Newspaper of Evening Star, September 18, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 18, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. rr tmb^b Thb Svaa la prtated on the fcM prrm* in use errth of Baltimore, Its editlor la ao 1urge ? ^ require It to be put to press at aa eertf tour, AdvertlaesBsats, therefore, should b? eat la before It o'clock m .; otherwise they may Bot appear until the next day. Noticb ? District of Colombia AdvertioesaeBb to be inaerted in tb** Biltimobb Saw are received t ud forwarded from Tas Stab OMce. ex* misation th thb qhobobtows shooti hq Cub ?Aa examination la tbe caee of Gilbert Vanderwerken, charted with shooting George BUL Jr , wea held before J notice R cover yeeterdai afternoon. J. M CarltaUs Eaq , of thla city, and Hugh Capertoa, En , of Geo?*etowB, conducted the examination on the part of th* defease Tbe In* wltaeee called waa Dr Mefrader. at Georgetown, who teatlAed aa follows : Mr Htll'i condition at thla time la very favorable. In tbe aext twenty-fear hours f-ver may arlae, aad witaeaa cannot tell what may be the reealt of thai fever Tbe patient baa a very food conatltutlon, which makea It mora frrotable for htm Hli system waa very moch prostrated from tbe abock and required to be atlmuUted. It waa nervoui aroatranna There la now a favorable reaction. aad at preeeat there la aothtag to Indicate a fatal raaalt Dr SnydfT, of Georgetown, called ?Saw Mr. Hill yeetorday, about fifteen mlnntea after tbe obootlog. He had three gunshot wounda?one of which waa very alight, only breaking the akin of the knock Ira on tbe right Band, between tbe Index and middle flngera; another wonnd waa la the left aide of the abdomen?low down?and tbe ballet aeema to bare passed ont Just above the creat of the hip bone. The waapon making auch a woond must hare been held nearly In herixontal line?not moch depreesed or elevated It waa rather a aoperficlal wound There waa a large artery near tbe track the bnllet must hare taken; bat If tbe artery had been aevered there would hare been conaldurable hemorrhage .which there waa not In thla case; tbe third wound waa made by a buHet which entered a little to the left of the spinal column, peaaed through the left lower portion of the abdominal cavity, and came out about half way between the hip bone and save!?s little Bearer tbe hip bone. That bullet waa probably the one found between tbe clothing and akin of tbe patient It waa a conical ball, and the only one found. The wound first described might be produced by bullet; It waa a recent wound?blt-eding? ib4 without examining eery critically witneaa bailerea be aaw the mark of burnt powder from the bullet oa the knucklea. Tbe wound aereea tbe abdomen la auperficlal. The deacendlag colon and amall lntestlnes were in danger ftom the bullet which made the laat wound Tbe patient baa had bo operation alnce the accident, and hla danger from tbe last wound could only be told at thla time from a stool. Don't think it will be known until Inflammation auperrenes unless a stool In tbe meantime affords aome indlcatlona Witness probed tbe wourd slightly to see the direction of the missile, and does not think the kid eye were hurt. Poeslbly the descending colon may have been lnjnred, but witneaa has seen no Indications yet Witness cannot with certainty determine tbe direction of the ball. If It came In contact with the colon or Intestines the patienl was In danger, not otherwlae. Mr Carlisle said that be expected to be able to prove that thla aaaault by Mr Vanderwerken wai made in self defence; but be onlr proposed to show this evening that there was nothing to indicate thst Mr Hill's life waa In danger, which be bad done by the witnesses already examined His sssoclate and blnv-eif did net want to prolong tbli examination, but they asked the release of Mr. Vanderwerken on ball to answer the charge of "Yustlce Rearer said he was In doubt as to who fired the first shot. Mr. Carllale aald he bad a witneaa present (Mr. Cbsrlea Vanderwerken) wbo would testify thai Mr. Hill fired the firat shot Justice Reaver aald that the evidence of the witness conflicts with tbst of Mr Hill, who swears positively that Mr Gilbert Vanderwerken fired first. Mr Carlisle mid that supposing Mr. Hill's testimony waa taken, could he testify with aa much accuracy, taking part in tbe fight, aa If he had been perfectly cool ? Juatlce Reaver aald that Mr. Hill seemed to be quite cool and collected. Mr. Carllale said be muat be an extraordinary man then, and aaked tbe Squire whether be thought be would be cool with him (M r Carlisle) standing la front of him with a loaded pistol firlag at him ? Suppose he was perfectly cool, and eweers that Mr. Vanderwerken fired the firat ahot, aad suppose ao one swears the other srsy, and you cone to the OMcluaion that Mr. Vanaerweracn did fire the first ahot; that Is not the question. Tbe question Is whether you will a Jmlt him to ball or not. We bare taken the physician's testimony, and only a?k Mr. Vanderwerken'a continuance on ball. Serefc Oakii called ? [Thla witness waa an artless looking young girl, spparently about IS or 16 years old, ana took the oath with great reluctance, seeming to be laboring under conaiderable excitement. cauaed by tbe novel clrcumatancee In which aha waa placed Mr. Carllale explained to her the nature of tbe oath, and that nothing waa required of ber except a simple statement of facta within ber knowl^^e, and she waa then aworn, and gare in ber testimony nervously, but apparently In a almple and truthful manner I *V ltneaa waa standing by the window In tbe backyard; ssw Mr Hill come in; be asked wbo took that door down; witness lives with Mr Vanderwerken. They were in tbe cellar, ahe waa In tbe yard, and could not aee who fired first; couldn't aee either of them; heard tbe first shot fired, and saw young Mr Vanderwerken drawback; only saw young Mr. Vanderwerken; heard the elder Mr V. call hla son to bring him bis pistol. CkarUi O Vandme'rken, (son of defendant,) sworn ?Waa present at the firing, was at tbe bottom of the steps, In the area at the rear of tbe bouae; witneaa' father was sbout two steps in front aad a tittle to tbe left of witness; wltneas firat aaw Mr Hill whsn hla father stepped to ooe side; his father stepped to the left, and be then saw Mr. Hill with a pistol, boldlag It down In his left hand; almost Immediately be rslaed the pistol ud fired at wit aeaa; that waa tbe firat platol shot fired; Is certain of that: It waa ao directed tbM witness supposed It was directed at him; after tbe first fire witness stepped to the right, so as to get oat sf the range, and don't know who fired next; sHlniaa came down behind bis ntto, and did not sea Mr HtU until bis father stepped to the left; was directly In tbe rear of tbe atore; the door eaters leto tbe main botldlng (from tne area?A/p ) a little to tbe left of the steps which go down into the arsa; tbe distance between witness and Mr. HU1, st the firing, waa sbeut the width of thla ream, (about alx or eight paces?R*p.;) if hli father had fired first, wuaeos must have sees it; wit aeaa bad bo pistol blmaelf. JtAm H JViwmts (sergeant of Metropolitan police) sworn.?Witness got three pistols; one frmn Charles Vanderwerken; saw him have It at his father's bouse sad pot it lu bta pocket when witness arrested his father: took It from him; If bad four barrels discharged; It was a five shooter. Witness saw fa Gilbert Vanderwerken's pocket what appeared to be a pistol; took It; it waa a five ahooter, and found all the barrela charged. Witneas went to Mr Hlll'a bouae, and had banded to him by Mr. Berry a platol, a five shooter, with twe barrela diacharged. Mr. G. Vanderwerken stated to witneaa that the pistol taken from him (Mr V ) did sot belong to htm, but thst be got It frees Mr. Lock wood; witneaa don't think Mr. Vsadsrwerken could bare got it after tbe affray, as It waa only five or tea mine*?s after Bring Before witneaa waa there; witneaa aaw him with the pistol before he left the house CmmtUt Tandtrtttrk** recalled ?Hla father gave the platol to him immediately after the anoot;ng waa over. Hla father called for tbe platol when Mr. Hill came, aad wltneas got it; witness bad chares of It; weat op atatrs, got U, and gave It to bis father Witness bed ae pistol about him dorlag the firlag Bmrmk OaJbaa recalled ?Ssw Mr H1U oa the third step from tbe bottom going up towarda the porch; beard Mr. Vaaderwerkea call for hla pistol; Be bad aot then aeea Mr HtU. witneaa told him (Mr. Vaaderwerkea) Mr Hill waa there WItsee* wss positive Mr Hill wee oa tbe stairs from hla (BUI'S) cellar to their (Vanderwerken'a) yard? aa the third atop. Mr. Carllale tbought nobody could bow deny that this was a clear case of aelf defence. Justice Reaver aald that Mr Hlll'a evidence waa as good aa Mr (Charles G.) Vsnderwerken's, and bs (HiU) testified tbet Mr (Gilbert) Vsnderwerkea fired the first shot Mr Carlisle wanted to know If oae was as good se the other how the Justice would decide. J notice Reaver aald (doubtfully) that be would throw them both oat. Mr Carlisle, (qalckly.)?"Thea, Squire, you mast clear my client " Serak (*h*t recalled -Witneaa repeated thai Mr HiU aaked who split tbe door dowa. Mr Carlisle urged tbe conttnunnce of hia client ea ball If, ne be trueled would not be tbe case, a fatal reealt aboald enaue, Mr could be rearrested But be hoped aad believed the only reealt weald be tbe cooling of Mr HlU'a bot Meed A little blood-letting was wholesome " Juat tee Reaver then decided to bold Mr. Vaaderwerkea booed la the anna of 93 000 for hla appearance to aaawer before the Criminal Court Meosrs W. H Teaaey, of Seorgetows, aad Btephea M Oeldea, et ibis city, are his ueeurittee Nitioiu Pue von thb Momntairr Geo vans Mr Robert Widdieombe ea tbe 10th laetaBt nreeeated to the Waahlagtoa National Monument sssjsrs? i&rs&Eae ?4 aeriatteas from filiate of thla elty aad others, with tbe view that the MM might be raised ea the Meaameat Ores ads as a tseUmoalal of petrtettem aa the part of the donotsnad of Ihelr resmttaa for lbs memory of The father of hb Cmmtoj." TrO>* -> > I Munir* or Pouca Commissions s ? FwrtKrr Apr>ointm?Mti ?At a meeting of the Board of Metropolitan Police Commissioners, held vesterdav , afternoon, the following persons were designated for trial upon the Metropolitan Police, to All ex1 istlng vacancies: I Patrolmen ? Fifth Precinct, Second Ward ? ? Albion P Harremann, Michael Healy, and Henry . C De Scbtele, in place of 8 P Robertson, R H Abbot, and W. D El wood, declined. Sixth Precinct, Third Ward-Albert W Johnaon, Eneaa Reynolds, Albert Brewer, and Rlcb'd I J Beall, In place of J. Ward, J. B Newlln, J. H. Selfert, and O.W G. Ealln, declined 1 Seventh Precinct, Fourth Ward ?Wallace W Grant, Alpbonao T. Donn, Chaa. W. Thompson, B?nj. F. Morrta, John F. Lynch, Jaa. McColgan, i and Frank Miller, In place of T.J.Fraxier, F. t Pewter, J H Howlltt, W Ringgold, and B. i Robey. declined, and P. McGrath and J.Shearer, r Ineligible i Eighth Precinct, Fifth Ward?Franklin H. [ Sage and Tbomaa Carraher, In place of W . H. Hamilton, docllned, and G. Butterbaujh, lnelr Iglble. , Ninth Precinct, 81 xth Ward ? Philip Harbin, i Wb. H Fun, and Wm Bovd. in place of G. W. Nokea, J F. Cook, and J Laaky, declined I Tenth Precinct, Seventh W:rd ?Jacob D Hnt, ton, Jamea R. Har^over, Win. Gibson, Chaa W. i Harman, and Chaa. B. Ashton, in place of R. F. McGee, J V. Dulln, W. T. Lenoir, J. R. Pierce, i and T. Puraphrev, declined. Roumdttntn.?Eighth Precinct?W. H. Mld1 dleton. in place of W. H. Hamilton, declined. Ninth Precinct.?C.C.Clark, In place of G. W. Nokas, declined. i Tenth Precinct ?J. D. Hutton, In place of R. F. McGte, declined > The allowance for forage, shoeing, nae of horaea, and wear and tear of equipments, for the mounted police of the county, waa fixed at 9350 per annum ! for each man, and the Board adjourned. Th? Whitwobth Battkby ?'The battery of Whltworth runs, presented by "loyal Americana" realdent In Europe, having been fitted up with carriage*, calaaona, limber*, battery wagona, and forge, of the I'nlted StaU-a pattern* for ?gch carriage*, modified only aa far aa waa neceaaary for the uae of theae guns, left New Yofk yeaterday for Washington, well (applied with projectiles furniahed by the donora of the guna. Upon the axle-body of each gun-carriage, In a conapicuoua poattlon, a beautifully engraved plate haa been placed, recording the loyal and generous gift, aa follows: ' Whltworth Battery," From Loyal Americana in Europe to the United State* Government, 1861. The caliber of the gun la about three Inches, and ia octagonal?the aldea of the octagon descendlng apt rally to the breech. The projectile ia conical at both enda, and the cylindrical portion ia a t spiral octagon to correspond with the bore. The cannon fa eight feet long, and loada at the , breech The company in whoae charge the guna are to be placed will need considerable practice to become familiar with the new procesa of loading; tnd when they have attained suficient dex. terlty, the hlgheat expectation* of the execution to be performed by them will be warranted, especially when the paat record of the Whltworth , gun la taken into conalderatlon. t ! CiHTiiL GtrABDHoFgg Cases ? Philip Hogan, I disorderly; fined ?4 91 Jno Thompaon, drunk; dismissed. laaiah Ellebv, Indecent expoaure; , coata, 91 centa Francis Lewla, do ; do , Si. i Michael Kantz, drunk and profane; fine, 83 94. . Antonio Carllno, drunk and disorderly; line.*5 91 , Jamea Boyd, do.; do, 82 94 Susannah Reese, fighting. do .85 94 Rebecca Ringgold, do ; do , 81 M Pat'k Shea, drunk and dliorderly; worki bouse 30 days Suaannah Keese. second time dlaorderiy; fined 82 M John Rawllngs, dlaorderiy; r do., 81 94. John Todd, drunk and dlaordt?iy; do , 81 58. Mary Mullen, dlaorderiy, and Honera , Keleban, assault and battery; held over for further conalderation Five aoldlera, drunk; turned over to the Provoat Guard. John Matlaon, deranged; t dismissed Rebecca Ringgold, second time dlaorderiy; fined 85.94 John RoberUon, col , out , after hours; do 83 94 Jos Bell, diaorderly; do. , 84.94 John Curry, drnnk and diaorderly; do. i 84 91. Conatantlne Edwarda, ?aaault; held for trial Patrick Goin, col , Indecent languigr; do. Wm. Robblna, diaorderly; confined in the cells till 3 o'clock to reatore hla temper. Peeskktation or Colors.?One of the main Incidents of yesterday, on the other side of the Potomac, waa the presentation of a splendid flag which waa aent from California, to Col Matheaon'a Flrat California Regiment. The presentatlon waa made by Mr. George Wllkea, of New York, and responded to by Col Matheaon on the part of the regiment. After the presentation wa? over, speeches were made by Senators Latham and McDougal, of California, and Paymaster General Thomas K Van Hnren. nf th?? ?* - ? ( New York. There waa a large number of ladles present,who, after the ceremonies were concluded presented each of the orators of the occasion with a beautiful boquet. This compliment being responded to for the whole bunch by General Van Buren, the whole party adjourned to a superb collation in the colonel's tent. The occasion waa a very enthuslaatlc one, and will be remembered aa one of the bright spots In the dreary path of war. Review ?tt Taoors on SortH Sid* Potomac , General McClellan and stafi spent the entire day yesterday in Virginia. During the morning he reviewed the brigade at Fort Ellsworth, and In the afternoon the brigades composing the division under command of General Porter. SecreWita Seward and Cameron, and Assistant Secretary Scott, accompanied by the ladles of their families together with General McDowell, were among ; the gratified spectators The McClellan Dragoons. Capt Cbaa Barker of 111., the body gaurd of Gen McClellan, now one hundred and thirty-flye strong, are to be Increased to one hundred and tifty-eight, with a change of uniform, In accordance with the wishes of the General After the latter review, a colli., tlon was served at Gen Porter's quarters, In ord*r to afford an opportunity to Introduce the officers under hla command to Gen. McClellan Tub Pop Bottlb Case?Yesterday, Henry Groverman,adriver employed by Messrs Crowley A Caleman, dealers In mineral waters, appeared before Justtce Glberson to snswer the charge of obtaining forty doxen pop bottles, the property of Mr. Maack, another proprietor of mineral water works. Mr Morgan appeared for the prosecution and Mr. Lloyd for the defence The evidence showed that the defendant was employed a long time by Mr. Maack, but suddenly went into the employment of Messrs. Crowley A Coleinan He went around to blsformercnstomersand gathered ap the bottles he had left, which bottles Mr Maack clslms to be his. The question of false i pretences waa argued at great length by the i counsel. The Justice held the accused to ball for court. Csibbbatioh.?Last night, the aasoclatlon of the Clay and Frontier Guards celebrated the annl; versary of the adoption of the Constitution of the Ualted States at the Thirteenth-street Baptist Church. After the perf rmance of several airs by a fine brass band, the speaker, Prof Amasa McCoy, of New York, was Introduced by the president of the association, and read an address consuming nearlv three hours In its delivery, consisting principally of sn undignified and injudicious tirade against the London Ttmts and Its American correspondent, Mr W H Russell. Upon the conclusion of the address, "Halt Columbia" was performed by the band with admirable effect, and then auch portion of tba audience ss had managed to sit out the intolerable address left with alacrity. ^ T" ,M*T0VLrS -w? T. Dove, Eaq., President of the Board of Aldermen, baa received through the State Department the resignation of James G. Berret, Esq , as Mayor of Washington, dated at Fort Laftyette on the 14th lnatant The matter has been referred to Joseph H. Bradley, esq , Corporation Attorney, for his advice as to whst action will be necessary In the premises on the part of the Corporation. Tmb Campbell'a now in their alxth week at Odd Fellowa' Hall, the longest season ever known hers for an Ethiopian troupe. To-night a great bill, with the Inimitable comedian, Frank "fan, tne "Inviaible Chorus." and other new features. Abbivbd at Carter'a wharf (foot of Thirteenthand-a-half street,) schooner Anna B Hayes, RobS Inson, Philadelphia, with 15\ tons of coal for i Messrs Caatleman & Bra. Also, schooner Chieftain, Jones, Baltimore, with 60 000 feet of lumber for Sam'l Norment. Salb or Cobdemred Hobsbs ?At the sale of condemned Government horses, on Georgetown Heights, day before yesterdsy, the average price obtained was about 830. The prlcea ranged from 37# centa to 8100 Ssluns Liqoob 10 Soloiebs.?F. M. Jarboe, grocery dealer in the First Ward, waa yeaterday morning arrested for selling liquor to aoldlera Ha waa held for a farther hearing. Wmr?HrBBT, 434 Pennsylvania avenue, furnishes superior Card Photographs, suitable for sending in tetters See his llkenesra of distinguished men, vlewa of ramps, etc. Photographs la all and water colon and pastel, from miniature to life slse. an n-eoim ! it rossiBL* that any Soldier can be ao foolish Bwtrvi. Only M eents per U?x or ?<&. salS-lv 0. IJLi'W ^AGK jjINS Batwaea WaskS&Y ^ oi NIN 4>atT o'alook and I.C. Conoce'a. eor. High Haall sta. Ge->rgstowa. at o'alook; ratarniac ^ily. ^Oa ^tonda^s.^ WemteadaTa^and^ Fridays, # . W-.. | amusements. ODD FELLOWS' ri ALL! succuss: sncEgs? SUCCRS*! SUCCESS! CROWDED HOUSES! CROWrVt D H'""*E8! flXTM WEEK HXTH WEhh of rhe CAMPBELL MtS'STRELS! CAMHRRt.l. MINMTRF.LH ! VERY MEMBER \ STAR! KVFRY MKMBF.R A STA R ! CHANGE OF PROGRAMME r!HA>QF. OF PR QO 1 * MM X EVERY NIGHT TfllS WEEK! EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK! i Admission 84 C*i?t?. re 17-lw { __ wants. CUTTER WANTED. Call at WALL, 8TEPHEN8 A CO.'S. W Pa avenue. ? 18 \J|7ANTRD?By a respectable woman, a SITU"v ATI ON aa nurw. Good referenoe oan be given. Address Hog 14 Star Offioe. it* ] V|7ANTEI?-A good CARPENTER'* TOOL ! ? CH 1 8T. Address "A. B Star Offioe. stat. int price aod where it pan b* HW. se 18-2t *17ANTEI>-Bt a respectable girl, a SITI'A- j " TION aa chambermaid and assist in washing J and ironinc, or aa nune. Address Box 16. Star Offioe, ae It St* WANTED TO BORROW-From *900 to , 300. for one year, for whioh liberal interest \ will b? given, with amp'e seourity. Address "A. , L. G.." Washington City. se 18-2aw?w ( WANTED-A famished HOUSE, in a central location. Apply at No. 339 D street between loth and nth. se 17 8t* j \TkT ANTED? Within the D. C.t wood to cut bv " the oord. and pay tak?n in wood. Address 6. V. CARPENTER. City Port Offioe. se!7 3t* j A WET NCTRSE WANTED-Appy at the offic* of Dr. W. P. JOHNSTON, No. 466 Seventh street, between tne hcnrs of 8 and 9 a m , or 13 and one p. tti. se 17 3t* < WANTED?SITUATIONS by two raupcctab'e \ nan as housekeeper either in ho 1 tel cr widower'* faniy, the other as se*rrstre*s or J o^mbennaid. Address for one week ABC, Star ! Offioe. ne 17 2t \*7 ANTED?To purchase at Whitehurst Gal- ; "V lery, a number of IENTS for field purposes: Whitehnrst is still engared in making views of ! military eroampmsnts. Military men oall and laave yonr orders se 17-3t* ; WANTED-A hundred WOOD CUTTERS to ohop cord ^oud, for which #1 per cord will be paid Apply at the Kirkwood House or at L<nthioum's Hardware Store, oorner High, near 1 Bridge ft., Geo.getown ; or, for further information. at the Star Offioe. se 13-1 w* JAMES B. LEACH. ' WANTED-A good WOMAN HOU*E-8ER- \ VANT; also, a MAN SERVANT. Both must come well recommended. Colored preferred. Inquire at 433 F st. se 9 1 WANTED?To have every body to oall at < SMITH'S. No 4 60 Seventh st., opposite Post I Office,ard pnroV>a?e their FALL and WINTER < CLOTHING, TRUNKS, HATS and CAPS, at the very lowest prices. Give him a oall. auSO-lra i WANTED. FOR THE CASH-AH kinds of ?? SECONDHAND FURNITURE AND HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES. Persons leaving the city or having a surplus will do well to oall immediately. R. BUCHl.Y, je3 48* yventh, between G and H sta. WANTED.?We are now buying SECOND- . HAND FURNITURE,STOVfiMacd BED DING,-for whioh we are paying the highest cash prices, families declining housekeeping, or having a tirplns of furniture, will find it to their , advantage to give us a nail. BONTZ A GRIFFITH, je 13-tf No. 369 7th et.. b'rtw. I and K sts. lost"and found. ~ RE WAR D ? Ptrayed away, on the lUh in?t, J a yellow bufl ilo COW with vhite^^<nM a^ot in her right shoulder. The a Vivo reward will be ptid for her return to 830 1 JEbJbm street, between 3-J acd 4X "tn., Island. se 18 3'* CONRAD WE1TZEL. , ?OK REWARD.?We will pay ?2S for the recovery of five HORSES, enoaped <cv from Latham's stabie this morning, and de- J.-Tp hvrred to us. at Clay's Hotel; or $5 (or each of said horses. They had halters on when they esoaped. and are brand**! with tlie letter B on therirht rump or under the mare. re 18-tft* BRENT A BURBRIDGE. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, Cor.tTT OF washiif?t05.~ On the 17th day of Sep- c\ tember, 861, before the subsariDer person- jJXVI ally came James Roach and made oath in due form of law that, ->n the I6*h day of September, 1861, he lookup astray H< 'RSE. on the Eastern Branch Bridge, having ?he following marks, vix: oolor dark !>ay ; 15 hands high ; 9 years old ; white apot in the right sye; so-e hack; white spot on right ore foot; all shoes off except one fore foot. teJS^.IftP' hand "d CULL.7.V: THE I'WNER OF THE AROVE HORSE 18 requested to oome forward, prove property, pay charges, and take it away. JAS. ROACH, e 18 3t* Navy Vard Bridge. ?C REWARD.?Lost on Saturday night last, ( an aooount LOOK, containing bills, reoeipts, Ao.. of no use to any one but the owner. The above rewa'd will paid for its return to me at ta<l No 10 Center Market _s* 17-3t* BERNARD GEIER. Pork Butoher. REVVARD?Str*red or sto'an from my ' premises, on the 14th in?t.,& ' rffJi white and red spcck'ed COW, freshly oalved ; she has a white face, red oars.AMk (with a hole in eaoh ear.) and the tips of her horns sawed off. Mrs. G. W. VENaBLB. ?eJ7 St* No 460 Est. STRAYED OR STOLEN-On Sunday, the 1 > * 15th ir?t, rum the oommuni, oppo site No. 434 Virginia ave? between lstjji3!k ( and 2d st'eets, a dark brown MARE,^*^ ? I with rou'd. and full forehead, eyes full showing i muoh white, windgalls on all four, sma'l soar on ? h?r right front knee and end of her tail clipped off. A liberal reward will be paid for her return "'formation concerning her whereabouts. JOHN J. HALL at the above named plao*. i se 17-2t* LOST OR STOLEN-Two Horses and Buggies, ! hired on the 14th instant by Sergt ^ Y??ng and Sergt. Soa Ion, of the 26*h Wk. Regiment N. V. Vol.: One new top Bug- nHBA gy. painted black, striped red; a little jay Mare attached to buggy. Also, a?*kaM? . sorrel horse, aSout lOa hands high, attaohed to a black buggy, with adog painted on side of buggy i A nuitab e reward will be given if returned to me. < or any mfor'^a'ion that may lead to reoovry of said horass and buggi*s. WM. C. MILLER, i se 17-3t* Cor. of Sixth and 0 sts . Washington, i LOST?rjn the evening of tha 12th of Sept.. a ' PACKAGE oontaining a Laoe Shawl valued 1 at #40 ; also, a Delaine Dress with five lilao silk i flounces, a pair of Gaiters, aad a ohild's Apron. Tha fii.d- rwijl receive a liberal reward by leaving | them at 9S6 D st se 16 3t* REWARD.?Ran away from the subsori- ] b?r, about three weeks ago, a darkc .mplected NEGRO BOY,about 18 yrarsof im age, ramed Robert Butler ; has lull black 1 eyes, lisps in his speeoh. and has a out in the Vi , fleshy part of his right foot; had on when helJ. 1 le't light linen pants acd oloth cap. The above re- 1 ward will be paid for said negro, if delivered to me or secured in jail so that! get him again ^CH^Ri'E^ L- GARDINER. . se 13-1 w* Neax Dnffield, Charles oountr, Md. J LOST? Rfwabd.?Lost, last evening, a | Colt's 7-inoh Navy REVOLVER, stiver mounted, marked " Mortimer Thomson, 1861." The < above reward will be paid to any sersnn who mar ' return the pistol to MORTIMER THOMSON. I 341 F st.. between 13th and 14th ; orto Mr Chad- < wiolc, Willards' Hotel se 11 tf 1 REWARD Will be pud for the appreheos'on and delivery to me. or seouring m < in lail of NEGRO WOMAN LOUISE; M oall* herself Louise Hanson Ske is a tall, i likely negro, quite black, well dressed, with < full sm* of hair. 8he is no doubt lurking in^SL^ i Upper Marlboro* or neWbborhood. Uhe has a bus- 1 band in Washington oity, and mar make her way i

to that place. WM. WORTHINGTON, I Near Woodvil'e, au IS Stawtf Prinoe George's oounty, Md. 1 boarding. ~ j ROA R p varal Boarders oan be aoeommo J dated, with or withoat Rooms, in a verv plesg* ant location, at No. *03 1 street north, between 6th , and Tth sta. aeis-lt* ] educational. ! PL^A?I V,IEW SEMINARY.-TheduUes ' of this School will be resumed on the seoonc ?1P.??-?iLn?w0pt?.mhfru Terms tl? for board and taition in the English branches for year of ten Hyatuville. Pri^Ge^rg^^ M'd. 1 i Olassea in Vocal Musio on Monday next, ^ptember 9th at her residenoe. No. 436 Eleventh street, i between H and I sts. Terms made known oa asphoation. se 2-lmeo SCHOOL FOR ^ Miss M. P. September next, resume her School at her re sideuce, No 21 Indian* avenue ghe ha? made 1 rangsments to raoeiva a limited number o( pupils ; aa boarders. aa 27-?6w I fa" h,ll sanTO.80"00'" ! At Sahst SraiM. Ms. This Institution, whioh has b*ez in noeessfal I operation for the past ten years, will oor-.menoe its < e. sui eg regular term ou the 1st of the le mo fO?- I tober) next. For oiroulara. contami* g further information in regard to the sohool, apply to ^ ^ IwAL H. FARQUHA*. aa?l-aol?* Olney p. o. ? CSMITH'P, No. 46* Seventh street, u the beat ?MiVU.Ean;.pAR.^.f^g! pri?a ; ae?-lm . JJOMB-HADB MOOJJB AJKD SHOES, FOE SALE AND RENT._ fOR RENT? Part of a hu^itn* STORE. i? r an exoellent location, on P*. avenae. Woild be v?>ry suitable for military equipments. Address K. T . City Poet Ogee se 18 St*_ |T?OR RENT-A two-?-tory BRICK HOUSK. " -ith ka??No. 339 Nineteenth at.. between I *r,d K iU? First Ward. The locality is very healthy, the neighborhood genU-el. Inquire on the rr?nii?cs. ss 17-3t* L^tiK SAt.K-A FARM, containing 80 aores of ?ood land, on the Oeonttrwn ud Rockville Turnpike,9 miles from the former plvse, in a rood reirhlorhood. Lo nation very he*ithy. Exeel.en' water, good fruit, fto. Inquire on th* premiset, or ad-tress HKNRV HA1GHT, Rotkn'le. Montgomery oocnty. Md. ? 17-lw* K?UR RENT?< Furnished or unfurnished>, a T ojinmodioaa BRICK DWKL ING HOUSE, lituated at the oorntr oi Twenty-first and H its. north. Apply on the premise. ae U 3t P>R RENT?The large three-story BRICK HOUSE No 94, oon'aintng IS rooms, with gas ?nd water; aleo, the adjoining Hoaae. No. 99, with similar advantages, to be ranted with or without farniture ; alao, House No. S3. Apply at No. 99 Pennsylvania avenue, between Slat and ad itreeta. se 16 St* [?OR RENT?A BRICK HOUSE, on Eighth r street.(No. 9TI.) between M and N, suitable for a small family. Possession on the lat ctOolober. Apply to J. KIRK WOOD, oaraer of F and Twelfth ?ta. ae 14-tf FURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT, at No. F 4SO Twelfth at, east aide, between 0 and H ita. The locality ia nnsurpaaeed in this city, and .he rooms are among the most comfortable. No children in the houee. Every attention gaaran?ed. Terms moderate. ae 13 Iw ro& RENT?A STORE on PennsylvaniaaveI nue, and Fixtures for sale. Apply at this < fS?e ae 11-3W K70R RENT-HOUSE 409 Pennaylvania av., a over the bookstore of Franok Taylor?a place for a professional man se 4-tf FOR RENT?A substantial three story BRICK HOUSE, with large lot adjoining, situated on Third street east, two doora from C street north, >n Capitol Hill?a very healthy location, and price >f rent to suit the present times. Possession given immediately. Inquire of Mr. BACON, next door; srot Miae M. C. LINCOLN, 301 Pa. avenae, >etween 9th and loth sta. au 15 6weo* |70R RENT?The north HOUSE of the row of I; new four story houses on Fourth at , between D and E ste.. No. 3SS, fronting the City Hall iquare. Possession given immediately. Apply to WILLIAM H. PHILLIP, Attorney at-Law, No. to Louisiana avenue. ma 11-eotf HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS.II Four handaomely Furnished Rooms, aapplied with caa and water, and convenient to the Patent and Post Office Departments, for rent. Apply at 490M Maaaaohmetta avenae, north aide, between Ith and 6th ata. ma 33 GEORGETOWN ADVERT^MTS The scholars of west georgetown Sunday School will rive a Vooal Concert on THURSDAY EVENING, Sept. 19, trie Churoh, oorner of Seventh and Fayette sta., jommencing at 8 o'clock preciselv. Adm ssion '5 cents ; children 10 oenta. No tiok>ts will be sold, Payment at the door. ae 16 4t MASSEY, COLLINS A OO.'S , . I PHILADELPHIA bRAUVHT. Expected this day, per steamer J. Jerome? $00 barrels XX DRAUGHT ALE, 40 do. XXXX do. do. ino h!f.-bbls. do, do. do. Whioh on arrival will he for rale. Terms cash on delivery. AHNY A SHINN, ml Union Depot,Georgetown. Jm UST RECEIVED10 hhds. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS W) bbls. Old Rye WHISKY, 3*> bbls. HERRING and ALKWIVEB, 10 bbls. Crushed and Refined SUGARS, 30 hags Rio and Java COFFEE, 10 hhds.(low priced) MOLASSES. For sale by JOHN J. BOGUE. ae 1# ^^0 INTERIOR DECORATIONS, J'Ai'ERHANGINGS, all grades and prices: WINDOW SHADES. PICTURE CORD and TASSELS. GILT OVAL, PIC I l.'RK FRAMES, to., at J. MARKRITER'S. No. 4S6 Seventh St., 8 doors aLa*-e se 11-101?if Odd Fellows~all. Headquarters roR INDIA BTJBBEK Q00DS. OFFICERS, PRIVATES, TEAMSTERS, DRIVERS, and others. Can find the LARGEST uU BEST ASSORTMENT INDIA RUBBER GOODS :hat there is in the oountry, whioh will be aoid at MANUFACTURERS' PRICES, AT UALL&. WEEKS' india rubber warehouse, 30S PlNXSTLVANIA AVXKDK, Etticetn Nintk and Tutk Struts. N. B.?SUTLKR9 and DEALERS supplied at ewest New York Prioes. ae 13 tf SEALED PROPOSALS, till the 26th of September, If6l, at 13 o'o'ook rn., are invited, for fur- I ushin^tho Subsistence Department with ISO tone I The Hay to be delivered in Waahington at such plaoeas the Government mar direct The quality to be equal Ui the best and to ooasist of timothy aod clover mixed The Government reserves to itaelf the right to I reject all or any of the bids, and for any oause it I iiar think proper. Payment for said Hay to he I made in Treasury notes if Government desires to I In so The Hay to be furnished ia bales of from 15 > to 10) lbs., and the weight of wood and wire used in baling to be deduoted I The bi ts to be directed to Captain A. BECK- I WITH, C. S., U. 8. A , and endo ted "Proposals I for Hay." ae 14 SEALED PROPOSALS are invited ti I the26th O of September, at 13 m , for supplying CORN to Ihe Subsistence Department of the Arrov. The Corn to be in the ear, and to be delivered in Washington City,at the Cattle Yard on Monjment I iquare. Bidders are requested to atate the prioe per 100 be. of ears I About luo.noo pounds of ears will be reqnired, to I !>e delivered one-half by the lOtn of October. 1861, I ind the whole tehvery to be made during the I month of Ootober. The bids to be directed to Captain A. BECK- I WITH, C. S , U. S. A., and endorsed "Proposals Vr Corn " se 14_ Depot quartermaster'* office. WASHineTOif.D. C., <*ept,9,1861. I Sf&Lis Pkoposals will be reoeived at this office intil 12 o'olock m., 30th instant, to furnish the | iroops in this oity and its vioinity north of the Potomao river, wrhin (6) five miles of the city of I Washington, with Woo?, for (6) six months, I K>mm*noing 1st day of October, t86l, and ending I )n the 31st day of Maroh, 1862. The wood to be of I he best quality of oak or biakory, and to be deliv- I sred at the camps or quarter* of the troops, in I >uoh quantities aad at such times as the Depot I Quartermaster may direct Good security will be required for the fulfilment I >f the contract The bids to be for so much per oord of wood. I oonsiating of (138) one hundred and twenty eight I oubio feet, and to be endorsed "B ds for Wood," I knd the names of the aeoarity to be stated in the I aids The undersigned reserves to himse f the I right to rejeot all bida that may be deemed too I high. Payments to be made at the end of each month, I 5y returning the orders drawn on the ooctrantor or I xontraotora with reoeipta of the Regimental or I Brigade Quartermasters of regiments, brigades, I >r?orps, endorsed on the back of aald orders for I the amount of wood delivered. I ? J D. H. RUCKER, ae 11 td Quartermaster U. S A. SEALED PROPOSALS are invited till the30th C5 day of September. 1861, for aapplying the Army ?f the Potomao with PO1ATOES. Abont bushels will be required, ia lo>a of aboat 8 889] tmshela per week. The Potatoes to be of first aality and equal in qnality to the following iinda: I Meroera (blue,) Gink Eye, [eroersf white.) The Potatoes to be delivered in Washing ton, and rabieet to suoh inspeotion on delivery as the Sub- I liatenoe Department may require, and payment to I be made in Treasury notes, if Government should leaire it. The Potatoes to be delivered in goo<1, strong barrels, and eaeh bushel to be estimated at 60 lbs. The bids to be direoted to Caat A. BECK- I WITH. C. U. 8 A.. Waahington. D C se 3 W'HITE MERCER POTATOES. " prime, ripe, AND MEALY, TO Q4U AR rtR M*ASIKRS "uK REGIMENT*. You waat to keep your men healthy; I rou cannot do this without giving them food Po tatoes. Theee yon can get at Steel A Go's, i 16 Pennsylvania avenue, oorner ofSeoond street TO GROCERb.?You want to please yoar oua- I tomera, and indcee them to sail again, and reontn mend yoar stock to th ir friends Then oall at | B'eel A Co's, and bey what Potatoes you need, I sither for yoar owe consumption or lor aale They I ^^ol-EL^D RESTAURANT KF.EPER8. Do yoa want to eleeee tob' guesto jtnd aokle their I Rlatea i Then bay Potatoes offtael A Co. By I ing so three parties will be benefited?the seller, I itaadmg, taken at par. . m JgLfSggjga^arPIANOB, PI AN Ob. riA"0?,-N?<r Pl.u. SJ'." swas'ttMSr- r 1 t telegraphic; news another malicious secession plot. Cisciuhati, Sept 18 ?Laat night the train containing a portion of Col. Torchln'a Nineteenth Illino!*, paasln- a bridge near Huron, Indiana, fell throngh, killing tenor fifteen, and wounding In the neighborhood of one hundred. It li boll eved that the bridge bad been weakened by malicloua partita LATER FRUM CALIFORNIA. Sr. Louis, September 18 ?The Pony Express has arrived, and bring* newa that aa emigrant party, numbering a hundred peraona, and embracing women and children of four famlllca, were maaaacred by the Indiana at Grove Lake, on' the northern route. There are no particulars. FROM KANSAS. The Fight between Ratna and Montgomery, near Fort Scott. Chicaoo Sept 10 -The Leavenworth, Kanaaa the following nccountaof the late engagement between Rains and Montgomery. On the 2d Inatant a rebel force of andh d * UT?er approncbed Fort Scott, ~ Rhl7 mol<* belonging to the government, killing the teamaW A meosenger was ^ patched to Montgomery, who had five fundred "e Pu ued for eleven ml lee, killing aev. eral of his men, when coming upon the m*ln body of the ererrjr, the battle commenced Ral na was provided with cannon, while Montgomery had only one howitzer. The fight iaeted two hours, when Montgomery slowly retreated, keeplng up a running light until nightfall. The enemyjyrn? reported, by the prlaonera taken, to have numbered two or three thouaand Twenty-three negroea bad been declared free under Fremont proclamation, being the property of a rebel leader. ' r 7 Colonel Cook, with 1.800 regulars, left Fort Loralne, on the 2d inatant, for Fort Leavenworth. The Mnrylaad Leglalataro? * Qneram net Present Fax?*nicx, Sept 17.?Thla la the dav fixed for the meeting of the adjourned epeclalaeaaion of the Legislature. So far, not more tnan twenty-five member* of the two Houaea have reached here Both Houaea will meet and adjouri till to-mor. row The Impreaalon la they will be unable to either adjourn, finally, or transact buatneaa for want ot a quorum. [ancoifo dibjatc* 1 Fa.Diaick, aept. 17, P M -The Houaa met at one o'clock Meaara Salmon. Kepler. Gordon, Maokubbln. Jones, of Talbot, Straughn, Ourant Mclntvre, Long, Leene and Mile, answered to their namea. Meaara Fiery and Nalle were In town, but did not go to the Houae. On motion of Mr. Long, the Houae adjourned till noon to-morrow. Sewati ?The Secretary, Mr Kllgour,remained in the Senate Chamber until two o'clock, when, no Senator appearing, he called the roll, and an' nneed the Senaie adjourned till noon to mor row. Meaara Rlmmell. Nuttleand Bradley were'tbo only Senators In town. They declined entering the chamber until some of their colleagues arrive who are expected to-night. Sklrnaiah at Sharpabnrg [Correspondence of the Baltimore American ] SH**pgBcto. Md , Sept 10 ?A skirmish occurred near tbia place on Friday and Saturday last On Friday the Rebels appeared in large numbers In Shenherdstown and commenced firing muskets, and killed a valuable horse The loyal troops returned the fire from this aide, with, It la supposed, some eflect After a abort time the Rebela brought out aeveral cannon, when Col Anderson displayed two of bis guns, which be planted on Doudan Hi 11,opposite Sbepberd?town and opened with ball and grape, which soon auenced the Virginia battery and destroyed several bouses A flag of truce was sent from the Rebels proposing a ceaaatlon of firing, and since then all la quiet Frem Kentucky .,F*A*l,OKT> 17 ?A message from Gov JVlcGoffin communicates to the House a telO-rrauh li n[le***?f' from (ieneral Zolicoffer, announcing that the ssfety of Tennesaee demanded the occupation of Cumberland and Three Long mountains, Kentucky. That he had done ao ana should retain the positions until the Federal force* are withdrawn and their camps broken up. The Governor also transmits a message from Lieut Governor Reynolds of Missouri, aakln* what course Kentucky Intended to take, cons? quent upon the Federal occupation of the M lssls.tppi below the month of the Ohio, and violating Kentucky's neutrality Threatened Attack ea Padncnh. Cai*o, Sept. 16 ?a deserter from the rebel 9*1"P. '* Columbus Ky . reports that on Friday . i ^ rebels, numbering 10 000, under General tlon^u P?Hd m*rch'ng ?fders Their deatination was Padncah. He also reports that Jeff Thompson'* forces are at Belmont/Mo . ST ?.f.,tb^ ,leamer John Gault, which waa seized by the Government s few days alnce at Padncah, were released yesterday. ' o A.r~ce. of H0" ,nfantr*. with four pieces of n/n i rT *k.L,*ht^rtlller'r' undrr rommand of Co Oglesby, made a reconnols?>ance|below i Mo ' on ?*turdav, and saw 3U0 rebels, who fled on the approach of our troops. Cnptnre of a Fedoral Steamer and Re. C*"aVt r?d7 L S St Louis, Sept 10.?On Monday night laat while a government steamer, name unltnowt' wss conveying a number of prisoners from l^x-' lngton to Fort Leavenworth for their better se I ?! v br?ke her rudder when between Mill and Kansas city, and waa obliged to land J Shortly after reaching anore a company of Jaekaon county secessionists ssised the, releas d iSuKSp,,*" '?"V Mer.l Reported Advance ( Gra Johnson, with a R""u' DaniiKSTow.i, September 10 ?Reports are curvi ?f?re^.al G#en John,0,> ! moving up on the intending to cross the Potomac. Some reports state hta force as high aa thirty-fi ve or forty thouaand. If heeatays the attemptlbowever, hla advance will be met In a becoming man ner Gen. Banks 1. fully prepared for enSrg"The Illinois Freas on the Presldeat?a Letter to Fremont. CmcAoo, 111., Sept. 10 ?The Trlbunn (rep ) of ldlnp.? ia o'tlcle on the President a letter to Gen. Fremont, saying that it takes away the penalty of rebellion and leavea the war ^ 'or roatual assassination ter fe.H^l V,Birr^dent) condemns the let'J1 ??" will have a bad effect In Mlaseurl wni i ie^ng ,hat backvrard steps at this time will lead to no good result. Anniversary Celebration sf the Adoption of the Federal (eastttntton k .D1LFH'A' 17 ?The celebration of Kr"ar5L?-tbe Constitution was marked here by firing aalutes at aunrlae and at ? ain ? Gl"rd' Paraded, mustering o l?en' e??rted the orator of the day S? JhS!I Dallaa, to Independence Square! Before the proceoaion reached that point, however. ra,? but without sffecU ing the ardor of the millUry. , Snhscrtptlon to tho National Lsna PiTTsntma, 8ept. 10-The subscrlptlou to the ^ wu ?Pen?d in thla cltv, and a good start waa made Twenty-nlne aubacrlbert took S145,000 of the loan. ?Over S900,000 waa subscribed to the National Loan by our cttixena yesterday Stx New Englnad Regiments. Bostoii, Sept 10 ?General Butler had an Interview to-day with Governor Andrew and Senator WHaon, and will immediately set about raising all New England reglmenta for apeelal service. . wm Prohnbly be held in furtherance of the object. One of John Browa'a Men Killed . . ?^>u,*?8?P*- W ? Among tho killed by the Little Platte river bridge dlaaater, waa Barclay Copp|?,?f thei John Brown raid notoriety, together J* ? ? T? *.* m#n h,?<who were on route to Join Montgomery'a Kanaas regiment. wh h?. and wood. elunxatlow ,rioes for sash. WohiesnSV atS15 Wo will self i* at 2S oonta Mr ten . I. FRANKLIN, scientific ahb practical optioiajt, I PI.J.J.UL;. t 44 Poan'nny.,moith IdeJbTltth nad wk ste. gasKss ?,~rw""u:r'0"- ?rt> SECOND FDlTJOV THREE U'( L(KI F M OUR MILITARY BUDGET. MILIT111 *rroi!STNa?TS The President this morning iud? the follow log appoint menu for irw Keiturky hrtrade now mdy to take tb* ield, at a portion of Gn Anderson'* command : MsJ W 7. Ward, of Keateckr, Major Geaeral Flrat Rrglnnl?John H. Ward, of Rowling Green, Ky., Lieutenant Colonel, ju H Carliale, Major Second Regiment?Kd H. Ilobsoa Colon*! John Carltole, Lleuteaa.tCoto.el; W? -|Ty Major. Third Regiment?Wade Velagaa, Cotoaal. Z C. Ed war da, Q uartermaster; J 0. William* Commissary aaiBHiaa at sxwbca. [Special correapondeace of the Star 1 Skmbca, Md . Sept 17 ?Capt Spooable! of the New York 34th Regiment (Cat. Ladew), aad eight men crooned the Potomac laat night belewWenear Darby 'a mill?for a recoaaolseaee la Dixie While acoutlag, they Ml ia with a squad of*) or 3? secessionists, whea a abarp aklrmlah aaaoed On oar-fide, Corporal Rob Grecey wan killed aad Corporal Zogg wounded We have M mesas of aacertalnlag If the Confederate* laat any men, bat hare good reaaon to bell ere they did. Whea oar little force retreated to the river, they dlicww'd that the Confederate* bad stole. tbatr boat. They were obliged to awlm the river, and tbla mora log all bat two have com* la. Corporal Zagg la a French veteran, and acquitted hlmaelf admirably He warn tbe river with hta gun nad oqnlpmenta on bla back, although he waa suffering from a never? wound In the cheek. Tbla morning n aectlon of tbe Rhode lalaad battery. under Llent. Tompklna, threw eight or tea bella Into a body of Confederate* opposite here, auppo*ed to have among them tbe parties who attacked our boya laat night; aad tbe aoamparlng waa beautiful to be bold. Brig. Gen Stone la now acting Major Geaeral, having command of Gaa. German?s aud General Lander'a brigade*. Fletcher W ebater baa one of tbe finest regiment* of Massachusetts boya la tbla aectlon LATEST NEWS BY TELBORAPH. Ar f 41119 AT r nEDLHIl K* [Mall Corrcapondence of tbe Aaaociated Press] FasDiaicK, September 17, p. m.-laamtdi ately after tbe force waa gone through with yeaterday afternoon of ealllag tbe roll aad adjournment, an unuaoal *tlr took place la tbla comma nity Companies of tbe Wisconsin Regiment were observed paaatng through tbe city la different dlrectlona, and aoon It waa found that the city waa walled In ao far a* an outlet waa ceaceraed No one could paaa out without a paaa from tbe Provoat Marshal, wboae office waa aooa crowded wltb an excited throng of people, who had been topped and turned back, ia themeaatune, Lieutenant Carmlchael, of tbe Baltimore police, waa moving quietly about with bla olBcera, accompanied by a aquad of military, making arrests? commencing wltb oSlcera of tbe Lcglalatare, and especially tbe Clerka, who contended that th< y would keep tb01egislative machine going until a quorum abould arrive. Tbe Clerk of tie House, Milton Y. Kldd, aad bis assistant, Tboa. H Moore, could not be found unill late la tbe evening, but they were Anally arrested. Tbe Clerk of tbe Senate, Mr. Kllgour, aad bla assistant, Mr. Car wick, were also found after much difficulty, and taken to tbe same domination. Messrs Uordea aad McCubbla, of Allegany, were next taken; aad aooa Messrs. balmoa aad Durant were In duranoe vile. An effort waa tbea made to find Messrs Keasier aad Mills. At a late hour Mr. Kessler was arreeted, bat Mr. Mills, st Isst accounts, bad aot been takea. Tbe aim of tbe officers waa to arrest all members who voted for Mr. Wallls's famous report; about 30.00U copies of which were yesterday seised aad appropriated for camp use?, as belag a treasonable document. During tb* afternoon tbe Union member* of tbe Senate and Houae met la caucus, aad reaetved that tbe action of tbe Senators present la aot as sembllng, having virtually brought tbe Leglalature to an end, they would retarn to tbelr homes and not agala attempt to reassemble Mr. Leag waa, In tbe meantime, delegsted to prepare a brief statement to be signed ana published by tbe members present. The arrest of tbe clerks will prevent tbem from calling the roll, and so tbe Legislature la at aa end. Several of tbe roost noisy snd active secessionists In town have been arrested. The prisoner* remained In the guard-boase all algbt, and will be removed to Fort McHearf la tbe morning. AFFAIRS UP RIVER [War Correspondence of the Assoc is ted Preea.] Rockvilli, Sept. 15?It Is curreaUy staled thst sn Important conference eras held here yesterday, at which were preaent several high military gentlemen. The arrest of Messrs Bonle, Brewer aad Young, has stricken terror Into tbe Secemlon rsnks of our community, and it la said that some of tbe leadlng'4,Pesce men" are expecting to be arrested likewise. Tbe remaining mutineers of th* New York 1Mb, twenty-three la number, are to be aeat to Baltimore to-day, aad forwarded tbeaoe to Tortugaa Tbe original number waa two baadred * and two, bat tbe remainder have returned to tbelr duty and allegiance. Yesterday waa amoag the hottest days of ths season For s-vprai boars the thermometer stood at 90 la a cool and shady location. Oae of tbe prisoner*?tbe Rev. Mr. Wllaea, of Baltimore?was Invited to conduct religious ceremonies in tbe eacampmeat of tbe Fifth Connecticut, but be declined to do ao. Reports sre current here thst Johssoa is moving op on the Vlrglnis side of tbe Potomac, with a stroag army, latendlag to crow the Potomac Some state hla force aa high aa thlrty-flvs to ferty thousand If be eaaays tbe sttempt hi* advance will be met la a becoming maaaer. Tbe number of lmportaat political prisoners now held by Provost Marshal Stoae, of the Fifth Connecticut, Is twelve. Tbe cases of several sabers have be*a disposed of. The number of prisoner* conftaed by edict of courts martial Is comparatively small, considering the magnitude of the army. DA.RasTOWH, Sept It ?It was ualsitssil to(fay that Geaeral McCIellaa weald arrive here to-morrow, on his way to review the army at the upper Potomac, bat reliable laforaaatloa l*ads to tbe appreheasloa that a future oceaslea will be selected for that purpoas. On Satardsy laat a scoutlag party creased the Potomac st the moath at tbe Haaeea creak aad penetrated the ceaatry la tbe direction of Lass burg. R sac blag aa elevated point, where a lew days before s rebel eacampmeat bed beea rhd'rl by the Sd Rhode Islaad battery, they dtsOactly saw three reglmoats of infantry drilling aa the Leesburg fair groaads These reglmeats, they were Informed by a negro, were Misstssippiias, while s fourth regiment from that Stats had matin led and disbanded Information waa also derived that there wore other large bed lea at rebels la that saetlsa, aad that unless supplies of salt. eiRi, ete , wars shortly received, great distress would sasoe to both army sad families. The scouts saw aet a lielng being, saoept the negro, ia the ceaatry they bed traversed The wbest bad besa Isiiidsi, bet the ?era he Ids were drying ap aad overgrown with weeds. From tbe bast information obtoiaabis, year perre*p iidmt has bat little deaotthatJehaaoa'a army, aew apparently movlag la deSall Ram oppesiw Washingtoa towards this wettaa. folly usiibss, U H does as* evea saeeed, ths klrM estimate glvea by the pablto writers. Neither is it tnsgafcaojMt.'d Ja^wawll^MUeevw teareei of tbe MonoaMf with tie view ef ^fttssaptlag to reach Frederick and preSoet tbe Lagtalatarewml e they aaaa the sedlsaaeeof secoostoa, treating to SSrSgrcSfE!? washsa the Uslea army Bits tbls ms* ? st gSSBSSSStSP

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