Newspaper of Evening Star, 13 Eylül 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 13 Eylül 1861 Page 2
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?? TilF. FVr.M!N(i STAR. m ? m i ? * WASHINGTON CITY: mi OAT S#pt'?t?r 13, 1*61. On Fktraw at the virion* military campa and poattlona will confer a favor by keeping u? posted ? to mowoenta and affairs In tbelr vicinities. |[7" The new Dollar Weekly Star, fuller than ever of Metropolitan newi and gossip, and choice literary reading, la now on our counter ready for delivery to the public. Km braced In lta entertaining content* sre the following articles: Marrying the Minister, a good story; Major General McCW>llan'a Report on the Siege of 9ehaatopol and th? art of war In Europe; Mr Fnaaell'a letter to the l.nnilnn Tim??* n America, from the l^ondon Globe; The F^iee Realities of War; Disaffection among Troop?; Presentation of colon to the Pennsylvania troop*, and speeches of Gov. Curtln and Gen McCall. The Pol ice Com ~n issloners and tbei r a ppol ntment*; Signing the Treaaurv Notes; Kffect of the canHire of Hatt?raa; A Kind Word from a Frtendlv Nation; Affair* la Missouri, Western Virginia, Kentucky, and at Cairo and Fortress Monroe Movements on the Potomac and operations of the f otitis; Our Military ttud?et, an Important and Interesting synopsis of affairs in and around Washington; Doings over the river and with General Bank*' column Latest telegraphic dispatches; Departmental intelligence; Military appointments and promotions; Arrest of traitors, Ac.. Ac.: together with Agricultural, horticultural, and gardening misre'.laay, Household and farm recipes, local newa, choice selections, and other excellent home reading matter This Is J oat the paper above all others for persona sojourning in the National Metropolis to send to their friends at a distance Price only ? . - - -> |^? y VI ?l .WW pci OIIUII Ul) prepaid by tain pa when ao arranged. af th* Mtralai Preaa The Intsiligtncfr, In noticing the plana of (be aecessioolsts in Keutucky, thinks that they have plunged ao mahy of the States Into rain, that the people of Kentucky will not be dupe*', by any of their schemes. The Kejmblua* treats upon the question cf cotton supplies and prices. Ex-Mayor Brkbkt?The order for Mayor Ber. rat's release from confinement In Fort Lafayette, mentioned elsewhere In the Star to-day, show* that while the authorities realise th* necessity of taking due care that disloyalty finds no resting ? 1 ? I _ it. t-a - ? - ywmcm is ian municipal government of tbe Federal Metropolis, threatened as it It by tbe rebels on the ether tide of the Potomac, they nevertheless enterlain ao wish to oppress any one personally While there are many whom they cannot safely trust la poaltlons wherein their action might possibly prove dangerous to tbe c*use of tbe Union as involved ia the current wsr, It is evident that they are disposed to deal with them as loyal citi zeni. ao long as they refrain from acts that amount to giving practical aid and comfort to the rebels la anna. * Taa Haltimobk Assist* This MoaffiNG ? Tbe arrests made in Baltimore this morning will certaialy aave the State of Maryland from Virginia's fate. The parties arreste 1 are all noto. Ttoua secession lata, who have been laboring to Involve Masyland la war with the Government, ander the hollow and fhlae pretense of favoring peace?traitor* far mo/e dangerous at this time than those wltfa arms nn?Bi? in *k?i? II Is well known to the authorities bere, (bat a plan to subvert the government of Maryland, de elarlng the State seceded, kc ,was being batched by lending Maryland secessionists The mine wan to have been sprung next week : the minera for the roost part being smoog those arrested this - morning by order* from tbls city. The secessionists have taught the Government, nt length, bow to prevent the success of such revolutionary measures as have nominally taken every (so called) seceded Slate out of the Union. Yesterday, the 47th anniversary of the battle of North Point, was celebrated with much spirit In Baltimore and other cities. In Baltimore the Association of Old Defenders held a meeting at Dm id Hill Park, and had a grand dinner, at which Union songs and sentiments were given with hearty good will. Salutes were fired from Pert McHeory and by tbe Second Massachusetts battery, and all (he troopa bad a grand parade daring the day. No Pabty im Mis5k?ota.?A call for a convention held In i*t. Paul, Minnesota, on the 5th of September, appears In all the papera of that State. The delegates are to assemble regaftleaa of past party diffierencea. and are to be actuated only by a desire to maintain the Union, and to xustaln the government In Its efforts to cruah out the lost vestiga of rebellion against lta authority. IC^Polk'a army at Columbua, Ky., ia reported to consist of thirteen regiments of infantry, six Held batteries one aelge battery, and three battalions of cavalry. He has eight steamers and one gunboat, mailed with railroad iron, and armed with one sixty-four and one eighty-four pounder. Jtff Thompson la reported opposite. ETA contract has been made in Cincinnati to furnish General Fremont, by the 1st of October, Ire complete batteries of ateel and braas guns, with all their equipments, including horaes, unia, wagon* ana ammunittonf There will be thirty cannon In all, aixty and two band red and forty horaea. ET The Naw York Trlbane taya the Re* Dr. Bethune la about to retire from bia pastoral charge In the church in Seventy-first at. He Intend* to g? to Italy, where It la probable he will make hla future home. With thla change It la understood that be alao Intend* to retire from the pulpit altogether. It r A man named Mliner waa arrested in Naw York on Tuesday, by the United States marabal, charged with an attempt to hire men to go to Richmond to engage in the manufacture of a new patent breech-load log gun. Ten thousand dollars were fonnd In bis possession CT It ba* teen discovered that tbe rebels are rapidly fortifying the river at Columbus, below Cairo, alao at Randolph, Tenn , where a masked battery of three sixty-four pounders has been discovered Old scows and steamers arc being sunk ear Randolph ITT- There arc Im?????????? 1 ?1 ._ . i . j <UII? vi iiiiinsi cases to be hrfed at the fall lerm of the U S I DMct Court Id New York. Twenty are prlratan, to be tried for tbe high crime of piracy, ui forty-two slave traders, wltb vtbeis ludicted aa aidersand abettors of tbe atan trade. IPBTTb* U. 8. Marshal la Baltimore yesterday aat?d tbeschooner N. M. Tannor,aa tbe property of persona la tba seceded States. Tbe cargo was very valuable, consisting of oranges and cocoa nota, bat aa this belonged to loyal citizens of Bal tlmore it waa not taken. 117" Tbe Lincoln Cavalry Regiment Is now eoaaptetoly fall; the laat squad of recrtilta having left New^Vork city yeaterday afternoon No more I men for thla regiment are to ha accepted at preaC7" A petition la la circulation In New York city, addraaarri to tbe Secretary of State, calling hie attention to certain alleged treasonable mlsrepreaentatloas in tbe letter of Mr. Roaaell to tbe London Times, dated August 10th ITT On tbe Slat at Augast, tbe U. 8. goop-of war i mini eapcureo ow IM Florida cowl the British schooner Alf berth, from St John, N. B, with a valuable cargo of molasses and rice Tkt nbuir 1* oi eighty toes burthen \jy Th? factorial ( Ballaton Spa; N. Y , are eer all mate? oa fall time The axe and scythe fattarlm art la fail blast; aad a new establish Mat tor the loaaufectere ot army blankets is atoeiaeperatloe. C7 LMt Tuesday, a street railway was opened with the appropriate -iirlc eeremoates at Tomato, Canada The work of 'laying the rails eommearrrl about I bree weeks si nee a labs ma Etscrso!*?Tbomaa Watts, for G ever aar of Ate beat, beet hie competitor, Shorter, *a Mobile ooaaty, ever thlrteea handled votea, altheoffk tt ti epptwed iftt latter || fleeted. Wt J ; - ! 1 i Il orn MILITARY BUDGET. * 1 EX-JIAYOR JANE* G. BERRET OR. DERED TO BE RELEASED. We learn tbat yesterday evening's mill carried to New York an order from the Department of State directing the release or James G. Berret, i late Msyor of the Federal Metropolis, from his ? present confinement In Fort Lafayette. This order Is on condition that he takes the j oath of allegiance to the United states against j any and all enemlea whatsoever, and alao resigns ' the office of Mayor. i < COUP D'ETAT IH BALTIMORE, j ARREST OT THIRTY-FIVE LEADING ] SECESSIONISTS. 1 i Mayer Brtwi, Htn Hrary May, T. Farklas Settt, tid Traklc YVallla eat ta F#rtr?i Mclleary. ? 1 GREAT EXCITEMENT IN BALTIMORE. Marshal Kaa? ta ga ta Fart LafayeU*. ? [Special Correspondence of The Star.] Baltixo**, Sept. 13, 1881.?Editor Star: At daylight tbla morning the city of Baltimore waa thrown Into tha greatest exclteaient by the announcement of the fact that the authorltlea bad, during the night, made a quiet and aucceaaful swoop upon the gang of leading seceaalonista I here, and that thirty five of them were already placed within tbe walla of Fort McHenry. 1 About half-paat one o'clock thia morning tbe , Fourth Wlaconcin Regiment arretted Mayor Brown at hla country residence In Baltimore county, and at about the aame time arresta were made of Hon. Henry May, T. Perklna Scott, Teakl- Wallla. Kmi Wlnana, and the editors of tbe Erchangt and Sovtk newspapers, and othera of well-known secession proclivities. Twentytwo secession members of the Maryland Legislature, <? route for Frederick, were aelzed In tbe cara and put In confinement. The arrest was managed so quietly aa to take iuc (iaiiin? completely Dy surprise; and the whole , seizure was effected without the slightest disturbance. The excitement In town to-day Is natu- , rally high, bnt the general feeling Is that the ^ arrests should have been made long ago, and (bat > the surest way of bringing the rebels to terms is for the Government to treat them with a firm and ] vigorous hand, which shall teach them to reI spectlt. Marshal Kane is to be aent to Fort I.afayette to- ' day by steamer, and by the same conveyance will be sent to the same place the twenty-one persons arrested on the Ashing party. ( Upon the arrest of Gordon, (member of the I MarvlanH I jM?iaUtn?? \ ?">?? - ? -? ? J UV6,....U|O,/ >vuto uaya a^u, papers J were found In his baggage reading like amend- 1 ments to be offered to a proposed secession ordlnance to be brought up at the coming meeting of the Legislature. , t TBI FLIGHT OF FLOYD. ^ Another dispatch, received by the Government last night, conveys intelligence that In his recent { flight from his entrenched camp, near Gauley j bridge, Gen John B. Floyd abandoned not only bis camp equipage but his personal baggage, that of many of his t (Beers, fifty beef steers, and a considerable quantity of ammunition. These facts make It plain that he was badly befcten, Indeed, In the sctlon of the previous afternoon, and could escape with his command only by Instsntly cross, ing the river at his side with his force, and j J ?a _? *i a? * * " " " uranu) iuf me on age wuiDa mm. 1 LOYAL. Lieut. R. H Offley, of the 1st Infantry, a real dent of Georgetown, and well-known in the District as a nephew of tbe seceded Adjutant General Samuel Cooper, is now at Fort Leavenworth, Kanoas. Like bis brothers in this District, he is a sound Union man. DBTACRBD. Lieut. Paulding, U. 8. Navy, well-known here, has been detached from service on the Michigan, at Erie, to serve under Gen. Fremont on tbe Mississippi. AFFAIRS ACROSS THK CHAIN BKIDGB. A Soldier's Funeral?The Enemy Glad to Wear Dead Men's Shoes?Soldier Drowned?Cool Courage of our Troops t* the Skirmish?A fl." ? ' I ? ?* - [Special correspondence of The Star.] Camp Advamck, Sept. 12, 1861 ?Editor Star: The body of poor Wooda, of Company D, 19th ^ Indiana Regiment, who was killed In thesl^rmiah 8 near I^ewlnavllle, ww brought In this morning a by a detachment of the 3d Vermont Regiment, 1 who went oat to the battle ground to look for n some of their own miaalng. He had evidently [ died lnatantly from a bullet wound through the t bead The Confederates had taken the shots from c the corpae, emptied the pocketa, and cut every buttom from the uniform. The latter they may have taken for rellca, but the aboes muat have been taken for uae, and the fict indlcatea that they muat be sadly In want of leather. The body of Wooda waa laid out upon the ground in the Indiana encampment, for aome time, and afterward* waa burled In a romantic glen near the camp. A soldier of the same regiment, named Daniel Ward, who waa carried over the Little Falla and drowned while batblni? on Moniitif. hn?<~? ? at the nine point. From all account* our men behaved with the greatest coolnesa and bravery In the action near Lewensville. While the enemy waa pouring In a sharp Are from hts ambush, Lieut. Hancock and three others of Company 1,19th Indiana regiment, staffed out to ascertain, If possible, where the enemv was concealed, and followed up their mission to that hazardous length that they were cut off by the Confederates The only indications of perturbation through the affSir was with two companies of the Vermont troops when a shell burst suddenly in their midst, and who were naturally a " leetle astonished," bat they formed Immediately into line again, and afterwards took the compliments of the enemy with the coolness o* veterans The Dir.tnrMfln? ?' ? * . 1 ? ? is r not?l by all lover* of line scenery amongst our | troop*. An object of Interest In this neighbor- I hood. too, ia the famous dueling ground where c Clay ai.d Randolph met. Before the arrival of ' the troops the point was designated by a narrow a opening amongst the trees, the ground being ; softly carpeted with the elastic needles of the I pine. Now the place Is not so easily recognized, j! the trees thereabout for a long distance haying ( been laid level with the ground by the axes o* 1 thousands of hardy soldiers. Just beyond here, r on the road to Lewi nsvl lie, Is the house of the ( India-rubber man, Goodrich, and yet further on i the same road, la Prospect Hill, the seat of Com. * Ap Catesby Jones. c The health of the troops hereabout Is remark- J ably good, and especially la consideration of the c fact that they are unacc 11 mated here. union mxbtihs in albxaxdxia. p [Special correspondence of The Star J L Alxxaxdxi a, Sept. 13 ?Editor Star: The si xth { mullag of the unconditional Union men of Alex- j andria ?vlrtnttw ana K?l/I ! ?? ??.i? - ?? - ? ^ > ..wy w?B? HM? vvvuia^ at use _ L;cma Hall, Alexandria. The meeting was ad- f daeased by Gen Montgomery, the Provost Judge, jj Rev. Mr. Carver, and W. D. Massle, Esq. Nine- t teen citizens took tbe oatu of allegiance to the United States. The band of tbe New Jersey reptment, as well ss a glee clnb of the regiment was Z present. Tbe eanae is onward. L H7" Col. Durysa baring bees appointed Brig* Ij adler General, take* command of tbe regiments b in Baltimore ander Major General Dlx Lieut r Col G.K. Warren succeeds to tbe oolonefey of C<>l. Dvryea's regiment and the command of the ' works on Federal Hill. Major Ulram Doryea beeocnee Heu'ensnt Colonel, vies Mr Warren. Sioc* tbis regiment cook tbe Add three of it* *1 * A BATTLE IN WESTERN VIRGINIA, rke Federal Treep* aa4erGeR Rnecrui Attack Fliii*! Eatreached Camp near Sammervtlle, weal af Oaaley River?A Fierce Gaafllct? Fteyd Retreat* la the Night, Lea Tint all his t amp Eqalpage, he , brlilad klai. CLAKK*Bv*a, V* , Sept. 12 ?A battle eomneneed between the Federal troops and the enmy at 3 o'clock on Tuesday afternoon, near Miinmerville. Oen. Rosecrans, after taking a reconnolaance, 'ound Floyd'* rebel army 5,000 st ong, with slxeen Held piece*, to be entrenched In a powerful >osltlon on the top of tbe mountain at Cannax ferry, on tbe west side of Gauley river. The ear and extreme of both flank* were lnaccessl* >le. The front was masked by heavy forests and '.lose jungle* Col Lyttle*' 10th Ohio Regiment of Benbam'a Brigade was in advance and drove a strong deachment of tbe enemv out of their camp, this tide of tbe position, th? state of which was unknown. Shortly afterwards bis scouts, constat. n(j of four companies, suddenly discovered hem?el?? In the face of a parapet battery and a ong line of palisades for riflemen, when the batle opened fiercely. The remainder of the 10th and 13th Ohio regiments were then brought into action succettively >v General Renham, and the 12th Ohio regiment ifterwards by Capt. Hartsuff, whose object waa in armed reconnolsance The enemy played upon our forces terrifically with musketry, canister and shell Col. Lyttle led several companies of Irishmen o charge the battery,when he was brought down jy a shot in the leg. Col Smith's 13th Ohio engaged the enemy on he left, and Col. Lone's 12th Ohio directly In the Yont. Colonel Lone fell dead at the beaa of his egiment, early In the hottest of the fire, by receiving a ball in the forehead. Capt McMullln's howitzer battery and Capt. Ryder's two field pieces meantime were eot into tie beat position possible under the clrcuinstances, and soon silenced two of the rebel guns. The tire slackened at Intervals, but grew more Furious as night approached. The German brigade was led gallantl^ Into iction by Col. McCook, under the direction of Adjutant General Hartsbuff; but, after a furious Ight of three hours, darkness compelled the recall >f the troops, and the men laid on their arms within a short distance rt the eneiny, ready to relume the contest next morning. When the morning came, however, our scouts 'eported that Floyd had IncloMously fled, dtiing the night, sinking the boats in the river in lis rear, and destroying the temporary bridge he and made when he first crossed to occupy the position The turbulence and depth of the river md the exhaustion of our troops made it imposilble to follow the fugitive rebels. So hasty was tils flight that he left behind his camp equipage, wagons, horses, lsrge quantities of ammunition ind fifty head of cattle. Our loss is nnlv Will ?? ? j UU%* U \J\J U ? ?CT" ;nty wounded, generally flesh wounds. The rebels' loss Is not ascertained, a* they carled their dead and wounded across the river dulng the night, but It wis certainly very serious Capt McGroarty, of Cincinnati, Capt. McMullin and Lieut. Snyder, of Ohio, are among the wounded, but not dangerously. Twenty-five men of Col. Tyler'*'regiment, who were taken prisoners by Gen. Floyd at Crocs Lanes were recaptured by onr troops Gen Floyd's personal baggage, with that of all his officers, were also taken. Gen Kenham's brigade, which suffered most, was commanded bv him in person, and Col. McCook also ltd bis brigade Into action Major General Roseerans, Gen. Benharr., Cols. VIcCook, l.yttle and T.owe, and Captains Hartibuff, Snider, McMullin and Burk and other mtrni uiKpiayra parxicmar acts of personal ^alla ii try. The troopa engaged were exclusively from Ohio md all fought with the bravery worthy of veteans ' OFFICIAL KKPOKT Of BIN ROSFCRA!**. Headquarters Army of Virginia, ) Camp Scott, S?ept 12, p. in \ To Colonel E. D Townsmd: We yesterday narched 1?% miles, and reached the enemy's enrenched position in front of Conniflx Ferry, drlring his advanced outpostsand picket* before us. kVe found him occupying a strougly-ar.trenched position, covered by forests too dense to admit of ts being seen at a distance of three hundred rards His force was five regiments, besides the >ne driven in. He had probably sixteen pieces ?f arflllery. At 3 o'clock we began a strong recennolssance, which proceeded to such length that we were ibout to aaault the position on the flank artd ront,wben night coming on and our Iroopa being completely exhausted, 1 drew th^m out of the roods and posted them In the order of battle beilnri IK> rtAmm I ? .-41 - ?-l.. / > ? . ..? a iuiiitcutavriv iruunnv mofncmy i I >osltlon, where they rested on their arms until be morning. 8kortly after daylight a runaway "contraband" J amp in and reported that the enemy had crossed he Oauley river during the night, by meana of he ferry and a bridge which they had completed. Jol. Fwlng was ordered to take possession of the amp, which be did about 7 o'clock, capturing a ew prisoners, two stand of color*, a considerable |uantlty of arms, with quartermaster' stores, uessing and camp equipage. The enemy have destroyed their bridge across be Gauley, which here rushes thronvh a deep ;orge, and our troops being still much f&tlgura nd having no material for immediately repairing he bridge, it was thought prudent to encamp the roop and occupy the ferry and the captured camp. Veseiit a few ride cannon shots after the retreatng enemy, to produce a moral effect. Our loss will probably amount to 'JO killed and UU wounded. The enemy's lots not ascertained, >ut from the report of the Drlsonera it must h?*? teen very considerable. W. 8. Rosxcrans, Major General Commanding. Highly Important Arbkst.?William H. Viud?r, oftbiicity, a Marylander by birth, and brother of Brigadier General John H Winder, >f the rebel army, was arrested on Tuesday night, nd all hit correspondence and effects seized. The prisoner is a broker.and ha* been doing buaiieM at 314 Walnut street. Latterly he has occulted rooma in Ninth street, above Cheanut, and aken meal? at the Washington House. He haa >een suspected of having treasonable communiatlon with persons in the rebel Htates, and the letectlves have watchfd him constantly. A few reeks ago be refused to take the oath of alleglince, aa prescribed to thefReserve Grayiof which le was a member, and atill later was accused of eceivlng and transmitting information Southvard Warrants were issued simultaneously at Washington and Philadelphia. That algnea by 'rovoat Marshal Porter stated that the prisoner vas charged with an intention to "selxe. take. na posses* tbe property of the Government of the Jnlted States," and likewise to subvert and overurn the United States Government Having lecured Winder's clerk, detectives Franklin,Barbolomew, and Blackburn next proceeded to an bmory of the Reserve Grays, In Walnut street, tnd quietly exhibiting their warrants, directed llm to go with them to his lodgings He was ifterwards taken aside, stripped and searched, {lvlne up his keys, pocket book, letters, etc. At his rooms was found a quantity of valuable leedaof properties in Washington, Baltimore, and Philadelphia, letters from a brother (Cbas. H. kVlnder) raiding in Washington, and from the brigadier Winder, of a more Southen latitude. Vmong tbe curiosities of the place were the sword if Gen W. H. Winder, of tbe war of 1814, and e ot of hlfttorical relics and letters Some of the letters. It Is said, reveal the way of hlnklng in the South, prior to M? Lincoln's eleclon, showing conclusively a forgone Intention o disrupt the Union. Others detail fragments of :onveraatlon to which tbe late James Buchanan vas s party, an exhibit a general loaenessof sentlnent in the presence of That fnn/>iinn?m night, at this lime be construed Into tresson iVe believe, however, that none of the documents, llrectly Inculpate Winder; becauae, although noat of tbern are filled with treason, they cannot >e proved to have been written bv the prisoner, ie waa, however, the Philadelphia correspondent >f the New York Dally News, aa copies of his etters were found pasted carefully In blanks, vlth notes and Interpolations?Pkila Prut. f-3=?THE RKVrDR. REED. t?eClTaplsJiTof L5 the 30th Penusylvaiiia Regiment, will, by li?in? permission, preach on 8ABBATH EVENING or xt, at half pas'7 o'oloek, at Gallrestt's 'hapel, on Third St.. between New York av. sod j st. 1?? Y^T- VOUNG CATHC'Linh' FRIEND BOCI L W E'*"Y? An adjourned mw ting, fc.r theeleo ion of officers, w II be held st the go tool Room cf It. Patriot's Chsroh. on SUNDAY KVbNING, Mh inst .at & o'oloek. The attendance of every nem( e; who feds an interest in the perpetuation if tha Sooiety is earnestly desired At no time u oe its first organisation, sine years afo. has this nstitution been mor? needed than now. Shall it be ontinued? By order: u nn ti n ? n i u a nuwn . DYVfiKflY, ITM. P. J. McHkmky, M?O. a? 13 rr?MA\OR'S UFFIUR. % u^sawisfttiys.. "{." on l""UAY 11-8* RICHARD WALLACH. Mayor nP?RBCRUIT8 APPLVINO TO THK DIP. fw#?,R??ru"i f, Officer* for ths Third farmland VolnntMr* will b? promptly forwaded o the encampment, near Baltimore, where every quipment will be promptl/ furnished. ? I1-3MO *-^aLLrill be enlisted to fill this Company to the max mum fixea by law?1? men. Ineuire at No. '** *?? month. side* food and clothing. aslT tf LAW BOOKS POR BALE. HR Poi.owin* Law Books, in good ooadittoa. mi ho s< Id at moderate prioss t I Halsted's Law of kvidsnoo, Cbittjr's Hlackstons, Bsrrill's Law Dionoaary, / .. .. I I FROM MISSOURI. St. Lotus, Sept. 11 ?Dr. Franklin, Surgeon of G?n Lfon'i Brigade, arrived from Springfield to-day, and reports that all the Federal wounded remaining at ttiat place have been retained by order of the rebel commander, and are held aa hostages for the safety of the secessionists now to , the handa of the Federal authorities. Dr. Franklin was told that for every rebel ahot ' or hnng nnder Fremont's recent proclamation one of our wounded aoldlers would be ahot Captain Kldd.of the rebel army, arrived laat . night with a flag or truce It Is conjectured that he brlngas proposition for an exchange of our wounded at Springfield for all the secession prlaonera now In the handa of the Federal military authorities throughout the State Acting (Quartermaster General McKlnatry haa laaued orders forbidding all officers, agents and other employees In the quartermaater'a department, In any dealing with persons not known to be loyal to the United States government, and all such officers, agents, employees and contractors are directed to use the utmost vigilance to preT^llt thll d IfihtlfMmant IT ? '?-J ? ? w..w?>wuiv111 v? *u? IVIICf VI MICUI11ICU State* for th? benefit of its enemies Gov Gamble returned here laat night. The Republican learns that bta mlaslon was to get

money and arms to enable blm to get out the State troopa under hla proclamation, In which he was eminently successful. Money will be placed to his credit in the sub-Treasury and arm* be forwarded aa faat aa possible. BSFOKTID FLIGHT OF HAITI* GBKSN'S VOBCKS. Hinhiwill, Mo , Sep 10.?Gen. Pope's command marched for the rebels under Green on Sunday night,and at daylight on Monday reached their camp; but Green, having received notice of the approach of our troop?, had fled, and his forces scattered in every direction, leaving much of their baggage, provisions snd forage, and the Bublic property they had captured at Shelbtna rfen's force numbered about 3.000, and Gen. Pope's troops, having made a forced march of 23 miles, were unable to pursue him. At the latest accounts It was understood that the hulk of Green's forces had crossed the Northern Missouri Railroad, and were making for the woods in Charlton county. Gen Pope followed In pursuit, with the Sixteenth Illinois and Third Iowa Regiments, after bI?Ibo ?K?m i>??? rest; but as Green's forces are mounted, there ii but little prospect of overtaking them. official report of gen. fhimokt concerning tbi1it1ut orelll okix.1. St Loins, Sept IS. Colonel E. D. Tovmxtnd, Assistant Adjutant General:?A dtspatcb from Gen Pope, received to-day from Hunnewell, (on the North Missouri railroad.) states that he made a night march on the rebels under Gen. Green, last Sunday, who, however, got notice of his approach, but be vras successful In causing the dispersion of 3,000 of the rebel force,-who left behind them much of their baggage, provisions and forage; also the public property seized by Gen. Green at Sbeljbourne. Gen. Pope's infantry was too much fatigued to pursue them. The horsemen, however, followed in pursuit for ten or fifteen miles until the enemy were completely scattered and dispersed. The railroad east of Brookfi^ld is now open, and no more secession camps will be made within twenty miles Gen. Grant telegraphs to me that the first gun is In position at Fori Holt, Kentucky. J. C Fremont, Major General Commanding. five hundred rkbsls routed?six hundrrd taebn prisoners. Jkfffr'on Citt, Mo , Sept 11.?A messenger from 81 dalila states that Capt Jamison's Kansas jay Hawkers bad defeated the notorious Dr. Staple?, at the bead of Ave hundred rebel*, completely routing them and killing their leader. Tbli will restore peace to Pottiaaud the surrounding counties, as Staples and McGoffln, who was raptured some days since, were the principal instigators of secessionism in that s?ctlon It Is also reported that Col. Marshal's Illinois Cavalry have captured six hundred rebels under Capt. Skelley with two field pieces. another attempt to throw a train throcgit a br 1 dos Mexico, Mo , Sept 11?The timbers of the bridge of the North Missouri rsilrond. near this place, were burnt by the rebels, with the design of precipitating a train loaded with United States troops Into the river, but fortunately the act was discovered in time, and the troops are now encamped until the bridge can be repaired. NOTICE TO CONSIGNEES-TkesteamrrC C. Alger, Captain Kenton, from JT"*p,w. Pniladelphia. has arrived. Goods ready for delivery. HYDE A DAVIDSON, Agents. _lt Georgetown. D C. Headquarters roa INDIA RUBBER GOODS. OFFICERS, PRIVATES, TEAMSTERS, DRIVERS and others. Can find ths LARGEST and BEST ASSORTMENT of INDIA. RUBBER GOODS that there ia in the oountry, which will be ao!d at MANUFACTURERS' PRICES, AT HALL & WEEKS' INDIA RUBBER WAREHOUSE, 303 PKH!fSTLVA!IIA Avsitui, Between Ninth find Tenth Streets. N. B ?SUTLERSand DEALERS supplied at loweit New York Priori. se 13-tf UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, AURIOULTURA . DIVISION. Washinfton, Sertemltr 9,1861, In oonsequenoe of ti e delay which attended the arrival of Seeds of foreign importation, < rders for which were issued prior to the lncominc of the present Administration, many of them, f>om sea voyage and other causes have been found to i>e entirely useless for praotioal purposes This reeu t has been a oer nuned by experimental 'est*. Therefore, the usnal distribution wil< be d< f rred until a supply oan be obtained which wi 1 refleot oredit on the Department. ISAAC NKWThN, e 11-iw Snperintendent. T NOTICE. HE,On partnership eretofore onrried on br ih? nameoi ti. k. i,oudo* A Co. tu diaaolved on the lit mataut by it* own limi'auon. Alt thoae amount* to Mid firm are requeue to ?ettle the Mm? without de'ay, aa the auoo^iaor* are anxiooa to o oae toe booka and aett'e aooounta a;ain?t^he above expired oopartnerahia. OEOROE W. FARANT. . FKANCISJ HKIVKRGR, , JOSHUA H. KING. rrr PfOTI^E?The und'raided reapeotfully inform th*ir patrone and the publio generally of their having farmed a oopartnerahip to oontini e the bnamena, in all ita hranohea.aa aneo?a?ora of the late firm of U. F. Loudon A Co. Whilat tendering th?ir thanka lor the very liberal pationivge received, tbev pledge themrelvea t" uae their utmoat exertion* to merit their continued favora. F. J. HEIBEKOER A CO. ttafoeaaor to H. F. Loudon and Co., Military and Naval Merchant Tailora. F. J. HI iiigu, J. H- Kiso. aep 11 3w f|EPOT QUARTERMASTER'* OFFICE. 0 WllHIHSTOII, D. C., 1M1> 8umd Pkofosal* will be r?ofiv?d at this oflot antil lit o'olook in.. 3Qth inittat. to farniah the troops in this city ana iu ieimty north of the fo~ tnmao liver, wrhin (6) lit miles of the oity of Washington, with Woo**, fnr (4) six months, ooinm>*noinc tat dar of October, IM1, and ending on the Slat day of Maroh, 1682 The wood to be of the beat quality of oak or hickory, and to be delivered at the camps or quarter* of the troops, in ruch ?nanut!ea aart at anoh times as the Depot Quartermaster may direct Good seourity will be required for the fulfilment of the oontraot T ne bida to be for so mnoh per oord of wood, consisting of (128) one hundred and twenty eight oub'o feet, ana to he endorsed MB ds for Wood,' and the names of the security to be stated in the bids The undersigned reserves to himseif the right to reject all bids that may be deemed too h gh. payments to be made at the end of each month, by returning the orders drawn on the oontrantor or contractors with reoeipta of the Regimental or Brigade Quartermasters of regiments, brigades, or corps, endorsed on the hack of said orders for the amount of wood delivered. D. H. RUCKER. sell td Quartermaster U.8 A. yK/tLKD PROPOSAI.H innW Mil s? dayof piember. 1461, for a* pa lying the Ami of ihePotomao with pulATOKfl. About ?>#&) baahe a will bereanired. in lo of ?M>?t 1(00 buahela per week. The Potatoes to be of toe fret Slnda* * M ln q r 10 U" following Meroera (blue,) Pink fcye. _ Meroere < white ) The Potato? to be delivered in Washington, end aubect to aaoh inspection on delivery aa the Sab utenoe (Vpartment inay reqair?, and payment to deeira^tIn '"r8**nrT BOtM> ?f OoTerameat ahonld 3The Po'atoea to be delivered in good, strong bara. and eaoh bnahel to be eetinaiad at an lb?. nuv J? ?be- -a*. bkck - - > utf u * o< a>i ?? ?iiiin|VUU| lit V? 19 9 COLDIkRS? INVALID PENSIONS ?Oftoara A im Sodiara, diaablad by di?? or aroand* raaaived in Ui? aarvioa of <th? Uniad State# m tba line ofdaty, is the pre*#-t war, ouuritMr p*Hri aorraatly ^r?ytrad Ud tliair (Imbm f fomented wilkoat aay charge nattl tbe pension is allowtd, Ky H. o. SPALDING, Agorae?, NO D at, naar lOtt at, W Mluuc ton, D. C. ml Iw* \ p.1*"" AMUSEMENTS. REMEMBER U*, ^ The ir.embara of the MOUNT I'URR CLUB hare the pl?a??re of inferamf their friei.di M that th*ir SIXTH lilt A* l* OOrii I.O.N B PARTY Till uU pl%oa at Ptviit'i corner of ?a-avrnoe and 9th it. on M<> "-WB DAY EVENI NG. ?e?te?i?b?*r !?. imi. Oar lad* lueixU who have aot reoelrrd innta ion* are respectful; i?rifed to utiatxl Ample arrant raaeta h\ve b*en rti&de with the M-tropolian Polio* to preeerre order. B* order. f F. MohlT. 3*o E. felly. G?o W. Hinae, John E. Hilton. a* i>-3t* Q D D FELLOW8' HALL! SKCOPfir WEEK of the world- rknownkd CAMPBELL MINSTRELS! TWELVE STAR PERFORMER*! The mo*t Accomplished M>natr?>l R*n<1 it the World. oompnaias the ver j Flower of tbe Ethiopian Frofeaaion. NEW SONGS, *CTS^"I) BURLESQUES EVERY WIGHT. A4mi*aion Twenty-five C'nta. eelft lw DR. FOKP. Aft WANTSL WTANTED-A CONFECTIONER or food ?'akk barer. a??iy to tho. havf.nNER, 347 Cat., between 4* and ?th. If WANTED IMMFDIATKLY-A jooi DOMESTIC CAKE B^BR ArplT at the corner of E and Eleventh ete. ee IS ?t* Vl|/ ANTF.D?By a re?peo table woman, w'o haa . " reoeii?ly loat her chid. a SITUATION a* wet nurae Addreaa Mra. THOMSON, Star ofice. BP IS-lt? m m t a my n? 00 - * ? - ? w n,? I r,u?a nunarea wui'H CUTTIsKB t" "? ohop oord wood, (or which #1 per oord will b? paid Asply at the Kirkwood Hoi??,or at Lnthicum'i Hardware Store, oorner High, near Bridge st., Geoigetnwn ; or, for further information. at the Star Office. se 13-1 w* JAMF.8 B. LEACH. U7ANTKD TO RF.NT-A oomp.etely furnished vv HOUSR, with 8 or 10 rooms Address G. F. this office. so li ft* %E7AVTF.D?A WOMAN a? oo - k ; one who v v thoroughly un^er*tauds her basineas ; none other need apply?309 F street, between llthand 12th eta. oe It St* WANTED-A HOUSE, with or without Fernitnre, central, moderate rent Addree? "Maris," this office. se 11 flt* WANTKD-A FURNISHED DWELL1N?" HOUSE, having all the modern improve menu, for the term of on? year or more, in a pleasant neich orhood and a healthy looality. One batween I and K and 12tb and 18th streets would he preferred Inqure(by letter) of F-G.MURRAY. ?tffioe of the Fifth Auditor, stating location, plaoe nf fl!p(k*r ifusnivw awH larm? ??_ * WANTED?A good WOMAN HOU*E SKRVANT; alio a MAN-SERVANT. Both must oome well recommended. Colored preferr?<3. Inquire at 433 F st. ? 9 WANTED?To bare every body to oall at SMITH'S. No. 460 Seventh ?t.. op?->sit?Post Office, und purchase their FALL and WINTER CLOTHING, TRUNKS, ?*T9 and CAPS, at the very lowest prioes. Give him a oall. aajniia WAN TED?A well furnished DWELLINGHOUSE, containing about six room* excla sive i f kitohen and servant s room*, well sitaated, wiMi a large yard or lot. and a (cod oarnag*- bou*e and stable for not ess than three h"r?es. Persons having such premises to reot will p eace lsave written descriptions at the Offioe of Solicitor of Conrt of r!aims. witb terms. as >0 2w* WANTED. FOR THE CASH-AM kinds of SECOND-HAND FURNITURE AND HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES. Persons leaving the city or having a surplus will do well to ca.i immediately. R. BUCTHI.Yt je 8 4 a* He Tenth, between G and n sts> ANTED.?We are uow boyinc SECOND HANn FI!H NITITR fe. H W i? D1N0, for which we are paying the highest oaah pncea. Families deolining housekeeping, or having a nrphm of furniture, will find it to tneir advantage to sire ua a ' all. BONTZ k. GRIFFITH, je 13-tf No. 369 7th at., betw. 1 and K ata. LOST AND FOUND. FOUNf>?On the morning of the 9th," ia tha neighborhood of the Weat Maiket. a email BREASTPIN. Tha owner can receive the aame by cullir* at No. 41. Winder's Building, aod ?ayim for advertisement it* STRAYED FROM THE PREMISES* OF V? the subscriber, on Thursday, the Mh instant. a 'mail red COW. with the right horn partly broken off, white faoa. and&^has marked in both eara. Anr peraon returning har to mo. No 957 Seventh at., between M aid N, Will be ?uirablv rewarded. If ' ~ FRANCIS PRC1TT. &10 REWARD.? Lost, veaterdar even'** 3P III either on Fourteenth. Tenth, or eoulh B street*. or in the Hmithaonian Grounds. FlFTV DOLLAR? in Bank of Waahiniton not**. The finder wi'l r*o?ive the a^o -? reward on l^evi-* the earn* At thu olfice, or at OR M K'8 Grocery Store, on Pa avenue, nrar Ten'h at. It* H. L.B1RRON. IOST-The aubseriber, a member of the TTth j Pennfjl-a-ia Rezim nt, left in a oigar or other tore o'i Monday last, a BUN OLE of military ai d other clothes. maked witi. hi* name and wrapped in a pair of drawer*. He being a at r eager in the oity. do?a not reoolleot the locality A liberal reward will be raid for th?m, if 'eft at the "moa hotel Rostaurant, corner Pa. avenn?and ?t. It* J. STERN RAN A WAY?From the aubaorlber, living n?*r 3d Regiment, frick e?' Brigade, about mi ea from Navy U d Bridge. NKGR<? fuT BOY, ROBKR r. eopper co or, rather fell fa^e. an y?ar* of age about 5 feet Ifl inches ta jF* height I will give thirty dollars, if brought-** > my resid-noe or aeoured in Waahirgton jail, >o In.t t k..? "ae .Vat'""" WM. M. MADPOX. KKWARD.?Ran a*ay from the ?ub?oriV*"1' ber, nbout thre* weeks ago. a ?*?rk- ^0 o mpleoted N K?RO BOY, about IB yiars f Q[ **e. named Robert Butler ; nai hill black K\ evea, lisps in his spereh. and h*s a out in the fleshy part of hia right foot; hal on when he let light linen pa^ts and oloth ca? The above reward will be paid for awd negro, if delivered to in* or ?ecu red in jail so that I set him acam. CHARI.EftL GARDINER. ?e Ivlw' Near Driffield, Charles count?, Md. LOST?A pair of GOLD 8PECTACLE8, with octagon glasses, in a stiff leatner case with the owner's runt oat in it A suitab'e reward will be given if left with the Teller at R;ggs & Co's oflioe se H St* REWARD?For the delivery to me of A large black Russian BI.OOD-^?l HOI'ND, loaton Wednesday, the Uth^^^^I instant * A. COOK, MO D street. se 18 2t* between 9th and loth sta. Q C Rh WARD ? Strajed or af?len,oi hatarday evening ast, from Louisiana aver us between 9th and Wth sts , a light red gPU^ C'?W, with short horns and wmte spec mmMtp kled hied quarters. The shove reward will be paid for her return to DAVlD HARRINGTON, l-oa Uiana av . o*>o?'t? the Onard Hou?i. ?e l?-3t* AO RK WAR U ?Strayed or at?len from tH *?b%J)0 acriber, ou Seventh It. near the Pa k, ?v a three-year-oid COLT; iw*r *m *hod;\LiTR two white hind feet; white *pot in hit fore- ? head ; dark bay, vergi- g in'o brown. I will give the ab ?ve reward if return* d ?om*. _**n-at* WM.M McCHESNEl. TAKEN UP, aa an eat ray on Monday. 9th mat., a rmall siied white and Maok Cow,^M| with one horn orooked.braaa knob onaaoh pUf^ horn. The owner will plaaae oorae (or-JUto ward, prove property, aay charge* and take ber away. Apply to GEOTPHILLIPSON, 10th at., Nary Yard, naar the Garrison Gate, (formerly Hitra a table ) ? 1l-8t? I OST ? %& RiwiiD.-I.oit. la?t evenicr. a Li Colt'a 7-tnch Navy REVOLVER, ifver mounted, mark Ml "Mortimer Thomson, mi." The above reward will be paid to who anay return the piatol to MORTIMER THOMSON. 931 P *t.. between 13th and 14th ; or to Mr Cha^wick, Willarda' Hotel. | ae ll tf ftlA REWARD.?Strayed from the railroad v1U near "Soldier*' Reat." one M a h k. m. 8h* is a dark brown, almost \>lnok with no jLiTfk notioenble mark*, exoepta small while pot in the oenter of the forehead, and la about 15K hand* high. Any person delivering said mar* to the undersigned at Lt Col. Carter's hea"*saner* of the 1st Regiment of Indiana Mounted Volssteara, situated at>o?tone mil* northeast of the Capitol, will reoeite the above named reward. eaUJt* Capt. J AS. D. 1EV1N. DAN AWAY.?From the aubserthar, on the Ad it in^L, NEGRO BOY ANTONEY?oaila jm iiiuN f "Toney Crawford." He la shout nineteen years old, ire feat two or three Inches in height, black, slender, thin ta Aesh 4M and has a rough ?kia; gram eoanUaanoe. i i wit/iasoar over one of hie eyebrows, occasioned 07 the kiok of a hors*. 1 will give fifty dot nra if seoured in jail sol get Dim,or sixtr dollars if brought homs to ms. For further deeoriptios in^ airs of Wail k. B*rn&rd FIELDER MA6RUPER. eept-tf near Bladonabsrg. F. g. Co. EDUCATIONAL. p LE A8 A N T VIE W bEM IN A R Y .-The dab** .a. hi tun DQCWI will W rNIIItM OB Ut* MOOBd Mood** in Septomtor Term* $1? for board ud Hi hr' Hr*tt?vill?. Prtnoe 0>or;ri oo . Md. Mrs. ckcll^tS'oun[}tlwu1 ruim ber U?mu ia Vocal Utile on Monday next. M?tw S9*h at her reaideuo?. No. 436 fcleventk street, ween H and I ata. Terns h4i know* on ajHioation. aa?l?o columbian college. V/ _ _ WUIIIWW. a c. Uetr iirat exe-cisM Wo.needay, Beytewbw ?ta. t or oaUlojoe* or 6iV^TWRJT?r AUCTION 8ALB8. * ByBREBNA WILLIAMS. Awtwimi CMNBGRAY PONEY. BOl'SEBOLD AND JLI'W P?l-imi, AT iWTIB* -Ot IAT URPAY. tk? 1?U i ?t*nt. w ball Mil. la front of Aaot i oa 9 tor*. No. ?*r*aU atraat, at Mo'doak a. m.? On* Or** Pom 8*VI* u< Bndla. Tb* koiw i> % In* ?' umJ for riding ui AI?o, a 'arg* ud *xo?ll*ot assortment of Faraitnr* baloDtiac to p?ra?a* ?Ko ar* doclmiaf b<???? k*epint iheatook b* n| l&rge and ti <Jera, it > t ana*o**?*ry tr> manau. T*rm* eaah in "WK>*. a* It GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aaata Br GREEN A WILLIAM"*. A?etiOn-or*. EXCELLENT BOUSEBOLD awb KITCBEtf uTn*im?. Pu?u Potr?Ar ,Ar A*cTioa-Oa MONDAY. tU Ktt iamni, at I* nVlfWtk rl_ ? . mm will aa ! ? ?-aX A oner B.Ioim, dwmid, "Jo. 4 39 I.batwaaa Bb and loth *tr**U, an axe*) lent tuortMat o( ararare, via? 1 fta? Mah?eany Caae Piano Fort*.made by Kaaba ft *afcl. 2 ftae ?oti ict Gilt faun* Fraaah Pla'e Pier Mir ror*. vith Marble Bra?k*t*?6 umi ? by Ma^ofasy Sofat, 8frii| and Kotkiai Ckaira. Oi'oataM, Fine Mantel Cloak, OlraadolM, Vaeee, and Oraa aata, Matx tacy Diainf, Pier. Card, acd fid* Table*. Marbla b'p Oaatar Tafola, Mi t-.ogan j S.dehoa-d. China, Ola**, and Crookcr* War#, an' ti vbiah ar* on* fine co>d band Franok China, and one P a'ad Tea and Ccff?* f*?t. Feather Bad*, Hair and Pheak Maltreae** aad Bedding. Maton&ct Hat Tree. Painted Wardrobe*, and Can* !***t Chair*. Oileotbe Fin* VelTet.Bm**al*.ard other Carpet*. K*frit*rator, Cookioj and other aum, ??1'n a gooa lot 01 Kitchen rt^imtM. lid km? other article* which we deem niNNNr; to Terms oaeh. id aMcie. ?e 1I ? UKhK.N A WILLIAMS. Aaota By WALL * BARNARD, Auetioaaw.. CWmt 9tk n. mmd mU nil Pm. m. IADY'S RIDINtt MARE AND fiTR'Ne * Waoosf AT Arcno* ?On SATURDAY OR N118. the 14th inatant. at lo o'clock, we wnl Mil. in frost of the Amotion Rix-ms. a gectie and ioun<t i,ady's Ridmf Mare, very atvliak and with a fine fall flaxen mane and tail. Ateo, two tSprmit Wacom. Also, I Bay Horse, 1 new Covered To* Waioc, 1 two-borac Expreaa do. Ternia cash. sell WALL A BARN A RD. A acts. Hy BOTELER * Wl LI.SON. Auotlonoora. F'Ol'R-REAT CARRIAGE ok OPEN HA aocca rwa 8*lb ?B? nrue of a deed of traat bearing data on the 28th day of Mar, >*U we will it. Dy oroe' of ihtTriitM, on TUKHOAY, U* 17th 8ejt, at 10 eVoek a m.. m front of oar Aae tion M?r*. 4 MM Carriage or Oh> Tarma eut flewta BOTRLER A WII.LTOH.Amu TRj WALL ft B\RI *ED, * utioweri rcstktf pale op Valuable imrierir Rial E?tat?.?Br virtae of t deed of tra?t. dated tbo lfth day of Mareh. 1MT. u4 dol? r.. o-r.,vd amonj the .And -?*?r4? ol the ooaaty *1 \VMhir.|i?c, p. C ,I ahel: pr?o#~c to eel*, on the MONDAY.Ik* rv. dtj ef?oyt#mlw. 1ML ft* o'eioek p. m.,a.i momiiikm or pareea of Send n j%tod is the oitj of WaeiunrtoSa. la Mid itrict. and knewo and oea.i nAi?c aa lx>uian ed thirty foar (St > and thirty-five (?t in ^aar? lanhtrtd 8?a handrM aad tkro* <na> lu|>16a> with th? !isroH??'U thereon. eeMiatiaf of large throe atory Bnok Hoaee, with a ftaa ha? mant. Bud aroaerty la looated on the aoatk aide of N afreet a?>uth, between 4H and ? b atreeta. Terma of aa'a:?Oae auarter in raab. heJanee in aiz twelve, eighteen,and twenty foar montka from the day of sale, to be aeoarea by a deed of traat oa th* aremiaea. ] f rha Urmi ftf ?a? 1 * ke * ?<Ui ?4 .. - ? ... - v? nw? v/?i?iirv wim im ? day a from day of aa)?. the T ra?t?e reaerrea U* ncht to reaell at the risk an* ?o?t of the fc ret eareku?r. JOHN F ENNIS.Traataa. ae? Wall* BARNARD. A?'a. FOB SALE AND KENT. Furnished rooms for rent, at no. 4.'>0 Twoifth at., Hit aid*, between to u< H rU. 1 he locality it anaarpaaaed io t?ia city, aM the rooma ara among th* moat comfortable. Na ehi'dren io the hour*. Every attention (tarut ed. Terma moderate. aa 13 lw For rfnt.-a store ami dry cellar for i?nt. *? b? fil feat, oa Ninth at., between D ard h ate. Apply to SAH'L i>?V AUttH AN, 403 E atreet aa 13 ?* I70R SALE. OR WILL EXCHANGK FOR T IMPROVED CITY PROPERTY-A rood improved FA KM, eonta.,r.icg |W aorea. 12 aiilea from W*ah nit *a. and 1 ml* froa the railroad at Heltavil a Pnoe |K per acre. Apply to B. O. HOOD. j>3S Pa aveoae. aa 1? St* P)R RENT?A STORE on Peaiivylvaaiaavanue, and F utaree for aale. a pp.y at thia of. fiee ae )l-?w* F'OR RENT-HOUSE AOS Peaoavlvania a% orer the bookatore of Franok Taylor?a plaoo for a profaaaionel roea ae Mf IT OR RENT-A bandeome FURNISHED r HOI78F: wi?K?l tk. 10 a pleaaant location. in*aire at the Staroftoe! Ml 30 tf tj^OE RENT?A my <Mirtb<t STAND for t botrdiif boiiM, on Penneylvnnia avenue ecd ighth ?U. now occupied by the Metiri, Joy, nod hM aivaye had a full share of the pntronnge of the city. Poaaeeaion given oa the 1st of *ept?mh*r next. Said hoaM ta in good order. For farther eartiou are apply to JAMES TOWLIgi*. AgeqL 490 H etreet north ; or Mra. JULIA KErfp Vf? E atreet. aa IT tf HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS 11 Fonr nar.daomeiy Formatted Room*, aeppiied with caa and water. and convenient to the Patent and "oat Office Departments, lor rent. Apply at 490H Maaaaohuaetti avecne, north aide, between ?th and Mh eta naR GEORGETOWN ADVEBT'MTS (T^POST OPFICE, 8EORGKTOWN, D. C., LL3 Rtrrimn 10, ltfl. Notice ia hereby given, that ail persona having la their poaaeeaion Postage Stempa of the old laaee oeo rzchante the aanie for Stainea of the new ia aae for aix dava from thie date, and not aftar tint time. HtNR I AD1JI?<?N, I ae 10-6t Postmaster. J\| ASSEY. COLLI NB Jt OO/tt rMll.JiUtil.rHlA VILA UVBT. KlMflUd th:a da;, per iteamrr J. Jerome? faobarrela Xj DRAUGHT ALE, ? do. XX XX do. oo. fno hit-bbla. do. do. do. Whlob on arrival will bo for aalo. Twma mi on delivery. ARNV * 8HINN, T Uiwob Depot. Canrmova. J U8T RKCKIVKD10 hhda. prime Porto Rtoo SU6AR.8 1K> bbla. Oid Rye WHI8KY, *0bb> HK Kfi N6 aad ALEWIVK8. ? bbla. Crmaheo and Reft nocSUG ARB. mbaca Rio aod JavaCOFFEE, IP khdaf lov ?riood) MOLASSES. For eaie by JOHN J. BOCUJST ee M Qua JOHNBON k NAGLK, QQQ iOI/ No 3*# Kdhotlvadu Arifrri, iOa Between Ninth and Tenth eta . aontn aide, IMPORTERS OF WINK*. 'I0UOKS. SUGARS. PICK LBS. Pfr ESFRrES, 6MRDINB8.Fl/iM GROCERIES AND SUTLERS' STORES IN GENERAL. Jilt Rrnvftd tK? fnllA?iu ~ " CH AM P AGN tl " ~ 6 H Nana, Pi fir Hwdmk, Moet ft Chandon, Carta ar fc Co . Btrat ft PlfOl, Toorett ?, Rojal Cr?p?. Whioh ? offer U New Vork Pneee? fraifLt added. JOHNtfON ft NAGLE. S9t Peana ingu. Abm M. RlttJBf ?r ft Co.'e OtWroad etreet. New York.I World renowned BOTTcLD WINUud LIQUORS, for Cam*. MedioiaaT, PuulfM, oooetaatly 01 tend a*d aoM at New York Piwa? by the Caae. At JOHNSON ft NAGLE*S. 99 PMH ?tmm. PIC1LE8, Pepper utd oUar SAUCE*. TOMATO CAT*UPj by the barrel, ralion, or doxec. from the oe 'hratod iaatiaf*otory of Kohrenbarh ft yy ATCHE8, WATCH REPAIRING, fta. f b,\r^sj^Ei?^TcHEs- * .K.7/rarp|??fcr- I Jewel!ara, 1J? Pa aranaa, f ?IK Idoora araatof Brati'iHoW. j C* LOSING OUT! I MJK V' ? M Will ra*bl? my formw futoMrt, ?d<1 tfc? RW?? eeeerwTfTto bet U? i ?t ein fra*k bBkB?T Oo?da at pmmit >iim, Nov u ik? lia* fee N B ?All ftriooi kftrlsc claim* iguaat m? tn m?fe?t to ITMMt the hm for *?ttl?niMt; fe*4 all p*r?on? indebted to n? ar? re?*e?i<-c If Mil UruiMMgU feo liqwilat* lfe?t ol?tau withoa* farTjai-YJ mtvr ',,ia?&#*j{ju^AL lJ AND KAOV-HADI CLOTH IKES, |

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