Newspaper of Evening Star, September 10, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 10, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEiyS. J fT Thmsrh T? St* a la printed on the tatm leam pr*? i? ** Ruth of ttamanre. >ta edition h ao targe ? *r? require It to V put to pr*aa at an early boor; AdeertiacaoenW, therefore, should be ant In before 1? o*eloc1t m ; tberwlae they may not appear aattl tte next day. Notica.?DMrlct of Columbia Advertisements H be Inserted in the B^ltihoeb 8vr are received at tod forwarded from Tsa Stab Ottce. Pkocasmnes or thi Citt Councils ?Sept. Oth, 1861 ? Beard of Alderm* n?A communication ? wna received from the Mavor notlfvlnp the board of his approval #f an act to pay tbe ami-annual Interest on Washington and Aleiasdrla Railroad bonds, and a resolution for th? surrender to the Government of the school bouse on Judiciary S^wra. Also, a communication nominating for rommtssloner of the wrttem section of tbs canal, Woetford Vtooe,of tbe Seventh Ward; fqr sweep matter In tb? Pint Ward, Thos A Robinson; ?rd for commissioner of ths Northern Market, Joseph M Downing, In place of John ?. N orris. The nominations were appropriately referred. The monthly report at the lnfendant of tbe Asylum, the petition of 9 J Bowen, praying for constriction of a sewer on Eighth street, In the ioartfc Ward, ?o abate qpiaisaace; and the petition -of Lemuel M Iddleton for remission of a Ine, were severally read and referred. The police committee, to which hsd been referred the subject of tbe method of collecting corporation fines under tbe Metropolitan police system, submitted a lengthy opinion of the Corporation Attorney to the effect that thisrorporatlon has not tbe power, under tbe late act of Congress, to employ a police force. He augcests the employment of county constables to collect Corporation fines They reported back tbe resolution submitted to them and offered auotber, that a copy of the Ions I AniailAn *\t lha PntnAsalian A >w? ?* *- " VkTIHIWM VI *??W vv? VViatlVU AIMfl MCJ W I' eat to tbe Mayor, and tt-at it be printed with the . proceeding* of the Board This last was passed. r An act appropriating S4S0 for repair of the t bridge* across the canal was passed Mr. Moore offered a resolution to tbe effect that , whereas the sixth section of the charter of 1848 provides that In event of the death, resignation, disability or removal froan tbe city of tbe Mayor, th* Councils shall elect a Mayor to serve during ,, such disability, or in event or bis temporary sb st-nce from tbe city he may in writing appoint tbe President of the Board ef Aldermen to act as Msyor during such absence; and whereas these s two methods in which the chair of the Msyor may c be filled, are prescribed by the charter, therefore a Resolved, That in the opinion of this Board it r is inexpedient and impolitic in case of the tempo- ? rary absence of tbe Mayor of tbe city, under either t of tbe above named contingencies, for the Mayor i pes um to remove ofleers and instal others in g their places, unless tbe otlcers so removed shall v have been derelict In tbe discharge of datv, or guilty of offences against good mora Is or the laws E After an interesting debate,the resolution passed . by the following vote: e Yeaa?Messrs Bobrer, Bayly, Brodhead. Fisher, Magruder. Moore, Wendell, and the President (Dove)?8 Yen?Messrs Brown, Clark, Lloyd, Richards, Pemtnes. and Sargent?A A ccmnian'ca'!on from the Mavor, nominating Dr. ?? A H MrKlm for physician to the Asylum, In place of Dr. J. F. Morgan, was read, and said nomination w s continued uira voce. Also, nominating Dr George M. Dove for clerk . tc the Board of Health; and said nomination was referred The police committee, to which hid been referred the nomination of Jacob Kiel ber as mes Tiger to the Mavor, made a majority nnd minority report Tb? majority report, signed bv Messrs Biyiv acd Bobrer, Is m substance tuat tbe Mayor Informed them there was uo charge against the pres:nt incumbent; and that, considering the peculiar circumstances under which tie Mayor jro urn holds his office, they rec cm mend that tbe Domination be rejected Tbe minority report, signed bvMr. Moyd states tbe right of the Mayor to make removals and appointments, and to have officers about him in whom he hss confidence. After considerable debate the nomination was rejected the vote being am ?, noes 7, blank 1. It was moved and carried that tbe majority and niaflsifu Miwrfs Ha ntint^/1 tstllK ?W* JI ? ?? - omivi j?j it wi>* wv ?? *mo piWCCUIU^I Q of the boara. <j Tbe police committee reported back certain <j nominations of policemen, (made before tbe redaction by law,) and asked that they be laid on the table; carried An act apprupriatlng S50 for tbe abatement of * nuisance caused by the sinking of a gutter at the corner of Ninth am. K streets was passed. An act for laying a water main on Tenth street, from L to M, and for erecting a fire-plug at tbe corner of Tenth and M streets, was reported Mr. Moore said he bad never got any hydrauta In bia wsrd Mr. Dove said tb* gentleman had nev*r asked for any, and playfully added that water was the laat thing the gentlema^wimld think of aaking The bill was pasted An act appropriating t'JO to pave a gn'ter on north B street, at intersection of Flint street east, wss passed A Dill from the lower Board reducing the aalaries of the Purveyor and Keglster, was appropriately referred. A rtsolution from th? lower Board requiring tbe Mayor, nit-tubers of the City Councils, Slid employees of the Corporation, to take the same oath of allegiance to the Government which was taken by the members of the Board of Metropol ltan Police Commissioners, wai taken up, wYieu Mr Moor# critlclz>-d the phraseology, and offered a amendment striking out all after the word take, sod ?ub?titatinij therefor In substance that lit addition to the oath prescribed la the charter, the persons named be required to take toe oath of allegiance to the Government prescribed by the act of Congress approved August 6to, 1"GI, for per*onsln theclvll service of the Government. After some discursive deftte, Mr. Moore withdrew hi* amendment and offered another, striking out all after the enacting clause snd substituting therefor a resolution including contractors, its well as the clxsaes already named, and containing the words of the oath In the body of the resolution, with a clause providing for the discharge of any on<' who might take aud violate said oath. Mr Dove moved an amendment that the boards take the oath in their respective chambers the first Monday after the approval of the resolution; amendment accepted Mr Richards thought no ane could violate the oath without taking it, and moved to strike opt the words "and take;" amendment accepted Mr Richards thought the matter had beat be postponed for oae week Messrs. Dove and Wendell opposed a postponement An amendment was accepted, dismissing nay one refusing to taka tba oath (although soma gen- ' tlemen thought N ml?k< sffiact th?> Tat? Mum if be returned,) and after some other amendment* to the resolution, and on changing ita title, It waa i passed without a disserflla* voice I It waa moved and carried that tne bill be print- j ed with tfce proceeding* of the Board A resolution In relation to the collection of 1 taxes; an act for laying a water main on Twelfth street, between C and 0; a resolution appointing a committee to name the public squares, Ac.; ' and a resolution in relation to a wooden trunk at ' R street; all from the lower board was severally ' received and referred, and the Board adjourned t [The interesting debate en the question of the < right, expediency, policy, Ac , of the Mayor to remove and appoint officers, Is crowded oat today, but will appear to-morrow ] Cowman Council ?A communication from the Intendantof the Wsshington Asylum, transmitting the report of that Institution to the Council; | and the petitions of Geo Vaugban In relation to nuisance, and of Geo Elcborn In relation to hts sty as laborer on the Northern Liberty Market . Bona*, were referred A bill appropriating ft)0 for paving the gutter st the intersection of norm Band Tnlrd (treats Also, a bill appropriating fr? for repairing I Third and Fourth streets east, at their lnWrseetlsn ? with Pennsylvania avenue ' Also, the Dili appropriating <87 for repairing the gutter on H street, between Nineteenth and J Twentieth stiasto. t Alto,* luaoinoruiag iwlaying of water mala* ob Teatb itfKt, bftwufn i. and M streets Tbe petition of Peter Mack, claiming compensation for certain work done, waa reported back from tbe committee or claims and referred to the committee on drainage and distribution of watt*. Tbe bill making an appropriation for settling tbe account of Tbomaa Cbapman for Imprneementa to tbe Northern Market-bouse, waa taken np Mr Emeraou boped tbe bill would peas Tbe i work bad been done, and it waa no more than just that tbe Bian be paid Mr Kdmonston waa oppeaed to an? aocb action. Re did not believe that officer* of tbe Corporation bad any right to make contracta and then come to tbe Council and aak them to foot tbe bill. Besides that. be did not believe in any of then; ?cssavlng arrangements Tbe gas-aaelng machines wnT >111 Bunma< oavingtjas: i nc oniy ??y to i?r gas *11 with tbe meter Th*? were the gas burners, too, another kumb?K. coating US enis tplrcr, ud they could U- bought for a Hp He'd tried All tbece saving mac bine* btmfeif?didn't believe io Ibeta Tbe bill wu finally recommitted to the con- < mittee I Tbe claims committee were discharged from the further ceoetderatten of tbe petition ef Michael Lw 1 The chairman ef the committee on elections and eligibility of iuemb-r*, Mr. Peake,Rated that the . esanttlse wss Ut pespared to repert, according to Instruction* of the Council, upon lb* contentedstectlen cms ef Meeen Raub and Powell -tbe i latter gentleman having been detained at h?rae i by setloue Illness ' n bis famllyi and asked further time; which was granted* ? ?e aeoeM dwy is the City liaii btnr>y M atmrrltii Wf.U ? J *xupled by tb? Common Council to bo put ! rood order for their occupation, was referred to mprovementa committee Rills bating nuisance at the Intersection of tilnthand K streets Caused by the sinking of a rutter, and for the relief of Dempsey k. O'Toole r?re phased. The bill making appropriations to defray the reneral expenses of the Corporation for a portion >f tbe current fiscal year was passed with the folowing amendments: For contingent expense* of the Center Marketlouse, Including whltewaahlng, Ac , $300, intend of ?00 For whitewashing and cleaning the Northern Jarkethouse and ground* Hot), Inatead of 9250 For publishing tbe law*, &c., of the Corpora-' Ion, and for two copies of tbe National IntelM;encer. Instead of the " daily paper," Ac , tl2<? Adjourned. iMsraopoLiTan Pol*c* Commi^sionhs ?The oard yestetday psaaed a resolution authorizing be employment of an assistant clerk, at a salary of per month, and a mea?eng?r at 14u per month Mr George R Herrick wm fleeted assistant Jerk. On notion of Mr. Brown, additional rules were adopted, providing for the establishment of a ;ra<ie of oiflcers, to be known as ronnismfn, who vill rank between the sergeants and patrolmen, ind who will have charge of the night and day mtrolmen?two being under each sergeant. From bis grade, all promotions to sergeants will b? nade A committee, consisting of Messrs. Gideon, reoncT and Brown, was appointed on printing, lank books and binding. Proceedings were then had upon the appointments, and the board adjourned. Didh't Liki It.?In one square In the No-th rn Liberties the sympathizers with secession iluster rather thickly, but so unpopular are their entlments in that Intensely Union portion of the Ity, that they do not think It politic to protrude Keip iHoura In antr ur jit 1 i k?lv Ia Invito nnhll^ltv ?- - - ? -?? >n the morning, succeeding the day when the umon of the death of Jeff DtTli were tbe hlckest, the neighborhood was astonished t?> And very secession door-knob heavily draped in black rape Tbe energetic manner, however, In which he strips of black were torn away by tald housere per* on being made aware of its presence, and be way they cussed at the ' deed of darkneas," fforded pretty fair evidence that they did not rolnntarlly bedeck their mansions tn tbe emblems if woe for the stippoeed-to-be defunct head of - secesb;" bat that some mischievous parties had mdertaken tbe Job In their behalf. A W01 d or Caution.?Last night a number of gentlemen were talking very excitedly at the orner of Seventh street and Louisiana avenue, nd the subject of their discourse was the imvopriety of officers of the army taking objectlonble female to place* of amusement. It wm said ty them that an officer Lad taken two to Odd Felliwi Hall, and walked in with one on each arm. >bould such charge be proved, the officer at fault rould certainly lose his commission. We may add that It wonld greatly astonish the rOOd Wives, sisters, danorhtera mnthera unit weethearta at borne of many of the volunteer Ulcers, could tbey see the aort of female com panonshlp aald officers indulge in so openly and un>iuabingly la our atreeta and elsewhere. Rkcovrry or a Jkwil ?Last week, a soldier >f one of our volunteer regiments paid a visit to a jotable bouse ** by the way aide" in tbe Seventh IVard, where were congregated a large number of rerv lively females, who appeared to be paaalonitely fond of wine and young men with well flU^d Hirses The soldier made a reconnolsance of the company, and decided to capture one who to a ittle ttpsy, ai d whose jewelry was particularly ittractive He so far succeeded as to obtain from ler finger a ring valued at 3150 She discovered ler loss when the soldier hid left. Detective ottler Allen was sent for. and he managed to recover he rlnjj from the soldier. The owner oftbe pro >erty was satisfied to recover It, and leave the mrlolner to tbe punishment he will receive in amp, and did not prosecute further. A Soldier Killed.?On Sunday about noon, it the camp of Colonel Young"s regiment of Kenucky cavalry, a soldier named Henderson shot mother named Walter with a revolver while the alter was performing guard duty. Walter fell it tbe feet of Sergeant Jos H Bryson, officer of he day, who had to exert all bis decision to prevent an outbreak In the camp, which be was enabled to do by b's coolness and firmness He I sarmed Henderson and bad blm arrested lmmellately Walter was shot under tbe right ear. and he ball lodged on the left tide of bis jaw He vas conveyed to tbe hospital, and there la bat itlle prospect of hi* ultimate recovery. Petty Lakcexies ?Petty thieves have grown julte b?>ld within a few days, and complaints of ;oe loss of small articles from the fronts of stores, la's, umbrellas, Ac , from pasasges and clothing 'rom drying lines are frequent. Tbe police will irobablv be pretty busy daring tbe first weeks of iervlce In detectlngtbe petty thieves and recoverng stolen goods The depots are numerous, and will not require much trouble to discover them, ind tbe thieves are of a class not bard to capture. Another Military Hospital ?The large louse near tbe Circle, In the First Ward, which *as occupied successively by Mr Fox and other British Ministers, and by tbe Brazilian Minister, ind which was subsequently burned down and ately rebuilt in a mos' substantial manner, has seen occupied by the Government as a Military Hospital. It was opened about ten days since ind already contains a considerable number of patieuU. Thi Liquor Law Isfrimsimknth-?Yesterday :he Provost Guard arrested John C. Ffeiffer, for ailing liquor to soldiers lie was lined ?'25 by fnstire Dnnn Frederick Stapp, bar keeper for Pfeiffer. W3S arrested at th* rme time, but being >nlr the employee, was d smiss"d Wm. H. Andrews, arrested for a similar offense, was also Ined 9riS __ Accidrnt.?Martin Cunningham, a youthful eamster. while driving four mules attached to a iovernment wa^on, yesterday, broke his lead eln, when the team became unmanageable and If hm thrown from thi? miiln ha ?r? iUio!.../ rhe wheels passed over his hand (or a mule read on it) mangling it in a dreadful manner. Me was taken to the L street Hospital. Ckstral GcAKDHociK? B'/ort Jut'iti T\omp. ion ?8 Donohue, R Dove. R Jones. Thomas fooes, Jarres Handy, and R. Tste, arrested for >e1ng drunk and disorderly in the streets, were lned fl &} each. A PkoaiAMMK overflowing with merriment and fun, at Odd Fellows' Hall again to-night. The Campbell's exorcise "blue devils" In a twinkling Try 'em. 8s* iLAtwHKRi the notice of the Mount Claie Club cotillon party. Lock out for a rich thing. \Vhitkhc*st, 434 Pennsylvania avenue, furnishes superior Card Photographs, suitable for lending in letters S*-r ai? likrness'-s of distinguished men, views of camps, etc. Photographs in oil and water colors and pastel, from miniature to life size. au 17-eolm f?* thi 8oldim*.?For one who dies rorn (no eflc'.s uf the buliet, ten perixh from damp knd eipotur* to night air. Small doses of Hollo ray'* PMs taken every other uight will correota'l lisordersuf l.iver and 8t..maoh, purify the blood, in' insure sound heath to every man. Only 25 tents per box. se4-lw ittadh, nara job seen rroi. woou s advertisa?>ent id our paper. Rf? it; it will interest you. an *>-eolj Piwmis. Persona desiring pennies will always ftr.d them for exchange at the Star Office oounter. tf To thi Atflictid !?Be sure to read the adrer.saicert of MoLean's Strengthening C?rdutl aad tfinod Purifier. in another column. tf Of ICO, In Georgetown, on the 6th instant, A6NRS ROBERTSON, after a lincering illness of two nonths, aged IS months ard SSdays, beloved dsughler of J. and t. A. Robertson. On the moraine of the 9ih iastant, after a short ind severe illnes*, FLOURANCE BKL.t. roangMt daughter of Jesse ana hiizabeth fcrgood, aged 1 years, S months and days. I miss thee eaoh lone hour, Star of my heart; No other voioe bath power Joy to impart. I listen for thy hasty stop. Thy kind iwMt to?e, Bat ?oirowiaf ailenoe whispers roe Thou art con* * I'O ALL S*OI.DIER8? Wounded in the present war, or widows or minor ohildren of those k l'ed or died while in the ?ervioe, or on aoounnt uieraof, wiU rddre-s R. B l.t.OYli & CO., craer of SS?ven'h and E sta., Washington, D. C., i atirg fat partiouara of servioe Alan, lata 3 m etha'volant era. aeT-St* ^K.aHiD PKOPOSALS are invited tili thejtith C? ?Uy (if September. ItfCl, fur supplying the Army ?f l?a Potoma-i with PoiATOKft <* boat eo,?; i buaUela will ba rsantred. in 1? a of a^>oat 8 800 bashelef-r week. Tho Potatoes to be of tr.e A'*! quality And equal in quality to tho following kinda: Mereera (blaa,) l'?tk fc ye. Mercers (white ) The Potato** to be delivered >n Waah'nc ton.aad tab eot to aa?h <naeeetioa on delivery aa tne Subsistence D< par iment iuay repair*, and paynent to be male ia Treasury vuUi, if Gov*ri.mtnt should Jaatr* *t The Po'atoasto be delivered in good, atroog barrale. and aaaft bushel to beeatimated at Co lbs. Thebioe to be dir.:o.?d to Cast A. BECKWl f H. C. ?.? if. 8 A , Waahingtoa, P. C. aa a Adpkcial notice. ~ LL Perso e iassbM to aa. aa aaaa aaanaat ar note* tut d?i?, ?r? r?*p*etfti|ly r?an*?tMi to o?ll v d My th? Mm* by 1st day of t&y'embor n-xt. l)>?r b?-!!. murt !>? o o?*d n? ? **11 y M tio e to dote. "V e theritor* oonfc.l-ni y xp^et D?r friMda to rwpoad ?rompUy to oar o?'l. nM ' AMUSEMENTS. Q DD FELLOWS' ri ALL! SKCOy~D~ WEEK of the WORLD- Rh NOW NED CAMPBELL! TWELVBSTAS PKR^ORMI-R*! Th? mo?t Accomplished M'n?tr?I lUnd in the Woild oomp i?im the very Flower of the Ethiopian Piofeaaicn. NEW SONG*. AC^S~ANP HURLESQUE3 EVERY NWHT. Acromion Twenty-five C'nti. >e 10 lw DR FORD. Aient "wants WANTK.P?A COACH SMITH and BODVMAKRR. at K. P BURFORD'8 Coaoh Fao'ory, on Bridge at, Georgetown. an 10 2t* 1 fVANTEI>-* middle aced SERVANT GIRL, *? who onderrtarida how to wah, oo k *nd iron R*ference* inquired. Apply at 506 E at. bitwren 3d and 4th ata. f i(v8t* AVOITNG GIRL WISHES A SITUATION , in a priva'e family as riuree or chAmberm'id i and to mike heraelf generally uaefol. Addrera Box i 11. Star oflio*. it* < A COOK, who her bnsineea well, J wiahea a SITUATION in a small private fami'y. Haa no objection to a ara%;l washing. Address Box 10, Star OfRoe. Recommendations, if re quired. It* l WANTED?By a respectable young woman, a SITUATION aa chambermaid in a private family. Noob;eotion to aaaiat in waaliiag, iron- . inK, or nuraing Good reference can be given. A ddreaa Box 18.8tar iffice. It* WOOD CUTTERS WANTED-The aubaon- , ber wiahea to emp'oy 25 or S> good Wood Cutfe a. for which he will give the highest arice? aay from 75 cents t-i SI per cord. AealrtoJOHN B K N N KTT. Fish W liirf. Georgetown' ge 10 *t? WANTED? By a resoeo'able young irnman, ft SITl' \TION as oook, washer ami ironer for ft small family. Good reference can b* oven Ap- . p y at No 81 SecouJ street, between F and 0, ae 10-lt* J WANTHD?By ft young mftn of experience, a SITU ATION in ? grocery or produce Ktore, , in either Washington or Georgetown; ia well so- ' quainted with aooount* ; salary moderate. Address'^. B..*'City I'ost Offioe. ?e 10-2t* r WAN rF.D? A Gl RL from IS to 1i years old, to nurae and assist in p!ftin aewinK- None need < a?p>y but tho.e that oab oome well recommended . for honesty. Such a *uI oftn obtain a food plate by . applying at No. 32*J Pa.avenue,or&AU H street, , between 6th ftnd 7th. ae in 3t* WANTED-Tgood WOMAN HOU?E~SKR~- " VANT; also at MAN SERVANT. Both must ocme well recommended. Colored preferred. Inquire at 433 F at. se 9 WANTED?A respectable white WOMAN to general housework ol a private fam.Iy. Pat l^faotorv recommendations required. Apa^j at nut iuuiii iiae nri'.'&r sircei, west 01 men, Goornetown. ae 9 2t* iyANTED-A comfortable HOUSE foraa.nal i f?nn y, m a respectable looation, (fnrniahod or unfurnished,) wi'hin * rcanorjabie distance of the Treasury Building. Address,living all particulars. Hox .171 Post Office. ?e 9- 3t* WANTED?A competent and reliable Drug and Prescription CLEKK. with food rc>oonmendations is to capability, o.iaracter. 4o. 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Dement. of Oregon, will send ?h?ir addreaa to E. L., 56 North Charlea atreet, Baltimore, th?y will muoh oblige a friend. It* LOST AND FOUND. : FOUN D ?A large bay HORSE. with whit*star in foreheal. and white hind leg; whioh r\ the owner can have by proving property and _r_--?V Saying a 1 exoenser. Tail at Government^-"tablea B at., above War Department. *? 10-St* JOHN WA8NKR. PAME TO THE STABLES OF THE SUBVv forilier, on th? 4h icatant, a young <rv brown HORSE, abont 15 hand* huh- TtaTJll owrer of eaid horse la requested to prore^EZX property, pay charge*, and tak? him awar. THOS. SMITH, ae 10-St* _Livery Stable, 19th at.. First Ward. C.C REWARD- STRAYED A W A Y.- On Autidiv AVAninf 1 JL?f 'rnm ii?utr ?Ka ? (Joverniuent Printing Offioo, a large flORRELL HORSE, with white biul f?et. anil two soar* abiutone of his eye*. The above reward will he paid for the"**"**" rxtaru of said horse to Dir*f?.der's Resaurant on 7th ?treet, opposite Centre Market. If THOS DONNELLY. T OST DOR.-I will pay five dollars for >ny little 1 j b!a*k and tan 81.UT. winch was lost > no tli? 5th instant. She has a plated rn' jl ^ J la'on, rind lock. HOPKINS. - ' se 9-3t Corner of Sixth st. an-i Pa. av. T'AKEN I'P, trt?spassn? on my enoi"?iire, a1 8t>W and 8 PlOs. The owner will pieate come forward, pro\fe property, pay charges, a?d take her away. i se 9 2t* JOHN HOOVFR. ONK CfcNT R KW aR D.?Ran away, on "lu?>day'ast. a NEGKO BOY,14 yea sold.namrd Kei jainin Hrjroa, who wm bound ?o me by hid f?ther about three weeks ago. All pers ni are oautioned a?ainsi bart>orin* or trusting Inm on my acoount, as i will not be responsible for any debt , he ma* oontract. Whoever returns said boy will receive the above rerard and no thanks. JAMES WALSH, A st. south, ta 9-3t* between 3d and 4th sts , Capitol Hill POrND.-A stray HORSE was taken up on the F ?>r.h Anrust near Hunter's Chanel. Alexandria oo., Va. He is dun colored. jUbTTI ~?th dark mane and tail and feet, with a^/ 1 blaze faco Tha owner will fomc and pa? charges and prove propertv and take hire away. The horse will bef.mnd at Mr. J KEPH WELLS', on st. between D and E sts.. I sland. se9-3t RAN AWAY.?From the subscriber, on the 22d in*.. NEGRO BOY ANToNKV-c* I. hiiPM'f 'Toner Crawford." Ha is about fl nineteen ?f*ri old, five feet tvo orthf.e W\ inohea in height, blank, (lender. th:n in fl-sh jn and has a rough -kin: grnm oountenanc*, with a soar over o??of his eyebrows, occasioned oy the kick of a hora*. I will five fifty dnl ar* if secured in JmI sol get him. or sixtv dollars if brought home to me. For further description inquire of Wail & B*m%rd FIELDER MAGRUDER. pep 9-tf near Blsdenaburg, P. G. Co. B*8TRAY? Wa? taken upas an eatray, on the 4 night of the 4th instant a lar?e?reTfi\ HORSE, mark* on him 'rom gears. The*L?TA owner ia rsque t<d to ca'l at Kea-^x's stable. prove property, pay ohargea, and take him away. bAM'L J. PEARSON, o7 3t Georgetown fijjr RE WARD.?Strayed or atolen, on the night ? J of the 24th or auguat 1\??, a uma'l C\ light grey HORfeK. a little altff in the f reTirW leg . The above reward will be p*id t"any-?S^V. ?eraon returning eaid horse to H RN R Y M H^SER, No. 141 1) street, between 9th *nd lmii !,*>> I'land ** 1 ??rn REWARD Will be paid for theuppreheno,)U gion and delivery to me, or eeounns m ia jail of NEfxRO WOMAN LOUISE; (g oalle hereelf Louiae Haneon- She u a tall, likely nef ro, *uit? black, well dreaaed, with I fall suit of hair. She ia no doubt larking in.ry ? Upper Marlboro' or neithborhood. Hhe haa a hueband in Watliinf ton oUy, and my mak? her way i to that plaoe. WM. WORTHINSTON. Near Woodril'e, ; an lfr-3tawtt Prinoe George'* oounty, Md. i LEA k PERKINS' j G1UIRATID Wor??*ter?hlre Sauce. PronoMted by EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS H of a Letter from ft to be the * , I J MtdUal at Madrae ONLY POOP nHutr,lk? , SAUCE." SHfe? n Woroeater. and applioable to ? fell LiV*""- 1

EVERY ^"'kUhly'eit^mtd m Ind.a. and ie, in VARIETY my opinion, the moat i p* atib'e, as well ae man mnit ?hi!?inn? Sauce t hat n made." The *bor* ?AUCE ia n<>i onlv the bs*t ard m jet fopvlab comdi HINT known, but the must J> conwiical, *a a J<*w dropa a Soup Gravy, or with Fish hot and oo'd Joints. B"f SUak, tinm?, te , impart an rxqaieite zsat, winch mmprintiplrd fence mai ufacturera have la v?in endeavored t" imitate On the Prtakfa'l. Lutukton. Dtnntr. or Mim*r Tnbl', a oruot containing " LEA & PKRitlNB' WukCKSTLKSHIKE SAUCE" ia indiapeaaable. . . To Appreciate the exedliml qua'.itits of ting d-l\ eitms preparation it ia only nyi aaarr to pttioh*ae a ?m?li botte ??f the tmwmt, or a reepe>.tabi?gro ear or <,e*iar, u manjr Haiti aad Hit aurant pro rietora a- do:? piaee the Pnre gauoe oe'ora ta?r gaeeta. out avbetitatea geneine Bill* filled I (MrttaJ mixture. w Srj?sfiv^ Union fqwmre and !4f A ttriit, /fate Y rk. Solo W h a-veai* Agen>? the United Matee. iA ijuxsk aiwava ia etor* -Alaoordera received for ?r*ot ?hipmenU from Eagla d. usa t&ti*. . ' j 4 -vaoH *der#JI I i BOARDING. . I HOARDING, no. ?04 I STREET-A few' * ? Boardera, with o?-without I.o<?irir?, ca-j b* %?nomntnitatMl At tae aho*?? ele?*%nt at d oonvmmet l ?ea ity ; and a Owelun* f'?rnuhed or nafaraiflMl. t ' p "MfritT thereto, wiii U? nntrd on fp^lmMion ??u 1 h? premiaea. ae 7 St* foiTsALE AND KSNT" |rf?R RKNT-A fine new HOUSE (brioht, wlh * II iouin< and b\th ro>m,aiM with ?a>r and '?*. >uuated in a moat desirarH l"Oali'y, in the vicu it? o; Jadioiary fquara, la lor reut. ready furi.ia ?<i. on favorable tern<a. Apply at this office. m? 'i tf'OR RENT?HOUSE 408 Per.nailvania a*.. over the bookstore of Franck Tv?Jor?a plaoe for a proi oaaiopal man ?e *-tf F?0R R ENT-* handaome FURNISHED HOUSE, with all the modern improvements, in a pleaeant location. Inquire at the Star Offioe. an an tf LViK RENT-A very des.ral-e STAND for a 1 boarding houM, on Pennsylvania avenue and Eighth ?t? now oooupied by the Messrs. Joy, and ha* a! way* had a full share of the patronage of the city. Possession given on the 1st of September next. Said house Is in good order. For further paruoulars apply to JAMES TOWLE*. Agent, 190 H street north ; or Mrs. JULIA KEEP 3*6 E itreet. aw 17 tf Houses for rent-no. a? and No. sr.on the south side of I udiana avenue, both of them rery large and convenient hoaaea, with good stabling &Dd oarriage-liouies. Also, the commodious and large House, No. 398, du the north side or c street. Apply to THOMAS BLAGDEN, No 499 Seventh street. ' jy 17 iawtf FOR R ENT-The north HOUSE of the row of new lour-atory houses on Fourth at, l>etweec L> and E at*., No. 3**, fronting the City Hall isuare Posaeasion given immediately. Apply to WILLIAM H. PHILLIP, Attorney at-Law, No. 10 Lommana avenue. ma 11-eotf HANDSOMELY FURN1SHKD ROOMS 11. Four handsomely Famished Rooms, supplied irith gas and water, and convenient to the Patent lad Post O&oe Departments, for rent. Apply at lUOH Massachusetts enue, north side, between Uh and fith ?ts. ma29 GEORGETOWN ADVEKT'MTS r^=?POST OFFICE, GEORGETOWN, D. cT, 15 9?PT8M B>B 10,1H61 N<)tice is hereby given, that all perrons having in their possession Postage Stamps of the old iseue sun <?xchaiwe the sam* for StamM of the new isme for six days from this date, and not after that lime. HfcNR t ADDISON, ae 10-6t Postmaster. 1A hhds prime p. r. molasses. IU 5 hhds prime P. R. Suear, 37 boxes New York Cheese, 10 bl>ls. new No. 1,2 and 3 Mackerel, 1,00 lbs. new Hake and <'od Fish, 50 boxes Scaled Herring, t tieroe Rioe,6 bags Lagnavra Coffee, 1,000 lbs. A No. 1 Sutar oared Hams, Superior old Bwnrbon Whiskr. 92 per gallon. Georgetown Corporation Notes of the old issue it 11 taken at par at my regular retail prioe. M Vfit W U Tk'^MCV ? ? ? ??? I ? M-B - MS m rvi A88EY, COLLINS A CO.'S iTl PHILADELPHIA DRAVGHT. Expeoted thia dar, per steamer J. Jerome? loo barrel. XX DRAUGHT ALE, ? do. XiXX do. do. 500 hlf.-bblt. do. do. do. Which on arrival will be for tale Terms rath on delivery. AKNY A. 8HINN, m 7 Union Depot. Georgetown. JUST RECEIVED? 10 hhJt. prime Porto Rico SUGARS linbblt. OM Rye WHISKY. tto bblt. HERRING and ALE WIVES. to bbia. Crushed rvnd Refined SUGARS, 10 ba?s Rio and Java COFFEE, 10 hhds.(low priced) MOLASSES. Fortaie by JOfiN J. BOGUE. Mil M. I. FRANKLIN, SCIENTIFIC AND PRACTICAL OPTICIAN, (From Phxlad'lfkia,) rcuu a uv.,' uu: in biuo.i uei.uinBoa 131 It ru, Improved SPECTACLES and EYE GLASSES, suited correctly for every eye right?mounted in Go.d, Stiver, fine Steel, India Rubber, or Tortoise Suell. MMttarv Fitld Glatsft, Microscope, TtUscopts, Optra and Marine (Hams wi'k the best Achromatic Lenses, Mathematical and fhysual Instrument*, Compasses, SKrtoseope* and Stereoscopic Vt,ws tn a k .tat racteiy, at the lowest Eastern prioes. aud->-tr NOTICE. "ADAMS' EXPRESS COMPANY." This Company offers to the public" Unequalled Advantages'' for the Safe and Quick I>ispatch of Heavy E eights Packages, Valuables, Money, Ao. Ao., to all parts of the United States. Expresses to and from the North and West depart from and arrive in Washington twice daily. All Expresses are in charge of txpsrunced and reliable Messengers. Ail Packages for The Soldiers earned at "om half" our usual rates. All Gocds for the so-oalled "Confederate States" an<i all Articles * Contraband of War" wnl be Kkfcskd. Ob- Expresses leave New York at 1.5. and 6 P. M., arriving in Washington at 6 A. M and 5.3J P.M. Expresses leave Philadelphia at 8jn A. M. and 11 P. M., arriving in Washington at 5 30 P. M.<and 6 A. M. Expresses leave Baltimore at 4 art A. M. and 3 P. M., arriving in Washington at 6 A.M. and 5 5) P. M. Kxpresses tor %!i point* Nor*h mi'? West leave Washington at 7 3U A. M.and 230 I* M. daily. J?pocis 1 Contractu for .a^ge quantities of t reight oan be made ou application to this ? '(Hoe. Alt Goods walled for aiu< "ieliver?d frteof t*tr& oharges. Is. W, PAKMUNS, Sup*t Adams' Express Compfiu? f Washington, August <3. iBol. au 23 t pENSION uFFICK, Jrsa <>tu, 1961. TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. Application having been ma le under tee aot of 23d J une, 186)1, for the reissue ol the Lam) Warrants described herein, which are alleged to have been lost or destroyed, notice is hereby given, that at the date following the desoription of ?toh War rant, a new Certificate, of like tenor, will be issued, if no valid objection shall thea appear. N o. 46,745, for Uf> acres, issued under the aot of Maroh. 1866. in the name of Jaoob Guliok, a>.d granted on the *4th day of January, 1&56.?September 31,'861. No. 66 ti02, for 80 aores, issued under the aot of September, 186<>, in the name of Elisabeth Wells, widow o! I)aniel Wells, and granted on the 27th dar of September, 1^54.?September 28, 1861. <1^ ac don #Vv? lCii ..?1? - ?r iiv WMPV, 1VI IW taaiiuu uiiuoi kUO Wl III Maroh, 1856, in the name of Alexander Or me. and granted on tbe 13th day of OotoUer, 1866 ? September a. lssi No 71 626, for 160 aores, issued under the act of Maroh. 1855. in the name of Amos Arthur, and f;ranted on the 17th day of August, 1357.?Ootuber 2.1861. No. 69,590, for 160 aores, under act of 1847, and beanrc date May 6th, 1850, in favor of Michael R< pp father of Samuel Kupp, deueaeed. Third Indiana Vo'unteer*. Mexican War.?October 13.1861 No. 64 &X- for 120 acres, issued under the aot of Maroh. 1855, in the name of Jarue* Long, and grained oa the 31st day of March, 1S36.?Ootolnsr 19. 1861 No 24 657, for 160 aores, issued under the aot of March. 1855, in the name of Thomas i anner, and grunted on the 3d day of May, 1856? OfltoUer 19, L961e No 95100, for 160 acres, issued under the act ot Maroh. 1855, in the name ot Po ly. widow ol David Bradbury, aud granted on th? 19th uay oi eeptember, 1860 ?November 16.1861. No. 43.342. for i60 acres. iasu?d under the aot of Maroh, 18.55. in the nameof t'.lristopher Dougherty, and gra u>d on (he 27th day of September, 1856. November 16 1861. No.93,a,4, for 160 aoree, issued under the aot of March, 1856, iu the name of Guy S Alexander, minor child of John C. Alexander, deoeased, and giauted July 2.186>i.?November <6.1861 No. 2.163, for 160 aores, issued under the aot of juarcn, ih?> lame name ot iienjwinn Heily. and 11acted on the 2ith day of June. 1856 Mo 6i2. for HO acre#. i??ued ander tbe aot of Maroh. 1856 in the name or Reuben Woodruff, and I ranted on the 9th day of May ,1856. No. 856. ler 160 aorea, iaau?d under the aot of Maroh, 1*55, in the nwni of Samuel H Water ho uae, and kranted on the Sd day ot May, 1856. No. 2,533. tor 80 aorea, leaned unuer tha aot of March. 1855. in the urn* of 9hellv Dowsa. and rranted on the 2d da^>f August, 1856 ? November 16,1861 No 41 99), for 1M aorea. uaued under the aot of Mv ch, 1856, in the name of lamea Pray, and framed un the 21*t day oi Maroh, 1861 ?November as, 1861. No. 25 930, for 160 ?orea, laaued ander tbe aot of Maroh 1855, iu the name of William M . JulinaC. a..and John 1). 8.,minor chi.aren of Irwin B*("i, de< eaaed, and (r .ntad oa the Mih day oi May, i856 ?November 23, 861. No. 44.818.for 80 aoraa, laaaal ander the aot of March, 1856, in the nam? of Uetty. widow of Tht maa El wood, and grant*! the 19ta day of Jaau&ry, 1857.?November 23, 1861. No. 75 3S0. for 160 aorea, iaaued under the aot of Maroh, 1856, in t>>? uaina of Alexander Mo alloagh, ard granted on the8th day of January, 1858.?>o vem&er 21.1861. No. 8,068, for 160 aorea, iaeued under the aot of Maroh, 1855, in the name of Alexander MrQuain, ana grant d on the 12th day of Ootober, 1855.?November *>, 1861 No.SljmA for 160 aorea, i??ud ander the aot rf Maroh, IK5, in the name of Hannah widow of V. S*r . ? a * ^ j&iuob nr u?on, ana ^ ruiaoo on uio a&j 01 r eo ru&ry, 1857.?December 30,1881 JOBbPtt M. BARRETT, 4 l*-l?w Cgjmgaw. Dr. CHARLES R ROTELER, DBNTZST, No. 336 PENNSYLVANIA AVENl/?. BHvmo NidU ud T?nth #tr?*U # AU 3?-?o2ia > ' KVMSi Mventh?C,0|B0tit<9 FostOfto*, Gill fto4M?hia urr itook of BVoiia. whffc witl W mUiI utw ?g ?PKCLAL BAR telegraphic news RE VOLT OF A MISSISSIPPI RFQIMENT They Break their Rlukiti U Piece* mad Start f?r their lltaei. Baltimovr, Sept 10 ?A tetter to the Baltimore American, fr<>oi acltlien of L?e*borg, hii: " A whole Mlaalt*lppl regiment stationed at this place revolted on Saturday, broke tbetr murketa to plecea, and started for their home* " Thla la from a reapora!ble and reliable man. who baa furnlahed the American regularly with correct Information from that vicinity, and be adda to hia note, " Thla la reliable " Kaithera Sew?. Lovuvills, Sept. S?Tbe clty^a full of coa a. i - niaicmiy ana snrriiiDir rumors, im*ng wh'ch Is one that a dispatch front Jeff Davis to a friend was exhibited lo Mr. Johnson, chairman of (be Senate committee to visit the federal and confederate military authorities In Western Kentucky, saying that ne (Davis) approved of the Confederate occupation of Hlckmsn and Colambus. Some excitement was created by Roussaoa' brigade being drawn up la line on Ike Indiana side to receive Col. W hltaker. which gave rlae to reporta that the brigade waa on tbe march to >1 ud dorough's Hill and various other places la Kaatocky There isaa immense stampede of Jaws southward. who have been engaged In running goods into the Southern confederacy, caused by a report that tbe trains on tbe Loutsvllle and Nashville Railroad would probably be stopped to-morrow A Richmond correspondent of tbe Memphis Appeal, under date of the vi-th of August, says : The illness of the President for several days past has IncapaclUd him wholly for public business, even to the signing of bills. and tbe public convenience demand* the completion of much Important work before our legislators can disperse Philadelphia. Sept H.?a sailor belougtng to the brig Joseph, which waa raptured by the privateer Sfmiinah in J tins l??t ^ He If ft Richmond on Tuesday last. He heard nothing of the death of Jeff Davit. He nw hlBi on the Sunday previous, when he appeared as well as usual. from Earope. Niw Yoii, Sept The stearnsblp Africa passed Cspe Race this morning, with Liverpool date* to the 1st Inst The Africa has ?25,000 In gold for New York. The steamer Europa had arrived out. The London blobe announces that the army In Canads Is about being reinforced by 22.000 men The Times calls on the Government to strain every nerve to develop the cultivation of cotton In India, and says the Uovernmeat will waive all scruple* when the prosperity of the country and the existence of millions is at stake. The Queen bad left for Balmoral West India advices received at England state the privateer Sumter had taken and Mink forty vessels The report caused great eicltemeot The Emperor Napoleon had gone to Biarritz. The rates of the Bank of England have been reduced to 4 per cent. Sales of cotton for the week, 120,000 bales?the market closing with an advance mj\ rauaiuui tiur-u l^Uir* UUI Brill A OP Wflinfr has been favorable lor the cropa Flour closed flat at 24a27s Wheat Is stesdy; red western 9t2da i?;ld; southern 11a, whtte wnturn HsGd; southern Hs9d^l2sGd Com fa Arm at a trlilln* advance; mixed and yellow-JfMSdxSOa; white 31a3ia. Provisions are tending downward Pork ?ctive at an advance of 2a*>d. Consols . Frcm Fortress M?r?f ! Fortress Monroe, Sept 8 ?Caleb Smith, Secretary of the Interior; Mr. Kennedy, of the Census Bureau, and Col. Seaton. of the Intell!| uencer, hive spent the day at Old Point and Newport Ncvra They leave to-night for Washington The distinguished visitors brine later cheeriig intelligence from Washington of the retrogade movements of Beauregard's forces It is well understood here that he muat soon capture Washington, or suffer a disruption of his army by the ntTAsa^rtr uri(K<1vaur?l * ? ?.x ? t *r i.uuiutvui vi *v kuc i ii v au ru Statts of the Confederacy. The steamer S K. Spanlding baa been chartered to convey- troop* and military stores from Old Point to Hatteraa Inlet. The learner Mlnneaota kaa not yet arrived from New York The prevalent gale la driving a large number of tram porta Into Hampton Roada. Several proposals have been made to construct a powerful floating battery to operate against the works on Sewall'a Point and Cranv Island We Lave no authentic information here of the reported death of Jeff. Davis. Great L'alsi War Demsnatratlsa la Bntw. Boston, Sept. 8 ?An immense Union war meeting was held In Fanenll Hail thla evening The '-Old Crad.e of Liberty" was packed and every arena leading to It Tbouaanda were anable to gain admittance to the Hall. Hon B F. Thomas presided, and waa assisted by the Mayers of numerous cities. All parties were repreaeutad The crowds were so immense on the outside that several meetings were or I gumieu Jud^e I>nrd sddressed tbe gathering in tbe ball, In a patriotic strain, saying that all tbe hopes of humanity, civilisation and Christianity were bound up on the present contest Both in tbe hall and tbe vast outside garberiq?a the most enthusiastic patriotism was evlured by the dense masses. SucL a demensirstion Maasa cb'isetts has not seen since the days of the revolution Receptlen te Ex "Minister Wright. Indianapolis, Iud . Sept 6 ?Hon Joseph Wright, ex minister to Berlin, arrived home on Saturday. He waa erected at the depot by a lar^e crowd of citizens, and escorted to tbe State-bouse square, where he was welcomed in a patriotic speech by General Dimmont. Mr. Wright, in r?sp-'use, said be did not come home to talk of parties or political platforms when the institutions of his countrv were assaulted He had nothing to do with them The constitution must be preserved, and this great rebellion will be put down. He would sustain Mr. Lincoln's administration In every effort to sustain tbe government He would never agree to a division of this country. We must be one people. He was for this country first, last, all the time, snd for tbe prosecution of tbe wsr to a successful termination, sail for eueh purpose would put forth every exertion. Frsm Otwrtl Baaki' ! Momtoomkkt County, Md , Sept. 7?T be rebels keep up almost dally firing on our men at the femes, and at times make demonstrations aa If they intended to crosa. Yesterday, ihrrt waa heavy cannonading at Edwarda' Ferry. T?ia may be their plan of drawing attention from tL* works which are aald to be in progress on the Ferry raad leading to Leesfeurg. Gen. Banks' dlvlalon ia ready at all tlrru^po move in any direction at a momenta notice. t'alaa Meeting at Daabary, < eaa. Daxbcry, Sept. 6?A Union meeting, called by four hundred men ef all parties, who believe In a vigorous prosecution of the war and sustaining the administration, waa held here yesterday. About fifteen hundred persons were present Strong resolution* were adopted with greatcbeerlng. A prudential committee of ten waa appointed Speeches were made by Hon R. Averill and Samuel T. Seely, D. D., of Albany. Malaa Eltctiaa, Boatox, Sept. B ?Returns of the Msiae election to day, from eleven principal towns, ||re Waahbiirne. Republican. for (jomnnr 7 (tf?i - Jameson, deni.,3.39U; Darina, peace dem , bae nearly 1400. In Saco, Blddeford and Brunawlck, Danna la ahead of Jameaon, the war democrat. Uaatfrldt Nates Rochisteb, N. Y., Sept. 9?Counterfeit N bllla on the Cambridge City (Maaa.) Bank hare been circulated freely here to-day. The Imitation la good New Yerh Pelttice Siiicvii, Sept 9 ?A number of d<l?faM aad outsiders are her* to attend the ladcpanaut P*o-_ ple'a Convention to-morrow SEALED PROPOSALS, till the 14U) Septemb#^ 0 1861, at 13 m .areinn tedfor famishing KLOUJF 01 a oertain quality. A boat 5,000 barrel a will be required, to ha daliverea in separate lota of 1,000 barreia each The flour to be made of new wha&t, aud the ds irery pf the whole lot to be m*de bv the 30th b?-pu?iDL>4rt 1881 She Floor required to be of UtjfulUMrtac Ua?ci? to pasa the lusp-ciioc of ? Board of Army Oifloert, or seen oil er inspection M the Su r>sisteuee i)epa. tinati inay direoi: Arlington Extra, 1 Con|read ; i do. ?* " J-'airviesr do. ^ ,, , Florette do. tilaawood do. ChesM ake Mills do. MwJ" , Cla*tt Co. liVzz1" b- i < fosbuiT io. * ' Haas; is ?sru' & Lyom't L'nion Floar, A few bwrtli of the wot* rrwU of Bo?U?n Floar wih be Men. provided that it ??>* e?u?J ssskS l SECOND EDITION. THREE O'CLOC K T. M ~our military budgett" Capt JnrnH CarKo?. am la? captain of U g Ctnlrr. hu been prom?lf4 to he a M')? of lb? < avwl?v Cap! Lawrerne P. WIIHam. of Um> T?th la fantrv. ha? alto hron promoted l? baa M*)or of tkr !Viiih Cavalry. or irtuiit to rat atvr. Wa* Dt?tIw?W. A4'*t?ut RMMraTi OP t. > W UIIMTON, Scpl 7, 1861 V fi4Hfi Order Aa ?. I Paragraph 13* ?f tbo Arm? KepMatt->na. *4 Itloa In rrlatloa to tb? rewart to ba paid for tbe apprebrcaU'B of dearrtera. la an tor atodllM aa to eubatltute In Instead of thirty dollar*, aa the amount to be paM la aoch raa?a * Tbit portion ?f graml or4(t Na. IS, rarrtrt aerie* from thla o?re. which proarrlbee m Major for a regiment of cavalry. baa brra NhrinMiM aa to allow three Majore for a reg 1 moot of twelve companies. and two for ow of eight ar tea companies. 3 The attention of ofiem and all otbetehaving bnalneea with the War Depart meat.or 111 Hftarnt branchea, la called to theexreaalve uae of the telegraph In raaea where it Is entirely on Decenary, and la which the bualnea* wmild be muck <.? m. talnly ud correctly UmmcM Ihtiift the mat la Nine ont of ten of tb? trlrgrtiM received are J tbticharacter; whilst the telegraph abouid be Mf4 only In cim of urgent and Imperative aacraaltr. when the delay of the nail would W prejudicial to the public Interest No dlspatchcs will be noticed here unless thla necessity la recognized, and In such case* tbey will be patd for by the party tending them, who mar look for remuneration to the Quartermaster's Department. on presenting a copy of the Meg ram to abow that It wai upon public business, and that the matter demanded thla mode of comma nlcation LATE LOCAL NEWS. Or* Mi-riorolitaw Police?Tb* persona wboae names we publlah below, have lust been designated fm trial, as members at the u?b?MlL ten Police for Georgetowa, Waahlngtoa, aaftfca County w?t of Rock Creek fbould they, during the period of trial, give eattafactlon to the Coin nits alonera, and evince a Htneaa for, and attention to the dwtlea of policemen, they will, after a Hrwf trial of not leaa than thirty nor more than at sty daya, be appointed on the ptrm+m??s police; other wlae, their namee will be dropped from the rolla, and tbey will ceaae to have any connection with the department. We are reqnested to atete that the tadlvlduala tbua designated will report themaelvea In pereon to the Board of CommMonna, at the Alderman 'a Chamber, In the City Hall. Waahtngtbn, on tomorrow (Wednesday) at 1*2 o'clock m , mainly for the purpoae of taking the oath of ottc* and allegiance, preparatory to entering upon the discharge of their ottc al duties under the trial awarded them aa above explained Punctual attendance and perfect decorum la expected Third Pret in. / ? Gecrgttoten, a*d tkat pmrt / Iks County te> it of Rath Creek Sergeant of Police, (v<i>? John B. Newman. Patrolm(Georgetown)?Richard T. Cktck, Caleb Sebastian, Jetttraou Robtnaon. John Drill, Auguatua Brown, George B Lipetomb. John W Davit. Grafton Harper, Joeeph T Walker, W F Robinson. SamuelVearaon, Jr , Robt B White, Jobn finiey, Cbar'ea L.MMM, Edward MctiuUlan, Charlea E Cameron, D*t1<1 McKelvey Mounted Patrolmen, (county)?Joe W Henry, George W Hurdle, William T. Riley, Edward Brown. Richard 8 Jonea, John F Ean. , Fourth Prteinet, (Ftrtt Wmrd.) Wofhtngtom Sergeant of Poltco?Waahlngton Hurley. Roundsmen?Alexander C lemon ta. Stephen L Calhoun Patrolman?Napoleon Bon vet. Simeon Genet*, Jobn A. Borland, William H Format, George W Chlaro, Jacob J Carr, Daniel Cramp. Michael Roche, John J. Caleert, Angnetua Locaa Joeeph H Godfrey, John Manafleld, Daniel H Leckron. Fifth Prttimtl, (Second Ward > Sergeant of Polite?Richard M Downer. Roundsmen? Buahrod M Reed, Alex. Talt. Pairomtn?Jamea T Ferry, WlUlMn Glbon, George H Walker, Samuel P. Robert?a, Joarpb Seaaford, William D El wood, Maurice O'Connor. Thomaa Shakapeere, Robert Bunion, Patrick M Keating, William H Troiall. Tbomaa M. Belt. Richard H. Abbott, Jamea Sullivan, Joeeph W. Mattlngly Stzth Prteinct, (Third Ward ) Sergeant of Police?Jeaedtah G'ttlnga houndimm?Henry B. Cartta, Wm B. Dawning Patrolmen?Jamea Ward. George W G. Ealln, Cornell u? Noonan, John w. Glover, Jebn C Helae, Joeeph B Newlln. William M Keile. Alexander R Greer, Jamea Lewis, Tboeaee J. Steele, Cbarlea M Sk) ppon. Char Lea J. Cook, John Sbedd, J0U1. H 3eiflert. Joha F. Parker, Henry Batoner Sevtnfk Precinct, (Fcwrtk Ward.) Sfrgtant of Polue?Aquilla R Allen. huundiintn?John R. Croniu, Weatoa B. Tor* er T Crown, Adelphua Eckloff, Thos J Frazler, Edw'd M Boteler, Jobn Leacb, jr I rederlck Peaater, Th<? J Pendle. Joba F. Kelley, Jacob Shearer. John H Howlltt, Itan'el Han nan, Just ah Eaaex.jr , Peter McQratb. Jamea Haodley. Rlcb'd M A Fenwlck, Joa. Walling, Wm Ringgold, Win Draae, Baall Robey. Kttkth Pneimcl, (h>ftk Ward.) Servant of Polxrt?John V Bryan . Hcun4tm.*?i*iuf Kicbarda. Wm H. Hamilton Patrolmtn?Wm Mlddleton, Rem A MUler. 11..r.jju AI M ...JUW uuvu wtu i ra<vc. urv unun i?, p 1*1? v? i iu, Robert Brown. RoM A MIIMMd, Hagb Copeland, John Wilaon,Geo. Uutterbangb. Wintk Pnttntt. (Sixth Ward ) S'rgtant Police?Edward Wnyavn. iioWsiwii-(j?ori;? W. Nokei, &fdrge H Atklnaon . . Patrolmen?Jamea O Laiby, Joxpk F Cook, John F. Hpeiaer. Charles E. Krauaer, Caleb C. Clark, Jacob Luakv, Won T Hotchtneon, Resin Pumptuey. Tenth P'tcuut. (Sereuth Ward ) Sergtant */ Ptiict?deary C Hepburn. HoumAtmtn?Rob't F McGee, Wao 0 Broek. Patrolmen-* m Wefdea Fred'h A Boswell, Rob't Campbell, Joabua V. Dulla, Jas Geaaford. Benj Barker, Cbaa R Vernon. Jaa Maynaban. Jobn A W. Clarvoe. Wa T Lenoir, Benj T. DeVausban, Tboa Pumphrev. Joba R Pierce, Samuel T. Larcombe, Henry A. Garrett, William M MeCanley LATBST NEWS BY TELEGRAPH KENTUCKY AEl TRALITY. FuRiniT, Sept. 10.?A diapatck from Gen* eral Pelk, of the aeeeaalon force*, to Governor Magt fln, has been laid before the l^eslalntare, lUtinff In r?nlv ti> official linnlrlM tkui h# had occupied Colombo* and Htrkman ia Kentucky, 911 accouot of reliable information that the Federal forcea were about to occupy the aald points. Gen Polk proposes auboUntlally that the Federal and Confederal* force* at all bo simultaneously withdrawn from Kentucky and eater Into stipulation to rcapect I be neutrality of the State Arrival of Oea Aaderooa at tosliftlh. LorUTiLU, Sept. 10 ?Gen Anisraoa arrived at this place to-day from Frankfort. OOA _ SMILE DUPftK Oww PainisTLTAaiA Avanra, lann BnvpiN, IUOT EBCB1VBP? ~~ " v.MUU ul,u xvviiun inwi N * ' KWILM VOfRTM . U?w Bnuiiw, ?X> Pa. Atww. F ?AeCK?!C TUiTUr HAMBURG CMLE BBATMH BMOKIM ? TOBAQCO, iMliMUrtitlt KwlafwtM. J Goto EWIL* DUP*E, 1? iwjiw, ? PA. fUST BECBIVBO- ,\i J SO Caam IdroETBD SELVES* WATIK, t ? Botttet, r . At KM1 LP, fieri At rrniArkA'* .a* an ma, at ?5?^TlnLL ?ati> ? .<>*>?? PAA tOloA iJLlW * *4 wiuir ^ ^| 1 ~Z* i*??U.'?t:L? *

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