Newspaper of Evening Star, September 7, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 7, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. l^-Tboueh Tkb Stab 1* printed on the fastest r*sm press In nee south of Baltimore, Its edition t* so lirge u to require It to be put to press at an early boir; Advertisements, therefore, should be sent la before 12 o'clock m.; otherwise they my ot sppear until the next day. Not!cb .?DisVrlct of Colombia Advertisements h be Inserted In the Baltimobb Sbh are recalled at and forwarded from Thb Stab OIBce. Siujiiwq Ta bascit Notbs ?Few have any conception of the Increased labor In the Treasury Department conaeqnent upon the Issue of the new fire, ten snd twenty-dollar Tressury notes Those of prsvlous loans being of large denomination*, were comparatively few In number, but the Innumerable ail pa of paper necessary to be signed in the Issue of this lsst anpply has msde It necesssry to St up a larger room in the Extenalon, and to employ an Increased force. Eight large tables are ranged la tbe specious apartment, upon which are stacked up huge psckages of bills, which sre transformed into money by hundreds under the silent msntpulatlons of the clerks, who rapidly affix their signatures The notes are In slips of hslf s dozen to escb, tied up In Urge psckages, and sfter being signed are cut apart ready for circulation. Tbe clerks sre psid according to the number each signs, snd experts sre able to earn more than tbe ssisrled clerks of tbe Depsrtment Great precautions are taken sgslnst fraud, snd a strict account Is k"pt with each individual. On tbe lower lefl-bsnd corner of esch note Is printed " Register of the Treasury." snd over these words a clerk signs his name, adding after It the words 41 for tbe," and then passes It to another clerk,who over the words " Treasurer of the United States" In the lower right-hand corner, writea bis name, else adding after It " for tbe " So that the signatures to each note may be expressed technically as " A B for tbe Register of the Treasury," " C. | D for tbe Treasurer of tu?* United Stabs " The notes are on s'ron^ bank note paper of fine quality, snd are printed green on tbe back, (to prevent photographic copying ) On the back of each note are the words "United States of America," and Ihe denomination of the note In figures and letters, finely and Intricately engraved in various styles, the designs for each value being different. The engraving for the ffces of all the notes Is beautifully finished. The 5's have on the left side a fine vignette, representing the Goddess of Freedom, spparently photographed from the statue Intended for the aome of tne Capitol. Tbe sword in tbe right band and wreath in the left, with the starry nelmet and mantle, are faithfully copied, and so is the hemispherical pedestal?the inscription on the cylindrical band at the base only showing of the inscription "E Plurlbus UnnoD," tbe letters "ribus Unum," the rest being on t'other side of tbe circle. On the right is a portrait of s revolutionary worthy, which we take to be the first Secretary of the Treasury Tbe notes are numbered with red figures. In the upper right-bsnd corner. They read as follows: ' The United States promise to pay to tbe besrer five dollars on demana " The 10's have on tbe left a vignette containing a portrait of the President, and on the right a female figure handsomely draped, holding In the right har.d a tablet resting on the hip, and in the left band a pallet and brushes. In the :enter at the top is s spread eagle and shield with the inscription " E Pluribus Unum" on a scroll. These ] notes read, '-On demand the United States promise to pay to tbe bearer ten dollars " The 201 have In the center a female figure with a wreath on the head and a mantle bordered with stars thrown over the shoulders, holding in tne right baud a sword and resting the left on ashield There are small vignettes In each upper corner with 'JO In each Tbe notes read as follows "On demand ?be United States promise to pay twenty dollsrs to the bearer " All of the notes we have mentioned have on them the date of the issue, place of payment and the words. ' Act of July 17,1M1." also the words " Received in payment of all public dues " At tie rate these notes are now being signed they will soon be ready to go Into circulation throughout the country. We speak here of the smaller notes Intended for a circulating medium?the Interest notes of larger denominations being signed as heretofore by the proper (.(Beers of the Department without the Intervention of an smenuensis PolicbCommissiosbbs ?The Metropolitan Police Commissioners met In tbe Aldermen's Room at the City Hall, yesterday. Tbe committee on ruleaand regulations made a voluminous report of rules for the government of the board snd of the police force, which is mostly compiled from the regulstlons in force In other cit es Printed, the report will mske s pamphlet of considerable size. Tbe report was adopted, without amendment. Mr Brown withdrew his resolution, offered st the last meeting. In relation to making the appointments temporary until the 1st day of November, by which time tne appointees could be fairly tried, snd submitted the following rules to be observed in the appointments; which were adopted: " It being Important that persons sppolnted on the police force be such as are in ?II rttptcis fitted to the service, appointments thereto of sergeants and patrolmen will only be made after a trial of not Itss thsn thirty nor more than sixty days, when if tbe service of tbe person or persons selected by the Buard of Police for such trial shall be satisfactory to the Board, they may receive their appointments to date from the day of entry upon duty of such trial, snd be paid sccordingly. if such services fail to satisfy tbe Board of tbe fitness of the persons tbns selected for trial f?r the performance of police dutl'S. they shall not receive appointments, but may be allowed a compensation equal to the rate payable to appointees of the same grade for the time thus actually on trial, to be paid out of tbe general or contlngert fund Such examination or trial shall not prevent a subsequent application for trial, if the Board shall have just grounds to believe that tbe person's trial was not a fair one, or where an ascertained disability may have been removed " A sergeant and twenty-three patrolmen were then elected for tbe third district (comprising all of the connty west of Rook Creek, Including Georgetown.) Other patrolmen for tbe county and city were then elected, but no publication of names will he made until the list Is complete. A committee of three on uniforms was appointed. and the board adjourned until Monday, at 1 o'clock p. m Violations or thb L ?coi Law ? Warning to Offender* ?John Jones was arrested day before yesterday, near tbe camps In the vicinity of Tenallytown, for a violation of the liquor law. He was examined before Justice Resver, of Georgetown, who fined him $25 He refused to pay tbe fine, snd tbe snagistrste committed him to jail for 1i days Arrived there, Jones did not like tbe accommodations at ths ' blue jng," snd became suddenly repentant Instead of persisting sny longer tnat he wouldn't pay tbe flncu and he would go to jail, be sent word to the Squire that he would now pay the fine to be released Greatly to bis disgust, tbe Justice decided thst, having been committed to jail for 90 days, he could not be released until the time expired So Mr Jones perforce has a month before him In which to expiate his folly. Ainacdus Baorobach wss arrested in Georgetown yesterday, for selling liquor to soldiers, and wiB be examined before Justice Reaver to day As Ovatiow ?Capt Joseph Lalng, of the New York 79th (Highland) Regiment, a son of old ^cotlst, having nearly recovered from the effects of tbe severe wounds he received at the battle of Manassss. as they style It in Dixie, was entertained by aome brother Scots on Thursday evening last. Mr James Clecbaa*', after a few appropriate remarks, proposea the health of the gallsnt captain, to whicn be responded in sn eloquent and patriotic manner. The brothers W and H. Todd enlivened tbe occasion by singing many songs popular la tbe "auld country " An Odd Casb ?Jerry McCarthy snd Timothy McUulre were arrested by tbe Provost Gnsrd Wednesday night, and yesterday had a bearing before Justice Donn upon tbe charge of assaulting sad beating Ann McGulre, the wife of one of tbe prisoners J ustlce Donn does not often have occasion to record the esse of a msn <shooting" with a stranger to best bis own wife, and this esse be sent to court, requiring tbe parties to give bsil for their appearance Gitting 1mto Bcsiubss ?Yesterday Thomas Turner waa brought before Justice Donn, upon s charge of selling liquor to soldiers, fur which he wm fined 923/He wsa also charged with having a store of pantaloons, blouses, drawers, shirts, blankets, boots, canteens, Ac , for which he bad traded with the men, almost enough to set np an oatfitUng establishment This last matter was considered proper for further investigstlon, and the prisoner wss held to ball for a bearing. Qcbkb TtroeaAPMiCAL Ebbob?That was e f inny mistake In a local srtlcle in our secood edition of yesterday, where, speaking of the examination of Mr. Yates before Prize Commissioner Woodwsrd, we were made to say "His wife kat with kit all the mtmty. and seems to manifest cons dsrsble snxiety " The sentence ss written was "His wife tern ten* it in all tk* weening, and seems,1' Ac Pbbsbstation ?Tbe clerks at the War Department presented to the Cameron Rifles, on Thursday morning, a flns flag. The presentation speech was msde oy Secretary Cameron, and was responded to by Col Beige, of tbe regiment. Rblbasbb ? Mr. Nolan, who was arrested a few weeks -g* near one of our camps for threatening to shoot pickets, snd has since been confined in tbe Central Guardhouse, was released day before yesterday Vocal Mvsic ? By the snnouncen.ent elsewhere It will be se?n that ute accomplished vocalist and teacher of vocal music, Mrs Cecilia Yoang. re* itnss her Of IftSVucUOB if cUa?t? OB>OaMil. Gamblitvo Horse A****ts ?Yfitefdiy afernoon the Second Ward was considerably excited bv rumo'iof Important ?tr?ti made In connection with the operations going on to recover money lost by a Paymaster In the Navy, who had been arrested. The establishment on E street near Fourteenth, said to be kept by a Dr Hayden, was taken possession of by the Provost Guard, and Hayden was arrested and taken to the Thirteenth street prison A aearch of the building was made by the officers, the result of which has not been made known. A city paper was In error vesterday In stating that ' Campbell and his clerks were arrested During the pro^rfti of tb^ examination all persons in the bouse were held in duress, very properly, and were held no longer than this examination continued Later in the afternoon a number of officers proceeded to the dwelling of Mr. Selby Parker and took him Into custody. Rumor says that the money of the concern was deposited with him, and thst a sum of between twenty-six aqd twentyseven thousand dollars was recovered Nothing positive concerning the progress of the investigation has been made public, though a thousand rumors are afloat. i- dk? prrat r Assaitlt ?Editor of the Star?sir: I A serious outrage was committed last Saturday I evening at the head of Pennsylvania avenue, opposite the Capitol gate, which has not received [ proper notice. A colored man by the name of I Albert Young, residing In the alley immediately In the rear of No. 558 Pennsylvania avenue, was I either returning home or leaving the same, when he was flred upon by some unknown person standI lng near the sidewalk on the street leading to the railroad depot, as related by some boys who witnessed the affair. The shot missed, when hewaa I horribly beaten on and about the head with the stock of the pistol, some parta of which were found on the Bpot,(apparentlyalargeboree plsto 1 He was carried to his home Insensible, and still remains delirious, with but slight hopes of recovery. Much difficulty was experienced In getting a physlcan to dress his wounds, but finally Dr Wallace volunteered his services, and took I eapecial care to make him as comfortable as possible He ha* a wife and several children, and I the case surely needs Investigation by the authorI lties This murderous assault happened about I 9 o'clock In the evening. kGkttix? Satisfaction. ? This morning, a French woman who keeps a boarding-house on I Eleventh street, met a man on the street who I had been boaraing at her house until his bill amounted to ten dollars, when be left without settling up. She took his hat, and by this means got him to Justice Donn's office, where she made her complaint. The fellow seemed to be perfectly careless about It; and the woman finding she I could get no pay by a prosecution, declined that course When the fellow left the office she went I to work upon him, and gave him a sound thrashing with fists, claws, and parasol, to the Infinite I delight of a numerous crowd of spectators, who I would permit no Interference There are numbers of the same sort loafing about the city, living upon those who are unwary enough to be de1 ceived by them. Rkleassd?Mr. Charles A Yates, of Charles county. Md , a passenger on the prlxe schooner Remittance, whose examination before Prlxe I C"mml?8loner W. R. Woodward was noticed In I our second edition of yesterday, was honorably I discharged, there being no evidence against him. Roberts Mitchell and Alexander Johnson, also p*s?enger. have since been examined by the commissioner and discharged. Edward Sanders Is I now being examined. It Is supposed all the p?s1 sengera will be honorably discharged, their being no evidence to criminate them Abby Knight, the niece of ber uncle in the Sixth Maine Regiment, and Mary de Mark, ol I the West End, have been released from jail, and have gonejon their way rejoicing. I Rebd Birds asdChampaonr ?See Hamms< k's I prouunclamento elsewhere. He well cbaracterI iies his establishment as an Institution " It in, I in fact, one of the lions of the National MetropoI lis; and all visitors are naturally bound, while I " doing" the wonders of the Federal capital, to drop In at No *212 Pa. avenue, ai-d see J U H . I of whom they have beard, and sample the luxuries I of his larder and cellar, of which they have also J he<ml Just now, Hammack has some deli? acirs for the palate that quite surpass anything previI ously seen on his well-stocked tables ; which accounts for the fact that all knowing ones about I town who pride themselves on keeping posted as | to where good eating Is to be had, are to be seen I swarming about that same No. '21# Pa avenue. Th* Gcardhocsi Cask* ?This morning, JusI tlce Clark went to the Central Guardhouse to try ! the cases, and there be met with Justice Donn. I The latter has been commissioned to examine the I cases brought before him by the military author!I ties; the former was sppointed by ex-Mayor BerI ret to try the cases at the guardhouse, In his turn, I with two other magistrates, as a corporation poI lice magistrate He contended for the right to I try the guardhouse cases. Justice Donn declined I to enter Into any controversy about the matter, I and subsequently be entered upon the examinaI tlon of the caaes at his office. i Provost Guard Casks ?The following cases, I all for selling liquor to aoldiers. were tried tbli I morning bv Justice Donn :?George Delll, Philip I Nephtall, Henry I.ebera, Matihew Pfelffer. N. G. 1 Hurly and Chas Klotx were each fined ?*25; Jas I Cantweii and C Ackman were dismissed. There I are yet several In the guardhouse to be tried at I soon as the witnesses can be summoned. I Clo?i*q Oct ?See Stevens' announcement o| [ sale of fancy goods at "panic prices " His stock I of goods is a fine one, and the ladles will be able I to get undoubted bargains at his establishment. Lookout f?r the plc-nlc next Monday, those I who covet a season of fun, frolic, and pleasant I enjoyment. See notice elsewhere. AppoisTKD ?Mr. Geo. S Gideon, of this city I has been appointed a Police Commissioner by tb? I President in place of Mr. W W Seaton declined To-5!eHT the Campbells present another orlg I lnal bill, replete with fun and comicalities, ont 1 of the richest programmes of the season. Go! whitkhurst, 4!m Pennsylvania avenue, furI nlshes superior Card Photographs, suitable foi sending in letters See his likenesses of distinI gutshed men, views of camps, etc. Photograph! in oil and water colors and pastel, from mlnia< I ture to life size. 17-eolm i Hkalth foe thk Soldiers.?For one who diet I from the efleots of the buliet, ten perish from da?n| | and eipo?ure to night air. Small doses of Hollo I way's Pills taken every other night will oorrepta' I disorders of l.iverand Stomae i, purify the blood I an 1 insure sound hea th to every man- Only v. I cents per box. sei-lw i Kradrr, have you seen Prof. Wood's advertise I went in our paper. Rear It; it will interest you. an ao-eoly Pbnhibb. Persons desiring pernues will always find then I for exoaange at the Star Office oounter. tf To th* Afflictid !? Be sure to read the adverisoir.ect of MnLean'a 8tren*lhening Cardial and J Blood Purifier, in another column. tf MARK I Kli On the evening of the 5th instant, by the R'v Dr, Ryan. Mr. MORGAN BRAl^ ORlj. f -rmerII of Fr'dencksburg, Va, to Miss MARY C | SH EI D, ol this city. On the 27th August, by the Rev. Mr. White,Mr WILLIAM S. 1)KUKY, of this oity, to Mist I KATE CONNE1.L.second daughter of the Uu I Robert Conneil. Ess ? *?? ? DIED, On Friday, the 6th instant, Miss M. E. TREADI WAY. a native of North Carolina, but for the last I *.4 jears a resident of this oity, aged b7 years I Her funeral will take plaoe from the residence ol I her nieoe, Mrs. A. E Beall.corner of L and Tenth I ats . on Sunday afternoon at 4 o clock. Her friends I a-.d those of her niece and family are respectfully I invited to at'end. Ia Georgetown, on the ?th instant, at 9 p. m., FANNY LOUISE, a?ed? months, only daughter I of George K. anrf Sophia A. Curtis. The friends of the family are invited to attend I the fu'ierai. to morrow ( 3 o'olock p.m., at 1J9 Beall at. On the7*h instant. ISADORA,daughterefLevi?i I P. and Virginia A-Walker, aged 5 years 1 month I and 7 days. (Balto. Clipper oopy.j Auguet ?7th, 1861. after an illness of ? the I re.idenoe of her father, in Clarksburg, Va., MARTHA J , daughter of Richard ana Mary Jane M athreil. natives of Paington. Dsver^hire EngI land, aged 17 years, li months and 36 days. Bhs I died in the triumph of frithWHITE MERCFR^POT^OES^ M^Ly to rkgiMKNTi. You waat to keep your men hjalthy, I yog caneot co this without 8'fidx them good Po latoes These you oan get at Steel it Co's I Peun??lvani% avenue, corner of Second atreet i lo gkouer&.?You want to please your ousI tomers, and induoe them to call a*wnJ,*2 mend your stock to friends Then oall al I Steel * Cu's, and buy what Potatoes you net*! I either for your owr. consumption or lor sale l nej rfM0Ta'^r&T*URANTKK.EPER? doing so three partiee wi'.l be benefited?the aeller ,bOkK"l5^,.~,i,r?,ti.kT i. rx* ?' J w 0TEKL * CO. 536 Penneylvaaia avenue, oorner of 8?ooa< street?<QId Sentinel Office ) ??? Dr. CHARLES R BOTELER, dentist, . No. 330 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. Between Ninth and Tenth StreeU " . ..rfs ague cuke anu antidote \l J ,B^(,bl?. safe and effectual remejb a??< J" .VtoUve irJ." 18 1U IiOST AND FODND. I CH ECK-LOST.?I-oat. the check of Morris 8. I Miller on the Aaaistant Treasurer, N?w York, f?vor J. L. Hodfor 9* 44. A au'txble reward will he paid for ?h? re ivery of it at N,-? S3? H st. I All persons are f rhid *o receive or negociate the iwne, as p\?ment has h en stopped. * it* LfiHT?On Saturday, the Tt^i in?tan\ on Pa. ar., Le'w en llth and 17th sta , or ir, ^ paasirg through I afav-tte 8qn*r? ard^ op H st a pair of GOLD SPKCTACLES a liberal reward will be pmd to the finder on returning them to No. 4S9 nth st.. between H and I. or Room No 10, Winder's Building. It* CTRAYKD OR STOI.EN?On Thursday after oon, 5th in?t., a small hay mare COLT cv about 2 months old, with one white spot on jL>Sfk hind foot; l ad about 6 feet ofrop? around her ne-k A liberal reward will >>e ?<aid to any person returning said oolt to J J. HALL. No. 434 Vlrginia av., retw^en 1st and 2d st?. ?e 7-2t* E'STRAY?Was taken np aa an estray, on the night of the 4th instant, a larte gray rv HORSE, marks on him from geaia. Theju^^ owner is reque-trd to ca'l at Essex's Sta-^^^ b!e. prove property, pay charges, and take him aw&r. SAM'L J. FEARSOV, a*7 3t Georgetown. ?C REWARD.?Strayed or stolen, on the night JjPy' of the 24th of August last, a sma'l?v_ light grey HORSE, a little stiff in the fore"L-JJl leg". The above reward will be paid toa^y^CZl. R"r?on retumine said horse to HENRY MEMBER, lo. Ill D street, f etween 9th and loth streets, 1-lard se 7 st* LOST OR STOLEN-A small oaken CASE, about 18 by 6 inohes, and 3 inohes deep, oon taming a commissioner's seal and 40 ronnd blocks for the States and Territories, in moving from i' 7 Seventh street to B street south, corner of Ninth street, on the 4th instant. A liberal reward will he ?^idI'?ri,t*.r?0X,v8rT?if '?ft the hoose of CH AS. DE SELD1NG. se7-3t* CAME TO THE SUBSCRIBER, on Tue-da7, the 3d instant, a bay HORSE, abont 3?\ years old; has never been shod. The ownrr TJiTTk is requested to oome forwa'd, prove prop erty, pay charges, and take him away JOHN P. SMART, so 6 3t No. 73 Bridge st . Georgetown. .REWARD?'Strayed or stolen, on t!ie 3d inKtant, trom the corner of O and 8th ?\. sts., a small brown bay HORSE, in good order, formerly l^eocgine to llrenin, the^^Zi. contractor. The above reward will be p?n| to any person returning said horse to JOHN MoCA K.THY, corner O and 8th sta. se6-3t* REWARD ?S'rayed or atolen from the J neighborhood ofthe Poat Offioo of this r\ city, a black or verr dark brown MARE, *lXT* 5 or 6 years old. The a^ore reward wi'l t r? &!? fSrau delivery at the A pothecary Store of Mr. WAITE, corner of Seventh stieet west and Pa. avenue. se5 3t* ?OA REWARD.? Ran away from the subscriber, living in Piscataway. Prince d., on the3fHh ultimo, a flT N EGRO Dt)Y, calling himself Alfred Duckett. He is 18 years of age. about 5 feet 5^1 inohes in height, dark oomp eotion. ami '? i throws himself back while walking. I will give the above reward, if delivered to n e at the above ad dress or secured in jail so that I get him aeain. 3t* J. H. GRIFF1N. REWAR D Will be paid for theapprehena'on and delivery to me, or securing A in jail ?f NEGRO WOMAN LOUISE; M pall" herself Louise Hanson. She is a tall, Jr*. likely negro, quite black, well dressed, with full suit of hair. She ia no doubt lurking inxSL? Upper Marlboro' or neichborhood. She ha* a husband in V\ ashington oity, and may make her way to that plaoe. WM. WORTHINGTON, ? Near Woodvil'e. au 15-3tawtf Prince George's county, Md. BOARDING. OOARDING, No. 302 I STREET-A few i MJ Boarders, with o- without Lodging, can be a noinmoilated at tue above plessant hi d oouveiiie^t locality ; and a Dwelling, furnished or unfurnishe I, in proximity thereto, will be rented on application on 'he premises. Re 7 3t* BOA^OING.?Handsoaiely Furnished Hoomg, on Wft and second siories, may be obtained, with good Board, by applying on F st . No. 339. between 9th and loth sta. Terms reasonable. se 6 3t* FOR SALE AND RENT. FOR RENT?HOUSE 4 0'J Pennsylvania av., ovor the bookstore of Franok Taylor?a place Tor a professional man. se 4-tf fpARM FOR SALE?A new Cottage House, with from 10 to 150 acres of ohoice Land, at AnnapolisJunction, for sa e. Torniseasy. Afi>e young orchard on th? premises Apply, personally or by letter, to T. SHAILER, Jr., Annapolis Junction se2 Is* K?uR<kK^T-^. hanlsome FURNISHED a HiH?h. with all the modern improvements, ! in a ple??ant local ion. Inquire at the Star Oftce. au 30 tf RENT?A very desirable STAND for a a boarding house, on Pennsylvania avenue ar.d Eighth ?t., now occupied by the Messrs. Joy, and has always had a full share of the patronage of the oity. Possession given on the 1st of September next. Said house is in good order. For further SVi1?,"1*" ^PP1? to JAMES TOWLES. iirent, 490 H street north ; or Mrs. JULIA KElJp 3Y6 E street. au 17 tf IT OR RENT?A substantial three story BRICK . HOUSE, with larga lot adjoining, situated on I Third street esst. two doors from C street north, > ?P ^fcpitol Dili?a v?ry he&ithT location,and price of rent to suit the present tunes. Possession piven lmmcdiateiv. Inquire of Mr. B A OON, next door; or of Miss M. C. LINCOLN, 301 Pa avenua, i between 9th and 10th sts. au 15 lmeo* House on capitol hill for renT. The three story Brink Dwelling housn on the south aide of Pa. avenue, at the corner of Third a'. <?a<it, a short distance from the Capitol Square, at present oooupied by G. S. Minor, Esq. Applica! t" 'n n ay be made on tne premises, or to TH' BLAGDEN, No. 499 Seventh st west aul7 6teo HOUSES FOK RENT-No. as and NoTa7,on the south side of Indiana avenue, both of them ' very large and convenient houses, with good stabling and carriago-hoti8es. Also, the commodious and large House, No. 3SS, , on the north side of ?; street , Apply to THOMAS BLAGDEN, No 499 Seventh street. jy 17 2awtf L^OR KENT-The north HOUSE of tho row ol 1 new four story houses on Fourth at., between ; D and E ats., No. fronting the City Hall aauare. Posaesaicn given lmmndiatoly. Apply to WILLIAM H. PHILLIP, Attorney at-Law, No. 40 Louisiana avonue. ma 11-eotf r l^HE GREAT RUSH TO ARMS has caustid ft SMITH to rush North and rep enish his stook i of FA1.L and WINTER CLOTHING, which r.a offers at remarkable low prioes, at No. 4H0 ?ev enth at., opposite PoatOffioe. au 30 lm mNDSO.MELY FURNISHED ROOMS.our nacdaoinely Furniahed Rooms, supplied i with tas and water, and convenient to the Patent and Poat Office Departmenta, for rent. Apply at I 490H Massachusetts arenue, north aide, between , 4th and 5th sU. ma23 > _ ??? . GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS rTff'MAYOR'S OFFICE, liJ . Qtorgttvwa. D C, A*tuu 17.1861 Wtiereaa it ia provided by a ute not of Conl gresR? * That it shall not be lawful for any person in the District of Co umbia to sell, give, or administer to ' any soldier or volunteer in theaervioe of the United I Bia'ea, or an* person wearir g the uniform of auoh ao:dier or volunteer, any apirituona liquor or in toxicating drink; and any person ao offending against the provisions of this Aot ahall be deemed gui ty of a miademeanor, and upon oouvirtion thereof before a magistrate or court having oriiri nal jurisdiction ahall be puniahed by a fi> e of , twenty dollars, or lmpriaonment in th? jail of Waahington oounty, in the District of Columbia, _ for the period of thirty ''aya"? | Tke'efo*?, be il known to all persons oonoerned, , within the limita of this Corp?jration. that the Pol.ce Officer*, with military aid. nave b?en, and are hereby, direoted to enforce, most rigidly, the provisions of the aforesaid law, without any reaped to peraona whatsoever. . au 17 2aw3w HENRY ADDISON. Mayor. 1 in HHDS PRIME P. R. MOLASSES. P IU 6 hlida prime P. R. Sugar, 37 boxes Now York Cheese. 10 bids, new No. 1,2 and 3 Mackerel, 1 ljlVO lbs. new Hake and Cod Fish, 50 boxes Scaled Herring, t tierce Rioe, 5 bags l^aguay ra Coffee, i 1.000 lbs. A No. 1 Suiar oured Hams, Superior old Bourbon Whiaky, 92 per gallon. Georgetown Corporation'Notea of the old lasue till taken at par at my regular retail prioe. i saHt W. H. TENNEY. [\| ASSEY, COLLINS A CO.'S "J , . PHILADELPHIA DRA UGHT. Expected this day .per steamerJ. Jerome? Soo barrels XX DRAUGHT ALE, 1 40 do. XXXX do. do. 600 hlf.-bbla. do. do. do. 1 Which on arrival will be for aale. Terma sash ondehvery. ARNVft SHINN, 1 a 7 Union Depot. Georgetown. SEALED PROPOSALS, till the 14th September, ?5 1861, at 12 m ,are invited for furnishing FLOUR > of a oertain quality. About 5,000 barrela will be required, to be delivered in separate lota of l,ooo barrela eaoh 'lbe

r Hour to be made of new wheat, and the delivery of the whole lot to be made bv the 20tb September. ' 1861 The Flour required to be of th* following brands, and to paaa theinapeotion of a Board of Army Ofhoera. or auoh other inapectlon as the Subaiatenoe E Department may direot: > Arlington Extra, Congreaa do. Fair view do. Florette do. Ulenwood do. ' Chetap ake Mills do. > Clag'tt do. . J. ISewcome do. ' M. Smith do. Roxbary do. Joe CharlM do. 1 J Davidson do. Foundry do. Hack do. Lyon's Union Flour, Big Spring JoeCtiarlea, Ede'a Extra Bakar'a. A few barrela of the aame grade of Southern Flour will be taken, provided that it provaa equal in grade to the braids above named The r idJ?rs to atate tne b-atd aud the uuinbar of bar.els of , each kind they prop, a* U> fnrniah. i Uovaramaut reaa. vea the right to pay in Trdasur ry no tea. > The aropoaala to be direated to Cast. A. BECKI CTS., V. b, Am M ?B?VM4-prO|K>. AUCTION SALES. I "Jf-L * BARNARD, IMiim, ~~ | /"JROCKRfES AND LIQUORS AT AUC*M.Ttvi^rl n TPK?I>AY MORMN8, loth inrt . * nii'i. ^. : W? ?!l ln tToat ?r lhe Auction pi V? Hln( ,ot" 10 c ?** c?nsigrnieat?? ? Mw. and Sacts -f Hominy, Role. Pork. and B<*f, anrt Rao^n. ?*?? P,ckle?. ?auoe? and J?ilir*, r. o rr,.n*8. Sardine* and Crackers, hkT?S??^u ? ard Wniak?t? and Champagne, Bb R.and Hai^Smok.ncTobuJoo, * S ' Sugars a d Chewing Torwo, I ondon Brown Stout. and La**' R?*r, ?<. hV.!. Boarboun Whiskey, .? ??i!- D^k,"r " Monongabela Whiskey. 10 M> ? PUte s Magnolia Whiskey, A quarter Casks Brand*. Ky/il.0i^ Gin< Urandy and Whiskey. _ieP 7_ WALL A BARNA R D. A not#. By J. C. MoGUIRE A CO.. Auotionee's. 1 1\EA*LY NKW FURNITURE A5P HOUSETITFs^a V \Ir>eoIs,*A? i*UBL CL Auction.-On T??in?k??JMo*MN6.,^l?nih?r lot., at ten '.'h-* residence of a centleman deolinini housekeepicg.No 485 Sivth st . between C?t. and k???uiaDa av" w? s,,all ,e' h'* Fnnuture and Ef- I iec*?, rovnprit'nc I Walnut Hair Sprint seat Sofa, Rocker and Parlor Chairs. I Marble-top Center and Soft Tablee, Gilt-frany# Mirrors. Vases, ??t ,sat chai r*< Lounge, ! Gilt Window Shade*. Ruts. Carpets, Miloloth, Stair cfarpet, Several handsome Cottage Sets, Cottage Bedsteads, Bureaus, lows 10,1 Mattresse#, Bolsters and Pil- I OakandRuah seat Chairs, Wa'nut Pining Table, Oak Hat Tree, Cooking and other Stoves, Tables. Requisites Wlth ttl8 UBUa* *??ortment of Kitchen Terms oash. . J. C MoBUIRE A CO.. Anots. BONTZ A GRIFFITH, Auctioneers. TRUSTEE S sale of house AND LOT mTAmUt i * Libsktijis.?By virtue of ? t**1' bearing date on the 4th day of OoV M ard worded in Liber J. A. S . No I 185, folios 2f*3.204 and 2"5, the subscriber will self AuKSMuffVS TH' POAY, the~?tirday of B%rf nf I IM ?.olo?k P- ni:, on the premises. 49* f? Jh? 9\ '.n ?uhaivision of square No. I ???? on 8th street west, *l,A11'fpth9? feet to an alley, with the improve"Ssriihsr'' "d""c fr"n' DorMinftT<tnl !ir'antlo^rr" a favorable op- I port unity to persons desirous of proourmg a resi- I derce or making an investment. I I erms oash. Ha..h.',ot"rnJf 8IV" ST* not complied with in five I uson nj[i Li?!? I t th? prtpertT Wll! be resold.! the n h7." .".?tloe'&t ,h? r,,k and expense of of theUpurX;er ?" the expense RICHARD A. KDMON8TON. Trustee an B Stawads KONTZ A GRIFHTfa. Aucts.' f*ale .?9u postponed same place. ' s*ptenib?r loth, at 5 o'olook?< ?> ' BQNTZ A GRIFFITH. Ancte. WALL A BARNARD, Auctioneers. 17XCELLFNT FURNITURE AND HOUSE- I ArcTiow.-On THURSDAY sell ^"inst at 10 o'clock, we wnl I ?eii, at ?io. ^6** north tide of P^nn??i vania av? . SK-Srr:: PrnK store-a"the S.ud ^neots, oompnsinc? 1 Br..cate le Parlor saite, consisting ofl Tete a tete, i M?J' u Pa'lor Chairs, maae to order, J?n7 . ?,rS 2th Pllrl9r "U1 ?. consisting of 21 ete a-tete. 2 ? ssy. and 6 Par'or Thaira. Rosewood and Walnut Marble-top Tables, Curved Wa nut Ccmode aijrf Etasere. < ak and Mahocany Marbl^oa ?,de' oards. Ex ten* Ton DinnSftSb.e^''"d oth? "^steads G &?8 and Crockery VV*r*t Cane and Wood S;*t Chairs and Rorkern. Chamber lab es. Wardrobes and Washs'tands, ?V,PSU-J1?*8 ^l??k-.arKl Mattinr, *' Hat hack, Onclotn end Toiler Sets. fir w,th ?,her Furniture not here men- I ^ In v?l5r K(*<K' order, which will offer I Terras cash'eDt t0 p?r801*8 furnishing. I ??S d ' WALL k, BARNARD. Annts^ I * BARNARD. Auctioneers. V V1KTUE OF A DEED OF TRIIST rfni? I id*?" April 7. 18?i. amone the land records I frwSSS 'of tK. ??Th?t^ .I0, ,J;" thA6 "Odersun.d, 1TMWW <>i tbe *Th:r(J Building Anooitqiw" of I Gwrsetown, D. C., will, oa loth day September, at lown i'ttL'l-K:;.?^? at P"r, ,c "motion the 'ol- I *^Mted in Washinrton Ci'T. ?? MwiwiwHli avenue, between 4th and 5th I S.uare STV,n? th? W68t ha,f of Lot No. 36. in lerms made known at sale. WALTER S.?cox" ?! ""?h"r I ?li^\L,Ks,5f MATTHEWS, < Trustees. Jl_17 2awAds WALL A BARNARD. Aucts. rPi^c^ A LL A B A RN A R D, A uotioneers. i ?ApLK OF VALUABLE IM- I 4 p*ovid Hral Ritati.-Bt virtue of a deed I r on'rrfln ^ lh? 18t.fl ?f March. 1857, and duly I r-corded among the land reoords ol the oountyofl W a*hington. D. C , I shall proceed to eel' on the I P/fiTit'V vn WON bA Y. the ad dCy of September 1E61, ?t5o ciook p. m.,all those pieces or parce'a of I ln th? ?,ltJ of Washington, in .aid S! 5 r n and owgnated as Lots num I tor^thirty four <341 and thirty-five (M)Tn^SanaTe "IJ?bered five hundred and three (503) toe-ther I with the improvements thereon, oonsistinc of a I large tl.roe story Brick House, with a fin" b?se ment. Said property is lcate't on the south siddof I Nj^treet south, netween 4H and flth streets. I mT'\liUUiii V! 1:.~?nP qJ'? t,,r in,"ash, balance in ^ , 1n'an<1 twenty four months from I the jfen'ises '^urea t,y a deed of trus. on I Ifthe terms of sale be not oomplied with in five I dR,h8 /rom day of sale, the Trustee reserves the I ruht to reseil at the risk and c>st of the first our I chaser. JOHN P RN \ Is Trustee J!!! W A LLAB A R N A R D. A uo:si JUST RECEIVED FROM ST. LOUIS. ARMV OFFICERS AND OTHERS are respectfully invited to call at the store of C WOODWARD, No. SIS PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Between 10th and llth streets, Washington, D. C., and see the most complete artiole of CAMP MESS CHESTS, WITH TABLE AND WRITUfO DESK COMBINED EVER INVENTED. An article Officers who appreciate the oomforts of Camp lile should not be without. ALSO, OFFICERS' CAMP COOKING STOVES, with Bake Ovens, Camp Equipments, 4o , Ac. All kinds of COOKING AND HEATING STOVES, of the latent improved stales, for Parlors. Cham bars, Offices, Ao,. &o., Ac. HARDWARE AND HOUSE FURNISHING GuODa. To be had at C. WOODWARD'S, No. SIS Pa av., bet 10th and llth sts? _ a.u si"_6t_ Baloony in front. Itl. I. FRANKLIN, SCIENTIFIC AND PRACTICAL OPTICIAN, (FYom Philadelphia,) 844 Penn'aav., - noi th side,) bet. 13th and 13th ?ts. nprored SPECTACLES and EYE GLASSES. suited correct.y for every eye sisht?mounted in Gold, Silver, fine Steel, India Rubber, or Tortoise obeli* ? Glasses, Microscopes, Ttlucoru, Opera and Manns It las us with ike b?st Achromatic Lensts, Matiemattcai and fkysieai Instruments, ( ompassss, Stereoscopes and Stereoscopic Views m ? * '2f at the lowest Eastern prioes. au >vtr r NOTICE. " ADAMS' This C jmpanj offers to ih^ public Unequalled Advantages for tne Safe and Quick dispatch of Heavy F-eighta Packages, Valuables, Money, *o. Ao., to all parts of the United states. Expresses to and Irom the North and West deand *"ive in W'ashintton twioe daily. A''E*Pre?ses are in oharge of experienced and reliable Messengers. All Paokages for The Soldiers oarnea at Mojfi half" omr usual rates. All Go. ds for Ue so-called "Confederate States" and all Articles - Central and of War" will be Jl iFUftKDi Ou txpresses leav# New York at t. 6, and 6 P. P M ln Wa"llIB't0D 6 A. M and 6J0 lt*r9 Philadelphia at MO a. M. and jZ')?, T1,lt ln WaiQlact n St 5 31 P. M. and Expresses leave Baltimore at 4? A. M. and 3 P. k m Wa*l,n'u'n at 6 A. M. and 5? Expreseee for all points North an-1 West leave Wasniugton at7 91 ,\ M and 2 30 P M. daily. Special Contracts fc>r arge qnantitiee of Freight oaii be,'nade oa aephoation to tkis ?>ftoe. eharges*0*^* " * ue^rered /re* at Extra a 8 ?. McLAUOHUN. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS Padncab, Kentnrky. Occnpled by tailed Sutri Tr??p? Cairo. Sept fl ?General Grant, with two regiments of Infantry and m company of light artillery and two gun-boats, took po seresIon of I'aducah. Ky. He found secession flay* flying In different parta of the town, In expectation of greeting the arrival of the Southern army, which was reported to be 3*00 strong, and only sixteen miles distant. The loyal cttixens tor** down the secession Bags on tbs arrival of our troops General Grant took possession of the telegraph office, railroad depot, and the marine hospital. He found large guantlties of complete rations, leather, etc., for the Southern army. The General lasued the following proclamation: | "I have come among you not as an enemy, but as your friend and feliow-cltizen?not to Injur* and annoy you, but to respect, defend, and enforce the rights of all loyal citizens The enemy Is In rebellion against our common government. He has taken possession of and planted his guns upon the soil of Kentucky and fired upon our C ?. 1 Columbus and Hickman are in his hsnds. and he is moving upon your city I am here to defend you against this enemy, to assist to maintain the authority and security of your government. "I have nothing to do with opinions, and shall deal only with armed rebellion, Its alders and abettors You can pursue your usual avocations without fear. The strong arm of the government Is here to protect Its friends and to punish only lta enemies whenever manifest. "When you are able to defend yourselves and maintain the authority if vonr government and protect the rights of loyal citizens. I shall withdraw the forces under my command. "U. S. G*amt, "Brigadier General commanding." Shacking Oatrage tn MIsmsiI?Aa Entire Train si Cars Thrown into the Rivar. Huimo* Mo., Sept. 6 ?A diabolical outrage has been perpetrated by the secessionists on the Hannibal and St Joseph Railroad The passenger express .train bound west on the 3d inst , was thrown into the Platte river In consequence of the timbers of the east end of the bridge having been burnt away The entire train went down, the engine turning over, and the baggage, freight, mail and two passenger cars being piled on top The passenger cars were completely smashed, and the baggage master is the only one on that train who escaped unhurt. Conductor J C. Coulter and Frank Clark, the engineer, both died in a few minutes from their Injuries, and Martin Field, mall agent, and Charles Moore, fireman, and F. Fox, brakeman, were instantly killed. j Among the wounded wers Mr Medtll, son of Dr. ! Medill, of Ohio, and his wife, both badly Injured, j flew Yark Demscrntic State Canventian. Syracpsk, Sept 5 ?The following nominations were made this afternoon by the convention: Judge of Appeals. Judga Comstock; Secretary of State, D Floyd Jones; Comptroller, George H Scott; Attorney General, Lyman Tremaine; Treasurer, F C Bruck; Canal Commissioner, J. B. Lord. The convention then adjourned. The Mozart delegation held a meeting after the exclusion from the convention, and voted to adjourn to the city of New York, and to frame an < address there, to their constituents, In reference to this day's proceedings. Fram Fart Pickens?The Canfederates Fired upan whilst Attempting to Maise the Dry Deck Loeisvillk, Sept. 6 ?The Mobile Tribune, of the 2d iust , states that while men were employed In getting the dry dock ready to be ralsea. they were fired on from Fort Pickens, first a blank, then a solid shot, and then with shell The last came near doing some damage, and the men accordingly left si?e?rdily. Gen Bntler at llame. Lowbll, Mass .Sept 5 ?Gen. Butler was most enthusiastically received here to-day bv the military and cavalcade of citizens. All the inhabitants turned out to welcome him. In his reply to the address of Mayor Sargeant, he closed by saying : 44 Lst no man count the costs No middle course can be admitted " He stated that, after remaining home for a brief period, he would rei turn to the seat of war, not to come home again till peace was restored. Tbe IliineU State Fair Chicago, Sept 4 ?Extensive preparations sre already made and work is actively going on for the State Fair, commencing on Monday next. Thus far the number of entries is unprecedented. Tbe museum of the State Nstional Historical Society, consisting of geological specimens of coal, Ac , will be, for the first time, open to tbe public. Final Obsequies af Gen Lynn. Willi man tic, Ct., Sept i?The funeral of Gen. Lyon took place this afternoon at Kastford. Fifteen thousand people were present The burial was at Phonixvllle Speaker Grow. Gov Buckingham, Gov. Sprague, Senator Foster snd Richard Busteed took part in the ceremonlaa. Saathern News LomsviLLK, Sept fl ?A dispatch from Richmond says about 2,000 Federal prisoners srs now here, Including a hundred taken near Gauley Bridge. The weather In the mountains is becoming quite cool, and winter clothing is absolutely needed now by many of the soldiers. ?^, pfclNSlON OFF1CK, J cm 6th, 16?1. TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. Application having been made under tee act of 23d June. 186<>, for the reissue of the Laud Warrants desonbod herein, which are alleged to have been lost or destroyed,notioe is hereby given, that at tho date following the denonption oi each War rant, a new Certificate, of like tenor, will be issued. if no valid objection shall then appear !\o, 46.745, for 120 acres, issued under the aot of March. 1855. in the name of Jaoob Gulick, and granted on the 24th day of January, 1356.?September 2I.P61. _ . , No. 56 for 80 aores. issued under the act of September, li!5*i, in the taine of Elizabeth Wells, widow o; Daniel Wells, and granted on the 21th day of September, 1354? September 28,1961. No 45 39 >, for 160 acr s, issuod under tne aot of March. 1856, in the name of Alexander Orme, and granted on the 13th day of October. 1856 ?September 28,1861 , No 71 626. for 160 aores, issued under the aot of Maroh. 1855, in the name of Amos Arthur, and Bra-ted on the 17th day of August, 1857.?Ootober 1.1861. No. 68,580, for 160 aores, under aot of 1847, and bearing date May 6th, 1850, in favor of Michael Repp father of Samuel Hups, deceased. Third Indiana Volunteer*. MeaioanVVar.?Ootober 13.1861 No. 64 526. for 120 acres. Issued uuder the act of March, 1866, in the name of James bong, and Rranted on the 31st day of Maroh, 1356.?Ootober No 24 657, for 160 aores, issued under the aot of Maroh. 1856, in the name of Thomas Tanner, and granted on the 3d day of May, 1856?October IB, No 96 100, for 160 acres, issued under the aot of Maroh 1855,in the name ol Po It, widow of David Bradbury, and granted on the 19th cay oi September, 1860 ?November 16,1861. , . , No. 43,342, for i60 aores. issued under the act of Maroh. 1855. in the nameof Christopher Dougheity, and granted on tbe 27th day of September, 1866. November 16 1861. ^ No. 93,814. for 160 aores, isened under the aot of March. 1855, iu the name ol Guy S. Alexander, minor child of John C Alexander, deoeased, and granted July 2.186?*.?November 16. 1861 No. 2.163. for 190 aores, issned under the aet of Maroh. 1855 in the name of Benjamin Roily, and granted on the 2'th day of June, 1856 No 652. for 80 a' res, issued under the act of Maroh. 1856 in the name of Rruben Woodruff, and granted on the 9:h day of May. 1855. , No. 85a, lor 160 aeres, issued under the act of March, 18*5, in the nameof Samuel H Watorhouse, and granted on the 231 day ot May, 1856. No. 2,533, for 80 acres, issued under the aot of Maroh. 1855, in the name of Sh?llr Downs, and granted on the 2d day of Angust, 1856.?November 6|Vo^4l 933. for 160 aores. issued under the aot of March, 1856. in th? name of Jaraea d granted on the 2lst day of March, 1861 ?November 23,1861. No. 25 930, for 160 sere*, issued nnde' the aot of Maroh 1855, in the name of vt ilUam M , J alius C. a.,and John D. S., minor children of lnrs^ Bigget, deceased, and granted on the 24th day of May, 1856 ?November23, 861. No 44,818. for 80, issue* under the aot of Ma^ch, 1865 in the n&ine of Getty, widow of Thcmas El wood, and granted the 19th day of January, 1857.?November O,1861. No. 75 3.0. for 160 acres, issued under the aot of Maron. 1856, in the name of Alexander Mo nlloagh, and granted on the 8th day of January, 1858.?November 23.1861. , . . . No. 8,068, for 160 aores, issned under the aot of Maroh, 1855, in the name of Alexaader Q uain, | and grantnd on the 12th day of October, 1855. Novemuer MU. _ , , _ No. *7 J"*, for 160 aores, urned under the aot cf Maroh, '855. in the name of Hmnah widow of James Wilson, and granted on the20th day of Fobrsary^-Drce^M. BARRETT, c It-law Commissioner. ( BILLIARDS! tT^T The lovers I?-?* of the GAME OF BILLIARDS will find in I KM RICH'S FINE HALL, Cornero Pennsylvania avenue and UthatrOTt? (south side,) two of the most admirable TABLES in tlx United States, with every oomfort and oonvHieaae an 3 tf lor the players. B FRENCH * R1CHBTE1N _ _ A V E J ust reoeived a freak aopiy of Note P?I per, Colored Borders, ruled and plain, with Eni velopes to match Also, K tag Paper of all kinds, with and without Mottoes; Envelopes to nuttek. Purses and Pocket Bocks of every deoonption. A large assortment or Stationary. _ . New York Papers reoeived duly; Pap sis from s J^hstSW, SECOND EDITION." THREE O'CLOCK P M Militabv ArpoinmBWTs ?The Pr?l<?t today made the following military appointment* V!* : Charles M Tfcumton of Md., Willie A Goeaaaa of Min , and Daniel Butterleld of , to ba Brigadier General* John Clark, of Maaa ; N. J Sapplngton. at Md ; James M Wandrraon. of Cal , Jnalak M Lnraa. of D C ; A lei M l.lovd. of Pa ; r-amuel Ganaage,of Cal , Judaon M Sb-rmaa. ef N Y ; Benj P Walker, of Ind ; James P Fredericks, of N Y j and E T. S Schenck, of t>h1o, to bo Commissaries of Pubalatenre for the Vol an terra with rank of Captain Wm M. Wiley to ba in additional parmaater Wm A SMokea, of Pa , to be Major of tbe 1Mb Infantry, U S A. Tat* Twistt Timbs a Day ?Every hoar In tbe twenty-four for throe days pas', one might have heard on Pennsylvania avenue different and poa itlve account of tb* taking or evacuation of Munaon's hill. We hare to aay that up to 1 p m. to day tbe enemy bad made no move whatever to abandon It; nor had there been any demonatration on Goa. McClallan'a part agalnat it. Cashibbbd ?Lieut Col Fraarla B O Keefr, Fifteenth regiment New York Volunteers having been aentenced by rourt mart si to be cashiered, for drunkenneaa, disorderly conduct, Ac , Major Gen McClellan haa approved the aald sentence, and formally declared him no longor an officer In tbe military aeryice of tbe United Statea Lim Gim Scott's Aina ?Col Henry Van R?nsaelear and Lieut Cola. George W Culluir, Schuyler Hamilton and Edward H Wright, aid* to Lieut Gm Scott, have (under the net of Au(. 5, 1MH.) been made by the Prealdent colonel*, with pay and allowancea of colonela of cavalry. To bi Shot ?Private Wm Scott, of Compnny K, Third Vermont Volunteers, having been found guilty of Bleeping on hia poa4, and aentenced to bo ahot to death. Major General McClellan boa confirmed tbe aald aentence. and directed it* execution on Monday next, the 9th Inataot. From Gihihl Rosbcba*s ?The War Department received a dispatch thla forenoon from General Roaecrana, "In camp, near Hotter, Va ,** dated yeaterday, from which it la inferable that all la well with hia command Gas McClbllas cpon thi Obsbbvakcb or tbb Sabbath ?Tbe following or dor haa J oat been . promulged: Headquarter*. Army ?f the Poiema* > Washington, Sept ft, 1861. \ General Order*, No 7. The Major General Commanding dealrea and request* tbat in future there may be a more per fed reapect for the Sabbath on the part of hia command. We ere fighting in a bolycauae, and ahould endeavor to deserve tbe benign favor of the Creator. Uuleea in the caae of an attack by tbe enemy, or aome other extreme military neceaalty. It la commended to commanding officers. that all work ahall he suspended on the Habbatb; that no unnecessary movements ahall be madr on that day; that tbe men aball, aa far as poaaible. be permitted U.rr^t from their la bora; that they ahall attend divine aervice after tbe cuatomarv Sunday morning inspection, and that ofBcera and men alike uae their ii.fiuence to lnaure the utmoat decorum and quiet on that day. The General Commanding regard* thla aa no idle form; one day'a rest in seven la ne>:eaeary for man and anlmala, more than thla. tbe obaervance of tbe holy day of tbe God of Mercy and of Battlea la our aacred duty. Geobob B McClbllar, Major General Commanding Official:?S. Williams. Aa't Adj't General. * to LA TE LOCAL NEW'S. Habbas CoBPra ?It will be recollected that the caae of V\ m. A Northern, a prlaoner In tbe penitentiary, who was brought before hia Honor J udge Merrick, of the Circuit Court, last Wednesday, on a writ of kabeat eorpm*. waa postponed until today, to enable tbe Diatrict Attorney to procure evidence. The prlaoner waa brought Into court this morning bv the Warden of the Penitentiary, but Mr. Carrington, the Diatrict Attornev. was not present The only material evidence adduced was that of Mr. King, Warden of the Penitentiary, who test 1 fled to the priaoner'a admlaalona, when questioned, that he (tbe prlaoner) was tried before the Circuit Court of the U nlted states for tbe State of Virginia, on the charge of embezzling letters, while he was employed bv tbe United Statea Post OfBce Department, and that he was convicted ft* that offense, and sentenced to ten years' Imprisonment in the penitentiary of tbe Diatrict of Columbia. Mr. Davis, the prisoner's counsel, moved that the prisoner be discharged First. Because the Warden cannot produce n copy of the commitment under aeal. Second, Because the record*, nor the paper* on file In tbe penitentiary, ahow no cause why be should be there incarcerated for any given length of time. Thirdly. That the art of Congress paaaed May 3i. 1PW, U S Stat at large, vol 4, page 365, provide* that a descriptive list of tbe n^rnea. agea, crimes, and *entencea?f the convict* ahall be kept by the Warden; and auch deacriptlon aball be entered Immediately upon tbe reception of each convict And. fourthly, That a copy of the commitment under the s?al of the court which pronounced tbe sentence, (if there was any pronounced,) ought to be on file iu said penitentiary, aubject to examination And whereaa none of the above requirements of the law have been complied with, we claim that it Is the duty of the court to d lac barge tbe pflaoner. He alluded to the state of the country, which he declared was crumbling to piece*, and to our condition, imprlaoned in the Federal Capital, within tbe Bound of the rebel guns Tbe warden ought to have discharged tbe prisoner immediately; not doing so, he was liable for damages He aald It was the duty of the U S Diatrict Attorney to be here, and speaking of the priaouer's admiaaior.a, made the rather extraordinary aaaertlon that In less than three years, yes, in leas than twelve mouths, hundreds of citizens of this District would be glad to go to the penitentiary to be provided for, and If asked what they were there for, would probably tell the warden they were aentenced for twenty years Tbe court decided that having judicial knowledge of the extraordinary state of tbe country, It could not require the production of primary evidence, auch aa tbe certified commitment of the Circuit Court of Virginia Tbe Prcaldent having proclaimed non-interconrae with Virginia, and tbe other Seeded Statea, It waa a legal Impossibility to obtain auch evidence, therefore parole evidence muat be admitted; and no stronger secondary evidence could be preeented than the priaoner'a own admissions The prisoner was therefore remanded to the custody of the warden of tbe penitentiary, to be retained until d lac barged by due course of law. LATEST NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. FROM FORTRESS MONROE. Baltimobk, Sept. 7.?The ateamer from Old Point, which arrived this morning, brings the following intelligence : Fobtbbs* Mohbob. Sept. 6?f"be steam frigate Roanoke, Com Pendergmat, haa returned from tbe blockade off Charleatoa, having been relieved by the Wabaah She brings no Intelligence whatever The (Quaker City I* coaling for a cmlae. The Confederate steamer Yorktewn U about a dozen miles above Newport Newa,waiting an opportunity to run tbe blockade She has leaf been preparing at Richmond, aad la aald to carry n heavy armament Tbe George Paabody to hourly expected from Hatteraa Inlet. Tbe Harriet Lane saved her be* go a. The Minnesota and Potomac are expected hare to-morrow. QOft EMILE DUPRE FuRSTLrAiiu Arm*) laoa iru,w?e, lmvmrtm mmd WW*?le Dmim to c gflftk iv vferaf1' J bourbon (istft) AT EMILE DOME'S laoa Btiiwiw, ??? Pa. inWK F ?FRF.DER1C TUSTUr HAMBURG CELEBRATED SHOEING TOBACCO, The Best Article Ever lonpotl^d, ^ o to KM I LA. DUPRK, laoa ?*0 Pa. A vane a. JUST RECEIVED? *ft Cabbb laroirai BELTERS WAT R. In Original loueiHt. *, At ' ? smile Dcr*ira tod* *

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