Newspaper of Evening Star, September 7, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 7, 1861 Page 1
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0 m (Ebmittg ?tn r. ? n 1 ' * ?? i ???????? VOL. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C. SATURDAY. SEPTEMBER 7. 1861. N9. 2.668. , ?? _ _ ? ?i?? THE EVENING 8TAR M PUBLISHED BVBRY AFTERNOON, (PUNl/AY EXCEPTBD.) AT Trtfc STAR BUILDINGS, Com# / rmntflwtmi* ?* *?? amd Sltrtntk H. IT W. T>. WALLAOH. Paper* aerTfd la package* by carriers it S4 a rmt, or 37 cento ppr month. To mall aubecrVbers the price la S3 50 a yea*, in mdvnc*; S* for alz month.*; CI for three mon'ha; and for lew than three montba at fbe rate of 19 eenta a week. 8laIt1? copies, oaa cawr; la wrappers, two csst*. IET ADvaartaaxairra ahould be sent to the oflre befwe W o'clock m ; otherwlae they may net appear until the neit day. [WftlTTSV FOR TBI STAB. MARRYING'THE MISItTFR. WT C0RI5XB Lilia Goldlnz and Rebecca Crawford, two lixht-hearted school maid* as erar lored each other, wars what young girls call "intimate friends." That is, in all hoars of school recreation they wer^Seen walking arm in arm; absorbed in the most earnest and doubtless important conversation-. They exchanged many and mysterious glsnoes daring hoars of stndy, as if the Fates had entangled the web of their lives in one perplexing piece! They doted on the same teachers, read the same books, enjoyed together beautiful sunsets, were melancholy through presentiment of fotare sorrow, in the moonlight; and were even known to meet at sunrise, and in unison rhapsodise orer the glories of the rising luminary: Notwithstanding all this intimacy, these maidens were very dissimilar. They were unlike in appearance and temperament, and there wis also a difference in their surroundinert WAS Ana Af fira A an?W?A.a ?.-||W. VVV/O - -w vuw ?-* Uf V unutuvcio, Ul an aged Presbyterian minister, who nad exercised his pastoral functiona over the same email bat united flock, duriDg a period of thirty years. Riohea, he had none?of that perishable nature generally denominated as such, by the world. He waa not a great, nor yet a "very devout, but certainly a comfortably good man. Pleasant la hia memory, to all ua young people. aa we knew bim in hia genial home, with Tegard to the mortal weariness inflicted by hia sermons?so prosaic and verbose?for those too, we giva him thaaks; aa among the salutary penances imposed upon oar heedless youth. Lilia wis called an heiress, and being an only and orphan child, she waa caressed, pampered. and almost idoliied, by very indulgent grandparents. Her tastes were caprioioas, and she varied from grave to gay, as her fancies or impulses directed. Animated and humoroaa, or sad and sentimental, the very contrasts she presented, added to those golden charms she was known to possess, madeber a village belle. The simple and peaceful home of the pastor was her delight, and often she waa weloomed 4K*m m a)ia?ia)t*il ? * 41 v vuvt v? wo M vuvuouvu ^UOOI, auu LQO oopp/ recipient of its humble hospitalities. The minister's house! Fresh in my mind is its every apartment, and all its peculiarities. It waa a rambling, disconnected old mansion, having been built by one man, added to by another, and completed by a third; and so had no definite character, but realized a succession of idiosyncrasies. Yet the effect was rather captivating, than inoongruous. The dwelling certainly was not common-place, and had to be studied out, piece by piece, as it had originated It stood alone?ten graceful leoust trees shaded an ample front, and harmonized charmingly with the painted white and green of the exterior. This house was placed upon the banks of a lovely stream, and was environed by a carefully cultivated garden, whioh was arranged with some pretensions to eleganoe?for several terraces and flights of stone atepe, gradually led you on to the river's edge. In thalower garden space, very near the water, waa a grove of mulberry trees They were planted because Mrs. Crawford desired ta eul tivate the silkworm, and bad dona bo, with considerable success. Near this grove wu placed en arbor of wooden trellis-work, covered with the fragrant woodbine?happy retreat of bamming bird*! murmuring and aparkllng, u they flitted o'er their leafj shelter, and offered the incense of the flowers to Heaven?the little guardian spirit* of woodbine bowers! A pleasing spot wu the home so long occnpied by this good man, and his affectionate family. X have said that Lilia was a village belle? she had numerous admirers?young lawyers, doctors, students, and now and then, she attracted the homage of acme unfortunate wanderer, who remained too long for his own peace of heart, in this dangerous little town. Kebeooa too, was captivating, and eepcoially so, to one class of men, who are supposed to be be allured by intrinsic charms alone?to young ministers. Several of these gentlemen, who had, aooording to evangelical and established custom, been her father s guests (and not permitted to remain at the village inn) at different times, tarried^nnezpectedly to themselves. over to another Sabbath?and they preached the gospel with great sweetness and fervor, quite meltltog the susceptible hearts of various spinstera in the ot ngregation. Rebecca was tne primal souroe of this increase and depth of nnntion?quiet, demure, mischievous Rebecca! Modelled to outward seeming, into most admirable mechanism of movement and feeling, yet for all that, overflowing with most oonsumuate, frolicsome love of the grotesque, and the ridiculous. It was during a summer vacation that Lilia's grand parents permitted their darling to spend a week with her friend Rebeeoa. The welcome day which commenced this much enjoyed visit, alio brought u an inmate and visitor a young clergyman. Mr. Dumbarton waj just prepared for his mission, and wss about to take charge of a oongregaiion in Western Virginia. He was a tall, pale, slender, pious, intellectual looking youtn; and had an abstracted manner, as if detached from the things of this world, aod absorbed with themes of high and sacred import. Th? effect ef this "distrait" style of proceeding, was enrapturing_for the coquet nan. romantic scnooi gins. TH? very morning of hit arrival be prodaoed such an impression upon Lilia that she deolared to ReDeoca, and irith every appearance of distress, that sbe net onlj considered herself a remarkably unfortunate joung lady, but that she was, in very truth, a miserable, dejected being "Alas," sighed plaintive Lilia, "how ean I ever regard myself as aught bnt a frivolous creature, and quite unfit to occupy a serious thoaght of any man of sense. Here am I, at the advanced age of sixteen, the object of the nonsensical attentions ?f worldly men; who, aooording to your worthy father's doctrine, are mere worshippers of Mammon, when they offer ineense at my shrine. Ah, Rehaeea, never vat have I. not having spared my beat efforta, been able to elioit the regard of on* devout, solemn, young parson ! No*," aaid she, string her clustering ringlets a dis. ? * ? ?v. : # QllDIUi WW, ?iM luiwwiujj IUCJU WOK irum I the brow they ahaded; "not that I would oar? straw to be a minuter'* wife? no, not I, forsooth ! Bat oh, bow I would like to bar* the rare privilege jut to My?No! Then I ahoald feel that at least one person pursuing inch a holy Tooauon, had thought me At and good enough to be hia companion It mait?it thai] be to! Yea, thia very week Mr Dumbarton aholl fall in love, Bebeeoa?fall In love?and with me, too?not you my pet; elae, I shell be despondent and wretched. Yet fail? Iicili not V? Rebeeoa amiled, bat did not reply. Daring thia oonversation they aaoended thi terraeea and walk through the garden. 8001 they enter the neat parlor, where Mr. Dambarton is alleatly meditating on' the fall ol maa. What a transformation of ehararters' Ha* Lilia beoome anddenly a penitent?per ehenoe a saint? She is one of the oonverted certainly?for she aeema to have attained 1 rnrwma r.f baiiI arKiak (1 ra^a^faH If wiw? m Vv/? waif WH*VU M? wuwvwv bar manner. R?boeoa laugbs, and if g?7~ ah? oannol help it; she, the quiet one! Mr Dumbarton tarn* with displeaeed look fron the exhibition of each disedifying mirthfulness, to vinv with approbation the fair ?on templative being?who seated bj the windou in raeh pon?i*e mood, scarce aeemi one o1 trth's realities The morning la beautiful nnd invites to out-door enjoyment?Mr. Dum barton is inspired to imagine that it mighi braee this drooping spirit to breath* the (Vest air of heaven?te stroll through the garden; fee rest ia the arbor, te watch the aaward ?o?m of the restless stream, with this young erta tare as his ooaspaaioa All this woold In silty. idle even, in comparison with the grar itj of his usual pursuits ? disagreeable, a eouree, to Mr Dumbarton Yet sueh, and sc peat is tho aiteat of his nonl b*roi?, t*a oblivious of self, m an ut of charity to one of the universal brotherhood, he can, and does overcome hia repuenanoe, and magnanimously proposes thia wall to Lilia, in moat formal terms. With the most commendable spirit of resignation, and aa if yielding to a relentless bat inevitable fate, Lilia aoquiesces. Rebecca, having been quietly ignored by these two exalt?d spirits, is left alone, either to pray for her friend's success, or to plot a woman's revenge, as she may be disposed. Three days of uninterrupted walks and talks, gave the preacher aa opportunity of presenting many moral reflections, calculated greatly to edify Lilia. He was ?ententiousj| indeed sublime, yet, for all this, in order to make his moral maxims more salutary, he would occasionally allow himself a considerable latitude of sentimental compliment. These, at least, were carefully treasured? and falling upon good soil, took root?being perfectly appreciated by the wicked Lilia. Tka? ak* ? ? * *uvu cmv *?uuiu, mm su amszillg ZK8C 01 0D- j joyment, oonfide their confidential repetition to the amiable guardianship of Rebecoa, whom they did not so excessively amuse. But it so happened that just about the time Lilia was entirely hopeful and sanguine with regard to her success, her presence was required at home, in consequence of the slight illness of her grandmother, who suffered an intolerable ennui in the absence of so beloved a child. Lilia was true and devoted to her grandparent*, and did not hesitate when she received the mes?age. Her filial love compelled her at once to return home. In leaving, she enjoined it upon Rebecca to take in charge the welfare of Mr. Dumbarton, and above all, to take good care that he ahould not forget her. And so it was, that when Mr. Dumbarton must inevitably have been conquered by Lilia's arts, they parted. #** #* Soon after this catastrophe, my heroine left her native town to visit an aunt. Separated from Rebecca, the ardor of their friendship seemed rather to strengthen than decrease. They wrote each other incessantly?the most fearfully minute letters, crossed and reorossed. nothingwas omftted, and much was amplified and commented on that might as well have remained obscure. Real Khool girls letters! I must laueh as I recall them. What flights of rhetoric what sublimity of incident! what intensification of feeling they depicted ' One morning Lilia did not receive the expected communication from Kebeoca, but how great and joyful was her agitation, when a letter was handed to her in an unknown cbirography?having a strange and cramped look, which was io itself a delightful perplexity. But oh, charm of charms, it is?it is an offer of marriage from the young parson. She had indeed, made the desired impression, and in pite of his triple armor of tormality, morality, and spirituality, behold him a lover! Sighing, complying, dying, quite like any ordinary mortal. "Delicious! prodigious! charming, alarming' truly, its most entrancing," sings Lilia, laughing and dancing. " But what says he ? 'My wife wilt thou be?' Again let me see. ana read it o'er and e'er; this letter I adore ! Not that I care to win his heart, nnt > nin Hn I ralue him. Yet, just to say no, to a young parson beau; and to find in black and white, that he holds me in such light?oh, it's the best of all my life, to be asked te be a clergyman's wife. Now, I'll say to Miss Hall, and to the old maids, one and all, don't you wish you oonld, like me, be wise and good, and be thought fit to preside, without the least pride, over a congregation of any denomination? This is a true apotheosis, a ravishing metamorphosis?I must read it to my aunt, this precious good man's oant; and to Rebeooa I must write, how I've become a goodly light. But what writes he-again let me see.'' And tbis is the letter : Miss Lilia: Profound and indelible (as successive months of separation only prove to me mere jlearly) is the impression produced upan me by your many charms of mind, heart, ana manner. Since we parted. I have been settled over a small congregation; and now find myself not only occupied, but immersed, in the diligent care of souls oommitted to my charge. Yet suoh is the lamentable weakness of human nature, even when devoting its highest energies to the most sacred calling, that I find my life, unoheered by your appreciative companionship, a mere desert waste. Your I IavaIv rt/i mil/1 4 av. W.J MUM iiu?kv iuvcooauuj uauuia IUJT memory?and when 1 reflect upon tho angelio docility with which you received the maxims of wisdom I sought to teach you, even as connected with the enjoyment of the beauties of ereation, I feel that it becomes a duty I owe to you, to develop and direct so gentle and Christian a nature I am a man of few words, but of deep emotions?therefore, without a Jreater amplitude of protestation, or the indigence of any vain or foolish expressions, which might only serve to offend your good sense?I ask yoo, in sober truth and brevity, will yna, Miss Lilia, become ray wife? With sentiment* of affeotion and respect, your sincere admirer, 6. Dcmbaetost. Lilia lost no time in composing the follow^VfucA respected sir: With extreme surprise I have read your communication proffering to me, in earnest terms, the highest oompliment it is in the power of a man to bestow upon aoy woman. I respond to yoar letter with the same clearness and conciseneaa with which it is written?I will not become your wife; and I make tbia positive declaration to yon with the less hesitation, beoanse I am fully persuaded that your soul is so well tempered by moral maxims, and fortified with Christian resignation, that you are proof against all those vicissitudes and reverses wbioh overwhelm ordinary and unrefieoting mortals. Believe me, reverend sir, your very and extremely obliged friend, Lilia Goldino , " This I consider to the full extent as stately as his reverence eould have framed it; indeed, somewhat of his own sanctimonious spirit has pervaded me," said Lilia, folding her preduetion, with a subdued but infinite satisfaction. * Yet, wait, yes, I mjtft oopy this very instructive correspondence? this model for contemplative lovers, and send it to Rebeeoa, \ then my satisfaction will be entire." Soon did Lilla's swift and nervou fingers i finish this task. She added a few fitting ob1 serrations to Rebeoea, counselling her, in fu, tore, to rely with greater deferenoe, upon so [ approved and mature a judgment as hers. deveral weeks elapsed, in whioh Lilia, not i hearing from Rebeooa, remained wondaringly i impatient as to the cans* of her silence. When i at last the desired letter tame it brought with ! it a food of light, more startling than grateful to the gratified ooquette. Rebeooa wrote: Dear Ltlia: Forgive me, if joa can, an i irresistible lore of the comical I hire baas t traveling in Virginia with my father, and we made a riiit to tha pleasant town where Mr. r Dumbarton U the loved pa*Lor of a Preabyterian oongregation. While there, thisgentle. maa made me a declaration of affection, and 1 , hare promised to marry him. Bat previous to i imparting to yeu this arrangement, I thought i in the fervor of mv friendship, I would gratify . your oft-expreseed desire to receive a proposal . of marriage from one of our clergymen. I i must also own that I had a little curiosity as to j our reply; aad a desire to diaoover with . oertainty the degree of estimation in whieh r you hold this noole man. As I expect vary f shortly to become hia wife, and am aoen to aaaame hia nam*, I thought I might b? allowed, for tha aake of a little innooent direr* t ?ion, to represent Mr. Dambarton. and adk dreia too the letter tou received, purporting > to be hia. Having ehanged the iaitial letter t of the nana, that I might reoelre your reply, . I acknowledge the doable gratuity of tha eopiea t with which yoa hare favored me. Wiahiag yoa better auooeea ia your attempta r at conquest, dear LUia, I remain, t . Moat traly youra, Raiacca. |! TbK l?u. (TMd ;W., wt ??J7 to Lilia'a correspondence with Mr., bnt also with Mrs. Dumbarton. The quondam friends never quite forgave each otner. Lilia was wounded, indignant, and humbled, and wiser too. Rebecca was offended at the prompt refusal of her lover, which she had herself provoked. 0 i conckbtsation of TlOOPI N kak NlW YoBK ?A N?w Military Mmoii ?The N Y. Tribune of Thursday says: The first movement toward the concentration of troop* at the rendezvous, which has been established at Hempstead, Long Island, by order of the General Government, was made yesterday morning. The 3d Regiment New-Hampshire Volunteers, which arrived from Concord la the ateam"er Connecticut, will pitch Its tents on a portion of the grounds, and hereafter it la understood that all full regiments raised in this locality or in the East, will be sent to that camp. This command la thirteen hundred strong. The baggage train, consisting of twenty-one wagons and ninety horses, arrived by the steamer City of New-York, wbich after landing her passengers at Veatry street, proceeded to Hunter's Point, where she discharged the baggage train, camp equipage aud stores of the regiment The men proceeded by the Long island Railroad to the camp at Hempstead Hereafter all regimenta whose routes to IVa?hlngton converge at this city will beaent Into camp for further drill and discipline before being Bent Into service. Thia la the aureat Indication that tbe defenses of Washington are conaldered by the military autborltisa adequate to any emergency. Tbe New Hampshire regiment la well supplied I with teats and camp equipag*. Trk Govhnmimt Loa*.?The Government loan continues to bs taken with great rapidity. The New Yerk Journal of Commerce s^ys: There la Increased activity in financial matter* and the pressure to take new loan is very great It has been found physically Impossible lor tbe Assistant Treasurer with hia present force to receive the appllosnts for tbe loan, count tbelr deposit, and issue the certificate Even If be signed by deputy tbe coin could not becoanted and teated In tbe allotted time. Tbe banka are therefore maWfnrr a > *? nrr a r*>? r> tU- 41 J- ~ * " uiidh^ruiruw hi iuiu iuc nue oj applicants towards their counters, and we hope will be successful In relieving Mr. Cisco of a portion of this exhausting burden. A proposition was on foot for ihe banks to pay and additional six per cent, of the loan to-morrow, but as the Government does not need it, and It is inconvenient for the Assistant Treasurer to receive it until the rush of sppllcants is a little over, or it is diverted to another direction, It will be postponed for a few pROPOSALS PUR REVENUE VESSELST Treasury Dkpartmrxt, / Washington, September 3,1861. \ The Department will receive proposals, acoom fiamed by nuKieli), plan*, and specifications, until 2 o'clock Mor.fla*, 3> th September, 1861, for the comple'e construction and equipment of Two Steam Screw Revenue Vessels of 750 tons each, and of Three Steam ^cew Revenue Vessels of bOO tons each United States measurement. wm omv oe considered rrom suooes?fui ateamship bui.dera actually engaged in that business. ana the name of the marii.e ateam engine ea taMiahment at whioh th? machinery to be made mil -t be f ta'ed and will liave due weight The lrad draft of water of the veaaela of 730 tona must not exceed ten (10, feet, and t><oy will be armed with one rifled pivot gun of *,0fi0 lb?. weight, two 32 pounder guna ol 42 cwt , and one heavv navy 34 pounder howitzer on the top gallant foreeaatle. I ha oomelement for eaoh veaael to he I3>i persona, oarrying provisions fo' aiztjr daya, and 2,800 gallona of waier m tack a; ?o b? f urnnhed with a ooudenter for distilling potable water. The veaaela to i e schooner rigged, w th flying gaff topaaila, square ?ai>, and yard to ?et fl? in*. The load draft of water of the veaaela of soo tona muat not exoeed 9>t feet, and they will be armed, eaoh, with one rifled pivot gun of 6^00 lbs. weight, two 32-poundera of 42 owt., and one light navy 34 pounder howitzer on the top gallant foreoaatle. The complement (or each veasel will be 9S p?r eon a, c arrying provision* for aixty daya. and *,000 gallooa water m tanka, and to be ftirniahcd with a oopdenarr for diatilling p table water. The veaaela to be schooner rigged, with flying gaff topaaila, nuare sai , and yard to aet flylog. The propoaala Tuat be fir the hull, apara, rigging, aaila and oatvaa work, roast ooata, awninga, nammaoka ard bags, b?ata, anchors and oab!?a, tanka, caika, binnacle*. belia. lurniture for oabina and idmi rixima, oonking apparatus and utenaila o -mplete, ste&m n aohineiy, spare work,coal bunker filled with Buck Mountain coal. with all the equipments and ciu Its of every kind, and in all respsots ready to reoeive her offio*rs. m?n. provi a o a, and amiment, and at onoe prooeed to sea The armament,provisions, nautical lnntruments, and oharts only wil bs provided by the liurern ment. it la deairabia to have the highert obtainable speed. which mu't be stated in the rfler, together with the let gth of time it oan be maintained am the quantity of coal that oan be carried in the bunkera for that apeed.whioh should not be less than ten daysoft?eaty four hoam each The speoifiottions mutt dfsjribe fully the material to be used; the manner and aiae oi fattening: the detail of the size finish, aid ar angemont of the inaohinery, and oftne various equipments &:<d outfits included in the propona'. 1 he plars mu?t be working drawing" from which the vea el and maohinery o\u b? built, showing the al otment of apace for accommodations, ateam room magasines, ahell rooms diapoaition of ooal, ar.d convenient stowage mu?t be provided. it is to be understood that in the contract a guarantee will bs inserted of the fulfilment of the oondition of draft of water, speed, fuel, satisfactory working of the machinery, and other point* re| qu'red, with a forfeiture in case of failure. The bidders must atate the leaat time from the atgning the oontraot or acceptance 01 the proposal within whioh they will a<ree to oomplet? the vessels ready for sea and deliver them at any porta they may name. The total amount for whioh they will engage to do all that is required in the foregoing advertisement, and to be embraced in their specifications and plans, must be stated, and the bids muat be aooompanied by the guarantee required by law that, if awarded, they will exeoute the oontraot. Payment* will be made at four different intervals as the work progreaae*, retaining one-filth ?1 5) of the whole amount for ninety (90) days after the delivery of the veaael, to repair any defeots that ma/ be diaoovered within that time on trial at sea. The Department reserves the ncut to aooept the proposals made in oonformity with the oonditinns prescribed wbfeh it may consider most to the interests of the Government and to oombine the greatest number of advantage*, and to rejeot any or all of them at its option ? u?uiKowui p"i?uu win BppuiDvmi oj ma Dep& 'ment to auperintend the oonstrustion and equipment of each of the vessels. The sp?*oifioatioMS, plans, and models of parties not obtaining contracts may be withdrawn by them 8. P. CH\8E, sep j staw ggwjMT of the Treasury. W BOYS' CLOTHING. E Have reoeived within the last day or two a large assortment of BOYS' SPRING CLOTHING, ??mbraoing all styles of low-prioed, me<iimn, anc fine qualities, which we are selling a t very low prices for cash. WALL, 8TEPHEN8 A CO.. 323 Pa. av., between 9tb and 10th sis. m 23 Ontelhcwnoer and Rwpnblimm.' OCHOOL BQOK8. O , ? WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. A fall sapply on hand at exoeedingiy low prioes, both for pubifo and private sohoois. Kerl's Grammar for introduction at 30 rents. Kerl's Primary do. do. 8 oents. WM BALLaNTYNE, 49* 7th St., se I-lw Above Odd Fellows' Hall._ U8. MAIL STAGE LINE Between Wssh in*ton and RookviHe leaves >cT5>*-^-s->. {?VBKY ^ioi^lNG^atimlays^x-^^^^^S ceptedJatT o'ojook. and I. O. Conodwa oor. miu anu Be&il sts , Georgetown. at 8 o'olook: ratnrninr daily. On Mondays, Wednesday a, aud Fridays, throach to Pooleeviile ; Tuetdnya, Tboradaye and batardaya to Frederick; retarnuif next day*. au a-lm* BENJVCOOLEV. /#v RESUMED BUSINESS. /fa XW1 The Underlie aed would inform hnlwl A fpnenda aud the pabho that he haaQ V taken houie on Ninth at., between D and E, where he will a?ain do buainpiaaa a lioenaed PAWNBROKER. Fair daunt# In all baaineea tranafcotioai jeH 8<n* ENOCH WARD. PO T A V O E S! POTATOES! 50/000 buahela prime Weatern Meroera will be a<<ia thia ?raeoo at No.? PeemiTivauia *v., oorner of Seoond at. Firat ear load arrived to day. bive na a trial, and we a hall ji*e yon aatiafaotion. Ohio, Indiana aad Kentuoky money, in good ttSa-'J. w, BTEELE * CO. JJUTTKR, CHKEBE. ?- A' UUUPl 60 firkin* Freeh New York Bolter, 36 baokafa, a mall and larce an*, 3ft keca (ool Cuokint Batter, ?) hexee prime Cheeee. .flbTf - 4r. "rarbftwrer V?\iT THE OLDPAWN oynCK.jr*. 0 II, B*ck 0f tki fiattnal Haul. U 0 Mnet liberal advaaoee mada oa bold aid Watenea, Ditatom, Jawe.ry.StWaf wart .Clothing, Pi?to?, and all Itinde of Marohaadiae. BuaiMH"'"isi.AC1Mi"RZBF.RO, 341 C at'eet, aa 13m Bet we a ?H and ?U> at*. SUMMER RETREATS. UKA BATHING AND 8AFK RETRKAT, C5 At Point Looe-Obt, Maktlahd. Tkis c? ebrated Bathing Fiaoe. situated at the Junction of the Potomac River with the A . . A Chesapeake Bay, will be opened by tiieVcmf undersigned on tho 10th of June, in IhtiUBJ, very beat style, for a.l persons who ma> with a aafe and a uiet retreat, where they can nave the benefit of the beat aalt water bathing and enjoy the

deiioMiea of tfee water, aaoh aa Fish of ail kind*. OTatar*, Crab*. Ao. Every description of fishing tackle will be kept for the aooommodation of gueata. A fine livery atabie kept on the farm. Alao, ten pin alleya and billiard saloons: with all other amusements equally found at snob plaoes. The table will be supplied daily with frean vegetables from the garden on the preiniae* and from tli* Baltimore and Waaliington markets. The heat Liauorsand Cigara willalwaya be found at the Bar. Board. p?r day; one week, flSjaaoond week, #10; 'onr weeks for $35; ohildren and oolored servant! haif-prioo. The steamer St. Nicholas leaves Washington Tuesday at 6 a m. and Baltimore on Friday at 4 b. m The half pant 2 o'olook p. m. train from Waldington will connect at Baltimore with the huats, reaching Point Lookout daily ; a so, a tri-weekly stage from Washington, by way of Leonardtown Add ess the proprietors, at Point Lookout, Washington. D C., or Alexandria, Va. m 31 HEFLEBOWER A CO . Prop'ra, ~ DENTISTRY. JH. PEABODY, M. D., Surgical and Mb chanical Dintist. having taken^^p^ room* at No. tfT6 Pa. avenue, ^tweengMBfi# Uth and 12th sts., two doors east of the**' ' Kirkwood House, respectfully solioits a share of the publio patronage, in the various branohes of his profession. jy 15 2m* TEETH. LOOM1S, M. D., the inventor and patentee of the MINERAL PLATE TEETH. ni_ i tends personally at hie oraee .n this city ftwsaa? Many persons nan wear these teeth who^*'7rn cannot wear others, and no pereon oan wear others who cannot wear these. Persons calling at my oAoeoan be aooommooated with any style and price of Teeth thej may deeire; but to thoee who are particular and wish the purest, oleanest, strongest, and most perfect dentare thai art can produce, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Rooms ia this eity?No. S3? Pa. avenue, betweea 9th and lOtb ate. Also, 907 Aroh street. Phi adei hia. oo U tf GAS FITTING, Ac. a wm f nnvv a. A.RE Now prepared to execute any erdere WiU Wiuoh the? may be favored in the PLUMBING, 8A8 OR STEAM FITT1N9 BUSINESS. C7" Store on ?th etreet, a few doora north of Pa, arena?, where ia&ybe found a comjLOte assortment of CHANDELIERS and other GAS, ST#'.AM an4 WATER FIXTURES. ta?T-1t 18NYDEH . * ^LUMKER AND GAS FITTER, | Has removed to the oorner of Twelfth and Fata, Heia prepared to introduce Water and Gas upon the most favorable terms, and guaranties entire satisfaction. He hits on hand a lot of COOKING and other STOVES, whioh he will aell leu than oost, as ha wishes to get rid of them. no 17 W e A S FIXTURES. E Have in store, and are dai t receiving, BA8 | FI IT URES of wtmlj New Patterns and Desicns and Finish, superior in srrie to anything heretofore offer <1 in this market. We invite oitisens cenerai ly to t&ll and examine onr stock of Gas and Water Fix ires, feeling oonhdent that we have the beat elected stock 19 Washington. Ail Work in the above Tine mtraated to eur oare Will be promptly attended to, MYEk.8 h MoGHAN. mart-if 376 D atreet. 1 o> ,cb HOT WE 18 fiE R KB "G iV2 ft, 'liilaLauMably to the proviaiona of the ordinanoe of (he Corporation approved May IS. l?go, the tnderaigned ia now prepared, "whenever refhired in writing, and on pre-payment of the fee of fifty oenta, to inapeot, examine, test, trove, and aaoertain the aootraoy of registration of any gaa meter in use in this oity." Every meter, if found inooireot, will be condemned mnA - ! ' " - uu livbuci,kuu manea m ITD6, Will b# etinP* flioe. If proved to be ftoon^e in its mpasnicir.ent of <&*, it will be aealea ?coo uisg:j, *i.d again put in eoaition for use. OAoe No. #10 Seventh itreet,(near Odd Fel.ewa' Hall.)' Open from t a. m., to I p. m. CHAKL.KS W. CUNNINGHAM. Ij 18 tf lupaclor and Seaier of 8aa Meters. la the only known and iSf^^KaBSSSSSi be,t artiole te ixtirmiLtte L ?;Kf??^n?. Ked Unci, inti, Motha, Fhee, "X. J Flea?. Garden Wornil Vine But,*#. * It contaxm no poxsm. SCHWERIN'S PILLS are anredefctu to Rata and Mice. M. Sohwerin has reoeired oertifioatea hom the Preaident of 6irard College, Directors of House of Refuge, Pennsylvania Hospital, and other Prominent Inatitutiona of Philadelphia : L. 8. Jail, Washington, D. C.; and Charity Hoapital. New Oneana, L?The original oertifioatea oan be eeen at the Wholeaale and Retail Depot 134 North Seoond atreet, Philadelphia, and lor sale in this oity by D. H. CLARK, oorner Pa. avonue and 4X ats., and by all Druggista and 6rooers. BEWARE OP 8PUR10U3 IMITATIONS. Remember to ask for Sohverin'e Annihilatu i Powder. |L? None genuine anleea aimed M. MIMbjo FOR BTAMPIN* k rAClE* or fapke > | AND EftYELOPES NO VO MATCJ*, CHARGEJ MKTROPOLiVAN BOOUTOKE, PH1LP * BOLOMOIfl, iimii fm Lmmmtt'l ultbftU Litmm fwi "Miinw'iiM MiUj," ft., #?. _ m M It h?t. 'Hb and loth sts. I-'HK EUROPEAN HOTEL. KEPT BY P. EMRICH. at the oorner of Penn.A ? . A avenue and Eleventh street, has l>eeijlTBv frentlr improved recently and now offeriitffS&A greater inducements tor the patronaga ofolpseas autl strangers ?hau any other publio house in the city, hi? prioe? being less than those of any other hotel on Pern*. avenue, and ra? aooominixiations (or permanent or transient boarder* uneioeption able. The t?r and restaurant ar rani erne ta of the European Hotel have already become very ?opa' lar. being all that oan be desired by the moat fas tidiosa. The proprietor pledgee anremitted atteo tionand ooutinuea liberal expenditure#to give satisfaction to all, and thaa renews his invitation *r all to cive the Knrnsean Hotwl a salt. da 4-ti traveling trunks. E Offer for sale the largest assortment o TKAVEL1NG TRUNKS to V? found in?Qf^ thiu city, oompnamn boat Sola LeatherBSMI Ladies' Dress and Padtinn Trunks, hoes, Caraet Bags, &o., whloh wa are now ae.'liag at very low prioes. Wall, stkphenb * co? as 1* taa P?nn.nT>n?? 1CASH NOTICE. N Consaquenoe of our having to pay ouh for svory artiole of goods we purchase. wa are foroed to reouoe our business to Cash exclusively, for the preseat. We h%ve in store a rery large assortment bf REAUY-MADE OLfOTHiNG for men and boys' wear, whioh are sailing at a ran oh lower rate than usually. WALL, STEPHENS A CO399 Pa. avenge, between 9ti aad 10th st?. 1? t Mstel. A Re?nh.> ^ ATC H R E r\ I ^INBANV ER WARE I have oue of Uio best establishments, ami f uraished with aoompete set of tooia for repair- Av lag every description of fine Watches, and sarncuiar attention give to tiie same, by a tho -ogh oompetent workman.aud a., wotk tied Ai?o, every descnp ion of st&clird ^n.VEh Wi RE, plaun and ornamental, manufactured under mr jwn sueerasion. which mi anstomer* will tinrf far iuperior in ao&lity tod iniah to northern vara old by de^Jera in (MerkJ and repreacntad M tU?r awn manufaotara. H, O. HOWJD, # ? vf p%. >T?bb>. nw Ota r|UPONT'8 6UNPOWDBK, ""Saaaai. Knimi OomMr. WmMihImTP. n. to l-uwlt |%KW VO^UMK BAI.ZACW NOVEL*.-Tb? Aloiiomiat, or tka B?bm of Cia**; (row tha < French of Hon .re d Ua.xao. Frao by mail, SI. ??i.a? Marnar. the Wearer of *a?aioa; by Sao. Bur Johnston, altimoki lock hospital* Wti dxit?rid tkt ?uit Car( ? , Spttdj mmd MJf Eff*ttu*i Rtwudf m Ui World, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. ART JVO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. APPuY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO VAYS. WithiHif Et:t, kneiWM, AfttUaoa rf th a fcdgi;t md BUdlar OucMr|i>, lmpotaoa*. Gaiiirml DtbilitT, Nar.?ouanaaa, Dfooopav, Lanrmor, Confaoino ( Idaaa, Low Spra, of tho Haart, Timidity, Trambiwfa, Dtmuaaa of Stfai or Oiddinaaa, Omua ( Ua Haad, Throat, N*aa or Skio, Affacuot.a of th* Linn, Straaco or Bowala?thaaa Tarnbla Duordara anainf from Solitar; Habtu of Youth?thoa* Drtadfil and DnuicdX Pratucaa which raidir Mtmtfa impoooibia, and laauaj both Bodj tod Mind. YOUNO MEN E*p*eitllj who ha?a bacon* th* ticub* Solitary Tie*, that dran'.fcl and daatractiaa habit which aunwally awaapa to an animal; jfa thoaaanda nf Yourf Mao of th* rooat aialtcd ulanta and brilliaat iiuaUaet, who inifbt othara.a* hn?a antrancad Uitanai.g Sanataa wrh lb* thondara of avanc* or wak*d to acaiacy tb* iyra, may Mil with fall conidcna*. MARHJAOR. MaaaiBD Pirioni, or Yoang Man cocuir.plaunf Marnara, bauif awar* of rhyaical wcaknaaa, h|uii d*btlity, dafcrmiuaa, Ac., apaadila corad. Ha wbopUcaa himaalr audar th* car* of Dr. J. Bay rail fiin j cnonda in hi* honor a* a f*n*.l*B*n and caaidauuy r*iy upon bia *kill a* a phy*ician. OFFICE N?. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. l*ft band aid* foinf from Baitimora atraat, a f*w door* froia lb* corn*r. Fail aot to ob**rT* nam* and nanb*r. Lauara BUat b* paid and couum a atamp. DR. JOHNSTON, Mambaraf lb* Royal Collar of Sorrrotia, Landau, fradaat* from ona of tha naoat aminant Coiltfaa in th* Untal tatca, and th* fi**tar part of wbaaa Ufa baa baan ap*nt la tha Boapiula of London, Pana, Philadelphia and tlaawhara, baa affactcd aona of tb* moat a?oni*hin( earaa that war* |T*r known; many troahltd with rinficr la th* baad and aar* whan aalttp; rraat nerTooanaaa, catnr alarraad at add*a aoanda, baahfalnaaa with fraqMot Maahli.f, att*nd*d aorraumaa with daranjamani of mind, war* e?rad Hamadiatcly. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Younj Mtn mo other* who bar* injared themaelT** by a artain practic* luduljtd in ?bia alou*?a habit ?r*ceenU* Itamt4 froa *?il companion*. or at aebool, th* *l*cta of whicn art nightly fa It e?*o wh*n aal**p, andif aoicai'd, randan marntft impooaibU, and dootroy* both mud 4. i hodr, thocld apply iminadiattly. Tricat arc torn* of th* tad and malancholy (facta credictd by tarly habit* of yooth, ?nii Waakuttt of th* B*ck and Limb*, Paint in th* H*ad, Dimn*** of Sight, Loo* of Pow*r, Palpiuuoc of to* H*an, Dytptpty. Ntr*oa* irritability, Derangement of tha Digtatie* Taneuon*, General Dt hilly, Symptom of Contamptioc, Ac. Mt**TallT?Tht foarlal efftet* on tha mind ara mack to ba draadad?Loat of Mtmory, Cor.fnana of Idaaa, D*pr***ioa of 8 pi rut, E?il Foreboding*, A**r*ii>o of Sociaty, Balf-Diatruf.. Lot* of Solimd*, Timidity, ato., ara totna of tha a?ilt produced. Nr?voc? niliLlTT-Thouand* can now )adg* what i* tha caaa* of thair declining h*t!-.l,, losing tfatir rigor, I tcorBing weak, pait, ctr'out and tmtciatad, hating a *ingalar aj-paartnct about tha tytt, cough or tymptoen* of cootampDISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE Whan tha mug-aided and imprudant votary of pltatar* Inda ha hat imbibed the teedt of tbit pamfal diteaac, it too oftaa happen* that an ill-umed tana* of thama or drtad of ditcorary dtitrt him from applying to thoaa who, from adocatioo and ratpactability, can alona befriend him. R* rail* into th* hai,da of iguorant and deeigmng pr*ttnd*r*, who, incapibl* of caring, filch hi* ptcanixry aobatance, keep him triling month after month, or at loog a* the amallaat fe* ean b* obtained, and in deapair lea** him with rainad health to ugh ?ar m nuin| aiaappointniani; or 07 me ui 01 mat aeatf ? poitoi.?Mercury?huuo the eoue'.itntioaal lynnsai of thie terrible diHitt, tuch ae Affactiotieof the Heart, Throat, Head, kin, Ac., prorreeeinr with frif fct/n. rapidity, till death p'j a 5 a nod to tiia araadfal ufirup bj inditf hint o ? .?; unlecerered conn try lrom whoee banrue ao traaeler ratarua. DR . JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY My thla rraat and important remedy TiitsiH af tha trrui art carad and fall rigor reeiared. Tlwuudi at the Ml narYaas and debilitated, wha had laat all hapa, ha?a baaa immediately relie?ed. All impedimenta to Marria|-e,Phyei?eJ ar Maatal DteaaaJIfcatiaoe, Laaa of Pracraatiae Power, Neraaaa Irritability. TramLlir r atid Weahneee af K&haaeuaa af tha OMat feerfa! kind ipeeaily carad. ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS. TBI Mart Tmoi'iakdi carad at thla laautauaa wiUta tha laat eoaeateea reara, and tha nameraaa Impartial arriaal aperauane p ar formed br Dr. Jafc&ataa, viUiiMid by tha re part ere af (ha and many athar peraane, aatlcat af which baaa appeared afain and again before tha pablic, t aeldae hia ataadiof > a gentleman af character ana raarao'ibility. la a eaMcioat gaaraniee la tha evicted- mar lj-la D*. J. H McLKAN'S ST&SVOTHEVnrO CORDIAL AMD BLOOD PURIFIKR. THE GREATEST REMEDY tn Ui WORLD, J. the moat DlLIClOll A!ll M DELIGHTFUL jt ET J__COKDIAI. & 4?^ ? 4>v| * JJ It to ivrlilly i Ml- V ' Mygf I. ?W I y ill* aad tifiuBfei % Ma Caapmd, in- ?4^^ WwiJ mid ky Ui dtoulto- If ' reWL U?* #f imii, -irki, Z3 wKU nd torii. Ytllav ~WR " \^3.*V ?Hk, Blaad Im, ?- <$ W?K. link I?*t, Itndpi' >| ui Vlffc tltla, Wlia Ckarry Vi^iST"^ JpMfW lax, tad Siadi.laa ^ 4* IjmB Him la la III aaa- ^Ki| Vr Tki lailM atllva A JT nmidlil prtaatpltd^^Bd^^&^K af aaak lafudlaaiuTTj^^^^^H^ Before tifcs*?;^ft|?SSji,,2lftw ttkinj. diiUIIIif, andiiUf a dlllllaai, auiiarailaf iftrk, ud Ua Mat tafallikli uiatdy far tioi??ilcf Ua dmuid ijimb, ud riMartag tka ilak, iifiiii(, ud tiHUUUd linlM n kaaJU aad lUiafU. MtLMAlTS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL WIU affiataally aaia ld?i? Caaplalai, Dniiiala, J|? I dill, Ckraaia at Mirraaa Dikllity, Pimm afia* ltdii;i, ud all dtoiaaai iriitof fraa a diaardirad b'ti a> lamaak, raariu, laartkan, larud Pllaa. Aaiditt ? lukmi ad Ut ItMuU, rail*iai ad Dud u ua Iiid. Dail Paia at vlmadtf la Ui Baad, Palplutiaa ad tkiliui, faiUin at Walfkt la Ui Bwea-ak, Saw Intuum, Ckakiaa at afaaiuif FitUaf wkia Utlaf diva, Dryaiu at TaUaWaiii ad Ua Ikla aad lyii, Hint tvaau, lav ltd fi'in, Pita la Ua Baall af Ua Batk, Gkaai, at Blda, Vaddia Ptaakai ad Baal, Biprtaalaa ad Bpttiu, rrlfktfal Piataa, PaiMidiii; at uj nmw dtoaaaa. Bataa at akaa aa ua Bkte. ud Patat aad ipi (at CMUa ltd rimJ 9TMM A Ml Jill ON B0TTLM8 kiTi kin Hid <nu| Ua lait ati mUi, *i.a ia li utli ku it faiiid la p?u| muii tauifitUaa. Wka. tka?, vttl nfii tnm ThIuh at DakUity rku MckKAS'l iruntrium uouial wui TM i a lupip ?> mn; u Uifitu liu ?f Ui laaittiti tad alaaat alraiilaai ik?|i yradaiad ky takUff tkli Cardial ka U* dliiuai, dakUllatid, aad ikittirid limn ijilia, vktlku kitkii dm by hum, *Uk k; aiini, t laaaltad by alakaaaa, Ut ralixad aad uiuaf atfaak atlaa it raatirad ta In ?imm hiaiu aad rtgw HARRIED rRRSOIfa, at atkin, Man ?> af laakilitr tram vhaii'ir UM. vUl lad McbSASI ?TlBa*TBB*lll? COUlAk a tka. nugS tifiaimataf tki lyiiia; aad all vki ait kitt la toad Utaul*#! ky layiaair ladilfiaan vUl lad la Ula Bardkal a aanala aad ayiidr taaady. TO THE LADIES. HcVIXl ST&M?TBKK1M? UOUUk U a aarirair* aad ayiidr aara far lailylaat Caoaaayilaa, Wkiiaa, bitraaud ar MSaalt Maaatraauaa,! nmUaiaia af Rrtii at laTalaaiary Dluutfi Uaraaf, Faillaf af tki Vaab. Ndlaaai, f lintaf, aad all dlaanaa laakdaM ta TamaUa. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT at aa iaa<ai. *a?a It aaaardtag la duaatkaoa. It will tlaalata, iiriaftkaa, aad UTlgarata T?? aad liui tki klaaai af keaiu ta aaaat yarn* akaik ifxla. Btary ktula ka Tunalit ta gif aauilaauaa. FOR CHILDREN, Uyaai iklldtaa ui itakly, yasT ar ifliud, MckliHt OOUUL will aaaka tkaa kitltbv.fat, and rakait. Dalay a at a aaaiati to U. aad yam-wilt ka aaarlaaad. It ka daDllama tauka. 9A WTION. lavuia(dR||lw at daalara wka say try ta pais a aaa y?a iani kluar at aampanlla iraak, whuk ikay aaa Way tkaaf, ky aaytng It ta jaat ai faad. A raid nek aaa. A.k at HckKAJllYrBBlUrBtBUt* COBDIAW, aad taka aatklnf akaa. It U tka anly ramady tkat will partfy tka ? ?H)B? ?! ? wh *aa ?iyi>ia Ob* UufMinl ukto artry iulia| luuu U a uruli praaaattaa hi Ckaitra, Ckllla a>i4 ratar, Tallaw fa*ar, ar iit araaalaat (Uuui. it u pat? la Itm kaoiaa. Prtat aal; |!l par kattla, aa ? kaolaa far ft JT McUKAJI, I* infriwi rfUil Cardial; aiaa, Mikiu'a Tiltult 01 kldMii Pnaalpai Da*a? aa tka mum af TkiH u4 Flaa lUtlU, k. Mi, Ma. XoLtan't Volcanio Oil Limment, (TU 1HT UHMUT n TIB WORkOJ Tka aaly aft tad aartala tui fat Caaaata, FUaa, TV an, walllnfa u< Irattklla at Cattra, FiNhtk, Vamralfia, Waaknaaa af U? Mwtlaa, Quatit a* lali am f IH-f |U? "iifuM af ika JataU,Catiaata* Maacia* a* blfaaanta, Baraaka ar Taackaeka, Irvaat, Itniai, Praik C?u, Vault, flat (a, f afar Saraa, Caka4 Braaav Sara, I vat, luKa, Sara Tkraat, at aif lili?tuaa m , aa tfifartoaa kaar aartra ar laaa tka lutui ait , aiiatad, MckKAMI CUIUATM Liamaaa ? % aamla raaUj. Tkaatmdt af kaaaa katafa ka>i kaaa ant a Ufa af Mi uapttUt ui aiatry ky tka aaa af tkla taaalaakla raaWj. Mt LEAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMIENT Will rallaaa pais almaat luataataaaaaaly, aai h vOl alaaa, parity aad kaal tka (aaVaat aavaa ta aa latttOkli abaft Uaa. #OJI HOUSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. M tkJCA HI CJCUU&ATKD bUflMUrr U tka aal* aa*a tat rtUtkla raaady (ar tka aara af Saarta, Uapaa, WiadfaUa, apUaia, Vnaalaral kaapa, IMaa aa Inlluiv a ..... ?.(la<l ? .ate. Mi. fc-n *a Ml ? h ? ? *? mwmmt rwiaru, VMUIt Wi? tannicf l?m, M tf mmHv milt VW pniu, I'tuH, Itnuiw, Om?h*4 IhU, CWm, MUl u G*tUf Stilt, CM, *??, at Weeeie, Uliu tohlHM* * 4?. 'rr'T'1 " *'!i Mil III l Mil li limh > I IIJ ! ?>? ?> UTIB UIUWI, It vill Nn m. OmnIWH u/hm' "'fcSJClU. t^^hJ^?TOTT,_W iV.W, MM MMIji U : OH !?80 lo Ui Peoples CWKktac THE WEEKLY STAR. TUi noellaat Family u4 Niwi JroraaJrontala'.ng a frcater vartaty ?# lalunftlng mllnf tbaa cu be found la uy <rtba??ia paklftakil on Friday Boritif Tuna?Oa*4, wnrtatly, a<iiiii. Single copy, per anauaa .tt W Fl?? coplea 4 7* XI*l ropiaa? R a? 1 * f-tt) coplea. ?? It' tt' It la variably oeotaloa tbe ?* We*lagiee Mm' that baa made 7\* Dmaiy It?aiaf Har otKalab ; at (Minlly ttioo|bMt tki saoaky. tZTSlngla coplea (la wrappara) oaa be procured at tbe oountar, Immediately after tbe laaoe of tbe paper Price?THREE CENTS j^AVY BEEF AND POKE FOR 1MI Natt Diraramr, I Ariw *f ne-mwi oad Oe*Ma?,> iuiiat aa laei V SBALIB Picroa AL8. ?odoreed huaii foe Beef, and "Propimli for Purk."?e the out W be, will be reoeived at tkia oAe* nabi o'okoefc a. m. on Wedneeday, the 2&U day ot r*pi?rnb*r wit. for f?-ci?,i ud ^. rtriii.frww all toataM rlak to the Lalted ma tea. at the Miowiac Navy Yards: Barrel* BnC Barrala Pork. At Charleetowa, Mua ? . JM 4JOO At Brooklyn. N. V. u? At riiiladelphia, P?a. i.wo 1 J?0 g 000 '1,088 One half of said Beef and fork meat b? deJrer*d at eaok ot U>? above-named yard*, re*?eeti vel*, by the lat day of A?rU, 1868, Bud the rtnaiaiif ball by the lat day of Jane, 1888, nnloaa earlier deliveries homd b? reesirec by ths Chief of tk Buews Pa?sseat to be mm wtttua thirty days alter o*Ev^liddera ma at specify their prioes sesatately and diauuotif in separate of era lor the Beef and for th> ^ork.aod for each of the plaoes of delivery* covering all expenses ant a.l chart** The Beef tnuat be from we 1 fattened cattle, a anthtered bttwet n the lat < ay of October, UN, and the lat day of January, 1862, and weighing not leea tuan *ix hundred pound*, nett weight, earn. The leg* and leg rands ?f the l.i.c asarteri.and the ahina and ahon der oloda, the ahoulders of matton and enda oi atiekiag pl'oea, aart at leaat two:re Piunda from the neck end of each fi>r?-quarter, or e parta marked N<?s. 1,2,3, 4, acd 5. on the drawing or de'meation of the fore and hind aaartora of an ox which wii. be attached to aod form a part of ? vvuuaoh, must am WEol.J exo ntled ; UB f?ok harrei; a i the other piece* ere to be packed, m?d, tmtiad of bring ml teuk a rUarsr. ?i?il it tmt tkfOUtk with ? IMF kmtft. to htt ?k? ?m? e j??are, ??a<, a?4 smooth iffwmw, t? ft?ti of not Utt tknn ittkt pommd$, nor mort than nwlw povt\dLs each. The Pork mnat fee packed from ?om -fed, well fattened hors, slaughtered between the let day of Deofmber, l?l,and the let day of January, las. and wenhug not Ices than raro hnnated poosa* each, excluoing the head*, joles, Beoks, shcu o?-?, hama, lege, feet, butts, romps, lard, and all refuse piece*, niid matt be out with n ?"? mnd bnift in pieoes weighing not lee* than six pounds, nor more than twelve pounds each. Both the B*>f and Fork mret t-e anted with < leeat one atatute buthel of Turk'a la an ?, tela f May, Ke? Wen soar. Ono&dara solar, or 9t 1'be'ase.t; a si the Beef must have ft ve on none of fine pulverized aaltpetre to rach barrel, exo.naive of a p okle. to be made from freah water a* atroax aa ta t will make it, and mnat be perfectly bright and clear. Kech barrel mnat oontain full S00 pounds aett weight of beef or pork, and no exoeea of weight ta either article will be paid for. The barrela mnat be entirely new, tad be made of the best ae%?oced heart of white oak teres end heading*; the atevesto be notices than ftve eighths of an inohthuk.and the headings not lees Uian tbree-f urtha of an inch thick; they must be three fourths hooped over, inolnding the iron h'*>p?, with best white oak or hiok jtj hoops, nad eaoh barrel must have on it four iron ho >pa, vis one of one end a half inch in width on eaoh bilge, ai d one o^une and an eighth inch la a idth on eaoh wn.uivi . w ii? ui unt tuveeaui 01 u lfiOA truok. Each barrel muat beef the internal oapaoity of thirty two gallons ana the iron hoop* ir.uet be welt painted with red lead. ? *ch barrel muat be branded by burning ob .ta head Navy B?ef," or '* Nary Pork." aa the oaee man be, with the oontraotor'a name and the year wtu-n packed, and weight; and thail aleo lie branded on the bung atave with the letter B. or P., aa tha oaae mar be. The beef and pork will, nnleea otherwise directed by the Chiefof thie Bureau, be inepeeted by the lnapooting ofioara at the reepeotiva Na*i V ards aforeuud, aid by aonae "aworn inspector of salted proviaiona." who will be aelected by the reapeobre o. mmaiding effioera; nt their ehargea for (tet inspections muat be paid by ihereepeouve eontraetore, woo muat likewiee have the barreie pat ia good ahippiug order, to tbe eatiafaotiwa of 'he eotoraaudaau of the re*e?eUve Navt k aide aforeaaid. after inapeotion, and at their own lyaa. Two or nore af proved turetiee ia aaum aqua, to one na f the eetimated amount of the oontraet will be required, and twenty per eentona in addition wilt be withheld trora the amoant of eao'h pay neat to be made, aa collateral aeoartty lor the daa aad faithtu perlormaooe of the respective ooatraota. whioh w U on no aooount be paid until UteooatraoU are oompaed with in all reapeou ; and ia 10 he forfaited tu the rmi?4 Htuu ^' failure to complete the ^eiivenea wittus the ere onbed period. Id cue of fails re on the pert or the oontraotor to deliver ail or ur of the boot or pork above mentioned, vt the quaity and at the time acd plaoea above provided, the oontraotor will forfeit and pay to the Uuited ftatoa. at liquidated dtma(*>i, a ?um of moue? eeual to twioe the amount of the oontraot prioo t? be paid ia owe of the aotual delivery thereof; whtoh 1la ui dated dim aces may be reoovereo from time to Ume m they aoome Payment will be made by the nmted ^tatee at tne period* above ?peotfied. <exo?puac the twenty per oenlnm to be withheld until the oompietion of the oontraot, M before itated.) aft?r the eaid beef and pork ahall have beec inapeoted and received, and bum for theaameaha^ have been pr earn ted to the navy agenta, respectively, duly approved by the oommandauta of the raepsoUT* navy yards. according to tha term a of the oob artj / te*f le ti txtludtd trill b* particm I arty <#.??tnatt-d tee tke enrrart *t le bt attached le the contract, tenons wmtuM cam ailaia tMM on application at iJtw <&ct. tttoder* whoee propoaaia a hall beaooeptrt (and none .'there) will be forthwith notified, and aa early aa practicable a oontraot will be tranamitted to them for exeoation, whioh oor'raot mart bo returned to the Bureau within tor day a, exoiaaiva of the t^me repaired for the regular uanamiaaioa of the mai>. A reoord. or duplicate o| the letter informuua bidder oi the aooeptanoe of hia propoea , win do deemed a notifn c._K.n (hereof within tha meaning of the act of 1846, and hi* bid will be made and aooepted in conformity with thia aoderaiaocing. Every offer made mart bo acooirpaniea (aa 4ireoted in the 6th eeotion of tha aot of CaogffH making appropriation* tor the naval mo# Tor 1848 '47, approved H*h of Angast. 1*46, > by a written gnarautee, signed bv one or more reapaasible SrtoD*. to the efMt that he or thej nadertak* that bidder or bidders will, if his or their bid be accepted, enter into an obligation within ten dare, with food a&d s aftolent suretiee, to farn;ah Um artioie propoeed. Thi* [ us ant^e must be ao<ximpani?d by the oerUfioate of the United b La tea dietnet jodge, UiM State* diatriot attorney, or nary agen that the guarantors are able to make good their gaa' aatee. No proposal will be oonaidered a tiles* aoaompaBiec by ?aeh guarantee. ? The bidder* name and rendetoe. and the um Seech r cf the ftrm, where a company ofra, with the Chrik.iac namee w ritten in fall, matt distinctly lt4Ud. Under the joint resolution of Congress,approved 27th March. ItM, "all bide lor vappliee oTproviaiona, o othini, and amall atoree for the aee of the navy, may be rejected at the option of the D?pa-t meat, if made hy one not known a* a mansfhcturer of or re*u ar dealer in th" aruc.s prop >?ed to be iurm?hed. whioh (bet, or the rererae, mast be distinctly stated in the bids offered. an 34 Iaw4? CKMALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL r ALEXANDRIA, fk. Mrs. B, 1. McCORMICK. Piimnrau The thirteenth ancnal seesion of Uis InrtlUtooa Will oommeooe on Tuesday,September 1Mb. in fee hosee recently occupied by Sylvester Sooft, Fes., No. ISO King txaat The oonjee of stady pursued will oom prise ad U> oriLCiiH ra^viiu rr ? vncro |d I l i ?n augtiot^md Masic, Kreoo&, L*tm tad Ctovi&f, 11 l*Eriwiaitiocitod?T aobolara.Mr*. MoCormlek ia SSK;s.MR1s?&ri stSS txlf ffifTwill b? under he' immodi^K etrt m4 anpcrrt 100n.^ tjce yt., ecrfparor^M JBg^SSStS^OBStSMB: * "fewiiffSS? rr*mmr '"SV. ^s^-nBSKLvem v""c" s^sssr.. 1 (IBM. * R?MU? ivs P* >IWW Q U N ? ? ATI -?^Ltff Jill"! > !? ? J? "I*. -< ? BOMOTH* * WWirilWIin MVJIIUIW M as ?R?Sb^4J5{5Sff^ IT ? Bn,. r, ? ! ^ *t (2MW COEN. IN OANS; nrnrs pott; , ninmTlrT'j^- --i'^- t??rt ?1 1