Newspaper of Evening Star, 9 Eylül 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 9 Eylül 1861 Page 1
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^^?????^? ???? i t 1 . * t. CWCh t VT ' r - J 5 1 #rJ> |p * dktmia ^tar. ======================================================^r^=^==r======i=z=i^==z=====:===^======rr f*. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C. MONDAY. SEPTEMBER 9. 1861. N". 2.669. ^ THE EVENING STAR M PUB US 11BD EVERT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR BCU.D1N6S, (V*4t / Ptnmtflvamia in?m a?d BUvtntk it. IT W. D. WALLACH. Paper* nrwd la packagea by carrier* at tt a year, or 37 eenta per month. To mail subscriber* the price la S3 50 a year, ia adratut; ft for six months; tl for three months; mad for leaa than tare* moatba at the rate of 13 cents a week 81agle coplea, oas c**t; la wrapper*, two cbnts. iLT AnvnUTisauajiTs ahould be sent to tb? ??ce before 18 o'clock m.; otberwlae they may aot appear antll the aext day. Gea McClellaa'a It rpart the Siege of ftebastepet and the Art ?f War la ?a* rape* ^ Tba world will'never tire of hear* of the battle of W aterloo tod the siege of Sebastopol. Eaoh wa? a pivotal event on which the destiny of great nationa for a time turned. In the annals of war, the latter stands unrivalled among field operations for the redaction of fortified citiea. France, the most martial of modern nations, contributed to the gigantic strife 1,676 guns, nearly all of which were of the largest calibre. They exploded 9.000.000 pounds of powder in front of the beleagured city, throwing into it and its covering works. 1,250,000 rounds of shot and shell. England, her ally, threw at the same time of like material 253,000 rounds. The magnitude of the reply which Russia made to the combined assault of her foes, is shown in an extract frhm the report of one of the American Military Commissioners sent to the Crimea, who says : " The immense number of rounds fired by the Russians during the siege, was strikingly illustrated by the quantity of shot and shell with which the ground was thickly strewed within the radius of the works of attack. One of the ravines leading to the town, oa the left of the English attack was known as 'The Valley of Death;' in the bottom of it, in some places, our horses liter ally walked on a pavement of cannon balls lying close together." This memorable siege, whioh culminated in the bombardment and assault of Sept., 1855, was ushered in by the battle of Alma, and was diversified by the action of Balaklava, immortalized by the muse of Tennyson, by the deadly affray of Inkerman, where mpre than one-third of the force engaged was killed and wounded, by the brilliant conflict of Trakter. called by McClellan, the battle of the Tohernaya, and by innumerable sorties, and hand-to-nand coatests by night and by 4*J in the trenches, in rifle pits, and in the open field. In his report to the War Department, as a member of the commission to Europe, Captain (now General) McClellan criticises these military operations with a bold, free pen. In pointing out defeots in the movements and operations of the respective belligerents, McClellan specifies the failure of the allies to promptly follow up the victory of the Alma by pursuing the Russians, and either cutting off their retreat towards Sebastopol, or annihilate them altogether?which, as is now well known, oould have been easily done. He also mentions the strange oversight of the Russians, after they Knew the allies had landed in the Crimea,in not instantly closing the harbor of Balaklava, by sinking two or three vessels in its narrow mouth and thus rendering useless the fort which the British made the base of their operations, and where they sheltered their transports, and whence they drew all the supplies for their camp He likewise condemns the dilatory conauot of the allies in hot dashing into Sebastopol after the triumph at the Alma, the south side of which was then scarcely defended at all, and while the Russians were utterly demoralised by their recent defeat. By delay they gave them time to initiate and carry forward that wonderful system of earthworks, whioh, planned by the genius of Todtleben, and defended successively by the energy of Menschikoff, Liprarpi and Gortschikoff, so long defied the combined skill and bravery of the two most martial nations of modern times. So soon as it became evident to the Ruseian oommander that Sebastopel was the prise for whioh the allies were going to contend. MoClellan insists that bis failure, ere the allies had taken up their positions, to occupy the heights of Inkerman and throw up earthworks, and place cannon thereon, was a most inexcusable plunder. And, on the other hand, after the allies had set themselves down before the city, their failure to do the same thing without the delay of a day was equally inexcusable. The heights, it will be remembered, constituted the extreme right of the English position, denominated a large portion of their camp, were connected by ravines with the suburbs of the city, and were the scene of the surprise of the English pickets on the 5th of November, whioh opened the terrible conflict of that day, and came so near destroying the British army. While admitting that it is comparing small things with great he nevertbel^a ventures to contrast the celerity with which we landed our troops and siege train at Vera Crux, and the aarly day at which we opened fire, with the long delay that followed the landing in the Crimea, ere the allies invested Sebastopol and discharged their first gun. At Vera Crux we completed a difficult line of investment on the seoond day of the landing; and in spite of delays in forwarding our siege-train, we opened fire on the 13th day. Whereas, with their siege-train on board their fleet, it was thirtyfour days after they landed ere the allies opened a feeble cannonade on a town thirty miles distant from the point of disembarkation. In answer to the stereotyped excuse for all the blunders of the allies, viz: a deficiency of men and means, he makes the significant remark that, by undertaking an important operation without full and reliable information as to the details to be overcome, and the means of resistance in the hands of the enemy, they n*-glected one of the clearest rules of war His comparison of the French, English and Russian modes of constructing their several works, aad their varied offensive operations during the siege, are instructive and just now peculiarly interesting, as indicating his own sast of mind. He praises the French engineers, and specially applauds "the technical skill and patient courage evinced by their officers and men in pushing forward such excellent approaches, under a most deadly fire. At a great expense of labor and life they pushed their works to the incredibly short distance of thirty-pacee of the eounter-searp of the terrible Malakeff, are the final assault of the 8th of September. He deas not think as highly of the English engineers, and says that in constructing their treaehes they systematically abandoned the xoellent system taught and practiced with so mueh care at Chatham. Down to the period of the last bombardment, they had earned their, approaches only te within ??5 paces of the Great Redan He eulogises in warm terms the kill, eoarage, and endurance with which the Roaaian engineers, and the officers and men of arms, resisted the protracted and oftimes furious onslaught of the allied forces. His description of the horrible affray of the storming of the Rassian works is graphie, but displays the eool hand of the scientific soldier, rather than the glowing pencil of the artistic rhetorician MoClellan's reports upon the eavalry of Russia, Prussia, Austria, France, England, aad Sardinia, cover oae hundred and fortythree pages, and embrace a large number of Slates, diagrams and figures. The report upon te eavalry of the United States, ana its comparison with that of other coun tries named, and bis regulations and instructions for our cavalry ia time of war, covering eighty pagea, and including many plates and diagrams, is of the highest importance to alt now connected with or who think of entering that arm of the service. Horses, he sayi, should be selected for their activity, hardiness and endurance; men for their lightness, agility and intelligence. He gives the most minute instructions as to riding, feeding, stabling, picketing in the field, swimming rivers, charging in line and in column, wielding the saber, the pistol and the carbine; in fact, everything necessary to make a splendid eavalry officer and soldier. He condemns a dull horse, a dull man, and a dull saber as "utterly valueless;" lays special strew upon the necyity of the individual instruction of men aol horses; pronounces the Cossacks the most effective irregular cavalry in the world; thinks such ^Indians as the Datawares, Kickapooe, aad some other western tnbee, might be dissiplined into partisan carairy equal to the Coaa#cks of the Don; defines the word "dragoon" to mean, in iUon^mal slgmaoaUon, troops who could act at the same lm* both as eavalry sod infantry, believes ia mounted riflemen who can fight both on horseback end on fo$t when it is necessary to combine rapidity of movement with defensive strength; seems to look with complacency upon the feature of the Ruasian system which increases the pay of the soldier with the enhanced perils of the special service, and enthusiastically recommends that there be inscribed on the colors of each regiment the name of the actions in which it has berne an honorable part, as tending to inspire officers and men to do deeds of courage and bravery. Many other points might be profitably noted. Suffice it to say, these reports on the cavalry service of European nations and the United States are invaluable to all who are connected with or ttke an interest in this corps of the rmy. They contain the outlines and most of the details for a complete system ef eavalry tactics. The style of McClellan is terse, clear, and vigorous. As literary compositions these reports reflect great credit upon his skill and taste as a mere writer. It is a singular instance of the freaks of fortune and the mutability of human affairs that the oavalry captain who compiled the work wo have been contemplating has recently risen to the command of the largest and most powerful #rer mar*balled on this continent, whose object is to suppress an armed rebellion of powerful States against the supremacy of the rederal Government, against the inspiring genius and guiding mind of the man who. as Secretary of War, detailed him to this special service in Europe, and to whom he made his report on his return to this country. GENERALSHIP IN AMERICA. [Prom the London Globe ] I So far, the intelligence from America con- I firms the view we have ventured to take, that I Mr. Davis and Gen. Beauregard will stand on the defensive. From the moment when the I Worth sent hosts of men to Washington, un- I trained, undrilled, insubordinate though they I were, the leading men of the South gave up | any idea they may have entertained of storm- I ing the capital. Accustomed for many years | to oommand the assistance of the Democrats of the North,whose subserviency to southern die- I tation was rewarded by a share of the plunder, Mr. Davia entertained the project of possessing himself of Washington. Disappointed by the rising of the North, he changed his tactic* I at once, and resolved to defend the territory ot the newiy-organiied Government. Time I under these circumstances, was everything I to him. His soldiers, like those of President I Lincoln, were undrilled, half-armed, improvident levies. But as a soldier, he knew that these levies would be as good as better men in I a strong position. As he did not attack the I Lnion troops, the Union troops, he judged, knowing the boastful temper of the North, I would be urged to attack him, and give him k? 8?oght. The northern parts I of Lastern Virginia abound in strong positions. I ana with a sure eye General Beauregard fixed I on the line of hills covering the Maa&ssaa I Junction. The event justified the judgment I of the astute Southerner, and he has reaped from the defeat of General McDowell all the I advantages he contemplated. The Northern forces have been compelled to retire Within I their lines at all points. * * * * I The burning of Hampton is a painful proof I of the Muscovite spirit in which the Seuth is I carrying on the war. The oautious advance of the Confederates is no proof that they intend offensive eperatioaa. The nearer they stand to.W ashington the betterfor them. They gain thereby the enormous political advantage of covering the country which has declared iteelf independent, and they take the best precautions in their power to protract the strugglefor every day of successful resistance must I serve to consolidate the new Government, and familiarise the Northern States with its ex- I latence. I Although fortune in this campaign has been hitherto on the side of the South, their cause is far from being secure. The larger number e been won by th? North. I In all the oombats that have occurred the best I EJruni." triumphant. Lyon, Siegel, I McClellan, with troops of the same stuff as I those engaged at Manassas, have defeated their I opponents McDowell was inferior toBeaureMcOIHUn f ?.r^hlm' The new leader, McClellan, is of a different stamp. He has shown his mettle. Every order he issues, every I u' a^?Pt?. proves that he is a real soldier. His advent in the camp before Washington has been marked by great and salutarv I changes. The troops will probably be drilled; the camp, the men, and their arms kept clean | insubordination will be put down; drunkenme3t appropriate punishment, and I incompetent officers will be partially weeded M?rt.ii J ' r ?' P?M,b,e ^at General LiSn .I^r?PeKr,Iy 8uPP?rted by President Lincoln, may be able to convert the material I supplied to him into a tolerable army within S3?,?'thro# months, and thus be able in " the Jiu t^renew an offensive campaign. I <* 11 ?Dd tia$race ?t Bull Run renders f North to negotiate before fJrY Onefh^e<?K0nCv m?rVh? batards of war?<inl?i?tk0wr h.and' th?r? u ?till a foolish reliance in the North upon mere numbers ; as if, in war, 100,000 men were of any value comEll^not i.t0!000 *?JdlerJ' Th? Federalists have not yet learned that campaigns are not wh!??th!! batt,esare not like caucuses, wherein the party numerically the stronger is inevitably the victor. The future of the contest depends upon these two thing. . whether V ?' ?eaureg"rd will, in two months, succeed in training and organixing the better rmy; and whether McClellan orBeau regard *eneral- The of the mili.nffit V * nation, and of the true military spirit in a nation, was never demonstrated more conclusively than in this American contest , and it cannot be too often repeated that tW HQDt?r8/h?uUld take the read to haart< and whole empire should profit by the example their kinsmen have aet them of what to avoid. Restriction cpoh Secession Devices. Ac. xeeterday morning an order waa issued !b the I X !i 7K060rg*R Dod*e- MtiD8 Marshal directing them to prohibit the diaPjay, sale, or weariag of all articles bearing aeceaaion devices of any kind, and specifying the same in part. Neek ties, mottoes, piotures lhl8t7et ?U,!c ar? inc,ad#d> all parties "W*with th# ?rder 10 ?> arrested and held for an examination. The order waa announced to the poliee, and last number of them were carrying it into I effect. On Baltimore street a large number of atorekeepera for tome time past have been displaying such articles, especially neck ties and portrait* of Jeff. Davis, Beauregard, Magruder, Le? and other southern officials. Manv of these were oalled on by the police and notified that if they did not remove them they would be arreated. Some refused to obey and were arretted and taken to headquarters, but received a discharge upon the promise to oomply. Last night aeveral youag men were arrested TO of wearin? ^e red and white a were taken 10 th? station house and discharged upon removing of the Middle District, instructed the officers Hfe "J have the order obeyed, and a *fternoon Philip Brown, who keeps ,UDd at the oorner of Ho11 id ay and Baltimore street, and T. H. Hedian, PvR>l>ri!.t0r . a PWtore frame manufaetory on * '*tter 'treet, were waited on by several policemen, who requested them to withdraw certain engraved portraits of Confederate offiIcom their windows. The parties Mined to comply with the request, and were thea conducted to the Middle District station, where, shortly after being confined, they expressed their wiMingneaa to withdraw th* obieettoaable articles, and were thereupon reMM** f?a ctutody.-^a/L Amtneon ,M. f - ' EDUCATIONAL. M VOCAL INSTITUTE. RS,. CECILIA YOUNG Will resume her Classes in Vocal Musio on Monday next. September 9th at her residenoe, No. 426 Eleventh street, between H and I ati, Terms mad* known on application. ?? 3-imeo /GEORGETOWN FEMALE SEMINARY, " (Miss HMioriK'1,1 No. 151 West St., between Congress and High sts. The duties of this Institution will be resumed on th? first Monday in September next. The attention of parents and guardians is particularly called to the Class in Calistheiuos, whioh will be f?rmed on Monday, the 9 h inst, by a rrtuluate of the"L"wis Normal Institute of Physical Education." The former pupils are earnestly solicited to attend the ClSb. _ . instructors. Miss E. W, Wright, Mrs. Cecilia Y'oung, ] M. E. J. Kaufman. Mr W. C. Bergman, " M V. Harrover, A. Zappone. JJ SI ' M lie M. Gard.>tto, Charles de Frondrat. C'roular? may be obtained at the Bookstores, or by addressing the Principal. so3-1 w MISS HARROVER. .PLEASANT VIEW SEMINARV.-The duties X of this School will be resumed on tha seoond Monday in September Terms $160 for board and taition in the English branches for year of ten months. Address MISS M KEECH. se2 2w* Hyattaville. Prince George's oo.. Ma. ^HE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. The Twelfth Annual Session will oommenoe Septembers, ror particulars inquire of the Prin01p&l,1 . ? Mrs. Z.RICHARDS, au 17 lm Corner of Fourteenth and K sts. F^AIR HILL BOARDING SCHOOL, FOR GIRLS, At Sandy sprino, Md. This Institution, whioh has beer, in successful operation for the past ten years, will commonce its ei.suiag reg.ilar term on the 1st of the to mo (Ootober)next. For circulars, containing further information in regard to the scho<)^a^ply to WM. H. FARQUHAR. auai eolm* Olney P. O. (GEORGETOWN COLLEGE, D. C. M.. , . . . August, 1861. f he exercises of this Institution will be returned on the first Monday ol September. Terms for Board and Tuition per annum, 5*00, payable halfyearly. inadvanoe For further particulars apply to the President? au 13 lmeo JOHN EARLY, S. J. COLUMBIAN COLLEGE. Vi. a ? Washington, D. C. PrPPVatorT Department opens its session TJ1 Wednesday,-September llth. The Ciass-s in the Philosophical and Classical Department have their first exercises Wednesday, September 25th. 1 or catalogues or further information apply to ,o _ g. w. samson. n. b.. au 13-2aw4w (Republioan.) President. Lafayette institute. o A SCHOOL FOR YOUNG I.ADIES. 367 I street, between 13th and 14th. Mission will oommenoe on MONDAY. September Mfc. Circulars at Bookstores. Reference is made"to resident Clergymen, Senators Foot, Foster, Harm, Wade, Trumbull, Harlan, and others, a . L.C. LOOM1S.A M.. au 10 3, TAT, lm Principal. |JROOKEVILLE ACADEMY, The next session will commence September 2d. Boys are prepared for oollege of for business. For catalogue pi ease address, at Brookeviile, Md , E. B. PRETTY man. a M., ?u **-Im (Intel.) Principal. fej T. M A T T H E W ' 8 ACADEMY, ^ Co*. 18th *t. and nkw York A v., Waskinnton, It. C. The exeroises of t-us Institution will be resumed on the h at Monday in September. Terms per session of five months, from $7 to $16; payable in advaaoe. The German and Frenoh fanauages, Musio, drawing and Painting, form extra charges, For particulars apply at the Institution. an 24-2weo QCHOOL FOR j ? ? YOUNG LADIES. Miss M. P. DUNCAN will, on Monday, the 2d of September n?xt, resume her School ac her reaideace, No U1 Indiana avenue She haa made arrangeinenta to reoeive a limited number ol pupils tLB boanitrg. au 27-^oSw UCHOOL FOR SMALL B Ol 8. .nl c No. 37 7 I St., Corner I7th This Sch 'ol will reopen on Monday. September 2d. Circulars at Bookstores. Forrurthor information call from 8 to 12. References?Dr. S. L,. Loomis, Professor L. C. LO 'mn au 26-eo2w T??Q? FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parent* who wish their daughters to r?oeiye a thorough and systematic education, where "I?lr Physical training will receive daily and attention, under the moat approved system of Calisuieniosand GymnasUcs.are respectfully invited to visit the Union Female Academy, oorner Fourtee* th st. and New York av. MR. A MRS. Z. RICHARD#, Principals. E notice. NTIRE STOCK OF DRY GOODS SELLING OFF At Grkatlt Rkduckd Pricks To Close Business. The undersigned. Trusfe of R. Rrioe Hall, wou'd most respootfuUy oall the attention of R, B. Hall's former patrons and tue public in general to the fact that he is now and will continue to sell ail the remaining stock on hand at greatly reduced prices, to close out the business ss speedily as possible. THEO. SHECKELS, Trustee. N. B.?Mr. Hail having for a long time oocupied two stores?No. 373 and 37#?this is to notify all persons that the goods of both stores have been placed in 8tore T-o. 373, where all persons in searob of bargains should not tail to call. au 31 eo6t THEO. SHECKELS, Trustee. GREGORY'8 STOVE HOUSE, *31 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 331 Keeps oonst&ntly on hand a complete assortment of 8TOVK8, <;HATES, and RANGES; ^ also CAMP EQUIPMENTS of ail kinds!#?? moludinc Camp StooU. Camp Tables, Campjavl toves, Frenoh Drinking Cups.ooimnon Tin^5? Cups, Tin Plates. fto ; and a general assortment of Tin. Enameled. Japanned and Plannished Ware. Ali kinds of Tin, Copper and Sneet Iron Wo k made to ordor in a workmanlike manner and at short not oe , Uy Remember, 331 Pa. avenue, seoond door from Se?enUi tt, south side. aun e<.2sr H. J. GREGORY. W boys' clothing. E Have received within the last day or two a large assortment of BOYS' SPRING CLOTHING, embracing all styles of low-prioed, medium, anil fine qualities, whioh we are selling a t very low prioeafor cash. WALL, 8TEPHEN8 ft CO., _ ,333 Pa. av..between 9th and 10th sta. m 23 (Intelluenoer and Rwpnblinan.i SCHOOL BOOKS, r , WHOLESALE AND RKTAIL. . ft'?11 PPlj on hand at exceedingly low pnoes, both for pub.10 and private schools Karl's Grammar fur introduction at 20 cents. Keel's Primary do do. 8 cents. WM BALLaNTYN e.49s 7th st., se2-lw Above Odd Fellows' Hall. US. MAIL STAGE LINE Between Wash"V1*1 Rockville leaves ceptediat'o'olook and I.C. Conodes. cor. ^uu and Beall sts_, Georgetown, at 8 o'clook; returning f1*1''- O" Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays through to Pooleavilfe ; Tueadays, thurs<lays aif Saturdays to Frederiok; returning next days.. sb 23-1 m* BKNJ. UOOLBY. / v sb- hi./n Vffrietids and the publio that he hasA # taken house on Ninth st., between D and E, where business as a licensed PAWNacUoM dealing in all business trans ENOCH WARD. Potatoes! POTATOES' 50.(4)0 bushels prime Western Meroers will be eoiathis season at No. - Pennsylvania av., ooroer of Seoond st. First oar load arrived to-day. . ??d we shall give you satisfaoUon. Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky money Jin good standing taken at par. J. W. STEELE ft CO. DUTTER, CHEESE, D ?? V O . ^ AND EGGS. 60 firkins Freeh New York Butter, buckets, small and large size, 26 kegs goo 1 Cooking Butter, ?? hexes prime Cheeee. JSVZ' ' MS ^ i*\*T THE ?!:Veot.n url"CE-/?\ Mf Bick of tke National Hotel. Q Q Most liberal advanoee made on fcold and ilver W atones. Diamouos, Jewe ry. Silver ware,Clothing, Pistols, and all kinds of Merchandise. Business strictly eonlideDtial. . ISAAC HERZBRRG, 341 C street, au l Sru Between and 6th sta. J/VW bus. OATS, averting 38 It*, per bushel. |\IKW YORK PR!I:I:H FUR A 1.1. klMtsop SUMMER RETREATS. eu bathing and safe retreat, ^ At Point Look-Out, Maktlahd. Thit ? ebrated Bathing Place, situated at the jbpoUeaof the Potomac River with the A . . A Chesapeake Bay, will be opened by theftfmf undersigned on the 10th of Jane, Fn theXELSLL very he*t style, lor all persona who iray wish a sale atd suiet retreat, where they can have the benefit of the best salt water bathing and enjoy the deiieaotea of t)ie water, anoh aa Fiah of ail kinds. Oysteia, Crabs, Ac. tv? description oi fishing tackle will be kept for the accommodation of guexts. A fiaa livery stabe kept on the farm. Also, ten pin alleys and billiard saloons ; with alloth* anusementa usually found at such places. . T.h? ^t>l* *> ?nppi>*d daily with fresn vegetables from the garden on the premises and from the Baitinore and Washington markets.

The freit Li* uora and Cigars will ai way be found ft* til? on? week, $12; second week, #10; fo*?r weeks for 935; children and oolorad servant! half-prioe. The steamer Si. Niohoias leaves Washington Tn?.fikf at 6 a m. and Baltimore on Friday at 4 r. m. The half past 3 o'clock p. m. train from Washington will connect at Ualtim?re with the boats, reaomng Point Lookout daily ;, a triweekly stage from Washington, by way of Leonardtown Add ess the proprietors, at Point Lookout, Washington, D C., or Alexandria, Va. m 31 HEFLEBOWER A CO . Prop'rs. DENTISTRY. JH. PEABODY, M. D., Suksical AND Ma chanical Dentist, having taken^r^^^ rooms at No. UT6 Pa. avenue, betweenMhal nth and 12th sts., two doors east of the^-4-1^? Kirkwortd House, respectfully solicit* a share of the publio patronage, in the various branohes of his profession. jy is 2m* TEETH. LOOM IS, M. D., the inventor and patentee ofths MINERAL PLATE TEETH, nt _ m _ tends personally at his offioe .n this oityNpssS Many persons can wear these teeth whoxc^cc' sannot wear others, and no person can wear ethers who cannot wear these. Persona calling at my oAoeoan be accommodated with any style a&d price of Teeth they may dasire: but to those wfto are particular and wish the putest, oleanest, strongest, and most perfect denture that artcanproduse, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Rooms in this oity-No. 33S Pa.avenne. betweei th and 10th sts. Also, 907 Aroh street, Phi adel ?"'a. oo lt-tf OAS FITTING, Ac. ADI_. ? WM T. DOVE A CO. RK Now prepared to execute any orders wlu wmch they may be favored in the PLVMBlNG, GAS OU STEAM FITTING BUSINESS. ILf Store on ?th street, a few doora nortn of Pa. avenue, where may be found a camp.ieto assortment of CHANDELIERS and other GAiS, STEAM an4 WATER FIXTURES. iir w 1 SNYDER, PLUMBER AND GAS FITTER, Has removed to fhe corner of Twelfth and F sts. He is prepared to introduce Water and Gas upon satisfactionTO terma, and guaranties entire has ?n hand a lot of COOKING and other S TOVES,which he will sell leas than cost, as he wishes to get rid of them. no 17 WTT 6 AS FIXTURES. & ^I?XWtor?' ^ are dai ' receiving, BAS rixTVR hS of entirely New Patterns and Designs and Finish, superior in sty:e to anything heretofore offer d in this market. We invite citizens general ly to tall and examine our stock of Gas and Water Fix ires, feeling confident that we have the boat selected stock in Washington. A'l W ork in the above lino intrusted to our ears will be promptly attended to. mykrb a m.rhan.^ q( 10b oynspector^and bealer Norte* ,s t>ly to the provisions of the urdinanoe of the Corporate approved Mar 12. laep, the anderrigoad is now prepared, "whenever reftired in writing, and on pre-pay uient of the fee of fifty certs, to icspeot, examine, test, prove, and asoertain the acouracy of registration of any gao meter m use in this city." Every meter, if found incorrect, will be condemned and another, sealed and marked aa true will be set in l'* place. If proved to be aOou-aie in its measaitmentofgas, it will be sealed acco-aissiv. and again pat in position for use. /ll? s?TBn? atreet, (near Odd Fel wi' Hail.) Open from 8 a. m., to I j?. m. ..CHARLES W. CUNNINGHAM, irH-tf Inspector and Sealer of Gas Meters. la the only known and best artiole to .. Mterminate * lieu Hugs, Ants. Moths, Flies, Flea*. Garden Worma ^5^280Vine Bogs, As. * ? ?It contains no poison, SCHWERIN'S PILLS are sure death to Rats and Mioe. M. Schwerin has received certificates from the President of tiirard College, Directors of House of Refuge, Pennsylvania Hospital, and other Prominent Institutions of Phi-adelphia ; U, S. Jail, Washington, D. C.;and Charity Hospital, New Orleans, La. The original certificates can be seen at the Wholesale and Retail Depot 1*14 North Seoond street, Philadelphia, and lor sale in thie olty by D. B. CLARK, corner Pa. avenue and 4X sts., and by all Druggists and Grooers. M-.WARE OF SPURIOUS IMITATIONS. ~ Remember to ask for Sohwerin's Annihir Powder. id None genuine nnless signed M. Schwuih. ma l&-6meo ?FOR STAMPING A PACKET OF PAPER AND ENVELOPES TO MATCH, tiki METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE, PHILP A SOLOMONS, At*nu fm Lswisii'i Linn Farm i "tfMfVtNtaa Mill*," ># ?., #?. wW-b bet. 9tb and loth sta. THE EUROPEAN HOTEL. KEPT BY P, EMRICfl. at the oorner of Penn. A . . A avenue and Eleventh atreet, has beenWflfef) greatly improved recently and now offers lAdBLl greater inducements for the patronage ot citizens and strangers than any other publio house m the city,his prioee being less than tnose of any other hotel on Penn. avenue, and his accommodations lor permanent or transient boarders unexceptionable. The bar and restaurant arrangements of the Earop^n Hotel have already become very popa lar. being all that can be desired by the most fas tidioui. Tne proprietor pledges unremitted attention and continued liberal expenditures to give sat inflation to all,and thus renews his invitation all to rive the F.nroeean Hotel a oa'l. dei-tt W_ TRAVELING TRUNKS. E Oner lor sale the largest M?ortmont o TRAVELING TRUNKS to te found iDHn this.oity, comprising best Sole Leaihei^BSp La-lies' Dress and Paoiing Tronka, lioes. Carpet Bags, Ao., whioh we are now ? ' ling at very low pnoea. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., ae H Penn. avense. 1CASH NOTICE. N Conse^uenoe of our having to pay cash for every article oi goods we purchaso. we are foroed to reduoe oar business to Cash exclusively, for the kwe in store a very large assortment of READY-MADF. CLOTHING for men and boys wear, whioh are selling at a muoh lower rate than usually. WALL. STEPHENS A CO.. 3U3 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th it>. I" 1 Mrtel.A Re?>ih.t watcbrepairme a^ver ware 1 have one of the bast establishments, and furnished with aoompiete ?et of tools for repair- lv ?'! description of fine Watohes, and JKj arMeular attention give to the same, by &OBB too. Hirh competent workman Ar.d a work aiau be? A1 ?o. every deecrip ion oi standard SILVER Wi RE. plain and o naaaent&i, mauulnctured under my own saporvision, whioh my onstomers will find IV raperior in enality and finish to northern ware Mid ^awuen^in^ganerai and ro^eeentodag tfcoir ? . IS* Pa. av?v?i?*. ^ ? ? AUPONT'S GUNPOWDER, fao a? rr o wit,'dTiC., Sol* At*net for tk* District of Coluvio\n. onAhJ^e^Sil^S?id^^wVl7parts *7 'thiVit! MBi W VOJLUMB BAJLZACS, NOV ELS.?The Alcheq^st, or the House ofClaes;Trom the Frenoh of Honore a.^ B& Aao. Free by mail, #1. ?^J^MarBW,the Weaver of Rareloe; by' Gao. THE WEEKLY STAtt. This fimllwl rusilT u4 N?w? fwnilcoatnlniaa freait-r wMf af late*?am* la* than (u be feaad la Uf ilfcw U p?MMi4 a Friday morn lag. Txa*s_Caj.i, m<mrtmMf, te at , J<* o*PT, ptr UUM m..41 m . Ten c?pl ll#t##,,li##>###4t#9 00 Twenty-ive copies 9$ 90 Itlawarlably ooouIm the " Wmtimr'.om News' that hw made Tk, DnUf ftwut 5m, ^? ?r so generally Uwi|boat the eoaatry CTSIngle copies (t? wrappers) caa to pew. cured at tbe counter. Immediately after tbe taw of tbe paper. Price?THREE GENTS. J^AVY BEEF AND^PORE FOE 19*9 " bSraevsaa; rt^Krs?\& tops-rass 2PZ2&Z U !JS . - ' Onebalfofaaid Beef and *ork matt be daim-d at each ol the above-named yard*, mintinlf by tite 1st day of April, INK: aud tbe rwMiaiiu half by 'h* ' * <J*y of June, lS, unlets earner deliveries should be repaired by the CbieTof this Bureau. Pajmen: to be made within thirty daya alter dsii v"Tbe "Beef must be from we 1 fattened oattle, ?"fVffd between the lrt < ay of Oou her. 1WI, and the let day oi January, IMS, and weighing not !? ,W?aa six hundred poancs, nett weight, each. A. L?** anl? ?* rands of tbe hind quartera, and the ihiDR and thou der olods, tbe should ore of matton and enda of atlekiag pieces, and at least twe ve pounda from the neck end of each for* * Barter or the parta marked Nos. l.S. 3,?, aad 5, on the drawing or de meati >n of the fore and hind anartera of an ox. which will be attaohed to and form a part of the oontract, muat be wuolly ezo.aded eaob be-re,; a l the other pieoea are to be sacked, and. instead of being cat with a elenrer, must he tut tktoulk ten* a rev and lentf, te ait* the meat a rquare, neat. and tmootk appearance, m purn of not less than tight found*, war were than tmlra V 0 U1% / t (1 A . The Fork moat He packed fro-n corn-fed, well fattened hoga, slaughter, d between the 1st day of l>ecrmber, 1861, and the 1st day of Jaauary. 1MB, and weighug not le>s than two hundied pounda each, excluding the head*, jolea, necks, shoo Sera, hama, le#a, feet, t utu, rampa, lard, and ail refaae pieoea, and inuit be ont with a sote and hnxf? in pieoea weighing not leaa than six pounds. aor more than twelve pounds eacn. Both the B^ef and Pork it he salted with at least one atatute but hel of Turk'a Is an*, Isle of May, Key Weat aolar. Onondaga solar. or St. I be a sa t; and the Beef muat have five oanoes of fine pulverized saltpetre to eaoh oarrel, exc usive ofa p ckle, io be made from fresh water aa trout aa ta t mill make it, and muat be perfeotiy bright and 11 ear. Kach harrel muat oontain fhll arm pound* nett weight of beef or pork, at.d no exoeaa of weight la either aiticie will be paid for. The barrela muat be entirely new, and be made of the beat seasoned heart of white oak itavea and headings; the auvesto t>e n?tie*a than five eightha of an inch tni. k.atd the heacii ga not eat than t^ret-fjurthi of an inch thick; tuey muat tie thiee foil -the hooped over, iocluding tiie iron hoopa, with beat white oax or hickory noopa, and eaoh barrel must have on it four iron ho >pe. v ? one of one and a halt moh in width on eaoh bilge, acd one of one and aa eighth men in width or. each eiume, and es*;h to tie cf ope sixteenth of an inch ti 10k. Eaoh barrel noust be of the inter oa oapaoity of thirty-two gallons snathe iron hoops muat be well painted with red lead. t-ach l?arrel muat be branded hr burninc on .ta head ** Navy Bsef," or " Navy Pork," aa u?e care may be. with the oontraetor'a name and the year wiien packed, and weight; and thail also be branded on the butg stave with the letter B.or P.. as the oace lie. The :>eef and york will, anlesa otherwise direoted by the Chief of this Bureau, be inspected by the inspecting officers at the respective Navy 1 ards aforesaid, a> d b* some "eworn inspector of salted provisions," wnowill be selected by the reapecUve uowinmuding ofioera: nt thwr charges for saea mapectioaa must be ^.id by t lie respective contractors, wo muat likewise have the barrels putin goodwhipping order, to the satislaotion ?f theeowinaLdau^ of the re*seetive Navv 1 arda aforesaid, alter inspection, and at their own expense. Two or wore approved ?nreti?s in a sum equal to one ha f the estimated amount of the oontract will be required, and twenty per cer.tnm in addition will be withheld irom the amovnt of each payment to be made, as ool.ateral seoarity for the dae and perlomatioe of the respective oontraota, wnioh w 1'. on no aooount be p*id until theooatracU are compiled with in ail reepecta ; and la to be forfeited to the Unite! Mates in the event of Ui'uy to complete the deliver lea within the ereacnbtd period. In case of failure on the part of the contractor to deliver all or any of the beef or pork above mentioned, ol the qua lty ai d at the tine and p aces above provided, t&e oontractor will forfeit and pay to the Uuited States, aa liquidate*! damages, a sum of mouer eeual to twiee the amoaot of the contract price to be paid in oaae of the ac.ual delivery thereof; which liquidated dawages may be reoovereo from time to time as they aoorue Payment will be maae by the Uaited states at the periods above specified, (exoepting the twenty per oentum to be withheld until the oompletion of the contract, at betore stated.i aft^r the said beef atd jpork ahal have be?n n.speeted and received, and bilia for the aatne ahall have been preaented to the navy agents, respectively, duly approved by the commandants of the reepectiwe n&vy.yarda, acoording to the terma of the ooaract The parts of b(*f to bo- iclndrd tot11 b* pot tun lar.y d sifnaltd ta the engraving to be attar hud le the contract, tertani interested cm obtain them on application at thtr other. Uiudert whose proposals shall beaooepled taad none there* will be forthwith notified, and aa early as practicable a oontract will be tranamitted to them for exeoution, win oh ooutraot mast be returned to tbe Bureau within ten daya, exo.aaive r>f the time required for the regular transmission of the mai>. Areoord. or duplioateof tee letter informing a bidder ol the acceptance of his proposal, will bs deemed a notification thereof within the meaning of the act of 1846, sud his bid will be made and ao ofp:od in conformity with this nndera.andiag. Every offer made ma t be accompanied aa direoteu in the 6th seotion of the act of Cot grees making appropriations for the naval vervioe for 1W6 '47, approved loth of August, IMfc,) by a written guarantee, signed by one or more rwpoasibte p wons. to the efloct that he or thet undertake that the b>dder or bidders will, if his or their bid be accepted, enter into an ob igation within ten days. with good acd sufficient sureties, io furnish the artiole proposed. This gua an tee must be accompanied by tbe owtifioate of the United btatea cistnot judge, Uaited States district attorney, or navy agent that the guarantors are able to make good ihet r gee aatee. No proposal will be oonsideied unless aooowpa nied by such guarantee. The bidder's name and residence, and tbe sas e of eaoh inemh e r of the firm, #here a otwipanv offers, with the Christian namea w rittea la fall, muiit bedistinctlr stated. U nder the joiot reaolation of Conrrew. approved 27th March, ISM, "all bids for supplies of p: o*i sions, o!othing,and small?tores for the use of the navy, may be rejtoted at the option of the Department, if made by one not knowa as a mauuwc tnrer of or regular dealer in the ariiele proposed to be furnished, which fact, or the reverse, mast be distinotiy stated in the bids offered. au 2? lawi w - x pEMALE DyrJ^iLY 80lltw^ Ura. 8. i. MoCORMICK, Piunrtb The thirteenth annual session ef tnis lnsttution Will oommence on Tuoeday. September 1st k, in tee house recently occupied by Bylveeter Soolt, Ee*., No. 1?0 King atreit. The oouree of study pursued will comprise all the i ranoLes requisite to a thorough Keglish fadeoatiorij and Music, French, Latin and Urawiag, 11 In tddiUcn to day sebolar*. Mra. MeCormiek is prepared to receive a limited number of pupils as hoarfie-s, who. constituting a part of her owa lam ity, will be under he' imme^.ate care arc! supervision. Sbd will eadeavor, as far aa poseihle. to car rou^d them with the oomferts aad kiadlv mlasasss References?Rev. Sea. H. Norton, Rev. Dr. Eliaa Harrison, Row. D. f. Bpngg, W uham H. Fowle, fieq., Ecigft ^r.owdea, E omaac F. Witmer E: fe; Editor Eveaing Star, Benjamin Waters. Eaq.,Jaa Entwis.e Jr., f,?a.. Col. John W.Minor, Loudoun. Biwthe " It Mara hall. Maeara Cerae Board, with Taitioi^nVl'tbe Ragiiab Braaabes, aoo for the anaaal eeeaioa?payable semi-anaaal.t, IB ad vanoa. Music aad Langoages at Profeesers' pneea. try No extra ehargea, aa W-M IVf APS OF TBE 8EATOF WAR.-A eplead.d Ivl Map of the Beat of War for only ( eeate. Also, Pocket Maps of all kinda tk>.(tiers' Camp Dnwaing Cases from *3 50 to >. Blank H t* ano Stationery of ah kinda. Flag Paper and Kovelop??s. Rags, Banners and Badges. Views ef Washfigten, American and Forwian Magasinea, Daily aftol 9 Weeklr Paeers *""" FRENCH A RICHBTEIN* Nationa Hoov store, ml (Intel. A Repaid) tT9 Pa. aeaaae. QUN BOAJ^S Quartermaster General'e Olkce. 4 Washington Cut. JslyU, iMl ? Plans am> SrnciricaTioss for balls of Sua Boats for the V> esu-ru rivers are oa exhibit!oa at this oftoe, and at oHeee of '(?nartm at Pitteberg. Ciaeiaaati. St. Laaie and Aitoa. Boata to be delivered at Cairo. Bids shoad be eent to Quarter aw s?u Ge*.*nw of the United r4ates Army, at Waebtagion, by 1st A?ast,at aooa. Jt It Brig. Gea'l aad Qisrtawate G*i' Green corn, in can?; petite tois; Vreeb Teswtcse, laeeart cue. * ? i i tsa* * BDH JOHNSTON, ALTIMOKK LOCK HOSPITAL, I if?? diltmcrtd tk* ?uit UrttH, Sfttdf mmd ?Uy I EJfutual Rtmtdf m tk* World, FOR ALL DI9KA8K8 OF lAP&UDKNCK. I LET NO FALSE PELICACY PREVENT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. -I A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARQK, I /JV FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. WiitaiM of Si tt:k, Itneiim, Affections of the Bid I tod Bladder :^?tnr.ur' iiiictatfti, lafwuiicf, Cm- I arml Debility, Nstaouenees, t>*irspey, Lanraor, C??i'a*ioa I af Idrae, Law Sptr.-j, ? ;pua?ii at U>e Heart, Timidity, I Trerablmge, PNnaaaa of Sipni or Gtddinaae, Ihseaee af tha I Head, Throat, Note or Skin, Af ectione af the, Btoa- I aen or Bowele?thaaa Terrible Dieorders arising from Bait- I tart Habita of Yoath?these Dreadful and Deatractire Prec- I licee which randar Marrikga impoaatble, and deeiroy both I Body and Mind. YOUXQ MEN Eepoeially whohare become tha ncUMaf Solitary Tic*. I that dreadfta and deelracure habu w tank aim Ball y ewstfs I l? ?n untimely grars tSoaan nd* of Tw fMauaf tba Mat 1 a mat tad laieuta and brilliant intellect. wba aight otherwise ha?e entranced Usttmng Senate wiuf TtWTbintfrrb w ?!? j ?uence or waked to acatacy the lirwg lyre, nay call with j all confidence. MARRIAGE. M alt BI ID Psrio*ii, or Yoang Man contemplating Mar- I rtare, being awara of phyeical waaknaaa, organic debility, I dsformmss, Ac., speedi'r cared. Ha who placee himeelf andar tha care af Dr. J. may reliri- I aaely confide in hie honor aa a gentleman and confidently I rely upon hie ekill aa a phyeician. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. left hand aide going froa Baltimore etieat, a few door* froa I the corner, rail not to obeerre name and aamber. Leuars I must be paid and contain a atarop. DR. JOHNSTON, Member af the Royal Collet of Surgsons, London, gjada- 1 ate from one of the moot eminent Colleges in tha United J Btatee, and the greater part of wboaa life baa been npeiit ml the boepitala of London, Parte, Philadelphia and eleewhere, I baa effected aoma of the moot aatoniahiug caret that ware I aver known; many troubled with ringing is tha haad and I eare whan aeleep; ^reat naneaiiieee, bsing alarmed at I eaddea eoonde, baahfulnee* with frsqseal blushing, attended I aometimee with derangement of mind, wara cared mme- I <U*V\' TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Young Men ana othera wbo hare injured themeelree by a I certain practice indulged in whao aloua?a habit fre^oenUy I learned from e?il compauione, or at School, i e tflscis af I whicn are nightly felt e?e? when aaleep, and if not cared, I rendere marriage impoeeibla, and daetroya both.mmd and I body, ehould apply immediately These are aoma of the ead aad melancholy effecta produced I by early babita of roaih. rii: Waaknaaa of lha Back aad | Liraba, Paine in tha Hr ad, Dimneee of 8ight, Lota of MuacatUi I Power, Palpitation of tne Haart, Dyepepey, Nervous irrtta- I bility, Derangement of tha Digesure Funcuooe, General I Debility, 8yiuptome of Consumption, Ac. I M IHTiLLT.-The feartnl effecta on lha ir lnd are w.nch ta 1 , ba dreaded?Loee of Memory, Confnaiou of Ideae, Depression I af Bpirita, EtiI Forebodings, Arsrsioo of Bociety, Self-Die- I trust, Lore of Solitude, Timidity, etc., are eoma of tha e?ile I produced. NKR VOL'S DtBILITT.?Thonaanda ean now Judge what le I the cau*e of their declining health, loeii* i-beir rigor, be com- I ing weak, pale, nereone and emaciated, hi*mg a singular I appearance about the ayee, cough or aymptome of cnoeamp- I l"W' DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE When the misgaided and imprudent?otary of ple,eure Inde 1 1 be haa imbibed the eeede of thie painful dieeaae, it too often 1 bappaue that an ill-tintedaenee of aha me or dread of diecovery I deters him from apply ing to thoee who, from ed -ication and I respectability, can alone befriend him. Ha (alia into the I of if norant and designing prttrndtrs, who, wee p He I of curing, filch hia pecuniary subatauca, keep him uifiinf I month after month, or aa lonp aa the aoialleet fee can ba ob- I tatned, and in dcepair leaee hu:i wi'h mii.ed health to >:rh I aeer hia iralliug diaappointmant; or by the nee of that deadly I poieon?SIercury?haeten tb? cm.aututiooal aymptome of thie I terrible dne??e, euch ?e A flee'.lone of the Hear. Throat, Hend, I kin, Ac . prorreaeinr with frifhtfal rapidity, till death pa'aaj period to hia dreadful aufferin(? by >etadir ( hint o an- I aieceeered coomry from whoea bourse no traeeler retama DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOli ORGANIC I WEAKNESS AND IMPOTMNCY By line great and imjorunt remedy weak .aaa ef the errane I are epeedily cared and full rigor raetared. Thcaaande eif the I aoet ner-oae and dabiliutad, who had leal all bopa, ha?e I been immediately r?!ie?ed All impadirnODta to Marriaf , Phyeical or Mental Diaqaal- I lleatiana, Loaa of Paocraatiee Power, Hereaae Irritability. I Trerablinr and Waaknaaa er Exbaaeuoo of lha moat fearfa I kind epeeaily cured. ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS. Til MaNT THOV?a*DI cured at thie matitation within I the laat eeeentaen vaare, and the namereae important Surai- I 1 Ml aperauone performed by Or. Johr.eton, wiu.eaaed by the I eaportere of tha papara and many other cereo' e, notice* of I which baea appeared again and agata before the put he, be- I tfdee hta etardirg aa a gentleman af character and reeponei- I bility. la a eaBcient guarantee ta tha aBictod. mar IE-It Db. J. fi McLKAN 8 BTRE*QTHKNING CORDIAL A>I> BLOOD PL'RiriEK. THE GREATEST REMEDY ?n tkt WORLD, 1 tXTMR TAKEN.Omt . ll la atrlatly u aal- ' KM JS i euufia aad Yegeta- I 1 He Caapoaal, ara- T aared by Ike dlaulla-" TW ' 2 Ilea af raeie, ^erke, K. % aad berka. T^ijew ft j Bark, aad Daade'iea Bfi I ! eaiere lata Ita earn- Hu| I i vamedlal prletlple I , af aa?h lag radian ua I, ilaUlllag, aradutti g a daUaiaua, eaailarailug epiru, aad tba I aet iafalllkle rewedy fat raaaralliig tba dieaaeed ayetea, aad raaieilag tha elak, auffarlag, aad dabllliaMd laealld v* health aad eueagth. MiLEANS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will effaataally aure blear Gamylalat, Dyepapeia, Jaaa- I . dlaa, (Jhraaia a> H*r?*a* Debility, Dlaeaaaa af tae Eldaeye, 1 aad all dteeaaee aelalug ftam a disordered birat at leaaah. 1 yeaapaia, eartbara, la ward Pilaa. Aaiditr at Btakaaae af I tha Btaaaah, Pallaaaa af Blaad ta tha Bead, Dai) Paia at | wlaaalag la tha Bead, Palpitauaa af tha Baart, Taltaaaa | at Weight la Ua Btaaaah, Boar Braauuaaa, Chaklag at I affeattiug Paaliag wkea 'eylug dawa.Dryaaaa at YellaW- | ae?a af ike Bkla and Eyaa, Might Bweau, la ward Parara, I Pala la tka latli af tha Baak, Cheet, ot Bide. Baddaa I riaahee af Baat, Bepraaalaa af pirtit, rughifal Dreaaa, | baagaet, Deeaeadeaay ar any aateaue dlaeaae, Boraa af j Eleiaaae aa ua Bkla, aad Parat aad Ague (at ChUia aad I r*TW ) 9TMR A MILLION BOTTLES hare baaa told darlag tha laat els a an the, aad la aa ta- I auaae bet ll falltd la ftrlag enure eauafaausa. Who, ihaa, 1 will eaffet ft*a Waaknaaa or DablBfi* wkta MckKAJI'B rrXEXCTBEMlBB COBSlAb will Mre you 1 a laaguage aaa wen; aa adt^aata ld?a af tka laaedl- | ale acd alaaet alraaalaae change pradaaad by taklaf thla Cordial la lha dlaaaaad, dabiliutad, aad ebat?erad aerraae I eyaiea, whether brokaa dawa by asaaaa, weak by aatare, I at lapa'ttd by alakaaaa, tha ralasad aad uaatraag argaal- 1 atlaa It rat tared ta Ua prlatlaa haalU aad rlgat MARRIED PERSONS, at otbere,* af laabllitr fron whataear aaaaa, wlU I ad McleBAH'B BTEBBBTHEIIIBB CUES LAW a tW- I ( agh regeaeraiataf tha tyetara; aad all wha aa* hat* la tared ihaaeelrta by tapraaer ladulgaaaaa *111 lad la this Cardial a tertala aad epaady raaadj. TO THE LADIES. MebBAVB BTEBBBYBEMINH OOEJlAfc U a aaraf | alga aad apaady eare for laatpiant Caoaaatptlaa, Wh-iaa, I bet rue led at BlBaalt Maaettaatiaa,) naoatlaaaaa af Btlaa I at laralautary Maaharra the reef, Palling af tha Waab, Iddlaaaa, PalaOag, aad all dleaaeee laaldaat ta Paaalaa. j THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT Baler ao taagoe. Yale It aaaordiag ta dlraatloaa. It will j atlahlate, eueagthaa, aad larlgorau /aa aad aaaea tha I blaaa af haaita ta aouai your ahaak again. Br try battle la I warrantee ta girt aaUafaaUoa. FOR CHILDREN, If yout ehlldtea are alakly, pane at aAlattd, BckBIRt { CO EDI AW will aaka thaa kealthy. fat, aad rabaal Delay | not a aaaaat{ try It, aad ywa-wUl ba aaarlaaad. It la da- I Ueloat ta lata. A VTION. Beware af dragglato at daalare who aay try la pala upaa yoa eorae bitter or aataapatilla traah, whiah thay aaa bur aheap, by earing It le Inet aa food- A raid aaah aaa. Aak i far rtckKAll'sVrEEa?TBftjfUI? CUEDlAk, and lake aathlag aiaa. It la tha anly remedy thai will parify tha Blood tharaagbl* end at tha aaaa time e|pang-th ea the eyatea. I One taaepoao/al taken arary aaraiag faaung i* a certala 1 pre'entire fat Cbalera, Chilla aad rarer, Yellow rarer, oe aay praralaal dieeaae. ItUputap la large battle*, rnae I anfy f 1 pet battle, ar baulee fat #A i. B. McLEAR, Bale ptoanetot of ihu Cardial; alao, MabaaB*a Yaiaaal* Ol I klalaeau Ptinaipal Depat aa tha earner af Vbifd aad | riae eUeeta, Bt.baaU, Ma. KoLssn'a Volcanic Oil Liniaent, (THE BEST LIE 1 MEET W THE WOEWD ) The aa'y eaie aad aartala cart fiat Caaeara, Pilae, Ta- I a era, Bwelllnge aad Branchile ar Goitre, Paralraia, Haa- I talgla, Waakaaee af the Maaclaa, Chrwnia or Inlamaatary I BJieaaaut-n, Buffaeaa af tka Jatala, Caotraated Maocloe ot I kigaaenu, Earaaha or Toothache, Bruieee, Bpraina, Preah I Cata, Waande, Clceie, rerat Barea, Caked Braaav, Bart | Hippie*, Barne, Baalde, Bare Threat, ar aay tnlaanaiiaa at pala, aa difference haw eerera ar laag the dieeaae aay I (are axlawd, M ' LEAH'S CELEBEATED LIHLMEHT U I a aertaln remedy. Thaaaanda af baaaa being* hare btaa aared a life af die I atepitude and misery by tha aaa af thla laralaaMa ramedy. MtLEAlTS YOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will reUere pale alaaet laaitrinaeeaely, aad U will a lean, I parify aad heal tha faalaat torea la aa inaredrbia abort tlaa. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS, m MaUCAH'B CELEBEATED L1H1MEHT it the aalr ealt aad rallabla rtaedy fai tha a are af Bparte, llngbeae, I Wmdgalla, Brlisu, Haaaturnl Laapa, Hadaa ot Bwellinfa. I It aarar tailed ta aura Big Haad, NltsU, Pwcaia, Old I Eaaning Bataa, at Bwteu*. If prmtrly eapbad. Pat Iprniae, Brataae,Bcratchot, Cratkad Beeie, Caafea, Baddte I at Coliar Balla, Cata, Boroa, atWoadt, kiaaa lalelMMa taaady. Apply It aa diraaiad aad a tare la a eat tie ta s?afj I "VwU'utle aa taactt vita tht saaay ? itafiki lihHiii ffisa'anaiisr wS CHAEI^B^jWrOTT^III Pv ar^ tate tgasi ta Wuais| j H 1 ??H !?W> U tb- PaopJ^a C.<Hhing ?U>Ft, AiO. *? .Ut airait-opposita Foat ' Aod axAtuina tiuU new stock or FALL CLOTM

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