Newspaper of Evening Star, September 18, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 18, 1861 Page 1
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9 1 7 9 I _ V; / J? ^!4P?><t K>r.' f#Mt?<lilil9t3 1 AMiltMUlf#| < a. J r ** -'? ' xif f * CX I ??ii?i pii ?===== \*K XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C. WEDNESDAY. SEPTEMBER 18. 1861. N?. 2.677. THE EVENING STAR is PUBLISHED BVBtLT AFTERNOON, (WJNDAY EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR BUILDISGS, Otrmtr ?t?M mmd KUvttUk it. m W. D. WALLAOH. Paper* wrrod In packaga by carrier* it *4 a fear, or 37 ceo* per month To mall mbae/lber* the price to S3 50 a yaw, im mdv+*c*, S3 for six mouth*; si for three aonths; and for Vea then three aoatha at the rate of IS cento a week. Single coplea, o** cut; In wrapper*, two cnirre. U7 AnrnnTianannTs ahoald be aent to Um Stee before li o'clock a.; otberwlae they nay " pi'? uui im ant oay. TSLEOR&BHHO lit WESTERN VIR8I.11A. Nothing. in the whole course of the war la Weetera Virginia, bu seemed so mysterious u the fact that tha enemy have ao rsrely interfarad with oar army telegraph lines. Through the vary oountry, along tha very roads on whieh the rebel guerillas hats beeu committing their oat rages. oar telegraph wires have been stretched; toey could be eat with perfeot impunity by the swarmiag seeeesieants in a dosen places slong everv mile; detection would be utterly impossible; jet direst communication baa been stopped but once between thia advance poet and Bull Town, Jacksonville, Westoa, Clarksburg and the whole extent of the loyal States. Nothing it easier tKtn fA Atlt tka wivaa' 1?1 ? - 2 ? ??? w?? ?? nnvo| iu uv ?uau murv iu* jury be don* to as How happens it, than, that the Tiralent secessionists nave not attempted to destroy oar connection with Clerksbars;? When, on the first day's march from Weston, a secession family eame oat to the roadside, where an office had been temporarily opened, and expressed astonishment because they didn't see the wire moving toward Clarksburg at all, when the operator pretended that he was sending news down there, and when an old ladj, at whose hoase a couple of as took dinner the next day, declared that she believed " it was all staff aboat sending letters on that little wire, because she had watched it for hoars, and hadn't seen no letter, nor anything like one, soin'along," and when another of the native! absolutely refused to touch tbe wire il for fear tbe lightning on it would comedown and kill him, I began to get some insight into the reasons that had operated to preserve the wire through this hostile but fearfully benighted region. , But when I wis told of the comfortable message that was sent to tb? only man who had cut the wire, and of its excellent effect, the matter became plainer. 'Squire Imboden, on whoa* farm we encamped before entering Bull Town, was known to be a violent secessionist. One night some 400 yards of the telegraph wire were cut out opposite his farm. Captain (iaines. whose company was charged with the duty of erecting and protecting the wire immediately sent word to Imboden that it didn't make any difference who cut the wire, but that if it was done again anywhere within three miles on either side of his place, his house should be burned, and he himself would be shot on sight. Three or four times every twentyr V ?!.- -? ?? - IVW UUU1S, oiuow ibo rcccipi UI IOII message, Imboden hu patrolled the whole extent of the six mile* of telegraph nearest his house, and very day or two he takes the additional trouble of sending word over to Sutton that the line is all safe ! The same Capt. Gaines was recently responsible for another act of deoision. Inoontestible proof was received, fastening the guilt of murdering the dragoon, whose death I mentioned the other day, on oertain guerrillas then in the neighborhood. A squad was instantly sent out to take them. The Captain gave the boys their instructions, but added, as thej starte d, "under the circumstances, bovs, I don't believe I want any prisoners." The boys found the guerrillas who had murdered our soldier, and were wearing the clothes stripped from his dead body, took them, but brought in no prisoners! A better disposition was made of those scoundrels than sending them to Columbus. The Captain's eompany returned duty yestardaj, going oat with Mr. Fuller, Superintendent of theMarietta and Cincinnati lin? ?? extend the army telegraph toward Summer ill* They ran it oat to the farthest pickets, Bin* mi lee from town, and then put an operator at the end of the line to transmit immediately to headquarters any observations the pickets might make, or any sudden alarm they might have. The enemy, it will be seen,would have small chance of surprising Gen. Reseorans at breakfast. As soon as we move again the telegraph corps will follow ua, and will be able to put up from fifteen to twenty milea per day. The army ia liardly likely to make a longer day's march than that. Accustomed, as a newspaper man must be to daily and hourly dependence upon the telegraph, habituated to relying upon it in every mergency, and to a far greater extent than tha public seems ever to appreciate, I oouteas that I cannot yet look upon the wonders it accomplishes without amasement. The other day, for example, through some misunderstanding of the Quartermaster at Clarksburg, it was discovered that the system of armv innMM from oar bate of operations at Clarksburg wm not properly arranged Gen Roseorans and hU Adjutant General croeeed from the marquee to the telegraph teat, on the mountain spur above Sutton, and aaid to tbe operator, " Call Clarkaburg. and tell Capt. Leio to oome into the office there." " Yea, air," ticked Clarksburg, and in a moment "Capt. Leib is here." Captain," aaid the Oeneral, "we want an expreaa meaaenger started with the mail every afternoon, immediately after the arrival of tbe train." The little instrument elioked oat the eessgn while the Oeneral was lighting hia eigar, aad almost before he had enjoyed tbe ftrst whiff, the Quartermaater at Clarksburg had answered, "I have done ao already." "But hare you arranged for freah horses every ten miles1" Cliok, click, olickeiy click; the operator leoka ap and says, " The captain repliea, 'ne, sir; I didn't understand that I had to de tnst.' " "Arrange for it at once, then," said the General, between the pafCi of hi* cigar; and as tha next eirrlet of smoke was curling upward, came tha answer, "It shall be done, air, without delay " There they stood?tt? General in the llttie telegraph tent, in the midst oi his a my, and faeing the enemy ; the Quartermaster in the sleepy old town of Clark*burg; with moan tains and rivers, and swarms of guerrilla* between them; yet the conversation continued ea easily ae if both were seated In tha General's marquee! The details were all completed; the yaarterm aster inquired: "Here you any furtheroommands, General?" "No mora good morning, oaptain," responded tha General, and ha returned to Ihis mar?aee. The cigar waa net yet half smoked! Is t any wonder that the benighted Secessionist* look upon the mysterious little wire that mamm their nrers Mid climba their moaotoina, at the bidding of the invading Yankeee, with raper> titiotu nw ??Corrw. Cincinnati Gaxtlf. Tn Barm or Diin ?Dr. Lyon, brigade nrftM aader General Lyon at the battle of WIU eon Creek, waa wltneaa to the following extra, ordinary incident:?' A toll rebel aoldltr waved a torse and eeetly aeceeaton flag deflantly. when a eennen bell etrack bin to the earth, dead. A neend eoldier Inetantly picked up the preatrato flag, and waved it again?a aaeond cannon kail battered bin body. A third eoldier ralaed and waved tbe flag, and a third cannon ball cruahed la to kia breeet and he fell dead. Yet tbe fourth tloae waa the flag ralaed, toe eoldier waved It, and turned to eltmb over tbe fence with it into the wood a As be etood astride'the fence a moment, belnnclag to keep the heavy flag upright, a fourth cannon kail atreck kirn In tbe aide, catting him completely in two, ao that one-half of hla body fell on one aide of the fence, and tbe other half the other eide, while the flag Itarlf lodged on tbe fence, and waa enptared a few mlnolea afterward by e?r treope. Oar troopa captured three rebel lui U Umrlf?J Bm... Tkt aon'tr nan meeting it Bridgeport, Cm* , ea Mordsy after a oo a and evening. waa a eoepleU aeeewa. Tke beat ettlMM of Bridge port parttelpaM, and froa for and wide the people cum, aweliiag the anmbtr from ten to f fteed Innanand. The epeerhee ot Maaara. Dtekloeoa and Meagher ?m wwthy mt their npaMleM That a# tM fornm, ta tba afternoon, occupied two houra In tta allvenr, and araa PMOt enth?> alxnaaUy iwlwl Mr. Meagher1* afirtaa, ab> though aajiawdlfofod waa lllowlee I aucceee. CT W* eu*t ancertala with certainty whether iw Durto ta dand or not. On* of the etronce* pr*aumptloaa of hla death ta afforded by thefadt that theAlaoatoaeforgyef the Soetb were reeea* ly p'artk* foe hie Ilia ? Lmttnxll* JeameJ. IDT rhjttatba ta Creeowand Tamon, Poland, "" U M"V* '?"''I % English nail American Bred Stock?Climate and Feed. [From the American StocJc Journal ] It Htmi the New York Stat* Society baa decided to admit imported cattle to op?n competition for the general premiums offered for the beat American-bred oattle in tb? same classes, or in three or four leading improved breeda so well known orer the older settled portions of the country. And, judging from the gratnlatorj ton* of a paragraph in alloaion to the fact, in the{/Onntry Gentleman, who asks, "Does imported blood degenerate on this side of the At* lantio," it seems to be taken for granted that the confidence exhibited by this proceeding, rests upon facts which tend to show that im uuneu luimni, n m?i ib wmui luomii, uv uui deteriorate. When, however, the faoU are correctly investigated, it will be found that imported cattle do, and eenerally matt degenerate, from the inevitable influences of climate and its cognate influences. There has of late, it is believed, been a large falling off in the numbers of imported cattle, which must be in the favor of Amerioan-bred animals, in reducing the numbers of their Competitors. Then the larger "imported blood" has been acclimated in home-bred animals, the more oomplete the subordination of it to our pecaliar climatio conditions; the more natural the mutual adaptation of animals and elimatic influences; the greater the immunity of the animal from transition and new and trjing climatic ordeals; and the greater his chances of success in competing with rivals of later and direct importation. Hence it will not onlj be no matter of surprise, but a natural consequence of advantage* of condition, if home-bred Deasts beat imported ones in to called even competition, but with raally better conditions in several particulars upon which success largely depends. And the native animal ought to beat, not only from the above cause*, but as an evidence of supporting home policy and preferring native Nor can I imagine any sound reason why imported animals from over the sea, should be allowed to compete at all. Scattering our forces too much is no real proof of either wisdom or strength; nor is it consistent with the examt>le of the beat English breeders. "Good workmen never quarrel with their tools," and if British enterprise has succeeded so well in working up ita best specimens of breeding from mere ordinary resources at their own doors, as is known to be the fact, why may not Americans aonquer in equal success from their greatly enlarged and superior resources and opportunities. I repeat, "good workmen never quarrel with their tools," nor necessarily require to fly off at a tangent and import the production of others skill. If we have not skill enough, importing will not augment what we have. dAf "there is no royal lead to learning," ao there :? ? -L:II s? i - T* * u uuu? hi ?ui id orecaiug. ii comes 01 natural capacity cultivated by experience; bat importation aliaa appropriating, ia opposed equally to the genius of original invention ana the persistency so peculiarly requisite to success in thorough breeding. In comparison with home breeding, ''imported blood is therefore of minor oonsequenoe, from almost any point of view. It is currently and I believe correctly reported, that Samuel Thorne, of Dutohess Co., has hired out two of his American-bred bulls to English Shert Horn breeders. Several years ago I predicted that, in otherwise equal conditions, while English animals, imported into this eountry must? aa it io w?u known tk*/ do?in most instances, deteriorate, Amerioan animals must from superiority, or at any rate, well defined distinctions of climata in England favoring tha production of greater weight and | dimensions, attain greater rise, and exhibit very clearly evidences of improvement due to the better conditions which such exported animals are there put into. Not, probably, as to salubrity of climate, exemption from disease, or general healthfulness; for these advantages are no greater?I think even less?in the British Islands than here on this continent. But the larger proportion of water in cured or o called '-dry* fodder, the greater suceulency of their roots and grassos, arising from their larger proportion of water as a component of th?m; and the much larger quantity of water vapor in the atmosphere of those Islands each and altogether tend to produce greater bulk and suoonlency equally in forage crops and roots, and in the animals, whose total growth is a merely transformed organic aggregation of such vegetable growth Like cause like consequence, aa an axiom pointing to a natural law, is also pretty clearly illustrated in the dry meat of our relatively dry climate, inoom - pari so ii wiin me juicy Deer, etc , so much abounding and so much esteemed on the tables of English epicures; and the absence of which is so Teelingly?doubtless in a double sense? lamented by Englishmen sojourners amongst as. A moist olimata, succuleat feed, and juicy meat, comprise a tripartite arrangement of conditions and effects which must.over continue to produce characteristic results in the live stock of that oeuntry. Mr. Thome's balls both go (I believe) to Qlouoestershire, whioh is a good grass oounty, ?Ae rich and fertile valley of the Severn ex* tending through the middle of it; and at the risk of failure, I here predict a satisfactory result from this exportation if no accident interfere. And I may further add that English breeders may and probably will import other breeding animals besides bulls, with the high? wb? j?ruu?wiiiij ui HuiiKiory improvement from such change and investment. At the tme time I wish to be understood, as not ascribing all the beneficial re nits from the use of Amerioan animals in England to any specific or peculiar quality dne to the blood or breeding of Amerioan stock; bat to impute the improvement whioh I confidently anticipate,chiefly and distinctly to the moUter feed and climate of the Island Nation, as being more oondacive to ioereaeed jaoinees in the meat, and generally to greater t.alk an<^ weight in the animal when broegfct to the shambles there, and to the difference above noted in food and air, it most be ooofecaed much of the msilot*nu* so often claimed, and admitted as a characteristic in AL l( t. 1 if ii ? ?} - m w? - - id? - ouaiidi quanuee or jsngnsn ettut, ti eloeelj related to, sad to * large extent olearljr da*. While skill Id breeding U a great deeidermtam, it u bat juat to aaaign to other ftgenoiea their due abare of oredit in the production of exoellent qoalidea and reaalu Tamworth. ETA man in La Croaee, Wia , a few dayaago, rvsbed to the river swearing that he would drown himself. W ben be bad waded Into tbe depth of bis waist. hla wife who had followed him. aelzrd him bf the hair, and then, aa a local editor describee It, ahe "led him back till they reached a place where tbe water waa about two feet deep, where she pulled him over backwards, soused him ander,and palled his head up again. "Drown vouraelf?{down he went)?leave me to father the orats! (another plunge)?get drank! (another souce)?and start for tbe river! (another dip and ahak* of tlla hawt'l? I'll l*rn t* tn Imm n* widow, and all the men at the war!'* After aos*11 ng him to her hearts content, she '"d him out a wetter If not a better man, and eecortai htm lato the house aad closed the door." T*xabli PanrBBTY is Bostoh.?The real and personalproperty la Boston has just been assessed, aod the Transcript says: There Is an Increase In the Tslnatlon of real estate of 13 444 400, snd a decrease In personal estate 96,094,400?making a net loss on t>oth of ?l,f7?,8U6 the year. The total valuation of real aad personal estate for 1861 is **75 381,900 The saaonnt of the tax warrants in 1860 was *9,530.000; this J9U they are for *2.400,000 {?7"It is related of the French family of the Dake do Levis, that they have a picture la their ckatoaa, la whlcA Ndk li represented going la to tbo uk and cam lag under biaaraaaamalltrunk, oa wbtcb la wrMea: "Papers beloaglng to tba Levis family," KT" A Scotch old maid who *u asked to tab crib* to raia# men for I bo King daring tho last war, answered, Indeed, III do ne >lc thing, I ever coold raise a man for toysel, aad I'm not (Olag to rskao men for King George" 07* A Paflalaa journalist, mor'tted at tbe roiocttoa of aa srtlftle kc had written, recently bung 6l*eeU. i pENSION OFFICE, Jph? 6th, 1861. - TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCUR ft. Application having been mid? nnder tae aot of tad June. 1*0, Tor the reiatue of the Lan<l Warrant* deeoribed herein, which are alleged to have been lost or destroyed, notioeia hereby given, that at the date following the description or eaoh war rant, a new Certifioate, of lito tenor, will be laeaed, if no valid objeotien shall thea appear. No. 46.745.for U0 acree. leaned ander the aot of Maroh. 1855, in the name of Jaoob Gnliok, era granted on the Mth day of January, 1856.?September 21,1961. No. 56.602, for 80 aoree, leaned ander the aot of Jjeptemtjer.iaso,in the name of Elisabeth Welle, widow ol Daniel Welle, and granted on the 27th day of September. 1354.? September 38,1861. No. 45,90. for 160 aoree, lasuod ander tne aot of Maroh. 1856, in the name of Alexander Orme, and granted on the 13th day of Ootober, 1856 ? September 28, 1861 No. 71 826, for 16?aoret, leaned under the aot of Mareh. 1866. in the name of Amoa Arthur. a.nd craoMd on the 17th <1*7 of An(uat, 1857.?October IX. 1861. No. 69,520, for 190 aorea, under act of 1847, and bearinc date Mar 0th, I860, in favor of Miohael R'PP fkther of Samuel fl up p, deceased. Third Indiana Volunteer*.Mexican Vvar.?OctoLer 13.1861 No. 64 SM for 130 acres, iaaued under the act of Maroh. 1866. in the name of Jamea Long, and cranted on tbe Slat day of Maroh, 1336.?October [9.1861 No 34 657, for 100 aorea, iaaued under the aot of Maroh. 1856, in the name of Thomaa Tanner, and panted on the 3d day of May, 1856? Ootober 19. No 96100, for 160 aorea, uaved under the act ot March 1866, in the name ol Ho ly, widow ot David Dradbury, and (ranted on the 19th uay of bapteraber, I860 ?November 16,1861. No. 4* ,342, for <60 aorea. iaaued under the act of Maroh. 1866. in the nftmeof Christopher Dou(h?ity, and (ranted on the 27th day of September, 1866. November 16 1861. No. 33.8U. for 160 aorea, iaaued under the aot of March. 1866, iu the name of 6uy 8. Alexander, minor ohtld of John C. Alexander, deoeaaed, and (ranted July 2, I860.?November 16.18?i No. 2,163, for 160 aorea, isaned under the act of Maroh^l866 in the name of Benjamin Reily. and gramou on mezrin aay 01 June, imo No. 632. for -60 aorea. laaued under the tot of March. 1856. in the nune of Reuben Woodruff, and granted on the 9tn day of May, 1856. No. 856. tor 160 aorea, taaued under the aot of Maroh, 1856. in the name of Samuel fl Waterhouae, and granted on the 231 day of May. 1856. No. 2,539, for*0 aorea, laaued under the aot of Maroh. 1855. in the name of 8h?llv Downs, and Rranted on the 2d day of Auguat, 1856.?November 1.1861. No 41 939. for 169 acres, itaued under the aot of Maroh, 1856, in th? name of James Pray, and granted on the 21at day of Maroh, 1861 ?November 23, 1861. No. 25 for 160 aorea, laaued under the aot of Maroh 1855, in the name of v\ illiam M , Julina C. a..and John D. 8., minor ohidren of Irwin H?get,deceased, and granted on the 24th day ol May, 1856? November 23, 861. No 44,818. for 80 aorea, laauet under the aot of Maroh, 1355. in the name of Getty, widow of Thomaa E!wood,and granted the I9tk day of January, 1857.?November 23,1861. No. 75 SiO, for 160 aorea. iaaued under the act of Maroh. 1855,1a tbe name of Alexander Mo ullough, and granted on the 8th day of January, 1858.?November 23.1361. No.8,068,lor 160 acrea, iaaued under the aot of Maroh, 1866, in the name cf Alexander MrQoain, and granted on the 12th day of October, 1865.?November an, 1861 No. 9,769. for 120 aorea, iaaued under the aetofj Maroh. 1855, in the name of Daniel Weat. and tranted on the 14th day of July, 1855.?December 7, 1881. No. S7,8?rt. for 190 aorea, ia>n*d under the aotrf March, '855, in the name of Hannah, widow of Jamea winon, and granted on theSbth day of February, 1857.?Deoemoer 30,1861. JOSEPH H. BARRETT, lt-law Commiaaioner. PROPOSALS FOR REVENUE VESSELS. TsKASURT D*PA*TMKriT, f Washington. September 3,1861 \ The Department will reoeive proposaia, acaom naniftH kw mn^ala Jane a??l * ' W, "|FVVIUW?W>'U?. uilkii 12 o'olook Monday, 9 th September, 1861. for the complete construction and equipment of Two Steam Screw Revenue Vessels of 750 tone each, and of Three Steam Screw Revenue Veeeela of bOO tons eaoh United States measurement. Ttuposala will only b?*J from SnOOBSSfuI steamthip bui ders aotuVly engageia in tnat domness, and the name of the marine steam engine ee tablishment at whioh tne maohine-y is to be made munt be stated and wili have due weight The load draft of water of the vessels of 750 tons must not exoeed ten (10. feet, and they will be arm*d with one rifled pivot gun of *,000 ib?. weight, two 32 pounder guns ot 43 owl, and one heavv navy 24 pounder howitzer on the top gall*nt forecastle. The oomplem?nt for eaoh vessel to be 120 persons, carrying provisions for sixty days, and 2,80u g&llous of water in tanks; -o be furnished witn a oocenter r~- - ivi uieuuiu| j/umiuio wabcr. The veaaela to f>? aohooner riggnd, w th flying gaff topiA.il8, rquare Mi , and yard to -?t flr in<. The load draft of water of the veaaela of 600 tone muat not exo*ed 8K feet, and the? will be armed, each, with one rifled pivot gun of 6,*00 Iba. weight, two 32-poundera of 42 owt., and one light navy 24 pounder howitzer on the top gailant foreo\atle. The eo nplem?nt for each vea?el will be 95 psraopa, i arryit)g proviaiona for sixty daya. and a.000 sallor.a watar 10 tanka, and to be fumiahrd with a ooodenaer for distilling p table water. The veaatla to be aonooner rigged, with fljing (Af topaaiia, aquare aai , and yard to net flying. The propoaala muat be for the hull, ap?ra, rigging, aaila and ca&vaa work, maat ooata, awninrs, naiumaokaacd bat*, boata, anohora and cab>a. tanka, oaaka, biLnaol?*. bells, turniture for cabine and meaa rooms, ouoking apparatua and utecaila oomplete.stoam n aohiuery, a pare work.ooal bunkers filled with duok Mountain coal, with all the equipments and omnts of every kind, and in all reapeota ready to reoeive her offloers. m?n, provi aio* a, and armament, and at onoe prooeed to aea The armament,proviaiona. nautioal instruments, ani oharta only wii. bo provided by the Government. It it desirable to have the highest attainable wWiitk Km -?-*?? 2- f - * pwui w IUWII muni i?o Buitou m oner, io|8in?r with the length of time it can be maintained ana the quantity of ooal that can be oarried in the bunkers for that speed, whioh should not be leu than ten days of twenty four hours eaoh. The specifications must describe fully the material to be used; the manner and sise of fastening; the detail of the sixe finish, and arrangement of the maohinery. and oftne various equipments and outfits inoluded in the proposal. The plaps mu?t be working drawings from which the v?s>eland machinery ou be built, showing the al otment of spaoe for aooommodations, steam room magazine*, shell rooms disposition of ooal. aiid oenvenient stowage must be provided. It is to be understood that in th? contract a guarantee will be inserted of the fulfilment of the oondition of d raft of water, speed, fuel, satisfactory working of the machinery, and other points required. with aforfriture incase of failure. The bidders must state the least tim? from the signing the oontnet or aco?ptanoe of the profosal within which they will as'we to complete rhe vessels ready for sea and deliver them at ai.y ports they may name. The total amount for whioh they will engage to do al that is required in the foregoing advertisement, and to be embraced in their sfeoifoations aud plans, must be stated, and the dio? masi M acoompamed by the guarantee required by law that, if awarded, th?y will exeoate the contract _ . Payment* will b? made at four d flerent in'errali as the work progresses, retamingoue- fifth ?1 6) of the whola amount for ninety (90) days after the delivery of the veaael, to repair any defeota that may be discovered within that time on trial at sea. The Department reserves the right to aoo?p*. the proposals made in conformity with tbe oonditiona reaonbed which it may consider moat to the Interests of the Government and to oombine the greataat number of advantages, and to reject any or *11 of them at its option. A competent peraon will be appointed by the Papart?nt to saperintend the oosatruetion and equipment of each of the vessels. The speoifioatioas, plana, and models of parties not obtaining contracts may be withdrawn by them 8.P.CH48B, eep I 3Uw Secretary of the Treasury. TOPHAM'8 BBS <wae r m. * mi i u m TRUNK. WU ? ? D. a Silver Medal ftvaiM hy Maryland InrtitaU e :ca?? Iron Fmm?. '"M Members of CoDgree* and travelers will ilea? ??S5#thS superior ueewor ana Dreea Trunk* msde to trati. Tr*nta oowwd tod repaired u start notio*. Good* delivered ft?of ci.vMteujlMrt of tfce itj, Seorietowa, ud AlexenW leWr-lTeo JAMES 8.TOPHAM. let! Swi* FNOCH WARD grKCUL BA..^. W?o>? Ail the bMlcmdeaef Moerai?( Good* vv"' - " T-ygirrws^M^ SUMMER RETREATS. BATHING AND SAFE RETREAT,

o At PoiHT Lool-OCT, MillURD. Thia m ebrated Bathing Plaoe, situated at ths in notion of the Potomac Kiverwith the A . . A Chesapeakn bay, will be opened t\' thfWmf undefined on the 10th of June, in thelc?H-L very boat style, lor ail periom who may with a ale and euiet retreat, where they o?n have the benefit of the boat aalt water bathing and enjoy the deiioaoies of the water, suohas Fish of all kinds. Olatere, Crab*, Ao. Every description of fishing tackle will ba kept for tl?a accommodation ?f guests. A fine Uvery etabie kept on the farm. Also, ten-pin allays and billiard aaloona ; with all other amusements naually found at suoh plaoee. The table will be supplied daily with freeh vegetable from the garden on the premises and from the Baltimore and Washington markets. The beet Liquors and Cigars will always be found at the Bar, . Beard,fa per day; one week, SIS', seoond weak, 19: four rMki for KM: Blnlrfrnii *.nrt iwlnHxl v&nti half-price. The ste*mor St. Nicholas leave# Washington Tuesday at 6 a in. and Baltimore on Friday at 4 p. in. The half pacts o'clock p. m. train from Washington will oonnect at Baltimore with the boat*, reaohing Point Lookoutdaily ; a ao, a tri-weekly Ha* e from Washington, by way of Leooardtowa Address the proprietors, at Point Lookout, Washington, D C., or Alexandria, Va. m 31 HKFLKBOWKR A CO , Prop'rs. DENTISTRY. JH. PKABODY, M. D.. SvxoicsL and Mx ch&nica.l Dkntist, navinc taken rooms at No. 5176 Pa. avenae, betweenghMSS 11th and 12th sts., two doors east of the**11 f-" Sirkwood House, respectfully solioits a share of e publio patronage, in the various branches of >! FiuimiuB. jj 10 vm" TEETH. LOOM IS, M. D., the inventor and patentee ofthe MINERAL PLATE TEETH. at->?^ tendi personally at hia oflloe .n this oitj.NbflBai# Many persons nan wear these teeth wbo^*33-"' eannot wear others, and no person can wear others who oancot wear these. Persons oal I in* at ray offlce can be aeoommoaaled with any style and prioe of Teeth they may desire; bat to those who are partieular and wish the purest, ole&nest, stroncest, and moat perfect denture that artoan aroduee, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Rooms in thia city?No. 339 Pa. avenue, between 9th and loth ats. Also, 907 Arch street, Phi ad el phia. oo U-tf GASFITTINGrAc. AWM T. DOVE A CO. RE Nowjre^ared to execute any ordtra with iuuii IIIOJ IUBI uc I?*UTOU in PLUMB1NU, 8AS O* STEAM FITTING BUSINESS. Ijy Store on tth street, a few doors north of Pa, avenue, where mat be found a oomalete as?ortir.ent of OH A N DKLIERS and other ?AS, STEAM actf WATER FIXTURES. <a?7-ly 1 SNYDER, PLUMBER AND OAS FITTER, Has removed to the Corner of Twelfth and P aU. He ia jrepared to introduce Water and 6as upon the moat favorable term*, and guaranties enure satisfaction. He haa on hand a lot of COOK IN? and other STOVES, which he will sell lees than oost, as he wishes to cet rid cf them. noli GAS FIXTURES. E Have in store, and are dai.y receiving, BA8 FUTURES of entirely New Patterns and Desires ana Finish, snp?rior m style to anything heretofore fiel d in this market. We invite oitixens general If to mil And MAmirn ftnr at/v>lr a* ur-4'" fix' irea, fee!in( oonfident that we have the bMt aeieoted atock in Waahinfton. All Work in tfae above line wtrmated to Mr oar* will be promptly attended to. MYERS * MoSHAN. nar?-tf 370 D street. I o*1CB oroPSSSPS0SUeD 8EALE* Wahhinotok. Jaly II, 1M, NOTICE IS HEREBY &IYEN, That.ajree to tWn ?roTi?:on? of the ordinanoe of (he Corporation approved May IS. lUjD, the underlined la now prepared, "whenever refbired in writinc, and oq pre-payment of the fee of Lfty oecta, to iaapect, examine, teat, prove, and aaeer tain the acoaraoy of recutration of any cat meter in use in this city." Every meter, iffonnd inoorrect, will be condemned and another, aealed and marked aa trne, will be aetmfM place. If proved to be aeenraie in ita meaaai0mentofsaa.1t will be aealea acco-flincly, and acxin put in position for oae. OJRoe No. *10 Seventh atreet, (near Odd Fe! ,ew?' Hall.) Open from I a. m., to fa. m. CHAKL6S W. CUNNINGHAM, Jy U-tf inspector and Sealer of Oaa Meter*. Ala th? only known and beet article te exterminate Roache?, Bed Bugs, Ante, Moths, Flies, Flea*. Garden Wormi Via# Bub, *?. It co?<ai?j no yoiiM, 8CHW ERIN'S P1LL8 are sure death to Rats and Mioe. M. Sohwerin baa reoeived certificate* from the President of Girard College, Directors of Hooae of Refuge, Pennsylvania Hospital, and other Prominent Institutions of Philadelphia ; U; B. Jail. Washington, D. C.; and Charity Hospital, i New Orleans, La. { The original oertifioatea oan be aeen at the ' Wholeaale and Retail Depot- 1114 North Seoond atreet, Philadelphia, and for aale in thia oity by D. B. CLARK, oorner Pa. avenue and ata., and by all Druggists and Grooers. BF,WARE OF 8PURIOU8 IMITATIONS. IT" Remember to aak for Sohwerin'a Annihi1#l | Powder. lO None gen nine mnleea signed M. 8cbw tain, ma lft-4mao I I fFOR STAMPING A PACKET OF FAPEK I AMD ENYELOPKS I TO MATCH, 11 METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. j PHILP * SOLOMONS, Atmis fm Lmttruut'i ttUbrmttd Limtn F*r**i "Mttrv'if Mills," #(., ft. M >4-17 *? bet. 9tb and loth ata. ' rpHE EUROPEAN HOTEL. KEPT BY P, X EMRIOH. at the corner of Penn.R ^ ? A. avenne and Eleventh atreet, haa beenWf^HV greatly improved recently and now offer*1UU greater inducement* for th? patronage of oitliena BUU IIBII|TTI nf** " muj VtllOT 0UU11O HUBM 111 mo wty, his prioee bain* lew than tnoae of any other ( howl on Pena. avenue, and hia acoomroodatioae i Tor permanent or tranaient boardera nnexoeption- 1 ablo. The bar and raatanrant arrangements of the European Hotel have already beoome very ?o?u (ar. being ill that oam be deaired by the moat faatidloua. The proprietor pledges unremitted attention and continued Uheral extenditureeto gire aatlafaetion to all, and thoe renewa hu invitation '? i iirto ^ive the European Hotel a fall. de 4-tt WTRAVELINS TRUNKS. E Offer for aale the i arc eat amort ment o 5RAVELING TRUNKS to be foand inam la oitjr, oompriaing beat Sole LeatherMS3% Ladiee' rfreaa ud Paokmg Trnnka, Va-^? noes. Carpet Basa, to., vhloh ve are now ae'ling at very low prioee. WALL, STEPHENS fc CO., wit 'W9 Pw. w?n?a. 1CASH NOTICE. N Coneeenenoe of onr having to pay oaah for every article of good a we ?nrohaae,we are forced ww iouaw i/ui umuivBB wu bun oioiowvpiy, i??r in? present. We k?? in store a Terr it?rce assortment of READY-MADE cloth INS for men and boys' wear, which are seilinc at a mnch lower rat* than analiy. WALL. stephens A co.. 399 Pa. aTenae. betwoen 9th and loth st?. JeT (Intel. A Reptib.) WATCH REPAIRING ANl)8l^VER WARS manufactory; 1 haTe one of the best establishments, and furnished with a oomplete set of tools for repuT- JK in* ?T?ry description of fin* Watches, and CK sartiou ar attention give to the. same, by tho ?cn oonipet^Dt workman .anJ a. wo'k BiaaaQ bed Also.#very deecrip ion of standard 5?il? er Wi RE. plain and ornamental, manufactured nnuer my *?wn MperTinon. which my onstomars will find far superior in emality and finish to aortheni ware ssSKKar"3 ?"a "srrs&i?* Ml Pa. *rtmw. aearttfc DurVraL^y?2STS^i inrs< bT joi3?SbBR'. vb^V&SX*- ,, \KW VOLUMB BAUXACfl NOTKlA-Th* A ohjmut, or tk? Hon** at C1?m; frmm th? BDH JOH5STOK, ALTIMUHI LOCK HOSPITAL, H*i d*U0*tr$4 Ik* most Ctrl aim, Sfttdf mmd mJ| Sffutnal Rtmtdy tm tkt World, FOR ALL PISEABK^ OP IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE MSLICACT FRETS NT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, IN' FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Wutiw *f a* lt:k, Stnciar**, Af*ett*o* *f th* W4?nd Bladder OiacDUftt, Ivpotncr, Q*a rat Dtfeility, NK'oanw, 3*>i>*pay, L&nr?or, CwfBiioa of ld**?, Lav Spir^, .'^fiir.iN of tJb* Heart. Tiaiduy, Trambiujg*, Dinmiu <' Bigot or Otddiataa, Diaaaa* of ihi ad, Throat, Nm or 8km, Af action* of th* lun, B'.oraach or Bowila?tkaaa TimWi Dtanrdar* anting from Mh Ury Habita of Tomb?lhaa* Drtadfnl and Daatracu** Practice* which raador Mtmut uapoaatbla, and d**tro* both Bod* and Mind. YOUNO MFN ClMlUIlT vtohltt Kl?*n th* victim of Ulun Ttti. thai draadfaJ and daatracu** habit which uuull; ivupi to an aotimaly fra?* thoa*anda nf Yoarg Mtu of lb* scat aialtad talaaia and brilliant tatalUct, who aairht atharan** ha* aniraaead kaauaauf Sanataa with tha thaodara of alogaaac* or arakad to acatacj th* Imag Ijrt, outj call with rail coatdaoea. MARRIAGE. MiimilD PlllONi, or Yoang Man eantaapUUag Marriart, hainf ivin of pbytical v*akn***, organic dabiluy, dafortmuaa, 4s., apaadu* car*d. Ha who pincaa himttlr andar th* ear* aI Or. J. may raliri aaly cooida In hi* honor aa a g an-Janan and c*eld*utl j r*iy apoa hi* (kill a* a phyaieian. OFFICE N?. 1 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. I*ft hand lid* g?'ng froai Baltimor* atraat. I f*w doora frcn lb* eora*r. r*tl aot to cbaarr* nam* aad nambtr. Lauara mail b* paid and contain a a tamp. DR. JOHNSTON, Manbar of tha Royal Collajj of Sargaoii*, Loedoa, rrada t* froaa aoa of lb* aou aanwant Collagaa in th* Uaitad Buiaa, and lb* giaatar part of whoa* lif* ha* b**n *p*nt ia th* hoapitala of London, Pari*, Philadelphia and alatvhcr*, ha* *tacied *om* of th* aaoot a*toni*hiag aaro* that w?r* tif knnvn man* tPanhl*H with 4? tk? W*..4 tars vlmd uittp; jrtat ikmmiii, \?u alariotd at taddta tocadt, baahfninaat with frtqnc nt blathiiif, autcdtd oDittiiuM vilh dtraujf raiiii of mod, wart cartd Irani tdjaitly. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Yoiinf Hln ?na othtrt who ha?t Injnrtd tbtrcatlttt by a ttnain practiet indulftd in vbio afoot?a habit fr?qt?nUy Itarntd from (Til compotuoot, or at tcbool, tht ilicu of whicn ?r* rijrh-Jy ft It ?>in whtn atlttp, Mid if not cartd, rtndtrt imtiufi impottiblo, uU doatroyt both miod and body, ahoald apply imuitdiattlT. Thm art tore* of tht tad aod mtlanehoiy tf tcujprrdnctd by tarly habitt of routb. ?i?: Wtaknttt of tbt Back aod Limbt, Paint in tbt Htad, Dimnttt of Sifbt, I. It of Howtr, Palpitation of tut Htart, Dytptpay, Nervosa irritabiliiy, Dfrnr.ffmtnt of tht Digtttirt Korcuooa, Otutral Dthiiity, Symptomt of Contomptioc., Ac. M iVtallv.?The foarfol tftcu on tht mind trt inacb to bt drtadtd?Lott of Mtmory, Confusion of Idtat, Dtprt?i-n f Spiriu, E*ii Kocebodin|r?, Araraton of lvci<'?,lilM)u trust, Lo?? of SolataJa, Timidity, ate., ara mim af tba a'lla produead. Nliroi't DBKILITt.?'Tbnnaaoda eu ns? )id(i ?kn ia tha cans* of lhair daeliniaf haalth, loam* thair rigor. Mcoaing waak, pala, narvooa and amaciatta, hatingr a atnfralar appaaranca about Iba a;ai, c.oafti or aymploaaa of couacaaplioo. DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE Whan tha iniigraidad and irapradant ?ot*ry of plaaaara ir.da ba h a imbtbad t/.a aaada of thia paiofal diaaaaa, it u>a oftoo bipptna that an ill-timad aaoaa of ahama or draad of diacoaary daiara hirn from apply inf to thoaa who, from education and raapcctability, ua alona bafraand him. Ra (alia u-t? tha handa of ignorant and daaigmng pratandara, whot incapabl* f einnr, filch hia pacaniary anbatauca, keep bin trifuig month artar month, or aa loo* aa tha emalleai faa can ba obtained, and id deepair leave mm with rain a 4 health to airb var hie ralltug diaappoin truant; or by tha ua of that de - si r poaaon?Mercery?haatan tha eouatitntional eymjHoire of thia kin, fee., prograaauir with (rigbt/al rapidity, ull dnib pau Si nod to hit drtadfaf toffirinfi by Wading bimt tl??i anlacorarad eoantry from whoaa boarna tritilir ritarui DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND 1MPOTENCY y thu rr*at ui important ramad j wtakr of lb* organ in apaadily enrad ana fall rigor roatorad Tboaaanda or tba mi narromi and dabilitatad, *! bad I oat all bopa, ?a?a baan Inwradiataly raliarad. All impadimanta to Marnnga.Pbyaiea! or Mantal PiacaalIIuumi, Lw ( PncmtiTi rmr, Nirvtia Irritability, Trambhng and Waaknaaa u Kibaaauoo of the raaat fiarfaI klad apaauily earad. ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS. hiht Tmoi iirdi carid at thia maotauim within lb* laat aarantaan yaara, and tha nivarrai important targ iaal oparauona porformad by Dr. Johnatoo, witcaaaad by tea raporttra of tba papara ana many otbar raraoi.i, ooticaa af wbieh bara appaarad again and again ba/or a tba pablic, baildaa bit atari ding aa a gaatUman of charactar and raiponaibtiuy, ti a laMnapt gaaraniaa to tha aBictad. my lt-ly D?. J. H. McLKAN'B BTEKBQTHEHI3G COBDIAL ANU BLOOD FL'RIFIBH THE GREATEST REMEDY ?? tk? WORLD. JWE and the moot DZLICIOVS Ain> **? V2 ni'i icuTrni m vuuivu ir wu A AMY MM. TAMEN^Lmptt^ \ Jf It la atrlatlr a Ml- ?' Ef I* & I \jr MUM aid Ttpu- ^UJiyv 6r l\. kit Caapaaad, f? Tab_* stitl kj ika diarflla- FV?EjORaK Uaa mf mti, -arka, ? . <j >ad karka. Yallav 7? 5 VvfcM >*k, llaad lUav 5 mW i hi uii,(I>m^' w* jfc TSwfe, nlla, Wtla Ckarry t *'.i^ JEW * luk, tad Daadallaa VJjR lalin law ila iw 'a 3g raaadlal pr.aaiplt MSUwF a# aaah lafMdlaa Before Ukmj. llaUlllay, ?rada?l< f a dallalaaa, ataiiiiiUaf ?ptr*, aad ika aat lafalllk'.a ?a?ad?f*i laaaTaitnf Ut diaaaaad IJWB, tad rattailaf tk? a!at, >afariaf, and daklltiatad iaralid la Mai* aad auaaftk. ttiLEAIPS STRMNVTHSNJIfff 90MDIAM Will affaaiaally till bvi CaapUlat, Dftaapala, Jaaatlaa, Ckraait ar Varraaa DaMltif, Dlaaaaaa af ua Eldaaja, uid all dtaaaaaa aitaiaf fvaai a diaard?Md U*ll m luaaal, Vji^apita, litnkira, la ward Piita, AaiiiiT a? Blakuaaa al ia? vt?v?a, w ?iibk? > imwilllUI.VIil rtll at Iwiwiaiaf la tka Btad, Palplisuaa af tka ari, Falta*** M Wt'.rki la tka Bta?aak, Iratuiiwi, Ckakla* at IrtniUii r??lUf wk?a l*W?r dawa, Drja*a? ? T?1UW> af Ua Ikla aad Sf , li|W Ivmu, U*iH 7**?**t Pala U tka all af Ik* Back, Ckati, ar Bid*, Ba4d?a riaakM af Baai, lifttuln ?f ylrlu, Prifkifal Dniai, Luimi, Dnitatut; n my mithi dliian. Ixti Elatakaa f"? tka Bkla, ui F?var aa4 Apt (ar CklUa u< Bg.|| k ffXI A Million BOTTLMB tift kaaa ??M darlar tk? la?t all aaaotkt, aa* 'a t?lUaaa kaa M fallal ta (itU( aaura aaitafaaua*. Wka. Ufa, vtU ial?i fitM Viuuh ar Daklllty wkaa McklAll itsuirmtia coediaw win mt r? f Itipif) aaa aaavaj an an^atu Idta af tk? tmaa41tta Hi tlaaal airuilMi tkirri pradaaad k? takia? tkla CartUl ta lk? Jl???j*d, daktlltatad, aad akat\a>*4 air^tu i;?l*Bf vkitkat krakaa 4awa k; utaaa, waak ky aalatt, n Iaftlw4 ky alakataa, tka itluW u4 uitrnf aafuU taUaa U ratlartd ta Ua ?rln'a? kaaitk aad *lfaa MIAMI ED TEREON&i M atkart, aaaaataaa kf ftatr wttmai law*, WlU ua himui i i?? UUUUkk a It*wijk iifiitniMif Ua lynia; u< ill vk? mmj kin u lr*4 lk*n??lv*i ky hapiaatt vUl hi la Ull MrtUl a Kruii u< i|h4j naidj. TO TUB LADIES. M?kuri niu?rilllll? UUUIU to a Mp ui ifiiii aatt la* ImI^IhI CwMuptiaa, Wksut, IkiUltUi M Wttllt MwiuiumJ MUllllM if Vita* * lavatmtafT Butturi tk*t*?f, Pallla^vf Ut Weak, tddtaaaa, Palatial, ??a all Uhun laaldaat M Fiailit, THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT altI a* laafti. Tat* It aaaardlaf U dltaatlaea. It will itlBtliia, Mtaafthaa, ud tarlfarata m u< wail Ui kiMa at kaaita w atui y?ai Unk ifilt. 1th; kaula la ftnuul M (1" ?*U*h?Uaa. FOR CHILDREN, litMl tMlltta ui aiakiy, ymj a* tllMl, Miklilt COUlAb will ??k? tkta kiilikt.ftl, ud takait. D?l?j M a at) iq U, ui r?a vlll h Mtflatti It to daliitamutai A WON. vara af 4n||ln at daalat* ?k? at; try W fata uaa m Mutt at aataapanlla ttaafc, wkitk tkty ui bat tklll, ky itTinf It liJaat u iwi. A raid taeh ail. Aak fat McWKAlra nni?TRinil? COfcDIAk, aad uki atUlaf alia. It ta tilk ml? tiatd; Ukat will ?anfj tM Blaadtaaaatfkly nduik?*ara* um irtnftktn lb* ij??a. Oaa UMfMrikl lakaa inry naming faaiiaf u a caruta p?a?aniiT? far Caalara, Cfcilla ud fiTN, T alias Fa?ai,? ay vrirtltoi dlaaaaa. Ilia pataa la larrt kaulaa. Prtaa . [r|lpiikMU<,wtk?HlMbr?i J. . HckKAl, It iMfiiMN af Uli Cardial; aiaa, Mcltu'i Tntull 01 btalaiaau Prlaatpal Pa>a? aa tka unti af Tkird u( Rat lUtlH, h. Will, Ma. KoLean'i Volcanic Oil Liniment, (TU IUT U11HUT IK TIE WORkO ) Tka Ml7 ?af? u4 aartaln car* fai Cutin, Pilaa.Ta. an, wallmfi and IrancfcUa a* Cattra, futlran, Mia. ralfia, Waaknaaa af tka Maaclaa, Chraoia ar UtMaur; UmilMa, SUVaaaa af tka Jatota, CwiUM< Mawlta at nil, Kanaka at Tiatkirti, Biaiaaa, Iwtm, Praak I Gata, Waanda, Ellin, f i?ii Baraa, Cakad Braaat, lw| lap'.aa, Baraa, S?al4a, Caaa Tkraat, m imy lalafcfcattaa at Mia, a* dtftranta kav aaaara at Iwjka d.aaaaa Mat b?Ta ailatad, MckJLA*1 CCkKBlJ?KDklWMSVT & a airuli iiailr. tamadi af Wau kataga kara kMa aa*a4 a 1mb af 41a taa>*W4l and bimij kj Ui hi af tfckakaaaiaakka waa*|. McLEAN"a VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT WUI iiUiti pala ilm? inm?n wly. ul to will tlaaa, parity ud kitl U? mn la %a tnar?41VU ikwt ual. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. MckEAlt% CKLKWUTED UUTLMEKT U * at* at* tad ralkaM* mtto far fka MM ?f Ipavt*, IkfUl, * ' uiT.4 "?r'??n ? ? ??. eft ttsiifrSS cKitiv?s m CaUat Caito, Qui, Carta, ?V?m llUu tefeWMa ra?a*r- tff>y l> u 4ltHMt n<t<w l? nwll Kiwy ^a^^*TO>3Faa,waut: "Ssur? bW?3IJP I THE WEEKLY STAR. - - i PMtolalaf a creator YWtetjr of liinMii im* lac ttea caa be found la aa? ottw t> pc Mated ea Friday bmiI&I. copy, per iia ? PIT* ?! *? I 4 71 TetX C#plM,. ...*?.????.?..? ? ? ? Twenty-!*# ceptaa. ......... M II lnrarlably eoatalaa u? " Waafel?ft?* N***' UUt has made Tkt DmUf Emmtrng ffMrelnmta* ao generally throng bout the contry . C7*81af(lc coptea (la wrapper*) oaa be pro. cured at the counter, tinned lately altar tkl tomw TT imr-taMb VUfB. BKEF AND FORI FOB 1MI Sulks P*oroa*Le, endorsed ** Propoeaia fw Beel," sod " Propote.a for Fflfk,"aa the ?M* ? be, vtll b? received at tail oBee aatilto'eloa* a. at. oa Wedneaday. U>eMch day ( Beetaaber aext f.?r furnishing aed deliveries, ftaa of ail aaataatf rUk to Ua Ualtatt Biatee, at tfea foUavue Nary Y&rdfl Barrala Beat BarraU Park. At CbarlMton, Maaa ... jjno IM At Brooklyn, N. Y. 4^ ? OM At Philadelphia, raan. ..\jaao \JM One half of aaid Baaf aad at each oi the above-named raids, tha let day of April. lS6fc a-.ti tbe remafaie? kali by tbe 1st day of J ana, |M, umeta earner deliveries should ba repaired by ike Chief of ihls faiaaa. Par aaaat to be mane attku thirty day a altar dell v*rft'id<1ers mast specify their pnoes s'paraaaty aed | diatiuotir ta separate oders lor the Beef and far th- "ork, and for aach of tbe plaaea of dell ran. ouvwicg ? np?DM?Dii a*J oharree The Beef must be from we 1 fattened oattle. aauchter?d bttvwi the l?t? ay of Ooti t>er, IW, ana .the lat da* ot Juttrr, IMS, and weighing not ie?a ti.ou >ii hundred pouoCi, oott weight, aaoh. I The >i? ud leg rand* of the kind ? uarter?, aad the ahina aud ahou dor clod*. the akonldara of ton aad enda of atlckiag pi? ooa, an<J at leaat two *e aounda from the nook aud of each f>r*-eaartor or the parte marked ISoa. I, J. a. 4. and ?. on the drawing or de 1 aeation of the fore and hind enartora of an ox whioh will be attached to aad (or* a port of the contract, matt be woolly excluded fiotn eook barret; a'l the other pieoee are to be packed, aad. tnsttmd or Wt?i cat vti* o cieorer, ???( he tmi Urwik with a sate and km*ft lo rtt>? tk* ?<ot o ifumri, a?ai, and smooth app*mramet, ? rwai of mot Ust tktm titki ptwmdt, mar mar* Ik? lieeJea poutuLs tack. the I'ork moat be packed from oora fad.weU fattened ho*a, alaagbter'd between tbo let day of Dooemtier, 1861,and the lat day of January, 1W, and wen hi t c not leae than two hand ed pomnda each, exulu-ing the bead a, jolea, neoka. ahovdora, I ktmi !?- <"? >-- -J " " --* |C|>| I UHM*| Ittl U , m<1 ftil I viivv pieocs, and muit be oat with ? tmw mU km/t im aieoea weighing not lees than sut poanda. dot more than twelve pon idaeaoh. Both the Bewf *nd Pork meat be aaltad with it least one statute bu?helof Turk's lau^ltlcof Mm. Kev VV e*t OooMk* eolar, or St l'l>e'a u t; and the Bref must tare five oacoea of fine pa! wised aaltpotre to each barret, exc. naive of a p ckle. to he made from freeh water aa strong uttt wul make it, aud matt be perfectly bright aad clear. Kach barrel muat oontain fall poaads aatt weight of beef or pork, ard no ezoaaa of we?fht ib either article wi'! be raid for. The oarrela muat te entire'* new, and be made of the tvat f ned h*art of white oak ?tavee at.d heatiLgt; the staves to be a -tiess than five eighths of an w" the headiig* not iaas than t. re?.-fiiuriiiw of ac u.c^ thick; tuej must be threafou-kha booi^d over, including the iron h<>opa, with beat whit4 oak or hickv/rv hoop*, and each barrsl must hare on it four iron hope t.s ourt of one and a half inch 10 width on eaeh bilge, | and one of one and an eighth inch in width on aa?h 1 oaune, and each to r>e of oue sixteenth of aa iaeh toiok. Each barrel must be of the internal oapaoity of thirty-two gallons anj the uon hoops must be wall punted with red lead. I acn barrel muat be branded by burning on :ta head " Navy B-ef," or " Navy Pork," aa the oaae maj of, vita me contractor's name and the tmu wnen packed, and weight; and shail also be branded on the bung stave with the letter B.or P.. as the oa--e iu?t be. The Iteefand pork wlll.anlees other-wise direoted ' j the Chief Df this Ruraao, be inspected bj the inspecting officers at the respective Nevv Yards aforesaid, and bv some "sworn inspector of salted pronsious," who will be selected bp the respective oommandicg officers; ? nt their charges for eeea inspections must be paid by the respective ooatrae tors, wao mast likewise nave the barrels pst in good shipping order, to the satisfaction of the oommaudams of the respective Navv \ ?rds a/oreeaid, after inspection, ana at their own expense. Two or more approved sarnies nasia equal to one ha i the estimated snoast of the contraot wHi be required, arid twenty per oentsm in addiUoa will be withheld trom the amoaat of eaeh saymeut to be mace, as oollaaeral security tor the dae SJM fa th al perioral at. oe of the respective contract* wnich w.ll on no aooosnt be p?id until the contracts are oompaed with in ail respects ; and is to be forfeited to the L'nited States m the event of f&i'ure to complete the deliveries within the sresoribed period. In case of failure on the part of the ooniraoior to deliver all or any of the beef or poik above mentioned, ct the qua it? and at the time ar d p acas above provided, the oontraotor will lorIn ?>.. 1' . J -- 1. I IVI? vuw fa; w WV V UllWU kTMVCS, dam&cea, a aum of money eeual to twice the amount of the contract prioe t? be paid in om of the aomal deliver? thereof; whieh liquidated dam ac*a may be reooverec from lime to time a* they aocue Pajmort will be made by the United *tatoa at the period* above apeeified. tnxcptina the twen'y per centum to bo withheld uutL the oompietion of tbe ooutraot, aa before ?tated.) aft-r the aaid U^ef and pork abul have been lnapeoted and received, and bfl!a for theaame ahall have bean preaented to the navy aceuta, re?peotivel?, duly approved by the oommanfianta of the reap active haw yarda, aceora.n to the termi of the oon not Tht parts of bttf to it txeludod will 6* particm lariy designated ia tk* aarartai to 6a attached to tke contract, ttrsons ?nterostod earn obtain tkrm on arriuatitm at tkit qfU*. Biudera whuae propoeaJa ahall be aooepted (and noce other*) will be forthwith notified, and aa earir aa praoticable a oontraot wall be tram nutted to them for execution, oontraot nut bo returned to the Uureaa within tec days, exeineive of the time repaired for the regular tranamiaeion of the nuui. A record, or dupioateof the latter informing a bidder ol the aooeptanoe of hie eropoeai, will tw deemed a coiitoaiion thereof withlc the meanicc of too aot of 1M6, and hi* hid will be made and aooeeted in conformity with thu andereiaaatag. Every offer made nut bo aoooorp\i..ed (aa directed in the Sth section of the aot of Corrreea Baking appropriation! for the naval tervida for 1M? '<7, approved loth of Avgaet, IMS.) by a writ ten guarantee, eignea b? cae or more retponaibie Kaone, to thee Ceo t that he or thoy unaertake that bidder or bidder* will, tf hie or tneir bid bo ae c-pted, enter into aa obligation within ten daye. with cood atd aufltcient sareuee, 10 farmah the article propoend Thi* (na ran tee mast be aooo?panied by the oarbfioate of the United Btatoe oietrict judge, Uaited Mate* diatriot attorney, or navy afaat that the (uarantora are able to make good their gaaraafaa. No propoeni will be ooaaidered anient aooompamed by tuoh guarantee. The bidder'a name and reudeooe, and the name of eeoh membe r ef the firm, where a oompaiiy of ieri, with trie uiininu namet vnttN IB mil, milt bedutinetly tated. ? Under the joint reeoiation of Gonr reea.approTed 27th Marcft, 1864, "all bid* for aapplire orpiovl iona, o othing, and email storee for th* of *ku*vj, nay be rejected at the option of tka De;artmeat, if made by one not known aa a ? n turer of or regalar dealer in the article prop, and to be foroiahed. which tact, or the r?TtrM,t.nut be distinctly stated in the bide offered. an 3t I&w4w FKXALE BOAR^e ^y SCHOOL n. 8. J. MoCOKMlCK, fauieiraa. thirt?ntt^annu?. ?e??ion of t<nt jnetttubOB Roaee recently oco up ledby bylveetw Sooit," Em-, lo. 1M King BtrmC The oonrae of atady pimtd will oomprlM a.< the 'oraiiohee re?*Uite to a thorough KnfIfik * [nation, azul Mine. Frecct. Latin and Dm viae. J I:, addition to day eeholan. Mr*. MoCormielr Is irifarM to raoMT* a luabv at iiyui a* opardere, who. oou?C;nitini a part of ker own nutuy.will be unaw tr immediate ear* aad m parr>noa. She will endeavor, at far M potsibl*. *a ear rouod than wiUi the ooaubrtaaad Uadiv iaImmm MiwCHM Dnwibi Caeee from #3K to ?. H.%r.t Book* and Ptationery of ftl! fiaae, rw Rip, Huciriud Badges, Yieve rf Wntrtr ton, American and foran Mi0?iiWi Oatly aad - - '"?v. MOSSS* I (IB?<. KIHM ?TB rm. ?T?m* Q U N BO ATM gtitoMhiit Tj^n<, Ou'l Mi QiirimuUr 8?n. fr?'"'''"? *- ?~ tiiSiSi ^^***?- mw ?

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