Newspaper of Evening Star, September 9, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 9, 1861 Page 4
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a THE EVENING STAR. HOD A Bl'SCCTT. I have b??n a reader of the Rural for a few months, and baTe found many recipes which 1 think very g"od. As I do not wish to keep 11 the good things and not tell of some that I know, and thinking that a recipe for Soda Biscuit would We of service to yon, I give it, for I krow it can not be beat, as my mother has need it for over twenty years, and has never known it to fail nnr?. Six tumblers of flour; two tumblers of milk (sweet); three teaspoons of cream tartar; one teaspoon of ?oda; butter the sise of an egg, one-fourth teaspoon of salt. Dissolve the aoda in the milk, and rub the tartar in the flour; bake qniok. This will make twenty-four good-sized biscuits.?Luck A. Cimp, Lmstng, Mtrh., 1861. TO drbss CCCUMBERS. Take three good sised cuouaabrrs, pare them, put them in cool water for an hour, take thein out and cut them ii? the usual way; sprinkle ealt upon them, and let them be so until an hour before dinner; drain off the salt liquor; put them in a vegetable dish. Take a pint of sour cream, (not too old,) a good tablespoonful of cider vinegar, a piece of butter the size of a hickory nut; put it on the fire and let it come to a boil; pour it over the oucumbers while hot, set them by in a cool place until dinner. We think this is the only way to eat them. Try it.?American Farmer. ICE CREAM. For one quart of new milk, take the white of four eggs, beat them into a froth; the yolks of four eggs, beat well, mix with them one pound of white sugar, and stir well; pour in the white of eggs, mix well and pour into the milk. Stir all well and put them into the freeier; flavor with lemon or any thing else you choose. breakfast rolls. Pare and boil four good sized potatoes, mash fine, .pour in water sufficient for four or six quarts of flour, three tablespoons of hop yeast, one of salt, one cup of lard or butter, two well beaten eggs. Knead well over night, work in a tcaspoonful of saleratus in the morning, cut them out as you would biscuit and roll them long, put them on the tin, let them stand till light and bake in a quick oven. COOK1B8. Two and one-half cups of sugar; one cnp butter; three eggs; one eup cream; one teaspoonful saleratus; one tablespoonful carraway seed. Knead soft, roll thin and bake in a quick oven. Mrs. Wm. E. Shildox, Allen's Grove, IVis., 1861. dried beef. Slice dried beef very thin, then put it in the pider with water sufficient to ceok it tender, add sweet cream (or sweet milk with a littlo butter will answer;) let the milk come to a boil; stir in a little flour previously wet with cold milk, aDd let it boil long enough to jook the flour. This is an excellent dish to eat with baked potatoes. Try it steamed wheat klocr ppddi5g. One quart of sour milk, i teagupful of cream, 2 eggs. 1 teagpoonful of soda and a little salt. Stir in flour so as tumake a stiff batter. Steam one hour, and serve with sweetened cream. to rehovg mildew from white cloth. Dissol ve one tablespoonful of chloride of lime in a gallon ot warm water, soak the cloth or garments in it one hour, then rinse in warm eoap suds, and hang in the sun. What the preparation does not remove the heat of the aun will. I have tried this for a dozen years and never knew it te fail or injure the cloth, if not left in the water more than ten hours.? Subscriber, New Bedford, Mas* , 1861. to clean silks. The pulp of potatoes scraped into water cleanses the finest kinds of silks without injury to the fabric or color. to drive awav rats. To drive and keep rats from corn-cribs and granaries, place some gas-tar in them, and daub some in their holes and they will leave the premises at once. The tar can be obtained at any place where gas is manufactured OC EASi STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS Fro* tbs Ubitbb Statbs. Stiimirs. It***. rot. Days. Arajo New York...Havre..... ..Sept 14 From Kcmopa Arabia ..... Liverpool....Boston ..Aug. 24 Afr.oa ? Liverpool....New York- Auk.31 The California steamers leave New York on the lat. littti. and 2tst of every month. Y_? _r ? WOOD AND COAL. Ou vN jii surely get your rnonev's worth by oailins at trie PIONEER MILLS, stmtkwst tor V" a*d <'?? *. (GEO. PAGE, Acent.) T ey aeu cheaper suri rive better measure tnau any otners in the oity?out, split, aod delivered tree of ohsrge. If you doc t r elicve . i ve the Pioneer Mi>.s a truk, Bad be satisfied. i-lfj |"MBBS' HAIR STORE, DPV * av- bkt- 12tr a*d1sth STS. * KL ik Ki,1>_KA1 l)ri.CLKLS.WIGS. HALr V\ r K1ZE ITES, Ac. A foil atooa a.wars on lnnd,or made to order at the shortest .&;r * ?r? ' epai.ed or excliauped. N.* Hair Dyed in tne most natural ms. 6m FIREMEN'S insurance company op WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 777... S <00,000. 1 ? Qftttomsr C strut and loumasut av? omtr of Waskm*:on. INSURE HOUSES AND OTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. 8W Director?, eo. Shoemaker, hamuel Red fern, Junuel Cropley, William Wilson, Liehard Jones, John I). Barclay, aoob Gideon, Andrew Rothwell. Ttios. Parker, Rivhanl Harry, B. B. Kreuoh, Dr. O. W. Davis. No charge for Policies. _ _ ? JAMES ADAMS, President, A?bl 6. Davis. Secretary. au 9-eotrn UTOPHAAi'S SSTIS PREMIUM TRUNK WD MANUFACTORY, 499 Sevcmth Strsst, \V asuihstoii, D, C. Sliver Modal awarded by Maryland Institate o Baltimore, November 7. l??o. Also, Medal by Metropolitan Mechanics'Institate, Waenington, D. C., 18?7. 1 am constantly making, and always have on band, of the beet material, every description of Fine So:e Leather, Iron Frame. Lad'et' Dree*, Wood Box, ar l Trunks, Pellisier, Carpet, ani Canvas Traveling Bass, , , ? Sohooi Satchels, Ac., At Lots Pritss. Members of Congress anii travelers will please axamine my stock before purchaaing elsewhere Truck* that are niade in other cities. Superior Leather and Dreas Trunks made to ?Hor. Ktiks oovered and repaired at short notioe. ds delivered free or chirre to anylpart of the ity, Georgetown, and Alexandria. jaaB-lreo JAMKS S.TOPHAM. T CARRIAGES. Hl? Subecriber having maue additions to his lfcotory, making it now one of the 'argeetin the District, where h.e faciiiuerWflQMS? for manntaotanng CARRIAGES nu. W ILI. LIGH T WA&ON8 of all kinda oaciot be anr aassed, and from his long expenenoe in the busi* sees, he hopes to give general satisfaction. All kinds of Carnage* and Light Wagons kept on hand. All REPAIRS neatly- done, and all orders promptly atieuded to. Seeond hand Carriages taken in exohance for ?ewon?s. ANDREW J. JOYCK, d IS tf corner of Foiirtf^iith and E sts. 1 INiM?l!^PER.ANP fc?NVELOPES.?Twen ?J ty Jlff#r?nt atylo* of Note and Letter Paper, vithF.nve.opea to natch. Views of W asking ton m the form ol a Rose, and la Book form; alao, separate -All the Daily and Weetly Papers oon?tant!y on ***!:: ??*.. Timea, and Tribune received every jucht at 6 ?.'ciock. Papers from all parts of the oountry. Bead e's Dime Novels and Song Books. heap**'' Books for surtimer readiag, A large aaaortment of Juvenile?? Mayne Reid's Books. Rollo Books, Abbott's Histoni, *e. A disoouat of to to SO per cent, on ail bound books FRK.NCH A RIUHSTK1N, iwa ? Natiora' torw. aTW Pa. av. CUMMER CLOTlflNG At RBpocan Pbicbs. We offer oar large assortment of thin SUMMER GLOTU1NU at reduced pri ~es. Our stock emVaoes all styles and qualities or Gentlemen, Toaths, and Boys' Wearinr Apparel, of the most 4e*irabf? and f^shioualne styles. Ala>. SHIftTSand FURNISHING 600DS in ?reat variety. CloUuag mad^ to order at the sborteet notioe. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., . 34a Pennsylvania avenue, Jy 1* tin' I. A ) M.?Kh and Ipth sUW... CLOTHING ALL. Si hi HKNS A CO. are this day in re e pt ol t.ieir aeooad supply of SPRING CLOlBl ? ?' oustom trade, consist. ?f 3** Cloths. Caaeiiners and Veetings, of ttie i wiil "S*110 orlor in aapeeior style at ver| low priooa. Geatt^mon wishing an immediate ou tit will flnd VALL. Taaiaaapl repairing of Pianos faithful rTTl^ jBxaaaM, a?K ,| pROPOSALS FOR REVENUE VESSELS. Treasury Departmrjit, I Washington, September 3,1881. \ The Department will receive proposal*, acoom pan.ed by models.- plans, and specification* nnfl 12 o'clock Monday, Srth September. lS8i,/or the complete construo.fon and 'qaipment cf Two Steam ?orew Revenue Ve**els of 750 ton* each, and of Tb-<n Steam Horew Revenne Veasel* of bOO tons each United Slates measurement. Proposals will on! j be considered from snooeeafnl steamship bui ders actually engagef in that business, ana the name of the maribe rteam engine e* tat Iishinent at which th? machine y i* to be made mu-t be stated and will have due weight The 1' ad draft of water c f the vessels of 780 ton* must not exceed ten (10 feet, and they will be arnr-d with one rided pivot gun of ?,000 lb?. weight, two 32 pounder gun* oi 42 cwt,and one heavv navy 24 pounder howitzer on the top ga'l*nt foreoaatle. The complement f>r eaoh veasel to be 120 peraona, earning provision* for sixty days, and 2,800 gallons of wate' in tanks; 'o be furnished with aoondenser lor distilling potable water. The veiaei* to t e aohooner rigged, * th flying tatf topaail*, rquare sai , and yartf to -et fifing. The load draft or water of the vessel* of 600 tons must not exceed P}? fret, and they will be armed, escti. with one < llied pivot gun or 6,500 lbs. weight, two 32-poundera ol' 42 cwt.. and one light navy 24 pounder howitzer on the top ga'lant forecastle. The so,rfiemertt for each vessel will be 95 p?r sons, carrying provision* for sixty day*, and st.noo gallons water in tanks, and to be JVmsh'd with a oondens r for distilling p table water. The vess-Ia to be schooner rigged, with flying gaff topsvls, square sai ,and yardto set flying The proposals ? u*t be f >r ;h? hall, spars, rigging, sai s and canvas werk, mast ooats, awnings, hanimacksai d bagr, b >ats, anchors and oables. tanks, cask*, btrnscles bell*. :urniture for cabins and mess room*, caking apparatus and utensils o -mplete, stenti n achineiy, spare work,coal bunke s filled wuh Kuc't Mountain coal, with all the equipments a~d on fit* of every kind, and in all respects ready to receive her offioers. men, provi sos, and a iminent, and at onoe proceed to sea. The arinament.provisions, nautical instruments, an^ charts only wil bj providsd by the Government. it is desirable to hare the highest attainable peed, wheh mu?t be stated in the offer, together with the length of time it can be maintained ana the qnantitj of coal that can bs carried in the bankers for that speed, which should not be less than ten rays of twenty four honrs each. The specification* must dassribe fully the material to be used; the manner and size of fastening: the detail of the size finish, and arrangement of the machinery, and of tte various equipments and outfits included :u the propo&a1. The plans mu?t le working drac ings from which the ves e! and machinery osn be bui;t, showing the al otment of ?pace for accommodations, s eam room insij-zines, shell rooms disposition of coal, a> d convenient stowage must be provided. It is to be understood that in the contract a guarantee will be inserted of the fulfilment of the condition of draft of water, speed, fuel, satisfactory working of the machinery, and oth^r points renuired. with a forfeiture in case of failure. The bi iders must state the least time from the signing the contractor acceptance ol the proposal within which they will azree to complete the vessels ready for *ea end deliver them at any ports they may name. The total amount for which they wi.J engage to do all that is required in the foregoing advertisement, and to be embraoed in their specifications and plans, must be stated, and the bios mint be accompanied bv the guarantee required by law that, if awarded, they will execute the contract. Pajment* will he made at fonrd fferent intervals a* tne work progresses, retaining one-filth ,15) of the whole amount for ninety (9") days after the deli very of the Yeiael, to repair any defects that may lie discovered within that time on trial at sea. The Department reserves the right to accept the proposals made in conformity with the conditions -rescribed which it may oonsider most to the interests of t::e Government and to oombine the greatest number of a<l vantages, and to reject any or ail of them at it* option A competent person will be appointed by the Department to superintend the oonstruotion and equipment of each of the vessels. The opacifications, plans, and models of parties not obtaining entrant* may be withdrawn by them 8. p. CHaSK, sep 4 S'aw Secretary of the Treasury. ^ T A T 1 O N E R Y. Navy Dfpa.rtment, Angust29.1861. >epa*atr ^ealrd Proposals will be received at the office oi tiie Secretary of the Navy until 3 ii clock, P. to of Saturday, the 21st Sept-mber next, for furnishing all the Stationery that mat be required r-y the Navy Detartment and the several bur-ails (ion the latter date to July 1,1862 All the articles furnished must be of the be*t ua>iry, de i vered without de'ay when ordered,and to the satislaction ofthe head o* the effije for which they are roqured If it be required, each bidder for stationery must furnish with his proposal a sample of eaoh article bid for. No bid w-il be considered which does not fully eon orra to the advertisement, and in which eaon and every article is not bid for, and in which more than o> e prices named for any one artiole. B nas in sufficient amount, with two or more ap proved a:ire';es, for the fai'hful execution of tne oontract will ?-e required of the person or persons ftontractinj. Ths authorized name* of the sureties that will be given, as also satisfactory testimonials to In*n' the contract, must acooinpany the bid; otherwise it will not be considered. The Department reserves to i?self the right of ordering a greater or le^s quantity or each and 'very artiole cor tracted for, as the public service may require. Should any ert ole be required not enumerated in the r.oiitract, it is to 1 e turnished at the lowest market pri e, according to its quality. Tne subjoined s.-he<lule *p?oifi*s,as nearly as can now l<e done, th? amount, quality, and description ifaaon of thi< artiolea ikely to be required. ScHKDVLS. 4? reams heavy, white laid, derpatch oap, *top rulsd, equal to sample, p^r ream 2" reams foo'a ap blue or white, rulra.per re- m 75 re*ms extra superfine, blue or white, laid or wove, letter paper, ruled, eqnal to sample, per r-urn 10 teams Manil a paper, 38 by 36 inches, flat, per aamp'e, per ream 2f? reams best baT or white envelope paper, roya , flat, per ream 15 ream* best note paper. thir k, per ream 15 reams be.;t note paper, medium, per ream 20 ren-ig copying or tissue quarto post, per ream loo i arda tracing cloth, per square yard 3r ains> blotting pap?r. royal, per re -m 6?> quires patent blotting paper, nudium, per quire 30 sheets elephant drawing paper, per sheet 30 sheets double elephant drawing paper, per shset 3^ sheet3 sntiqnanan drawing paper, per sheet 5,iw? cream a.d envelopes, letter s>xe. per 1,000 1?>?-creani laid envelope^, note sue, per 1,000 5f'0 card enveiop-g, por 5no 1,0ft' patent olotli linenl envelopes, 8X by 4 inches, per 1,000 250 parent cloth lined envelopes, 5)4 by 3>? inch's, per 250 250 p\t nt cio'h-lined envelopes, 5)? by 3Ji inches, cer 250 30,000 b?-st b?'ff or Mrhite envelopes, Government ^VNjrn, official size, printed stamp, per best buff or white envelope*. Government pa' ems,official size, engraved stains, per 1,000 30/ww be. t buff o- white envelop**. Government patte.-n. offijiai size, lithographed stamp, per 1,100 best buff or white envelopes. Government i nat eru, letter size, lithographed stamp, per [ 1,000 1,000 best l>> ff or white envelope*, Government pattern, letter ?iza, unstamped, per 1.0?'0 5,000 be>t wuite official envelop** io>4 by 6!< inches, lithographer,p-?r l,u00 20gros- st??! pen*, on aards or in boxes, (the Department lo have the liberty of selecting from ? U the different kind* manufactured,? ? per una 2< ?o|:: large t;z', with silver extension i h' Ider>. best manufac ure. per pen 40 quart* Kaynard & Noyes's black ink, in bot- ! ties, pe; quart 36 quarts be^t J ondon espying ink, Arnold's or J erri's, in bo*tle'. p?r quart 24 ounce bottl's pa^me, Gu>ott & Co , superfine carmine, per bott.e l,ooo sin s, .No no, opeque ^r clarified, per 1TO 75 dozen red tape, assorted per dcz 6doz u Mlk tatte, par doz 4dozen penknives, Kodgers's he?t, buck or pearl handles, large size, 4 blades or equal. 1 p *r doz 4doztn e.-'sers, large size, ivory handles, in o?et, RoJgers's best, per doz 1 dozen pairs of hears,8 b ade, per dox ; 1 d zen p*,i'? of shear-*, inch blade, per doz 1 dozen pairs of shesrs. a .noh blade, per doz 1 doz n pa:rs of soi-sors, pej doz 2 d zen nine- inch ivort folders, per doz ldozm rul?rs, parallel or gutta peroha, per dozen 30doze, olack lead pencils, Faber's best, as rt'd.pi d.'zan 10doz>n bust American drawing pencils, assorted, per dozen 12doz*u -aber's red and b'ue pe*oi!?, per dox 2 doz< n sabiti brurhes. asaorted, p >r doz 2 d z?n ca'rel hair brushes, assortcki, per doz 2 doze& sticks best u cia mk per stick 31 pcur.d extra Eupeifine s<aliig wax, per pound 15 pounds best q "a'lty wafer*, par ponnd In pound* ,'>ert wh te gum ar&e o, per p und .6 doz m prepared mucilage and brn.h, large, p*r dox 5 dozen prepared mucilage and bra*h, small, per dos 10 poun*)* be t hemp twine, per pound in p uiidi b*et liu-n twine, per psnnd 5 quaits beet blark and. per q uart 6 uoz n beat p epa ed Irdi* rubber, per dox. M31,aep6 13 20 THt 8 UIJSCK111KUS RtSPKOTFULLY invite the attention of the Army and a* Navy to their full uppl. of Ml LI TAR vHI anu NAVAL FURM.SHiNG G??ODS, such as Indigo lilac Cloth* and Doeskins, Wl# Cap*, Kpaulet*, I .aces, enoulder Straps,^* " Be ts, Swoids, Sword Knots, Caps, Hats, and all !?SJ?CUV? A,*?. oelebrated PATENT FILTERING CANTEK.N. Orders in that line reap- tfully solicited. , j H.F. LOUDON * CO., Naval and Military Merohant Tailors, _ jy 18-eo3m 3Pa. av.. under Brown'* Hotel. WE OFFER TO MIL11ARY MEN a large ,*T. a**ortment ofGREYandBLUEFLANNEL OVER-SH1KTS, WHITE >H1RTS, DRAWEKS, CAMP BLANKKTS, HALF-HOSE,*o? wtiioh we invite all cash parohasera to examine before making their selections. WALL, STEPHENS * CO., 3?a Pa. av., between 9th and 10th sta. m 22 unteiligenoer and Hepobiioan.) U1EINWAV k. SONS' AND RAVEN * BAp nawHPUMon-n * ? ha? just >weq received.? Pei sons in e?arc:J|ilB| of a reliaolo instrument at a low priae ar'U |Tl Order* reoeiVed for Mr. MARCUS REB1NE Clsnn Pftrts Timer (| fi and shoes, Laoiae't Misses' airs Ckilbkbh's Waaa. ? " They go rlfbt to the Spot." IN8TANT RELIEF STOP \OUR COUGH PURIFY YOUR BREATH STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICE! SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, abb GOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, m GOOD FOR LECTURERS, GOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, GOOD FOR SINGERS, GOOD FOR CONSUMPTIVES. * GENTLEMEN CARRY 8PALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS? LADIES ARE DELIGHTED WITH SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. CHILDREN CRY FOR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. They relieve a Cough instantly. They clear the Throat. They five strength and volume to the voioe. They impart a delioious aroma to the breath. They are delightful to the taste. They are made of simple herbs and cannot harm any one. I advise every one who has a Cough or a Husky Voioe, or a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of the Throat, te get a package of my Throat Confections. They will relieve you instantly, and you will agree with me that "they go risht to the spot' You will find them very useful and pleasant while traveling or attendirg public meetings, for stilling your Cough or allavinr your thirst. If you try one package I am safe in saying that you will ever af terwarris consider them indispensible. You will find them at the Druggists and Dealers ia Medietas PRICE TWENTY FIVE CENTS. My signature is on each paokage. All others are counterfeit. t A Package will be sent by mail, prepaid, on re ceipt of Thirty Cents. Address, HENRY C. SPALDING, No. 4S CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. NervousHeadache Jrin&s ^ Headache. By the use of these Pills the periodio attacks o Norton* or Sir.k Htndn-k* may be prevented; and I taken at the commencement of an attack imme dlate reiiei from pain and aioknens will be obtained. They seldom fail in removing the Nflhusa and I{vxdacK* to whioh femalee are so subjtot. They aot gently upon the bowels,?removing CosilMBWi. For Littrary Mtn. Studont*. Delicate Females, and ail persons of sodtntary habit*, they are valuable as a Larativo, improving the nppttit*. giving '<*** *nd riror to the digestive organs, and re storing the natural elasticity and strength of the whole system. The CEPHALIC PILLS are the result of long investigation and carefully oonduoted experiments, having been in use many years, during which time they have prevented and relieved a vast amount ot pain and suffering rom Headache, whether originating in the ntrvont system or from a deranged state of the stomach. They are nntirely vegetable in their composition, and may be taken at all times with perfect safety without making any change of diet, and tk* tint* of any ditagrtiabl* tait* rondors it *aty t* admtnistor tk*m to ckildron. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The genuine have five signatures of Henrv C Spalding on eaoh Box. Sold by Draggists and all other Dealers in Medi sines. A Box will be sent by mall prepaid on reoeipie the PRICE, ceNYS. All erders should be addressed to HENRY C. MPALDINS, 48 Cbdab Stbbbt, Nbw Vox*. f- | 0 Prom iAs Bzammor, Norfolk, Ya. Cephalio Pills aooomslish the object for whish they were mads, via: Cure of headache la all Its forms. ? From I As Bmaminor, Norfolk, Fa. They have been tested is more than a tksisan* eases, with entire suocess. From tk* Dtmocrmt, St. Cloud, Minn. If yon are, or have been trpnbled w ith the htadaohe. send for a box, ( Pills ,t so that yos may have them in oase of an^ttaok. From 14s Wutom R. R. Gamut, Ckiooto, IJL 8^dlnf 4,14 ku " Ftom tk* Sontktm Potk Findor, Nno Or limn t, La. Try them ! yon that are afflicted, and we are s?r? that your testimony can be added to the alrearfj numerous lint that has reoeived benefits that nc othar medicine can produoe. P*om tks Gamut*. Damon fori, low, connect his name with an artio.e he old not knoto to possess real merit. From lAs Admtrtittr, rronidontt, It. I. 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DISPATCH ILT'A Stitch ih Timb Savxs Nm?."_/Tl As aooidents will happen, even in well regulatec 1 families, it is very desirable to have some cheas and.convenient way for repairing Furniture.'furs Crocker j, 4to? SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUB x? tf to the sticking point ^ M USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE.** ? -A.B^lsJ, aooompanies eaoh Bottle. Pris oents. Address HENRY O. SPALDING, Ho. 4ft Cedar street. New Yort. CAUTION. th^'B0! 2ZS?1* *a *ha PALDINS'S PREPARED GLPK-/H aasssr*'""wass* I ' ' ^ ? ????? WASHINGTON LOCK HOSPITAL. { |)R. SBUMAN Iii?, after an experience of ten *-* roars, eatabliahed the above refhge from *naokery, aelf-laheledlndian or German doctors, and pretenden of witohcraft ud impostora ie jec'ITiie ia the only p ace whi?re a aare and apeedy ?re obtained in the world for all improper and en! habita, gouorrhw, fleet, aenunal w>akoeaa, ayphillis, primary, secondary- and tartiary. organic we*kneea. pain* In the loina, strict urea, general debility, proatration, nervon?neei, nighta. palpitation of the heart, ringing in the ears, loaaofmemory, oonfosion,inc.*ncholv,atf*etioue of the head, throat, noae, and akin, and all thoae pecnliar diaordera ariainc from the indiaoretion of ! youth, rendering them unit for either buameae, 1 atody.eociety.or marriace. Dr. 8. haa the greateet remedies in the known wyld for diaeaeea of the blood. gonorrhc. gleet, ] Vtrtot.S,r?*' ayphillia, teminal weakness, aeif abuae. Ac. There ia no oaae in whicu they fiul to cure in i from a to 6 daya. horrible oomplainta, who woaid wian to be valuable men and ornaroenta to aociety, ahould embraoe the earlieat opportunity for relief. | Dr. Bhuman haa made tbe moet oompetearrangementa for theoomfort of Ms patienta who oome ? from a distance. They will be fnrniahed with the | jpoat pieaaant and agreeable quarter*, neoeaaary diet, and made aa ooiufortatle as they won id be at < a first clasa hotel at lata than half the ooat. < P?'?ot forget the name and number. Dr. Shn t man a offioe ia on the oorner of Sixth atreet and Hotel, opposite the National Hotel, Waahmgton, D. C. reraona atadiatance ahould enclose stamp for return postage:. Office houra, 9 A. M. to 10 P.M. have been enticed trom my inatitation br certain swindlera on back atreeta id i i01&' wt? '* **11 ^l?e day of their aeath, i

A Word to the wiae ia sufficient. ap.9 1? #Cjtrt Coutk, Cold, Oioarttnist, Iti- | A**nxa any Irritation or Sortmttt of tk* Tkroaj, Rtlitrt tki Hacking Coutk m Con>vmr- I rio?. Bronchitis. Alkma, C Catarrk, Clear and giv* stnntctfi to tk* roic* of r U m, 1 C SPEAK ER8 AND SINGERS. Few are aware of the importance of ohecking a Cough or Common Cold" in its first stare; tuat which in the begming would yield to a mi la reme- < ay, if neglected, soon attack a the Lungs. " Brown't < oroncktal Trocktx, oontaim-ng demulcent ingredienta, allay Pulmonary and Bionchial Irritation. < nnnnriuia "That trouble in my Throat, (for | BROWN S which the "Trochtt" area specific) nnnovu having made me often a mere whia TROCHES perer. N.P.WILLIS. BROWN'S " 1 reoommend their uae to Papua , Sriiiiu." 1 TROCHES REV. E. H. CHAPIN. __ ... "Great eervicein subduing H oarsi BROWN'S Hiss." REV. DANIEL WISE. TROCHES "Almoat instant relief in the dis trosf in* labor of breathing peculiai BROWN'S t0 Asthma." ? REV. A. C. E6GLESTON. TROCHES "Contain no Opium or anythmt miurioua." DR. A. A. HA v ES, | BROWN S Cktmist, ?o.<?on, VDnrni,-a "A simple and pleasant oombina I TROCHES tion for Coc?hs, ?o." HRnwNN DR. v. 1* BIGELOW, I BROWNS Bottom. TROCHKS " Benefioial in Bronchitis." DR. J. F. W. LANE, ! BROWN'S Bottom "I have proved them excellent for TROCHES WBooptue Covan." REV. H. W. WARREN, 1 BROWN'S Bottom wor?r.ur.-w "Benefioial when eomaelled t? TROCHES speak, suffer'ng from Cold." BROWN-I. tEV. "-VP.INMW yuiipure " Er?*cTffAL in rexroTing Hoarse ' neas and IrriUttoo of the Throat, se < BROWN'S w'lh SrxAKixs and Sine < TROCHES Prof- STACY^JO^HNSOP^^ BROWN'S . | TROCHES " Great benefit when taken before i and after preaching, as tnoy prevent BROWN'S Hoaiecasss. Kror? tbeir past e.Iect, i I they will bo oi permacont ad- I TROCHES vanUgo to me. REV. E. ROWLEY, A. M. 1 BROWN'S President of Athens College, Tenn. TROCHES ITT"Sold by a!l Drorgiata at TW ENTY FIVE CENTS A BOX.^JJ I de 1-ly : JOY FOR THESICK AND SUFFERING I LJCT ALL WHO A RE AVFL1CTMD READ: . imr tub kmmmdy MMJOIOM HJA4.TH. Ftieid, da yoa eater.' Are job tin 7iatiia at aat af these nameroas ai.metu whirn an?e from im \ parity of the blood.' Whataro tee?, do yo? askf Rather a:k, what are they cot? The l.:oo<'is t':a bub re* af life and hea.nh.asid it lata* firat element of oar be;ngto reapona toan> iiase which *aecti the ayatem. as the false iaftU?i>.'y aUeaU '?',e?-?ei I prevailing Neuralgia, theirritarcg Erysipdaa, tna i abtle Serofula, the a'ouixiQg it heumaUa.-r., Nervous Debilitv, i>TS?ep?;a, Liver Complaint with .a Rraor and dejection, and the number e?s n;( thai wa ia heir to, derive their hhleors origin f;om tna blood. Deal kindly ther and gent!? ?ito the '. ood. Vac the vitalising reaoorcea of nature for <U aid. and aufer *- to ooinmeud to your oonfid'oe ana , aae that trily valiable medioament knewe as MAS. M. cors INDIAN TBQKTA&LE DROUGTION. With regard to thla almoat infallible epqeifl* ! popular aeptiment haa apoken in decided terms , and the evidenaea of thia great efRoacy are sos tamed by oonatast avowa.a of eurati ve eteota ane < the happiest results from it* uaa are after ail other remedies and the beat medioal skill have fai'eci. Let aa aav, in oouolusion, that oertiheatea aurea aio not sought from the illiterate and euaer ftoia!, bvt they are volunteered from the moat re- 1 apeotable pouroes apd justify the highest terms it which it ia poaeibie to oommerd so valuable a 1 apeciflo to public approval. We may add aiao that ' the curative properties of the medioi;.? ar? equalled only by ita reaMrative effecta. the system recovering from diaeaae with renewed constitutional vigor. I For aale by all recpeoiable Orugriata in thia aity, and by the proprietor, MRS. M. COX, None genuine unieaa her name ta blown on tfcs houle and her aeal on the oork IlT Pnoe >1 per bottle, aix bottles for ft. wkoUtmlt Attnt. R. S. T. CISSEL, Driggiat ] Georgetown, D- C., Wholeeale Agent for the Die- 3 triot, and will tapply the trade at iry price*. aa U-tr rpHE ALL-SUFFICIENT THREE, TRIESEMAR, l.J and *? Protected by Royal 1 Ktters Patent of Engiaud, and aeoured by the i kla of the Eoole de Pnarmaoie de Fans, and the Imperial College of Medicine, V lenna. . No. 1 ia invaluable for exhauation and natarrhea, and all phyaioal diaabilitiea. , No. 2 completely eradicate* all traoea of thoaa diaeaaea that have been hitherto treated by the naa- , aeous and permoiona uae of oopaiva and oabeba. No. > haa entirelv supplanted the injurioua aae of ^ meroury, thereby Insuring to the euflerer apeedi relief, diaperaing ail imparitiea, and rooting oa i the venom of diaeaae. TRIESEMAR, Noa. 1,land S,are prepared is j the form of a loxenge. devoid of taste ami am ell, and oan be carried in the waiatooat pocket, bold . in tin oaaas. and divided into sepanue doses, aa ad mimatered br Velpeau, Lallemand^ Roux, Rioord . 4c. Price #3 each, or four oaaea for 99, whioh saves #3; and in Mti oaves, wherebv there is a sav- , ing of 99. To be had. wboleeale and retail, of Dr BARROW, of 194 Bieeoker etreet. New York, j Immediately onreoeiving a remittance. Dr. Barrow will for ward-tbe Trieeeinar to any part of the world, I aeourely paoked, and addresaec according to the in atnictixne of the writer. The Book, of all othera, that ahould be read bj men with damaged and broken down ao*nstitntions i is "Human Fralilr, or Physiological Reaearchea." i aia beautifully illustrated, and treata minutely of 1 the symptoms that invariably develop them- I elvee. aopner or later, resulting from tno frail ties | and vitiating habits of earlr vouth, incapacitating the victim irom anaring the fruition t>f the matri monial state, and. if not checked in time, degerer 1 atingallthe fiinctiona of manhood, and bringing I him. atep by at?p, to a lingering and untimely dAth. .j Sola by Dr. HARROW, 194 Bteeokar atreet, four doora below Alaodougal, New York. Pnoe SI ] oenta. Sont free every where. Sold also by S. C. Foro, Jr., Drag Store, Waah lngton, D. C. det?-4m | H_ _ NEW BOORS. ISTORY of the Unitod Netherlands, by John i Lotiirup Motlej ; 2 vols ; free b? mail, 84. The Rise of the Dutch Repubtia, a history, by John Lcthrop .Motley; 3 voa cioth; free by mail, < I*. Silas Marner, the Weaver of Kaveiol, by the author of *'Adam Bede ;" oloth 7fi|oenU ; paper fin ] oents. , Life and Career of Major Andre, by Wintrop < S&rgeant; fl>0. I After Ioeberga with a Painter, a Summer Voyage to Labrador and Newfoundland; by Rev Louis L. i Nob e; $1.50 j The Manufacture of Photogenio or Hydro-Car bon Oils, by Thomas AnUaeil, M. D.; 4^75. i Any of the above free by mail. FRENCH * R1CHSTEIN, ap iS Penna. avwmi*. i ^JUNBOATS voa thi WESTERN RIVERS. QraaTXKMaaTxa Gk^kkal'b Orvica. I . Watkington, June 17,1861. \ I Proposals are invited tor constructing Gunboats upon the Weatern rivers SpeoiboaOoua will be immediately prepared and may be examined at the Quartermaster's uf&oe at Cincinnati, Pit'abargh. and at thia oifice. Propoaala front boat bail'era and engme-bnlld er? alone will be oonaidered. Plana aubmitted by biddera will be taken into consideration. M C. MEIGS, ie 18 Q uartermaster General United S'atea. IJOOTS AMD '*<> ?** < V&STf.SS* ra"*toUnngVl kind* of BOOTS i and 8HOES, and oo;<Btaatnr receiving a^^&M aupply of eaateru made work of every de-IBH i enfflon. made expreaaly to order, and ^will fBj be eold at a mnoa lower ?nce than baa baen* HL i heretofore eharged in Chi a eity for m*oh inferior i ErtiC.dt* | BPersona in waat of Boota aad Shoe* of eastern at 7 made work, will ai way a find a good aaaortinea . atora aad at taa 1* weal prtot*. dive aa a oall. GRIFFIN * BRO., ?<a '''imniftnn ?w* ARTlCLKS.-MOORE'S INSECT aad . VI VERMIN DESTROYER will rid yoa of Roaches, Bed Bag*. Anta. to Moore'a Hat and i Mouse Exterminator n>*verfail*. Moore'a Bensine I will remove paint, varn ?h or greaae of any kind Trom the most delioate fabrio, silk or woolen, with1 w?t km % ? ? r^RE^BARGAlJIS IN PlANOS.-On* vary ] 11 mo* Hail * 8ona' make lor fl?; ? very rice Rosewood Ohiokeriaga' make||9B| ] W1**? one Ro**woodNswmani Rro.'sMlT^ j TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. .NITKit STATES MILITARY ROUTE. flf W SPECIAL NOTICE TO TRAVEL8RS. ' CHANQE~OF HOURS. On and after Monday, Auptut 19/A, 1861, r*s?,k* teaikh will BPw m follow*: LEAVE WASHINGTON at C udTKi. m. I so and 5 46 p. m.. arriving at Baltimore at 7.46 ao?i i.lo a. m. aao 4. 6 aau 7jo p. m. LEAVE BALTIMORE at UOaod 8 46a. m.and * 8 ' m varriving at Washington at and IO-"?a. m. and atSSiand 45p. m. Paaseoger Traina leaving Washington at T*> a. m. and 2.Jn p. m. aoJ Baltimore at 140 a. m and 3.45 5- m i mate direct oonnexions for Annapolis at the QDOtiOD. Trains leave Anaapolia for Baltimore and Wash mgton at 6-58 a. m. and 2 p. m , ?&." In^erA,2.ln laavin? Washington at and a. m and 2 90 p. m. make direot oonnezions at Ba-timorefor Philadelphia and New York. ?]Jr*'?kl'o",1 contraband of war) 5 be transported over the line. Tonna*e Tiling will leave Baltimore at 4 30 a. m. Leaved aahiu(on at 7 p. m. ^ By order of the Secretary of War: THOMAS A. SCOTT, THOMAS H. CAB^IELD,^*?**' AaautsA Manager. an 17-tf SPECIAL NOTK'E. ^ SUNDAY TRAIN. ,k?" " vork^WHWdelph'fij"' " NEW Yv?roJn New \ or* and Philadelphia, arriving in Washington at 610 a. m. J. A. ^COTT, iJ 27 General Manager. ? JiPilL STEAM WEEKLY BKTWEEN . NhW YOHK ANDLIVKRPOOL."de!nagndM<1 embarkm' Pa^nger. at The Liverpool. JMew York and Philadelphia Steamahis Company 'ntond diapatchioc their fall powered Ojyd?-built iron Steam?hipa aa follows s w liASGOW .Satunay. A utuat 41 kat>>?V?(^LTIMORE- i ? *& KANGAROO. ?? ijth. And every Saturday, at noon, from Pier 44, North ri vor . *ATK8 OF PAMAOI. First Cabin $75 Do. to London go Do. to?aris tt l>o. to Hamburg , .. as Steerage ! fso Do. to London 34 Jio. to 'a-is... Do. to Humburg. 11 .i".as ?r*/or?arded to Tlavre. Bremer. Rotterdam, Antwerp, Ac , at reduced through tares. hLI*.W.'.*i 1"* b"ng out their mends oan buy tickets at low rates. r?#?l fur^er information apply at the Captaina Office. JOHN G. DAL? , Apent, more*0 Auama Express Balti-^INDIVIDUAL ENTERPRISE *7'" EASTERN AND WESTERN ...rp?-n/, . SHOKE STEAMERS. "KENT," CaDt J H. K rwanw .u ' rIONRERr (>pt. W. Norman, W ill run their routes a< follows, leavi- c Light itreet, Ba.timore. foot ol Camden, at 7 o'clock A. M KENT?For Cambridge, Denton and Landings r,ve:- everr WEDNESDAY and *ATrRDA\, returning every Thursday and Monday. For Annapolis and West River,every TUES DA Y and fr Rl DA \ and returning *>a i ? catg PIONEER?For St. M.chael'ian*'! via Mile's River, every WEDNESDAY, aud return the aame day. For Annapolis, West River, Cambndge, Oxford and Eaaton Point, every THURSDAY, ^turning t?y same route on Friday For Annapolle Weat River, St. Michael's and t?n'v'a Mile's River Ferry, every SATURPA ? , returning every Monday by same route. *r? to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and Faston Point. - #1 SO Fare to St. Michaei's and' Riverj round ? _inii?l.) ?. loo h are to Vi eat River, (round trip, ?11 1 ?o Fare to Annapoli" (round trir 75oents) 78 . . _ MEALS EXTRA |i^ Freight must be prepaid. Wharf and Offioe, LleHT ST.. foot of Camden. Baltimore. C. K. CANNuN. NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY. SUPERINTENDENT^ OFFICE,/ CAtvxRT Station, Batimore. May 18,1W1. C On and after Sunday. Mat 19th, 1W1, Trains on the NORTHKRN CENTRAL AaIlWa V ? rive and depart aa follows, until further notioa. ..... TRAINS NORTH. MAIL at 8 15 A. M, EXPRESS at 3 ? P. M. HARRISBURG ACCOMMODATION at I P. M. -.l5A-at Re'a/ Houae with trains on the Weatern Maryland KM r ad. at Hanover Junction with Hanover and GetubJVg Rai roada; at \ ork with York and Wrightaviile Railroad: at Harr-sburg with Peuosylvacia Raii for?all parta oftheVeat als?j with Lebannon Valley Railroad to New Yorkdtrt't, at Northum tierland with L and B. Railroad "for Kingston and al' Par'""? Wyooining Valleyjind atMucbury with the Philadelphia and Erie Railroad lor all parts Northern Pennsylvania and New York. The 3 jo P. M train makes all t'ie above oonneotions except Hanover Railroad, Wrightsville Jr' 1 Lebannon Valley Railroad, rr.e 8 F. M tram makes oounections with Penn if.vania Railroad for all parU of the West, and lirect oonnects for New York. ? , TRAINS ARRIVE. Mail at610 P M.; Expre?a at 7 45 A. M.; Harnaiiyg Accommodation at 2.43 P. M. _For Tiolteta and information insure at the ricket Offioe, Calvert Station, Baltimore. J. C. CLARK, Sup't. BiBB "Hn The Camden and Ambo7 and Philadelphia and rren'oa Railroad Companies' Line from PHILADELPHIA TO NEW YQ?K AND WAY PLACKS, from WALNUT STREET WHARF &ND KENSINGTON DEPOT, wiii teave aa toi owa: ^t? A. M . yia Camden and Amboy, (C. and A. Accommodation. 1 M6A. M , via Camden and Jersey City, (N.J. Accommodation.) At 8 A. M., via Camden and Jersey City,(Mornk Mail.) *t,VH A. M , via KeLBington and Jersey City, (Weatern Express.) At.12* P. M., via Camden and Amboy,(Aooommodat'on.) At SP M ,via Camden and Amboy, (C. and A. Expre> a ) p IS'* T*a Kenaington and Jersey City, (Evening Express.) ' P M , via Kensington and Jersey City, (Second C lass Tioket.) At6 P. M? via Camden and Jersey City,(ETenmg ? ! at i.) Hru*Hlain " YIft C&md#n JorM7 City.(SouthAtS P.M., via Camden and Amboy,(Aooommodasia'cssi' ,im ci? At VV,t?r Sip, Wlroudfbur., 9or?ntoB.WiH<*. Sarre, Montroae, Great Bend, to., at 7.10 A.M., VVem.Wn"Ra?lnSjdVia Lackawanna a?J . for Mauch Chun., AllenU.wn and Bethlehem At 5H P. M. from Kenaington depot; b\Vtonlt3MMP. M?nD#CU WUh U0 t"1D i~,rin? pFor Mount Holly at e and 8 A. M. and 3 and 4* For Freehold at 6 A. M. and S P. M. For Bristol, Trenton,*c.. at 7.10 A. M..4* and For Palmyra Riverton, Delaaoo, Beverly. BurJ,n4U0a,nd5 P^Mn*00, Boraentown? *0., at 12J<, I, Steamer Trenton for Bordentown. and lntenneS'-at 2X P. M. from Walnut street ? JUT" For New York and Way Line*. le*via* Kensington Depot, take the oars on Fifth street, above v\ alnut, half an hour before departure The jara run into the depot, and on am valof train ran from the depot. Fifty pounds of baggage only allowed toeaeh passenger Passengers are prohibited from taking anything as baggage but ilieir wearing apparef AlL bHfage over fifty pounds to be said for ?*tra. fhe oompany limit their responsibility for bargage to one ?<ol ar per pound, and will not be liable far any amount keyond one tanndred dollars, sxoept ky tpecia. oontract. WM. H. GATZMKR. Agent. WES^ANX? SOUTH m Tyw= BALTIMORE AND OHIO ? , . RAILROAD. On and after Mav 16tn, 1?61, the trains will ran as follows, viz:?Leave Camden Station. Baltimore.? Mail,,exoept Sunday.) at 5. ? A. MExpress daHy at S. 46 P. M. Bot^i Trains go direcUy throuah HiR ALL PARTS OF THE WEST. SOUTHWEST AND NORTHWEST. FOR WAY PASSENGERS. Between Baltimore and Piedmont take the A. M Train; between Piedmont and Wheeling take Ac.' oommodation Train. Iea?mg Piedmont at 6.40A M.;and between Grafton and Parkersburc take the 6 5' A M Train from Baltimore. r??Ia? The FREDERICK TRAIN leaves Baltimm. at 4 ? P. M. and Frederick at 6JO XTM The ELLICOTT'S MILLS 1 RAINIeave Bal Umore at 6 X and 8.16 A. M. and 1 46 and 6^*t 5 Sj Sff'S* u? & For farther infomaation, Tmketn of everv kie-1 ko..apply to J T. ENGLAND Agent WCamdrn Blation, or at the Tioket oftoe. at uamaen w.jMMirm. From Chamber*it. N. Y. From 9 th atreeC HasfavA t-- "bp,**- --? IfflUSS&Sf "AW.; '?""" um'l lJV'ra tr*lB8,a and l^ip.m P'ekskiTl train, 4.<*? p m 4 as p in. 8 a a ? . ami 4SA and A. F. SMITH, MfariafaHeal. J ^NOTICE Tt^TRAVKLRRS.^ ^ nlMfTwi bftvws Washington* 1 rO?f*J^U* Bfc, Umor^ and Old PoiBtTrortrgMj^Jj^^Q *ODd*y ?V LV ** ???? iTElfDAY (axeaptSeaday > fro* their wharf? foot of L no* Dook. at *\ ? c 9f.k P.a^or immediately aftw the arrival 9 ?i\y> MhiD| toa Train, wkteh l?fwWMkU(tot ** *1?>?>? P- L ?-g M. W- FALL* Praat PBIl.AnKI.PHlA. W1U 3B? Wfeft'VilttSib. wtgukz Traina lor Philade ahia will !??* Preandoat ilr?4 Depot dan y< ex oept buixla** im fo:i#wa. rim ixpreea X*?t? *t 6 15 A M., Way Mail Tun at 6.45 ^ . M.; ItveciM .Mai. at 4 46 o'e.<>ok Ot il> RAYSat 446 P. !C?n,*. A . irami mudmi with sw York trams UMft KM P. M. tnua oa ftrtar. dart. A Freight Tra.r. with paaaetrer oar attached i?r? at 5 P. M, stopping at all Staboae botweoa Baltimore and Hivr* dt-brte*. Puwni?rr for De'aware ard tha Eastern Chore of Ma-ylind will find Ue most expodiboaa roate by ITTAI) Colored peraoca muat (In bond before entering theoara. WM CRAWFORD. AgoaC ,^^_.GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE PUR JHHSTtlE WEST, rim HUDSON ?jf RAILHUAU Mi NEW TOME CENTRAL KAjT.HOAp. rxproM TraJne ieave New York o<ty depota of Hadeon River Railroad daily, Sunday a axoeptod, aa follower Prom Chanbera atroet Prom Mat at atatioa. At 7 00 a m At T 28 a m H(w 6 no p m 1 J? " 5p m 3jn , m t 66 p m Montreal and Buffalo Train with Bleep ng oar . 9/5 am 1 46 p m Connecting at Albany with the New York Can tral Ratiroad for Scbenootady. Rochester. I ti?a Bacavi a. Roma, and atatioaa oa R dim and w ator ' town Raiir< ad, Buffalo. Bynvoaa?, Niagara Fa! s, Susp*L*i. r, Bridge. Auburn. Geneva.Ca^nda.gua Trains inoonaootioo leave Buffalo and Saepcn | aion via Lake shore, Buffalo a*<1 ake Haron and , Great Weetern Railroad, for Hamilton. Toroato. Detroit. Chicago, Toledo, Miiwaukie. Poa Da l<ae. La Crosae. Madieoa. Prairie Da Cfeiaa, 6a m. Danleitn. Dubuque. Peorfa. Root W.atd. Masoa bae.lowa Oity. Darlington, Quincy. farmafieid. Alton, St. Louie. Cairp,Terre baute. Indiana*" >*. Loaiaville, Cincinnati. la* ton. Colambae, Clev? land, and all points Weat, Northwest aad Soeth NORTHERN ROUTE Connecting with Tiawia at Trot, with Troy A Boaton and Reus. A Saratoga Road* for 8arato?a. I Whitehall, Ratiand, Barlincton.ft Albaae. Roase I Point, riatUburch, Ogdenebuigh, Montreal, Aa , Ao (XT" Freight Arrangementa by tbia roata aa above, without ohanre of Caia, from the Depots |C Chambera and t anal iVmu. are at all timea a? favorable aa made by o'k'r Railroad Comyani"*. The laoil<tiee of thia graat New Vork Roate. to the Weat eo?nn;end it to the confcdonoe of maiohaata an1 ahippera for promptceaa and diapateh Paaaeoger train*, with Smoking and #opi"a Car* ran in oonnecuoa oa tha New York COntrai r iad. For partioqlar* as to looal train* aad freight ar raagements, inquire at th* d^^ot, 60 Warren at. A. F. SMITH, Bapw-r t?cd*Tt JT?k U S GOVERNMENT LINE Laavea tha lower end of INHiVi DOCR.Balti more, weat aide, DAILY, (Snadava lacludad.?at 43a o'olook P. M. tak ing passengers aad feight. aad ooncotir.g with the Railroad aad Towi Washington. D. C., Phiiade.'plna. New Yoik, Boa ton, York, Harriaburg^PiM^Drc, Pa, and tha Weat, immediately af>er the arrival of tha Expraaa Train from New Yoik aad Philadelphia. The following la the Sohada.e: V Prom New York to Port Moaroeaad back. #14 M From Phnadalph a at d hack.. R1? From Baltimore and back (a. ; IETPROCURE YOUR TICKETSI In New the New Jersey Railroad ORce t foot of Courtland street. t In Pm adelphia, at the Company'a oAoa. N. W. oorner of Sixth and Chaataut atraata. or at tha Depot, Broad aa<} Prima atrrets. In Baltimore, oa board tne Steamers, foot of Union Dook. HL'UH O CONNER. Paaaa?r AW r^mNLW YOkK, HARLEM AND ALBANY KAILROAD. LEAVES NEW YORI FOR ALBANY. TROY, NORTH AND WKsT. SIMMKRARMANGEMENT Commencing Monday, May STth, 1*1 For Abany?11?T a. id. faat express train from 36th atreot. For Dover Plalea?4^? p. m stop^iag at White Plains and stations north to Dovar puaiaa?from %th street station. (Thia train will ran to Miliortoa every Satarday evening.) For Cro?on Fal's?8:16 a. m. atopfing at a<1 eta bona north of Ford nam from ?' h atraet atattoa. For w rnta Plains?2:3", 4:10 aad fcflb p. m. atop ping at all station* from 3Rh abeet atatioa. For White Plains?6M5 p. m atopping at all ata bona from White street atation. For Willuuna Bridge-"?^, 11:15 a. a. aad ?> p. D. atopaing at all atabona from JTth atreet ataUor. , Ratnming will leave? Aibary?&:00 a. m. last ex proas traifi. Dover P ains-5(30 a. m (Thi* train leavaa Mu larton every Monday morning at 5a. m.) Croton Falls?5 a. a>. White Piama?&l?, T? a m. 4:10 A T.-0P a. m. WnliaaaaBridga?ASi,9^0a. m. A koo p. m. Sunday traica will leave 4th A venae ooraerSS t atreet, for Centra. Park, Yorknlle, Rarlam and H :gh Bridge avary f*w mirntee. from 9*0 a. m. to 7.W>p m. JOHN BCRCHlLL. Aast Sup't. r^nNDW YORR AND ERIE RAIL i RoaD P assent or Trains leave via Par? nia Ferry and Long Dock, from foot vf Cham^ors abort. New York, as followa, yix : 7 00 a. m , EX PR KS^ for Daokirk.and Baffalo. and f' i.c;pai uiterme- ta'e Statioas. a.OOa. m .MAIL,for Dnnkira and tataraedia'e Stations?This Train remains ovei night at Elmira, and prcoaoda the next morniag. 9.00 a m . MILK daii;, for Obaville. and later me?l tate Stations. , 11 00a. m , ACCOMMODATION.daily, for Port Jervis, and principal Stations 4 00 p. m . WAV, for Middlatown, Newbargh. I and intermediate Station*. I 5.00 a. m.. NIGHT EXPRESS, daily, for Dan I kirk, Baffalo, CauandaiguaAod principal btatiora. Tha Train of Saturday ttopp at all Mail Train Stations, and rana only to K^mira. 6 00 p.m.. ACCOM MOD ATI ON,for Hornaartl.e, and p.i.oipa, Htationa. CH?S. MI NOT, Gea'l Sap't. NATHANIPL MARSH. Keoeivet. FOR BOST'>N VIA NEWPORT # rI TMi AND FALL RlVER. Q By tlie splendid and superior Steamers METROP"?Ll$t EMPIRE STATE. BAY STATE, and STATE OF MAINE, of great abongth and apoed.bat partioalarly adapted to tha navigation of Long Iaiand Sound, rannmg la ?on- a neotiou with the rail River a >d Old Colony Ka. ? road, disUr.oe of 56 miles omy to Boeton, Leave Pier No. 6 No-th River irear tha Batta'y. The 8teamor EMPIRE STATE. Capt. Brayton. Mondaya, Wadneedaya. aad Friday a, at 5 o'olock P. M., toaohing at Newport each war. The Steamer METROPOLIS, Capt. Brown, oa Tuesdays, Thursdays and Satardava, at o'alock P.M., toael.iDg at Newport each way. Toeae Steamer* are fitted with toanocicvi a tate room a, and every arrangement for tha aaoari ty and oomfort oi paaaengera. who are afforded by tnia roate a nights' reat on board, and od arrna at FaU River prooi?ed per Staambnat Train.reaoh ing Boat on ear it tha following m.rninf? or aay remain on board anbi atarbng of the Aeoommooa Uon at 8 A. M.. by which they may reach Boater. about 8.46 A.M. _ . . A baggage maater la attached to each ateamer, who reoaivea and ticketa t^e baggage, aad aoaom panic* the same to iu destination. A a learner rars in conneotion with thia Liaa be tween Fall River and Providaaoa daily, axa?pt Sundaya. Freight to Boaton is forwasded through with Kiat dispatch by an I'.xpraa* Hia i, whiok aavea 11 River ever* morning, Sifbdaya exo?ptad,a> lit o'clock for Boaton ai d N?w Hadford, arriving at ita desunataon at aboat 11AM For freight or pataags, appiy oa board, or at the offioe oa Pier No. 3 North Rivar. For atate room* and be th? apply oa hoard, or if deal raa to aeon re them in adnanoe, to W'M. BORDEN, Ax't 70 and 71 Weat atreet, N Y. f i iTf TON?inland Konta?The ahortaat aad moatdi- j WiPiama, ( oonoeotiou wita the Sionl eg ton aiid Ckvi?<po?4od 11 <> ion and Provtdeooe Railraadi, . iving New Y?rk daily, Sanday* exoeataa. Iron, I PiarNo 1* North R iver, at 6 o'olook P. M., and ? Grotoa at I3i o'olooa P. M., or oa the arriva of V l>a Mail Train whioh laavea Boston at 6 30 P. M. The PLYMOUTH ROCR. from New YufkMonday, Wedneadar, aud Friday. Prom Gro ton?Ta"ada>, Tharsday .and Saturday. ' Tha oOMMONWEAl TH, from New Jerk- > Tuesday, Tharaaay. and Saturday. Prrra Grotoa f ?Monday, Wedu- rday, aad Fndav. Paaseagera from Grotoa prooaad par rai road to Provadenoe and Boaton. ir the Expreaa Mail Train, rcaohiBB said plnce in advanoe of thos* i' U other roate*, aad in amele tune tor all taa aarly I Morairg Lines ooneoting North aad East. Pasaengers that prefer it, reaaain oa kaarf taa steamer,eujoy a nighta'reat t>raak Bat if deairod, and leave Grotoa la the 7 16 A. H. Tr?.l. oonaeobng at Providaaoa witk the 140 A M. Train for Boaton. ^ I Fare from frovidaLoa to Newport, Fifty aeoU A bagme master aooompaaiee the Steanar and Train aaeh way _ _ . _ For Pasaac*, Bertha, State Rooms, or ! ei, t: ppiyon board tha sfamer, or at the Freight I Oitoa, Pier M North River, or at the ORae of I the Cr in pan y. No. 115 Wast sbaat. oornar ofCort- I street. New York, Feb. M.1WI. f E* MILITARY BOORS. | r RENCH A RICHSTIEN have jest raaaivad a \ largaaad oomplet* assortment of Military H<* of all Kinds, whieh they ofTer from tea to ftjty \ per oant. below the rag alar retail priaee.?it ( aladiac t [ A now aditioa of Hardee'a lafeaby aad Rife | Taotiaa, c mplote, Rl.35 [ I or-?as' Volnnteers' Manna;, S vole. |1 f A en'a Comaeodiam of Hajdea'a Taotioa, Ma Hardaa*a Taotio?. c<eap eri.tioa, too i The Soldiar'a Gaide, a c<<mp.ei* maaa^' aad Jri:. t.o't for tha aaaoi tne Volaataer Militiaa'-d the Home Guard. 3te 1 The Hand -Bookfor the U.B. Soldier, heiaa first book of iaatraaboa to tka U. S. iafaaby tac V tic*. 26o Also. Military Maps, Map of tha SaM of War. M Charts, tiaiaea, Aa _ V Piags, ba.1gea aad Medala of every Oaactipti- fc Aay ofthe a^ove ar^t b{ mail frae, | PrJiSTH % KlCRSTflN. I mtl v|*4 p,"... .* i? I

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