Newspaper of Evening Star, September 17, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 17, 1861 Page 4
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i he m kmm; star. Ntwi >r?B the Mdk KlTltCIl rtON LATI lOITHU* Hritl. We find tbc following item* in Ike New Orleans True Delta of the *th: a raw moriwaktib On the Id. President Davit ?ent the following repljr to a d!?r?tcb from Got Pettui, of Mlultgj pp| ; "We shall probably need all the companies ?? *? a ?a. tut. 0? 11 i? * you can lumnu mm wu.Otrt A1MY AT MAXA?SA9. From * letter dated " Camp Pickens, near Mamnm, Aug II," and published In the Natchez Courier, we rake the Miieted extract: " It Is said that marly 200,000 Confederate troops leep witbia twenty miles of this location. I believe this somewhat of an exaggeration, bat oar name to legion certiinly Rations for 190 000 men It is said are daily issued from this point At any rate we have tbe greatest army ever yet assembled on tbla continent, and feeling this, we look with lnpatlence for onward movements." ARMY Of THl P0TOHAC. We And the following In reference to tbe army of the Potomac in the Richmond Dispatch or lhe*d: For mim days oar army under 6ener?l* JohnaUm and Beauregard baa been getting into clone quartern with tfe- enemy. Advance detachment* have had ahsfp akirminuing, in which there baa been a considerable number killed and wounded (fewer on our Mde than on taat of the enemy.) ad we have a few prisoners. We hnve gained several important position!? especially one which is understood to commmd Arlington. The enemy will aoon have to make up bli mind to light a *>rloua batUe or retreat across the Potomac. We may, therefore, look dallv far atirrinir prents We know what our 0cera and infen can do, and we suppose there la body be re who doubts wbHt the result will be when the expected collision takes place The enemy la very restless and uneaay. The Impression prevails, beyond tie Potomac, that Johnston ana Beauregard will move upon Washington aoon; and, in conaequence of it, the enemy for the past t*w daya has bet-n throwing out atrontr scouting parties for the purpose of feeling our lines and ascertaining where the main body of our forces are posted He wishes to provoke us to a developement of our atrength In order to aicertain In what direction we are likely to move. This policy of the adversary will fail. s*uch officers as Johnson 2nd Beanregard are not likely to be thrown ott*their guard in that way. They fintfi*ratan<i thp cr * m p tnn utpII fn tn^r tho snomu to trick them into showing their hands before they are ready- I do not say whether they will more open Washington or not: nor, indeed, whether they wilt do so at all. They keep their own counsels Hut should they decide to move they wilt do It when they get ready, and not before. I regret to say there la a great deal of slckneaa In the army. . IMPORTANTXOVXXBXTS. A correspondence of tne Atlanta Confederacy, dared Mannases, August28, says: I can only send you a short letter to-day. Indeed, thsre Is but little to write about at this advanced poa'?that Is, but little that it would be proper to communicate There are collisions evrry day or two between scoutlnp cartles. result Ing sometimes* In loss of life, and the capture of on- or more prisoners An affair of this sort came off yesterday, sear Fail's Church, seven miles cor Least of Fairfax Court Hooae, in which three or four Confederate? were wounded We took tx or seven prisoners, and probably killed and wounded son* of the enemy ; but, as he left the Seld, we could not ascertain the extent of bis casualties Colonel Stuart, of the Virginia Cavalry, was in command of our forces The enemy had about 400 engaged, or rather present; for it did not amount to an engagement, it Is expected that a s'mll?r, though more Important affair, would take place to-day. The Lynchburg Republican of tbe 7th has the foil*wing: Tbe intelligence received yesterday from our Army of tbe Potomac, was of a highly interesting charrcter, and indlcatea that a general battle is close Is at hand, or that tbe Hesaians will soon bave to lnglorioualy abandon all their posta on tbla aide of the rive*. On Wedneaday morning a considerable number of our troopa were aent forward for the purpoae of taking p<session of a very important position, known aa " Hail'a Hill," and which was strongly guarded by tbe enemy. Arriving in close proximity to the bill, oar batteries were opened on the enemy, when a considerable conflict ensued, resulting in the occupation of the pcaitlon by our troops, and the killing of upwardaof twenty of the Heaaiana. while the loaa on our aide waa comparatively slight. Tbe Heaaiana, It is said, ran like sboep when they became convinced the position would have to be obandoned. "Ball's Htll" la In Alexandria county, three ?1U> In ' ? 1 > ?? ? mm w in au*ai>vc Ui any pvoi w?" uavr BCIClGiUTC occupied, and it Is said commands the batteries on Arlington Heights, and is but a short distance from the Chain Bridge which crosses the Potomac It Is owned by a noted character of Wathington City, and is represented as one of the loveliest places in that section of the country. Several other important points below Annandale, In the direction of Alexandria, have also been possessed by our troops?the Hessians making track* and bnt a slight "how of resistance on the approach of our forces. OCEAN S TEA ME US' SAILING DA YS Fmok tib l airib Statu. ftumifj Lm*c. For. Daws. Concrew..? New York_.H%vr?? f??pt 19 C.of Baltimore ..New York.. ..Liverpool.. Sept2l Hiinraom*. New York.. ^Hamburg..,?ept21 lino* .. ..? !Sew Yoric Liverpool.. .Sept *5 Kan*aru<>.. ...New York...Livecpool? Sept&8 New York ?~ .New York.. Uremea Sept 28 Earopa? Boston .Liverpool.. ..Oct 2 Great Eastern ...New York?. avtrpo. J...Oot 5 ereia .New York.-Liverpool. ...Oct ? NiA?%ra.._ Boston. Liverpool. ...Oct 16 . Nsw York _ Liverpool .. Oot 23 Bremac .New York....Bremea_?Ootic6 Vuom Svxoru |kntlo Saxon .Liverpool ^aeb?o......<9ept 5 rw ? ! |TWl. . .UUVIVUt wpi I Grea: Kasfera ..Liverpool Now York. Sept 10 ^\??nuu- Soutfc'pt-n.. New York..,*ept 11 Permv..~. ___ Liverpool. ...Nov York ..B-ptM ! M'Um K?iw Vork.?NftU I Nitftrt I.ivwpool . B??ton .._.^pt!l a .im. _____ .Liverpool New York ..Sept 38 * Brewer. southrpton...New York..?Oct 2 The California mail steamers leave New Vork oo the 1st. iitii. and 21st of every month. Oil! OH :-8o to the Peopie's?io:hin< Store, No. 4*0 Seventh street. oppoMUr Po?t OfHoe, M examine tnat new ?tock cf FALL ?'L<'TH >. I HUNKS. HATS acd CAPS. alTfor s\le at the loweet New York prioes au Mm W BOYS' CLOTHING. E Have reoeived wttnin lie last day or two a larse assortment of BOYS' SPRING CLOTHlNp^embraeics ail styles of low-priced, medium. mi are Qualities, wtuah we are aelhhfc a t very low prioea for eaah. wall, stephens * CO., 323 Pa. aY., between Sttii and 10th ate. mM (lctel^?no?r ar<1 Ri??wMican.> HASTOKE, O No. jau Pa. a v.. bit. Uth amd 13th its* PERfUXERY. tc. BRAIDS. CURLS WIGS. HALPWIOS. KR1ZLTTKS, Ao. A full itoca uwtn on hand, or made to order at the ?horte?t mum. Hair Work repaired or exooangrd. N. B.?Ladie?' Hair i>yed in the molt na'ara *??. ma V fan Ywood and coal. OU Will areiy get your money's worth by aUuig at tne PIONEER M(LLS, totukwiti tor m*r of Stventh urtt and Canal, (GEO. PAGE, A?act.> Tbey sell oheaper and Live i>etter measure than anr others in the city?out, split, aod deiir- I red of oharge. If T?a doc t I ehere .i rt I taaPioaaer Mills a ma.. aod be satisfied. POTATOES! POTATOEB! 50.<*0 baalMia prims Western MProeri will he old tbis wuon at No. ? P??nn?j!*T , oorc?r of at First oar load arrived to day. Sure aa a trial, sod we a hail civ* yon natiaiaotioe. Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky money, in good itud u. taken u par. M?tT J. W. STEELE A CO. CUMMER CLOJHlNtf fLtfTajyyIpSiiSSTlpSi. !? ? auiH ?aa aaaMliM of Gentleman, T?HM| ind Boy ? Wh tji Apparel, of tba nott dmraM* aad tMntonabi# ttjtal Aim. BrtlRTts and PUBN1BBINO GOODS ib CUtkug nid? to ordar at the itMrtNt MtiM. MTlLU STKPHKN9 4 CO.. 332 Pej^iTrama araqaa. JyM t IMIRh )> and loth ?U. rfi OA?lkia%KS. 1 HK 9utMorib?r Bavin mad* addmaaa to kla Bad from Li* Iocs experience ib 'he hn?iMM,l>M|H to (lva |HHj aatl?fa*tlI n Ail kiaJMiti CafriacMauJ Lis&l Wafuu k*ft OBAU REPAIRS aeailj doaa, and all ordara troraptlj atteodad to. ... AeCOIlll ku<( t*?rrimmmm ? rnmmju. dTTSW-J TofcE,101 4M U oorwt of PoTt??th nxi B ma. /#V*T THK Ul P PAWN UWiCK. 9 ' B"'k 0/ U4 HmuL 9 V I4i a liberal Ml vimm nud<* ou bold ud HItm OOAftltotl1 t* ? lk'" M t ^isJAAO HEftZBKRO, HI 0 ?*?; B'-KMfM E'*i? ?i!i?4?lliw' ? HK&astA a^W,ss!?-i,:,s;,As:?WW ^ivimu Ui Oftii ?j> eiftisim tU Um Mum Store mi StfWmS*- ***cw ?CT . t 7? ?' ft .% T* % f ? ? ge AWFUL SACRIFICES' DISEASE! "DEATH! AWFUL SACRIFICES' DISEASE! DEATH! AWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE! DEATH! AWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE! DEATH!. AWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE! DEATH! AWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE! DEATH' AWFUL SACRIFICES' DISEASE! DEATH! AWFUL SACRIFICES' DISEASE! DEATH! A ' ? o ?*i - 1 wv? awiui naonnoea; unau<: unu; Awful SaoriD'ea! Dissase! Death! Awful Saorifioes! Disease! De?th! Aw'ul Saorifioes! Duease! Death! Awful Saor;fioes! Disease! Death! Awful fteorlfioee! Disease! Death! STRIKB ATTHE ROOTOFTH1S DISEASE ! STRIKE AT THE ROOT OP THE DISEASE! "TRIKE AT THE ROOT OF THE DISEASE! STRIKE AT THE ROOT OF THE DISEASE ! STRIKE AT THE ROOT OF THE DISEASE! STRIKE AT THE ROOT OF THE DISEASE! Strike at the Root of the Disease! Strike at the Root of the Disease! Strike at the Root of the Disetse ! Strike at the Root of the Dimai! Strike at the Root cf the Dieeue' Strike at the Root of the Diaraee! CONSUMPTION. INSANITY. EPILEPTIC FITS. GfcAVEL, DROPSY. LAN60UR, NERVOUSNESS, CONSUMPTION. GRAVEL, INSANITY, DROPSY, EPILEPTIC FITS, LANGOUR, NERVOUSNESS, Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fitst Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, Gravel, Dropsy, Langour, Nervou?neaa, 6ravel, Dropsy, Langour, NerTouaneaa, Giavel, Drcpay, Langour, Nervousness, Gravel, Dropay, Langcur, Nervouanesa, Gravel, Dropsy, Langour, Nervouaneaa. Gravel, Dro;sy, Langour, Nervousneas, Universal Lassitude of tho Musculsr System, Universal Lasntnde of the Muscular System, Univerral Lassitude of the Muaoular Syatsm,* Univeraal Lassitude of the Maaeular System, Universal Lassitude of the Muscular 8ystein. Universal lassitude of the Mnaonlar ?j?t?m, Dimness of Viaicn, Impotenoy and Insanity, Dimness of Vision, Impotenoy and lnaanit'. Dimness of Visicn, Impotenoy and Insanity, Dimness of Vision, Impoteioy and Ins?nity, Dimness of Vision, Impotenoy and Insanity, Dimness cf Vision, Impoteroy and Insanity, THO US AN DS OF THE YOUNG THOUSANDS OF THE YOUNG THOUSAN DS OF THE YO UNO THOUSANDS OF THE YOUNG THOUSANDS OF THE YO UNO THOUSANDS OF THE YOUNG 01 both sexes die annually of the above Dimhm, oiuted by abase of tho GENERATIVE ORGANS, GENERATIVE ORGANS, GENERATIVE ORGANS, GENERATIVE ORGANS, GENERATIVE ORGANS, GENERATIVE ORGANS, tod from dneuM anting from * H&biU of Dissipation." Diseases of these organs require the aid of a Diuretics. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBO D'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU 1IELMBOLBS EXTRACT BUCHU IS THE GREAT DIURETIC 18 THE GREAT DIURETIC IS THE GREAT DIURETIC 18 THE GREAT DIURETIC IS THE GREAT DIURETIC IS THE GREAT DIURETIC and a positiYe and specifio remedy for diseases of the BLADDER. KIDNEYS, GRAVEL, DROPSY, ORGANIC VVKAKNESS, ABUSE, Sjphiiit o a d Venereal Dueases, FEMALE COMPLAINTS, FEMALE COMPLAINTS, FEMALE rOMPf irwrc FEMALE COMPLAINTS, FEMALE COMPLAINTS, FEMALE COMPLAINTS, and all Di?e& ea of tlio Generative Organ*. vb?ther existinc in YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOf NG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD. YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD. YOUNG OR OLD, MALE OR FEMALE, MALE OR FEMALE, MALE OR FEMALE, > MALE OR FEMALE, MALE OR FEMALE, MALE OR FEMALE, From whatever caute oririnnui.*- tifnn m*"?r HOW LONG STANDING, HOW LONG STANDING, HOW LONG STANDING, HOW LONG STANDING. HOW LONG STANDING, BOW LONG STANDING. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELM BOLD'8 EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU JIELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU HELM BOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU Is pleaasnt in ita taateand odor, immviiata in ita action, fre? from all "ir.juriotia propertiea," and la t^kea without "hmdranoe" from "buamaaa."i Lit la or No Chang* in DiaL Littla or No Ch&nga in Diet, unu or no Uhange in Diet. Little or No Change in Diet. Little or No Change in Diet. Little or No Change in Diet Cures at "Little Expense" nod "No Exposure." Cures at "Little Expense" nod "No Exposure." Cares it "Little Expanse" nod "No Exposure." Cures at "Little Expense" and "No Exposure." Cores at **Lttle Expense" and "No Exposure." Cures at "Little Expense" and "No Expoeare." If yo* are suffering send, or call forth* remedy at onee. Explicit direotiona aooomyany. Prloe 1 per bott:?, or six for $5, delivered to any address. "PHYSICIANS" PLEASE"NOTICE:* VI VAEB '-SO SECKXT" or "HtBUDIEWTf." HELMBULO'S EXTRACT BUCHU la oompoeed of Buuhu, Calebs and Janiper Bernei, soieoted witn great oaro by aoompeteit drur(iat. ] PREPARED J If VACUO, u, m. uKliUOUlaUt Prao'ioal and Analytic Chwnut, and Sola Maonfaotarer of HEDMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATIONS. EXTRACT BUCHU, EXTRACT 8ARSAPARILLA, IMPROVED WASH OF ROSES. Md in Wiih'i|t?i by 8. B. Wain, Z. D. Gilkah, Job* Wilbt.S. C. Foed. t. B. lntwutli Kivwiu a Laiiuci, Waahiactoa and tiaorgatovii and ail DrvgcuU r??ry vhara. HBLMBOLD*8 MEDICAL DEPOT. Jfi, 104 So*tk Ttntk Strtu, Mw Ch*s$mmt, PUUBUfUA. Phyaiciftn In aMandftao* fro* I?. m. to p m. Dir?t l*U*rs HSLMBOLira MEDICAL DE POT, f#4 Sottk Tenth atrrot, b? low ChaanuC (D^ iiftlu. BTOwi 0ft?rfta*c<|. r\ aft* .la . ' r*r<r33 ? i J^AVY Bit BP ANO_PORK FOR IMS Iulid P?orot*l*> dorted ** Pro?o?*l? for " Propowis for P?yk," th? o?m bit be, will M riMiTMl lit thia < Bio? until 9 o'eluek * H. ob Wadneaday, the 2mh day oi September next for forniahin* ar.d delirenna. free of all ooat and riak to the Urn I tea IMatea, at the following Nary Yards i Barrala Bsof. Barrel* P?rk At Cha'leatown, Mau?Sjon 4 At Brooklyn, N. V 4 5 0 6 0M At Pniladelphia, Penn....i,mo i joo 9,000 >2,noe One half of aaid Beef and fork muat be de.iver d at eaeh ol the above-named Tarda, reap?oti velr. by the lat day of Atril, 1883; and the remaining half by the lat day of Jane, 18bS, aaleaa earner deliveries ahould be rrqaired by the Chief of thia Bureau. Pay ment to be made within thirty day a alter Uetiv"tiddera maat specify their arioea aeaarately and diatmetlr in aeparate odera Jor the Beel and for th? fork, and (or eaeh of the placea of delivery, HAVttinir nil AT aanaaa anH a.l flKir?o. The fieef mutt bs we 1 fattened cVtle. a auzhtered between the lit ?ay ot October, 1861, ^nd tne let da; ol January, l*fi, and weighing not ?aa taan tlx haidred pounda.nett weight, eaoii. The lege and leg raoda of the hmd auartera, and the thine and ahonder olode, the ahouldira of mutton and ende of atickiag pi'eea, and at le&at Kunda from the neck ecd of each fore-quarter or parte marked Noa. 1,2. 3,4, and 5, on the drawing or de'ineatt"n of 'he fore and hied quartera of an ox. which will be attached to and fo-m a part of the oontract, must b* wnully excluded from each barrei; all the other pieoea are to be paoked. and. instead of being cut with a cleaver, must be tut throw k teith a saw and knife to give the meat a square, neat, and smoctk appearance, in pieett of net lest than eight pcunds, nor more than tiedve p ok mi 8 auk* li ne Fork must be sacked from anrn-foH. w?ll fattened hoM, slao?hteri d between the let day of Dearmb?f, 1881, and the 1st day of J&nairy, 1??, and wei*hn g not leca than tiro hunded pounds e&oh. exuludinc the heads, jolea, neoks. ahou dera, hams, legs. feet, butta, ruinpa, lard, and all refuu pieoea, and tnu?t be out with a tau< and kmjera pieoea weighing not leas than aui pounda, nor wore than twelve dou ids e&oli. Both the aid Pork m at b? waited vith at Irut one atatute bushel of Turk's Is an i, Isle of M?y, Ket VVett solar. Onodaea solar, or St JJbe'ssalt; and the Beef must I ave five ounot a of fine pulverized aaltpetre to rach barrel, exotusive of a p ckle. 10 be made from fresh water aa strong as ta t ?il] make it. and muat be perfectly bright and clear. K&cii barrel muat contain full SOO pounds nett weight of benf or pork, ud no ezoeaa of weight in eitner article will De paid for. The barrels must be entirely new, and be mad^ of the best seasoned heart of white oak staves and headings; the stave*to be nutiess than five eighths of an inch thn k. and the hoatlirgs not less than tnree-f jurths of an inch thick; they maat be three fourths hooped oror,'including the iron h'opa, with beat white oak or hiokorv hoops, and each barrel maat have oa it four i<-on hojps, v z oar> of one and a half inch in width ?n ???h hi:??. aud one of one ai.d an eighth men in width on each o a line, and each to be of out uxUentti mf an inoh ti'iok. fcajh barrel must be of the interuu oapaoity of thirty-two galiuLr ana the iron houpa uiuat be , well punted with red lend. 1 fceh liarrel muat be branded by homing on ita head " Navy B ?ef," or " Navy Pork," a* the oa?e mav be, wim the oontraotor'a name and the year wnen packed, and weight; and shall also be bianded on the bung atave m ith the letter li. or P., aa the oaae m it be. The iH*i aDd pork will, unless ntherwite direet ed '.y the CMrof of this Huieau, be inapeoted by the inapectirg offi jera at the r<?#peetiv9 Navy Wrtlt &foreaaid,a d br aoiue 'aw?*ru ir.apect^r of aalted proviaioua " who will bo selected t<y the respective ! oommaLdiric office ?; 'nt their oharceg far aucn inepectK ns -n jb; be paia by th' reap ?cti vo oor.Lrac tore, wi'O niutu likewiac ni*e th < t?arreU put ia food shipping order. t<> the ratisfaetion of t he coiiiinai.dan.a cf the re-peetive iMav* \ an! aforesaid, uier in?pv>3iwn. an<i bi mur own expt-naa. Two or more approved auretiea in aaum equal to one ha f the eatiiiiatod amount of the contract will be required, and twenty per centum in addition will be withheld Irom the amount of each raymei.t to be maue, aa col.ateral aeounty lor the due and faithful perlorma: ce of the reapsotive contract*, which wll on no aooouat be pud until thecon tracts are oompned with in ail respect* ; and la to be forfeited the L ni e I states in the event of fulure to complete th j fehve ie? within the pre aoribed period. In rate of failure on the part of the oontracior to deliver a!! or any of thf beef or pork above mentioned, ol the qua it; and at the time and placea above prcvidod, the oont.-actor wi.l forfeit and pay to the U; ited Statea. as liquidated damacea, a turn of moner eaual to twice the amount of the contract pnoe t 5c paid in ca?e of the ao.ual delivery thereof; which .iquidatxd dam ages may oe reoovereu from time to tnr<? aa ther accue Payment will be made by the Unitel Statea at the penoda above specified, (exo-pting the twenty per oentum to b? withheld until the completion of the contract, aa before itated ) aft t thfi AAid hpftf *.nH nnrlr ahall Ktva .v.n ? >< itiv * V uvvn liJO J?VUVDU and received, aud biliS for the same shall have h?eu presented to the navy agents, respectively, duly approved by the ooinmaudanta of the respective navy yards, according to the terms of the con not The parti of beef to bt excluded will be partick lany d situated in tkt engraving to be attacked to the contract, rtrsons interested ean obtain them on application at this q/JUe. Bidders whose proposals shall be acoepted (and none <>thor?j will be forthwith notified, mid an early as praotx-abto a oontract will be transmitted to them for execution, whioh oontract must he returned to the Bureau within ten days, exoiusive of tho time reqaired for the regular transmission of the man. Areoord. or duplicate of the letter informing a bidder of the aooeptaaoe of his proposal, will b; deemed a notifi ation 'hereof within the meaning of the act of 1M6, and hi* bid will he made and ao cepted in conformity with this understanding. Kvery offer made mo t be acoompauied (a* directed in the 6lh section of the act of Co grrss making appropriations for the naval ?ervici tor 1346 '47, approved K th of August, IMS.) by a writ ten guarantee, tuned br oni>nr mor? r??iinn.ii.i. perrons, to the effect that h? or tliej undertake ili&t the b.dder or bidders will, if his or their bid be ao cepted, enter into an ob.ifcation within ten days, with good and sufficient sureties, 10 furnish the article proposed This *ua ant?e must b? aooon pani*d by the oertific\te <f the United Htates distriot judge, Unit*d States distriot attorney, or navy agent that the guarantors are ah e to make good th?*i r gua antee. No proposal will beoonsiderod unless acoompv uud by >uoh luar&ntee. fne biddor'n name a:id re-idenoe. and thenaire of each momb?rof the firm, whore a company offers. with tae Chrmti&u names wntteu in full, mutt be dixtiin'tlf h to ted. Under the Joint reeo'ution of Conrress. approved 27th March, IBM. "ail bids for supplies olpiovisions, o'olhing, and small ?tores for the use of the navy, m*y be rejroted at the option of the Department, if made by one not known as a inai.ufsclurer of or regu'ar deaUr in the artiole propi ^ed to be furnished, wnioh fact, or the reverie, must be distinctly stated in the bids offered. &u Ji law4w i/EMALK HOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL I1 ir crivnvri rj MMMAOiTi/UlAI V ^ Mrs. 8. J. MoCOKMlCK. Peuioipaj. The thirteenth annua! aeaaion of tma InatituliOL will oommanoe on Tueeday. September 18th, in th? houae rooently occupied by Hyireater Soolt, Ea*., No. 190 Kmc atreflt. The oourae of atudy puraued will compnaeal! the uratiohea rMuiaite to a thorough Engliah E<iu oation^and Mnno, Prenoh, Latin and Drawing, ii in addition to day aoholara. Mra. MoCoriniok ia Eared toreoeivea limited munberof pnpila aa dera, who. oonanUiUaf a part of her own (km rill be ander her immediate oare and aupemafen. She will endeavor, aa tar aa poaaible. to aur round them with the oomlbrta and kindly innuenoea ef Home. fttfaraam.?Err. 0eo. H. Norton, R?r. Dr. Ehaa Harnaon, Kev. 1). F. Sprite, William H. Fowle, Km., Edgar Snowden, Kea., Edmund F. Witmor Eaa.i He:.ry Marbnry, Em.. Lewia MoKenne Em., Robert H. Hunton, Eaa., W. D. Wailaoh t lit. .r ETemn^StarABe^jamIn Water a, EM-.J&a c-.iiw ib.o, j r., r,?v,^01. > '"n w.Minor, Ijoudouc, Hmn, felaoklook * Marahall, Maura. Corse gr there. _ Tumi. Board, with Tuition in a.l the EngUah Uranoiiee, #300 for the annn?l seaaion?payable aauu-annuailf, in ariv^noe. Mufio and Lancnacee at Professors' price*. IT7" No extra oharcea. * an IM1 FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY or WASHINGTON AND 6EOK8KTOWN. Capital. 9900,000. f\m** m*??. f* -A---- * -* ? " of Wmskuutom. INSURE HOUSES ANDOTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOBS BY FIRE. Dtucrou. ?eo. Shoemaker, Samuel RMfern, Samuel Cjopley. Wilha* Wilson, Riohiird Jones, John D. Barclay, Jacob Jjideoa, Audrev Kothweli, hoe. Parker, Riahard Barry. I. B. Frcnub, Dr.o. W.Davis. No ofaarf* for Policies. ? JAMES ADAMS. President. Awl 6. Davis, Secretary. aa 9-eoSre IMAPtt OF TUB 8BAT OF WAR.?A aplwuild lfl Map of tfaa S*&t of War for only * oenta. Also, Fockat Maps of all kinds. ^ *>ldiers' Camp Droaainie Caaea from !? to 88.

lank Books and Stationery or alt kinds, Flat Paaar sod BnvaloM. f^MS, Baanara and Bad (as, Viewa of Wasbtnfton, AmariosD and Foraiga Magaaiuaa, Datij and Waaklr fMWVBENCH A RICHSTEIN'9 National Bookstore, Ml (In tat. A 'JTW Pa ffvotm**. Q 0 K BOATS Quart*rmajt*T QmirmPt OJU+ t rr?i?n?|lon M??. Jntf IS. 1861 f ^rtAW and Srscmc+TiacM for hall* of ?un Boat* (or tii* Wwtern riTwi ?r? on exhibition at &> * ???f*of Qaartennaatern at Pittaburf. Cincinnati, 8t. Lonn and Alton. Boats to b? delivered at Cairo. Bid* ahou'd be Mat to Ouartermaater ?enjralof the United Stataa Amy, at Wa?ldB?ton, by 1st Auut, at poon. jyH Brit. Onland Q?>rt>rmaS?rfiM'1. fJ*KEN CORN. JN CANS; PETITE PC48, VI Champicnoua; > reah Toaatoen, la aoart eaaa> Praaarred Fruit. of away ranetiea; Conaenred infer (Canton;) Auf?iii*?; Freak MaMBarafaM wulhat, in mm Pmk Lobatera and Clair a, iq WWE! ?Sferasr Sf? i * t? v m WASHINGTON LOCK HOSPITAL. ^T??5 IrSS MMkory, Mir-label Ml Indian or ginaiiidoctora, and pretender* of vitehoraft and lmpoatora ta raoThu ia the only place where a anre aad ipeedj our* oan t>? ofttainea in the world tor all iapropar and en I taabi t?, loaorrhM. t' eet. a?inal weak - neaa, ayphillU, primary eecorxlary. and tertiary, organic weaknee*. pain* is the loina, itnctnrea, general debility, prostration, siorTouMioai, reetleai cichu. palpitation of the beart.riacinc tn th* eara, loaa of memory, oonfnaioD.melaoobofy, asectiona of the bead, throat, noae, and akin, and all t&oae peeulinr diaoraaraariaing troni the indiso^tion of yontfc, rendering them wit for either bnaineaa, etady. eooiety, or marrlaie. Dr. 8. baa the grefttwt remedies in the known wor.d for diaeaaea of the Wood. gonorrh?, sleet, tricturea, ay philfia.aeimnal veakaeaa, aau ab?ae, Ac. There ia no aaae in which they mil to eare in from a to e day a. tii.-? 11.1 ???- > * ivwuia v? uivw HVIIIUiO UVUiflMUM) WBW WUIIU wiia to be valuable men sad ornaments to scotety, should cmbraoethe earliest cpportunity for relief D r. 8 h umu hu made the most oomy sts ?rrwr?raonts for the comfort of bis patients who oome from a distance. They will be furnished with the most pleasant and agreeable quarter*, neoessary diet, and made u oomfortabiaas they would be at a first olass hotel at leu than half the ooet. Do not forget the name and number. Dr. Shi man's office ta on the oorner of S:ith street ami Pennsylvania avenue, Clarendon Hotel, opposite the National Hotel, Washington. P C. Persons at a distanoe should enclose stami for return postage. Offioe hoars, 9 A. M. to 10 P. M. Various parties have been enticed Iron my institution by oertain swindlsrs on back streets is this oity, who will rae it till the day oftheir death. A word to the wise is sufficient * as ? It ^SVSW Ouri CourA, Cold, //mtiimii. Jm/InvfQk A?ti ny Irritation or Sorr smi of tkt Tkroai, Rtlitv* tko Huckxnf Cough ?? Confumr Wtum, Bronehiti*, ilitrnt, # Catarrh, CI tar and fte* sirtnuth So tit vote* 0/ PUBLIC SPEAKERS and SINGERS. Few are aware of the importance of cheoiin* a Conch or "Common Cold" in its firat stes e; that Jhioh in the begininc would yield to a mud remfr? if negleoted,aoonatt*okathe Lungs. "Brown't Bronchial Troeutt," oontainmg demuloent ingredients, allay Pulmonary and Bronchial Irritation. "That tronhle in my Throat, (for BROWN'S which the "Trockti" area apeciho) ? h&vint made me often a mere whisTROCHES perer, N. P. WILLIS. BROWN'S "I reoommend th?ir aae to PwBLie SrBAKBBS." TROCHES REV. E. H. CHAP1N. "Great service in aubdning Hoabsb BROWN'S NBss." REV. DANIEL WISE. tRnnni.-(i "Almost mataut relief m the die trewms labor of breathing peculiar BROWN'S toA*j^KV. A. C. ESGLESTON. TROCHES "Contain bo Opium or anjthing injurious." DR. A. A. HA v ES, BROWN'S Cktmiit, Qoston, *b ncukM . " A simp cand pleasant oombina "vva.?w uon ior uovcii. 4tc." BROWN'S 1)I1, F< TROCHES " ? *tfgg "^'TL'XNE, BROWN'S * I hare *roT?d them eioellent for TROCHES W?oorm? Co??H." ? REV. H. W. WARREN. DROWN 8 Bottom. inrnt-s "Beneficial whan oom?e!!ed U TROCHE? if?k, enacrini from Cold." REV. S. J. P. ANDERSON, URUVYIi P gf i.jnii, TROCHES " Kt?*CTWit in removing HoarseoeBB and Irritation of the Throat, ao BROWN'S oon"l^?B wl"1 SriAKras and Sir*Iftli TROCHES Prof. M.STACY JOHNSON, BROWN'S Tiacher of Musio. Southern Feniale ColJe&e. TROCHES ureal recent when taken berore I and after preaching, aa they prevent BROWN'S Hoareeneau. From their past effeot, 1 think they will be of permanent adTROCHEB vantace to me. REV. B. ROWLEV, A. M. BROWN'S Fieaident of Athena College, Tenn. TROCHEE * 1-ly JOT FOR THE SICK AN1) SUFFERING JLMT AlL WHO AAS AFFLICTS O READ! ATI-LI THE RMMMDT B.* JO ICS *U?HEALTH. Friead. a* ?oa anfer? Are voa the vlatlm afait fthese ii?B)erou ailments whioh arwe txora imaarlty of the blood/ What are tier, do 70m uk/ Rather ask, what are they net? The blood ie the oarer of life and health, and it la the firit element of oar being ts respond to an7 oaaao wiuoh afieota the ayatem, > tfcs palae lniklubl7 attpata. The ever jrerfuling Nearaigia, tie Irritating Eryaitelaa.the bile tforofklt. th<)?f001*1 dc *i?eamttt?m, Nervosa lability, l>xs>ep?!ft, L;?er Complaint with ita E?r an<1 dejection, aud the nam berleia ills u?at is heir to, dm*9 their hkleoaa origin from the i, Deal kJudTy then and afntiy with the blood. Uae the vi'a:ia!^( resourcee 01 natare for ita aid, and aafer aa to oommeud Jo yoar oonluenoeanc aaa that krxly vai table medioameut known aa mrs. m. oora indian vegetable decoction. With regard to this almost infallible aaeail* popular aentiment aaa awoken -in deoided term* and the evidenooa of this great eftoacy are atatainexl by oonatant avovaa of okraUve effects and the haaaieat reajlta from ita n? ?.ft*r ill ,.th ar remediea and the beat medioaF kill have failed. Let m ear, in oonoinaion, tt^at certificate* eirea are uot aonght fmm the illiterate and aoperfioial, bat they are volunteered from the moat reapeotable ponrooa and juatify the highest terma in vhio(t it in poaaiWe to ooramend ao valuable a peoifio to pobiic aaproYR.1. W e may add alao that the oorative propsrtiea of the medicine are equalled only by ita restorative effect*. the system reoovermx fromdiseaae with renewed constitutional viior. For sale by all respectable I>rujri*ta in Ihia slty, and by tLe proprietor, MRS. M. COX, Hone centime anieaa her name is blown on the hot tie ana her aeal on the o<rK fry* Frioe ?1 per bottle, six bottlea for ft. VfboUfU 3|mI. R. n. T. C198EL, i)ri|(l9t eorgetown. JL). C.. Wholeeaie Agent for the Dlatriot. and will suppl7 the trade at ray price*. aa 1?f TU1E AL.g.-SUFFlCIKNW VHHKK ^TRIKSKM AR, 1,1 and l-Frotected by Royal Letter* l'aU"H of Enfland, and ?ecu red by the Seals of the Koo e de I'tiarinacie de Paria, ud the Imperial Co.leeo of Medioine, Vienna. No. 1 is uiTaraable for exhaustion and naterrhaa, and all physic*. uiaabiiitie*. No. 2 completely eradicates all traoea ef thou tfiae&ses that bave been hitherto treated by the naa seous and per mow as use of oosaira and 04beba. No. I uas entirely suppiantea the injartou *ae of meronry. thereby li}aaring to the sufferer speedy r o.ioi, uiaperaini ail imparities, and root lux o* Ike venom of disease. TR1E4EMAR, No*. 1,1 and S, are prepared la Ike form of a lomente, devoid of taste ac\l rr.eil. and oan be oarried in the waiatoost pocket, ftold in tin oiMt, a?td divided intoaepenwa dote*, u ad ministered dt Veipeaa, Ljuiemand, Roux, Rloord Ao. Pnoe 93 each, or four omn for 99. whiok saves 93; and in 9X7 oases, whereby there la a savin* of 99. To be had. wholesale and retail, of Or BARROW, of 194 feieeoker street, New York. Immediately on reoeivinc a remittanoe, Dr. Barrow will forward the Triesemar to any part or the world, aeourely packed, and addressee aeoordint to the mstrr.otions of the writer. The Book, of all others, that should be read by men with danmed and broken down constitutions la "Human Fralltr, or Physiolojica! Researches." a la beautifully illustrated, and treafa minutely of I the symptoms that invariably develop them elves, sooner or later, resulting from the frailties and viuaticc habits of earl* youth. ina&?n?itAtm? tiie victim trom snannf the fhtittpn of the raatn modal state, and. if not oheoked in time, degenerating all the ronotiona of manhood, ana bringing him, etes by etes, to a lingering and untimely death. Sfola by Dr. HARUOW, 1?4 Uleeoker atreet, four doora below MaodoGgLl, New York. Prios St cents. Sent free every where. Sold also by b. C. roru. Jr., Drag Store, Waahington., p. C. de ?-kn> U Nr;W BOOKS. HISTORY of the UmUd Netherlands, by John Lutnrof Motley ; 3 vola.j (Ve? b? mail. $4. The Riae of the Dutoh R?>> ubue, a history. by John Lothrop Motley; f to.* oioih; free by mail, .. - ? -- - - - sum runnier. u? w*rir o4 Kaveloi, by tb? author of ' Adam Bade cloth 7fi|oenU; paper M OQQU, Life nod Career of Major Andre, by Wintrop Sarreant; After loeberga with a Painter. n Summer Voyage to Labrador and Newfoundland; by Rev Louis L. Nobe; ?l^0. The ManufnaUynof Pbotofomo or Hydro-Car bon Oils, by Tnofnaa Antiaell, It. D.; f 1.7S. Any of the above tme by mail FRENCH A RICHSTE1N, M? 8T? Penna. avenue. ^UNBOATS Ton run WESTERN RIVERS, QuAiTUiasm 6i?iu.'b Orrici, I V/lfi?4i S//M1 Tmaam * 10C1 I F?opmal? are invited for oonatraotiiv Guntx>ata upon the Wee tern rivers Sproihcationa will be immediately prepared and may be examined at theQuar'ermaater'a OAs* at Cincinnati. Pittsburgh, and at tbia office. froaoaals from boat bull art and engine-build er? alone wlu be oonaidered. P'ana aubmitted by bidden will be taken tato oonaxUratiOE _ M. C. MJ&16S, la ia Quartermaster General United State* ||OOTS AND 8Tl*MK8. *? 8V1V We an now aaaafeataiia* all kinds ef BOOTS and SBQKS. and oo-. ?t*JitiT natiw ^ itppif of eaatera made Work of every do ontpon. made expressly to order, ud wHlW ] be told at 4 ronci: tower prioe than hae been* K heretofore otMkrged in Qua ?tj for iau lafonov VFeraona ta want of Sooto aadlkoM of Hwi m uty aade work, will alwaysftnaacood aeeortnm ta More aud at la* leweat ^^^^veii^oau. fom the d?fie?ulfebric, ?Ukw ww5e2,^SK TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. |JN1TB1> WATM M1UTAET SO UTS. CHANGE OF HO CMS. CM and afitr Mondrnv, August 1M, 1861, piHimn tkaiiu will in as fallow* t LKAVK WASHINGTON tit and TS* ft. m. Ut ud bib p. m.. MTiTiBf at BalUaonil TAB MM '* L EAVL?B ALT1M?*4#> Udl?b.a.l^ $.46 and 5 > Hi. amTui at Waahiactoa at? and MJ6 a. m aod at 6 9> and 6 ?ff?. in. PaMenrer Trains learinf Washington at 7 39 a. m. and SJ> p. n..and Baltimore at 14* a. andS.43 5. m , mat* diraot aonnaxioDt for A ana palis attha onotioc. Train* lcara Annapolis for Baltuaoraaod Wart uKsy?,i?vw5i?Jift1?..? issax-' " All artioles of freight (tot oobMM of war) will batranaMHtM over the llaa. fbnau* Train will l*Ti BaJtuaorsat 4* a^m. Laara Waatuac ton at 7 p. m. By drdtr of th* ? THOMAS H. CANF1ELD, AuiiUoi Muit?. m n-U SPECIAL NOTH E. ? SUNDAY TRAIN. On and after SlTN DA Y.ilth July, there will be bat one Suiida? daily rraio? Leave WAS?tlNt?TON att?r m. ft NEW YORK and PHILADELPHIA. Prom New Yor< aud Philadelphia. arriving ia Washington ate 10a. m. J A SCOTT. Jy tl 6enerai Manager. ? ~mt, STEAM WEEKLY BETWEEN NEW VOKK AND LIVKR POOL, Landing and embark in* himh|W it Queeuatown, Ireland The Liverpool. New \ork and Philadelphia Bteamahie Company intend diapatohioc their full powered C jd?-built iron Steamahip* aa follows: ttLASGOW Seturcar, Auguat 3d. CITY OF BALTIMORE, ' " l?th. KANGAROO. " " 19th. And ever; Saturday, at noon, from Pier44, North river. Firtt Cabin ? ..#15 Do. to London M Do. to Paris . s5 Do. to Ham bur i ..... 86 Steerag? - ? I>>. to LODdtn. ?. - .. 54 no. to **a'a* Do. to Hnmbarc...*. *6 Paaaencera forwardtd to liavre. Bremen, Rotterdam, Antwerp, *o , at reduoed throacp (area. Hereon" wiahing to bring oat 'heir frienda oaa Kn. li.L.t. -? 1 ??? tm/ klVBVMSt IUW I ' f h>r further information aptly at the Caitaiaa Office. JOHN ?. DAL , A coat, 15 Broadway, tf. V.. Or toQ. A. HERRING, A?iama^fcL?re?a Baltimore. ? .IT?..INDIVIDUAL ENTERPRISE LINK. eastern AND WKgTERN shore STEAMERS. "kent," Capt J B. R nraa Pioneer," Capt. W. Noroar. Will ran their roatee a* follows, lecvi-g Light atre?t, Baltimore, foot of Camden, at 7 o'olook A. M : KENT?ForCambridge, Denton and Landmga on cjioptanii river, every WEDNESDAY and SATi'KDAY. returning every The red ay aad MnniiRv For A nnapolit and We?t River, every TUESDA Y and FR1 I)A Y and returning ta day . PIONEER?F?r St. Miobael'a u1* Em ton, via Mile'* Hirer, every WEDNESDAY, aud return tbe ?&m? day. For Annapolis, Weet River, Cambridge, Oxford and Eantnn Point, every THURSDAY, returning b? Mir.e route on Friday. l or AnnapoU*. W?et River, Bt Miehael'sand t?a-ton, via Mile's River Ferry, every 8ATUR>A Y, returning every Monday by aame route. Fare to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and Faeton Point ..?. i .? * ( ? - i' * 8? #areto*t Michael'* and Milea* River ground trip.01.) t? Fare to Weat River,(round trie, 1*0 Fare to Annapoii" < round trie TO oeuU)__ TO MKAL8 EXTRA. iiy rrcirni man oe >rnua. Wharf and Offioe, LIGHT ST., foot of Camden. Baltimore. C. K. CANNON. NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY. SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE.l Calvkkt station, Batimor*. Mar It, 1K1. ( On and after Sunday. May 19th, 1161, Trains on tie NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY arrive and depart as follows, until further noCoe. TRAINS NORTH. MAIL at8 L5 A. M. EXPRESS at J 30 P. M. HARR1SBURG ACfiflMMnniTiow o M The S.15 A. M. train oonneota at Relay Hoim with traina on the Weetern Maryland Raj.road; at Uanov?r Junction with Hanover and GettabB'* H .m lroad*; at York with York and Wnghtevl.le Railroad; at Harnaburc ?ith Pen nay! van la Railroad for all parte of the VVeat. a)no with Lebannon Valley Railroad to JVate York dxrttt; at Northnna berland with L and B. *ai.road for Kincaton aad all parte of Wjoonung Valle? jvod at ?nr.hury with the Philadelphia and Erie Railroad (or all parte Northern Pennsylvania and New York. The S an P. M train make* all the above oonnaotiona except Hanover Railroad, WrigktsTtlle Railroad and the Lebannon Valle* Tn* ? P. M train idUm connection* with Peaa Railroad for all parts or the WMt,aad direct oonnecta for New York. TRAINS ARRIVE. Mail at 6 in p M.; Express at 7 45 A. M.; Harru*urg Accommodation at 2.43 P. M. For Tiokeu and mf r . ation inqnira at tha Ticket Offioa, Calvert dtatijJL^Bal Unions. ^ ^ M LE^NpE^f8lk.PB" The Camden and Am boy and Philadelphia and Tron'ov Railroad Companies'Line tfom PH1LADR'-PHlA TO NKW YO?R AND WAY lows; At 6 A. M . Tift Camden and Amboy, (C. Ui A. AoooicraodaUon. i At 6 A. M , via Camden and Jersey City, (N.J. AooommodMion.) At 8 A. M., via Camdea and Jersey Ctty.tMorai. eMail.) _ At MX A. M , via Kei.aincton and Jersey City, (Wwitern Kxsresa) At lt% P. M., via Camden and Amboy,(Aeeommoum ,.r.. Aistr M., vi* CtmdM and Aaabay, (C. ud i Kip-?< .) _ , . t ik P M , vtn K nuncton and Jaraay City, Ath?Hnpg Kenainiton and Jnmj City, (Scoond Claaa Ticket.) At6 P. M., viaC&iudanaad J?rMy Clty,(KT?tung AUU^V.M., via Camden and Jaraay City,(ftoath At#P.M.,'Tin Camden and Amboy,(AooommtxUtion, freight and paaaen*er, Flret Claaa Tiok.aU BooondOlaae Tioket. _T^?6 t?AM Mail Train raoadaily. Thalitt P. m. man, t*aturoa*a excepted Fur Belvidere, Kuton, La^bertTiUa, FlemingKin, 4c, at 7.10 A.M.;aod4* F. M? from Imuneton. For Water &a>, Strondibari, Boranfcon,WlI*o#barre, Montroee, Great Bend, fto? at 7.10 A.M., from Keatinfton. na Delaware, Lackawanna aad YVeat-rn Railroad. For Mauoh Chunk, Allentown and Betklekemjet 7.10 ArMTand 5)4 P. M- from Ker.aiag.u>q depot, the7.10 A. M. li e oonseota witk the tiaia laaring ^Ko'rMoun^Hof'rat I and I A. M. aadt aad 4M **?* ? - rui rnwuiaMtAal'lHIP. ? For Bristol, Trentoa,Ao. at 7.10 A. N>()( an4 5H P. M from Ken?: niton, and P. M fro* Walnut street wharf. _ Tor p?t,ujr? ElTtrM, MtaM, pTWtr. ??r line ton. Florae oeso. Bordentovn, Ao., at Ulf, I, iMaDdSP M. <S!i?&J^JrtT?^SfiKLSBS whftrt fT7" For New York and Way Line*, leavin* Kensincton Depot, take the oar* on Fifth etraet, above walnut, half an hour before oeaa-ture The Sua ran into the depot, and on arrival of train ran on the deeot. Fifty ^nmftofb*ra?e ^IkitedTro anytSmgrse Kgtaje hut*$f2!r*'waartni"ayparSf All bacgace over ftfty found* to be Mid for rxtrv T&e ooroeaay limit their raepone&iiry f.?r btiiMt to 000 aol ar ft wnd.Mfl will not be liable Tor any amount fceyoad one hundred dollar a, fiH " On and after Mar 16ta, tpfl, the train* will ru? a* (ol!ow?, na^?V?ar0 Camden Station, Balti HSSSMJBK11* FOR WAY PASSENGERS. _ _ Between Baltimore and Ptodmootiakatk*'A. M. Tram; between Pied?KHitao4WbeeliBf take A?oonmodtttoi Train. leavingPlMlaoat t A 41 A. M.;&nd b<{f?j? Farkaribarf, take SfcTA ft>2*!0 K?T H AI N ?MMr* Balti nor* kt 4 90 P. M- ltd Frederick U %M A.M. *rd fcliioott'e Mill* at 7.40 and 11 AO A. M ,aad ?.?6 and 1M P.M., ? _ . _ Far f?rt**r informaHon. Tiek?*? ' 1 uanwasttiis ???? 3RGf*? rone trftia ?. ft It 9S ?. v.,ft&4 l.N^ai I asjgaifr-H ??Mf ' M. W PALI*. *rm*. m mamsc ns/jevsSS iygreig Trun fa>r rhii?4a ?hia mil ta?va frwlUt tux davpu4 4if. m.?air- All bWm iiihi>wiU Naw York tnuaa *xo*pt 4j* ** M. trtua oa e?Ur A^FraUW Tiw wtt >* >>??'> tar atlMkad P. fi, atoppuuat *11 tttftUoaa batwaao tf *Tti mora and Harr* da-Sr*?*. Paaoargar* forpe aw? a?d tha KuUra f fcoro ?f MftrjlMd villm UaaKMtaxM*uti??a ro?U try "ifrin Co'r'w*Peraona ana*civ* boat Mora wm CTULwro?p.t...L <^^^m?tt4X?Rl<r?*tBW'-TS roji I KHHilBE WlM.Hi ml'vson fi/t hajlmoao ?a hxw yomk affSiW&iSE daily.8?d<i?t? aso*ptad, aatoliewa: Prom Ckaabara atraat Ifrm, Hat at atatioa. At 7.60 a B AI72&? ll.g ? 6 00 fin 1'JB - iX p m A&Tj* mm Train with ai?*p ox Conri^t^M Alb*ny_ ?itt ttaNrw fJlT>B u.WB RaflmfT Hafklo. ftrraeaa* S'a??r? F?|i?, BinaMKD Bndie. Anbura. GMrn.CftLMdMtu iBoonMcUoc ijajw BalkloaWBuMo a?on via LakaFhora, BafaJo arnf i ak# Haroa aed great Waatarn K *urrad. jot Hamilton. Toronto patroit, Cfa.cAffo. Toi?"do.wi iJ wan kia. Foe Da l*c. as sr.s gpxftarana&r SH. *** NORTHERN EOLTK ^:aff rarest &.% sfi.n tf?:: fJxx arvass,??E>: tteftKSSSA' ff'^'x.' Srunstt-A!)!? an" ah ppera lor prcmptaeaa and diraa'oh PuaN|?r traina. with fmokinr and Rlf#>p?rr I gr^rta in aoaaaotioa on tk( Nt* York vait^i ! For partica!ara u to taal traiaa and fraitht ar ranf amenta, tJJ^arrjaat. yjl' ' "l|Wf 1 OtWflf 1^' Utw tli* low ?T.d DOcV Bat, more,TMt aid*, DAILY, (Saadara included,'at iXo'alook P.M. takiat paaaeocera and met)!.and Qoaaeclin* with the Railroad linra. U? aid f-owi W MCirj'or. I). C.. Philadelphia.^ew York.Bo# top, York, Hamahnrc^iUabarK. Pa, and the Waat, immeGiateja/rar thearnva'of the Eiprae* Train from New Yoik aad Philadelphia. The followia* u the flchada.e : From New York t<i Knrt NoarMaad btak.. .911 From Phi *4e>ph>a and back. ?.. 410 From Baltimore anU back? r #f trr PROCURE VOU* TICKET??0 la Nrw York, at the New Jersey Railroad Oftce foot of Coartiard street In Pki aiialakia a? Ik* ^*? - ? w ''' mh mm * Ml VWWJPWIJ fUUf " oornor of Btxih wd Ch??inut itrtcti. or a* lb* Depot. Rroad ud Prim* ?tr?oU. In Bubmort, M board the WiMiri. foot Ol Union Dook. HUGH OTONNKI, Pmmmw Arn' (^^NtW VOkK, BAR IjKM AND I.BA^V* NKW LfSViu? FOR ALBiNsviSKW KKMlOT**Commencing Monday. May TTth. l<4l For Abaay?U?0 a. m. test uprew train from 36th atraoc Sor Do tot Plair - 43* f. art *top jib* at W bit* in? and statioaa north to Dover ptaina?from aeth ?tr**t station. (Tkia train will raa to Millertoa mn Paturiar AIJPor#6'ro?on Pall??MS a. m. to??inc at a'l ?tationa nortjj ofJJ' Ordha?^rofB *ik ftroM Btatioa. r or TT WW riwni-f?', l l? ?* 9- m. ?u>p ln( at all station* froamii itmt twin?. Por While Plaine?6; ? p. m. ?t<<p>in* ata!! taboos from W hit* itrttt iWioi. For WiliitBM Hr ,di??r*?, 1I:H a. m. and #> p. n>. atopviDc at all atinns from TTth lUNt ntatioi.. Retard at will I?> Albany?ft? a. m. taat ?j preee Iran. Dover P aln?- W a m (Thl? trail lee vat Mil lerton evert Monday taorniac at 6 a. au) Crotoa Pake?* a. at. White Plkiae-Aie.7? a m. 4:'? A T** p m. WiUiaau Bndil-kH. Irt I. m. A 1* p. m Suad&< train* vill leava ?th A venae. comer SM traetfo- Central Park, YarkviUe. Harlem axf 5*71'.""' jShfagirant'rAsr far..1YORK ANO ERIK RAIL rHMucr i mu leara rta Paro aia Ferry aad Lour I'o?fc, from foot of Cham>>ari treat, New York ju Mlova.Tia : 7.00 a. m . KjPRF^Skfar I)ankirk,aad Buffalo, and ?;ir.cipaJ lEterni* ia'* Station*. I 00 a. m . MAjLh for Dankira. and uUmnliMt Btattoce?TbiaTrain remain* orai aiftit at Eiuuta. and arooaed* the next morn it* MP a m MILK daii , lor OMrille, and inter ntdiiU S4stion?. II oo a. in . ACCOMMODATION. dailj. for fort Jervu, and p moipa. t*ta?>goa 4 0* a. a.. WA^fcr MiddJetowu, Navbargh, tssi Tbe Tram of t*atn-<iftT wtof at all wlail Train Stationa, aad ranaoali ta hi mint. ACCOMMODATION .for Horaaevilie, | NATHANIEL llSu&fTlwytw?"*'1 - WMMfUva"** B? tfca iMMM and HHncr atretic Ui and aaaoU, but particularly adapted to u? naTigatioc af Long la'aDd SoBp<i, riwiOK il out crci.ou Villi tij? rail River a->4 Old Colony Railroad . ani&iio^ of ? jikw oil; to Coaton ttSjEh Ari&3:IX? fSBt Mccoiti. Waauaacaya.aiU Fridaya. at to'aiook ' rl'^^KVWftrS'JSi Brow, .. Ta??dayt Th.i'r<Uya aod Satardava, at to'aiook F. M., <wnt>ni t> M yi? wrt wit. TbeM Htaamara asa fettad mtk aoamodt?t? tat* room, utd ww> trrufMiMl for tba Wfin It Mi oma'ort nt ptMni[*ri who ara affbrrtecl 1 j tkia roala amifhta' root oa board. and oitrnii at Fall Riw prooood par Auamboat Train.reao* IBS Bujtoc any the foilowuu Morning: ar Mar re?aln on board as til itarting of tba Ammbo*Cob at * A. M., by V^ifrk tnay May reaA BoaUm aboat 8 Ab A $M pamaa tha lami to itadaati ratio*. .A atoamer rara in ouaowtioa artUi Ui? Line be tvmd Fall River and Piotv1?oh daily, u*?yl Pundaya. Pmjbt to floaton la forvaydad throagk wtth I t.Tu?r7._.T *" w?ii, vkiok iwtn M iUdo?iitt*tJon attboatll A M jSctk pvrarna," a-is ,-s: T>?nd T1 W?t mtr?+i.H y ? gSfSapM1 wS^-Cariy IM kwun .Mai- "" * 6Mr? i^rTiiMliokin wi. ifcnu.ln ooomoUob wTtk tkt litoifpitoi tessri Pi?No U KorthTlW.Mio'ci. ck Pr?ri4?oM uii Bortot. 1a h* Eifrm Mui Tram, r??hi?? ww In ad vaao*,?f Umm I>t oilier riXlf.ud IB am?U tUM tor AM U? aarlf Morning Lib** wmeuif Nortk aod Kml l?a?5gSrB&ar&x5yT (aat if d?ur*4. and l?a*? ttrotoe im1 13 A. M. ^ ^i4* rTr#>o? >TO*Mtot** to TUvBf*. JHg* ?nto. A btrw awtit MMBiuiiitoi ?uww ?i?4 \Po" p*??ar*,TB*rtfca, Stato ftoem, or *99 1 OB boar* to* bwmer.w at tk* r?*i?i>? iW.JS N^-TS.TSyMir French M&K-. pmr ?*at Mlov tfce rtfiltr r?Uil mtmilmi T?*tic* *4lUM^r9!!?4M'a 'B*katr? ** *l*# 54*>\ TaotiM^'*(rtgK"*** 1 tf'HISe5* wawnB. s i ?L li.tYJLift1 uo- J .MAm, KUl *t the 8HtU War. I

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