Newspaper of Evening Star, September 17, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 17, 1861 Page 2
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% I THErKVFlNINC STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: TCr*i?AT September IT, 1*61. <>tj? ?t ?b* v?r1om? military camp* and |*?W?na wtll confer a firor by keeping ua pcated 8* to mowinenta and aflV.ra in their vicinities. plrtt *f tk? ittmlBi Prm The frttttigiPrtr. In noticing Gen. Fremont'a proclamation, regards the Prealdent'a order In relation to H ? being ''at timely aa it waa Juat." The Republican treata upon the advantages accruing to the public from the circulation of the new Treasury notes Mb BrcaASA.* ?We have been favored with an Interesting account of a late con venation of F.i-Prestdent Buchanan, at Wheatland, wherein 4li>< r*i?(aV\A/f aantlaman avnaaaaaJ K!a Ka?v4v I ' ww ? u i?uv\a ^vu< < uiau u w Mia uvai j approbation of tbe policy of President Lincoln brarlng on our present johappy national troubles He took occasion to declare that bad tbe issue h?? tendered to hta sdmlnlstrat'.an by tbe conspirators known aa the Jeff. Davis so-called government, as tendered to that of Mr. Lincoln, be would have instantly accepted It precisely as President L. has done. He avers that there can be sad should be but a single solution of tbe difficulties?tbe arbitrlment of the sword, on which the oligarchy *o clearly insist. He regard* tbe Idea ?f any other mode of settlement under existing circumstance*, aa Involving more danger* and disasters. far more, to the future of the entire natloa, than aa possible result of the present war for tbe restoration of the Union, which must end favorably for tbe good cause In due time. He holds it to be the duty of pstrlotism on the part of all to give the war policy and measures oT President Lincoln unlimited and frank support, Ac.. Ac. Having always known that thou ;h deceived by tboss he moat trusted into an administrative policy la connection with the ollgarchy'a conspiracy that greatly Increased the evlla of the time*, Mr. Boohaasn was never a direct or indirect sympathiser wHh the tree sod. and was always heartily anxlons for Its defeat, bis positions taken In this conversation are precisely what we expected of kin. Appoiitwo.?The President bu appointed Jaa. De Long, of O , U 3. Consul at Tangier. ID^The 0- 3 steamer Sumter, Commander James F. Armstrong, arrived at New York an Sunday, in thirty-six days from Loanda, Africa. The U. S ship Constellation, Capt. Inman, would sail from Loando, August 12th, for Portsmouth, N. H The Portsmouth, Commander Calhoun, for Portsmouth, N. H , August 8th. n_ M r 9 uc |HB'wa? jiuuican, v> uiuttjonucr uuucu, m Boston, to Mil Augnst Uth Tbe San Jacinto and Mystic, for Philadelphia, sailed August 8:h. The Saratogo, Commander Taylor, was at Loando, August lOtb. Tbe health of the fleet was* good iT"7** To-day a grand celebration In bonor o tbe adoption of the National Constitution is to come off In Philadelphia. There will be a procession and public meeting, at which Mayor Henry will preside, assisted by thirty-four Vice Presidents sad thirteen Secretaries. Tbe Msyor baa laifd a proclamation recommending a su?poaslon of nil business for the day. tfTf W. Walker, of the New York Exprtit, who was so severely wounded on Saturday by a sec?Mlonlst, while on a vislMng tour with a de. tacbment of Col Young's Cavalry, In Maryland, w*a broaght to tbla city yesterday afternoon. His condition is, apparently, improved. tfT Sunday evening, Ben). F. Langely, general agent In New Orleans of the southern railroad 11M hitlwn New rtrl?M>na anil S? I nula and of the lUlnoia Central road, was placed In fort Lafayette, having been eTreated at Buffalo ea Friday evening. n~T"Saturday last waa the moat aplrlted day In the anlaa of teaa la New York known for twenty year* A large portion of the purchaaes were of a speculative character. In antlciDation of the 15 per cent, tax on tea, to go Into operation In a few naaths |jT Yesterday moraine the editor of a defunct Catholic p%per known aa the Freeman'a Journal, waa arrested In New York city on a charge of treaaoo. and sent to Fort Lafryette, by the U. 8. Marshal |[T Saturday nlghl the U. 8. aloop-of-war Jamestown arrived in New York from the block, ade off Feraandlna On the 5th she captured and sunk the acbooner Col. Lang, sailing under the Coafederate ftag. rrr- Th? iwalnti n* IKa J, ... v.r-w v. ?w vaou j l/vpstimriii ha?? during the last few days auri^M one million dollars per day, while daring tbe whole of the month of August, 180U, the aggregate wait bat ?aco,oro tE^The Ktraimhlp Columbia, owned In Charleston, 8 C., was seized la New York on Saturday Immediately upon her arrival at quarantine from Havana. Q7? Government baa purchased two iron aide, wheel steamer* bnllt for tbe Florida Railroad company, to be turd u tranaporta. $200,out) wwt paid for tbra. |ZT Th? Philadelphia Proas aaya that alx thouaand troop* paaaed through that city on 0aaday. ' JET Frot^Hhllllngtoo, Odeon Balding, we hiTe the Ane October Dumber of Harper'a Magazine P* The Philadelphia fifortk Arruriea* aaya that over fifty veaaela are now on their way from India with cotton for Atlantic port* fTTTh* R ? i n " . ? - > vu uucii, ui ranaaeipQia, kn been lnatailrd pastor of a chorch tn New Of 1mm. p*Th? New Vork Tntntne has suspended its fruadey edition. Moms Aiiuti it Govikskint Ouiciii ? There la no doubt tbat order* have been Issued bY ?V - *-*- * - ? ih Daw veptramai at Washington for the prompt wrest of all tbe Sw'on members of the General Assembly of Maryland upon charges of a treasonable character. Yesterday afternoon a Bomber of oAetata were ordered on tbo alert, especially as tbe Leglalatare at tbo State, pursuant b acjouraaneat, was to have assembled to-day at Frederick, and many members were expected to reach hero on their way to that town John W Harwell, of the House, a ad Mr. Heekert, of the Btsslt, from Cecil county, arrived here early la. the day and took np quarters at the Fountain ?mA - ?-- --- 1 ? uiMinrHM at Mm. I JUM (J DmbIi. of Somerset county, Philip F I Rtlds, of ffmUr, it4 Mr. Loading of Rrafl county?all Mabtn of tto Hoax w?i also sr MltdopM reaching her* la om of tb? Eastern Bbwi boats, aad. like the real wars driven forthwith la Fort McHeary, wbara they mw am. There reached here yesterday a considerable number sf tha Ualoa naaben of tha Awembly. a?M of those Mala that other members of tba eoaatlsa kan aa doabt, era thla been arrested ? Bail. Amtitmm, 17(A. Mtstcbiovs DisarriaBAscB or Tmoors.? Visitors to Fort Hamilton yesterday were surprtsed to tad that the Third Rhode Island Regiment, eeeaonpad aear tha fort, hsd left It I prtrt tbat tbef osnborked on board the steamer Traaoport Saturday night, and proceeding to Goeeraor't I < land, were supplied with Ee#eld r too. Further than that not blag la known. Tbo two f^iinrn'i stationed at Caaip Wlnfleld fee t, on Hrapnioad Plata,?tbo Third New Haapobtio aad Eighth Maine,?also vacated betr quarters tbo sanao night and fl" to Huntor *a Point by the Long Ialaad Railroad. Wboro they ha Ye gone to ao one appears to know ? y Sss, Rss^s^? . fits Patwoor ?The Washington Correspondent of tbo "CoBBflal" ??t?? > W bra htajtien Ff*?ont'i) proclamation was received iW Prmidmi proceeded to the War Dopertment ?rd rod It io Mr Cameroe It was dMtird to ad rice Oeaeral Fremont to with bold rtw> document lor farther consideration To their urprtse. sod tnd?-fd U the surprise of ererr ooe, . oplrt were fonesided to the Mew Yetk paper* item dt. Leaie by telegraph, were published . . _ v . . .. . . . , __ OCR MILITARY BI DOET. SBCI99IOH VlCTOBIU! A batch of southern paper* from the l>t to the 0th (Inclusive) of this month tell of three distinct important engagement*, ana a* many important victories for tbem, aa having taken place between those dates Immediately opposite this city In theae three Imaginary victories they tell of killing an aggregate of between six and seven hundred Fedprala, wounding twice as many, and taking about as many prisoners as they claim to have wounded '!! In neither of these pretended victories did they lose more than two killed and half a dozen wounded?of course. On such stuff?infamous falsehoods?as this, do they rely, evidently, to keep the spirits of their people up under the disheartening effect of their inability to attack th? United AtitM works on thu other tide of the river. ADAMS AND CO.'a IXPIISS It Is difficult Indeed to expr*aa In becoming terms the obligation under which the Government rests to that ao popular American institution known aa Adams k Co's Express, without which the cost of the war would be materially Increased, and more or less of the military operations would be Inconveniently If not dangeroualy embarrassed. \V? nft^n hMP nflM>p?ln hlsK vwMitlnn an?9lr thna of its importance u an adjunct of the army, ju?t now Its system and tbe extent of ita buslneaa facilities reader it of so great public importance. To tbe aoldier individually it is also Invaluable. No other banking arrangements could poaaibly embrace such perfect and important facllltiea for enabling tbe soldier to share bis earnings instantly with his dlatant family, or to place tbe aurplus of his pay and allowances just where and In whose bands be desires to deposit them Wherever a regiment la to be paid off, there a confidential airent of Sl Co 'a Emrejs li tn h? fnunii standi ng r**ady to recel pt for any monie* the officer or soldier desires to remit any wbere, bis receipts being as good security for the due execution of bis trust, as tbat of the conductor of the bank of England would be, for Its obligation to make a similar remittance. BKTVKN or KX-MAYOX BBRXKT. Ex-Mayor Berret returned to this city last evening from Fort La Fayette. He had previously transmitted his resignation of the Mayoralty (tbrougb the Government) to tbe President of the Board of Aldermen, Wm T. Dove, Esq. haw run. Thia morning, the United State* I team aloop-ofwar Pocahontas arrived at the navy-yard from below, where ahe has been engaged with the flotilla upon the river. Aa an inveatlRation Into the chargea preferred against Capt Dove, of the Pocahontaa, ia about to be held, it ia probable that he haa come np to afford an opportunity to examine her other officers In relation to the matter. The ateamer Wyandank had taken on board a cargo of atorea, and waa preparing to leave for aome point below, doubtleaa Hatteraa The Puaey last evening went down to Fort Washington with a load cf brick for a well which waa dng not long aince, and which caved in a day or two ago. She report* all quiet at that place, and was about to leave this morning with another load for the came destination. The Island Belle has taken on ber armament, and Is nearly ready to join the flotilla. The Pentacola went Into commission yesterday. No news from down the river of Importance. OFFICIAL ACC0D5T OF THE *KIB Ml?H ON THI CPPIR POTOMAC. The following official dispatch was received at Gen. McClellan'a headquarters yesterday: n- ??? " jyurmjinTT*, WP'. 10, p HI ?Ttll iflfrnooD, at half put 3 o'clock, about 45<> rebel* attacked the extreme right of my picket*, about three nil lea above ttala place, opposite Prltchard'a mills. The affair was a spirited one, lantlng about two hours. The enemy were driven from every house and breastwork whleh thev occupied. Eight or ten of them are aaid to oe killed, and a number wounded. Our lnaa Is one killed. Our victory la complete. The troops behaved admirably, and our cannon were Indlapens&ble, and rendered good service In the action. <8tgae4) J. W. Col. 28th Pennsylvania Regiment. Terrible Fire at a Fhtladei?hi. Tk..t.. rOCRTXKM rSBtONS DKSA DICLLT BCX51D? DEATH or fix or THE VICTIM*. A horrible catastrophe occurred at the Continental Theatre In Philadelphia on Saturday night) by which tlx person* lost their lives, and several others burned so badly that their lives are despaired of. On Saturday night more than fifteen hundred people were present. TUe flr*t act of the ' I empest" bad gone forward uninterruptedly, and the dancera were busilv preparing in the dressingrooao to appear in the ballet at the opening of act et ocd Proapero (Wbeatley) wa? about retiring from the t*g?') when, all at once, tht. se accii?iorr.*?1 to wltnesalnx show piece* saw an uouecemary light glaring over the top of the rear acene Beto'e they b^d time to speculate upon It. a number of men in shirt aleeveafatage carpenters) ran upon tbe and. while the confusion urtw momentarily, a aharp acre?m, that teemed to pierce tbe beart, rang upon tbe ear a of the people, and a woman In ballet cuatome, with her drea* on lire, emerged from the side acenea, waving her anna above her bead Some symptom* of alnrin bad appeared by this iime, ana one ia<l in the gallery critd ''fire," whereupon he was at oncechoked-toy a blg-fWtrd man beside him Two or three women Mid "O, Lord!" and endeavored to edge their way out of the hou?e, but these *1 ^ht manifestations were quelled by manager Wh??atly. who had appeared in front of the curtain and Mid: "Ladies and gentleman: Be kind enough toremain in your aeau. and mak>> do unnece?aary disturbance. If anything has gone wrong, I will return in a moment and *tate the occurrences " T'ue screams v e<-e prolonged and thrilling In the interim, but directly Mr Wheaily reappeared and said: " Ladira and Gentlemen: Tfce^^rformert are aomewbat eiclted. aud w? r.*nnnt an ?.n muw ? ?? - p. - vi? <*nu IUC play until we dlacover the extent of tU* accident. You, will, therefore, go out quietly." [A voice. "Wm the youug lady whom we aaw joat now much burned?"] Mr. wbeatley. U1 cannot tell There la a great deal of coafualon behind the curtain Pleaae go out!" The people dish mded quietly. Some one described their orderlv di????l?ai aa resembling a funeral. Butaacene far otberwlae went on upon the atage It appeara that Mlsa Cecilia Gale, one of /our talented and handsome alstera, wm about robing hera-lf In ballet costume She atood upon a settee to reach her dr<M. and somehow flirted It Into a jet of gaa, when It waa Instantly Ignited Before I the vounu lmtv i-nnlH k? * , p ??J WW? nviu urr lll^Ul uer clothing were all ab'aze, and her alatera and aeveral of the ballet giria from an adjoining dreMtngrttom. runhlng up to aulat her, were In turn aet on lire. About a dcsen of theae helpleaa glrla were tbua burning at once, and the lire ran over their gauze enl amrng their underclothea, making faat to the cloae leuwina or "tlghta," and literally burning to the bone. Thetracreama were thrilling, and no acene of horrora that the atage ever wltnesaed may be compared to the terrible picture behind the acenea, where the Are from the burning dreaaea blazed up to the celling, and alnged tie laahea and hair of the affrighted woman I The theatre waa Imperilled by the aea-cloth, partially Ignited, being thrown Into the atable, | whtre It waa dlarovered on the Dolnt of mmhi.t | tlon, and a conflagration averted The acere In the rear of the theatre, on Samaon atreet, waamoat plteouaand agonizing In Its character Half dreaaed ballet gtrla ran up and down, and poor women, whoae daughtera took part In the proceaslona and abow acenea, were acreaming ibelr name* amid confuaed aobblng, execration and fear Carriage* and caba were driven up and down, and aa each auderer waa placed upon the cnnhlona and taken away^the crowd preaaed up and touctied her aorea. number of petty taverna on Sainaon atreet were thrown open to id* sunerera, ana a lew ware so badly burned tbat they h?v? not aloe* b#n moved There wti good deal of delay before help could be obtained; but after a time phytic lac* and lotlona war* summoned Son* of tb? burned were taken to the Pennsylvania Hospital and other* to their bom** In raoaote part* of the towm Hlx of the bnrned women had died up to midnight Sunday night, and four more were not expected to survive the bext twenty-four hour*. All of them suffered terribly, calling for wwari luoai pu?ou?jy, ana maintaining tbelr MnM unimpaired to the laat. The artlata of the adjacent theatre* contributed to the rallef of the needjr, and Jflr.Couldock. lt la said who waa playing at th* Walnut, a few doer* off, waa unaole to proceed with bla part. Tbeescitement continued to apread throughout tbe elty, and all Saturday night and Sunday morn'ng the theatre waa anrrouaded bycartoaa crowda The Gale atatera HMi>nr?i Unci? formed glrla, Engllab by birth, a?4 tbey traveled througn the country now time ago with ihf Rootanl troupe. Tbe management cannot be blamed la aay way lor the occurrence |17* |> Cl*rinnatl F.nnutrer Iwrn that the Prrrdcut of tbf H?nk if CbuiMtsu, on thr Ka' hiwbi. a few day* 11 oct, gathered op all tfc* , fund* of the Book, mounting to Many tbog? 4 mmmA **r*T? I* ? *khm*. |T fiM ' * UM dWtjoiM ? LATEST FROM THE ftOCTH. Oae Haadred aad FHty-stx Federal Prtssa. ere teat to Castle Plackaey. Locirvilli, Sept 16?The Richmond Exam- | tner of the lUh says one hundred and fifty-six Federal prisoner*. selected chiefly from among those member* of the New York, Massachusetts and Michigan regiments who bad evinced the moat Insolent and Insubordinate disposition, were on the 10th Inst , disp^rbed by railroad to Castle Pinckney, a small fortification In Charleston harbor, for aare keeping. Included in the number stated above are a number of officers, several of whom are recovering from the effects of wounds received at the battle of Stone Bridge The prisoners were marched from the tobacco factories In which they bad been confined to the depot of the Petersburg railroad. In double flies, guarded by a detachment of fifty men from the Jeff Davis Louisiana battalion, commanded by Lieut C. W BrockMt, of the rebel armv, who are to ac company them all the diatance to Charleston. Twenty.five men of tae detachment detailed from the Madison (la ) Infantry marched ahead of the prisoner*, the rear being brought up bv twentyfive m#>n nf th#? /MIm ^ Riff*,* TK^ rv?.?? _ - _ ? . | ?? / ?? ** * "W \J embarked In three cart specially provided for tbelr accommodation, eacb ear being guarded by fifteen Southern aoldlera, very fully armed. The Federal prisoners seemed quite despondent at tbslr change of location. They were followed to the depot by a very large crowd, who, nevertheless, entirely refrsined from the utterance of snv remark which would wound the feelings of the prisoners. . Eight of the eleven Federal prisoners who escaped from the tobacco factories on Friday night have been arrested and brought back. The three remaining fugitives, Cant Hurd and Lta Murphy and Ralnor, are still at large. [They have reached Washington In aafety ] Among thoae sent off were Col Wilcox, Mich!* gan 1st; Col. Corcoran, New York 69'b; Lieut Col NMT, 2d Kentucky; Maj Potter. 38th New York; R?-v. G. \V Dr>age, Chaplain of the 1Kb New York; Rev. H. Eddy. Chaplain 2d Connecticut; Surgeons Grlswold, 3?th New York; Orev, U S. Army; Stone, U. S Army; Connelly, 2d New York; Harris. 2d Rhod? Island: n?nt*ln? Donney, 11th New York; Flah, 32d Vork; Farrlsb, 79th New York; Drew, 2d Vermont; Shirtllff, 7th Ohio; Gordon, 11th Masaachu?etta; Wblttlngton and Luklna, and Lieut. Toy, 25th New York; Lleuts Hamblln, aon of the actor of that name, 33th New York; Underbill, llth New York; Worcester. 81?t New York; Dempaey,2d N*w York; Wilcox, 7th Ohio; Gordon, 3d DraSoons, U. S. Army; Caleff. llth Maaaachu?etta; onnolly. 69!h New York. Capt Ricketta, U S Army, waa to have accompanied the party but la not lufflclently recovered from hii wo jnda to undertake the Journef. Serious fears are entertained for the crop* of the South. Tbe raina of August are reported as tbe heaviest and moat general ever known In the South, and they have been very disastrous The Savannah Republican clalma a fair rice crop, bat admits that the contlnuoua raim have damaged it ?o me what. The Baton Rouge Advocate aayi that the cotton fields In that vicinity are literally covered with the army worm, and that the ftiteof the crop will be aealrd In a few days, for the ralnaand the atmosphere are favorable to the worms uuveroor nwior, or Arkansas, bu called an extra session of the Legislature for the 4th of November. A T Bledsoe, Assistant Secretary of War of the Confederate States, has resigned The Richmond shoe merchants urge the discharge of all the shoe makers from the army, and their employment in the manufacture of shoes, composed principally of canvass The Richmond Whig has a bitter article against speculating contrafor the winter clothing supplies for (be army, and ur?es ths impressment of the cotton and wo..lien mills into the public service to avoid speculating contracts ^Jt states positively that the \Vaf Department in*detailed from the army operatives to be employed in the cloth factories. The Charleston Courier says that preparations are making In that city for manufacturing locomotives on a large scale JIT" Jesse D. Bright, U. S Senator from Indiana, In a letter addressed to J Fitch, at Madison, admits that he recommended one Thos B Lincoln to tbe favor of Jeff Davis, and adds this avowal of sentiments : . " 1 have opposed, and, so long as my present convictions last, (ball continue to oppose tbe entire coercive polley of the Government. I hope this mnv be satisfactory to my friends; for my enemies 1 care not. Sincerely yours. 4c. " J. i). Bright " Pbudemtial."?The last number of the Rockvllle Stntinel (rabidly secesh heretofore) says: "Owing to the present dlsturbrd state ?f the country, we shall, from prudential motives, snd With a View of keenln?r nnr ?nh?o?lK~r? i , ? ? with the new* of the day, ? *' " tn flit onr enga?emeota vf mercantile and legal advertisements, r*>. the present refrain from taking part In the political lstuea now pending." a Stampkde or Slavk* from Virginia ? There was a stampede of negroes, fourteen In number, men, women and children, In the neighborhood of Lewinsville yesterday. They came to our linrase*kin? protection, saying that tbey to have been aent to Manasxaa thia morning General Smith aent them to Washington. They belonged to the estate of the late Commodore Jones Tbey stated that they left at their home only a daughter of the Commodore, her mother having departed some time ago for Manassas Junction. Secessionists ?r Natcrk.?Take notice that w tit never you find a auob or flunky?id ale or female?you find a Secessionist. There teem* to be n sort of elective affinity that draws the species towards tbe thin? One encounters at times specimens In society?brainless creatures, who. uuable to feel what there Is noble and dlgnllfed In sharing the Identity of a great nation, drivel out their fe. ble an t ;dlotic sneers and think it a tine aristocratic think to be a Secessionist. These miserable toadies are Infinitely more off'euslve tnan out-and out traitors?N. Y. Times. Ukitkd Statu* Grand Lodge or Odd Fbllowi ?The annual meeting of tbe United States Grand Lodge of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows begun at Odd FeSows Hall, In this city, yesterday morning. Deputy Grand Sire Milton Hundon presided and on tbe call of the roll It was found that a quorum of representatives present There was no represeniatl ves present from any of the States composing tbe Southern Confederacy?Bait Sun, ytsltrday |XJT The Richmond papers have recently orougni u? light the feet that John B . Fleyd, when be waa Secretary of War, tried to ateal the Government manufactory of armv clothing al Philadelphia and aend it to Richmond. Nothing but want of aagacity and entcrpriae on the part of the Richmond merchanta. it la aald, prevented the conaummatlon of Mr. Floyd'a acheme. C?ttiko Down th* wooDa ?The goTernment baa purchased all the wooda for about a quarter of a mile on each aide of the Washington Branch Railroad from the Relay Houae to Washington, and aoma five^iundred men are now engaged In cutting It down The timber la lntenden to be uaed the coming winter for fuel, and will coat about an average of SI per cord.?Bait Suf? W M ? ? na mw ron hishland IHIKHT ?Tht colon of the Highland Regiment of New York, Col Stevens, were returned to them yesterday with Ibe b"flttlnu cercmonies The colors, It will be recollected, were taken from them at the time of their insubordination or mutiny, by order of Gen McClellan. The exportation of cereals from California to other parts, the past year, amounta to *4,000,000 in value COLLECTOR'8 OFFICE, J " ?xptxmb>i 9, 1m1 NOTICE TO TAX-PAYtR'.-Coin ?*d doe bills or certificates of indebtedness to this Cnrnn ration, oi the denomination of * ve dollars, &nd Treasury not*s of the U- itad ftatea. are aim re eelvablt id payment oi taxea. Treasury notaa vill on'y be reoived in umi a^oal V. or leaa than, the amount ao due to the Corporation. The diaoount for prompt paymentis a* foliova : ! tn par cent dariu the month of 8 ptember. 15 per oenU during the month of Ootober, in peroent. daring the month of Norember, and 6 per osnt. during the month of Deo?mt>er. ae 10 eo6t WM DIXON, Colleotor. Y^P?COMPANV -A." U. 8. KNGINVKRS.- ! 1? rifty intelligent and aMe bodiad mechanioa will be enlisted to fill thia Company to the max iritum fixea by lew?1W men. Inquire at No. 84-J 6 atreet Pay from #13 to $it per month, bealdea food and olothmg. au IT tf CHARCOAL-CHARCOAL. HE Undersigned uaa a schooner load of firstrate Ca*'coal for sate Thoae in want will p ease oall oa Mr Gialman, Washington st, opposite the Presbyterian Chureh. Georgetown ; or Captain oa bo%rd, at the fcawmill Wharf. Georgetown. a* 17 at* JOHN M. SMITH. ^UTUMN AND WINTER DRY GOOD8. a mi a-a crap ew ?too* now in stor*, at prioea to suit the own?i of ama ! puraea One prio-oaiy, tal ked id plain figure*. PFRRY A BROTHER, P* arenoe a-d Ninth at. 07* CARPETS, CURTAINS, OILCLOTHS, Aw.. tipper Flo^re. ?* 17 St if O Y MARSHALL A PA0F. AUCTION AND 13 CommiMion MerohanU, 509 berenth atreel, under Ocd Fell^wa* Ha I. ym Pri?ne H erg inter A Co.'? ChNM, 4u Firkin* Freak rich Sutter, 2" K??a do do do mm n?nr(.t?r. "? 10 hu, ftlM Almonte, WklMU, tfcuTvwmT*?m|Boom ptVt?* *moVc m?m'"f arti?i*? for tk* Army, Nary, mm Batlm im. itat ?* I .?a?^ Eti m / _ _ i all the best grades or heavy a goods for servants' wear. , An *n?? a and eiteoaive ?took now in atnre. 1 he whole or the above at oar proverb ally lov prion. One pnoe only, marked in plain figures PERRY A BtOTHER. I a. avtnn* and Ninth ft , ae 17 St.if ' P rrT Botldinc." WPKKSON* IN BLACK ILL Find nu retook of ai fabric* for Mourning Apparel full and complete in ail departments, throat nont the entire rear. One prioe only, marked in plain figures ; henoe no pnrcnaacr te aeo-ivwl. PI- RRY A BROTHER,

Pa. a*?iiue and l* inth ?t., jm 17 5\rf _ -Parry Build!ng." SW. TUCKER Woald annoanoe to the oiti *-n? m litany and snintirnera in Ws*h- ? inf.'on that he ir now proanoutirg the Tai Win* Bn?mo?? m al! ita branches, at >o. II* Ki ri?aii.,3iaoor norMol rt ar. ? <l~. intend* to manafeorare, ent, repair, r> mod*l, o'eftnse.and itiiTe tn he generally aooomnaodatin*. Koon^mnU ?ho?ld call and *vm ? oth*Tr*de? Fac.nteand other MachireBtitahinc neatly executed. ee 17-S%wHn* f> A LANCE OF STOCK OF CIGARS AND O CHKAP TOBAOCO FOR SALK.-PravioM to removiD^ my atook, daring thir week. I sha J sell balance or fine Domeetin Cigara and three osmi Connectiont Seed Leaf Tobaeoo, e* the very lowest pnoee, in tu&ruitiea tn anit All in want wilt do well to apply immediately P Wfc.ll.BACHKR.of Balto. Store No. 943 Pa. avnaa. eelT 4t* betwe?n H'h and l?ih >te The firm of moore & cissel is Thia day drao, ved by mutual rone nt, ail bl"? doe win be'oollected by O. W. Cieaei, at the old gtand SS7 Seventh itiMi Mw* u i whe'e be wiU oondu t the bu?ineea aa f rmerly Ha tru?ta to merit tHe pa'rona e of the former customer* and the publio generally. w. M MOORE, 6. W C SSEL. September 14,1W1. ie i7-3t* PAMP OF CO. "D," KKNTV CAVALRY . V' Arlington, Pept 17,1861. reward will be riven for th* arrest a-d del tery at this camp of one cHaRLRS SMITH, a deserter trim the a%ma, who enlUted aa s bottler. Said Smith ia atom 23 veara of age, 5 f?*t in tnonea high, blue eve?, light hair and ight comp exion?a German by birth. He dea rt- n on or about 'he 30th Auguat last. WM J. fiARY, Captlin Commanding Co. "P." ae 17 3t* K?ntuoky Cavalry. PFOR ARMY MEN LAIN, Strped and Plaid FLANNELS for ahirta, Whit- Berlin and Cotton GLOVES, heavy Grey and White BLANKETS, with all other kinda of DRY GOOi>s for th* wanta of familiea. One prioe only, ma'ked in plain figures ; henoe no purchaser is deoeivcd. An in?peotion of atook implies no ob igation to purohaae CARPETS, CURTAINS, OILCLOTHS, RUGS, &o , Upper Floora. PERRY & BROTHER. Pa. avenue and .Ninth at., "P?rr? Ruwdini" Cy 100 cartons GENT8' POCKET HAND KERCHIEF 9, ready he r m?d, from 25 oent* ea"h upwardi ? IT M.if A CARD ~ AMK8 F DAWSON Having purchased the establishment formerly own?d by rre, I oai eor fldfntly reoowmend him to my former patrons aa a thoroughly eduoated and oomp?t*nt Dru??mt JOHN 9WARTZE. Washington, September 16,1M1. J * M ES F. HAWSON. CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST, No. 4*8 P?ai!?*. A vknci, Undir Clay's Hottl, Keeps ocnst*ntly on hand an exiennv* a'snrtment of DRITG8, OHKMIC* LS. flF.NTA1. /? and SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS. Also.flHf French. English and German PERFUME. lW KY OL GENTI.KMKN'fi OUTFIT, ooraiating ol?Tiuine Kngli?h Razors, Razor ttrop?, P?nVnivea. *o Togother wi'h a full ^mortme-t of FANCY GOODS of every description, inclnding a l kind" ofComb?, Gennine Havana CIGARS the very hea' qua!'tv ; all of which will be m.ld at the very lowest <'ash prioen. se 17 eoSt* -? E L K B R A T I O N J By th? WASHING'N CLAY and FRONTIER G CARDS ANNIVERSARY Of the adoption of the '"onititntion and the delivery of W n?hington'? Farewell Addrcaa, 17th September, 1861, ai8o'clock Thirt>*? nth tt. BapUat Church,(Dr. S&maoa'a, bet U and ti.) ORATION, bt Paors8#oa Amau McCoy. The puh'in (ladiea ?cd gent'emen) are respeotfullv 4nvtidd to attend. Admission froe. PETE1* G WASHI >o ru\. Chairman, ti? O VV. WRIGHT of California, BETH C. POMtRltY, of Kanaai, A. G. LAWRENCE, of Ohio, WM. A. BELCHER, of New York, CommittM. The membera of the Washington Clay and Fron tier Guarda (witn (>adge) are requeued to meet at Wil'ards' Hotel, at 7 o'oiock, to proceed to tha Churoh la a body. It* LOUIS O. GURY.Seoratary. F'ott 8ai.k dr J- w. morvkll, 0<*b r> .# i.-???- - ? ? v . i/wkwwu mui ?uu fiu. t 'iriB 101 o: %J A 31 * PHKNR OIL and SPIRES TURPfcNTINK | low for ouh. Aleo, No. 1 ETHKRi AL oil.. i e 16-if J. W- MORSELL. WATCHES, WOLD AND SILVER RELIABLE TIMEKKKPERS, AND CHEAP. J u?t received a large invoice of Goid and Silver WATCHES-iome gotten up eapeoiailjr fur Akxt PUJT^r WATCHES and CHRONOMETERS, aa woa aa J EWKLRY. Ao , caefuly repaired. M. W tf ALT A HRO , Jeweller*, 354 Pa. avenue, e16 3t 4 doora weat of Brown e Hotel. 1?I (ITIPH ? mj V 1 I V Gl n U 1 I O ? ! HI NOTICE!!! M. WII.LUN having taken the st^re formerly o?cupie.1 hjr Mr. R. G.Btkvbks, 336 Pena?y.ia.iia averue, between 9tfi at,a jloth its., will open it on Mon at, !6th inst, witu a ne?r atook of F ALL GOODS, oomprui :g? Krei ch Bonneta, Cloaks, Dress and Cloak Trimmings, Flowers. Feathers. Ri!?ands. Embroideries, Fan-. Heatl Dretaer, Wreaths, Real ami French Lace*. ?>to.. eto I avail m)?e f to off r to the laiiea a large and weil-aeiroted atook?every nrtiole being imported hv myaell?at mijdeiate pri ea ITT Dresses, Cloaks and Bonnets male to order. M WILL'AN. Iinpor'er, ae 16 336 Pennsylvania avenue. SEALED PROPOSALS, till the 19th September, 1861, at 12 m .are invited forfurniahicg FLoUK of a certain quality. About 6 wo bar**la will be repaired, in separate lota of aboat 1.000 barrel* each The floor t-> be made of new wheat, a-id the deliver* ''f the whole to be made b? the smh September, M8I The Flour required to be of th* following brands, and to pass rh mapeotion of a Board of Army Of Ifeparti^.Ymay dirot: ouoa.aianoa Aiimgton Extra, Congress do. ?. Pry d<>. hair view do. Cedar Vale do, Olenwoorf do. Fowler A ZMjlerdo. Ch?;ap akoMillsdo. ?*tle Mills do. Cburtt do. J. Newoomo do. M Smith do. Roxbary do. Joe Charles do. ^ J Dandsou do. 0.' . Morrison k Co. Ritra Foundry do. Heck t do. l-yon'a Union Floor, {*'/,Joe Cnarlea, Kde's Kxtr* Baker's Avondale Extra. K few barrels of the nme crade of 8oatbern Flour wilt he iakea. provided that it fr?v*a equal in grade to th* brards above named The bidder* to state the b^aud and the number of barrela of each kind they proans* t? furci?h. Th? bar els oontaioing the Flour to be strong, wtlt hooped and bead Hntri . . _ The proposals too? directed to Capt A, Bfc.Cn WITH. C. 8.. U. 8 Aj, Washiniton, D. C.,and endorsed "Proposal* for Flour." ee It ^RMY OFFICER ^REQUISITES. The "ARMY WATCH" SPY and FIELD GL*S-E8. POCKFT COMPASSES. WIRE GAUZE (oolored tlass) EYE PROTECTORS, POCaET DKI.NKING CUPS, *O. A oomplete assortment. M. W. GALT k. BRO-, Jewellers, 344 Pa arenae. e 14 St Four doors west of Brown's Botel. LEA fc PER KINS* CIlllBATID Worceaterftblre Sauce. Pronouuood bf flfi * EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS Si of a Lotftar from* to f tho II Muicml "ONLY OOOO A SAUCE." jjjffJ UWoroNUr. and ?pphoabl? to gjt. ? f.1, EVERY Sgg -^g*-irsr in ir>d a, and it, ia VARIETY jrf5wW? my opinion, til* most Mij^4Mpaiat?i>*?. aa well aa OP D18H. Tha a bore 5*AUCK i* b >t on1? th? mi and moit totr lae condimmt known, but the moat m? ??*?tea/. ? a l-tr drop* n Soup Gravy, or with FUh. hot Aad oo'd Jointi, B-'f 8t*mlr, t*a??. ?. impart I an rxqciaito i?tt, vhion tmprtnetplid Glmco nu I uiactu ren har* fa Tain endeavored to imitatt Ob the Br$*kf**t, Lunik***. Di*ner or IwNr W&ASK2?T??RE U'u'oE"r.\llf?SZ bla. To appreciate the txctllmi of thla dtlieiom trep*'?uon it ia on'y neoauarytp p*<ouaae m '11 bott of the gtnmim. of a reap#. tar>l# gro oer or <*eale', aa many Hotel aod Km airam ?to friw'ora a? dom ?!aoe tte.PW*?anoo Mforettieir jgaeao. oat aatotttutaa gonaioo BttU filled Ml'&SVXSSilSiJZi-fS'd &L. mm* mm/*t uSRr . ? *%'r I * ' SICK AND WOUNDED SOLDI BUS III HOSPITAL. Publttktd *n conformity with tk* rttolmt'm / lk* StnmU if July 18, 1861. At Otntrml HotpUml m> E stvwl, Mrim Kwli ?nd Fi/rA ttrttli, Wtukingto*, S*pt 13. ^ m ii i. uarairy ? *? rsnn?yiT*ni? voi . i Ut Excelsior Brigade. 1 13th do do.. 3d do do.(a) 4 Mth do do.. 1 3d do do.... 4 27th do do.. I I 12th N T Volunteers . 8 id New Jenej Vol ... I I VSth do do 2 5?h do do.... 2 27th do do 1 2d M?loe Volunteer* . 1 26th do do 1 3d do do 1 3 >th do do 1 4th do do...... 1 31st do do 1 2d New Hampshire ... 3 35th do do 1 2d Michigan 3 36th do do S 4th do (*) 6 T7.h 4. a <vl I? 1 - w. ? .w wv,? *? 89th do do 1 lat California I ?9(h do do..(t) 3 Stnrgea Rtflea. 1 9th Miaa. Volunteera.. I lat Indiana Cavalry... 1 10th do do 1 McClellan'tDrajroona 1 14th do do 1 Cameron Dragoona ... 9 19th do <do 1 tat Kentucky Cavalry. 9 20th do do 1 lat Cbaaaenr* 1 9d Vermont Vol (c) 3 D C Volunteera 9 lat Mlnnaaota Vol.... 1 ? lat Pennsylvania Vol . 5 Total 80 ( ) Including an oflcor (ft)Oneofltcer. (c)Oae oflcer. (d) One otBcer. At Seminary Gtorgttown, Sift 13. 1st Artillery 1 6th Pen?. Volunteer* . 9 3d Maine Volunteer* . 7 8th do do 9 34 do do 3 9th do do...... 1 8th do do 4 10th do do..?... * 1st Mm. Volunteer*.. 1 llth do do 9 7th do do 1 19th do do 10 3d Vermont Volunteer* 1 !?t Michigan Vol 1 3d N .Y. Volunteer*.. 1 <d do do. ..(?)10 13th do do 1 3d do do 3 7Vth do do 2 4th do do. ..(6)9i 14th do do 3 l(Kb Indiana (t)3S 33d do do 13 91at do 1 OCIk -1a J ~ * ? ^ - iMtu uv J IB% ?*I IOBFIOM > 1 Mozart, New York. .. 2 2d Wisconsin 1 Tammany, do 4 Kentucky Cavalry.... 4 Excelsior Brigade.... i l?t D. C Volunteer*.. 1 Garibaldi Ouarda .... 1 Teamsters, Q M. D.. 3 Cameron Rifles 5 1st Penn. Artillery ... 3 Total 1?7 lit do Cavalry.... 2 (a) Throe office^. (6) Two officers. (c) One officer. At General Hospital, Unto* Hot*!, crnmtr Bridg and Watkxngton struts, Georgetown, Sept 13. 2d N Y. Volunteers.. 8 1st Penn. Cavalry 1 12th do do 3 let do Chasseur*... 3 13th do de 6 Bth do Volunteers . 2 14th do do 12 11th do do...... l 17th do do 2 12th do do 6 19th do do 1 26tb do do 1 23d do do 12;27th do do 2 9-Vh <ln A* I ? _ - __ < ?? ? ? VMIV > 1 26th do do 2 19th Indiana..... 1 33d do do 10 stlit do 1 35th do do 7 id Michigan Vol 3 79th do do 5 3d do do......1# Mozart 3i4th do do......SI Tammany it 2d Wisconsin do 9 De Kalb 1 8th do do i Eicrlnlor Brigade.... 1 lat Minnesota do 1 2d Maine Volunteers . 9 1st California do 3 3d do do 4 KentnrkT Canlr* 1 4th do do 2 Lincoln Cavalry I 6th do do 6 Sturges Rifle Corps.. 1 id Vermont do 6 Independent do 1 3d do do 15 5th U. 8. Cavalry 1 9th M&m. do 5 5th do Artillery..... 1 12th do m do 1 Teamster 1 lit Conn. do 1 1st Penn. Artillery.... 9 ToUl 206 At Horpital at Colvmbitn College, Watkingtem, Sept 13. 2d Maine Volunteers.. ? TammanyN Y-Vol.. 1 Id do do Garibaldi do do... '2 5*h do do 4 De Kalb do d* .. 1 7th Maas Volnnt??ers. 1 Anderson Zouaves.NY S 10th do do 13 1st Lone Island Vol... l 14th do do 3j 1st Penn. Artillery.... I 2u:h do do 5 26th do Volnnteers.. 2 3d Vermont Volunteers 1 31st do do S l?t New York Cavalry 3 2d New Jersey Vol.... 1 Harlan Cavalry 1 3d do do.... 2 2d N . Y Fire Zouaves. ! 2d Michigan Vol..{ )? 2d N Y. Volunteers.. 3i3d do do 7 6th do do 2 4th do do 2 9th do do 1 7th do do S 11th do do 1 Id Wisconsin do 3 12th do do 2 5th do do......13 14th do do 1 Oth do do 26 IOIW J ~ * - - - ' *" IOIU uu ua 111H TI1DDMOU ao 4 Md do do 13 19th Indiana do 16 24th do do 4 lat California do...... i 25ih do do 1 McClellan'a Dratrooaa I sen ?? no i Lincoln Cavalry 1 31d do do 4 2d U 8 Cavalry . ... 3 35th do do 14 4th do do 9 3A'h do do 4 Teamatera, Q MO..* .Tth do do 1 ?? 70th do do 1 Total 236 2d Plcklea Brig , N Y 0 (a) Including an oficer. At Otntral Hospital, (CireU.) Waikimgt&n, Sept 13 4th Cavalry 41 lat Infantry 4 5th do 0 2d .do 5 lat Artillery ?i3d do 14 2d dv 13 8th 4* 3d do 2 Recruit, aoattacbed .. 1 4ih do 7 ? Ok A - - ? " ~ v?i* WW <i TOW Sttk rtmainimg in ?*? Hospital for Brmjfttrt Distastt, at Kalerama. Sept 13 8th New York 1 3d Maine 1 31 at do 1 -id Wisconsin 1 34lb do 1 (at N. Y. Artillery.... 1 1st Pennsylvania 1 id OcriD?n Rifles I 3d do U 1st U 8 Chsseears.... 1 8th do 1 1st ArtUlerv 1 30th do 1 Governor'sIslsnd Keg 1 3d Infantry 1 Bienkrr'a Brigade.(?) 1 bth do 1 Cap'. Maaus'Co 1 Lincoln Cavalry 1 ? Cameron Dragooua ... I Total..... S3 19th Indiana 2 (a) Oflcer JC7* Washington paper* please copy and seed bills to the War Department. ssJ 17? St I T. 8P. Al.F.n PROPOSALS, Ull the 26th of bopiomb*r. U6- - at 12 o'o ockm, are invited, for farciihinf the Subeistenoe Department with 150 tou of HAY The Hay to bo delivered in M sshtnjton it nok place a* the t>OT*rnm*Dt n.o? direct The quality to bo oqeattft the boot aad toaonaiat of timothy and clover mixed The Government reserves to itself the rifkt to rejeot oil Or on* of the bide, and for on; oouae it m?< think proper. Payment for eatd flay to bo made in Treasury notes, if ttorernmeat desires to d? so Tkf Hay to bo famished in bales of from 15* to 40* lbs., and the weight of wood and wiro aeod m ballnc to be deduoted m The bite to b? directed to Captain A. BECK? WU'H, C. 8., U. 8. A .and endorsed "Proposes for Hay." ee 14 SEALED PROPOSALS are invited ti 1 thoSStk O of September, at It m , f?r supplying CORN ts the Subsistence Department of the Arrqr. The Corn to be in the ear, and to be delivered la W %shington City, at the Cattle Yard on Monument Square. Bidders are requested to state the ?ri?? Mr lm idc. oi ears About loo ooo poind* of Mrs will b? repaired, to ba delivered one-half hy the 10U of Ootober. Ml, and tha wbo.a ?.al???ij m ua made daring the m?nto be'Tfirectad to Captain A. BECKWiTH, C. 8 , U. 8. A., and endorecd "Proposals ft r Corm ^ wl? T?^8^^m^4fiKg"NAWe will depo?it in tha United State* Treaaary her* or in N*w York, withou* eharfe, all ram* not lee* than Fifty Dollars for parties wishing to inreet in Three-year Treasury Note*, bearing 7?1? inter"SWEENY, JUTTENHOUSB. FANT * 00? ee H-lm Banter*. No. >88 Pa. avan., Sealed PROPoL^??dmil?tt"reaet ved natil So o.ix-k p. an. on Wedneeday,the 2Mb inetant, far applying the Washington Ait lam with? To ton* beet White Ash Coal, farnaa* mm. iMHDtHi y\o*a, 3P? CIO. (i0. 0DTUM HIM W*od sis?sra?iMviJ&isi'inlix t rwSSSMp?wmOT6 rod by tho Uib day or Ottobtr wit. Proposals to b? addroMod to Ut? nndor*Ua?1 WtftUlBU^nt1* f?r FMi'" tBd W ^ # K-wtX CoaialiiioBsr^ul^^fiiB. pLoilNfi uUT: SbTUf oo.ot.d- u,Jg"3SS OUT. FaN^Y" OOoD^i 1 kav* removal th* hum to No. MMairjwil* i?o$w??oii*h tth itrMU. VMN I Will of?r I be nun Hcolc it ?voh r.M< m will Mftbto mi formor mutomora, tad ike pablio t?o?raly to th* i it o?ii FT*?ek . Facoy Good* fct paaic pric**. Now la tha ti?# to buy! N B ?AU por?ona kftvivg oMotMtuMMm rMMit to ?r?M?* tka ume (or a tt.. m ?i; a^4 ail WHmriHF ?i?MinDUNUll. 1 ' AUCTION SALES. By J. C. MoGUIRF. 4k CO- AmUmmii. ttOPIftiei ROKKWttOO RAM *""? PiA*#, Kjculmt Ftmmi <*d Hornw* (k*)! Mil th# Fn-Mtare ii'ns m*n H?*ho;n? hou?*k???inc, eowjn?i?tB?H?"or Dtw MTM <>et?T? 6rami PlM>Fort?,bf Henri Rtti. 8?i?ol W%. nat 6r?*n V*4r?( CoT*r*d F?r|w ftnritar*. oontuLnf of^oU, t Arm ud ? f tr I Of Lniirt, Ro?*?oo<l M?rh top W bttnol, iMkMd C*B*-M*t CtMuri. Rockftra, 811? fHn? M?ot? ud Pi?r G.' I uMtu ana < *o* uaituii CWIIM. ElMulMValrttCtrrt, V? r?t BUir Ctrycit Mattin* and *>ilo'o*h o?k Fat Ttm, (*?l* Ckitw, Sjf?fior HoliH W?lo?t Sideboard, vitk Mrfet* t >? Walnut RxtMti b T?M?. I^ncc*. pr#n?h Ckina Dinna a^d Taa w%m, Mlvar-alataii <"a?tora, Tabla CBt)arr, B'o?k Tin PmIi Comivd Ctoiu DitkM, Ilaovara. Waiter*, rIofk, nny Una aod French Bad?t*a<!?j [fcrW* to? Hi'Ndi Wardrotwa, WMbitimli, iMriif Hur MktUMHi, FttUtw BMi, Boln. I and P ,0*1. WhaaAr 4. WilaM'a Nvlif Maafciaa. a aarr n nor article, Cookinc and othar StarM. ? _ . Tof?th?r wtlkft aaaortaMat of Kitaf '? RaaataitaaT?rm? Mill IB MITMt f?a aan-d J. C MottUIEK A PP.. Aaata. fl* GREEN * WILLIAMS Aa*tw..r. ' F'XCEI.LE>T HOLSKHOLD I1T?" * un frtmtwa* at ArcTiyii ?0? w?DN DAY, th* itth i*?u*t. w* aha]! ** ! oVI^t f in , at U* fni4?im of Mr* E B Bofcm*"" No 467 H,b?tw*rg (U aad Kk itrMU bo Ik. * foxl a*aortiao?t of furniture, ri?: Mahofanj Sofa, Marble top l>r*aaiac Mid ot -r Baroaaa. . Mahocany SiiUboard, Paietad Wardrobe* rv Waah^tand". _ . _ . _ .. Mahocanv Dimnr, Brtkkfwt and Card Maalaaod Ottac* B*dat?*d?, Fa*th*r B?fo at MattraaaM, i Th *a ply and other Carp?te, Oilaloth aad It* tine, Chira, Glaaa and Crockery War*. 1 Cloek, Tooktrf, Airtiffht and other at?Tf*, Wi'h a good lot of Kitchen ltaii?il?, aad rr>* othnr artialM which wa d*em *nn?c.**i*ry i enumerate. T?"m ouh, ?n aaeoe. to 16 St GRfeV.X A WII HAMS. Awato By BARNARD A Bl'CKEY, Aaoboaaar*.~ '"PRl'STEE'S HAU-',.-Ry ri t*? of a daed of 1 wu*tfrtn John W. Ho'boron, dated th* I7W June.lMB.rnade U> e***r*7 th* debt i hereon mad I H*nj. K by tk? llnetloH of?a?d M?xlej, 1 will aall at peblle aactioa aa the ll'h day oM>otober next, at 4 o'clock 11 the *fUfnoon, in front ol the p emues. to the higheet hid* der, the following described pr?raie*e. to wit t? Thoe* parte of lota number 17 and II (b old 0??rj' own. beginning a' the end of :i fee BeMirWwi on the liae of Fa la at'act fro? the dindiag 1.1 between lota IT ar>d IS. and running these* on ?.> line *act 46 fe-t. thenoe norther It to a boatd one no.*, being 9J f-et froat Fail* atreet. th<u weaterly to atone No. 3, 45 I eat. tneaee eocther y i' feet to the beainn'.ag, being the r&ane ?reo whioh George M. t*othoron end other* ootj-reri aud John W. Kotnoron b? d*?d al the Bit Matb*r. 11*4. with the t>eildiBge thereon. Terma: Om-WH of the percheae ?at ca??.. and the reeidne at six and fwelre rronth*. f which the pnrehaeer* nitre bewina iBt-reet jr<- . the day of ma wi'1 be taken, eeoared on the p emlaea. Deed* at the purohaant'e rxfnn, II th? te?m? are i ot e mpl-ed wrh withia thrv da*e from the day o! aale. the tr mieea anil be r?? eold ater a weni' pnb'ie notice, at the riaa a ?oat of the detaolti g p?rcha??r K. K. CRAWFORD. T-oetaa. m 10 2avim* (jAK.NAKit* BUtKtY.Aieti RAIL^F'S PALF.-By virtu# of"an"?** 13 diatran from Fredrick V oik, and to mo ?1? rented, I rave a~ized and lacen one aaia'ahed l'i Aiunt, .arte ?ii *, ''amti .?? Aa.,u tlie pro pert of Henry ? Tarner, to par an<i aat afy rent also and in arrears, and I hereby fire notice that, SATURDAY n->xt, the Slat ioet , at ih? hour of a m , on tn * pr?miae.i. a tuated <H3roe* of B and 0m treeU, Wa>hir^t r< City. I a hall proceed to i* aaid L'inraira ?n?i Pau tioga. to pay aid eat ?f aaH rent da*- and is arr*v T?rn?a c*?h M 14-3tTu,AF* H. YF.ATMAN. Ba t. By WALL A B \RN ?RP. ' ootioneera TRC9TKF'S Sai.k of vai.uabi.i-: IM TM.ovid Rml y stat*.?By virtue ( a tie-v' of troat, rated the 18 h da? of Maroh. 11X1. and di r "Otled among t ie laud rro> r-ia of the oounty I Waihington, D C .1 ahal prooead to aal!, on Ut Kxniaee, on MON 1)A Y, the ad day oftopiemty 1. a So'o.ook p. in.,a)I tf.oee eiaoM or paroe a *twind aituated in the ?it? of Waahiafton, in aai J District, and known and aeaicnated aa Lota auir6er<<i tkirty four (S4 >aad thirty-five (36) ta ?.,? -r I nonib red five hnudrN and three iMPi) to?<rtt with lb' inproveme ta thereon. c r.n#tio? of a large three atory Briok Hoaaa with a fna t<e* merit- Said eroaert* IomIab ??tk? k ?> I N ?trMt anuih, M?ni ?H ud ? k atreetn. 1 TwBinfM?>-OD?<M Uiia oMt.btluw Six twala^ eight.**?,and twenty fo?T inontfcnlr?Uiaflay of Ml*, to baaioarM by ?d?td of tots ma of Ml* be not jtomplitd witk la lr\> daya from day of Mia. Ut Tniekee raiarm U.e ryrnt fo fail at u? rrak ?a<1 eoat of (H ft rat pnrehaeer. JOHN P BNNIP Tmatoe. at WALL 4 BAT^Aito Aaata. ITNITED STATES PATENT OPPICE. U AGRICULTl RAu DIVISION. In oona'aaanoe of t..e aelar wkich attended i)t? nrri rai of M*di of fvrrica importation, onlera lew which were lMnel prior to the tnoominc of tha present Adnuaiarmtion. many of them, (;om sw voyage a:,d other aaaaca l-a?e been fc>?M to n* entire! r cae'ea* for eraotioal parpoeea. Tki* reeat h&a be?a a eartai ~.*4 by exp*rim?>utal *aata Thrre fore, tiie usual distribution wil be <Jrf. rred anfu a B'laaly can I>e obtained wmeh wi 1 rcfleot ere<lit on th* ikpartment. ISAAC NfcWToN, ae 11 lw Baperiotrtdent J T NOTICE HE fopjrt-r rship eietofore oarri?d on by i.e name of H.T Locdj* A Co. ni dissolved on ts* Ut ir.htant by it?o<rn limitation. All tboee ' *r< tmoustj to Mid !' ?re r*4ae<t?dto eott> it im? vithont do'ay, m the Hoowion are Ki to o oee toe book* a*d nu'? account* ttULtt h" abovo aspired oopartnrrsMa. GKOHKE VlT FA ? ANT. PR AVCI8J. HM . ERGR, . JOSHUA H. KING (1 r NOTICE.?'Tro mdr?icn?d reepfot/Wiy f iciorm their patron* and the p?Mw goaoralir ( theirhavingf rmtdtfi' partnership to oontia?> I bu*ipa-*, in all it* hra .ohes, as saeo?a?or? of < * I St* inn of 11. F. London A <V Wkilstt*o?f I Mr thank* tor lh* very liberal patioaage f eeired, tt'T pledge themselves t > aee their bjW exertion* to Merit thoir r?tiro??d fevor*. F. J. HLJHKKGJpR A CO. Bscoessor to H. F. Loudon and Co, Mibtar* nod Naval Merchant Tailc*. _f* ?m w yy ATCHE8. WATCH EEPAIKIN6? Ae. A la'ie assortment of _ _ SOLD and iMLVEB WATCHES, by all the Host oel*b(ated jaak*r*. ^ UT" WaTCHK9 and C&ft^MfiTTclSTa velTas JEWEuRY. Ac .oarefu I' ' pair d. M W OA? T A 8RO. Jewel*'*, Sit Ka.awnn*. so 10-6t Four doors we*t ol Brown's Hum OQQ JOHNSON A NAGLE. OOQ Between Ninth ud Tenth sU . eovtn aid*, %Vs?/'stfv?Pw$F"jbl' i&A'rtirsaitiL1' ?<- * cV?ra""' '? '??*. ?.. . TourPtte, Royal Sitv, Whioh ? offer u New > or* P-toee-fr* itat added. JOHNSM?N & NA6LK989 P?BU ftmiur vAh? H RiiiiB?er * Co> (1? tlro%6 ?tr*et. N. * > plVr^ar^ r?tovee(J BOTTLED WINfcfta. "Trt7oa*r&crvY?sA'6L>.rj(.,~" HS9 Punk, trnn PICKLES, PoMr ud other 8ACCKK TO MATO CaTSD P. bT th? b?rr?t. rnlloa, or Hoxeo, from the <y ^brntcd mnenf-etory of l-'ohr> btrli k i N" Notice. ? m ADAMS' KXPREM COMPART" Tku CMmT Offtn to UI mMm- UlNlltM I AanaafM" for tto Btfiui Quok iMipiteti c< wJf p*rt fro? ud imn in Wutmrtoa Itim dally. All tx?r?*M? tn is cti*.rre oTijfmimitd Ju nMUllMNIM*. AU Paoka?M for n* 8tlMn earn* at mmn * aI*G<**d?Vo*uTiK??aU?l"Coafigr-aM By ' an! all ArUelaa - Contrabaad of War" vU t* UrjRii l.t,aa4 f I V.. arrlvmc in Waahlaftoa at * A. M IM ft*- I MpplM toa?? PkilaM?Ma? U? A, M. ar I HP. M.,arrma?ia Wa*fala?fc?tt ?S> P. tt.aa* I ?* t: Kl'.t 1 or m?3Zmm I . ] o.~.

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