Newspaper of Evening Star, September 6, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 6, 1861 Page 3
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LOCA L NEWS. fETT** Stab publishes the List of Letted remaining la the Washington City Post Offlce under the provisions of the Uw directing them to be printed In the newspaper having the largest circulation within the delivery of the offlce. lii tot* dally circulation la more than double that of any other Dally printed la the Dtotrlct of Co'umbla. ojf s*v*"t? stbeet ?Mr Wilsk etti mn\HiM!a<ni 'rM\ fforrit 'e**** to clean out , r i** ul**1 half-drunken chap, named V\ elsb, belonging to one of the mill^rBCOn>PI!ni?f" ,n ^ c,ty? rnt**ed book store h ***,' the Post Offlce, snd i*^. * ?upjply of papers gratis This modest request being refused, be smused himself by cursing the young man behind the counter, rolling p his sleeves, moistening his hands, and preparing generally to sail Into everybody In the vlclnIU 0rowing more violent, he was ejected from "ot "tisfied, he went back, and wS. 7" *nl on hU "*7 dicing, with bis beautiful features ssdly marred, and his linen doneup "brown,"and he meantime prophssvlng terrible accidents to the pugilistic bookseller. Soon after, a friend of Welsh's, by the .?P bT ?*eral others, enJ"*1 tbe bookstore, and after a short harangue threw off bis coat, rolled up bis sleeves, and sqnsred himself for a "mill '> Finding that he and his party were about to be pitched into the *? waa h1? Illustrious friend Welsh, Norrls cooled off and made tracks for a more healthy atmosphere. A squad of men from their company finally "PP*?red to arrest the parties, but they aad SSpta?of muS" dr?PP^ Wlthoutany furth? . ??T Last Wednesday evening, * ? J who Is said to have been a sergeant of the TPth Reglment of New Vork, waa taken from an alley between K street and Pa. avenue and Fourr.nth?t^?d to the drug store of Messrs. Kldwell A Lawrence He bad two cuts upon his fare, above and below the eye, and hta fore bead was scraped, aa If he had fallen forward; but no wonnda were apparent on the bark of his head. is face was washed and the wounda dressed, and he was Permitted to sleep for a time upon a lounge In i he store, when he revived and weut i away.with a bat furnished him by tbe proprietor !?VJi^eqi^0,,!y/<l?urnwl' and d?*iared that they bad taken his hat; bat It seems he had none when brought there. He also stat?d that be had lost his frlend> that he had a gold watch and a sliver watch; tbe latter waa found, but tbe other was missing They thought he had been knocked down and robbed, but no evidence appeared to establish tbe fact. ^ Small Pox .?As some little uneaai ness is felt by our cltlxens In regard to reported cases of small pox, we have to atate that we only know of one * P1"'*?* residence. It Is In tbe Northern Liberties, and a public school In the vicinity hss been temporsrily closed by the trustees Tbe pa-k? . 1?" ,n*rc*log lnd beautiful young lady, Ha w j*k?' d,nKbter of an estlmsble citiien She had never been vaccinated, her ? y?g strongly prejudiced agalnat It. He once withdrew her from one of the public reboot! * Ff"ralJfaTor|t?. rather than comply with the rule which requires all pupils to be vaccinated. Strict precautionary meaaurea nlla kT* # w n ,n this case. No further alarm need be felt, as we nnderstand the hospital for removed from Capitol Hill to the country. r M a HAK?T*B^B.~A m,n by the name of McCov, in Anne Arundel county, Md , a reputed secessionist and bad character, la a lit of drunkf"D.eM.droTe h'Vwlfe *nd flTC,,na11 children from T^ey found their way to thla c'ty, rdnf!5?V ev?lDe were picked up in a famiahing condition by Mr G. A Clark messenger to tbe court, who put them Into a ro<im on the ground floor of the Cfty Hall, wet wing He fi! ilnjm "PPef ,nd breakfast. The oldest of Jime9 ? onlr 10 or 12 years of age, and tbe condition of the family Is most distressing. It is ou^uTew *PI* t'0Dgly 10 lhe of . $ Ca" ?Yesterday morning, the sutler of the Second Regiment of New Jersey Mr yf te,m. to attend to buslffTJ" Tv b,le bis krrses were standing om^tnTl' th?V we? tsken possession of by Offlcer Allen, on the sfflrmstion of John Mont ?*L 0ne,0f the bonn belonged to him, and was taken from his possession by some one thc^nrm^Tm hMr *?hter made oath that N j .Tt /^P!rtjr' J>urtba*d In Newark, rictl Lm *** months. The forlVIii! ^ lblWd by the evidence to-day, be1 DonB' wben 60,11 Parties will appear The horses wsre restored to Mr. Vechter. vJitL0i Hw~Tb* P*rtlf* connected with John M 'f? get from the Exchange Betel tbe baggage of the three "daughters of the regiment," alluded to In the Stmt yesterday, without paying their bill, have aln? paid upTand their property has been restored to them. We **y',n to Mr Welter, that he was not the counsel for Kslph, but for the Drothe house The mfaiake waa cause/l>y w?iT?KiBK,nf P?*,t,on4 ^ore the *>en tt>? parties first appeared tbe proprietor was tbe defendant, and Mr Walters iSrd^ETnL atXn^ flr,t tr*tlm?ny wC mlst?ke bee* ? tbe defendaat.-hence the IT?-An ambulance came Into the city last night with a imnll pox patient from the camp of the Cameron Rifles, and the dr.ver, after vainly Inquiring all around Uwn at the central guard-house, snd st the dlfferen* hospitals, as to the location of the hospital for rnr0^ 7 dllr,a,M' fln?'ly reached the hospital for.reyulars? c atyt. between Four and-a-half and Sixth streets He waa Informed that tbe patient could not be received there, and it Z-ms Thi ur?0ne, ,h,r* cou,d ten h,,n where to go 2?e^Jl<*.lJh!" ?0,?r,U!ntly ,u the "?nbu411 night, in the heart of the city and within s stone's throw of tbe Avenue! cJRr/*?? -Pour members of ths fluar? f? srrssted by the Provost uard, for breaking Into the houae of Kllxabeth McManus. In the Fifth Wsrd. 1 hey were taken before Justice Donn yatt^rd^y evening and after i , "Elinent, nnd on- ot I ami in r*,o"u " <"> He wss sent to jail for trial at the C.-lmlnalCourt! thure"itJwL/i!JiVA!'TT~A UU c>rpenter from <iVwldow^TTiay g 1 en,er'd tbe reeidence ^ondueid^imii? ,gr<* Georgetown, and b,nn*eif ' ,ucb *n outrageoua manner that she arouaed the nelghbora. The Provost unlt^irT?* "ZL* *u<* ,he '"truder waa found up stairs In a bed-room He feigned to be drunk by 'hr Uo" be wldi P?ee<l of we have not heard. 1^,TC*!' ?* Maa Lincoln.?Last evening Mra daahlng Z^ve'd^wb?*!^"^^^ * ery Inch of his youthful dimensions riZr l^,u,T,*TThIn? *re *erV flulet about tbe U*re^rtfwui'VL *b*ooly *rrival alnce our last report (with the exception of river craftj i> theacbooner John Cooper, which Is discharging a cargo of coal for Messrs Fenwlck A Stewart at tho foot of Sixth street Tbe wster Is only slightly /rE? ?L <b o an no lndl"tlons as yet of a rise In the upper Potomac from the late rains. ?Battalloa A, New Jersey Light At s'tft 'p^^pT^rmhM\Thn;nrLVr? ^.y were & Ab*k?t roa Assaclt ?This morning, one of h? persona connected with ths arrest of A E L Keess, wss charged by Keese with assaulting his asMBlUng bis wTfc. His case was set for s W l?f to-morrow before Justice Donn. VlJr. Ng*? to-night, at Odd Fellows' lifCuapbfira are piarinir havoe sl2L *? f " w,y of ,h? -blues and Look 0 01 for the program me this evening. ?" .0tlee, lbtt th* confinement of !f dl,loy*l women In Washington baa Inxed the wlta of their friends and families for their early delivery. Ahem J lA^DleTtV ne?t* M*11*]? 10 "f "otIcB '1,ewhere of exp?!tod Monday. A good time may be A"? K??s ?See advertisement elsewhere of Mresra. Taylor A Carter Center Market of choice Philadelphia butter ami fresh eggs. frofathsetaou *7 V1**-1For OM, who %?soTi?a J.K?.b"ll#f/ ?.^rista fr?m damp m.'.T,?kt air. oeiall doses of Hollo d.sSrder^Sf Uwr^sJiSL,^11VnTifi sTSSSStS^a^^^W BikI them ^i MKU, T. MAlONyta > - " . J LIST or LETTERS REMAINING IN THE POST OFFICE, Wa?HI!??T0H Citt, September 6, 1861. I Ordered to be inserted in the Eteniim Stae, t being the newspaper having the largest circulation of any daily paper published in Wasluugton.] ICTAll pertoni applying for ietters in the follow ng list, will pleaae ut the? are adveetised. LADIES' LIST. Adams, M'?CC James, Miss Andrews, Mrs O W Korta, Bo a Adams, Mrs M K King, Kllen Austin, Miss Ellen Killman, Mrs M J Brown, l.uoy Kennedy, Ann Brook'.Mrs A Kingsley, Anna Booth, Fanny Lynch, Sarah Booth Mi?s M E L^wree, Harriet Ball, Mrs M E I.ander, Louia Huroh. M T Lewis. Annie Brown, Lucy M l*rned, MrsCT Barling, Virginia Loring, Miss M-2 Butler. Jane Logan, Miss 9 Bngan, Mrs Capt l.ewis. Miss M P Barker. Miss A Mij.Mr?P W Bateinan, Sarah Meade. Mrs M 0 Cooke. Mrs C A Marshall, Jnlia Creed, Ellen Mayfield, J Cross, I.itue Miller, Rosa 8 Clarke. Mary E Murray. F J cord, Mrs A C Moten. Rebeoea Coleman, Mis* M Markham. Helen L Collins, Bridget Mannah, Mary Caldwell. Kate Molntire, Miss B Cronan, Mi?s M Nnyes. Anna Carver. A melia A Nioholeon, L Curtis, M A Noilen, Miss C J Couwrigb, Mrs Nickerson. Miss 8 V Clayton, Mrs D A Norris, Nellie E Clinton, Julia O'Bold. Sarah Coatney, Jane Page, Sarah Collins, Mrs Wm Piokett, Catharine Downs, Mrs J : hn Potter, Mrs Deep, Miss Rota Peters, I lllie Erans, Jennie Quinn.MissM Kvans. Josephine Seems, Mrs E Flint, Fanny N Sohlagel. Mary 2 Gray, Kate Spenonr, Miss E Gettr, Alexins hkmner, Hennet'a GriiTin, Bridget Southard. Mary O Gozler, Mary Slurgis. K C Herald. Haten Sinuard, MrsG H'ggs. Missli Thompson, Miss E Ha I, Mrs G W Thagler. Mrs Hunt, Mrs C Wei's. Mrs A V HutohiKon, Mrs E Ward, Msry Haily.Mrst Wright, Mary II Healy. Ann Washington. Mrs Howell, Viot'>ria Wi'liams. M A Jones. Mrs Waters, Mrs T A Jones, Mis E A Wineberger, Miss J Jone?, Mary E Woodgreon, M L Joyce, Mrs CH . ? M iscELLANKors.?Miss M. L. S.; Ladies Central Relief Committee. GENTLEMEN'S LIST. Albert Wm B-8 Collins WraC Eastman Z-2 Averill W m-2 Chase W D Enen Wra At wood W T Culliin:ireWH-2 Everell W Amerman W H Cran Wm F.stiline W C 2 Averr W B Carpenter W C Fllweli W Austin W C Church W T Elder Lt S 8-2 Armstrong T 2 Carpenter W H Evans R M Acklsn T J Cochran W H Eagan P A uld Theo S Clark W E KlaonO Abbott TC Collins W EylesJno Allen Thoa Champlam T KarleJno Andrews Dr S Crawford T A Evster J C Adams 8 D-2 Carroll Tlios Kvans Jas 8 Andrews R F Clvmer F Evans J F 3 Arnold Capt R 2 Cole Thos Ervin J as w Arigan Kiohd CarrellST EdwardsA Al'es Phillip CookS >:.inrfrson J R Andrews N T Cootes T F Ellis Howard Ax tell ) .noian 8 Colloth S H Barnes FP 3 Adams JaaL Cobbs Stevens Eisfeld Lt E Arnent J as I) Cheever M G Em*ry E H Am"i Jos F Ca ey Col bias Elliott E B Atkinson DrJ T Clark R M Evans D J AMcorn Jno-2 Cheevers Kichd F.nos D C j?lleyLtJW Cunningham R Egbert Dr D Anderson J F Cawley Robt Eaton A B Anderson Jacob Caden Robt F.vent Danl Arocld CaptHT Chester R L Everhart C E Antes Hmry P CunmnghamPat Flarders Wm Ad er H C Charles Peter Fields Wm M Altermu* Geo Connell Pat Finney Win W Armes Geo Clancet Pat Field T A-J Aimn'roi g Geo Clark Pra Field Capt M D Angustien F A Cranmer N 8 2 Foster Thos G Abbott Fredk Cranel.tColNM Foster Martin AnthonyCapTR Cahill Mich Fowler ^ml Adze Fredk Curran Mich Ferris S P Ahreus Fretik Clark Capt M C Fnsby ^tanlans A t>butt C has W Caser M J l-uller J D Allen C?rus Cainpbel Mr Finney Ray Arrick Cliff >rd Christian Mr Farnnm Rodney Akin Chas H Coek Marke F Florg 0 1 Arvin Chas Coffey Mich Forrest Mr A lerton M D C Carmen 8 Fenley Moses A: bolt Col Clark M W Flanagan M E Ammermann C Cecil L P Falinfove M V Acton BenJ Co euean L G Fisher M P AhrarnsA Clarke J no S FrenohMosesC BMhsWm Cre'dJas Finkman L Burnet Wm Cook Col Iowa Fietoher J N Braggeiman W Childs Rev J A Frank J D-2 H Cam Capt Jas Farrell J no Brown Wm Carojno Floyd Jas Big'er Wm Craig Jas B Fairman Jaa Banning W L-3 Ceult Jas 2 Furlmsh JosC Hiown'VnH Close Jas T Fredericks Capt Baily Wm Clark J no C J D Barard vv ,n Crowl Jacob FarrandJnoW BeH Lt Wm H Co* Jno T Fitzsnnous Jas Brooke I hoe CoyieJnoA Failer Jos Bedford Thos F Clarke Jno F 2 Frerdhoff Jos Bentoa Thoa Cook Capt J N Flaegle Jno 2 Brown Thos Clow Jas B Freeond H Baily Thos V Conlaaghty J no FlemingCaetHB BtverThoa Conkey Jno F-t Ireedlj Lt H W Bole 8 C Curtis Jos Foote Henry-6 Bell Saml Conklin Julious Fitxhugh Henry Bunting Saml Cater Jos L Forrest Goo Benjimin LtSN Christy Jno G F|eek'e?Gu?tave BeekmanLtSD2 Castigan Jno Fisher Col 6 W Brown S F Cavenaugh Jas Fryer Geo E BratgSS Caiifield Jss H Fr/inkiinKC Bundle* Lt R Cal ahare J Franklin B Burns Robt W Campbell Jas H Farnworth E Boswell H Carpenter Dr J Fiood Capt K H Henediot R C Cherry Jno F'iogle Lt DW 2 Brad<o<d N M Carpenter lsaso Pearson C D Booth R N Candy Jaa Karreil C H Bjrne P t Chambers J J Fowler B Heliow P J CoxonJno F'latley B BojlaThos CrutchettJaa Franr A B-2 Baboc>ckl tOS4 Chandler UP Ferguson A M Brumagim N O Coaiea Henry M Flack Alex Brown N H Coggshall II (jood Wm B own M A Cluy Capt H B Gatlr W A Hums Mr Cranrner H Grosh W R-2 Baily Marcel Clark H W Gohl Wm-2 KfPi-fci-r M li Clapp Geo M-2 Gawin W 8 r?!?ck M J Coons G G Gattrelltieo Bel lone L J 2 Cook Geo liol le W H Mere man L M Clark G W GrahamLtWM2 Labbitt L T Coover Geo Oenniugs W B fc'obb Lev'. Cassi^y G W i>ea on 1 lniothy Bencdictjr L Cushmg Oeo W Groves DrSW 2 Boll Luther V Chamn? rslieoM Gordon S J Hranghtnn L CrosmoreColUHGreene Saml C Bouw:eThoa Corn e F H-2 Gam age Saml Bets Jno Cr?>cker F W Gilbert r-arnl W Jo? Cameron F E Griffith 8 R Boyd Jas J Cooper.Frank Grithth O Bonce Jno E Conea Elliot Griffith M J-2 Beck Jacob F Chisle* E ?, reely 8 T Brown Jos R. Conuelly E *?rose8P Boyd J A \ Campbell Col D Garland Robt Brown Jno M Carey i)r nerrity Pat Hrown Ja'job H Chase Daniel 2 Godban Peter Brown Jos A Clark D C 2 Girand 1* Belknay Jno H Carpenter If O Gordan Peter Brennan Jas F Clapp Dwight Graves O F Breadylsaah ? a veiny her U GreeneOD2 Bowen Jao Cunningham CL Gu?t N 8 Bat.erJnuM Clelland C GudaMr Bersier Jos Crouse C H Gannon Martin Harton jr Jas Cheney Chas Hriswold M W Brierly Jas J Chanory Col Greene M I Huroh fit-Id J M Cousey Chas D Green Jno Brissey J E Cenn ugs Ghas Gagan Mathew Hen'ou Jno H-2 Cheney Chas Grandy Levi Buchanan J W Currier B F Gray Lt Bueli Lt J L Craft B F Gray Jacob Bullock J F Custer B M Grey Jaoob Hawin Jacob Coiwell B Gale Jos Braiiley J W Cushi^g A H Gooch Jno Bei>zhoover Jno Chambers jr, Gust Jno W Burger Jno J Capt A GalUtineJaa KrantnerJasS Clark A G Grimes J A Boon-rJnoC ColburnAO Graham J H-2 Brandigham J W? ross A E P Giah'.mJB BatzJno Cailow Alex P Graham H BruniagimJ W DruuinyWin GarghanJno-2 Bradiok Jno Doughetty Wl-2Guthne Jno D Burton Jas Dudley W A GrinnetlJno B ackiston H Dunning Wm Garland Jno M Burr Heurv-3 Dye L>t W MoE Goekeller Jaoob Benuer H L Dunn Wm H Gibson Jno Benton H W D*nap?IWm Gerner Jaoob Barnes H E Divine Wm Gordon J Baron H D Davis Win S Gordon E G Baker Hiram JiavisTheo Grim*ton Jno Burrows Geo H Draper Theo 8 GaMagherJas Ballard Geo liilley 8 C Greenough J J 3 Bates Geo H Deary Robt Gas wold J A BaraniUCapGH Lor man PromO Henry Browne G H-2 Davis K G Griffin Geo B iirisolarU G Lurtee Philo-7 i, reen Geo Ball G J Dolphin P H Grutsenmaoker Been Geo W tiavenportOsoar F Brott Geo T Jrummond N 2 Gray Ed Buckey Geo W Drasy Martin Grey Dr Uailey G D Deveooze M-2 Gtttinsa W E Mioker Geo 8 Dodge Major 2 Grother E Benford 6 8 Uunnell M H-2 Gome E Binix Geo Oonehue Mioh GiloaR Backing bam FMDellance Dr M GoveD BassenFr*nois2Duokworth L J G'nbert C H Barns Francis Dresaer Lt Gibaon C H Barnom G F. M Diehl Israel 8 Goddard C E BalimerEugene Doan Joseph Guddard C W Bolloe E . Dann 8 H 6m.t AN Bsatty LA Do ran Jno ? Griswold A bar.nan E M Dickson Jno M uoae A F Hiddie Eo J Dudley Jno G Goes A L Bates Kills Davis J F J Gilkisoo A Bordie E H Doty Jas D OrinmondAD Bucnanan E H Dannington J A Gorhaio A S arigham E T Dukes Jae Gould A K BartnE nest ouinn Jas Goss A P Burnham D 8 Diokson J N Ham ill M A Bimey L) B ^_keok,r 1 * Hopkina W R ButterfieldColDSputton Jas B Humphrey W E Brings D L Dyer Jno Hanjoay W A Barstt Danl DaVirs H E Horrett W J Barrett ti H Dowie Henry Howard Wm BiakeaJie O G Decker H Hills W P Barber CD Douglas H Hunt W H Baylsh C 8 Dool ttle H J Harter Wm B hr cdas Daniel H F Hewitt Win W Benediot C H Donnell H I Hill Walter B?aeh C N Drsier H Helper W R Bradford C H Denmead H Hbok Wm C 8 Dekynes Geo 3 Hiokman W Brarg Cam W Duval Geo Hen wood m Barnard O Debos Geo Helms Wm K book wood Chas Day Geo U Hall W F B-?t Capt C L Doty Dr K H 2 Herring'onWL2 Baldwin B H Davis E W Hill Wm M S Brown A F podge Ed H%rdio( V bo nsBeoj Dayton K A Holmes Thos Bryan A J Deviaer D Hendrioks T A Bright AS P'lis D W Hatoniion Thoa Bowie A F Donohoe D Hillhouse Thos Blair A Davu Cyrus HommedienLtS Brown Ale* Dsninger C M H^sJ Thos H Butler A J J Durand C C Hilards Thoa Hrooks A J Daniels C H Holsoa Thos R BesekAW Dak in C JB HopkiaaDrSM Hying ton A H Deverio C F He math H Byrne Arthur Dix B W Hathaway 8 Bredley Alex Dent AS H lmee H W Cater Z T k0*"1*. | A HunUr Lt R T t:imb*M W H DolaelJ A F Hsb&ara K 8 Clifford Wm H Day Ansoa Raanxa P Hall Lt N J ] Lauson E Potter J B Ha* ran M Lane D Patterson J E Ha" Mich LyonsChas Parker Jos H off man Mr l.usby Chas Parker Jacob Hicker M Lewis C B PerryJqoT Hale? M C Lyons ralib Patton J H (1 inter l.ouis I anibertCA Potter J R H Hall I. M Lutt rCP I'att?rsonOolJ J HepbnmLtLF 4 Lewis C F Perkins Ja* Hooa M Leib ?'ha? Pump'tre* JM-2 Hess Ph lip Lee Beni F Preston J M Houston w W Leo A Pittman J E H< 'man Lt Lewi* A 3 Patten J<>el Hill J Wesley Lewis A E Perkins J A Bubn Jaoob LeonardAza Potter J HM Hall Jos Lewis A K Phillips Jno-2 Hart J no Merrifield Wm Parker Ju L Hill Josi Merrill Wm Peircon Jno HaysJnoB Murphy W W Prino* M?j 11-2 Hammill J S Mahon Wm Pratt Maj HC7 Hundnau??r J Montgomery W Phillips n L HoloombJ H V Potters H-3 H unset J B 3 Martin M Price horn H Hilten J W Montgomery W Poe Henry Hurlburt J&s H R-2 Port.'r H H HaohetJno Mathews Win Paine Dr H Hawley J W Mann W B Parkhu'st G H HofferJno Muse Wash Porter Geo Harris J H Murphy Wm Prince Geo M Henderson Jno Mt!e Win Paul Geo E Holiday Jno Moor WE Pope jr DrW W Harris JmE Marston W 8 O Porter Fiti Jno HeadleyJuo C J Monk Wm Pull P HinsleyJno MetoalfWm Patterson FA Huffington Jno Mitchell Thos A Prioe Frank-2 Hantly Jno C Moral Thos Packard E B Hanlan Jacob-2 Moor Thus PagejrE Hannah Jno Mnnson T B Pond D F Henry Capt Jas Murphy Thos Peixoth Danl Hertzberg Isaao Maine Dr 8 A Peroivat Dai HuntiogdonJM SMiller 8 V Plumley D M Hanen Israel Meredith Col 3 Pollard C W H*ldo I t J Mo Miller Col S Picks I Col Hively Jas MileherSG Potter C 8 Hunt Henry Moody SD Parks C HuntMaj Magan LtS ParksCaptCR B jut Mai H J-5 Morgan S R Porter Capt A P Haskep Lt H A Murray Reuben Pip?rAI<x Hill H J Mordy R p Pinkertos Allen Herman Hervey Morly CaptRF3 Perkins A W Holt Dr Henry Mildrum K C Putnam A A Hyte Henry E Montgomery R Perry Capt A J-2 Haroai! i,t H A Man tan Pat Post A L ModgesC?ptHC Maville Peter Reynolds W T HerunGeo W-2 Miiligan R F Riagely Win G Holbrook Geo Mrtahell O M-3 Reese Wm Hoytfc Green Mitchell.M Robinson Wm Hood Geo W Merriam M II Richardson W-2 Hogan <>eo Mellinger M K Rouse Thos Hunt G G Maher M Row'ey Col T II Hunt Lt G Memtall M W Ki^ehart S II HurttF W Mellinger M RobsonStnait Harvey Fred Mead L Rowison fearal llartwell F Marks Jas 2 Ryder Stephen Hart F N Marks Jno Roughs Hamilton F H 3 Magill Juo Ross R L Hooper F A Murray Jno C Ruler Phillips Hinks Col E Matnogly Jos H Reiohard P 8 Harris Klisha Miller Jas M KementerP Hunt Ed MangusJno Row Perry Hutchison E T Murphy J Mo Rogers \V A Hudson Capt KMMorrison Jas Roundy N Hartz Fid L 3 Myers Jos B Robbins N A Hinks Col E W MerrloksS G Reeve N Hoove D Marks Jno 3 Reise M-2 Harover ? Monroe Jno Rogers OP Haz3n D Martin Jos D RiceMG Hess Chas Montgomery JA Rogers L Hall Chas Muryhv Jno Reed J M HgrlingDrC Ma*kell Isaao KaubJno Hillyer C T Miller Jno B Russle Jacob Herz E 2 Miller Jno A Reed Jas B HeznsCW Mackay Jno RigcsJno HolsateC Maxwell H Read Jos Howell C E Morse II P Rouoh Dr J H Hodgesou C MarkhamFP Ready Jos Hilt Chas Millard Lt H Reed Jas W Harris C Maycard U 3 Reader Jno Hailling A C Miller H RopmanJno Holmes A MPler H C RunshaJL Hoiman A Morgan G D-fl Riley Jas 3 Hamilton A 3 Martenet G W Russell J F Height A Mitchell Gen Richmond J A HugbesAW Mitchell G A 3 Randolph J F Hurst A K Mil'er Geo Rowiey J A HamblinAG Mershan G F Richmond J Haden A Mowry Geo Rider H B HogleD Moure Geo Kiohardson H II Hegtns C W Man*han Geo Rentze II Irwin W B2 M?*rsGeuR Ran?om II C Jay Win Ma?on G D Rice Henry Jones D'WW 3 Mason J C Rehn tieo F Johns Capt Wm Morell Gen G W Kot?erts G C Johnson Wm Metier Geo M Renter F Jackson Win Moyer G Rosendorn F Johnson Thos Matlock Geo Rafl^aleJas Jones Thos 8 Mowry Geo Rumjay F W Jones Thos G Menteeth Gso Russell K Johnson R G May F W Richmond E 8-2 Jamison L Meiine F M R?ad E H-3 Jones J II Matron t'a#KC-2 Rowand Dr Jones Col J R Miderhill E F K xej D H Jones J A Miles E R ohinson Chas Jones Ja< E Moore E RichardsonCS 2 Jones Jno H Moore Cyrus Rowley U C Ja? Jno Milner E ltiohardson C H Jack jon Jno Mullen D M Richards CB Jordan Jos Montgomery D Roche C M Johnson J G Moline Lt D Reynolds LtCA John?onJ <>W2 Matthew D3 Rixford B 2 Johnson J M Mack Danl Robinson A W Jauewav Dr J H Marshall D Robmsou A M Jones H W Morgan LtCol Rhodes A Johnson Jno 2 MarpleD Ransom A B Isemann Henry Minton C Rowland A G JervisGW Mil er jr Chas 2 Ruthbone A I ago Geo MygattCH Rowell A Jordan F MonshuerCB Reese A J JewettEJ MeholyC Spiagu- Wm J 'hnsonD 3 Monloney J M Strew W W Jackson Dr CM Melrose H Sapen W E Jones Capt Miller Chas 8oper Wm Jones C R Morton B F Stearns W A Jackson Chas Martin B Stout Wm Jenuings Chas Mattoon Byron BemmiiWa'kor Johnston B L Mayer B Stone W 11 Johnston A II MoreanAB-4 SflUffur Wm Irwin A MelanoeyAS Halisbur* W Jones Maj A H Matteson A J Smith Wm Judson A B Mitchell Lt A B Strong Wm K Kelly WD MarahanAW SipesWii. B2 Heeler W J-2 MoCook Alex 3 Selkirk W H Wattle W MolntireH Surr Win Kaighn W T McCiain A B t<laier Wm K nnear Wm McCoy Pr- f A-3 Sanderson W H Kelley Wm MrCooe Lt A Sherman W T Kennedy Wm McGeer B Siatson V Kaioe Thos L MoKeyChris'r 3 Singleton T D Keloy Capt? AloClureJ Sargen, Tamer Kel*CaptSM MoRae D Saiiuls Theo Kirbt Capt R McCune D M Spencer T R 3 Keating R MoCarty D Stryker T C Krickxieir R McMioken D H Sherman Gen Kelohjier P B MoKelv?y D Spear T W Kerns Peter Mcl aiigliliuLtFSmith Thornton Keys" P MoNeil G H Sherman T M-3 Kerklaad O A MC'utohen Geo Smith Thos Kuiiuel!0 2 McGregor H G Scott'1 nos Krait Mr McCloskey 11 Smith T J Kun Mr McGrath H J Smith S R kenn?? Mahlon irto1 arthy Jno >*ca'ley 6aml Ketty M McUu!v?ry Jno Smith 8 Keitly Mioh McCoy Jos s^miihSK Knieht L MeGinniss J W Smith S B K ink cad Lt McDowell Jno Piuger J Kurtz Jno D MaCormack JuoSa*ton It Kennedy Jas H MoLaughliuJai&.-kinner II Kelohner Jno McL>augnlin J 8 Stevens R Kelly Jno McLaughlin K Siokler Dr P E Keeler J F McG^wenJno bwane Col N Kerby Jno M'Glensey Jno 8oi nndt Maj Kayrer Juliou^ F3 SpeliisuLM Ki tam J MoTagg*rt Jno Springer M Kline Jos M MoKayM Shohan M Keefer J J MoCarrieN Shoohan M Kennedy J McGough O Smith M KallengerJno McBride O Steel M D Kmzie Jno 11 MoAdams P Smith L <) Keatly Juo MoNaney Pat Smith L C Keller Henry McDamsl R uoott L K ng Henry L MoMillan Southard L H Ling llarrj MeDuckcrS So?nLM Kondrick H L McCludenS Smith Jno 8 Kefzel Cap G A MoCarney T Smith J T . Kelly Weo D Mc^auna Thoz Soper Geo II KlappOG MoKeanThon Steine Jas M Kinney G W G Mo Michael Maj smith J A Kirk Geo R W Smith J L Koeler Geo Mol-ain Wm StubbsJnoT Keusel CapG A MoNeir Win Smith A B Kensel Lt Goo MoCaulley W S S:?ght Juo Kirney E L Norton W N Smith J W Kellum 3 Nichols Win Smith Jno A-6 Krunney E 8 Nichols J Sparks Jno F Key. D A Nobles W H Stewart Jnu F Korn Chas Nash Wm Shaw Jno KuglerChas Neat L Smith J U Kelly Char 2 Neal Capt T H Steel Jos H Kuhn Capt Norris VV Smitb J C KuenyB Nor'how K W SmithLtJL King B C Ny Jay SmiU. J 8 K K rby A NiesJos Steei J W Latcluord Win Nunes Jos A 2 Storm J R V Leavenworth Nelson J M Snodgrass Jno W H Nelson H 2 Shaughess; Jno Lyman W O Nelsou A Starkey J L Lord W H NioholsJC Stevens J W Linton W NioholsE Sterling D' Jno Lacey W B Nnlton J F Shamelia J p Lazarus W H-2 Negly Jas 8 Sweeny J W Lawrence W Niokerson J C Simpson Jue WH Noyes H H Smitten J V 3 Lee W m N nnnania* er U Sphar J M Lebo VV B Newmyor G W Stswart J H Lawder Wm Noegle D 8ohmoke'Dr J Luoas T J Noil D SeybortJno Lunkin T NolonD Stridor J 11 LumpkinsT NyoGH Skid more J 8 Lambert T A Newell C 8 Steward J D

LoboohTheo NodineCH Sherman Jas Lee Thos J Norris A B Shookley Jno Laidley T X 8 Quioktell WN-8 Sether J K LontS O'Hanlan T SuiivanJM Little Thos M Osborn 8 2 Sperbourney J P Lewis Haml E Orr Saml Simpson J teitoh R Overton 8 SavegeJnp owne R W-4 O'Brion Pat SeltZirColJ II Litz Paul Ogaen M L Stamburgn 11 Ludwick P Osborn N W Schroder H B Leighton N W U jzi?nburg Mr stovena H Lewis M T QninnJno Seran H M Lager Mr oaks Jas J Stinemetz H L Lnary Mioh O'Rellley Jas Sparry H H-2 Landers M D O'Connatl Jno Siebert H Lawrenoe M H O'Connell J Sandhorel H Loyd Dr L O'Connor Jas Stevens H M Lendrum Lt OharraJnoJ Snenuan H D ^oty J O Overton Jno Smith Henry ^eachJno-4 Osborne J J Schiarbum H jaw Jno Owens Jno Sayler H B ^aw Jno Geo 0'\anJP Stamburgh H A jong Lt J M-3 O'Brine h bpeake H jove Jno 2 Overton 6 B Sand Gro Leech Jno L-2 O'Kfcele LtCol Snyder LtG W-2 Lamb Jas L KB Sab in G A ^itsJno OlisonEH Sheffield Geo .ee Julian P Orvis A Strong G H joud J D Porter Gen Z Q SchwarzmanGA ^li.tou J L Porry Wm Smith Geo ^ightner J Paine W H S Smith Fred ^ewis Joshua Pygall Wm Bmiui F G -odor Jas G Payne Wm Snyder Lt G W ^acy Capt Jno i'enn Wm Stanton F P r Lenox Jno H Peck Wm A Stoneman F jongloy JnoF Perkins WL Swift F ^swtha J as Pembieton W 8 Strong G C-2 ^araby Joe Poaltney Thos SoeiyF W L.ewia J A Poterfisid T Sprettle F 2 Ledecer Jaoob Pteroe D L A So hall F H ^edaon Jno W-2 Plats Sam) L Stipes F .awrenoe BR-3 Pitts Saml A Senao F jDdsley H-2 powei. S w Sparrow FO >asselleLtH M Pohmison R YC Sohultz F ^indenbower B Proudeat R 8 Spinola F B jyle Henry Patterson R M Sul ivan E D 8 reman H Porter N Salsbiry E C IVlXi ?,!?, i .oiman 6 M-S Meroe McGi.i S eel E W -awrecoe G V 'hiltips M C Sullivan E ^easue G B 3 'leroe L M SanafoidBB Lock wood Ges 'iiroisore L . D P 5lS>n,I)B TaylorUtl Williamson WB n Ta?IorOeoG w?t J Thot ??&?? R Torrw D K W-foh Jiu H 3 Trowbridge C F W?B#r J H o M Towntend Col Winnemore J J 2Lrr*&.2 Townaend Chas Worpls Jno SUwl??* Thomas Chas Wilkin* Jno D StawartC Teaton C C Whist ejma Miaw i.hni 3 Turn hoII CN Wnbb J W 2fl'n*T?w T&itCol WioobrxoorJA Snerrick Chas True C F Willi. Jno ^r^?hu"V.dtC IBok*r B F Win* J K-8 Stra toriBu2 Tully B Wood Ju Iri"A R Ward Jbo v ?iS ? Tripp A White Jno A aiSjSf i? ? 1 Trowbridge AB Wa-d J M U 2 Tmibower W H Walsh Ju " u , ? V*n Bokelia W Wrifbt Jno F K 3 Ward Jno F ^ Vickera Wm White Jno A ? Parian Wm WhiteJnoW el!? v A yM Buren w H Wn*ht Isaac S ga?*U A . VenakaWJ WtUiJso Sy'TMterA Vincent Th<?a M Wirren Jva 5mlJu ? Vaiiderhoff R B Walcott J a ^ Van Buakirk P Waltx Ira Smith A H Vierhfller P Whelp y J W Sumerwere A Vanalvke U B Wineland J Speaa A W Van Borria Mr Wallaoe J M 2fnMto^ 4L,t Vi*l? LFS Wiiaon J H Shipley A N Van Alaten J Willard Joa Scannel, A Van Patten J B Wood worth J R rides Amos Vanner J Wharton H W ??nf?*jr ChM Vioker J N White Hugh Smith A B Villard H-J Woriey H F Towell Wm Upton F O White H A Thew W H Viol land E L wS&VH IJJ W H-2 I'pt Lt t: Wilt H R T?rlor W Vana'ta E Weir H ?' rumble WH Underbill E F Winter JO Tarman \V H Vowerkel Chaa Wimm e w Trowbridgeh H Vaughn A C Wright Geo Turner a Wilson W M White G E Til*hmaa 8-2 Whipple W D Winter F Tuell 8 R Wheaton W L Wright G W ffhaeker R c Wallia W W Wil&es Geo Tompkins P Wil?ia W 2 Watera E F Thornton O Williama W H Whelen?erE Towaley 0-2 Wood W N Wattela E M I readman M win field W W iison E Tuoker M Warner W J t Weber E-S ?r?!lViM M Wataon W W Wright EH ruttle L R WadsworthWS Wood D 2 ?Treble L S 3 Wi hans W W Well D ult Dr J B Wataon W C Weaver D S-8 una Jno WatherW W Wilh.*?|| C hoinpaon P Wyble W m Ward C-2 rtompaon Jaa Wi kiaon Wm W&:iace C H Tompaon Jno Williamson F L Willard C 11 Tilton J C Walker Thoa Wagner C t J??,? Waiker TftoaW Woodward C W -rl * Wataon Thoa Wright 0 F t i?"'", ?? Williama Thoa Wataon C U TilburgJasH Wolff Sam L WehaterCP Traiey J no ?-2 Wilson S R Woodingtou C 1 ruax Joe,ah WarnerS Winslow B Tay or J |* Wataon R-2 Wfceten B G I'|'?r H Wilson RL Wrigm B A Tyler Hugh-2 Wharton SS-2 Walling AT Tanner H WilkeraonS J Wakeiuan A 3 T?.u 1r 5 ?rr4 8 H W(HXl A F TiJey H Whwier 8 8 VVtrreo A D Thompaon A W Wilkinaon 8 Webb A S 2 Thompaon H Wall Pat 3 White A Thompaon Geo^ Walker Peter W hite A M Thompson GHj Wi aon O Woodhull DrAP I h mpaon K P Warren O W'arroney A Townaend F We?ttakeo VouLgThoa Townaend D Willi, N P 2 Young Jn-3 Taggart J J Wileon ME \ an'iah Jno Thoriier h Wnloott Mr Y oung Edd Therberer K Wnelan M Youni K K I hayer E C Wait Mai Yeager H S Toner E Wright M Yore* h nwu Ten Brook Dr Wil'ama L A 2 Voung A U r^ rPJ Wenuhotx L 2 Zaae 8 S-2 X^!I?T Dr> ,u tU.U H Zu TylerlJanl WhitehonaeLL Zunmenn^n J R MISCELLANEOUS.?Naral Lyoeum; L.O. P. rr*i"D Offioer Co. Et2d U.S. Oragoona o^lgimi mvbt in m casks be pekpaid. I Drop Lettera, in all oaaea, muit be pre-paid. 8?>6 LEWIS CLKPHANE. P. M. GEORGETOWN. Corrufond$nc4 of The Star. Geokgktown, Sept B, 16*61. At a meeting Of the Board of Truateca of Georgetown School, held on i&at Wedneaday e?enlng, Mr. C. M. Matthewa waa elected aecretary of the board, to fill a vacancy occaaloned by the reaignatlon of Dr Barbarln. Day before yeaterday, In the afternoon, a Government wagon came down Waahlngton atreet, and by the grossest careleaaneaa on the part of the ?, .r. U'a1rn ran over *bealdewalk afthe Union Hoapltal, apllnterlng the Iron lamp-poet into frag men ta. Thla did not Impede the career of our model teamater, and a few pace* further on he brought up agaiuat a market wagon, In which were aeated a man and hla wife. The abufla of thla vehicle were broken, tbe horae thrown down and run over, and the market man and wife eo f'lRbtened *bey didn't know whether they collided with an ordinary team or a atray locoroo"Tf. rhelr ^?2?n waa dragged Into contact with an omnlbua full of pnaaengera, and for a while rearing Quadruped, awearlng blpeda, and damaged vehlclee were piled up rather promlacuoualy. Order waa Anally restored, and damaeea temporarily repaired. Aa a wagon with a load of hay from Mr. Thorn on, of Montgomery county, waa coming down High atreet yeaterday afternoon, the axle broke, near the omnlbua atand, and the load being topdamage' wagon, doing conalderable \ erv few coal boats are arriving by canal, though navigation la uninterrupted and the line well guarded. We are unable to account for lt, but auppoae there la a lack of confidence In the stability of preaent arrangements ou the part of shippers or boatmen GEORGETOWN ADVEKT A1T8 rr-5=*MAYOK'S OFFICE, Lk3 Utartetawn, D C, Auguit 17. 1861 Rre^i'lreM a " ,roT,Je<1 act of ConDiatnSt ifivimfciP? i*wful for any peraon in the Colombia to sell, give, or administer to any aoldier oi volunteer in the aer vice of the United t M,V;?r?nr p?r,on we*rlIiK the uniform of a.ioh Kli?.i? 'ffliioii liquor or in t J\f? ' a,Ul ra?Ly ?> Otfeuding againat the provisiona of this Act ahail be deemed ? ""*,leir;ea'or, and upon oouviction "et j re a magistrate or court having orimiiial jurisdiction shall be puniahed by a ? e of aollara, or imprisoument in th- jail of Washington the Diatriot of Columbia, lor the period of thirty daya"? ' b* tt known to all peraona oonoernM, Pnii'?2 )lm,u thia Corporation, that the ^'.th n,,J.'"?'y ??d. lave b?>en, and are hereby, directed to enfjroe, moat rigidly, the provisiona of the aforesaid law, without any reapoot to peraona whatao- ver. ' au 17 2aw3w HENRY ADDISON. Mayor. 10 ?kl!?S- P- H. MOLASSES, IU 6hhda primsP. R. Sugar. 37 boxes New York Cheese, i '? flP new No. l,2 and 3 Mackerel, 1,? 0 lbs. new Hake and Cod Fish. fio boxes Scaled Herring, 1 rmr1. fL?0? Si1?*/a1**" L**??fra Coffee, J/** A No. I Sucar on red llams, Superior old Bourbon Whisky, $2 per gallon. Notes of the old issue i Par ?t my regular reUil prioe. se5-6t W. H. TENNEY. IVfAbSEY, COLLINS * CO.'S ~~ ?r.?00 hlf.-bbls. do. do. do. ? Whioh on arrival will be for sale. Ternyi cash nmd?llT8r'- ? ARNY a SfSriNN, Union Depot, Georgetown. JU8T RECEIVED10 hhds. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS UObbla. Old Rye WHISKY, A*? !*) bbla. HERRING and ALEW1VES. ?n bhla. t.ruahed and Refinod SUGARS, RfcW ?lo,""d Jav? COFFEE. 10 hhda.(low-priood) Mt)LA8st8. For sale by JQnN J. BOGUE. Ml* W'HITE MERCRR POTATOES. P RIM R, RIPE, A WD MEALY. AT LOWEST mar KIT pricks ml^pps^ vAR f K**5AS*TERs ok regi MhlMTfe. Yo* wait to keep your in^n lieaithv * lSa~>-J4f!?thtawllho.t, them good PoUtoea. i hese you can get at Steel A Co'a.316 ?in'(!BnnV2M?^l,orntr of Second atreet "O^ERS.?You want to pleaae your ouatomera, and induce them to oall again, and reoom s. ".^;&rto\"?V""pUo? ,or Tkn iwFPo?SZit D RKSTAURANT KREPERS. MlitM ^*rhi ,lueaU.and uokle their pa atea. Theu bny Potatoea orsteolACo. Bv thi h'nT?r /Si Fk rUM w,:i h? b*n*hted-the seller, the buyer, snd the eonaumer. standing! taken\t^?r. Kentookr n,OD^ ? ^ 11 c,- P-?K. . . J. w. 8TEKL A CO., .,f.l? ?:?"' oorner of Seoond street?(Old Sentinel Office ) sep 5 S am9^,44<->SALS, till the Uth September. ?a wftam , ahtry.mT,W(1 forfBnualua? FLoUR A bout 3,000 barrel's will be required, to be dellv"parate lota oi 1,000 barrels each The ofwDew and the delivery of USI ot to ** n?ade b? the ?th September, .'^ ?ionr.rue^,lr?<ktP be of th-following brands, and to pass the inspection of a Board of Army Ofii?/Ji*tm^Bi0mA1 in,*eoUo? M the Subsulenoe Departme<<t may direct: Arlington Extra, Congress do. Fair view do. Florette do. tiieawocd do, Chesap ake Mills do. Clagctt do. J. N e woo me do. II* South do. Koabury do. Joe Charles do. J Da*idaon do. it: Lyon's Union Flonr, braada above named The bidders Sieh kiV^2.^r?4,,d n.?nib?r of bane la of ^55 * _.r >?>poas to fnrniah. ry Lotea.^1^ th? n|ht to pay la Trsaas TELEGRAPHIC NEWS REPORTED DEATH OF JEFFERSON DAVIS. Philadelphia, Sept 5?The Inquirer of this morning, has a apectal Washington dispatch, aay. Ing reliable information of the death of Jefferson Davis haa been received by the Government, and fixing Tuesday night aa the time of hla deeeaae Sntktra News. Louisville. Sept. 4 ?The Memphis Appeal of the 2d reports the receipt of the 132 bales of cotton aud aale of 37 bales At a meeting of native Kentucklans at Memphla, on the 3d lnat , they resolved to pledge themselves to render their native State and her aona "all the aid within their power, whenever her freemen aba 11 Inaugurate a atruggle for the assertion rf her liberty agalnat the tyranny of the Federal power and despotism of the abolltlonlsta of the North." A Richmond letter to the Memphla Appeal re-' porta the arrival of two cavalry companies from Georgia, which are aaid to be tne finest and most efficient troops, with the best horses ever seen there. The Charleston Mercury, ofSaturdsy. announces the arrival at that port of the armed privateer Gordon, from a alz weeks' crulae, during which she had captured four prltes. Gen. A. Sidney Johnson haa paaaed through on hla way to Richmond The New Orleana Picayune, In an editorial upon the exchange of priaoners between the United Statea and ths Confederate States, asserts < that the refusal of the former to admit the Confederate armies to such equality as will minister to the clvlllzcd usages of exchanging prisoners, and otherwise mitigating the calamities of war upon Individual, la aa unprecedented, even In civil wars, as It 1a a foollah and fanciful aasumptlon. In speaking of the release of the Federal prlaonera taken at Fort Fillmore on parole, the Picayune stabs that thia would not have been done by the Confederates had they then known that the government at Waahlngton had refused to entertain the question of an exchauge. Dr. Howell Snrague, one ofthe surgeons of ths Charity Hospital, New Orleans, Is dead. Naw Ysrk Democratic Csnventisa. Syracuse, Sept 6 ?The New York State Democratic Convention thia morning, by a vote of 114 against 87, reconsidered the vote of yesterday ad- i mitting both of the New York delegatlona The queatlou now recurring on the adoption of the majority report, admitting the Tammany delegates only, great excitement was produced The Tammany debates wsre subsequently sdmltted alone by the Convention, thus excluding the Mozart or "peace" wing of the party. There la tremendous excitement Niw York, Sept. 6.?The resolutions reported yesterday In convention were In the main adopted, and a number of loyal and spirited speeches were delivered, opposing any peace propositions, excepting at the eannon'a mouth, but guaranteeing to the South all their constitutional rights. Mara Arrests. Saratoga, Sept 4.?James Chapln, i Confederate officer of Vicksburg. waa arrested hereto-day and sent to Fort Lafayette Boston, Sept 4?James Legulre, hailing from Halifax, N. S , was arrested this morning. Ha is charged with conspiracy against the government and has been committed to prison for trial, ball being refused. He was on his way to Memphis, and a rebel uniform waa found In his trunk This and other suspicious circumstances led to his arrest. Portland, Me., Sept 4 ?Cyrus F Sargent and Octavlua F. Hill, of Yarmouth, Me., who have been doing busines at the South, were arrested to-day, by the United States marshal, by order of the Secretary of War. They are confined in Jail, and will be conveyed to Foit Lafayette Secession Tresps Invading Kentucky Cairo, Sept 3 ?General Grant baa telegraphed to the Kentucky Legislature that the Confederates In considerable numbers had Invaded Kentucky, and are occupying and fortifying strong positions at Hickman and Chalk Bluffs. He haa received a reply that his message, with one for Gov Harrta, of Tennessee, to Gov. Magoffin had been referred to a special committee Gov Harris says in his communication that the trvops thus landed at Hickman last night did so "without my knowledge or consent, and, I am confident, without the consent of the President i have telegraphed President Davis requesting their immediate withdrawal." A Card frsna Mejsr Msrdecal. Philadelphia, Sent 5 ?Major Mordecal, late in command ofthe Watervltet Arsenal, publtahes a card, denying any complicity In furnishing the rebela with drawings of a machine for expanding rifle bullets, aacharged. He acknowledges having allowed Abraham Snyder, the Inventor of the machine, to have copies made, but shows by letter, dated In January last, that he communicated the fact to Colonel Craig, of the Ordnanoe Department. saying that it wa* not too late to retract the permission if he thought it necessary. Major Mordecal, since his resignation, has been residing in tbls city, supported by a daughter, who Is a school teacher. Latest from Fortress Menree. Fortrkss Monroe. Sept. 4-A flag of truce this morning conveyed to Craney Island a number of ladles wishing to go South. A flag of truce from Norfolk also brongnt down the baggage of the released seamen who arrived yesterday. They report that the North Carolina Confederates are terribly exasperated on account of our recent victorious demonstration on their coast. The floating battery, aaid to have been towed froin Norfolk down to Seweli's Point, exists only in imagination. From Missssrl. CJcinckt, 111 , Sept 5 ?Gen Pope left here last evening to take the field in Missouri. The rebels have torn up the railroad track and cut down the telegranh poles between Hunnewell and Shelbena. on the North Missouri railroad. Martin Greens was between the places yesterday, with a force of two thousand well-armed men, and had two pieces of artillery. Gen. Hurlburt Is reported to be west of Shelbena, with twelve or fifteen hundrei Illinois troops. Massachnsstts Yslanteers. Boston. Sept. 4.?Thirty companies have been tendered to General Wilson, twenty-eight of which number hsve been accepted, including companies formed of the late three months volunteers. Toilet's new artillery is full, and a new cavalry regiment rapidly organizing. A large proportion of the famous Sixth Regiment have re-enllsted under the gallant Col. Jones. A Prize Ship at Enstpert, Maine. Fas*port. Me , Sept. 4 ?The ship Alice Ball has Just arrived herein charge of a prize crew. She was captured in the bay by the revenue cutter Arago. The Alice Ball is from Liverpool and no regiater or other papers, except a clearance from the Liverpool office She carried a secession flag which waa flying with the stars and stripes over It. This is the third ship that haa been captured within a week by the Arago. The prlzea are all lying in thia harbor. Serisns Accident ta Ex-Gsvernsr Brlggs, ef Massachusetts. Boston. Sept 5.?Yesterday ex-Gov. Brlggs, at his residence in Pittsfleld, In attempting hastily to take down a coat hanging In a room displaced a loaded musket, which discharged, the shot carrying away hla left jaw and Inflicting a very serious if not fatal wound. Ramered Bsmbardment af Ceiambns, ky Louisville, Sept. 5?It is rumored that the Federal gun boata, after having been fired upon from Columbus, had responded by shelling and burning that town, but no confirmation of this Improbable story can be obtained to-night. The Reported OeathefJeff Davis Louisvillb, Sept 5 ?A report was widely circulated here to-day that ex-mayor Barber had recelved positively the death of Jefi Davie. But the report is entirely without foundation The Rebel Force la Miseonrl. Cairo, Sept 5?The accounts from the rebels In southeast Missouri are conflicting Their numbers are variously estimated from KtWO to 30,000. _ Gen. Beauregard's Kepsrt. Louisville, fept. 5 ?Gen. Beauregard >a report of the battle or Bull Run has been published He calls the engagement "a remarkable artillery dutLu 1 Union Meeting at Oswego. Oswroo, N. Y . Sept 5.?a mass meeting, composed of men of all parties, was held here today. Hon. Daniel 8 Dickinson was the principal speaker, and was enthusiastically applauded. Sailing ef the Canada. boston, Sept 4.-The Canada sailed fcnlay with 37 passengers for Liverpool, and 11 for Halifax. No specie. Ohio Uaiea State Tlchet. Cleveland, Sept 5 -The Union 8tata Corvention has nominated a State ticket, divided between the democrats and republicans. Fire at Great Barrlagtan, Mass . 8T?cXRipeE! Mass , Sept 5.?The cotton factory in Great Barrlngton, belonging to Olney Gaff, was consumed by fire this afternoon. snp; SECOND EDITION. THREE U'(L(M k P M Th? Visiroaa to thi U 8 i ?r?AW? Astlfh ? Tbe public will recollect that under the law Ikrn are nine cltlsens of the District of Columbia ip. pointed by tbe President u Tldton of tbe Government 1 nnt>e Asylum here lader the Isle administration among them wore Dsnlel Bat cllEe, Esq , W. W Corcoran, Dr. Tyler, o4 Georgetown, and Dr Thee Miller, of this city. Mr. Ratcllffe vamosed to Seceeiis aome woe the go, thus TBcatlng hla appointment Very recently three other* have tendered their res'gnaUona?Mr Corcoran and Dra. Trier and Miller. The rreal dent haa appointed tbe following bow member* of tbe board, not one of whom, we oplae, wlU hesitate to take tbe oath required, ot oourae, of all holding any position under tbe Government. Vl?: TheMayoraof Washingtonsad Georgetown, and Dr. J a me* A. Hall and Dr Jan. B Blake The following la tbe letter la which Mr Corcoran tenders his resignation, which does hla well known public aplrlt la such mettcra among us, Infinite credit Indeed. Washibotob. Aug 30,16*1. Hon C B Stunk. SscrtMry if Valerter Sir: When tbe Insane AsylumlathlsDIstrlctwas established, from a desire to promote tbe objects of a great public charity, and Wauasths appoint ment was declared, 1b the law. to be merely "honorary," and without pay, f accepted tbe Invitation of the Presldeot to be one of tbe visitors. I feel now at liberty to consider, from this length of service and tbe share I had la Inducing the original appropriation, that I have done my part, and without rellnqulahlng any Interest I have felt In tbe beneScent objects of tbe Asylum, to give place aa visitor to some other c HI tea who ha* more leisure and ability to be useful to tbe InstltutlOB. You will be pleased, therefore, to consider this as uiy resignation. Very respectfully, yours, wtw. Coecoeab Thi kbeht ovbb thb Rivee ?We have Information from our picket ltnea on ths other aide of the river up to a late hour this forenoon, wbea everything was quiet. Our ltnea in the neighborhood of the Chain Bridge now extend three and a half miles la to Fairfax oouaty, from the (Chain) bridge, and this morning It is clear that the force throws la that Immediate vicinity a day or two since by Beauregard, haa been withdrawn, farther back?to what particular point we do not yet know. Military ArroiffTHsNTa ?Tbe Presides! today appointed the following phyaielaBa, to be brigade aurgeoaa of volunteers Vlt: Dra. J no F. Carpenter, of Pa.; A If* be us B. Cosby, of N H ; VV'm Varian, of III; Tarrant A. Perklna, of 111; Thomas H. Bacb, of Pa.; Jamea D. Strawbrldge, of Pa j Joslah Curtis, of Massachusetts j F. N. Burke, of Ohio; D. W. Hartshorn, of O.; R B McCay, of p*. Wm N. Strew, of NY; John S Craven, of N J ; Robert L Stanford, of Tea ; A P Maylert, of Pa ; Edwin Bentley,of Coun ; sam'l L Herrlck, of Mich. _ Lieut. Gebeesl Scott?The Commauder-laChief, aurrounded by hla military family, was photographed to-day. Chancing by at the time, we bad a good look at him, and tboogh knowing him for a life time, never saw htm look more like himself. He seemed every whit ss vigorous as we ever before saw him. Tendered bis Skbvicbs ?Baron e Von Vogesask, a Swedish officer, late governor of one of the Swediab West India islands, Is In thla city, and has tendered hla military services to tbe Government of tbe Cnlted Stales LATE LOCAL NEWS examination or a Pbisobeb ?Tbe transfer of the passengers and crew of tbe price schooner Remittance Into the cuatody of tha Marshal of the District !s noticed in our nsvy Yard report of today. Their n* roes are Alex Johnson, Edward Saunders, Chas a Yates, John P Richard*. R S. Mitchell, J. H. M Burroughs, Thos F Burroughs, J. F Bradley, Wm Posey, col'd, and Henry Luckett, coi'd All vere taken to tho county jail, but Mr. Yates was immediately brought over to tbe City Hall, where be waa examined before Mr. Wm R Woodward, one of the Prise Commissioners He states that tbeerew of tbe consisted of the captals, J H M Burroughs, snd one other white man, snd two colored men, all of Charles eounty. Hs (Mr Y > waa only a passenger, having two bo* brads of tobacco on board, shipped at Port Tobacco, aad being taken to Baltimore. Hla wife haa with her all the money, and seems to manifest considerable anxiety. Hla examination waa not concluded when our reporter left. Provost Guard Cake* ?Thla morning J am re Bryan (col'd) and Samuel Price (while) were arrested for cutting into a building near tbe Treasury where patterns are kept. They were brought before Justice Donn for a hearing. Price was used as a witness, aud testified that Bryan cat the window loose, hoisted U, snd went la Bryan was committed for court, and Price held to ball as a witness. Both were arrested by the Provost G ?ard J . D Lacey was arrested for selling Ilqaor to soldiers, and also for.having a colored man concealed in hla cellar. He was sent to Jail for n further hearing Three soldiers of ths First sad Sixth Pennsylvania Regiments were siso taken from the bouse for being absent from camp without permission They are detained at ths guardhouse for punishment. Is reteeebce to the ventilation of the Soldiers' Rest" near the depot, we are assured by those In charge thst the door* are opened every day. and that the ventilation of tbe building Is further secured by tbe aperture* for that purpose in the roof. Probsbty our informant visited t^? place at some time when It presented a much less than average salubrity of aspect. LATEST NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. IMPORTANT AND GOOD NEWS FROM NORTH CAROLINA Baltimore, Sept 0.?The steamer of this morning brings the following dispatch: Fortress Mobbob, Sept. 3 ? The steamers Monticello sad Harriet L<ane arrived from Cape Hatteras Inlet this morning, and reports most gratifying Intelligence. The Confederates hsve abandoned tbelrstiwngly fortified posts st Ocrscoke Inlet. A number of North Carolinians have demonstrated their loyalty to the Federal Government by coming to Hatteras lolet to take tbe oath of allegiance. Col. Hawkina sends word thst be sdmlalstered the oath to between two snd three hundred persons In s single day. The steamer Pawnee still lies la ths Inlet, and the Susquehanna on the outside. The Susquehanna ran down to Ocracoke Inlet, and found the forllllcatlons there completely deserted, and the white Hag waa everywhere exhibited [Ocracoke inlet Is an entrance Into Pamlico Sound, and probably thirty-five ml lee W.8.W. of Cape Hatteras.] the racer flora temple seized* New Yobe, Sept. 6 ?The celebrated rnoer, Flora Temple, waa selxed yesterday as tbe property of William McDonald, of Baltimore, now of "Secesala." QOfi EMILK DUPRE pmistltuia avbbte, lbob bvilbiim. Impmtm and IfMtJSii Dmltr m 8YELPS, and CAMP &UPPL1ES. JUST RECEIVED? 100 CASES OLD ROUKBON (IS**) AT SMI LB UUPRF8 i bob Bgqntiio. i8q Pa. Arwa F Vrederic TUSTUr HAMBURG C B LEBRATED SMOKING TOBACCO. The Best Artiele Ever Imported, Q Q tO EMILh DC PRE, I bob Bbildiwo. xv 0 Pa. A varan. JUST RECEIVED* Cases imported selters water, la Orlgiaal stone Bottles, At as 13 lm EMILK DUPKE^S. Ai, .. SPECIAL NOTICE. ^..VTC!" to as, Oh Of*.: so <oa ?e .k"*,are ' epeetielry ei* t u t. ca4 J*d NT the aim* by la' <ta> ? * ? c l? a at. OfT Oa-.uO's en tire* li r v?li >? ihat ilate. ? ?, .?e . , e*# jfe ear ir.ends w reeeona ? *? . J. w. . ! , % * jo , naMti. >Sd m*mu w ^ t a nr>

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