Newspaper of Evening Star, September 11, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 11, 1861 Page 2
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THB F:V KNING STAR. WASniNOTON CJTT: ??OKK?UAV ftrpteaber 111 1*61. Otr? Fihi> nt the various military cmdpa and F?W?M will confer a hm by keeping nt potted a? t? irnverDrnto and afhlra 'n their vlelnltlee. KflHt ?f the nir*lB| Preaa The iHrelHgr**** trea'a upon the lneonaittenc>ee of the eeeeeelen eympatbizera, who are *o The Mipmtliimm erpreea??e perturbation at tbe . iff nwd probable reanita from the delivery of a aiave to hi* matter In Kentucky by Gen Roaaean THB NEWS HEHE. Tiuivit Noma ? Yeeterday morning tbe Trenanry Department dispatched more than a million of dollara in amall notea to Cincinnati and *t. Lou la, to be expended for nrmy purpoaea mainly. There are twenty clerk* constantly engaged in algnlRg tbe namra of the Register and Treaaurer to tba "on demand" bllla?flvea, tena, and t we a (tea?about tbne hundred thousand dollara of wbich are daily perfected, ready to be paid out. Tbe certlcea of more than a hundred clerk* are required to do tbe "clipping"' of the note* of all descriptions and denominations. These begin work at t a. m., and continue on duty until 11 p is ? o ? POLIC* ftMCLATIOXI I!? BS6ABD TO pAf#PO*TS. In order to correct mlnpprehecslon, inquiry has been made at tbe State Department, where it w as ascertained that vigilant police agents are stationed st every potnt where persons enter or leave tbe United States going to or coming from Canada with full authority in the matter of passports. lE^Tbe Surveyor of tbe Port of Baltimore has, In tbe last week,caused tbe relzureof the schooners Ida .May, valued at 93,500, and Fairfax, valued at 87.000, alleged to belong to uertiee residing In Virginia; Catharine, valued at 0 000, Ontario and Mary Cramner, each valued at #4 000, alleged to belong to North Carolinians A quantity of goods, auppoaed to be contraband of war, were alao aeixed and disposed of In the tame way aa the vessels. Monday afternoon a funeral procession, consisting of a hearse and attendants, attempted to pass the sentinels on the Long bridge, on tte Anne Arundel shore of the Patapsco, and had gone by the first sentry when the next took it upon himself to make an examination, finding Instead of a corpse, a cnffin full of muskets and ammnnltloo. The hearae and borses were captured, bat the attendant* escaped. (XT*The steamer Harriet Lane is at the Phllsdetphla Navy Yard undergoing repairs of damages received at the Hatteras bombardment They are slight, however, being only a fractored bulwark caused by running the ijuns overboard to lighten the ahip when aahore, and a few other trifling bruises. She will join the tlvet gain In a day or two. E/"" The six o'clock passenger train from Waahlngton, yerterday morning, met with quite an accident while approaching Eikridge Landing station, half a mite this side the Relay House. Tbe engine at this place ran over two cows, throwing H, tbe mail and baggage car from the track Tbe engineer received a few trifling brulsea. The engine and can wei j but little injured. JEJ" Thomas S. Serrall, the forty-thousandpouod man arretted tome time since In New York by the Federal authorities, has b?en released jrun rori L.aiayetie, caving taken the oath of allegiance Tbe post notes of ?40,000 are understood to be valueless. (JTThe transfer agents of the New York Central Railroad have b-cn instructed by th" IT. S. Marshal not to transfer for any more stock standing in the name of Southern owners, nor to pay dividends u?bch holders uy Win H. Wehb, of New York, has made a contract with tbe Italian Minister of Marine for th? ennstrocHan of two Iron ct**d frigates lu New York. They are to be completed in eigh. teen months ItT Since the confinement of the Fort Hatteras prisoners on Governor's Island, citixena are not permitted to land. The officers occupy tbe garrlsoa and the privates Castle William. ll~r According to a recent order of Gov. Curtin, of Pa., work has been commenced on Fort M'fflfn, putting It in a state of defence It will soon be put In good order irr W. B. Redtteld. a correspondent of the Chicago Journal, in St Lonls. was arrested there f.u * ?a- ? ? ? - i?i r nua> oi^si, on cnarge or communicating intelligence la the rebels. dT" The September term of the United State# district court, which commenced yesterday in New York city, has a calendar of eight prize case* and thirty-three admiralty and other case*. lETFrom Auguet 7th to September 7th. 2,100 bales of cotton were brought to New York city by the steamers from Providence, R. I. This is for ehipment to Europe. f]~T Last Friday, the Federal officers in St Lents seised the steamers Champion. Hannibal and Meteor, the property of secession citizens r~r Ten thousand Prussian muskets are to be seat to Cincinnati from St. Lnnls to be rifled for tbe Government Aimt Matties ih Niv Yobk ?The Trlbnne of yesterday says: His Excellency Got. Morgan was in the city vesterdar, and for several hours was in consultation with b?s staff and leading officers of the various mil!tary organizations a<>w being raised la a few days a plan will developed for the early completion of the State's quota of troops The Washington Onn w?>/? ' i - v J ^ ?? MW TTVIC W UOTO UP* | parted for Washington yesterday, have been retained In order to llil up their ranks. Thev now number a>nmt 700 men, and acme companies not now attached to an? regiment, will be added to tbelr nnmber, bringing them up totbe full standard The)' will be reedy to take their departure In a few days. The New York Mounted Rifles, Cok Dickel. ere tinder marching ordera, and it ts expected will embark for Washington to-day. The regiment Is more than half full, and a majority of the member* have seen service. Rivikisd Dabxzt Ball?A letter in the I.atberan Observer. from Reverend F', Ball, brother of thq Reverend Dabney Ball, saya1 recently received a letter from mv mother, dated "Washington city, July 25th," in which she had jaat received a verbal message from him bv a friend who met at the depet In Martinaburg, Virginia He gave hia friend the number of her (an? mother s) noose, and requested him to say to her tbst himself, hia wife and children were well, that h? m ? i?? Ml.ucf m iiruaniam nor coapialn In the Swiitberaarmy, bat wu lirin? 1n|hl? ow|> quiet bone, and preaching to a Preabyterian coorregatioa " Tfcla Is tbe latest and moat direct lnforwnat'.on 1 have beea able to g?t. Tbla waa, you will observe, ttmet tbe newapepera placed biaa la the Rebel army. Tbla taformattoa, 1 doubt not, wee true ?(that hai, and 1 truat la ttxll true.' CocaTaaiftiT CoaraoaaATa Noraa. ? Tbe Ixeebarg Waahlagtoolaa, of Saturday laat. aaya It aeeane that there are aome Individual, aaya tbe Richmond Di*patch, on tbla aide of Mason* and Dlxso'a line who are baaa enough to engage In tbe aefarloua work of counterfeiting The Eipveav informs na that tbe Bank of the City of Petersburg rejected on Thuraday, a counterfeit of the Confederate Government no tea of tbe deaomlaatloa of ftve dollara Counterfeit flve'a oa tbe Mrrcbanta' Bank of Lynchburg are la circulation. Tbeae aotea are aappeeed to be put in c: reol?tlon by aoaaeb?*dy following tbe army, and we caution tbe aoldlera especially agalnat re. relvlag them Tbe geaulne no tea are wholly unlike the counterfeit oaea. taaAToa Johssox.? Hon Andrew Jehnaen made a apeecb on Saturday In Cincinnati in which, referrtok to Mr. Nelaoa. belaid : | haVC r*a<< ?arf?k - * 1 * -- ?** iu grvs* pun iou tb? t*\x>Ttrd recantation, by a dtsUnguinbed cittwi # Tin?it, of the *Vewa hitherto wprw d bv him I regret tbta atep on the-part of that dia- ' t! nzulabed rlttsab for two reaaona f regret tt on I count of our cauae, but 1 regret Jt more on fela , own areonnt If It were my rasa 1 do not heal- , tela to aay that rather (ban make aach a recantation I would be acre wed down in my Iron e?ta a d bade* in tbe enrtb tbe feet foremeet. General MeCleUaa'a paetor, In n aeewoe el * Tret, lately, uallfri tbe troth of tbe atatoment ? I.I II I 11 II OCR MILITARY BUDGET. TBI ITtATIOS Daily and nightly reconnoiaancea over tbe river how that Beanregard'a army, or at lrut tbo advanced portion of It, la constantly shifting moat of its positions. Tbua, on tbe night before laat It was discovered that lta pickets near Falls Church bad been drawn In to very iear the village boundaries; while tboae npon the Georgetown and Leesburg tumnlke had *l?n Wn iyinilH?riihU drawn in. Nevertheless, the Impression prevail* In military circle* here that Beauregard la now massing moat of hi* troops between Fairfax Court Houae and Leesburg That those moved a few days since from Manassas Junction, were advanced to that vicinity as explained above. It la further believed by the best Informed here that everything that Davis has been able to scrape together in the way ef- fighting material, not absolutely required elsewhere, haa been hurried on to Beauregard; and that the latter'a army haa been thus recently greatly Increased. His purpose Is now, apparently, to tempt or to provoke General McClellan to leave his lntrenchmenta; in tvKlr>k lira UmmA tV.Int V, . mill .V.AUIM - ? uivu wv uqiuij luuift uc will buuruy uc atuuinmodated; as he w?wj? advance against tbem or decline the battle the secession authorities have been ?o long seeking, aa tb?ir newspapers allegeThe latter courae on bia part will be scarcely less disastrous to bis cause, under existing circumstances, than a defeat. None here doubt General McClellan's entire readiness to receive the enemy whenever they may fmagine themselves strong enough to advance further in this direction, whether above, in front cf, or below the Federal Metropolis. THI CASE or XR. SULLIVAN, OKK OF THE FrLlTICAL PKISOKSR? AT PORT I. A FA YKTTK The Secretary of State has addressed the following tetter to Daniel Lord, Esq , of New York: r\ - likfaktxk^t of btatr. ( Washington, September 10,1861. J To Daniel Lord, Esq., Ntw York. Sir : 1 have received your letter of yesterday relating to Algernon 8 Sullivan, a political prlaoner now In custody at Fort Lafayette. Tbls Depart ment la possessed pf treasonable correspondence of that person which no right or privilege of a lawyer or connael can juatlfy orexcnse. The'pub11c aafety will not admit of bla being d'acb&rged. In view of the many representation* made tome In this caae, I pray your excuse for giving tbla letter to the public. With great reapect, air, your obedient servant. William H. Siwaid. I" will be remembered that Mr. Sullivan above | reierrea to was acting .>. counsel for the privateer prisoner* at New York.] WO OFFICERS CAPTBRED. The stories saying that a detachment under General Smith, on the night before last, capturtd a Confederate major and a cap'aiu, are incorrect. That detachment captured two privates of Virginia cavalry at Lewlnsville on that occasion, and killed two. No secession officers have fallen Into Gen. McClellan's hands since he has been in command of the Army of the Potomac. ARRETTED. As the matter has been made public by our cotemporaries, we suppose there can be no harm In stating that Mr. Chas H Winder, of this city, has been arrested by the authorities, on a charge of treasonable practices, and is now In durance. HAVT YARD. Arrest oJ a* Officer?Aetts from Old Point. Yesterday, the new gunboat, Ceres, waa completed, and taking on her armament, went down the river with a force of marlnt s, under a lieutenant. tc the U. 8 steam aloop-of-war Poeahontaa, off Indian Head, where tbev arrested Capt Dove, of that veaael, and returned with him to the yard bout 10 o'clock p m. He la confined w*!th exPaymaster Gallagher on board the ateamer Philadelphia, under a guard of marines. It la not thnnqht imong the ofl;cn at the yard, that be la guilty of any greater misdemeanor than that of making a few Imprudent viaits to frleoda on tbe Virginia ahore, which led to the arrest, in order that an tnveatlgation might be had aa to whether he was Indirectly giving the enemy information or not. It is believed,that he will resume his du ties on board the Pocahontas soon Tbe Ceres Immediately returned down tbe river again last nii;hf And intnfH tH? fl.ttni* 1 - ? J?* ? ? - uvM.ta. l uc is uiiurr xuc command of Capt Elliot, who claims the additional title of Reverend, and who 1* known by many as the ;< Fighting ParsonWe shall look for a good report of himself and bis trim little craft. The steamer Mount Vernon, Captain Hannum, arrived from Old Point yesterday afternoon, report ng all quiet with the Potomac flotilla and at Fortress Monroe. The Mount Vernon bore dispatches from here to the commanj'ng cfllcer at Old Point, bringing back dispatches from Major General Wool and Commodore Strlngham,who Is tarrying at Hygela Hotel. The U. S steamer Seminole and the Kescue came up with the Mount Vernon from the blockading fleet, and joined the flotilla on the Potomac. The U. S. frigate Minnesota arrived at Old Point from New York, whither she had taken the Hatteras prisoner*, Tuesday evening. I'he bell of the steamer Glpsey has been taken off and put up In Fort F.llaworth, near Alexandria. Several schooners with heavy cargoes of pine piles have arrived at the yard, where they are to be used In making the foundations for the new buildings about to be erected. hllOTA /?an?nn V W? ? u.uhv> uhit win uruiij(B> oat of the shop* and placed near the naval battery In tbe yard dnring the la?t few days. Some of them are to be placed on board the new gunboats for the flotilla, which la dally becoming more effective. SKIRMISH SEAR LKWlIfSVlLLK. A Federnl Soldier Killed?Tiro Rebel Soldier* Captured. [Special correspondence of tb? Star J Cn*:> Bridge, Sept 11 ? Editor Star . A large acouting party left here night before last under emaudof Gen. Smith. Between Lewinavllle and Mr. Crulksbank'a farm, on tbe Lee*burg turnpike, they fell In with a pretty large party of ecraslonlata, when a ahnrp skirmish ensued. John Dwlnell, of Company H, New York 7?th (Highland) Raiment, wu killed, and another member of the same regiment wounded. We no doubt "hurt" aome of the Confederate*, and captured a couple of their private aoldiera. affa1ks ovir tht r1vek. Pritoner talctn by a Neve York boy?What h$ has to tay about matters and things tn Dixit. [Special correspondence of the Star.] Ball's Caosa Roam, Sept. 10.?Editor Star : To-day, one of the shlrmlsbers of the New York Thirteenth Regiment took prisoner a aeceah soldier by the name of A. P. Roae, belonging to the Eighteenth Virginia Regiment. He had been employed aa a skirmisher to the right of bla company, and got a " lee tie" too near the New York boy, who waa laying low In the underbrush, and who brought his Knileld rile to bear upon theseceah skirmisher In a manner convincing enough to canae him to drop hia smooth bore and surrender. The prisoner bragged, however, that he had helped, on Monday, to take two skirmisher* of the De Kalb Regiment prisoners. who bad been wot to Richmond. Ha aaya there are 170,000 oi me enemy within a radlua of twenty milea Of Manama J unction, but that our troops will wait a long time If tlyy expect Beauregard to attack them In their entrenchments. Jeff Davis la not dssd, he says, as we ahall be apt to find out. There are portions of three Confederate regiment* at Mumod'* Hill, and their encampment is among the ?re**s back of tbs hill. The Confederates do ot feel secure at Mnn*on*s Hill, and are In some dread of being cut off by McClellan! The pri?oner was taken to Fort Corcoran. He alleges that be is a native at Rochester, N Y. Our pickets at Ball's Cress Roads and nearer Munson'a Hill are la 'be nightly exchange of shots with the enemy. Monday night ? me eighty shots were fired from a ' nlij-f Coufederates upon two ef oar pieketr, kwt^eough the bad shooting of the enemy " nefcfjvjraa hurt." A plh# tree lg a gt?od pal?* near here. and within > mile of Munaon'a Hill, tau bwn trlmmfd on one side, and affords a capital look-out. But two gnna are to be a*en mounted on tike enemy 'a entrenchmentaon the crown of the bill, and the entrenchments themselves do not seem to be vary formidable In character We hear that the enemy baa some com ma ndirg entrench* menta at Barcroft'aMUl, a mile and a half beyond Bailey'a Croaa Read*, on the Columbia turnpike. The Effect at the Captare af Fart Hatleraa. Prom the Richmond Whig of Thursday last we copy the following aarcaatlc denunciation o* the Confederate Government: "JIOBODY TO BLAMK.'' There seema to he a disposition on the pert of our papers and people to underrate the diar.ater at Hatteraa Let ua imitate tbe Nutmeg Chlneae by all mMM Thp fnrt ham Wn t&k*n mantr Kmi?_ dred men hsve surrendered, vsluableolflrers have become prisoners, a large amount of powder ha* been captured, the most Important part of our coast for privateering purposes It In the hands of the enemy, and the gallant North State la now liable to Invasion and rapine?still, It la a small matter. It will take 30,000 men to regain the fort?but that's nothing. What do we want with the fort? It was built for fun, evidently, else It would have been perfectly manned and supplied with abundant ammunition Had we been in earnest, some notice would have been taken of the warning given ua by Northern papers. Rut the truth is we didn't want to hold Hatteras The sole object In erecting that contemptible fortification was to afford Picayune Butler a chance to retrieve his misfortune at Bethel Unquestionably, there must have been a determination somewhere, but not in klirh nuart^ra?to alv? tli? Vinlo ?? opportunity to lower Southern pride and abate Southern conceit. VVe have been crowing altogether too loudly of late. It waa felt?but not bv the Government?that thia waa not good for ua Hence ahot and obeli were permitted to lie at Newbern and reinforcements were strenuously kept back, until the fort waa captured A correspondent of the Petersbug Kxpreaa has put Liiraeif to tbe unnecessary trouble of exonertlng Colonel Gwln from all blame in th!* matter. The fact is, nobodv is to blame. All admit that tbe Governor of North Carolina is Innocent. It would be the height of folly and treason to accuse any member of the Cabinet of negligence in tbe premises We who live at the se;;t of government know too well the superhuman energy,the sleepless vigilance and the miraculous promptitude of every Department to entertain for a moment tbe shadow of a shade of suspicion of anv shortening on the part of any one nearly or remotely connected with the Administration "Blame!" Tbe word Is singularly out of its plice In this, or any other connection It ought to be dropped from tbe English language. Individuals in private life may possibly be to blame for this or that, but persons holding office? never ' As for eminent officials living hundreds of miles from the scene of a disaster, bow can they be to blame for It? The Idea is absurd. o..?l * ? iiuc Duucr can now leave as many men as be please* in toe fort of North Carolina. Of course. we will whip them Havn't we the greateat abundance of unarmed militia,' There ia no occasion for alarm. "Nobody la hurt " Nothing lain danger Let every true patriot continue to repoae the moat unbounded confidence In the rulera of the Confederacy, and all will be well, even though Newbern, Washington and Charleston should be sacked A aenaeof perfect a?vurlty, a feeling of entire responsibility may result from thia unbounded confidence. If the p??opl<- think they are secure, and the Powers that be feel they are irresponsible. what more could any man desire? Let ua perfect our Government in all parts by a blind and loving reliance Let ua magnify our victories and underrate our deftsts. It is the only way to j;et along By all meant, let ua go on pooh-poohing the hfialr at Fort Hattera* IXTKRISTINO PROM NORTH CAROLINA ?Kejiott of Rrfut:?e* who have. Reached Philadelphia ? Last evening a party of seven, from Siadesvilie. North Carolina, arrived In this city, vii: Mr G'??d, wife and two daughters. Mr Mount and wife, and Mr. Alexander Rodders They cor iuuuisk ?udi uiuth nave saia aooui me reign of terror there, and also that there pre many Union men In the State The State would not have Toted for Secession had It not been for the influence of weal:hy Secest onUUov?r the poorer classes, who voted against their withes, under promises of speedy wealth, and threats of withholding supplies A fine steam mill, cows, bogs, kc ,and seventyfive acres of corn, were left by the refuse's at the mercy of the rebels. Two of the party bad been obliged to join the Home Guard Rodgers, for refusing, was taken to prison and heavily Ironed While on the way to prison those who had him In charge stopped and picked out a limb of a tree on which to hang him, but afterwards changed their determination, and be was kept in prison for twenty-nine days, part of which he was sick, and then set free They say thai they and a number of others bad been wait!ng tbe arrival of the guuboaU, about which they bad board, for several days. They beard the nombardment of Fort Hatteraa distinctly at SSladesvllle, and resolved to make a desperate etfort to escape to the North. The day on which they Intended to escape three men were sent t* watch tfcem, but ostensibly for the purpose of looking out for gunboats They succeeded in getting two of the guard drunk, but could not ge? the third, and were foiled in getting away until near evenftg. They got into a small boat, taking some arms with them, and knowing they would be bung if caught, resolved to sell their lives as dearly as possible. The batteries which they passed were harmless. ! having been SDiked after th? Hntteras. Tb*v were rbaaed by one or two bosta. but not overtaken. Tbeir intention was to have gone out to sea If they had not tound tbe fleet Happily tbey saw tbe Pawnee Captain Rowun trtated tLem with great kindnesa, put them on board the George Peabody, on which tb?v were taken to Old Point. A Captain Taylor, who left Madasvllle with them, was engaged by the fleet as pilot He returned with twenty five armed men to Sladesvllle for a relative who waa left there. They are of opinion that there it not a single fortification of any kind which can stand an attack from the Government fcrces anywhere along tbe entire coaat of tbe State; tbat Davis' proclamation wulir the purpose of affording a pretext to bold northerners as hostages wf war. Provisions ar? plenty there; corn selling for thirty-five cento per bushel, and wheat la so low that the slaves are fed with wheat bread. Tbey suffer moat for booU and shoes ? Philadelphia Bullttin. rr*m Geaeral Baaki' Ulna* [Correspondence of the Associated Pre* ] Poolesvilli, Sept 7 ? Yesterday afternoon our plrket guard at Conrad'a Ferry discovered a body of Confederate* at work acroas the river, which, on Inapectlon with glasses, proved t? be tbe erection of a two-eun batter v Word wa? aent to Gen. Stone's headquarters and a aectlon of a battery waa forwarded Tbe rebels discharged two shells, without effect. Our guns responded with spherical case shot, which soon caused a splendid specimen of racing by the Confederates. Tbe distance between the two batteries waa not less than three quarters of a mile. Tbe medical director. Dr. King, informs your correspondent that tbe army under his supervision presents an extraordinsry degree of health, considering tbe change of climate, the changeable weather, and the season for fruits and vegetables. There are but very few serious cases now in 'be regimental hospitals Those which are of this character will be aent tbe general hospital at Baltimore Id a day or two. i?7"Tbe Newburyport Herald says a gunboat for government on the stocks there will be com pleted early In October, after which another month will be allowed for her machinery and fitting for sea. labels 174 feet long on deck, 2$ fe*t wide, and 12 feet deep; when ready for sea will draw 9 feet of water, and measures about 5U0 tons This vessel, the Herald says, Is worthy of examination K.. -II ?? ?-? ? " * " * ujr an pciwm irnrrwa in snipDuuaing. For a I drzen fe?*t on ?-aeh tide of the keel she la solid limber nnd plank sixteen Incbem In thickness. The timbers are close together and caulked, so tbat without plaaklng and ceiling no water would pass through these. The plank come* to the frames with the nicety of cabinet work; the celling Is so close laid tbat n<^ a place would admit the point of a knife; and additional Umber, aad knees and bolts and straps of Iron render her as firm, Immovable in all her parts and as Impenetrable as it is posslble for her to be. The armament of this vessel will consist of twelve3J pound guns, 0 to a side, and one big pivot gun, 68 pounder, amidships. She will be schooner rigged, propelled by screws, driven by huge engines. Cafixo* .?At West Philadelphia there are now several car loads of magnificent cannon, which have be?n arriving from Pittsburg dally. Thev are brought on open cars, two on each car, ana will be sent on to Washington in a few days. The long lines of cars, with tbe massive pieces, remind one of the resources of the State and the terrible uses to which the guns are to be applied. ?Philadelphia Prtst. y r At a meeting of the members of the New York Typographical Union, No fl, on Saturday evening, a resolution wai Introduced proposing to loan to the United Htates krovernment tke fond* of the society, amounting to 92,500. A proposal to temporarily reduce the rats of printer's wages remains under consideration for one month. (XT' A Mr. Kdmondaoa. ,of Springfield, Mo., had his horse taken from him by the Secessionists, and Its value nominally handed to him in Confederate scrip Upon his application to Oca. Price the horse was returned, and he handed hack the scrip. "Nevermind," said the oAsar, "It isn't worth ? anyhow " 117" The Duke of Newcastle is engaged to be marrfrd to Lady Cecelia Molyneux, daughter ef Lord Sefton. The Pake la over tfty; Lady Cecelia la tweatv-two or three. The Sstftoa blood Is rttwiimi l? E ? " ? ?* aTjE Qeew's.'' 9 iNMr-'? -? mm <*^i < ? - ?- . ry-B?MAYOR-S OFPfCE. IL3 _Wa?H!II0T01?, P*pt.ll,l?l The member* oftfew Board n| Health will meet is the Mayor'e theCitr Hall, on FRIDAY AFTERNOON nf xt, at 5 o'clock. ell St RICHARD WALt.ACH. Mayor fY^s?RBCRl fTR APPLYING Tl> THE D1*lljf ferwt Rncruili ( OHo?r? f >r th? Third Manriard V?<!nnt>ere wi I be prompter fnrwa ded to the en"Mpnient, a?ar Haitim ?re. where.#vrry equipmenttrill bepupmpMy farniabied. - . W. WA LU MaTs.1 Md V , *ell-3te0 398 P? avenue. rfS^TERKENCE BELLOW MoMANUR-I t> if ''h ? member* of the rher nix Society and < th'r >'r>*h dice feel nc intereue.i ia t'.e tran ft r of the ren.a-n* or the Irish ?a'riot, T- B MeM>?c*. to Irelaid, wf'l meet at 7 o'clock THURSDAY . EVENING, 12th ir.?t., at McNick'e'* Exoh*n?e . Hotel, C*t. jf rY^FK8TIVAL-The l.adjen of Gor*och IL5 Chapel will hold a FertivaiatPotomao Ha1!, oorner of Maryland a*, and llth *t., EVERY EVENING THIS WEEK, oommencim at 7 o'clcck. The proceed* to be appropriated for improvement* to Gors'ioh Chapel. The pa'ronaire of the rnb'ic i* rewpectiglly aoltoited. ** 9 3t* H W"' COMPANY* ''A." U. 8. ENGINKEB8.(L * Fifty intelligent and aMe bodied meohanio* Will be enliatad to fill t kill PniM?nt tn r m*? imam fixea by law?ISP men. Inquire at^o. 8431 9 street Pav from #13 to Q3? per month, besides food and olothing. an 17 tf FOR SALE?An elegant dapple irev HORSE, r I roars old,15H hand* >>if)i,'on( fu 1 tail. |7\, a table for a fis'd or staff ofroer. Also.SjL-Sv or 4 rood. nhea> Horses tor sutie * wacoas. Applv at the private stables 1Mb at., between K and '. ye 1121* 486 ,NTER1UR DECORATIONS, t'ERHANGlNOS, all rrad?? and prices: WTNDOW SHACKS, PICTU H E CORD and TASSELS, GILT OVAt, PICT|;RK FRAMES, Ac , at J. MARKRITER'S.

No. 4*6 Seventh ft., 8 doors a'.ove *c ll-int* Odd Fellows' Hall. Treasury notes op am, denominations bought and sold. We ?ill deposit in the United States Treasury here or in New Yfrk, withou' charge, ail sums not lea; than Fifty Dollars for parties wishinic to invest in Three-year Treasury Notes, bearing 7 3 1# inter**SWEENY, RITTENHOUBE. FANT * CO., se 11-lm Bankers, No. .Tfig Pa- avenu . Wcoal and wood. E Have on hard and a n*tactly receiving large quan ities of all kinds of Coal, which wr are oiiiiir a% iu w firocii lur rjifji >vf niwvr now anoni four cargoes We will sell i* a' 25 oents per ton Ipsa when taken direct from vessel. Also, Oak, Ilicfcmy and Pine at low prices WARDF.R A STF.WaRT. s? 11-tf Corner H and Twe ftn its UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, AGRICULTURAL. DIVISION. TTaMtnffew, September 9,1861, In oons'quenoe of ti e delar which attended the arrival of Seeds of foreign importation, orders for which were issued prior to the incoming of the present Admmisnation.'many of them, from *>eavoyage and other causes have been fonrd to oe entirely use'es* for practical purposes. This rrsu t has l>een a eotUined by experimental 'ests. There fore, the usual di*tn6ntion <ril t?e drf rred unit a snpplv oan he obtained which wi 1 reflect credit on the Department. ISAAC NkWTiiN, oe 11 lw Superintendent T NOTICE. HE Copartnership nmetofore oarried on by the name of H. F. Loumx A Co. was dissolved on the 1st instant by its own limitation. All those owing amounts to said firm are requested to fettle the ssme without rte'ay, as the eucceesore are anxioos to c ose tne bo?ki and settle accounts against the above expired oopartrersMp GEOR*?R W. FARANT. FRANCIS J HHKERGR, JOSHUA H KINB NO I'lOIS ?The nrdTslrned respectfully iT-f^rm th?ir pa'ro-s and th*? public teneraii? of their having farmed a copartnership to oontinue the hngniei"?, 113 all it* branches, is euco'ssors of the late firm of H. F. Loudon & <'o. AVh th-ir ti.a .ks lor the ver? liberal patronage r?? eeived, the* piedjte thointelveg t use their utmost exertions to merit thei' c< ntinu?,?l favors. F. J. HKIKKKGKK A CO. Successor to H. F. Loudon ?nd Co., Military and Naval Merchant Tailors. F. J. IIr. BIEOK&. J. H Kiso eep 11^ 3w_ Depot quartermastkr'* offick. Wasuinotox. D. C., t^ept, 9,1831. $kali d Proposals will be received at this office until 12 o'clock in.. 20th instant, to furnish the troop* in this nty and its vicinity north of th# Pof<>mso lirer. wi liia <6) five miles of the city of Washington, with Wo><*, for (6) si* mnnths, oonini'-noinn Istdav of October, 186i, and erdinc on the 31 s: day of March, 1862. The wood to be of tii? tieit quality of cak or hickory, and to be deliv ered at the (amps or quarters of the troops, in nith Quantities and %t such times as the uepot Quartermaster may direct Good security wul be required for the fulfilment of_the contract I Ti ? bids to be for bo muoh per oord of wood, consisting of (128) on* hundred and twenty eight onbic feet, and to be endorsed "B ds for Wood,' and the names of the seeurity to be stat*d in the bids The undersigned reserves to himse f the right to rejeot all bids that ir>av he deemed too hsh. Payments to be made at the end of eaeh month, by returnicg the orders drawn on the o>" trai tor or contractors witn reoeipts of the Kegimeutai or Brigade Quartermasters of regiments, brigades. >>r corps, eodorred on the iMok of said orders for the amount of wood delivered. D. H. RUCKER. sell td Quartermaster U. t* A. PROPOSALS are invited till the?*>th n day of Sep?eml??T. 1U61, for supplying the Army of ihe Potomac with Po I'ATOtS. A bout bushels will be required, in lo s of a'*out R win buxtiels per week. The Potatoes to be of tne first quality and equal in quality to the following kinds: Mercers (blue,) Pink Eye, Mercers (whit* ) i ne roiaioe* 10 r>e delivered in WinIrnetor, and sub act to such inspection 4>n delivery as the Subsistence Department may reguir-, and payment to l.e male in frea?ury notes, if Gover. ment should desire it The Potatoes to be delivered in good, rtroni; barrels, a?d each bushel to be estimated at 60 lbt?. The bids to bo dirio ed to Capt A. BECKNV1TH. C. S., U. 8 A , Washington, D. C. se 3 WALL. STEPHENS A CO.. SU'i PIX3STLVAMIA AVINCI. MILITARY AND NAVAL merchant tailors. AND HEAOY-MADE CLOTHIER?. AND EXTKNSIVE DEALERS IN GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, se6-ij (Intel tt Repub.) 4 RMV SUPPLIES A. JUST RECEIVED? ?R-?oans SAUSAUK MEAT, 24^ cans PREKH TOMATOES, 48 ' oau* FRESH VEAL, iw cans beef, la modt, 24) cans ROAST BEEF, 3Woans FRESH MUTTON, 24*ioans BEEF and GRAVY. 24f can* SOUP and BOUILLL 30owes FRENCH DESSlCATED VEGETABLES. For sale at New Vnrk KINO &'&UfU?afcLL, 8 6 Corner t and I ifteenth ?Ug? BARGAINS! BARGAINS !?Great bft'iumu al kinds ?I CLOTHING, TRUNKS, VA LISES, OARP&T HAG!?,SHIRTS TIL?*, COULARo, HAT Sand CAPS. a? SMITH'S, No. 46? Seventh it., oppotite Post Office. Call and tea hi* new stock of Goods, whioh will be cold at astoosluiu 1"W rates sm 3f>-1in MOORE'S AGUE CLRK AND ANTIDOTE, an in allible, safs and effectual remedy and preventative of Ague in its various Inrnis having been :ullv tneii ana proven, is n<'w ofl. red to the pubiio Price Sold only at MOORK'S Weat End Drnic ?tore, 11 3 Pa av au 26-tr SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh street, is the t-est place in towu to buy CMtTHlNG. 1 HUNKS, hats, cap*, valises, carp* t bahs, and all kind* oi GENT*' FURNISHING GOODS, as he sells a'l his goods at New % <>rk pr.^H au ?-liw invo more FINE FRENCH COTTAGE 1 PIANOS iDr rent, at W. G. MKT 7.KKmT l 'S Music Depot, oorner of PviChIm avenue and Eleventh se 6 Hlllr Medical department of Georgetown college. Washington City. Corner of Fand Tvdftk Strati. Session or ls?6l- 6?. X?Af*TTl TV r\V t#nnry<?*a.? ? av/ vui x i/r m??U1C1 iTAi nobijk young, m. d.. Professor of Prinoiples and Praotioe of Medieine. JOHNSON ELIOT, M. U . Profeaeor of Principles and Praolioe of Surgery. JAMES E MORGAN. M. D Proleeaor of Materia Medioa aad Therapeutic*. J. M. SNYDER. M. D.. Profeaeor of Obatetrio* and Diaeaaea of Women and Children. THOMAS ANTISELL.M. D. Professor of Mecioal Chemistry ,Toxiool?fy. aad Physiology. J. E. W1LLETT. M D . Demonstrator of Anatomy K- The ohair of anatomy to be illed. aesaioa will oommenoe on the 2&d of Oeto ber and end in March following. For further information address JOHNSON ELIoT, M. p., Dean of the Faculty, 408 F street, between #th and 7th ate. aa 6-lawtNovl* WHITE MEROFR POTATOES. ? PRIME. RIPE, AND MEALY. AT LOWEST MAIKIT P&ICKS. _ TO Q?'AR1ERMA!?TERS OF regiMENTS. Ym wast to keep your men heal thy,you cannot do this without ginn* them rood Potatoes. These you oan get at Steel A Co'?,5?6 pei.n?ylTani% arenue. oorner of Seoond street 'i O GROOERs-Ym want to pleaae your ??atomers. and induce th.m ?*m ?>? ? mend your etwok to th- ir frieudi Thea oall at grerf k Co't, and bay what Potato** you need, either for your owe conaumptipn or tor sale. They "' ! K&T4U.?NTEWPSRS. Do 101 want to please ?o?? f eef .end uekle their 5s!;s*? the buyer, and the ooteaaier. Ohio, Indiana. and Keutuoky woaey m good .UWUMi W. ^ w gTBKL ^ ^ 436 Pennsylvania avenue, corner of Seoond etre???OM Pentinel Olw ) | t?p8 ?? I????1^??^?? BICE AND WOUNDED lOLDIKBI 11 HOSPITAL. Pmbtukul 4m rrhfiT^ni* trtlA <*? r# ? /?*> ? / ik* Smmu li, 1MI. At cm M strut, bttwtm Fmmrtk 1 nd Fifth itr*$i i, ITmktmfrom. 8*pt 9. ?_ * *. > . lit N. t Cavalry..,.. 2Mb Pennevleula Vol. 1 l?t Exce'tlor ?rl?*de. 1199th do do.. 1 Vd do do>)IAl7tb do do.. * 3d do do.... 4<9d New Jersey Vol ... 1 ItthN VVatanteci*.. 4!5th do do,... 3 l?th do do...... 11'id Maine Volunteer*.. I 25'b do do 2 3d do Ao 4 27th do do 214th do do 1 2t*th do do lrid New Hampshire .. 2 3*b do do...... lltd Mlcttfu 4 Slat do do 9|4th do (O 1 35th do do 2<9d WlKow'.n I 36th do do 3 19th Indiana. 9 37th do do 3 lat California Reg.... 1 49th A* A* 1 OMaig* Rifle*......* 9 70th An A* /k\ J -r.__.__ d ? -w w t? 1 w/ -w ? oiUHIKIiy ncviturni . Oth Mut. Volunteers . 1 Camera* Pwiiiii ... * 10th do do 1 Kea tacky Cavalry. .. I 14th do do..... 1 UtladtiMCtniry .. 4 9d Vermont Volunteers 1 litCbwnn 1 1st Minnesota Vol .... 1 D C. Volunteers 9 1st Pennsylvania Vol . 6 3d do do.. 1 Total tat (a) Including an officer. (ft)Ooeofltaer. (c)Oae qfflcer^ At Stminmrj fhtpiuU, Otfftttirm, S*pt 6. 1st Artillery 1 1st Penn. Artillery. .. 4 9d Mslne Volunteers .10 0th do Volunteers . 9 3d do do 4 9ih do do 1 th do do 3 IOth do do 2 1st Masa. Volunteers.. 1 IUh do do * 7th do do 1 19th do do 11 3d Vermont Volunteers 1 tt'k do do I !3tLN Y.Volunteers.. '2 Iirtu Indiana 4t> 14th do do 4 21st do.. (?) 1 27th do do 1 1st Mlchlgaa Vol I I'M do do 13*1 do do ..(?)!? ?Uth An <ln O tA * - " Mozart, New York ... 2 ?tb do do ..(c)l4 Tammany, do 4(2d Wisconsin 1 l>e Kalb. do 1 l?t Minnesota 4 Excelsior Brigade.... 1 Garibaldi Guards .... 1 Total......132 Cameron Rifles 7 (a) Three officers (ft) Two officers. (c) Three officers At General Hospital, Union Hottl, tomer Bridge and Washington streets, Georgetown, Sept. 7. 2d N. Y Volunteers.. 5|1at Peon. Artillery.... 8 5fh Re? Excels'r Brig. 3,1st do Cavalry 1 12th N Y. Volunteers.. 8 <Hb penosyiYsnla Vol. 2 13th do do 9 10th do do.. 1 14th do do 12 llth do do.. 3 16th do do 1 12th do do.. 6 I 1T?K A? 4- - - - i i <u u\j UV? ? < 2Q(D OO OO . ft 19tb do do 1 27th do do.. I 23d do do 0 1*1 Ohio.. ..... 1 24th do do 1 lytn Indiana 1 25th do do 1 21st do 1 2#tb do do 1 7*turges Rifle Co 1 33d do do St Kentucky Cavalry.... 1 79th do do 412d Michigan Vol 4 Jackaon Guards 1 3d do do......13 DeKalb 1 4th do do 14 Mozart 4 2d Wisconsin do 5 rare man? 1 6th do do...... 1 ltd .Maine Volunteers . 2 1st Mlnnewtado 1 3J do do 411st California Vol 2 4th do do l|3thU.S Artillery 1 6th do do 1 2d do Cavalry 1 2d Vermont do 3 Guide to Smith's Brig 1 3d do do 13 Teamster, U. 8 A.... 1 9th Maas do 5 12?b do do 1 Total 171 1st Conn. do 1 At Hospttal at Columbian College, Wa*k%*gtm, Sept. 6 2d Maine Volunteers.. 5 37th N Y. Volunteers. * 3d do do...... 6 .9th do do...... t 5th do do 6 2d Sickles Briv , N Y # 7th Mass. Volunteers. 1 Tammany N. Y. Vol.. 2 | 10th do do 10 Garibaldi do do ... 2 14th do do 4 DeKalb do do .. 2 3d Vermont Volunteers 1 Anderson Zo<iaves.N Y 2 1st Lone Island Vol... 1 2d New Jersey Vol.... 1 1 at New York Cavalry 3 3d do do.... 2 2d N Y Fire Zouaves. 1 Harlan?s Penn Cavalry 1 2d N Y. Volunteers.. 6 98th Penn. Volunteers. 3 cm ao ao 2j3lat do do...... 5 9:b do do l'2d Michigan do lb 11th do do 113d do do W 12th do do 3 4th do do 3 14th do do 2 2d Wlaronain do 5 18th do do 1 l?t MlnneaoU do 4 22d do do 9 19th Indiana do 9ft 23d do do 1 id U 8 Caralry 2 I 24th do do 3 4th do do 2 25th do do...... l lat California Vol.... 2 | ?Tth do do 1 McClellan'a Dragoons. 4 j 32d do do 1 To&matera, Q. M. D.. 3 33d do do 7 35th do do 8 Total 201 | Jftth do do 4 At General Hcpital, Alexandria, Sept ft. 12th Nfw York ItSth Maine 10 ! 15th do * 2d Vermont 1 I6tb de 19 lat Manachuartta .... 1 l?th do 12 5th do 4 18th do ft lat New Jeraey 1 25th do 7 2d Michigan 1 26th do 8 3d do 1 27th do 11 tat Minnesota 4 3!it do 12 2d Wlaconaln 3 A? 11 ' * - ? - . iijiii Anuiery, n.5 A . I 37ih do 2|2d do do.... 4 38<b do 11 :M Cavalry, U 8 A... 1 40th do II 3d do do.... 1 7SJih do 2 Lincoln Cavalry 2 '2d Maine I Fire Zouave* 1 31 do 1U 4 th do 12 Total 176 At Gmtrnl Hospital, (Circle,) Warkmglon, Sept. 0. tat Cavalry 4; lit Infantry 3 2d do Uiid do 5 1th do 13d do 13 | 1 at Artillery 5 Sth do 11 I 2d do 11 Reeratt 1 3d do 1 ? 4?h do 4 Total.. 72 Sth do 2 E- Washington papers pleaae copy and Mnd to the War Department ae^H 10-3t T~ IMMENSK BACRIFICF^ HE Undtra *ned bee iaava moat raapactrally to inform th? ariiea that the* wi!! ojen at thair loomi N<?. 4 Waahm*ton Bmldict. oorner of Veventh atraat and Penn av nu", a onoioa afck of rti'ka and Kmbroidenaa, aale to oontina* for thn* day a < nlr? for eaih. ratardlM* nf r, ,?t The above atook j??t re?ei?ed from 5lew"York. ?>p IP at* HEALV 4 CO. ^yATCHES, WATCH REPAIRING, Jto. A large assortment of GOLD and SILVER WATCHES, br a!! the moat celebrated makara, At Viar bow Rirtt. fCT WATCHES and CHRONOMKTERS, aa wc.i ai JEWELRY, *0 . oa-efully repaired. iBr. w GALT * HKO , Jeweller*. 344 Pa- avaraa, ae 10 6t 4 doora weat of Broaa'a Hotel. ; nr A CA R i>. I ENUERi NG Our thanke to the oily reporter of the Evening Star for the eery notice with whioh he wa? good enough to faToroar esUbliahinent in last Thursday's paper, we emliraoe tiua o?portunity toaorreat one tnfimr emi**ton in hia flattering card . Onr place of bnmceaa ia No. *89 P*khaTLva!iia A vkhus, between 9th and loth atraeta, where we aba!) b? nappy to aea onr frienda at all times. who are invited ta inspect our oboioa a look of WlNKS, LIQUORS, SEGARS, PICKl-ES. SAROINEA PINE GROCERIES, and SUTLERS' SUPPLIES ia general. N. h-TL-JSMSMOfc ~ - w ? %> ? *? ? ? WC WO VBftl i?w Stkmplt Room it ?*front, mot m tki roar. Any Purofla, >-airp!ea,or Letter* whioh may be left in I our oare for the O > Kaib Rociraent wi t reaoh their mpeoti v# owner* the day that they are left with u*. JOHNSON ft NAG LB. I We will bay Salt Beef, Cracker#, eta., from oommiM&rien of rrgimeDta at fair oMh prioea. M 10 St* OQQ JOHNSON ft NAOLB. OOQ ?0?7 No. 88? HlHHtTLTAMIA Atmci, ?0?7 Between Ninth and Tenth eta . eonth aid*, B/yks. Fl PTE GROCERIES _ApD SUTLERS' STORES INOENERAl. Jnet arrived the following branda of 0 . _ Moot ft Chan don, Cartler k Co , Barat ft Fa*ot, wjujk? JbH 8S? Penna. avenua. AHm *. Rinmrer ft Co.'?(1> Mro^d ?tra#t. New York.) World renowned K)TTLED WINKS and LIQUORS, for Camp, Medicinal", aed FaaiW aaa, constantly on hand a?d aold at New York Price* by the Caae. At JOHNSoN A NA6LB*B, ?89 Penna. avenne 1MCKLE8, Pepper and other 8AUCES. TOMATO CATSUP, by the barrel. ianop, crdoaen, from the oe'ebrated manufactory of tohrt nbari ft Co, Naw York, at aatojUfkinciy low arteae. At JOHNSONft ^iftGLB'S, &Ol6 A|#nU? AIm. PICKLED P G FEET. LAMB AND BEE* TONGUES. TRIPE, etc., by ta? t*rr?l or kfelf-barrvt. 5L-? MKTi.??OT-X"? ??i ?. Ju?t gs^tsssiss'sp-m** ,r.'? ATTENTION. SUTLJtlU! I HE ?? %SSVVb 7*Jtij"""'- ' ? At JAMblfi. SUttON* 8ALB8. ?? bontz * caipnra. pLOWNG HA I K or BtPKRIOR BAVan \ ^0 *fMi Tobacco. airo 8wf? -"? fbIDa\ MORSlNO,8*ft?ii bw IS'b, )M| tt II nr, i, w# vrl *#11. in I' ta u? ssit. vrtWwt r?*?rv?. H? ?atir* st??k of a Cif?r. Tatotoro, ?d4 Store, N?. *06 P?reo?h ?trft Odd F?1 ow?' Hal . ?t b*<B( tk? stock f * wko ui rrUiI Imiw 1? | baoiifn. We n%??e ir s?rt? ||S,<n? Assorted Cut*. Yftro. ?'4 9?4 C r?r?, in l?i? m ' ba?4krs. S B"l H?t i I'm ?t CbMMi Tl>yii, 4X Gratt M 'or s di> "|n " " I# 4* Aid*to<i<iAnial?i A? ' Ll i*o <o,* 2* *? i jo Cornish do ??? i ?x?-wr nMH nniTi 5 <MMC >oe. Srod Lot, 1 Bait Hinni, Quaaiaaa. ?n4 So"*e1i Bnf. TwUer wWi B*mb? ef kr*3e of Olwwia6 eed IrnokiH TobtMo. T*riH M?k. ^^^TrfTT| If WAUL A BAR YARD, AMittw. Cwm? M IL ?< *aalA n4< ffc ar f *iwho mare and ?hpi?pio Mo?A2b IP^T. M OIN fr?v tiw Uli I WrW^, II? t w? wi11 m >. ia ( Mt of tM Aaeti?a l|?*i, a *orf*?*>? UftXitiKi?.'dE&a5rn A ao. tvo??ni>c Wogoca ? *[?*" "*** WALL A RARNARIL Aool?. Br BARNARD A BUCRBY, Aoafeoooai*. TRUSTEE'S ?ALE-Br **** * m. At4 ? I trao? fr.n Jobs W. Poiftoroa. dai?d Ua 17th Jam, lM,jur1fi to a?oar*7 tha drht t bare on m*e iiooad. to B*u|. P. M'Vlor.tod br tba4l?aatinB of nid M x>?, 1 wiiraoll at aablio kadimoi Un 12U da> of Ootonor naxt. at 4 o'clock j* tha *Hwr^cn,in front ol rb? a tha hith??t hid to w r? T n<>?? port* of iota aun r?r if aid ? Mi a* O~oric*town. b iimi r?at tha and o(JM fco-?MMfi at on tha lion of To la at oat Troa tfca diiriinj liaa hutw'M Iota ITanrl l* ? r,?t ft ? * klM NJt 46 fe-t. '*1*1*00 B*Vtil?rly a ItonM one xo.2, beiagisfoetfroia FaAe street.?base* westerly to atone J*". S. 45 lest, tnence s??tlter/ M M to t?? h*ttniiiir, h*ib| tli* >M*f rmtiM which Georr* M. Hot*ro?oa .? #] ethers eoerered to aid John W. Sot "Ton b' d ??l of the 28th i>eo'mb r, it 8, with the beilduifs the eon T*rma: Ud? thtriefthe parrhaee borm rack, sad the reaidne at mx aad twelve ??c?ta?. far which the H'ckutn nous b*?nni lattoM trom the day of aal?, wi I b? taken, eeoa<ed on the pennies. Dm d? at the pu'ohaes. ' fifpie. It the te?ma are iot emptied wi'h withtn three da<s from the ilai ?: eai?, the ?r ansae wiii resold afW a weeks' public notice,at the risk and cost if the (tetanl'i gp?rrhae?r R. K CBAWFOBD. Treetee ee JO 2awlm' hAKNAhl)^ BltKhV^?oU. Mr WALL. * BABNABD. AaeHmiera. ' EXCF.LLKNT Fl'BNITUBK AND Hi'LD ? rr*cra at Auction ?Oa Tt?l WDAY MoRMNO, t e 12th Inst., at ! o'clock, we will ell. at No. *6* n 'th aide of P noaylvama are., Br >*wa'ti'i Drag Htere, ail the Pernitare and mU. oomtna'Bt ? Br'0*t? 1* Parlor aeite, eon?i?Ung of I T?U a t?U, 3 tUT. ud 4 t & lor Chaira, m&ue to orO*r, 1 Mahogany Haircloth Parlor em , oon?i?'.iii Of S Tmi a-tete. 8 ear, ud t Par!or Chang, Reeewood and v\ tnit Marhle-top I'abiee. I C*rT?d Wt nut Ccmwl# and E'?>?r*. I vafc and Mak^'iuiT Marb)?-to? Fida*aar4n. Out MirroTt, Whatnot ud fof* Table, Marble top and Plain Bureaae. Mahogany French. Cot'aie, and olber Bedstead* Extension Dining Table* G an and Crockery IV* re. Can*and Wo?d *?-at Chairs aad Rarkare, Chamber Tab e*. Wardrobaa a?d Weehatanda. Carpet*. Rum Clock*, and Matting, Hat Maok, Oi'oloU and Toilet <?t? Together with other Furniture not here mentioned, all in rey good order, wh oh will offet great i- dce?ment to period furniaainc. Terms each. eep 6 d WALL it BARNARD, Aoote Hy BOTFLRR * WJI.I BON, Aeettoneere. FOUR SKAT CARRIA6E OR OPEN HA boccb f> a 8alh ?B' virtue of a deed of tre^t I b aring date on the 2*tU day of Ma*. IM. we a-ill e'l'.by o der of theTriiatoe, on TUH*DAY. the mn , at 10 o'c ocfc a m.. in front of our Ans tion Stor?. one 4 teat Carnage or Opea Bai >.u?h. T errr.g cam _ ee_5-e>ta BOTK1.KR * Wtl,f,SON.Ai'-'? TJIy *AI.L * B\RN 'RD, Auotioaeoia. R0J*TKK'9 SALE OF VA' I AHI.K IN pkotic R?*l F?tat*.?By virtue of a ?e#<1 of trust, riattd the lllth tiaj of Maroh. Mil and da! * r '-o-ded among fie iu.d reoorda of the o>> of Washington, D.C.I r^a!' proofed to eel', on the aremiae-, on MON DA Y, 'he 23d day of ieeteml?ef 1861. a 5 o'o.ock p- in.,all thoae eieoee or paroe a of ground aituated ir. theci'r of Waahinftoo. ib 'aid | Diatrict, and known and d*aienat?d m Lota i.umI bared thirty foor<3? > and thirty-five ia t*o uari | numbered fire hundred aad three (S0t> togrUmr | with the improvemerU thereon, oonaiating of a large three atory Brick H?aae with a fine l?ae [ ment. Said property it locator on the aovth aide of N "treet a^uth, between and ?'k atreeta. Terma of aa'eOne auater in oaah. balaooe m alx twelve. eighteen.and twent* fonr montha frotn the day of aale, to be aeoarea by a deed of traa on tke areaiaea. I (the terma of aale be not oomp'.ied with in five daya from day of aale. the Tniatee rete'vea t >e right to raeell at the nak and e^at of tae firat par ehaaer. JOHN F Tree lee. eel WALL A BARNARD. Aae.e BV1D OA I n A ?Tl-w nr?rv run OAJUEt ARU ttCPIT. P~ )R RENT-A SUPRE on rnifr nilM** rue, and Fixtures Jor sa.e. App'Ttt this (fir# ss 11-m* L^IRNISHED ROOMS ?a I trior ud i uair r her, or two Ct tin'?ri. on the first or principal story, very neatly furnished ; rotation ver? iesin! ' ai.d ?en pi-a %rt. ver? rear the Prfsident's Hoase and Public Groorda?No 460 .New York ar., 2 \ door from F ilteenth st ac 11-Ste > I70R RKNT? HOURK 4fMMflnni *?., r or?; the bo >kst jre of Fraaok Tai lor?a place for a professional man ae *-tf IPOR RKNT-* handsome F U R N 1 8 HE D r HOUSE, with all the modern improvemeuta, in a pleaeant location. Inquire at the Star oihce. as an tf LiHlR RENT?A verr des:ral e STAND for a a boardme house, on Pesna* I**ma avenue ai.d Eighth at., now occupied by the Messrs. Joy, and has a: ways had a full share of the patroaa?e of the city, rosaesnoii given on the 1st of September next. Said hoase ts minod order For further particulars apply to JAMES TOWLK*. A cert, I 490 street north ; or Mrs. JULIA KEkP 3*6 V ilrul an 17 u FOR RENT? sut-stanUa. three tori BIltK I HOUSE, with ia-ge tot adjoining, ?itnate<5 on Third sweet e*at. two 4oora front C street north, on Capitol Hi. ?* very healthy lor at ion, and prioe of rent to auit the preaett time*. Poeeeeaioncivea immediate.?. Inquired Mr. BACON, next door; or of Miss M. C. LINCOuN, S?1 Pa between 9th and l?h eta. an 15 lmeo* Hm OU8E* FOR KK^TT-No. ? aad No. ST,on the south side of Inciaaaarenne. both of them very I arte aad eonreniecl hoe see, with good atabliac and oamago- hoaaea. Also, theoommociousand large Hoaea, No 3?*, on the nertfi aide of 0 street Ml) to THOMAS BLA6DEN, No ? ? Bey. enth street. jy 17 aawtf |?UK R&NT?The north HOL 6E of the row o! r newioar atory houaea on Fourth at, t etveec D aad H au.. No. 3*?, fronting the City HaM aaaare Poeseaetou riven immediate* App' f ? WILLIAM H. PHILLIP.Attorney at-Law.Na, 4* Louisiana arecaa. ana 11 -eotf EJApDSOMKL? FURNISHED ftOOU&K1 Foar oanaaorneiy I urmehed Room, ate; ted 1 with xas and water, ai.d convenient to the Patent and Poet OfBoe IWpartir.or ts. for reft. App'yat 4 90h Massachusetts avenue, norta aide, between *th aad &th sta. ic? 13 GEOEOETOWN ADVERTHTO (TW^POST OFFICE,8EOR6ETOWN, D. Cm LL3 SiriiNiu ie, 1861. Notioe la hereby given, that ail per?ou? ha,rug in their sua seas i >n Poi?r? Htsau rf u? old i?i.? oao *iobMt? Uie n?i*? fc of tit* n?w it ue (or nx d?yc from this and not *0?r tltt time HbNRv AUUISON, Pi>?tnnUT. 1A HHD0 PKIMfc P. R. MOLASSES, IU 5 bbd? prima P. R. Sugar, ST boxnSfv York cSmm. I* bole. new No. I.SiBd 9 1,0# Iba new Hur *ud Cod Fwb. <n boxM Se&'ed Herring. 1 tierce Kioc.t bcci l?(Mm Coffco. ljBOO lM. A No. 1 Bbtar eared HtM, Superior old OoitrboD Wbiakr. >?r c&liau. ?eor*?iowL Corf?>r*tion NotoaoJ Ut? oM urn " liar r?1 ws1 yjftwKv. 7 ismr lifeSg* feMMtav-vriMd MOLAWto. r Fm mle by JOHN J. BO?tX mM JVi I T COLDIk.RS' INVALID I'h^tWONS O tad So diera. dietilM hj d<MU( or vmu4* i?"witmI in 11?? it'riM of tneXJm *d 9-?Im in it?* li ? luv vi uukj, iu vac M ( WW. O&fi llfc * IMIl &M#rt cor r*etJy Frowned tkri. olvm pro#* Sm vitkoat uj ?l?rfaV>bl Ui )?ioa i? mi,ow*.*y H,C7aPA,.I?lN?. Atiory-r. No SM> D H, m? m IU. WMbumw. p. C. ?*) If Cm tOliNe OUT! _ CLOSING OUT! HtTUK oovo'sdad to e'Ot* < ?t my nhre (tool of i'rMU, whfra ?? ? wfi. ?riW?4?wfllwmh? my fervor NiW?w%ut 0-f hm* SSSmmk * ** sJwL^Vt 1mmis SSpErSS? r ^^%!5??KmsyorriT 1 ? CfKf ? LhhiMik ?. ?

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