Newspaper of Evening Star, September 13, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 13, 1861 Page 1
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/ (Ktaiug Ste. - i V^. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C . FRIDAY. SEPTEMBER 13. 1861. N9. 2.673. ^ i THE EVENING STAR u PUBLISHED BVBRT AFTBRNOON, ( UNDAY EXCEPTED.) AT THB STAR BCILOINQS, Ctmtr of Pt**tflv*nia mvtnm and SUvtmtk St. ?T . W. D. WALLAOH. Paper* wttM in packages by carrier* it S4 ? year, or 37 cent* per month. To mail rubecriber* the price to S3 JO a year, i? kImki; 94 for tlx months; SI for threa months; and for lem than three manths at the rate of IS cents a week. 81agleeoplee, ok* c**t; la wrapper*, two rinri. ^ *nv?TI??i>r. iK ah M k. ._? 4. tka ? " ? > * ? W1VUIW W U? W NOT oftce before IS dock m.; otherwise they may Bot appear until the next day. ?I ANOTHER LETTER FRO? 1>R. RU1SELL. frofaratUu ef tke Government?Its Ml* veaey?Its Chaaces ef Saccsss? Prlace Na> peleea. Washimotok, Aug. 10. Tor good or for evil, the issue between North and Sooth U rapidly approaching to that #hieh the South 'predicted ana feared, and the North at drat disavowed and does not now altogether accept,?the struggle, if it oontinues, will be narrowed to a contest between slavery and abolition. It is not improbable that in a day or twe the President will declare that all laves within the lines of the United States army become free. On the very last day of Concrete the bill which sets free slaves belonging to rebels engaged in war was signed wuo reluctance oj Mr. Lincoln, and was all bat lo?t by lap?e of time, for, had he not been persuaded to overoome hit scruples, Congress would hare adjourned without the signature of the President baring been given to that act. Indeed, but for the prolongation of half an hour agreed upon, the signature could not have been obtained, as the President at first refused peremptorily to put his name to the bill, alleging that "it will lose us Kentucky;" but there was a pressure of Senators put upon bim, and he jieldod at last, but ten minutes before the House rose. On such occasions the President comes down to his room in the Capitol, and affixes his name, or receives the official visits of the legislators, and if the clock bad not been put back, and the sittings carried on beyond the time agreed upon lot the adjournment, this bill oould not have been L reseated to the Senate. But now, after the ip?? of a few dajs, it is said that a step far in advance of that measure will be taken, and iu?i vuo giuYB win ue luruwu uuwa 10 me Booth, and to the Democrats of the North as well. If so, there can be no longer any doubt as to the nature of the fight, or aa to the mean* to be oaed in it, bat it argues the possession of no common courage an J self-reliance on the part of the Republicans to offer battle on the question at the very moment that the Demooratic Convention of New York has refused to actinoommon with the Republicans, and when "a peace at any price ana compromise if you ean party" is beginning te make itself heard in the northern and northwestern parts of the Union. In revolutions the moderate politicians who start up before the last act of the drama approaches, in order to become mediators, or to propose terms to the contending factions, are generally crushed betwixt the upper and nether millstones; but there are exceptions to that rale?the violent and fanatio sections are sometimes either neutralised, absorbed, or overcome by the just* milieu. Much as Americans might wish for such a result, and ereatly as European politicians would really desire the reunion of the Btales by the agency of compromise, it is hot>ia? a?amst hoDe to ezoect thev will hn <rrat. bad. - ' * Before Miouus some wonderful combination of good luck and dexterity on the part of " the devil of compromise" might have led to an adjustment, or a patching op of the torn earn* and tattered flags of the Repnblio. The North oonld not now in honor snbmit to amalEamation with all the taint of base metal on er part of the eomponnd. The eontinent of America ooald not hold northern men in the faee of defeat, insult, and contempt from the men of the South. As well might tnecomrade of ancient Pistol hop* to live on good oondi* tious with his truculent friends because he had submitted quietly to the pulling of his nose and the kicking of his person as a basis of am ltr and equality. Philosophic statesmen, like Mr Sumner, may not be affected by such considerations. They look, like him, to great principles Mere American politicians, caucus-moogers. wire-pullers, like Mr. Blair, do not appreciate any result whioh does not produoe an immediate effect an the yotea of the Houses, the appointments to ofBoe, or the legerdemain of official life, in which they are all glorying and disporting. Men who have studied patiently and long the whola of the political mechanism of the Union are so muoh enameled of the fineness of the machinery and the baaatiful play of ita parts that, like Mr. Seward, they think if all the biU are put together, a little oil applied, and the steam got well up, with a good whistle to clear the way againat England or Spain, or some European Power, it is sure to preaerre ita censistency and run ita course aa of yore Meantime troops are pouring into the neighborhood of the capital. Although Oen. Scott is perfeotly tranquil, and is quite aatiafied the Confederatea can maka no aggreasive move Bern wunoui signal ?auiiMment and defeat, Otn McCltllan u most uneasy and appre* keneive of danger, and u urgent in demending more men. He prefers his demands on all who coma near him, and aome Senstor (one at least) was so ranch impressed by his statements that, on his own responsibility, and without any communication with the Government, he telegraphed to the Governor ef his State to send on at once every ragim ent he oouldmuster to Washington. Act- I lD? on bia own aoooant, and without Gen, I Scott's knowledge, I spprehend, Gen. McClellaa has also from time to tyn* sent regiments to points whioh he conceived to be menaced or most In need of reinforcements. He is very short in a proper complement of oavalry and field artillery. His troops ar? as raw as can be, the officers not a whit better as yet than the Boll Ron officers. In fact, his army is not a fizhtin* machine, which oan be handled as a whole, nor do I think the Confederate* are much better in anj way, except in cavalry. The material of tome of the Northern regi meat* eannot be excelled. Splendid men, Joanx, tail, roboat, intelligent, and accustomed > aaVentare. If the workmen knew their business, there is plenty of stuff to make rood army in their hands. My estimate of Mr. Jeffersen Da?ia' foroe in cavalry and guns waa not far wrong, bat by thia time he has probably received reinforcements to his horse power, and has oertalnly increased his artillery. Bat, After *11, what will another battle effect? Even if the result at Manassas be reversed, there is little likelihood that more will be done than increasing the feeling of bitterness between the extremists and a fresh loee of life, for the Federalists woald be as little able to improve victory as the Confederates were, and eves the poMession of Richmond or Washington woala not enable the viotors to dictate muc I It la all fry wall to talk of an army of 6^0,000 man. It la a larfa force; bat. If It b?, America la atili larger than ita action. A rapid development of the railroad ayatem baa left parte of Aaaariaa in which thia war moat b? waged deetit ate of ordinary roada, and the difficulty of Moving provtaiooa and mattritl ia enormoua In ooaporiaon with any part of Europe. Nor la the eonntry fit for auen marehee aa oan be made aeroaa the ateppoa, aa in India, or in the open La ode of Europe. Such roada aa ex at are generally eat deep in the eoil,with high banks; the land ia covered with foreat, and tne cleared fielda are filled with atumpa fatal to horee or wagon. Then there are great riveraand mountain paaaaa foodleaa and deeolate. An army of 644,000 men acattered over the Southern frontier of the United Statea, with ita right extending down into Miaeonri on the border* of Arkantae, and ita left reeling on Fortreee Monroe, repreeenta a feeble ohain,whioh oould be broken at any plaee. If it fjrma in atrong oorpa, the difficulty of traneportafcon of food and materiel orieee. It ia greater than one wonld imagine who haa mot eeen how widely Mattered ia the popviauuD x am DWM 01 uaorglB, tor zuapl*, whiah it m large u all England, ha* laaa (has mil Moo of paopla. Tha farther thaee tort* advance the greater mast baeoma thair dimealty They mail diverge a* they advance, aod tha anamy will gat in between than, and i oparata is thair raar and oa tha eoauaanicatiou with thair haaar Tha paopla of tha | fioath deoiare they ara raady for a gaarilla war, aad tha reaarka Lfc?ve mad a praeappoae thara U ao larga amooct of Uaioa feehcg in maj of tha aeeaded State# which woaid rerivt ?4 Utnrn MdnM Iki appearaaoe H * friendly army. If we were to judge ?f the Sutea generally by what ia taking place .in Missouri, however, it would Mem as if a large nuaber of tbe inhabitants preferred to let Uaioniat and Seoeasitnist fight it out by tbemselrea. Got. Jackson and his frienda?Gen. Lyon and Col 8iegel?fight and retreat, advance and countermarch, and engage in numerous skirmishes, without adding a particle of force to the oause in whioh they are engaged, and the maaa of thepeople stand neutral between them. Gov. Wise flies through Western Virginia before the Federalists, burning bridges and tearing np railroads; and tbe inhabitants, possibly, are equally diagusted with both sides. These desultory operations contribute little or nothing to the end of the war. And how the poor people suffer ! * * * Tbe streets are now clear of soldiers. The gal loping of orderlies is very much reduced m proportion as things get into order, and on the other side of the river there is plenty of drilling and plenty of hard work, principally in completing a great abattis from Fort Ellsworth at Alexandria, across the front of the position. None of this, however, is seen in the capital itself. It would teem as if the torpor which prevails at Washington had its counterpart at Richmond. The soathern papers attribate the inactivity to design?"a great coup soon to be made, and it is necessary to be cautions and to be silent." On both sides the utmost care is taken to screen such movements as may take plaoej |p&sses are striotly examined at all the exits and entrances of the northern camps. General McDowell, who was in attendance on Prince Napoleon last Thursday,was stopped by one of his oVn sentries because his pass was not en regfe. Gen. Beaurgard evinces the utmost sensitiveness in respect to any approach to his lines. Prince Napoleon was, however, received with feelings stronger than respect by the Confederates. On Thursday morning early the Prince started with M Meroier, the French Minister, and his suite, from Washington, and proceeded to Alexandria, attended by Gen. McDowell, who provided him with an escort of United States cavalry. On arriving at the outposts the General returned, and the Prince s party went on till they met the Confederate pickets, by whom, after a brief delay, they were permitted to pass on towards Fairfax. I know but little of what happened, except that the Prince saw Gen. Beauregard and Gen. Johnston, and flept at the auarters of the latter; that he examined the oattle-field as far as the horrible odor would permit; and that he returned late on Fridsy evening, pretty well satisfied that there was not mucn to choose between the two armies, but that the Nationalists were on the whole the better of the two, and that be weuld take them for choice. Gen. Beauregard did not make a very good impression on the Prince, it is said, although his French is natural to him as a New. Orleans Creole. It is said by the people who can see a long way into millstones that the Prince will oertainly propose an arbitration, and that his visit is made with the object of securing for France the position which would certainly be given to the Power that might render an agreement possible. Mr. Seward not only exhibited an inclination to let the Prince go, if he liked?he seemed to think it would not be possible to find any soand reasons to obiect to the expedition. Now, it strikes an outsider that if the United States Government was angry with Great Britain for placing the Confederate States army oa the rooting of belligerents, and if it has always maintained that the troops of the Confederate States army, so called, are rebels, the risit of the heir to the Throne of France, minus one in the present Imperial succession, attended by a United States General and escort to the camp of the rebels and to the Generals in command of them, with the sanction of the United States Government, and the return of the party to the United States lines, is one of the most extraordinary cases that has ever been permitted to occur by any Government in the world. I doubt if any neutral prince would have been allowed to pass from the Allied lines into Sebastopol and to have returned to the Allies bj either side; but there could be no "if" in the matter at all, had the one ide considered and proclaimed the other to be rebels. It was late on Friday when the Prince retnrned, and on Saturday he left Washington for the North, in company with M. Mercier. His visit will be construed in many ways, none of them just?the significanco of the act will be magnified and its importance exaggerated. ******* In nothing is the weakness of the Federal Government more strikingly shown than In those questions on maritime rights on which it was wont to maintain such defiant language and haughty attitude. It stigmatises Southern privateers as pirates, and treats them as Crisoners of war. Let us now see what will e done in the oase of those men who were saved off the wreck of the Confederate vessel Petrel, the stolen property of the United States, oommanded by Confederate officers, *L *- - - ... - - wuigd actually engaged a United States [rigate and waa sunk by her. Every sea-going vessel of the United States, except five, which are now being refitted, ia in active employment, the great majority of the vessels afloat are sailing ships, and it will be observed with surprise tnat the new steamera ordered comprise a number of paddlewheel vessels. Of 1,354 commissioned officers in the Navy, 342 were from the Confederate States, of whom 321 have resigned, and it is feared that there are many officers in the servioe whose heart* are not in the right place on this question, or who, to use the Amerioan slang, are "not square on the goose." TTyCapt. Welch, of the schooner Mary Allce? recently captured by a rebel privateer, and taken Into a southern port, from whence be haa made hit way North by way of Richmond, makts a statement of the number of privateers now fitting oat at Charleston, and those already gone from there. They consist of the Beauregard, Capt. Sibley, with forty men; the steamer South Carolina alt. Bull Run, Capt. Coxaetter, with eighty men; and a light ahlp moved from the Rattleanake Shoals, with forty men. Moat of the crew of the latter, however, were in prison, aa they had refused '? serve after heart ag of the summary fate of the Petrel. T?? Nmw Yobk Militabt ?The Tribune of yeatcrday says : "It la probable that the State r??[Ulsltlon will be filled without resorting todraftng The progress of recruiting for thr State has hitherto been slow. The number of uninspected at the depot In this city does not reach 2,000, and those at Albany and Elmtra probably not a greater amber. These, with the large number of recruits which will offer la the oountry when the harvest la over, and the addition of some of the militia regiments which are reorganizing, will probably soon bring up the whole number of men to 35,000 " flT'The London Herald of the 28th of Angnst says: A vessel having been chartered to convey a cargo of five hundred Mormonltes from Liverpool i to the United States, m rout* to the settlements in I Utah Territory, about seventy men, women, boy* and girl*, forming the contingent supplied by the London district, assembled on Monday morning at the E us ton terminus of tbe London and Northwestern Railway, uader the charge of "Elder" Joseph Otbbs All seemed to belong to the workIng classes, snd ths proportion of the sexes wss about equal Many of their relations snd fellow "saints'' attended at the ststlon to bid them fhrewell. dT" The Madison Courier hss reliable Information thst lares qusntltlss of contraband good* are being shipped from ths Southern border of Indians, els Kentucky river, to tbe South The schemes sdopted by a certain class of men to smuggle forbidden articles to tbs rebsls are truly astonishing. It Is also aileysd that Ultglttmate shipmentsfrom Madison are dally being made. ynr John H. Morgan, an Individual whoss dnty It wss to examine baggage at Union City, Tsan., was shot snd killed, at that place, on the Uth lost, by smm traveler to wbon he had given offence trr w. Button, a traveling (gent of ths Ohio Csateal <allree4,^ns^been^ commlttod at Clncla ^ T A T I O N E R Y. Navt Dipaetmknt, Amuat 39,1861. Pxpab ati Sxalid Proposalb will be reoeived at the cffioe 01 the Seoretary of the Navy until 3 o'olock, P. M of Saturday, the Slat f*ept?mber next, for funnelling ail the Stationery that may be required ny the Navy Department ar.d the aevetal bureau* from the latter date t<> July t, IMS All the artiolea furnished must be of thft beat Quality, delivered without de'ay when ordered, and to the aatiafaetion of the head o' the office for whioh they are required. If it be required, each bidder for atationery muat furnish with hia proposal a aample of eaoh artiole bid for. No bid will be oonaidered which does not fully oonlorm to the advertiaemcnt, ar.d in which each and every artiole ia not bid lor, and in whioh mora than one prioe ia named for any one article. H nda in sufficient amount, with two or more approved sureties, for the faithful execution of the oontract will he required of the peraon or persona contracting. 1 he authorixed namaa of the sureties that will be given, aa alao satisfactory testimoniala te\ fnlfi I tka must > > ? k * k> .1 ? V ihihi niu uumiwui) Iiiuik ouuumj'auj ?uv um , otherwise it will not b? considered. The lieparment reserves to itself the right of ordering a greater or le?s quantity or eaoh and every article contracted for, aa the publio service may require. Snould any artiole be required not enumerattd in the contract, it i? to be furnished at ttie lowest market pri-e, aocordmc to its quality The subjoined schedule sp?oifi*s,as nearly as oan now be done, the amount, quality, and description ofeaoh of the artiolea likely to be required. Schzduls. 40 reams heavy, white laid, despatch oap, stop ruled, equal to sample, per ream 90 reams fooia^a?. blue or white, ruled,per rem 74 reams extra ai perfine, blue or white, laid or wove, letter paper, ruled, equal to sample, per ream 10 reams Manilla paper, 38 by 36 inohes, flat, per sample, per ream 20 reams ben buff or white envelope paper, royal, flat, per ream IS reams best note paper, thick, per ream ' 15 reams best note paper, medium, per r?*m 80 reams copying or tissue quarto post, per ream 100 vards tracing cloth, per square yard 3 r<>ams blottinr i>an?r. roval. ner re?m 00 quirea patent blotting paper, medium, per quire 30 sheet* elephant drawing paper, per aheet 30 aheeta doable elephant drawing paper, per aheet 30 aheeta antiquarian drawing paper, per aheet 5,ooo cream laid envelopea, letter aixe. per 1.500 oream laid envelope*, note aixe, per l,6uo 600 oard envelopes, per 500 l,oo?i patent eloth lined envelopea. 8X by 4 mohea, per 1,000 250 patent o'oth lined envelopea, SH by Mi lnohsa, per 250 290 patent cloth-lined envelopea, S>4' by 9^ inohes. per 250 3?,000 beet beff or white e-tvelnpea, Sovsrnment rattern, official size, printed stamp, per .000 30,000 beat buff or whit* envelopea, Government pit erne.offioial aixe, engraved atame, per 1,000 30,000 be?t buff o- white enveIop?a, Oo^ercmont patte-n. official aixe, lithographed stamp, per l.non 6,000 best buff or white envelopes, Government rattern. letter aizo, lithographed atam?, per .000 1,000 best brff or white envelopes, Government pattern, letter tixe, unstamped, per 1,000 6,000 be t wnite offioiai envelopea. 10X by 6% inohea. lithographed,p^r 1,000 9n i a f am nana n r? ?? in w !) v?-? . w ? 'wi f uuh| va wai uo wi iu u"A"B| ? buo Department to have the liberty of electing from "II the different kinds manufactured,; per gross 2' i ol" p-ns. large si*\ with ailver extension bolder*, best manufac ure. pe' pen 40 quart* Maynard A Noyes's bfaok ink, in bott:??. per quart 9* quart* beet 1 oodon copying ink, Arnold's or Terry's, in bo'tle*. per quart 34 ounoe bottles penne, Guyott A Go , snserfine carmine, per bott.a 1,000 auuls. No. 80, opaque or clarified, per 100 75 dozen red tape, assorted per doz 6doz"n silk taste, per doz 4 dozen Penknives, Rodgers's heat, book or pearl handles, large size, 4 blades or equal, per doz 4 dozen erasers, large size, ivory handles, in casea, Rodgers's ??t, per doz 1 dozen pairs of shears, inch blade, per doz 1 d'zeo pai's of shear*, 63i inoh blade, per doz 1 dozen pairs of theirs, 6 inoh blade, per doz 1 doz in pairs of soi*sors, per doz 3 dzen nine inch ivor? finders, per doz 1 d"z"n rulers, parallel or gutta percha, per dozen SOdnvii hlft/tk ImuI ndnni 1 PtK^r'n K?o? sorted, P?' dozeif lOdcnn beat American drawing pencils, aa sorted, per dozen lSdoz-m t-aber'a red and h'.ue p?-oi!a, per doz 2 <1oz*n sable brushes, assorted, p'r doz 2 dazen can el hair brushes, assorted, per doz t dozen sticks best if dia ink perstiok Si pound* extra superfine s*alkg wax. per pound 15 pounds beat qna'ity wafers, pjr pound 10 pounds be*t wh.te rum arahic, per p und 8 doz in prepared mucilage and bru^h, large, p T doz 5 dozen prepared muoilage and brush, small, per doz 10 pounds be-t hemp twine, per pound 10 p unds best lin?n twine, per pound 5 quarts beet black 'and. per quart 6 uoz*n beat pepvei lrdi% rubber, per doz. >u31,sep6.13 80 pROFUSALS FUR REVENUE VESSELS. ^TJIAIURTDipaktmui, { tt asmugion, oepieinuer a, lBOi. \ Tba Department trill reoeive proposals, aooomranied by models, plans, and specifications nnrl 2 o'clock Monday. September, 1861. for the complete conetrurtion and equipment of Two Steam Screw Revenue Vessels of 750 tonseaob. and of Tkree Steam forew Revenue Vessels of ouO tons each United States measurement. Proposals will only be considered fiom suooessrui steam?hip bui ders aotnailr engaged in that business, and tho name of the marine steam engine es tahlistimeni at whioh the m&ohine-y is lo be made ma >t be sta'ed and will have doe weight The had draft ot water of the vesse's of 7S0 tons must not ezoeed ten (10, feet, ard they wi'l bearm-d with one rifled pivot gun of fflm lb?. weight, two St pounder guns ol 42 owt, and one heavv navy 34 ponnder bewitzer on ibe top call*nt forecastle. The complement far each vessel to be 13d persons, oarrylng provisions for sixty days, and 2.80U gallons of waie' in tanks: ?o bo furnished with aootdenser for distilling potable water. The veseeU to ( schooner rigged, w th flying gaff topsails, iquare sai, andjara to etflrmr. * ns IUM UIWI VI w?ior 01 me veaaeia oi ew> tons maat not exoeed 8K feet, and they will be armed, each, with one rifled pivot con of 6.I0U lb*. weight, two 38-poundera of 42 owt., acd one lightnavy 24 pounder howitzer on the top gallant foreo\atie. 'l'he ?o.npiem?nt for each veaael will be 9fi p*raona, < arrylng proviaiona fur liztr day*, and 2.000 gallon water in tanka, and to be rurmah'd with a oondens?r for diatilling p table water. The ?eaaela to be acbooner rigged, with flying t&tf topsails, square aai , and yard to aet flying The propoaala trust be firths hall, apart, rigsing, am I a and oaivas wo'k, maat ooata, swninss, Fammaoks and bac?. b?ata, anohora and oabl?e, tanka, oaaka, bicaaolea. bella, urmtnre for oabiaa and meaa room*, oo"kirn apparatua and umcsils 0'>in?lete, a team n aobinei y, spare work,coal bankers filled wiLh Huok Mountain ooal, with all the equipments and oatflu of evey kind, and in all respeots ready *o reoeive her omoers m?n, pruvi to a, and amameut, and at once proceed to aaa The armament-pro?iaiona. cautioal instruments, and ehartaoniy wil. be provided by ihe Ouvero rat. It ia deairable to have the bigheat attainable ^ ?hI aK mntt Ka i * ?ka nffa* W ?.- ?? ? ?M MIW VBWI,?VSW?UW| with the length of tima it oan be maiatained taa the quantity ol ooaJ that can be sarried in the bankers for that speed, whioh should not be leea than ten day* of t*enty four hoars eaoh The specifications muit describe fully the material to be need; the manner and sise of fastening: the detail of the sue finish, an<l ar.anjemeui of the maohinery, and of toe various equipments ana outfits inoladed in the propos*1. The plars nut be working drawings from which the ree eland maohinery oan be batit, showing the alotment of apaoe for aooommodations, steam room. magMtinee, shell rooms disposition of ooait ai.d oonvenieut stowage must be provided. It is to be auderstrod that in the contract a guarantee will be inserted ot the fulfilment of the oondiUon of draft of water, speed, fuel, satisfactory working of the maahmnry, and utfcer points repaired. with a forfeiture to case of failure. The bidders mist state the least time fro* the signing the oontraot or acoeptanoe ot the proposal within whieh thev vill uim ia ?k? ??. i eel a ready for m and deliver them at any porta they may name. The total amount tor which they will engage to do all that ia required in 'he fore goinp advertieement, and to be embraced in their apeoitioationa and plana, muat be et&ted.and the bida moat be eooompamed by the guarantee required by law that, if awarded, they will exeoute the oontraoc Pay menu will be made atfourd'fferent tn'erraia aa ue woik progreeeee, retainingoue-fi tn >i 5) of the whole auuunt for ninety (90) daya after the delivery ol the veaael, to repair any defeeu that mar be diaoovcred within that time on trial at eea. The Department reeerve* the risht to aoo?pt the propoe%ia made in oonforauty with the eonditiona reeoribed wnieh it may eonaider moat to the Iniereata of the Government and to oombiee the greateet number ol advantages, ana to refeet any or all of them at ita option. A oompeCent eereon will be aeeoinlerl h* tk* Department to eaperintond the construction and eeaipment of nacn of the veMeie. The irtiltMiou, plena, and module of KrtM not obtaining oontraota mar be vithdrawn by thorn. _ eep 4 K?v Beer eta rr of thelWurr. i#y RESUMED BUSINESS. X A The UaaereuiDOd woe id Inform 9 fpfrwnda atd 'he pnblio that he haaB ? taken Boeee on .Ninth at., botveea I) and t>, where r. ^ShS^?B4a> BNOCH WAJID, SUMMER RETREATS. ?KA BATHING AND SAFE RKTREAT, . At Point Look-Out, Maryland. This 00 ebrated Bathinc Plaoe. situated at the ^notion of the Potomac River with theA . . A Chesapeake Bay, will be opened by thefrMf

undersigned on tho 10th of June, in theJuBX vory best stylo, for all persons who may wish a safe and auiet retreat, where they oanhavo the benefit of the best salt water bathing and enjoy tho dolioaoieo of the water, such as Piah of *11 kinds. Oysters, Crabs, ho. Every description of fishing tackle will bo kept for the accommodation of caests. A one livery stab e kept on the farm Also, ten p<nalleys and billiard saloons; with all other unorfmenu usually found at snoh plaoes. The table will bis supplied daily with fresh ve?etables from the garden on the premiseo and from the Baltimore and Washington marketa. The best Liquors and Cigars will always bo fonnd at the Bar. Board, 92 per day; one week, f 18; second week, flu; lour weeks for 435; children and oolorod servant* half-price. Timteamor St Nicholas loaves WasUacton TueslWy at 6 a m. and Baltimore en Friday at 4 p. m The half pant 3 o'olook p. m. train from Washington will oonneot at Baltimore with the boata, reaching Point Lookout daily ; aeo, a tri-weekly stage from Washington, by way of l.eonardtown Add-ess the proprietors, at Point Lookout, Washington- D C.. or Alexandria, Va. in 31 HEFLEBOWER * CO , Prop'ri. DENTISTRY. JH. PEABODY, M. D.. Suroicil and M* chanical Ubntist, having taken^^p^ rooms at No. ST6 Pa. avenue, betwe^nJsflBaaP llth and 12th sts., two doors east of theS4-LJ-I-L' Kirkwofxl House, respectfully solioits a share of the public patronage, in the various branohes of his profession. jy 15 2m* M TEETH. LOOMIS, M. D., the inventor and patentee ofths MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at tends personally at his office .n this oity.HaJBiS Many persons oaii wear these teeth who^<-LixIJ eannot wear others, and no person oan wear others who oannot wear these. Persons cailinc at my offioeoan be aooommooated buw ? 1 ? ? 1 f m ?1 ?? uu onj bij ic wiu price <ji i eoin uiey mar aeaire, bit to those wtu) are partiou'ar and wiah the ppreat, cleanest, atrongeat, and moat perfect denturo that art can produce, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warra: sd. Kooma in thia oity? No. S3* Pa.avenue, between ?th and 10th ata. Alao, 90T Arch atreet, Phi.adel phta. oo lft-tf GAS" FITTING, Ac. AVJM ?. DOVE * CO. RE Now prepared to execute any ?r4?ra wltt which the* m?; be favore-l in the PLUMBING, 6Art OR STEAM F1TTINV BUSINESS. \l_J~ Store on *th atreet, a few doora north of Pa. arenue, wnere may he found a coicijet* assortment of CHANDELIERS and other ? AS. STEAM ana WATER FIXTURES. iaH-W I SNYDER, . BLOMBER AND GAS FITTER, Htl *A Ihft nnrr.AP T?.ftl. ? ? J - ~ -w VMVWI MVI VTA x WOUWl ?IiU r Bill He it prepared to introduce Water and Gunion the most favorable terra*, and guaranties entire satisfaction. Hehas on hand a lot of COOKING and other STOVES, which he will sell leaa than coat, aa h? withes to get rid of them. no 1? WG AS FIXTURES. E Have in atore, and are dai.y receiving, BAS FIXTUhES of entirely New Patterns and Dealt na and Finish. superior in style to anythinc heretofore offer d in this market. We invite oitiiens seneral It tc sail and examine our stock of Gaa and Water rut ires, feeling oontident that we have the beet elected stock in Washington. All Work m the above line wtraeted to ear ears Will be promptly attended to. MYERS ft MoGHAN. mar t-tf 376 D street. Of 1RR OF INHPBmnP ?NT? ? '? W OF' AB'MKTERttt'" Waihinvton. July 1?, 1Mb NOTIQB IB flBRKBY QITltN, Th?t, agreeably to the provisioti of tae ordinacoe or the Corporation approved M?r It, 1M0, the under ?i teed ia now prepared, "whtisrer recbired in writing, and on pra-garment of the fee of &Ar cecta, to inapeot, examine, teat, prove, and aaoertain the acouracy of registration or any caa meter in aae in thia city " Every meter, J found inoorreot, will be ooodemned and another, eoaled and marked aa trne. will be aet in i>? place. If proved to be aooa-ace in ita mruuicment of raa, it will be cealeu acco-aiaglr, and again put in aoaition for ace. Oftae No. *10 Seventh atreet,(near Odd Fal.ew?' Hall.)' Open from 8 a. m.. to t p. m. CHARLES W. CUNNINGHAM, Jy lt-tf Inapeotor and Sealer of Saa Meters arufwapn iwt? la the only known and Hi tUXAE! best art:e.e U ax terminate Ants, ivfoths, Flies,' f mi m ' ?^?? "Jpl"' f-*rH-" Worma Vim flag.,*.. * ? /I e<mfat*? *o f<nj?, 8CHWERIN'S PILLS are sure death to Rat* and Mioe. M. Sehwerin ha* received oertific&tes from the President of Sirard Colie*#, Director# of House of Refuge, Pennsylvania Hospital, and other Prominent Inatitutiona of Philadelphia ; U, 8. Jail, Washington, D. C.; and Charity Hospital, New Orleans, La The original oertifioates oan be seen at the Wholesale and Retail Depot 144 North Second street, Philadelphia, and for sale in this city by D. H. CLARK, oorner Pa. avenue and 4>? sts., and by all Druggists and 6rooers. bkiware of ?purious imitations. JC" Remember to ask for Schwerin'a Ancihllatu i Powder. (nv None graaina ainless signed M. ScHwms. ma 15-fim*" FOR STAMPING A PA01?* or TAPBR^ any tniftbui M NO TO MATCH, CHARGE! M?TKUPUUfAN BOOESTOHE. PHI LP * SOLOMONS, itMll /#r Lmitiiui'i Liturn ? ?*>? "Mitf rt'it?i Mill#?., #?. M tt ly * . bet. 9tb and lntb *u. THE EUROPEAN HOTEL. KEPT BY P. KMRICfl. at the corner of Penn.H . . A avenue and Eleventh street, has heenWfllAy freatly improved recently and now offers IhoKJL creator inducements for the patronage of ciflio .? and ?trar.f t?re :tian any other publio house in the city,hit prioea beinj lees than those of any other hotel on Pens, avenue, and hie accommodations for or transient boarders nnexoeptionable. Th* bar and restaurant arrangements of the European Hotel have already feeeome very po?n Isr h*inv rl] thst ?i4r. Ka ^Aair+A K* tKa mnaf f*m tidlous. The proprietor aie<igaeaaranii? ?*J attentior and continued Liberal expenditureatu giveaattafaction to all, and thai renews hit invitation ** ail to ii?#> ?he F.itro??*n HnW aoall. d*4-tt W TRAVELING TRUNKS. E Offer for sale the largest assortment o TK AVE LING TRUNKS to tot found inam this oitjr, oompuaing best Sole LaatherlBlMl Lilies' Oress and Packing Trunks, Va iiees. Carpet Ba?a, fco? which we are now ae'lmg at very lo<r pnoea. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., as H "<<m Mpnp. arnrss. 1CASH NOTICE. N CoBaaqaenoe of oar hanng to pay cash for erery artiole ol goods we parohaae. we are forced to radaoa oar baainaaa to Cash exolaalTely, for the present. We h*ve in stora a vorj large assortment of REAUY-MADE CLOTHING f?r men and bora' wear, which ara selling at a ranch lower rate than aaaaily. WALL. STEPHENS k CO.. 3H4 Pa. avanua, betw^r. 9th and loth at*. )?t (Intel. A Resah.) ^ATCHREFVAIRl^NG AND SILVER WARE I haye oaa of the best eatabhahmants, and far nianoa viu a complete aet ot toota lor repairmg every deeariptiOu of fine Watch**. and artioalar attention eive to the nine, by itftfi tbo ?choompetentworltiBaa.anda.. worksufMK. tied Ai?o, evury Ueconp ion of standard SILVER Wi RE. plain and ornamental, manufactured cr. l<*T my own auperviaion. which my customer! will find far superior in quality and finish to northern war* "a 'T.'Mr ? * Pa. twiM. T)fm.r til nOPONTS 6UNP0WDKA. ^S^BV^SSBKTi^bSS I^KW VOLUME BALZAC'S NOVELS.?The I"* Aiohemist, or tk* Houae of CiM*; tiom u.t Frenoh ?f Honor* <T> Ba*sac. Pr?* by mail, ft. ana* Maruer, the Weaver of H*r*loe : by Geo. BDR JOHNSTON, ALT1MORS j LOCK HOSPITAL, H*l i*tco*tr*d tkt mest CirtM, Svud)r mmd mlf KfftttuAl Rrmtdf m iki Wtld, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE BEL1CACY PREVENT. AFFLY IMMEDIATELY. A CUKE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, IN t'KOM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Wtiksrarf Bt:k, Strictaraa, ifitllni rf the Ihdo,j? aod Bladder ?:-Toi*jUi.-? i)ucbit|iat Uapwtaacv, G?a r*l Pobiltty, NiLtotum, Dftoapay, Lunor, CwtotN of Idiu, Low Sfir.u. tii? rfun, Tiaiidiiy, Trorabltnja, DimntM of tif01 or Olddiotn, Dimaa* of U>? RiU, TlirMt.Nm of (kin, llietMH rf th? Lun, luw cb <f Bonli?thaa* Ttrnbla Diaordar* tmiD| (roa Soillu^lUbiti of Yottk-OitM Draadfat and D?itr?cu?? Praeucoo which rtndtr Marnaf* mroMibl*. and daauo* botk Bod ? and Mind. YOUNG MEN KapaeUlly who km bacoma tka nciiw of Solitary Tie*, Uil driadfal aad loKncun habit which aamll; owtipi to aa antimtlv mta th uinda el Tm*>? Ma>. M ika an.* lalttd talaou and brilliant latoliact, who Buffet ?Jbtr*iu f ha** antranetd WatamnK 8*na:?* with the thnnd*r* of ?io- 1 qiibci or wak*d to *c*iac? lb* living i*r?, but Gall with f?U cocJdeoee. t MARRIAGE. ? muihd pklt^i, oi yotiif mio eonuapiaunf Mar- 1 ruri. being avart of phyaieal weakneaa, atfaai* mmiu;, derorraiuc*, 4c., apaadilr car*d. j Ha who pl?ce?-bim?*ll auder the car* of Dr. J. mrnj rclifi aely conBJa in hia honor at a (*atl*mao mad evidently \ rely open hia skill aa a phyatciaa. OFFICE N?. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. left hand eid* going from Balumor* auaau 4 faw doar* from th# corner. rail not to obeerve nam* and d lis bar. Leuere matt b* paid and contain a stamp. DR JOHNSTON, M?b*r*f th* Royal Colleyy of Sargeone, Loodoa, rrmdaat* from on* of th* rooet eminent Collcf** in th* United tatee, and tha gieater part of whoa* Ufa haabeenepent to th* boMiul* of London, Pana, Philadelphia aad elee where, hae elected *om* of th* mo*t aetoniehing earn that w*r* r knows; many troubled with nnfut in th* h*ad and *ara whan aal**p; great nertooaneee, being alarmed at dd?a *oand?, baahfalnea* with freqaeat blub mf. *tt*nd*d | M?*umM with derangement of mind, w*r* cartd immediately. 1AO.A F A H'lH. L L. A tl PK/TUH I Toanf Man uo othera who haaa m)ared tktnul'u by tertaio practice it.di.lfcd la when alone?? hebu fregsentjy C Itttni4 from eril companions, or tt school, Ml iftcu of d whien ui r. ifhily ft it mo vhtn asleep, and if M c tired, t ranJara marnars impoaaible, and deetroye both nund and 0 bodt, ehoald apply iirmediatelr. a This* ara some of iha aad and melaachoiy effects prcUaet* by early habita of ro?th. ?i?: Weakness of tha B?ek and Limbe. Pains in tha Heed, Dimoaaa of Bight, Loss of Mneca?ar Power, Palpitatiou of ma Haart, Dyspepey, Ncrroas irritability, Derangement of tha Digtau*a Fancuoaa, General Dil ility, Symptoms of Consumption, Ac. Tlie faartal effects oo tha mind ara aaeh ta t ba dresded?Loaa of Memory, Coufoaioo of Ideas, Dsprsssioc n of 8pinu, Bail Forebodings, Aversion of Society, Self-Die- t traai, Loaa of goluade, Timidity, etc., ere aoma of tha aaila | produced. NiaroL'f PIBILITT ?Tboneaode can now )sdfa what la ^ tha caaaa of thair declining baalth, loeinf their *if or, bacon- Q ing weak, pala, neraoue and emaciated, baring a ainjrulet , appearance a boat tha ayat, cuajb or aymptoma of coaeampDISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. Whan tha misguided aod imprudent rotary of plaaaara lade C ha has imbibed tha acada of this painful diasasa, it too ofteo * happens that as til-timed sense of shame or dread of diecoaery i.._ i .i? v. t -J ? --J "?'? "vmj myyij "'f iw www| iiviu vuuvanuu lug g rtapcctability, can alont b? friend him. Rt falls to to tha , baoda of ignortDt and dcaigmng prateodtra, who, incapublt af curiur, filch bia paennmry nbnuiM, kaap mm trifin( roanth aftar month, or a* long- at l<>? amallaai faa caa ba obtained, and in deapair laara bim with rimid htalth to tirh artr bit rallloe disappointment; or by tha aae of that dtadty V poiaon?Mercury?haatto tha couautsuonai ayrnptoaia of this 1 lernble diataat, auch aa Af tcti'xit of tha Htart, Throat, Haad, C kin, Ac.. prorrraatna with frifhtful rapidity, till daath pau a c Sariod to hia dreadful auffarinja by aebdinf hint o that an- . o itcartrtd coantrr from whaaa baari.a aa trartlar ratcria. a DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTKNCY. By thia rrtat and important ramady wtaknaataf tha arrant 3 art apatdUy carad and fall aif?r rtttartd. Thaaaaadt af tha a tat ntrroat and dtbihuud, wba had laat all h*P*. hart I a httn imiaadiataly rtlitrtd. All imptdireaou to Marriafa,Phyaical ar Manul Dtaoaal- r lieatUoa, Lota af Pracrtatiet Power. Harraaa Irritability. " TrarabUoc aad Waakaaat ar Kihaaauao af tha moat faarfkl * kind tpttdily carad. jJ cvnnricrmcwr nrrirr pbpcc Tma Mart Thousands earad at ihu tnamailan within ibt lut HTindiB raara, and Lfa? naroaroat mparvuil Bar* iMl aparauaos parformtd by Dr. John nan, viutaaaad by ua ti riMftara af iha papara uf aany othar nataaaa, ustieaa at i which har? appaartd afala and afam bafara tba pablic, ba- a aidaa bia atanduif aa a g nUaraao af ebaraeur and niMuibttuy, la a saAcisal faaruiat W tba aBtcud. mar ll-ly ( Db. J. H. McLKAN'8 c 8TSETQTHEHIK0 CORDIAL I AND BLOOD PURIFIKH. i THE GREATEST REMEDY *m tkt WORLD, A mime taksnQm' bla Caapaaad ,'pta- J aaradby tka uUUila- D tad biitr Ytllav K c P??k, I!m< Umi x ?HKu link 1?ISL n::?, Wild Cktrry QlT ? iwjf Birb, tad Paadt"aa "!? rw ff tiliri IBM IU IM&' J[ ~ raaadUl prtaatp la ^ afaaak lajradlao tl Before tal''"!.1* " **'* *?** ?After takiof. a Wium Wfilt,,,.,,. aaau*a? v " dltillllaf, pradaai' g a dtllaiaaa, uiiliriUii apirH, aad Ua 1 Baal tafalllala iim4* (m raaaTtUcf Ua diaaaaa* ifaiam, j* tad laiiarlaf ika alat, ilfirlif, ?4 tiklUUta* Ia*ail4 I* " kaaltk tad alraaflk. MtLEAN'S STREirOTHFWIlW CORDIAL f Will afaatailij aaia k>ai CwyUlit, Uyipaiala, hn- ] dlaa, Ckraaia ar linaia Utkiluj, Dlaaaaaa af taa Eidaajt, aad all dlaaataa arlafaaf frata a duard trad Urir at aitat tk, f Vyiaaptit, laanlua, lavard Maa, Aaidity ar Stakctaaa at , Ika htauk, Fallaaat af Blaad u taa Itad, Dail faia aa Bvlanaf la Ua laad, PalpKaUaa af Ua tin. Taltaaaa at Walfkt U Ua Biaaaaah, Baar Kraauuana, Ckakla* ar 0 tafaaauaf raaliaf vkta larlar dava, ar TtllaWataa af Ua Bkta aad Bra*, Bt/Vi Ivtau, Uvui ftttia, t: Pal a ta U* mall af Ut Baal, Okaat, ar BI4a. taddaa * Plaakaa af Baal, tyrttalaa af Splrlta, Frif kifal Draaaa, b kaaraar, Dtaaacdtaaj at any oar*aaa dlaaaat, lata* ai ? ftiaiakat aa 111 Ikla. ud Farar >ad Ana lam CIhi J a tai fi flTWj O 9TMR A MUEEJO/f BOTTLMB n ktri btta Mid darla* Ui ltd ?ls saniba, u4 la a* la- * MU?i kU II falltd U (lTlOf ?Cllr? tttltfltliaa. Wkt, |k*B, ? will iifit hn W?ilmm n DtblUty ?ku MckSAI'l fa ITUHtTIUlIt COUUUb will tlx 1 luptf t mlb a?a?ty u tdt^aaw idMi ibt tmatdt- E (It u< ilMit BimUMi tkufi pndmd by uilif Uli Ctrdltl ta lk* 4U?t*ad, diMllUMd, tad liiiund Minn ytlta, tkilkll knkli dm k? una, viU by uiwi, at laftlnA by diuiu, vb? nltui tad uiuatf tirulIttlM it ittlMld u tu jrlttlat haallb tad rift MARRIED FBRSOlf&i M atbttt, aaaitlan af laabilhy fraa vkturii UHt, will ad mouuji? mu?raui?? cuuub a u?Mifft M|iainwW Ut tyttta: and all wba at; km la iuu UamttlTM by laprffii ladaijaattt will lad la UU Cardial a Mrtala tad tptady naiij, TV THE LADIMB. MdVBAKI tTIKXflTI XHIBC OUlDlAk l? a Hfir l#a tad tyttdy aatt fat latitat Caoaaaptiaa, Waitat, btiraaltd a> iBtait KtatuattiaaJ atabilatatt af lrlat at laiiliiury Mtahtrft tharaaf, Pallia* af Ut W?a>. ldllatM, ralaUaf, tad til dlataaat laaldaat ta riatltt. TUB RE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT alli aa taafti. Tat* It ttttrllr j u dlrttuaat. U will tlaaltit. atftarifcaa. tad larlatrait rn tad uai> tka Mnb tf miu v? mibi f?t iliifk if it*. B^irj fc#u)? Is vinuul u fits muiUiUm. /oil children, If TMf aklMtta art ataklj, pan* ar aBiatad, MeUin COUlAb vlU bUi Uw iitlujr. ht, u4 MMi Dalay aat a atuiaij Uy IV, ud fM rUl V* aaartaaad. It la data l??i la It.* a. a mo*. vara af rtrmfftata ar daalara wka say tfy ta pa la aa#a fat tama Hilar at aataapanlla traak, wkitk ikay aaa tar akaap, kr taring u la taat aa raad. Ara>d lack aan. Aat far McLKABV arUVVTHlaiV* COftDIAk, aad laka aatkinf alia. It la tka aoly rtmadr that will pacify tka ft.Mil .naraaftilT aad at tka aaiaa tlma traaftkan ikt ayaiaaaL Una .i ?f aacfal takaa arary marnir.f faaliag u a canata pravaatira far Ckalara, CkllU aod ra'ai, Tallav Farar, ar ar iranlaat diaaiaa. b la rat aa la larra aa'tlaa. Piiaa aafy par kattla, ar * kaulaa far #A 'I. McLKAl, ala prapriatar af Ik it Cardial; alaa, M tkaas'a alcanna Of hlalmaaL Pnaalpal Uapat aa Ua aaraar af Tkird aad fUa alraatt, fc. fcaala. Ma. MoLe&n's Volcanic Oil Linimrat, (Taa mmmw ua wmm OVUM.| Tkt aaly u< Htuli ?vi tm Cumii, Mm, T*> mi, Mvalhufa aad BranchiU n Oaatra, futiTiu, ralfta, WiUdw if tba Mucin, Chraaic n tnluaaatarr tkiiBitun, lufitM af tba Ja;nta, CaMraciad Mucin M kifaaanw, bruti nfMiielM, Braiaaa, hniu, Fraafc Gau, W??4i, VUaia, Parar bra, Cihi Braaai, lari Splaa, Barna, laalda, Iwi TbrMt, M u; niiBBillw m i. a* tifirtui bav mtim k bai tba Amu* mi axlatad, MckKAHICXJUKMArXO kOUMUrr u 4 aartaia tiaiit. Tktuudi ar MMa baup tin km iMhaT Ik trapnada and mUtrj by tba Ma afUia taralaabla wiiy. MeLEAJfB VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will r?IU? pain almaai laiuiuwMal;, aad it vtU alaaa, part ft aad baal tba fNlait mtm la aa lacradtbia abart tlaaa. FOK HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. HcLKiMt CKkKMUTEO LUUMBNT >a tba aai* aafc ud raliabla naai? far tba car a af Isarta, 1 la Am a. a Wfcdralla, pltaia, Baoa'.araJ ban Da. Nadaa m Ivailtan. It Mtti tallad (in Btf ItU, P?t.??U, rianU, OM e WCaUat alia, Cm, btM, a* V*u4i, nUu taMltkU , nmtiy iffl) U M teHU4 u4 a MM li limh t* rniy w Z^cl*ju*xt \ o~WrSftr4BSlk A7ojBi &'?? ir*&^ ! j%^R&^rtaiiMtuu-RiR|i THE WEEKLY STAR. Vhte asealtaat Family iM N??i Jiw?I eoatalalag > greater variety ot latsreattac ??* laf thaa cam be I*u4 1b aay iftw to paktohed on Friday mornlag. Tumi?Gu&, Isartotly, h? ?<ihi. J*ln?le copy, per 31 Five copies................... 4 H Tea copies 9 H Twenty t*e copies .......... tO M IIlaTarlably oontalas the" Washlaftoa News' thai has mads 7\? Aatty Star olnaMl to jeaerally Umragbout the ooualry CT?ln?le copies (la wrappers) oaa to pictured at the oovater, lnmcdtstely after the taae -- -? ? p-i a i' i nncfi VC-r> ao p R O P O 8 A L 8. Natt DtraTxnTi I iw ?f Ymrds mmd Bockt, 8*?l. 4, lfli( 8bal*d PnoroeaLe, fhr nth elae? eopara'-otr, tndorood " rr?p?tt tor Clui No. (mat Um :1am) for tbo Nary Yard itlMH the nH.r w-iil ? rooeired at till* olo* nattl Boon oiImN day of >otobor next, 'or farntakiac aad deliroriat M the lereral Nary Yard* named, the aalonala aod a? jcies embraced in printed eokedaiee. vhiob rul bo araiebed on application, tod seat by aatl. if no roloootod. to mhom Mnw to oflarto wliaot for or ail ofth?olMHi named UmnU. by tbo Com nandanUoftho'orsr*., Navy Yania, for tbo ulin or tbo yards under u?eir oommaod. or by tbo Nary Vient neavesi thereto. or by Uo Bareaa lor aay or i>!! the yards. T? prtrmt mnd m temlimt U* >fcrt, no bid wili b* rtc****d whteh rootinu or mort iktn mm porrf m mm mrmyi aad eaoh iiIntlnal of a firm nut sign the bid aad oontraoC Bidde arr hereby oantioaed and partioaiarly notified that tboir oflws muat be in tbo for* aero miter |rr?onrM,u4 M mail*d in U?* t* r***h J>?ir drrtiMtixs Wore th? u?? Mttmw Hll>?n( their; mo bid will b* (MiUrW wktek ikall b* witfW after tk* mW imiW ?U m mUmwmmm pill be malt far fatlmrt* of tk* mmiU To guard MULitifm beinf before the ime appointed, bidders are rMDNtid to eridoree >n the envelop*, ar>ove the Mdrwi, aod tfrtvt me under the endorsement, thos : " Proposals far CI #* < nam* tk* ci*M) ft* tk* Vary Yard at (nam* Ikt yard >** 1 o the Chief of the bureau of Yard* tad Docks, >VMblD(toQ, D. C. Foist or Orrn 1 Here date the offer.) I. (here insert the nun* or names oompoainc the i'm.) of (name the town.) in the ft ate oi 1 name the I'ate.) hereby offer to fnrrish under yoer adverisement dated < date of advertiaemeat feed ant>)eet o all the retirements of the same, and of ^e irinted schedule to vrhioh it refers, a ' the article* mbraoeH in Class No. (nam* the elaes) for tk* levy yard at (MM the vard.i mnrfm to a>j<t chedule.rl*. (here paste on the printed ola*s from ne ?o ccu.?,?ik1 opposite each articleee< th? fno? n-1 carry out the tnoint Is the oolaar for doi a-s ird cents. and foot up the mre(tt? tnoant of the ud for the olaae.) amoanting to (here write the imoant in words.) I propose as my agent (here nam* th? aeent. if >M is required hy tie schedule) for the seerl? ntl?Y the oiasaoa mieooilaoeoui. r>? a non resident of he plaoe of delivery; ard should my offer be se iepte<J. I rfqu^fft the oontract may be prepared and est to the Davy acenl at iname the agency; for tgnatures acd cert.fica'e. (Here the btdder and each member of the ina to sign.) Form op GvaaanrM. The onderaictW<name of gaaras'orlof (same he towu) aod State of (uaroe toe "tale.tand < na? >e f ef ootid gufant >t. Ac ,) herehy undertake that he ab~ve Latn*d (name the htQd*>r or bidders) will. I his [or their] offer as above be ae:e?t?l. enter uto On n tract with the United fttalea withir fifteen sy? after the date of ?< ' oe thr <?( h the post cffio* f th<? acceptance ol hir [or their] offer before mei, iodoH. (Mguaturaof i u*rantr?rs. > Witness: I certify that the above named t bar* name t be uaramors* are known to rae to be and re possible gaa antors m this oaae. (Biicnatore.) To be sifned by the distnot jodre, district attorey, ool eotor, navy aceut, or eoine person known o the bureau to be responsible. PORTSMOUTH. N. H. Class No 6 White pine, epmoe, janiMr.and vjr?ss; class No.9. Srarel and sand; eisss No. 11. roa, iron nails, ana ipikee; elsss No- NmI; lass So. 14. K] ??: aliu Na.1L S h,? rh?.nril?m Im' No. 17. Hardware; e'aaa No. it. Station* r; m? No. a. Belting, packing, Mid bos*; o.u< No. 5 Angara. B08T0N. ClaM No. 1. Brtcka; olaea No.t. Stone; claaa No, Y?lov pin* timber; olaa* No. 5. Oak and hard rood timber and lumber; oM No. C. Wk t? pine, prnoe, Juniper, aid oypreaa; olan No. 7. Lime, air, ana piaster, claaa No. . Cement; olaea No 9. >ravel acd aaod: olaea No. 11. Iron, iron epikea. nd naila; oiaaa No. 12. Steel; olaea No. Ik. F.g * ron; c aa? No. 15. Fainta, oila, aod glaaa; olaan lo. 17. Hardware. NEW YORK. Claea No 1. Brick*; elaaa No. S YeUow plan imber; oiaea No. 4 Yellow pine lumber Oitte No. Oak ai d hard wood; otaaa . 6. Wkue pine, rilAA. A*n r*M an/4 inniaAr ?! ? ^ ?* f ? r- ? ? ?J f - ?? , wu? jum^wi I Vi*a? .*" a UIH*S air, and piaetor; c a** No. a. Cf merit, oiaae No.l. iravel and aand; ?!tu No. 10. tiate; ? aa? No. II. ron, iron apikea, and nails; olaaa No. 1*. Pic iron; lau No. 16 Fainta, oi'a ao<3 i-au; elau No. M'hif ohandlorr; o au No. 17. Hardware; olaaa No. J. Belting. packing, and hoM; c au No.K. Iron rork. *o. PHILADELPHIA. Claee No. J. Yellow pine timber; olaaa No. I, >ak and hard wood; olaaa No A Wbite bum, pruoe. juniper, and eypreaa; olara No. 11. Iroa. ron *pikee and naila; riaer No 1*. Filee; olaaa No. 7. Hardware claaa No.)l Belting, packing, aad ow; olaaa No.36. Auger*. WASHINGTON. Claaa No 1. Brioka: olaaa No. 5 Oak and hard rood; o au No. 6. White pine, aprnoe tamper, nd ojpreae; olaaa No. 11. Iron, iron atikd, aat aila: olaaa No. IS. Stool; oiaea No. 14 Pilae; o au io. 15 Painta.oila, awl claaa; olaaa No. M Skip hand lory; olaaa No. 17. Hardware; olaaa No. 94. perm andlubnoating oila; olaaa No 27 Antn-aoite oal; olau No. <0. Bitnmin?aa Cumberland ooal. The achodnlo will atato the timee within wkiok rtiolea will be repaired to bo delivered. and what* be printed ached ale ta not naod, the period a atatad 1 it (nr I ranaa miiat Wa A 11 ?e articles which may b? oon'iraotad*for mTet'E elivered at eaoh piaocor piaoea, tnaiadiog dra_y(? and cartage to the piaoe where naed within the avr ya'dt, respectively, for which the oner* ar? iad*. aa m\y be directed by the oommaod ng oftsr thereof; and. ail other tunfi being equal, referenoe will be given to Amerioan mar ufa tare, io artic e will be reoeivad after the expiration of tie period epecihed in the Mhtdd'i for the somietion of dehvenee anieea tpec.a..y auih riaed by be Uepartmont. In oompating the olaeaaa, the rioe ataied in the oo'.nmn of arioea will oe the tandard, and the aggregate of the ola*e will be arriod out aooordiog to the pneea ataied t ia to b* provided la the ooatmet aad to be dieinotly anderatood by the bidde*a, that the amount nd number of artiolea enumerated in eliaeM eaded"Mi?o* ueou" are epeeifted aa the >r?talt quantity which may be repaired, aa wail ae to ix data for deterraiaing the l.-?weet bid ; ho the ontractor ia to farnieh mora or leaa of the Mid eoaaerated articlee, amd w ruck taamnui, and ai iimri, ai tk* twraa* er commmmdmmt maw r?ain i anon inereaaa, however, not to exoaad ooaa f of the quantiti* atated t\nd reqaiaitiona aent hrough the poat oftoe ahall be deemed aaftcieat totioe) during the teoal year ending the 9Hh of one, IStS; aad whether the aaanti iaa repaired b? Dora or leaa than thoae apaolied, the prioea aha.I ciD&iD ths unit Ail the artio ee ander the eoatraot meat be of the *et quality, delivered ta good cder, fre- or all .nd ev<*rj obarge or ii|?i lo U* boreraveat, ,nd subiect to 'he mepeo'ioa, ooaat, mnt, or ae*eure<nent of the eaid nary yard, and be la all pocti tatulaotorr to the cmimaadant thereof, iiddere are referred to the yard tor plaae, eeeeifi atione. or tamelee. and any farmer 4r?onpiio? of ha artielee. \N heo bidder* tha i be ia dont>t ae to he prreite artielee named in tbe eobaeale, they rill apply to the oom mending offioer of the aarr ard and ?<* te tmplcyt for deecription of he arlele or ar.iolee ia doabt. which information tfce aid oiK >er wilt fire ia writing i onuaotors H>r a*ees headed 'MieoellaBeooe," who 4a mot raise near ihe place where the arbafee a e to be dei re red. will be ree aired to name in ikeir proposala D efent at the eity or principal f de.ivery. who way t>e oaLed n?oa to deliver ar ielet trtUMit del*? when tbo? thai. be reeaired. Arrrov?4 > reiiM is the tall Mtut of >kt?o?reot will be r^uu?d, end twenty per Mtlu M .dditional security dedaetec froa each MnMt inti. the eontraot cImUI her* beea omumm or an. elled, anieta otherwise Mtk?ni?d n tm L* >ar taient. m ?! ol erue4? aeade?vMfooi me to be deiveied M reqniree "pr m the iio&i year, the twenty per c ntin retain^ may. x the diaeretioa of the eomeaadaat. he paid iiv rly on the ftret of Jaaaary, Afru, Jaly.aad Oonber, when the deliveries have bean autiMiton, aJ the liaienoe teighty per oeet.1 will he petd by lie reapeetive navr agea a wuaia thirty d%j after m presentation of bule^a u iplioatc, dely roaoM No part $:h? per eecteai reeerved i? tn he pai atil all the rejected artiolea tiered Merthe eoa raot shall have been removed froai the yaflTTaalnee peoialiy aathonaed by th- iupwtant n delivering all or-any of the a^Vialea mbMM|1i ay o.aea bie for, of the ?aaiity aad at the tm? Tad aoee above provided, then aad ta that eaae the aid parties will forfeit aad pay to the PaMpa Kfttoo ft Ml or noL?y to* w OMN iviwm mount of cook o ?? ; vliok aor M rooorotoi. rom time to Uwo.oooordiac tr> U* Ml arCoagNM a tbftt oftMjrovid^d, IMTOftd Mftrob I. 1MB. I ?>* >|T?U? Moot till tb* oontrftcC,mm tbofr e'poniAnu; k> oortiiod to tor ft mm ifoot, fat. Mtur, Oiotriot ftttoraoi, or mm oumt ntmi, UMicMri i tows to tti? buoi. II to to bo orundoo in Up oootiwt ttftt the banli bftll kmw the mowm of MftjlITn* tko oo?u*ct, ri'.bont too* orttMf?lothoS?*tnMial.iatfti on.rm- cbftli tot Mt? mmm mtmmt Myr??ik. 10. f >r UM ftrtioios BftBM. ot firf tki Moioimi i yVo.k?wtift.ftto< fTTftod o? whiob UliWw??Miu&S?gBs Hum ?h?ii I <M >Ot Bt?f into ortr^ct for 1lM l>n >M mtiM rHtoflfn day fr? ifc?df wf iniwhii tW ^^f^jir^sSwsaass t) :?ua^ ^ ^ -S

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