TRIKSEMAR, 1. f and" >-Proteotod by Rora Letters Patent of Entland. and secured by the Beals of the Ecole de Ptarn.acie de Paris, a&d th* Imperial College of Medicine, Vienna. No. 1 is invaluable for exhaustion and natorrhea, ind all physical disabilities. No. 3 oympletaly eradicate* all trace* of the** iiseases tnat have boon hitherto treated by the nasleous and pernioious use of oopaiva and cubebs. No. S has entirely supplanted the injurious use ot mercurv, thereby insuring lo the sufferer speedy relief, dispersing all impurities, and rooting on lhe venom of disease. TR1ESEMAR, Mos, L1 and B, are prepared la the form of a losenge, devoid of taste and am ell. and can be carried in the waistooat pocket. Sola ia tin oase.4. and divided into separate doses, as a4 ministered by Velpean, LAl'.eman<1, Koux. Rioord ko. Pnoe 83 eaoh, or four oasos lor #9, which laves SS; and in %t> oases, whereby there is a saving of #9. To be bad, wholesale and retail, of Dr HARROW, of 194 Bloeoker street. New York. Immodiateiv on receiving a remittance, Dr. Barrow will forward*.\e Triesemar to any part of the world, ecurely packed, and addressee aeoording to the iuitrucUons oi the writer. The Book, of all others, that should be read by men with damaged and broken down constitutions is "Human Frailty, or Physiological Researches." it is beautifully illustrated, and treats minutely ol ill toe symp oras that invariably develop them?elvee, sooner or later, resulting from the frailties ind vitiating habiu of earl*/octh. incapacitating th* viotim trom snanng the fruition of the matn no Dial state, and. if not checked in time, degenerating all the functions of marhood, and bringing niin. step by step, to a hngenns ti,d untiAAT awth. Sola by Dr. MA ft KOwTlSjl Bteooker street, lour loors below Maodougal, New York. Pnoe U tents. Sent free every where. Sold aJso by S. C. Fora, JrH Drug Store, Wash ngtpn, D. C. de M-4m P READER, ERUSE The following statement and theu judge of its facts for yourself. ABRAM COLE, of Brooklyn, N. Y.. a weU tnown oitiien there, had suffered from Dyspepsia or some years, withont permanent relief, ank. ho riedAYER'8 PILLS, whiohtaken aoeoraing to Jie directions for this oomplasnt. restored aim to leaith in a few weeks. After an interva of some nonth s he has h^l no return of his oomplaint6EO. W. CROSS, of Harmony, Texas, h^l an trnption on his neck, shou.ders, baok aniF leg, union oovered a!>out one third of his body. It kept he parts affeoted eovered with a scab, and being >ften a raw sore, waa of oourse very troubleeome ind distressing. It so mueh impaired his health as o unfit hi mi or businees and kept him in oonstant iuff*nng, ?A11 modioal aid failed him until h* took IYER'S COMPOUND EXTRACT SAKSAFARiLLA. wnioh cured him. His skip still show* wms soars from the ulceration, but it is otherwise is clear as an infanta. JOHN H. SHOOK, Ese . an eminent lawyer of liohmosd, Va., took a cold whioh settled on his ungs. A severe pain set in on the left side, with a lad cough, which was soon followed by the unmislakable symptoms of oonsuraption. whenn?duoed rery l?w he commenced taking AYER'8 CHER 1Y PECTORAL, which soon stopped theooogh ind completely cured him. Pro parti by DR. J. C. AYER A CO? Lowell. Rasa. mall eots Hnew books. I8TORY of the United Netherlands, by John Lothrop Motley; 2 vols ; free by mail, $i. Th* Rise of the Dutch Rep ublie, a history, ^y lohn Louirop Motley; S vo_s oioth; free by mail, Silas Marner, the Weaver ?f Ravel ol, by the author of **Aoam Bode , cloth l^oonts; paper M T3fc and Career of Major Andre, by Wintrop Sarscant; I1H. After Icebergs with a Painter, a Summer Voyage o Labrador and Newioandiana; by Rev Louis L. Nobe; fl.fio. The Manufacture of Photogenio or Hydro-Carton Oils, by Tnomas AnUseil, M. D.; fl.W. Any or the above free by mail. FRENCH A RICHBTE1N, ap 3ft 8T? Poena, avenue. UNION PAPER AND EN VELOPES.?Twen tydifferent styles of Note and Letter Paper, nth Envelopes to match. V lews of W ashingtoa in the form of a Roae, and n Book form; also, separate Ail the Daily and Weekly Paper* eon?tantly on land. Herald, Timea, and Tribune reoeived every ucbtateo'olock. Papers from ail parts of the oountry. Bead.e's Dime Novels and Song Booka. A fresh supply of Books for auamer reading, heap A large assortment of Juvenile*?Mayne Raid's Sooks, Rolio Books, Abbott's Histories. Ae. A disoount of 10 to an per oeat. on all bound booka FRENCH A RIQHSTEIN, ma ? National Books tore, alT? Pa. av. fc/E OFFER TO MILITARY MEN a large Vbioh we invite all oaeh purohaser* to examine wfore making their selections. WALL. stephens A co., 399 Pa. av., between 9ih aad loth au. mC (Inteilneooer and Repab'tean.) MRKAT BARGAINS IN PlAN08.-0ae very U nice Hail A Sons' make for #UD~, ontE:jB. 'ery moe Rosewood Chiokerings' makeB9lB| Br f loo; one Rofewood Newman A BroT'iMiVTl lavft. Hmw > Pa ?> Ttmiw mo H ^PKCIAL BARGAINS TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. |jNlTED STATES MILITARY ROUTB. CHAN 9B~OF HOURS. On and afltr Monday, August 1M. 1861, PAMineim raainajritL aaa ti rottowai LEAVE WASHINGTON at ud 7 3J a. a. 190 tod 5 ?5 p. m.. imTini at Baibaaore at 7A$ kU 9.10 I. m. uj 4j06 ud 7 JO a. b. LEAVE BALTIMORE a: iJD and IMi. a.aad 9.45 ud A p a .arriving at Waahingtoa at t aad 10 36 a. m. ud it 9) aadf 45 p. m. PuMiinr Trains Innoi Washington M 7 3D a. Br. bad 2J0 p. m..and Baltimore at9 a. 4M 3.48 5. m . make direot connexions for Annapolis at the unotioa. True* Imti Annapolis for Baltimore tad Wiak lnitoB at A56 a. m. and S p. a Paeaenger Train? Itarini Washington it 6 and 7*>a.m and > 90 p. b. aak* direct ooanexioBS at Baltiinorafair Philadelphiaaad New York. All ofTreight (net contraband of war) will be tratiported over the llae. Toucu? Tniti will i?4?d Baltimore at 4 V a. m. Leave washing loo at 7 p. m. Br order of the Secretary of War: THO M ^S,A.??COTT., THOMAS H. CANF1ELD, ?"' Assistant Miyiw. aa 17-tf GPBCIAL NOTICE. On tod after SJNDAY. ttth Jaly. there wiU be but one Sunday ialiv train? . Leave WASHINGTON M8.90 p. a. for NBW YOHK ud PHILADELPHIA. Prom New ^orx and Philadelphia. arriving la Washington at 10 a. a. J7a. SCOTT. Jy 27 General Manager. __f IttlL STEAM WERKLY BKTWEEN NEW YOKI AND LIVERPOOL. Lauding and eaberking paseengera at Queenatown, Ireland The Liverpool. New York and Philadelphia Steamship Company intend dispatching their fall powered C!yd?-built iron Steamship* aa foliowa : GLASGOW Satan at, Augaat 3d. CITY OP BALTIMORE, " 'loth. KANGAROO. 44 13th. And every Saturday, at noon, froB Pier 44, North river. _ lAT*# or rsaasea. Firat Cabin. #73 Do. to London M Do. to Pari* aft Do. to Hamburg as Steerage. _ $? Do. to London..... .. >4 Ito. to ui'la .... 9" Do. to Hum bar? 98 Paasengera forwarded to Havre. Bieaeu. Rotterdam, Antwerp, fto , at reduoed through tares. Hereon" wishing to bring out ?betr friends can boy tioketa at low rate*. or farther information apply at the Captalna Offioe. JOHN 6. DAL . Araqt, _ . 16 Broadway, N. Y., Or toQ. A. HERRING, A) ems Express Baltiaore. jr? ^INDIVIDUAL ENTERPRISE LIN?. * '<~>"b EASTER V AND WESTERN SHORE STEAMERS. "EENT," Capt. J. H, K rwio "PIONEER,''Capt W. Noraan, Will run their routee aa followa, leavi-r Light atreet, Baltimore, foot of Camden, at 7 o'olook A. M: KENT?For Cambridge, Denton and Lendmrs on Cbortank rive<\ every WF^DNESDAY and SATURDAY, returning ever; Thursday and Monday. For Annapoliasnd Weat River, every Tl'ES DAY and FRIDAY and returning aa < e laye. PIONEER?For St M'chad's an * Eaaton, via Mile's Kiver. every WEDNESDAY, aid return theaameday. For Annapolia. Weat River, Cambridge. Oxford and Eaaton Point, every THURSDAY, returning by same route on Friday For Annapolis. Weat River, St. Miohaet'aand Ba.ton, via Mile's River Ferry, every 8ATL RA Y, returning every Monday t>y aame route. Fare to Cambridge, Denton. Oxford and Faaton Point ? #1 80 Fare to M .Miotaei's and Milee' Rivera round trl Pi 9 1,) ?... .? ..... 10? fare to West River.(round trie, |ll lso are to Annapoii* (ound trip75 cents)?^ 78 MHALS EXTRA. IO* Freight must be prepaid. Wharf ana Offioe, LlGGrr ST., foot of Camden. Baluirore. C. K. CANNON. NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY. SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE,I Calvbxt Htatiob. Batimore. Mayi8,1961,. < On and after Sunday. Mm 19th, 1861, Traina on the NOR 1 HERN CENTRAL HAIuWaY arrive and depart aa followa. nntil further aotioa. TRAINS NORTH. fAILatSMA. M. X PR HPS otjftP. M. ARU1SBL RG ACCOMMODATION at P. M The 8 15 A.M. train oonneota at Relay Hoaae with traina on the Western Maryland Railroad, at Hanover Jur.otion with Hanover and Oettabnrg Railroad*; at York with York and Wrichtaylila Raiiroad; at Harr<?bnrg with Pennsy vatla Rail road for ail parts of the West a so with Lebannon Vai ry Kail road to N*w Yorkdirut; at Nortfaum berland with L and U. Hanroad for Kinratonaad all parts of Wyooming Valley ^r.d at *untBry with the Hhi'adelphia and Erie Railroad lor all parts Northern Peiinaylvacua and Sew York. The 3.30 P. M train makea ^11 the above oonaaotions exoept Hanover Railroad, WYightaviUa Railroad and the Lebannon Vall-y Ral'road. Ti e 8 P. M train makea oonnMtiona with Pean v.vania Raiiriad for ail parte of tha Weat, and direct oonneota for New York. TRAINS ARRITM. Mall at 610 P M.; Expre>a at 7 46 A. M.; Harrtaburg Accommodation atS.43 P. M. For Tickets and inforn ation Inquire at the Ticket Offioe, Calvert Station, Baltimora. J. C. CLARK,Sapt. LEAVE PHILADELPHIA FuK NEW YORK. The Camden and Am boy and Philadelphia and Tr-n-oy Railroad Companies' Line irum PHILADELPHIA TO NEW YOaK AJID WAV PLACKS, from WALNUT STREET WHARF AND KENSINGTON DEPOT, will Leave aa fol Iowa: At 6 A M , via Camden aad Aaboy, (C. and A. Aooom laodation.? At 6 A. M . via Camden and Jwaey City, (N.J. Accommodation. > At 8 A. M , via Camden and Jereey City. (MoraIrf Mwl.) AtliH A. M , via KeLBinrtoa and Jersey City, (Western Expreea) At 12H P. M., via Camden and Anboy,( Aoooamodat'on.) At 2 P M..Tia Camden and Aaboy, (C. aad A. Exaresa ) At 4K P M . via Keoaincton aad Jaraay City, (Evening Expreaa.) At 436 P M , via Kenainftoa and Jeraey City, (8eoond Claaa Ticket) At6 P. M., vu Camden aad Jeraey City, (Evening Mail.) At ilk P.M., viaCaadeoaad Jeraey City, (South ern Mail.) At5 P. M . via Camden and Amboy, (Aooommodation. freight and paaeenger, Firat Claaa TiokeL) Second Claaa TlqkeL The8PTl. Mail Train ruBa daily. ThelUt PM. Mail, Satardaya excepted Por Belvidere, Eaatos, LaTbertvtlle, Fleaiaaton, Ao., at 7.10 A. M.; aid 43a P- M.. IroaKeaaington. For Water Gap, Stroadsbarc.Soraaton.WUkeebarre. Montrose, Great Bend, Ae.. at 7.10 A.M.. from Keaaincton, via Delaware, Laokawaana and Weat*rn Railroad. For Mauch Chunk, AUeatown and Bethlabea^t 7.10 A. M. and P. M. from Kenaington depot; the7.10 A. M. U e ooaneeta with the train leaving Easton at3 35>. M. For Mount Holly at aad I A- M. aad t aad For Preeholdat? A. M. and 8 P. M. For Bristol, Trento^,*c.. at 7.10 A, M.M aad 5?P. }*. from Kenaington, aad SM P. Mfron Walnni atreet wliarf. For Palmyra Rlverton.Delanoo, Beverly. Ber>Hn*ton.^Piorenneeo, Bordentown, Aa., at ItM. I. Steamer Trentoa for Bordeatowa, aad lateraaed^iatBf placea, at P. M. fro a WaTaat atreet ears ran into the depot, aad oa arrival of train raa front the depot Fifty pounds of baggage only allowed toeaeh paaaencer. Pueeagera are rohiblted froa taking anything aa baggage bet their waartag apparel All bagjaga over fifty poaada to be paid for extra. The eoapany liaut their reepouahulity for baccage to one rtol ar per pound, aad will not be liable for any amount beyond ene hand red dollar a, exoept hy ap? ooctract. WM. H. GATgMBR. Ageat RAILROAD On and after May Mta, 1861. the traiaa will ran aa followa, via:?Leave Oaadea Station. Baltimore.?Mail, >exoept Sancay.) at 6 SO A. M^KzFOR WAY PASSENGERS. Betweea Baltimore aad Piedmont take the A. M. Tram; between Piedaont andW heeling take Ao I commodatioB Train. Jeaving PledBont at 6.40 A. I ssntjX? pfe W ?5cW5i-i!a. Th. KLMCOTT'S M1L.LH1 RAIN lr?*. 8*1timore at 6 30 and 905 A. IT aad 1 46 and 5.40 p. U . and Ellioott'a Mills at 7^8 and 11A0 A. M .and 3.4^ m - ^ P- eMrrn. L. M. COLE, Get. Polrat. Proa Chaaberaat. N.Y. Froa 9 th street Expreas. 7 and U a. a , 7 36. IIM a. a , aodk.M and 3,30 and 6 p. a. t>#> pm Troy aad Albany (Wtth <Saadaya la aleea.n* ear) lOOi p. a eTuiei.l (Poughke-pa?* train , a Ojfia. a.,and l.Wp.a P kakilUr3n,4.??p m 4 3* p la Sing Siij train ^00 a a a a. and 4ff ?Gd X r.Mlii M*n*iM4t?. ' J tV tv I Monroe' to t^rweew^.w'eejfeD^i^^KC FS ?^tf *"* l?, M FALU. Pm't ? wapaasr HBaBcgg^sate Depot oa..jjW(*?t Senders)as fo ,o??, via Kxpreae Train Ml U A.M.. Way KUi Train 14 Utf / in Em;u? Mail at 4 46 C^aToi SUjT [I A YJ? *4 4 45 f7u. only. All trUca eoeaaat with New York trains ?iMp( AM P. M. train on Batar I A*"Prei?kt Train *iU >wiiin oar iUmI?4 leaves at!P. ft, etopp tag at ali Stations Mtm ilkiUmurnti! H?*r? 4*-?r*??. hMimri for D*?vart im Um KaMtni fbore tl Eanrlnrui W. . f. r><: t h most expeditioas r%tmU by W]?rl& 'ISSSn^am mm* give boad Mar. en^agthaoare. CRAWFORD. aL~t ?^?.GIKAT CENTRA I. ROUTE FOR 9BHHtHE WEit. rim HUDSON * if HC*i* RAILKOAU mmd NEW YORK CENTRAL RAILROAD. ^Mrew Tralw kare New York o:tr depots <>: Hudson ElvarRliroad O&ily, Bv ndays excepted, loliowa: I From Chambers (treat Prow Slat at. station. I At 7 00 a m At 71ft a It eo M sooy m i'j> - iSf *J? p m _, SMpa MonU.a. and Buffalo Train with eleeping gars.?.'5?m _ !*? CoLr.xULK at Albany with tha Now VorkCea I traJ*d for Scno?rtady.JtoohaatarA'tma ; Bats via. Rome, ar.<; stations oa Earns aad WjUfI town' ad. Hi.ffaia, Syraoaee, Niagara Fall*. Suspe^sOra Bridge. Anbsra, Geneva,Caiaadaigaa Travna 1L oonteeUOLi leave Buffaiv and Saap"i. I aion via Lake Shore, Boffa.r arc -eke By oa aad Great Waatorn F* road, for Hawll'om,Tomato. petr it. CkioMo. To edo, MUwaakie. Fon Da Lee. I La Crowa. Madlaon. Prairie Da Cnlea. Gaeaa. Djtufith. I>nbu?ue, Peoria. Rook Island, MaaoaI liU,IowaCity. BirhniUiD. Qiiiei. Sariacftetd, Alloc. SI,. Lou. a. Cairo,Terra Has be. lnd>?&a?o la. LoaisvilJe. Cinoinaati. I?)V<b, Colambas, c)?w land, aad nil point* Watt, Northwest aad ioatk I NORTHERN ROL'TK. Connootinr with Trains at Tn>y, with Troy 4 I HlftST ASM We^M&jjgR; Point, Pletts burgh, Ogdensba.-gk, Montreal, Re . I Ao fTF" Freight Arrangeroerta by tkia roats a* I above, without chance of Cain, tron the liepota in I Cbombers and canal afreet . are at all liana aa favorabia aa madia by otb? r Railroad CrmMn*a. | Tba faoli'Uee of tbu greet New york Koat*. *o tne Wsst commend it to the oo:.f detoe of meiobaiite I an ah ppera tor promptneae aad di?pau>ii. | Passer ger trains, with Smoking aad Sleeping I gara^rao m ooanootioa oa the Now York CoatraJ I For yartM^lara aa to looal traina aad froight ar ranramenta, ia^aira at the doaot, Warrap at I A. F. 8MfrH.Baywiiit>i.T' r . _ U JP JHJVKRNMF.NT LINK ri* iWrTO FORT MONROE AND OLD I Point comport. Loavea tba lower and <1 L*Nl?iN DOt.K.Balti I more, weat aide, IIAILY, t&undave included.) at I 4M o'clock P- M. taktnc paaaeDcera and feiiht, and I oonneetinr with tbe Railroad Urea to aad fmn Waahi gtoc D. C.. PhiladeiaWa. Now York, Boa ton, York, Harnaburg, Pittabarg. Pa. and rbo Weat, immediately a nor tbe arrival of the Eiproan I Train from New Yoik and Phi adelpkua. Tl?a folio win* la tba ?cheda.a : 1 From New York to Knrt Monro* aofl back. ?14 I From Phi'adalph'a and rack.. #t* I From Baltimore and bs.ok ...? #*. IETPROCURE VOIR TICKETS -Til la Naw tha New Jersey Railroad Oftoe foot of Coartiand atreet. In Pfii ade ptaia. at tbe Company'a oftoe. N. W. I oornor of Bixtb and Chestnut atroota, or at tha Depot, Broad and Prime ntreota. 1ft Baltimore, on board the Ptoamora. foot Of I Union Dock. HlMiH O'CONNER, Paaaaager A cat i^m,NKW YOKK. HARLEM AND ^ IHH ALBANY RAILROAD. LEAViiSfl NEW YORK FOR ALB AN V,TROY, N^RTH AND WtsT. SIMM I R ARKA>6KME>T Commaaoing Monday, May *Tth. 1*1. For Abaoy?ll.-OO a. m. rkat expreaa train from SSth atreet. For Dover Plains?4^v> p. m (topping at Whita I PlM&a and atatio^s north to Dover p.aina?from I 3Bth atreet atatioc ( I hia train will ran to Millertoa every Paturtiay I eveninf,) For Croton Falla??:15a. m. atopping at all ata I tiona north of Kordham from Vh street station. For to hite Plains?2^0, 4:10 atd fcoo p m. atopI P'i* at all atationa from 26th atreet atatioa. For White Plains?& 5 p. m. stopping at a!l s?aI bona from W hite atreet adt'ton. For Wil lama Bridie-?.* , U:1S a. m. aad ?40 p. I m. atopsing at all a<atioca from trth atreet station. Returning will leave? A any?B-00 a. ni. last Sxproaa train. Dover p aina-WO a m. tThia train leavsa Mu | lerton every Monday morning at 5 a, m.) Croton Falls?6 s. m. Whtte Piai ca?telo, a m. 4:'0 A 7^0 p m. Wi.i aaa Bridge?fcjo, a. b. A l^W m. m Bandar trai ns wiU leave 4th A venae oornar S4 I (trtaLmr Central Park, YorknUs. Har em and 1 High Bridge every f-w minotea, from 9.-?i0 a. m. to iMp wb JOHN BURCB1LL. Aaat Pap't. r^^NEW YORK AMI ERIh RAILH| n ROAD Passenger Trvii leave via Pavo I Bia Ferry aad Long Dock, fr .m foot of ChajaHers I atreet. New York, aa follows, via : 7 00 a m . EIKRKS&lor Dunkirk, and Buffalo, aad pr: r.o.pal intorTn? ?'* fetation* tMa m ,M All.,for Dackira. and intermediate htatioce?Thia Train r*maia( ovar aight at Eiaura, I and srooosda the nszt &-uca m - MILK daili( for Otianlia, aod inur I mediate Stations, U nr a m , ACCOMMODATION,daily, for Port I Jama, and fetationa 4 00 s. m . WAV. for M.dc.etowr, Newbargh. I aod iLte'ri efljate Ptataoci. JM p. 16HT EXPRESS, dajly. far DanI kjfk, Pl?(_o, CarJUjdvnBaiad pnnsipiaJbtabons The Train of Ha.i raa* (top* at all Mail Train I Stations, and raaa onii to ivrrlra. 6 #0 p. m.. AC?OM MO DA T10 N Jot EoraeanLe. anc priboisa. Stations WDT?:LvL'irA,i''o,T I Bp tte aPlend,d aad aapenor oV?155.T? I strongtk aad aaaed, but parties arly adapts Uln I navigation of Loni laaad Soaad. ranning in ooqnection with tbe nil River a d Old Coloay Rail | road, diatanoe of M o lss only to Bostoa. M-. nUaya. to eoseadaya, aad F-iIaya, at 4 o'aioek T neeuaya. TburadAva. a&d Batu day a, at I o'clock | P. M..toiiw ing at Newport saoB way. Tbsae Steamers are fctted with oomiaodiowa | atate room a. aad every arrangement fbr tbe aac^i rity and oomfort ot paissagera who are afforaec t I tais roots a aighta' rest oa )x>arc and oa arrival a! Fall River proceed per Steamboat Train.rsaofc I mg B"(toL early tba following moraiag: or aMy I rsmaia oa beard an til starhag of tbe Aeoommuaa1ToVa m" by tt#T aoay reach Boeton paciea tbe aama to its a<-?unation. A steamer naa in eonneeOtoa with t)ua Liae between Fall River aad rrovuteaoe dauy, axeopt I Freight to Boston la forwaaded tbroafh wrth I great fiiaaateh by an E^praaa Trata, which leavsa Pall River svarv m<"t>Gg( P?mdaya I VK o'clock for Boatoa aid New Hoc lord, arnvtag I atjU daaiiaation at aboat HAM For nautat or pa*aaga, app y oi board, ar at tbe offioe oa Pier No. 1 North Rtvar For atate rooms aod bs'tb* aapiy oa board, or \f desires to aacara I tbam in ad^noe, to Wm DORDKN, Ag't I 70aad 71 West street, N V. ii-frr-T,"Tr"njfBf TON?inland orteat' having New York caily, Raadars sxoe?tec, from, Pier No u North Eivar, at S o'oock P. ., aad AK>uday, Weflaeadaj, aad F iday. From Groj ^ oojfW^Nfiffi'^.^oin^J/ew York iB^ay.TLarf^f.^S^tordaf. From Ore ton I -MoDtiSf, to edaaaday, aad Fridar. I Faasengars tr nr. Orotoc p'ooeed fjW railraad tf errA 'i. xJmZoti, other roatea, aid ia ac ; < -roe tor a' tbe earif I Moraini Lines eooecting North aad East. Pas I sengerm that prefer it, remain aa board tba Train, sonnecting at Provtdeaae with iba 14* I A M. Trun for Hoatrn I ^*?irr^to Traiata^wap Far Paaaa4re, Berths, Stake Rooma, or Freight, apaiy on board tbe aMaasr, or at tbe Freight QRoe, Pier U Narth River, or at the OAse mt the Or mpaay, No. 1U Wset aVset,oorner a?Cortlaad atreet. Near York. Feb.^M?l. FEENCH *ll1!cVaxlK^nSl^ast received a large aad qomplea* assort msal of Mi itary Book a of all kinds, wbiab thsy offer from tea to kflj per oanL below tbe rag alar retail prtaaa,??aaladiag : A aew edition ot Hardee'a Infbatry aad Rife wytgaas * A Hen'a Comseacium of Hardee s Tactiea, k*e f drflTbook fcr IAs aaeoi the Votaateer Malfitaa-t tts Horns Beard fce ftra^^VUtaatraetlon*to tba if.^^aSaU^Uecgg^U'tarp ^Htapa, Map af tba Seat at War, A ay o N r MhI Tftc^inV K? n a * r*f|(M iBM?S?l .? I mi

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