Newspaper of Evening Star, September 10, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 10, 1861 Page 2
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' - THE FVEWVC STAR.1 ' ' WAS1HNOTOXCITY: ' TUESDAY %rp\rmt*r 10, 1*61. <>tk FnntiM at the vaxlpu* military cam pa and fMaittona will confer a favor by keeping oa posted u to movementa and afffclra In their vicinities. spirit *1 the *l*rnlaf Preaa The Intelligencer remarka upon the Inronalstenclea abown by tboee who have cried pence and deprecate every movement ?f the Government for IH own protection, wbile they witneaa with com pb?ceacy tb? f reasonable operations ?f the ConMmfen. The MtpwHitnm etpatlates upon the " Military Miration '* THE NEWS HERE. Tri Policx Afpoistmsht* ?We present today, the names of persons who hare just been designated for trial as policemen under the late law of Congress, and who are will be aeen, to present themselves before the Commissioners at the Aldermen's Chamber, to-morrow, at noon, to take the necessnry oath of office. The list. It will be seen, Is mede up of sober, discreet, settled, re liable cltlzena, and old residenta of Georgetown and Washington,worthy mechanics?bricklayers, stoner utters, carpenters, blacksmiths, plasterers, painters, bookbinders, plumbers, tailors, printers, Ae ; men of families; Democrats, Republicans. Old-line Whigs, and Know-Nothings; foreigners mid natives, Catholic* and Prrtestants. Men who Are Dot abou'.der-hitters, rabid partisan*, or pothouse politicians; but zealons Union men, loyal to 'he Government, and tine to the old flag ; a majority of them having served their ihree months in the defense of their horr.<-a aud fire-!d< s Wc cordially congratulate the Police Commissioner* upon the wisdom of their choice; they have certainly shown good judgment, and been fortunate 1b the persona selected fr?r trial, embracing the ery best material for polio-men in our community. When the department is fairly organized, end time given for the perfect drilling and in traction of tbe member? thereof, under the wellqualified superintendent, W. B Webb, Ksq., we< may confidently hope to realize what we have fceretofore sometime* read about ? a " model police" FoB HoitOBABLT OlSCHAKSID SoLBIEBS.?We have seen a beautiful design, prepared at tbe ittuograpaic csiaoinomcni 01 lJllvaiA 90ns, Philadelphia, for a certificate which It is proposed hall be presented br Government to each honorably discharged soldier of our army. The certificate la printed In colors, and from ita beauty, as wHl as from lta honorable testimony to loyal service done, wold doubtless be greatly priied by the recipient. Aw Actus Postxasikb General ?Pos'mister General Blair left the city this morning for a few days, on public business. During his absence First Assistant Postmaster General Kasson Is, by law, acting Postmaster General. ' ? Elbctkd ?Mr. Bennett, tbe Administration candidate for Delegate to Congress in Colorado Territory, his been elected. fn*" Yesterday workmen commenced the repair* of tbe forti iq New York harbor The first to be attended to la Fort Lafayatte, which needs quite an amount of labor to render It sufficiently cafe. One hundred and thirty gnna are to be Counted, and It Is believed that the repairs will not all be completed before next spring. Last week the committee of councils on the safety and defenae of Philadelphia purchased 1,000 Enfltld rifles that were stored lathe New York custom-house. These arms have sword bayonets, and are handsome pieces of workmanship The new rifled cannon for tbe city will oon be mounted, ready for use. IW Captain Romartze has gone to Philadelphia from this city, with authority to recruit a company of Don Cossacks, to be equipped similar to tbe celebrated Oon Cossacks of the Rn? sian army. Capt Romartze ha served a number of years In such a regiment in Europe trr-To-day the libel case of De Witt C. Llttlejobn against Horace Greely is expected to come up in Osage county, N. Y. Geo. Law, Thurlow Weed, Hugh J. Hastings, Ambrose Van Vechten, and leading members of the two Houses of ths Legislature are said to be subfctnaed, and curious developments are looked for. PT The Women's Central Relief Association of New York received a telegram on Saturday from the Sanitary Committee in th's city, asking for 300 bed ticks, seven feet long and throe feet wide, to be forwarded immediately. Ij"7? There are increasing signs of revival in commercial affairs in New York, particularly In the grocery business. The grain trade continued brisk, with a prospect of surpassing that of formow vosm fD"Paymaster AlcKean Bacbanan, for several ywri Inspector of Provisions and Clothing: at the Charleatown Nary Yard, baa been ordered to the steam aloop-of-war Lancaster, tlagshlp of the Pa elflc squadron. He leaves to-morrow, the 11th. C7" The Twelfth Regiment N. Y. 9. M., Is belag reorganized for the war. Its former Colonel, Daniel Butterfleld, while here, it will be nmembered, was promoted to a Llentenant Colonelcy In the regular army. O^The line of steamer* between Providence and New York, now arrive daily at the latter city with large quantltlea of cotton for shipment to Europe. The steamer of Monday morning ted 200 bales _ (CTTbe Yonkers Herald, Highland Democrat, Eastern State Journal, Staats Zeitnng aud the National Zeitung of New York, have beta presented for treason by the grand jury wf W estches4er county, N. Y. ? VT Hereafter all recrulta are to be vaccinated by competent surgeons, appointed by tbe commander-in-chief. Colonels have no power to ap_ pdat their regimental surgeons. r Bsrautn, not discouraged by the early death sf his pet whales, received another on Saturday, which now disports iiaeif for the edlfltatloa of visitors lu weight 1*1 jBUU pounds. DT Workmen art engaged at the Charleston nary yard In coostructlag a vessel of sixty tons burtbaa to bo used la transporting powder to the blockading fleet. k S7* Yesterday, Um Brltlah scbeMer T8 Hsrdlsg cleared from New York for Mstanzas, with carge ef dry goods, wine, drugs, one hundred baka of sheeting, and other freight. JTT EJghty able-bodied nmy, recruited at tttd steamer Michigan, lylDg at Erie, Pa., anrlurf at N?r York flataaday 1 i.i .. K7* Two new light-ban aaa aaa to be boilt at the Hlghlanda of Nevealnk, where there al* now f i i ITT The atesmer Harriet Lane. Commander Famee, arrived at the Philadelphia Navy Yard a Sunday, and will undergo repalra. JET Yesterday the Whir toad on milk and Taek manufactory In Tauaton, Maaa , resume ope ratio a?. The former haa been Inactive two months Q^Tbe3d Rhode inland Regiment. 6fc0 men. had arrived ta New York, and gone Into camp at Fort Hamilton The IT t* gen-boat Pembroke, of the Potomac flotilla, arrtved In New YWk yesterday. She Is on her way to Boston. nj CT There us estimated te be 30 (? German troops now la the service of the United Slates, of which ISM were mastered la New Yerk , ETTbo bark Young Rover, of Boston, baa |N( lato coa>mi??oa ?< Jolae4 tbeaorrlco' - - i ? l?jr Tbe |r?lto.? eooloed la tba St. Lome ar rttal ?ra dlvlued Into gmg? with oua of their nana her u forestall, ?ad required to iwatp their apartacata aad pertcr? other labor aecanary fr>r their good aaoitary condltloa. try Kli reported thai tx lyhry Cobb U dlmasaBXftggr*"'* " - ^ r*4 iSWL. ,r# um ( 1 m-'i 11 OTR MILITARY BUDGET. REMOVAL OF EX-MI7IISTRR FATLKMR TO FORT F.i Minuter Faulkner, alnce bla removal from the county jail, baa been confined in tbe quarter* of the Frovoat Guard, on Maaaacbuaetta avenue, south aide, between Sixth and Seventh atreeta, In the range of bulldinga known aa Phlllipa'a row Three of tboae bulldinga are for the uae of the two companlea at that point In charge of Capt. Wllllama, one la for tbe guard oa duty, and one la for tbe offlcera quartan la thialaat building Mr Faulkuerhaa been confined. Veaterday morning. at an early hour, be wna taken in charge by Wnrth r?f tKa ftth I nf* ntrt? ?nA nla/?oH .. ?? -- ~ ? 1 ?? r?vv~ In r carriage which convsycd him to the railroad det>nt, where he and hit escort took the train which left thla city at half-past seven o'clock, a.m. It la understood that he wai to be taken directly through to Fort Lafayette, New York. A 6RA.BD PKMBNTATIOS OK COLORS Thla forenoon, Gov. Curtin, of Pa., escorted by a regiment of Inhntry, a squadron of cavalry, and a number of civil notabilities, proceeded to the position In this vicinity occupied by the Pennsylvania reserve, commanded by Maj. Gen. McCall, In order to preaent to that remarkably fine division of tbs army a magnificent stand of colors, which Gov. C. brought here from Hnrrlaburg. The attendance of citizens and strangers wss very large, of course. The body of troops were doubtless reviewed by the Governor, though we have not yet received our report of the aflalr, wblch must have been one of the most brilliant paradea that has so far taken place In this vicinity. VIG1I. A2VCK a IlWU 1 AIT K (?en. Dlx and tbe autborltus tn Baltimore cannot be too vigilant over tbe harbor of Baltimore to aee that veasela and atoaniera leaving that port do not carry contraband article* for the uae of the rebel army. Whatever expense may be necessary to Lave an efficient harbor police ought to be freely gone to, and not in name only but In fact. It ia well known that large quantltlea of good* have gone from Baltimore to tbe Fatuxent and Potomac for shipment aero**, and boat*have been wagoned from the Patuxent to the Potomac to effect the object of landing the aupplie* *ent to the Patuxent for Virginia, a* well as to land r? rult* also. WHAT THKY WA3T R AILIOAD IRON FOR . It It known that the Convention of Virginia bad tutliorlzed the extension of theMannssas Gap road from Strasburg, in Shenandoah county, to Winchester, so that there might be a complete line from Richmond to Harper's Ferry; and to this end the ManvsisUap road was rapidly removing their iron from Alexandria, but before they finished it, the 24fh of May came, and the Union troops arrived In Alexandria. The iron taken from tlie Baltimore and Ohio road, west of Martlnsburg, Is doubtless to complete that connection between Strasburg and Winchester, and very likely the rolling stock is for the same purpose A. BA*BLESS 8TMOR. This morning "Secesh'* in Washington was a-glee with a rumor that the George Page had captured all the barges of the Hot ilia of the Potomac, fltied with provisions Of course there is uo truth whatever in the story. Th* George Page does not dare show her nose outside of the rnouth of the creek, up which slie Is kept, lest Captain Crac*?n m*v n*h h^r ARMY APPOINTMENTS. The following appointment* wgre made this ranrnlog for the volunteer service as Commiwia. riea of Subsistence, (with the rank of Captain ) Viz : Isaac C. Wood, of ; Geo. W. Campbell, of 111 ; Jm. M. Tlllepangh, of Wis; Horace F Wetberill, of Mass ; 1'hlllp Sptar, of Kv., Ldmund 8. Earle, of ; Geo V. Roper, of Mln ; Geo. L. Thorndike, of Mass , Wm L. Mallory. rtOM OVER THK RIVER. We have Information from every point of our lines on the other tide of th? rlv r, up to 12 m. to-day. Nothing worthy of record bad transpired there in the last twenty-four houra. All wm quiet there. THE ARTILLBBT HEARD THIS FORENOON. Thfl mnasta a# -A U ?? swi- *? ? . .v ?rv< v* miiiiici j uoiu usic mil iurrauou were of the guns saluting Gov. Curtin and his suite as tbey drove upon the parade ground, where he presented the Pennsylvania reserve with a stand of color*. *?w riiMism. Paymaster Charles C. Upham, Inspector of the Boston Yard, has been ordered to the Washington Navy Yard, in place of Gallagher, now under arrest MAVT TARD.?ARRIVAL O? SKA MEN . This morning tbe steamer State of Maine, Capt. Simmons, arrived at tbe yard, with 4iH> seamen from tbe receiving ship Ohio, at Boston. Tbe seamen are under tbe charge of Lieut. Nichols, and are bale, hearty men. Tbe steamer will return to-day, unless chartered by Government for a transport, for which efforts %fe now on foot SLe reports all quiet at Old Point and with tbe flotilla. Yesterday afternoon the propeller Pusey came up from Point Lookout. No news of Importance. Not long since It was stated that John B. Upton, paymaster's clerk of the Pensacola, had drawn bis three-months' pay and deserted. It appears, howAV?V fVisf ?ViU *' ? ' * " % .vi j mi* Micuicut wa? UUI OIlO^ClDfr correet. Mr. Upton having obtained leave of absence and remained absent beyond the time set for his return, he was presented to the Department as a deserter, as there was no other light In which be could stand, under the circumstance* He returned here a short time after bis term of absence bad expired, and, upon being arrested, proved that he had no Intention of seceding, and gave a check for the amount of money drawn by hi in. Since then, we learn, he has been released, and offered another position in the Navy. Capt Budd, of the Resolute, has recovered from the injury did bis foot down the river, and has left the city on an unlimited le#ve of absence. There !s nasr a medical board In session at the yard, fonij^ed of Surgeon Ma>1u* Duvall and Assistant Surgeon E 8 Matthews. The sick list at the uaval hospital Is quite small, considering the number of men here, and the season. Under the attentive care of their surgeons deaths have been rare. JirfAim ll? ALEXANDRIA. [Special correspondence of the f*tar ] Alexandria, Va , Sept 10 ?Editor Star : The Unconditional Union men of Alexandria and vlclnlty held their fifth meeting at Lyclnm Hall last evening. In the absence of the Fr??:dent, Mr. T*cy In tbe chair. Twenty new members were received, who took the oath of allegiance to the United States. The meeting ?u addressed by Uen Montgomery, by Judge Freaa, the Provost Judge, and by W D Maaaie, Esq , of tbiacity. Tbe regular meeting nlgbt waa fixed for Thursday of each week. Tbe cause Is onward In the Old DominionAviaiks in Baltimoei?The Baltimore Amercan of this morning says : About nine o'clock yesterday morning detirhmunt of '1W a# PaI U f ?w* *"* ? * ?? ? ww. iiauia ui)(ui \>avairy, ui Nrw York, left here by rati for Washington city. The men reached here at a la& hour on Sunday night. bat owing to an accident on the Northern Central Railway, were unable to reach the Capital aa early sa they had anticipated They were accompanied by fifty one horaea, and a fine aupply of equipments The aam^ train carried down fifty recruit* for one of the unfilled regiment* stationed near*Washington The reprobate George Konie, of police notoriety, who waa arrested upon the charge of riotous conduct on the 10th of April, when the Sixth Massachusetts Regiment, Col. Jonea, was passing along Pratt street on its way to Washington city, ana Who succeeded In escaping from the Towsontown Court House, was rearrested. yesterday afternoon, aad now awalta the demanda of the Sheriff sf Baltimore county. A50TBU ExrsDiTto*?That there la an expedition about being fitted out at thia port, dkS'iaed for aome special purpose, there can b? no doubt Troops are concentrating here and shl pa are being fitted out with special reference to sume unusual movements. The steamship Baltic has hauled out Into the tram , r^parutory to flttlng out for transport ?-r ice The Atlantic It still at the dock, but the could be Mot away at few hours notlco. The VaoderbiU has bean thoroughly overhauled, la coalod and It ready for Immediate transport service Kaeb ef I bete rmili would carry oar tbocnnd men, with all tbrtr accoutrements and several weeha rations. Many of tbe light draft gunboats are, aad hare been ready for aea for tome time, bat they are brld bvk at tat r?vy yard waiting for totnt purptt not yet made public Why tblt lt noae ean tall save thoM U ?M aeortt.-jV. Y CtmmurI asm I VM tpffrlilff i>Ml r **. 1.. rl ft* t \ i BftLTTAtV ASD NAVAL MoVIM!*?* ? Recrtflt[ lng for the old. regular regiment* made very alight Rrogress last week, only 12 men beln* enlisted ia i lew York, and about ss many more In Boston, , Rochester, and Philadelphia If there is not a dpclded Improvement very shortly. It will be , necessary to close soma of the oflcea. Recruiting < parties might with advantage be sent Into the , country as aeon as the harvest Is over. They , could get more men there than In the large cities, j The Fourteenth Infantry, U. S Armv, Is filling up more rapidly than It was a short time ?ince ] Sixty men were recruited at Syracuse last week, ] and sent to Fort Trumbull, Connecticut, the headquarters of the rogiment. 4 The Twelflh Infantry, at Fort Hamilton, has ] not got three companies yet It was expected j that this regiment wonld be readv for ilia i?M h? the first of November, but it will not be unle? | the recruiting parties are more successful I The 18th Infantry, encamped near Chicago, has | already about 700 rank and file. and will no doubt | be ready for active service before any of the other i new regular regiments The Navy continues to enlist more men In one , week tbsn the old Armyofltaeado In a mt^h. One hundred and fifty men were enlisted ln^bls city last week. The demand for seamen Is likely , to continue for some time, as crews will be required for all the gunboats now building and for ( various vessels fitting out.?N Y. Tim**. ( The New York Sun of yesterday says: i For tkt War?Brigadier Geo. Hatfield, of Ho- I boken, was on Saturday appointed Colonel of the flth New Jersey Regiment, and will leave for the seat of war to-tnorrow Cavalry ?Three hundred and fifty of the 1 Harris Light Cavalry left this city for the seat of war on Saturday evening, under command of Lieut. Col. Kllpatrlck. I Washington Grays?The Washington Grays, i Col H Moore, are ordered to leavofor Washington to-dav They will arrive from their camp, at i Fast New York, at 2 o'clock this afternoon, land- 1 mg at the foot of Grand street, E. R .and will < p trade through Urand street, Bowery, Fourteenth street and Boadwav, taking their d-parture from Pier No. 1, by the Camden and Amboy line. Third Irish Regiment ?This regiment, Lieutenant Colonol R T. Kuright in temporary command, is expected to leave to-day, but their dolus so is very doubtlul. 'l'hev have not cimmii-twt their orgapiznt'on, and probably will not do so until General McClellan take* them In band Tbey number about live hundred m^n. and have for some time ilnce occupied Caiup Kerigan aa their quartera Hksxax's Champion Bklt at Auction.?The London Chronicle of Aug. !>lat savsYesterday the last " eventful scene" of thla drama (the fight between Heenan and layers) waa brought to a close. It may be remembered that some few weeks after the great fight two belta were presented to the combatantaat the Albambra Palace, Sayers receiving on? at the handa of the editor of Wilkes' Spirit of the Times, Heenan one at the hands of the editor of Bell'? Life Aa the belts were not paid for at the time of presentation, Heenan went home without bis trophy, refusing to accept It on that account, and although aome talk took place about It at the time, it died away till yesterday, when a large number of the sporting public assembled at Messrs Debenham and Storr's auction rooma, King atreet, Convent Garden, in consequence of It* being announced that the belt of Heenan would be aold by public auction amongst the stock of unredeemed pledges The caae containing the belt waa placed underneath the rostrum of the auctioneer, in a morocco caae, numbered lot 67, and the shield on tLe belt bore the following Ins riptlon: 1 t ? a-J * - ? ^ " * " " i.cthi'hii'm l nesnrni, oy r s Howling, Esq r. fer?e.aud editor oi Bell's Life iu Loadoa, MaV 30, IWo " L'pun tli? autioneer asking for a bidding, a representative of a Monday (porting paper made an oiler 9f ten pound(, which wu quickly run up by two more newspaper proprietor and ttie ?-icbampion, Ben Caunt, to twenty-nine guinea! Jem Mace, tbe present champion, then went on to thirty five guineas; the proprietor of a cheap sporting paper left off at forty-two guineas Mr. G. Newboid left off at Hfty guineas, and it was knocked down to Ben Caunt at fifty one guineas There was also a party from Ireland, but their commission was outbid The original value of the belt was one hundred guiueas. and its weight between fifty and sixty ounces The gorth Mcst Depend upon Hebsilp ? The New Orleans Picayune has been favored by a merchant of that city with the following extract from a letter from his correspondent Til Manchester, dated J uly 90: "The cotton market here is very strong, every one having at last wakened up to the critical position of the article, and unr^riaintw ?? ?h- I future supply being available Should tbe American difficulties be protracted, as there appears every probability they will be, tb? effect will be most disastrous to this country, and we may In this way be drawn Into a participation in the conillct; but I am satisfied that tbe Government of K:igland la determined to observe strict neutrality to tbe last moment, and you must not place much faltb In tbe hope, which appears to be cherished in the South, that, as scon as the cotton crop is ready for market, England and France will find means to force tbe blockade." Tbe correspondent, In the last piirv^raph of the following note, Inclosing the letter from which the above is quoted, gives sound doctrine. He says: "I have just received thelnclosfd from a friend, who is very likely to foam a correct opinion as to English sentiment upon American affairs, and I belleee that the advice contained in the paragraph which 1 have marked exceedingly applicable at the present time." N?w York, Sept, 0 ?A Rio letter of July 85th states that the ship Alald of the Sea, of Boston, Captr.' l Stanwood, was in port with a rebtl flat; living. The Mter asks, "*is Boston seceded?" Tclfgra/ h>c Difpntrk ^ We venture to say Boston has not seceded, nor has the ship Tbe owners of the Maid of the Sea are loyal to the core, known and quoted as sut h, and Captain Stan wood Is as traa n natrtnt m tailed under the American flag. Tbe Maid of the Sea Lad a cargo of railroad Iron, an article on demand in the ?<outh just now, and the rebel rag may have been hoisted at a ruse to enable ber to make her port Seoit fr?e; but that seems unlikely and tbe whole story Is undoubtedly a canard Captain Stanwood's brother, Frank Stanwood, Is a gallant officer holding a commission In the 3d U. 8. Cavalry?and both boys we are sure would tight to tbe last for the starry flag they were reared o Jove and revere?Boston Post. Th? Confederates in Missouri.?McCulloch left Springfield more than a week since, taking some elgbi or ten regiments of Arkansas, Tennessee, Loulslaua, and Texas troops?the best fighting stock In the whole army At last advices he had reached Iron Springs In Lawrence county, and was marching towards Arkansas Such of the wounded as belong to the Confederate forces proper, and are able to be moved, are being conveyed South, which would Indicate that McCullocb docs not Intend an earlv ?ltnn | to Springfield Thin the available Confederate force in njeSouthweatcannotexcvd ten or twelve thousand men ?St. Louis Republican, 9tK. From New Mexico?A letter from a metnl>er of Co I, 7th (IT 8 ) Infantry, dated Fort Union, New Mexico, saya: " We are on a war footing at thia place, which la absolutely necessary for the aafety of the large amount of Government stores concentrated here The Navajoe and Appache Indiana are waking good use of their time, aa there la acarcely a day that we do not hear of eome depredations committed bv them, In fact it ia said 'h it they are allies of the Te.\aus: however, be the case as it may, New Mexico will be In a deplorable condition. Indeed, aa soon as the regular troops are withdrawn." Death or Cols Coffee and Kelly ?The St Loula Democrat aavs there la a report In that city that Col. Joseph Kelly, of the Invading army, iviukkij v? >u<>, mm who rougbt and wu wounded In tbe Wilton Creek battle, hud died. ( His wound was In tbe arm, and it Is aald be refuted to have It amputated. Tbe cons*>quence i wu ganerene and death. Colonel Coffee, alao wounded at that Wattle, had died from hla wounda IC^In Chicago, on Thursday last, nearly two hundred thouaand postage stamps and stamped i envelopes were dtttuyed, the value of wbieh waa nearly seven thooSand Ive hundred dollars. Tbe destruction was ordered bv Judge Sloane, apeclal agent of the Post Office Department. Q7* The domestic cotton goods trsde has further Improved this week, and prices for the leading styles of fabric have further advanced. The trade Is principally done for cash, and both cotton and goods will continue to advance till the former receives a check from receipts sufficient for a year's aupply. , fO* A correspondent of a Charleston paper complains of tbe currency " of live to fifty cents" used in South Carolina as a subssttnte for sprcie Tbe writer sent a 20-cent bill, which was tattered J Mid torn, to the bank to be redeemed, and the an- ' swer waa that they had no ntto bills. 1 ID" Anthony Trollupe, Eaq , the popular Kngllah noveliat, came out iu the laat steamer, and la ; ataying for a few day* at the Tremont llouae, j Boa'on He la accompanied by his wife < (D"The Syracuae (New York) boy a are not allowed to play at billiard*. No one under 21 Car a of age can frequent billiard rooms without , log liable to proaecotion. ( Brown University has Just conferred the honorary degree of A. M on Governor Sprague and General Burnslde, and on no others. CJ- The cotton factory at Srent Barrlagton. i Maaa, belonging to OImt Gaff, waa daat/oyed by flra on tbe 5th Inat. , ID" Tbe little State of Michigan will have In , few dava more than tt.OOO weilarm?d and fblly equipped soldiers in tlM 4el4. ILT Captain Garnett, ooaaln to Major Garnett (^TMwtM Uw baa boon declared at NaabrUle byTti OwliiW a?*?IU?, 1 f -'* ,n?e ?As * * (Id * / Jk Affairs la Mliuirl. ^raiKcriiLD, Mo., Sept 0 ? Gen McCullocb reported to be at Mount Vernon organising for i bold and desperate effort north war 4 Tb?re are various rumors about Generals Price ind Kalns having taken Fort Scott and defeated Col. Montgomery, and captured all bis stores, irrns, Ae , nod taken all bis command, himself imong tbe rest, as prisoner*; but they need confirmation Gov Jackson, with his body guard. arrived nare to-day, bat his future movements are not known. About 125 of tbe wounded la the hospital In Spring field were discharged today, and will leave for home as soon as the ambulances sent from Roll* arrived here The remainder of the wounded In tbe hospital are doing well. All tbe rebels wounded have been sent to ? taw mile* below the Arkanaaa line One of the lorgeon* Inform* me that the typhoid fever hat broken out In their hospital, and their deaths amount to fifteen or twenty per day. 8t Louis. Sept 8 ?Mr. Murphy, a member of the firm of Toroest & Co , Lynn Creek, Camden county, now In thla city, received advices laat night that tbelr store waa robbed on Thursday by a band of 150 secessionist. beaded by a preacher named Johnaon. of Dane's Pralrl*, and property to the amount S110.0U0 carried oil' Colonel McClung, another member of the firm, la at Jefferion city, In command of a regiment of United States troop# Thla firm alao own two atramera, running on Iba Osage river, one of which the rebels seized, bnt aa the river la too low for navigation It la thought th?>y will deatroy ber. The postmaster of Osceola. ?t Clair county, re porta that when be left newa bad juat reached there of a ti^ht between General I,an*1* Kanaaa regiment and a body of rebela, nnd'-r General Ratna, In which the latter were completely routed with a heavy loaa. and General Kalna was

taken prisoner Gen Price, who waa at Osceofa, credited the report |?7" General Roaecrans has laaued an order In Western Virginia that no ftmaiea be permitted wnnin ibe lines or the army, and that those now wltb tbe Federal troop* hall return home Immediately. CT7"There is a Geo B. .McClellan, who I* an otllcer In a Misslssppt regiment, and who bear* a marked resemblance In appearance to Gen. Geo B. McClellan. 117" The color of the new three-cent poatage tamp* ha* faded since they were printed, owing to defect In the ink In a very short time tbe stamps will be issued in a brighter tint. JUT" All but about a dozen of the spinner strikers at Lawrence. Mass , Lave returned to work; the rest have enlisted and gone to tbe war?both wise conclusions. (?7"The City Council of Canton have appropriated 93000 to Mr. McGregor for the lo*? sustained in mobbing his paper recently, the Stark County, O., Democrat. The footlights of the new opeta house In Paris are so safelv constructed, that a pocket hmdkerchlef may be thrown upon them, and the gas in full blaze caunot Ignite it It will take three year* from the l?t of Auguat to build tbe new opera houae in Paris, and 6,000,0w)f to pay for it. lO^The Panola (Mis* ) Star report* heavy and continuous rains in that region, and thinfll tbe cotton crop much Injured by them. JC7" The Providence Post thinks the R B. Forbes'* log might be written up In a fewwords? ' ashore twice, and drunk all the time " iC/" Since tbe 4th of .May last. ten hundred and elgiit five men have enlisted at New Bedford, Mau. [T7"" A million of the new style postage stamps are produced daily by the printers |p" Cincinnati has already furnished more than 10,(jwi men to light for the l'nion. 1?7~Cincinnati Is being put In a state of "T?",?'OLLfcCroR'S* UPFICK, jjf Sbptkmbcx 9. 1861NOTICE TO TAX-PAYER"*.?Coin a*d due bills or certificates of indebtedness to thin C>>rpo ration, ci the denomination of five dollars, and Treasury notes of (he U' it?d J1 tates. are alone reoeiveb b in p**m>?r.t ol taxes. Treasury notes will only be reoiveU in sums equal to, or less than, the aniouu' so due to the Corporation. The discount for prompt payment is as followe: 2" per cent dunns the ni?nth of 8 ptornher, 15 par oent. dorms the month of October, 10 per o-ut. during the month of November, and 5 per ocni. during the month of December. e 10 eo6t WM. DJXON, ColleotoT. p E 8TI V AL.?The Ladies of Gorsooh vu?rni will iiuiu n r rindi M fOlOID&n Ha I. corner of Maryland a*. and 11th St., hVKRY , KV ENIN6 THIS WKKK. commencing at 7; o'olcok. The proceeds to We appropriated for 1m-t proTementa to Uorsnoli Chapel. 'I he patronage of j Uie poblio ia respectfully aolioited. at 9-3t* 1 ry-=?T DRNPIKK ELECTION -Notion ia I rL5 hereby given to the ^tookho derB ?f the Washington Turnpike Comp?Dt that an election will t>e held at the Farmers and Meohamoa' Hark Georgetown, 1>-C., on tieteoond MONDAY (I4tk) in October n?*xt. for the election of a President, eight Managers and a Treasurer to ni\nagn the affairs of said Company lor the year tlien enduing, or until ttieir successor are elects. ail '*9 lawtd KOU'I RKAD. Treasurer. COM PAN Y * A," U. ?. ENGIN* FR*.llsTf Fifty .nteliigent and aMe bodied mechamoa will be enlisted to fill this ConipauT to tt?e max imum fixe<i by law?ISO m<?n. inquire at No. titi G strait Pay from & 13 to $34 per mon'h, besides food and clothing. an 17 tf NKW OFFICE. J. H. RATE1*, JUSTICE OF THE rF.ACK. fcjgh'h street, between Louisia' a av. and 1? street. Husmemo! all kinds requiring a maeistia'e ' ill lie strictly attended to. se 10 eolw* IMMENSE SACRIFICES. HE l'ndcrs:pned bee leave most respertrnlly to inform the adies tnat the? will open a? ihelr rooms N?. 4 Warh'ngton BuiM nr. corner of Seventh litres'and Penn. av nu?, a cnoice st'-ck of Silks and Embroideries, sale to oont-nue for three days nlt- for cash, regard1*** of c??*t. The above stock just received from New \ ork. *p 10 3t* HEALV k. CO. Y^ATCHES, WATCH REPAIRING, fto. A large assortment of GOl.l>and S1LVKR WATCHES, by all the most celebrated maker*. At Vbkt Low Rats*. WATCHES and CHRONOM hTER8, as Vui aa JEWELRY. Ac . ca'efoil? repaired M. W G *LT fc rtRO , Jewellers, 3A* P* avenue, se 10 St 4 doo-s west of Brown's Hotel. SWOOI) AND COAL. EALF.D PROPOSAL> will l?e re?ei?ed until 3 o oloek p. m. on Wednesday the J5'h instant, for applfiuK the Washington Asflum with? 7" tons best White Ash foal, furnaos eize, 60 oords seasoned ? ak Wood. 30 do <<o S^prnne Pine Wood. To be delivered at the Asylum, subject to the in pection of the I rite d%nt. and .f not aoprov?d hy him to be r -iected. The Wood mnst be cordel and meaa-rerl at the Asylum. The whole to l?e delivered by the lSih day of October n?xt. PrnnnaiiI? 10 K* /l.l?aoJ ./< ?J * * . .-r ?wu".rBprti V me ufUorBign^T endorsed "Proposal* for Fuel," and may tx> left with thd lutendant GEORGE WATTINGLY. LEONARD H4KBAUGH, JAM KS *. HOI.I.AN II. ae 10 eot20 Oouim>as:onera Wash'n Asylum. MM A CA R D. I ENDER NG Our thanka to the city rapoiter of ttia Evening Star for the vety tomrlimeMta'v notjre with whioh h? wa? good enough to lavoroor estsUiiat'iii^nt in la*t Thursday's paper, we embrace tins mportnn^ty !o oorrect on* irjlui ewiijrin* i -1 his flattering card : [I~7" Our place of business ia No. VJ?9 PiifHsvlvama A vkncb, betweer 9:h and It th streets, where we shall ha happy to s?e our friends at a timea, who are invited to inspect our choioe a nek of WIN E8. LIQUORS. SEGARft. PlCKl.EH. SARDINEP, FiSK GROCERIES, and SUTLERS' SUPPLIES in general. SAMPLE ROOM. N. B ?To prevent fnture mistakes. we add that p?r Sample Room it imfront, Hot im tkt rear. Any Paroela, r ampies, or letters whioh may be left in oar oare for tho D: Kalh Regiment wiU reach tbeir reapective owiera the day tt at they are left with aa. JOHNSON A NAGLE. We will bay Salt Beef, Oraikera. ato., from oobjmiaaarie* of r'gimenta at fate caah prioea. ae 10 ?* QQQ JOHNSON ft NAGLK, OCQ ?O J No. 3^9 HlNSIILtAilU AVINVIi ht0%J Between Ninth and Tenth its . aoath aid*, IMPORTERS OF WINKS, LlQUOMS. SEOAHS. PICKLES. PRESFHtES, DINFS, F1 X E GROCERIES AND SUTLERS' STORES IN GENERAL. J a?t arrived the following brand* of CHAMPAGNE: 6 (1. Munun, Piper Heidaick. Muet ft Chaudon.Cartier * Co , B&rat ft Fagot, Tnaretta, Rojal Grape. i Whioh wa offer at New Vorlt Pricea? freight tdded. JOHNSON ft NA6LE, tf?8 Pen da. avenue. Abm. M ffcnmger ft Co.'e (J9 Kro*d atreet. N<>w if ork.) World reuowurd HOiruEl) \VI.Nfc8*id LIQUORS, for Camp, Mcdiciua', and Kami It ??, joiutant.r oa hand a d raid at New York Prioaa >y the Cue. At JOHNSwN ft NAGLK'S. H89 Penna. avenae PICKLF.8, Pepper aud other SAUCKt*. TOMATO OATsIj P, by the barret, i&ll.m, or dosen, "rum the oe'ebrated inaauf-.ctorj of Kohrcnbarh ft [Jo , New York, at a*toni:hin^!;r low pricea. _ At juniiauit s HAtililil'B, Sol? Ajonw. Also, PICKLED PiG FEET. LAMB AND BLEI- ToKGIIKS, TRIPE, eto., by tae barrel >r half-barrel. u 10 WAGONS, " CARRIAGES. Ao. * UuMttrnuUri' a:.d Sailers' Wmom, Exyreee inu (irooers* and at! kind* of Traders' M Wagon*. together Willi Lirht Fancy ni(?u, ltd a intra a* <ortment oJ BnigiM and Cartl%ge? of different ?trIt.., u? w uu ieoond-hand, aow in More and f t tale by THOS. YolJNO, ? ? lw No. 409 Pa. >t.. oorner of 4tt ?t. ' . > i -'Jl ?!' H* J SICK AND WOUNDED ftOLDtERB IN HOSPITAL. PnbUtktd m conformity with tht r>toi*io* of th* Smat, ?f Jult 16, mi. At Otntrnl Hospital on E ttrttl, bfltrtm Fourth and Fifth ttrtrtt, Washington, Srpt 6. litN r Caralry .... t 6tb Pennsylvania Vol. 1 1st Excelsior Brigade. 1 2<Jth do do.. 1 *2d do 4o.(a)lS 27 th do do.. S 3d do do.... 4 2d New Jersey Vol ... 1 12th N Y Volunteers . 4 5th do do.... 3 17tb do do...... 1 2d Maine Volunteer*.. 1 25th do do 2 3d do do 4 27th do do 2 4th do do 1 26th do do 1 id New Hampshire .. 3 3'th do An 9 -M M i/>t>l<r>n A 31st do - do 2 4th do ... (() 1 35th do 4?.,n? ( *d WIwomIr 1 36th do do 3 19th Indians t 37'h do do 3 lat California Reg.... 1 69th do do I fttargea Rifles. 1 79th do do...(l) 4 Tammany Regime *t.. 3 Mh Mass Volunteer*.. 1 Cameron Dragoons ... S loth do do 1 KentuckyCsvnky. ,.. S 14th do do 1 1st Indiana Cavalry .. 4 2d Vermont Voluitmi I 1st Chasseurs 1 1st Minnesota Vol .... 1 D C. Volunteers 2 1st Pennsylvania Vol . 6 3d do do.. 1 Total 103 (a) Including an ottoer (6)Oi?eolBc?. (c)One olctr. At S'minarf Hospital, Gtmgtt?* *, Stpt 6. 1st Artillery I'.let Prnn. Artillery ... 4 2d Maine Volunteers..10 (Uh do Volunteers., 2 3d do do 4 9th do,- do 1 6th do do 3 10th do do...... 2 l?t Mass Volunteers.. 1 llth do do 2 7th do do 1 12th do do......11 3d Vermont Volunteers 1 26th do do...... 1 ] 13th N Y. Volunteer*.. 2 19th Indiana .....4* 14th do do 4 a 1st do. (s) 1 27th do do...... 1 1st Michigan Vol I 33d do do 13 2d do do .. .(6)17 79th do do 2 3d do do :t Mozart, New York.... 2 4th do do ..(c)U Tammany, do 4 24 Wisconsin I I)e Kiilh. dn 1 l?t a Excelsior Brleade.... 2 ?I (ianbaidi Guards .... 1 Total It2 Cameron Rifles 7 (a) Three officers. (fc) Two officers. (e) Three officers. At General Hospital, Union Hotel, corner Bridge and Washington streets, Georgetown, Sept 7. 2d N Y Volunteers.. 5! 1st Penn. Artillery.... 9 5th Reg.Excel^'i Brig. 3;1st do Cavalry I 12th N .Y Volunteers.. 6 d?th Peunsytvinla Vol. 2 13th do do S 10th do do.. 1 14th do do......12 llth do do.. 3 16th do do...... I 12th do do.. 6 17th do do...... 2 26th do do.. 1 19th do do 1 27th do do.. 1 23d do do 6 1st Ohio 1 21th do do 1 19th Indiana 1 2Sih do do 1 21st do 1 26th do do 1 *turgM Rifle Co 1 33d do do SiKeatncky Cavalry.... 1 7Mh do do 4 -2d Michigan Vol 4 Jackson Guards ...... 1 3d do do......13 DeKalb 1 4th do do......14 Mozart 4 M Wisconsin do 5 Tammany 1 6th do do 1 2d Maine Volunteers . 2 1st Minnesota do 1 1l) Ar. *- ilw rt-IM - " ? wv ?kv.*???. n | i?* t^omvrnin vol .... X 4th do do ljstbU-S Artillery i Atb do do 1 2d do Cavalry 1 'id Vermont do 3 Guideto8nilth'?Brig. 1 3d do do 13 Teeir.ater, U . t? A 1 9th Maaa do...... 5 nth do do I Total 171 lat Conn. do 1 At Hospital a.t Colmmbtam Ccllegt, Wishington, Sept 6 2d Maine VolunteTa.. 5|37th N Y. Volunteers. 2 3d do do 6 79th do do...... 2 5th do do 6 2dSlcklea Brig , N Y. 9 7th M*a*. Volunteera. 1 Tammany N Y Vol.. 2 loth do do 10 Gar'baldl do do... 2 14th do do...... 4 De Kalb do do .. 2 3d Vermont Volunteers 1 A nderaon Zouavea N Y 2 lat Long Ialand Vol... 1 2d New Jersey Vol.... I lat New York Cavalry 3 3d do do.... 2 2d NY FlreZouavea. 1 Harlan-a Pen n Cavalry 1 2d N Y Volunteers.. 6 2Cth Penn Volunteers. 3 8th do do 8 31st d* do 5 win ao ao...... 1IM Mlchlgm do......IS 11th do do...... l|8d do do 10 12th do do 3:4th do do 3 11th do do ;i 2d Wliconilndo S 18th do do 1 1st Minnesota do 4 do do 6 19th Indiana do tf> 23d do do 1 2d U 8 Cavalry 3 24th do do 3 4th do do 9 25th do do 1 1st California Vol .... 2 27th do do 1 MeClellan's Dragoon*. 4 32d do do I Teamsters, Q. M. D.. 3 33d do do 7 ?? 39th do do 8 Total... 201 30th do do 4 At Oentral Hoipital, Alexandria, Sift 6. 12th New York. l|5th Maine 10 15th do 2 2d Vermont 1 16th do 19; 1st Massachusetts 1 17th Ho 12j5th do 4 lfe'h do 0j 1st New Jersey 1 25th do 7 ;2d Michigan 1 2?'h do 8,3d do I 27th do II j 1st Minnesota 4 31st do \?r???? 32d do 14 1st Artillery, U 8 A . 1 37<h do 2|2d do do.... A 38th do II 2d Cavalry, U S A... 1 4oth do 11 3d do do.... 1 7'J;h do 2 Lincoln Cavalry 2 2d Maine 1 Fire Zouave* 1 3d do 10 ?? 4th do U Total 1?? At Gentral Hospital, (Cirelt,) Sept 6. 1st Cavalry 4 lit Infantry 3 2d do 11 2d do ............. 6 4th do, 1 3d do 13 Ut Artillery ..5 8th do II 2d do 11 Recruit 1 3d do 1 ? 4th do 4 Total 72 5th do * Waahlngton paper* pleaae copy and tend billa to the W ar Department. mjA 10?3t |>OARUlM G A N n ~DA Y 8 K M IN A RY FOR O YOUNG LADIES, Cormer of Prospeet and Frederick Mtt., Giprfticwn. Mri i:?n'l WUVLI I-'" o.i?:?1 ^ ? . ?? wAiLJUt unuifM' The diitie* of this 4nstitatioa will ba re?oired on the first Monday in September. A share of the poblm patronage ia respro'faliy ao'.ioited. ?- 7 8teo* OLDIhRS' INVALID PENSIONS-Off oara and So diers ?J:?aUed by disease or wound ? received in the ?ervioe of the Uni ad Slates la tbe lin? of duty, in the pr^se-t war. can have their papers eo-reotly prep^r^d and their olai bis proaeoi<t*d without any oharee until tbe pension is allowed, by H C. SPA 01MJ. Attorn-y. No 31** I) St.. near loth i,i.. Washington. P. C. se? lw* Cm LOSING OUT! CLOSING OUT! Marine onciuded to o'o^e < ut my entire stock of FaN'*V GO"l)^, I have rfm >ved th? same to No. 'iO Hnui.syivacia avrnut, i-etween 8th a~d 9th struts, where I will olfer l/ie entire stock at such prioe< aa will enab!e nay former oastooiera, and the public ter.era iy to buv the fi st class French Far cy Goods at panir. pricu. Now ia the time to bay! N B ?All persons having claims against me are request to present the same for ?>?tt!*ment; and a<l persons Indebted to in* are requested to mate arraugdineots to l qai xate their olaima withon'farther notice. Prompt attention will irea*ly oblige. Kespecifully, R. C STEVENS. ae 7-tf W mrK "KfiWSM?5&Z> MMAI.Y. TO .EOIMENT3. Yoa want to keep yoar men healthy, yon cannot Oo this without ginnr them food Potatoes These you can get at Steel A Co'*, 3 it Penn?ylvam* avenue. oorner of Seoontl street IO GROCERS.?Yon want to please your eustomera.and induos them to oall acain. and reoeai mend yoar stock u? tn?ir friend* Tbaa oall at Steel A Co'*, and bay what Peiatoea yoa need, either for yoar own consumption or lor Bale They are warranted to pleaea. TO HOTKL and RESTAURANT KKEPERS. Oo yoa want to please rot' *ue?U,and uokle their palate* f Then bay Potatoes pi Steel A Co. By doiDi m> three parties will he baaeited?the aattar, the bayar. and the oocaamer. Ohio, Indiana. an1 Kentucky money la yoad 936 Pennsylvania avenue, corner of Second treat?< QUI Sentinel Oftoe ) eep 8 OH NE SPLENDID SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD STMNWAV A SON'a^ve? P-ANO, worth *?, for fSRO. RfM Inquire at ?? ??? e 6 MET^EBOTTS Mu?ic ?t?ra. Jm _ ONIONS?ONIONS?ONIONS. UST Received on oonrifnoQ*nt 1.A.0 taaehaa prune Onions. For sale low. KING A RIlHOHri i b Corner Fift?nth and 1 rt?. r|> ATTKN riONt HUTLERb ! i HK Gkbat Rslirh or thu Campaisr, at James s. G^iB&oki's Diror. tlflt Pa opposite MTiUiritt' Tt>a gjy place to io4 U nm ft >t* QMITH'i*. No. 4?0S??entti i? the Left plaoe in town to buy CL.?>THlNG TRUNKS sfo 8StviMSW- tmKi GOODS, M he Mils ftif til* ?t N?w York JMO?. * W-lwi MUOtSf AGUE CUBE AND ANTIDOTE, 1*1 |i lVftUlSU, MU iW MMtdl IMNifMl i* l. ; AUCTION SALES. By BARNARD * Bl'ClRY, AaoUoaaar*. | ^TUVVnE-n "AI.K.?B? nt?a o( a d** Of 1 w?|t (T.BI John w. So'horon. dated tha ,7th Jn?a, 1?. W>ad? to tlwdeht t*arer>t. rr., u?Ertt, to Bonj. p Moxloy. tad bf U?0i'?rt,. or Mud M iff. I wilt ?oll at ?nbli? aaoU<>a ol u? 1*m day of (>etnt>*T 4 o'clock i" n^on, in froat o< th? p aamoa. to tM htfh*?t bid dr, tha fnMowmc dticriM prraiw*. to wit ? Thoaapartaof lotanambar it and U In o:dfiw[? town, h?? nimi at tha aad of 3 faa w. at on the lmo of r% (t'?? fro-B lb* dividing mo between lota 17 a d It. an* ruaniaa thence on > hoe eaat 46 fa-t, tnenoa aorU>eri? t> a tioao4*a'ona "*o. X, Natn* 9i f.*e* froia Pafla atroei. theao* westerly to atoa* No. S. 46 ia*t. tnaana aoatWrt* is ie*t to mm I'mir mi*i, bfiii u* re** nmri whieb Gaorire M. Hotkoroe ard otbeta cnn*e**d to Aid John W. WotH. roB k' d-**d r,t ??,? yth De eemb< r. A?4. wilA lb* hui?ii|i tae>?oa. Terms: Ob? iBird of tM pure I *ae n <ae? eaaf and the r?tid?? at fix and twolr* month*, wlnek tbo tarehaaera notra htwirf inun>?t |r?.. tbc day of sal*, will be taken, ae-aed r?n Ue aeaiUee. Derda at the parcnae-^a ?r-n?e. II ibi Ifattn b? ?*inrM with wtMua lbT*e data from th? daj <>! aa'e. the pr'mmea wi he ? J Id after a weeka'nih'ia the nak Bl>- ] oat of t&e deiaalu fp?rch*aer R. K CRAWF"RI?. T'-.tee I ae 1# 2a*lm* MAKN>Kli* MUiKKY.Aaou By WALL A BARNARD. A?o'??w? i CM'RNITURK AND BOWKM ("NS H r r?CT? of a Niatlt Fva*>?H?. H?a?t *t Afctior.-Ou WKDNk?.|)*V M??*MN?i.>*er timber 1?"'elook, at V> fc.?M a<re-< tkird door from the Borner ?f M, we will aeli a D'a> aaaortineat of Fflroitwre. Aa. Seek aa? Walnut Hur faring rWa. Chana aod Rocker, Mthogaay l,e*r, Center aod >ida B ?a?el?. Ingram and Stair Oar pete Oval Oilt Mirror. Mantel Ornaner.te, Ae., Faat'er Bed a, Mattmaa, Comic ru. A e.. Bedntea 'a, Mahogany. C berry and Painted \N aah atanda. Wardrobe, Caae and Wood Seat Cbaira, Reeker. Mahotmy and lautaboi Baiaau.aad Wiadow Rliada, % Bookcwe. Larya, Rata, ClocrT Crocker* ana filMVtr*. ?*arlor and other PtorM. Torether with a ?"od a??or Orient of Kiteiier V Re^uiaitea. ell ??f which will l?e >iM wilhunt re erve. aa the owner ia leaving the Citv. Terms owh. P. The Home le For Sent, enquire of Use Aoct ?nerra. aep? WALL A BAKNARD. A?H? By BONTZ A GRIFFITH. Aeetioneera. TBRU^TEE'H SALE OF HOUSE AND LOT in thk Nokthrkm LiittT:i>.-B) virtue nf adeed in tniit hearing date on l*ie ?tk <<af of October. 1863, ar.d recorded in I.iiier J. A. H 185. folio* ."<3, ?M and ?>s, the aubeoribar will ae I. at pubio aale on THURSDAY, the *Hh day / AnKuat 1861. at g o'oioek f. nr., ea the prennae*. *rt of Lot No. 19, in aabdtviaion of e*a?refr< 425, fronting 17 feot 11H inoh*a on 8th atreetweat, wi'h a depth ?'feet to an alle*. with the ia?'e*> manta oonaiatinc of a two a lory and atfce TOw Dwelliiii Hoaaa with oetlar. The above property ta aiiuated at the eoraer ef th street weat and M atre*t aorta, ta a r*?idl? ! pronn( part of the ei tr. ami a f%Tor?t>le op BioriiDit; to KrwM dMironof prooariac i rMia*roe or making &r icreetrarat. rmi out the icrni of a*J? are not eotwp'ied with ta I'i days after the eale the property will he r?o^. apoa oaf vmii' notice. at the risk and uptui f tMvarohaaor. All oonreracoia* at Ui upwM of the porefcaeer. RICHARD A. KOMONPTON.Trtit*. an 131* wad* aONTZ A G RlKr lTH, Anou ITrTHE ABOVE HALE IP POSTPONED f a-Tll TUESDAY. September fMk, at 6 o'aloek? ^ ame ? ace. an 30 BONTZ A GRIFFITH. AaoU. By WALLA BARNARD, Aoouohmti. > EXCF.LLFNT FURNITURE AND HOITRKhold ^ fpect* Kt Acctios.?Oa Tat R"*DA \ Mt K > i \ <j, t ? uth last., at ! o'elook, we Wul eTl. at No. ?6?*. n "th eide ?I Pain rant a are.. ft or?r Hwarti't Drue Store, ail the Fornitiire acd 1 l (to^tv 1? Parlor sntte, eonaietmg ofl T?U I tMf, 2 Luf. an?1 4 Ha tor Clairs. made to order. 1 Mahogany Haircloth Parlor mi . coueiating ol 2 Tete a-tet*. 2 ? as*. and 6 Par or Chairs, Rosewood and Wa nut Marble-top Tab:ee, Carved Wa nut Ccnri'?de and Etanere, Oak and Mahogany Marble-tor *'idef'0*rde. 6i>t Mirrors, Whatt>ot and Hefs Tahle, Marbie top and Plain RareMi. Mahogany French. Cottage, and other Bedstead Extension Dining TaMes, tiass and Crook ery Ware, Cane and Wood Seat Chairs and F ockers. Chamber Tab es. Wa-drobes and Waahatands. Carpets. Rats. Clock*, and Matting, Hat Nack, Oilelotn *nd Toilet PsU Together with other Fun.iture not here etitle n nd, all in vetjr good order,wh'-oh will otfer great inducement to persous famishing. Terms oash. sep 5 d WALL It BARNARD, AmU By WALL A BARNARD. Auctioneers. BY VIRTUE OF A DEED OF TRUST.daly recorded. April 7, IHh . among the laad raoor^s oi Washington eonaty, D. the andaretgn eri. Trasteee of the "Third BaiJ'iog Aeeooiauor" <>f Georgetown, D. C , will, oa 10th da; September. at AH o'eloek p. n>., expose at pab.ic ancfl in the iHlowmg K nal Estate. ?itasted 1a Washlrgton Ci't. ob M&eeachaeetts a venae, between 4th awl Mli Keets known as the west haJf of Lot No. 96. is aareftn. with improvements, oonsistir.; of a two-story frame dwHlieg ho sis. Terms made Known at eale. A -vS'WVZ r? *f rnx1 * *" AlJ I DK PI Vvf A ( TMat*ai CHARLE9 M. MATTHKWB, \ jy 17 SawAds WALL A BARNARD. Aoots. By BOTELF.R A W1LI SON. AsoUooeirs CTOUR SEAT CARKIAUE OR OPEN RA I *orcii poi Sslb.? Br virtae wf a deed of Uu?-t baring dale on i' e 28th da* of Ms*. iw.i ? e?l!.by order of the Trust**, on T(JltfOAV, tne 11th , tt It o'clock i m . in front of our Auo tton Store, on* 4 ?m: Carriage or Open B*roaoh. Tormi oMb aa?*oU BOTELER * WILLSON,A acta. By WALL A BaRNa RD. Auctioneer*. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE IM pkuvkd kutl F-.Tarn.?By virtu* of * orof trunt. <*ated the IRth da; of Maroh. lay?, * sd dv r-'-o-ded among the lai>d reooHa of the oou 'ty 1 Wellington, D. f*, I *?-all prooewd to aell. or tt* renii?e -,on MON DA V. the 23d d?yoffef?emt?*r 11161 a' 5 o'o.ook p. m.,a!l tnoxe piecea or rare# ( cr und situated m the c;tr of aabLngtyn, in r* 4 District, and known and deeignatnd a* Lot* uum be'*d thirty fonr (34)and thirty-fire(VI in Hquae numbered five hundred and three |5W),t?>*etf*r with the improveme ts thereon. oonaictiuc of a m larje three etnry Hnolt Hone*, with a fine l*?? m meet. Said property n locates on the aoalh aid* of N rtreet er uth, between and 6 h atreeu. Terma of aa'eOne q uarter m oa?h. Iialaroe i aix twelve. eifhwn,and twentv four month* from the day of sale, to be aeonr*a by a dead of trial *a the premises. , 1 Ifue term* of aal* be not oompnod with in five r daya from day of aaJe. the Tmat -e raaerrae t .e ? richt to reaeil at tbe nek and ooet of tti* firat fur chaaer. JOHN F EN S IS, Traeto*. aet wall Jt barnard. amij. ^ALL^STLTHENS * CO , mmm ruinlTtVUU ATUlli MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILOR*. AND READY-MADE CLOTHIERS. AND EXTENSIVE DEALFRS IN 6F.MTLL mi;nu FURNISHING *OOi>b, _ae -if (Intel. A Kcpu l?.' A RMY SUPPLIESA JUST RKCkJVEp4W>eane SAl'SAliK MIAT. Mi?ui PliE-H TOMATOES. a ou? FRESH VEAL. 9bO o&ne BEEF. * La modt, I4M cant ROAST BEK? JfiOoane KHK8H MUTTON. X4??*n? BEEFstd GRAVY. Mnrui SOI r ami BOUILU. youM FRENCH DESS1CATED VE6L TABLES. For n?tt.\iv York FMlor;?ri<Mt. K1N04 Bl'RCHELL, M ? Corner I and t-moonth etreou R pi' PONT'8 *U GAR-COATED FE MALE R Eli U LATINO PILLS are lit* **tv best *n u?4 The? operate speed i > and efl>otna: ?. and t*hcp i&r-coaUa cree.e do u?m the moet df .oate i?or aeb A total of u ea* Pilia will prove tkeir en eerioritj ow all othera. Pnoe i a b.-x. Sod only at UpHAM S. 310 Cheerot street. Seat bj mail to *i< part" oi the ooairti* i? a ?eaJed <MteluM. Sold la WetiiD|k? irr S. na i.vkiit if i .Vi n ill. -i?. ?a >. *** " * ' ' *"" *H?if7w>i" I HR GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE uwt for tt.? \ Lf laet !>Blf oantary is tha Hoajitala o?Loa?1 -n V njd Parta for th* onra of Sterti nay bow h?k|4lti;PHAN'S,N?. SlOCteaaatatravt.soi* a*aut for Lka I'rutac States It oohlBiBa bo enry or otter our.era a, aad wil not tem the I Boat d?l)Mt? oooatitsttoB A lyirfl tmt ?aa V aataad aad ao rteace of aiat raqairatf P-i f I' /* fct br exaroaa Sod ib Waahiactoc bi 8. CAi. VK1T FOID, oornor Utt atraataod Panniy'n Biaaveaaa ?yAaolt ITrjBAM** HA!* DYE \- TO COLOM BLACK I tJ OR BROW"?Oil; M MaBa htx. 1%tm I boxaa for oaa dmlar. Gray, r*d or Aai?>n fcair oan f ba oteagad iu % lav aao^ada to a j t blaok or browa. by aaini't Li* aid Hair Dv*.uw baa( aad cfcaaaaat la Ue world, yrodaciut, tte BKnaart ?? BBteru ippaaraoo*. Ka?k??* ofUPHAM'8 HAIM DYE laViriaatadloaoa?a a treat Bad Pa. ara. M? l aatj .EOMEWaitwilM fYf?. Cmrmm tf Fmmd Twifik Sir tit. Sxisiom o? lMl-'M. FACULTY OF MKDICIIfM. I* NOBLK YolNG. M O- __ ProfMaor of Priaoipi** MMTPrifcoCiM of JOHNSON RUOT, N. U. , ProftMer of Pri^niplM utd Pr?oUc* JAMK8 B MOK6AM. M. D . : ProltMOf of MiUrw K*t TLti^Mtic*. p^-c. wWMjyg?l&?. ? W? I PfeytioIocT -if*. aLifcZSWTUl.?? I 117 Tt? ?hair ml ta?to*y to bf E'.ijd. ? ? ^ A I tgm SiJTW INBTft I

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