Newspaper of Evening Star, September 11, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 11, 1861 Page 1
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/ ft ri ??nw*jo* v m'* | "'* K "r^' ' ^ 1 4 * v ' i .Tv?i*;4 4 i..t* A *A> (ftotttfl Star. 5^5^j3J3^(^^^EsiB^^^E3^^E^53^EX3SM55?3te5E5ISS^CS^^^S^53355!^E55S3^^Ei?5S3K3!55SE2?35!E5I^E^33SH^333^^^S!S2^S?3SS^2.^^3S^^25E^^3E33!^^52IHC V^. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C. WEDNESDAY. SEPTEMBER 11. 1361. N?. 2.671. J '4 ' _ _ _ THE EVENING ST Aft f , |^.\i I ' A. PUBUSHBD EVERX AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY KXOKPTBB.I f \ AT THB ?TAft BCIL.D1 NO?, Ognwr of *rt?u4 mi EUvntk it. t W. D. WALLAOH. Pipen anrved la paeka^e* by carrier* at tt * fear, *r TT rent* par month. To mall tabacrlbert toe prloe la S3 30 a year, ta *dwc4, ?J lor all moatoa; SI tor three month*; and for leaa thaa three month* at th? rat* of li eenta a week. Higgle coplea, out cist; ta wrapper*. two cum. 117" ADvttTt**aa*T* should be sent to the otoee betor* It s'tkck m ; other aria* they may a At aooear aatil the next da* m? souther* facts awd urnio!i<. Tke Frderml Strategical Llae?Will Uuri ke a Rtk?i iiu*u:-Dutu? is th? Ite* M Chip?Virginia IkiaplMtfrii k< i 4MTTI* WOfcTBiRjr ST*AT?<3ICAL LU*RThe following fa from tha Frankfort (Kj.) Ysoman, Aug. 27, an influential rebel organ : We conceit o the strategical line frotn which to make a suocessful development of military foree againat the Booth, ia that which will run from Cumberland (lap to Chattanooga, Tenn.; and its occupancy by a foree unassailable from its strength, is the prime object of the Federal government. Richmond was never n point of military Importance, farther than that, ia the possession of the Federal power, it would no longer menace thelinea of railway converging upon East Tennessee. Manassas Junction was on the line , from Tennessee to Washington, and was, there for*, to some extent, a necessity, in approachin* tbe baais strategical line which covers the whole field. The column.* of McCall and of Cox in the valley of the Kanawha were each destined to reach different points on the same line from Washington to East Tennessee, with the view of acqmriDg access to the line we have indicated as the great line of strategical development. Foiled at Manasaas, Scott will now organise the armiee of the Potomac, the Shenandoah, the Kanawha and the Cumberland, to renew attempts to gain possession of this great Una. It Is to the last named army that Gen. Robt. Anderson (the gallant Major Andereon, of Fort Samter fame) is assigned, with his headauartera at Louisville, Kj. It is for the use of Anderson's column that maskets, artillery and monitions of war ara new pouring into Kentuoky over the railroads converging from Covington a?d Louisville; it is for this that camps are commenced at Hoakins' and Crab Orchard, and elsewhere; for this that Rotsean's brigade has moved from Indiana into r.ntnoW.- r... >vs. ik.i n i j -? ivouluua; , 1U1 lull lUfll. \JIOVU AUSUil IB Bl* tempting by speeches to rouse the people of ( the mountains; for this that Lieutenant Nelson, of the nary, is,detached for on-shore duty, to distribute arms in Kentucky, and thus by all these means, by a march through Ken tueky, sustained by the Union party of Ken- 8 t ucky. a maroh of federal troops from the north, 1 protected in their rear by encampments in Ken- ^ tueky. composed nominally, if not fully, of Ken- I tnckians, that the federal government expects ' Gen Anderson to achieve the object of obtain- 1 ing possession of the great line in question. ? That would be a soro calamity to the South, / and, in the end, to the North also; for it would only result in prolonging the war for the pre- i tended but unattainable object of reconstruct- i ing a shattered Union. It is asked why the I possession of this line from Cumberland Gap ( is of such strategical importance ? We answer, t because it divides the connections ef the parts 1 of the South from each other, separates the t Carolinas from Tennessee, Virginia from Ten- i nessee and tha southwestern btates, and ren- ( ders the Confederate States into bundles of e fragments, not one of wtuch coald support or t sustain ths other, and of which each, in its t torn, may be overwhelmed by a vastly supe- ? rior force to any it can, by its own resouroes, t command. <j A 71th that line in possession, the Federal a hope is that Bast Tennessee will revolt s against the State government and the Confed- a erate States; and in that event the game of i John Carlile 4 Co., played in Western Vir- i ginia, of setting ap a bogus State government, j would be played out on a seooad theater, ine- t vitably causing oivil war in Tennessee, and 1 giving to Scott s basis lina and depot of mu- t nitions of war all tha support derivable from d a people as thoroughly subjugated as he could t desire. If he oan occupy that line he can strike each slave State east of the Mississippi , on both flanks at the same time. With East ( Tennessee in hand, he can command a oolumn ( upon Nashville or Memphis by the navigation ( of the Cumberland or Mississippi, and at the < same time by rail to Clarksviile, and to Nashville itself from several directions. WILL THESE BE A REBEL ADVANCE? [Special Correspondence New Orleans Dwlta ] Will there be an advance? i? the question which engages all minds. At present the Lin coin Government is on the defensive. It ex?sriencee great difficulty in raising troops he money is more easily raised than the troops. The relation of tho two belligerents is now completely reversod. MeCMlan is exercising all his denizes and exhausting the resources of the Government to holt Washington and Baltimore, while our govern mentis in condition to atlvancc and drive htm b yond the Maryland line. Of the praotieabilityof this there is little doubt, the only discussion is as to its ezpedieney. Those who thu ri Yin^A hPV.-.n i flla Pnfrnr*ni% joatlj and forcibly contend that it would never do to keep the army we now have in the field unemployed and expoeed to the hardship* of a winter in the fields and nnder tents; that a large city like Baltimore will bo n eded to secure shelter and supplies for so large a forta, that toe owe it to Maryland to emancipate hrr frtemen from the degrading tyrant/ of the Yank**?, and affordjthem an opportunity of dev?rniaibf to which confederacy the will attach herself; that Virginia and the Confederate St a tea can never be safe frosn attack and danger so long aa the enemy holds Washington eity, where troops and munitions, in aay number and quality, can be so rapidly concentrated ; that a bold advance against a dispirited and demoraliied foe is always the most effective mode of ending a war and aecuhag a satisfactory peace. We have DV *?& i WKJ1 V O BUU BUIVIIIUUB TIONB, UUt WO want peace and our independence Will we never receive these from the present fanatical < ad maddened party of the North until we 1 drive them into their own borders, and then, 1 with bristling and menacing front, demand 1 froaranteaa that they will stay within thoae units; that they will make a fair diviaion of the asserts of the old Union, and will henoeforth refrain from intermeddling with the right* and property of our citiaens' The "ahot, sharp, decisive war policy" ia now oars. That policy demands tha advance to Mason and Vision's Una. On the other hand,there are those who think 1 that a May of a few weeka will produce a peaoeful and satisfactory settlement of thia controversy withoat further bloodshed; that 1 the intervention of the European powers, the uprising of a peace party of the North, will effect this result; that tha northern people, new laaguid and discontented In regard to this war { . v. > t. .;. Jk.?. v. IU1|UI w aiviuvu w |i|?auy ot ji w IUUTV ment which, though not aggreuire la fact, ther would k> represent to their people, and perbapa excite a war freniy *urpa?4!ng; that whioh followed the downfall of Fort Sumtar.: These ara tha principal ground* of the two nartiaa ia regard lo oar war palicj. Tha pro- < foand eecreey whioh envelope* all tha tranaactiona of &e oabinet defie* tha Boat aagacious, aod I oaaaot aay or even gnaaa to which of thaaa vtawa tha government incliaee, hot there ean ha little doaht that the army, oar generals and all oar officer* and aoldiere, and a great majority of the people are etrongly ia faror ef the forward movement. aa?L position at aqcu caaia. At Aquia Creek I fad the battariea ia admlrahla eoadition, well poated, and altogether heyond the reacfcof the enemy'* direct shot; hat quite eapable of giving hi* vessel a great i annoyanoe. In addition to the rifled gun and I the 8-inch oolumbiad, war men b*ve mo anted (he lone rifled gin eeptared et Utaunl at a ; ery eligible point, and in n trial yesterday it ' threw a abell olear aeroaa the PoUwaac to the ( Maryland ahore, a dietaaoe at armr foor milee' Unfortanately, the ahip ebannel ia nearer the i Maryland than the \ irgitia #ere, hat till. i meaaurea are being adopted wbteh will very toon (ire ear baturiee the ooatrol of the nan , ( |%tioa of the river The battery at Aqot* i Creek , which achieved one of the moat brilliant^ wireaaaaa of the war. i* under the immediate^ I comaaad of Captain Walker, who baa a flae e??pany ? nrUllnriata, ooaapoead of ye?ag I i t a: t^teaioD *>?a sen from this town. They hare become oonrersant with the management of the big guns. Pbere la alio a very erne lien I hntterj of flying irtillery nnder Capt. Braxton: and yesterday mother rery efficient flying artillery oompany tame up from Riohmond with six large pieces, ncludiug a rifled gun, two howitsers, ana three >ther bran pieces and 59 horses There is also k Baltimore oompany, and in its oompOsition ind organisation it resemble* eur Washington Artillery. There is an ample force here to repel any attempts to land a hostile force. The prater defenses are under the command of Captain Lynch, formerly of the U. 8. Navy, and irell known as the author of the interesting book on the Dead Sea. He is an excollent officer, and enjoys the confidence of all the solfiere under him.?Cor. ?i.O. Delia, Aug. 21. rineiffiA shikflastkrs pronouhcrd worth with a great number of a;ck, to whom the people never weary in acta of kindness and ho*piality. This sickness supplies an additional irgumvnt to the many others in favor of an >arly advance of our army.?Special eorresyondenc* New Orleans Delta. I regret to be compelled to give you a most infavorable account of the health of our troops low in the field. The inaction of the several urge bodiea of men in different portions of the Commonwealth, for three weeks past, must be ittributed chiefly to the crowded state of their j lospitals. In the peninsula the typhoid fever tas been prevalent, though happily not in a nalignant form. At Manassas and Aquia Creek, also, this malady has prostrated a considerable number. In Richmond, or rather in he campe around it, fifty per cent, of the roopa have been atricken down with the meales Private hospitals for the reception and tetter treatment of the invalids have beon f>ened from day to day, until every street, most every equare of the city, has ita long ick liat, and the ladies are worn out in their attentions to the sufferers They do not weary n the (Dirit of their irood work hut vatohing will exhaast the physical powers. Aa ret there has been no great fatality among the housands of cases, but just as so?n as a doien tare been discharged aa well, from a hospital, heir beds have been filled, and there is no LimiantioD in the Dumber of new cases.?Richnond correspondence Memphis Appeal. Since we pitched oar oamp here gloom and lorrow have saddened the countenances of all, >wing to the distressing fact that disease and ieath have prevailed among u.i Our exposed sondition during our oamp on Bull Run, and .he mant of proper food and water, was a seri- I >us blow to this regiment and to all tho troops that were likewise unfortunate. In proof of iris I will mention thm nut ??? lundred in the brigade, only twenty-three Hundred reported for duty on the 20th inst., ?nd companies that before ordinarily turned )ut on drill and parade from sixty-five to ninety men, do not tarn oat now more than eight ind ten files per day. The hardships and sufferings eonsequent upon tho movements of Sen. Johnstou a division of the army, which resulted in such a glorious success to our otuse it M?nas<$aa, has, I dare say, prostrated fully >ne-third of hia force. Nearly every day the sound of musketry proclaims the death of soiue Southern hero who haa fallen a victim to disjase in the camp, and over whose grave blank ;artridges are fired aa the last military honor paid to the dead. rSIOH rEBLINO IN EAST TE5SESSEE. Weoonveraed yesterday with a distinguished jentleman from Aagusta, just on his return From Virginia. He disclosed to ui tacts and urcumstanoes which prove beyond doubt that Bast Tennessee is rotten to the oore on the secession question. He traveled over the railroad from Bristol to Knoxville. He witnessed the rreatent inrfirnitiu a w ? Hi U vuv nuuuuovi loldiers who were returning bone by that route Their papers were moat rigidly scrutinized by the euuduotors of this road, and in tome eaaea poor woonded soldiers came very near being thrown off the cars because their papers dia not exactly suit the fastidious notions of those Union gentry.?Atlanta (Ga.) lnt?llig?ne*r. Criminal Waste.?The annexed paragraph Is from the Grafton Western Virginian: " About seventy Government horses were told at Webster, on Wednesday, at a loss of Dot less than fifty dollsrs each from the oost; chiefly all being the result of bad usage in lixty days; thus costing the Government fifty dollars per month for each two horse team for wear and tear of horse-flesh. And we noticed that many horse# now in use look not much better off than thoee that were sold. It is thus rendered plain enough that the managers of tne wagon department are shamefully Tnoomnatunl fnr th?if j -?.??? aujwu/ tuvwi mm there ii do seed of wearing out a bone in ?Lxty day?. J[7"General Ben. McCulioch Is said to be a ot disciplinarian. Hla men are well eaulpped, tad are armed, seme with Enfield and sharpe's rlfiea, and other* with muskets. The majority are also provided with r?m>tvers and bowle-anlves, MoCalloch reoently made a levy In Arkaaeu men He first took all between toe years of eighteen and thirty, elngle or married: then tboee between thirty and fifty, and finally a number of ro a the over sixteen rears of age. In the town of Marlon, a place of about *2500 population, he procured seven or eight hundred soldiers. Cv"Corporal Hervey Dli, who was killed In o*a of the lata skirmishes In Mlaeourt, was a brother of the editor of the Boston Juurnal and native of Maaeachueetta. He went ont to Iowa a bent a year since. EA Saratoga eorreepoadent says there la Iras racy at the Springs than usual, bat that Its nlaim lfi unnlUd bv tha fkmlliM t\f firm* aaiiHwa y? ri * ? ? ?t 117" H It stated that nearly?,000 mechanlca from Cincinnati have gone to St. Louie U> work on the new gun beata now being coniUected la that city 1T7" Kx-Ceveraor Wright, of Indiana, baa contented to deliver a eulogy on Senator Douglaa. The tine of delivery will be early In SepteraWr. A (Itinii Tbottiso Match ?Flora Temple aad the ho>ee John Morgan will trot at Oxford Park, Philadelphia on Tuesday next prrif all the property of Connecticut were equally divided between every nan, woman and i?U*l* Ihe State, each would have I7M. tCTH teeeU mated fhat the ivrriua hubIui of letters to ?acb box, ' Mm Wow York post offioo, pat imob, ts 1,8M. , KTbrra arc <uppoe*tf to be more than 30,000 ^ ^atoiaUwl^Ua Federal Mr, WOO have IET One hundred ton* of cbeeoa have boaa wit botii Attica, N Y , thla mhb. JX7" A boy 14 MM oM baa beoa orataocod to L^OUo poaltenttary for burglary LIM. Every back, every town and village corporation. even the State itself, and private banksrs, are deluging the State with wretched currency, in cotes from five cents to one dollar. Jold and silver are eagerly bought up at 8 per sent, premium for these notes, and oarefully loarded away. Of oourse this currency never sao and never will be redeemed, and when it tegins to decline it will be bought up by those irho have issued it, at an enormous shave?all >f which will fall upon the people and enure to the benefit of the Corporation. And vet it was gravely proposed that our baoks should igree to oo-operate with banks which sanction u\? v vu^a^vu iu vuia ?igiUVIU irauu f BUQ I"0" ceiv* and pay oat shinpl&sters as they do their 5wn notes. It may be practicable for oar jacks to aid in giving value and strength to :be isenes of the Contederate Government, bat when it is proposed to sedace or drive them nto an alliance with banks managed on the alse principles which prevail in this and other jarta of the 8outh, the people ought to be iroased to vlgilanoe and stern resistance to all inch schemes?Correfpond$nc? N. O. Delta. DISEASE IN THE REBEL CAMPS. The present is the sickly season in this ooun:ry, (Fredrioksburg, Va .) and oar camps are inhering from a prevalence of measles and vnhoid fever. All th? inwni hnnianB/i EDUCATIONAL. M VOCAL INSTITUTE. RS. CECILIA YOUNG Will return* her l4aoaes in Vocal Masio on Monday next. September 9th at her residence, No. 446 Eleventh street, between h and i eta. Terms mad* known on application. ee j-imeo Georgetown female hemina&y, (Nii? Harrovkr's,) So. 131 VTtst St., bttfttn C<mgr?it and High ttt. The duties of this Institution will be resumed on tb^ first Monday in September next. The attention of parents yuid guardians is partion!arIt called to the Class in Caiisthenios, whioh will be f<rmed on Monday the 9 h lust, bj a g%<luate of the"L?wi8 Normal Institute of Physical Education." The former pupils are earnestly sobered to attend the Class. Instructors. Miss F,. W. Wright, Mr?. Cecilia Young, *' M. K. J Kaufman, Mr W. C. Dergmaa, " M V. Hanover, A Zappone. M 1>. m'lle M. (iSrd'ttt. f!lia.rl?? il? PrnnH??? Orcula's m?? be ohtained at the Hook stores, or by addressing the Principal w3-tw MISS HARROVKR. PLEASANT VIEW SEMINARY.?The duties of this School will b* recurred on tha second Mondav ia Septem^r Terms $160 for board and tuition in th?? English branches for rear of ten mooths. Address MISS M KKECH, sea 2w? Hyattimile. Prino* George's co . Md. 'J?HE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. The Twelfth Annual Session will commence September2. For particulars ineuire of the Pnnoipa!? Mrs. Z. RICHAKDS, au 17 lm Corner of Fourteenth and K gts. F'AIR HILL HOARDING SCHOOL. FOH OIRLS, At Sandy Sf*iso, Md. This Institution, wMoh has bees in sncoesgfnl Operation for the past ten years, will commence its ei.suing regular term on the 1st of the 10 mo. f(>otober) *e*t. For oiroulars. containing further information in regard to the school, apply to \V M. W. FARQUHAR, an 31-eolm* Olney P. O. f 1EORGErOWN COLLEGE, D. C. VI August, 1861. The exeroises of this Institution will be resumed on the first Monday of September. Terms for Hoard and Tnition per annum. S<0?. payable halfyearly, in advanoe For farther partioulars apply to the President? au 13 1meo JOHN EAKLY, 8. J. COLUMBIAN COLLEGE. Vv W*?HlX8TO?, D. C. The Preparatory Department opens its session on Wednesday, September 11th. The Cia*s*s in tl>e Philosophical and CIa*sical Department have their first exeroise* \V?*lne?day, (September 25th. l-or oat&lugaes or fur>h?' inf>>rm\tion app'y to G. W. SAMSuN. O D . au 13 3aw4w (Republican.) President. ttCHOOL FOR YOITNG LADIES. Mis* M. P. DUNCAN will, on Monday, the 21 of Hepteml>er n?xt, resume her School at her residence. No 21 Indian*. n.v?ni>? 8h? K,i ni>H> ??_ r&tueir.enta to reoeive a limited number ol pupils aw boarders. aa Tl-maw Hp FEMALE EDUCATION. JL HOSE Parents who wiah their daughtera to r*oeive a thorough and systmoatio education, where their phTMoal training vri.l recivedailv and speoia attention, under the moat approved system of Calisthemoa and Gymnaattca. are reapeotftillT invited to viait the Union Female Academy, oorner Fourtee* th a*, and New York av. MR. * MRS. Z. RICHARD*, jn-tf Prinoiaala. E NOTICE. NTIRE STOCK OF DRY OOOD9 SKLL1NG OPP At Grbatlt Rbdcckd Pricks To Close Business. The unrietsigned. Trust*? of K. Brioe Hall, w>u d most respeotfu 1j on.Il the attention of R. B Hall's former patrons and the publio in general to the fact t.iat he is not auii will oontinu-* to sell all the remaining a loo It on hand at creator reduoed noes, toolose out the knainess as speedily as possible. THEO. SHECKELS, Truswe. N. H.? Mr. Hail baring for a lone time ooonpied tvo stores?No. 'AlA and 374? this i? to notify all p? <sons that the Roods of both stores hare be*n p'aoed in Store o. 373, where all persons in e&iou oi bargains should not tail to call. au 31 eo6t THEO. SHECKELS, Trustee. GREGORY'S S TO V S HOUSE, 321 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, S31 K?*eps constantly on hand a oomplete assortment of SToVtS, G HATES. aud RANGE#; rffr. also. CAMP EQUIP VIEN 1'S oi all kinds, ?3% ii o'. oil in < ?:amp Stools. Catup Tables, OtpTfln Moves, French Drinking Cups,common TinT^Cv' Cops. Tin Plate*. Ac ; and a general assortment of Tin, Enain-led. Japacn^d and Plannished Ware. all I - r m-- ? ... aii mci mm i in, uopper anu rneei iron Wo k made to order in & workmanlike manner and at short not oe Il7? Remember, 321 Pa. avecue, second door from H4?enta tt, south side. an H eo2 * H. J. GREGORY. WBOVS' CLOTHING. E Have recei ved within the last day or two a laree assortment of BOYS' SPRING CLOTHING, embracing all stvle? of low-priced, meJivsm. anil tine qualities, which we are sellinc a t vorj low i<noe? for cash. WALL, STEPHENS fc CO., 333 Pa. av., between 9th and 10th stt. m 23 Mntelhgenowr and Kepnb'.ion > SCHOOL BOOKS, ? . WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. A full lapplj on hand at exceedingly low prioes, both for dud io ana private schools Keri's Grammar for introduction at 30 cents. Kerl's Primary do co. 8 oents. WM BALL A NTYNE, 49? 7th *t., e2-lw Above Odd Fellows' Hall. US. MAIL STAGE LINE Between Wash ington and Kookville leaves Martin's Hotel,oor.Mh and Dm EVERY MORNING (Sundays ropterl i at 7 o'o.ock and I. C. Conode a. our. ?i?n aud Beall at*., Georgetown. at 8 o'o'ook; retorm ng dulr. On Afioadaya, Wednesday a. and Fridaya, through to Pooleaville ; Tueadaya, Tboradaya aad Saturdaye to Frederick; returning next day*. au a-lm' BEN J. COULKY. /m\ RESUMED BUSINE8S. A X The Unaqraigncd would inform hia.Z. jL tffrienda and -he publio that he haiA token houae on Ninth at., between D and E, whero uVTivvLauip0 b3,ln.?" ** ? jioensed PAWNBROKER. Fair dealing in all buatneaa tranaaoUona. ]e? 3ti* ENOCH WARP. 8WK OFFER TO MILITARY MEN a large *1 aaaortmentof Git EY and BLUE FLANNEL V ER-SH1K J'S, WHi'l'K S?HIRTS, ORAWRS. CAMP BLANKETS, H ALF HOSK, 4c., wtuon we invite ail oaah puraiiaaera to examine before making their selectiona. WALL, STEPHENS ft CO.. .. ,. 3?8?, p* ^tween 9th and loth ata, m 28 (Intelligencer and Ropnb'ioan.) OH I OH t?Go to the People's Clo'h ng Store, No. 4?0 Seventh street, nppoaite Po?t OfBoe, &ud examine tnat new stnok >>f FALL CLOTH iNO. i HUNKS. HATS and CAPS. all for sale at the loweet N>w York erioes niy im POTATOES! ~ potatoes! 50/00 bushels prime Wee tern Meroere will be old this t-aeon at No. ? Pennsylvania av., ooruer of Seoond at- Firet oar load arrived to-day. tiive us a trial, and we ihall five you aatisfaotioo. Ohio, Indiana and Kentuoky money, in good stand > ng. taken at per. an ?-tf J. W. STEELE A CO. Butter, cheese, and eggs. 60 firkins Freeh New York Batter, t6 bnoketa, a mall %nd large aise, 36 kega gooi Cooking Batter, ?n hexes prime Cheese. For sale at 490 Eighth st, between Pa avenue fradDst ia? ? ? ) D E. D' TROW. AAT THE OLD PAWN OFFICE. m ? -* ? t 'ft B"tk of tk* national Hoitl. 6 ^ M( at liberal advanoee mad) on Gold and -ilver Watone*. Diamonds, Jewe rv. Silver waro, clothing, Pistols, and all limit of Merohandiee. Business strict y confidential. . ISAAC HERZBKRb, 3*1 C street, as l-?m Between and 6th ?U. W SPRING CLOTHING ALL, STfcrHENS A CO. are tku day in receipt ot their seooud of SPRING CLOTHING and material for tkeir o as torn trade, consisting of New Cioths. Caesimers and Ves tings, of the latest sty lee, wtiion they will make te order in eupesior style at very low prioee. Gentleman wishing an immediate on tit will find In our Ready made Department every artiole of Wearing Apparel suitable to their watte. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., tp IS '(I'J P?nr. av?rn?. ||OME-MADE tfOOTO AND SHOES, LlMH*. MlSSS*' ARB CHILS*I!f?S Wui, 409 HMi HAR^wd?MIDDLINe9. yg&MMMhl r,, ' - .1 SUMMER RETREATS. UKA BAT til.N ti AND SAFK RKTRKAT. ^ At Poiht 1-o?*-Out,>.

Tbia ce ehrated Bathing riaoe. situated at tb jiicotton of the Potomac Kiver with the A . . J Chesapeake Bay, will be opened by theVcS^! nadersif ned on tho 10th of June, in theJJuHJ very beat atyle, for a l peraona who may wiah i aafe and a uiet retreat, where they o&n have tfc Dfc^fit of the beat aait water bathing and enjoy th dettoaciee of the water, auoh as Fiah of ail kiodi Oyatars, Craba, Ac Every deaoription of fiahinc tackle will be k?p for trie accommodation of rueata. A fine livery stab e kept on the farm. Alan, ten pinalleya and billiard aalocna ; witl all other amuaementa uaually found at aooh rlaoei T?e table will be aupplied daily witu fresh vece tables from the garden on the premises and fror theBaltioioreand Washington markets. The host Liauora and Guars will alwaya be foum at the Bar. Board, p?r day: one week, #1S; aeoond week W>; fonr wr-?ks for $35; children and oolored aer varU half-price. ma iiotmor tK. IMioholM la?TM WuhmMm Tu ?*daj in. and Baltimore on Friday at 4 j m The half paat2o'elook p. m. train from Wa*ii ington will connect at Baltimore with the boat* reaoiiinc Point Lookout daily ; a so, a tri-weekl' rtntefrora Waahinxton, by way of l.eonardtowri Add eaa the proprietor!, at Point Lookoat Washington, D C.. or Alexandria, Va. m SI HEFLEBOWER It Cl>, Prop'ra. DENTISTRY, JH. PEA BODY, M. D.. ^uaetCAL AND Mi CHAK1CAL Ul.lTlST, hftVlDK taten/^D rooms at No. 'JT6 Pa. arenas, lietweenSwliS 1 Ith and 12th ata., two do irs oast of the^*11" Kirkwo-td Honw, reapeotfally solicits a aharo o the puhlio p&tronace, in the variona branchea o hia profeaaion. jy IS 3m* TEETH. LOOMIS, M. I)., the inventor and patent* of the MINERAL PLATE TEETH, il _ Mi _ tenda personally at hia offioe .n this oitj Moa Many peraona oan wear theae teeth who^* " oannot wear othera, and no peraon oan wear ot.iar wuo cannot wwr these. Persona calling at mr oflleeoan be aocommoaate< with any style aid prioe of Teeth they may desire bit to those who are partionlar and wish the paresl oleanest, strongest. aDd most perfeot dentnre the art oan prod nee, the MINERAL PLATE will b more fuily warranted. fooms in this city?No, 33? Pa.avenue, betwee and 10th sts. Also, 907 Aroh street. Phi ad el phia. oc It tf GAS FITTING, kc. AWM T. DOVE A CO. RE Now prepared to execute any orders wili vmch thej may be favored in the PLVMBiNti. ?AS OR STEAM FITTING 1> USINE^S. fOr Store on tth ?tre*t, a few doon north of Pi a yen ue, where may be frond a compete aij or tinea Af (*U A Nni.M I L'DU m~A A iX ? - -v ?* ??* i vi/ui tia%0 ?uv wmB! VAt?i D Jl Li A .11 1F.I WATRK FIXTURES. iaI?-1v 1 SNYDER, FI. UMBER AND OAS FITTER. Hm removed to the corner of Twelfth and P ati Heia prepared to introduce Water and Has u?e' the moat favorable terma, and guaranties entir satisfaction. He haa on hand a lot of COOKING and othe STOVES, which he will aell less than coat, an hi wiahea to get rid of them. no 17 We AS F1XTU RES. E Have in etore, and are dai.y receiving, 8AI FIXTURES of entirely New Patterns and Design and Finieli, auperior in ctyie to anything hereto lor offer d in this market. We inntecitisena reneral ly to tail and examine our atock of Gaa ana W'ate Fix ires, feeling confident that we have the bes selected atock in Washington. All Work in the above line intrasted to ear o?r wilt be promptly attended to. MYEka * Mo? HAN. mar l-tf ST6 1) street. Qf ICE %^NS ^ReAND 8SALE1 WiiHlMTna. J?lw la laaa NOTICE IS HEKEBY ti 1 YE~rf.'TKat, atree ably to the proTisiona of the ordinance of tne Cor poration approved Mar 1*. the underlined ii now prepared, "whenorer refnirrd in writing, ?n< on pie-payment of the fee of fifty oeuta, to inspeet examine, test, prove, and asoertain the aeonracy o registration of any t?> meter In dm in this oity.' Krery meter, if found icoorreot, will be condemned and another, sealed acd marked as true, will U set in in piaoe, If proved to be aoon-aie in iti measuieinent of gas, it wUl be sealea acco*a;cgly sod again put in position for use. Oftoe No. #10 Seventh street.(near Odd F#l ws' Mali.)' Oven from 8 a. m., t#i?.m. CHARGES W. CUNNIN&IIAM, jyll-tf Ins Motor and Sealer of 6 as Meters. _^rL. SCHWERIU'S .M$S$k A,Po?ldeVn| 1? the oul? known an< l>e*t artio.e ?e nwrmuiiw _ .Koaone*^ lied Hug* Garden'worm'i ?- - - it contains no ]>m*n SCHWKRIN'S PILLJ* are snre death to Rati aud Mioe. M. Sohwerin hu received certificate! from the President of Girard Collet, Director* o House of Refuge, Peuusylvam* Hospital, an< other Prominent Institutions of Philadelphia; U 8. Jail, W ashington, D. C.;and Clkarity Hospital New Orleans, La The original certificates ni be seen at thi Wholesale and Retail Depot 1S4 North Seoom street, Philadelphia, anil f r sale u> this city by II U. CLARK, oomer Pa. avenae Mi 4* sts., an J b all Druceicts au l Brooers. SINVARE OF SPURIOUS IMITATIONS. '* Remember to ask for Sohwerin's Anmhi i Powder. fc None genuine anleee signed M. PcHwaaii*. ma 15-3men FOR STAMPING ^ A rAUAKT VV FAFEK > I AND ENVELOPES NO TO MATCH. I at Ua CHARGE] METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. PB1LP * SOLOMONS. iiaili ft JLaariau'i ultbrmnd Lwm* "M?iraj??'?! ?* Millt," te., # ?. aa H-ly bat. 9th acri loth ita. HPiJE. EUROPEAN HOTEL,, KEI?T_ BY f m. Dmniun. >i uio ooruor ui renn.j* ? . i treans and Eleventh atreet, has he^nWa^l greatly improved reoentlv and now off? rsigflHJ greater Inducements for the patronage ofoitfien and atrangora than any other pnblio kcnae In th o.ty, hi* frioea being leea than those of any othe notel on Penn. avenne, and hia aooommodation for permanent or tranaient boardsra onexoeption able. The bar and restaurant arrangement* of th Kuiopean Hotel have already beoome rery popu lar. being all thai can be desired, by the moat fa* tidioua. The proprietor pledge* unremitted at ten tionand oontinuea liberal extendi tore* to give*at ( faction to all, and thu* renew* hi* Inritation *< all to give the KnrntMn Hni?; a wail. rie ?-tt W TRAVELING TRUNKS. E Offer tor aale the large** assortment < TRAVELING TRUNKS to be fouad nam thi* oity, compri?ing best Sole Leather CM Ladle*' Dree* and Packing Trunk*, Va-^"* lioee. Carpet Baca, &<*. whioh ve a*-e now ae'tin at verr low price*. WALL. STEPHENS * CO., Mil '"H P?IIM>T?TII(I. I CASH NOTICE. N Coaaeqnenoe of oar navtng to pay oa*h fo every article oi good a we pnrohaae. we are force to radnee oar baaineaa to Caeh ezoiaetTeiy, for th present. We hare in etore a very large assortmer of READY-MADE CLOTHING for men an boya' wear, which are aeilinc at a much towor rat than nanall. U7 A I f U'WL'DU t?Vo ? ???? vraiiiii el r,r x * v?,. 389 Pa. avenoe, Mtwn 9th and loth at?, le? nat?i. i w?o?.K < WATCH REPAIRING AN I) SILVER WAR] MANUFACTORY. I hare on* of the bMt establishments, anil fui nished with aoomplete set of tool* for repair tag every description of 6ae YYaicnea, iUi<J JH articular attention give to the same, by *-oMi (ho ugh oompetent workman .and a work ni^Ma tied Alto, every deeenp ion of standard ssfLvXl Wi &E. plain aM ornamental, manufactured iradt By ova sapor-vision, which my oestomera v.II tin far superior La eualUy and finiah to northern war old by dealers in general and represented aa thel twa manufactura. H. O. HOOD, * $ P?. e*r?T>r? n??-4*h nUPONT* GUNPOWDER, Bur jouhston, iLimo&K LOCK HOSPITAL, Hms Aitwini Ui auil C-tr i?t?, Syttdf mmd tmip a Efftctual Kimtdf u? til virM, | FOR ALL DI9EA8E80P IMPRUDENCE. L LET NO FALSE BEL1CACY PREVENT. I APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, '? IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. ' WiikniM of tia Bstk, Strict araa, Afattioea of tka Kid a;i and Bladdar .^rniuri Sucuiin, InfoUK*. Gaa, arm! Dability, Nat.?ou?iiaaa, ^yt&apay, Lauraor, Coofaaina " af Idaaa, Low 3ptr..a, r :ftuu?a af ikt Hnrt, Tiaaidity, Trarablmfa, Dtmnaaa o' 8\/at ar, Diaaua ( Ida Haad, Throat, Nuaa orSfcin. Afacuonaof tha Laura. Btoiw II ach or Bivili?thaaa Tarnbla Diaordara iriainf ffoaa So itary Habita of Youth?thaaa Draadfal and Daatrwctiaa Uracil ucaa which raudar Marriaf a unpoaaibia, and daairoy both Bod* and Mind. YOUNii MEN Kapaeially who hara baeonia thanetimaaf Solitary Tica, that draadfnl and daatrwetiaa habit which a?o?*lir awaapa Q to ?n sntimaly |jr??a ihnaaauda of Yoar( Mm of lha aiat i, aaaltad ulanta and brilliant latallaci. who rafht otharwiaa hava anuancad Waiamng Sauataa with tha thnadara of aio1, caanca or waktd in acatacy tha Uaiof lyra, aaay Mil with r full couidaDca. , MARRIAGE. , niMUD ruiom,or roanf Mm eaaUmplalkof Mm Ha* t, bnaf aware of physical wiakuiia, argania dibtiuy, daforiuuiii, At, paedilr carad. m Ha whoplacet htmeell auder tht ear* of Dr. J. may raliri illy confi'1? in hn honor aa a fiiitliraaa and Metdiauy rily apon hii ikill is a pbyiician. OFFICE No 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. lift hand itdiroinf from Balnmori tint;, a fiw doora frca tht comer fail not to obaerta unci and duIii. Lauirt a mail b? pud and coutaiL a itainp. f DR. JOHNSTON, . Matsbiraf th? Royal Collar of Barrtool, London, frtdal ill from on* of tht moat imuieot Colltf to till Catted ' Btattt, and thi f iti'.ir part of whoai lifi has bun ipiat la the notpiult of London, Ptria, Philadtlphia and iliivbm, baa affected tone of tht moat aatoniabinf earn tfcat wart a?ar known; many trooblid with nifuif ta thi bud a ad 0 lira whan iileep; mat nerTonsnnt, rein* alarmtd at a laddia toundt, baihfalaiia witc treqaeat blathing, attaadid f eomtiimit with dirinfiraint of miod, wtrt cured M&mt ' liataiy. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Young Men and otheri who hat* in)artd tfctmaaitai by a d lartain practiea indulged id whan alont?a habit friqaaatly i; laa/ froa a til coinpiawat, or at icfcool, thi ilicu of L whien ari nightly felt *tm whan ailicp, and if not cured, 1 J A _ 1 k J I nupiWIUIW, MV?ii< Ta WWVH IUIUU tuu f body, ehould apply immediately. Th??e are MIDI of tDt nd and ratluchoi; effecte pieriaced q by **rl2 habita ?' yooth, ?i? : Wittom of tlx Baek and Limha, Paint in the Head, Dimneee of Bight, Loaa of Power. Palpitation of in* Ham, Dyepepey, Nervosa irritability, Derangement of tba Pi(eeti?a Funcuooe, Genre! Debility, Symptome of Coneumptioa, 4c. MlNHLLT.?TTi fearful ific'J on the mind art much la ke dreaded?Lose of Memory, Confneiau of Ideaa, Depreeaioo f Spinta, EtiI Forebodinjri, Am'iioh of Society, Self-Dieiron. Lot# of Solitude, Timidity, etc., are loma of th? etile k produced. N in von PtBlLITT.?Thoaeandeean now )?dfa what la tha catut of their declining health, loeing their tigror becoming walk, pile, ixr*ona and emaciated, having a eingular appaaranca about tha eyee, cough or aympioraa of coneuicpDISEASKS OF IMPRUDEHCE. Whan the miegutded and imprudent ent^ry ofpleaeare finde be hna irr.l.ubed tha aeedt of thia painful due iaa, it too often happene that an ill-umad aenae of ab.-me or draad of dtecoeery detere kim from apply ing to thuee who, from education and respect*oility, cm alone befrund him. Be (alia into tba l? ban de of ignorant anl deeigning prateudera, who, inctpaMe B af conn*, filch hie pecuniary aubatanca, keep mm inline > month after month, or aa lone ai the imillii' fee cu be obtained, and ia deepair leave hua wuk mined health to aurh f ?'?i hia jr-iiling dieappomtmenl; or by the ui of that deadly 9 puiton?Mereary?haaten the coiietitauonil eyroptome of thie terrible dieeaae, each ae AfacUoca ofih* Heart Throat, H?ad, - Skin. Ac ., rorriHuir with fri(ht/al rabidity, ull death fun a Satiod to hit areedfal enferinfe by etndir.'f himt o t>.?: aolaoaeared ooamxT from whoa* bcame aa traveler retan.a DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY By tbu rreat and important remedy waakoeaeaf tbe arcane tn ep eadily carad ana fall rigor raiierad. a? iha I BMat rerraae and deoihtatad, who had last ail haft, hart kaan immediately relieved. All impedimenta t? Marriage,Ptiyeteal ar Mantal Pie~. aalIkcatiaoe, Loea af Pracreative Paver, lirtrn Irritability, Trembling aad Waakosaa ai JiAaaauao af ike meat (aarfal kind epeeuilj carad. ; _ ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS. > wmm nini lnuuitxui cirn ax ibh mwmMn *mm ih* luttifhum ihii, tod ibi iiminw inpartut fiatfi?al tpinUMapirnrnK by Dr. Jotir.atm, v 1 ir>?mtd by tee rapartara of t>? p?[ ra and May oOiar Mrwni, houcm at wbieh h*T? ipftutd tjur u4 iftu bafara lha pabtkc, kaI a'.daa bia ULoduif u a ftnUtman cf character and rairouai i bull;, U a (tlllHI fluuiM u tilt illrlMl intr lilf i dk. j. h mclean s 8TEMGTHEHHG CORDIAL ? and blood pi rikiek THE GREATEST REMEDY ?? tk* WORLD Ay j) ETEB. riliW.a BK| aallla aid ftgtuMoi ki? j)r?- yyiry llaa if IVV Bark, aad Oaadaitaa wBg aaiara lata a am BH afaut la|r?4ia?'i?^^^?^^B^' [ Below .JSi"**1" Ukinj. , alatlllUf, aradiai f a lallaiaai, aiaiiartUag *pi*a, aad u* aaai tafall'kia rcaady fat itaaTatlsf tka 4iaaaa?d a rata b, wi*AlMrim~ tka a'*k aai 4akiltaa?ai t.a.lk4 - g kkaltk aad autaflk. i MtLEAIfS STILENQTHFNlliB CORDIAL Will afaaiaally k.;?ar Cataplalat, Dripapita, Jataf dlaa, Ckr?-%4a n (iniu D. klhiy, D.?f taa Kldaeja, ui all dlMiiii analog fraaa a diaardaiad kirtr ar IwaitL BjrapapaU. ItuUin, lywird PilM. Aaiditr ' llikmt al Ike Iwuik, rallaaaa af *<aed w Uk Bead, Dkil Paia M vlaaiaf ta tka Baad, Pklpitatiaa af tka liut, rallaeae ar Wetrtt ta tka taa^.ak, ( > ImutiMt, Ckaklaf > Ii(hiUi| r*?l.a( vkea Uflci dawa, Dryaeee at Telia* am af tka Ikia aad Bjei, Blfbi Ivaau, Inward f??er?, Pal a la Ifea all af tka Baak, Ckakt, ar Side, Beddaa riaakaa ?( Kail, BeprieeJaa af ipinta, Pngkifai Drakaee, kupal, DiiMaiaai; at la; caxaia Uaaua, Sarae a* B'.atakei aa ita Ikta, u4 fiTii ud A(i< (ar Cklwa u4 r* ,) irjl A *11110If BOTTLMB kave kaaa aaid darn j tka laet au aaatke, aad ta aa laitiaia kaa U fall ad la fi*lnf a nil re eatliUktiaa. W ka. tkea, will aafai hraa WnIMU tr OakUitj wika Mcklil'f iriximillllllk CUBDIAb will aar? raa 1 Ha leaf aaf a kaa ? ???; as aae^aaie Itu kf tka iBaedlkta aad alaast aatraaalaaa kkaofa preJaeed ?r uktag ikta Cardial ta tka dlaauad, dekilluied, aad akauaikd aarraat ;iiaa, wkeiker kcakar. dewa kp axaaaa, wau ay aatkra, ar laepairad ky dakaeae, Ika related aad aaairwr arfaal Iktlaa U tkatarad W lta prlatlae keaitk aad rlfar MARRIED FERSOPfBi a? aikeri, aaaaalaaa af laakilitr fram wkataaar karaa, will lad McfaBkR* oOKOlAk tfcaraif* rereaerataraf tkt ijina, aad al! wka miy ka?e ta tared tkeatal*ei kp tapreaer ladalgaakkk will lad la tkla Cardial a aertala aad iftadj reaedp. TO THE LADIE8. HcUJiat ?T?BX?TBBB1BB OCUlUta a mih l lira aad eaeedr aau far laklpieiit Caoeaaai.ea. Wa.taa. I iwumul at llfltlil MHIUIIUmJ HIMtiMMI ?f Ifill ar Ixiln^n Blititip tkaiatf, Fall lag af ika Vwk, J Iddlaaaa, FalaUaf, tad all liuuiilitidiituriailH e THIS RE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT r Mil m laarat. Tact It aaaardlaf u (Lr>?uaai. II vUl atiBilait. ktitafUa*. aad lartfarata rt? ui um ikt klaa? af kaaiu la mhi yaar iki|t ajala. frti; Mult It e VUlUWt U |t>l UIMiuUM. FOR CHILDREN, - Ilrni tklldrta uialtkly, mm ar alluM, Mckliri COEDIAk will makt tkaa kaallky.fat, aad rakait Dtlay aai a aaaatali Uf It, aad yal-vUl kt aaarlattd. Ilia da? Utlaat la uka, AWT ION. - Iivua af dr?(flau ar daalara vka May try la ftla uaa fta aana Utlai ar aaraapanlla iraak, whiak ifcty au kay ) akaaa, a* tarta* it lajatl a* raad. Avatd tack aaa. An ? far Mclkin fTKEWSTlkxiNfl COEIMAL, and uka 1 aaikinf alaa. II ia lha aaly ramady laai will tariff ika 2 Slaad tharaafklT tad at tka aaagRbna awangtban lit ayatta. Out laaafaaofal takta Miry Mnkf faauag it a canata * MtrtnliTt far Ckalara, (Jkillt aad ft?ar, Y tilt* Fatar, ar if inftliDt Amii. Hlintu li lirri kMtln. Pile* m(; |1 fit kittli, t k?Llu br ik. J.I. MckKAB, _ Bala inytltw af U? Cardial; aiaa, Mikni' Tucuii Ol knlMiL Prtaalpal D?M aa ika Mnii af Tkird u< r ri>i iuku, h. Utu, n*. r- McLean'i Volcanic Oil Liniment, it (TU BUT kimMKMT Ol THB WO BUD.) d tk? aaly itfi u? uru'.n car* for Cuiin, Pllaa, Ta. * am. BvtlUnf* h! Branckil* aa Court, rinim, Sacralgia, WutMuil Ik* Matin, Ckraau ar lDtaiamaiary BkaaaaUam, Btifnaaa af ika Jfinti, OMrtcud ttaaelaa ? Uftainu, ItiMktolMUwlii, Innau, kniu, Piaak ~ Caw. Waanda, t'.em, rnr Inn, Caked Iruu, Iwi E Ntaylaa, Varna, ?a*H? l?? Thraat, ar any MiwiUia aa aoa, aa 4i(wtoM k*? M'ira aa lane tka <mi*m hi ka7. aiiatad, MckftLRI CCVElBA^kD UJUMBJTT I. a iirUti vtmtdv. S Ttouudi al kaaaa kalaga kt>? kaaa aaaad a Ufa af 41a W arayitada and ?ia*ry ky tk* ait af tkla laralaakla raaady. * MtLEAfTS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT [I WIU rallara pa la alaaat taikauaaaMly, aad it vfB alMa, II parity aad kaal Ma faaiaat aaraa ta aa acaadtfcU akart uaa. d FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. e McLEAIft CCkKBRATKD UlCIMKJITla ika aaly aafe ii u? raliakla raaiady far ifca car* a# aparta, iiaAaaa, Wiaifallt, Cfliuia, ?nr?i?rf.!, K*Cai a* lii .mn. It n*?ar hllad ta car* big Naad, PallarU, ftnata, Old S^JSS.Z^QLSVS.lBSSkS af CaHar ?aHa, Cata, Saraa, a* Waaodi, It la aa iahlllMa aaaady U u <katMi aad a Mr* la iiatila la nary laauaa* Tk?a uta* M iMfM *M Itl MM nrtlM totewu 4*> y? OHU???ifr W Da. MdJLUT* CKUUa?TkMulHHM,HI<*.w caaaku iron, MKismixmi * ffuu^ e ?. ^n?i * ilTi n . 1 ravpfsu^&s t ' i ??? THE WEEKLY 8TAR. " 1 " * nn aacaltaat PimUy u4 Newt Jaaraalooataialag a nitffa wWy of Utarwat^ m4tag tkaa caa be laud la aaf eUet?u piMliM a Friday oaoralaf Plaglaoapr, par aaaa* ? Fii oopia 4 w Trc crj oa* ? ? ? Twnty>lvt caplea* ? ? ? It Invariably coataloa tbe '* Waaklagtaa MW that baa made 7\? Dmtfp I?wi^ Owalaaa : aogeaer&lly Uuoof boat tfceooaatry. |Zr?*laKla ?opt* (ta wrappara) eaa ba pfa pared at tbe counter, laaaMdtataty after tea laaaa of the mm arfo? ??? r-, ?iMiaci VMn. ^A.VY BKEF AND fQU FOE IMt Natt Dinintar. ) Dmtmm ?T Sulit) Pmopo**L?, fhpfc ** PmoMii Ijt Beef," and " Pr<>f.??* for Por4,wee M eee- ?*? be, will k? received at Mia <'?ee anui o'eleefca. M. on Wednesday, Uje 8Mb day ol li|tif>w ee*t for furni.hinj and d?limiof .MaT *U *>* ? nek to Ua Laitod tte follewiac Navy ^fcrd> Barrati RmC Barrel Pork. "At Cba-leatown, Mua ? Ajm ?JM At Brooklyn, N. T. ~ . O At Philadelphia, Pena. l.>*? 1J"* One half of eaid Beef end pork Matte defiwr?4 at eeoh ot the above-named vaida. the lat day of April, 1M5L anJ the remefaiat ball by the la', day of Jane. IMS. acjpa eer.ier d?n?*i?i honld be re^airec by tbe Chief of th ? Fu-eea. Pa; raent to be made withia tmrty daya alter Miterfridder? meat iteeih their 1 """" ilultuottT la iMtrtto nB?ri Tor theKmTm) for <h (or N?ko( Um ;l>m at d?lh*ri, OOWUI 1.1 Mk* Ml sbMM? The B?*t must be from we 1 fattened eaKle, s &u*hi?>ri.ti between the lit < ay of October. IHl, ana the 1st day ot January, IMS, im veifb11>( sot less t-?n six hai-dred ponnci*. uett weight, eaeb. The lege m. i k| rudi of the hu e ^ Barter*. isO the shin* and shun der clod*, the sh<>u>d?rs of Milan aod end* ot suckisg pi'oe*, ar. ^ at least tw?.?e Suoda from the neok end of eech f. re qwarter or c part* marked Noa. 1.2, S, 4, aad S, oa the drawins or de ineatirn < f theTore and hind quarters of itaax which will beattdbhed to and form a part of tue oontraot, mast be wholly rxc nirC i r>m raos barre., a t the other pteoes are to be packed, mmd. in sitaA of b*imt rut v?tlk a mux M tmX ikromtk wilt a im awd tw/i (e inx tk* mmt m r quart, neat, und imoctk appearand*, w puw mf att /cut i*t* rtfki rmdi, Mr mere U?a iteeiws *?The P^r V noit be paeked from eora M, wetl fattened ho?s, slant hter'd betweea the let da? of 1X*m mber, 1861, and the let dar of JaaaaryTlK.. and wen hi i f not iaee than two hand ed sound* each, axeluoint the heads, joiee, seeks, sttosdara* bam*, legs, feet, butts, ramps, lard, and all ranaa imm. mutt K? ' ? pieo* weighing not leee than six poenda. dot Mr* tnan twnre poaod? ewh Both the B?wf wd Pork ' it be ea:ted with ?t iHitoii iittiu bathel of Turk's la an Mete of Maj, Key Wast Miv. ODOudtfi Mltr, or 8t I be'a salt, ana the BMf n.nst tot* ire onneee of fine pulverized saltpetre to rech barrel, exc asirs of a p okle. to be made from freeh water as strong Mitt til irue it,and ant be perfectly bright and clear. Kaeh barrel mast oontain fall Son poinds aett weignt of beef or pork, aed dmiocm of weight la either article will be paid for. The barrels must be entirely new. and be aad? of the beet seasoned heart of white oak (tares and headings; the staves to be n t tees than ive Mfktks of an inch tha k. and the healings not lees than taret-f/urlhsofan n.oh thiok; they meet be three fou ths uooped over, u.e uding the uroa hoops, w:th best white oas or hiokorr h"op>, and each barrel most hare on it losr iron hope, *.? oue of one and a half inch ie width oa ? aofc biife. and one of one aed an eighth laoh in a idth on eaeh 0:1 line, ai.d each to be of one sixteenth of an tuefc tmck. Each barrel most be of the internal capaoity of thirty-two gallons an 1 the iron hoop* mast be well painted with red lead. t- tich barrel must be branded by bnrninc on its head " Nary B*ef," or * Nary Pork," as taeeaue ma j be, with the contractor's name and the year when packed, and weight; and thaH also be biand (1 on lh? hnnr atAr??l?h IK* 1 attar U ? case n ai be. The n?ef and pork will, unleee ntbarvwe dime* ed t>y the Chtefof thia Bureau, he inspected by the inspecting olficere at the r??peotive Na?j Yarde aforeta.d, a> d b? ioim ' worn ioapeot>r of MUd provisions," who will be eel?-cti*l by the reepective oommai.duat dfioo.-a; i nt their ohargea far Men inspections must be paid by the re?[>*oti vaooatrae tort, who muai likewiae have th? barreia pat ia good shipping order, to the satisfaction of the eonmat, dans of the rw*?eetive Narr > aids aloreaa*!, alter inepeotiua, and at their on expeaae Tvo or more approved suretiea in a sun eqaal to one na f the estimated amount of the cobmotwiII ha required, aod twenty par oeateai la ad-liuon will be wiUiheld M the amount of eaoa aayiaeut to be made, aa eohawrai aeoanty lo^he due and faith a I periormaooe of the reapauUV ooetraeu, whioh w II on ao aaaoaat be p?M until the eon tracu are oompued with in aU reap ecu ; and ta to M forfeited to the United States in the event of , failure to complete the deliveriee within the are Miitwvi period, in case of failure oatae cart of the contractor to deliver al. or any ol the bearor peTK above mentioned, ef the ?aa ity and at the nam and p aoee above provided, the oontraotor wilt forfeit and pay to the United J*Utee, aa li^aidated danaacee. a aaaa of nonav eauai la tviae the amount of the oontract to be aaid la oa*e of the ao.ual delivery thereof; whioh Tiauidatad dam agne may be reooverea from time to time as they ioc ua Payment will be made by the United Statee at the periods above speo;feed, (axo?ptitu the twen'y par aoatnm to be withlie.c untL the oompietion of the eontraat, aa before etated.) aft r the aaid beef aod pork ehal: have bean ibapeoted and reoeived.and bills for theea.r.e shall have been preeented to the navy amenta, re*peeti val*. duty approved by the oommaadaata of (J*e raapeetva navv yards, according to tha terms ef the ooe raot Tkt parti of b?4f to bt txtlmdid wt11 bi aaritea forty d w tkt mframi te bt mttnchod to t4i (Mtraei. tuiruM CM obtain them m arpl\t*t%on at liu Biudera wh?M proposals ehait toiewfU4 (mm none others) will be forth villi ?M?*dl uul m ear It a* practicable % oontraot will be transmitted to them for exeoation. whish ooniraet must be returned to the bureau within ten 0*7 s, exclusive of the time repaired for the reg alar traaemiealan of the mail. A record. or dupiioete of the letter n./orrunia bidder ot tbe aooeptanoe ofhie proposal, n;ibj deemed * pollination thereof w.thm tbemeariibg of tbe tot of lMfi, end hie bid will be made ut aeoepted in oonf^rmitjr with this m cereiaod ug. trery offer made mutt be aooompacied <ae directed in the 6th eeotooc of tbe Ml of Co creaa ranking appropriations for the naval rarri' for 1M6 '41, approved 10th of Angnet, l*M.)by a wjdt ten guarantee, signed bv one or more r?pon?ibie perrons, to tbe effeet that be or they aadertake 1 hat the bidder or bidder* wili, if hie or tamr bid be ae oepted, enter into an ob'iiration within ten dare, with good acd a u Anient enretiea, 10 faraiah the aritele propoeed Thia cna antee meet be aeeoenaeiod br tbe Mr of the Uoitrd MaIm ciatriat iwli* llutW States district attorney, or navy acent that the tuarantora are ahto to make rood thetr g aa aotee No propoe* will bo oonaidered ailaes iooobh nied by tuoh guarantee. The bidder* name and ro'idenoe. and the name of eaoh memb r of tae firm. w here a oompjn > of for*, with the Christian names wntteo ta trntl. ma?l be dutiaetl stated. Under the jout rwo itioiafCncma.MiroT^ 27th M arcn, 1*64. "ail bide tor anpplMa of pr?*i. atona, o oihing, and small ktoree foi tae nee of the navy, ma; be tuccted at the option of the Depart moat, if made by one not kaowa aa a maaafao tarer of or regaiar cealer ia the aruaie f ropt>*ed to b<* lurniilied. which mot, or the rerorte, naat be distinott? atatod lathe biaa offered. aa at law?w ? P^MALK SCHOOL Hra.8. J. MoCORMlCft, Fawmaa. The thirteenth arena: aoaaioc of uia Inetitatioa will oommtnoe on Tc?eday,SMtaiuber l?th, it tae hou*e rooently ooci.?.ed by pylveeter Hoott, Ee*., No. 190 King troot. I ; viu.tion to day eeholar*. Mr*. BeCoraUek ta irturttl lnrtMmk limited naibar or *a*ili ae * part W Wit> mml oaT Sae vf'^ccMkror^Inlr "i, e"io,|Irround tomb witktkcoomibrtiUM WBttf Ml? as^iisfs^ssfiisxsse: M^rj^JXiggSzAjr" 8^ok%wksT^^!2t*M#rT -jt fitv; V n?ioi?ggg? . I (laUlfcK^^HftVpTSSS*. QUN BOATS . (^mMW**k*ut0m f\t?. ZiUlX'W. I giu? ^ oly[ ?f Q?jtw ? >?! ?t flWill FrmK, of MIT mJ&Ll* mikKf^ IpMin <MMM, im