Newspaper of Evening Star, September 18, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 18, 1861 Page 2
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0 fmrnmrn^rnmrnmmmc tmmmmmmmkmmrnm THE STAR. V^ASIIINOTON CITY: WED1IS ?*V Irpttabfr 18, 1W1. _ Ova Fnuw at tbe varloai military camps nd positions will confer a fsror by kepptng us posted as 1? BMrrrmmS and efVrs la their vicinities. Ipuu ( U? MsrslH Press Tbe treats upon the lste decision ef Jwdgn WifM la the k*6<mt corpus eas? of a aoJdler of tbe First Mlnassota Regiment Tbe MimitUteam this nmlM ^ ?1. _ttH ih* African alave trade MlltT4*Y NoTmim in Balttvobi?Aa similar I formation to the aubjolned la *y*tematlcally pobllabed ta tbe Baltimore and New York papon, without check by the authorities, we presume U It not deemed ' contraband1' Tbe Baltimore Amtitmn of tbla morning aaya : Up ta within four or flee daya tbe military 3orementa regarding troop* paaalng through the ty were not marked bv any unuaual dfgree of activity or farce, hot atace the 13th InaUnT their arrival* have been frequent and of aocb strength a* to ladIcate a determined purpoae on the part mt the War Department to streagtben the main army aader command of General MeClellaa. We note among tbe movemrnta the following:?Four aompanlea of U 9 Artlllerv from Fortreaa Slonroa, by the ateamer 8 R Spauldlng, to Washington via Baltimore; the Fifth Michigan Regiment, 1.000 muakete, under the command of Col. Hear? D Terry; a detachment of 375 men of tbe Thlrty-flftb Pennsylvania Regiment, under tbe j command of Major Wallace; tbe Tnlrd Rhode j lalaad, 700 muaketa, commanded by Colonel N W Brown; a detachment of Sll men of tbe New York Sbarpahooter*; 130 of Captain Jonea' comtno.ll ?e Dk~l- t-1 -? " ' - - uiv nuuuc laiauu negimflU, and 44 Of the First Pennsylvania Regiment, commanded by Sergeant J Fultz; alio, the Third New Hampshire Regiment, Colonel E R Fellow*, about MO muikfti; Eighth Maine Regiment. NX) atrong, cotrnianded by Col Strlckler; a detachment of the Fire Zouave* of Philadelphia, 4<K) muskets; also a detachment of several hundred to reinforce Col Baker's regiment; a detachment of 57 men of a Pennsylvania regiment, who were in command of Capt Reed, and 32 men of a Minnesota regiment, Who were commanded bv Capt Wilklna: Col. Lownunli Irlah Brigade of Pennavlvaala Infantry OUO muskets; second detachment of Philadelphia Flrt Zouave*, Col Baxter, consisting of live full companies; Forty-sixth Reglmen^W Pennsylvania Volunteers 9<"0 muaketa; the Twenty-fourth Pennsylvania Regiment of Infantry. 901) strong, and the Forty-seventh Regiment (Washington Greys) of New York city, 706 mnskets, ard under command ?f Col. Henry Moore? also, the New Hampshire company of Col. Baden's Regiment of Sharpshooters, 101 men; none bat the most experienced marksmen were allowed to join this rgaalzatlon. The New York Exprtss of last evening says:? Tbe Continental Guard. Rev Col Perry, (48th volunteer regiment), proceeded to Washington at ?AAR ?? -1- * * * (i uc?uip, nn Ainooy ma full*delphla They numbered 925 men. A guard of SV men were left at the encampment at Fort Hamilton, In command of Lieut. 9 K Wallace, to take eve of the regimental baggage and camp equipage, which with the guard, will go on to VN ash- j ington In a few daya. | The regiment are armed with Enfleid rifles, most of which were received late on Monday after- J noon, and the distribution of them and other articles to the men kept moat of the regiment up a good portion of last night. They have a braaa band of 24 pieces, and a drum eorpe of the usual number The uniform of the m?o Is blue frock coat, dark blue pantaloons, and cap?the regulation drees. fTT*The schooner J. H. Burnet, of which only wo-elxteenths are owned in the S*outh, was seized In Philadelphia on Monday. An arrangement has been In the United States Court by which loyal owners in parts of vessels can have the use ef their property by giving security double the value of the ship seized. Try The New York District Attorney has filed libels against twenty-two vessels seised as prizes, togsther with fortv-two w??l? K- 1 v T ?UC CUI* eyor About S500,000 In money, stocks, bond#, Jto., belonging to citlzena In the ssceded But**, sad deposited la Mew York, has also been seized trr Tba Baltimore Amtricam of thla morning ay* that sixty-four cannon bare reached lbat point from Pittsburg, for the fortifications on Federal Hill, and that there are six similar plerta awaiting re moral from the Bolton depot to the use destination. CT-On Monday night week, as a Government eteamer waa conveying prisoners from Lexington, Missouri, to Fort Leaven worth, she broke her redder and was obliged to land, when the boat waa aelzed by a band of Seceaalonlsts, the prisoner* liberated, and forty Federal aoldleracaptured. It r* W a learn from the St. Loo la Rtyubkfm that the number of stand of arma on board the Itismtr RttnikliM ?! ?! ? *-* * i ?i>w wy tue vooreaciwii wii four hundred, not four thousand, as the telegraph made It. Dbpa*tid ? Dr Ruuell, the correspondent of the London Timet, left Washington last evening for Pittsburg, on his way to the West, It Is said, tm a shooting tour. 07* Robert 1. Ramsey, one of the twenty-one persona arrested at North Point and sent to Port Dataware as a political prisoner not long since, has been released, and has returned to his house. ETCol T G. Morehead, late commander of the Twenty-second Pennsylvania regiment, baa bora appointed Colonel of the Fifth regiment of Col. E. D Baker'a brigade. ny Yesterday morning, lbe Maryland Club ova, la Baltimore, waa searched by tbe Provost Marshal's police. No arms or ammunition was found. ILr Yesterday morning the ship Realm, lost ? * m /rived from Havre, was seized la New Y ork, by order of the Surveyor. Part of the veaael la owned Is Virginia. CT Seven secessionist* were ureiVd on bocrd I the steamship City of Manchester, Immediately mpoa her arrival la New York, Monday, from Liverpool. fTT" Another railroad bridge baa been burned ky the Missouri Secessionists, precipitating a locomotive Into the stream and killing the engineer. ITT* Prom Hudson Taylor, 334 Pennsylvania avenue, we have the Interesting October number of Harper'a Msgsatae. ET'Racniitlng la still brlak IB New York city, >ve hundred m?n were inspected and mustered lato the United States service on Monday. PT Over four thousand rifles were sent from Hew York city to the seat of war on Monday. A Roma* Catbolic Ed.tob Abbbstso rot Tbsasoh ?This morning the editor of the defuaet Cat belle paper known as the Preemin's Journal, sometimes termed the Abbe McMaaters, was taken lato custody by U 8. Marshal Murray, ad sent to Fort Lalfcyette by virtue of a warrant of the Secretary of State The a round* of kls wMt ? ? certain'treasonable article* In a paper laaaed on Saturday eallad tb* Freeman'a Appeal. The arteat at U>U illustrloua member of tba republic of Mleatea and literature produced a great lmpce*Safe la the eletl circle* thl* forenoon.?Jw. Y. I?i, 1?(A Exbcvtiom i* Til Piirci Fbbbt ?It lacurraatly rapartad that two aallora were hanged a* Win roarer* oa board H 1. M *hrp*Foudr* All the detail* of tba tragedy bare not yet traaaptred, but It would appear tbat tba victim waa oae of tba ahlp'a otean wba bad rouaed the wrath of ttaee two dceperadoee,one of whom was a colored aaa from Mantlnique. They were arrested alter the dreadful deed, tried by court-martial, and baaeed at the yard arm,where their bodle* awang fall boor, aa appalling spectacle amid tba early list aa tba sMll harborU*lif*x Rfptur. trr A aumher of Vermont volunteers visited tba Louse of a seeesalonlst at South Royaltoa. on tba aight of tba 7th last , took him from bla bed, ape Bad the Stars aud 8 tripe* aw hla doorstep, and laode htm kneel and swear allegiance to the ceaatttatleaal flag, and then escorted him back to bla > CT-Tta three Tinwm CommleaJonora to the i. Keotoeky Leaielature, after the pwft cX tho laaolattooa ordering the Governor to liln Ibi Twimwm tn*aAora from the State, took ulkln* for thetr home*" mrw lota. -? Tu Kuoitu PiocLiMiroi ov Til Oof* Btm tatau. ov Csa* Srcaioca?There la authority for aUttnf that tho reported proclaiTtaCoe of the Go Termor General of Cote rocogn; xl a? the robel taa W aporlooa No took proclamation kM kOOO MO. } . ny Tko Erlo ONBtf fcrtaft Bask, aa tho <* laet, mat a anbaulpttoa ef 9^,400 to the Poplar I I 4B M o|( 1 I .f " ' J OrH MILITARY BVDfiET. TBI ITCATIOW IX Tail QVA.Bf>k. It la evident to well-Informed persons here, thst the late State arrecta la Maryland defeated a carefully-prepared acheme to aecnre active co-operation on this aide of the Potomac with an attempt j to crow tbe river In force on the part of Johnson* army, that waa to have been essayed In the comae of the current week. Among those recently arrested In Maryland were nearly all the leading active co-opera ton with the secessionists la the State. They had a heavy majority of tbe Legislature, which waa prepared to set at deflanco the flat of the people of Maryland, as expressed la their late election, paaalng an ordinance of seces ion lait night or to-day. That actios waa to have been the algnal for t rlaing of the Maryland aeceaalonlais In Baltimore and the lower part of the State ; to hare been promptly rraponded to by the movement of Johnaon'a army acroaa the Potomac The arreata made, la preventing the propoaed revolutionary action of the LegUlatnre, defeated the rlalng of the Maryland traitors to have been predicated upon It. So J oh neon la under* tood to have abandoned the experiment of croaalng the river; being deprived of the active Maryland aaalatance deemed neceaaary to Joatlfy a hope of the aucceea of auch a movement on hla part. TBI MOVSMXNT OF TIOON. The New York pepera are In error in their belief that there exlata danger that the 500,000 men called fer under the three yeara volunteer law will not be forthcoming under its provialona. On the contrary volunteering haa never gone on more atlafoctory than within the paat fortnight, in all quartera of the loyal Statea; and alnce Monday morning laat more Union troopa have been in motion on the way to the field than ever before in the aame time?indeed twice aa many. To-day, eapeclally, the number in motion to join the dlf*erent Union Mnmni ! MAmana w< _ .? vuuiuiuua ?t IIUIJI lUC j week ending on Saturday evening next, It will be safe to ny an aggregate of at least thirty.Ore thousand troop# will have joined the different columns of tbe Union armies In the field. We do a >t feel at liberty to state where precisely. THI WAT TO DO IT. * The Second regiment New Hampshire Volunteers sends home more than twelve thousand do], lars of its last payment A committee of officers receive the money and forward It to the Suffolk Bank, In Boston, to be deposited to the credit of the regiment. They then draw checks for the various amounts payable to the order of the wife, parent, or friend to whom the soldier wishes to send the money. These checks will be cashed at any of tbe New Hampshire banks. Some ten thousand dollars go to New Hampshire In this way. Below we give the form of the check : i No Washington, D C., 186 . scrron bine, boston, Pay to or order, Dollars TNames of enmmltt** l Com. 2d N- H. Regiment a sk1bmish VP tbi rivkk. The following deapatch wu received last evenlng at the War Department: Daasbstow*, Sept. 17 ?All quiet here. No> thing unmual haa occurred at Poolesvllle up to thta evening; nor above ao far aa we can learn. Laat night, a party of the 34th New York, Col. LeDue, crossed the river at Seneca Creek, and encountered a force of three companies, losing two or three men out of fifteen Tbla morning they shelled the rebel camp and drove them back. Nothing elae has occurred, and nothing la indicated on the part of the enemy. The pickets of the New York Sixteenth had a brisk aklrmlah thla morning, between 1 and 3 o'clock, with some South Carolina cavalry at the junction of the Mount Vernon and Aoeottnk roada. none or me in?n troop* wore Injured, while two of the South Carolinians were wouBiied and #arrted off. BKL1ASKD. We are glad to learn that the seceealon authorltlea In Virginia have released the venerable Meeera Btrother and Pendleton, aot long alnce aelced near Martlnaburg, Va , aad carried off to I Richmond. j WAVY YABD. Thla morning the 8. Seymour arrived from Philadelphia with Government atorea. A portion of her cargo, conalatlng of powder, was taken out at the yard, and sent up to tbe Magazine. The Seymour report* all qaiet along the river. In coming up, whan near Matthiaa'a Point, (he twisted her abaft, Injuring her to a considerable extent about the atern, causing her to leak socnevhit will K- J *- ' w?? " > in wncu sruunu 10 urorgnown by a tag, tad Iter discharging her freight will be repaired. The Powhatan came around from Baltimore yesterday, where she had been sent to take In her boilers. She Is not yet serviceable, as her machinery Is badly out of order. In leaving Baltimore on Saturday night, she was brought to by a revenue cutter and compelled to lie at Fort McHenry until aatlafactory evidence of her intended destination could be received from Washington. She saw nothing of the Confederates na ahe came up, except the tope of a few tenU over the knoll at Aqula Creek. . The Mount Vernon came up from Alexandria thla morning. Experiments were being made to-day with a new projectile of Mr. Burnbam The projectile is formed of Iron encased In lead, with a necnllar augur-shaped arrangement iuaide, intended to give it an additional apiral velocity as it fllea through the air. The court of inquiry ordered in the caae of Capt. Dove, of the Pocahontas, conaiata of Captains Lavalette, Pendergrast, anl Morris O. M. Weston is judge advocate, and J. H. Bradley, Esq , counael for Capt. Dove. okDsaa roa islistins a aioiMiNT or NOkTB CAkOUHlANS. The following order vraa laaued yesterday from the War Department: " The commanding ofllcer of the United States forces at Hatteraa Inlet, North Carolina, la authorized to accept the services of such loyal North Carolinians, not to exceed one regiment, as In hia neighborhood may volunteer to take up arma for tbe United States, and to designate a regular officer to muater them Into service. " The recruits will be organised In the first Instance into a battalion, or regiment, according to number The mustsring officer will make timely requisition* for arma and other necessary supplle*, ana tbe commanding officer will, on (be recommendation^>f tbe volunteers, propose such persons who Be may deem suitable to officer tbe companies, battalion, or regiment, that may, If approved, be commissioned by tbe President My order, L. Thomas, Adjutant General." mottminti or ias hut. [Special correspondence of Tbe Star.] BaiLlT'a Cioss Koa.De, Sept 18 ? Editor Star: Tbe Confederate* are undoubtedly building a very strong fort, with heavy siege guns, on Cheenut Hill (Murray Mason's place), about 1){ miles south of Munson's Hill, (tbe gans of wbtcb will, It Is said, have a range of six miles,) and have commenced another on Edsall*s Hill, aboat 1# south of Cbesnut Hill. This last la on the 11m of the Orange and Alexandria Railroad, not flu from the burnt bridge. A position on Edaall's hill la uld to be occupied by three Msryland regtmenta. A portion of the Alabama regiment on Monday took possessioa of the barn on the land of the lato Major Lewis, on the Wood lawn estate. |TT The latest returns of the Bank of England show that Its Taalta contain but ?1X365,445, against ?15 551.544 at the same time last year?a decrease of ?16.000,000 yT'Mt is s?Ulng at Richmond at 90 to 17 per barrel. No wonder they want the Kanawha region ICTThe New York Collector employs female revenue vtetn, whose duty consists in search1 ng suspicious parties of their sex. E7" Tennyson Is expactod to write the poem for the opening of the gTeat World's Fair at London, daring the coming year. P" The English Government Inspector of railMVl kM ifltin that (Ka mU a0 ??? .??? ? v? *pvw on ruiwiyi should sot raoeod forty aiUi u boor. ET A wfcal* la Nantocket harbor, on Friday woak. ercatcd quit* a fororr among tbo population of that neighborhood. II7Tfc? Now OrUaaa Delta mm Um sugar crop t? wrf larg*, bat pUnUra don't know what to do with It. {JT Tbnta ?m mow o*w 800 bob on ployed la thTMVatenrUet ArMoal. IIT Tbe ffoge 8*?M??riote Ml*o?riS?beM?edaeedtoilM wLawKwAsyfm$m ta ?? - i*?*> t IMPORTANT FROM MISSOURI. CtliMl fruk P Blair AnnM ky Gsaeral Prtwil St Lovh, Sept IS?Cot F. P Blair, jr , wia ordered yesterday by the provost marshal to report himelf under arrest on the general charge of using disrespectful language when alluding to his superior officers. It Is understood that the precise charge oa which Col. Blair was arrested ( Insubordination.IneoaamunlcatlBg, while a military officer, with the authorities at Waahlngton, making complalata against and using disrespectful language towards Gen. Fremsnt, with the view of effecting bit removal It is staled that letters written by Colonel Blair sre now In the possession of Oen Fremont. PMtfflutft C*ne#si Dial* ? ? .. ,r^ wuvi wiMi ?? v-^uai tcrni?wr Meigs left for Wsshington tbU morning. Isptrtail tr?m JttlcrMi City?Gen Price ku ilUckU L?xia|Ui?Priee Reinforced by Ritn. JxvrxtsoK Cm, Bent 10 ?A special dispatch to the St. Lonia Republican My*: Gen. Price, at tbe bead of 15,(00 to 20,000 men, attacked Lexington on Thursday, bgt we have no particulars of tbe battle, nor do we know tbe result. . Tbe troona at Lexington were strongly entrenched. Gen. Pope, at tbe last accounts, was at Hamilton, with from 0.000 to 8,000 troops. Tbe correspondent of tbe St. Louis Democrat writes as follows: ??You may prepare yourselves for stirring tiding* daring tbe present week. Gen. Price, reinforced by Rains with from 15,000 to 90,000 men, and Cialb Jackson in their midst, to give s color of legality to their proceedings, is advancing upon our lines. ? ? Wherever he goes tbeseoesslon!*ts flock to meet him, and are rapidly swelling his ranks " I ? Ik. .? ! ' ?1 ? ? - -- h BUSH vi iur itrsmor oinux Ulty, ft! Ulftlgow, ft day or two ilnrtt, ten rebels were seen to I ramble from their saddles, from the effects of the shots fired bv the troop* on the steamer. \V 1th reference to the removal of Gen Fremont the Democrat of this morning holda the following language: "The removal of General Fremont, ws do not think, baa been s?riously considered by the Administration Complaints bsve undoubtedly been madeajr-lnstblui,8'i?! possibly charges preferred, which, of course, v ill be duly and properly Investigated But three proceedings we are now satisfied have never looked to a result ao serious as his removal from this dep-irtment "His extraordinary ei ay and rfflclency are too highly appreciated bv the government, and the man md bia rret*urts are too iWply seated In the affecvions of tb?* p "pl* of the loyal States, to ndmit of tbe probability of any s<;cn event " Tbe R> rtublicati learns Col Marshall, when at Lexington a '-w days r.^n, took possession of a Isrge quantity of property v longing to the State, Inclnding tbe bonss and pap< rs and the great seal of the State. Whicn Jackson t/w?v frnm ? ? ? ? ? VVHCIWU City after (he defeat of the State forces at Booneville by Gen. Lvon Jackson has publicly announced his Intention to establish the capital at Lexington, claiming full authority to do so. It may be that thla programme has been relinquished, and the pretence of Gen Price (who, doubtles*, Is now in possession of Lexington,) is with the view of planting the seat of government there St. Lonts, Sept 1<j ?The following letter re reals the mission of Capt. Kidd. who arrived here some dava since, with a flag of truce from the rebel camp at Springfield: Headquarters Western Department, ) St Louis, Sept. 14. 1891 > ToColonrl T T Taylor. Commanding at Springfitld :?Sir: Yonrsof the 8th Inst , containing an erroneous construction of my proclamation of tbe 30th ultimo, has bad my attention. 1 understand tbe object of your note to be to inquire whether It la my Intention to shoot the wounded who might be made prisoners by the forces under my command. Tbe following paragraph, extracted from my proclamation, will be atrictly enforced within th? lines prescribed. against tba class of offender* for whom it waa Intended, viz : All peraona who aball be taken with arm a In tbelr banda wltbln these line* aball b? tried bv court-martial, and If foung entity will be shot ." The linen are expre?aly delarea to be those of the army in the military occupation In thia State. You have misapprehended tbe meaning of the proclamation without undertaking to determine the condition of any man engaged In thla rebel lion. I desire to be clearly understood that tbe proclamation la Intended to recognize tbe osual rights of an open enemy In tbe field, and to be In all re?peeta strictly conformable with th? usages of tbe war It la hardly necessary for me to sar that It was not prepared with any purpose to Injure the ordinary rights of humanity with respect to the wounded men and those wbo are humanly en gsgea in alleviating tholr sufferings John C Fkkmont, Major General Commanding. Later frem Miiuirl. 8t Louis. Sept. 17 ?Oen. Hturgls, with eight reglmenta of Infantry, two companies of cavalry, and one ofartil'ery, took possession of ?t. Joseph' on Friday last It la reported that there was a battle at Lexlngton yesterday between the Federal forces and General Green's rebels, In which most of the latter were captured. This, however, needs confirmation. Another bridge has been burnt on the Hannibal and 8t. Joseph Railroad, preclplt&ting a locomotive into the stream and killing the engineer *? *? - neporis are current nere that tbe Confederate forces have evacuated Columbua, Ky. IMPORTANT fko>l WESTERN VIRGINIA Lss Resames the Attach?Ceatlaaed Retreat ef Wise aad Fleyd Cincinnati. Sept. 10 ?A special dispatch to tbe Gazette, from Cannlfex Ferry, on tbe Kanawha, dated tbe 14th Inst . savs : " Lee resumed tbe attack along our wbole line, at Cbeet Mountain, yesterday After a long contest be wat fairly repulsed oy Reynolds, with considerable Rebel loss, and little or no loss on our side, owing to tbe fact tbatour troops fought behind entrenchments. Lee baa manifestly a large force, but is alarmrd lest Rosfcmns should come upon htm In tbe rear. Our scouU returned to-day from a ten mile exploration towards Lewlsburg. Col. McCook took seventeen prisoners yesterday In an armed reconnolsance across tbe river Camp Scott, Sept 15 ?Gen. Cox Is here to day for an Interview wltb Gen Rosecrans. He has moved the main body of his army from Gsaley Bridge towards Lewlsburg. Wise and Floyd are both retreating as fast as m a, a _ puwibw. ? Farther Intelllgetce successful riQHT* and skiftmishbs at chiat mountain. Elkwatbr, Va., 8rpt 16.?The body of Col. John A. Washington was sent over to the enemy yeaterday, upder a flag of truce. While on the way It was met by a similar flag, coming from the enemy, for obtaining information aa to his condition. On the 12th Instant a detachment of 300 men, from the Fourteenth Indiana and Twenty-fourth and Twenty-flfth Ohio regiments,dispersed three Tenneaaee regiments, tinder Gen. Anderson, on the west aide of Cheat Monutaln, completely routing them, killing eighty and obtaining most of their equipments. Our loas was eight killed. The enemy made an advance on Klkwater on the same day, with a force auuDoaed to bave b?#M> 15,000. but they were it riven tack by detachment* from tbe Fifteenth Indiana, Third and Sixth Ohio Regiment*, and shell from Loomls' batery. They have retired some 8 or 10 miles distant A strong force of Ark*::*'*, Tennessee and VlrSlnla troe s also threatened tbe east side of Cheat [ounUin, bnt we have not yet bad a general engagement with tbeui. A shell from one of Looml*' giins, thrown two miles into tbe enemy's camp, killed ten and woundid four of them. The Thirteenth Indian* Raiment had a severe skirmish with superior numbers of the enemy on the ltth, and killed ten or twelve of them with but trifling lo*s As tbe enemy advanced on Elkwater their col una was handsomely cheeked by a detachment of he Seventeenth Indiana regiment. Lieut Morrill, of tbe Topographical Engineers, was taken prisoner by tbe rebels while on his way to Cheat Moontaln. Additional Foreign News by the Angle lasen. Tbe British Association for the Advancement of Science was in session at Manchester, under the Presidency of Mr. Falrban. (ha lUrtMtr. M. Chevalln, the d latin ft ulahed flue lull, la the course of a perch at Montpeller, la which be held op France aa the champion of aoclal and political progreea, regretted that amoaret those 1 who evinced hatred and diapuat of the Emperor were aome member* of the British government, towards which the Emperor had loyally made advaarea honorable to both partlaa, and meriting a mora aympatbet'c reaponse Tha Monlteur says aeveral foreign Journals make comments on the pamphlet, "The Emperor of Rome and King of Italy." which are void of all foundation, and to which the Government oppose a formal denial Chevalier Joseph Lalncy, tha repreeentalve of Relrlum at tha court of the Ring of Italy, la dead. Tha French steam frigate La Tande, which waa at Halifax, received orders on Auguat 18th to proceed to Vera Crux The Patrie ears thla measure ia attributed to dlftrnltlea which have recently arieea between the French repreaeatativea and Mexican Confederation. Solemn funeral apnriaaa ware ?- -11 eburebea ofWirnw, on tb? 3d lost , la thai memory af tbosa who raoantly Ml at Milan Tba , paapla war* mourning band* on their bats, and all tb? sbopa vara eloaad. Tba tranquility of tba day waa sot dtatarbed. CTG?. Watklaa. a eommaadar of tba Soatbarnfefoaa ia Mlaaoorl, laabalf bratbar to buy CUf. i C7"N?ri7 tba wbala WMnt, 110,#00.000, af tba ?ay laaa ?*f?ad la BoiEa, baa Waa al raady ?akaa. UMT44M^li 4U %? / (Yl^MASONIC ?A stat-d meeting of Co'ambia ? 3 R A. Chapter. *o 15 will be hold THIS CWednesday) EVENING. at 8 o'olook. at Control Masonio Hsll, corner of Ninth and D sta. Conpan on? in good ataalirg ara requested to to puac tual in their atlfcndanoe. Sojourning Companions are ooroially Invited to be present. By ordor of the M. K. H. P. _ _. _J L, e. STEPHENS, Sao. rr^TURNPIIE ELECTION.-Not1oe is I,3 haraby g'ren to tho Mookho dars of the Washington Turnpike Company that an election

wiU be bo!d at the Farmer* and Meoh*moa' Bark. Georgetown, B.C., on the reoond MONDAY (ItVh) in October next, ar tha election of a President, eight Managers and aTreoaarer to manage the affairs of said Company for the year then ensuing, or antil their saooessors are elected. an ? lawtd ROBT READ, Treasurer. fV^^COMPANY A." U. 8. ENQINRERS.II,9 Fifty intelligent and aMe bodied mechanics WllT hA AnliatAH ** iH ** ^ 1 1 ^ ? ? ~ an >ai> WMfW} W Olil imam Ixaq by law?1*> men. Inquire at No. 844 9 atreet Pay from #U to per month, beaidea food and olothing. an 17 tf gl. JOSEPH-. W?OOtejl BHALL The Sitter* of the Holy Croat have opened a Sohool for Small Mora at St Joaesh'a Male Orphan AaTlam. oorner of F aad Tenth eU. ae i? egg WHITE COTTONS, WOOL FLANNELS. * ? an ' Canton Klanneia.?A fn'l Stock of choice gracea at the old prioee, not withatsndicg ail noh goods are daily advareine l? T*lee. PERRY * BRO? Penn. avenne aad 9th street, ae l?Bflf "Perry Bnildrpg n JBONNAFOUS, having reoeived aerera! inri tationa to give Fencing Leaaoaa in Washington. let* hose gentleman know tha" he haa reoeircd one montVa leave from the Fencing Club in Philadelphia and t' at h? will give, danng that time, a oonraeof Sroleeaona, in amall sword. Droad aword, ? _ J * * i ? ? ?uu ivjunn, in vvaaniogtoa. to oomm-noe Mondijr next, Seat mber 16. Addreaa Mr. Fr. Ur? dner, Kiohmond Houae, oorner 8th and DatreeU, Washington. n H lw* A T THE OLD RATE- ?Black SILKS, extra xx gloaay and fine.aU -*idtha. I'lai" an<l Fana* SIIjK^ in ohoioe atr!"*. W.lh all kind, of DRY GOODS adapted for the general and -peci*i w%nta of familiaa. ONE Fh ICE ONLY, marked in plain figurea; hew no purcl.a?er u d?oei?ed. CARPKTH. CURTAINS, OILCLOTHS, Ao. Upper F!o ra. PERRY* BRO. Penn. arann" and 9tn *treer, aa 1? 5'lf "Pan? Bnildicg." SEEKERS OF COTTON GOODS CAN PROcnre their autumn aupalieaof ill kindaof COTTONS, whtt?> aid onlored, at the old pricea. We aeoured large lota of auoh fabrioa prior 'o the rite in prio** We a'io off.?r our urna' foil atoek of all kmda of DRY GOODS for the general an 4 rpeoial vanta of familira. One ori'-e onlr. in ?i?Jn ? _ . . ? ?'??? UB HI t o? Carpet*, Oilcloths, Curtains, Rues. 4o.. upper floor*. PERRY k. BRO-, Pecn. av and 9th at., "Perry Building." se p 18-5tif /\UR STOCK AND WHOLK TARIFF OF Vf PRICED ADAPTED IO THE WANTS OF PERSONS IN MODERATE CIRCUMSTANCES* - D' y Good* in all departments of first elaes European a*4 * men can faoric*. adiptedfor the ourrsnt wants of fimilieaand housekeepers. On* price nrly. marked in plain fifur<s, consequently no puraha?er i? overcharged. A1 parcel* for the intenor properly picked, frie of charge. PERRY A BR<?, Penn. at and 9'h and C nts , sep 18 5tif "Perry Baildlng." A LI. KINDS OF SILKS AT LEaS THAN he old yiors, notwithstanding the advanoo in Europe and the new tariff Persons ne?<lirg SI1.K GOODS for aotumfi and winter vill eff-ot a so id *avini by n.akinr their purcnaa** nov. I'lie ? ho era'eand retail buaineaa of th? oouatrr being now reduoed to the caab ftanda'd enaMea us t> offer a ! artiol*? a reduoed tariff of profita. ONE PRICE ONLY, marced in plain nrurea. Newoomera. aojournera, citixena.and Grangere wilt inapeot our a ook at their piaaaure; it iccura ro obligation to purohaae. Carpeta, urtaiua, and Oilclothe, Run, ko, Upper Fl? ore. All paroeta for the interior properly packed free of charge. PERRY i BRO,, Penn. avenue and 9'h ttreet, ae 18 5tif "Perry Building." CGEORGETOWN PEMAI.E SEMINARY, I ( Mim Harbovii'K.) ffo. 151 W*st tt., betxottn C ugras and High its. The dnttea of thta Institution will be reaumed on thefiratM nday in September next The attention of parenta and guardiana la particularly oai led to the Cla*a in CaUathemoa, whioh will oe formed o . Monday, the 9th inat, by a graduate of the Lewie Normal Inatitute of Phyrioal Education." The former pupila are earneetly aolioiud to attend the Claaa. iNaTKDCTOaa. Mia" E. W. Wright, Mra f>otlia Young. " M. fi. J. Kaufman. Mr. W. C. M. V. Harrover, A Zsppone, D M'lle M. Gardetie. Charles de Frond rat. Cironiars mar too obtained at the Bookstores, or by addresiiig the Principal. M J. HAEEOVER. WASHINGTON FEMAJ.E SEMINARY, " No 4s? F Strmt. Rttfr**? *+mU its* M188 HAKKOVKK. In oompliauoe with the vnhu of friends woo desire to p trotiie her but dislike at present to aend their daughter to Georcetown in the omnibus, ha* made arrant*, roents to ottab ish a department of her Sohoul in Washington, and respectfully requests a share of the publto patronage The first session wil; oommenoeon Monday. September 23d. Oircuars ma/ be obtained at the Seminary and at the prinoipal Bookstores. ae 18 tf M. J. HARROVER. Principal. r|^ CHARCOAL-CHARCOAL. J HE Undersigned naa a schooner load of firatrats Cnaroo%l for sal* Those in want will p ease oall on Mr G'adman, Washington at, oppaite the Presbyterian Chvroh. Georgetown ; or Captain on board, at tne Sawmill Wharf. Georgetown. ae 17 3t* JOHN M. SMITH. ALL THE BE9T ORAUfc!* OF HEAVY GOODS FOR SERVANTS' WEAR. An amp<e and extenaive stock now la store. The whole or the above at our proverbially low prioea. One pnoe only, marked in plain figurea PERRV k B (OTHER, ha. avenu" and Ninth at., e!7 5t Jf ' Ferry Bulldinc." ^UTUMN AND WINTER DRY GOODS. A fall a d oomplete a took now in atore, at prioea to auit the owners of amail puraea. One pno? only, marked in plain fig area. rtKHY * BKUTHER, Pa aver.ue and Ntnthat. lET CAR PETS, CURTAINS, OILCLOTHS, Ao.. Upper Floor*. ae 17 M if WPKKBONS IN BLACK ILL Find our atook of all fabrioa for Mourning Apparel full and oompiete in all department*, throatbout the entire year. One prioe only, marked in plain figara* ; heooe no purohaaar ia daoeiTed. r PfcRRY A BROTHER, Pa. ananue and ^ inth at, ae 17_5\if "Perry Building.** HF, FIRM OF MOORE A CI8SEL 18 Thu d*y dean ved ny mutual none-nt, all bill* due will be*oolieutrd by Q. W. Ciaael, at the old etand 397 Seventh afeet betwen H and I at'eet* whe>re he will ennaat the bnaineeaaa f rmerlr- Ba tru?ts to merit the patrona eof the former oustomera and tiie pnblio generally. W. M MOORE, O. W C188EL, September 14,1%1, ae i7-3t* BALANCE OF _"TOCK OF, CIGARS AND u IWDA' U' fv>K SALK.-Prtviini to removing my stock,riarinc this week. sha'l sell hulanoe of fine Di-.n ntio Ci|?ri and three oa*ra Connection! Seed Leaf Tohaooo,at the v?ry lowrat prices, in quantities to salt All in want will do well to apply immediately P WKII.BACHRR.of Balto. Store No. 24 S Pa. avrnua. ae!7 4f between 12'h and 13th >ta. fAMPOP C<T"D," KENT'V cavalr*, AKLjsieTON, fept 17.1961. fan reward will be given for ih* arrest and del. this oamp oione C'HaRI.B? SMITH, a deserter from the same, who enlisted as a bugler. Said Smith is aboaLSS years of age. 5 rest 1? iaohaa high, blue eyes, light hair aad ight eomp exion?a Herman by birth. He dea?rten on or s^nt the mk Aigiat last. WM.J. ftARY, Captain Commanding Co. "Dt" ae 17-St* Krntaoky Cavalry. Y MARSHALL * PAGE. AUCTION AND Commission Merohants, 508 Seventh atreet, nnder Odd Pelltwa' Ha f. 500 Prima Herkinrer ? Co.'a Cheeae, <A Firkina ? ? . ww a wan I l?M UUkbOI p Jf Keca do do do 900 jC&anUtora Preserved Meats, Hermeboally 10 Caaea Pirt, also Almond*, Walnuts, DMh, Prune*. Currants, 10 Cheats Oolonr Tea, SO 8W?. Molaeeee, 8i?m, Also a foil, varied and complete amortnent of artiolM for the Army, Navy, and Satlera nee. ee 17 8t P- FOR ARMY MEN. LAIN. Strped and Piaid FLANNELS for ahirta, Whit* Berlin and Cotton GLOVES, nea*j Orey and White BLANKETS, with all other kind* of i?RY GOO OS for th- vanta of feiniliea. One prioe only, marked in plaia figarea; henee no puronaeer la deoeivrd. An in?peotion of etoon impllea no obigation to parobase OARPETS. CURTAINS, OILCLOTHS, RU08, Ao , Upper Floors. _ PERRY A BROTHER, Pa.avenue and Ninth at., ' Perrr Baddies.** inrion oartona GENTS* POCKET HANDKERCHIEF^readj he m-?d, from St oent? each upward. re 17 mTT t?OR SALE-BT J W. MOMRI.I- ?? N?T10,t! NOTICE!!! gS^eiiSKItliu.. D?u4CUT^ P1ovm*Vaftth?ri. RibM4>. EabreidartM, Fu>. lad DrwewTwrwtiw, == I I SICK AND WOOHDID WLDUM IN HOSPITAL. Pnbhthtd M t*nf*rmttf with th$ rtftmfm / Uu &*n*U J Jmlf 16, UN. At &t?'T+l Hotpum: Mt K ttrmt, bttwm Fourth *d Fifth ifrwii, Wmshingtm, S*pt 13. l?t N. t. C?T?lry t M PitHflTuli V?l . 1 lit Excotelor ?rlnli. 1 13th 4* do.. 1 id do ?>.( ) 6 ?th do do.. 1 3d do do.... 4 rrtta do 4*.. 1 ISthN. Y.Volunteer* . S *d NtwJonty Vol ... 1 SStb do do 8 5th do do.... t S7th do do ijtd Milne Volaotocn.. 1 KHB OO SO...... 1 3d 0 dO.... .. 1 3 <h do do 1 4th do do 1 Slit do do 1 ad New Hampohlro .. 3 35th do do 1 3d Michigan 3 Mth do do a 4th do (d) 37th do do a 2d Wlaeooaln I 9th do do 1 lat California ?... I 79th do do...(l) 8 Btorgca RUm........ 1 9th Man Volunteer*.. 1 lat Indiana Cavalry... I 10th do do 1 McClelUa*aDr*foona 1 14th do do ; Cameroa Drajrooaa ... a 19th do do 1 lit Restock? Cavalry, t 40th do do 1 lat Ohaaaenra I ad Vormoat Vol....(c) 3 D C. Volooteen. .... a UtMlnnwota Vol .... 1 ? lat Pennaylvinla Vol . 5 Total 80 (a) Including on oftear. (fe)OoeoAeer. (c)Oao offlcer (d) One oMcmr At Stmimmry Gtcrgttttn, Stft 13. lat Artillery 1 ?th Peon. Volanteera . a ad Maine Volunteer* . 7 8th do do a 3d do do...... 3 9th do . do...... a 6th do do 4 10th do do. a lat Maao. Volanteera.. 1 llth do da o 7th do do 1 ttlh do do 10 34 Vermont Volunteer* 1 I at Michigan Vol 1 3d N Y. Volunteer*.. 1 id do do...(e)lf 13th do do 1 34 do do 3 7Vth do do 8 4th do do. ..(4)81 14th do do 3 l?th Indiana (c)35 33d do do 13 ilst do I 35th do do 1 1st Minnesota 4 Mozart, New York. .. 2 3d Wisconsin 1 Tammany, do 4 Kentucky Cavalry .... 4 Excelsior Brigade.... 1 Ut D C Volunteer*.. 1 Garibaldi Guards .... 1 Teamsters, Q. M. D.. 3 Cameron Rifle* 5 1st Penn. Artillery ... 3 Total 1(7 Ut do Cavalry .... 8 ( ) Three officers (t) Two officers. (?) One officer. At General Hospital, Union Hotol, corner Bride ana watktngton ttreett, Otorgtteien, Stjtt 13 2d N.Y. Volunteer!.. 6 1st Pena. Cavalrr 1 12th do do 3 1st do Chwittw... 9 13th do do 8 6th do Voluateera . 2 14th do do K Ilth do do...... I 17th do do 2 12th do do 19th do do 1 26th do do 1 23d do do 12 27th do do 2 25th do do 1 1 ?t Ohio 1 26th do do 2 19th Indiana t 33d do do 10 21at do 1 35th do do 7 id Michigan Vol 3 70th do do 5 3d do do......19 Mozart 3 4th do do 91 Tammany 2 2d Wl*consta do S De Kalb 1 6th do do 1 Excelsior Brigade.... 1 tat Minnesota do 1 2d Maine Volunteers.. 9 1 at California do 2 3d do do 4 Kentucky Cavalry.... 1 4th do do 2 Lincoln Cavalry 1 6th do do 6 Sturges Rifle Corps.. 1 2d Vermont do 6 Independent do I 3d do do 15 5th U 8. Cavalry I 9th Maas do 6 5th do Artillery..... 1 12th do do 1 Teamster,. 1 1st Conn. do 1 ?1st Penn. Artillery # T?t?i At Hospital at Columbian College, Waskmgtm, Sept 13. id Maine Volunteer*.. 8 Tammany N. Y. Vol.. 1 3d do do 6 Garibaldi do do... t 5?h do do 4 De Kalb do do .. 1 "th Maae. Volunteera. 1 AndersonZouavos,NY t ?do do 13 lat Long Island Vol... 1 do do 3 lat Penn. Artillery.... 1 80th do do 5 ?th do Volunteer*.. 3 3d Vermont Volunteer* 1 31at da do i 1*t New York Cavalry. 3 2d New Jersey Vol.... 1 Harlan CavalrT 1 3d do do.... S 3d N. Y FireZoua*ea. 1 3d Michigan Vol ..( )?8 id N Y. Volunteer*.. 3 3d do do 7 8th do do 3 4th do do t 9th do do 1 7th do do...... 6 llth do do l 3d WlaewMta do ?? >i?u uo HO 14 uth do do 1 Stb do do 9 18th do do 1 lat Minnesota do 4 sad do do 13 1M Indiana do......It 94tb do do 4 1st California do f 35th do do...... 1 McClellan'aDragoona. t 32d do do...... 1 Lincoln Cavalry 1 .Tld do do 4 2d U 8 Cavalry I 35th do do U i?k 4* 4o I jotb <<o do 4 Teamrten, Q M D.. t 37th do do 1 T9th do do...... 1 Total 936 8d Slckloa Brig , N Y 0 (?) Including an o(Bo?r. At Otneral Hotpitml, (CirtU.) WatkMgtm, St/: 13 4th Cavalry 4 lat Inflintry 4 6th do tld do 5 lat Artillery 8 3d do 14 2d do.............. 13 8th d3.............. 9 3d do. a Recruit, uaattachod .. 1 4th do 7 ? 6th do 3 Total 78 Sick rtmaining in tkt Hospital for Brnftivi ' MMM, ? Kaloran%m, Sft 13 8th Ntw York 1 3d Maine 1 i 3Wt do 1 id W lacooaln 1 34th do 1 1st N. Y. Artillery.... 1 l*t Pennsylvania 1 4d German Rifle* 1 3d do 2 l?t U 9 Chaaaeurs.... 1 8th do 1 lit Artillery 1 30<h do 1 Gorernor'aUland R eg I ( 3d Infantry 1 Blenker'* Brigade.(a) 1 < feth do 1 Capt. Manna' Co I Lincoln Cavalry 1 ? Cameron Dragoon* ... 1 Total M 19th Indiana 8 (a) Ofloer 117* Waablngton paper* pleaae copy and aend blfla to the War Department. **fM 17?3t SKAL.EUPM.OPOttAL8.Ull the l?th September. lMl,atl3m .are umted forfurmiahiai FLOUR i of a certain qaahtrAboot 6 ooo barrela will be repaired. ia eeparate lota of about 1.000 barrela eaeh Tito loar t/> bo made of new wheat, and the delivery of the while to be made b? the/Tth September, 1W1 The Floar repaired to bo of th?followi?i branda, and to hii th? inapeo<ion of a Board of Arm? Offioera, c anoh other lnapeotion aa the Babautoaoe Department may direot: Arlington Eztrft, 5?: Fairmv do. Cedar Vaia do. fiienwood do. Fowler * Zaiglor do. Chocaf akf Milla do. Hacle Milla do. CUucttt do. j. Newoome do. M. Smith do. JMChvlN do.' J Da'id?on do. n ? it.. ? - ? v. CM mviriBUD 0L V/O, ?tlin Foundry do. Hwk do. Lyon'a Union Flour, Bit sprint, JooCharlea, Ede'a Extra B*ker'a Avonda.1* Rxtrfe Eft few barrel* of tke him nidi of Soatharn ?r wil be taken, provided thai it proree aa aal . , grade to the br?Dd? above named TIm bidder* to etate Ue brand aad the aaabarof barrel*or , iiitSlaJ St i'X* ?|. 1 WITH, C. 8.. U. 8, A.. Waakington, D. a,and 1 andoraod "Propoaal* tot Floar." m f , WATC88{^tia?-afaw,f jbk . 'i Jn*t reoejred a large invoiee of God aad Slrec , WATCHES?eome gotten ap aapaoiailfbr Ami 3: Jeweller*, 144 Pa ami*, ? H tt ' doora waet of Browa'a Hotel /v a ? a? - tUVDinB "^LOSING OUT? rsr iiws22 s tnMul whvVj^Toffer^iSt'^StiVrt^krtjwk riow M vill cubic mi former outonora, %ad the * pcblta *onor?iTj to m? ttc JB ?t e iii Pm? Farcy Good* ftt pmmie pricm. Now la the tlM to bay! I N B ?All poraoaa toTlag oltiraa tola* m irt 1 rMnest to irwwt Uw mm for to4 *U hi Mlnw rtU( M BMai 0AMK OP BILLIARDS' ' _*1? A?* KMEltHTS FINK HALL. I , Oorasr rtuvliMJi imn Hi UMiMM, I ( oath ud*,) I IvidtkiBMlitaiitUi 11 table* 'i wa. AUCTION SALES. Br OKRKN * WILUAN0 AiiBwhii ' GAJ..? ?F nor9*HOLD AffD EITOHPN O Pnmmi it Ojldu or rmi Oiruii'i COVBT. At ifCTl*! ?Oil FBI DA I , til* Wi? tart. W* Ik?<! i-n ki 10 n'oloak k a, at tk? lau r-? dfnot Ch?rlM Anson. oa a?rtfc M. Miamii Mi aid ?*k ?trr?t?. tfc* MiwH ?fr?ta or tkadeoeaood. ?t?: ^ofa. D muii. M?I otkT I?rw, Do RMkoM*ti)d9wnlMt? Dminf and ottor Tab.**. a*d Wklitud?, t"oi?a*t> and otW Bad*' td?, Hair ard oti^r UlattNNM, Ooot.Df *n<i oUrr "tovw. Withajood toiof Kitckea R*qaiut?a GM*Ckn'* urn tjiiM .?? br wall * Barnard, hi^iwi. fr?w M tt. mmd ititi r*4? N. a*. K^^?^5?T5S?SSBK, 10 ' look, w tn sell, la front of UtAiiUgn tkroi|k-krW iMtatkr Uor?s. ooatttt''11 Rorrala, ia4 Bran toddle and RarnaM TRSSTkorMa bar* J oat airl vH are all of tbo boot stock. aa4 m ibo aale tnl bo without rr??rr? it v.. offer aaopfortsiuty raralr mot witb toeecsra a tood hora?. Terns taak. ? it WALL * BARNARD, A?to. By tbomaw^wlmo^a?*io?ra. " o'oloek. 1 wl 1 sail.In front or U>? Aactios Rouow, 174 Bri4r? at , Oeorforown. P. C., Mft of tba lock *? effeota or Roeelya Farm, ?w knows at Fort C. rooran ; aonaprisiaf? raai tie rotas Work Horses. i Marja witt fo"a. I ftao Ridlnc Floras. t two j Mrt old C< Its. toMjnrnli] do. t Cant and Hvmm, 1 Baling Maahias tor Hat or R aw, Piat.? in Sea'si, to wjixh M Iba. 1 la c? Boiler for read, 1 Milk Ws^on, Carriage and Harness. Mi k Pui. Pots, and naar other l>a<ry arxl Farm Implements. Sale ront.v*. Ten.# oath ee ? ?t T1IOV Ay POWL1NO, A sol Itr J. C. MoGUIRE * CO.. Asetioneors CITKRIOR RO?KW(K>n CASE CR AND Piano, Kxcbllsrt J viatrvai ?m> Bcv?sHOI V FniCTl AT PC?L'C ACCTIOR.-Ob TBL'tfDAY MOP NJNO. 8eptemb?r It. at 10 o'elook, at bout No. 845 El?m(k ?t. b t??*i Land M eta., wa sh*U eell th? Garniture ?ed Effeeta of a (astir man deolisia* hcus*k?e?inf, oon?pn?in|? Superior Rose* >od Case *ere? Oetare Grand Piano Ports, by Henri Bars. ftaitof!*olid WslnatOrean Velvet Covered Parlor Paruitsre, ooasistiag of Sofa, S Arm aad 4 Par lor Chairs,_ Soeewood MarVs top TaMee. Whatnot, uiUdJ Cinn-iM'rk?'" " ?k-? fii'.t fr*n>e Ma?te an J Pier Glaaeee. Damaak and '.aoa Cnrtair.a an<1 Ormot, ElNutM Veiv?t r*r??t. Velvet Stair CftryeU, Matting ud o?i?>oth n?k Hat Tree, Rati Chaira, Saperior Solid Walnat Sideboard, with Barbie top, Wa ant Extenat> n Table, I.nance, K'anoh China Di m? and T? W trt, RIlTec-plated r>??tcr?. Table Cet'ery, i'esk Tin D??h Covetaa?d Chafing Diahea, la?aarare. Waitera, Clonk, anny l.<nd and Kr??k Bodateadi. larble top Bnreaoa. Wardrntwa. waaketaada, Saperior Hair Matueae**, Feather Beds, Boiatera and Pi I Iowa, Wheeler dt Wilaoa'a Searing Machine, a very rap*nor article. Cooking and other Stoves. Together vrnha general aaaortnent of Kitehen Teriaa oaah in earrent funla. ae 17-d J. C. M06UIRE A CO.. Aaeta. Br WALL A BARN *Rf>. ? notioneera T'RUSTKF'S SALK OF VALUABLE IM I raovrn Rial KaTATa.?By rirtae of a deed of truat. dated the lS'h day of March. IMT. and tfaly r"-nrded among tha land rfoorrta ol the eoaaty of Washington, D C ,1 abai prooeed to eel!, oa the premiaea. on MONDAY, the 2su d\y of September. 1861. at ft o'e ook p- m.,al(thoae piwwa or paroe aof ground aituatnd in the oitj of W aahiagtoa, in a aid Ihatr.ot, and knovn aod designated m LoU aaiaber#d thirty foar (94) and thirtr-five<96) ta S^aara fire hundred and thr?s i?w? with the improvements thereon. consisting of a large three st-ry Hnok House with a fine baee meet Said property i? located on the 101U dm of N ?treet south, wtwwn 4S and 6 h atreKi. Terms of sal*:?One ?n*'t#r in awk, (?>mm Id ix twelT*. eighteen,and t wentr-fonr months from the day of sale, to be esoarea by a dead of tni. on the It U>? twins of Ml* be not oomelied with in dsrs from d?y of sale, the Trtstee resorree Ue right to rwJ at the risk and eoet of tee ft ret rtrohaeer. JOHN F ENNI$~Treetoe. eel WALL k BARNAlfD. Aeete. 5?yims*sr ?. IWL In oone-enenoe of te delay whi^k attended the imnl of seeds of foreign importation, order; for which were teemed prior to Um mooaunc of the present Administration, man? of them, from eeaMMard other oaaees ha*e been F>om to DO entirelr es#le?? for hM hm a nartuaW by *x p+r,neota! 'mu Tlytfora, the uauai diatnbation vili be deferred untt! a I'ppir oan be obta ned which vul reieet or ad it oa th-Pefartmert. ISAAC NkWTOW, eelllw fcpai intended THE C*??*rti?*r?hie */etofore carried on by tka pane of H.F. Lovdjv A Co. *w diaeatvai oa the Ut in# tent by it* o?u umi'ation. All thooe owing amount* to aud firm arc r^nMtod to aettle the mid* without delay, a? the enooeeeor* are anxloa* to e oee tae bonka and eett'e aooounta ataiaat the above expired o^pertnera.'i*. GKORHE W. FARANT. FK AN'Ci? JHT-EIGR, JOSHUA H. KING n~r NOTICE ?Tre and- reigned reapeatfkiiy inform their patrorg and the public generally of thair having farmed a o<<partn> ratiip to eontinee tbe baainare, in all it* brar.ohee.aa *aoo?eeore of the late firm of H. F. Loadua A Co. Whi 1st tendering their tl a-.ka tor tbe very libera eatrona*e re mivm, tb?r p'edjre thwmeelTea t-> aee their atmoet axertiona to merit tb?ir cr ntipeed fa?ora. F. J. HEIBEKGKR * CO. Seroeeeor to H. F. L<iu Jon *nd Co., Military and .Naval Merchant Taiiora. I: J. Hiiutu, . K K ?f II *w 9QQ JOHNSON * NAGLE, OQQ Lo*J No. Del PinnnTtRU ivmit Between Ninth ud Tenth eta . aovtfc aide, DISE8. FINE GROCERIES. AND BUTLERS' STORMS INOENERIL. J eat arrived the foilowiai braoda of CHAMPAGNES: G H. Mania, Piper Heidaiok. Moot A Char.don, Caxuer Jt Co , Bar at A FlfOt, Jourette. Royal Grape. er M pew Vor* Prioaa fright added. JOHN AGLE. ^ A Win M. Bib met * Co.'a ill tfrcrtd atreet. New York J orid renownrd ROTTLED W1NE8 and LIQUORS, for Camp. Medieiaa> and Fami W a?e. ponatantly on hand a.d eold at New York Pnooe ky the Caea. At JOHN'V>N A NAGLfc 8. rvBU, trviivv. PICILES, Pepper uO other SAUCE*. TOMATO CaTSL' F, by tAe barrel, taUoa, or dosoc. from tiie oe?brated maoaftotory of frohrt shark A Co., Nov York, itutoanliiBrfi low prteee. At JOHNSON * NAG LET*, Sol* A(nU Alio, PICKLED. PIG FEET. LAMB AND BEEF TONGUES, TKIPK, eta.. by Me barrrl or wjMTtl. ee 1? NOTICE. *? ADAMS' Thia Company offer* to tho eab'.ie** l Advantage*'" for the Safe aod Quick Oiepateh of Heavy p. eight* Paokaaeo, Valeablee, Moaey, Aa. ko., to all part* of theUnited Htat**. Exproeaoe to and from the North and Weet dopart from aod arrive in Waahlaxtoa tviee dally. All Expre?eea are la obarre of ?o?riiti< m?U ' fflffiSSWr*. Mto. mm? ? -on. All Qo< d< for Ue ? rrill*d "C?*M?nit* State*" m* all Aruoiee - Contrabaadof flv" vSH* 1 "Oy'KwmM laaaa N?v Y*rk at I,*, aad P. M., MTinnx in WMfeimgt** at A. M aad AJO yinMW laara Philadelphiaat LB A, M. aad ll pTni.,arrmag la WaaAiagtoa UitiP. M.ud ' Exaraaaaa laaraBaJ ti more at 4 SI M. tall P. M., arriving la Waatiagtoa at A. H. u4 1? i JUKETa U7M JPlFlSZt 9p?ei^ Coct-aouior >arga gaaatlti** ?VraigM M to mad* o? aaal .oatioa to ihu ? 'Cm. li Gooda aaUMTur and <J*?<warad fru of fc,xtn lUr|M. E. W. PAR0ON8, Bart A dam' Kiyan Compaa*. Waahinytop, Amuta. i?i uMtf ALLtSTEPHENS k. CO , 399 KamiaTLTAinA A rtava. AND READY-MADE CLOTHIERS, 1ND KXTkNSIVg DEALERS IN ?E!?TtJU MKIM'S KUR!Xll*HIN? SUODG, H t-if (l?m A K -r?h.t piRSMEN'S INSURANCE OOMPAJIY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital. 9IM,?0?. MUi mhmt C wpK mmdTmniwma aa, NSURB HOUSES AMD OTHER FROPRRTY AGAINST LOGS BY PUUL If* iB^M foTMiw^ "" 1 JiVT4^%2^^MSa I N Uu Fifty XVoItw* lor pirtiai M4u||i?MI I Tim-yot ftmmn W?^Vi>ri^TV?h?- I ^ TOBMrnh I

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