Newspaper of Evening Star, September 10, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 10, 1861 Page 1
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4 4 (Sftntlug Stitr. V?. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C. TUESDAY. SEPTEMBER 10. 1861. N?. 2.670. I 11???? THE EVENING STAR M PUBLISHED BVBRT APTBRN90N, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED.) * AT THE STAR BDILplMS, Otnwr tf a???M ?arf SUrtutk ll. n W. D. WALIiACH. Paper* eerved la package* by carrier* it 94 I year, or Xl eeata ger month. To mall ?ubacrtt>er* Um price la S3 fO a year, ?a dwmct; Si for all anontha; SI for three month*; and for lot thaa three moatha at the rate of 11 centa a week. 81ar'a eoptra, ona cbj?t; Id wrappera, two caim. fCT Admit aiviNra should be aent to the ottra before 14 o'clock m ; otherwise they may not appear uatil the next day. TtUC BATTLE Of WATERLOO. A few month* siooe I vu standing on the field of Waterloo, on the anniversary of that e great battle. The fields were waving with the ripening grain, just u thej were on that memorable morning, before being trodden down by the charging squadrons Aj 1 stood where Wellington had stood, on the ridge oceupied by the Engiiih lines, and surveyed the entire field, and looked down on the narrow valley where the fate of all Europe was once pat up and battled for, a world of conflicting emotions struggled for the mastery within me. The magnificence and pomp of that stern array was before me. and my ear seemed distinctly to eatoh the first cannon shot that opened the confiiet. * * * The great battle of Earope was to be fought All its kir.g* stood looking on with breathless interest, for their thrones were at stake. The fMlinni nf tknan tan vrnit militarr <*hiaft?ins themselves, u they thus for the first time stood face to faoe, and battled for a continent, were stirred The British veteran, wiping the sweat from his brow, exalaimed, "O that Blucher or sight would come!" The next moment an immense body of French cavalry came thundering down oo one of the English squares. It had already become weakened by the loss of whoU ranks which tba French artillery had mowed down, but withstood the desperate bock with true bravary. The French oame down at a plunging trot, then breaking into a gall* p fell like a rock hurled back from a I mountain, they recoiled from the shock. Driven to deeperation by the repeatedly foiled attempts, they stopped their horses, aod coolly walked them around that brave square, and whenever a man fell dashed in Suaft desperate resolution, such recklessness of life, began, at length, to tell on the conflict. The square began to shake and waver, when Weilfngton came dashing up with his guard; they opened and he wa* in their bosom. The chief was in their keeping?his fate voluntarily thrown into their hands, tho*e British hearts could not yield. Rank after rank fell, but not a man stirred from his footsteps The French At lanirth trava it nn. and retired tn thair ruiai. tion Again: on separate squares, were those 1 terrific charge* made, and again, as - they wavered, did Wellington fling himaelt in their < midst. " i Thai, from 11 in the morning until 4 o>lock c in the evening had the battle raged, when a dark object, was seen to emerge from a distant c wood. Larger and larger it grew till a whole " oolomn stood revealed, with banners waving 8 in the breeze. Blutcher and his Prussians haa ' come ! Both armies saw that the hour had ar- ? rived for a final issue. Banaparte then rode * up to his old and well-tried Imperial Guard, ) that had net been in battle all day. Placing ( himself at their head, he led them half way ' down the slope, when he halted and addressed c them in his impetuous and fiery manner He J told them that the fate of the battle and that 1 of France waj in their hands. He was answered by those devoted hearts. ' The Eupt- * ror forever"' with a shout that rang over the d storm of battle, and was heard along the Brit- J ish lines. Then he placed them under Ney, ' with orders to force the British center, and * prevent the inaction of Bluoher with the allied c forces. < That hitharte-invincible guard oame down la beautiful order and array, and with hearts c burning with high hopes. They knew that ' their Emperor and the civilised world were 1 looking. Tbej carried throne* and kings aa d they went. They needed nothing to fire their 0 steady, oourage. No dram, er trumpet, or I martial atrain oheered them on. No bugle 0 sounded the oharge. In perfect order and ' dead silence they moved over the plain. Abeve them soared the French eagle no power had ( ever yet wrested from their gra*p, and on them 1 waa the eye of Bonaparte. The allied army ' saw with awe and dread the approach of that * nnoonquerable legion. The terror of Europe 1 waa on the march. For a moment the firing ceased along the lines. The battle was hushed. The muffled tread of that magnificent le- J gion alone waa heard. The sudden calm was , but momentary. The artillery again opened i like a volcano on the foe. Whole ranks went ; down before the destructive fire, yet they fal- I tered not for a moment. I Over their fallen comrades, with the same * steady front, they moved on, across the valley and up the slope Before their eool, resistless , charge the English lines melted like frostwork. ' Tbey took the last fire of the artillery fall oa ' their bosoms, theo walked over the oanaon, i arfillervmen and all. On. on. Ilk* m. nai>tl?a> wave they swept, carrying everything down i in their paasage, till they approached within a i few rods of where Wellington stood. All I seemed lost. when a rank of men who had lain flat on their faces behind a low ridge of earth, ] suddenly heard the ringing order'-Up, Guard*, ] and at 'em!" They started up as from the ' bowel* of the earth, and poured in their destructive fire in the very faces of the mangled ' Guard. They recovered from this discharge as I if smitten with a sudden blow. A second and third followed. They reeled and staggered a moment, and then turned and fled. The battle waa over. The thunder of the first cannon came at intervals on the night air. telling where Blucher < trod down the foe. Wellington had left to him the pursuit, and waa leading back his weary and bleeding army over the battle field. The fall round moon was riding the quiet ' heavens, lighting ap the mangled masses of human flesh that weighed down the field Here < aa epaulet, there a shivered sword fl?sbed back in it* beams Groans loaded the air, while a 1 death-shriek came at intervals on the air. 1 Wellington wept. The excitement and rage of the battle was over, and his heart sickened at ' the awful scene before him. On the surface of two square miles it was ascertained that fifty . thousand men and horses were lying. Uviow Mn Huso with a wrap* Vixi ? Stephen Luneford, of Crawford county, was taken by lire secessionists on Monday night, and suspended by the nook with m grape Tine. Hi* executioners, supposing him as good as 1 dead, left him?but he had strength enough to bdIooscd hi* hands, which were tied in front of him with a bridle rein, and. with a powerful effort drew his jack-knife from bis pocket and eut himself loose. The outrage took plaoe four miles from Bourbon Station, and the names of hi* captors were Ephralm D. Harris, W. R. Roach, Win. Andrew, and Harrison and John Hanael. Lunafoxd has come on and jeined the Union troop* in this place.?St. Lout* ymp4r. DirntcRiA m Vermuht?The St. Albans lieaeenger say*: This dreadful disease is preralent to a fearful extent in some part* of the State. In Sandgat*. Readsboro, and Bennington, several death* hare occurred Two children of Mr John Elinn, of Bennington, died recently. They were first attacked with canker nik >n<4 aff?r rnnnlnv m. fa* Hava !)> Hiat. theria satin,rapidly oarrying them off.- Within eight days up to and inoluding last TWfiay, there have been eight funeral* in Cambridge ceased by it. In Bridgewater there hare been : twenty-eight death* of the same diaeaao siuoe la?t au'.uuia, three of the number from one family Iff A I'reebvteriaa clergyman, while walking the deck of a steamer at St Joha, N B , where t*eceesl?Blam kaa eonetderable footing noticing the a merlon tag flying from the rais'bead of a ahlp, tauntingly said to Colonel Paior: "Why doe't you take a slice off that flag, since you have loet a portion of your country"' Venae* like, tbe Colonel quickly replied: "Why don't yon tear ' a leaf from your Bible because a part of your . ehnrch hare alien from grace?" The alargvuian bad no mora to aay ok that euty?et. , The salmon ftsherlrt hiw fairly c$mireoced in tke Canadian atreauie Nr?r Quebec, * a few da ye ago, on# of tbe beet ftsht-nnen of" that city knaked hta Slat ftah 1 ; t UZT Tko?Me *V Atkinson, the well-knapta ft WeiAa eipiMei died s< kta Mldeuce la |Mr 1 Wtimer, Bagiaad, oa tke 13tfc Augu*t, "4 Capacity tl the Cnatry t* Saatata War. Borne peraona, whether timorous or uoinformd, have shrunk baok somewhat aghast at the rospeot of a $500,000,000 loan, with the poaibility of its being doubled or trebled by a ontinuance of the war. bach persona may be eaaaured by comparing our means and probhie exertions with those of Qreat Britain in ler tremendous struggle with France and the lalf of Europe, for twenty-three years, or rom 1793 to 1818. We condense and set down d the neareat millions a few of the most promnent statistics of that continental war. At the commencement of the war, entered ipon by England against the principles and fishes of at least one-third of the nation, the >opulation of England, Wales, and Scotland iu aomewhat leas than ten millions. Ireland nay be "counted out'" as being disorderly ma reoeinoa*, ana requiring a guard over itelf rather than furnishing men and monej for be strife. Daring these twenty-three years, he whole outlay of the British Government vas $8,500,000,000?or, stating it in more strikng form, eighty-flve hundred million dollars ; core than doable the whole property valuaion of Great Britain then, and nearly as much is that of the United States at present. Nearly me-half this enormous sum, or $4,183,000,000 raa expended on the war alone: $1,924,000,000 'or the army; $1,611,000,600 for the naty ; sio6,000,000 for munitions of war; $263,000,000 or subsidies?in plainer phrase, for hiring oreigners to do their fighting. The yearly outlay, in all, averaged $370 000,000, and for he war, whioh was utmost continuous, $182,>00.000 And this immense expenditure was lot. as in our case, made at home, so that the uoney, merely passing fiom hand to hand, vould still remain in the possession and active ise of the nation; on the contrary, a large part >f it, probably more than one-half,was laid oat ind permanently lost in continental purchases, l et, ander the pressure of this tremendous oad, England straggled through the contest, iot only with steps scarce staggering, exoept n two or three years of bad crops, and in the ixed suspension of specie payment by the National Bank, bat with a large increase in tho mm total of her wealth, and an advance in al - <*? v.ot; uiauvu ui luuuBiniti exeruon. The specie was continuously and largely Irawn from the vsulta, till, in 1797, when the loin was reduced to fire and a half millions of lollars, the frightened directors were relieved >y ? temporary permission of the Privy Council to suspend specie payments. The suspenion was afterwards legalized by Parliament, uid continued by fresh enaotments to tho year During the first twenty years of this uspension the entire gold mintage was but ifty-five millions of dollars, while in the seven rears ensuing it was one hundred and fifteen nillion* of dollars. In one single year?the ast?of that great war, the government expenlitare was six hundred and forty-nine millions if dollars, while the specie in the Bank of Engand was but little more than S10,000,000. If it be asked how England not only stood ip, but mainly prospered, against this proligioui drain on her resources for twenty-three rears, the answer lies in the faot of her vast mprovementa in machinery, whieh enabled ler to manufacture for all nations, while her lomination of the sea gave her the outward ind inward oommerce of the world. We are twioe as able asEngland was tooarry in a war, even of that great length and of those luge dimensions; for oar population?saying lotoing of the neutral Btates?is the exact i t ? - - iiuoie, ana our wealth more than the double >f England in 1793. Specie from all quarters >ours to upon ns .o aoeaseUss flood; the money >f our banks and capitalists lies idle and rustng, and our importj are greatly reduoed ; our izporti of breadstuffs are much larger than iver. Under these circumstances it is clear hat we can, if necessary, incur and comfortably oarry a debt of one thousand or even two housand million dollar*, and pny it off, interest ind principal, A. 1>. 1900. Cjr In the case of the Rev. Henrv Budge, tried it Kome, Oneida county, N. Y , the Jury, on the I9;L ult , rendered a verdict of acquittal It will >e recollected that Mrs Budge w?i found In her oed dead, with her throat cut A coroner's jury endered a verdict of suicide, bat a subsequent nquest was held and the husband charged with jer murder. A trial was bad and the above ver11 at was rendered. Ohdmahci Stcdk.ntm ?The Secretary of the S'ivy has ordered sixty men to be selected from >acti receiving ship and sent to Washington In letachmen's of not mere than six at one time, as ibey may be required Thev will be known as trdnance students, and will W taught naval guc1ATV B n<i nnn/ti e?l !!? ?? ' ' ?? ? " - - ? 7 } -?? WJ'^VMIICW ?i/*aiuu^ tn^niri a? ^uuiiers, is vacancies occur. The pay of a gunuer is Sl.OUU ser annum. G*?i Popi to Take thr Fikld ?Gen Pope eft t*t Lou is on Monday for Qulncy, for the pur?om of collecting a sui&clsut force to drive the hteves asd marauders that now infest Northeast Missouri from tbe State Tbe troops destjned for this work will be mainly drawn from Iowa and Missouri, with some regiments from Illinois The place selected as a rendezvous has not transpired, but It will probably be Keokuk. fET Brooklyn has had much excitement from a shocking crim con case, in which Nicholas L. Barlow, a well-known merchant of that city, aski damages of >20.WO for the Infidelity of his wife, John Asker, a clerk, who re-tided In tbe family, being tbe defendant The circumstances arc pMnful In tbe extreme Mrs. Barlow sues for a divorce in the City Court. Cy*The Illinois ;?tate Fair, to be held at Chi cago, commences on Monday, tbe 9th Inst , and will continue throughout the week. Two bun' dred acres of magnificent prairie ground has been appropriated to toe site. lf"~y It Is said that the Secretary of War, at th< commencement of the battle of Bull Run. 1m plored a certain Pennsylvania regiment to "strlk< for their bomet," and they did so at tbe rate oi tea miles an hour. JTCSi?.. Bristol County Agricultural Society wiu iiviw* im lutny-uiiivu annual uaiuc puow anc Exhibition, at the ground* In Taunton on Tues day and Wednesday, the lat and 2d of October. IP* locreaae of receipt* of flour and wheat a Milwaukee, from Jan 6,1800, to Aug 1?, 1*^1, ii raormou* Increase of flour, 140,516 bbla ; oi wheat, 4,230 927 bushels. (fTTwo men are under arrest on suspicion ci Intending to aaaass:nate Governor Plerpont, o; Western Virginia The Richmond government ha* set a price upon Gov. P ' head C7" Army oScars, who bad long been acqniloted with Gen- Magruder, b-liere that tb burning of Hampton ww ordered bv blm in i drunken frolic. The Atlantic House, at Newport, has beet hired -by the government for the locatiso ofi branch of tha Naval Academy there during th< winter. jf~7* Paris letters say the bankers in that citt would take the whole of the American loan, I necessary?Just to spita the London Block Lx change. |?7> Two patches ef snow still remain on th< northwestern side or Alt Medians ? White Moun Uin??at an altitude of about 4,000 feat above th< sea. ?T7" Negotiable paper Id New Orleans, tecura collaterals, a or a dull at three per ceat a month Secesh la rather hard oo caah. [?7* John Mitchell's two sons fought with tb Com derstes at Bull Ruu?the younger beinj brevettod no the field for hla gallantry. UT' It la stated that recently one firm in Slietfieh manufactured In the apace of three inonlha uo lee than 280 tons crinoline steel. Government recruiting in the loyal State average now about 5000 a day, and no iasa mad about Iteftber {?rTbe quantity of eoal mined la Vorkahlre England, last year, w*s 8,300.000 tons. Tb number of collieries is now sbout four hundred fJ^Tbe Memphis Bulletin Is reduced to th slz<* of a sbe't of Isolacap. ^jgTAt flrlale'slate farewell performance la tb frvste: Palece, there were present 11,17* people tT7" The emttrstlon at New York this yeerfall short o?ty sbout* t?u, compared with last year f?7" Otfco, King of Greece, Is about to visit toad mj . a- - c. ? -A The popuMKx ot kmtii ball EDUCATIONAL. M VOCAL INSTITUTE. R8. CECILIA YOUNG Will resume h?r C'4?saea in Vocal Music on Monday next. September S'.h at her reaidenoe, No. 4Hd Eleventh atreet, between H and 1 ate. Tertna made known on application. aea-lmeo Georgetown female seminary, (MllS H A.RBO VKR's.i No. 101 Wut u? bttwni Congrtft and Hith itt. The datiea of thia Inatitutien will be reeumed on the brat Monday in September next. The attention of parenta and guardiana ia partio ularly called to the OlasB in i'aliathemoa, which will be formed on Monday the 9 h ioat, by a graduate of the "Lewia Normal Inatitute of Physical Education." The former pupils are earnestly ?olioi'ed to attend the Class Instructors. Miaa E. W. Wruht, M r?. Cecilia Youne, " M. E. J. Kaufman, Mr W. C. Ber*inan, " M V. Harrover, A- Zappone. M I). M'lle M. Ganlatte, Charlea de Prondrat. C'ronla'R may be obtained at the bookstore*, or 1>t addreasinc the Frini>ii?au "bp 3-1w '"MISS HARROVFR. PLEASANT VIEW SEMINARY.?The duties of this School will be resumed on th? second Monday In ?epterah?r Terms 9160 for board and tuition in the English branches for year of ten months. Address MISS M KEECH, Be 2 2w* Hyattsville. Prince George's oo.. Md. 'j^HE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. Ths Twelfth Annual Session will oommenoe September 2. For particulars iuauire of the Principal Mrs. Z.RICHARDS, ?u 17 lm_ Corner of Fourteenth and K sts. FTAIR HILL BOARDING SCHOOL, 1 FOR GIRLS, At Sandy Spring. Md. This Institution, whioh has been in suocessfol operation for the p&?t ten years, will commence its ei'SuiBB regular term on the 1st of the 10 mo. (October) next. For ciroulars. containing further information in regard to the school, apply to WJl'.H, FARQUHAR, aa 31-aolm* Olney P. O. t GEORGETOWN COLLEGE, D- C. VJ AVSVIT, Ml, The exercises of this Institution will be resumed ot^he first Monday of September. Terms for ttimrd and Toition per annum. $#*?, payable half jfialljt III DUYOIIUO For farther particulars appljr to the President? au 13 Imeo JOHN EARLY, 9. J. /COLUMBIAN COLLEGE. Vy WAOHIN0TON. D. C. The Preparatory Department opens its session ?n Wednesday, September 11th. The Classes in the Philosophical and Clainio*! Department have their first exercises Wednesday, September 25th. for catalogues or further informi'ion apply to G. W. SAMSON. D. D.. au 13-2aw4w (Republican.! President. I AFAYETTE INSTTTUTE. L> A SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES. 367 i street, between 13th ar.d 14th. S, ss|r>n wil1 oominenoe on MONO \ Y. September 9tCirculars at Bookst 'res Reference is made to resident Clergymen, Senators Foot, Foster, Harris, Wade, Trumbnll, Harlan, and others. L. C. LOOM IS, A. M? an 10-3, TAT, lin Pnnoipal. ROOK E VI LLE ACADEMY The next session will commence September 2d. Boys are prepared for college or for business. For oatalofueplease address, at Brookeville, Md , E. B. PRETTYMAN. A M., au ^Im (Intel.) Pnnoipal. T. MATTHEW'S ACADEMY, O Cor. 18th -*t. and Nkw Yorx Av., Washington, I). C. The exercises of fiis Institu'ion will be resumed on the 6>st Monday in September. Terms per session <>f five months, from 87 to 916; payable in uvsnua. * no uermin ana i* renon languages, Musio, Drawinx and Paintinc, form extra oharfes. For particulars apply at the institution. an 24 2weo SCHOOL FOR ? YOUNG LADIES. Mm M. P. DUNCAN will, on Monday, the W of September n*xt, return" her Sohoo! at herresidnnoe, No 31 Indiana avenue She has made arransrments to reoeive a limlted number of pupils as boarders. au 27-?o3w SCHOOL FOR SMALL BOYS, ^ No. 277 I 8t.. Cornkr 17th This 8ch >ol will reopen on Monday. September 2d. Circulars at Hookstores. For further information rail from 8 to 12. RtS?rentt$? Dr. 8. L. Loomis, Professor L. C. Lo 'mu au 3&-ao2w T FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parents who wish their dauchters to raceive a thoroagh and systematic education, whers their piiysioal traimnn will rcceive daily and xpeoia. attention, under the must approved system o! Calisthenics and Gymnastics, are respectfully invited to visit the Union Female Aoademy, oorner Four t?* th st. and New York av. MR. & MRS. Z. RICHARDS. ?ntf Principals. E NOTICE. NTIRE STOCK OK DRY GOODS SELLING OFF At Grxatly Kbducbd Pricis To Close Buai'jeas. The undersigned. Truat?e of R. Brioe Hall, w >u d ruosi reapeotfu lj call the attention of R. B Hail's farmer patrons And tne public in general to the fact that ha is now and will oontinue to sell all tbe remaining stock on hand at greatly reduced prices, to close out the business as apfcedily aa possible. THEO. SHECKELS, Trustee. N. H.?Mr. Hail having for a Ion* time occupied two stores?No. .173 and 375?this la to aotifT aJi persons that the goods of both store* have Deen placed in Store r o, 37 3, where all persons in i search of bargains should n<~>t :ai 1 to can. au 31 eo6t THEO. SHECKELS, Trustee. _ GREGORY'S a T U V K H O U S K, 3)11 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. 321 Kmm 0'iudtan'lj on hand a complete assortment of STOVKS, j>t<A I'liS, and RANGES; rf| alio. CAMP EQUIPMENTS of all kinda,,?* lr.oludinr Camp Stoola, Camp Tables, Oamrfln Motm, Frouoh Drinking Cups, oommon TiDTTMc i Cup., Tin Plat**, to ; and a ?<? teral a*aoi tin?nt of Tin, Enameled, Japanned ana Plannished Ware. ' All kiooi of Tin, Coppor anu Snaet Iron Wo k made to order in a workmanlike manner and at abort notice i frr Remember, SSI Pa. avenue, eeoond door from Seventh tt, south aide. auB eo2?r H. J. GREGORY. W BOYS' CLOTHING. E Have received vnthm the laat day or two a large assortment of BOYS' SPRING CLOTH i I N<? .embracing all styles of low-prioed. melium, aart fine ?ualitie?, which we are selling a t very low arises for caah. ' WALL. STEPHENS * CO., 38? Pa. av., between 9th and 10th sta. J m 23 (Intellieencer an<1 Repuhlioao.) f SCHOOL BOOKS, O WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, r A full sapplj on hand at exceedingly low prioea, I both for pnbiio and private sohools Kerl'a Grammar fur introduction at 2n rents. Kerl'a Primary do. do. a <ienta. WM BALLANTYNE.4US7th at, t seSlw Above Odd Fellows' Hall. f IT 8. MAIL STAGE LINE Between Waah mgton and Rockvilla leavesxTS>a^<t-^ Martin'a Botel, oor. 8th and O EVERY MORNING < Sunday a ex-BcB3eEi52 f cepted) at 7 o'o ook, an1 I. C. Conod# a. oor. man and Beall ata_. Georgetown, at 9 o'olook; returning daily. On JMondaya, Wednesdays, and Fridays, throagh to Pooleavllle; Tuesdays, Thuradaya and Saturday a to Frederick; returning next day a. ? an 22-lra* BKNJ. coiiVkv. 1 A RESUMED BUSINESS. ifv 1W1 The Underaigued would inform hieAwA V fpfrienda and the public that he harV V taken nouao on Ninth at., between D and K, where he will M^in do buaineaa aa a lieenaed FAWNBROKER. Fair dealing in all biauieea traneaciions. jegl 3m* ENOCH WARD. PO T A r O E 8! POTATOES! 00/00 buahela prime Western Meroere will be eold thia wuon at No. ? Peunaylvania ? ., corner of Seoond at Firat oar load arrired to-day. 6ire ua a trial, and we ahall give yon aabaiaotion. Ohio, Indiana and Kantuoky money, in good atand'nr. taken at par. _ _ au ?-tT J. W. STEELE A CO. Butter, cheese, AND EGGS. 60 firkina Freeh New York Butter, sA buoketa, amah and large aixe, 26 kega gool Cooking Butter, 4*> b#zea prime Cheeae. 1 Pot aale at 450 Eighth at.between Pa. arenae and D ?t- <au 31-<k*) L> K. D1 TR>?W. 4KAT THE OLD PAWN OFFICE. /Ay X I C Steiit, r*\ g 0 II B*ek of tk* National Hotel. Q 0 Moat liberal advaaoea made on Gold and nlver Watone#, Diamonoa, J eve nr. Silver war.-, Cloth? ing, Pietole, and all kiada of Marohaadiae, Bnai 4Sl(sufiPsl^^Z. SUMMER RETREATS. SKA ItATHINti AND 8AFK RKTRKAT. At Pout Looe-Out. Martlank. This oe ebrated Bathing Plaoe. situated at the JbDOtloD of the Potomac River with theA ?. . A Chesapeake Bay, will be opened Or theycaAy undersigned on the IMh of June, id the JJUHX vary beet style, lor all pers<>*8 who ir? with * safe and euiet retreat, where they can nave the benefit of the beet salt water bathing and eqjoy the delieaciee of the water, itioh aa Fiah of ail kinds. Oysters, Crabs, 4.0. r.very description of fishing taokle will be kept for the aooommodation of guests A fine livery stable kept on the tarra fleo, ten-pinalleys and billiard saloons: with other amusements usually found at euoh places. The table will be supplied daily with fresh vegetables from the garden on the premises and from

the Baltimore and Washington markets. The he?t Liquors and Cigars will al ways be found at the Bar. Board, 93 p?r day; one week, $13; seoond week, #! >; four weeks for 9%; ohildren and ooiored servant-. half-prioe. The tt:??mer St. Nioholas leaves Washington Tuesday at 6 a ro. and lia'timor* Friday at 4 p. hl ' i _ ii" a. rk 1 _ - f ?- ^ in. ineuikti pisi s o'oiook p. in. train irom w Iksnington will oonneet at Baltimore with the boats, reaohing feint Lookout daily ; a so, a tri weekly Knee from Washing ton, by way of Leonardtown Add'ean the proprietors, at Point Lookout, Washington. D C., or Alexandria, Va. m SI HEFLEBOWEK fc CO . Prop'rs. ~ "dentistry. JH. PEABODY, M. D-, Surgical AND M? ciiarical Dentist, having taken^?^ rooms at No. 276 Pa. avenue, betweenftoHfiV 11th and 12th sts., two dors east of the^*'1 " * Knkwo-xi House, respectfully solioits a share of the public patronage, in the various branches of his profession. jy 15 2m* TEETH. LOOM 19, M. D., the inventor and patentee ofthe MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at tends personally at hi* office .n this cHr ftpflss^ Many persons can wear theee taeth whn^tlLLD o%EEot wear other*, and no person oan wear other* who cannot wear these. r'eraons calling at my o(Roe can be aocommooated th any style and prioe of Teeth they may desire; but to those who are particular and wish the purest, cleanest, strongest, and most perfect dentare that art oan prod nee, tne MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Rooms in this city?No. 339 Pa. aTsnoe, between ?th and LQtb sts. Also, 907 Arch street, Phi.adel phia. oo H tf GAS FITTING, &c. AWM T. DOVE A CO. RE Now prepared to exeoute any erders wllk Winch they mar be faTored in Uie PLWMBIN6, ?AS OR STEAM FIYT1N0 BUSINESS. Store on ?th street, a few doors north of P?. avenue, where rr.aybe (bund a ccmnlete assortment of CH ANDELIERS and other ?AS, STEAM and WATER FIXTURES. iatT-1* 1 SNYDER, * PLUMPER ASI> OAS FITTER, Has renvrred to the corner of Twelfth and F sts, Ua i> . ~.a i i " taoia r.O|K?H7U w IHIIUUUOO w Sbicr tDO Ml UVOD the raoat favorable terms, and guarantiee entire eatiefaotion. He has on hand a lot of COOKING and other STOVES, whioh he will aell leaa tLan ooat, aa he viahea to set rid of them. no 1? SAS FIXTURES. E Have in atore, and are dai.y receiving, 8AS FUTURE Sot entirely New Pattern a and Deaigna and Finieh, auperior in erne to anything heretofore off-' *1 in thia market. We invite citixena general It tc tail and examine oar atook of Gas ana Water Fix iree, feelm* oonhdent that we have the beat elected atook in Waehington. A!. Work in the above line intraeted teearoara Will be promptlj attended to, MYEks * MeSHAN. mar l-tf 8T6 1) atreei. Of ICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF CAS METERS. WilHIMTO*. J?lT II. 1M. prOTICW IS flXREBY gTtBtJ. That, agreeably to the proviaiosa of the ordinance of fhe Corporation approved May U. IM0, the underaigned ia now prepared, "whenever recbireC ia writing, and on pre-payment cf the fee of fifty eenta, to lnapect. examine, test, prove, and aeoertain the aooaraoy of registration of any gaa meter In nee in thia oity." Kvurv tfrnnnH w,,tl 1 ?vvi wv?, wiu UV UUUUOUUiWl ted another, eeaied and marked h true, will be tetini't f mo. If proved to be aoon-a?"e in ito roea^si ament of cm. it trill be eealea acco-ainjlj, and fcf?ic ?ut in eoeltion for u?e. <?oe No. *10 Sereiith street, (near Cdd Kel Hal I J" iimc from I a. in., to ? ? m. CHAKUKS W. CUNNINGHAM, Jy II-tf Inspector and Sealer of 6a? Meters. ^jCHWtRITS ' the ot'* known and beet artiole te -r^*?exterminate r Roaohen, lied Baft, AnU, Moths, Flies. ^**'l*y1 ''agdon Worina > It contains no roil**, SPHWERIN'UPII I ??- - ** w * v * w ? t uukj iai v au i v uvoku b*i i\nvo and Mioe. M. Schwerin Um reonived certificates from the President of Girard College, Direotors of House of Refuse, Pennsylvania Hospital, and other Prominent Instltatioua of Philadelphia ; U. S. Jail. Waahinjtoii, D. C.; an J Charity Hospital, New OrlMna, La The original certificates can be seen at the Wholesale and Retail Depot 124 North Seoond street, Philadelphia, aud for sale m this city by D. 0. CLARK, oorner Pa. avenne and 4>4 sts., and by all Prurcista and Grocers. BEWARE 5F SPURIOUS IMITATIONS. Remember to ask for Sohwerin'a Anwhilatui Powder. ID* None lenaiia aniesesiened M.Hcbwuin. ma 15-ftmeo - WjtoSt FOR STAMPING A PACKET OF PAPER S f AND ENVELOPES NO TO MATCH, I at us CHARGEJ METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. PHI LP * SOLOMONS, Atmti f*t Lmmr ?<?'? ul*bft*d Lium F*rtri "Mitw'iiH Hills," 4*e., ?-?. ? M-ly bet. 9th and loth sts. THE EUROPEAN HOTEL, KEPT BY P, EMRICH. at the corner of Petin.R . ? A avenue and Eleventh street, baa bseninkV greatly improve*: recently and now offersJMflUL greater inducements for the patronage oi ciDmena and atra&gera f nan any other pnblic huuM in the oitf, hia pno?? being leaa than thoee of any other hotel on Pecn. arenue, tnd hia aoconiroodationa for permanent or transient boardera unexceptionable. The bar and reat&nrant arrangements of the European Hotel hare already feeoome rery pop a [ar. being all that oan be deaired by the moat faa Hdi:>ua. The proprietor pledgee unremitted attention and oontinned liberal exeemllturee to gire eat iafantion to all, and thna renews hia inntarion ?? all to five the Ksro?**n Hot<?i a nail. , de 4-U WTRAVKL1N? TRUNKS. E Offer fpr a%le the largest aeeoit?nt o 5KAVELIN6 TKUNK# to be fount iDagn is city, oompnsiu EVtt So.a LeauieiMIR Ladies' Dress and raoking Trunca, Va-^^^"4 [io??. Carpet Rage, ho., whioh we are now sailing at rery low prioee. WALL. STEPHENS * CO.. a? t? <?!i P?nn.t??n>e. f ? CASH NOTICE. . _ unmimi 01 our n&v.uc to fty oa?h tor every article o( gooda we purohaae. we Are fV>reed to recinoe oar baaiueaa to Caah exclusively, for the present. Weh*v? ip atore & r?ry large aaaortmeat of READY-MADE CLOTHING for man and boyi' wear, whicn are aeilioj; at a much lower rate than naually. WALL. 8TEPH ENS A CO.. SSW Fa. avenue, between 9th and 10th at*. 1? t ilotftl. A Peguti.) ^ATCHREPAIRWG AN DS^VER WARS 1 have one of the beet establishment*, and fnrniahed with a complete aetof tool* for repair- _K m? every description of fine Watchea. and particular attention give to the aame,by aflB tho ?h ooinpeteut workman And a., work BMHLD ue^ ^Al?o, every deeonp ion or standard sFlVEH Wi RE. plain and ornamental, maaufaotoreoninler Ay own supervision. which my enatomera will find fir amperior in enaiity ana finish to northers war* ee ? Pa. avenne. pear?fc | -fcUPONT'8 GUNPOWDER. ^"?K2W2i5Ss^ ? I BDH JOHNSTON, ALTIMORI LOCK HOSPITAL, W?i dtitftrid tkt ?W'i 0?rMM, 5mmIy Mi ?If Kjftctual Ktwwi9 tm i4? Wvtld, FOR ALL D1SEABE8 OF IMPRUDENCE. ATO FALSE BEL1CACY PREVENT APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CORE WARRANTED. OR NO CHAROB, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. WitkniM of 'A* Bx:k, Siricisraa. Afaetionaof tha IM ayaand Bladder 'WOtarfM, kfNMhGo? ril Dability, N*l*ohm?m, Oyioapay, L&urvor, Coafuioo of ld?ai, Ujw Spir.-j. ? pwou of tha Haart, Timidity, Trtmbiinfa, Diauiu of lifai or Giddiotaa, Diaaaaa of too Haad, Throat, Nuaa or Skin, Affactiona of tha Linn, Stomach or B"wala?thaaa Ttrnblt Diaordira truing from Solitary Habiuof Youth?ihm Drtadfnl and Daatruetiva Prac IK? which raider Marnaia impoaaibla, and dlitn; both Body aad Mind. YOVNO MEN who ha?o become tha victim* of Solitary Ttc*. that draadfnl and doatracu** habit which anaaaliy eweepe I* an timely jrara thcoaanrie of Yoorf Mau of tho n,?*l eialtad talaou and brilliant intallact, who might otharwiaa hsra ciitrinccd Iilf?mnv lUnafa* rnK iKMfulaf* nf ?aenee or waked to ecitacy the living lyre, may Ml) with II eonldence. MARRIAGE. MiRRIBD Puiom.or Toiiif Mm c?UirpUilii| Marntrt, being iwiri of rhyeieal witkciM, organic debility, derarmitiae, ftc., apeedily cared. H? whoplacet hireeelf ander the care of Dr. J. Bay religieaaiy eonide id hie boo or ai gentleman and canldeauy rely upon hit (kill aa a pbyeician. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. left band aide going from Baltimore etreet, a few doore froaa tha corner. Fall not to obeer?e oania and nam bet. Lattay maet be paid aud contain a etamp. DR JOHNSTON, Me^abaraf tha Royal College nt Sargeone, London, gradeata from ont of tha moat eminent College! ib tha United Sutet, and tha riaatarfart of whiiee lifa haa been apant in lb a noepula of Loo dun, Pa ru, Philadelphia and eleewbere, haa effected eome of tha moat aetoniehing earn that ware ever known; many tumbled with ringing in the head aud eare when aalaep; great neraoaaneea, beta* alarmed at eaddta aoanda, baahfalneaa with freqatnt Uaenir.g, attended eonetimee with derangement of mind, were eared nued lately. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. o?n| i*itn sou nintn wno n?t? injured ihvidipi'II vj a rum prtcucc indulged id whan ?Jon?? h?bti frtjetcUy learned from e?il companion*, or at echool, tha effect* it whiCB art nightly felt e?en when eeltep, and if not cared, render* narnafa imp-iatiMt, tad dttimyt both Bind tad bodt, abonld apply trrinediatel?. Thf ? art ? of iht tad and roelaochoiy effeeteprodofed by tarlr habit* of Tuath. m: Weaknttt of th* Back and Ltinbt, Pain* in th* Head, Oimnc** of 8ight, Lot* of Mate o,ar Power, Palpitation of ui* Heart, Dytptpey, Nervosa irritability, Derangement of the Digeetiee Fnucuone, Ototral Debility, Symptom* of Contampuoti, Ac. MinTilh -The fearlol effecte on th* ntod ere mn'h t* be dreaded?Lo** of Memory, Confmion of Idea*, Depreeeioa f Spirit*, EtiI Foreboding*, Aeeraion of Socitty, Btlf-Dietraat, Lot* of Solitude, Timidity, *tc., *r* eoma of th* etile produced. NtR?OLT? DBBILITT.?Thwiearde can now )udg* whet i* th* cauee of their declining he?lth, Inemg their vigor, becoming weak, pale, neraoue and emaciated, having a tinr?lai appearance al-out th* *y**, cough or eymptotne of coeeajbpUMI. DISEASES OF IMPK VDESCE When the mi*goid*d and nnf rudent votnry of pleetart ?nd* h* ba* imbibed rt,? *eed* of tl.i* pMnful dittatt, it too often happen* that an ill-umeii *eu*e of sham* or dread of ducovery deter* him from apply lug to thoee who, from aducatiou and re*p*ctability, Can alon* befriend him R* fall* into the hand* of ignorant and designing jretendere, who, incapable ! coring, filch hie pecuniary eobetaiice, keep him trilling month after month, or aa long a* the emalleet fee cao be obtained, and 10 deepair leare him with rained health to eigh e?er liie gilitug dieappointnianlj or by the ue of that deadly poieon ? Mercury?f atten the conotitunoaal eymptome of thte terrible dieeate, eoch aa Affecuooeof the Heart. Throat, Head, kin, Ac., progreeeinr with frightful rapidity, ull death pa*.e a period to hie areedfaf toffermgt by tending hint o ifcat unditcettrtd coamr* from wboae baarne as traeeler ratern* DR JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY y thti jr*at and imrorux 1 r*m*dy *itknui af lb* trfui ata apaadily carad and fall 'i|n raiiarad Tb?uud( of tha But n?rT?*? and dabilitatad, Wba hid ImI all bapa,b**S kiin inm*diat?ly r?li???d All m:p?dim*nt* is Marnag*, PbyolcaJ ar MaataJ Diaqaalllcauon, Lm> of Pr?cr??u?? rotir, HiriMi Irritability. Traiabling u< WiikniH u Cibaaauoc af ih? bmi faaxfal hiad *p**aily carad. ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS. TBI Malty TMOt'iiRDi carad at thx iaatitauaa vilhio lb a laat iituii yaara, and th* naraaraaa important *ar glial aparatiooa parnrmad b* Dr. Jabnatan, wila**a*d by ih* ripwtin W thi pa pan aad way otbar paraaoa, aaucaa at wfiich luia appaarad tfua aad again barora lha pablie, baa'.daa hia atari ding aa a gaDtlaman of eharactar and r*atoc*lbUtty, ia a aCeitot gaararit** ta tba aflictad. mar lt-ly PROPOSALS FOR REVENUE VESSELS. Tiuicit Dipa*tm*!*t, i Washington, September 3, 1861 C The Department will receive propvaa.a, acsotn panied by mo<1el?t plan*, and ?p?cifioati<m? until 12 o'clock Monday, *th t^eptemher, lS6i.fortho AOmnlA'A Annitl nrtlAB nH PO i11 n .r.ant i * T?a Steam Screw Revenue Ve^aeia of7M tons each, and of Three Steam Sorew R^vecue Veaaei* of ?*">? tor* eaoh United Mates measurement. Proposals will only he considered from scooeasful ateim hip but dera actually eagagetin that husi- 1 nesa,acd the name of the marine steam engine ea tat Jiahnierr at which tha machinery ta to be made ir.'i it he rta'ed and will have due weight The lead draft ol water of the vesse a of 7S0 tona n>i;at notexce^l ten (10 fe?t, and they wi'l b?aim?d with one rifled pivot gun of *,ono lb?. weight, two 32 pounder tuns ot 42 owt, and one haevv navy 24 pounder howitzer on "he top ga l?nt forecaatie. The complement f.?r each veaaei to be rereona, carry ing proviaiona for aixty days, au i 2.?0u g %ilor a of wat?' mtauka; o be furnished with a ooidencer 1 for diatilling potable water. The veaseia to i.? schooner rigged, w th firing 1 tatf topsails, tquare sal , and yard to etfi'nc. 1 The load draft o' water of the vessels of 600 tons 1 most not exce?d 8>4 fret, and they will be armed, men. wnn one 1new p.vm gyn 01 b,?w t>p. weigni, two 33-pounders of 42 owt., and one light navj 34 1 pounder howitzer on the top ga'lant forec\stte. The eoinflement for each vein! will be 9S p?r 1 sons, carrying provisions for s>xty days. and si,000 gallons water in tanks, and to be furmshrd with a oopdeus r lor distilling p tab.? water. The vessels to be subooner riggrd, with flying caff topsails, square sai , and yard to set flying The prnposals *>ust be for the hall, sptrs, ruling, tails and oa'.vas work, mait coau. .iwniius, rammaoks and baf, b>*ts, anchors and cah!?s. tar.ks, ca?ks, bii uacl bells, lurniture for oalnns and mess rooms, oo^kicg apparatus and utensils o^mplete, steam itachinei y, spare wotk^coal bunfce-s filled with Buok Mountain ooal. with all the equipment* and ou fits of every kind, and in all respects ready 'o receive her offioers. m?n. pruviro"i, and a moment, and at once proceed to sea The, rautica. instruments, and charts only wil be provided by the Govarament. w It lfl dMirfthU tn ?*t* r*.hU speed, which inu*t be stated in the offer,together with the lergth of time it oan b? maictamvd a>u: the quantity of ooai that can be carried in the burkers for that peed, which should not be leas than ten days ol t*enty four honrs each . The speoifioations mutt describe fully the material to be used; the manner ard sue of fattening; the detail of the size finish, and ar ancement of the machinery, and nf the various equipments and outfit* included m the proposa . The plarn mutt be working drawing* from whioh the vea ei and maohine'y ein be bout, ahowing the ai otment of apace for aocomraodations, a team room inngasiEet,shell rooms diapoaitinn of ooai, at.d convenient atowage must be provided. It la to be understood that in the contraot a guarantee will be inaerted of the fulfilment of the oondition of draft ol water, apeed, fuel, aatiafactory working pf the machinery, and uther points required. with a forfeiture in oase of failure. The bidders mutt atate the least time from the signing the oontraot or acceptance ol the proposal within whioh they will agree to complete the vessels ready for sea and deliver th*m at any ports they may name. The total amount for which t>e>y will encage to do all that is required in'he fore going advertisement, and to be embraced in their speoiSoa'ions and plans, must be stated, aad the bids must be aooompamed b* the guarantee required by ?w that, ifawaided, th-y will execute the oontraot. ^ Payments will be made at four different intervals ax tne work progresses, retaining one-fi.Ui >16) ?f the whole amount for ninety (W) days slier the delivery ol the vessel, to repair any defects that mar be disoovet* d within that time en trial at eea. 1'he l)f??artm?it reaervea the runt to aoo?*pt the propoa&la made in ooafornutj with the ocnditiona preeoribed which it may oonaider moat to the lntaraats of tha Govercment and to combine the greateat number of idnoUfM, and to reject toy or all of th?m at ita option A oompetent peraon will be appointed by the Deft*' tip act to auperintend thee onatruotion and ea uipment of eaoh of the Teeaelar The spfcihoatioM, plena, and raodela of parties not obtaininc oontracta may be withdrawn by them s.p. ch&8k, aep 4 8taw Seoretarr of the Treaery. TUb SUBSCRIBERS REBPKcM kul.L.y m*ita the attention of the Army aud ^ Navy to their foil ?up?i* of MILlTAgY^? ana NAVAL Pi/RN^HINS WK aucb m Indigo Blue Cletha and Doeakin*, flf Cap?, Kpauleta. I.aoe*, fnoulder ptrape,"^ * Betta, Sworda, Sword Knota, Capa, Hata, and all reaeective embroider* Aiai>,th? celebrated PATvht filtk ring cant^kn. Ortera in that line reaeeetfelly aolicited. H FTLOUDON * CO., Naval aad Military Merahact TeiUra, _Jy 18-acrtrn 3W'J Pa. ar.. a ode Bmwe'a Hotel. WE OFFER TO MILITARY MEN a larra .Mil. (.a?t?fCl MV.mI hi rt bi a Smm pi. wlnoft we ibtiU . oMii nmhmn In n11 !im twfor* tfckin# Umu ;. i... jass^O^L! ^ ^ P*0?l*'l CiOtk'Df 8tor#, 8ateBB??g& IA Tifik THE WEEKLY STAR. nil aofUni Ftally ui Nwt J o matron talalnf a fr-eter nrWT of Interesting me4tn^ tban cab be found la uj other?is published ?* Friday mornlcg TIMI?CeU, WMriaiJf, M U?Mli Single copy, per ann am ...?I W Ftf? eopl* 4 7? Tea copi? t ft) Tvuty-lfr coplaa SO M It invariably contains tb? "Waahlaftoc News' tbat has made Tk* ZJetiy Areata* ?** circulate ao k cd wall y Uirou*bcu? the ceaatry IITtMngle coplse (la wrappaas) oaa be procured at tbe counter. Immediately after the IBM of the paper. Price?THREE Ct?N#B J\avy bkef and pork for ism Nm DiniTum. _ ) Baraaa mmd ClMkm*.} Al|Ul K, 1W. \ SlALIU P*opr>t*L?, endorsed " PrO|?Mli f--r Beef, and " Propoeale for Pork,"#* LM oaee ma* t>?, will be reoeived at Uu o oe nt lo'tiowt. m. on Wadnaeday. the 25th day of SeatsxnbeT aa*t for furnishing and deliver; na, free of aU eoai aad riak to the Liu tad Stale*, at the following Nary Yard*: Barrel Beef. Bar rait Port. AtCharleetown, Man... -SJOO 4JM> At Brookly n. N. Y. 4i0 I.W At Philadelphia, Pean.. ),oo> IJ? ,000 One half of aaid Beef and Pork mn?t be dsjrer 4 at eaoh ol the abovwnaroed Tarda, reee*eu ve r by the lat diy of April, 1162; and the remaTain* half by the lat day of Jane, 1*8. nnesa earlier dalivartae ahould be r*qaired by 'he Chief of tkie Buraaa. Pa* ment to be made within thirty day a altar (??Bidders meet eaaeify their f riaee a tear at ah- and diaunotiy in separate of era lor the l>ef aa<l for th < ^ork, and for each of the plaoaa of daUvary. suTrriDK ?.< czpenvna ana ail ohtrtM The b?f mure be from we 1 fattened cattle, angbtered b?twer-c the lit < a; of Ootober. IM1, and the 1st day of January, 1962, and vein bint not leu tnan ?ix hundred pounda, Dett weight, each. The lega and leg randa of the hind aaertera.aarf the ahina and ahou der oloda, the ahouldera of matton and eada of atiokiag pi'cea, and at ieaet Ivs re p unda from the neck end of each fore-quarter, or the parta marked Nne. 1,2, S, 4, and 5. on the draw inc or de'ineetmn of the fore and hind quartera of an ox. which will lie attached to aad form a part of tne contract, muat be wholly exoiuded from eaoh barrel; a i the other pieoea are to be packed, mud. M?.<(?act of 6?ti| cut vitk a (Jmmt. mun U cut tk'outh with a Jatr and k?t/t to ri*f tkt aua^a squarr, mtcit. and nmootk apptata?ff, ta rite*t of not less than ritkt pounds, a or wi*r? Ik am twtlmm pound* omek. _ I'hi Pork maat he packed from eora-fed, weH fattened hogs, aiaaghter>d betwt^c the 1 at day of Deopmber, 1861, and the 1st day of January, ll?. and waighit g not leoa than two handled poti?d? each, exolndin; the heada, jolea, necka, ahouidera. nmm, ifb?, iboi, uuna, rumpt, i?ra. ana ail refuee pieo*?, and mutt be out with ? tatc mm4 kmt/? IB pieoea weighing not leea than aix pounda. aor Bora than twelvejpoaafl* eaer. Both the B ?*f and Fork mrat baaaltad with at leant one atatuta bathel of Turk'e laaa-t, leleof May, Key Weat aolar. Onoadaga solar, or 9t Ube'a salt, and the Beef ir aat have Ira oooaea of fine pulverized aa It pet re to eaoh barrel, eaouaire of a p:ekle. to ba made from freeh water aa ?trong aa *a t will niake it, aiid muat be perfeetiy bright and < tear. Kaon barrel muat oontain ftall SOP pnands aett weight of beef or pork, and no exoeea of weight is either artiole will be paid for. The barrela muat le entirely new, and ba it. vr.? of the beat ae&toned heart of wnite oak atavee and hsadmga; the atavee to be notieea than five eigbtha of an inch thi?k. and the headiigs not leaa i.ian t&ret-furthaofan inch thick; they muat ba threafou~tha hooped over, 1 colliding tua iron hoopa, with beet white oak or hiokory hoopa, and eaoh barrel muat have on it four iron ho >pa. vis oueofoneanda ha. 1 inch iu width on <-acb hi ?*, aud one of one and aa eighth iaoh in width oa eaoh online, atd each to r>e of one aixteenih of an inah I. ink Va.iti Karral inuat of thirty two gallon* an-i the iron hoop* must be well {Minted with red lead. t- ach barrel mint be branded by burning on ;ta head " Navy B->ef," or * Navy Fork," a* the oa?e ina> be. with the contractor'* name and tli y?ar wurn packed, and weight; and ?ha<l also b* braoled on the bung stave with the letter B.or P., aa lae oa.?e ma? be. The beef and pork will, unless otherwue di acted by the Chiefof thia Bureau, be l napoo tad br the inspecting offioers at the mspeotive Navy laie? &fuye?aid,a d bt aoine "iworo inspector of aaltod provisions,*' who will be aeieeted by the respective ooumaLding oftoera; nt their ohargea for aucn mapectiona moat be paid by th" respective contractors, who innat likewiae have the barreta pat la good ahipping order, to tha aatialacUon of the ooiaraandati.a of the reepcotive Navr i etd* aforeaaid, alter inspection, ami at their own eapcnee. Two or more approved turetie* m a sum equal to one na I the estimated amount of the ooutract wHl be required, and twenty par oentpm in addition will be withheld lrom the amount of each payment to be made, aa ooLateral security for the due aaa faith al periomanoe of tha respective ecu tracts, which w li no no aoaount be ptid until the con tract* are oompiied with in all reepecU ; and is to be forfeited to the l/nitel Plates in the evant ?>f ure to complete the deliveries withu the are cubed period. in caae of failure on the put or the contractor to deliver all or My of the beef or pork above mentioned, ct the %ua ity aad at the time aid p ace* above provided, the contractor will for felt ted HJ to the United eta tee, u.oi damage*, a sua of oos*t muI to tVtoa tm atnoant of the iwabkot prio* t? be paid in ovi ?[ the ac.ual delivery thereof; which. 14 uidatad dvm age* may r? reoovereo from time to bite a* |JWT aocue Paymeut will be maoe by the Lnited ^tat-n at tn? period* above specified. (ex ousting the twenty per oentum to be withheld until the oompletiou of the oobtract, a? before ?tated > *JW the said beef and pork anai bare been iu*peoted aiK received,arid bill* for the same ehali have beea piMit-iited to the navy a.*ecu, re?pectivei*, duly approved by the oommaiidatU of the reepnouv* nav? yards, aooording to the terms of the so* raet Tkc parti of brnf to b? txrludui tcdl b* particm Imri|r d-txgnattd t* tkt mrranng to be Marked te Ik* ror tract. rtrtomt tnlore.ittd cam obtain lkm* os application at I Aw n/Lct. H?oder? whos? proposal* shall be accepted (and none others) will be forthwith notified, a ad as early as practicable a eontraot will be transui.tteo to them for execution, wtueh ooqtract mast be returned to the Bureau within ten cays, ezc.usive tif the time required for the regular transmission of the man. Areoord. or duphoateof the letter informing a tid ter o( the acoeptanoe of hia proposal, aiUtw deemed a notification thereof within the meaning of the aet of 1846, aod hi* bid will be made M.U ac cepted in oonfi>rmity with thia uuders lancing. Every offer made mu.t be accompanied (a* directed in the 6th section of the aotof Ccrm id a km* appropriations for the naval tervide for 1848 '47,approved 10th of Auguat, IMS.) by a writ ten guaiactee. signed b* one or more responsive per?on*. to the effect that he or they a ncertahe that the bidder or bidder* will, if his or taeir bid be accepted, enter into an obligation within ten days, with good acd sufficient sureties, to larniah the article proposed. Shis sua an tee must be eooompa&i?d by the eersate of tiie United htates district juJge, United ftates district attorney, or navy agent that the guarantors are able to make good their gaa antee. No propoeai will be oonmidered malets aoeompa med by i uoh guarantee. The bidder'* name aud re?tde?oe. and the aarr.e of Mch member of the firm, wh*re a company offer*. with the Christian names written la fall. mast be Oitunotly staled. Uoder the joint reeolotion of ConrraM. apr-orrt 27th March, ISM, "all bids for snppliee oTprovlaiona, o.othin*. and email store* for tha as* of the nary, maj be rrieot?d at the option of the Depart meet, if made by on* not knuwi ait maaawc tarer of or raialar dealer in th? artiole proposed to be furnished. wmoh fact, or the reverse, maat be distinctly staled ia the bids offered. an 24 lawdv r^tMALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL I4 ALEXANDRIA. TA. Mra. 8. J. MoCORMlCR. Pxmcirsj. The thirteenth annnai aeeaion of tnia InrtiUbsc win oommeaoe oaTuesday,Mftnbtr l?k. in the houae rpo^ct y ooaup.Ni by feyiraster Hoodt, Ml, u,fte'H^$ur?astiagie cat.oc, and Maaio, Praaou, Laiia aac Draviac, if ic addittoa to day aoholars. Mra. MeCormiok is ion. I?hf MJ52J8ibi2|t0 mT SIS oaf. _ _ ' em-. km , &ca><>i><: f w >in B fa ^asSEyi. .Mfee; Btoer KveLiui !*t*- Betjvmit W*lrt Em J*? |> r,: y i n J r , Cei^J , Ui^ni, ^figazatsSShaawaBR Mu?m>p4 Lm? Maft frnlMHf mm. _ C7* No otr* ahftrgM. 11V >' A k>, Pookot Mam of all kiwi*. mUim1 r.un> nrutiai from tl K u A* ^r,KgKiflB . KlCBfTKIM'8 NHjpe* B *>k?tor?, ail (lattLft E?*?h.) ?re p*. ?*? . Q U N BO A_*_? thia omo?, ud M rftMl of QesrtermeLtor. u P t?bw*. Gtieinnat . St. Loan ud * '*? Bo*t? fo \? Of *t Curo. Bo? ttionK to mmt toH*%11 "J**"" MMof tto UiMIMn AianalWMfai&tu.L. by l* Amrt,^ ifl> Brit.C^n^Q^^J^?g?>L .v^wbbs?

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