Newspaper of Evening Star, September 6, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 6, 1861 Page 1
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Oflmung Slur. V?*. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C . FRIDAY. SEPTEMBER 6. 1861. N?. 2.667. THE EVENING STAR M PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTBD.) at the star buildings, 0*r / Pt*?syli>ania avtnus and Eltvtntk tt. T W. D. WALLACH. Paper* served In packages by carrier* at 14 * year, or 37 cents Qpr month. To mall .ubecrl-ber* the price U|3J0t year, in advan**; 9i for *lx months; tl for three months; and for lea* than three month* at the rate of 18 cent* * week. 81ngle eople*, om cent; In wrapper*, two cbnt*. li-T AmiTKiniiTs should be *ent to the oSce before 13 o'clock m ; otherwise they may not appear until the next day. an englishman's views of the american war. Mr. Rateell'e Letter t? the Lenden Tlnae* [cosclcdbd.j Colonel Porter, an active officer of the regular army, and a man of great determination and vigor,at onoe organisedhi* aatrola, and, though the guard houses may be full the streets are empty. He set to work with such speed that Washington which went to bed in very poor spirits one night, found that the evil had vanished in 24 hours, and that next night she could sleep in peace. That the steps taken were vigorous, and that they were requisite, will appear from another order issued in support of the former. [Here follows General Orders No. 1, directing a vigilant patrol of the city, and commanding officers and men to stay by their regiments, etc., etc.j * The oitixen soldiery were astonished and were indignant, but they were nevertheless arrested snd " blackholed," and I confess it gave me infinite satisfaction to observe the very salutary results of the process. The Sanitary Commission, with considerable boldness, published certain recommendations for the improvement of the discipline of the army, which is indeed in need of change for the better. They ascribe the difficulties which they meet in carrying out reforms to lack of discipline, which thus injures the health of the army. Gen. Lana, who commands the Spanish troops in Cuba, has been over here on a tour, and ne expressed to me his profound astonishment at the state of things visible in the camps on the other side of the Potomac. He was here, however, at a bad time?just after the flight from Manassas. Hi* criticism, however, on laxy sentries, on slovenly and ill-equipped troops, on dirty arms and accoutrements, were just. Above all, he was amaxed that in an army of recruiU there was no drill or excreifle to be seen. Company drill is not much attended to; the battalion drill is of the most elementary charaoter; and, indeed, with the exception of the skirmishing at Cairo, I have never seen anything but ordinary advance in line, or marching past at slow time, or at the double in columns of companies or of sub-divisions,and such common movements This generally results from the ignorance of the officers as much as from the incompetency of the rank and file Gen McClellan is talking about brigade drills and field days, and there is some nonsense attributed to him about drilling by trumpet, which means, I presume, that he is about to have more attention paid to bugle notes in giving orders than is at present the case. The new levies, as far a? I can judge, are not equal to the departed three months men. and the camps are certainly not as well filled. There are about 21 battalions of infantry of all sorts, and 8 squadrons of eavalry in the capital, and around it on the left bank of the Potomao, up to the Chain Bridge. There are some 30 battalions across the river, and some 700 sabres, the whole force being probably under 45,000 men, not including Banks' column at Harper's Ferry, or the oommand of Gen. Butler and of Gen. Dix. at Baltimore. Of the 49 guns which McDowell's army took into the field, 25 remain in the hands of the enemy, and there is some deficiency in artillery, which Government is doing its best to supply. General MoDowell, 1 am glad to say, remains in command of the troops at Arlington, although serious accusations have been made against him in the papers, most, if not all, were quite unfounded. What oould he do with the materials he had, exoept, as the President said, * drive the locomotive as he found it." Granted bravery, heroism, devotion, and all that kind of thing, what could be expected of a regiment thus described is a New York paper: 41 In one of our regiments, while the Colonel was on trial Cor drunkenness, the Major lay drunk in bis tent, and the Lieutenant Colonel was so intoxicated at evening drill that he had to stagger up to the Adjutant and request him togWe the orders." The President is now vested with most extraordinary powers, such as were never heard of before, except under a virtual despotism; because by a recent bill he is enabled to dismiss officers at pleasure, without giving a court of inquiry. But the evil was enormous. Everywhere is the same atory. At Newport, the troops have been in a state of mutiny; officers have shot soldier* in self-defence. Demoralisation prevailed largely in Butler's force, and the men have burned down part of the pretty village of Hampton. The day before yesterday a soldier shot a comrade in the street, close to the spot where I was standing?one of many similar oases. The officers may not be responsible for all this, but they are to be blamed for a good deal of the disorder. As a treat for Prinoc Napoleon, who is f.assing bis time here very quietly, the Washngton papers propose that be should be invited to review the army by Gen. MeClellan, but I do not think he will be asked to do anything of the kind. A few months hence the suggestion would be less distasteful. Apropos of the Prince, it may be worth mentioning that when the President entertained him the other evening at the White House the band treated him no less than twice to the "Marseillaise." Lord Lyons, M. Mercier, and all the Ministers were present, but, owing to some unexplained reason, the Chevalier Bertinatti, Minister of the King of Italy, was not invited, which is all the more curious on account of the Prinoe's connection with the House of Savoy. On Sunday the French Minister, M. Mercier, (;ave a dinner at bis house, where the Prince s residing, to the Cabinet Ministers, at which Lord Lyons and the foreign representatives were present, as well as Mr. Sumner and other d.^un^anhed persons. The vapid air of the capital is scarcely ruffled by the Prinoe's presence. As a proof of the grand fibs which are manulactared here, and of the way in whioh they succeed, it may be mentioned that Gen. Seott waa deceived by the statement that Confederate troope'had desecrated Mount Vernon, wo far that he issued an order, not remarkable for excellence of composition, though full of feeling, calling on the United States troops to respect the place in oase they should be called oa to ooeupy the ground. The Confederates were never there at all, and Lady Georgiana Fane and a lady who is traveling with her had no difiealty in going and returning recently ander the esoort of a British subjeot. The teadepey, or rather the habit, of saying the thing whioh is not, and of putting out of all proportion to the truth the thing that is has been so developed by the war, that one of the most respectable journals ia the oity gravely and seriously leetares the whole nation on its indifferenoe to trath, and its inveterate love of exaggeration, in language which would be resented with acrimony if it were used by a stranger Criticism is always resented by the criticised, unless it be all sugar and treacle, and of all paople the most difficult to please are those who are vain, Irritable, unfortanate, and conceited. The voices which come from the other side of the Atlantic cannot be agreeable to a raoe above all things emuloas of military prestige. MOptat tphtppta bos." He will get them, and to have to pay for them preeently, but ia what will President MeClellan differ from Napoleon III, except in tenare of office? The United Slates army and nary will be made worthy of the young Republic, and in their hearts men rejoice at the prospects of a " strong Government," which must come, though they cannot see how, oat of the present conflict. I am not quite certain, that the silence which has obtained in Europe in reference to the conflict will not soon be resented as an impertinence and an insulting affection of indifference to that which Americans regard as the greatest sonUst the world has ever seen. No one can be honestly indifferent to the results, for they must affect Europe, just as any great disturbance in any State must produce an impression on the rest of the world. It is useles* to say th*t we are not jealous of the grandeur and Kloryof the United States, for the national vsattv would regard the thing as isspossible. It is, indeed, impossible to regard with indif- 1 ference the light whieh has such enormous in- " teresu and great prinoiples involved in ths issue, bat it is unfortunate for the United States that it has by turns affronted nearly every p Government in Europe, and left to itself only the natural sympathies of the peoples for those ? who appear before them as the friends of lib- a erty. There is one thing to be said about civil t< wars?they do not last long. It is probable al that the "exceptioDaiism," if one may use the n word, on whieh the Americans rather pride u themselves, will net prevail in the oase of the n struggle between North and South. Each ef n the oon tending parties, however, believes it is * sure to win. The voioes from the South are, ? to be sure, rather deadened, and those of the i North are swollen and blown out through ? penny trumpets and brass whistles; but there 2 is still reason to think that both are bent on "having it out." And, indeed, the North K must do so, even if separation comes, for there would not and could not be an honorable peace ? if it followed an unavenged defeat in a contest t wherein the victors had annoudced beforehand * that their opponents were destitute of oour- 8 age and manhood. It would not be pos- g sible for the North to livo on terms 0 of decent amity with the South if the leaders of both sides were to agree to a peace tomorrow. The violence and triumphant jubila- f tion of the oonquerors would render it a mere f. armistice ?f short duration. Those who can a see the reconstruction of the great Kepublio in ? the warring elements of the great oonvulsion ? must believe in some new atomic theory, and r in some novel ohemistry of political affinities. s As I passed the State Department the other a day, I observed on the ground great columns n of marble in wooden ooffin-like oases lying by the road side; near the White House there was ' similar food for ruins. Above the unfinished J dome of the Capitol rises a great machinery of h scaffoldfege and leverage, motionless and life- " less, and around the very building in which t Senator and Representative keep high debate, ti lie the vast fragments which at some future 11 day are meant to supplement arch and dome? 0 the ideas of a conception not yet brought into tl being. There are. thefl, two sorts of ruins? ? those of the thing which has been, and those ? of the thing which is not yet, and may never be at all. It was strange to see that all the * effect of the work of years could be produced ? by the materials of work unaccomplished. The q Eublio buildings of Washington are surrounded efore they are completed by the evidences of J, what they must be when they shall have been a< destroyed Before the Kepublio has finished tl its temples the worship of the deities to whom * they are erected is assailed by terrible heresies. * The Capitol can never sec within its dome the !> Senators and Deputies of tho Union, of which ?. it seems no inapt type in its aspiring incompleteness Can any even of the powers most a nienaced and affronted by the Republic rejoice V in its researches among the fragments Cer- ? tainly England has not by word or deed within her borden exhibited a trace of the passions attributed to her by many bitter enemies. {", The reports industriously circulated in some % American journals, that Great Britain has de- ? inanded, or solicited, the establishment of i n free port for the exit of ootton are untrue, e< There is no foundation whatever fer such statements, which are prepared by the same $ Deople who originate the stories ef Admiral Milne s dispatches and views in reference to the blockade. The indifference to foreign c politics which has marked the proceedings of the Congress has been a suitable commentary on the mode in whioh American affairs have been treated in Europe. Mr. Sumner ni was severely rebuked for alluding to the prob- V able effects of the increase of the Morrill Tariff on the sentiments of Franoe and England; as ?i if the Senate regarded such an allusion as a J? confession of weakness or an indecent introduction of an unsuitable element of consider- ft atioR. The bill confiscating the property of bl rebels passed, by a division of 40 to 08, not- c, withstanding the energies and argumentative ai opposition of Mr. Breckinridge and others; tl and I send elsewhere some reflections on the mode in which it will be carried into effect. c< Congress adjourns to-morrow till the 5th of December, unless summoned by the President at an earlier day. Members of Congress are o the first to touch nioe new paper money. On receiving their salaries they wore presented 2^ with $50 in gold aud with $250 in the Treasury m notes ac payment for tho month. They did not like it. The brokers charge 5 per cemt. 11 discount, although the Government pays tf per D cent, interest on the two-year notes, so that n there is a loss to the original holder of 8i por 01 cent, per annum if he submits to the discount. Iheae, however, are very trifling matters in consideration of that which is to oome. There is a rumor of an attack on Cairo. It can only succeed in consequence of incapaoity and oowardice on the part of the defenders. A yrarrsi. with a Wife ?Walt until abe la at her toilet preparatory to going out She will be aura to aak you If her bonnet la straight Remark that the lives of nine tenths of the women are passed In thinking whether their bonnets are straight, and wind up wtth the remark you never knew but one who had any common aense about her Wife will ask veu who that was You, with a sigh, reply, "Ah! you never mind ? W lfe will ask vou why vou did not marry her, then. V ou say abstractedly, "Ah! why Indeed?" The climax ia reached by this time, and a regular row is sure to follow. > I 11/" The fortifications around St. Louis are progressing; palllsadn, block-houses and rsrthworks are being constructed on the west and south sides; the north side will be amply fortified by placing a few batteries on the water reservoir, which is In Itself a splendid fortification, almoat 9 Impregnable, from Its height and the lmpoMlbillty of scaling It, and covering the entrance of the Northern Railroad and the Mississippi river. 3 ILT Apropos of the "hot corn" trade, It Is rati- 3 mated that not leas than one thousand colored people are employed In selling boiled corn In the streets of Philadelphia. They may be found In almost every street down town, with their cleanly scoured wooden tubs, a snow white! towel, fork, and cup of salt. ILr The London (C. W.) Free Press learns from a reliable source that another raiment of the line la abortly expected to arrive in Toronto from Kngland, numbering about one tbouaand men, and that a full field battery of Armatrong guna will also be stationed In that city before winter comes oa. U T Mrs Edmund Blanchard, of Cambridge, N H , waa caught In a bear trap last week while out blaeberry!ng. The trap waa set by her husband to dee troy an Immense black b<*r that had been troubling him this season. She was badly Injured, but ft Is thought not so much aa te endanger her life. d^The dairy districts In New York are said to be this year remarkably productive. The yield of butter and cheese will be equal to that of any previous season. The product of the hop district, however will not be aa great as that of INK) by one-third, Grasa, potatoes, and oat* will be abundant. IC^Tbe first railroad in Oregon has just been built on what la called the "tranait across the cascades " The road Is of substantial conatructlon, la three and three quarters of a mile long, and the majority of It is on treaeel work of a dizzy and dangeroua height. iC^Wm Jemlson, familiarly known la English sporting circles as the "Game Chickens," Is out with a challrng*- te fight any 140 lbs. man In the United Ststes for from *100 to S500 a side. \U~ Two officers of Col. Duryea's regiment went to Grace Church, in Baltimore, laat Sunday, and were refuaed seats by the sexton, but went in and helped themeelvee K7*" Daughter," said aa anxious parent to his little one, "didn't 1 tell you to eat no more green apples?" "Yes, papa, but this Is a ytUow Papa collapsed. IETA clergyman, consoling a young widow oa the death of her husband, remarked that ahe could not find his equal. "I'll bet 1 w*W" remarked the sobbing lair one I t^r The new Italtsn loan aft 100,080,000 appear* to have mit With great a<ireaae It la quoted at a guod prewlusa, boih at Turlu a?4 Paris. I IET Mn**i*?eft* fcps thus far putchaaed V.3DQ 1 bosses for military piApoeerf, at a cost of #$06,000 PROPOSALS FOR REVENUE VESSEL8. ?T T*KA?U?T Okpaktmk?(T, I Washington, September 3,1861. \ < TU1 reoe,;? proposal*,, acsoin 1 ftnied by models, plans, and specifications nntil S oolock Monday, Suth September, 1861. for the \ oinplete construction and equipment of Two * ***"}. Screw Revenue Vessels of 750 tonseaoh, 1 nd of Three Steam Screw Revenue Vessels of ooo 1 jns each United States measurement. proposals will only be oonaidered from auooessful ? ^kU1 der* ?ngaged in that busi- j ??s, and the name of the marine steam engine es < i 'lishment at which the machinery is to be made ' i.l stated and will have due weight f 1 he load draft ol water of the vessels of 750 tons lust notexoeed ten (10. feet, and they will bearm-d rith one rifled pivot gun of 8,ono lb-, weight. two 1 i pounder guns oi 42 owt., and one heavy navy 34 winder howitzer on the top gallsnt forecastle. ' he complement for eaoh vessel to be 12i persons. 1 arrying provisions for sixty days, and 2.80U gallons WS',,1-* tanks; ?o be furnished with a condenser 1 >r distilling potable water. The vessels to tw sohoone' rigged, w th flying < ^rkiPi?2Si If * '5n rre *?,,t *gd yarn to -et fl nng. > The load draft of water of the vessels ol 60r> tons ? lunt not exceed 9W fret, and they will be armed, T aoh. with one rilled pivot gun of 6,500 lbs. weight, V wo 32-pounders of 42 owt., and one light nav v 24 1 ounder howitzer on the top ga'lant foreoistle. r rhe complement for each vessel will be 9fi psr oris, carrying provisions for sixty days, and 2,noo , ^ ?> ?nd to be furnished with a 1 oiidens- r lor distilling p table water. .? ?to be *?hooner rigged, with flying Z P" "H"*'? ?V . *r,d yard U/set flying iT^e.?rVposa.U " u,t b* fi,r?h? hull, spurs, rigI* amj. 0?nvM work, mast ooats. awnings, . ammaoks and bag*, boats, anchors and cables. 1 j i'-SV ' binnacles bells, iurniture for cabins nd mess rooms, oo?king apparatus and utensils ' " i??r ne,I' J"lre w,ofk,ooal hunk- f s filled wtih Buck Mountain ooal. with all the I qtiipments and eu fits of every kind. and in all f espects ready ?o reoeive her offioers. m?n, prnvi I and arm\ment, ami at onoe proceed to sea rhe armament.provj8100gj nautioal instruments, nd charts only will be provided by the Govern lOflti ' It is desirable to have the highest obtainable I Kk.,kT1floh.11u*A be ,tated in the rffor.together 1 nth the length of time it oan be maintained an i ? lie quantity of ooa. that can be carried In the 5 uiikersfor that speed which should not be less ' days of twenty four hours eanli 1 he specifications must desorihe fully the ma- J !Ll5L.1" . th" m*nn?J ?' ? of fastening; 1 hedetail of the size_ finish,and ar.angement of J u"fiU^nho"udrJj iS the'tre^SS?" e?u"men,? ?ud t ' pl*,r*'"u?t b? working drawings from which . M ves-eland maohinery oan be built, showing the I otment of spaoe for accommodations, steam nom, inagsziner. shell rooms disposition of ooal. ' id convenient stowage mu?t be provided. It is to be understood that in the contraot a uarantee will be inserted of the fulfilment of the ondition of draft of water, speed, fuel, satisfactory rorking of the michinnry, aid other points re J nn'i. ^1. b * forfeiture in case of failure. ^ The bidders must state the least time from the ??.r'trict 9.r "^" 'Ptanos ol the proposal Li. , Ti"0? they Wltl a?'?? lo complete the vesLS? * ""JS, and deliver them at any ports I "Mne. 1 he total amount lor which they o fill engage to do al! that is required in ?lie fore- I ^ otng advertisement, and to be embracM in their I Pacifications and plans, must be stated, and the I t,e ?ooonj>anied by the guarantee re I J "e coiitr'act* 11 they will execute I Payments will he msde at four different intervals I t s tns work progresses, retaining ono h!th . 1 5) of I le whoie amonnt for ninetr (V) days sfter the I efivery of the vessel, to repair any defeols that I S lay be disoovercd within that timo on trial at sea. I i I he Department reserves the right to aoc-pt the I roposals n.ade in conformity with the conditions I 1 rescribe<i which it may consider most to the I iterests of tne Government and to oombine the I J ^ l'' at|v*nt?ges, and to reject any I ? r all or them at its option I c A oompetcnt person will be appointed by the I [ Tpa.tment to superintend the construction and I ' luipment of each of the vessels. I a The speoifioatioss, plans, and models of parties I ot ob.aiuiug coutraots may be withdrawn by I * ' m . ? S. P. CHASK, I ep 4 3taw Secretary of the Treasury. ! j T A T I O N K R~YT~ I i ^AVT August 29.1861. ! ? JL ? ? Sbalbd I koposals will bi received I ' ">0? Ol the Secretary of the Navy nntil 3 I a clock, l . M of Saturday, the 21st Sept-mbsr I ?xt. for furnishing all the Stationery that may he I ' (quired Dy the Navy Department and the several I o Vn*VJ from date to July 1,18B2 I s All the artioles furnished must be of the best I r uality, delivered without de^av when ordnred, and I 1 > th? s&tiflffiction ofth? o' th? office for whio'i I i i?j ar? r?^u red I Z V^nJred* e*oh t',dder for stationery must I i id for proposal a sample of eaoh article I a No hid will be considered whioh does not fully I j nnlorm to the advertisement, and in which each I ad every artiole is not bu for. and in whioh more I lan one pnoe is named for any one artiole. I nds in sufficient amount, with two or more ap I roved sureties, for the faithful execution of the I >ntract will he required of the person or persons I jntracting. The authorized names of the sureties I ' r Tc'i ?u K'veD' * a'BO >?atiBfaotory testimonials I i > lu'h the oontraot, must aooompany tne bid: I I tberwiseit will not b? oonsidered. I The Department reserves to rself the rirhtof I rdering a grcat-r or le? quaMity or eaoh and I { irery artiole contracted for, as the public servico I ' require. I . hi*ould any article be required not enumerated I ' l the contraot, it is to be furnished at the lowf st I t?tket pri e, according to its qualits The subjoined schedule specifics,as nearly as can I rZliw ???if'1 ? &m,,unt, quality, a>:d d?*ariptlou I a f each of the artiolea .ikely to bo required. I f Schkdulb. I t 40 reams heavy, white laid, despatch cap, stop I 1 ruled, equal to sample, per reem I f 2n reams foo s ap. blue or white, rul Q,per re?m I 7S reams extra superfine, blue or white, laid or I 1 wove. letter paper, ruled, equal to sample, I ? per ream r I ] 10 reams Manilla paper, 38 by 36 inches, flat, I i per sample, per ream I an reams b*st buff or white envelope paper. I royal, flat, per ream II 15 reams heat note paper, thick, per ream ! 15 reams beat note paper, medium, per ream I 20 reams oopying or tiaaue quarto poat, per I " F0UQ I I looyaida traoing cloth, per square yard I 3 reams blotting pap 'r. royal, per re'in I I patent dotting paper, tn?dium, per I ? ^ ulr? j j *1 ?'?Phant drawing paper, per sheet I i sheet elephant drawing paper, per I < ^ mn nar!*n drawing paper, per sheet I i i 2S 2^2? i'"j onvelopea, letter s<ae, per l.noo I I '^?cLMme^,fpneV.^W0ta Per 1A1? i f'??" P^M^oth lln<Hl nTelo?'??. by 4 inches, I j ZV) patent oloth lined envelopes, 5X by 3V I i inohes, per2S0 r ' M 290 patent oloth-lined envelopea, S)? by akr I " lnohesjper 280 r ' * ' ** I >?,000 best bell or white envelopes, Govarnmeut | f%wierD' ??olsi ,IX8' P""t?i stamp, per I ' 1,000 best buff or white envelopes. Government I patierne.olfioial size, engraved atams. per I B/W0 best buff o' white envelopes, Govercmsnt I perTnoo lithographed stamp. 1 6.000beatJuff or white envelopes, Government! 1 f nOfT' U* liUtugraphod tamp, p?r I J 1^)00 beat buff or white envelopea, Government I ' C Ann .P*"* '.1?*1?!*'."?! unatamped. p?r lgOin) I i 5,000 beat white official envelopes. lo)i by 6X I < inches, lithographed, psr 1,uon |! ?ros? steel pens, on cards or iu b >x>?s, (the I I Department to have the liberty of selecting I from "11 the different kinds manufactured,i I p^r iron I * 3,,?lfZ^,v!?r.c*"'x*}wlth i,*8r extension I ' holders, best manufac ure. per pen I 'tles p^Vuart ink?in bot- I * ,K??.d10n ??Py'D? ?nk, Arnold'a or ! Terry'a. in bo'tie*, per quart I ?^r?mi^.U1r! PJTS?' e??ott * Co., superfine I j carmine, per bottie , opaqae ?r olarified. per 100 | 7/i dozen red tape, assorted, per doz I i 6dozen silk taste, per do* I 4 dozen penknives, Rodgers's 1xmt, buck or I perdoz ' ** '* ? 4 blades or equal. I i 4 dozen ersaara, large size, ivory handles, in I oases, Rodgers's best, per doz ' 1 dozen pairs of shears,8 inoh blade, per doz I 1 do.en paKa of shears, 6X inoh blade^per doz I 1 dozen paiia of ahurs.e-inch blade, pe^doz 1 dossn pairs of eoiaeort, per dos 5 dnsea nme inoh ivor* folders, per dos i dozen or ^rcha, per |, p,b*r'' - " ^ber-e red and blae pencils, per doz I S dozen sable brashes, aaaorted, p r doz Ijt | dozen oan el hair brushes aseofted. per d<?f * 3 dozen atioks best Ir.dia ink per stick 1 %Bund" ?Xtr* ,u^rfiBe ??* P?r 15 pounds beet qr-aJity wafers, per ponnd lo pounds best white gum arabio, per p und i?rdczr*R*r mnoilage and bm,h. large, and brush, email, 10 ?oands b?-t hemp twine, per poind 10 poinds beet linsn twine, per pound S^fearta beet black ?and, per quart n11jefCni3?t p,#p*red lfdi*'?ber, per doz rntT7HE ?!<D8Aisr or"iCt"jyr\ Bitk of tkt isanonal Hot,I ? fl Moet liberal advances iwul.> o? t,olj a.;d u?Tr WateUes. Diamoo s. Jewe ry. ^ilve. wa ? lo kUu iaeee sUiotij conhdeuual. ? i-?J8AAC HERZBKRG. 311 C .feet, aul-ta Dot ween 4>? and 9th ata. SUMMER RETREATS. | ??EA BATHING AND SAKE RETREAT, ^ Ar Pei*t Look-Out, Maryland. * This oe ebrated Bathing Plaoe. situated at the unction of the Potoinao River with theA ? . A ;ne*ap?ake Bay, will be opened by thewTAw indersigned on tho 10th of June, in theiuBX rery beat style, for ail persons who ma* wish a lafe and auiet retreat, where they oan nave the >onent of the best salt water bathing and enjoy the j leiioaoies of the water, snoh as Fish of all kinds. .Sisters, Crabs, <kc. Every description of fishing tackle will be kept or the accommodation of guests. A fine livery stab* kept on the farm. , Also, ten pin alleys and billiard saloons; with ?i kll other amusements usually found at suoli places, t The table will be supplied daily with fresh vege- r ables from the garden on the premises and from *, h* Baltimore and Washington markets. u Tne best Liquors and Cigars will always be found u u the Bar. B Board, #2 per day; one week, ?12; seoond week, P?j four weeks for #S5; ohiidren and oolored ser- t, rant* half-price. t( The steamer St. Nicholas leaves Washington tt rueedayat6a m. and Baltimore on Friday at 4 p. *

n. The half past 2 o'clock p. m. train from Wash- in ngton will connect at Baltimore with the boats, q ^aching Point Lookout daily ; a so, a tri weekly " tage from Washington, by way of Leotardtowu Add ess the proprietors, at Point Lookout, iVaslungton. D C., or Alexandria, Va. ri n> 31 HKFLEBOWKR A CO . Prop'rs. ? DENTISTRY. ' | II. PEABODY, M. D., Surgical and MB- [i ' chanical Dbntist, having taken_s*v>^fe otims at No. 'J7 a Pa. avenue, lietwet'nTeSB Ith and 12th sts., two doora east of the . tirkwood House, respectfully solicits a share of " he public patronage, in the various branohes of r us profession. jy 15 2m* 0 VI . ~ TEETH. 5 "I. LOOM1S, M. D., the inventor and patentee fths MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at .1 ends personally at his offloe .n tins city.MS < Many persona oan wear theae teeth Wh?^uj-L:j d ?annot wear others, and no person can wear others rho cannot wear these. Persons oalling at my offloeoan be aooommouated rith any ?tyie afid price of Teeth they may desire; l? at tothoi* who are particular and wish the purest, * ileaneet, sfcongest, and most perfect denture that ri irt oan prodkse, the MINERAL PLATE will be k nore fully warranted. Rooms in this oity-No. 33* Pa. avenne, between * th and 10th sts. Also, 90T Aroh street, Phi adel >>??* 00 U-tf ? GAS FITTING, fcc. I A WM T. DOVE A CO. " F&.R.K Now prepared to exeonte any ordtrt will ' rruoh the? ma? I>e favored in the PLUMBlNtt. GAS OR STEAM FITTING BUSINESS. ir ILT Store on *th street, a few' doors north of Pa, ?. ivenue, wliere niar be found a omalete assortment ?ATKKIK,i:xT?RRK8.'1 . -?- u I SNYDER, 5 U FA VMBER A ffO HAS F1TTKK, ?, Has removed to the oorner of Twelfth and F sts, L le is prepared to mtroduoe Water and Gas npon ho most favorable term?, an?l guaraotiea enLr# ir itunniion. . iTnSVu?n loJ ofCOOKINe and other . 5rovhS. which he will aell lees than oost, as he p rishes to get rid of them. no 11 t< LV 6 AS FIXTURES. * and are dai y receiving, BAB d K/i ft K?S of entirely .New Patterns and Designs I ind Finish, superior in style to anything herotolors inei'<a in this market. We invite oitisens general y to sail ai d examine our stock of Gas and Water 1* ires, feeling oontident that we have the best m elected stock in Washington. , All Work in the above line mtrvatad to*arc?r? rill be promptly attended to. II MYER8 * McSHAN. r 37C D street w y ,ob 8K4LK,l u MIC* IS ;; >bly to the provisions of the ordinanoe of Che Cor- ? 10ration approved May IX. 18fi), the undersigned is s! low prepared, "whenever refbired in writing, and n 'B p re- payment of the fee of 8 rty oents, to iospeot, xaraine. test, prove, and ascertain the aooaracy of egistration ofany gas meter in ase in this oity." ivery meter, if found inoorreot, will be condemned >nd another, sealed and marked as trie will be etmiM plaoe. If proved to be aooa-?;e in its ? neasuiement of gas, it will be sealed acco-amg;y. 1 >na again pat in position for use. Oioe No. S10 Seventh street, (near Odd Fel ews' HallJ Open from 8 a. m., to t p. m. ..CHARL.ES W. CUNNINGHAM. Jy l?-tf Inspector and Sealer of ?as Meters. I ? ?? ^tHSTERiyg the ?nW known and * best artiele u \ extsru. rjkke Ants, ^foths, Flies*' *mKiel's, (JA'd?n Worms * ? It contains no poistm. * SCHWERIN'S PILLS are sure death to Rats i mdMioe. M. Schwerin has received certificates 3 rom the President ol Girard College, Directors of : louse of Refuge, Pennsylvania Hospital, and >ther Prominent Institutions of Philadelphia ; U. * I. Jail, Washington, D. C.;and Charity Hospital, Vew Orleans, da- f The original certificates oan be seen at the * Wholesale ana Retail Depot. 124 North Seoond itreet, Philadelphia, and for sale in this city by p, 1 rl. CLARK, oorner 1'a. avenue and sts., and by * kll Dreggiste and Grooers. t B|',WARE OF SPURIOUS IMITATIONS. CC- Remember to ask for Schwenn's Annilii- " atn 1 Powder. ID None gonaine unlees signed M. Scewhin. ? ma l5-6meo - ?? a rIE EUROPEAN HOTEL. KEPT BY F. I EMR1CH. at the oorner of Penn.A . . A [ kvenue and Eleventh street, has beenwCSAw S preatly improved recently and now offersJUiHX Z freater inducements for the patronage ol oltlxens knd etrangors than any other publio house in the k >it?, his prices being less than those of any other lotel on Penn. avenue, and his aooommodations J or permanent or transient l*oarders uuexceptlon ible. The bar and restaurant arrangements of the buiopean Hote. nave already beoome very popa si ar. being all that oan be desired by the most fas c adlous. The proprietor sledges unremitted atten uonand ooctmuea liberal expenditures to give sat- si sfeotion to all, and thus renews his invitation <* si ill to give the Knrosean Hotel a call. de4-tt ^ TRAVELING TRUNKS. t E Offer for sale the largest assortment o r r It AVE LING TRUNKS to be found ina?? h this city, oompnsing best Sole I.eathergpKS C Ladies' Dress and Packing Trunks. Va-*?***5 ices. Carpet Bags, 4.0., which we are now selling it very low pno^s. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., as IS 'Wj I'onr.nverne I CASH NOTICE. N Uouso^iicnoo ol oar having to pay oaah for I . very artiole of goods we purohase, we are foroed to reduce our business to Ca?n exclusively, for the present. We have in store a very large assortment i>f.REAUY-MADE CLOTHING for men and I 1 toys' wear, whioh are selling at a muoh lower rate than usually. WALL. STEPHENS & CO.. 32:i Pa avenue, between 9th and 10th st?. I*1 < I ttfel. A Rennh. 1 WAT0H RE&A4',5tNF^WR5iVVER WARE I have one of the best establishments, and f maished with aoomplete set of tools for repair-' Jfcv ing every description of fine Watohes, and Ati partiouiar attentios give to tiie same, by [ho. ngnoompetent workman And a. workaiaeui Qeo -Also,every deacrip ion of standard SiLviTH Wi KE. plain and ornamental, manufactured unOe? my own supervision, whioh my customers will find (ar superior in quality and finish to northern ware sold by dealers in general and represented aa their swn manufacture. H. O. HOOD, a* * *3* Pa. avenue, nearfth CUMMER CLOTniNG ^ At RiBtrciD Pxicks. u".rKpSr 'arge assortment of thin SU M MER . CLOTHING at reduoed pri-es. Our stock em- . braoes all styles and qualities of Gentlemen, Youths, and Boys' Wearini Apparel, of the most desirable and fashionable styles # Also, SHIRTS and FURNISHING GOODS in 1 great variety. Clothing made to order at the shortest notice. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., 1 , ,. . 3113 Pennsylvania avenue, jy IS (Intel. A Rep.) bet, ath and 10th at*. i QIBBS' HAIR STORE. , __ NO|iM$ pA. 4V..BIT. 12th and 19th STS, , Ff&fgpK* Jf*? BR AIDS. CURLS WIGS. 1 HALF WIGS. FRIZETTES, Ao. A ftill stocg always on hand, or made to order at the shortest notioe. Hair Work repaired or axchanged. N. B.?Laaiee' Hair Dyed in the most na'srai . manner. ?na 1 km J f|UFONT,8 GUNPOWDER, J SeU Atmev for Ik* Dittnti nf CcUnnbt*. 1 a1?a;rff?Su".r i triet. Orders oan alao i^ ieA at tlMofllee of Aaarr s* Kxweaa 1^?ipsav. Waahiw>?a71k ft? ?-tawtv ^EW VOLUME BALZAC'S NOVELS.?The , Atebemfit, or th* House of Ciaee; fiom the F'*""h of Honors d* Ba sac. Pree by mail. f 1. 1 ?S*'as Maraer.tka Weaver of ftavekie; by Geo. ' EMl?tt?llie antkor of "Adam Bade " K ree ny nsaii, 1 If aents. FRENCH A R1CHST1?N, ] M? STS Pmaa. itwii*, i 8DK JOHNSTON, ALT1MOKK LOCK. HOSPITAL, f?l dttcortrid tkt mott Ctrl at*, Sfttdy mmd omlf Effectual Ktmtdy ta tkt World, FOR ALL DISEASES OP IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE PELICACY PREVENT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. 1 CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Wnkntiitf ?*8*?k, Su-ictnre*, Afectinoe af the Ifc'diji tnd Bladder ^miun ?)ncn*rg*?, Impoteacv, G*?rnl Debility, liiLvnouiu, dtampiy, Unp"r, Cotifuaioa f ld*a?, Low Spin-.*, ?-;?i:a*;io?. of U>? Heart, Timidity, rcmblmg*, Pircnce* of Sigat ur Uiddioeaa, D.aaaaa of th* tad, Throat, Noat or Skin, Affaetiooa of the*, Stomtli or B"wal??ttaaat Terrible Otaordert a riling from Sultry Habiia of Youth?*.hm Drttdful an4 Dtitracux Priccaa which reudar Mirriag a unpoeeible, and daairoj both od j and Mind. YOVNO MEN ItpecKMy who hav* bacoraa th* victim ef Solitary Tic*, lat draadfel and d**lrucuv* habit which aunaally iwaa^a 1 an untimaly gri?* thooaanda of Yosrg Man of iha moat lalted talent* and brilliant intellect, who might ath*rwn* i?a entranced Itatening Sauatca with iha thundere of elo> uanca or wakad to (cetacy tba living lyre, way call with ill cantdence. MARRIAGE. MaRRICD P*RI05J,or Young Man car. tlmpiaUng Marsit, b*tng awara of phyaical, organic datility, iformmti, Ac., tp?*dil* eared. Ha who placaa himaalf under th* cara of Dr. J. may rihgi tly cntinda in hit honor at a gentleman and canlJeutly Iy upon hit akill at a phyucian. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICS ST. ift band *id* going from Baltitnora atrttt, a ft w door* fron it cornar. rail not to ob**rv* nama and nambtf. Laiitrt laat ba paid and contain a atamp. DR. JOHNSTON, laubaraf tha Royal Collar# of Sort font, London, gradeta from on* of tba roott amtacnt College* in tha United latat, and tha gi*at?r part of whoa* Ufa haa btan epent 10 ie mepitel* of Loudon, Parit, Philadtlphia and alttwhtra, aa aaacttd to ma of the moat aitoniihmg eartt that wtrt *tr known; many troubled with ringing ta tha head and art whan aaleep; grtal nervonaneea, being alarmed at gddea aoandt, buthfulneii with fre^oent blaehing, aitandad imtumit with derangement of mind, wara eared Mil ma lately. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Young Man and o to era who have injured themtelv** by a trtain pr.icuee mdulgtd in when alone?a habit fr*j**r.iiy larned from evil companion*, or at tehoel, tha tntcta af rhien are niphtlv fait even when aaleep, and if not cared, indera marriage impoeaible, and deeiroye both ound and ody, thovid apple irmncdiattl?. Trie** art tome of the aad and melancholy ef ecte prodaced y early habita of vouth. vi* : Weakneaa of tha Back and limba. Paint in the Head, Oimneee of Sight, Lota of Mute "war, Palpitation of tne Hear., Dyepepey, Nervcat irritaility, Dcrangtmcnt of the PigeiU't Faneuona, General debility, Symptome of Contarnption, Ac. M** tally.?The fearlal enecu on the rr.ind are maeh te e dreided?L ue of Memory, Confution of Ideaa, Derreeaioo r Spirit*, E?ll Pnrebodinft. Avemon of Society, Self Pit eel, Love of Sulitade, Timidry, ate., are eorr.t of the evile rodaced. Nrnrot's Pkrilitt.?Thoatandt can now )adge what it it cante of their declining health, lo*ing their vigor, becomf wtak, pale, nereooa and emaciatea, hating a eingalar ppearanca abuat the eyet, cough or tymptoma of c exit Bra p0,1 DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE When the mitgaiiled and imj rodent totary of pleaaare trdt e hit lirihkbed the tttda of thia pauifal diaeaaa, it too nftto appent that an ill-unied aenae < f ehame or dread of diacotery etert him from epply mg to thoae who, from education and itpectabiluy, can alone befriend him. He falle into tha ande .<f ignorant and deetgning pretendtrt, who, incapsh.e r curing, filch hit pecuniary eahetance, keep n:m trigmg tonth after month, or ae long ae the emalleet fee can I t ot>iined, and in detpair leave him with ruined health to eigh rer hit gilling dit.ippoiutment; or by the ate of that dtialy 01 too?Mercury?haaten tha cotiatitutnmtl eymptotne of thit irrible diaeate, tachat Afftcf.ont of tiia Heart. Throat, Head, kin, Ac., prorre*aing with frifhtfal mridity, till detth pstt e eriod to hie areadfal tafftrtugt by tending hirato ih?; aniecaeered csanUT from whaee haarne ae traveler retcrnt. )R. JOHNSON S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY By thit great and important remedy weakr.eaeaf the organa re tpeedily cared and fall tiger retiared. af the leal nervaae and debilitated, wha had iaet all hapa, bat* ttn immediately relieved. All impedimenta te Marriage. Phyalaal *r Mental rhe'jaalIcauott, Lota af Pracraauea Power, Hervaae Irntability, rercblmg and Weakneee ar Kxbaaatiaa af the maet fearfal Ind epeedily cared. ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS. Tbb Mai*t TKOUfalto* cared at thia inetitanaei withla it laat ttvtntaen tear*, and the naireroae Important Btrgi?l aperatione performed liy Dr. Jotir.non, wiUitite l t y o.t iperttrt af the paper* and many other reraont, aotictt of hich hare appeared again and again before the pablic, bade* hit ttanding a* a gantlerean of character and reaponeilllly, ie a taSaitnt gaarantee ta the aSicted. mar 1(1? Ds. J. H MoLKAN'8 8TREIT QTHEHI If 0 CORDIAL AND BLOOD Pl'RIFIEA. HE GREATEST REMEDY tn tkt WORLD. tand the moat DSLICIOV* ARB W*M Mr MR taken^Le It la etrlatly a tal- Mi ' flg Jw eatll* aad Tegttahie Caayeasd, tft- VJbt tart J hy the dlejlla- BfTl Cea af new, karte, R jh aad harka. Tellaw (lttk Raat, Sartdparlila, Wild Cherry ark, aad Paadeltaa lypSl aatere lata Ita aaatThe eatlre atllea _y^ IjS d rataedlal prtaatple af eaah lagredlen in laiilllag, aradaai g a dellalame, ekailaratlag tylrk, aad Ut ie*t lafallihle rttttdyftr reaavatlng the dTeeaaed eyttea, d reetartag the aUl, aafertag, aad dekliluted tataUd la Milk aad aueaitk. MtLEAIfS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL riU tftataaiiy aare birat Caaplatat, Dytaeptia, Jaaalta, Chraala ? Mtrteat Dehllity, Dlteatet af we Kldaey*, d all dlita**e artalag fraai a diterdtred hirer ar Swaaah. 'yeyepala, Itanbut, la ward Pilaa, Aaiditt ar Siakaaae at >e Steaaah, Pallatet af Biead ta the Head, Dmil Paia a* wlaaUag la tha lead, Palpitauaa af the lean, Paltaaae r Weight ta the Steaaah, Seat Kraauuaoa, Chekiag ar afaaaUag Pealiag whea laying dewa, Drytttt er YelleWatt af tba Skla aad Byte, Bight Sweat*, la ward Pevere, aia ta tha Small af the Saak. Cheat, aa Side, Saddea 'laahae af Beat, eprt**l*a af Spirit*, Prtghlfal Draaaa, i&agaei, Oaepaadeaty ar any narraaa dlaaatt, Sarat ai iietahaa aa tha SkU, aad r??e? aad Agae (ar ChtUa aad r*JC A MIkklON BOTTLES a*a heea **4d darlag tha laat an seethe, aad ta aa lalaaaa haa It failed la (tring entire eatiafaeuaa. Wha. thaa. rtll eafei fraa Weakaaa* ar Dahtllty wkea MCUBAN'S ruamiin* COUlAk will aare ya? f Ha laagmage aaa aaavey aa ada^aata Idaa af tha tmaedlta aad alaaat ralraaalaa* ahaaga pradaead hy taktag thia lariUal la Ua dlaeaaed, daMUtaUd, aad ahattavad aarawaa fvtea| whether brakea dawa hy eaaaaa, w*4k by aaiare, l laptlfH hy alakat**, the relaxed aad aaatraag atgaalitlaa ta raitarad ta tw prUUaa health aad rtga* HARRIED PERSONS, i ethttt, aaattiaat af taahUlta fraa whatever aaaat, will ad MakJlAJI'S STASHSTiBlllllS COUlAk a thartgh regeteratar af the eyetea: aad all wha aay have la ued thaaeelvaa by lapraatr ladalgaada* will aad la thu Cardial a atrtata aad tpeedy remedy. TO THE LADIEB. akBAB'S VTBBHBTBKB1BB OOBBLAb ta a eaverIga aad *p*tdy aare far laalptent Cao*aapttaa, Whaaa, Ibatraated ar BlBaalt NMMInJ aaaatlaaaaa af Srlae * lavalaatarr tuaiarre tharaaf, Pal I tag af the Weak, ltddlaeee, PalaUag, aaa all dleaataa laaldaat la Peaaalea. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABO ITT IT laltr aa laager. Tate it aaaarding ta dlraailame. It will tlaaLata, etreagthaa, aad tavlgarau yea aad aaaat the laaa af heaita ta aaaat year ahetk agaia. Bveiy kettle ta ranaatad ta give eatlafattlaa. FOR CHILDREN, If year ahlllraa are etakly, pany ar afliated, MekBARI /0BD1AW will aake thea healthy, fat, aad rabaet. Delay ai a aaaeatf trj It, aad yra-wtll ba aaavlaeed. It la dalalaaa u take, 9A TFT ION, Beware ef drag fit u ar d*aler* wha aay try ia pala area 'aa aaeae bitter e? aaraaparilla Uaah, which they aaa key heap, by earing tl la laat aa gaad. Avatd taah aaa. Atk tr MckfcAB'S mBMTiniM COBUIAk, aad ukt lethiag elee. It ta the aaly remedy that wtll parlfy the I lead taaraaghlT end at th* aaa* Ua* tutngthaa the *y*t*a. One teupaaofal taken every memlng failing it a certata weaeatlve far Ckalara, Chillt and Paver, Tallaw Pever, ar ay arevalaat dtaeaie. It te pat ap ta large battle a Priae ?Iy ?1 pat batUe, er ? baulae far 4k. J. B. SIcLBAB. lale prearleter *f thl* Cardial; alee, Mdbeaa'e Yaiaanlt 01 ialalBtnt. Priaaipai U*pet ea the teraer af Thtrd aad Ptae ttreeta, St. baala, Ma. oLean'i Yolcanio Oil Liniment, (TBB 1BST klBlMBBT IB TBB WOBkn.) The aaly eafe aad aartaln aare hi Caaaere, Pilee, Ta. aare, Swalltaga aad BraaaAlla ar Calua, Parti rata, B*aalgia, Waaknatt ef th* Maaclee, Chraci* ar laiaantatary LheaaatUra, Sufceee ef the Jatata, Caotraatad Maaclet ar aenta, Baraaht ar Taathacha, Brwltee, Spraint, Pretk I ;au, Waande, Slaara, Paver Sere a. Cafead Braaat, Sara lipplea, Barnt, Saalda, Sara Thaaat, aa aay I a It aaa rnt at ia, aa dilai**a* haw aevare ar laag the diaeaaa aay lave axutkd, MckBAFI CBkBBBATaS) klWMBBT u i aertaia retaedy. Tbeaaairlt af Maaa balaga have baaa aaved a ltfa af die itepitade aad atoary hp the aae af thia taaaiaahla reaedy. MtLEAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT BUI reltave paia alnaaat laalaal***aaely, aad tt will alaaa, lartfj and heal the faaleat tarat ta aa laaiadlkl* ehaat uae. FOR HOUSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. MakKAB-S CBkU&ATKP L1B1MKBT U Ua aaiy aate j?d reliable aeaedy (er the aare tt Sparta, Btagbaae, B iadgall*, Spllata, Baaataral kaapa. Bade* aa Swelling*, t never failed ta aare Big Bead, Pallevtl, Ptotala, d\d laanlag Sara*, aa Swaeay, If peepailv apSil Pea Ipraiaa, B*alaaa, Baaatabea, Craaked Baala, C&aCea, Saddle it CaUat Bella, Cata, See**, er Waaada, tt U aa lafcOlMa aaady. Apply It a* dtreittd aad a *ar* U ?**tala ta araay TWa Irtl* M laager wKS the aii; aerihl?a ktataaaa* WSK-^-CkBAB^cST J. B. MckBlB, Seia Pteprlia*. Carver Third aad Ptae *t*-> Sk kaada, Ba CBABkBS STOTT, IT! Pa. aa4 aata ageat la Waaatag ? S.. I T CWKKI.. Seaeaee*ar? *a S?-?WI v" f\H! OH !?8? to the Peepls'i Ulotfemg Store, [NO. I RUNES. HATS Md CAHtBll lor ?ls At Jis lowest Nsw York pnoss. MP-la < THE WEEKLY STAR. This exoellcat Family tad Newt Jouraal? containing ? greater variety of Interacting read ln* than caa be feand la any other?la published on Friday morning, Titus?Oask, MtntM p, %? ?i?Mw Single copy, per aaaaai .*1 ? Five coplee... 4 7j Tea ooplea | w Twenty-five copies ? 1? Invariably oontalna the "Washington Newa' that haa made TV Daily Eroming 5Mr circulate 0 generally throughout tha country LZ7"" Single ooplea (la wrappers) car be procured at the counter, Immediately after the iasoe ofthe paper. Prloa?THREE CENT8. J^AVY BEEF AND_FORR FOE IMS j?~?MJS2?2,2Itu.Umt Xifut M, I HI. S *odoraed " Proposals fur ?. ' nf!!f *1 [<* Pork,"M the oaae star w,iL^ reoeived at this effioe until 9 o'clock a. M.on Wednesday,theSSU d&y oI September aui. for furnishing and delivering, free of a. 1 ooet sj d tt5da?- L nll*<1 "t?taa, at taa foJlowingNavy Barrels Beef. Barraia Pork. A t C h&r lMtoVDf Mill ?. 4 ??) At Brooklyn, N. V. 4..VC fc nnr At Philadelphia. Penn 1,000 i^oa One half of said Beef and Pork must ba deuvec-d ut each of the above-named yards, respeoti vely?by Ji!? I*1 y of April, 1868: aod the remaining hal/ by k? its 1ir of ""Ei* earlier deli veries should be paired by tha Chiaf of tala Bursa.. Payment to be mada within thirty daya altar dabvbidders mat specify their prioea separately and distinctly in separate oflera lor tha Ue?f aad for tin Pork,and for each of the places of delivery. ocarina all expenses and all charges The Beef must be from we I fattened cattle. a aac htered lietween the lat?ay of October, 1861. and the lat day ol January, 1462, and weighing not itaan 1*,h"' ?lred pounds, nett weight, each. The lata and log randa of the hiud quarters, and the ships and ahou.der oloda, tha shoulders of matton and euda ol sticking pieces, and at least twelve K'unda from the neck end of each fora-aaarter or t parts marked Nm.1,1 3, 4, and 5. on U.e draw'fcC <j?linsiti?ifi of ihf for* itkd hi&ti tuftrtin of an ox. whioh will be attaolied to and form a part of the contract, must be wholly excluded fro*Teaoh barrel; a 1 the other pieoea are to be packed, t?stead of ftrta# <"?? vith a clearer, mmit be tkroutk lettk a sate and len\f* to tirt tk* m-ni a square, ntai, and smoolk a pp tar a net, in rot of not less than tttkt pound*, a or mart than ttrelvt pounds eatk. 1'he P<\rk moat be packed from corn-fed, well fattened ho?a, alanchterrd between the lat day of Deoembor, 1861, and the lat day of January, 1MB, and weighing not leaa than two handled pound a each, excluding the heads, jolea. ceoka, ahoa dera, bam*, lega, fe?t, butu, rumpa, lard, and all retaae pieoea, aud mud be out with a ,?iw knyjt in teoea weiching not l*aa than atx pounda, aor more than twelve poanda each. H? tii the B-vf and Pork m*.at beaa ted with at leant one ?tatut? buthai of Turk'a la an 1, late of May, Key Wert polar. Onordaga aolar, or W I f>e a aa't; and the Beef muat have five ouaoea of fine pulverized saltpetre to each barrel, exolnaivo of a p ckle. to be made from freah water aa -trong a? ta t will make it, and muat be parfeotly bright and (tear. Kaoh harrel muat 00ntain fall poanda nett weight of beef or pork, and no axooaa of weight in either article will tie paid for. The barrels must 1* entirely new, and he mad* of th? beat seasoned heart of white oak *tavee and headings; the ataveato be aotteaa than tiv?? eighth* of an mchthuk aud the headings not leaa than tiiree-f.mrtlis <if an inch thick; thev m'ist >>e three fourths hooped ovor. K.olnding the iron h^ops, with b^st white oag or hiok >rr h<>opa, and each barrel must have on it four iron ho->ps v z on# of one Mid a half inch iu width on eaoa bilge, aud one ofono and aa eighth inch in midth on each ohiine, *'.<( oach to h? of one eistrenth ol an moii thick. *^a<'hbirrel must beofthe inierua. c&p&oity of thirty-two gallons an J tiie iron ho. p? uiuat b? well painted with red ler.d. V a?ih l?arrel muat be branded by lammc on ;ta head " Navy B -ef," or " Navy Pork." a* the oaae may be, with the contractor's name and the year when packed,and weight.; and (iia!| lie biaoded on the buns ttave with the lettar B. or P., a? the oa*e mat be. Tnebt?efand pork will, uinet-s otherwi*? Ji<?cted by the Ohtef of this Rareau, Ive inspected b? th? lnspeolin? officers at the respective Navy ^arda aforetaid.and by koine "sworn inspector of saitad provisions " who will be aeiected t y me leapective W ooniioai.du.K office *, t nt their charges fur aach inspections muat lie paia bv the respecti ve contractors, w no must likewise have the barrels putiu good shipping order, to the satisfaction of the eommandania of the re?eeetive ftavt i srd a/oieaaid, alter inspection, and at their own exvenae. Two or more approved sureties in asum equal to one ua f the eetimated amount of the oontract will be required, and twenty pereertuiu in addition will be withheld from the amount ol each payment to be made, as ool.aterai soount* tor the due and faithtvl periormai.oe of the respective no 11 tracts, which w li on no account be p?id anti' the con tracts are oompiied with in ail respenu ; and is to be forfeited to the l'nue4 Mates ir ihaevent of fai'ure to oomplete the ^elive-ies within the pre scribed period. In case of failure on ibe par: of the oontraotor to deliver alt or any of the beef or poik above mentioned, ol the quail; and at the time and p.aces above provided, the oontraotor a 111 forfeit and pay to the United States, as liquidated damages, a sum of money esua! to twiee the amount of the oontraot pnoe to be paid in oat e of theaciual delivery thereof; whieh liquidate umii ages may he reooverea from time to time as they accrue Payment wnl be made by the t'oited states at the periods above apeoified. (excrpung the twenty per oentum to be withheld untu the oompiotion of the oontraot, as before 1 la led. 1 aft -r the aaid beef and pork shall have been inspected and received, and bills for the same shall have he?a presented to the cavy agents, respectively, duly approved by the 00 m maud ants of the respective navy yards, according to the terms of the conraot Tke parts of brij to bt trrludtd trtl! bt par Urn larly d.signal'd ta the (nrravtn* to bt attarked te tke contract, rertant tntertstod tan obtatn tkem on application at tkis 4#b-e. Bidders whose proposals shall Ite accepted (and none others) will be forthwith notified, and as early as practicable a oontraot will be transmitted to them for execution, whioh oonrao^must be returned to the Bureau within ten days, vxoiesive of the time required for the regular transmission ofthe mail. A reoord, or duplioateof the letter informing a bidder ot the aooeptanoe of his proposal, wilfh> deemed a notification thereof within the meaning of the act of 1846, and his bid will be made ana ao oepted in coafurmit) with this under*uuioing. Every offer made inu.t be accompanied <as directed in the 6th section of the aot of Congreaa making appropriations for the navaJ tervice for 1846 '47, approved loth of August, IMA.) by a written guarantee, signed by one or more retponsibia persons, to tho effect that be or they undertake that the bidder or b.dders will, if hia or their bid be ac oepted, enter into an obligation within ten days, with good and sufficient suretiee, 10 furnish the article proposed. This guarantee must be aooompanied by the oertifioate of the United States district judge. United State# distriot attorney, or navy agent that the guarantors are able to make good their gua<aotee. No proposal will be oonaidered anless acoompa nied by ?uoh guarantee. The bidder's name and residenoe. and the aasae of eaoh membe r of the firm, where a company of fers, with the Christian names w ritten in full, mutt bediti.ncti/ stated. Under the joint reeo'ution of Congress, approved 27th March, 1854, "all bids for supplies of provisions, clothing, aud small storea for the aae of the navy, may be rejected at the option of the Depart raent, if made by one not known as a manufacturer of or regular dealer in the aruoie proposed to be furnished, whioh fact, or the reverse, muat be distinctly atated in the bida offered. au34 law4w FEMALE BOARU1N6 AND DAY SCHOOL r ALEXANDRIA. WA. Mrs. 8. J. MoCORMIOK, PxiacirsA. *he thirteenth annual eeesion of teis Institution Will oommenoe on Tueetiay, Beptein!?r isih, in the house reoently oooupied by sylveeter K?q^ No. 1?0 King at, eefc The course of study pursued will oomprie*all the braiiciies requaite *0 a thorough KngUri, i^da, oation. and Musio, Freaoh, Latin and Drawing, if de*.r6d. In addition to day scholars. Mra. MeCormiek la prepared to receive a lioi.ied number of pupils aa lOarders, who. oonstituting a part ef her owa family, will be unuer immediate aare aad super v. ion. Shedril! endeavor, as far as pouible. to ear round them with theoomibrtaaad kiadly infiaeooea af Home. R4foromeM.-Hirr.?*e. H. Norton, Rev. Dr. Kbaa Harrison, Rev. D. F. Saprg, W1 laaic H. _Poarte. Eeq.. Edgar ftuowdec, PT Witmer E: te Kntwiale, Jr^Eee.,io. Jonn wTSfinor! Loau'oan, Meaars, B.tctiOci A RkraHll, Messrs. Carat ^Board^witt Tu 1 t ol in^\bej^nfli?h Branehea, ILM uaic and Langwac? at Pretsasars' pneea. try No extra charzea. aaSat! Blank Books and Stationery of all kinda, 1 >t| PF^"sanaeraan?Badgee. Views of Waahinc ton. Amenoan and Foreign Ma?a?inea, Daily at.4 Weak 1 leasers ^FRENCH A RICH8TBJN* Nation* Bookstore, m 1 (Intel. A Repub.) UTS Pa avenue. Q U N B O A T B Quarttrmastir Gomoral's Q?ti I Washington Cuy. J nit U. IWI < Plabs aati SfKiyitiTiaw lor bulla of bia Boats lor the Weeiern rivers are <w exhihitioti at Ota offioe, and at ofloea of Quarterraaiie. a at Pittsburg. Oiaptanati, St. I,oais and Alton. Boats to M dehvered at Cairo. Btds should be eat to Quartermaster 6eneral ofthe Uaited Stataa ??'? IT l? 8rl?.6?lM<a??Xi?i<ii85;-l. Preserved Fruit, af upy vanetien; CoewweU ^inge^,(Canton;) AMie^k.<r a*

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