Newspaper of Evening Star, September 10, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 10, 1861 Page 4
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? HE EVENING STARWARLIKE WIT. A? 'he London "Punch" never omita a fling at Brother Jonathan, of conrae "Bull Ran" could b"t bo let allp wilt out gratifying bU malice at oar expense. Ber- we have tome characteristic doggerel, on "T. * Run from Manaaaaa Junction of which in* following are "specimen bricks Yankee Doodle went to war On bla little pony; W bat d)d be go lighting for, K*erlaetlng gone?! Yankee Doodle waa a chap Who bragged and a wore tarnation, Be stock a feather la bla cap And onlied it Federation. Yankee Doodle. Ac. Yankee Doodle be went forth To eooqoer the Seccders, All the |?urnals of the North, In molt ferocious leader*, Breathing slaughter, lira and smoke. Especially the latter. His rag* and fury to provoke, . . And vaaity to flatter Yankee Doodle, Ac. * 7 Yankee Doodle having floored H s separated brothers, He reckoned his victorious sw>rd Would turn against us other* geceealon first he would put down, W holly and forever ; And afterwards, from Britain'* orowu He Canada would tever Yankee Doodle, Ac Yankee Doodle near Bull Run Met hta adversary; First be thought the light he'd wan: Fact proved quite contrary. Panic-struck he fled, with speed Of lightning glib with unction Of sltpperv greaae, ia full stampede, From Manaraas Junction. Yankee Doodle, Ac. As he bolted, nowaya alow. Yankee Doodle holloaed "We ar? shipped !" and fled, although No puriuer follawHl Sword and gun right slick be threw Both away toge'her, la bis cap, to public tltw, Showing the white feather. Yankee Doodle, &c. Yankee Doodle, b*> content. You've had a lenient whipping, Court not farther punishment By enterprise of strippiug Those neighbors, whom if vou assail, They'll rarely whip you hollow; Moreover, when you've turned your tall, Wont hesitate to follow. Yankee Doodle, Ae. H7"A fast: on able lady la thus geometrically described by The Irlah News ' p*een from behind). Conical base equal to eventeatha the axis?four voiuted zones, equidistant on the planes of the sides?cone truncated one module from theoretical apex, with a warped aurfaee placed diagonally upon the parabola of truncation intersected by the quandrant of a suere, and it again by irregular polygonal planes of half the diameter of the sphere, aloDlntr downward In the angle of the cosine of the longitude of the , tgure." Wostht o* Imitation.?Tbe Emperor Napoleon, having determined to capture Sebastopol, ent thither, within two years, 309,206 Frenctt at Idlers. with 41,974 horses, 1676 guns of all callbrea: 8,900,000 pvunds of powder; 14 000 tone of engineer materials; SOo.OUO tons measurement of eabelateoca, fuel and forage; with ample aupplies of clothing, ic. If France could make these gigantic preparation# for her quota of the besieging forcea for the conquest of a fortreea. what should oar government do when the exlatence of the Union teat stake RreaiLL t.t tbx Sacth ?The southern papera received at Washington, of late datee, all abuse Russell roundly for bia account of tbe Manassas battle They boast that they had masked batteries and did make Infantry charges, and tbev aay be has insulted all whose hospitality he has enJoyed North and South d if ? ? ? III mi J .nvior, a IMTf, WDO *M tO have bna bun? at Annapolis, Md., yesterday, for the murder of her master. haa been respited She will be executed on the 4th of October, unless the OoTernor shall deem It proper to farther Interpose executive clemency lT^6e?rge D Prentice, of the Louisville Journal. bit d?cilaed to accept a challenge to flght a duel not to him by Roger W Hanson, who conpitlnsthat the Journal slandered him In Its editorial columns. |p* Capt Thomas Francis Meagher publicly spates that he doea not Intend to acoept the Cole telcy of the Sixty-ninth Regiment. [17*The Pope la rapidly telling in health OCEANS TEAMERS' SAILING DA TS Fmoa tbb Usiti? States. L*an. Fee. Dmyt. Art(o York- .Havre..... ...Sept U Fkov Stoop* Arabia ..... Liverpool Boston. ?.. Aug.24 Alr.oa ? Laverpoo,. ,?New York.. Aug.31 Tb<* California mail steamers leave New York on the let, lith, and 21 at of every month. YVVOOD AND COAL* OU Will rely get your mooey'e worta by sailing at tne PlONKfcR >11 LLS. sovikwut twr mm uf Sfr??:* ?free( and Canal. i8KO. FABK, Agett.) They sell oheaper and give better measure than any others in the oi'.y?out. split, aod delivered free of charge. If roe doc 11 eueve , i ve be Pioneer MiUs a tria., and be satiated. * 19* " ' HAIR STOKE. ~ VT No. 349 Pa. av.. bet. 12th awd ISth stb. PKRflnKHY. te- BK AHW.CUKL8.Wia3. HALF W1&8, FR1ZETTE8, *o. A full stocg aleaye hand, or made to order at the shortest notice. Hair Work repaired or exchanged. N. B.?Ladiea' Hair Vred in the most natural Miiw. ma IBtm piREMKNH INSURANCE COMPANY washington and georgetown. capital. ?900,000. QfMt wnyr C ttrttt Md LwtnoM *., omtr B?U insure houses and othkr property against LOSS by fire. diuktok*. 9?o. SbottiM^er, Redfmu, 1 ' ' Kmei Croplor, wi!li?m Wllion, Riwikrd. Jones, Jonc d. Barclay. jac. b Gideon, Andrew Rothwall, Trio*. Parker, Riafeard Barry. B. M. rraaoh, ' Dr.c. w. Dftvia No oKarf? for Pohoiee. james adams. Preaidont. a??l G. Path. Secretary. *g roPHAM'8 awa qbxb r h e m i u m t & o it i woo MJJil f ACTOR Y, 4*>? 8tbi?t, waskimtor, d. 0. Ato. m ?.a twTHWT' LAd^DrtM. Wood Boi.scd . . ^Ss&bL Al Low ' .yyai^p, ifty fm'fflV 1 1T 'irI "Tm * - MiHd.kcd [rem hjJ lunt?i^mi>*uc* in the b*<iA??. C'xrili? iTgtUNVaf ona -k^t * Aif*EKPAllR8 ??4tlF Aon*. and all orlera d if tT , oornar of.Foar+aaaU and F,ik 1 INIOM PAPKK AND KN V ELOPK8.?Twea U tiiiifdWlMjiMor NMIIld Latter Piper, wiU Enve oaea to maiaii. Viewa of vv ?*iunft.'r. m the form of a Roae.aad la Hook form, aJeo, a*>?nrt iu u?e imly aid Weeaiy Paper* eea?tantly *c lay. HaraW.T n.aa, and Tribute reoeitea a*eo aitnt u 6 o'cW'ok. r*?ara itvm ail parte of the oonntry. bead.efB Vina Nyvala a:.d Sot* Booka. A freeh aappiy at Uook$ far aiamtr read in*. A lki?M*>rUn?nt^ JmvmuI*? Maya* ^I'XMER CUOTHiNG^ ' ton imi,* *.; ^?**Wiii?*fclr u AWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE' DEATH! AWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE! DEATH! AWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE! DEATH! AWFUL SACRIFICES' DISEASE! DEATH! AWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE! DEATH! AWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE! DEATH! AWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE! DEATH" AWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE! DEATH' Avfal ?aonfioes! ! Death ! Awful Saonfi-ej ! Disease ! I)??th ! Awfol Sacrifices ! Disease! De<th! Aw*u! Sacrifices ! Dueue ! Death! Awfnt Saor.fioos! Disease! Death! Awful Sscrifioes: Disease! Death! STRUCK AT THE ROOT OP THE DISEASE ! STRIKE AT THE ROOT OP THE DISEASE ! TRIKE AT THE ROOT OP THE DISEASE! BimiibAr inn nuu ur i nr. utoHADit: STRIKE AT THE ROOT OF THE DISEASE ! STRIKE AT THE ROOT OF THE DISEASE! Strike at tbe Root of the Disease :< Strike at the Root of tha Diaeaae! Strike at tha Root of the Diaewa! Strike at the Root of the Diaeaae' Strike at the Root cf the Diaeaae' Strike at tlta Root cf the Diaeaae! CONSUMPTION. INSANITY. EPILEPTIC FITS, GKAVEL, DROPSY. LANGOUR, NERVOUSNESS, CONSUMPTION. GRAVEL, INSANITY, " DROPSY, EPILEPTIC FITS, LANGOUR. NERVOUSNESS. Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, Consumjttion, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, <2raaal rWnM. I - viv,fc;i LotKuui i iirrvumHPBB, ?rave!, Dropsy, Langour, Nttobbtjwb, Gravel, Drops*, Langonr, Nervousness, Gravel, Dropsy, I angour, Nervousness, Gravel, Diopfy, Langonr, Nervousness, Gravel, L>ro;sy, Langour, Nervouaneaa, Universal Lassitude of the Mu-oulsr System, Universal Lasntude of the Muscular fystem, Uuiverral Latitude of the Muscular System, Universal Lassitude of the Mueoular System, Universal Laesitude of tba Masonia* System. Universe! L^ssita-le of the Mnsovlar System, Dimness of ^$a?on, Impotenoy and Insanity, Dimness of Vision, Impotenoy aad lns%nit?, D'mneaa of Vision, Jmpoteniy and Insanity, Dimness of Vision, ImpotMoy and Insanity. Dimness of Vision, Impotenoy and Insanity, Dimness of Vision, Impotenoy and Insanity, THOUSANDS OF THE YOUNO THOUSANDS OF THE YO UNO THOUSANDS OF THE YOUNO THOUSANDS OF THK YOUNO THOUSANDS OF THE YOUNO THOUSANDS OF THE YOUNG Of both sexes die annual!? of theatov* UuauM, oauied by abate of the GENERATIVE ORGANS, GENERATIVE ORGANS, GENERATIVE ORGANS, GENERATIVE ORGANS, GENERATIVE ORGANS, GENERATIVE ORGANS, and frcm dia-*?*e? arising from ' Habits of Dissipation." Diseases of these organs require the aid of a Diuretic. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD \S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU JUUUMJ9UW9 EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBO, D'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU IS THE GREAT DIURETIC 18 THE GREAT D1URBTIC IB THE GREAT DIURETIG 18 THE GREAT DIURETIC 18 THE GREAT DIURETIC IS THE GREAT DIURETIC ud positive aad apeoifio remedy for diHU<i of the BLADDER, KIDNEYS. GRAVEL, * DROPSY, ORGANIC WEAKNESS, ABUSE. Sjphiiifo vad VeoerAAl Diimim, FEMALE COMPLAINTS. FEMALE COMPLAINTS, FEMALE COMPLAINTS, FEMALE COMPLAINTS, FEMALE COMPLAINTS, FEMALE COMPLAINTS, and alt Dlaeaaee of the Generative Organ*, whether existing in YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOING OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD. YOUNG OR OLD, MALE OR FEMALE, MALE OK FEMALE, MALE OK FEMALE, MALE OK FEMALE, MALE OK FEMALE, i MA LE OK FEMALE, From whatever cause orificauof, a; d no matter o| HOW f (IMC uTiwnmn v wia^yiitUi HOW LONG STANDING. HOW LONG STANDING. HOW LONG STANDING. HOW LONG STANDING, WOW LONG STANDING. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELM BOLD'8 EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOMD S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOTD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELM BOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELM BOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMROLD S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU ! p'.munt id iU tMt? (vjor, Hi it* ftotioo. Tree fiO?n til "injurious vropurtrM," and ia t*ken without "hindranoe" from "bu?ine?a.", f UtU ? ?- " * - uinv ? ? i^w VUAUKO in Little or No Chang* in Ih?t. LiUie or No Chance in Diet. Little or No Change in Diet. Lttll* or No Chaste in Diet. : Little or No Change in Diet. CnrM at "Little Fxpeoae" and "No Expoaure." Cure* at "Little Expeneo" and "No Ikxpoaara." Care* at "Little Expeuae" and "N<< Expoaure." Core* at "Little Extensa" and "No Kirnra" CmrM at "Little Expente" and "No Expoanre." Care* at "Little Expenae" and "No Expoaare." - U 10m are eafertaa aead, or eail for Ike rawedy at onee. Explicit directiona aoc<ru panr- Prioe ft par bott.a, or aix for ?. delivered to any ad dreaa. PHYSICIANS PLEASE "NOTICE." wu Hiii "no Biraar" or "tKORBDisirrs." HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHCJ Meeaapoaadof ttaohu.Cu*ehaead Juniper Barrier, waim uar? 07 ft oompexeru drueiiat. PREPARED IN YACOO, BY H. T. HELMBOLD, Praotioal and Analytical Cberaut. and Sol* Manufacturer of HEDMBOLD'S GBNUINE PREPARATIONS. EXTRACT BUCHU, EXTRACT SARSAPARILLA, IMPROVED WASH OF ROSES. Sold in Wasbtagton by 8. B. Wait*. Z. D. Oilman, J B. WtLtB. 8. C. PoBD. P B. k ntwi#tlb' Kiswbll ft LiBBSBCBf WasiuactoB aad 0?o<*? tovn?aad ?U !>(*(( I sU iTtr;vlwr*, UKLMBOLiDt? M8D1CA I. ni??r m. 104 9mtt\ Tmuk Strut, btitw Chtstmmi. Mil J < Fhytioiaa in attendant from I a. a. Id p.? Db**,ltttmnVtLMBOLirSMgt>IilAL?M por, 104 PooU Trath atr<?t,L. I iw Cbatnai !*???* uyupvtmB > *'1 aoanimj miMiuni 1 I _ . . j_i j. ? , f. . . * . * * p*yily .. .i1# i -^5rSuf!?t .J- I I p E O P U A_L CI Buream Of Y??^ aid'/)<*** #*pt. 4, 1Ml| balvd fiorotAL*, for on tlM separately, endorsed " rrn^mli for Olees No. (mh the Ci*M)Yor tin Nary Y'ard at (rmm* the TtJoJr will be reocired at th's oftoe nntil noon on the 3d day of | Ootober next, 'or farnishtnr u4 detiraring at th* several Navy Yard* named.the material* and articles embraoed in printed eohednlee, which ri 1 be fnrniahed on applioation, a'id lent by mail, if so requested, t? persons deilnnc lo offer U> contrast for any or alt ot theolas^e* named therein, by the ComR andante of the -everat Na?y \ arris, for theclaeee* r the yards under their command, or by tbe Nary Acent nearest thereto, or by the Bureau for any rr all the yard*. To prevent con fusion nnd mistake* in tcaiing the oftrt, no bid mil it reeoivd which contains tlnitu for mort thin one yard in ont envelope, and eaoh ind vidual a firm anaet sifn the bid and oootraot. Bidde e are hereby oantioaed and partionlarly Dounru inn ineir onora uuu oe in me iorm hereinafter present ed, and be mailed in time to reaoii their destination before the time exairea for recei* lr.g their; no bid will be considered whtrk tk&ll b' re*?ivtd Of It tkt prrtod stnttd and no alloteantt will bo ma It for failurtx of tkt ma?l. To guard agauat offei being opened before the tim? appoint d, bidders are rMoes'ed to endorse on the envelope, anove the addreea, and draw a line under the endorsement, thu?: "Proposal* for Ctati No.inamr tkt clan) for tkt Navy Yard at inamt the yard >" To the Chiert-f the bueau of Yards ud Dooks, Waahington, D. C. Poix or Orrra < Here date the offer.) I, (here inrert the name or name* oompoaing the firm.) of (name 'he town.) in the btate ot i name the mate.) hereby r ffer t"> furnsh under yourad<e-tiaement dated (data of advertisement land subject i to all tue retirements -of the same, rnd of the printed aoheduls to whioh it refera. a I the aitiolea embraced in Class .No (uanie ihe olas*) for the natyyard at (uame tbe yard.) atoording lo laid schedule, ri?. < here paste on tbe piinted o i<i from tne tobedul-', and opposite eaoharUoieset the price nd oarry out the amount in theoolunr a for dolas and eenta. and foot up the aggregate amount of the bid for the clas?.)amounting to (here write the amount in word*.) I Drosoae u mv i here n*m? (lin if o t it required by t?* aohedule) fur the aupply ua der the olaanee miaoellaneoui. by a roa resident of thepUo* of delivery; and should my offer be ao oeptrd, I request 'he oontract may he prepared and eeut to the nary aeen! at (name the a*onoy) for aigoaturea a-d certificate. (Here the bidder and eaoh member of the firm to ai^r, ) | Form or Gdaramtik. The undersigned (natne ot guarantor) of (nime the town) and ma*e of?name the Mate,) and( of Reoond guarantor. Ao ,) hereby undertake that the ab >ve named (name thfl bidder or b'dden) will, ll hia lor theirl offer aa above bo accepted enter into o?>n'rao? with the Uuited Urates within fifteen daya after the date of notice thr ugh the post offioe oftheaoceptanoeo! ht? for theirjoftar before men tioned. <Mgnature *f guarantors. > Witness; I certify that the above named (here name the Cnaran'ora) are known to me to be co"d ar<l r? ?po?aible gua antorc in thi* ca?e. (Signature.) Xo be limed liv Hlatrmt iiHra ifialrlfll ! /?*_ ney, ool'ector, mv? aieut, or 'soma person kuown to the bure&n to be responsible. PORTSMOUTH, N. H. . Claas Mo 6 Whit* pine, apruoe, jnniper, and orrre?a; claaa No.9. Gravel and sand; class No. 11. ron, iron na'la, and cpikea; olasc No 12. Steel; elass No. 14. Kiler; olass No. 18. Ship chandlery; class No. 17. Hardware; e'aaa No. 18. Stationeiy; e ass No. 23. Belting, racking, and hose; olass No. 2b Augers. BOSTON. Class No l. Pricks; olass No. 2. Stone; olass No S Ye low pine timber; Ola1-* No. 5. Oak and hard wood timbe, and lumber, o ais No. 6. Whit" pii-e, spruce, juniper, a*"! cypreos: olass No 7. Lini*\ I>atr, and plaster; cla?a No. 8 Oui-nt, c'asa No 9. Gravel ar.d and; olas* No 11. Iron, iron apikes and nails; c as* No. 12 bteel; cla*? No. 13 Pit iron; c!as? No. 15. Paiuta, oils, and glaaa; class No. 17. Hardware. NEW YORK. C ass No l. Briokt, class No. 3 Yellow pir.e timber; c!as? No. 4 Yellow pine lumber; cl*ss !Vo 4 Oak ard haid wood: class No.6. White pine, spruce, cypress, and jn- mer; c'a?? N<'. 7 I.^ine, hair, and flatter; o a~a No. 8. Cement; cla?s No. 9 Gravel find sand; ciass No. 1<i. Mate; o'as* No. It. Iron, iron spikes, and nails, oia-ia IS. P>g iror; olaaa No. 15 Paint*, oi's and c'%bb: class \u 16 Hhip ohand erv, case No. 17. Har?)warr; cla?s No. 23. Belting, packing, and hoae; claaa No. 25. Iron work. Ac. PHILADELPHIA. No. 3. Yellow pine timber; o!%*? No. 5, Oak acd hard wood; oiaos No 0 White sice, ssruoe. jut.ip?r, and ejpr*<??; nla?s No. 11. i on. iron -pikes and nails; olas* No 17. File*; olirns No. 17 Hardware; cl%ss No.<3. Belting, packing, and hose; olaaa No. Sn. Augers. WASHINGTON. Claaa No 1. Brinks: olaaa No.S Oak and hard wood; o'au No. 6 Wh'te pine, spruce. juniper, and cypress; Cia<? No. 11. Iron, uon spikes, aod nulla: o>ss No. 12. Hieel; c ava No. 14 Fil#';c:a?a No. 15 Faicta.oila. a xl cla??; oiass No IS Ship chakiHe.-y; o.a a No. IT. Hardrvaie; c'a?s No 24. Sperm andlubrioatirgoia; claaa No /J Anthracite ooal; oiaaa No. 2). Bitumin>ua Cumberland ?oal. The sobedule will atate me Umes witlun whieh articles will be required to be delivered; and where the printed sohedole is not used, tho periods stated in it lor deliveries mast be copied in the bids. All the artieles whinh may be oontraoted for m ist be delivered ?.t mirth bImh Af *! *? -j ? ? ??? y ur,Jluuiuuini urw Me and cartage to the place where used within the navv yard?, respectively, lor whioM the oilers are inaae, aa m*y i.e directed by the oommanding officer thereof; and. all other thiegs being; equal, preference will b*given to American inanufa Jure. No article wi>l t>e reoeived af'er the expiration of the period apecified in the achedul?a for tbe com p.etion of deliveries unieaa specially authorized by the Lepartin?nt. In computing the olaa?es, tbe price sta.ed in the column of price* ?ill oe the ;anu*rd, and the aggregate of tbe o'a*s will be carried out according to the price* stated It la to be provided in the contract, amt to be <Hstiuotly understock by the bidders, that the amount and number ?>f arttoles enumerated in olatsen headed "Miscellaneous" are specified as Iktprobabl' quantity which may be required. a? we.i as to fix (lata for determining the lowest bid ; but the contractor is to furnish more or leaa of the said enumerated articles, and in *uek <tuantuits, and at I nvrk limM, as tke bwau or commandant may rt?uirt ; auoii inorease, however, not to exceed one>a f of the quantities stated (and requisition* ssnt I through the po?t office KJiall be deemed sufficient notise) duricc the tweal year ending the 30th of Juue,18o2; and whetlier the quantises required be more or less than those specified, the pnoea ahali remain the aame Ail tbe artio ea under the oontraot muat be of the . i-fv ucuvciou iu suuu oMier, ire* ol all ?nd ev??ry oh&rje or expense to the Government, and ?ubirot to 'he inspec ion, couat, weight, or measurement (if the said navy yard, and be in all r-specta ftatisfactorY to the commandant thereof. Didders are referred to the yarn tor plans, ?p?cifi oationa. or e*mpl??. and any fuither d-hciption of the artiolee. W hen bidders aha11 he in doubt a* to the precise articles named in the sohe<a!e, tkey will apply to tn?? commanding officer of the navy yard aud not to tmplowt for deaoription of 'he article or angles in doubt, which information the aaid offi :er will rive in writing. Contractors for ela-sea headed ^Miscellaneous," who do not reside near 'he p aoe where the article* a e to be delivered, will b? required to name in tJjetr proposals an agent at the oity or principal place near the yard of delivery, who may be called upon to deliver ar tides without delay when they shall be n?enired. Approved a >retie? in the full amount of the contract will be required, and twenty per centum as additional security dertnot^d from each payn ent nntr ?;.# contract rhall have b*n completed or oancened, uniers otherwise autnoriz'd by the De artmem. on clasnes ol artiolee headed ";*li?oel Mason,"toM delivered m required mrm* ?h? hfoel i?*ar, the twenty per oeruim retained may, ki the Jiacietioa of the oommand&nt, be paid anarterly on the first of January, April, July, and <io1 tober, when the deliveries have been aatisfactorr, an 1 tne I alauoe teuhty per cent.) will be paid by th? reapeoti-e uavr acea'? within thirty daya after tho presentation of bill*, n triplicate, duly vouched and approved. N o part n ) tha per centum renerved is to b? paid uiitil all the rejected articles <,ff*red under the contrad ?hall have been removed t>om the yard, unless ajieotallf authorised by th* Dep&rtine* It will m atipjiated in th? ooctraou that if default thai! bemvie by ihr> partiea of the firat part in delivering all or any id the articles mentioned in any eiass bia for, of the quality and at the tinieeonJ p aoea above provided, then and in that oaa < the aaid parties will forfeit and pay to the L'r"t*d States a nam of mo.iey not to exceed twice anion ut of auoh oat a; which utay be recovered, from Uine to time,aooordin? to the c.ot ofCouRrea* in tnat oaae provided, approved March 3 IBM. The sureties moat ?un th* their responsibility b? certified to by a na y agent, collector, diatriot attoine , or acme other person, satisfactori y known to the bureau. It la to be provider inthe contract that the bureau ahall have the power of ft'inalling the contract, withont ios? or damage to the Goveri.mrnt., moeue t on*res< shall not have made bi>fiioieot appropiiatioi a for the artiolei nimwi, or ior the oompletion of work# estimated for, and on which thi* advertiaement ta bavod, and h* I alao have the power to inortMe or ditainiah ill* quantities nam^d inthe o asses not headed " Miso jllane.'us" in tha schedn e. twentj-hve pe- centum. Peraona whose offers ahail be aooeptod will be nlifiml ht I?H? ?i? * ...w. ra>v?-u i?i fun omo?, fin## notioe aha'I Ixe ooneiUered aufiioieni; aud if they 4? not enter into ooctraot for the euppnea ?ecin?d within fifueu daye from the date ol notioe from the b?n-?auofth? Mo*rtuo< of their bid,a contract will bo made with aome other peraon <?r aera*.-na, and fhe puarantora of auch defaulting bidder* will be held reapo aibleforall d?)iFqn*neie*. 11 offera not made in Uriel conformity with tbta advertisement will, at the option of the bureau, be rrj'oted. f hope only whoee offarn may bsaooepted will be not.Led, and ooutraota.wili be ready for execution an a<>on thereafter ai may be praotioablo. B?p? rwlaw ; W SPRING CLOTHING ALL, SThr H.BNB * CO. are thia day in reMitt ol their eeoond aupplT of SPRING CLOTHING ai.d material for their ouatom trade, conaiatinr of New Clotha. Caaaimora and Veatinca, of th* laleat ityles, wtion they will make to order in eapeelor atyle at ?ery low price. i Gentemen wuhin* an immediate on tit will find ^our Ready-mart* Department every article ol aartBf AifM^uitabl^ojhai^waru. nj D C UUii If U PW. WTKINWAY * SOIW AND RAVEN * HA? CONtS FIANOB.?AJAT|? uwrtn*irf^^ ^=fg|ES55aiR ffOMh MADK UOUTS A NO 9 HOIS*1 - I *#' iisOSwStou' T WASHINGTON LOCK HOSPITAL. 1ft. SHU MAN haa, after aa ?x?winM of tea U yeara, eatab.iahed the abore refuge fro? guackery, eall-la baked Iudian or German dootora, ana pretendera or witoheran aad impoetora la ien* Thu ia the only plaoa where a nrt aad apeed) eure e&n be oStainedia the world for alt improper and evil babita, tonorrh*, fleet, aeminal weak neaa,, primary eeeondary. and tertiary, orgamo weaknee*. pains m the iolca, etnoturea. IVral debility, proetratlon, nenrouaneea, reatleaa nuhU. palpitation of the heart*,ringiaiia the eara, loaa of memory, oonfnaiou,meiarotiorr,atfectione of tba hoad, throat, noae, and ekir., and. all thoa* peculiar dlaordera arlaing from the icdneretion of youth, rendering them unfit for either buaneaa, at-udy, aooietj, or marriage. Dr. 8. has the greateat remodiaa la the kncwc world for aiaeaaaa of tae blood, gonorrhat, gleet, atriotaree, ar phillia, aennal weakneaa, aelf abaae, Se. There ia no oaae ra whioh they nil to oare in

om Stotdaya. Victim* of fheee horrible complaints, who would wish to be valuable men ?ad ornament* to eoeiety. should emhraoe the earllMt opportunity for relief. Dr.Shuman baa re vie the must oomp.ete arrange?ients for the oomfort of hie patients vhotomt rora a distauoe. They will be furniahed with the most pleasant and agreeable quarter*,, neceisar? diet, and madeae oomfortabie ae they would be at a ftrat elaae hotel at teea than hair the ooeL Do not forget the name and number. Dr. 8nu man'a office ia oa the oorner of Sixth atreet and PennaylYama avenue, Clarendon Hotel, oppoaite the National Hotel, WaahiujtoB. D. C. Persona at a distance ahould enelose stamp Tor retnrn postage. Office hours,9 A. M to W p. M. various parties have b?en enticed trom my in ebtation by oertaiu swindlers on back atreeu in this oity, who will rue it till the day of their death. A word to the wise ia miffimeTit. as ? 1? Curt Po*t\, Coli, Ho**!**tit, InyTOjjjUW e? Sort mil ?/ Ml mrotu. (M1MTI 1*1 fcjHMA Hacking I'outk wt Contnmrl!l ""IH'|F:i1 Hon. Bronchitis, Arkma, M|llkyilM9 # latarrk, rt*?r and fiv$ WflHRMf ttrmxth to tht void a f PUBLIC SPEAKER! and 81N6ER8. Few are aware of the importance of oheokinc a Couch or "Common C#!d*' in it* first stage; that which in the bejininc would yield to a mi'it remedy, if neglected. io?n attack* the L.tints. **Brovn't Bronchial TVoehes," containing demulcent ingredients, allay Pulmonary and Uionchial Irritation. "That trou'-ie in my Throat, (foi BROWN'S whioh the "Trothare a specific harms made me often a mere whis TROCHES perer.* N. P. WILLIS. RSOWN'H "I recommend their uaeto PfiLis 0KVWNB 8pBAKM?>.. TROCHE? REV. K. H. CHAP1N. "Great servioein subduing Uoaks* BRUWNV REV. DANIEL WISE. vh MfR i.-i "Almost instant reuef in the dis B tress ing labor of breathing pecuiiai hrhwn'M to Asthma." REV. A. C. EU0LESTON. TROCHES " Contain no Opium ot anything iniurioua." (lit A A H A v l.'M BROWN'S * Aotlon, TROCHES BROWN'S "* 4' F" BISELi'^-. MOCBES " ??<"flt ST&E, BROWN'S Btitm " 1 hare proved thfm exoellent for TROCHES W*copi?? CotaH." REV. H. W. WARREN. BROWN'S botlm ? "Beneficial when compelled te TROCHES apeak, pfferint from Colt>." REV. ST7. P.ANDERSON, BROWN'S , si. Lamu waiwuwi " K??*cti*.L in removing Hoarae iKUlnU Q?8? ac<1 Irritation of the Throat, eo flROWN'K oomineL with Sri*ftiK4 tod Sm? 111." VROCRE8 Pto? M. STAC YJOHNSON, La (rrmnu. (it. iintuvN'4 Teaober of Music, Southern BttUVYNS Female Ci>l!ege. SROCHES "Creat beneSt when taken b?f?re Du alter preaciiics, as tr.ej prevent CROWN'S flaarieneiie. Fr^rn their-past effect, 1 think th;y will be of fcnnanent a<lTflOCHLS fiattre to me. JlliV. E. ROWLEY, A. M. DROWN'? President of AtLeaa College. Tenn. RttCHES IT^aoldbyallPfuejiitaatTWENTY FIVE CENTS A BOX.??IJ ? 1-ly JOY FOR THE SICK AND BtMFFEJUNC LJCT ALL WHO AUK AFVLiCTMD AirLi m ASJOJCL i" HSALTH. /flea*. < yoa aafferf Are yo? the victim at aaj af taoa* nemeroae ailmenta wa-oh from ira Sarlty of tile blood/ What are thor, do yfta aak/ lather aak. what are they cot t The blood n tbc oars* af iile aod health, and it ia the first element of oar being to respond to ac* ewie which a fleets the aratem, aa the psla* infallibly rtteata. The ever prevailing Nevraigla, the in stating Kryaip* a?, tbe ssbtiererofala, th^agnaiaiEg &toumatisrn, Nerroa* Debility, I/yspepsia, Liver Complaint with its torpor ud dejection, ud taa naabtwleea lilstrat flesh is heir to. derive th?ir iuJ?on? origin from the blood, l>eal ikchy then and g?atlT with the blood. Was tha vitfJlalng resource* of natare for ita aid. and safer u to commend to yomr confidence iu laa iUt traly valuable medicament known aa ma8. jr. otjrs INDIAN TMtiSTABLE DKOOCTION. With regard to this almost infallible apqeifU popular aentiment haa spoken l? decided terms and tne evidenees of this groat efltaaor are sustained bj constant arowas of curative effocts and the happiest rualts from its nan ire after ail other remedies and the beat medical akin have fiuled. Let aa sir, in oonoinaion, tiiat certiftomes sares are not sought from tLe illiterate and super ioiai, bat thoy are volunteered from the moat respectable sou roes and justify the highest terms in which it is possible to commend so valnaMe a speotDo to public approve!. We may add alao that th a on rati ve fro parties of tb e me Jioine are e* ual! ad ouly by its restorative eiftots, the system recover itg [romdiseass with renewed constitutional vigor. For sele by all respectable Druggists io Liia aity, and by the proprietor, MRS. M. COX, None genuine unieaa her name la blown on tha anH' m a rwi Ka* sail nn iKa aa r k ?w -1 ? ( uu uvj ?wai vu uiv w? irr Price 81 tor bottle, til bottiea for |k wXolnalt Af*nt. U. 8. >. CI8BEL, Dratriftt 4?ir(et'j?D. D C.. Wholesale Arent for the Dlatriot, aiid will ay pply the trade at my pnoea. H 1? ?r ' HE ALI. SUFFICIENT THREE. TRIESKMAR, 1,1 and ^-Protected by Rora. kaltera Patent of England, and aeoared by the sale of the Ecolc de Plarnaoie Je Paris, a~d the imaortal Collere of Medioina. Vienna. No. 1 la invaluable for explanation and naterrhee aad all phyaioal diaabihtjee. No. 3 completely eradioatee all tracea of thoaa d.aeaa?a that bare bees hitherto treat/id by tc? nai aeous and permoioua aae of oopaiva aad oabebe. No. S ha* entirely any plan ted the injurious aaa of merourr, thereby maurinf to the autrer apeedy relief, diaperaini all lmparitiea. and rootlnx oa Ue venoin of duaaae. TKlKfcEMAR, Noa.l,?and I, are prepared la the form of a loienie, devoid of taate ann small, and can be oarried in the waiatooat pocket. Bold in tin oases, and divided intoaepatate doaea, aa ad ministered by Velpaaa, (juiemand, fioaz. Rioord Ac. Price u eaoii, or four oaaea for ??. which aavea A3; ana in f87 oa*ea, whereby tat re ta a aav ImnnviT.ui in yinwtn WBCIi WB? 10T?? mnctviiaUij onreoeivnc aremittance, Dr. Harrow wilTforwara the Trie?emw to any port of the work), ceoarely f?aeJr ed, and addreeaeo aeoording to the in truotiocji of the vr riter. The Hook, of all other*, tiju auould be read by men with damifNland l>rok6n down aonetltutiona is "iiumu: Frallt?, or I'hteioloiioa! Reeefirohea." it ia beautifully lKuatrated, and t.-eaia ^mutely of all tj.o ayii?i">*ri? that invariant? develop themselvoa, aooner <r nwr. reacting from the fraiKie? and vitiating irititaor ear.. youth, in jaaacitatini tae viotim trom soaring the fruition rf the matri monial aUte,jUid. If not oiieoked in time, degeber ating all tft* ntacilona of manhood. & brmping niir. Bt*? by ?i?f. roahng?rir.j and untinHrty Uaath. S*?id by Dr. HARROW, 194 Tileeoker *treet, (otu dnore below Maodongv, New York. Pnoe St oenta. beat free every w lie re, bold alao by h, C. Fora, Jr., Drag Store, Waeh tin ton. P.C. de?-gm aNfc/W BOOKS1* 3TOK.V of the UbiUmI Nether land a, by John Lotarop Motler ; t vola ; free b? niail, Si. The fttae of tt:e ])?toh Rep untie. a history, by John Lotkiop Motley; ivo i oioth; free by mail, Silaa Alarner, the Weaver nf Haveiol, by the author of 'Aoam Bede 5* eioth 76*oenta ; paper oonta. Life aud Career of Major Andre, by Wiatrop Bargeant; ?1/0. Alter loeberna with a Paint?t, a Simmer Voyage to lAbrador and Novrlonnctia^e., by flev Louia L Ni'b.e; fl.{>n. Tue Manufacture of rbotogemo or Hydro-Carbon Oila, by Tnoiuaa AnUeell, M. D., ?1.1*. A FIT nf thu ilhnra fr*A hv moil ' 7" "rREN?BT* RICHPTEIN, a> 2ft MTU Penna. avenue. ^UNBOATB foe t??WCTTKKN RiVKRB. UvitTUMUTn Bmna'i Owes, I Waikintton, Junt 17,1961.{ P*oro?ALf are invited for oonatrootinc 6ua beau upon the Weitcrn riveji Specification* will bo immediately prepared ud may be examined at the Quarternuwter'a OAoo at Cinoi i.nati, Fit bur^h, and at tfeia off,or. Proposala from ix>at ball' ere and engine-buiM er* alone will be ooueidered. P'ana submitted by biodera will bo taken into oonau eration St- C. MM6sS, io m Qnartormaataf general Unitod Stat* a. I^OUTB AMD *0 8W1* IU We are now mannfaotnn?f all kinds of BOOTS and SHOES, and ooietantlt rooomnc ?*pr'j of oaatorn wade work of everr ue EU oriflio n, ntade expr eaaly to order, and wi :\w ] ^ oldaf a maoit lower irioe than haa been* Hk heretofore oharced in Qua citj fur inacu inferior "persons in nil of boots *ud 8ho?a of ?utora > ity raada wotk. will aJ wars Cad ajood asaorimsa S?... ..4?.v. r.w-. Vifn fA'VitVrfJOOD A R TIC LB?,-MOORED INSKCTMd Mom GxwnniHor ifTtrriiii< Moore's Hennas liWMJBMMKL? : mm??mm TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. JJNITED STATES ^MILITARY ROUTS. CHAKOE~OF HOURS. Oh and after Monday, August 19tk, 1861, PilllN?(l TftAl!lt WILL XGM II FOLLOW* : LKAVK WASHINGTON at C ud 7 91 l id. 8 90 and 5 45 p. m., arriving at BaJUnwre at 7.4* anc 9.10 a. m, and 4.(15 aiul 7 JO ?. m. LEAVE BALTIMORE at 4jr>and t ? a.m. as* l44Mdlp m , rnnng at Waakinrtoa at and 1036 a. m. nod at 5 3 'and Ctfj*. ? Pumter Train* tearing YVae&inrton at a. in. and 2J0 p. m.,and Baltimore at 146 a. m and Mt 5. m , make direct oonoexiona for Anzapolie at the nnction. Traiae leave Annapolis for Wuk mcton at 6M a. m. and 2 p. m Paeeenger Train* leaving Waahingtoa at a?4 73na.n1 and 3 9> p. m. make direet oencexiun* at Baltimore for Philadelphia and New York. 11 artiolM of frei|ht < sot aoatraband of war) wli. be tran?ported ovw the line. Tocnijf Tn -n will leaveBaltimore at 4 30 a. n. Leave waefciag ton at 7 p. m. B, <>,d., of <h. : THOMAS H. CANFIELD,8*"**1 * An?i?tant Min4t?r. aa 17-V SPECIAL NOTICE. SUNDAY TRAIN. On and after SUN D\Y. 58th Ja'y, tbare wiU be bat one Sundaj daily train? Lea re WASHINGTON at ?* p. m. tor NEW YORK and PHILADELPHIA. Prom New Yor< and Philadelphia,arriving la Wa?hington at 10 a. m. J A SCOTT, j t 27 General Manager. J STEAM WEEKLY B* 'TWEEN NEW YOKK AND LIVERPOOL. Landii^c uiH tmh>rktii> ? - yueenstown, L/e anr*. The Liverpool. .\ ?w \ ork and Phi'sdelp bia Stean?his Ponipaiiy intend dnpatohio? their tali powered C_yd?-built iron Bteam?hip? M follows t GLASGOW Paturctr, August Sd. CITV OF BALTIMORE. " l?Ui. KANGAROO. " - mh. And ??ery Saturday, at noon, from rier ft, Nortk riTor. 1ATIS or FiMiSI. First Cabin... ? .............. ..$7% D?>. t>> I nnitini _ 80 Do. to Fan ............ m l>o. to Hamburg 8ft Btoerme fso Do. to London Si l-o. to i'a- it a* Do. to Humbert. St Patenters forwarded to ua*r?. Bremoo. Rotterdam, Antwerp, A c , at reduoed throu* h tare*. I'erson* within^ to bring oat their frisods oan buy ticket* at low ratoa mr further information apply at the Captains Office. JOBN 8. DAL-, Ajreut, t li Broadway, N. V . Or to <4. A. UERRlfeG, Auaiiu Express Baltimore. -.IT? fcl.-MUlvlUL'Al* ENTERPRISE LINK. fl Tlfb EASTER V A;vD WESTERN SHOREfTEAMERS. "KENT," Capt. J H. K>r*r. W. NorMt, Will run their route* a? fniiews, leavi- Ligkt street, LSa. timore. foot oi Camden at 7 o'clock A. kENT?For Cambridge, Denton and Ludings on cLoptar.k rive', every WEDNESDAY ar,d fATrKUAV, returning every Thursday tod Monday. K?r Annapolis and West River, evary TUBS DA V and VRI OA V and returning ?a e cays. PIONEER ?For at M chae.'i an < Easton. via Mile's Kiver,every WEDNESDAY,and return the Pimeday. For Annapolis, West Rivert Cambridge, Oxford and Easton Point. every l'HURSDAY, returmof by same roete?-n F riday For Annapoils. W*st River, St. Miekael's and Ea roc, via Miie> River Ferry, every BATURDA Y, returning eve>y Monday by aame route Fore to Cambridge, Dentou, Oxford and F?eton Point. $1 so Fare tn ft Michael's and Milee' Rivera round trip #1 ) 100 fare to West River,(rouud trie, 91) 1 *0 are to Annapoa* irouod tria7&oenta?_>?_ 75 AIE A L2) EXTRA* I FT Freight must be prepaid. Wharf and OfCoe, LIGHT ST., foot of Camden. Baltimore. C. K. CANNON. i NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY. ""sUPEHWTKNDENTS OFFICE,! Calvkst s*A*?or?. Batiinore. Marts, lwl,. ( On and afTfffpndaj, Mar 13ti*. l?6i, Trains ob th NoR't HKRN CKNTRAL RAIUWAf arrive anu depart u follow*, untli further notto*. TRAINS NORTH. MAIL at 8 15 A. M. E XPKKH8 at 3 30 P, M. HARRISBL'RG ACCOMMODATION At P. M _ Tbe 8.15 A. ?. train oonneott at Relay Hoiw with train* on the Weatern Mansard (laitfaM; at Hanover Jur.otion with Hanover and Qattebcrg Ra'lroadu; at York with ^ ork and WrifhUylUe Railroad; at Harr aharc with Pennsylvania Rail- i road for ail parte or the We*t, al*o with Lebanaoa Vai'ey Railroad to A'?w Yorkdirnt; at .Northern berland with L aiid B. Hai.road for Kinceton and all part* of WToomin* Va'ierjwd at ?aj.t>axj with the Philadelphia and Krie Railroad for all parte , Northern Pennsylvania *nd New York. 1 The 3 So P. M train make* all the above oonna*tiona ezoept Hanover Railroyl, Wrifhtevule i Railroad and the Lebannoa Vtii'y RailroadTbo 8 P. M train maaea oonnrcuoa* with Pena rlvania Railrcad for all parte of the ft est, and direct connects for New York TRAINS ARK1YB. 11 Mail at 610 P M ; Expre at 7 46 A. M.; Harna- ! bur< Accommodation at S.43 P. M. For Ticket* and infer i.ation inquire at ttie Ticket Oifcoe, Caivort Station, Baltimore. J. C. CLARK, Sap't. . ?i Thf Canvlen and AmN)y and Philadelphia and Trar-.a Rai.road Coirpamea' Line lroro PMILA1)E? PHiA TO NKW YO?K AND WAY 1 PLACt-P.from WALNUT 8TKEET WBARF AND KENSINGTON DEPOT, will leave aa fo. IfiWa: At 6 A M . via Camden tuul Amboy, (C. and A. Accommodation.) . . _ . I At 6 A. M , via Camden and Jeraey City, iN. J. Aocommodanon.) At 8 A. M.? via Caiwlen and Jareey City,(Morai ( Mail.) . _ At 1IX A. M , Kaueington and Jereey Citr, (VN xitflTo Kxpieea.) At 1SH P. M., via Cemdec ana Am boy,(AooommoAttPM.. via Camden ana Amboy, (C. aad A. bxirert.) At is P M , via Kenainc ton aad Jtrwy Gfty, (Evening Kxpreas.) _ At 43i P- M , via Kmaintton and Jersey City, (Heoord Ciaaa Ticket.) At6 P. M., via Camden and Jersey City, (KTaaiif Mai'.) At UK P. M? TiaCamdenand JetaeyOity.tSe^tfceru Mail.) At6 P. M . via Camden aad Amboy, (JtaoonaiodAlion, freight and paaaen?ert riret Claea Tioket.) BeooDd C'aaa Ticket. TheSP M M ail Train rnna daily. The 11* P. M. Mail, featart*ays excepted For Belv.dere, KasUxi, Lambertvilla, Fleauagton. Ao.. at 7.10 A. M.; aad O* P. M., from KeaKr Water Gap, 8trondiburc.8aranton,Wllkeeharre, Montroae, Greet Bena, Ac., at 7.1* A. Mm from Keaainct?n. via Delaware, Laokawanna au Weat-rn Railroad. For Mauoh Chuu?, A lien town and B'thlebemat 7.1o A. M. aud Sh P- M from kent^nttoe depot; the7.10 A.M u e oonneou witn tbe baia leaving a_ ?* o w ? a* SMtVU M J 3P r- I*l? . , m Pur Mutui Hoiti ti I uid I A. M. udl udM For Freehold at 6 A. M. and 2 P. M. For Bristol, Trenton, *o. at 7.10 A. M.,Of and 5K P. M from Kensington, and 3H P. M from Wa.nnt street wharf. For Pa'myra Kiverton, Delanoo, BKTerlj. Barliru-ton. Floreiineoo, Bordentown, Jto., at UK, I, i J.4K ai)dsP M tfteam?r Tret,ton for Bor den town. a?d latarmediata places, at tii P. M. from Walnut street Pot Now York nod War Llpe*. leaving Kensington Depot. take the oars on Fifth street, above Walnut, half an hoar before dsee'tare. The oats mn into the depot, and on arrival of train ran from the depot. , Fifty pounds of basiace only aiiowed toraeh passenger Passengers are prohibited from taking aujrUtint as baggage but their wearing apj^ref All baesace over fifty pownds to be **id 'or extra. The company limit their responsibility f? r bacsace to one eel ar per pound, and will not ha nable for any amoant beyond on* hnadrod doltare, eaoept hy special oontraot. WM. H. GATZMKR. Atant. ?shb BA^i&sa.o ; On and Rflw Mm I6tn, jM.uwtraaa will r?a M follow*, ti?5?Loava Camden Station. Baltimore.? M&ii,<exo?H Snnday.) At b T A. M.; MFOR WAY PASSENOKRS B?tw?n Baltimore and Ptadmont take the A. M. Train; bttvwa Piedmont and Wfcaeliag take Ac oommodation Train, ieavtaf Piedmoat at A A. M ; anil between Grafton and Parkarabarg ,taka tneftSDA ftf Train (run Baltimore. The PRKDERICK T* AIN karat Baltimore at4SO P. Frederick atfijn A.M. Th? fcLUCOTTS MILLS TRAIN leave Bal- I ti wore at SO aud 1.16 A M. aad 1 46 aad MO P.M. i anrf Rllicott'a Milia at 7.40 and 11AS A. M .aad&ii and 7^0 P.M. I, Fer further in for mat'on, Tioketa of arery kind. Ao.j appi; to J. T.NOLAND A?aot. alOe?d? I mi mm- -|i? ?f m UIV A tOBtn . W. P. SMITH, Mentor of Tnuur rtiom L. M. COLE. GuT TioKl At?t. ; And WEST, Traiaalaaja: i ProaCtoobmiL N.Y Froal t* atr** ExpreM.7 ud Uk.ii., 7^&, HJS a. Bh aai , and J.? aad P . 546 p. mTswiS Ste?:? "Skei "f*"-j Poueike^ew train ?. a ?,*mc ,h1 { M . 1.16 p. i Prafcfkill train.A.'?j * 4 * p m*. "X.'tilSi&Vm fAV " T usymmuustpif Ll??fiqmiti will M?t BejttiweByEft\ CiV i?fHSb? f > "V?- ** *' wh*rf. foot of Unioi tk-ct, M U ^ " mimrnuMmm^f mSm tk? rrt^ ?n Um WMkirtlui fltu, *kMkl??V?WMill&|U)r *t ?H oVocff m. m. ?-tf W FAHA TrmTt sSiiSff 4ZDrV^M!flt^fMiS; Tr?it? lof PhiiHi* *hia vtJl l?*v* Pr?>M^nt ttrwt NivUrt tnici ?sorpt 44ft P.M. titu 01 f>*tar. A FMisht t>ii with ftwnm car MtwkH ImvnUJ P-XjSlfttloaa twtVMC ~Paeeer?e7??or"bel?wareard ike Kaetar* Mwo ot Marjbutd wtk lad Um BMl axrediUatu miU by TJt A" cT'm^r'.oM Muet (I** U>?* before WM CTiwrpiD^ daily. OPMfty* ??">>?, tol/owi: From Cfciabtfi etret PxunSlal K 1MM1. At? mt AttHia H4f * iwtn l'? * ?*?? ?5 f m tMp re Mpalritl m4* Buffalo Tr?.c witb eleepinf gars.?.'? ? tn 1 ? r w Cor.rwt^iH Albany With theNew \ ?rfc 0?? tral Railroad lor Peheeeetsdy. fcr-efcerwA'tw BatarU. Rome, and llftboti oa (<HMa ad Wake* towa Raiinyt. ililiilt. stim<im, NlM?r? Fti ?, Tnin In oonMetioc l?ava HnSiV U<1 rorpMi ton via Lake Brore, Bvfkio a?l ak? Hn'or a ad Great Wfitein Railroad, for Hamilton Toruatn. Detroit, Ckioam. Toledo, MlJvaekia. Foo Do Lar, ^a Crotee^MaiieuB. frame Da Cj^er, Ge'eaa. i/auriui. r?>nria, ||n?| U?Al. MlllM tiua, low* City, Barlinctoa. QuincT. H?nagfi?v.d. Alton, St. Lvui?,C*iro,T?rr? nautf, li ' *nop<"i?. LoBUTilU.C.LC.r m'jl a?ton, rdinbM, PHrt land, and n'. points Waat, Noithwrat and tooth WHt NORTHERN ROUTK. Connecting with Truti ?l In??, with Tmj & Bwton and Reus. 4 Saratoga Roadi fot aaratog a. Whitehall, Rutan^. ton. M. Albaoa. Ro?*e Point, Pl?tt?borjb, Ogrieod'aigh, Montr Mil, As., Ao HT Freight Arrangement* thlf rout* aa a bora, witlioat change of Cats, from in* IwpoU in Chambers and lull afreets, ara at ail Uhhx ?? favorable a* mad* b* ol*'t Railroad Goir>ea< i-?. The taoil'tiea of this groat Now York RoaSe.'otho WHt eo*nmei><1 it to the confdapoe of me.ekanU aj> ah'ppera for aromptneM and dtspa<ch Pnaeecger trafns. with Smoking and fUoopmg Cora ran ia Min?<tinii n? tk? Nn v?.? ? - For partioniara m to loeal wrina and freight ar rangeiaerta, 104aire at th* depot, fi* Warrea at. A. fTgWITH, Piyw.tti-t :?gt. 5 JP JK>VRRNMKNT UNR Atfis?*> 4# Lmtm the lower eo<l <1? UNloN DOCI. Bali m?re. we#t eifle, HAILY, (Bnodar* ipoli d^d, 1 at Oie'ol<~ei P M. taking paeeengere aadfeight/a'-l ooBBFctin* vllh tiie K&ilrnao lines, to and font Washington, D. C., Phi ad* phia. New \ orl, Bn? ton, Vork. fiarrubiirg, Pitubnri. Pa, and U?e Weet. itnmed iat*W arer thearrival of f be Ex prase Train from New Voik and Philadelphia. The following i? th* Hehedn.e : From New York to Fort Monroe and back. From Philadelpli a ar-d back Si* From Ba timore and took jfc. lETPROCURE YOUR TlCKKTs'./a In New York.a' the New Jeraey P '.'lr?ad < %ee foot < ( Coirtlard ?!??*. In Phi adeiphia, at the Company'* vfti?, N. W. Kn?r of Sixth ao?l Chestnut street*, or at the pot, Broad and Pr m? etr< eta In Baltimore, on b >anJ Steamer*. foot of Uaion Dook. HUGH OCONNF.R. PaaaanmA ??* VOtvK. HARLKM AND ALBANYJRAll fOA li. LKAVi<?6 NEW VORK_FOR ALBANV.TROV. NORTH Af?D WK?T. 8CMWFHARKANGKMK?T Commeiicinf Mor.da*. May HtA. J?6l. For Abeay?11:00 a. m. faat fiprMi train (row SUt a treec For Dover Plal?*-?:*n p. m itoppiac at WbUc Pfcina and atationa north to Dover piaina?from Sth atrect stat i on. (Thia train Till n?n to MiUerton mn f eturcay Malaii) ForCrotoa Faile? 8:15 a. m. at?f pi urn at at* tiona LorthofJ ordham from Sh auect etation. Por W hue Plaiaa- i*n. 4:10 acd Srt? ?. m. affp piai at all atatioea frow wtb a tract atntfna. For white Plaine?*; 6 p. m. ftoppin* at ail 'abona from W hita 'tract auttion. For William* Bndee?'TJP, Ititf a. m. and lt*? p. m- atop[icg at all a'attona from 37th atreet atauoc. Returning willtoaee? A .hary?MB a. n>. I act fj praca train. DorarPaict-Ma m. (Thia train leavw Mil larton ?r?n Monday morning at * a. n.) . Caotec ball a?(a m. v* b|?a Plaina?fcla, 7?> a m. A 7*> p n. Wi.tiwni Britiiia?? ??, ?a. ?. A au> p. m Sundar traioewill leeva ?th A vacua e rim ?1 itiecujor Centra! Park, York villa. farlea a&4 ai'.'."" rot^gif^Sh.'rAy rev1" YORK AN PERIL RAIL Paaaenger Train* leave via Pavonia Farty anfl Lv?t lyf t from foot of CunSara 7-00 a. m . EXPRESS for I>*akirk,a*d Buffalo, and priDc pa. inUrmr M e Staitooa. I.wa. m. MAIL, lor Duokin. ud intermediate Btatioce?Thit Train r*main* awrniftit at E.uura. tad prooeodi the pext iDorniar jo % m., MILK daii., I#r Otwrllh, and inter meoiate tttatiooa li?am .ACCOM MODATION.datlr, for Port Jervu, and ^ta'tQM f m .WAV, for Middiotown, Nrvbargh. acd intermediate Station*, -M* I fc NIOHT BXPREpa. daily, for Dunkirk, Buffalo, C*unj.dai?<r prir.cija ftatiw* The ' rain of Saturday ?tnp? at ail Met. Train Bta'ion*, and mnaonii to tvmira 6?< p.m.. ACCOM MOUATION Jot Hornesvi >, and pnaoipai Station* NATHAN.B.. M^VA*^.,6"-' ^ ? r?? ?o^yNv.^iViSroRT ?\roc|VLi US ???wi, III p?rxiCB.&r;T a?Jap'?>0 IO ll>a nancation of Lore Island ?oitDd, rstniKf m aoaa witii Ui? Fail H i?ar ><] OM Cokjiy lui roafi . dDUioot of m ? ?!? otiy to P. M^toocnipt ?t Nejry^rt each war- ' _TW ftteampr MF-TEoFOl.lH, Cajt l-owt on T**<o4aja.T>ar?dara. mkI ?a tarda* a, at ' look P.M-. 'oarhin?atfcawp?rlaaoh way. TMM Mtaa^rt arc AtW wttti eoaiMndiota atata rnoM, aad erary arraaf*at*ni f?r il* aocmr i to aaa aoa'ortot mmm wb?> are aff.-r.i*J ! ? uut rooiaaatchu* raat 01 wird *ii An arriTal at f't l mirar frooMd pfr StMrnhoat Traia.raaok tot boatoa aarly toa follovr.f morntoc 1 or may ramain on b*ard aatii atarbac of Utt ioowM^a tioa at A. M , by wkiak U*y say raaok Boaton atx.ntc.46 A. . A oaccaca mailer ta attaohad to eaoh ataaoiar, who recwTH and ticket* tha Mcga^a. and acoonpaoaa tha ta?ae to tu <fSam>atn.n. A ataaiaar rj ' 1a eonaoeUoa with thia L.iaa bo twoan Kail ftlvor and Prov?4?>n?a daily, axoept to Boa to a 1a forwaadad timet h with craat diipatob bj an Exproaa Tialn. wUofc ,Mrn Pal River avarr war nut. PtfYxJira eimtN. a? o'clock for Bo a toe a. <1 N?w Hod lord, arnnti at ita daau nation at aboat HAM For frwaht or pa?aa*a. a?? y no board, er a? tha oflioaoil rlr NO. I Nortk B.i**r FnraUW r(M?a ud berth* %pply oa Wo?r^ or if doairoo u mcmn tbem u tdwM, to WM POEDKN Ai't TO ??<i Tl H ?tr?*l. N V. TON?Ik1m4 R<?i?-TV aWortart mm nertiiWil In ort?eouot. with thofetoalutoa ?x<? f " >v, a on** .*!)<: P.'oriOMM KAilroMa, Groto* M ?-SP o'elooc t. M., or (?? Uf urnrmT <>f 'Kswfav ttiViff.- | moduju, wtanukr, ud Finiv. Fro* <m> lop?Ti' djk'j Tk?r?diy wyl telirMi ,JbA: ?!?**5'2 H Uom JPf J->Tr?A; Ytaraaaj. tnd naft^rto. From 0n>in flWi>|IH fmi flrotoi M4HN NT r^InU to Pi!! ? *o4 Boat*>r.. il Um Ki??? Mui Trua,nMiui|I**G^?(M ui adT?xx* t fU>o?a IT eVIiet ro?Uf,?s4 Lfi uult ti?? tor ftj! Uia ?*r r Moraiaf Etao* ex boot, m Nofrk m4$Mt- 7*? hd(*ri tw frtfw H, rauu on W4 Um ElK^y^lSl^M^WS Tr*to, duf?^M>>Prw Ml WW Wit* in to K**HHt,Fili rntt. A btilW* autir ?oeom^?c)M th? Bw?m?r ii>4 ^Kor" Pm??yB?TUw, g*af P'Wfllj ???ir ?g tx4?k Um ?t?aw*r, or ml tka fr3|t ? u4q?, Piar II North fUrw, at at U? OlV# uf Essf - ^ m ^tes-fsv/ArF?Knc? ftoafiiii'jpaj.,? . p?r Mat. Mlov Um r*fi"M r?Ui pno??.?iaolading : mw iditm of BariM'a lalatrr uri Rifle '* M>?ay I wa. #S Alloc OomrMoiaia uf Hk'iaa'i Tuiim h> KdWa TteUM, aditioo. -4c r fel lMr1* lliii, ? f plMl W>M*I tad ok lor Mm mm* m tfet VSntow ttuiu** 4 jSgWi&Os.'t: B^85g.*?**|'"*. - '? *-* ?- 1 AMD'UM tVov* ?p*1 to MM (r+~. -

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