Newspaper of Evening Star, September 17, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 17, 1861 Page 1
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m % m / ? (E bmxm fiir. hi1 * V1^. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C . TUESDAY. SEPTEMBER 17. *1861. N9. 2.676. THE EVENING 8TAlT u PUBLISHED EVERT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED.* AT THE ITAA BUILDIPMJft, OrtTMf / MMM ?U BUrtntk it. T w. D. WALLAOH. Ptpen ierT?d li.nehra bv carrier* it 14 I T?u, or S7 eenU Rpr noath Te mail iubeerVbers the price Is S3 50 a few, m tdvaiui, S3 for six saentha, si for tbree months; and for leaa than three months at the rate e4 It f?U a week. 81aC<e copies, om casi; la wrappers, two cints. ITT AvTUTimmi should be seat to the ?ee before U o'clock >., otherwise they may o? sppear until the next day. Ill LOCO PARENTIS. fcoHCLUDan.l ? W?il, I hop* I am considerate, Carter? tou'H excuse familiarity; bat M it U so?greatly flattered by yoar proposal, I am rare; it wea for that I came on at once, and left bin there. You're a widower; bat that'a no difference?of coarse, if you had killed your wife, one wouldn't have liked it; bat I never heard you did. And she can look after your son for you; boya like that ought to have aome maternal bringing-ap as well as paternal; it humanises men more. I attribute all m* iHTinUma that way to my mother living till I was forty, and keeping me virtually at home all the time I wan at school, as they say at Hannibal's" ' Excuse my interrupting you. Dootor. Did ?y son speak to your oaughter before you left them ?" " Yes, yes. of course. He conveyed your offer of marriage.'* " While you were there*" "Yes. He said, 'I wish to speak to Miss Bibber on business.' I said, 'Speak te her, if _ * a fn I ? ? you me, my aear iom ? no, i dian t say tb?t though; I called him Mr Thomas Carter, not enquire, you know, till you die, or aettle an eatate on him, which is the same thing. ' You don't want to speak to her alone, do you ? because in anyth : g else but business I shouldn't mind it.' Then he interrupted me rhort, I must say rather rudely, and said, 'I don't know that you shouldn't hear what I hava to say, Dr. Bibber. I oome on my father's part to aak your daughter's hand in marriage.' 4 For yourself V asked I; and would you believe it? both of them blushed?as if they had IKaiktW# r.f a# V 4 V* far Kim ' ae!/t Vi a A n?-) v* a * > A.i V} tut Ui Ui} colli uo? nuu so I came here." " May I a?k you the result ?" u Did sn? eoeept you, you mean." "JYes?what your daughter said." " Why, she didn't aay a word I nf *noe aid I felt greatly honored and flatten- i, ?nd that I should leave him with her while I took you her acceptance." " But you My she said nothing." " No; why should she ? I told ner, of course, she must accept you, and I should do ao in her name. 4 But, I said, 'as women like to say No several times before saying Yes, I shall leave this boy with you for half an hour, during which time jou may shilly-shallT to jour T?eart's content, and then acoept him It is now half-past ten; you will say Yes precisely at eleven o'clock, and I shall be back fir* minutes after with Carter,'?no, I said Mr. Carter?but that was only to her, and your son was standing by, too." " Then I may take it for granted my proposal ia accepted ?" " Certainly you may, most certainly; and now let as proceed to business When should the wedding come off, is the important question. I don't think it matter* to her in the least?it is merely between ourselves; but possibly you may have a choice in the matter. I tell you fairly, I have none whatever, only I think the sooner the better; I never like these long delays. When do you say, then?" " Would it not be better to wait before fixing anything till 1 have her consent also ?" " What's the good of that7 what's the good of that7 She will accept at eleven; it will merelv delav us an hnnr in utilin* come, let us set to at onoe; what do you say?" " Hare toot strawberries suffered at all by the rain ? "No, I thank Ton, very flourishing, fresh as roses. When I aaw it waa going to rain, yoa I sent oat Bill the gardener at once to posh them ander their leaves if they were at all outside, and I owe their safety to that, I believe. Yoa shall taste some at the wedding breakfast. Shall we have it next week?" "I think that would be rather hurrying it. What do you think of the ministry?" Ladies and gentlemen, I will not infliot upon you a patchwork of opinions, taken second-hand from the local paper, whioh took its opinions from the paper of the capital of the ooonty, which took its opinions from a London weekly paper, which took its opinions from a daily paper, whioh took its opinions from?the deru ml it* opponents, tbe ministry Mid its supporter*. Anyhow, these opinions had been filtered through so many filtering machines by the time they reached Dr. Bibber that the ministry would have disowned them, and the other high personage would not have reoogniied them. After this discharge he returned to the marriage. " But come, Carter, let us have an arrangement; when shall it be?" Mr. Carter felt driven up into a oorner " Perhaps, Dr. Bibber, my sending to-day was somewhat premature, for I had not eont Jkrrt nl 1 fmA ia artiaA^ w -4 .VW r?WW. ? ? Hiaiiiagv, *UU, III 1BCI, I vu desirous of sonnding to soma extent, the young lady's inclinations. I bare, perhaps, been too hasty in sending?you hare, perhaps, been too haaty in accepting. I should like, if possible, to let tbe matter develop itaelf somewbat more naturally; and, till then, shall we let it reat here? Perhaps your daughter's feelings may be outraged; perhaps sne has some other lover; perhaps she doesn't care for MA 99 HI C If there waa one thing Dr. Bibber hated it OthpM AAtirtAl '' anH (Ka ?aa/<?? m*" W?? ?? ? -mmm WW vvw*> ?) mmmms* *U? iu?U?l Ui?J U?T? perceived Mr. Carter'a fond new for them There U a elan of people wbo, not content with dividing the chaooea into yea or no, add a third chance. neither jee er no, thoagh'they may aay both together. 4' My dear air." aaid the Doctor; "when I waa made D. C L?" How waa Dr. Bibbar made D. C. L. ? On of the Univereitiea wanted to make a batch daring a atagnant time There were no heroee at hand to oe anapped up, ao they took the moet brilliant man of lettera of the age, and aet him in a frame of a retired rear-admiral, a eixth-claae diplomatiat. and three nobodiea, one *f whom waa Dr. (then Mr ) Bibber. And |U DlWVwt gMuwl khv W ..J ... alternately taken to be a retired London physician whoMaanda of life had nMrl* ran t bishop on a pension, or deaf Mas. Doe. To rmme " When I wm made D. C L., I ?u taught (hat an iTidrt answer m?toi more than it ecnver*. Is thara anything behind this desire of delay? Is there desire of rnptara? If sa, your repentsnee hu been rery speedy Bat bad it been apaedttr attfl, 1 eould not have Jiateaed U> it. It ia toy duty to my daughter to hold you U ro*r prom Lae " "Yea coaaider promiaea aaorod. than. Dr. Bibber?*' " Mr. Carter, I do." M Tben pray ll?tea for one moment. 1 bad careely aeat my aos off to you whon my aye fell ob thia picture. That was my wife. And I tben remembered that oa her death>bed" (oo inraation here, reader,) "ahe bad exacted a promiae from me that I would never take another in her oiaoe." - Well, Mr Carter, death-bad promiaoa are doubly aacred, and there la no doabt you abould keep that." " I knew jon would aay ao, my dear Dr. Bibbar, and I thank 70a for your " " Bat m I don't ?? how 700 can kaap that pnxaiM to bar and thia to my daaghtar at tba wi tima?whathar jon kaap jour promiae to yoar wifa or not, 70a moat kaap your promiaa to by daaghtar If 70a braak it to yonr wifa, that la batwaan joa and bar, bat if 70a do to ay daagbtar, thara ara lagal ramediaa to whieh I shall appl7." ^Tbara la oaa thing, X>r. Bibbar, about tba "Ta tba daad, Mr Cartar, n promiaa fc aaerad, I'jtast. Bat to tba living it la not 1 I onl7 aa?r?Kl, bat binding " ? ? i?min?ywir*M|ii Uf, Mt* promiM " " A quibhi*y air. a datMtabl* qaibbU Tha laar wM 4mid* irfc*th*r it to ? fromla* or an afar, ?b*th*r an *f*r to **t th* Mm* ? promiM I aha 11 f* *t *ae* and arrange an . actio*. G**d morstaw, air." j Bet a* to* ??tk*4 Utha door it toaa wddenly thrown *p*a *at fo ?u* th* Bab?dor . wufc*k*?t7"Stoh?4?oliMd." : 1 ' Nonaenae," aaid Dr. Bibber, turning round with importance, " I shall bring her to her aenaea. Mr. Carter, I hold you to your promise, and if when she cornea here with me in a quarter of an hour to accept yon offer yon reiterate your refuaal, I shall inatruct my attorney to brina an action.*' He aallied eut pompously, preceded by his atomaoh, aa a French writer baa it, thii time without any inatructiona to the servant. The aon turned to hia father for an explanation, and the father turned to hia father for an ae oount. "On what ground did she decline? Did the give any reason?" " She did not want her father to settle it for her, and she had never thought of jon; not that she objected at all Bat what waa Dr. Bibbler sajing? bad you declined her also?" " My dear boy, you can, if you choose, do me a great service. After you were gone, I recolleeted that I had made a promise to my wife, your mother, not to marry again. Such a promise of coarse. I cannot break. While I was thinking what I could do, Dr. Bibber burst in, and in spite of all my efforts to postpone any settlement, or to turn his attention to other things, he wanted to bar* the marriage next week. He saw bj my hesitation there was something wrong, and I had to tell him of the promise I nad made; wheraapon he threaten ea me with an action unless I broke a promise I must consider as most sacred and married his daughter. He will be back with her presently, and something must then be done. I should be sorry to tax your inclinations in any w?y, especially u you nave no love ior toe girl; bat I ask you. as a great service to yoar father, will you marry her instead of me?" 44 Certainly, with the greatest pleasure," burst out the aon 44 But will she consent, or will Dr. Bibber?" 44 Dr. and Mrs Bibber!" announced thefootman. The Doctor had an air of victory on his face, and a still greater air of importance. The young lady looked submissive, but under that was a concealed smile of determination, whioh, could the Doctor have read it, would have given him a new idea or two. "Mr. Carter." ho hMkn fcon consented to mo, and I have brought her here that the may give you an affirmative answer Yon wHl bo pleased to ask her, you know the alternative." " Dr. Bibber, allow me a word. If the young lady will step into the drawing-room for a few minutes . " Anything you have to say, sir, must bo in her presence. When your son came to speak to her on business, he did so in my presence. If you wish to speak to me, therefore' it is only 6he should be present." " As you will, Dr. Bibber. I have, I hope, discovered a wav of r?w?nnr>il?n?? tho satisfactory to myself? I bopoitwill be to you. Your daughter is far younger than I am, and a union between as might be?pray do not interrupt me?attended with much unpleasant consequenoes. If I provide her a husband; my son has, in the most generous manner, undertaken to marry her, if that suits her and you." The determination vanished at once from the young lady's faoe. The Doctor thought, and did not hit on any objection. ll Y f -1 % a. i * ? -- xz iuj uaagoier au do oDjecuon," no sua, T will giro my <t/>na?nt; Knt nndtr oortoin conditions. What do jou sav, Carry?" She said nothing, at which Dr. Bibber was dismayed, and Mr. Carter reassured. " Go and ask her," be said to his sou, who was elose to her in a moment. " Miss Bibber, may I hope you will consent to settle the quarrel :" He got an answer; I did not hear what, it was said so low; but she disengaged her arm from her father'*, and walked aside with Tom. while Dr. Bibber went to Mr. Carter and shook his hand warmly. Then, in two different parts of the room, these dialogues took place : " Did you intend to aacept ?y father?" . 441 could not refuse mine, because he never let me speak; but if your father had asked me, I intended to have said ' No,' and that would have been too public for my father to have gone any further." it TI L! 1 _ e * - - - -- now kidu 01 job 10 seme me quarrel so: ' "Kind ?" "Yes; don't you know? I have loved you all the time." "Oh!" " But it muat be distinctly understood that your son marries her, not of himself, but in your place?in loco parentis. "Certainly; just as you like. About tbe settlement "Oh, we needn't trouble ourselves about business details now. Your lawyer and mine? we have the same, though, have we not ??shall draw up theoontraot under our direction. Bat I shall require that it is inserted that he marries her simply and solely in loco par ntis, or you will have to marry her yourself." The Bibbers gained a victory and a defeat. mi t. ? ? - ? * - ino young iaay aia not tell ber fiance that he bed loved him too, whish iu the victory; end the atipoleted clause was et left left out of the contract, which was the defeat. U. S. Sua bp* hoot 11* ?The New-Hampshire company for Berdan's Sharpshooters, 100 strong, reached th?* camp at Wfehawken yesterday The Vermont eompaov Is expected to day. These Aiew-Hampshire marksmen are all men of excellent moral character, more than ordinary intelligence, and of good social position. Quite onethird are farmers, the remainder being composed of mechanics and artisans who earn their 92 a day the year round. They are led by Capt. A. B. Jones, a stalwart, handsome young man, who was offered the commission by the Govttnor on bis graduation-day at college, and who sprang with alacrity from tbe study of Euclid and Hero ditus to that ef Hardee and Scott. He la a wonderful rifle-shot himself, having .V. .?.! ?* i e - iuiuc m nivi >ip ma even idcuh irom a rw i. . r.kii. trial ?f tii# men i bli almost equala the marvelous exploit of Col Berdan hlmseir at the YYsehawken exhibition, and la actaalljr better than tbe champion string made In '43 in Kentucky Let the Colonel look to bit laurela! The next beat lathe company la one Brown, from Bow, N. H. whoeestring measuredfifteenlnchea; but tb? average of the whole hundred men la thirty inches. Capt. Jones. In recruttlnir the New-Hampshire company, advertised for candldates to come to headquarters at Con<*ord, bringing with tbem satisfactory certificates of good character sod habits ss tbelr second qualification for admission The result was that over 250 applications were made, nearly all of them by men who could "pass the string test." 80 that the 100 taken being deducted, there Is material for snothar company af riflemen from the Old Granite Scale New-Hampshire hss done well In this war In a good many wave, but she bas nothing to b? prouder of thaa the 100 whom she hss sent to operate on the wings of an army under young Capt. Jones. If they don't give a good account A# Iti sssisal n wa shall H*s?a wv ?U*?? ??? ?! M??r UV IBilU la sttouh trms, steady nenres, clear sight, or 40pound rifles ?iV. y missi, Friday. Poeti Cbaton.?A letter to the Bostoa Courier thus describes the famous Strother: " Away, too, bslf gallops, half trots s wild litUe half-^rowu sorrel, with bis mane cut short and his tall sweeping oat Into the wind. A rusty bit, black as the worn and mended bridle, single rein, and aa old American citizen's saddle, are the an If arm And who rides ! A rather small man, with spurs three Inches long fastened to his rrtaei ooots. la ib<M iw poMrt dtrk brown panta well covered with apota,a good background to white boot atrmpe The boota tbemaelvea are wore white and nnblaeked A'dark coat, buttoned at the top, ahowa a blue ahlrt apd a aUk vest, alao black and pollahed He W?rt the smallest India rubber cap pa?Ible, Uoat which hia thick hair tacapea and revel* aa If anaeed to much /Mtralet, and Was rival af the busby heard A few gray halta aw sprinkled with the felMsk, hat hk eyes flashes brightly as of yore On Mo (IipM aide bo carries aa opera class, and aa the left a mall leather tack. And he raises bla block cloves to aalate you It la Parto Crayon. You have ww k!a wonderful aketcbea manv a line He ta a w?u of ftentna, of many an accoiup *t nidation, of experience He came Sot in titx New Yfk N*a?k prterte. b?t be ketchea iO?r aloae tot General Banka, on wboae feuc be u mow pUc?4. Mi?0m anvmywtm. U t il) 0 N E II Y. NAVT A must 29,1861. ?kpakatk Skalkd Propobalb will b* received at the cffios 01 tbe Seoretary of the Navy until 3 o'clock, P. M of Saturday, the Slat f*eptimber next, for furniahinc all the Stationery that may ho required ny the Navy Department and theaevoral bur<*aua from the latter date t<> July 1,1863 All tho artiolea furnished must be of the beat *mauty, delivered without delay when ordered, and to the satisfaction of the head o' the olfi je for whioh they are re^u red. If it be required, earh bidder for stationery must fttrnish with his proposal a sample of eaoh artiole bid for. No bid will be considered whioh does not fully oonform to the advertisem?nt, and in wiueh each and every artiole is not bid for, and in whioh more than one prioe is named for any one artiole. B< nds in soffioient amount, with two or more approved sureties, for the faithful exeoa'ionef ? oontraet will repaired of the person or persona contracting. The authorised names of the sareties that will be given, as also satisfactory testimonials to fulfil the ooutraot, must aooompaoy the bid; otherwise it will not be considered. The Department reserves to itself the right of ordering a greater or lets quantity or eaoh and every artiole ooctraoted for. as the oublio service may require. Should any article be required not enumerated in the oontraot, it is to be furnished at the lowest market pri e, according to its qualit? The subjoined schedule speoih?s,as nearly as can now he done, the amount, quality, and description of eaoh of the articles likely to be required. &CHKDITLK. 40 reams heavy, white laid, despatoh cap, atop ruled, equal to ?ample, per ream 9n reams loolsaap. blue or white, rulea.per re\m 75 reams extra srperfine, blue or white, laid or wove, letter paper, ruled, equal to sample, per ream 10 teams Manilla paper, 98 by 96 inohes, flat, per ssmpie, per ream 20 reams l>est bulf or white envelope payer, royal, flat, per ream 15 reams heat note paper, thick, per ream IS reams beat note paper, medium, per ream i 30 r*a>na copying or tiaaue quarto poat, per ream inn vards traoing oloth, per square yard i 3 reams blotting pap <r. royal, per re?m 60 quirea patent blotting paper, median), per autre SO sheets elephant drawing paper, per sheet aoahneta double elephant drawing paper, per < aheet i 30 ?heets antiquarian drawing paper, per sheet i ftjlfflo oream laid envelopes, letter mse, per l.ono lry*> cream laid envelope*, note aizo, per l,0oo ! 5"0 oard envelopes, per 500 I l,00ii patent oloth lined envelopes, by 4 inohea, < per 1,000 2% patent oloth lined envelopea, 5H by 3\ inches, per 250 250 pat*nt oloth-iined envelopea, 5M by 3\ inches, per 250 20,000 b*st biff or white envelopes, Government ; pattern, official aize, priHtai atamp. per 1.000 31,000 beat buff or whit* envelopes, Government patterns,official size, engraved stamp, per , 1,000 30,000 be-.t buff O' white envelopes, Government ' patte n, official size, lithographed stamp, per 1 ,<w?o 6,0)0 best buff or white envelopes. Government f attorn, tetter size, lithographed stamp, per ,000 l 1,000 best buff or white envelopes, Government , pattern, letter ?ize, unstamped, per 1,000 5,000 be?t white official envelopes. 10>? by 6X inches, lithographed, per 1,<j00 . 30 gross st*el pens, on c&r.Is or in box?s. (the , Department to have the liberty of selecting from ?U the different kinds manufactured.) per gross 2< gold p*ns. large aiz*. with ailvor extension holders, best mannfac ure. per pen 1 if) quart* Marnard & Noyes'a black ink, in hot- . ties, per quart 3? quarts be?t I ondon oopying ink, Arnold's or i rerry's. in bo'tle*. per quart , 21 ounoe bottles penne, Guyott A Co., superfine carmine, per bott'e . 1,000 qunls, No. so, opaque ?r clarified, par 1ft) 75 dozen red tape, assorted, per doz 6doz*n ailk taste, per doz 4 H ?r> i?ftnknivaa, R odgars'a K -1, Knok w . pearl, largo size, 4 blades or equal. I per doz a A, ...i- . * -??? 4 -* uwa< U vi aoi>| 01*0 I?UI J IlttUUIOIf in caass, Rodders'* h?ct. per doz , 1 dozen pair* of shears,8 inoh biade, per doz 1 d' zen pai's of shears, inoh blade, per doz 1 dozen pairs of shesrs, a inoh blade, per doz 1 dozen pair* of soi'sors, per doz 2 d " zen nine inoh Ivor* folders. per doz ld^z*n rulers, parallel or gutta peroha, per dozen 30 il 'Zt>j olaok lea l pencils, Faber'i best, assorted, p*' dozen lOdozsn best American drawing pencils, as sorted, per dozen 12 dozen Kaber's red and b'ne pe-oils, per doz 2 dozen "able brushes, assorted, p >r doz 2 doz'n can el hair brushes, assorted, per doz 2 dozen sticks best (1 dia ink per stick 3u pound* extra superfine wax, per ' pound 15 pounds best qna'ity wafers, per pound in pounds be*t white (turn arabio. per p und 6 d<>zin prepared muoilage and bru^h, large, p- r doz 5 dozen prepared muoilsge and brush, small, per doz 10 pound* be*t hemp twine, per ponnd j lo p utids beet lin*n twine, per pound I 5 quarts beet black -and. per quart 6 .joz-n best p epa-ed lrd?* rubber, per doz, < an31,sep6.13 30 PROPOSALS FOR REVENUE VESSELS. TRBAAUIT DKPA.KTMKNT, I Washington, September 3,1861. ( I TKn nAi\A.rtm?nt ar i 11 ua nrr?nnse m ( A uv *-?" I ?UI < u r- 111 I WVI *v |>iVfvai(iB| WWVIU panied by models, plans, and specifications until ; 12 o'clook M?nday. 3th !*eptemb?r, lR6t,forthe 1 oomplete construction and equipment of Two . Steam Sorew Revenue Vessels of 750 tons each, and of Three Steain Korew Revenue Veasels of b'K> * tons eaoh United States measurement. Proposals will only be oonsidered from snooessful ste?m<hip bui ders actually engagel in that nusine?s, and the name of the marine steam engine es . laMishm^nt at which th?.< machinery is to be made aiu *t be ?tated and will have due weight The l?ad draft ot water of the vmmIi of 750 tons must not exceed ten (10 feet, and t?>ey will b?arm:d with one rifled pivot gun of 8,000 lb?. weight, two 32 pounder guns ot 42 owt., and one heavv navj 24 pounder howitzer on 'he top gaiWnt forecastle. The oora?lement for each vessel to be 12o persons, oarrying provisions for sixty days, and 2,800 gtllons , of *w in tanks; <o be furnished with a ooitdenier for distilling potable water. The vessels to re aohooner rigged, w th firing gaff topsails, ?auare sai , and yard to et flrmg. The iu?d draft of water of the vessels of 600 tons mu*t noTexoeed 8K feet, and they will be armed, each, with one rifled pivot gun of 6/4)0 lbs. weight, two 32-pounders of 42 owt., and one light navy 24 pounder howitzer on the top gallant forecastle. The eo.nplement lor each vessel will be 9* persons, parrying provisions for sixty days, and 2.000 galloua water in tanks, and to be fumiahrd with a oondena*r for distilling p tab'.* water. The veaaela to be aohooner riggrd, with flying gaff topaaila, aguare aai , and yard to net flying The prrtpoaala n<u?t be for the hull, ap&ra, rigging, aaila and canvas work, maat ooata, awninga, nammacka and bag*, boats, anohora and cables, tanka, oaaka, biiiaaolee. bella, furniture for cabin a and mesa rooms, oookiag apparatus and nien?\i? ?niiu u awiuuorj. >f*r? ?oii,oo*l bank- 1 era nlled with Hook Mountain coal, with alt the I equipment* and ouiflta of ever* kind, and in all I reapeota ready to receive her officers m?n, provi 1 ro a, and armament, and at onoe proceed to aea The arraament.proviaions, nautioal inatrnmenta, and oharta only vil be provided bjr the Government 1 It ta deairable to har? the highest attainable ap#ed, which must be stated in tn? ?fler, together with the length of time it ean be maintained ana the quantity ot ooaJ that oan be oarrieit in the bunkera for that apeed, which ehoold not be leaa than ten daya of twenty four bonra each. The specifications must desoribe fully the inaUrial fn ha nmaA tka wv\m nn** m ' * ivi MVi ?v wv U ?*/? I **|0 IliHUIlVI BliU Biao UI 1AI ICli I U)(? the detail of the use finish, Mil ar angemoi.t or the machinery, and oftne various equipments acd outfit* inoluded in the proposa. The piers mu?t be working drawing! from whioh the vesel and infcolMnefy oan be built, showing the aJ otment of spaoe for aooonunodations, sieain 1 room magsgines,shell rooms disposition of ooal, and oonvement stowage mast be provided. it is to be understood that in the contract a guarantee will be inserted of the fulfilm<-utof the oondition of draft of water, spe<>d, fuel, satistaotory working of the maohinery, and other points re- 1 quired, with a forfeiture in oaae of failure. The oiuders must state the least time from the I signing the oontraotor aeoeptanoe of tlte proposal { within whioh they will agree to onmplete The vessels ready for sea and deliver them at any ports 1 they may name. The total amount tor which they will engage to do all that is required In'he fore ivmp ? fwmn??u>i ? w DcsniviHog in meir ep*-oit?oa'?oiM ud plans, nut be stated, and the bid* moat be aooom pernod by the ju*r&ntee re quired by law that, if awarded, th?y will execute the oontraot. . I Pay MiiU wtU ba made at fonr d fferect intervals i as the work progrsey, retaioinx oue-fiit&il 5) of the whole amount for ninety (90) days sfter the I delivery ot the vessel, to repair any deleots that I nay be disooTared within that time on trial at eea. The Department reserves the right to aoe*pt the i proposals mad* in conformity with the oonditiona | reeoribed whieh it nay eonsider most to tse i Interests of the Government and to combine the < greatest number of advantages, aad to rsjeot any

or all of them at its option., . A competent person wnl be appointed by the Department to superintend the ooaetrnotion and Qif mt } a u< if<giag*u?Mf fw? Mu ? 01 HrUM I ? ""s.l.Vit&'S: w , arnp 4 ataw 8?fUrr of th? Tr?*uryt I ( A HBaUMKJJ BUSiNEa?. I Xwi The Un?ierM*i?l would isforan kiilwl I # <|rr&?u > f*U*o lh*t ft ; BtK%SS@?3?L frllW - &NOOA WAADi SUMMER RETREATS. UKA BATHING AND SAFE RETREAT, ^ At Point Look-Out, Majltlakd. This ce ebrated Bathing Plaoe. situated at tb? jimotirtft of the Potomac River with the A . ? A Chesapeake Bay. will be opened by theWgBiJ aadersicned on the 10th of June, in theluKx very best style, lor all persona who mar wish a safe and euiet retreat, where they aau nave the benefit of toe beat salt water batHng and enjoy the ~r ?u. 1 o._,_ -? - 11 - vt ktio warai, hum c?s riBfl Ul All Kindt, Oysiere, Crabs, Ac. Every description of fishing taokle will be kept for the aocommodation of guests. A fine liver; stable kept on the (arm. Also, ten pin alleys and billiard saloons; with all other amusements usually found at such places. Trie table will be supplied daily with freak vegetables from the garden on the premises ana from the Baltimore and Waabington mark eta. The beat Liq uora and Cigars will always be found at the Bar. Board, 93 per day; one week, fit; second week, 10; four weeks for f36; ohildren and oolored servant* half-prioe. The steamer Bt Nicholaa leaves Washington Tuesday a: 6 a m. and Baltimore on Friday at if. m. The half p&at 2 o'clock p. m. train from Washington will oonnect at Baltimore with the boats, rAAAhinv Pntr?* I nnVA??./<?.i- - - ? - *- ' 1 . . w?> >J>*rs * ???? uwtvUkUOMIJ f ? BU? ? in-wwiiy it*:*" from Washington, by w&y of l.eonardtowa Add'ess the proprietors, at Point Lookout. Washington, D C., or Alexandria, Va. m 31 HEFLEBOWEK A CO . Prop'rs. DENTISTRY. JH. PEA BODY, M. D., Surgical and MI chamcal Dkntist, having taken rooms at No. '276 Pa. avenue, hetweennMBBkl lith and 12th sts., two doors east of the**'1 Kirk wood House, respectfully solicits a share of the publio p&tron&ce, in the various branohes of his profession. jy 15 2m* TEETH. LOOM 18, M. I)., the inventor and patentee of the MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at-1 gc* lends personally at his offioe .n this oity.AaflBBiS Many persons oan wear these teeth who*"3-1-0 oannot wear others, and no person oan wear others who oannot wear these. Persons sailing at my oAoeoan be accommodated with any style and prioe of Teeth they may desire; but to those wno are partionlar and wish the purest, sleanest, strongest, and most perfect deatare that rt can srodcee, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fall* warrant*.! Rooms in this city?No. 33* Pa. avenue. between Hh and 10th ata. Also, 907 Arch atreet, Phi ad el phia. oc it tf | GAS FITTING, &c. AWM 7 DOVE * CO. RE Now prepared to exeoute any ertlera with winch tkgf bat be favored in the PLVffBlNe, 8Aa OR STEAM FITTING BUSINESS. Store on ?th street, a few ioora north of Pa. ivenne, where r. \j be foand a oomaiete astortmrnl >f CHANDELIERS ana other 9AS, STEAM an4 WATER FIXTURES. latT-l* K8NYDER, PLUMBER AND OAS FITTER, Haa removed to the oorner of Twelfth and F eta. He ia prepared to introdnoe Water and Gaa upon the moat favorable terms, and guarantiee enure latlsfaotion. Me has on hand a lot of COOKIN6 and other STOVES, whioh he will sell leas than oost, as ha riaues to get rid of them. no 17 W~8A S FIXTURES. E Have in atore, and are dai y receiving, 9AS V1ITORBS of entirely New Patternsand Desirns ind Finish, superior in style to anything heretofore HTei d in tnia mirk At. w? in?i?? ?i?l? - - ._ ? ....Hfi<?;viu*ou>ioaor*i y to Mil and examine oar stock of Gas and Water , Fix iraa, fo?linc oonkdent that we have the best (elected stook in Washington. I All Work -n the above line mtrvsted to anr oar* nil be promptly attended to, I MYERS * MoSHAN. 1 BUrt-tf ?? D stre^i I \J' 1CE **"** , W*SH!!1ST0H. Jslv II, im, ? SUTIGE IS HEREBY 0ITEX. That.atrea- . to the provisions of the ordinance of the Cor- \ ^ration approved May IS, 13ff), the andersig ned is i low prepared, "whenever r ecu i red in writinc, and > >n pre-pay mcnt of the fee of fifty oenta, to inspect, xamine. test, arove, and ascertain the aoouraoy of < egistration olary [>s meter in use in thisoity." I Svery meter, if fonnd inoorrect, will be condemned md another,sealed and marked as true, will be. ibi in i?5 pi*oe. ii proved to m aoosraCe in its ceasmoinent of gas, it will besealea aocoaintij, kn<1 *sain put in position for use. I O?o" No. 10 Seventh street,(near Odd F?i ws' H?!l.) Osen from S v m., to is. m. i CHARl.ES W. CUNNINGHAM, IT ll-tf Inspector and Sealer of 8as Meters. Jt Mnlhlf'tln 1 Is the onlr known &nd best snio.e u exterminate Arit?!*iSfoths, Flies'* : Ni ~ * Fleas. Garden Worms *""> n~ ... Vins Bscs, *s. J ?? ?^ It contains no poxttn. SCHWERIN'9 PILLS are snre death to Rats c md Mioe. M. Schwerin has reoeived certificates rom the President of Qirard ColiestfTDireotors of louse of Refage, P^nsylYama Hospital, and < >ther Prominent I nstitutions of Philadelphia: U. i. Jail, Washington, D. C.;and Charity Hospital, Sew Orleans, La The original certificates can be seen at the J Wholesale and Retail Depot 134 North Seoond i treet, Philadelphia, and for sale in this elty by D. i. CLAR K, oorner Pa. avenne and 4H sts., and by kli Druggists and firocers. BKWARK OK SPURIOUS IMITATIONS. IE" Remember to ask for Sohwerin's Annihi- 1 atu t Powder. IC None genuine unless signed M. ScBwmif. , run clA.iIriril A PACKET OF PAPBJi f AND ENVELOPES ] NO I VO MATCM. I CHARGEJ METROPOLITAN BOOKSTOftK. 1 rmur ouuumun?i Aimil /#r L?urtm?$'i uUbrmttd Limn Fmptrt "MHrwXtMk MilltS **., ft. m Si-lj taC ?th and Wlh iu. T'HE EUROPEAN HOTEL,, KEPT BY P. I EMU (OH. at the corner of Penn. A . . A irenna and Eleventh liint, iiaa IimdKMV greatly improved recently and now offer*1UU , greater inducement* for the patronage of citizen* i and strangers tb?n any other public house in the oitT, his price# being less than those of any other hotel on Perm, avenue, and his accommodations (or aormaaact or transient boarders unexceptionable. The bar and restaurant arranjementa of the European Hotel hare already become very aoaa- , lar.being ail that oan be desired by the mo?( faatiilliti. The proprietor pledgee unremitted atten- 1 bonanti ooatn uw liberal expenditures to gireaattaffcetion to all,and thuareneire his invitation ? all to five the Knroaean HnW a nalt. de 4-tt W? TRAVELING TRUNKS. E Offer for aale the larceat aaaortment o TKAVEUN6 TRUNKS to be found In?^ tbia oitjr, oompriainx beat Sola LcftinnrHH* Ladies' Dress and Packing Trunks, Va-^**"* tioaa. Carpet Baca, *o., which we are now aellicj at vary low pno?. 1 WALL, STEPHENS * CO., aa H '<'33 P?n>?. avnae. I: CASH NOTICE. N Conae* uenoe of oar bavins to pay oaah for svery article ot gooda we pnrohaae. we are forced ' to retinae our bnaineae to Caah exeluai velj, f?r the preeent. We hwe in (tore a very large aaeortmeat if READY-MADE CLOTHING for men and J twya* wear, which are eeiUnj at a mooh lower rate 4 than anally. WALL. STEPHENS k CO.. 394 Pa. avenue, between 9th and loth at-. jay /Intel, k Repnh.i watch wi" I have one of the beat eataMiahmenU, and far. mahed with a complete aet of toola for repair>D( every deaonption of &oe Watohea, ami flMf particular attention rive to toe same, by ibo nch competent workman.and a work BVMML ned Al?o, every deeonp ion of atandard SILVER Wi RE. plain and ornamen tai, manufactured nnder my own aaparvtaion. which opy euatoatera will find fir anterior in eoaiity and nnieh to northern ware Srnar rkUPONTni SUNPOWOKR, "^SSJSSxsaEs!. ^BWV O^u M K Jp4^.ZAC^ NOV^ LJ^ g| BUR JOHNSTON, ALTINURK LOCK HOSPITAL, Ht d\*to+tr*4 lit mmi Ctrimm, Sjf*?dy ?U ?i) EJJtctuai Rtmtdf m lit lr?rM, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. L*T iVO FALSE DELICACY FRETENT. 4 PHI V IMMfni i T LM V M MM * U1/1A A bli 1 1 WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Waaknaatof "JSa Back, Btric.araa, Afacuooa of Ua Ih41171 ?od Bladda: SucMrfti, Infouact, On aral Dability. N>i.'nmpw, i>*?pap ?, Laanor, Caafaaioa f ldtaa, Lew Spr.'j, ?'pitauau * tb? Ha?n, Timidity, Tramblicfa, Dimoaaa ? 8?f at or liiddiuaaa, Dihw tf tfca H?*d, Throat, Moaa or Bki>, AIkumi rf lk< Laut, tuaten or BoviU?thaaa Tarnbla Diaordara traiif from *!>lary Hatiu of Tntk-thni Dntdftl and Daatiwcuva PraeUcti which raodar Marriaf a impoaaiMa, and daairoy hat* Body and Mind. YOVNO MEN Eapacially w ha tiara bacoaa tht ticuib* af Solitary Tiea, that draadfal and daairacura habit which aioiaally awaapa m> m ?uiiiui?ij |??*t ujowiioai 01 I ovi'f Willi Of (AO BMt oxaittd ulinu and brilliant iiiidltci, who ought othorvitt ha?a antranead Uatamnf Bau?;?i villi tht Unodtrt of olo. ohdci or vakad to acatacy tht living lyrt, oa; call with full cooldtoca. MARRIAGE. MiUIID Pm*iO!ai, or Yoanjr Mtn contain plating Marriott, boiog awaro of phyaical waakuaoa, orfanit dabiluj, darormiaaa, kc., aptadilr carod. Ho vkop.icia himaalf oodor tho tara of Dr. 1. may roliftotily conido to bia honor at o fantlamao and cocidaoil; ralj opon hit thill aa a phjtictan. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICE ST. loft hand aida jfotof froa Baltimore atraat, fow doora froa wia tornar. i an not to eot?r?a nama to* narottr. Ltutrt out ba paid and contain a tump. Dk JOHNSTON, Mtabaraf tha Royal Colltff of Sarctooa, Laaidoa, rradaata from on* of tilt moat tmtoant Coilagaa in tha Cmtad ut*a, mid U>? era*tar pan of whoaa Ufa hat baan apaat in tJba boapiula of London, Paria, Philadalphia and alaavbara, baa >8actad a*<na of tha moat aatoniahinf ii'ti that vara Tar knowo; many troablad wiib ring-inr is lb a baad and art wh?n aaltcp; fV-i narvonantaa, btin* alarmad at addaa aoandt, baahfalnaaa with frtwjatut hlatniaf, atiandad omtumn with daranfamant of mind, war* csrtd mania* diauly. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Ttttif Men ana otfitra who haaa injarad thamaalTaa by a |?r!lin nr*^fif* inrful?*<) ?* !??? *?.W.a ? learned from vil coiopamooe, or ?t echool, the tflecta af whicn art nightly felt t?tn whin attep, and if aotcorid, render* marriage iropoetible, and deetroye bath mud aao kodv, ahoald apply immediately. Then art tool of tha aad and fnilaochoiy effeata produced by ttrly habite of yonth. ?i?: Weakutae of tha Beck and Limba, Paint in tilt Head, Dinnttt of Birht, Loaa of Maata>ar Pnvar, Palpitation of tna Heart, Dytptpey, Ntrtott irritability, Derangement of tht Pigeeuve Faacuoae, Uti.traJ Ditnlity, Symptom! of Contamrtiaei, Ac. M tltTALLT.?"Hit ftarfal tntcu on the mind are Bach la ke drtidtd? of Memory, Confation of Idett, Dtrrtteioa ?r tfpiriu. Evil Forebodings. Avirtion of Bocitty, Belf-Ditiratt, Lo?e of Boluadt, Timidity, etc., axe aotae of the e tile pvadeced. NlHrol'S DBS I LIT T.?Thonea&dt can nov )adft what la tha caaae of ihtir declining health, loeiag their vigor, btco?ng wttk, pale, aervoae and emecialed, having a eingater ippearance aboat the eyee, coagb or ey mpuxna of coat am pDISEASES-OF IMPRUDENfE Whin tht oingaided *ud impradtni votary af pleaeare 5t h?t imbibed the eeede of thie pa in fa I diaeaae. It to* often lappana that an lll-ttmad aanaa of (ham* or dritd of diaco*ary latara him from apply ing to thoaa v ho, froai adacauaa and raapactability, can alona btfrtand him. Ha (alt* iota tha lacda of ignorant and daaifmnf pratandara. who, intaptWU tf eurin#, filch hia pacai.iary aubaunea. kaap him triliof month after month, or aa loaf a* tha amallaat faa can ba objinad, and in daapair laa*a him with raintd haahb to aijrb ?ar hi* jralliuf diaappoiutrnanl; or by tha aaa of that dlttl; potaon?5iarcury?haatan tba eouatitouoaal ayramoma of tbia .arribla diaaaaa, inch * Atf?cUoca of tha Ha art. Throat. Ha?d, Ikin, Ac., prof raaan * with frifhtfal rapidity, ull daath puta a panod to hia drtadfal aafartnfi by (Aiding hinai a ibat aaliacavarad caantrr (root who** baarn* aa iravalar raiaraa. DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND JMPOTBNCY. By thia jraat and important ramady w*ako*aa of ifca arcana in apaadUy carad ana fall rigor raaiorad. Tboasaad* of tha aaat narrow* and dabihtatad, who had loot all bapa, bar* laan immadiataly r*li*??d. All impediment* to Marriag*, Fhyaltal ar Mtota) Diaqaal mn VI rmmun r?*?r, Ptrrtu irriiaMlu*. ritmblinr u< WitiniH m Itliiniw af Ua aw laarYai tlnd apaadUy earad. ENDOxjr ittti rfliaa. Til Hint Thovukdi eared at tbia inamauan within ha Uat aavantaao ratri, and tha ntnirrai important Sarri Ml aparauaoa parfurrsad t? Or. iohaatao, wtmaaaad by ih? apartara of tha p&para and many atbar paraooa, uaticaa til rhich bava appaarad apia and afaia bafara tha pablle, bald aa bia ataodtng aa a (antlataui af cbaraetar and raapaoai. tUitT, la a aafleiaai (vanntaa ta tba aflictad. aiar li-ly B TOP HAM'S an PREMIUM TRUNK VSQ MANUFACTORY, 499 8nntb Wask:n?tok, D. C, Silver Medal awarded by Maryland lubtiti e Baltimore, Nor#mb?r 7,1M0. Llao, Medal by Metropolitan Mechanioe'Iutitate. Waahin*ton, D. C., IfiffT. [ am constantly making, and aivaya have on hana. of the befei material, ever; description el Fine Sole Leather. Iioc Frame. Ladier'Drera, Wood Box, and i Paokinx Tnnti. Peihuer, Cirpet.tD* u"'S1S3Stt?je&? At Lew Prictt. Membera of Concrete and traveler* will please >xMnin? my stnofc before pnrehasinr elsewhere (Trunks that are made in other oities. , Superior Leather and Dreu Trunks made to >; '.or. Trucks coTored acu repaired at short notice. Goods delivered free or charce to acylpart of tha nty, Georgetown, and Alexandria ja?-lyeo JAMK3 8.TOPHAM. \f ED1CAL DKPARTMKNT OF GEORGELTl TOWN COLLEGE. Washington City. Corner nj F and Twelfth Strutu Sassio* or l&61-'62. FACULTY OF MEDICINE. NOBLK YOUNG. M. n.. Professor of Pnnoiples and praotioe o'f Mediome. JOHNSON ELIOT, M. D.. Professor of Principles end Praotioe of Surgery. JAMES E MORGAN. M. D.. ^ ( Protessor of Afrateria Medio* and Therapeutios. J. M. SNYDER, M. D* .... Professor of Obstetrio* and Disease* of Women and Children. THOMAS ANTI9ELL. M. D , Professor of Medical Chemistry, Toxtoolecy, and Physiology. J. E. WILLETT, M D . Demonstrator of Anatomy ITT* The ohair of anatomy to be filled. The aeaaioa will oomwenoe on the &d of Ooto ber and end in March following. For farther information addreta JOHNSON ELIOT, M. 1) , DeojL-of the Faoalty, 408 P atreet, between 6th md 7th eta. aa 6-lawtNovl* NOTICE. NTIRE STOCK OF DRY GOODS SELLING OFF At Giutlt Rkducid Pticn To Close Bnaioeaa. The undersigned. Truat-e of R. Brioo Hall, irou d most reapeotfutljr oall the attention of R. B Hall'a former patron* and tne nubile m general to the faottbat be is now and will oontinse to aeU all the remaining a took on hand at great]/ rednoed ariAJto in aIaoo nnf ?Ka Knaiwaaa aw gaaodl 1? w a. r 'VVW, W Vivwv VM ?UV l#?aV4UWS >? fWUII* M tibia. THEO. 8HKCKEL8, Treat**. N. B.?Mr. Hail having for a lone time ocoapied two atore*?No. <73 and 37 4?tni? ia to motify all persona that the gooda of both atoraa have been placed ia Store (to. 371, where all pereona ia search of bartaina should not tail to call, ami-eoet THKO. SHECKEL9. Traatea. Hr? FRENCH * R1CHB3E1N AVE J Bit reoeived a !r?h ritffiJ of Note Paper, Colored Borders, riled and plain, wfth Ebvelope* to match Also, t-iac I'uer of all kind*, with and withoBt Mottoee; Envelope! to matoti. Parse* and Poeket Book* of every description. A 1 arje asaortment of Stationery. New York Pa peri reoeived daily; Paper* from all parti of the country. FRENCH * RICH8TEIN, n?a> Fewn. aaenee. |Vf OORtTS WEST END SODA FOUNT 18 1T1 in rail operation, -diipeniiaj pure Carbonic Aoid Water, with nioe airaps of different Savor*, to mit hit patron*. In Addition tn R ft r\m af/vik rtf UMfUiiuM. km Ka.a r n ?r?f Maortaent ofToiTwT Artie l??, lb* 5iyr?. ONIONS?ONIONS?ONIONS. JU8T RMMTed on oonugniMDt 1,980 *>anflb?? prim# Onions. For krw. KINtt * BURCHKL1-, H? Corner Fi ft?tli **<t I ?o?MDomi FHKHH TOMATOES. <a>oan? FKKHll VKAU, HO eui ii K f J'.b la aww, 240 oua ROAST BKKK, ' SSttfflHBto M0??m K)UPtod BOITLLI. *?S55S^NCH DK88tCATKD VB*B ||ONK-MADK BOOTS AND SHOES. LiMM'i Mimh' aii Omnn'i Wui, X .Y.Wi iH'S&iJ'AljtWftt 5*2? if, fr8 I * r>MW g)MpNfer*kr ? 'Wii* -S^-* * * THE WEEKLY STAR. Tkto axseUaat PuaUy u4 Not* JnntiOMtuatB| greater wiMy ?f laterwttnf nUlaj thu cu be foaa4 lm uj othw H paMMM* on Friday Mornlaf. TlKIM?Cmtk, WUriiHt. to !<>? !? Single copy, per aaa am .?i *? PIt* copies 4 71 Ten copies.. e o ? * 9 IQ Tw6ity-?Te copleBi?. # e S8 i? It lavarlahly ooatalse the "Wiekliiita Nrwi' tut has mWe Tkt DmJj Imitmg Sim (tmlM so generally Ibnifkout the coulry \Z7~ f*ln*lf eoplee (la wrappers) eaa he pro. eared at the counter, Immediately alter the tesue t the paper. Price?THREE CENTS I B #? n ? - ? j^r wvrVDAbB. Natt Diriamjrr, I Bureau mf Yard* Mi Dmtkt, 8opt. 4, MM { 8*AL?D PROPOSALS) toi (Mil MHrt'tlT, ondoraed ** fropoaata for Claa* No. (mm the olaaa) for the .Nary Vanl at (MM t*a f??4,r wiM be r*or ive<l at this oftoe until boob on U>? M day of Oct.-bar ?a*l,??r famiahint and dahvariat at the everai Navy Yard* named . the atatanale and a ?? mabraoed ib printed eofcecam. vkieb rt >1 ha furniahed on apaliaatioa, aod eent br mail, if ao re aueetad, to ?*raoaa deeinac to offer to oontract for any or all or the o.acaa named thereto. by ike CoaimandanUofthe -arara Navy Yatj?. for thec.aeee* for tha yard* under their eoaau^.orby M>e Navy Aiwt nearest tharato. or b) Ua Bateau for at? or all the tarda. __ * W rr?? CIM i w MM UEHABA M| UAMaf lAj ?fZr???tki wyl1 ht ?mbs ars w.r.T.cwsrfSsar B.'dde i ire herrby oMtioord ud eartiea a/ v notified that their oflera most b? in theXrmhere inafte; presort bed , and to aUriia trntorate* their deati nation before the tine expiree lor reoeivmj then?; no bid wtll b* rMNtftrtc wAtrA tk*ll h* rtre-v*d aftrr tk* ptritd umttd *md ae aJfaaeme teiM bt mail for fmilmrit *f tkt mmil. tiZ? V*rd *? ? opened before Ue tune appoint-d, bidder* are re*nested to endorse on the envelope, aoore the eiMreea. and draw a line nnder the eodoreeinent, the*: ? "**" "? W^hK,aa WurfM Vardi aad Dock.. Fom or Orr?* I fi... --- (Here date the offer,) J I,( ?* insert tn# oiinf or rahdn oiddoviqc tKa rm.) of (name the town.)in the Mate olTrarae Ue tate.) hereby offer to fernieh under toir adver tisement dated (date of advertisement laedsutoeet to all the re*uiremeats of the same, and of li>? printed schedule to whieh it refers, a I the arUelee embraced in Class No. mrntie the claw) for the nary yard at (name the yard.) aooordinc to Mid aohedule, rim. (here paste on the printed oiai* fron the schedule. and opposite each article s*t U?? f r* and oarry out the amount in the eolum< fordone a and oenU. and foot up the aggregate amount or th? bid for the olaas,) amounting to (hero write the amount in word*.) I propose ae my agent (bore nam* U> aceat. If one ia required by the schedule) lor the supply under the elaauea mieoollaneoua. by a Don resident of the place of delivery; and should my offer be ae cepted, I request the oontraot may be prspared an-t sent to the nary agent at (name the agency) for signatures and oerutieate (Here the bidder and each member of the firm to aign ) Form or Gcaaajfraa. The undersicnod (name of gaaraator) of (aame the town) and State of* name the State,) and (name of eeoond guarantor. 4o,) hereby undertake that IKa aKi IV* r. m m mA I name M i ' """ *.. ? MIV VIW-I Ul IMUHUia J Will* il hie (or their)- tft?r m above be ac r?ted wiw into contract with the United States within ift?en days after the date of no*>oe throui h the poat o(6o* of th?* acceptanoeot hit (or their] offer before wen tioiieo (bitn&ture ol t uarantor* > Witneaa: I certify that the tbove named (her* name the (uaran'ora) are known to me to be jood and re sponsible *ua antora in thla ca?e. (Signature. > To be aicned by the diatriet jadre, rftitriot after ney.ool ector, navy agent, or aonw peraon knowa to the bureau to be raaponaible. PORTSMOUTH, N. H. CJae* No 6 White pine, apruoe, juniper, aud eyfe??; claea No. 9 Gravel and aad;~iaea (9o.ll. Iron, iron nail*, and apikee; olaea No IS. Steel. r Nn />) Ma It - - ?. - ? itw?i WI?MR> iwi k 'U f VtUBUIVI 7 I clas? No. 17. Hardware; eui No. I ft. BUttMW rt o mi No. 23. Belting, packin, and boat; oiaaa No. 36. Anger*. BOSTON. Claaa No. 1. Prick a; oltN No.2. Stone; elaaa No. 3 Ye low pine timber; oiaaa No. S. Oak and Imm4 wood timber and lumber; e'aaa No. 6. Whtta piae, apruoe, Juniper, aid cypreaa; elaaa Ne 7. Lin*, hair, ana plaater: clasa No. ft. Cenent; olaaa >U>j Gravel and aand; eiaa* No. 11 1V": and naila: elaaa Nw. ?* oiwi, ciaaa No. la M| iron; olaaa No. V5. Paicta, oil?. aw) gltai; olaaa No. 17. H NEW YORK. .Claaa No 1. Brioka; claaa No. S Yellow pin* timber; olaa* No. 4. Yellow pine lumber: claaa No. 5 Oak ar.d hard wood; elaaa No.ft. White pine, apruoe, oypreaa. and jumper; ola*a No. 7 Lua*. hair, and plaatar; elaaa No. ft. Cement; ela*e No.?. Gravel and aand; olaaa No. 10. Slat*; olaea No. II. Iron, iron aaikoe. and nail a; elaaa No. IS. Pi* iron; elaaa No. 15 Painta, oila and Iglaaa; alaaa Na )* Phil Alaaa It U ? ? -^7-TW ? - -- t I I i?v. 41, II ?l u w W r. WIBM 11 Uk 28. Beltini, packing, ud how; c!aes No. 25. Iron work, 4c. o. PHILADELPHIA. Cla?? Mo. 1. Yellow puje timber; elaes No.*. Oak and hard wood; claM No C. White mm, spruce. jumper, and <?y press; class No. U. froa. and nam; class No It. Film; ciaee No. 17. Hardware; claw No. IS. Belting, peeking, aoc hope; claas No. 36. Altera -a.?? WASHINGTON. Br'?k?. oIm? No. 6 Oak and hard wood; o an No. 6. White tine, spruce, jumper, and cypress; class No. 11. fron. iron spikes, and nails: c ass No. 13. 8tee]; elan No. 14 Pile*: class Wo. 1ft Paicts. oils, and rlass, o.aes No 16 Ship ch\sdlerj ; mass No. 17. Hardware; eiaea ffo. U. Sperm and lnbnoatiog oi!n; caea No.37 AanrMiia ooai; olui No. 2). Bitummoua Crnnberlud oofcl* The schednle will state the tinea withia which articles will be reeoirnd to he and where the printed schedule is not seed, the periods stated in it lor deliveries mmt be oopied in the bids. Ali the srtietea which may be eontraatod for mill M delivered at ?uoh p ue or plaoee, including d rajrnc and cartage to the slaoe where need within the nav* yards, respectively, for which the offaia V* made, m msy be c.reeled by the oomirnidini ottoer thereof; and, all other tuingi being eeual, Drefereuoe will be given to Aaenwr maniMare. No artiole will be raoaivad alter the expirattaa of the periodapecified in the eohedulee for the eosapletion of Mlivenes unless Mew ally anthoriaed by the l>epartment. la computing the elmeses, the price staled . l the tolui of srieee will aethe stands rd, and the agg recite of the olaes will be" oarned out acoorti 1 rr to the pnoes stated it is to be provided id the contract. and to be distinctly understood by the bidders, that the amount ma numoer or articiee Mimrattd tn iHmii headed "MiaoelJUieoua" are epeciied ae the ereteble euantity which may be required, aa veil aa tn fix data for determmicit the loweet bid; but the contractor is to fhnuah nor* or leee of the mm ?u> merawd, and m ruck (eaeiitw, Mi at tuck limn, < tk* fcwrMMi er cmmwiaei met reKir* ; anon inoreaae, however, not to exoeed ooeit of the qaaatibee etated (and reeaiaiuune eeet through the poet ofioe a hail be deeneu eaftoient notiee) dantc the fc?c*l year #nc n* the 30th of June, lata. ?nd whether the qoantiuee required be more or leee than thoee epeeihed, the pnoee ehall remain the aane. All tae artic ea ander the contract nut be of the aulit* in ?sww4 AM!** t^#*11 ^ ^ W'?4W*I *'? ' VI ,l and every c barge or expenae to lit* (jovrrnmct. acd anbfeotto the immc'iud, oout, weight, or ine*anrementof the Mid nary yard, tad be in all r'ipjU eauafactorT to the ooaat&ilut thereof. Bidden are referred to the yard lor piaae, aeeoii oatione. or eamelee. and aay farther d-?on?tiot of the artiolee. When bidaera a ball be in doabt aa to tbe preoiae artiolea D^med la the aobadaie, they Will apply to the c. n inanrt.n* oftoer of the mt; yard aad not to em.plot**' for deecnpttou of the artiela or artidea in doubt, wr.ich id formation the aaicj ottoer will kits in vrtUBf. Cob vac tor a for cif.-nn nfaded'' Mi?ce eo u a,** who do aot re ai<le near ibtpiacr where theartic eaare to be cp live red. will be re?i, -r4 to name i n their propoea* an afrit at the city or prlnoipai plaoe near the yard of dearer*, who may b? ealied npoa te deliver ar tioiea trukcut d*la* when they a he 11 he ree aired. Approved anretiee ia the fell taairt of the eaaLraot will be retired. ao<3 twentr par eentan ae au: inr owuwwi bd?:. u?t* v ir.f em Of u>twr, wrier tf.f dt'':wn? hit* b?*n iiliiaSin, ui the heleeeeteubty Hr mL) willb# nk by ?h*rw*?ctiT? uri i(?N within thirty dftya mfUr ta? pr*M>Dt*t)on ( MU?4a tntuwto. <?ty TMIBH ssa acgtx'tfg traot (h*ll h?v? bMar?no*?d from tfc* yard, u1m? fully wttorml by th? pturtput . ir 4ehverjn? all or aay a< ttturtiriM bmuodm in any olaaa bid for, of the <o*iitj wiitUt bnixtad SS??MSofei BCD-%r5h*twX<^r*air!r?5r lector, ciitrict ?ttoro?<, or mm ?uot |?n?t, aatiataoiori j know* to the barea.*. It 11 to be ?r*?rided la the oontraot that the btnu bal' have the fowm of aaaalliac tSa sob tract, wuhoaf iog^y' ? t?^e ? ?1'', !"?"*? "?*y* i io" W' tVf artioiet nam*?-i. oflorfEiiStSBSm of w*< ka eatlmatad f >r,aa<i o* whlah tux ad tatCD a. tweaty-ira par -Tafia bar-MofUf* nmhm ot tkmr Ui.? mm m(

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