Newspaper of Evening Star, September 7, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 7, 1861 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. THU BANNER OF THE SEA. Of all the flags that float aloft O'er Neptune's gallant tare, That wave on high, In victory, Above the aona of Mere, Give us the flag?Columbia's flag? The emblem rf the free. Whose flashing lUra blazed through oar ware, For Truth and Liberty. Then dip It, lada, tn ocean'? brine, And give It three times three, And fling It out, mid song and ah ut, The Banner of the Sea. Beneath ita folds we fear no foe, Our hearts shall never quail, With bosoms bare the atorm we'll dare, And brave the battle gale; And though the cannon plew our decka, The planks with gore run red, Still through the fray our flag alway Shall gleam far over head. Then dip It, lada, Ao. On every wave, to every shore, Columbia's flag shall go, And through all time ita fame aubllme With brighter huea aball glow; For Freedom"e standard ie our flag, Ita guardlane, Freedom's Sons, And wo betide th' tnaulter'a pride When we unloose our guns. Then dip It, lads, Ac. Its enemies our own ahall be, Upon thelan& or main; Ita starry light shall gild the flght. And guide our iron rain. Nor foreign power, nor treason's arts. Shall shake our patriot love, While with our l fe, in peace or etrife, We'll keep that flag aoove. Then dip it, lads, Ac. Bridal's Sharpshootsk* ?The Michigan Company for Col. Berdan's First Regiment of Sharpshooters reached town and reported at camp a week ago. We leara from Captain Dufslertbat at least a thousand men could be recruited in Michigan within twenty days, if they are wanted, the hunters and hnnting farmers enter so heartily Into the spirit of the thing. Capt Duesler'e comprises 99 men, all of whom have msds the required string of fifty inches. Tac siiooliug of the company actually average only ticeHty inch;*, a skill which is trulv remarkable, and which must tell with fearful effect upon the enemy. To recruit this company, three officers were appointed by the Governor, each of whom ordered to travel on onecf three principal railroads, advertising In advance that at stated times be would b*? at such or such places, and test applicants. Thus In less than a fortnight the required ino were collccted. and more than equal number were refused admission to the ranks Col Berdan's men are to receive their uniforms to day, and to-morrow afternoon, In obedience to the urgent orders from the War Department, will ; lsave for Washington. The dress as finally ordered by Government, cons'.sis of a green coat, Austrian blue-gray pantaloons, gaiters, and green k?pi The Massachusetts Company will pa?s threugh the city to-night As an evidence of the Interest which Gen McCldlUa takes in the reginlent, It may be well to state that he has detailed !>>* friend Capt Grover, U S Army to the post of Lieutenant-Colonel?.V Y Tribune, 5th Applk Crop is Northrsx Nbw York.?Just now our market Is overstocked with apples. The earlier varieties are freely ottered, and sell from SI to ?t 25 per barrel, without the barrel. They are shipped to New Vork. and buyers hence are advised that the New Vork market is glutted; here there is no anxiety to purchase at current rates We are not inclined to doubt that the crop of fell and winter apples hereabouts will be good; but In some localities it will be short, and fair prices for winter fruit may be expected. ? Rochester Unten. Da* Rica's Rhisocbros.?Colonel Preston, one of the agents of Dan Rice's Great Show has arrived at Louisville from the I'pper Mississippi, and states that the report that the big rhinoceros that was thrown overboard by the steamboat collision was still alive was a first-class sensation report. The animal was drowned, and Colonel P., on bis downward trip, succeeded in recovering its cage, and setting the dead body afloat Iq the Mississippi. ILT There were 1J0 removals on Saturday In the New York custom-house. OCEA NS TEA MERS' SAI LINO DA YS F*om thb Uwitbb Stat is Sitnmtrt. Leave. For. Days. Araco ?New Vork-Havre .Sept 14 Fkom Eraopa Arabia Liverpool Boston Aug. 24 Atr.oa _? i .. Liverpool. .?New York.. Aug. 31 The California mail steamers leave New York on the 1st, Ltth, acd 21st of every month. Y~., ?, WOOD AND COAL. OU Wul surety get your money's worth by, at the PIONEER MILLS, ?o*thi**st cor V Secentk itrut and Canal, (GEO. PAGE, Ageoi-j Tiiay sail cheaper and rive better measure thac any others in the wty?out. split, and delivered fre? of ooarge. If yoa aoa 1I eiieve , i ve the Pioneer Mills atria., and be satisfied. t-lvj CM BBS' HAIR STORE, n P D Av-BKT- 12th ?1*T> 13*B "? PBRPUJSEKY. *c. BRAIDS.CURLS. WICS. HALr W1G3, FR1ZKTTES, Ac. A full stocg aiways on hand, or made to order at the "hortest notioe Hair Wora repaired or exohan<ed. N. B.?Ladies' Hair Dyed in the most natural 03 An per. ma 28-tin MBJ TOPHAM'S vBE PREMIUM TRUNK MAyUFACTORY, 4?9 8*v?tu Strut. W asuinstor, D. C. Silver Medal awarded hy Maryland Institute o Baltimore. November 7, Ffio. Aiso, Medal b? Metropolitan Meohaiiies'Institute, V? ashing ton. D. C., 18S7. 1 am aocstanty making, and aiwars have on band, of the best material, every description of Pine Soe Leather, Iron Frame. Ladies' Dress, Wood Box,and Packing Trunks, peiliaier. Carpet, and ?, ^laaSasb. ? . i' Law Prices. rlembera of Co err era and travelers will please examine my stock beforepurchasing elsewhere Trunks that are made m other eiue*. Superior Leather and Drees Trunks made tc OfHIs Treeks oovered and repaired at short notice. Goods delivered free of charge to anylsart of the eity, Georgetown, and Alexandria. jaM-lrea JAMES B.TOPHAM. T?? Q CARRIAGES. His Subscriber having made additions to his xaetory, making it now one ot the largest.jmss In the District, where his faei;itie*6?B^ (?trcW!?uJ9ctSl?.nJ?,C R1 AG ES and WrrWTT LIGHI WaGONS of all kinds cannot be sur passtxl, and from his long experience 111 the bu?ihop?j? to give general satisfaction. ^ AMki ads of Carriages acd Light Wagons kept All REPAIRS neatly done, and all orders promply attsnded to. Seooad hand Carriages taken in exchange for "Ti?".?* ANDREW J. JOvSt, " " tr eorner^nM^onrteepth and K ete. 1J^ vKLWPEs.-1 wen ,k% ?? N?tean4 Lett* Pa^er, with Enve op** to match. Washington in the form of a Rose, and in Dook form, also, separate a, tu.? I**}}7 Weegiy Papers oon?tant!y on Times, and Tribane received every Bicni at 9 o o.o^k. Papeis from ali parts of the oountry. Beadle's Dime Novels aud Song Books. cheap * ,np'iT f?r summer reading. A large assortment of Juvenilas-Mayne Reid's Books, RoUo Books, Abbott's Histonec: ho. A disocH#of 1?'to ? per cent, on al. bound books FRENCH A RICHSTEIN, rc* ? Hooks tore. aT>? Pa. av. Cl'MMER CLOTHING ,,T _ At Rntros Pnicss. * redneed pri-se. Our stock em tLW*. Of Gentlemen, ? rURNfgB'NO ?OOD9 .. c*"""" 8>S? i,? M.ui. t sbJrn y*/00 .* ?* *?' purchasers to examine fcefors making their selections. ,aaLL, 8TEPHEN8 A CO.. /. ^ ** ? l?h sts. mg (Intelligencerand Republican.) \VAL,? r8?mgi pestor styls ml rtfj low prioee. t?>Tr immediate outfit will find M**r. Eeadv made Depart meat every aitioie of Wearing Apparel suitable to their wacts. a. is WALL. STEPHENS A CO., - " VX r*nn. avewse, FECIAL BARGAINS . w.?.? .u u. y si el*ao' fWtkfcl-PTvn EDUCATIONAL. \f VOCAL INSTITUTE. 1'IRS. CECILIA. YOUNG Will rmmt her Classes in Vooal Musio on Monday next, Keptemb?r 9>.h at her residence, No. 4 it A Eleventh street, between H and I its. Terms mad* known on application. se 2-lmeo (GEORGETOWN FEMALE SEMINARY, R (Mm Habkovxe's,) No. 151 W'tt St., b*tvet*n Cowrrtss and High sts. The duties of this Institution will be resumed on the f?r?t Monday in September next. The attention of parents and guardians is partiou'arlv called to the Class in Calisthenics, whioh will be formed on Monday, the 9 h iast, by a graduate of the "Lewis Normal Institute of PhTsioal Education." The former pupils are earnestly solicited to attend the Class. InsTircToms. Miss E. W. Wright, Mri. Cecilia Young, " M. E. J. Kanfman, Mr W. C. Bergman, " M. V. Hanover, A. Zappone. M D. Mile M. Gard^tte, Charles de Frondrat. C'roula'K mn be obtained at the Bookstores, or by addressing the Principal. soS-lw MISS HARROVER. PLEASANT VIEW t?EMINARY.-Theduties of this School will be resumed on the eeoood Monday in ?epte9>>er Terms 9160 for board and tuition in the English branches for year of ten months. Address MISS M KEECH, se 2 2w? Hyattsville, Prinoe George's oo.. Md. EVERETT INSTITUTE, MASSACHUSETTS AV., BITWIM 9TH AHD 10TH ("tbhti, A Stint School for Foyt. Th? Sixth Annua! Session of this Inst tute wi'l oommenoe on Monday, September 2. Terms moderate For further particulars. ?ee circulars at the Bookstores, or E. w FARLEY, the his residence. 4tl3 Tenth st. au 2S-2w* Female seminary. Georgetown, L S. ENGLISH. Principal. Miss English purposes, on Monday, September 3d, to take charge of a limited number of pupils, to whos** irstruction and improvement her best efforts will be directed. Fiom her many vears' exporienc" in this business, she hopes to be ab'e to cive satisfaction to those parents and gua dians who may p;ace pupils under her oare. Terms made known on application at No. 35 Gay st. an ?6 2w* EMERSON institute, H Stbket, Between 12th and 13th sts., Select Classtcal ami Mathematical Schoolf ~r Boys Tn? exercise* oi this School will be resumed the first Mon*!av lu t?eptemb*r. Address au l'Mf Ctl AS B. YOUNG, Principal. 'j^HE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. The Twlflh Annual Session will commenoe Si-ptember 2. For partcu are inquire of the Prin011X1 Mrs. z RICHARDS, -V 17 Im Corner of Fourteenth and K sts. NTUK WESTERN ACADEMY, <? 97 7 1, corner of Seventeenth street, recently urder the care of Dr. Loomis, will he reopened Monday, th'id of September. App'ication inay be ina-Jo st Dr. Tg\vlk's,-400 Fourth street, Judioi'.ry ^ouare. au 17-3W JOSHUA O. COLBURN. W MRS. ? MONROE ~ v ILL Resume the duties of her School on Monday, the 9th of September, cn the oorner of and E stroetr?No. 45S. (Rep.) ee3 3teo* Li'AIR HILL BOAKDJNG SCHOOL, T FOR OfttLS, At Sa*pt Spkiho, Md, This Institution, wruoh has bees in successful operation for the pa?t ten years, will oommenoe its e rti sg regular term on tne 1st of the in mo (October ) next For circulars, containing further information in regard to the school, apply to it w vi w ir WM. H. FARQUHAR, _?u <"-*"1m' Ojney P^O^_ rfniE DUTIES OF THE HOME SCHOOL 1. will be iEsiim-?d on Monday, September 9th. No. 9 K 3treet, south sid<\ between 8th ard 9 h. MRS. M. C. BROWN, au 3^F.*.Tu,Th.S Principal. A LN WIC K SE M l N A R Y, A FOR YOU Mi LADIES. rite dull"'! of this Institution will be resumed on Mon a> 'fi'h of September Address M A. TYSON A. SlSTk'.RS. Laurel. Prince George's oounty Md In ti.e city, Circulars ma* be had at Dr. Ty?t- n's Drug S:ore, corner ol L and Ninth sts. a i 23 dfitv-<;.!t* GEORGETOWN COLLEGE, D. C. ** , ACOUST, 1861. 'Ihe exercises of this Institution will be resumed on tho first Monday ol September, 'terms for Board and Tuition pur annum. 9^0n, payable halfyearly. in advance For further particulars apply to the President? au la 'm-o JOHN EARLY, S. J. C'OLUMBIAN COLLEGE. ' ? Wajhihoton, D. C. ihe Preparatory Department opens its session on \V<*lnesday, September 11th. The Classes in t*e Philosophical and Classical Department have their first exercises Wednesday, September 25th. t or catalogues or further information apply to G. W. SAMSON, D. D.. au 1.V2a w4w (Republican.> President. Lafayette institute, a school, for youso ladies. 367 I street, between 13th and 14th. S^ssl.'n wiM oommenoa on MONDAY. September at . Circulars at Bookstores. Reference is made to resident Clergymen, Senators Foot, Foster, Harris, Wade, Trumbull. Harlan, and others. L.C. LOOMIS, A. M., au 10 S, TAT, lm Prinolpa , JJROOKEVILLE ACADEML The next session will commenoe September 3d. Buys are prepared for college or for busineos. For catalogue piease s^idress, at BrookeviUe, Md , E. B. PRETTYMAN. A M.. au **-lm (Intel.) Prinoipal. ^T. MATTHEW'S ACADEMY, Co*. 1"th it. asd Njw Yon Av? Washintlon, It. C. The exercises of Institution will be resumed on th? ft ?t Monday in SeptetT>l>er. Terms per session of five months from ?7 to ?16; payable in advasoe. The German and Frenoh languages, Music, Drawing and Painting, form extra charges. Far particulars apply at the Institution. an 24 2w??o WCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES. Miss M. P. DUNCAN will, on Monday, the 2d of September n it, lesume her School at her resi- I dence, No U1 Indiana avenue She has made ar- i rangeirents to receive a limited numoer ol pupils as boarcers. au 27-<sv3w ^ C II O <? L FOR SMALL BOYS, E? No 277 I St.,Ook^ke 17th This Sch ol will reopen on Monday. September Sd. Circu!ars at Bookstores. For further information call from * 12. Re/ertnets?Dr. L Lootnis, Professor L. C. Lo 'ins au 26-eo2w T FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parents who wish their daughters to n ?:yo a thorough and systematic adnoation, wherf theirphysical training will reoeivedaily and speoial attention, under the most approved system of Calistiienioe and Gymnastics, are respectfully invited to visit the Union Female Aoademy, oorner Fo?rtee th st. and New York av. MR. A MRS. Z. RICHARD*. -? Principals. NOTICE. ENTIRE STOCK OF DRY GOODS SELLING OPP At Gxxatlt Rkdvcid Pricks To Close Business. The undersigned. Trust-e of R. Brioe Hall. most respectfully call the attention of R. B. Hall s former patron i and the public in general to tho fact tnat ha is now and will oontinue to sell all tne remaining stock on hand at greatly reduoed priors, to eiose out the business as speedily as pos iMe. THEO. SHECKELS, Trastee. N. B,?Mr,, Ha;l having for a long time oooupied two stores?No. ?7;< and 375-this i? to notify ail p^-'sins ilist the poods of both stores have been p aoed in More No. 373, where ail persons in s?*?roh ol I argams should not tail to oall. . " 3L*?4 _ THEO. SHECKELS. Trustee.^ GREGORY'S STOVE HOUSE. PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 381 constantly on hand a oompiete assortment of sn?Vf-H. ?>KATES, and RANGES; ^ also. CAMP EqUIPME^TS ol all kinds) iroludms Camp Stools. Camp Tables, OampiHV Mo\ es, Freuch Drmkinx Cups, oommon Tin^^E Cups, Tin Plates, ftc ; and a geneiai ansortmrnt of Tiu. Enam-led. Japanned and Piannished Ware. A I! ki-ios of Tin, Copper ana Mneet Iron Work made to oruor in a workmanlike manner and at short not ce , IE^ Remembar, 3ai Pa. avenne, second door from Se?entn *t, south side. aa>7 eogw H. J. GREGORY. 1^1 REM EN'S INSURANCE COMPANY A or WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN, Capital 777... 8900,000. Q0?? tonur C strut m+d L<m\si**m ?., n?r Bamk Of W&sht%4lon. INSURE HOUSE8 ANDOTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY P1RE. Goo Shoemaker, "^SSpael Red fern, Samnsl Cropley, William Wilson, Rjahard Jones. John D. Barolay. Gideon, Andrew Roth well, 1 hoe. Parker. Rieh*rd Barry. B. B. Frenoh, Dr. O, W. Davis. No charge for Policies. o r? ? JAMES ADAMS. President Aixl G. Davis. Sooretary. au 9-so?ib THb SUBSCRIBERS RESPECTFULLY A invito the attention of the Army and ? -ML Belts, Swords, 8word Knots, Caps, Hats, and all FAT-1 Orders m that line respectfully solicited. , JJYSWJfeSf"VSEASih. jy 18 eoam 3A3 Pa. av,. under Brown's Hotel. SSSrS low pnoearefpTTl ||OME MADK UOOTO AND SHOES, M They go rlfht to the Spot." INSTANT RBLIEF STOP 1 OUR COUGH PURIFY YOUR BREATH 8TRBNOTHEN YOUR VOICE! SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, All GOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, GOOD FOR LECTURERS, GOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, GOOD FOR SINGERS, GOOD FOR CONSUMPTIVES. 6BNTI.BMEN CARRY SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. LADIES ARE DELIGHTED WITH . SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. CHILDREN CRY FOR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. They relieve a Cough instantly. They dear tho Throat. They give strength and volume to the voioe. They impart a delioious aroma to the breath. They are delightful to the taate. They are made of aimple herb* and cannot harm any one. I advise every one who has a Cough or a Husky Voioe, or a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of the Throat, to get a package of my Threat Confeotions. They will relieve you instantly, and you will agree with me that "they go riiht to the spot' You will find them very useful and pleasant while traveling or attending public meetings, for stilling your Cough or allayins your thirst. If you try one package I am safe in saying that you will ever af terwarda consider them mdispensible. You will find them at the Druggiits and Dealers ia Medicines PRICE TWENTY FIVE CENTS. My signature is on each paokage. All others are counterfeit. A Paokage will be sent by mail, prepaid, on re oeipt of i hirty Cents. Address, HENRY C. SPALDIMG, No. 48 CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. CURE ^ NervousHeadachg Headache. By the ase of th*se Pills the penodio attacks o Ntrtout or Sick Htadath* may be prevented; and 1 taken at the commencement of an altaok immediate relief from pain and aiokneaa will be obtained. They eeldom fail in removing the Nam** and Htadich* to which femalea are eo aubjcot. They act gently upon the bowela,?removing CatNfMUII. For Littrary Mm, Studanit, Delicate Femalea. and all persona of tfUniary habits, they are valaable aa a Lazativt, improving the appitiii, giving ton* and vigor to the digestive organs, and re storing the natural elasticity and strength of the whole system. Tne CEPHALIC PILLS are the result of long investigation and oarefnlly oondncted experiments, having been in use many yeara, during whioh time they have prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and suffering rem Headaohe, whether originating in tiia ntrvoni system or from a deranged state of the stomach. They are entirely vegetable in their oomposltion, and may be taken at all times with perfeot safety without making any ohange of diet, mud tht mbi*nc* of any dir*tr**abl* tastt rmdtrt it *aiy is admmiutr thtm to thildrn. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The genuine have five signatures of Henrr C. 9palding on each Box. Sold by Druggists and all other Dealers in Medi | sines. A Box will be sent by mail prepaid on reoeipt the PRICE, CKNTS. All enters shoald bo addressed to HENRY C. MPALD1NS, 48 CiDAJi Strict, Niw Yoxx, From lis Eramtntr, Norfolk, Vm. Cephalio Pills aooomplieh the object for whisk they were made, via: Care of headaohe in ail its forms. Fram lis Eaaminar, Norfalk, Tm. They have been tested in mere a 'htinn< sases, with entire suooess. From th* Damoerat, St. Claud, Mint*. Vy?" have been troubled w ith the hatdaohe.send forabox,( Pills ,) so that yot may have them in oase of aiCattaek. . JVew th* Wuttm R. R. Gaa*tu, Chiton, HU From th* Somthim Path Finder, JVw Or I tan*, La. Try them ! von that are afllioted, and wo are stirs that your testimony can be added to the already numerous list that has received benefits that no other medioine can produoe. U ^ Davmpart, Itisa. Mr. Scalding would not oonneot bis name vlth an artio'e he did not knovt to possess real merit From th* Ad**rtit*r, Prnidmtt, K. I, Ac.',&pi?r" a RassiSr?iT??Mi Ft am th* at. Lamit Dtmatrat. prtui demand for the artlsle fCfphalis Pills) is rapidly increasing. Jham th* Kanawha Tallay 8t?r] r?. wear* sure that persons sufferir* vlth the head . ache, who try them, will stick to them. Pram th* Adrtartittr, Praridtntt, J|. /, The testimorv in their favor is strong, from the most rospootabe quarters. From th* Daily Nnat, Ntwrrrt, R. J, Cephalio Pills are takingthe place of all kivls. From th* Commtreial Bull*Un, Boston, Matt. Said to be vary effioaoioos for the headache. From th* Commtreial, Cincinnati, Ohio, Suffering humanity can now be relieved. IHT" A single bottle of Spalding's Prepared Glue will save ten times its oost annually. SPALDING'S PREPARED OLVE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE THE PIECES! ECONOMY! DISPATCH fLT"*A STITCH IN TIM* SIVX* Ninx."-TTI As accidents will happen, even in well recu'atec families, it is very desirable to have some "heap SPALDING'S PREPARED OLOB neets all such emergencies, and no household aa afford to be without it It is dm nS?.aad to the stiokLpg point , 7* u USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." * MfuT^dd^*000"**1"** BotU* *** - C. SPALDING, Mo. 48 Cedar street. Now Yor*. A CAUTION. " fa.lfAl!piNS'tPREPAREPgLS?^3 WASHINGTON LOCK HOSPITAL. II |\R. SHUMAN hu, after an axpenenoe of tea I Lr TNn, established the above refuge front I tuaokery, self-labeled Indian or German doc ton, I ana pretender* of witohoraft and Impostors in gen- I ral Thi? is the only plaoe where a tare and speed? I cure oan be obtained in the world for all improper I and evil habits, gonorrhia, gleet, seminal weak- I ness, syphillis, primary secondary. and tertiary, I organio WMkasia. pains in the loins, strietures, I general debuity. prostration, nervoumess, restless I nights. palpitation ofthe heart, ringing in theeara, I loa * of memory, anohorr, affeotions I of the head, throat, nose, and skin, aad all those I peculiar disorders arising Irom the indisoretion of I youth, rendering thein unfit for eithar business, | study, society, or marriage. j Dr. 8. haa the greatest remedies In the known I world for diaeases of the blood, gonorrhs. gleet, I strictures, syphillis, semira! weakness, self abuse, I *o. There is no ease in whioh they fail to oure m I from S to 6 days.

Viotims of these horrible complaints, who woald I wish to be valuable men and ornaments to society, I should embraoe the earliest opportunity for reu?f. I Dr. Suauian has made the most oomp ete arrange- I ments for tha comfort of his patients who oome I from a distance. They will be furnished with the I most pleasant and agreeable 4uarter\, neeessar? diet, and made as oomfortable as they woald boat I a first olass hotel at less than half the oost. [ Do not forget the name and namber. Dr. Sha I man's office is -?n the oorner of Sixth street and I Pennsylvania avanue. iClarendon Hotel, opposite I tha National Hotel, Washington, D- C. I Persons atadistanoe should eaaiose stamp for | return postage. OAoe hours, 9 A. M. to lu P.M. I Various parties have been enticed Irom my in- I stitution by oertain swindlers on back streets in I this oity, who will rue it till the day of their death. I A word to the wise is miffinient. s? a It j #Cur$ Counk, Cold, Honrstntt*, In- I Au*nsa any irrttaiion or Sort- I soi of th* Tkroai, Ktlitvt iw Hackmt Couth in Consumption, Aikmn, I ir latarrh, Clear and tin strength to tht rows of PUBLIC SPEAKERS ahd SINGERS. Few are aware of the importance of cheating a Cough or "Common Cold in its first state; that I which in the begining would yield to a mild reme- I dr, if neglected, soon attacks the Lungs. "l>?o t#*'i I Bronchial contain? ng demulcent mgredi- I ents, allay Pulmonary and Bionohial Irritation. "That trouble in my Throat, <fo> I BROWN S which the "3Voei?.t" area specific! I Iiavinr made me often a were wbia I TROCHES perer. N. P. WILLIS. BROWN'S reoommend their use to Pbbli* SriAtiu." TROCHES REV. E. H. CHAP1N. "GreatservioeinBubduing Hoaksi I BROWN'S Ri?." REV. DANIEL WISE, i whophvs "Almost instant relief in the dis I 00 tr^seint labor of breathing peculiat I krownn to Asm**." unuw?o REV. A. C. EGGLKSTON. TROCHES "Contain no Opium or anythini | injurious." DR. A. A HAVKS, i BROWN'S Chtmist, Cotton. I wnrw.uL'u "Asimjpieand pleasant Oombma IKulHfcS lion for Codshs, ?c." ! brown's UR- 4- r- "'""SSi. .d/w'ql b " Penefiolai m Bbonchitis." TKU^ats DR. J. F. W. LANE, | BROWN'S Boston I " I have proved them exoellent for I TROCHES Wmooripa Co*?h." I REV, H. W. WARREN. BROWN'S Boston " Fenefioiai when compelled It I TROCHES speak, suffering fr"m Cold." o.^>r.u>? 4KV. 8. J. P. ANDERSON, BROWN'S St. Lnsil I wu*ir>nca " Ef?ect?al in removing Hoarse TKUtHbs ners and Irritation of the BROWN'^ common with SfiAKiti and 8irc- I w r mod l'u **'Prof. M.STACY JOHNSON, TROCHES Lm </?. I r h o wn'?i Teaoher of Mus?o, Southern I BROWN ^ Female College. IROCHLS "Great benefit when taken before I snd after preaching, as they prevent I BROWN'S Hoarseness. From their past effect, I I think they will be of p?ruiaaani a<i- I TROCHES vantage to me. ? M* REV. E. ROWLEY, if M. BROWN'S President of Athera College,Tenn. I TROCHES ?7" Sold by all UrutgiBts at TWENTY FIVE CENTS A BOX..O 4e 1-ly JOY FOR THE SICK AND SUKFliRINQ LBT ALL WHO A/iE AFFLICTSO READ! I i/?T THE REMMDY \ F.SJOICB iJV HKAS.TH. I Frlaad. *" tcb safer.' Are yea the victim ?f aa* I f those ntmeroas ailuects whick ar,?} Irons im I parity of the blood? What are they, do yoa ask.'1 R?taer ask, what are they not? The blood is tiis I soaroe of life and health, and it is the first element I of oar being to respond to any oaase which affects I the system, as tne palse infallibly attests The ever I Neuralgia, the Irritating Eryaipeiaa.ths I sabtieSarofala, the agoniaing Rheumatism, Ner-l voas Debility. Dyspepsia, User Complaint witniU I Krpor and aejaotioB, and tha nambe; iaas ills that | >an is heir to, derive thair hideous origin from ths I blood, Deiu kindiv than and gently with the blood. I Vaa the vitalising resources of natare for Its aid. I and safer aa to oommend to yoar eonfidenoe ana I ass that truly valuable medicament known as MRS. M. COX'S i I if LI AN TSeSTABLE DECOCTION. With regard to this almost infallible s?^eifi? popular sentiment has spoken in deoided terms I and the evidenoes of this great eflcaoy are sas I tamed by oonstant avowa.s ofoarative effoots and the happiest results from its use are after all other I remedies and the best medical skill have failed. Let as say, in oocoiusion, that certificates ares are not sought from tne illiterate and suser- I ioiai, bat they are volunteered from the most re- I spectabie sources and justify the highaet terms ii | which it is possible to commend so valuable a I syrjino to publio approval. We may add also that I the curative proportlfsof the mediciie are equalled I only by its restorative etfeols. the system reoover- I ing fromdtseiuse with renewed oonstitutionai vigor. For saie by all respectable Druggists in this I lty,and by the proprietor, MttS. M. COX, None genuine unless her name is blown on ths I kotg e and her seal on the cork Fjr Price per tattle, six bott'es for fi. Whoitfli Attnt. R. S. T. CISSEL, Dragcist I Georgetown. D C., Wholesale Agent for the Die- I met, and will supply the trade at my prices. aa U-tr I 'J^HE ALi. SUFFICIENT THREE. TRIESEMAR, l.S and ??Protected by Roya, I Letters Patent of >In$lard, and securea by the I Seals of the Eoole de Pnarmacie de Paris, aid the I Imperial College of Medioine, Vlecna. | No. 1 is invaluable for exhauation and natarrhea, I an>| all physioal disabilities. i No. 2 completely eradioatos all traoes af those I diseases that have been hitherto treated by the naa - I seous and peruioious use of ooaaiva and oabebB. No. S has entirely supplanted tha injurious use ol I meronrv, thereby lnsanng to the sufferer speed) I relief, dispersing ail imparities, and rooting ob I the venom of disease. I TRIESEMAR, Nos.l,tand I, are prepared la I the form of a loaenge, devoid of taste ami smell. I and oan be carried In the waistooat pocket. Sold I in tin casas. and divided into separate doses, as ad ministered bj Velpeau, Lallemand, Ronx, Rioord | Ao. Prion ?3 each, or four cases for $9, which I saves >3; and in Mtl easee, whereby there is a sav- I '.eg of 99. To be had.wholesale and retail, of Dr I BARROW, of 194 Bleeoker street. New York. I Immediately on receiving a reran tanoe, Dr. Barrow I will forward the Thesemar to any partof the world, I securely packed, and addressee aeoording to the In- I struoti- >ne of the writer. | The Book, of all others, that should be read bj I men with dazi/wed and broken down aonstitutions I is "Hunum Frailty, or PhTSioIogic&l Reenarches.'' I a is '^eaatifuiiy illttstrated,and treats minately of I 1 the symptoais that lnvanabiv develop them- I elveq, sooner i t later, resulting from the frailties I and vitiating h(.bits of earl? Touth, incapacitating I the victim irom snaring tlie fruition of the noitri I moniai state, and. if not checked in time, de;ener I tiling all the fraction* of manhoud, and bringing I him- step by s!*p, to a lingering and untimely death. I Sold by Dr. makROW7194 Bleeoker street, four I doors beiow Maodougal, Nev York. Prioa 21 I oeiit". Sent free every where, i S jld also by b. C. Foru, Jr., Dr?g Store, Wash- I lngton, D. C. de W-4m I HNEW BOOKS. ISTOR Y of tha United Netherlands, bj? John J Lplhrop Motley ; 2 vols ; free b? mail, St. l'he Rise of the Dutch Republic, a history, by I John Lothrop Motley; S vo s oioth; free by mail, I ft. I Silas Marner, the Weaver <>f Ravelol, by the I author of "Adam Bede cloth "JSJoenis; paper 50 I octs. Life and Career of Major Andre, by Wintrop I Sarceant; After Ioebergs with a Painter, a Summer Voyace I to Labrador and Newiouadiaad; by Rev Louis L. I Nobe:fl.50 The MauuCacture of Photogeoio or Hydro-CM- I bon Oils, by Thomas Antiseil, M. D., 91.76. i Any of the above free by B>ail. FRENCH 4 RICHSTEIN, ap 25 27W Penna. avenue. | QUNBOAT8 rc* THB WESTERN RIVERS. I QrA.KTOtMASTBB GXNBKaL's OWICB, ( Washington, June 17,1361 \ PxorosALs are invited for oonstruotiag Gun- I boats upon the Western rivers Spaoifeoations will be immediately prepared and I may be examined at the Quartermaster's Ofioe at I Cinoinnati, Pit'sbu^gh, and at this ofiioe. I Proposals from boat bail'ers and engiaa-balld I er* alone will be consider^. Plans submitted by biaders will be taken into I consideration M. C. MEIGS, ie U Quartermaster General United States. [ |?OOTS AMD SHtH-^ TO BVIT TU We are now maaBfkotnnng'ail kinds of BOOTS and SHf>ES, and oorstantly reoeivint aI supply of eastern made work of everydo-?@8 ssrspuon, rnaae expressly to order, andwillv Mj I be sold at a much lower pnoe than has been* WS heretofore oiiarged ia this oity for maoh infener I art 10 rm. Parsons in want of Boots and Shoos of eastern or I aity made work, will aiwaysfind a good ansortaea ia store and at the lowest pnees. eiveasaoall. RIFFIN A BRO., *?* *i< iJ*?"*?lvania sT?n?e. i f^OOD A RT1CLBS.?MOORE'S INSECT and Vff VERMIN DESTROYER will rid yoa oil Roaches, Bed Bugs, Ants, &o. Moore's Rat aad I Mouse Exterminator aeverfails. Moore's Bensine will remove paint, vara sh orgreasa of any kind | from the most dehoato fabric, silk or woolen, wift- I out injury to oolor or otherwise; will clean Kid I Gloves beaudrslly with Uttls labor, for sale at I MOORE? SreaiVied,ome Besot. ?f? P^av, f^RBAT BARGAINS IN PIANOS.-Oaa vary " ' ??oe Hall ITSocs' make for #1S0; one?I TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. JJNITED STATES ^MILITARY ROUTE. SPt . NOTlCfc To I K A V ti.HRS. CHANGE OF HOURS. On and after Monday, Augvst 19rA, 1961, PASSSNSXa TKA11VS WILL *UN AS FOLLOW* : ,^KAVE WASHINGTON tt t ud 7SJ t. o. !* BaJtiroor* at 7.43 and ^SgMfl&SMS S& t?m5^ "? " vlJ^D(Pr Tra7n? learing WMkinitoi ftt 7 $) a.^Apd Baltimore UttiLn ud 3.45 Junction^ dlrect oon'?exion* tor Anaapolis at the Train* leave Annapolis for Baltimore aad Wuii let ton at 6J6 a. m. and 3 p. m *** ** 7 WaahiBftoa at I an4 RaLi^in^'ra1^ ftj?? direot oon&exions at I>!fadVhllawiNB^ Vork ?Ai offmgKt (not oontraband of warl H 1^.tr*?,p?rtod ow "? ToctM. TilJSi ton aflp m* l?r<Et<a0a"m' Br order of the B*er*bn of War: THOM A 8A. tCOTT, THOMAS H. CANFIELD.?#*rml |U|*C*Assistant Manager. an lT-tf CPECIAL NOTICE. y TRAIN. vter.MTAteai?' " '?NKw itetesaws sfflp " __ ___ SeneralM aaa? er. Lre^nd passengers at *'h? Liverpool. New York and Philadelphia ^r3;Fl >x&i2g#Z:.ssav river ?Very S*turd*T?u n0?n, from Pier 44, North Fir* Cab,^7" OF rA',A0K D"? to London-. . , an Do. to Pans........ "* (I ft?r?;,..?,0.l,1,nburj ? ? l>o. to London.. 7177^. i'o. to >'rii, "2 p Do. torf^bor...w ?? h ?or* f?r**rXu to Havre. Bremen Rot I He^J.'n*"wT.'hi'f,',4? ' Kl r<Wuoed thro??h fare*. ( buy tick^t?^low rate?rlLl* outff.end. can oK;/?rW"' 1 ?'""'"jOHN'e1'D*A ?*, AV.?," more!0 ^A> HER"'NG, AoaSia^KjJ&i Still- I ^^g^lNDIVlDUAL ENTERPRISE 1 1 *" EASTERN AND WESTERN "KENT Tn.r>t J u?PE STEAMERS. li-h^T, (.apt J H, Kirwaii win 'rTONEEK,"'C*pl. W. Nom<an. Will run their rentes a* follow*, leavii r I i?ht I treet, HalUmore, foot of Camden, at 7 o'clockA. I ? ^??'T-F*>rC*?nbridge. Denton and Laadmis SAT^Sff?? v rlV*,r" b,vef? W EDN ESD AYaod Monday. ' returE,n? ? '* Thnrsday and i?a'v hnru?}\\^ ^ e,t *iw,??ery TCES?"^sUAv.^r,o.-nr;: ?nrf?? ^*n?PpIi"VWe,t R iSSU Cambridge. Oxford di81*va v'?? ? ?! For Anaapo ir .Win River, St. Miohael'aand ha ton. via Mile's River Ferry, every BATL'RKire """r Monday ^y same ronte Foir!' Doiiton, Oxford and K aiton F ar? ^Vohaer; MdMiiei' Riw^S^nJ1 * Fare to West River,(round "tri?, itii . ****" 1 tare to Aunapoa* (round tno75eent?)_LLl* 7S Bfe.r gMrh&%str HBBHB ^*,~N?ORTHER* central railway. rive and depart aa follows, actio* I ma.W. uZ'A'"'"?"* fc APR KSS at 3 3U>. M. M ACCOMMODATION at P. | The 8.15 A. M. train oonneota at R*lav nn>u I with train, on tbe Weafrn Ma" ]?d ia^roJS if HauoTsr Janotion with Hanover and t#n't,1 Railroads; at York with York and WrightavUll I Ri,Jrf0ftd:>?t Harr-.hur* Penn^ivaniaTafl v?fJ?rSJl,p*rt,' vf "?e fff?,?!" wfth Lebanon \ llloy Klilru&d to flew York dirtrt at Norlhnm I berland with L and B. ?ai.road for RinratnniTd ??' Pf1.1'. ?( Wro?)ininn Valley^nd at *un?ury with I tbe Philadelphia and Erie K3roSd?r Th^r^ p""-5,y.ivania "nd New York. r he 3.3n P. M train makea a'l the above oonneoOons except Hanover Railroad^ WVi,ht25uu Tn??paM L"ba?non Yalley RailnSi^ _ f ? 8 * train makea oonnectiona with Penn ?ri?a?KS?i^-JS"" K Mill , 10 pT?y&V.. fT2 A M - Mama. HI* Aooommodation at 2 c P M ' I r,c;;, o'a^cJ^rife^jj's? ? ? J- C. CLARK*, Sap'L B9BB lefoJ: N^<V^Pa,Jl I The Camden and Amboy and Philadeishi^ ??i I Ik?ph"A"TO 0fi?^vD'"(hilt *ARifKtiV PLACkS, from WALNUT STREET w H a h f 1 *S." ke'<s"??TON Db>ot.wUl le.r. uE. "" *?'?'. <C. ?K1 A. At 6 a. M , via Camden and Jersey Citv iN J I Aooommodation.) j. 1 Ak|AHa?i'.')ViaCMn<1*naild Jer"*T c,^.<Mora^Weste^Ek^.o L"iDtt?n j0TB0f ?ltr' AdatK>n>j * Tia Camden and Amboy,(Aooommo- I AExore?a")Tia Camden and Amboy, (C. aad A. I AfE^niDf KI,prTe.\.K#0,1Dtt?11 "d Jer?^ CUy, A[s^oCd cfi.'.TrckKeL",nfU>n fc0d iKMrf Cit^. AMa^'.)VI" Vl* Can,deu and j8r??y O'ty,(Evernnf Aern1itaiu" vl& Camden and Jerney Clty,(So*thAtft P. Jl.. via Camden and Amboy, 1 AooonnsdA. ??Zn<l'oSS? ^ck^?*er,^rtt CUm Tlck*?-' M^Ma'^an!:;1.!^^' *?? H* P. For Relvidere, Easton, La-nbertvtlle. Flemmr I i"%&: r- wriSlTlg: j?S?i. ?St2,V & STSf;? ?ff iSiiSSSAa 7 MllenrtOWI1^Dd B?thlehemAt ti>?7 iii a m ) from Kensicfton depot: I. t^nitsWi*.'yyn0B0U w,ta eaving , pFor Mount Holly at 6 and 8 A. M. and 3 aad Of For' Freehold at 6 A. M. and 3 P. M. SK P M ivi', rr"nUs"'*o-?t 7.10 A. M..4H and ??i.?JSr,l3!>?"- wr iTttom s^^asnwjs^ asfiftr. i|^rr?'pB?a?K,vw%f,'ss5 IL/" For New York and War 1' - 1 _ _ I RenaiuUm Depot, take the oars on Fifth above ft alnet, half ar hour before departor. ^The Ksxa1?^ a"?'' ? ""-ro/ss.T.': sa?ieZ?er0Unpi-0/ OB'y ^llpwed to raeh x&a. Vh* oompany i 1 mit'thft bascace to one delkr p* io?nd!aSdhi WM.H.6ATZMKR.At-C ?aw BA7#?|i|olfe!iIO *?T HU. Ml. will na I .^ jr83jK?^aEga&^. M , Train; between P.edmontane Wh?h11 the 6 3D A M Train from BSbiBorL b*rf' t.more ?L6 "iC^ fe aJ: wdVtf ^ * I M"" " "?? ? JJ3 ; 5?'5AwsaSi > l. m. si^wsMi'Ka ESiS&S'ti-Z-lSfiasvs* and 3.90and ft p. m. siiP* "'WUi Troy aad Albaar twitb "fr n fan , , ?r) w.lft P. m oli iJdJ i*- 1 P??* n< 4.35 m * * M T__ NOTICE TO TRAVBLUS. ri&gssMajg-^s-? *> bewemed. on anc alw^^^^Ma * -,? 1 mawdiats \r aAir the arrlv* o? Whlch EUTRra^taftoa M. N FAL^R. Proal PHILADELPHIA. Wlb"SS^te^l|S>n On ind Hf'w TVRoDAV May 1<u, piM?n(?r Trains forPhilade pbia will leave Preside" itreei Depot daily( except !*undars)es foowi, nr I xpress Tmio At 8 15 A. M Way Mm; Train at 4. M.; Evening Mill U?? o'clock. On SUNOA Y8at 4 45 P.M. omy. All train* eonaeot with N** ^ ork train* exoept aa& P. M. train on Satur toil. A Freisht Train with paaaeagor enr attacked ? ? *" P-* . stopping at all Stations m*m? We iimoreand H?m de-Grao*. Paaaergers for Delaware end the Eastern -?ora of Maryland will fad tb* mix! expediUoas route by ^l&rAll must flea bond before HKf'iDI tbeoars. WM. CRAWFORD, Agent. rv? CBHTKAlL RAjf.&bjLp V*jvaaa ^ai** fcmta (lav Yorfatty depota of Hatooa River Railroad daily, f*inrfays ex oepted, as follows Prom C bant bar i street Krrirt Slat at station. At 7 no a At 7 Mam I?oo- i?f HU ' SB p m Sjn n 3 M n Montreal and Buffalo Train with elerpiag oar*. 9.'6 ? in 1 4* p m Connecting at Albany with the New York Can tral Railroad for Schenectady!* oeaeeter-Utiee Beta via, Roma, and atationa oa Rome and Watoctown Railroad. tfuffltlo. Syracuse. Niagara Fa' *. *u*pecairn Bridga. Auburn. Gerrva.Cai andaigxa. Traina in oonnection leava Buffalo end Sn*p*r ion via Lake Shore, Buffalo and ' aka Huron and Great Western Railroad. for Hamilton. Toronto. Detroit, Chicago, Toledo, <W ilwaukie. Foo Pa Lac, La Crosee, Madia- n Prairie Da CMea, Ga ena. Dunleith. Dubuque. Peoria. Rock lilaod. Muscatine. Iowa Citv. Berliartoa, C^uincr. Sprintfield, Alton, St Louis, Cairp,Terre Maute. Ird ar.aso ia. Louisville, Cinoinnaf, I avton. Coluabua. Cleveland, and all points \Veat, Northwest and South VNL . NORTHERN ROUTE Connectirr with Trau-n at Troy, with Troy A Bpttoa aad Rene A Saratoga Road* fbr Saratoga, Whitehall, Rut.and, Burhngtoa,?t- Alhaoa, Ron?e Point, I latUburgh, Ogden*t>uigh, Montreal, &o., to Freight Arrangement* by tki* route aa above, without chsnge of Ca^s, from the I depots in ?"harabers and t anal sweets, ers at ell times aa favorable a* trade by otk- r Retiree" <'ompe?-i"S. The facil'tiee of Uu* great New Vork R<?et?, *o the Weat commend it to the confidence of ateiobants an ' ah p|>era lor promptnees and diepateh Passenger train*, with brooking and S^ir g Car* ran in connection on the New York Cenirel KOM. For particulars aa to looal tr?lns and freight ar rangen.eeta, inquire at the oepr.t, Warren at. A. I'. SMITH, Paporiateedewt. rii"mrv AJrwM-o'b POINT COMHOKT Learea the lower and *4 UNION DOCR.Ba ti more, west aide, HAILY, (Sundara loeiadad.iat Of o en- ok P. M. tak inr paaaenger* and feight, and oomeotin* with the Railroad linea. to ard from Waahing-oD, D.C., Philadelphia. Naw York. Boa ton, York, Ham*, urg, Pittabarr, P* , and the Weet, immediatAl* aPar the itrriral of tba Expreaa Train from New York and Philadelphia. RTha following ia the Scheda.e : 0,n C.'.T ) ork 10 Fort Monroe and back, f 14 om Phi.adelph a and r>ack? #M? From Baltimore and baok ... %?. PROCURE VOUR TICKKTHJH In New York, at the New Jeraoy Railroad Oftoe foot of Courtland atreet. In Pbi.adelphia, at the Company'a oftoe. N. W. oprnar of Sixth and Chealnat atreet*. or at the Depot. Broad and Pr'me atreet*. In Baltimore, on b?ard tUe Steamera. foot oi Union Dook. HUGH O CONNER, Paaeenger Am' ngnar NKW > OKK, HARLEM AND .. albanv railrca n. I.EAV(J>? NEW YORK FOR ALBANV. TRO\ , N"RTH AND WKftT. SUMMER ARKAN6KME>T Commer.oing Morda*. May ?7th. l?6l. For Abany?11:00 a. m. faat expreea train firm 26th itrMt For Dorer Plalra-4 <ie p. m atoppmg at White Pi?iD* and station* north to Dover p.ain*?from 36tb etreet station. (This train will ran to Millerton every Patnrday evening.) For Crojon Falls??:1S a. m. stopping at all at* Oops nor lb. of lordhko Iron Vh street atation. For W Eute Plain?-2*\ 4; 10 atd ?* p. m eU.p ''ft* *u,"tVf.luL' fr9n sueet atation. For White Plaina?fl:'5 p. m. atopymg at a!l e*a bona from W hite ?treet iMioi. For WiUiama Bridge-?*, 11:1* a. ml and p. a. stepping at all sfationa from nth atreet ataUon. Returning will leave? Albany?a. m. taat expre** train. Dover P.ain.-firtO a. m. (Tki* train leave* Mu lerton every Monday morning at $ a. m.) i^otoo Falls?? a. m. WhH* PI*ne-?lP, 7.-W a m. 4:10 A 7:00 p. m. William* Bridge?f^i,f^?s. m. A l.-oo a'm. ?_NEW YORRR^NO ERfE RAIL Paa*engw Train* leave via Favonia Ferry and Long Dock, from foot of Chamber* street, New Y'^k-a* follow*, vig : 7.00 a.m.EXt'R RS^ for Dankirk, aad Buffalo. and principal intermedia e iHationa. Aia. m, MAIL, for Dnnkirx. and intermediate Btatioc*?Tb.* Trein r*main* over night at Elmira and prooeeda the next rooming. 9.Wa m.. MILK daiN, for Otiaville, and inter mediate Stations. U on a. m . ACCOMMODATION. daily, for Port Jervia, and principal Statibna 4.?o P- m. WAV, for Middletown, Newbargn. and intermediate Station*. WW ?. m.. NIGHT KXPRESS. daily, far Dur.J?nffa'0'..C*nandaigi2a*nd principal Statiora. The Tram of Satu-day *top. at ail Mail Train StaMon*. and ran* only to Elmira. ^d^riMr^C9t4lj"M(JDAT10^'f<K NATHAW.FL McA'AM;S?.Ti,8"' s"'t- ! _ -JC^aa^ FOR BOSTON VIA NEWPORT n AND FALL RIVER. *JPt?*<dii and *aperier Steamej* METROP<'LP(ItE STATE, BAY STATE, and STATi OF MAINE, cfgreat strength and speed, but particularly adapted to the navigation of Lonr Island Sound, running in nonaction witt the Kail River a?d Old Colony Ua_W road, distaaee of M mi lee only to Boston Leave Pier No. t No>th River near the Battery. The S:*amer EMPIRESTATE,Capt. BraytoV. Mondays, Wedaeaday*. and Fridays, at ft o'elook P. M^ touohing at Newanrteach way. "The 8teajner METROPOLIS, Capt. Brown, ob Taeadaya. Tburadaya, aad Satarda*a, at t o'clock P.M., fouohing at Newport each way. Taeee Steamer* me fitted with eomatodiona etate room*, and every arraafement for tba aecuri ty and eomfort ol paaaer.gera. who are affnro?<J by tkia rooteanigku' reet <m hoard, and on arm> at Fall River proceed per Steambsiat Trata jWoV ing Benton early tbe fottowing morning : or aiay ra?in oa board aatil atartiag of the AooomaMoa boa at I A. M.. by which tbey may reaeh Boeton abr?n t A. M. ? A baggage master ia attached to each ataamer, who receives aad tioketa the haggage. and acoompamea the tame to It* destination. A ateamer raoa in oonneetion with this Lane between Fall River and Provideaoe aaily, except Bandaya. Freight to Boston is forwawec through with Kjat di*Batoh by an Express *P-ain, whloa teavea II River evert momiug, Simdaya 1% o'clock for Boston and Naw Bedford, arm u * at iu deauaauoa at aboat 11 A M For freight or pa*Mg*, app.y on board, or at the office on rter No. 8 North River For state rooms and berth* apply on board, or if deal red to eecare them in ad#luoe, to W M. BORDKN, Ai't 7? and 71 West street, N Y. rect?Carry the Kaatem Mai!. aS5: Wu lams, in eonneotion with the ? oi.ingtoa and Qrotoa ajlJD o'o.oog P. M? or on the arnvmlof | w>r^,T?fc 'pjjwfsrr I Monday, Wedaeedav, and >r*lay. Proa ?ro- ? I BPaaeengers from Grotoo proa aad par railroad to ovideaee aad Boetpa, in the Expr??a Mai rata, raachiagaatdplaoe in advance of tkoee by oUMr reatae, aad ia ample time lor all the eany Morning Ltaaa eoneeUng North aad East, pas Magera tSatVafar it, reaiaic oa boa-c! the 9l^iSy ?|UfkU' reat aadiatarbed |.-af fMtLfdeairad,andlaav*Grctor. ia the7UA M. Sfe;r. ? ?* Ferallrom frovidaaoe to Jlawfart, Fifty eeata iVtST.T'" For nasags, Berths, State Rooms, or Frelikt, o?? .avis* m No- *? ^AEifl P 11 POl. . ' f W i i^TI, r 90. B, IK^e French ^ . ^ to'fiRy per cant, below the rag alar retail pneea.-ia oadiac t Anew aditioa ofHardee'a fa^atry and Rite Taetiea, comrlete, J6 K ?irT* VoTaatawe' Maaaal, * volt, ft eaaaaiBSSagB"'1 T"-- v . y^ggaa.<ar*-Mt" tbe Homr Saard S5e . T.h;_H*r.j.Book for the U.S. %s dier. beiag ttaa 1?o ul,trKOt'pt the U. S. lnlantry tae - w^laga. Badgaaaad Medals o( every deeenytH-a.Aay or the aKove seat b* mail free. FRENCH^k BlCHSTr.**,

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