Newspaper of Evening Star, September 9, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 9, 1861 Page 2
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THR F.VFMNfi STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: MOXOAY geftember.9, IM1. Or* Faixxt* at the various military campe end -positions will confer a favor by keeping us ported it to mowimd and 1AI11 Jn their vicinities. Spirit ef the W*ni?? Press Tb? JnUlligtmur notices the mlscalculstlon of tbc South In expecting that northern democrats wmM hold republicans in check while the work of secession waa being consummated. The Xtpuiliean treat* upon the "Military Situation." THE NEWSJIEKE. Issvtse r?* Taxssrav Sotii The Secretary of the Treasury has been compelled to detail the clerical force of the First and Fifth Auditors and ol the Reg later of the Treasury to assist In preparing the Treaaury note* for being Issued ; thus lncrees log the force engaged In that work, by the addl. tlon of quite a hundred clerka. T?* Ho*. C. B. Smith, .Secretary of the Inte. rlor, left here on Saturday afternoon, for a flying visit to Fortrcs Monroe via Baltimore, and returned at noon to-day He reports all quiet and well there. Tbaksfsebid.? Cyrus Klrge, of Vt , baa been transferred from the Census Bureau to a lat class clerkship In the Pension Bureau. PaoMOTBB ? A.S. Cox, of Ohl<k has been promoted te a 3d clasa (gl.eoo per annum) clerkship in the Pension Bureau. KT Major Alexander, formerly of the U. S revenue service, and lately an officer in the Confederate army, who waa arreated at Cambridge about the time of the St. Nicholas affslr and confined as a political prisoner In Fort McHenry, succeeded In effecting an escape Inst Saturday night, and eluding the guards and outposts. It was thought tbat his escape was made by means of a disguise jfT The Baltimore and Ohio Rillread bave Intelligence of further depredations upon their property by the Confederates All the machinery and tools have been taken from the machine shops at Martinsburg, and live passenger locomotives have been removed to Winchester by turnpike. Some ten miles of the Iron bave *lso been taken from the track, and also a considerable portion of telegraph wire appropriated. (|T The New York papers say that at the steamboata pass Fort Lafayette, some of the distinguished rebels there confined may always be seen either in tbe casemates or promenading on the ramparts They are greeted with loud and emphatic groans, the discordancy of which comes up to them an unwelcome dally comment on the doings of uthe despot Lincoln." 0"The Richmond Examiner states tbat Munson's Hill is held by tbe Maryland Regiment, and that two companies of tbe Maryland Regiment and foar of Colonel Hill's Virginia Regiment form the advance guard at Mason's Hill, under Geaeral Lougstreet. 2Hx cf the advance guard were killed In a skirmish, and ten Federalists according to the Examluer. P~y List Saturday nluht a party of twenty one men, who, It was alleged, bad gone off on a fishing excursion from Baltimore, were arrested by the Federal authorities and lodged In the station house in Baltimore. With tbe party were found five horses, three wagons, two bolts of blue cloth, a pistol and a Confederate flag. The parties are to be sent to Fort McHenry* |T~r Tbe fortifications around St. Louis are going forward with great vigor, more ttan 1,000 men being employed, and the work going on without Intermission, days, nights and sundays One of the four establishments for making army clothing, carried on -by the Government, is cutting up 7,000 yards of cloth, manufacturing 900 pairs of pants, daily. Th Mams Elictiov?Tbe election few State officers la Maine takes place to-day. There are three candidates In the field?Isrsel Wssbburne, jr., the prevent Incumbent; John W Dana, and Col. Charles D. Jameson. Tbe Republicans will support Wssbburne, and the Democrats will be divided on the other two candidates. 1E7-Last Friday. Rev W H. Wilson, a Methodist preacher of Baltimore, was arrested at Watervllle, on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, on a chargs o; being concerned in tbe smuggling of quinine and other contraband articles, mostly medicines, througb tbe lines of the Federal army into the Confederates States. JET On Friday the Provost Marshal's police ol Baltimore, arrested two Germans on the charge of uttering treasonable sentiments Four duck guns and three revolvers were seized A lot ol muskets were also found in a haystack near the city. 1X2^ Yesterday morning the Baltimore police arrested two men who were about starting off in a wagon, from the city, ins-arching the vehicle a false top and bottom were discovered, tbe latter concealing twenty Navy revolvers and two bundles of gold lace. laroaT&HT riox Mexico?The Southern journals repeat what was stated some weeks since by a Cincinnati paper, tbat minister Corwin has aegoCated a treaty with the Mexican government granting tbe privilege to the United States government to pass troops through her territories. fry Captain George w. Hazzard. of the U 9, Fourth Artillery,Mationed at Fort McHenry, haa been granted permission by tbe Secretary of War to assume the command of the Twenty-tblrd Indiana Regiment, now being recruited at Indiau polls. CZT" It la stated that during the present week? pr? bably on Wednesday?all tbe regiments sta tloaed In and arouad Baltimore will be assembled for a general review by Major General Dlx, near Fort McHearv CTT Last Saturday quite an excitement was . created In Baltimore by a policeman attempting to remove a cravat of secession colors from the seek of a young man, who succeeded in retainlng his treasonable emblem, after a brief struggle ^ ______________ IP* The bridges on tbe Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore railroad are guarded by Delaware volunteers. Camps are established at tbe ead of each Important bridge and the strictest military discipline maintained. PaasoniD ?Tbe President has pardoned A J Clark, who was conflicted of forging land war rants, and sentenced to the Wisconsin penltentia ry, la which he had served two years. Amoag the more recent coatri buttons to the work of the Christian Associations' Army Committee la New York, sre 910 from Wm. H. Russell, correspondent of the London Times IfTThe New York papers say that Col. Starr, of the Hth New York volunteers, has been detached by Gen. Blencker to organise a corps of heavy artillerists for the fortifications here. [[T Capt. Meagher, of the New York 89th Regiment, haa received from the War Department authority to organise an Irish brigade. The Government haa purchaaed In Baltimore the steamers Balloon and Hugh Jenkins, formerly ef the Eastern Shore line, for rM.OOG We hear, says The Traveller, that two buaIness men of Boston,of heretofore unspotted reputation, bave recently been detected In tbe crime of forgery Exile from bome, friends and country, la all that will save them from criminal proeecntlon and punishment klxasbd ?The parties bound South, arreated at Pittsburg oa Wednesday, were released tbe sext day, after a thorough search Nothing td criminate them waa disrovered, with tbe except tloa of sosoe medicines, whick waa confiscated. (fT1 Dr. Pstieraoa Is to be haag la a few days In Massachusetts for tbe mnrder of a young girl whom be had ruined. Great efforts have been made to procare a ebaage of sentence, hat the Ooveramentrefuses to Interfere. irr Fits Heary Warrea haa beea efoeled ColoixTaf the First iewa Cavalry. New " forward to Richmond," Mr. Warns, m you ware the first to pat the ball la mettog. OUR MILITARY BUDGET. i NOT RO. The New York Herald publishes an Interesting | letter in ItsiBsaeof Sunday (yesterday) purporting to describe, In detail, the armies, movements, de- t signs, 4c , of the dlsunlonlata la front of tbls j capital. Though It seems almost a pity to spoil a tale aocarefully and elaborately prepared, never* j theless we may aaanre the public that In what It j Bays of " the altuation" on the otber aide of the J river, opposite the Cbatn Bridge, there Is no truth < whatever. Thus, it says: J "Gen Johnston's most advanced reetmenta are 1 thrown forward to within two mile* of the Chain \ Bridge, where the Leesburg turnpike Intersects the road running from the Little Falls of the Po- * tonaac to Ball's Cross Roads They are busily 1 engaged here In throwing up IntrenchmenU under i cover of a wood, which completely conceals their ] operations. These woods or course will b? cut down as soon as their intrenchments are completed artd their guns are mounted on them. The Chain Bridge will then be In full range of their guns, i , which will cover it completely. A skirmish took , place a day or two ago between two of General .McCall's regiments and those of Johnston's troops that are stationed In the woods to protect those st work at the intrenchments A few shells were 1 thrown Into the woods, but tbe rebel troops sallied ( out, attacked our two rrglments, and, Delng In superior force, compelled them to retreat over the Chain Bridge, with trifling loss " < We are sure that no disunion pickets even ap- 1 proach anywhere within three and a half miles 1 of the Chain Bridge; nor have they so much as a * company of troops stationed nesrer than Munson's < Hill, a point at least Ave miles from the Chain < Bridge by an air line : the nearest point at which ' they ate in small force even?upon the George- ' town and Leesburg turnpike?is at least seven < miles distant from the Chain Bridge?not two 1 miles, as this Herald letter avers. rARDONED. Headquarters Army of Ike Potomac, ) September 8,1861. \ . 1 General Order.t, jVo 8. Private W m Scott, Company K, Third Vermont Volunteers, having been found guilty by < court martial of sleeping on his post, while a i sentinel on picket guard, has been sentenced to be shot; and tbe sentence has been approved and 1 ordered to be executed. ? Tbe commanding officers of the brigade, tbe regiment and the company of the condemned, together with many other officers and privates of his regiment, have earnestly appealed to the Major i General commanding to spare the life of the offender, and the President of the United States has expressed a wish that, as tbls Is the first condemnation to death In tbls army for this crime, mercy may be extended to the criminal. This fact, viewed In connection with the Inexperience of the condemned as a wldler, bis previous good conduct and general good character, and ihe argent en- i treaties m>?de In his behalf, have determined tbe Major General to grant the pardon so earnestly prayed for. i This act of clemency must not be understood ss affording a precedent for any future case. Tbe duty of a sentinel is of such a nature that lt? neglect by sleeping upon or deserting his post may endanger the safety of arommand, or even Of the whole army, and all nations affix to the offense 'he penalty of death . Private William Scott, Company K, Third Regiment of Vermont Volunteers, will be released from confinement and return to duty. By order of Major General McClellan. S. Williams, Ass't Adj't General. , THE SECESSION SIGNAL* DOWN RIVER. Editor Star: The accompanying postscript Is from the Port Tobacco Time* of the 5th Inst.: Mr Editor: In casually glancing over tbe Daily < Exchange of last Friday, under the head of ' La- I test News," my eye fell upon the following extract : I " Condition of the Potomac River ?The steamer I Philadelphia has just arrived from Fortress Mon- i roe She report* that tbe river Is passable, and i that although the secesslonistsareextremely lively i on the Maryland shore, navigation Is not In any i way Interrupted As the stesnier made her way | up the Marylanders sent up a rapid succession of 1 signals to notify their Virginia neighbors of the 1 steamer's approach " , Is this so or not? If nol, why should our people be so wronged ? This will account In some I measure for tbe stoppage of vessels and the de- i structlon of property. Potomac. < This Is so. From Plney Point to Fort Wash- 1 lngton there Is a regularly established line of signals on tie Maryland shorp of the Potomac A j steamer cannot move at night but she Is tele- < graphed by aignal lights at every three to five miles of the river, which signals are answered on 1 tbe V lrglnia shore. There has not been a vessel or boat taken from the Mary land shore where there has not been an abundance of evidence that tbey been employed In unlawful commerce. An Offices of the Potomac Flotilla. THE ROCKETS LAST NIOHT, ETC. The fact that signal rockets were sent up last night along the upper lines of the enemy?from opposite the Chain Bridge, apparently quite up to , Leesburg?Is being construed by wonder mongers around us to indicate some movement of their | army in that direction. We have every reason to i doubt the fact, however. Last night, a portion of our troops, numbering two or three hundred only, made a reconnoiaance | in that direction, and the chances are ten to one i that tbe enemy's aignal rockets were designed simple to give notice of that movement on our part. Thisrecsnuotsance,by the by, was thorough and ex'enaive, embracing a considerable range of > territory between the two armies. It developed no change in the enemy's position or force, of Importance to the situation of affairs , PAYMASTERS TO TAKE TCRNS, ETC. , Hereafter the requisitions upon the Treasury Department will each take ita regular turn Heretofore exceptions have been made In the case of army paymasters' requisitions, for which others have been made to wait. It Is found that the dilatory habit of company and regimental officers have been encouraged and Increased, rather than diminished, by the favoritism thus shown to them. Tbe Department asks but a single day In which to pass finally upon such requisitions, that time being necessary to prevent mistakes; and If regiments fall to receive their pay Immediately after It Is dne, they may understand that in every auch case the delay Is the fault of their own company or other officera, who are dilatory In preparing tbe proper rolls, on which alone the pay. mcnta can be lawfully made. * i GRN. M'CLELLAN. At 11 a m. to-day, Maj. Gen. McClellan with bis staff, attended by a squadron of cavalry, went over to the Virginia side of the river, via the Long Bridge, doubtless upon one of the dsily tours of inspection through which be has alresdy done so much In Inspiring his troops with a proper spirit of readiness. They know not at what moment hla eyes may be upon them, and all of them rest constantly under tbe Impression that be may be hourly expected to pay them s vialt. NOT THE MAN. We see it stated that the Confederate officer killed (according to rumor) st long shot by one of our men across tbe river, was Col. George W. Hughes, of Maryland. This Is certainly a mistake, as Col Hughe* has not been In tbe Confederate army, and la new at home quietly cultivating bia fine I'arm on West River, Maryland. RECBUITINO. Information received at tbe Wai Department from a large number of recruiting-' stations brings the gratifying Intelligence that revolting for the military eervlce of tbe United Stales Is now progresslng with extrsordluary Impetus and success In nearly all tbe loyal States. NAVY YARD. Amcal of Prisoners?Unm, Practice. 1 Last Ssturday evening tbe propeller Reliance came op from tbe flotilla, bringing with her three 1 prisoners?one a Confederate officer, Capt. Mad- 1 dox It appears tbat they had gone over to M*y- ' land from Virginia, at Herring Creek, near Plney J Point, for tbe purpose of recrnltlng for tbe secession Briny, and tbe officera of tbe Reliance going 1 ashore there on Friday evening,were Informed of ' tbe circumstance by an old lady living near tbe ! river. Captala Msddox was found la bed, from 1 wblcb be was ruthlessly extracted and transferred ' to tbe propeller with his colleagues, who were together brought here and placed 1 n confinement. <] Tbe Reliance reported all quiet down tbe river, j She returned *&aln tbe same evening. Tbe Vankee (flig ship) alto went down Saturday evening. Tbe steamer Baltimore left Saturday with a < cargo ef supplies far the Bloop-of-war Pawnee, j ind alio towed down the schooner Buena Vista with coal for the flotilla. The Mt. Vernon went down yesterday with dlsMtches, expecting to be absent about 4S hours. The Ceres was under the shears this morning, akin* on her smoke stack, ic. She expects to oln the flotilla to-night. The R. B. Forbes still lies at the wharf, her pumps baring been kept constantly at work since ker arrival, to keep her clesr. The water rnsbee n so rapidly that every two or three hoars it be?mes necessary to use the donkey engine en deck. Her spars have been lowered and her masts are to >e taken out to-day, so as te enable her to go on he ways, still occupied by the Underwriter. Her engineer has been released from custody, nothing laving been found against him In connection with the exploits of the vessel on her cruise from Boston. The other officer* remain In confinement. The furniture ef Mrs. Jackson Morton,of Richmond, Va , mentioned a short time since in the Star, still lies upon the wharf,a roof having been put over It to protect It from the weather. Prerlous to placing the roof over it, It was exposed lo a heavy rain, not very beneficial to the bedding it the secesh madame. From the lookout on the ship-house ill appears julet over the river to-day The firing heard this morning was gun practice in the vicinity of Alexindrla. On Saturday afternoon, at three o'clock, the Confederate flag on Munson's hill suddenly disappeared, and observers from the Uokout concluded that the Confederates had left the place, but before night the "stars and bars ' appeared igaln, having been hoisted in another place. The Entrenchments nearly suiround the hill, and with i glass appear quite formidable. Preparations are being mtde at the navil battery In the yard to practice With an eight-Inch ibell gun, under Lieut. Dadger, this afternoon, it two o'cloc k. A vessel is expected from New York today with two or three hundred seamen f*om the receiving ship Ohio. Several hundred seamen have arrived here during the last week or two, for the flotilla and Peiisacola, yet we learn that the recruiting is so brisk that the number In the northern receiving ships hits not diminished, all being kept full There are nowat the Navy Yard quite a number of fine cutlers and ship launches, ready for service, and new ones are constantly being built In the ship hors*. These are manned by seamen, and carry, In addition to a strong force of men, a serviceable rifled gun of long range. affairs i* montgomerycoukty,maryland [Special Correspondence of The Star ] N*ar Cabis John, Md , September 7.?Editor Star: What between the constant alarms occasioned by reports of Confederate attempts to ford the river, and the depredations of Federal soldiers, folks In this vicinity fsre very badly If secessionists only suffered from the pilfering and destructivenesa of a few hard characters among our troops it would be bad enougb, but that those who are good Union men should also suffer, is a great deal worse. Mr. Piles, who left his bom* here to work on the Federal fortifications in Virginia, Is one of the sufferers, having had several small but aggravating losses of produce, poultry, &c. Heavy firing was heard here this morning, and there were rumors of sn engagement in progress near Great Falls, but we have not been able to get anthlng reliable. From thi Sicrssio.i Camp ?The Richmond Dispatch h?F a letter from Fairfax Court House, dated August 27th, which, after speaking of the occupancy of Munson's Hill by a portion of the lec^sion forces, says : " The above skirmish and advance are perhaps the last of a small character that will be reported from Fairfax, as I have assurances, positive as indication the most unmistakable can give, that our armies are on the eve of grand operations Officers ind men have been notified to remain In their camps; no more furloughs will be granted. Regiments a-e being thrown forward, and the distance between the ' army of Fairfax' and the Potomac river is rapidly decreasing The brigade lu Gen. Longstreet is hourly expecting to march, rhe first regiment of Virginia volunteers moved forward last night, and Is now encamped within i stone's throw of the enemy's country. Groups pf anx lous soldiers sre everywhere discussing the long-expected movement " The Richmond Examiner, In t late number, slso speaks to Its readers in encouraging terms of ?n early advance of the secession army upon the city of Washington It says : ,l The signs at Manassas Indicate an advance movement and an early engagement. On Monday the Maryland regiment took possession of Munson's Hill, two miles from Halley's Cross Roads This movement was followed on Tuesday by the occupation of Mason's Hill by the advanced Confederate forces under Gen. Longstr^et, probably four or five thousand. The advanced guard, consisting of two companies of the Maryland regiment and four companies of Col. Hill's (Virginia) regiment, bad quite an animated skirmish with about 400 Federals, who retired before them Our loss was about six killed and wounded. All day Wednesday our troops were under arms, expectpeeting momentarily to be ordered to the support of I.ongstreet, who had every reason to anticipate an attack, i bus stands the case at our last accounts. The monotony of the army of the Potomac has been at last broken It is now on the advance Everv soldier's heart beats higher in consequence Five thousand of our troops are In Sight of Washington." A correspondent of the Knoxvllle Register, writing from Lynchburg, Aug. 31, says: " The forces under Beauregard are steadily advancing. They now occupy the range of hills In full view of Washington, and a general battle Is Imminent at any moment Skirmishes are occurring every day between entire regiments sent out on picket?the enemy In every instance being worsted." 6 From Wrstrrn Virginia ?The Abingdon Virginian "Is permitted to make the following extract from a letter from Ex-Governor Floyd to bl' W''B " It is dated at Camp Ganley, near Summerville, Nicholas county, August 23 : " I have been constantly moving since my last letter, and have crossed Gatiley river and occupied the important posltionrecently held by the enemy. >V e have bad some skirmishing upon our pickets on our march, but not amounting lo much We had three men wonnded in Capt Buchanan's company. Our scouts killed and wounded twenty or thirty of the enemy, and took some prisoners every day. We are expecting now, in a few days, to make sine decisive movement against Gen Cox, in the KanaWha Valley. Up to this time my advance has been extremely prosperous, and 1 bop" benrflcial to the public service If I can succeed In driving the Yankees from Kanawha V alley, I will have done essential service to the State. ' Tbe Richmond Examiner of theWth of August says: " ' It is not improper to state, since tbe fact has been accomplished, that the supplies of our forces in Western Virginia with all needful military stores have now been fully rrcomplished through the qusrtermaster's department here. The last shipment was made on Tuesday. Our army in the West Is now fully provisioned and equlped for forward and decisive movements." Gen. Roserrsnsis not inactive In Western Virginia. On Saturday week he commenced his advance from Clarksburg to Weston, whence we hear from him on the 3d and 4th Instant. The following is an incident at Weston: "Hardly bad the ground for tbe encampment been selected till a table was set out by tbe roadilde, under the telegraph line, tbe wire was cu? s connexion waa affected, and tbe confidential operator was calling Clarksburg for dispatches, and receiving orders from the War Department ?nd reports from the Kanawha before the General's tent was pitched " iLT The details of the railroad slaughter In Missouri, committed by tbe secessionists in the bope of injuring some of the National troops, Increase the horrors of the fiendish outrage The bridge was so weakened that one-thlrdof It fell In, precipitating the whole train Into the chasm. Of all In tbe train?nearly 100 men, women and children?but two escaped Injury Seventeen are known to be killed, and tbe bodies of others were till in tbe ruins. To make sure work, the road bid been obstructed juat beyond the bridge, and two other bridges Ih the neighborhood disabled. io that It was with difficulty that aid was procured for the sufferers. Such an atrocious outrage never before disgraced the warfare of any civilised people. ' LET The New Haven Palladium says- " We learn from a friend recently from Hartford that Secretary Welles has been of late ao constantly xcupitd night and day, that when hla wife recently went home from Washington he requested ler to write ber letters to him To as few lines as Mssible, sa he could not find time to read long etters even from her. What a comment this ipon his slsnderers!" Nkws 0* thi Privatxir Scmtrr ?Captain Eldrldge, of the schooner Virginia Price, from St. rbomas the 94th ult., arrived at New York on ?riday morning, and report*: There were no jocounts of any privateer la the Caribbean 8ea 1 ?'tbc 80that she was off Deaerara, steering ewtwyrd. CT The Charleston papers are violently la their Ununctationsaf tbs arrogance sad iaeflkisncy ta??eMlgVr| as ? A IM Ward fr*H a Frieadly Natlea I The Raa*lan Minuter, Mr de Stoeckl. had in audience of the President on Satnrday laat, and I read to him the following diapateb: [tuiiutioi.] Mr 4. J?'V " "" dSta^ta't! ? ^gtnnTng of the coaftict which Kn dS.i5d^??^ ?tP,of Am"lc* vou have rTTmrT.i 1 m!k* kno*n to the Federal Got- I ,lltere*t with which our auguat wh!^hwi8i?i,reloP?entof acriali Vtr?,",,?" p"*prt,r ** ~ The Emperor profoundly regret* to tee that the I ll" c??v ?pontic^ ezttd ?L "JET J*8" ymn lhat 11 h5? SilwI. ll . American Lnlon owea Ita indepenJonrniJ r1*' BD<1 ,ta P"* " to tb?

concord of Ita member*, consecrated! under the whfch^hM i!A11U,tKiOU*foa'1<ier'b'r ,n#?tutlona Ll?5v x^T^btevto 'ecoDcl,e Union With MhThnLi ,T^ Lnl?5 ** fruitful. It baa hitfi,. .! W,?f d !he P?ctocl" ?'a proaperl,nJhe annaU ?* hi?tory It would be deplorable that, after ao conclu.lve ** United State, ahould be hur, * breach of the solemn compact which up to thla time, ha* made their power ' I and"d,Ter,1Jlr thi'lr conatitntlona Ifli. j i. n 1 *nd P*rhap* ^*en becautt d?il 7 pfov,denc? Wfmi to urge them to 2?1? ,C ^tie traditional bond which is the ?f,' n""d lh.e TCT7 condition of their political tbiv mf?h# ? any eTent> the "Crlflces which Impcae upon tbemaelvea to maindM??ii,?rr comparison with thoae which dissolution would bring after It. United thev themselves; Isolftd they are paralyzed. The etrnggle which unhappily baa just arisen can neither be indefinitely prolonged nor lead to I or* ut u fnCld0n ot 0De of thp P"r,le? Sooner neceaaary to come to some settlen.ent, whatsoever it may be, which may cause c<?exlst*rgent ,n,erelU now actually In conflict to ?fTK.e P"1!0? would th'?, proof of high political wisdom In seekingln common ki1C^i * "t. cmoDt before a useless effusion of b?rren squandering of str?fVigth and of V ac oi *lo,cnce ?nd reciprocal reprisals shall have come to deepen an abvss b*- I ,,M|0 R,1rtleg 10 'be Confederation, to end definitively in their mutual exhaustion, and in lrrpParabie. of their commercial and political power. Our august master cannot resign hlmaelf to ad M.Utf. ..mP ?rab,e^ntlc,pai,ons Hli Imperial Majesty still placea hia confidence in that nracti- I cal good sense of the cltliena of the Union who appreciate so judiciously their true Interests His fki"'? j , ?ppy to believe that the members of Ir.K- 1 GflTerDment and the Influential men nniuf.iY'??PTW. i ,If Ie al1 ^^on" ?nd will J i??rta 10 calm the Effervescence of There are no jntere,ta so divergent lfhLi,ma/ ",u h? P?"lble to reconcile them, bv laboring to that end with zeal and perseverance. In a spirit of justice and moderation J,Vr ul,bln tUe "J?"* of *oar f l'ndly relatione, .your language and your councils may contribute Mom o/hi'I a/^- r'll rr?p?nd- ,lr' to the lnten?KtI? #K MaJeaty the Lmrnror in devoting to this the personal Influence which you mar hkve M \vr.Mnt0?aCquiri durlDK your 'onf ^'dence at aahington, and the consideration which be longs to your character as the representative of a I Sovereign animated by the most friendly aentl-I menta towards the American Union This Union is not simply, In our eyes, an element essential to the unlveraal political equilibrium Itconstitutea I besides, a nation to which our august master and I all Russia have pledged the moat friendly In-1 IT, '# ./ .* countries, placed at the eitrfmre, ?7?rid'' b0tb in the sending period of their development, appear called to a I o? wM,h?o mUI!ltV ?' 'ntereataand of sympathies, to JSch othJr 7 "e # y ?iVeD mutu^Procfs I do not wish here to approach any of the que*- ! tions which divide the UniWd State* We are Up?n t?fxPre,a ourselves in thla conbe preceding conaideratlons have no other object than to atteat the lively a?licltude of tt?e Linperor, in presence of the dangera which menace the American Union, and the ,7ncere wish,, which his Majerty entertain, for the m^n talnance of that great work,?o laborloualy ralaed, which appeared so rich in Its future I It la In thla sense, air, that I desire you to ex-1 ? i rV vU " W<,,1 to the members of the Gen-1 "ovtrnment as to influential persons whom yon may meet, giving them the aalurance thS in every event the American nation may count upon the moat cordial evmpathy on the part of I our auguat master during the important crista which it ia pasalng through at present. I Vi' tb,e e*Prt,|?ion of my very dlstinguUhed consideration. Go*tchacow The Secretary of State has delivered to Mr Stoeckl the following acknowledgement: DtPABT.MK.tT or State, > Thwi V a"Hikoto?, September 7,1661 t ' Th^ecretary of State ol the United State* la authorlz?^d by the President to express to Mr del ha\?y. K*tr?ordinary and Minister Plenl- I potentlary of his Majesty the Emperor of Russia I his profound sense of the liberal frlendlv magnanlmoua sentiments of his Majesty on thp ?f ,h*J,n^nai diflerencea ihiychnfor : a* thil I! threaten the American Union, Pr\nnl ?- communicated in the Instruction from frlnce Gortschacoff U> Mr Stoeckl and hv nai|?nal ?Utence of the Unite! Statea 1 The Secretary of State *ffer* to Mr. de Stoeckl enewed assurances of his high consideration. I u- ^ I LI. IA M H SKWAKU Mb Edward dk Stoicel, Ac. &c. Ac. ! mTrni1 TRoof* ?The Baltimore American of this I morning says: The movements of United States I troop* in this city for the p,st few days have not to eth?mP?|tant. Someof tbe companies attached I guarding the Ferry-bar roid "td^yTrSk U [ m?nV'nfvmen of Col Holstead'a CaSKrS1W Je"eV, proceeded to Washington ht tt- pkiT ikirear h?r*on the previous night M?*d ?o pb,a'1 lmIngton and Baltimore read, also, 8< men of tbe Third Pennsylvania I Regiment, and 75 men of Col Baker's California Regiment; alao, 140 men of Colonel Berdan's cHe brtited Regiment of Sharpshooter, f bey wore the best quality unif-.rms, and are aa fine a set of m?n. " hav? ever passed trough tbla city I >Tne KC,?5k ^p,t^rdiiy afternoon there reached here by the Northern Central Railway I mand'of c5l2nerihRg*H ^imcnt' unde' the comrank and^nl? tGro??nor, mueterlng 1,(XK? r?r.. ? The men were well equippe<t a. H-V ? ?Tm"' w,?OM' and the Commfssarv's department are concerned, but were without arms I These will be supplied a.aoon a* they .reaaalfned I well VV.a,h,nfton The uniforms are all we made of .ubetantTe1 cloth, and the men, gen erally .peaking, are in the bloom of manhood I vigorou., active, and calculated to undergo con- I .iderable physical endurance. K Scut^rn Mew*. Lodi.villi, Sept. (5.?A dl.patch from Rich-1 mond ?y.: One hundred and two Federal priSonera reached here thia afternoon They were I r? tral F,'7d' ne*r Gaulev Bridge, laat oht ? ?ne hnndred of them belonged to the Ohio Seventh regiment. * A railroad engineer, who ha. just arrived here I My. a aerlou. accident occurred on the railroad pTIfrwi^fV11 ^ The A,ken Guarda, of the Fourteenth Louisiana regiment, had one of their I members killed and thirteen wounded | Congre.* wa* In ae*aion for about two hours on I tlSJiJllLi ^'?"d thlen aumed until the third Monday ia November. 11 y " (< hiiY A'*~"The Ladies of Goranoh I UvJ? Chapel will hold a Festival atPotomao Ha l I ??V^folN6 T^fa*1 wkbli Ulh vttif o'olco^. n,roooed^to We a*propr^Oed'%r ^ to Gorat|oh Cbape*F ttaSonii of the mblio ts reapeouully *olioitad. *? ??t OT" SP?ciatioI5V%ET{ LITERARY ASflila KVKV iXr^.. Awootation meet* ere ftin.nt.lf. m? * ""'oloolt, in the ball of Kv- I [oiututi, Ma?sa-ha^etts av . hoiwe n 9th %nH I 10th Rta.? adjoioin^ McKendree Ctia^el. A fall &Dd I punctua attendance ot it* member* i* desired I vri^oW^hpVV.e^,,,Ult# WUh th" _Tho*. M. 8H.PHi OEL JAC?Bs Pr'?j r^/de^f^u^^d0 s?[it?bja?n ^TNUAV EVENING, Sept 9th, at 7o'clook at I If J' a. Pa avenue, between 9th tni Ifttb I mimkian re,nested to be punctual in broujteforVthemSTt'nr? ,U'^?rt4BM WiU ?,3T;?t* COMMITTEE. ,'A," U- ENGINEERS.? wT>i vi" / andbodied mechanic# p"Rasant valley wink company I * M4NDF.CTt7Bia* O* ' I PURE WINES AND BRANDIES I FRoM NATIVE GRAPES. c.D.Ciiampl^,fc0.y I feI*?"' ( u?J. r. VVebar, Supwinterdent ! AMUSEMENTS. i | - - ?????I JJO' FOR THE MOUNT CLAKE Th? MOUNT CLARE~CLUB wi" ?h*ir Bixrn COTILLON PARTY on MON- 2k i Da Y, 19th i?iUDt,tt Sroti'i Hall, ouruer Jfl of Pa. avenue nod Twentieth at /V For p\rticn.'ar* eee fatare &dvertiaemeot*.uJM *e? It* FIRST GRAND PIC NIC OP THE SEASON, To be given 5JL ( MONDAY, Sirtrmbtr 9. \96\ Jfl At the Gieen Spring Pavilion, ha'fa mileJfB beyond Georgetown. Thia will be th? pie dk UB Omnibnsee to atart every hoar from Seventh at. , and Pa avenue Prof. Withere* bard i? engaged. An efficient police foica ia engaged. Ticket* 90 ota. e?&-4t* ______ ODDFELLOWS' HALL-RETURN OF THE PA VORITKS -Dopont A Gaylord'a Original CA M PBELL MINSTRF.LS wi 11 reopen the above Eall for aahort season, commencing TMUR"*DAY VKNINO. Sept. 5th. Mr. Charlea ViHiera. the grem Pemale Impereonator, ia now oouneoted with thia Troupe. aeS iw Da. G. FORD, Agent. WANTS 1*7 ANTED-A ROY to atrip ?o baooo Apply at T J. O'LEARV'S Cigar Store. No $9* D st-eet. It WANTED-By a respectable woman, a SITUATION aa firat olaaa e ok. A pply a* No 367 Thirt-frth at., between New York av and 1 at. ae 9 It* WANTED-A good WOMAN HOU*E SKRVAMT; also a MANSF.KVaNT Both most oome well recommended. Colored preferred. Inquire at 433 F at. ae? U/ANTED-Br a reapectable girl, a SITUA"" TIO.i to waah, 000k. and ir-?n foraamail family, or to do ohamberwork AepH at No. 933 Twenty aeoond at.. tetw*<*n 6 ana H. It* WANTED-A re*peotable wlute WOMAN to general housework oJ a prirate fan ly. Sati?faotory reoommenda-iona required. Aps> at No. 143 south aide Bridge atreet, weat of High, Ge?rgetown. ee 9 ?t* WANTED-A comlortahle HOUSE for a ama'J f*mi y. in a respeotaMe location (formatted or unlnmir hed.l within a reaaonab'e distance of theTreaan Hui'dine. A<'dreaa, giving all partioulara. Box 471 Post Office. ae9- St*^ WANTED?A oompe'ert and re 1 able Trug and Preaoription C E R K, with good recommendations aa to capability, o.iaraoter. Ao. Address t with references) "M," at thisoffioe. e*7-3t* WANTED-To have every body to oall at SMITH'S, No 460 Se?eDth at., op?'ait?_Po?t Office,and purchase th?ir FALL and WINTER CLOTHING, TRUNKS. HaTS and CAPS, at the very loweat prioea. QivehimaoaM h Mw WANTED-A well-furnished DWELLINGHOUSE, containing about aix loomi exolu aive of kitchen and servant a roomi, well eitnated. wi?h a arg a yard or lot. and a g od oarnag?-hou?e and "table for not eta than three >\r.r?ea. Persona having anoh premise* to rert will a eaa* l?ave wit ten description* at the Offioe ofSolioi'or of Court of C'anna with term* aa >>-lw* WANTED. FOR THE CASH?AH kinds of SECONDHAND FURNITURE AND HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES. Persons tearing the city or having a anrplua will do well toeall immediately. R. BUCHLY. je 8 4a* Seventh, between G and H ate. WANTED.?We are now buyiua SECONDHAND FURNITURE,STOvfisand BEDDING, for which we are paying the higheet caati prioea. Familiee declining housekeeping, or having a surplus of furniture, will find it to tneir advantage to give u* a "all. BONTZ A GRIFFITH, Je ls-tf No. 369 7th at., betw. I ana K ata. SOLDIERS' I[NVALID 1PENSIONS-Offioera r* and So <liera. d a4Med by diaeaae or woatida received in the ee'vioe of the Ur.i ed 8: a tea in the line of duty, in the pr^ae t war. oan rave their papers oorrectly prepared and their olaima proceeded without auj charge ui.M the pension ia allowed, by H. C. SPA 1.DING. Attorn-y, No 3X8 D at., near 10th at.. Washington. D. C. ae 7 lw* CLOSING OUT! CLOSING OUT! Having nnno'nded to o'ore oat my entire stock of FANCv GOODS, I have removed the aame to No. 90 Pennaylvania avenue, retween 8th a-id 9th a'rert*. wh're I will off?r the entire etock at oh pr oe- aa will enable my former enatome g, and the pubi c aerera 'y to buv the fi at e'a?a Fr?nrh Fancy Gooda at pamtr pricts. Now la th9 time to bay! N B ?All p*r?ona having olaim* againat me are request to prosent the ?ame for aettl< men'; and ail peraona Indebted to m" are requested to mak* arr^ngeinenta t?> 'lqn '.ate their cla>m? withon* further notice. Prnmet attention will greatl* oblige. Keapeotfuiiy, R. C STEVENS. ae 7-'f PIANOS, PIANOS, PIANOS.?New Piano* received ov*ry week rome atd look at the aaaertmentat W.G. METZFROTT'S Mu*io Depot, corner Fa. av. and F.Ieventh *t. ee 6 Da card. R DUHAM EL. having returned, after a short absenao from the city, oan be found a* usual to answer professional o&lla f'l&oe next to i>rng Store oorner Seventh and I at*. >e 6 ?t* Anew as^oktmknt of bkm*s and WOODEN DRUMS. FIFES. Bra** and German Silver IN8IRUMENTS for mi' tarybande, at W. G. METZhRO IT'S, ?6 Corner of Pa av and E eventhat. ONE SPLEN' ID SKVEN OCTAVK ROSEWOOD STMNWAY A SON'S P * NO, worth $T>5, for #300. Inquire at 11 ? ? *ej6 MF.TLEROTT'S Music Store. J ONIONS?ONIONS?ONIONS. UST Received on consignment 1.6C0 'icnohea pr.o-e Oniona. For aale low. KING A BURCHELL, ae 6 Corner Fifteenth and I at*. T* ATTFN riON, SUTLER*! HE GXXAT Rxlish OF THI CaMfaiax, SO OS ED TRIPK. At JAMES 8. 61 HSON'S So Lxx'a Dii>or. 895 Pa. av*nue, orponlf Willards' Ho til, The only place to find it pure. se6 6t* Choice Philadelphia print butTER -TAYLOR A CARTER aredaryre ceiving choice Philadelphia Print Bu'ter, which they are selUng at 25 cents per p >und, at their new Staada, Noa 193,194. 191, a>.d 196 Center Mar> ket. on the ave u? hack of the old watoh honae. They alao have FRESH EGGS by exp'eea dai y. *e6-3f ' [ WAGONS. CARRIAGES, Ao. Ouartermacte'a' aid Sutlera' Wagon*. P.Tproae and Grooera'and ail kinda of Trader*' |BS| Wagons, togrther with l.ight Faney*H^K^_ Wagons, and a genera1 assortment of Buggie* and Carriages of different styles. ne? a&d aecood-hand, now in atore and f-r aale by THOS. Y< UNG, ?e 6 lw No. 409 Pa av.. eorne* of ?)( et. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., 399 Pirmstlvawi* Avian. MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS. AND HEADY-MADE CLOTHIERS, AND EXTENSIVE DEALERS IN GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, j ae 6-if (Intel. A Repub ) I Army supplies JUST RECEIVED? 4?n eana KaUSAGK MEAT. 34^ cana FRESH TOMATOES, 48 cans FRESH VEAL, Kftoana HEhF.s la nuxit, 241 cana ROAST BEEF, WO cana FRESH MUTTON. 24<>oana BKEFaud GKAVY, 1 240 tan* rOl/p and BOUU.LI, SOoiaes FRENCH DESSlCATED VEGETABLES. For aale at New York Faotory priree. KING A BURCHELL, ae 8 Corner 1 and Fifteenth atreet*. .?HAMMACK'8 jnrs? R-EST4URANT. V.l^CBAM PAG Si E I take pleaaure in aayinc to my frienda that, at thia a*aaon of the >ear the above /a<lir*ii?a ia aoroething that ahonld not be neglected but ahoald be aonght for immediately. I weald aleo atate that I have at an immense 00st, had pat as oae of Paafjrd's aelf-oooking aud back-action Kefrigeratora, which, for keeping game of all deeeriptiona. eurPMsea aay thing south of Maaon and Dixoa'a Line. " stock of fine WINE#, BRANDIES and 8E GARS oannot be aurpaaaed, if eau?led, ia the oountry. Call and aee me. No. 919 Pa. atrenae, adjoining Willarda' Hotel. ae6 3t* JNQ. P. HAMMACK, Proprietor. WEALED PROPOSALS are mviied tall thelnth O day of September, 1861, for aapptying the Army of ihe Potomao with Po 1 ATOE8 A boat buahela will be reeeired. in lo a of aboat IJN bushel* per week. The Potatoes to be of the firat guajity and equal in qoality to Ue following Meroerafbloa,) Pink Eye, Meroera( white ) The Potatoes to be delivered in Waahiagtoa.aad aoh.ect to auoh mcpeotion 00 delivery aa the Snbaiatence Department may repair's aad payment to be made in Treaaury note*, if Government ahoald deeire it The Potatoes to be delivered in good, strong barrels. and each bushel to be eaUmated at M lbs. The bida to be directed to Caet A. BECKW1TH. C. 8., U. S. A, Waah lag to a, D. C- ae I TJ. COR BIN, Ex-Profeeaoratthe Veterina" ry College of Philadelphia, oan be ooaaalted at E. K. Conklin'a ftahle. Fourteenth aad D ata., Waaliingtoo, D. C ,(late Birch'a.) oe> lw* A SPECIAL NOTICE. LL Perao? a indebted to aa, 00 open Meout or aotea p\at dae, are reapeotfally requeeteo to oa.1 and pay the aame by let day of Srpcemlar aext Our ba?ine*e most be c osed *p aa e?*ec 1 y aa poeaib e to that date. We tbeieiore eoafidkatiy exp?t oar friends to reaponu promptly to oar oa 1. f. W. OOLLEY A CO , an KMK <93 Ceventh at., above Pa av. SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh atreet, ia the beet GOODS, aa he eel Is all hia gooda at New Voit prioea. aa I'WO MORE PINE FRENCH COTTAGE avenue and Eleventh et. ee I 1" J\fOORE*S AGUE CURE AND ANTIDOTE, iv| an in allibl*, aafa aid effeotua: reiu^i aai preventative of A cue ia ita various loma IMu AWFUL SACRIFICES' DT8EA8F DEATH AWFUL 8ACRIFICE8! DISEASE' DEATH' AWFUL SACRIFICES' DISEASE' DEATH' ( AWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE" DEATH! AWPCL SACRIFICES! DISEASE' DEATH! AWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE' DEATH! AWFUL SACRIFICES' DISEASE' DEATH' AWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE' DEATH' Awfal Saoriloee! Bnwuo! Prtth ; Atfil 8uril ii ! Diimm! Death ! Awfal Runltn ! Diesasi : Death ' AvilSMnlod! Dimm*: Death* Awfn; Saer.fcoss! D<s*aee Death! Avfil Seoriioee! p:eea?e! irasU ' 8TRIKK AT THE ROOT OP THE DISEASE ! STRIKE AT TH E ROOT OF TH E DISEASE ! STRIKE AT THE ROOT OF THE DISEASE! STRIKE AT THE ROOT OF THE DISEASE ! STRIKE AT THE ROOT OF THE DISEASE! STRIKE AT THE ROOT OP THE DISEASE! Strife* tl the Root of the Prmi! S^fea tt the Root of tkt DiNMt! Strike at the Root of the Strike at the Root of the Dimm! Strike at the Root of tae Dimm Strike at the Root of the Dieeaae! CONSUMPTION, INSANITY. EPILEPTIC FI1S, GHAVEL, DROPSY. LANGOUR. NERVOUSNESS. CONSUMPTION. GRAVEL, INSANITY. DROPSY. EPILEPTIC FITS. LANGOUR. NERVOUSNESS. Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, Gravel, Proper. Lan<ou-, Nervousaaaa. Gravel, Dropsy, Larnour. Nrrvoaaaeee. Gravel. Drop#*, I angomr, Nervoaaneaa, Gravel. Drover, 1 amour, NervoBsasee. Gravel, Diopsy, Langour. Nrrvonsneee, Gravel, Droyey, Langoar, Nervoaapeaa, Universal Laaeitnde of the Mnsealar Syetsm, Uaivereal Laerttade of the Maeonlar fyitea. Univerta! Laaeitade of the Maeoular SretecQ, I'nivereal Laeeitada of the Ms ecu tar System, Universal laaaitade of the Maeoular Syetem, Uni*arsal Laaaitade of the Maaotlar System. Dimneaa of Viaion, IayoUtoy and luaaaity, Diiaoeee of Vietoa, Impotaney ud lasaaitr. D rnaeea of Vieica, lmpoteaey and Insanity, Dimneaa of Vi?i->n. Impotenor and Iaaaaity. Dimnees of Viaion, lapotency aod Insanity, Dimaeee cf Vision. Impoteooy aod Iaaaaity, thousands of the youno thousands of the youftq thousands of the you no thousands of the younq thousands of the you no thousands of the younq or both eexee dieannaally of theabove Pimm. oauied by abuee of the generative organs, generative organs, generative organs, generative organs, generative organs, generative organs, and from dieeaeee arising f'nm ' Habits of Diaaipatioc." Diseuae of thes* orgaaa require the aid of a Diuretic. HELMBOLD 8 EXTRACT BUCUV HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT F^CHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT h'JCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBO. D'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU IS THE GREAT DIURETIC IS THE GREAT DIURETIC IS THE GREAT DICROTIC IS THE GREAT DIURETIC I* THE GREAT DIURETIC IS THE GREAT DIURETIC aad a positive and speoifio remedy for diseases of BLADDER. th# KIDNEYS. GRAVEL, DROPSY, ORGANIC WEAKNESS. ABUSE. Syphilita and Venerea! Diseases, 'female complaints, female complaints, female complaints, female complaints, female complaints, female complaints, and a.. Dueacae of the Generative Organs, whether existing in YOUNCf OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD. YOUNG OR OLD. YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD. YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YODNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD. ^ male or female, male or female, j male or female, male or female, * ma l s or female, male or female, Prom whatever oaaee originating, aad no matter H HOW LONG STANDING, HOW LONG STANDING. HOW LONG STANDING, HOW LONG STANDING. HOW LONG STANDING. WOW LONG STANDING. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD 8 EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHW HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU la pleaesnt la lU Met* aad odor, immediate ia its aetion, free from all "isjarioes properties," aad la Ukaa without "hindiaaoe" frni "haaiaaaa "1 Lltle or No Chaage la Diet. Little or No Chaa*e In Diet. Little or No Chaage in Diet. Little or No Chaage la Diet. | LitfS or No Chaage la Diet. | Little or No Change ti Diet. Caraa at"Litte Expeaee" aad -No Rxrwara." Caree at" Little Expeqee" and "No Expose re " j Caree at "Little Expeaaa" aad "No Expoaare." I Cerae at "Little Expeaee" and "No fcxpoeere." % Caree at "Little Expeaee'1 aad "No Expoeare." Caraa at "Little Expeaee" aad "No Expoeare" If. yos are eefferiat sand, or eall for the rented? at owe. Explicit di recti ona aooompany Pries I per bottie, or aut for #9. delivered to any ad dr-e"PHYSICIANS" PL EASE "NOTICE." wm kakb "ho ibckbt" op "taaabdibts." HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU is e^mpoeed of Baahu, Cahebaaad Jam per Barnes, aaleoted with great oare by a eompe'oat drag giet. prep arid in vacuq. T H. T. HELMBOLD, Praa'iail aad A-alyt <-al C hernial. and Sola Mac I aiaahirer at l HEDMBOLD 8 GENUINE PREPARATIOXS. [ EXTRACT BUCHU, EXTRACT BARSAPAKILLA, IMPROVED WASH OF ROSES Sold ia Waah-actoa by S. B Waitb.Z. D. fit- j mar, J. B. Wtlib, S. C. Poxd 8 B. fc.5Tw.srta, j Kidwbla 4 La pi awe a, * attiagtua aad Gaorge Owa, aad all Draggtats ovary where HELMBOLD'S itfeDICAL DEPOT. f Nr. IN deal A TuuA Mtrsa, Msa Ckumsmi. I| i Pa i la at i.m 4 Diraat letters helmbold's medical dm pot, IM Saath Teat* street.b. law CbaeaaC I I aeon be ay a ptoau ia a'l aoaai ui attois. j CTAdnaegraUa. . OyCvvs Gearaateei; I ' I

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