Newspaper of Evening Star, September 13, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 13, 1861 Page 3
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_ _ _ _ "local news7" (7THI t*T** pnbllabee the Llat of Letter remaining la the Waahlngton City Poet 0?? trader the prorlalona of the Uw directing then to be printed In the new ape per having the largM circulation within the delivery of fhfe offlcfl. It total dally circulation la mora than double tha of any other Dally printed In the DMriet o# Co 'uabli. bimcifadi to Hon. Jo?kph Holt ?Last nlghl about 10 o'clock, the band of the 3d Infantry U S Army arenaded Hon. Joaeph Holt, at hla real arncv vu w jfifry uvrnwr, ram mqe. nuuui bw1 squares rath of the Capitol. large a umber c ladif* and gentlemen wrrre present After th performance of tbe " 9?ar Ppangled Banner,1 and unni her air by tbe bnnd, loud call* were mad for Mr Holt, when he appeared on the balcon In front of bta residence, and waasnthoslasticall cheer?d When aileoce waa restored be proceeds U addreaa tbe aaatmblage, and commenced b "^Fellow-citl zena: I am delighted and aome what surprised at tbla kind manlfeaUtion.becaua 1 am wholly unconscious sf having aaid or don aogbt to merit such a high compliment " He proceeded in appropriate terms lo exprei bla gratitude for tbe good will of bis neighbor and fsllow^itizons. and bia pleaanre at the! mods of expressing It: and then briefly referred to tbe epoch In oar affairs, and tbe " dark trail c accession" over a portion of oar country. Continuing he said, " I have spoken ao ofte on tb* tr*?ir tonic* or Tiie day, and my lew have beta so widely circulated that It la wholl unneceaaary and a work of surplusage to repes them h<T? to-ni^ht, In yoar hearing. Lookaerox yonder noble river, and see?as von can from tb Capitol? the rebel flags flaunting in the face ? this great and free government, and yon mui conclude with me that the time for speech-makln, has gone bv Let tbe only speaking yon deslr be the speaking of our noble captains McClella and Scott, (cheers,] and tb? onlv rhetoric yoo er dure the flaabea from tbeir rood sworda. (Lorn and prolonged cheering ] Excnae me from sub mitting political toplca at any greater length to night " 1 thank yon. again, for the compliment yo have paid me; I thank you for the warmth an ktndneaaof your greeting; and i thank you for th melodious stralna of tbe band by which you ai attended, and hope they will linger in you dm ma to-alght, aa tbev will dwell in mr mem or In the yeara to come." [A Voice?"What c Kentucky i"l Mr Holt aald that Kentucky woul soon show that she la still on the aide of tbe Unlor Her aoll haa been ruthleaaly Invaded; ahe la n longer hound by tbe 1 nfamy of neutrality; and tb failure of the rafflan bayonets of Tennessee to r? verse her vote of 70.000 for the Union will aoon b shown. You will hear from Kentucky aoon; an ob the battle-field the will b? frond fighting f< the defease of tbe Government?her and her brax people [Load cheering ] Mr. Holt only spoke a few mlnutea; after whic tbe band played Hail Colombia, and tbe crow dispersed There would no doubt bare been vast assemblage present, If tbe time and place f< tbe serenade bad been fully understood by 01 citlzena. Mstbopolita* PoLica.?At tbe meeting of tl Board af Police Commlaaionera yesterday afte noon, they proceeded to tbe election of a mesaer jjer; when Tboa. J. Frnzler, of the Pourtta WTarc waa choaen for that position, on tbe flrat ballot. Meaars Wallacb and Brown resigned tbe! places on tbe committee on uniforma, and Mwin Tenney and Bown were appointed in their placei Sergeanta and patrolmen were then elected (ft trial) In tbe lat and 2d precincta, aa follow*: Flrat precinct?the county ea?t of the Eaater Branch?Sergeant, Charles Barker: Patrolmer Gsorgs W. Duvall. Robert I McCleilan, Ezeki< Simpson. Llngan B. Anderson, James Mullot David Cole, Isaac Cllne. sccona nrecinci?icai par? 01 ur coun?y cm tween the Eastern Branch and Rock Creek?Se grant, David Miller; Patrolmen, John W. Poo Tobias Tslbert. Levi O B^tme. Joseph K. Lewii Nathan Barnham, JohiuW. King, Thomas I Benson. W The committee on rooms reported that they ha a conference with the Secretary of tbe Interlo wbo thought he would be able to accommodat the board wltb rooms In the Patent Office bulk inr The question of suspending the rules so as ( receive for trial such of the lately-elected patro men as were disqualified by being over the age < 45 and under tbe age of 25, was, after debate, d< elded in the negative. Tbe board then proceeded to fill vacancies i tbe force, as follows: Third precinct?Georgetown?Martin O'Don* hue, Fen ton Evans, and Randall Celburn. patro men. In place of J T.Walker, Edw'd McQullls and David McKelvev-^not qualified by age rounn precinct? Mm warn? w k. sraar patrolman in place of Augnatin Lucaa, over 4 year* of age After further proceeding* the board adjourne to meet on Monday afternoon. Paid Otr.?The Board of Metropolitan Polit Commissioners organized on the 19th of Augua and on that day the Auxiliary Guard ceaaed I ex tat aa each, by law. They were, howeve continued In office bv the board aa a temporal metropolitan force until the lat of September P< thia twelve day*' aervlce. from the 'JOth to31*t i August Inclusive, they were yesterday paid b Mr Joe F Brown, Treasurer of the Metro poll ta Police Commissioner*?Capt.Goddardbeing pal as auperlntendant at the rate of #1,5tt) per annun Lieut McHenry aa sergeant at the rate of 950 p< month, and the offl-ers as patrolmen at the rate < 40 per month. The amount paid was 9355 40 A PxmiLovs Walk.?Yeaterday about noc loungers on Pennsylvania avenue were startle by the appearance of a lady in a loene flowln robe walking along the cornice from the bouse < Dr. Hsyden to the residence of Mr. Willard, c the co'ner of Fourteenth street and the avenu< a i was anon wrruiora ioai me laav wu tl wife of Dr. Hayden, lately arrested u tne prtncl pal of the gambling bouse at which Paymasti uallagher lost hta f inds Since her husband arrest the haa been laboring under Intense m?*nfc excitement She w*? taken In through a dorma window by Mrs Willa/d, and afterwards coi eyed to her home. A Lsiai mkxtixo of Irl?bmen, and the friend of Ireland,' assembled last night (13th Inst.) i McNlckle's Exchange Hotel, C street, to tal aome preliminary steps towards transferring tb remains of the Irish exile and patriot, T. I McManos, to Ireland for interment Approprial speeches were delivered, and without completln their arrangements, the meeting adjourned I meet at the aame place this evening McMsnr was a compatriot of Wm Smith O'Brien and 1 P. Meagher, transported by the English Goveri teat far participation In the Irish Insurrections! movement of 1848, and, making hla escape froi captivity, took up his residence la California Tn ScHooitvm Rimittawci ?Tbla ??* which was released, stated la yesterday's Sta waa Klifd and the paaaengers and rrew arrestee a boat a month since, on Information that thf were concerned la th? destruction of a light boi on the Potcoisc The evidence elered them < all complicity Id a deed which seems to hai boen the work of Incendiaries from the Virgin! bore The passengers and crew were all bonoi ably discharged, after examination by the Prli Commlsaionera. Ca?T?AL GCABDHOCtB CASSS ? Btfor* Juitu Thompson?Several arrests were made laat nlgt by the Metropolttaa Police. Of theae aereral wfe war* found to be iwaiabw, and la the service < the Called States, were turned over to the mil tary authorities Two persons, charged wll drunkenness and disorderly conduct In tbastree were ftned. and od^afment. released from cusU dy. sick female, without any visible meana < nnnart ma al - .. # ? ? rx""" *1 " ? ) ** "" UVUUUIWU II ? days. ArmiTiD ?Or. 0. W. H. Newman hu br? iBMlaud by tbe Mayer aa ptayalclan to lb? po< ta the Flrat Ward In place of Dr. Philip ( Davla. Dr. Darla, It will be recollected, received i appolatmeut aa Aaalatant Surgeon In the Arm not loaf ainee, and la now reported to be a piii . onerlnDIi' haT'ng been captared la Mlaeoa while attending to tbe wounded on the batt HH Tat ruiBM of the Hon Charlea Henry Foate of North Carolina, will alee him aaerenade at h! lodglnga, corner of Eighth atreet and PennaylTi nia arcane, thia evening at t o'clock, prior te h departure to participate 1a Important coatee plated moTementa la bla i?tate. Silliro Li?voa to Sol win ?Yeeterday a teraoon tbe Proeontttuardarreated Jaa McGrani a meaaenger In one of tbe Department^ for aelllo llqaora at bla reatanraat, next to tbe corner i Second and B atreeta. He Maa taken before ia uoc dobb, wbo ordered blm to pay a 1m of R A HBtnwa of Caaalos M Clay'a Waahlnptc Gaarda aad General Ltoe1! Frontier Guard* la 1 be bald this ereolBE at Willarda' Hotel, (root 145,) at eight o'clock ^^iraBr, - LIST OF LETTERS REMAINING IN THE POST OFFICE, WAiHiflflToif CitT, September IS, 1881. [Ordorod to be inserted in the Kmim 8t*i, t being tilt nwip&Hr having the largest oironlation of any daily paper published in Washington.l 11^ All per ton* applying for letters in the follow ng list, will please say they are a.dtk*ti*sd. LADIES' LIST. Alloy. Mrs M N K?Hy. Mrs Applet*. Fllen K-2 Kints'ey. Mn M E Aberommbie. Mrs D L ICltflio. Mra Joha ~ Allen. Mrs Klisa Keating. Miss If H ' a i i a#: a \f .. 1 AIOXBQUVffniNn awivn iU'i Aodtrton. Mary H Kenney.Mrs M t- Adema. Miaa Annie Lonl.MreCM o Aboil, Mm I. P I.add. Mary W ,f Ari'm, Angua'a Lowe, Mra C AtobiamTMary Leanh, Mra W B * Barm. Mm T L 1 .indaley, Miaa A B ' BI*ksS?r?hT Laurial, Mi*D e Boil, Mr? WHS I aidlow, Mra f Raarta.MraJD l.oueh in, Mra E v Brown. Miaa E Morelard Mi*a E j Brown, Mra W H Mehan, Mra M Blake, ??r?h H Mart'n M'?a B J Bnokley, Mra R Marshall. Miaa 8 Brown. Miaa A Mitohell. Mra L H Bei-n.MiaaH Myrt , M e Koran, Mra Cept Mu-phy, Ellen e Baltimore, Mra A E Maagan MraLJ Babcook, fora MiUer. Miaa L _ Berren, Miaa R J Manninc, Mra M M-2 Hradley, Mra Moaldin, Jane * Bowera. MicaK Mathewa, H J Berry. Miaa Hattie Miller, Mra WD il nmnonsru, .lira A Bl ndean, Miaa Mathers, Miss K ? Mn*ler, Mri B Mathews, Mim 6 P&'tan, Mrs M Mathews. Mrs 8 * Bradford, Mra J ana MonaJaa, M ad A y Brainard, Mra Capt McNown, Mus J it Cox. Miia E McGown, Mra A a CUrk, Mra M Mo<?onald, Miss A-2 e Col ina, Mra M MoKn'ght, Miaa M b ,f Cohen, Mra B M&tuire. Mra T F lf Cooper, Mra E Molnhoe. Miaa Colima, Mrs A Norton, M^. 8 Collins, Miss M Nevioos, Miaa K L e Cromwell, Miaa H A Nappier, Miaa J n Crawford, Mra C F M Niohols, Mrs M i- Cammory, Jaoe Naulworn, Mrs R ^ Contnor, Martha V N' lan. Miss J Cumberland. Emily J Ott, Miss Carrie Crutchett, Mrs Jaa O't onner, Mra J '* Cliamvlin, Miss T O'Connell, M Carothers. Miaa E Oudeo, M a CuseT. Juliana Ororoo, Mi"* M D d Calliher, Mi?s Hetta Patterson MrsThos-* f. Conar.MraR Pnrpin.MrsH Crupp r, Mtss T T Pend'e, Mrs 8 A DuvaH, P llwn Powell, Mrs Capt ,r Dennis, Mr* W T Prootor, Mra i J Devenoge, Mrs M Pettit, Miss L V >f Dulaney, Mra M A Prier, Mi?aMary d Oaswei), Mra I* Perry. Mrs i Davison. Mrs E Pettit, Mrs Wm _ Donohne, Mrs R Paterson, Mary " Deemsr, MifcsC Poe, Mrs O M e l>ou*!as, Mary C Phipp*, Mrs M E Darna 1, Mrs A V Roaon, MisE >e Dougta*. Hal'ie Rees, Miaa E P d Edward*. Mias A Row*, M'a E W >r E*en?, Miss Anna Rollina. Mra F E Fvans, MraSL Ryon, Miaa 3 E ~ C.tAn a D.a^ %A mm A M n?< uui hibit a i* rmi , rai* ci n . Field, Man* M Roberta, Misa W M 9 Flynn. Ellen Roeaworn, Misa Mary d Farrell,Miee Mary 2 Robertann, MraW H a Fuller, Elizabeth Rowland, Mist Suaan >r Fleming. Mrs John Rejrnolda. Mra H lr Foster, Miss K C Rollings. Mra A Forest, Minnie W 2 Rogers, Mra A Fieher, Mra Mar* Bo l'na, Mra J C Fornom, Mra R VV Roaencranta, Mra M ' Frider.bur*, Mra M Rove. Mra L W r- Gcu'ds.Mra Emma Russell, Mra Julia > Green,MisaCV Regan, Mra I, Gwinn, Mi?a Luoy 2 Smith. Misa Belle Gant, Mra Jane Page. MraT ftravea, Miss F Smith, Mra A R-2 Green, Miaa V Stone, Mra Maria 1 hwina, Mr? M " Steel, Mrs M - fi"bwn, MriSM" Stil, Mra Maria >r Gorman, Mra M Steal. Mra Eliza Hunt, Mra L Smith, Mrs Jaue L n Hunt. Miaa Laura Smith. <*iiaa Belle . Hugliea, Serah A Stevens, Mrs C J Hat re. Catharine Southard. Mrs V 51 Ha;t?horn. Mr? S G Skinner, M a Jnlia r, , Ha'vey, Mr* Kitty Sanger, Miss Lizzie-2 Healing, Mrs Mary ummy, Mrs L. W b- Harvey. Mrs N W Stewart, Mra E r. Harrington. M J Saunders, Mra C Mail#*, Mill fc JMnitn, Mrs S ' Humphrey, Mrs W E Todd, Mrs J? Hercus, >lr? H P Torcer, Ellen '* Howard. Mint Fmma Tarpin, Mar* Har Ken, Mary Thompson, Miss M H d Hunter, Mrs R A Tuck'r. Salin 8 r Wnnter, Mi?a G Usher, Mis* Kate 2 Irwin, .Miss A*hps Valentine, Mrs O Jones, Mrs AE 2 VVhyman MrsJas ?" Jones, Mary A Wright, Phebe Jon's, Maria Wright, Miss Mary o Johnson, Susan White. Mrs H 1- Jenkins, Mary Williams, Sarah >f Jen<?n,VJ Wiggins, Miss M V . Johnson, Mra Sarah WeT?ter Mrs C P Johnson, Mrs H Williams, Mrs C Johnson, Mrs A R Wi*ienaues, Mrs n Kloolt Mr* 8 vv baler, Susan Kini, Mrs W Warner, Mrs J >- Kelsey, Miss M 1- Miscellaneous.? M iss R. N. n GENTLEMEN'S LIST. AppletnnWm Brinker J Ooo h ran J no * Averell W W Babson J W Carder J P 13 AoherWmH Bei'sel J Cornelus Isaac Aver* WmB Brennan J Canfietd J H d Aievwmti HfrnniHi j m uar<ni?grtamJ w Adtmi W W Barlow J W-J Cohosh Ju Adam* W A Bradley J W Cobbett J H Acker w H Barr* J W Condon J R * Austin V G BourkeJ Casey Jno t, A lnon T P Bvjli* J R ChesnutHnnJ io AIIotTG Baker J 3 Clements Jno - Anderson T biddle H J Crowley J C ' Andrews 8 Karnum R A CagneyJno " Arnold L T Brown H C Cooper H C iT A'lison M fl Bellows HW Coggehail HR 2 M Alvord S Belor H Cowen (J H >y Axe S Berry H 6 Coy Geo n Ayers Capt Bulger H Cox Geo d Atkinson R J Benson d S Cowie M G Atkinson P J Babbitt H W Cowie G ? Andrews N T-4 Bratt G F 2 Clapp G M " Andrews F Brawn G T Corli*s R H Addison M Bird well G H Cox G YV Antti-nrM Becraft G W Corman Ceo Alexander L. Hutier G w Cusbicg G W r ,n A l?n K P Berger O J Crook Geo . A'id'wnJ (. BlodgettG8 Crutchett P 8 " Alkinsoa J W B'aokwellGW C arton F G K A<exanrierJK BrattGF-2 Charles T ?f Ahb -ttJ P Karnum G*o Chew T >n Armbrn?t*r J Boetwick G H Carrier F P b. Adams J J Brack G Crosby p H Armstrong J G Brown G F Colo'aser F L Adams J >V-3 Blood H B CI?ikaE Ashley J M Briihain G H Curstens K-2 n Addison J L< Buck F N-3 Clark E ' Albright H Balancer F M Colmer E 8 il Ander?on S P Bvroll F H Cohen Edw in Arnold Geo Bentle* E 2 CooyerDA . Arrasteai F8 Rrown E Clauson C A Avery F G Kiddle 10 M Carpenter E W Allen E 8 Bari um k M Ctniplwl! Col I. Arts & Son D BeaamontEB Cristy P R ,, Arnhis?r D Brown E Co ledge B R " A bell D H 3 Badges E T Campbell B H re Anderson Col Bremer E F Cross W B B ie AgnewCR 2 Balmer E CurransB T I ArdrewaCF asler E A CrxA te Adamson A C-2 BurrittElihn Cook A R ? AdrichC Brooks D Ca'dwe'l A-2 ? AKKa?> A \f Ds.kU.k T\ k. Pa. A tn " iU UUVUIIMII 1/ A, VVA A O i) Bartlatt W O 2 BeStshover D CroaaAJ '* Boiden W Borden D L Campbell A W " Bryant W B Bellowa Dr Colourn A V i- B?UWm W Bm C L 2 ConAB y Brummell Wm Bo*.n C C Diokaon Win m B ronton W Bradley Col DuvallWm Botta W H Boroher C L Douziaaa Wan B? BuiiW Brown CH Dook Wm Brown Wm Beat Caat D^nenhower W i BwdWK BiddleCJ W ' Boyd W R Hun C # Hanninc T B '? B'aak W BennettCB Drury T * Barrows W Baoha'ewC R Dnpujr FH 'y Bailer W V Beckett B F Dohwrtylhoa it Ball Wm Barl< vB R 2 DT?k?T >f Hartlftt T Bnrnham A A Diokinaon 8 B r. BraahearaTN Bur*? O D Dann S*c?t i_ Brecht T C B >wnin A Dreisbaoh 8 11 Barley T H Rarnea A J Dar ton 8 r- HraaerS Be'taAH-2 Dix 8ergl w Bragg 8 8-2 Band A Dai ley K lohard Bnokmaater 8 Beyer A J Dte R W Bum* 8 C-5 Burton A A Donahue P C4 Brown 8 B Bel lea A Dormoyer P it Brooka 8 R Craner W H Donnegan P 10 Bacon 8 Cameron W B Doyl J L-2 ? Boekman 8DW Clark W R pagan P Burnee 8 CroffatA Dean M W I- Bar* K U Co A Wil iaraa Dodge Maj lb Boyd R Creeaali W T Deeua J ta Barnea R Culrmore W H Di'ka Jaa ). Bowling R Q Carey Wm Dogerty Ji?o m Rifii*? ft A rltmiitt M H nmifiiinti 1 T Bryns H C union W Dennis J H lr Ba*sett R Carp*rt?r W R Dayton J Li B%i ?jRC Clark W W Davis J K Brown R Ch-esbrough W Desourar J " Homer P H DaYisJ ?r BanaaeaW C'arkT Dam Jan *. Boyle P Cbamslin T H i Doherty J BrannanP Clark TH Dannu J R Brown O C Cowee T C Dillon Jaa " Babcook O E J Clark T M DaLonr J L Benson N Caihinc 8 F Dewsy J H ?- Bramhall MB Combs B H Diekson J N rl Brmont Waj Cerry 8-J sturnell J le Ruttarfiold M Crab 8 DuBoi. H A Brand Mr Conkhn&Sam'i Deoksr H Bnynton M T Clink 8 Deoorsey Geo r, Bar y N Crawford 8 H Deioyns Geo ta Karnay L C C?in R Drake Geo B . Bai'yCM Ghadwick R )?nneti Geo-2 HnnH I a P P.nlltor II VnnBAPv P P R%1 ?y L S Crai>e R M P??U t-J ' Buler I.C Clark R D*\t(?uokU Bulky LC Cooper K L Baron Bea I L ?'am*y R Dunn D f- Brovi L Cnmmini R P Doyle D a Brott i F Crowdy R D ujb'rty D .? BMl I N tollytr R Piston D } Rrrwo J *?I Chinohil'aPB Downi |D ?J Ball J do Coy i* P Duraleefc - Brook* J CookP UaviaC I Ball J M Chinohilloy P Dan. Chu Bowen J W Commiayi P DelauoC a Banks J L Clark P Day C ^ HreenJ Carter P B Pawaon C P _ B'OW? J8 Connnr M Dobaon B P Curun H DobiaaarA Bnrra Jamea Coopar U Duquet A ? C?nb?:d 4 Duryra A Brand H Cehm J DracaAL ft'RrvRn P T PnnkA I M.I Tla!?*M a r. R?ai? J 8 Cralsa J hvorrt \Vm I, Brwnton W Co* J G Emery W H tfrnicr J Clark JO Ewott F 8 k> Kanow J W ChaaOno Emmons P k- BarkoJno Comfort J L t'chiaon R E ,f |Ss5fywb sS" lis*/8 KmuT L c ?mu J t: .ot! J J BsaohJS Ckanu J C Evans J a r" B (V r r i n Cfr J W C oc<1ob J Etc as Jao A 8 ' BarttMlR- Toftao J H KraaaDajid , Bsnebaeier 4 Ca*? J B > Etmi D K ?f Mar dm J 8 ? arM?'*' J T Kiwood J s & ?? Ely Dan KimSM CVBriooD EyrerOBft Kyle Riohd OXeary ChM K.dwardsA Kellogg R 8 O'Ha aB E4e? A C Kinne R A Or?fctt A F.ddy A R Kayeer T H Putina-^Wm Fenner W F Kennedy Pa? Paine W H Freer.&n Ca?W K"*r.edr P J Pound Wm H KUeyM<? PotUrM MoK Fo?t?r Wm H KiircIL T Perry W J Fargo, Welle tt Knowiee L B Payne Win Co Kirk L Palmer T G J Fergu*on W M KiogOrJae Pet'is Thoron Kow,?r H Kirk J 0 PoetWg Fin* W F KnappColJno Prar,fitR8 F'rrw Wm Keagle Ira Patterson R H Fred<ri?k? Wm Killer J 09 Porter Ro't Fie'dThoeB Krause Jnliue P*tten A W Putt T R Keller J no Patriok M R Fisher Adam Kit k and Cap J-2 Phoen'*Lloyd-6 1 Fieher C B Keating J no W Popp K 1 FiaherTheo KingJuhou* Pice J H I Fairohi d Tim Keller H D Poet J L Kenton ? MoO Ki'potinoeColH Petheridre J B Fry Htephen J Pedriok J B fox Richard Knook R K Porter J E I'ta B B Kingaler <?eo Perkins J 8 Forerth O C Kanmier Geo Parker Ju rethoff N Kearney Gen Potter JBM PerrusonMerrit Kaighn Geo B Parker Ju L Fish Joo W Kelfey F G Perry J B E 2 Fish Henry N Kroger F ? Pett?reon J C F unk Joa w K?rner Lt FW Perm* Jaa FitasimmonaJftaKimbler E Polard J 8 Fair man Jaa Ketch E M Putmoa J C Frednokaon HL Keating Ed 2 P?oe II R Fletoher Jno Kanbifl E Perry H T Frankenstein J Kerner Dal Phillip* H L Flowing Geo A Kimball C M Packer Henry Pln??r W K innAn f! H rH If fOTft H Fenwiok G?W Karnaugh OhM Fopriaon H B V Fiak Lt Col F Kunnen Ohaa Palmar G H \ FinaranFranoia Knrts Dr B Partridge G G M 'anller E B Kuery Banj Preudar G \ Farrell E Kirby C Pattna G t Kinney E Kaanay A D L Preabury GO \ FaracutDF Kellogg A Piok Geo W V ' arrell Chaa H Lorejny Wm Fearoe Ed V Friok A M La* W R Preaaon C ? J Fuller A LinlhioumTJ PenioaeC M Fallows Lt AG Lynoh Tom Patennao C \ Fink A LivermoreThos PirkertonA-2 \ Gum pert Wm -Leiahear TA? *o Pauley A \ Griffith Wm A Leidight ;?aml Paul A Garrett Wm aLoomia l? R Perry A J d Marratt Wm W LUkum R Pratt A E r Gorman Col WALeever P A PiersonABI GaoinuaWm Leonhart P Porter A P Gurley Thoa Lea Mr Roome Wm Geet Thoa S Levicool M Rickey M Groae Stover P Loyd ?'r L.-8 Wm Gurley R W Loud J D-2 RhelmaWm ? Gueat R\ lJknUJ^sae Rhodes Wm A G&rnum Pat Lynoh Juo Handle Wm 4 r.<d?6C Leech Jno Read Wm GraanPG Lawther Jaa-3 Riley Thoa v Gram M J Lewis Jaa Randolph & Bfo J Grace !Yl E Little J M Robs Kb a Nould Mr Linton Haml K-2 "" Carton M N-2 LarkinJno Knar Pat Gegan Matthew Liffertz Jaa Kjan P tGittinga Lt Lewi* Jaa Ruaael P r G.ill laaao D G onther Jai Robbina N A Griffith M L-wisJas RookliffN Gilbert Jaa LndsllJnoA Keiter Mr h GuilbertJno L"n*aore laaao Rosenburj M P. Gibbon* Dr J F Livingaton H Robert Wm GibbonsJno F LeriOK Geo D Ruaaell M '' Gallagher Jno L^eaer Geo A Rom \Ym Bond* Jno Lewia Geo W Rioe J n Satewood Jos-3 Lewis Geo Koohe J H 5 . Gordon Jno Lorengen Geo Riier J H i Gibaon Jacob Lobre F A 2 RuhleJno Gardner Col Jno Loiiley F B Rube Jno V li Gallagher Jnoi*2Ladd (S Reed Jaa B a *>illeband Jos WLeeoh Danl-2 Roche Jaa f, Gilbert Jno Lamo D Ranch Jno H 1< Girtt-ey Jos Lantz D Rouse J H GiiberJnoJ Leazure D Ritz Jacob n Gust Jno W Latters Chas Ross J A GranesJasL LeavrattCB Rhea Jaa would n r leuilu b kudidiod j n. k <tr?y H K Lyman ChM HaidyJno t Gaw Henrie Lyman C E 3 RatnorJnoT I Wamble Gov H I .efliogwell CW Rider Jon 8 a R -3 LionhardtCFW Hepm?n J?o c Gampy Geo Levy B Robinaon J R 2 p GibbaGeo LaviAB Regan Juo GillmoreGeo WLawaon A N R?inhardt Jo* Garmon Geo Lindenkohl A Rittenhower Juo * Gurr E Montgomery W Rioh%rd?cnJ H P Garland* D H V 3 RvhlJunV Hren'ler C M Monroe W F Kuaaell J R Gianer C H Moore W Rioejoa " ioddard 0 H Martin W F Rioha daon Jno " Gibson E M Aiarr W B Reed J no M Gibaun A R Mitohell W H Roberta Henry G&rdaaer A Miller TC Rook Henry , Godfrey A Murphy T Rogera G & C " Grimat awDrAH.viacriey Thoa Riley Gen T Ho'brf ot Wm HMoody 8 D Ruppert E \ HallWmU Meisner T H Reynold E 1 Hall Wm H Minnaaaaar S G Ripley Ezra Horn Wm MarlorSaml Robeson E J HeaaXVmT Montague SC Rogera Ed Hemmiolc W H Me. idilh Sol Richmond E 8 Heck W C Munaon Saul Rand C W Howell Wm MnUrdSaui Reed Capt a Hurl burl vv H JHoriey K r 3 Korri Capt S Huber \V J Mitaler R Rbbinson Chas Hale W Matthews R A RioeLtCol Hopkins WR MemffP Reerson Chas Hart Col Wg MontgomeryPT Reilv B Holt VV O Montgomery Jno Randell B H Hoitmi W 8 Miles P-2 RoaohAlex Holoway Col W Martin C P Roads Alfred Harrington V Marcus P M Stewart W-? 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SbipmaaAB Johnson D Z BehantAW ijaofcson Col Olden W A Summer A H XTA K, 8ssiu is?'?Aijf*B 8&tBrH?aw. . Johnson A J Oliver R W ' 'rise Wm \ Job neon A M u' Koarke T ' 'lfton Wia iasniJ, :$?8K? . KSSiwIs SHSSttE few' Kwjmjot Oiler Joe Tar man ? sj J laaaE? saw farva? /: "S 'f e>_ i. - %-? J, rhoinMon 8 W V?? Riper B Wrifht 0 W Phatob^r RCI Vim^r B WhuUr G?o rr^T 8 E Varr* A Wall Geo >?r R O \* alker W J Weeterve't W 8 ;*lN)t R E Warner W J W ileoa W W P'u<1ean P Wilkin* W 1) **il?on W a "rrmman'P K Wfcitoey WH W.melerWW i<?fce.-tJno Wilktn?on W Wnrtnineton JS j?.>n 8 \ Weld WW Whrel.xjfc Ju 'ooUJR Weir T J Wa-eett Jio "reo? Jn# a Welch Thoa Wolber berceiJ uoker Jno WHtrey T J W?,t Geo W ,?ni?rj W Wil'iaro* Tho* W<k>!bridge Geo *i^t: Jno 8 wn?ht Geo W Warther P kfrJnoH William?8K WileonF [ilcbmanino Wii'iam?8E White MF omson J ax WeitS Wunoht F *hon?p?on J C Waltere R Webb E irrrjjr WamoMRU WIIIMtl-J t??JnoN Williams R H Walworth EL Jolhswst GeoW Wilson R Woolwy K >lerH Wjmin R H WrithtEH inker A E Watts R Witherall D "aylor H Wel?h Pat Woodberr n B homw Goo H Wfbiw N WhitoombDR oueey G tt Welch M Wray D A albot 6eo Webb M P WocottCP aylor D b Weber Mr W-leon O F. *yler Dr i Watson M S Wilson Capt ailor D*nl Walker L. E Warner C homaa C P Wilson L F Wfit Cbas 'hoibm C F. Walsh J no Weitsell C omhiwoii C 2 Wiley JHi Ward ChM ollea C W Wolf Joe Weeton C wine Chas Wood J no Weeks B 8 ompkmsCH Wirth J H WeenerAE okles W B Wlnebremer i White A M p?ber A Whittein J B WoodnffAPJ nderhill W B Wiiliams Jos Waldo A B inoent ThouM Woodward J J Vonng W W o?e T WeserJno Youngs WH 'edder 8 E We.tfall J W Yard T W ranorm%n Jas Williams Jos Yonaae F Inderwood J E White J E Yingline I r_ ? > m mm. . a ? ... wa* auiMaeiJ wooa & Moor 3 yopp ? >v 'an IXi water H 2 Wood ruff H O Voornt 8 B M an Butkuk H Windos U Young Jno ron Bramer F Wellington F1 H Young Jno A 'anorten E Washburn H Young Jno R 'eoh'er D 8 WillettG Yonng Homer 'arderwormerC Whiting Geo B Yonng E on RasloffCol Wood Geo B MISCELLANEOUS.?Com offioer at Fort Benett: H.S-S; 1 at bet. an and V. No. IJO; Apothecary H. D A.; Philadelphia; Patitok. IC^LlTTMI MVIT IN ALL CASKS ? PklFAID. Drop Letters, in all oaaes, mast be pre-paid. Sep 13 ' LEWIS CLEPHANE. P. M. INTERIOR DECORATIONS, PAfERHANGlNGsTall grades and pnoes: VINDOW SHADES. PICTURE CORD and 'AS8EL&. GILT OVAL PICTURE FRAMES, .0., at J. MARK ft ITER'S, Ma ififi .4 ? -1 iiu. tou DO v OUkU o uwi ?IWT? se Odd Fellow' Hall. PREA8URY NOTK8 OF ALL DENOM1NA1 TIONS BOUGHT AND SOLI). We will deposit in the United 8tates Treasury ere or in New York, without charge, all iuma not ?s? than Fifty Dollar* fur parties wishing to invest 1 Three-year Treasury Notes, bearing 7 3-10 interSWEENY, R1TTENHOU8E. FANT * CO., e 11-lm Cankers, No. 358 Pa. avenni. U|7 COAL AND WOOD. ?" K Have on hand and constantly reoeiving irge quantities of all kinds of Coal, which wears el ling at low prioes for cash. We have now afloat jur cargoes. We will sell it at 25 oents per ton ms when taken direot from vessel. Also, Oak, Hickory and Pine Word, at low noes. WARDER A STEWART, se 11-tf Corner H and Twelfth sts. SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh street, is the beet ~ k?. n 1 i k'PIl a IUC TD ITMI7U - r?c?v>?? in vuwu uuj vu^iuiiiv, i nuiinoi I ATS. CAPS, VA L1SES, CARPfeT BAWB. ud all kind* of ?ENT!*' FURNISHING rOOOS, as he sella all nia good* at New York noes. au ZMm I ONIONS?ONIONS?ONIONS. 'UST Reoeived on oonrisoment 1,500 lunches rime Ouiona. For sale low. KING A BURCHELL. ae 6 Corner Fifteenth ana 1 ?t?. L*'HITE MERCER POTATOES. PRIME, RIPE. AND MEALY, AT LOWEST MABKKT PBICM. TO QHAR TERM ASTERS OF REGI>IENTS. You waat to keep your men healthy, ou oannot do this without giving them rood Po atoea. Theaeyou can set at Steel A Co'a, 3 <6 'ennty lvani* avenue, oorner of Second atreet TO 6ROCER&.?You want to pleaae your oaaomera, and induoe them to call again. and reoom nend your atook to their frienda Then call al iteel A Co'a, and buy what Potatoea you need, uther for your own consumption or lor aale. They tre warranted to pleaae. TO HOTEL AM) RESTAURANT KEEPERS )o you want to pleaae your guests,and tickle theii alataaf Then bay Potatoes of Steel & Co. By loin* so three parties will be benefited?the aeller, he buyer, and the oduaumer. Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky money in gooc landing, taken at par. J. W. STEKL & CO., 536 Pennsylvania avenue, corner of Second itreet?< Old Sentinel Office ) aep 5 SEALED PROPOSALS, till the 14thSeptember ? 1961, at IS m .are invited for furnishing rLUL'R if a oertain quality. About 5,000 barrels will be required, to be delivreU in separate lote of 1,800 barrels eaeh Th? lour to be made of new wheat, and the delivery n| he whole lot to be made br theSotb September, 861 The Flour required to be of ih* following brands .nd to pais the inspection of a Boa'd of Army Ofioers, or saoh other inspection aa the Sabsistenot department may direot: Arlington Extra, Congress do. Fairview do. Florette do, 61enwood do. Checap ake Mills do. Clag.-it do. J. Newcome do. M. Smith do. Roxbury do. Joe Charles do. J Davidson do. Foundry do. Heck do. Lyon's Union Flour, Big spring Joe Charles, Ede's Extra Baker'a. A few barrels of the same grade of Southern "lour will be taken, provided that it proves eeual a grade to the brand* above named The hidden o state tne Dr&rd and the number of barrel* ol aoh kind they propose to Tarnish. Government reserves the right to pay in Treasuy notes. The proposals to be directed to Capt. A. BKCKY1TH, C. U. S. A., and endorsed "Propoala^ ne 5 [T 8. MAIL STAGE LINE Between WaihU ? ington and Kookville leaves iartin's Hotel, oor. 8th and D ?U iVERY MORNING (Sondavs e*-J0HBSiS epted)at7 o'clook and I. C. Conode s. oor. nun nd Bevl sts., Georgetown, at S o'oiook; returning aily. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, hrough to Poolesville; Tuesdayt, Thursdays aad Saturdays to Frederick; returning next days, an 23-lm* BENJ. COOLEY. NOTICE. G5IR wivmivms M ADAMS' EXPRESS COMPANY " This Company offers to the public** Unequalled idvantages" for the Safe ana Quiok Dispatoh uJ leavT Fieichta. Packages. Valuables. Monev. A.J to., to all parts of '.Be United States. Expresses to and from the North and W?at daart from and arrive in Washington twice dally. All Expre?ses are in charge of ixrerienctd and thabit Messengers. All Paokages for The Soldiers cameo at "om alt" oar u?ual rates. All Go<ds lor the so-called "Confederate State*" nd all Articles *' Contraband of War" wi.l be IsrvegD. Uu Expresses leave New York at 1.5, and 6 P. jl .^arriving in Washington at 6 A. A1 and 5JU Expresses leave Philadelphia at RJB A. M. and I^P.^M., arriving in Washington at 5 30 P. M, and Expressss leave Baltimore at 4 30 A. M. snd 3 P. (., arriving in Washington at 6 A. M. and 5 33 Expresses for all points North and West leave Vaskington at 730 A. M and St30 P M.dailv. SpeoiaT Contraots for <arge Quantities of Freight an be mad* ?u application to this ? ?ffioe. All Goods vailed for and delivered Jrt* of Extra harges. _ .. . . E. W. PARSONS, oupt Aaamn express CompanvWashington, Amuit 23.1861. au 23 tf J FRENCH &. R1CH83EIN lAVE Just received a fresh sti>plr of Nate Paer, Colored Borders, ruled and plain, wtfh Enelopes to match Also, Has Paper of all kinds, rlth and withoat Mottoes; Envelopes to match. Purses and Pocket Books of every description. . Jarge assortment of Stationery. New York Papers reoeived duly; Papers from U parts of the ooantrr. FRENCH * RICHSTEIN, mat Penn. nw??. a NEW ASSORTMENT OF BRASS AND \ WOODEN DRUM9.FI FES. Braes and Gerlan Silver INSTRUMENTS for mil'Ucy bands, I W. G. METZbROiT'8, ? < Corner of Pa av. and F/eventli st. [OH ? EMILE DUPKE l?V3 PxlUfSYLVANIA AVINUB, l?OM BU1LDIK?, Imporitr mmd WkoUt*U D*iw in INS WINKS. BRANDIES, 8KGARS.SARSYRUrg, >ad CAMP SUPPUKfl. l T.SSSSUMft-,. ...... VV N/AWUO Vftil/ uv/vnuvri? IAOVV/ AT BHILB DUPRB'S Iboh BriLDiwa, 380 Pa. Arxnvn. E? <VREDERIC TU8TUB' HAMBURG tMLS BR ATS D SMOKING TOBACCO, Th? Bast Artiola Ev?r Imported, Goto EMILK DUPRE, . l?o? BriLDiw, ?a0 Pa. Armi. IU8T RECEIVED? f 80 Cash Imfoith) BELTERS WATER, In Origiaal Stono BottlM, At ! ? ! EM1LE DUPRPR. ft/AGONR, CARRIAGES, AO. WMOM. toccUnr vmLuM ItuorMt Wacom, ud ? moral M*ortmoat otJB^KS TELEGRAPHIC NEWsTj ARREST OP MKIIBE?I OF THK LE. GIBL4TURE. Baltimois, Sept. 13 ?The Provoat Marahal, Geo P Dodiie, this morning, before day, arreaUd the Maror of Baltimore, Mr Brown, and Mesara. Chaa S. Pitta, Lawrence Sangaton, 9. T. Wallla, T P Scott, and Roaa Wlnana, Membera of the y Maryland Leglalature of Baltimore eltf.aodF. , K. Howard, the editor of the " Exchange" newspaper. They were taken to the ** hospital for j ?? patriotism," nimny: t on ncuftrj. I [ cord d1?t atcb } Baltimobs, Sept. 13.?Tb? following additional arreata have been made: Messrs Denniaon, Quia lan, end Dr. Lynch, mem beta of tbe Legislature from Baltimore county, and Meaara. Henry . M. War Held, Dr. J. Hanson Tbomaa, John i C. Brune, city member*; also, Thomas W. Hall, I jr., editor of tbe South newspaper. Tbe day for the meeting of tbe Legislature la , Tuesday next, whan, according Is l supposed further leglslstlon hostile to tbe Govern- I roent would be attempted. Further arrests are rumored. , [thted diipatch ] i Baltixobb, Sept. 13? All the arresta made were under ordera direct from tbe War Dnut meat. No official announcement bat yet be?a made, but I believe all the names given are correct. I just bear of the arrest of Henry May, member of Conpress; also. Henry M. Marfit and W.6. Harrison, members of tbe Legislature from tbts city. These, with tbe names previously sent, complete tbe ten city delegates. It Is also reported that Benj. C Howard, tbe peace candidate for Governor, has been arrested. Tbe excitement on the street Is considerably quieter. CONFEDERATE SCHEMES TO CLOSE TUB POTOMAC?THE PREPARATORY STEPS FOR THAT PURPOSE? PRESIDENT DAVIS CONVALESCENT. Baltixobk, Sept. 13 ?Tbe Richmond Examiner of the 9th instant says : Before many boors the Potomac will be effectually closed by power. AUK vattci ICS. | The Chief of Ordnanc? of Virginia 1* respond- < log to the call for all the field artillery. The Examiner ?> that ten batteries are now ready for Immediate duty, and that eight or ten more could be toon got ready. The Examiner further remarks that President i Davis has so far recovered from |hls recent severs illness as to take as airing on Saturday, In a csrriage. H.Kelly, claiming to be a Baltimorean, was arrested on Friday on suspicion of being a spy. |FroaaGea Banks' Csiaaa? Poiht o? Rocks, Sept. 11.?Union men from Martinsburg on Saturday report that the rebels have taken up the entire track of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad from tbat town to North Mountain a distance of nine mlleo, snd transported the 1 rails. Ac . to Winchester, for the extension of the Alexandria, Loudoun and Hampshire Railroad, from Strasburv to that point Toe track torn up was lately relaid by the company. At Dm ffl pIH ' Sritlnn o -1 ?i --- ? - ? ? _v..~ ? VII kuv uaivjiaiific CHU Ohio railroad, the rebels were busily engaged in further plundering the road of some seven or eight of tbe llrst class locomotives, which they were ' taking down for transportation to Wlnrbester I The locomotives had but recently been put on the route. Some of them are of tbe heaviest kind, and were probably snared by the rebels in their . recent vandals acts or destruction on account of the adaptability of theae engines for the traaspor' tion of troop trains In Virginia Hon Daniel C Strotber is still held a prisoner by the Confederate*, at Richmond. His son "Porte Crayon," is an attache of the engineer ' corps of Gen Banks'column. The new system of army signalling is becoming [ a flx?d institution. The appointees are compelled to pass a thorough examination in mathematics, engineering, astronomy, etc , and many changes 1 are made In the corps for want of proficiency. Flew York People's (snveatlsa. ' Steacusi, Sept. 11.?The People's Convention bas adoDted resolutions <l?rl>rln<r that ih? ? - ben seek to organize no new party, nor to destroy ' existing parties, but solely to proclslm devotion to the constitution and a fixed determination to ' defend, maintain, and perpetaate It, at every , hazard and at whatever cost; to sustain with all their individual and? united t Torts the constitu> tlonally chosen authorities In the prosecution of existing war, to the end thit permanent peace may be securcd by the utte' extinction of the rebellion. Tbe following nominations were made i Attorney General, Daniel S. Dickinson; Secretary or State, Horatio Ballard; Comptroller, Lucius Robinson; Treasurer, W. B Lewis; Canal Commissioners. F A. Abergerand, E A. Talmadge; State Engineer, A. B Taylor; Judge of the Court of Appeals, A. B Wright. Tne Republican State Convention also met at Syracuse, and nominated tbe above ticket for State officers, with the exception of their candidate for commissioner The name of Benjamin F. Bruce was substituted for that of Mr. Tal, madge. j. * Seizures Lnder ib? C?aii(c?U? Act. Stohiwoton, Ct., Sept. 11.?Collector Palmer, of Stomngton, has this day seized In hi* district the bark Cavallo, of New York, Capt. Washington The schooner R. Fowler, of Mystic, Capt Eldridge, was also seized, on the 9th inst Both es*?-ls are taken under the confiscation act. Bos to*. Sept. 12?The U.S. Marshal yester| day, under airectiona from Washington, pro ceeded to the several Boston banks and selr-d he I balance* therein due to the banks within the ' Southern Confederacy The precise amount of the aeixurc is not definitely knows It will probably amount to some tens of thousand* of dollars. Froai Ktatacky. liumiviLLi, orp? 11?roe journal or ibia morning caila upon Kentuckiana to rlae and maze war to the knife upon the Tenueaaee Invaders. Gen Anderaon Laa not yet aaaumed command, I but will await the action of the Legialature in Beference to tbe invaaion of tbe rebela. That body win doubtlesaly take tome action 0b tbe aubject on Wedneaday, when tbe fate of tbe State will be decided. Tbe rebel government haa eatabllahed agenclea In the rebelStatea for tbecollectlon of amali arma. Seizor* of a Supertrd Slaver. > Bostoh, Sept. 11?The whaling bark Margaret i Scott waa aeized at New Bedford by tbe United Statea Marabal to-day being auapected of fitting out for a alaver. Samuel P Skinner, reputed owner, Ambroae Kander, master. and the 11 rat and aecond nttcera, were brought to tbia city and bold i to bail for an examination. ??????????? t Secretary Wei lea. Huttoid, Sept. 11?Hon. Gideon Welle* ' leavea at H o'clock to-morrow for Waablngton. 1 He baa to-day aold bla real deuce in tbia citv, and . Intend* residing permanently in Waablngton He declined tbe public dinner tendered him by our citizens. Destr active Fires. < Bostoh, Sept ?i?Nahaat Hotel was burnt last night, involving a loss of f100,000. ConcokD. N. H , Sept. 13 ?The ear bouse# of the Concord and Northern Railroads, with their locomotives and passenger cars, paint shop, k.c., have been burnt. Lose neavy. Information far the Ssath Lovisvillk, Sept IS.?Advices from Richmond | say that W Boyd, late a clerk in the U. 8 War Department, bad arrived at Richmond with full information respecting matters at Washington. 1 luifrBiaii u rriaci naptmii Oiwno, Sept 11?Prince Napoleon, accom- ! panted by Princess Clotbllde, passed through Oswego last night oa hta way down the lake to i the Thousand lalanda and St. Lawrence. _ ( Lannch tf n Gnnhont. Postsmoctk, N. H., Sep. U.?The run boat Kearsag* warn launched at the Navy Yard to-day, and baa beeen placed In tbe floating dry dock to be coppered. Death of ft Bask Presides! Nrw Havkn, Conn .Sept. 11.?John W Pitch, > president of the Mechaaics' Bank, and anlvrrsnlly esteemed, died this morning Ntaiattln DmI1m4 Buffalo. Kept 11 ?Dr. Brooch, the democratic nominee for State Treasurer, riefllnoa tU ' nomination The Slatae Electiea. PotTLiND, Sept. 14.?Returns frem 1M towaa *We Waabburne, rep., for Governor oirer 19,060 . majority. The New fteveraaaeat LMl. I N*w Yon, Sep*. l'i.?Over one roWiloa doll*r? of (be new Gorernaaeat Inaa ww tahea ta thla city to-day. Xhath el Ki>GiTeraw hn*> t*Toca?aiB??, N Y, Seat IS -Ei-tfovetaor 1 Brlgga dle4 here thU BMralaf > I 1 * *?- . - - ifc -HP SECOND EDITION] THREE rCL?tI P. M. , or* MILITARY BUDGET. iiiT irmmnri Capt John HIIItoo*, <tf 0frar?ae, W T . b? **n appelated an AaMul Adjataat Of?ml *f rota atom MaJ John Watt, of tbia elt?, baa bra ap xjinird a Pint Lleateoaat la tbc 1Mb lalaaby, LJ. 9. A. LATH LOCAL NEWS Roiiut ?Sobm tine after l w?lr? o'clock last slfht, mm thief or thieves rat 4?nr* the slgs ?f $ 9 Wood * store, No ISO Pennsylvania imw, near Fonr-and-* half atreet, and lore It te pieces Nine amall American fla?a. roe all If sad others -otton, were Mipen4r4 tr*m the dp, aa< oil these were stolen away. They were ealaed at ibout tweaty-flee dollars The uabage aad robt>e y w?? doubtless committed by soose ?o#tl ot Floyd, Cobb & Co , who was taa tallied by tbo mottoes upon ths slga Or one side?"Tbs L'nlon most mod shall bo Pr?i u<;" oa tbo ?ther?" The f r*t man who shall haul iis? tho American flag, shoot hi so oa ths pot.** The "PcAlbid.''?Hareey (oa C street, oppoilte tho Theater,) la resaodrllag his salabilshmeat, so as to enable htm to ati^rt?nrtals tbo treat Increaae of his oyster boataess His range ?f kettles In which he pispoass bores liar A soaTd his oysters by staaa, Is a now wrinkle. daelMly, and a capital one, too. Aasaag his plans tor w> Ham. im tm ? piny tat owh via ami >yaters and oyster soup, made by tb? haadrad gallons, aid sold la large quaatlties ta the dtffw?nt suttlern His scalded oysters wara laat mm Immensely popular, aad with his Improved m? r>f rapplTlsf thedaasand tor (km, ha will 4mMlaai greatly increase his business. H abeam Comrcs Cases?In the case of Daatal G. L'rrastrong, a minor, la Sick lea's EiooMor Brigade, the writ was served br Deputy Msrshal Phillips yesterday, and after s bearing hla dls ihirge wss ordered The Marshal to-day has a writ of habeas corpus to serve la the caae of Jeakln Evans, a private In Col Fretdburn's Cavalry Regiment. Evans, also, petltioas for his rotoaaa on the grouad that he la a minor. Some Peach.?Our fellow townsman, Dr. R. H 9peake, left with us to-day a huge peach, rich, ripe, and Juicy, 10)f lnchea la circumference. and weighing tea ooaeea, grows la ht? yard, oa E street The country moat l??k to Ita horticultural laurels, else the city will take the lead. Snimm (-?>t ?l?M r??? J and Lieut O M Wlta?T w^rierenaded~vj*tbn FoarthNtcblgubud, at C?mp Glen. }uwt brrond Fort Corcoran. Capt Car It ale. In a few pleasant remarks, tendered his thanks for the eonplliaeiit, after which the band returned to their quartan. Paradb ?The Thirty-second Prnnrlnuli ra eenre regiment, of Gen McCall'a command, paraded thta rooming, and marched throurh Penn ylranla avenue They were fully equipped, aad each man had a sprig of cedar la hie hat. Personal ? Mrs Major General John C Fremont left this cMjr thU morning to Join her huaband in Missouri. LATEST HEWS BY TELEGRAPH IMPORTANT AC TION OF THE KM* TUCKY LE6ISLATCKK. FaaMKrcET, Kr., Sept 13.?'The (Senate has paaaed a resolution from the Houae ordering the rebtli to leave the State, by I vole of twenty-six to eight. A bill was reported making It felony to ealM troop* for the Confederacy, and punlshlag death Invasion of Kentucky by cltlsana as rtbel soldiers. The act Is to go Into effect within ten days, bat wl 11 not spply to thoae returning to their allegiance within sixty days. cr The freight books of the Railroad depot at Padurah, Kentucky, show shipments to tba S<?th of from one to Ave ear loads of flour ard bacon, every day for alxty days previous to Its ce. cupatlon by the federal troops About SIS,000 worth of property, consisting mainly of flour and provisions, was seized at the depot. Among the lot was sixty bolts of army cloth, some of flaa bias, nllahl* IM AAMTI* ?ll< C7~ In pnr*uanoe of order* from tbe BlWiiy of War, tbe Quartermaater General of the Army la directed to take tbe neceaoary ?tepa for tbe roglatratlon of the grtvea 0f aoldlera killed la battle or dying In hoapltala Friend* of tbe killed will hereafter bare little dlftculty la finding tba remains of their relatlvea who fell In tbe war and are burled In tbe Sooth. IE7" Tbe New York lrlab Brigade la rapidly filling up, and will aoon be ready for aerrlce with 5,000 men. It la to have attached to Itaeveral aquadrons of cavalry and two batterlea of lylag artillery. Wisconsin.?Tbe Republican* of Wlaconala rail Ml th?1r atmtm Maditon on the 35th of September. Mimtaby Mattbbs im New Vol* ?The New Tork Herald of yesterday has the following: The eighth Maine regiment, oeer seven kudred strong, arrived bw last evening end were loomed Iatelv transferred to the Camp of Instruction at Hempstead. L I. The regiment is under the command of Colonel 8trlrk'.?i,d. and composed of a fine body of men The? left Angaria, Maine, at four o'clock on Tuesday afternoon, and brought with them eighty horses and twenty wagons, together with sixty horses and twentyflrr wagons for other regiments coming from the State of Maine. The men are attired la gray uniforms, with the army regulation hat, and wlu be armed with the EnAeld rifles Though the regiment now numbers bnt a little over seres hundred men, It Is Intended that they shall be recruited to the regular standard before tbeJr flnal departure for the seat of war The Eighth will remain at the Canan of lMtrartiu until tn ? ? rive at a degree of military proficiency to ruk them among one of the crack corn of our army. The regiment baa been recruited from various porta ortbe State of Maine, and nam ben among fta members tbe lower sod chivalry of the young men of that patriotic State Tbe following are tbe princial officers: Colonel?Lee Strickland, ofLtvermore: Lleuteuaat Colooel?John D Root, of Camden: Major?J ooopb 8 Rich, of Ella worth. Chaplain?H C. Mennls, of Lincoln; Surgeon? Paul Flaber. of Drew. Tbe Tenth line company for the Ninth Regiment NY 8 M. wlU leave for Waahlagtoa todav This company baa been recruited aTaoe the lat lnat , and number* one hundred mea, all fally rqutped. The company to eommaadod by E R Miller, formerly PI rat L lev ten ant of Cam pony C, with A. M Burtia for Ptrat Lleuteasat and A I. Stiles for Second Lieutenant Coloael Dickers Mounted Rtfleo ex pec tag to baee bean of to the w?n oa Tuesday, bat owing to some unexplained cause their dsfwturs has seen postponed for a few days The aaaa are ta ikuou state of efficiency. and manliest a a mat leclre to get Into the leU * " M. L nUNIUR, 3C1ENTITIC AHD PRACTICAL OPTCCIAJ, <*o?PM?***?,) 144 PoM*??T.,<BO?tfc ?4o,) b?tlMiu4 Htfc gtk. I?proved SPECTACLKSttrf KYK 6LAMBS, raited oorroctly for ovory oyubt raixinfd i? SoidTSi) r.ino Stool, 1b4io Robbor, of Tortoioo ifcoil. M#u?rv Fuld Wum, Jfiwiiwu, t>llll??. Oprr* omH Martai GUAt** wvk ik* Wl Aikr?mai%* Um?i, mi mmd fkwtieml ro*r?jnj, mm4 yriiiion Tmm to ? Mi u a tko !*> t ga rfc M?i m3>-U T ATTKNriON, 8UTLCES! he 99* f? ? ^^0ru!j9&mnW MfL. T"> nnn lfco? f IW ?< ?My IMOBTI sron house, > 1 PENNSVLVAN1A AVENUE, Ml A. ir.nOi of T.U, COM" *&<> t<M*t Hr? a nidi to ?rMr M i vwkawhk* mnnw ??4 m hurt Di?t o? fr P? mommd doer ? j. o? w? v.,. M^JxteB?fcv.'^: I'susat KKPti

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