Newspaper of Evening Star, September 12, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 12, 1861 Page 2
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thF vy i:mnc? star. WASHINGTON CITY: THCMI'AT.4 S^rtfaWr IS, 1861. Ova Piikuds at tbe varioua military cam pa and poattlona will confer a f*vor by keeping ua potted m to movements and aflblra la tbelr vicinities. Spirit af tk? Hltralai Praia The InflhgmctT draw* tbe distinction between thoae wbo really are frtenda of peace and tboae vr bo a re friend* merely in word. The Republic** treats upon aftlrt In North Carolina. OUR MILITARY BUDGET. Til SIlftMIII TBST1BDAT Yeeterdar morning, at 7 a. m , In purausnce of order*, a reeonnolterlag party of about 2,000 men. lnfhntrv; between 90 and 90 volunteer cavalry, and GriRa% U. 9. light battery, started, under Col. Sterene, ef the New York Seventy-ninth, from the cam pa 1 a the vicinity of the Chain Bridge, nod proceeded letaarely up the Leeeburg turnpike. They advanced as far as Lewi nsv I lie?seven miles?without seeing anything of the enemy, whoee pickets fled before them. On the way, however, they were Informed that the enemy's retreating picket guard expected to return with Hlfflrilint P?1 nfnrromenta tn #?nl tham aAP Lieut. Po?, of tbe Topographical Engineers, exec a tod his order* to obtain a correct sketch of th? country reconaoitered. using a plane table to that end. On their return they were opened on from the wood and a corn-field to their right and left, with artillery and musketry, though the foe engaged kept concealed throughout tbe sklrmlsb. Tbe two force* were between eighteen hundred and two thousand yards apart during all of the firing. No musketry was fired by tbe Union troopa, Grifln's battery being alone actually engaged on oar aide. The enemy's battery consisted of two rifie gnna, throwing Hotcbklss shell, and two six-pounders, the rifled guns being heavier than those of Captain Griffin's. A 32-pounder wasient after the force, but did not get up with Coloiwl Stevens until after Grilfin had completely silenced the esemy's guns; when a single shell thrown by It caused the enemy's cavalry, between seven hundred and a thousand strong, (that made their appearance in the rear of our forces, as though - ? D_ disponed to dispute the way with them,) to scamper off?scattering in all directions. It Is not known whether any of their cavalry weie killed. Nor, indeed, whether any of the enemy were killed; as from first to last none of their Infantry or artillery were seen by any of the force under Col. Stevens. The fact that the enemy's battery was silenced, and the engagement given op by him, is however strong circumstantial evidence on which to found the impression that be met with more or less low Persons residing In the vicinity, brought to our canape last night reliable Information that the fores of the enemy engaged consisted of two regiments of infantry and Stuart's regiment of Virginia cavalry, with a single battery?four pieces? of artillery, that was hurried forward to the end of cutting off Col. Stevens' force on Its return. The troops under Stevens consisted cf selected portions of the Vermont 3d, the New York ?9th, the Indiana 9th, (Col. Meredith's,) with a few v?n man atucoiDfcu of infantry from other regiments. The purpose of tending out thia force waa not to bring on a general engagement, but to obtain certain information, wbicb iens obtained before the force faced about to return; ahortly after which the attack began. It waa a noticeable fact that Col Stevens had great difficulty in preventing hla men from advancing upon the hidden enemy, and thev left the leld after the enemy'a battery waa allenced, with evident reluctance. No force ever ahowed batter spirit for the fight. Indeed, thoee who were killed and wounded for the moat part suffered through their over-eagerneaa for the fray that led them to expose themselves against orders. Gen. McClollan nn - , tvwctvlug lateuiKcnco m&i the enemy teemed disposed to dispute Col. Stevens' return to oar lines, mounted, and accompanled by his stair, hastened In the direction of the affair. He was enthusiastically cheered by the troops wherever he was seen by them, both going end returning When he reached the commsnd of Col. Stevens that had been engaged, the men one and all raised a tremendous shout of welcome. Ona poor fellow, In the very agonies of death from his wounds, as the General took his band, suddenly sprang up and thanked him for his kind attention. He probably did ost survive for half an hour afterwards. Oen. McCall's brigade gave him a most remarkable welcome, cheering blm aa he pasaed, aa commander waa hardly ever be for* cheered. We learn from headquarter! that our Iom was one actually ttlled on the field, one died in a short time, five desperately and five slightly wounded All oar wounded and killed were brought away with the single exception of one msn, too badlv wounded to be moved, who was lsft at a farm boose to be cared for. The Associated Press reporter gives the following list of casualties, which we presume Is sn over-estimate: The names of the kllleti of the Federsl troops are as follows: Sergeant Samuel Goodwin, Company I, privates Oliver Hubbel and Wm. H. H wood, of Company D. P Lieutenant Haqpock, of Company I, Is supposed to hsve been killed, as be was seen to fan. Three privates In Company D were wounded, aad three sre supposed to hsve been taken prisoners. These were nil attached to the Ninth Indiana Regiment. Amos Magesoto and Wm Colburn,of Company C, Third Vermont Regiment, were killed, and four of aald Company slightly wonnded WWU, M CLILUH'I ACCOCST (BT T*LIO*APH) or TBI ifVAIt. From General Smith's Htaiqunrttrt, ) September 11, 1861. > To Simon Cameron, Secretary of War : General Smith made a reconaolaance with 2,000 men to LewlnavUle. He remained there aeveral hoar*, and completed the examination of the ground. When the work waa completed, and the command had atarted back, the enemy opened Ire with ahall, killing two men and wounding throe. GrlSn'a battery aileaced the enemy'a batterv. Oar men the^ came back In perfect order and ) excellent spirit*. The men behaved moat admirably under lire. We ah all have no more Bull Rub aflhlra. Geo B. McClkllan, Major General, kc raoM CAMP aiAis. Cur Blaik, Sept. 10 ? Editor Star: Thla eamp. named I- k _ va uuu. m on iff outer y Blair, U plnmtly situated within the limits of Hull, thriving, bat nsmsless Tillage, laid to bo asnren miles from jour elty. But, ss regard* the distance, there Is a frost diversity of opinion Our Lieutenant, who went to town In a wagon a |Mr days since, determined the distance at twenty mils*, and some of oar bard trotters have convlioed mo It to ? mm distance. The camp is eotnpie* by the "Putnam Rangers," Capt. Geo Tblfttoton commanding, a young snd gallant eflesr. This to a mounted company, composed ; almost sxclustvely of Wsshlngtonlans. who have nobly tamed oat in the defense of their country, and are anxiously awaiting an order to anarch to tfee extermination of "8ee?nh." We number about seventy-eight, rank and file, although the aesnpnsy to qaMn new. sad. wltk twit ? ? ?? , tlou, ere equipped and drilled for any eervloe. I have lew eeea better order prevail la any \ eeoapany or nor* soldierlike aad quiet men la ote body before iivmitior or tii roroue. Qalte number of coasting schooner* are now I oar wbarren, and aaaay boom bare cleared la the last weak or two. Tbe captalaa of all tbeee oaaadi My tbat the naeet alarming minora of tbe dang ere of owvtcattoa en tbe Potonat are pre*- , alent In Philadelphia and other ports aortb of Ibis, deterring attny frtn reataring bw wllb freights To afcow bow groaadleaa tbeee reports ' are, wo Med ooly Mate that of 40 or 90 veeaela, omlj ape reperti hprlsj boon f^d at. TU crewe I --? * ? ' It ,s%?q |?M*? " ?Wf of Um? now here aaw no batteries and heard no guna; and Capt Stokes. of the schooner Funny, which arrived laat night, re porta that hla vessel laid all the night before under the dreaded Matthias Point, with no other vessel In sight, and be was not molested. HAVT TAltl. - v 'v Rrlrase of a Prix* Sr hoontr?Gun Moat Smmk. This morning, the Posey towed down tberHer the schooner Remittance, of Baltlmwe, cap tared by the Yankee near Port Tobacco net long since. It appeared upon examination that her cargo, constating of tobacco, Ac , was consigned to par | tin In Baltimore, and there being no proof of her being engaged in illegitimate traffic, ahe waa released, and allowed to proceed to her dratlnation. Last Tuesday night, tbe steamer State of Maine, Capt Simmons, which brought around the seamen from Ftoston, ran over the gunboat Tigress, off Craney Wand, linking ber immediately. Tbe crew were picked up by tbe boata of the ateamer, and placed on board the Yankee. Four contrabands, who were on board tbe Tigress, were aent np to tbe yard by the Puaey, yesterday. The aide-wheel steamer Powhatan, which left the yard sometime since for Baltimore for repairs, has received her new boilers, and is again ready for service. She Is expected to arrive here to-day op fn-mnrrnur wk*n Ka *aH11 inl n IKa flninu This morning experiments were being made with the pendulum gun, testing the quality ( powder. Quite a number of persona flocked to the yard yeaterday afternoon, and mounted every available elevation, where they gazed long and anxloualy at the auppoaed flght. Gov Cartln, of Pa , vlalted the yard yeaterday afternoon, and waa received with the cuatomary aalute of seventeen guna. Capt. Dove, of the Pocahontaa, la still confined at the yard. Hlavlalta were to frlenda on the Maryland ahore, and not the Virginia side, aa waa atated, and were almply of aoclal intercourse. Much confidence is felt in his integrity as an officer, and few if any believe h!m guilty of communicating with the rebels axiKcai or union n*?. [Special correspondence of the Star ] Sasdy Hook, Md , Sept 10 ?A refugte now here from Martlnsburg, Va , reports that on Friday night last a greet number of Union cltizena oi that place were dragged from their beds, at midnlnKt sn<l ?I ni.s- ? - ?uu vamru uu %o niromona, CO De Kfpt until tbe war la over. But few opponent* of secession escaped selxure. p* To-day, the 12th of September, la the anniversary of the battle of North Point, and late be honored In Baltimore by the Old Defenders, by a meeting at Drald Hill Park and a dinner at a city hotel At 1*2 o'clock m., a salute of 34 guni was to be flred at Fort McHenry and by the Second Massachusetts Light Battery in Baltimore The different regiments In and about the city were also to have r parade In their respective en< campments at the time of the salute. In Freder Ick city a presentation of colors is to take place together with a military dlaplay of the troops. lij~ The Baltimore Patriot says that largi quantities or merchandise are being dally sen! from thatcity to Virginia The goods are sent wagons via Westminster, Emmittsburg, Waynesburg and Greencastle, and strike the Potomac river in the vlelnlty of Hancock, from whenc? they are carried across the river upon flat boati and rafts, and thenca to Bath Springs, Va , bj stage. Three wagons loaded with goods left Baltimore yestesday. 11 Is stated that Geo. Patterson, Esq , 11 ving near Sykcsvllle, Carroll county, Md , and one ol the wealthiest men In the csunty, has recently enclosed a check for SI,000 to Jeff Davis, as an evidence of bis loyalty, and promises a grand dinnei to the Confederate officers at ths Eutaw House upon their arrival In Baltimore. The Rbmabkablb Cask or J. D ?There Is nc doubt that Jefferson Davis is dead,?dead as her_l " ? - ring* ion ar? red? but tt certainly t? lingular thai be la able to go on Issuing proclamations ai usual A a they aay down on the Faster n 8bore dying U uut au unueauny >a it uaed to be. Tuesday afternoon, tbeUnltedState* Deputy Marshal In Philadelphia aelzed, on board th? Baltimore ateamer Erlcaaon, three second claaa race boraea, four light buggies, and a box of harneaa, the property of Gen. jaa. Y. Ward, of Rich' mond, Va. The property la w >rtb *5,000. inr The Prince de Jolnvllle la a paasenger on board the ateamsbip Africa,, which probably arrived at New York last evening. The Prince la accompanied by his aon, whom he designs placing In the United Statea Naval School at Newport, R I An Off** from North Carolina ?Charles Henry Foater, claiming to be a Federal Congreaaman elect from North Carolina, called on the President to-day for the purpoae of tendering tbe government a full brigade of layaliats from that stateffl*Col Duryea's regiment of New York 7.9uavea, encamped on Federal Hill, Baltimore, received new uniforms yesterday. They are spoken of as being highly picturesque in their appearance. ITT During the three weeks ending July 10th, 75,000 balea of cotton were shipped from Bomba, India, to Europe It Is expected that the export of the present year to England will exceed one 1 million bales. Gov. Hicks in Town.?Yesterday Gov. Hicks, of Maryland, arrived in Washington by the evening train, accompanied by several personal ! frlenda It la expected that he will return to Baltimore to-day. JC^The United States revenue cutter Corwiu arrived in the harbor at Baltimore yeaterday, whera ahe waa anchored abreast Federal Hill. Her baainess haa not ? ? ?g?'VVI >uiti(U . YET Tbe Philadelphia papers state that a plan Is on foot among the secessionists In Delaware to take possession of Fort Delaware. TMl work commands Delaware Bay, and Is very Important. (J~7-Tbe United States Steamer Montlcello arrived at tbe Tbiladelphta navy yard Tuesday, from Hatteras. bhe Is to bave a few repairs, having suffered a little In tbe bombardment. Tbe BrazUiaj steam corvette Beberlbe, Commander Alvln, bas arrived In New York city. She roouuta seven gans aqd bas crew of 122 en? 11. U^To-day, the prisoners captured a few days alnce at North Point, Md , are to betaken to Fort Laftiyette, New York harbor. Arraibs ovie m Mabylard?The Marlboro' Gazette of vesterdav says: Ocr usually quiet and sedate little village waa Brmi rt?A *" -_ ..VIU ? rruow on naonday last by the stirring sound of theue and drum. Two companies from Gen Sickles' New York Brigade, numbering about 250 men, encamped In the Courthouse Square, under c<4bmand of Col. Potter. Ten companies First Massachusetts Regiment, Gen. Hooker's Brigade, under command of Col. Cowdln, encamped on Mr George W. Graham's farm, adjoining the village There are about MR) men In this regiment. What la their business here, Is none of our business, nor could we have learned had we tried The Massachusetts regiment was accompanied by a full band, and yesterday morning the whole paraded through the Tillage, present!n* a lively and impoalng appearance. Yesterday evening the companies under Colonel Potter left the village and crossed the Patuxent River into Anne Arundel county. What was their destination we did not learn. On Taeaday two companies frem Col. Young's Kentucky Cavalry arrived here from Washington. and planted their tenia on Dr. Gardiner's nrm, near tha village. These companies are commanded by Capi Hamlin. o-ioc aaaaaac&uaetU rcgincBl paaeed through the Tillage thli morning, facing eutwud, with wagona and camp baggage We learn with regret the uotimely death of a very worthy young man, Clareoco B , aon of Bannet F. (i wvnn, Kaq , formerly at Plaeatawav dlatrict, U> U?l? county. Young Gwvnn waa a member of Cant. Schaflbr's company in Virginia, and waa abot ov the picket guarda of hla own company It appear* that a new order bad been promulgated In reft.euce to paaalng certain llaea, of which Mr Gwynn waa Ignorant, and tbat he v^ntiirrd within the llnee, and waa Ared at aad killed by the picket* without bnvlng bean balled 10" Charley Thorne baa taken the Bowery (N. y)tb?tar. I I ' ' " ! Affair* la [From the Missouri Republican, 9th lint J Mmn Oliver Ruwll and George N Lynch (nndertaker,) ua*ll on the Pacific train last evanlng. having fn rnarjre the body of Captain Carey Uratz, who was killed In the battle of eprtafffield. They found that Dr Franklin, fcrtao has cbarmtf the Federal wounded, bad on Ike Thursday pravion* visited the battle-ground, recognized (he body of Capt Gratz, and bad It convoyed to Springfield, and enclosed in a tin coffin. Oa Tuesday, Mean*. Ruwell and Lynch, in company with Dr. Franklin, visited tbe battle neia They discovered but six unburled bodies, and tbe festures of these bad not decayed (efficiently to prevent recognition In a ravine tbev discovered a mound of earth where eighty of the Confederates were said to have beeo burled, and the asms and feet of many of tbe corpses were visible through the tbln covering of dirt which bad bees thrown over them. Everything Is quiet at Springfield?In fact, all along tbe route, so far as could be aeen. Col. Kelly, of this city, Is not dead, am has been reported. He was wounded In tbe hand, and, neglecting the wound, for several days It was thought amputation would be rendered necessary, but the wound subsequently bested Colonel K. Is about to loin his command. Tbe Confederate troops have sll left Springfield with the exception of one regiment, under Col Taylor Nothing definite could be ascertained as to where the troops hsd gone, save that they bad marched in a northern direction?both McCulloch'a and Price's forces. Tbe former, It waa reported by aome of the cltliena, was encamped within a day's march of Springfield In m ****** A *k? t T*-s u ic^aiu w iuc wucicauuuw ui utncrni xvaliii) one of tbe Confederate surgeons had received a dlapatch stating that Rain* bad driven Montgomery and Lane from Fort Scott, captured several field pieces, baggage wagons, Ac , and was In close pursuit of both Montgomery's and Lane's forces when the dispatch was sent off. This statement. It will be seen, conflicts with Lane'a reported victory, noticed elsewhere It Is possible that Lane's retreat may have been for the purpose of luring Rains Into an ambuscade, and that the rerort of the latter's defeat, which came by way of Osceola, where Gen. Price Is now stationed, may prove to^>e correct * ? It was reported that ex-Gcrv. Jackson passed through Springfield several days ago, en route for the northern part of the State, with a million of dollara Kighteen prisoners arrived at St. Louis on Frlday evening, in custody of a military guard, from Colonel Harding's camp at Franklin. They were captured from the surrounding district by the expeditions sent off by Colonel Harding. Advices received at St Louis on Friday evening from Rolla represent that all is tranquil In that region. Some fifty er sixty liberated prisoners, r taken by tbe enemy at tbe Wilson's Creek fight, arrived in camp from Springfield They had | been released unconditionally In pursuance of the ' arrangement for an exchange of prisoner* At Jefferson City affalraconttnuemuch as usual. Extensive intrenchment a'e In proce** of construction, for the defence o! the place In event of attack The Rebels are excetsively tardy In their movements, and grave doubts are entertained ? whether they expect or care soon to take any step , of importance. The work of fortifying the Caplt tal is, however, going swiftly forward. In addition to the soldiers engaged in the entrenchments, 1 some live hundred of tbe prlsoners?*f tbe penitent lary are put at the task, under military custody The Federal force* now at Lexington amount r to about 2 000. Tbe steamers H. D. Macon and New Sam Gaty left St. Lou's for ^t Charles on Friday evening. with I4HI0 United States troops ea? h for nervier on , the line of tbe Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad A military commission for the trial of offence* against tbe military law* of tien. Fremont's di*1i sion has been organized at St Louis, Major, now Hrla?Hior.r!An*?sl u?... ? J* j _..^?W4VS V/VMt'l U| CIWI K?, p>n uni|{. p RETORTED TIGHT BETWEEN LANE'S AND RAIN's FORCS8 ? LANK VICTORIOUS AMD RAINS A PRISn KER ! The Postmaster at Osceola arrived at Jefferson . City on Friday, and reported that wben he l?*ft , Oaceola new* had ju*t been received that a fleht had taken place between Jim Lane's Kansas Brl ' gade and the force under command of General Rains. The latter, it was reported, whs taken Ertsoner, a large number of bis men killed, and is whole army completely routed. ; Gen Price, who now has possession of Osceola p was disposed to believe the report correct. From Gob Banks' Column. Pleasant Hill, Sept. 10?On Saturday last r Mr. McD^niels, In the employ of the government, , arrested Isaac Young and another person, for Implication with a disloyal meeting held at Rockville. Tliev are now in the hands of the provost marshal of the division The same person yester' day, assisted by a guard, took Into custody, at their residence In Rockvllle, Messrs W V Boulc ( and John Brewer, on the same (.barge. During the arrest of the latter a We concourse oi iDeir political friend* assembled,nnd atone 1 time It was thought that a reacue would be at nipifj; but the determined nttitude of .UcDm lels and his assistants prevented It. Messrs Boulc and Brewer are now held by the provost marshal i as political priaouers. The secessionists are said , to oe very strong and defiant at Rockvllle. Heavy firing was heard on Sunday In the direction of Conrad's Ferry Our pickets dlscovereda rebel cavalry camp about two mllea ftom the river, and Capt Tompkins, of the Rhode Island Battery, threw about twenty shells In their vlclni Ity. The encampment disappeared ' Every preparation has been made to give the : rebels a warm reception should they make the attempt to cross between the Great Falls and the 1 Point of Kocks with the view of marcblti? upon Baltimore simultaneously with their threatened attack upon Washington. A .Methodist preacher of this county was arrested a few da\s ago by some of our scouts for attempting to transport salt to the rebels fh Virginia, lie la In charge of the provost marshal. A 9 * ? xv lurinai uui impromptu visit of congratulation wni paid on_Bnnditv night by the commissioned officers of the New ^ ork Nineteenth, Major Ledlie commanding, to Brig Gen. Middle, commanding the First Brigade of Alijor Gen Banks' division The interview was a gratifying one lu all respects. After being severally Introduced by Major Ledlie, General Blddle made a few brief and happy remarks, alluding to the recent defection in the regiment, but congratulated the officers thit they had outrode the storm, and that their regiment was now in an efficient state. He had noticed a decided improvement since It had been his duty to notice their drill and discipline The irregularity of the malls In this section of the country deprives the troops of the advantages of daily news from other parts of the country. Newspapers generally come to hand one or two days old The general health continues to Improve. All the seriously 111 have been sent to the general hospital at Baltimore. Gea. Rasccrans Msvia| Farward. rn- * - - - l^urrrsponaence or the Cincinnati Commercial] By the roadtidt at Bulltovm, Va , ) September 3. 1861. \ Tbe armv la atlll sweeping down Gauiey pike with considerable rxptaity. We left Weston at daybreak yesterday morning and marched twenty-three miles, establishing our camp in a wild valley four miles above this point. The country this side of Weston grows wilder and more rugged as vqp proceed, and tbe character of tbe people approaches several degrees nearer to the aboriginal condition of tbe race. There is but little culture either of land or people, and both a em to be set on 'd%e A mile sbove this village of bovine nomenclature we first strike tbe Little Kanawha, a beautiful stream of clear water, which meanders delightfully smong tbe mountains There is a steep precipice overhanging tbe river, and opposite that Is a small rolling valley, upon which our troops are encamped Coal la as abundant in tbe mountain* as limestone is In your river bills; and on the brink of the river, wnere we cross tbe bridge Into town, there Is a aalt well and works, which riroduce fifty bushels per day, finding a market n the vicinity. We found here a considerable body of troops. Including detacbmenta of several reglmenta and " ? ? ... vu> iv. u. mruook'i Major R. B Hays, of the Twenty-third Ohio, bad juat returned from a aevere march over the mountains, which knocked up both men and horses At one o'clock we reaume our march, and tonight encamp at Flatwood, eleven miles distant Aa we proct*d we are informed that the rebels have receded; and It la likely they will accede entirely until we approach Lewisburg, provided that be our destination?a point open to doubt. (fT* The City Union Convention of B^imore baa put in nomination the following gentlemen aa candidates to represent the city of Baltimore in the General Aaaemby: William Price, Michael Warner, Edward Patterson, jr , Thoe 8 Alexander, Edmund Wolfe. Jamea %tockdale, Captain N. Christopher, Dr. William 8 Reese, Captain J. Hugg. and Steptoe B. Taylor. The American compliments the convention as having given the Union men of Baltimore a ticket worthy of the cause, and deserving their fullest confidence and support. Thb paivatkia Scmtie -Tne British brig Muscovado, arrived at this port yesterdsy from Demarara, report* that the Confederate steamer Samter wu at Surinam on tbe 90th of August. Bhe called for a supply of coal, but the authorities of the place refused to let her have tmy.?Balto Sun. 07* The State Convention of the ''Peace party" of Maryland, which met In Baltimore on Tnea- ' day, adjourned (> < du, after having made their nomination*, wlhout adopting any resolutions or platform of principles. They, however,appointed \ a committee to prepare an address to tbe people of the State. A Die* dbb Probability ?Tbe Kast Had dam (Conn ) Journal speaks of the flndiog of a skull on a well enrb In the door yard of one of tbe citizens of that town, and Innocently remarks that '^ibepersoo to whoa tho shall originally balonged ^ I Ok) &*?-Ur?WtV>s04U*i?l?P'!,eq"?0? ? Santbern Nrwi. liOViariiLi, 8fpt. 10 ?Th? late moTrmrnti of the Federal army In Kentuckycreste considerable consternation In the South The Tennessee papers demand the prompt action of the Confederate authorities, saying that Kentucky's neutrality fata.been abandoned, and , caring ft>r an earnsgleffbrt in mWb what they call the true people of Kentucky On the 3d Inst . Major General Polk Issued a 'General Order1' for all officers and aoldle s of his departmenton furlough to report without delay. The t Ichmond papers, of the 5th, contain what purports to bt reliable estimate of the Federal forces la and around Washington The totalis put down at one hundred and twelve thousand. The Atlanta (Ga ) Confederacy, of the Sth, say* tbere is little doubt that the Confederate government Is in late receipt of dispatches from the Commissioners in Europe. The tenor of these Is represented to be that France and England, and Europe generally, arc greatly agitated oa the American question, and that the recognition of

the Confederacy by the powers of Europe will shortly be accomplished The Southern papers complain of the fact that milllot ?of dollars are sent North by tbe banksand capitalists of the 9onth, for the purpose of buying boods of the States In tbe Confederacy at a depreciated value, and say it Is equivalent to giving money to their enemies to prosecute tbe war A stampede of families took place about tbe 4tb from Pernaadlns, Fla., from apprehensions of tbe people of a bombardment of the town by the Federsl wklrh itAtv KnMa a# that point. Tbe Savannah New* of ths 5th adds to thU statement, tbat tbe whole roast of Florida Is blockaded In tbe article* of the capture of Hattera* Tbe Memphis Appeal, of tbe 7tb, makes a loud call of complaint at tbe Inefficiency of tbe Military Board, and expresses the fear that the military leaders are too much engaged In prosecuting the war in Virginia to accord a necerosry decree of attention to the aea coast and Mississippi valley. The coaat guard companlesare Increasing along tbe Georgia. South Carolina and Florida coast. The Credent of tbe 7th condemns the military board of Mississippi for Inactivity In not adding to her coast defenses. A dispatch to the Nashville Gasette says Parson Rrownlow and his son have been arrested at Knoiville by a secession officer A Nashville gentleman informs us that the ostensible charge la for circulating the "Helper Book !" A dispatch from Richmond to tbe Knoxville Register states that tbe qaartermaater's departmpnt j?t R Kas . j ??!vuiMWHWi uuw utxii triy active wi fair. I.arge contracts have been made for camp and field equipage, to tbe amount of 1? 000 seta. General Polk baa laaued the following proclamation : 'The Federal Government having In defiance of the wlihf* of the people of Kentucky, disregarding their neutrality by establishing camp depot* for their armlea, and by organising military rompanles within the territory, and by conetructlng military worka on tbe Missouri shore Immediately opposite, and commanding Columbus, evidently Intended to cover tbe landing of troops for the seizure of that town, It has become a military necessity for the defense of the territory of the Confederate states that a Confederate force should occupy Columbus In advance. " The Major General Commanding has. therefore, not felt himself at liberty to assume the loas of so important a position, but haa decided to occupy it. In pursuance of this decision he has thrown a sufficient force into the town and ordered them to fortify it. It is gratifying to know that the presence of his troops Is acceptable to lue peopie 01 uoiumous, and on this occasion be assures them that every precaution will be taken to insure their quiet and the protection of their property, with all their personal and corporate rights "Columbus, 4th day September, 1S61. ' Leohidas Polk " Farther frsns Earepe. Bv tbe Steamer North Briton which arrived off Father Foint on the 10th we have tbe following, concerning affairs in Europe. Lord Palmerston was installed, with all the ancient ceremonlea. Warden of the Cinque Porta at Dover, on the 2*tb of August. In a speech he delivered on the occasion he alluded to the battle of Bull Run as an evidence of tbe powerlessness of men individually brave, but imperfectly drilled, against an orgauized enemy. The American bark California had arrived at Hull, and reports being boarded by the privateer Jeff Davis, about 150 miles southeast of Bermuda The privateer hoisted the French flag of distress, in consequence of which the California bore down to ber. The commander of the Jeff Davis requested to send a letter on board In place of the letter being handed In. tbe boats crew?eight In number and armed to the teeth?boarded her and demanded tbe ship' papers, which were lmmedlately^li vered up The cargo proved not of a uavuic \vriUK fJHir BilQ piVCDj 10 IUII VDffll, XDCy therefore let them go. Dr. Russell's latest letter to the London Time* say* that the Isaue In America (> rapldlv narrowing between abolition and slavery. He thinks tnbi the President will aoon declare all the slave* within the limit* of the United State* army free The Tlmea editorially advise* a compromise between the North and Houth. It la stated that leading house* in Liverpool have purchased IS 000 bale* of Vurat cotton for I shipment to New York. A terrible aec.ldent has occurred on the Brighton Railway. Two excursion trains came in collision In the tunnel. Twenty-three persons were killed and a considerable number wounded Karl Russell, in a manifesto on the Spanish occupation of San Domingo, says that American forbearance cannot be calculated on a* permanent Tbe last lettera received at Lyons, France, from the United States have caused a further depression in commercial tranaactlons. and a consequent fall in prices The sales of raw silk during the week were limited to697 bales, weighing 110.591 kilogramme*. Tbe same melancholy depression Is apparent at Marseilles. IJIDIA. The Indian government continues to publish reports from all parts of tbe country relative to the cotton producing qualities of India, which are represented to be equal to all wants, provided that a steady demand and good roads are eat*hiui.Mt 'Swea* Him and Lit Him Go "?The beat piece of aatlre upon the leniency obaerved by the authorities In Western Virginia, In reference to rebel* found committing depredation*, la In aliape of a atory which la told, wo believe, by Gov Plerpont. Aatheatorygoea,aomeof theaoldleraln Gen. Coi'acamp. down In Kanawha, recently caught a large rattlesnake. The snake manifested a moat inlacblevoua disposition, snapping and thrusting oat its forked tongua at a!l who came near It. The boya at laat got tired of the reptile, and aa nobody wanted auch a dangeroua companion the queation aroae, What ahall we do with him!" ?i his question was propounded aeveral time* without an anawer, when a half drunken aoldier, who waa lying near upon hla bick, rolled over upon hla aide, and relieved hla companlona by quietly remarking, u Damn It, awear him and let blmgo."?Wkttling lnttlligtmcsr. nTH* MAYOR'S OFFICE, uj5 Washinstow, 8?pt. 11,1861 The members of the Board of Health will meet in tho Mayor's < (See, at the City Hall, on FRIDAY AFTERNOON n< xt, at 5 o'o!?>ck. e II-St RICHAKU WALLACH. Mayor. i> COLLECTOR'S OFPICE, JJs Skptkmbce 9, 1861. NOTICE TO TAX-PAYERS.?Coin and die bills or certificates of indebtedness to this Corpo ration, o 1 the denomination of hve dollars, and Treanury notes of the U ited Htates. are alone re oeivable in payment of taxes. Treasury notes will only be recived in smns equal to. or less than, the amount so doe to the Corporation. i The discount for prompt payment is as follows: 20 percent during the m jnth of S ptember, 15 per oent. during the month of October. 10 per cent, during the month of November, and 5 per cant, during the month of Deoember. se lo eo6t WM. DIXON, Colleotor, rVTg?T URNPiKE ELECTION.?Notice is IL3 hereby g;ven to the Stockholders of the Washington Turnpike Comuny that an election will be held at the Farmers Mid Mechanics' Bank. Georgetown, D. C., on therecood MONDAY (14th) in Octoher n?*? ? -* " ... ?..? oicunua 01 a (resident, eight Managers and aTre&sarer to manage the affairs of nairt Company for the year then ensuing, or nntil tlieir successor* are eieoterf. au iS-lawtd ROB' r READ. Treaaurar. fY^gr^COMFANV -A," U. 8. ENGINKKRS.11,5 Fifty intelligent and aMe-bodied meohanios will be enlisted to fill this Company to the max imam fixea by law?160 men. Inaaira at No. 94 v 8 street Pay from #13 to #34 per month, besides food and olot hing. an 17 tf Headquarters FOR IHDIA KUBBER GOODS. OFFICERS, PRIVATES, TEAMSTERS. , DRIVERS eml otfcara. /! . J u? ouu m? UMUT Ml* BUT IMOITXUT INDIA. RUBBER GOODS ibftt there is ia th? ooaatry, vhiok will b* m!4 at MANUFACTURERS' PRICKS, AT HALL It WKIKI) INDIA IOIIIK WAREHOl ir, . m .109 fBIVIfftTLVAVU AfflWl, Bttwun JVtmtk mmd Tmlh Str?is. awmt NnYMk^kMi DIALBII 11 1 Bg SICK AND WOVNDEB AOLDIBRI IN HOSPITAL Pmkhiktd m mmformitf with l4? r<iW?t ?a #/ th* 8mM# v l?? I A/ (itmrnl Hotfttml m X ttrwl, hom*tk X . utf F04 IfMtuif'M, S#f? 6. IltN. I Canlry s Mb P?nn?Tlr*nt? Vol. I w litEuclilor Brlrtdt. 1 ttth do do.. 1 M do do.(?)l5 97th do do.. * ? 3d do do..., I ll Ntw Jtnrrfol ... 1 J' | ltthN.Y.Voluateera . 4pth do do.... 3 tttb do do lltd Mtint Volun eert . 1 25th do do 213d do do 4 - 27th d? do...... * 4th do do * >th do do 1 2d New Hampshire ..3 1 3>th do do 2 2d Michigan 4 Slat do do 2 4th do 4t) 1 I asth do do 2 2d Wlaconaln 1 36th do do 3 19th Indiana 2 ? 3T'h do do 3 lat California Reg.... I F 69th do do 1 9tttrgeo Rifles 1 1 79ih do do ...(*) 4 TamiaaarRegiment . 3 ? 9th Maaa. Volunteers.. 1 Cameron Dragoona ... 2 10th do do 1 Kentucky Cavalry. ... 2 14th do do 1 lat Indiana Cavalry ..4 M 2d Vermont Volunteers 1 1st Chaaaeura 1 lat Minnesota Vol .... 1 D. C. Volunteers 2 F 1st Pennsylvania Vol . 6 m. 3d .do do.. 1 Total US \ (a) Including an olflcer (fc) Oneofllcer. (t)One M officer. M At Stminmry Hotpifl, G?*rgtt?wn, Stpt 6. C lat Artillery 1 lat Penn. Artillery.... 4 _ 2d Maine Volunteera .10 6th do Volunteers.. 2 r 3d do do 4 8th do do 1 jy 6th do do...... 3 10th do do 2 1st Mass. Volunteers.. 1 11th do do 2 C 7th do do 1 12th do do 11 H QJ se A vt _i * ? Of V. J - X. ? V 0U r rnui'in f UIUUKXII l <viU ttV " 13th NY. Volunteer*.. 2 19th Indiana 4? 14th do do 4 '21 at do (?) 1 87ib do do 1 1st Michigan Vol 1 S3d do do 13 2d do do ..(?)I7 TVth do do...... 2 3d do do 3 Mozart, New York. .. 2 4tb do do ..(c)!4 i Tammany, do 4 2d Wisconsin 1 2 De Kalb, do 1 1st Minnesota 4 JJ Excelsior Brigade.... 2 Garibaldi Guards .... 1 Total 188 ?< Cameron Rifles 7 K (a) Three oflcers (b) Two ofleers, (t) Three ?. officers At General Hospital, Union Hotel, eomer Bridge <1 and WajAtagioa streets, Georgetown, Sept 7. 2d N. Y. Volunteers.. 5 1st Penn. Artillery.... 9 5th Reg.ExceU'rBrig. 3 1st do Cavalry 1 f1 12th N.Y.Volunteers.. 0 9th Pennsylvania Vol. 2 13th do de 9 10th ao do.. 1 r 14th do do 12 Uth do do.. 3 T 16th do do 1 12th do do.. 6 17th do do 2 2ftth do do.. 1 19th do do 1 27tb do do.. 1 ? 23d do do 0 1st Ohio 1 24th do do 1 19th Indians 1 25th do do 1 21st do I 20th do do 1 ?*turges Rifle Co. 1 I 33d do do. 5 Kentucky Cavalry.... 1 N 79th ao do 4 3d Michigan Vol 4 < Jackson Guards. 1 3d do do 13 ? DeKalb 1 4th do do 14 * Mozart 4 'id W Ucbnain do S Tammany 1 8th do do 1 'id Maine Volunteers . 2 1st Minnesota do 1 3d do do 4 1st California Vol 3 4th do do 1 5th U 9 Artillery 1 _ 6th do do I 3d do Cavalry 1 3d Vermont do 3 Guide to Smith's Brig. 1 K 3d do do 13 Teamster, U 8. A.... 1 J Wh Mm do 5 ? ? ? 13th do do 1 Total 171 I 1st Conn. do 1 . f, At Ho.ipaal at Columbiam Collegt, Warki*gto*, t Sept 6 t 3d Maine Volunteers.. 5 37th N Y. Volunteers, 1 3d do do 6 79th do do 3 * 5th do do 6 3d Sickles Brig., N Y. 9 7th Mas*. Volunteers. I Tammany N Y. Vol.. 3 * 10th do do 10 Garibaldi do do .. 3 14th do do...... 4 De Kalb do do .. 3 : " "" ~ * ' vu fcauiviit fumimcrni i ntiufnon /iOnBTfl,!! I X lat Long Ulaud Vol... 1 2d New Jerwy Vol 1 u Ut New York Cavalry 3 3d do do.... * d 2d N. V. Fire Zouave*. 1 Harlan' Prnn Cavalry 1 r, 'id N Y. Volunteer*.. 6 26th Penn. Volunteera. 3 0, 8th do do S 3lat da do 5 9th do do I "id Michigan do 18 11th do do 1 3d do do 10 _ 1-Jth do do 3 4th do do 3 *> 14th do do 2 *id Wlaconalndo S 18th do do 1 lat Mlnneaota do 4 . . 22d do do 9 19th Indiana do i? ! *i3d do do 1 'id U. 8 Cavalry 2 i 24th do do 3 4th do do 31 25th do do 1 lat California Vol 2 27th do do 1. McClellan'a Dragoona. 4 32d do do 1 Tcamatera, Q M D.. 3 , 33d do do 7 1 35th do do 6 Total *)l v 30th do d? 4 w At Qtutral Hospital, AUzandrim, Sej>t 0. 1-ith New York. ~1|5U> Maine lft L lath do t|id Vrrnoit 1 ? tnm a* 1V| 1st Massachusetts .... 1 ^ l?th do IS 5th do 4 18th do fl|lst New Jersey 1 ?. 25th do 7 |2d Michigan I 2 2flth do 8 3d do i g 27th do IIlist Minnesota. 4 31st do 1*12d Wisconsin 3 3*d do 1411st Artillery, U. 8 A . 1 37th do 212d do do.... 4 B 38th do 11 24 Cavalry, U. A... 1 o) 4<lth do II 3d do do.... 1 79'h do 8 Lincoln Cavalry * I 2d Maine 1 Fire Zouave* 1 tc 3d do 1<> r< 4 th do 12 Total 17? ft nj At General Hospital, (Circle,) W*tktngton, Sept. 0. 1st Cavalry 411st Inftantry 3 ? zu ao 11 id do 5 1 4 th do 1 3d do IS l?t Artillery .....5 8th do 11 2d do II Recruit 1 b! 3d do 1 ? 4th do 4 Total 75 w 5th do .. * irr Washington papers please copy and saad hills to the War Department. sept 10?3t ? UN IT K D STAT E8~ PAT ENT OF PIC?, ol AGRICULTURAL DIVISION. * tfuitsilM. Stpumbm 9,1MI. M In oons'anence of tne delay which attended ?hs b? arrival of Seeds of foreign importation, orders for ?t which were issued prior to th? incoming of the present Administration, many of them, from m* si voyage and other oauses. have been fbnnd to n w entirely useless for practical purposes. This r??a t ti has been a ce taineo by experimental 'eats. There- o( fore, tha usual distribution wil be def rred untit a 8 supply o&n be obtained whioh wi 1 reflect oredtt on L the Department. ISAAC N n.*VToN. se 11 1 w 1 NOTICE. S I HE Copartnership eietofore oarried on by lb* nune of H. f. Locd:<> & Co. vu dissolved on the lit instant by it* own limitation. All ttoM o?im '' amounts to said firm are r?"ene?ted to settle the ' tim? without de ar. as the suooessori are aaxtoee to c ose toe bojks and satt e aaoounts against the above expired o<-partnership GEOH?E W. PARANT. ZFKANC18 J HKIRERGR, C JOSHUA H. KING. v \rr NOTICE.?The and?rsigned reepeotfally n inform their patrons and the pnbhe generally of at their having farmed a oopartnership to ooatiaee the _( business, in all its hraoebee.aa suoo?s?ors of the l. late firm of H. F. Loudon A Co. Whilst tendering p. th-ir thanks for the very liberal patronage r?- hi eeived, the* pledge themselves to use their ataeoat exertions to merit their o^ntinoed favors. P. J. HEIBEKGER A CO. gaeoeeeor to H. ! . Loudon and Co., Military ^ and Naval Merchant Taiiora. I. J. Hi iusu. , H Kihg eep 11 tw ( riEPOT QUARTERMASTERS OPPICE. 7. 1 " Wxshikotoi. D. Cn Heput, 1H1. \ * --- M. nvrUBAM Will o* reoeivoa at Uii oBai I antil IS o'olock m., 80th instant. Jo fbrniali the troop* in this city and ita vicinity aoru, of tba Potomae river, wi'hia (5) five milee of the oity of Waahinrtoa, with Wo/, for (6) six Mentha, j^] oomm*noing let aa? of Ootohor, iMi, and ending on the Slat any of Jtfaroh, last The wood to aoof ( the Mat eaality of oak or kiakory, aad to bo call*- ? ered at the earn pa or qaartera of the troop*. in A ?uch Quantities aad at aaoh tinea aa tba i>epot /I Oaartermaat*r may diract Uoo<l aeounty will bo re* aired for tka falfclment of tho ooatraot Tba bida to bo for ao mehptraarfof wood, oonaieting of (IS) one haadrtd aad twenty eight eobto feet, and to be endoraed *B da for Wood.'* and thf uaniAs of the security to ba etat?d In the bida The andaraigaed reeerreo to hiaaeef Ua right to rejeot all bida that My ba dnaaii too | fray mente to bo made at tba aad of aach aaoath, 1 by returning the ordera drawn on thaaoatraaftar ar noatraetora with rooeipta of tl|e Regimental or Brigade Q aartertnaatera of regiaaeata, brigadoa, ? or oorpa, eodor tad on the back of aald or dor a far AJ *""D. H. ROCKER, LI Mil td QmmwMtw C.? A. g fiK&LKD PROPOSALS ar? uvtt?4 ttll tk?mk am baihela will M rMaired. la te a of ttwrt IM iy gag? crstf? :asr.r grass ? i &^JRSS; swaiSasr&s jfeflMiiES?. s PSSI 111 ' AUCTION SALBd. By GREEN A WILLIAM*. AmIiomm ?INI M4Y rONKV. lOWKfoi D ?^0 _ Kucu* f at Acr tjoii?<>? fAT R l?A V. til* Utk i-^tant *f n.? front of ao'ioa 8toro.No. tovoorli airoat, at Ito'olook On?Grtj p. nn PaVI? an I Bndlo. Tfco bono a ftne a imol for lodr't rvhn? nag AI?o. a ar(? mo ei*riloat Mwrmnl of Parniira ba)i?(inf to p?room wfco ar? tfarlioing kooat?e?ini. 1 he stork beiac *or?? aod a< <t*ra, it it *aoo??\rr U> nuwetale. irm? eMh in "if. ma U?K EN A WILLIA WO, AooU V HKIKN * WILLIAM*, A uetior "*r? J?XCRr LKNT HOUSEHOLD and KIT "H It m Fca*.teat. Piano 4c . at A?cion ?On KON0AV. tha Mtfe in??aat, at |? ' loak a. w* will a*TT A tfcr |a?? rMidwre* nf M*r H. ) o 'A?. dwm^, No. 4)t IVwmm h and 1*lf> itrNU,M ajioaliaot ?AaorUaaat ol irwir*, Ti?? few .Mihc(ur Cam Pimm Porta m<i by Koaba * t>akl. In Ontkle Otlt fraam Proeak Pla'a Pt?r Mir rora, with Marbla Brackati?Glaaaaa S4 by < l do baa. Latocaay Sofas, Ppriac and Rooking Chain, 0--?onia??, aa Maatrl clock, OlraadoJoa, Vaaaa, and Oraalanofany Dining. Pier. Card, and Sida Tafciaa. [arhla tui CoaU>r TaMa, Ma o|%ay Sidaboard, lahogan? F etiif. Cottnxa aad oth?r Madataad*. lahagaay Draanmg and other Jfaraaaa. WaiI Ataod*. bina. 01am, and Croaker* Warn, am ag which ara oaa fin* go'd band Fanah China, aad ona P a'ad laaaod Catf a t*-t. aaUar Bada, Hair aad Shaak Ma'tnim aad BaUl?|i lahocAm Hit Tr? r>.I r**'-- < ?1? ...?| TT iwivwWf CkM l*?at Chairs, >Ua oUi Fiae Veivpi.Braaaaisjfed otkar CvfM rfriganMor, Cookuj Md ?t*Mr Mum, f i'h a rood lot of Bitchea raqniaita*. and nwother art i owe# which w* 4mm mUMUfy U GV^VN"A WILLIAMS. Aanta. By BONTZ * GRIFFITH. Aaattoaaera. ^LO?ING SA1.R OF SUPRRIOK H A V A ? -/ G ?? , Tobacco, and Siirrr?<*a FRID> IOftNI.NG.-9'pU.i bar 13 h, I Ml at 1? o'iWc. a wf I sail, in tela to aaif, witfcoat iaaai i?.t' ? pure tto' k of a Oirar. Tomooo, aad Paif 8 tor . [?. 406 8are nth ?tr ft. Odd F. 1 owa* Hal , t * Bf the atoek f a who'naif and retul dealer da fining h??meav Wa na-na in part? R,nna Aaaorffd Havana, Cm a. Vara, a-.1 fff Cic?ra, to hoxaa aa1 bnndiaa. i BN Hoyt'a F a* out Chewing Tobaooo, 4 Groaa Mn Mi'lar'a do do do Ande-aoa'a A mn let do do do Polaoa da <i do Coraik do C Tro?tar'? Roach a??i K<ady, '"af??C3BB. 8- ad Leaf. Bala Havana, oagraaa Rappee. atid Booteh Scuff, offtha' with a namttar of branda of Chewin* ud FmoktBc Tobaooo. ' BON1Z A GRIFFITH. A?eU By WALL A BARNARD, Aaotioaaarr. Ctmtr 9tA St. mnd south tilt P*~ ?. ' ADY'i* RIDIN6 M*RK AND 8*FRING * Wi?osi at Abctiob ?On HATl'RDiN LORNING tha 14th iniiant,at lo o'o oct w? wi ! ?>1. in frMt of the Auction Rooms, a porfaotl? ntl* and o?nH Lady's Rifn* Marat*ary itTiit. cd with a fiat fait flaxan man* and tatl. Alao, tvo 8pnn| Wagona. Alto, 1 Bay Horaa. 1 n?w Conml Top Waion, 1 twn ho.r Exp aaa do. Tamu oaah. Mil WALL ABA RNA R P. A uoU rBy W ALL A B UlN ? RD. * o^tionoer*. I RUSTKin PALK OF VAI.UABI.E IMraovto R**l Kstatb.?By rirtua of a daal f trust. dated tlie 18th day of March. IM7. and do ? -ordad among the land raonrds ol tha oountr o( Va-hington, D C ,1 it a! prooaod to aall, on tha MON DA V, tha 23d day of Paptaml*'161. a 5 oVnok p. m.,a' I tboao ?iaoa? or aaro* -f r-.und ?itlifted in tha citf of Wuhinttmi. m ?**" mtriot. Mid known and deeirnated * Lot* nutn ered thirty four (S4 ? and thirty fir# <?? IB Squar nmtortd B? handled and three <4ftj) tocetxertUi tM improremo'U thereon, o<->uai?tin* of s. ir*e three etory Brick Hoaae with a fine >* * lent. Said aroeerty 11 loeatad on the aoath aide of i -treat e?ulh. between 4* and 6.h atraeta. Terma of aa a:?One quarter in eaeh. haianoe iu I* twalre. eighteen,and twenty-four mcih? froiii He day of eale, to be aeoureo by a deed of trna \ on M eremiaea. Ifueterma of sale be not oomplied with ta five fro? tiTQt. ?ale the Traatee raaervaa ti e l*ht to reaell at the n?k an* eoat of the firat ear ?T' Wall ft BAVvAKlf A^te: !89 no. 289 Between Ninth and Tenth ata . aoatn aide, It PORTERS OF W1MES, L J Q WORK SE OAHS.PICELES. rRESEHTES,d ARDINFS.FjNIt GROCERIES AND 8 UTLEhsr STOH MrVwiMnit Jut arrived th# followinj biiuds of H Stanai. Piaer Heidsiek. % Hoot ft Chandoo. Caruer A Co , Barat A Fagot, Josrette. Royal 6rape. ?r at New tort Pn???-fr*i|U ided. JOHNSON * NAOLE, Peaaa ithb*. A baa M. Bin nftr ft Co.'a (19 Kro*?i straot. New orkJ World renowned BOTTLED WlNUand IQrORS. for Camp, Medic.r?l, a.i<3 h air.i W nee. >natantly on hand a >d eold at New York Price* f tbe Caae. At JOHN?<'N A \AGLtf*. *3? t'enna. am? PICKLE8, Pepper and other SAUCE* TO IATO CATSUP, by tbe barrel, rallon, or dosen, on the oe ?bratod manufactory of Koar shark ft 0 , New York, at aetnmahiact* ow prices. At JOHNSON ft NABLE*S, Bole Agents. Aleo, PICKLED P G FEET, l.AMI AND KEF TONGUES. TRIPE, eto., by Ue larra r half-barrel. ee lo P IMMEN8E BACRIFICES. " 1 HE J'nd.ra cned bej *%ve moat reepectre ' y iinform the adiee that tbe* will open at uieir k>m No. 4 Washington Bsildn., eorae' of Tenth street and Penn avim*, a ei.oioe at k r Btlka and Emhroidwtee. sale ?? _ _ - 9 _ ? w-v i ?? mm ?V ^ i iree dt?i bI?- f<>r ouh. regardleaa of eo?t The atook Jut reo?i*e<l from Niw Vork. fp 10 ?? BEALV A CO. Y ATCHES, WATCH REPAIRING, *?. A ^IM^D WHILVER WATCHES, ' r all the BtiMt celebrated maker*, EWATCHEtfud CMR(5NTo\taTEl3rM 1 JEWELRY. Jte .wtfi li repaired. til. W ?ALT A HRO . I Jeweller*. 344 Pa aveaae. ? l?-lt ?4oof weetef Brow'i Hole. | P A CARD. I ENDERING Our thank a to the eity reporter ' the Kveninf Btar for the eery >iiee with whlofc he wa? food enough to favor oir itab'iahaMet is leat Tttaraday'a *' em -aoe tbii oa porta ait j to eorreet mu IrtJtwM eawBii his flattering card : r Oar plaoe of baaioaea ia No. 989 Ptin ilv&atA Atikdi, betweea fttk and lfltk atreeta, her* weaball b* bajpy to a?e oar friends at all mea.who are invited to inapeet oar eboioe aiocL " LIOL'ORS. AgARS. PlCRi.Ki*. aRDINF.m, FINE GROCERIES, aad SU1 LRS' SUPPLIED in ceaeraL SAMPLE ROOM. N. B ?To prevent future aiiatakea, we add tt-. ir Sampb Kwa w <*/r?a>. a*t m iu rwr. A aioela. fcL,*k ?? 1 ~ r ??- ???h?7 w ir?? irMu*fortli?D<KilbK?tiaMivi IrtMktlp aptcUre ovom tbe day tr>at thar ere left ? i. JOHNSON ft NAOLK We will bay Suit Bm(, Crackera. etc , from ?o?"iliMriii of r 'ciomoU at fa* out pnoea. ??10 ? UO8IN6 OUT! CLOSING OUT! HtTiu oono'.adad to iIqm oat air *a'irt etoek o' AN^Y GOODS, I hitf reranred U#> Mnv t o. SO PmoitItmiw (T(i?*, Mt*?M Wi a-?d *t'i reeta, where I will off* th* eatire etoek at en ioe? m will enable mj former eaalomea, tad u a ibiia kanar*ly to mi the fi-et e'aaa Fm u?y Gooda it rmmit fHtu. Now ia tki ttw to N B -All fnoM ht?M otoi*. a*aiaat mm <it?t to praaent the maa (or actti< ra >at; and a-, iraoaa Indebted to me are repeated 10 "??kear {? ??*> to Iqni lata thair olaime wifhou* f?' Tc "STKVENS* 17ALL, STEPHENS ft CO. ' ? 38* mraiTLTuni Arnri. ",,Jf??AVN#?J,,LR.V4L AND BEADY-MADE CLOTHIERS. \ V"v "VttRLT,*- | m o*na SAlMSAUr MEaT, f Maui K K k*H TOMATOES, ?'MM Prk>h VEAL, I Mloui KKKP|?I?mm, I 140 rani ROAST BgfiV. I wmufibsh Mi mi, I tWmi B^Ef *r.d ? --- . .WW ?/a?V? t K ?a?t I KING * ILL ItlBhLL, ? Cormor I ?od HlWtb *r?fa. j pwagp I rj&vssr SB^WSSS I im lof rHw ? ?M? |UOEB^^UB^OK^AWTIPOTl^ I I ULWKIf INVaMD P M?1 N# -0**1 WiW<mi.iwHW by <n?? f ?* .?-?* T 4 M ite ? ' vi*? mi-? i? +-* of |]?'| it Ui? ft m i ?*r ?M ?a tkwr SSiSSHSSa^

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