Newspaper of Evening Star, September 6, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 6, 1861 Page 2
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TI1EEVEJN1NC STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: FRIf?A? Vptrmbrr 6, 1941. 1 Or* Fsi8nt* at the various military cnmpe and ' poeitiona will confer a fa?or 5y keeping ua poated 1 aa to movementa and affairs In tbelr vicinities. ^ The new Dollar Weekly Ptar, fuller than ever of Metropolitan nrwi and gossip, and choice , literary reading, la now on our counter ready for | delivery to the public. Embraced In Ita enter- | talnlng contents are the following articles: ] The >'Makewake'a" Dor, an excellent sketch; ] General Magmder; F.ngliab Vlewa of the War, i*wt or Mr Ruesell to tbe London Timet; Southern Intelligence Irom Mihiimm Fnlldeteila, with the official reports of tbe brilliant Union victory at Hattera*; Important and inter- , eating Military Budget; A Vlait to tbe County Jail; Southern Account of the Hatteras Victory. 1 Doings of the Police Commissioners; Afi'alri at i Old Point, Cairo. In Missouri and Weatern Vlr- ( Biota; Doing* In Fairfax county and up tbe Potomac; Movements at the Navy Yard and 1 down tbe river Latest telegraphic dispatches; Departmental intelllgenca, appolntmenta and removals; Agricul- ] tnral, horticultural, and gardening mlncellanv; ] Household recipes, Jkc., Ac.; with several colnmns of local news, select paragraphs, poetry, wit, and useful Information. Thla Is Juat the paper above all others for per sons sojourning In the National Metropolis to send to their friends at a distance Price only three cents per copy, or 11.00 per annum; postage j prepaid by stamps when so arranged. Ifiril af the ItternlBi Press The Inflligtnttr treats upon the law of treason and allegiance. Tbe Ripubhcan oppop?? the application of tbo augar tax to the producta of Loulalana. THE NEWS HEKK. JEFFERSON DAVIS IS I1RTAI.1LY DEAD! There can no longer be a question of the death of Jefferson Davis We are not able to say preclaely, when be died, but we are now aurc that he is deed. Laat night we received the following dlipatch fron. a perfectly reliable peraon In Loulrrllle: Lovisvillb. Kt., Sept 5?5 p m ?To ikt WanktmgtoM Star:?"We have positive information here of the death of Jefferson Davie." At a later hour, (midnight,) aa we learn thla rooming, tbe Secretary of War received a dlalYnt/*h frnm luMtUvllU ? ? ? UVutBTisiV) U? 1VI ivw? . 4 Prominent clttiens of Louisville hare re- ' eelved advices of the death of Jefferson Davit. There la no doubt of It." The event Is a great blow to the cauae of secesVon. Hence the efforts of the Richmond papera i to conceal It for the time being. Known In Kentucky, its effect will be to defeat their Intrigue* to precipitate that State Into w:r under circumstances advantigeous to their cau*e. < Its promulgation just at th:a time amon<4 the rank and tile of their army under Beauregard, mutt serve greatly to dishearten them; while the effect in Missouri will be to keep thousands from trusting their fortunes with the secession cause, 1 who would otherwise be likely to do so. Hence the efforts to keep the fact of his death concealed, at least until they can so arrange their governmental matters, as that the knowledge thst their government's head is dead, may not parallze , II " * - (<acu ?v?ciumrui) in an in department*. Tin Affaie at Hattkeas ? Weare beginning 1 to receive accounts of String ham'? victory from i Secesala They all go to prove that the blow he truck was of great Importance, Indeed. Ita flrit military effect baa been to put an lnitant atop to ending disunion reinforcements from North Car- J ollna Into Virginia. Various North Carolina regiments and Independent companies that were on 1 their way there have been recalled ; as well as aome of the North Carolina troops that have been for some time In Virginia The North Carolina authorities are now busy with devising means for the defense of their own low country, and are beseeching the Davis powers to weaken themselves in Virginia for their safety. It is certainly true that all North Carolina's means are now being directed to her own defence; and no leea true that those means will not prove half sufficient to tbat end. now that the United State* hare a foothold inaide of her dangerous coast line. There are Newbern, Washington, Edenton, and (ioldsboro'?all point* and towna of first Important to her, within striking distance of the anchorage under the guns of the recently eaptnred fortreaaes In a fortnight the United State* may have a fleet of light draft tranxports and two or three light draft gunboats, each armed with one or two guns, In Painlico Sound. With these, snd 2,500 land troops. It is doubtless true that th^ whole lower tide-water country of North Carolina may be devastated In another fortnight, If such be the Government's policy In tbat matter The North Carolina authorities could not commence to defend eastern North Carolina against auch a Union force as we describe, with leas than fonr times as many men and four tlmea as much artillery. Their privateers now 1 aside cannot cope with the United States punboats for as Instant, and their means of transport mjj troops on tne fVnind will not convey more than two thousand, If ao many, at a time They cannot tell where the blows will be struck, and of cruras will be taken everywhere unprepared The planting wealth of Nerih Carolina la con. In'd to the region of the State thua at the mercy of the United States, where the slave population greatly outnumbers the free It Is also the secession portion of the State, of course. Already the Raleigh papers are calling on the people there to run their negroes out of dancer without further delay. We take It, they will herd that advice Instantly; Insomuch aa they know well that their negroes will desert them, as happened around Fortress Monroe, where, though the Union army does not bold ten aquare miles of territory, Its presence baa cost hasU-rn Virginia the loss of two tboussnd alaves already. We do not shsre the apprehenalon of some of the Northern pepers that our small force left In Fort Hatteraa Is In danger of being overwhelmed It will be reinforced and strengthened long be- i fore It can be dangerously assailed We know well the means st the command of the secessionists of assailing It, and also that the Government here are prepared to mske the most of their important success, Instantly. If North Carolina can lnstsntly send ten thousand soldiers and a fleet sufllclent to destroy the Fiwiw and MontlMlla t* n?>* ??? ~v ?? | -w M.vwtiw I U?t?, SUC maj retake the forte? not otherwlae?u the Northern preaa will mod come to comprehend. Taa CMOOMMnUBr ot Public Boildiso* , Commlaaloner Wood baa declined the President' tender to him of a reappointment ss Commit- 1 loner of Pablle Buildings. It la understood that ! the President haa appointed oar fsllow-cltlxen, B B. French, Caq , to the position, In his stead' XT- Last Thursday, the oath of allegiance was administered to the cadets at the West Point Aeadeay. W 1111a? WDunlsp, of Missouri, and John C. Singleton, of Kentucky, refused to take j the oath, and left the Institution. hj a m nsHcrM priiuner? Dire oerr. ira nsferred from the Minnesota to Fort Wood, on Bedloe'i Island, and to Castle William,on Governor's 1 Island, In the harbor of New York, the Brandy- j win* having been ordered to fit out for aea. 117" Wednesday night order* wefe received In Boston to forward from the receiving ship Ohio 400 sramen for Immediate service. Their destination la not known, bnt la supposed to be WsshiBfton. i UJ~ I'M* Monday a sqnad of soldiers from the , Fourth Connecticut Regiment, encamped near i Frederick city, Maryland, went out on a abort 1 scouting expedition and captured about sixty mask eta tad rifles In the neighborhood. CT At the Kiw York post oAce on Tuetday, ' MiUlsnwsw mil l it frcymxui tfcaaansdsd , ir,-,. . I i"i ' * OUR MILITARY BUDGET. cokxoimibk stbingham. Commodore ?trlngbam reached Washingtoi ast evening, on his way to Fortress Monroe. H i* in fine health add ?(>irits. Hit flag ship?th Minnesota?remain* in New York for a day, fo M>me trifling repairs, lie is to-day In consults ;!on with the Navy Department, and leaves fc blsstatiou this afternoon. notick to ibepkr* or bar-rooms. Provost Marshal General Porter, requeaU us t wy through the Star, to all keepers of bar-room in Washington city, that it is his purpose rlgldl to carry out the order long since issued by Get Mansfield, requiring all bar-rooms in the city t be closed at 9 p m. He means to arrest all wh io not respect this order. rxlbasbd. I ..I ..... I ? W. _ _ m it ljqii cTriuii^ iiir. uuraun, a nicwucr 01 \u Maryland Legislature from Allagany county, n< long since arretted for treasonable practices, wt released from the temporary 9tat? prlaon at th corner of I'a. avenue and Thirteenth street, in thl :ity. I*ATT YAKD. Thia morning, the crew and passengers of tb prize schooner Remittance, captured by the Yar kee, were handed over to the Marshal, and take to Jail. As they were paaalng up the street tk wife of one of the prisoners, who was passin In an omnibus, discovered her husband amon them; whereupon, with sundry female ejaculi tlons, ahe plunged out of the coach, and with h< earort started on a double quick for the parti The schooner has been hauled out of the way < navigation, and now lies alongside the Anacoatii on which the prisoners were confined. Moat < them were from Port Tobacco, Md. The Mount Vernon came up to-day from Ol roini. tier > infers report all quiet at Wld Foil ind with the Potomac flotilla. A day or t\w ilnco the schooner Falrwlnd, Capt. Wyatt, wt bonM^d in Hampton Roadi as she was returnin In ballast from Fall Kiver, whither ahe ha taken a cargo of oita, and held In custody upc the ground that she was partly owned by parti* doing business in North Carolina porta. Tt zaptain was put In confinement. This morning the Robert Leslie took to Alei indria a number of marines, and the Baltlmoi had steam up expecting to go on the same e rand. The James Murray, of New York, Capt. Parke srrived yesterday afternoon, and takes the plac of the Forrest, which baa gone home. Both pn pellers ara owned by the same parties, and fo merlv run on the same line. She waa taking c her rifled gun and preparing to go down the rive having on board stores for the flotilla. Thn 1. K * V_. ... ? * v i? u?tii|j WH l/VBl U UVI UJ'piif snd stores preparatory to leaving the yard. New Boots.?From the author, Simeon Ker A. M., we have Kerl's " Primary English Gran mar" and Comprehensive English Grammar, which wc *e have received the commendation ? E'rof AutUon and other high authorities. U77" Nearly lifty application* were made for tt chaplaincy of the Kev. Colonel Perry's Brookly Regiment. Kev. Dr. Strickland, of the Ne1 Vork Christian Advocate aud Journal, was tt mccessful applicant. LT" Charles De Welding, Esq ., of this city, hi been appointed to a first-class clerkship In tb ntlice of the Fourth Auditor of the Treasury, i place of Lewis Ketchum, resigned. 117" The friends of the Louisville Journal 1 New Vork recently started a subscription list f< that paper. Nearly two hundred have alread lubscrlbed. \m~ Thfl Third Np?f rtahiRo.rlman , - ?_ ? ? - - ? ?... - V *?V^IIHVU Col Fellows, 1,150 men, left the State on Woe neaday for the war. The Maaaachuaetta Twent Bth also l#?ft on the aame day. JIT" The Mllleritea are again organizing an holding meetlnga In varloua parta of the Nortl They have Used upon the 12th of November ne: as the end of the world. From Franck Taylor we have Part Four i Frank Moore'a 44 Rebellion Record," with po traita of (Jenerala Dlx and Lyon. 117" l^aat Wedneaday night Commodere 8trln| batn was aerenaded In Brooklyn, and made brief apeech to about 15,000 peraona. From the South. TUB F1SHT AT HATTKBA*?BXClTkMBXT IN HOHT CAROLINA The success of the Federal expedition to Ha terns seems to have treated an intense sensatlc In North Carolina We give a few extracts froi tfie paper* from that State. The Newbern Nev savs: Our entire force at Hatteras on Wedncsd? night, another gentleman Informed us, was S5 Some few escaped, perhaps or more, and Lieu Citizen thinks not more than 60 were killed an wounded, l'robably 10 killed and about : wounded. The national Meet consisted of eleven steamer four of which were large war steamers Tt bombardment Is represented by our Informers i most terrific Lieut. Citizen says our men fought brave! until they were compelled to surrender, and tl defeat to our arms is only to be attributed to U superiority of the fl*et over our batteries. The Raleigh Itegister announces the success < the Federals, and acid* : I'nder tliissUit - of affairs, we feel warranted 1 entertaining the mrst serious apprehensions ft the saf?ty of Newbern, Washington, and, infac the entire coast. Col. Campbell's regiment, r< c.eutlv stationed at (Jraham, and originally dei tlned for Virginia, w as sent to Newbern on We* neaday. The Charlotte Artillery left their cam here on Thursday for the same destination. Tt Wilmington Artillery, now at Camp fioylan, an under mnrchlug orders for Virginia, bav? be? detained here until It can be ascertained if thel services are needed on the coast Friday, 11 o'clck a m ?A dispatch to Goi Clark has just been read in the House of Con noons conveying the Intelligence of the surrendi of our troops at Hatteras to the Nationals Amon those surrendeied was Col Martin, brother of A< jutant <>en. Martin For the sake of the credit < iuc r>mie, we ioro?*ar 10 aescrtbe tbe effect whlc this dispatch produced on tbe House And yi this is the body that has arraigned the Convei lion "A little clvlt, good apothecary " The Wilmington Journal and the Ralelg Standard l.lanie the State otllcials for the Confet erate defeat. The Raleigh correspondent of the Tetersbur Express writes: The defeat was expected by the officers when ever an attack was made. Col. Johnson wt here several weeks ago, and represented their In secure position. Aid was promised, but wbethr It w?s furnished 1 know not; but If It was. It wa certainly very m?tit;re. Ool Jobnson said wbll here thnt tbe Yankees could take tbem whenevt they tried. They have tried, and bave done a be said The people of North Carolina bave been led t believe, through the Executive Department n the Bute,that our coast was In a very strong stat of defense. How this has happened I know not nor will 1 attempt to guess But wesee now whs the boasted strength of our coast defense amounted to What does tbe entrance of tbe Yankees Into on waters amount t? ? It amounts to this: Thewhol r\f (Ka Aiatorn rva?f r\f IKn ? - ~ -a - v? >uv i u in?i ? ?'a ?mC OWIC ! UUW CXpOVCQ K the ravage* or the Federal*. Newbern. Wasb lag ton, Plymouth, Edenton, Hartford, F. II it bet City, are all now exposed, besides the whole c the adjacent country. Females are leaving the eastern part of the Stat rapidly, and coming here and going elsewhere There la great agitation now throughout the State a* far as tula news has reached. Imtoitapt rmoM Nokth Cakolisa ?Reaper! able gentlemen who have arrived here from Nortl Carolina by a circuitous route, say that the Unloi prospects In that State are of the most encouraglnj character. The acting Governor la a rellabi Unlon man. Secret league* of loval citizens exli In every county, which are rapidly increasing li atrengtn, and already number one-half of th nting population or the State. A provisions r*tat* Government will be put Into operation In few months Two full brigade* of loyal men Lav been enrolled for the Union cause. Tbe leagues made extended arrangements fo electing a member of Congress from every dli trict, and four were known to bare been electee on tbe 21st of August. Tbe latest news is that the entire tight ar elected, each having received a large vote The are among the best men In tbe State, and will In list upon a vigorous prosecution of the war. Tbel certificate of their eier.tlon will bear the signs tore of the Governor, and tbe broad seal of tb Slot' Since the engagement at Hatter** Inlet and th e lptnre of tbe forts tbare, tbe North Carolln troops have hern withdrawn from Vlrglnli Many f the troops are dlssatlsted with the wai ind tho-e who entered the servloe for a abort ton rWtiso to 9ooU?m la U? CeoXederate MftpleyaMi _ f ? . _ Frsm Gea Duki' rdiaa, f Correspondence of the Associated Prcm ] Momtoombrt Cochty, Md , Sept 2, 1>?6I ?At [? the latest advice* from Leesburg there weresupe posed to be about 7.1*? rebel troop# there it baa i been ascertained, however, that the rebels are ' e busily engaged In throwing up entrenchments at * the junction of the Little halls road with the J t- Alexandria and Leesburg turnpike, and that r nearly all the negroes In the northern part of Fairfax county are employed on the work. Above < l,ee*burg there are no large bodies of rebels, but their pickets line the river shore and guard the ford and ferry. An eye-witneas states that the affair at Conrad's ' Ferry, a week ago, was as follows : A party of y l ulon scouts rrossed the river, took two prisoners i In arms, and four horses Reaching the river, on ' their 'eturn, they succeeded In getting over two horars, when they were attacked, and compelled 0 to let the prisoners go. The next day a battery appeared opposite our entrenchments, and commenced shelling ua No battery being there at thp ttmo nilr mon ro*n/\nr?o/l ?*>---1?? ? J .Uv ..m>v, .ut-H ?v*|/vnwv%? wi?u niuiicu anu ? rifles. On tbe arrival of a battery the rebels toon >t beat a retreat. ti Three day? subsequent to tbe above exchange of courtesies a large camp of the secessionists was discovered to be within range of our rifle batteries, * and near Leesburg. An active bombardment soon caused the rebels to leave their quarters for a safer position a mile at least farther from tbe e river. Our artillerists say they threw shells from their rifled guns over and beyond the town of Leesburg. n Information given by negroes Induced a search ie yesterday south of I'oolsvllle for arrrs supposed ? to be Intended for Maryland volunteers In tbe * rebel cause The search was successful. Some " twelve or fifteen complete sets of cavalry equlp' ments were discovered and retained by our scouts r Residents of tbe neighborhood assert, however, f that the equipments belong toacompanyof Home f Guard Cavalry, which was raised lsst winter to guard against the rising of the negroes; that the *> company was outfitted by tbe State, but owing to )f the distance from the place of assembling, at which many of the members lived, the company , was disbanded bt fore Gen. Patterson took coina maud of the department. ** The captain and some of tbe other officers are 'o now in V irginia The company was named the | __ Pnnlpcvillo I IitIi# n??n/ ??? -? ?? ? * Aii^ut ?/ M WW HICK, BU|)|WCU t to be active secessionists, were captured at the ^ name time by scouts from the Twenty-ninth d Pennsylvania Regiment, c0l. Murphy. Two in complete "" ? of cavalry equipment* and the same ?< number ol magnificent horses were taken by the same party. The news of the successful expedition of Gen. Cutler on the North Carolina coast was received i- here this morning and had an inspiriting afreet re on our troop* t. Poolksvillk. Sept 8?Intelligence from the Virginia shore is to the effect that from opposite the White House Ford, near the mouth of the . Seneca river, down to Arlington Heights the :e rebels have heavy pickets, ana are daily expect ing reinforcements to enable them to extend them to Conrnd's Ferry. There are at least 600 to TOO now along the line. n On Friday 1,000 Misslsslppians, as a guard, r, reached the vicinity of Fairfax Court-Honse with CO pieces of artillery. The force opposite WashIngton is estimated by the rebels at 125,000, with heavy reinforcements dallv arrivlnir. Thev ?av an attack 1* to be made on Washington the present week. ] Simultaneously with the attack on Washington ' demonstations are to be made (according to th? same authority) below, near the mouth of the " Occoquan, and at Ldward's, Nolan'sor the WhlteN >f House Ferrv. The rebels have plenty of provisions and wbisky. Families and stores have, however, been entirely drained of salt, sugar and coflee 16 No money ran purchase these necessaries. Men n frequently come down to tee river and In pltlous i*r terms beg their Maryland neighbors for a pittance of these articles. Cows and eatile are sutferlng for salt. A scanty supply Is some time obtained from fliih brnle, but this Is very rare. The rebels yesterday arrested five men nearly is opposite this town. Four sons had deserted from e the rebel army, and they, together with their n aged father as a hostage, were dragged back to the army. ? Kentucky Legislature?Message of Gavernar n Magsffln. >r Frankfort, Ky., Sep. 5 ?The State Senate ,y organized to day. Governor Magoffin's message was read He says Kentucky has a right to assume a neutral position In the present war; that I she bad no agency In fostering a sectional party in ice ire? Males, and did not approve of separate ?* action and the secession of the Southern states 1- Lawless raids have been suffered on both sides, private property selied, commerce Interrupted and trade destroyed. These wrongs have been ^ borne with patience, but a military federal force has been organized, equlped and encamped In a * central portion of Kentucky, without consultation it of the State authorities If the people of Kentucky desire more troops, let them be obtained under the constitution of Kentucky. He recommends D? the passage of laws to enable the military board to borrow a sufficient sum to purchase arms and r* munitions for tbo defense of the State. He also recommends the passage of resolutions requesting the dls>>andlng or removal of all military bodies g. not under State authority from the State. ry^? I Hi. MEMBERSOP COLUMBIA FIRE IL * Company are hereby notified to attend the regular monthly meeting of the company on FRIDaY NIGHT,6thinst ? se5-^t* JAS MoDERMOTT. Vioe Pren. COMPANY "A," U. H. ENGINKKRS,t LLSf Fifty intelligent and aWe liodiod meclianios .? Will !>? Or, I Arl CM ! - * * ,u .... uv v.iiiBtvu vkj mi urns ic mo mux ... iinurn fixwi hy law?I6u men. Inquire nt No. ? 4i4i 6 sti??t Pay from 813 to $34 per month, besides food and clotliiiir. _ au 17 tf iy [f>r TvTl-T~UN 10N PRAVKK MEETING 3- U." will be bolden EVER Y DAY in the E atreet it. Baptist Church. commencing at 5 o'clock p. hi. and d to t.e oontipued au honr. Strangers aa well at citizens of all denomination* are invited to attend and take part in tlieae aocial meetings. in 21 ,'e IJIANOS, PIANOS*. PIANOS.-New Pianos X received every week Ooirie and look at the axnurtnientat W.G M KTZEROT 1 'S M uno Depot, I corner Ha. av. and Eleventh at. jio 6 ,e TWO MOKK FINE FRENCH COTTAGE :l 1 PIANOS lor rent, at W. G. MKT - m . ZKROTT'S Muiip Depot, oorner of Pa avenue ard Eleventh at. se6 Ultl . >f It A CARD. l'R DUIIAMEIm bavinc returned, after a short " alxienoe from the city, can he found as usual to or aiii-wer professional calls Office next to Drug t, tHore oorner Seventh and I sts. ce 6 St* ?~ A NEW ASSORTMENT OF BRASS AND , A WOODEN DRUMS. FIFES. Brass and Ger*' man Silver INSTRUMENT? for mi' tary l*nda, P at W. G. METZt-ROIT'S, ^ ae 6 Corner of Pa av and Eleventh at. /\NE SIM.ENl>ID SEVEN OCTAVE ROSE" \J WOOD HTi.lNWAV & SON'Sw^"? ir PiANO, worth #375, for H TTf Inquire at ? " * f. se6 M KTZEROTT'S Mu?io St->re. J! I ON IONS?ONIONS?ONIONS. r FUST Reoeived on nonr<iKnment 1,4^0 nunohos K priiiio Onions. For sale low. ?- KING A BlIRCHEl.U >f ae 6 Corner Fifteenth and I ?t?. h, rji ATTENTION, SUTLERS! el A 11E Great Rki.isf or tiijc Camtaisn, i- SOUSKD TKIPF. At JAM ES S. GIUSON'S b sd lbu'k lihpot. [. il!i5 Pa. av.nut, opposite Willards' Hot*l, The ouij plaoe to tind it pure. se6 6t* L' CHOICE PHILADELPHIA PRINT BUTVv TER.?TAYLOR A CARTEK aredaUyre i. oeivinj choice Philadelphia Print Ruder, which .. they are ?ellme fit 25 cents per p.?und, at their i>e? * Stands, Nos. 193, 194. 10A, a?d 19f> Center MarWet. on the avemi* hack of the old watch house, r They also have FRE3U EGGS by expieas daily, is* ,? WAGONS, ,r CARRIAGES, Ao. * Onartermaeters'aud Sutlers' Wagons. FTpreaa and Grocers' and all kinds of Traders' mM a ? "' * - - ? u onviiii vunriuer wim L,l(lit Fanoy f Wagons, and a genera1 a??ortment <>l Jtjg?J e Bugiira and Carriages of different ?trl?r, new aiid , aeoond-band, now in atore and f >r aale by l> THOS. Yi/I'NG, li aefllw No. 409 Pa ar., comer of 4X at. WALL, STEPHENS A CO.. 3'J'J PUHinViRli Avbnux, e MILITARY AND NAVAL 9 MERCHANT TAILORS, i- AND READY-MADE CLOTHIERS, * AND EXTENSIVE DEALERS IN GENTLE>f MEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, aefl-1 f (Intel.k. Repnb.) 9 A RMY SUPPLIES > A JUST RECKI7KDi, MOoana KAUSAGK MEAT, 34? oana FRESH TOMATOES, 48)oana FRESH VEAL, 360 oana B E F.F, la mod*, t- 240 oana ROAST BHKK, b MO oana FRKSH MUTTON, " 240oana BEEFand GRAVY, 1 240 can. BOUPand BOUILLI, < 90 oaiea FRENCH DESS1CATED VEGE? TABLES. . ? ? For aale at New York^Factory ?Moea. fl I ni?a a DUItUhM.Ii, 0 Ml Corner 1 and Fifteenth streets. ] ? IIAMM ACK'S "4 1 1 mgS^ RESTAURANT. 4^1 v. ?kchampagNie. i- 1 take pleasure in saying to ray friends 1 this season of the sear the above Inttituiton is something that shotld not be neglected but should . he anught for immediately. I would alao state that I have, at an immenae ooat. had put np one of SanY ford's aelf-oooking and baok-aotion Refrigerators, i- which, for keeping game of all deeariptiona, surr pasaea aay thing south of Mason and Dixon's Line. i. My stock of fine WINES, BRAND1KS ar.d SK . GARS oannot be surpassed, if eons led, in the eountry. CalI and see roe. No. Sid Pa avenue, m adjoining Willarde* HoUl. se< at* JNQ. P. H4MMACK, Proprietor. i" l?OR SALE-STOCK AND FIXTURES on ' F Seventh at., near M eJU, adjoining No. ?T?. ? Also,the Jloaaa will be tor i*i T? kouela * jihrw^iterlee, Ttrw SMMMt ' 9 ^ _________ PROPOSALS NAVT DIP*?TK?!?T, I Bureau of Yard* and Docks, t>opt. 4, 1881.\ Sralvp Proposals, for each claaa aeparatelr. endorsed " tT 'P'.nv " for Clasa No. (nam* the elM?)f?r the Navy Vard at (name the yard,)" will l>? root i vt il at th * office until Donn on the 2n day of Oolober next, 'or fiirriisliini and deliverin* at th* everal Navy Yards named, the r?.aterial? an<1 artiolea embraoed in printed ached ilea, which ? I be furnished on application, ai.d aent by mail. if ao requested. to p*r?ons desiring to offsr to oontraot for any or all of theclaa?ea named therein. by the CommandantaofthevrveraJ Navy Yarda, for theola*?n* for ttie yard* under their command, or by the Navy Agent nearem thereto, or by the Bureau for any or all the yard*. To wrrvtnt confusion and misttik'.i in staling Ike offrs, no hid ttill be receivrd wkirh contains classes for more thin one yard in one envelope; and each individual of a firm muat sign the bid and oontraot. Uidde a are hereby cautioned and particularly notified that their ofleia muat be in the form here matter preacribed, and be mailed in timetnreaoh their destination before the time exeire* for receiving them; no bid will be considered teknk shall be mntia iiriff ii< p>noa fiatfii anrt no aiioteanc* will h* malt for fauurt* of the mail. To guard acau st offers being opened before the time appointed, biddere are requested to endorse on the envelope, a Dove the address, and draw a line under the endorsement, thus : "Proposal* for CI*** No. {nam* tkt clan) ft* tks Pfavp Yard at I nam* tk* yard )" To the Chierof the tfuieau of Yards acd Dooka, Washington, D. C. Fobm or OrmR (Here date the offer.) I, (here inter! the name or names oomposin* the fi>m,) of (name the town.) in the Mate of i name the State,) hereby rffer to furniah under your advertiaement dated (date of advertisement ) and auhjeot to all the requirements of the aame, and of the printed aohedole to whioh it refer*, a I the artioles embraced in Class No (name the class) for the nary yard at (name the yard,) acoording to said schedule, v'j. (here paste on the printed olar.s from the schedule, aud opposite eaoh article set the prioe and carry out the amount in the oolum^s for dol;a-s and oeuts. ai:d foot up the aggregate amount of the bid for the class,) amounting to (here write the amount in word*.)

1 propose as my agent (here nam* the agent, if one is required by tie qchedule) for the supply un der the oi*<ises miscellaneous bj a non resident of the place of delivery; and should my offer be aooepted. I rrqueft the oontraot may he prepared and sent to the navy acent at (namo the agenoy) for signatures and certificate. < Here the bidder and each member of the firm to sign) Form or Guakaktik. The undersigned (name of guarantor) of (name the town) and Sta'e of i name the j?tate,)and < name of second guarantor. *o ,) hereby undertake that the above nauiod (name the bidder or bidders) will, it his [or their] offer as al>ove be acoepted enter into contract with the United Slates within fifteen days after the date of nofioe thr->ugh the post office oi accpiauce in nis lor tneir | on?r (>eiore men tioned. (Signature cf guarantors.) Witness: I certify that the above named (here name the guarantors) are known to me to be rood and re possible gun, antors in thia oase (Signature.) To be signed by the distriot judge, district attorney, ool'eotor, navy agent, or some person known to the bureau to be responsible. PORTSMOUTH, N. H. Class No 6 White pine, spruce, juniper,and oypresa; class No.9. (travel and Hand; class No. 11. Iron, iron nails, and spikes; class No. 12. Steel; class No. M. Filer; olass No. lfi. Ship ohandlery; class No. 17. Hardware; o'ass No. IS. Stationeiy; o ass No. 23. ilelting, packing, and huae; class No. 26. Augers. r BOSTON. Class No.l. Pricks; class No.2. Stone; o'ass No. 3 Yeilow pine timber; class No. 5. Oak and hard wood timber ar.d lumber; c ass No. 6. W hite pine, spruce, juniper, aid cypress; o'ass No 7. hair, aril plaster; class No. 8. Cement; c>Ms No 9. Gravel and sand; olaas No. 11. Iron, iron spikes and nails; c'asa No. 12. Steel; class No. 13. Pig nun, oi?b? rio. ia. raiuu, oua, aua glass; cimi No. 17. Hardware. NEW YORK. Class No I. Brick*; class No. 3 Yellow pine tiinl>er; class No. 4. Yellow pine lumber: class No. 5 Oak ai d hard wood; olass No.6. White pine, spruoe, cypress, and jiiuiper; cla?s No. 7 Lnn?, hair, and piaster; cia?s No. 8. Cement; clars No. 3. Gravel and sand; otass INo. 10. Slate; c as? No. II. Iron, iron spikes, and nails; olaxs No. 13. Pic iron; oiass No. 15 Faints, oils and (lass; class No. 16. Ship ohandlerv; o ass No. 17. Hardware; olass No. ?}. Belting, packing, and hose; class No. 25. Iron work. 4.0. PHILADELPHIA. Clans No. 3. Yellow pine timber; class No. 5. Oak and hard wood; clars No 0. White pine, spruce, jumper, and cypress; oia-s No. 11. Iron, iron 'pikfl.i and nails; class No. 1?. Files; class No. 17 Hardware; class No. i3. Beiting, packing, and hose; class No.&>. Augers. WASHINGTON. Claas No 1. Bricks: olass No. * Oak and hard wood; o'aas No. 6. White pine, spruce, jumper, and cypress; olass No. 11. Iron, iron spikes, and nails: o'asa No. 12. Steel; class N?. 14 r lies; class No. 15 Paints, oils, and class; olass No 16 Ship chandler?; cia>s No. 17. Hnrdware; o'ass No. i!4. oprim auu lunrioaung oi s; oiaaa rs'o S7 Anth'aoite ooal; clasa No. ?). Bituminous Cuinl>erland coal. The sobedule will state the times within whioh articles will be required to he delivered; and where the printed sohednle is not used, the periods stated in it lor deliveries must fee oopied in tfie bids. All the articles which inay be oontraoted for m<iat be delivered at such plaoe or plaoes, inoluding dray ace and cartage to the plaoe where used wuhin the navT yards, respectively, for whioh the otfera ?re made, as m\y l>? directed by the oommar.ding offioer thereof; and, all other things being equal, Rreference will be given to American inanufa ture. lo article will he received after the expiration of the period specified in the schedules for the oomp<eti"U of deliveries umess specially authorised by the Lepartment. In computing the clashes, the prioe stated in the column ot prices will be the standard, and the aggregate of the ola?s will be carried out according to the prices stated It is to bo provided in the ooutract, aud to be dietinotly understood by 'he bidders, that the amount and cumber of artiolen enumerated in classes headed "Miscellaneous" are specified as theprobmhlt quantity which may be required, a* woii an to fix data for deteriuining the l>.we*t bid : but the contractor is to furnish more or less of the said enumerated article*, and tn suck qunnttlt'S, nt.d at suck times, ns tkt tMrrau or commandant may require ; micii increase, however, not to e&oeed oneha f of the quantities stated (%nd requisition" sent through the poht office shall t>c decine<) sufficient notice i during the fiscal year ending the S^th of June, lfrS; ana whether the quanti let required be more or less than those speeded, the prices shall remain the mine All the articles under the contract must be of the best quality, delivered iu good order, fre* of all and everj chargo or expense to the feov^roment, and subiect to ihe lcspec ion, oouat, weight, or measurement of the said navy yard, and ?e in all respects satisfactory to the onininandant thereof. Bidders are referred to the yard fur plans, speoifi cations, or samples, and any further di-sonction of the articles. V% hen bidders shall be in doubt a* to th? preci*e article* named in the sohedule. t'.ey will apply to thr commanding < fficer of the navy yard ami net to employe** for description of 'ha article or aritoles in doubt, which information ti.e t-anl offioer will give in writing ? ontiaciora lor ola-sen headed ''Miscellaneous." who do not re side near 'lie p aoe where the articles a' e to l>e delivered. wi I be required to name in their proposals an agent at the city or principal place near the yard ef delivery, who may be oalied upon to deliver ar tioles without dtlay when they shall be required. Approved smeties in the full amount oi the oontraot will be required, and twenty per oentum as additional security deduoted from each payn ent until the oontraot shall have b<*n completed or oaneelled, unless otherwise authorized by the De artment. on classes ol artioles headoa "Mi"oel lannous," to be de lveied as required our ng the uouai joni t nir iwouiy per OTJIUUI IUAJI at the dmoretion of the commandant, l?o paid ou*rterly ou the first of January, April, July,and Oou>b?r, vlien the deliveries have been satisfactory. Mil tlie balanoeteithty per cent.) will be paid by the respective uavf axeo.a within thirty dat> after the presentation of bills,in triplicate, duly vouched and approv?d. No pail of the per centum reserved is to he paid until all the rejected articles offered under the contract *hall have beeu removed uom the yard, iiuleM specially authorized by th? Department. It will be stipulated in th* contract, that if default shall be made by the p&i tie* of the first part in delivering all or any ol the articles mentioned In any c am bid for, ot the quality and at the timeaaud P'aoeM above provided, then and in that case the said parties will forfeit and pay to the United States a sum of money not to exceed twice the f.mount of suoh o a*s: whioh mar be recovered, roui time to time,according to the act of Congress in that caso provided, approved MarohS. 1843. The sureties must >iin the coctraot, and their responsibility b? certified to by a nary agent, collector, district attorney, or some other person, aatislactori y known to the bnrean. It la to be provided in the contract that the bureau shall have the power of annulling the oontract, without loss or aaiuage to the Government, in oaae t'on*res* shall not have made sofioientapproeria?iA. ? ? * * * * .ivua mo mi UV1H MMUtM, Ur IOT US OUUipIeQOD of worka eallmated for, ana on which this adrertiaement ia baa?d, and ha l alao have the power to inoreaae or diminish the tuantitiee named in the o>aaaea not headed " Mi?o illaneoaa" in the aohedu'e, teentj-five per centum. Peraona whoae offera a hall be aooepted will be notified hy letter tbrouch the joat omoe, whioh notioe ahall beoonaidered auffioient; and if they do not enter into oontraot for the auppliee specified within fifteeadaya from the dateot notioe from the bur?iuofthe acceptance of th?ir bid, a oontraot will be made with aome other peraon or peraona. and the guaranrora of auch defaulting biddera will be held reapo^aibleforall delmauenciea. Jill offera not made in ttriel conformtty with thia vertiaement will, at the option of the rrifoted. Those only whoae offera mar beaooepted will be notified, and contract* wilt be ready for execution aa anon thereafter aa map be praotioable. eep jwlaw N^HOTICK.?The copartnership heretofore carried on by the name of H. r. LOl'DON k. CO., haa boen diaaolved on the lit inat, by ita own limitation. All thoae owing amonnti ?o aaid firm are requeated to aettle the aaire without delay, aa the Hocosaoia are anxioua to oloae the booka and m- aooounta agatnat the above expired eoparthhia. r.KiiaHU w eih * WT t RA NCI8 J. H EI BER6ER, JOSHUA H. KING. JET NOTICE-The underairned reapectfullT iniorm their eairona and the pnDho generally of their having formed a oopvtiwrihiy to eoatmne the buaineaa in all its braaohra.aa anooeeaora of the late t>rm of 11. P. Loudon & Co. Wnilat ten deiing their thanba for the very liberal patronage received, they fledge th?maelv?e to nae thrir ntmoat exertiona to merit th*ir eontinufd mvora. F.J. HK1BKKGKR k. CO., Roo^eatora to H. P. Loudon & Co , Military and Naval Merchant Tailora. P. J. riiiBKmaia ( J H. a mo, \ w|l ? np J. CORBIN. JKx-Profcasor at the VeterinatM 1 AMUSEMENTS. EMR9T GRAND PIC NIC OK THE SEASON, 1- To be given MONDAY, St#fmht9 18M fl At the Gieen Sprirj Pa'ilion, hA'f* wl?/W b^Tond Georgetown. This will be ike pie nto.UNMh Omnibuara t?> *t?rt *verr hour from Seventh At. Ami |?* Avenue Prof. Wither*' bAnd i?*ng**ed. An effioient policeforoe 1a em aged. Ticket* 90 ote. jrJtt* ODD FKI.I.OWS' H ALL?RETURN OF THE PA VORITES ? Dupont A ?Aylord'a OriginAi CAMPBKhl. Ml N?TRELS will reopen theAbovA HaII for a abort ?e?u>on, er>mm?noing THUKt*DA Y EVENING. Kept. 5th. Mr. ChArlee Villiera. the great Female ImperaonAtor, la now oonoeotad with thia Troupe. e?3-;w D*. G. FORD, AgentWANTS. WANTED?An UNFURNISHED ROOM And HOARD, in a pnr*te fAmily, for lAdr And ohild. A'Mreaa W. P. H., through Poet Office, tAting term*. location, A a. It* u? AiMMi iu nr.n i?a imhi nricx HOUKK vv oontaimng from 4 to 6 rooma : or woald reit f>&rt of a honte, unfurnished. Add rest?stating ooation?A F LONG. Star Qgoe. re i ?* f^OOK WANTED ?A goo^ o>Mor?1 Cook, brrad and paatry rra*er, who oan oome well reoommended. oan reoure a good place and good wage* bj applying at No. 600 Massac huae lis av., near New Jersey av. A alave preferred. ee 4 >i* WANTED?To have every bndy to oall at SMITH'S, No 4 60 Seventh at., opfoelt-Poft O?oe,a.nd puroba*e their FALL and WINTER CLOTHING, TRUNK?, HaTS and CAP?*, at the very loweat prioea. Give him a oall. aa 30 1m WANTED-A well famished DWELLINGHOUSE, containing about aiz rooma exc.u ai*e of kitchen and servant's rooma, well aituated. with a large yard or lot. and a good oarriag?-bou?e and atable for Dot 'ess than three h"r sea. Persons having auoh premises to rent will p eaae leave written riesoriptions at the Offioe of Solicitor of Court of Claims. with terms aa 30 hr' WANTED. FOR THE CASH-AM linds of SECOND-HAND FURNITURE AND HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES. Persona leavicg the city or having a aarplua will do well to oall immediately. R. BUCHf.V, ie 3 4??* t*eventh. between 0 and H ate. Wanted.?we are D?w i>iiidi secondhand FURNITURE, STOVftfaud BED ding, for which wo nre paying the highest oa?h prioea. Families declining housekeeping, or having a surplus of furniture, will find it to their advantage to give us a ~all. BONTZ A GRIFFITH, je 13-tf No. 369 7th at., betw. I ana R ate. LOST AND FOUND. r?AMK TO THE Sl'BSCRI HER, on T?wd?T, V> the 3d in?t%nt. a hay H'?RSK. at-out lev years old: has never been (hod. The own?r T-.T* is re^ue: ted to oome forward, prove fi<^ ^' * erty, pay charges, and take him ?**y JOHN P. SMART. e 6 3t* No. 73 Bridge ?t. Georgetown. ?C R KW A R I) ?Strayed or (tolen. on the Id <?> ' intrant, trom the corner of O and gth fry sis., a small hrown Ixiy HORSE, in (ood order, formerly he'ooginc to Krenin, the oontraetor. The al^ve reward wilt ^e paid to any peraon returning aaid horse to JOHN MaOAK THY, corner 0 and 8th sts. se6-3t* C R K W A R D?Strayed or stolen from lbs neighborhood of tkepost Offioe of this ev city, a b'aok <>r very Ark brown MARK, jLTTk 6 or 6 yeare old. The a here reward will be^?^A paid f??r its delivery at the Apothecary Store of Mr. WA1TK, oorner of Seventh atieet west and Pa. avenue; se5 St* Q>)A REWARD.?Ran away from the subaoril>er, living in Pieoataway. Prince George'* county, Md .ontheSHh ultimo, a H N EG RO BOY, calling Inmse I Alfred Duck Jp ett. He is 18 years ?fage, al>out 5 feet S inchea in height. dark conip ection. ?t.'i inrows nimseii i>ack while wa.king. I will five t he above reward, if delivered to - e at tlie above ad dre?s or secured in jail so that' get him acain. ae5 St* J. H. GRIFFIN. UTRAVKD AWAY?From one of the Govern^ nient Stables. yesterday, the 3d inatant. fev a medium-sized ha? HORnK, with three white <eet, star on forehead, white stripe^*-2-*on nose, and long bu?hy t&i! and mane. A libera! reward will ??e p%ii to the finder ou returning him to No. 10 Preaident'a jare, weet of Laayeite Square. i?4-3t* BOARDING. BOAR HI NG.? Handaomely Formatted Rooms, on first and aeoood siories, may be obtained, with good Board, by applying on F at. No. 339, between 9th and Huti ats Terms reasonable. se8 3t* EDUCATIONAL^ (GEORGETOWN FEMALE SEMINARY, * (Mis* Httinvii'i,) No. 151 West St., brtw*m Contrm and Hitk tit. The duties of this Institution will be resumed on th? first Monday in September next. The attention of parents and guardians is partio u.fc':? called to the Class in Caliathenioa, whioh will be farmed ob Monday the9 h mat, by a graduate of the "L?wii Normal Inatitate of Phjeioa' Eduoation." The former pupila are ear neatly solicited to attend the Clats. lltSTErCTOKS. Mias E. W. Wright, Mri, Cecilia Young, " M. E. J. Kaufman, Mr W. C. Bergman, " M. V. Harrover, A- Zftppone. M D. M'Ue M. Gard*tte, Charles de Frond rat. C<rculara niM l>e obtained at the Bookatoree, 01 by addreaaing the Principal. ae 3-lw MIPS HARROVER. PLEASANT VIEW SEMINARY.?The dutiei of thia School will be returned on the aeeon<1 Monday in September Terma f 16f> for board and taition in the English branched for Tear of ten inontha. Addreaa MISS M. KEECH ae 2 2w* Hrattaville. Prinoe George'a oo.. Md. M EVERETT INSTITUTE, A9SACHUSKTTS AV., Bktweeh 9th ahi I 0th Pthkits, A SeUct School for fioyt. Th* Sixth Annual Seaaion of thia Inatitate will commence on Monday. September 2. Terma moderate. For further particulars. aee mroulara at tha Bookatoree. or E. w FAR LEY, the Principal, al hia residence, 483 Tenth at. au 3ft-2w* PFEMALE SEMINARY, GEORGETOWN, L. 8. ENGLISH, Principal. Mies Enaiiah pureoaea. on MoLday, Septerr.l-oi 2d. to take oharge or a limited nnmber of papila, t?i whoee instruction and improvement her beat efforta will be direoted. Fiom her many rear*' exBArmnAA in thia hnai*" r - ... ..... . (iliv W UC BI' IV five satisfaction to those parent* and rua-diam who may plaoe pupils uod?r h?r rare. Terms mads known on application at No. 33 Gay at auvti 2w* Emerson institute, H Bvbkbt, Between 12th and 13th ate.. Clinical and Mathtmiucml School f*r Boy J The exe'ouea ol this School will be resumed th? first Monday in September. Addrens an 13 tf CH AS H. YOUNG, Principal. '|>HE UNION FEMaI.E ACADEMY. The Twelfth Annual Session will nommenes S*ptemt>er 2. For particulars i nan ire of lite Principal firs. Z.RICHARDS, au 17 1m Corner o* Fourteenth an<l K sts. Nthe western academy. O. 277 1, oorner of Seventeenth street, recent ly under the oare of Dr. I.oomi*, will he reopened Monday, th"> id of t*eptenu?r. Application may be made at Dr. Town's, 4?U Fourt.i street, Judiciary Square. au 17-3 w* JOSHUA O. COl.BURN. J^ROOKEVILLE ACADEMY. The next session will commence September 3d. Boys are prepared for college or for busine?s. Foi catalogue please addresa, at Brookeville, Md , |C It PBBTTVUiM ? ?r ? ar> ? u ? I A- tW?, au <Mm (Intel.) Principal. ST. MATTHEW'S ACADEMY. Co*. 18th ?t. ard New Yoke A v., Washington, U. C. Tha exerniaea of tuia Inatitu'ion will be rtnatd on the t'lt Monday in September. Twin a per aeeai<>a of five moniha, from #7 to #16; MT*hl? in idruot. The German and Frenoh lantua?ea, Muaio, Drawing and Painting, form extra onargea. For particulars apply at Uie Inatitution. an 34 gweo SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES. Miea M. P. DUNCAN wtlCon Monday, the M September next, reaome her Sohool at her rem denoe, No 91 Indiana arenae She haa made arrangementa to raoaive a limited number ot papila aa boardera. aa W-wa?m SCHOOL FOE SMALL BOYS. No STT 1 St^Cobkbb 1TT?. This School vili reopen on Monday. September ad. CirouNtra at Bookatorea. For farther information rail from 8 to 12. Rtf?Dr, 8. L. Loomie, Profeeeor L. C. LO'>mia an IMotw Thobk five a thorough and ayaUiMtio eduoaXion, where ' willreoeivecia.lT and ap*c.a. attention, under the moat aaarovad niian nf r * , insfuoa tad G y mnwUci. are iMjJKWB to itit the Union Femne Aotdmy, aorntr Foni " W&. *. 1ICIIKDI, Itf Pnnci?*!i. (if 188 ELLEN A. WAY: Your friend A. M. IT I Baktr it in the city ; would like to in too ; drop a lint in the Pott O flic a. to ^EALED PROPOSALS art invited Uil the 10th day of September. 1861. for ?fflying the Ann* of the Potomno with pOi'ATOEfe. A bout 40,nfti buaheia will be rtinirari, in lou of aooat I WW buahelt ptr wMk. Tht Polttm to be of the ft ret quality and e?uai in taallty to the following Btroart (blot,) nk Eye, eroe re (white) The PotatoM to be delivered in Waahiagtoa.aad tabieot to taoh inteeobon on delivery at tht 8 a lint ten oe Department may reaair*. aad pay meat to be made in Treatary aotea, if Gortriaeit thorn Id / - I | AUCTION 8AJLRv Br J. C. McOUIRK ft CO.. AkUomw*. Nearly nkw fi rniturk **? houkk OLP K*r*rT? AT KtBLIC APCTM?.-Or TIHtSM?AV MORMN6,!(*rtMilwr l?t?, a? t?? O'elnok. M th? rMldoBM of t deeliainc ho?M>fcMpir>c, No fmh at I."ui?i?m av? v* ml hit Furnitara and fcfl*Cl?. Con pri|ig|Walr.ut Hair 8r'i? MM 8"fk. Rock?r and Parlor Chai<-?. Marh'o-top and SV>fa Tablea, CJilt-frame Mirror*, Vm?i, Can* and Wo?H Mat Chaira, Loans a. Gilt Window }*had??, Kuca. Cftrpata, <hlcloth. HUir Caraai, ?#T#ral bftndaoia* Cottage MU, CotU?e Hodat?ada, Raraaaa. Hu*k and Cotton Mattraaaaa, Bolster* and Pi* Iowa. flak aad Raah a?*t Chaira. ' Wa nut Dining TaMa, Oak HatTraa, Co"kinc and othar Sfcivn. Table*. Tof wh#r with the ueoa! aaeortiaeut of KiteM* Re* aiaitea Terms oiiha M?-d J. C McCVIRK ft CO.. AiaU. By J. C. MoGl'IRK ft CO.. Aiattonaara ollPCBtna inairivniinoiavrn aiaun ^ vji Mvr<a ** v*' V w?? i? ? nw r IT i1\? ! FoKTB. fcx( ?ll*!?T FCftRITVEB l*ti|0llt olp Frrfcm. at 'rsuc Sai*?O* tbl'rs DAY MORNlo'clock u the reeidenoe of J, B. MoCutohen. Im, No. ?4 Missouri tronu*. botweon 4S and >th sis . voehah s*ll all his Furniture and Effects. ooropnsiufVoir HHnorRowwood Om?C?i?< l+t 8??h Oottn Pi??o ForU. ht lMb? & CUM, Piano Cover and Htool, W hatnot. Rortnoi Marble too Center and Pofh Tables. Wamat Spring aoatSofcaad Parlor Cha re, Push ud Hur Cloth Mikotu; Rockers. Gilt fram* Mantel Mirror. Vaeee, Venetian Blind* arid Window Shades. Braaselaaad Ingrain Carpets, Stair Carpets, Bronse Iron Hat Tree, Oilooth, Kxtension Diuinc Tab o. Sideboard, Canoand wood seat Chairs, l.oanje, China. Glass, and Crocker? Ware, Superior Wa'nut Marble top Dreea>nc Bureau, Solid Waloetand Painted Wardrobes. s mle a^d Doable Bedsteads, Waahstands, Toilet Seta Towe1 Racks. Clock, Hupe> tor Feather Beds, Bolsters an J Pillow*, Blanket a. Comforts, and Spreads, Walnut and Mah<>cany Book oases end Decks, Cookir-K ?to*e and Fixtures, Kitchen Utensils, Ac., 4.0. lerma caati. aeSd J.C MfOI'IRKft CO..Aicti ITTTHK ABOVE 8ALK IS POSTPONED, on account of lb* rain, un d SATIHDAV, S??tpmber 7th, MUne hour. ?5 J. C. McOUIRE t CO . AwU Hr WALL.* BARNARD. AiotioaNn. EXCELLENT PUBNITURF. AND HOI'HK old Errtrri at Apctioh.?Ob THURSDAY MuK siNO.t ? ltth in?U, at 10 o'oloek. w* will ae!l, at No. 4?W, n>rtk aid* of P?nn*r!raaia ava., ov?r Svarti'a Pm the raroitnre axd F.(T?ete. o<mprt? nf? Br ?at? 1* parlor aaita, eon?i*Unf of 1 Tata a t*U, 3 Eaay. and 4 Parlor Chaira, mad* to ot4?r, 1 Mahoeany Hairoloth Parlor aai a, conaiotmj *4 2 Tat* a tete. 3 Kaay, ?od ? Parior Chairs, R >ifwi^dand Wainat Marhl?-ti>r rabtee. Curved V a cat Ccmoda ami Etacere. (>ak and Mahogany Ma-blr-ioa J-'ideN>arde. Out Mirrora, Whatnot and Xcf% Table, Marble top and Plain Bureau*. Mahogany Freneh. Cottage, and oUer Bedateada Extension Dining TaWee, Oiaaa and Crockery Ware. I Caneard Wood S*?t Chaira and Re<-kera, Chamber Tablea, Wardrobe* and Waabataud*. i Carpet*. Rot*. Clock*,and Mattinr, Hat Rack. Oilcloth and Toilet feta. Together with other Fnrntare not here petitioned. all in rely good order, which will ofler great ii'duoemont to peraoua taroiaftiag. / Terma oaah. _aep Sd WALL & BARNARD, A acta By BOTKLER A WILLSON. Aaotiooeera. n/U'U BL'i*V OA D O la/'M "? **' " rv V/ ? "c r</i M vy A n P I A^I r< 1' A * * I f * ^ ^ sorcB r< ? Bale.?B? vir'oe of a deed oftrnM b nni d?t? on ti-e Sth d*j of M%?. IW. we wili I'.by o'di?r ol th? TruitM. ob Tl'KSDAY, U? 17th Sept. at in o'o'ook a m.. in frost of our Aue tioi mora one 4 seat Carnage or Open Barotieh. f errr* cash eeSe U BOTKI.KH h W1 U,BON. AacU By J c. McM.'IRK A CO . Auctioneers Express wagons, carkiaoks. harM? AMD Uol?H AT PCBLIC *ALB ?UB faturda) MORNING. September 7th. at iu o'clock, in front of tba Auction Room*, WB *ha.l ell, without reserve? t new and woli-huilt Con red Eipreee Wagoaa, 1 two-aeated Open Wacon. 1 nearly new and banicome Phaeton, for on* or two hor*?*, 1 amall Family Carriage, 3 *et* Harness. ALSO, 1 fine bob-tail bar Cama?e Horse, 1 exoellent cheetnat Family Hort*. Term* oaah. will b* addid. *1,mo fine and low-priord I'omeatio Cigar* me i! of superior euainy. *? d J. C. MoGl IRK A CO.. AaeU. By WALLA BARNARD. Auotioneer*. Tristke's pa le of valuable frwpd Rbal Estatb.?By rirtBe <>t a de?tl of tru*t, < ?ifd the Ikth day of Mjwah. 1B57. aad d?Ur r - ?1 I *- 1 - " II _v?VVM wmriiR HW I?QQ TlWOnil OI lli OOIQ^ l>l Washington. D C .1 >htli prooeed to Mil. on lh? ir*iniM<,oii MONDAY, the ad day oftdMalxr. 1M1. a' S o'eiock p. ra, ail thoee >inm or parMla of cround situated in the oitf of Washington la said District. and known and aesiirneted k? Lots numbered thirty foar <341 and thirty-fire (Ml in numbered five hundred Md thrM <SaS> tOfeturr with the improteme U thereon. o"neisting of a large thrM story Brick House with a fine base meut. Said property is locate on the south aide of N *trMt south, between 4fc aud 6 h strerta. Terms of a?leOne q us ter in ?ash. balanee in aix twelve. ei?l>t?en,and twenty four nontha worn the day of eale, to be secured by a dead of trusi en the premises. lrttin terms of sale be not oomalifd with infcve days from day nt sale, the Trustee rMenres the ncht to resell at the risk and ooet of the fcrst purchae??r. JOHN F fcN NH*. Truetae. ae> WALLA BARNARD. A?ta. 1 IJy BONTZ A GRIFFITH. Auctioneers 1^RU*TKK*tt 8AI.E OF HOl'SK AND LOT I 1 tu Nokthrkn LiataTias.?By T?rt?e of a deed in trust Nannr date on the ?th day of Oe> toher, l?s?. and reoorded in Liher J. A. 8. No. las, folios 204 and 2<tt, the subscriber will Mil. at pubnc sale <>n THl'RSDAY, tl?e Vth day of > August lltfil. at 6 o'olook ?. m:. on the premises. p*rtofLotNo. 19. ui subdivision of square .No. ! 4?, 'routing 17 f?ei 1134 inches on 8th street west, wi h a'iepu 9" iMt to an alley, with the improve / ments oonsisL ng of a two story and attio Frajte irwaiunn houm, with oallar. The a bo re proserty it kitaatad at the aoraar of 8th streat vest and M atraM north, in a rapidly In proving pari of the city. and offer* a favorable of port unity to peraoas deairoutof prooanng a raaid?r ?e or making an inroatnant. Terms oath. If tiia term* of aala are not oomp'ied vitfc ia It* day* after ihe aaJe the mmty vu! be raaald. fori on* week*' notioe. at the riak and ??p?*i* of the parohaear. All oonver*aoiag at Um axpaaae of the aarohaaar. R CHAR1) A . EOMONBTON. Traetaa. aa S 3ia wad* bONTZt 0 ilfKITH, AaoU. ITT-THB ABOVB SALE 18 POSTPONED i arlil TUESDAY, September mk, at * o'alooki fvcf aa ? ' BONTZ A GRIFFITH. Aaeta , FOR SALE AND RENT. LfOR RENT-HOUSE 404 PanaarlTaaia M. over the bookstore of Fraaok Taylor?a alaoe for a profeaaional waa. aaVtf f~j\ARM FOR SALE?A new CoUa?e Hoaaa' with from W to HO acres of ahoioe Laad. at Annapolis Junction, for aa a. T*rat*aiy Ate yoang orchard on the premise# Apply persona y or hy lettar, to T. S11A1LER, Jr., Anaapolia J auction- aa? It* l/OR RENT?A handaoma FURNISHED ' ? HOUSE, with ill the modern improvements, in A pleaeant looation. Inquire at theStarOmoe. au 30 tf LHIK RENT-A very deairable STAND for a 1. boarding house, on Pennsylvania avenaeard Eighth el., bow ooeupied by the Maaara. Joy, and has alway* had a fall ahare of the patronage of the city. Possession given on the let of September next. Said house la ia good ordar. F or farther ?'."h "J ss?j fc r BRTMC T?HF. GREAT RUSH TO AtMl* kM MMI I SMITH to raah North aad ro? rush hi* alooi or PALL and WINTER CLOTHING. vktST* oforaat raiaarkahi* icw ?' om, at No. 4?<S l? aaU> at.. opfotM Poot Oftoo. will HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS.- I r1 Four kanaaeaMty Farnishod Room*. MMlifd TtUlHWl VMr.Ild OOBfHMtttO UO Patent y?ohi NOTICE. "ADAMS' EXPRESS ItfMPANT'1 Thia Com May off*r? to the HblM,,l'N|?U*<l AdTact*fOt*for the Safe aatfQatct IM?>? > <4 Hhij Pr?|hu Piokaaee, VklitWWi Moan, Ae. * t: i^ieT&Yid "^iSf fSSva W?l .top*M from and arrivela Waahla?V>n twioe dally. All Kurwm are ia eharge of n?riwii< mmd tfliabit mMMMMI A. hackacw for The Soldiera eameo at "on kalf" oar aaaai ratee. __ _ ? All Go?4a for Lha so-called "Confederate Sal* aad all Article* - Coauabaad of War" wt 1 ta I l?w Nrw York at 1. ft, w4 P. M., vriTiif us Wiskiictos st I A. M and W Kipreeew lttn Pki??del?lii? at l * M. an?l i 11 r. at., arriviaf la Wuklafloa at ft 9> P. i yNxrtrvWtaWVfi: asi'6 Expresses for *11 Milts Nor** u4 WM ! ?* Wa?a*t??at7j?/rk wsdtSlP w. Bvfeisl Con tracts (or ttrwiaubitum of Fr??ht ?m be ibjuIs oiuiiicatior. to this -fte*. A Gooci ?i..edTor awl a?tir?r*d Am of kJtrs **' 8 P. MtLAUSBLI*. 1 ?ZZ'o 1 avanrM ?_a* I iMt ? ? r?*?fr*t.-K? mi is m^sVII^HH tfkra isti|?uutnMii Us lsvffif*v-*U)< " *** *"* * I

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