Newspaper of Evening Star, September 18, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 18, 1861 Page 4
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THE f.'VKMfVfj STArTT a psalm for fast day. From * multitude of "eeraen written for lb? , oreaeion," we turn to Watson's Paalma and If vmna, that good old b?x>k. whtehbut a few yeara a< nee had place next to the Bible In every Christian family, and And a paalm ao exactly fitting foe the present hour that we copy It In preference ' 4* o? ArOrJn BOW ill hind : PSALM LI. By Isaac Watt?? r*n?? : WIn d sor. Lord, but Thou cut tbe nation off? Matt we forever mourn ? Wilt Thou Indulge Immortal wrath * Mall mercy ne'er return * The terror of one frown of Thine Melli all our strength away; Like anen thnt totter, drunk with wine, We tremble in dlamay. Oar Nation tremble* at Thy stroke, And dread* Thy lifted band 1 . Oh, heal the people Thou haat broke, And save the sinking land. Lift up Thy banner In the field, For tboae who fear Tby name; Defend Thy people with Thy ahleld. And put our fue* to shame. Q6 with our armies to the fight, Their guardian and their Mod ; In vain Com fed'rat > power* unit* Against Thy lifted rod. Our troops ah*ll gain a wide renown By Thine assisting hand; 'Tts Ood who tread* the mighty down, Aad make* the feebl? stand. Wailiki Wrr ?[From the N Y Leader J ?Down la Davis* Locker?Colonel Corcoran. ?The Newspaper Account of the Bull Run Affair?Racy, of course. ?Not a War Price?The Missouri General. ?Work for a Patriotic Undertaker?To bury the differences between tbe .North and South ?Query, by a Perplexed Abolitionists.?Why does tbe south want to sell it* bonds ? ?Motto of Seward's Frleuds?Where there's will, there's a way ?Mavor Kerrett'a Motto at Fort Lafeystte? Never aay dye ?Beauregard's Policy?A gun fn the buah Is worth two In the hind ? What the Mayor of Washington must do Grin and Ber rett. ' ?What the Shoddy Contractors ought to get? C^On? of the Pilte County, (111 > boyt over at Louisiana found an old.iiarktv 1 o the wo. dv who bad beard that secession property to he confiscated, ac t therefore commenced by executing the order upon hlms If. He surrendered to th? Invader, and gave * history of hiimelf, concluding by saying: "Gorrv ! ira?*a, I'll brack your bnota, brush yourclo-e, brin^ your water?doan.-tlng yon watt me, if you'il only contlsticate de ?la omao ' . fT^ls John Boll's motive in b^friendlntj the ^->?th, one of mercy! M-rcy? Nary!? Vanity FiMir. y OL'fii /VSTftTurJi'Hi* ? i IT rwn r\ * iro ? . K.*AiXiiiTvr i/AI 0 VaoM T3? Uhxtm Statu. St?*f*?r*. Ltav*. For.*' !>?*<. Coiure** New York_. Havre Sept 1# C. of Baltimore .New Y?rk....Liverpool.. Sept 21 Hamrnonia. \e v York.. .Hamburg...Sept21 Amo* .New York Liverpool . .Sep; 25 Kang%rof.. ...New York...Liverpool.. Sep?i8 New Yorn .New York... Krainea ?i*pt 28 F.uropa Hot:?" Liverpool....Oot 2 Great EMttrn ...New YorS... i.iverpot l. .Oot 5 Ker?ia .New York...Liverpool.. ..Oct ! Nitftrv.-^ .rtoaton Liverpool Oc' 16 A?ia.... .New York ? Liverpool... Oot 23 Bremen .New York....Bremen Oot26 Fao* Krsop? An|!o?uoa Liverpool Quebeo Sept 5 EnroM. Liverpool fiu?ton. *epi 7 Greet fcUutera . Liverpool.... Wew York. Sept 1? Svjonia. South'pton.. New York...Sept 11 Liverpool. ...New York -8 ptl4 F\*.toa Sueth'pt >a?New York, .testis \ |f T*f? I .iUOrnn. .1 *- ' ^ _ - - - - . . . ? vi grVv?i , >. J*' 'BlUQ ? *8^1 21 ' ?ia .Liverpool....New York _8ejt 38 Bremer. :k>uth,pU>n...Nflw York..?Oo5 2 The California mail ateam'ra :>>av? New York o* tke let, Kta, and 31 at of every month. m! <i?i :-6o fc? t'.?? Pcu/ie'a Cio'hint Store, O. 400 Peveeth atreet. opponire Post Otfioe, aadexamine mat new stock <>f FALL. CLOTH INO. 1KLNK.S. HATSara CAPS, ail for aale at UM lowest Mrw York prioes au S*-1m W?UV?' CLOTHING. K Have received witnin tna iaat day or two larce assortment ol BOY-tf' SPRING CLOTHlNj*. embracing ail styles of low-pnoed, mei'ium, (flF*ne *uainie?, woida we areaeilin*> wv puoea tor cash. WALL., 9TEPHEN8 A CO., 393 Pa. between 9tn and loth its. a a MEta!!ic*no?r *nJ R opnh'ie*n.> GIBBS' HAIR STOKE, No^S'J Pa. AV..BFT 11TH AND 13TH sts. PK&PVXSKY. tc. BRAIUS.CUKL8.W16S. HALF Wi^S. FRlZETTES, Ao. A lull itooc always oa han-1, or mad; ro order at the *hortest aoUoe. Hair VVorl repaired or exchanged. N, B.?Ladle#' Hair Dyeu m the most natural ma ? tir YWOOD AND COAL. OU Will sorely ret your rmmey's worth by oaiuac at the P1UN ht H M I f.Ls, low.twui cor Mr ?r Stvctud ttr?et and Caaoi, JfiEO. PA6E, St.) They sell ohea^r and five better treasure *r:y others ia tne oity?cut, split. aau delirfree of ohar?e. If ?oo uo? 11 ebere ? 1 re loneer Mill* atria., a&d be aattiSed. t-U.r P~O T A r O K S! POTATOES! SOywn bushels pnir.e Western Mercers will be eo.d this eason at No. ? Pennsylvania av.. corner of Sjo ->nd ?t- First car load arrived to day. bi .e q t a trial. aaJ we snail rive you satisfaotaoa. Oaio, lidissa tnd Ksumakt moiMi* in J I ? staaJ og. taken at par. Mg-'f J W. STEELE A CO. SUMMER CLOTHINGAt Ranccac Paic*?. W?offer our !a?re assortment of thin SUMMER CLOTd(N6 at reduced pri'es. oar stock embraooe all itriea and Qualities of Gentlemen, youth*, and Boy a* Wearing Apparel, of the moat deeirabie and f?ehionabi? *ty:e?. AW>. SHIRTS and FURNISHING GOODS m great variety Clothing inid ? to order at the shortest cotioe. VTALL. STEPHENS A CO., 3'i2 Pennsylvania avenue, jyH flnt'l * Ree > h?i. <M!> and 10th staI1 CAUftlAOfcS. A HE Sutieenbor having made addiuana to hie factory, making it nov oae <4 the larteat^ n in the District, wh?ro hi* faeiiiheiMJUHift: for menu lac tar lug CARRIAGES vjB w Ml LIGHT W\GONS of ait kinds uaonot be sur paaeed, and from his long experience in the buaiaeee, he hopes to give general satisfaction. Alt kinds of Carriages and Light Wagons kept on A,. REPAIRS neatly doae, and ail orders promptly attended to. Weeond hand Carriusi ukm i* ??"!> "?? _ _ ? . ? ivi MVOBM. ANDREW J. JOYCE, d U tf corner of Frmr???r>tb and R *tA. IS A1 lUt'ui.U I'Art.l uFKiCE, /0\ C ST2KKT, X X V Bitk 94 the. Rational Hotrl. V W M .14 lih?:al adv&ueea m&d-9 oa ?>old And liver WitfliM. Damon ?, Jewe rr. Silver w?re,Clothing. Pnt<>:?, au>! nil icm-i* of Meichamlne. DutiBNi ?l/lCt T COOhu?Dtl*i. ISAAC ii fcRZUKRG, 331 C uHm Hotwfrwn 4>j %n<t <th tU. ARMV ""fflPkETW,TED(To^i HAliSAOMEAT, Mioui FRESH TOMATOES, 48 * Mm FKKSH VEAL, S60 cab? H h EF.a la mode, 24) OA nA KOAST BEL-, HO cadi tKF.SH MUTTON, >4l?M BEEF Ar d OKAVY, *Oe*aa sOLPl^a BOLILLl. SO OA*M FRENCH DEDICATED VE6E TAKI.KA For aale at New York Faotory prioea. KIN? A BUKCHLLL, Ml Coni'r ' a>d ? i*???nth atTrufi I fNlOfN PAPER ANi> KN VKLOPfc*.-! wen U ty different aty lee of Nou and Lotter Paper, With tare o?*e to matofc. View* of Washington in the form of a Ruee.and U Hook form; ai?o, eoparate All Ue Daily acd Weekly Papon oon?tanUy on kaod. Herald. Time*,and Tribune reoetvedevery IliMltiu'o.oct niyi f-o?o all porta of Ike eon ntry. B?v*. '* Dime Novel* atid Sonj Book*. ? AfrMh aappiy of Book* for naoer reading, A large weortment of jBTenlljjf? Mayne Reid'a i Book*, Ro'.lo Book*. Abbott'* Hietone*. Ao. A dlaooim of go to ? per oeuU on a?i boar>d oook* FRKNcH A RICHS'I KIN. I ma V National Rcmkstnra IT* Pa. ao. Hiww vsmi Mi? fffi'Sa eyrei&snfi, oja*. aa?1w LI FRKNCH A R1CH9TEIN 111 VR Jim reemved a freah a*eii? at N?t?p? Mr,C?k>r?l UuMfit rul-i ?od *?ui, wit fenfTlopoftto mftuh a!?o, l iU KftporoT ftll Jind* with ftiHwithowt MottoM; Enwopftft to mfttoh. KmrMa k>.a t'ookot Bo?ka ol *wy dftftftripUoa. A Iftrc* ftftftortmontof SlfttiOQftri. . Nt? Vor? P?r?r* roo?iT?*i aftuy; Pftf*r? bom M9?^.'s WEST END BODA FOLNT 18 to nit Ilia hiiouli adtliUoi to ft in stock of MWWim, hft fcftft ft yy?>i ftosoftMftat of TuU*? Artioft-ft. 6w CUflum. ) O^IONS-OfllOW-ONIONB. v 1 UtT EeoMr??d oft nooy tglinvot IjCO >?CObM hum Uuuu, For Ml* tow. ' KIM* * BUarnEbL. I Ml UnfMMUrtktalTiW ' SMMffAltMS** bft? jMt r?*. *?*!.-P?T?.>nt la Mtro JMM Zf r#l??K|? iMtru?i-?tt ftt ft low prie? ?-'U *? t?<Hiisi u> jftll oft ftftftmlaoMtM Mux Btofft of MAACUt MMf AWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE! DEATH! AWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE! DEATH! AWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE! DEATH! AWFUL 8ACRIFTCR8' DISEASE' DEATH! AWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE! DEATH! AWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE! DEATH! AWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE! DEATH! AWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE! DEATH! Awfat Sacrifice*! Diwm ! Death ! A wful Sacrifice* ! Dueaae ! Death! Avl?l Saorifioee ! Dieeaee! De*th ! Aw<ul Sacrifice* ! Diteaae! Death ! Awful Sacr.fioe* ! Di lease! Death! Awfal Saorifioee! Dieeaee! Death t STRIKK AT THE ROOT OF THE DISEASE! STRIKE AT THE ROOT OF THE DISEASE! TRIKE AT THE ROOT OF THE DISEASE! STRIKE AT THE ROOT OF THE DISEASE! STRIKE AT THE ROOT OF THE DISEASE! STRIKE AT THE ROOT OF THE DISEASE! Strike at the Root of the Dieeaee! Strike at the Root of the Dieeaee! Strike at the Root of the Dieea?e! Strike at the Root of the Dieeaee! Strike at the Root of the Dieeaee' Strike at the- Root cf the Dieeaee! CONSUMPTION, INSANITY. EPILEPTIC FITS, OKAVEL, DROPSY. LANGOUR, NERVOUSNEgS, CONSUMPTION. GRAVEL, INSANITY, DROPSY, EPILEPTIC FITS, LANGOUR. NERVOUSNESS, Conxump'ion, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, Gravel, Dropsy, Langou", Nervousness, Gravel, Dropsy, Langour, Nervousness, Gravel. Dropsy, I angour, Nervousness, Gravel. Dropsy, Langour, Nervousness, uravei, iJropay, Langour, Nervouaneas, Gravel, Dro;sy, Lanpour, Nervousness, Universal Lassitude of tha Murcular System, Universal Laa'itude of tha Muscular System. Univerral Laisitude of the Musoular System, Universal Lassitude of the Musoular System, Universal L assitude of the Muscular System, Universal Lassitude of the Muaoslar System, Dimness of Vision, Impotenoy and Insanity, Dimness of Vision, lmpotenoy aad Insinit*, Dimness ol Viaicn, Iinpotenoy and Insanity, Dimneaa of Viaion, Impotaaoy and Ina?nity, Dimness of Viaion, Impotenoy aid Insanity, Dimness cf Vision, Impotenoy and Inaanity, THOUSANDS OF THE YOUNG THOUSANDS OF THE YOUNG THOUSANDS OF THE YOUNG THOUSANDS OF THE YOUNG THOUSANDS OF THE YOUNG THOUSANDS OF THE YOUNG Ol both sexes die annually of the above Diseases, oamed by abu*e of the GENERATIVE ORGANS, GENERATIVE ORGANS, GENERATIVE ORGANS, GENERATIVE ORGANS, GENERATIVE ORGANS, GENERATIVE ORGANS, aa<l from disease* arising from ' Habits of Dissipation." D: :e\*ee of these organs require the aid of a Dinreiic. HELM BOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLDS EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLDS EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBO D'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU IS THE GREAT DIURETIC IB THE GREAT D'URETIC IS THE GREAT DIURETIC 18 THE GREAT DIURETIC 18 THE GREAT DIURETIC 18 THE GREAT DIURETIC and a po?iti*e and ipeotfio reinedj for dutUH of the BLADDER, KIDNEYS, GRAVEL. DROPSY, ORGANIC WEAKNESS, ABUSE, Syphilit o a-d Venerea! Disoiaei, FEMALE COMPLAINTS, FEMALE COMPLAINTS, FEMALE COMPLAINTS, FEMALE COMPLAINTS, FEMALE COMPLAINTS, FEMALE COMPLAINTS, iid all Diie&cea of the G?nerative Organs, whether existing ia YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD. YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD. YOUNG OR OLD. MALE OR FEMALE, MALE OR FEMALE, MALE OR FEMALE, MALE OR FEMALE, MALE OR FEMALE, MALE OR FEMALE, From whatever oiiih originating, a. d no matter of HOW LONG STANDING, HOW Ll>NG STANDING, HOW LONG STANDING, HOW LONG STANDING, HOW LONG STANDING. HOW LONG STANDING, HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU la pleasant in its taat? and odor, immediate in its notion, free from all "injurious propertfea," and is taken without "hindranoa" from "business."; Lit'la or No Chance in Diet. * Little or No Chance in Diet. Little or No Change in Diet. Little or No Chanse in Diet. Little or No Chaste in Diet. Little or No Chanc* in Diet Cures at "iattle Expense" and "No RiKiinm." Coras at "Little Expense** and "No Exposure." Care* at "Little Expense" and "No Exposure." Cares at "Little Expense" and "No fcxpoaare." Cnrea at "Little Expense" and "No Expoaare." Cures at "LitUe Expense" aad "No Expoaare." If foa ara Nffering aeod.or call for the remedy at oooa. Explioit directions accompany. Prioe I par bolte, or aix for $5, delivered to any addreaa. "PHYSICIANS" PLEASE"NOTICE." Wt Mill "no secret" or "ISSBipiBKTS." HELMBOLD'8 EXTRACT UUCHU laoompoaad of Baohu.Cu^eba and Jumper Berries, selected with peat oare by a oompetaat druriisu PREPARED IN VACUO, BT U. T. UELMBOLD, Prae'ieal and Analytical Chemist, and Sole Manufacturer of HEDMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATIONS. EXTRACT BUCRU, EXTRACT SARSAPARILLA. IMPROVED WASH OF ROSES. Sold in Wuhiaftoa by P. B. Wiiti.Z. D. OaMAl, iou WrLBT.8. C. Fo*?, ?. B. KnTW1?TLB Kiswbll 4 i^nuMcti Wwiiafton ud G*orc*krrn.M* ?11 Dnuiit* v * 1 J-. H&LMBOLD'B MEDICAL OBPOT. if*. 104 South TmUk Street, btlom Ckutmmt, K.i it j pHItABILf MIAPhy tici&u IB itlenUftnce from 8 a, m. to 8 p m Diraot H ELM BOLD'S MEDICAL DE fOT, 1*4 Booth Tutii stmt.txlov ChMBkt Dwenb* to?? f? all oommaBtottioa*. R7? Africa gMtfe. urOtraOiMatNi m -* ,H aa ' " They fo rlflt to tit lp*u? INSTANT RELIEF STOP \ OBR COU6H PURIFY YOUR BREATH STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICE! I SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, U1 GOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, GOOD FOR LECTURER8, GOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, GOOD FOR SINGERS, GOOD FOR CONSUMPTIVES. 8ENTI.EMEN CARRY SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTION8. LADIK9 ARE DELIGHTED WITH SPALDING'8 THRO/T CONFECTIONS. CHILDREN CRY FOR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. 1 \ The; relieve a Cough ineUntly. They clear the ThToaC They give strength and volume to tbe voioe. They impart ? delioious aroma to the breath. They are delightful to the taste. They are made of simple herbs and oannot harm any one. 1 advise every one who has a Cough or a Husky Voice, or a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of the Throat, to get a paokage of my Threat Confections. They will relieve you instantly, and you will agree with me that "they go richt to the spot.' You will find them very useful and pleasant while traveling or attending publio meetings, for stilling your Congh or allaying your thirst. If you try one paokage I am safe in saying that yon will ever af terwards oonsider them lndispensible. You will fiud them at the Druggists and Dealers ia Medicines. PRICE TWENTY FIVE CENTS. Mr aitr.ature is on e&oh paokage. All othera are counterfeit. , A Package will be aent br mail, prepaid, on re oelpt of Thirty Centa. Addreaa, HENRY C. SPALDISG, No.4S CEDAR STREET, NEW YORE. ^ ^ vuriL NervousHeadache geadaclie. By the aee of theae Pilla the periodic attack* o Nit*<ms or Sick HnUackt may bo prevented; and 1 taken at the oommenooment ol an attaok immediate relief from pain and aiokneaa will be obtained. They seldom fail in removing the Pimutf* and Hfdack* to whioh female* are ao sabjcot. They aot gently upon thebovala,?removing Cat . IVOWJI. j For Ltlrrmry Mm, Studmit, Delicate Female*. 1 and all persons of tt/tmtmry k?bitt, they are val- , able &e a Lazativt, improving the mmtiti, living torn and vigor to the digestive organs, an*' re >tono? lite uaMikl VlMUUII) MM IU0U|U1 Ul kite whole systsra. The CEPHALIC PILL8 are the result of long 1 investigation and oarefuily oondnoted experiments, having been in use many years, during whioh time the? have prevented and relieved a vaat amount of pain and differing rom Headaohe, whether origloating in the ntrvotu ayatem or from a deranged i state of the Mommtk. They are entirely vegetable m their composition, and may be takon at all time* with perfeot aafety without making any change of diet, and tkt *- . tint* of any disugruabU fast* rtndtri il wiv la I dwxinititr tkrm to ehildrtm. BEWARK OP fiOIINTRBiTKiTa t ? ? W w m-m m ua? A U1 M Kf ? 1 The genuine bare five aif&atnrea of Henry C. Spaidini on each Box. Sold br Dragf icta and all other Deaiera in Modi eiaea. A Bo* will be aenl by mail pr*f*i4 oa reoeipt PRICK, 9ft CENTS. It ordera ahoald be addreaaed to HENRY C. SPALDING, 48 Cboajl Btsiit, N?w Yoik. i Ft0m tk* Exomimtr, Norfolk, Fa, Cephalic Pilla aooomaliah the object for wblah iher were made, vis: Care of headache is ail ita forma. i ft*M tha X**minor, Nor folk, Fa. Ther have been tested in mere than a tteasans Met, with entire svooeas. Frcm Ikt Domotroa, St. Ciomd, Mm, | If you are, or have been tronbled w ith the haadkone. send for a box. ( Pills ,) to that joi I oar have tliem in caae of an^attaofc. i From tki WuUm R. R. tt*m$tu, CkUmte, IU, 1 We heartily endorse Mr. Spalding, and kia aanrailed Cephalio Pills. ! fV?#? th* Soutkom Pmtk Pt*d*r, Now OrUmms, La, Try them ! yoa that are afflicted, and ve am nr> that your teatlmonr oan be added to the already nsmeroua hat that haa received beneftts tWat no other aaedioine oan produee. From th* (fm?*ttt, Jwwywl, Inf. Mr. Bsaldini would not oonneot Ua xuuae with an artiolo he did not know to posseaa real merit From tkt AA**rtit*r, Prowidm**, R. J. The Cephalio Pills are said to boa remartabij efloctive remedyfor Jhe^ieadaahe, and one of the i</i win ji-tj uof m oomyiaint which iiu ?yer been diaoovared. J From tk* St. Lomil Unwrd. The immerM deinand for the artiale (Gephalla I la rapidly inereaainf. From tk* iMwti Tallin Star, Wmawka, Fa. WetN anr? that peraona rn flaring with the kaed aohe, who try tham, will atock to tieaa. From tka Aimrrtitm, fruMwii, JL J. The teatimorv in their hTor u itrocg, fraoa tk* a oat raapeotab'e tuartera < From tk* datif JVmi, Newport, M. J. ' CephaLio Pilla are taking the plaoe of all kinda. i From tk* Cammoroial Bnllttia, Bottom, Matt. Said to be very effioacioua for the haadaoha, ' Prom tk* Commortiml, OiwwiiN, Okio, Baffermi hamanitr oaa bow be relieved. i ?? \ IET nacl* bottle of Spalding's Prepared Glue 1 will hti ten times its oost annually. SPALDING'S PREPARED OLUE! \ SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! , SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE THE PIECES! I ECONOMY! DISPATCH , iry"A Snrcii III Tmi Batu Nm?-"_/Tf i As accidents wiii happen,,even in well recu.s.tM ', u ia Tery aesir?Di? to bar* soma eheii I i "?A'?,X WM'or ! SPALDING'S PREPARED OLUB | 5ss sffsssnmaitisesir lo tke ittoking point M USEFUL IN BYBBT HOUBI." HMflU. AiLw uaiftYaapujNM, No. *80e*6re?ml,||#vYefkCV. BAtt*10* 9 If. *?0 [h? PAUMNtV PUTiU? tLVI^OI I ^ ^gygff1 H w / WASHINGTON LOCK HOSPITAL. Qft. uttHnwo* ?noa tnaokory. MlTlkbeidd Indiaa or 6onnaa doctors, and, protoi.dor* of vitekeraft aad Uapooton la goaThis is tho only plaoo Them a rare and speedj cure out be ofitatned la tho - world Tor all improper and eril habits, gonorrha, gleet, seminal weakness, syphillis, primary, secondary. and tertiary, organic weakness. pains in tho loin, strictures, general debility, prostration. norrou?ne?s, restioos nights. palpitation of the heart, rinclng ia tho oars, loss of memory, ancuo.T, a3ections of the hoad, throat, nose, and skin, and all those poouWar disorders arising from the Indiscretion of youu, rendering them unfit for either business, i study, society. or marriage. Dr. 8. has the greatest remedies la the known worid for diseases of the blood, gonorrh*, fleet, i strictures, sy phillis, seminal weakness, self a&use, So. There is no ease is whioh they fail to eare tn did S to 6 days. Victims of these horrible oomplainU, who woald wish to be valuable men and ornaments to sooietj. should embrace the earliest opportunity for relio. | Dr. Bhaman has made tne most oompets arrangements for the oomiort of bis patients who oome from a distiiioo. They will be furnished with the most pleasant and agreeable quarter*, accessary diet, and made as oomfortable as they woald be at < k first class hotel at less than half the eoet. Do not forget the name and namber. Dr. 8ha i man's offioe is on the corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue, Clarecd-m Hotel, opposite the National Hotel, Washington, D. C. Persons at a distance should enolose stamp for returr| postage. OAoehoura.BA. M. to 10 P. M. vMiuaiptruM nave been enticed from ray initiation by certain awindiera on back atreeu m thia oity, who will me it till the day of their death. A wonfto the wiaw ii anfficient. aa 9 l? Curt Couth, Cold, Hoarimuti, In- | /IftV/HW /mata.My irritation or Sorta<ii of tk* Throat, Ktlur* tht iUB||MI Hicktng Couth w ConsumrI?m, Bronchitis, Aihma, UujKylfW # Catarrh, CUar and (?? WJHPW HrM(U to <A? vote* a/ PUBLIC SPEAKERS ll a.i?D SINGERS. Few are aware of the importance of oheckinc a Conch or "Common Cold''in ita &rat itace-.that which in the betiaing wnn!d yield to & mild rerne- i dy. if nerlentiwl- '??" 1 ?" D ' . ? w ..%.v>4??K*VB9VUO UUUKDi /TTWI?P? I \ Br<meki*l Tretk*s," containing demulcent ingredi ntf, allay Foimonary and Htonchial Irritation. :

" That trouble in my Throat, (for BROWN'S whioh the ''JVock**" area epeoifio) having made me often a mere irhiaf ROCHES >erer. N. P. WILLIS. BROWN'S M I recommend their uee to P??li? bkuwhc 3F*AE?*B." TROCHES REV. E. H. CHAPIN. "BreataerYioeinaubdning Hoa*siBROWN'S Mil." REV. DANIEL WISE. ?Bnrnp<4 "Almost inatani relief in the diatreating iabor of breathing peculiar rtnwn'h to Asthma." WIN & KEV, A. C. E6SLESTON. TROCHES " Contain no Opium or anyMiing injurious." DR. A. A. HAv fcs, BROWN'S Cimui, gotten, "Aaimpleand pleasant oombinaTROCHES uon for Couchs, Jto." ? DR. B. F. B1BELOW, BROWN'S B?. A/ w m m # TROCHES " Ban?fiol*I in Bronchitis.7' wnvunxw DR. J, F. W. LANE, i BROWN'S Bottom " I haTe prored them excellent for TROCHES Wmoopih* COTSH." REV. H. W. WARREN. 1 BROWN'S Baton. vnnriiKH " Benefioi*! when uomieilsd to TKUtHEe apeak, aiiff>ring from Cold.* asowMm &EV' s- * p- ANDERSON, BROWN'S Btt Ltuiti i TROCHES " F.ftbcttal in rcmonnjr Ho?rif- | ncaaand Irritation of the Throat, ao , BROWN'S oomraon with SriAKiEa and Sm?- . TROCHES Prof. M.STACY JOHNSON. Lm trrmnrt. Gm. BROWN'S *~Chre0^eU,Co!leie.tLerD TROCHES "Creat heneSt when taken before ' and alter preaching, aa the? prevent l BROWN'S Hoaraeneai. From their paat effect, I think the; will be of permanent ao TROCHES ?anta?? to u>e. REV. E. ROWLEY, A. M. BROWN'S President of Athena Col'.ece, Tenn. TROCHES LCT*Sold by fcHDrsjiiata at TWENTY FIVE CENTS A BOX-TT1 J. 1 1? ?? ; JUY run. THKNUK ANU BVfMUtlDIt LET ALL IWHO ARE AFFLlffTED ikZBI Afl-Ll THE REMEDY T.EJ019E fx HEALTH. Ftiea<. ia yci safer? Are ye* the vietim ef Ui efthese camoroaa aliments whiek ?ru? tram imlaritr 0/ the blood.' WUt are they, do yoa askf litbarMk.vbitve they not I The blood is toe mitm af life and health, and it ta the first element of oar being to raepona to any oaase whioh affeota the fyeteiD. a* the pals* infallibly attests. Ihe ever prevailing Nearaigia, the irritating Erysipt-as* the labile Serofalt, the *tom*iug Eheamstisin, Nervoas Debility, D?s pepsia, L.irer Complaint with its torpor and dejection, ana the aambfrless ills that <Swive their hrteeus o-igm from tha QtOOQi iiCi: klttiiy 4ka? wilL tiiV b|uv\l? Use the vttaliiing recoaroes 0/ nature fori la aid. and safer as to command te joar oonfidenoean4 ase that traly valaabie medioament known as MRS. M. cors INDIA* TEGKTABLE DEOOCTIOlt. With retard t? this almost infallible eseaifia popular aentiment has spakeo in deoided terms and the evidenaes of this great eAoaoy are sustained bj oonstact avova.s of ovrative ejfeeta and the happiest resalts from its ase are after al! other remedies and tue best uiedioal skill hare failed. Let as sav, in oonolusion, trat certificates ares are not sought from the illiterate and superficial, bat they are volunteered from the mostrespeotable fooroes and justify the highest terms in whio^ it is possible to commend so v^Uuable a >>sumu hj fkuiiu *?f tut?i. vy r rnmy Md aJBO I.'itl Ine curative properti?a ojtne medioine Are 04 galled n!y by its realorative cffeoti. the ayatera reooreriat from du">?xo with renewfd oonatitntional viror. For saic !>y *11 reapeotable Rrafciata in thia tty, and by the proprietor, MRS. M. COX, Hon* tannine uimb her nameu blown en the battle ana her Mai on the oork |[7* Pnoe #1 per bottle, aix bottles for ft. WkoUstU Atmt. R. 8. T. C1SSEL, Dnfcist J eorietowc, i>- C., Whoieeale Acent for the Dlatriot, and trill apply the trade at my prioea. aa i? tr 1 ^HE ALL SUFFICIENT THREE. TRIESEMAR, 1.1 acd ?-Proteoted by Royal ! Kltera Patent of England, and aeourod by the tie of th? Eoo.e do Pnarmaoie de Paru, and the Imperial College of Modioine, Vienna. no. l u lcvaTuabie for exhalation and naterrhea, and all phyaioal diaabilitiea. No. 2 completely eradioatee all traeaa of thaaa tiaeaeea that have been hitherto treated by the naaleoua and psrnicinaa uae of oopaiva and oabebe. No. > haa entiielf aupplantea the lnjarioui of i?oiu?i]ihiriwi lUBurius w me auc?r?r iftM; relief, dispersing all imparities, and rooting on Us Ttsomof disease. TR1ESEMAR, Nos.1, Sand I, are prepared la Ike form of a loienge, devoid of taste arid 1111011. hod o&n be oarried iu the waistooat pooket. SoJt in tin oas&s, and dinded into separate doses, m administered b? Velpean, Lallemand, Roux. Ricord fco. Price #1 each, or four oasee for 49, whioh tare* f3; and in ?77 cases, whereby there is a saving of S9. To be had. wholesale and retail, of Dr BARROW, of 194 JSleecker street. New York. Immediately on a remittanoe, Dr. Harrow will forward the Trineeinar to any part of the world, 1 lecurely packed, and addressed aeoording to tke initiations of the writer. The Book, of all others, that should be read b) men w?tb cashed acc broken down constitutions \ is "Human Frailty, or Physiological Researches." , It is boautifnliy illustrated, and treats minntely of ill tne symptoms that invariably develop tiiem- 1 telvac, soone.- or later, resulting from tne fraiitiee | ind vitifctmg habits of earli youth, incapacitating Lhe viotim trorr snaring the fruition of toe matri monia! state, juid. if not oheoked in time, deaener iting all the functions of manhood, and bringing 1 aim, step by step, to a lingering and untimely ^eath. &ld hw Tlr HAH HOW 1 Qi ? ? f ?? VIWVMVI D?l CC?, tUUI i loom below Maodougal, New York. Pnoe Si miito. Hank free wery where. Sold alto by b. C. Fora, Jr., Dri| Store, Wuhagtoa. P. C. de?~tai ; j H.ISTORY of theUmted^therlande, by Jo Lin I ] Lothrop Motley ; 3 vole.; free b? mail, Mi. The Rite of the Dotoh Rftpubiie, a Iistory, by lohn Lothrop Motley; S tcj oioth; free by mail, *Silae Mirmr, the Witwr of RareJol, by the Luthor of *'Adam Bede ;" oloth T^oenU; paper *> ^Li?e and Career of Major Andre, by Wintrop itrieut; 91.M. After lo'eberg a with a Painter, a Simmr Voyace o Labrador and Newfoundland; by Rev LoaieL. Sob e; 91.5U. The Manufacture of Photofaaia or Hydro-Car>on Oila. by Thomae Antieell, M* D.; %Vto. Any or the above free by mail. FRENCH It R1CH8TEIN. ap M Penna. areaae. QUNBOAT8 FOB THIWBSTKRN RIVERS. . QiamKum Gnnu'i Onicv I , Watkxntf, J*mm 11, Mai. \ ( Paoroaau are invited (or oonatraoticx 611x>?u upon the Western rirera Bpeoi&oationa will be imir.ediataly prepared and , nay be examined at the Q uar*ermaateiJe OSot at ' Sinelnnati, Pit'abu<-gh, and at this ofBoe. Propoeale from boat bull'era and engine-build 1 >r? alone will be oonaidered. ; Plana aubmitted by bidder* will be taken into 1 konaideration M C. MEIGS, ie It Ctuartermaater General United 8tatea i ... .i . i .. M $ gOOTS AMP ?KOh^ TO BUT 111 j We are bow manalaotarinx all kinds of BOOTS t ?d SHOES, and oontaauy reoeivtnc a^Ha (apply of eaaMra mad* work of every do- i nriftioti, made expressly to order, and willfH] ? sold at a niuota lower a rice than haa been" 1 leretofore charged in tkia eity for maoa inferior i Paraona la want o( Boota aad Shoe* of Han or otr made work, will alwaya tad ajood aaaortmaa i loMhN, K*d Butt AnU, it*. Moore'a (it mm Iobm Exte;miu?tor iMTvriaila. Moorn B?asia* rill wot* fiat, t4rn?h ?K ?ti?i of ff faai 4 roa the most dohcato f?bri j, ulk or vooiM, wttkBtlalvj to oo^or or pterins*: wUltiee? KM TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY^ JJNITED STATES MIUTAKV ROUTS. CHANGS OF HOURS. On and after Monday, August 19*A, 1881, riiiixcii nams will evn u follow* i LEAVE WASHINGTON it 6 Md 7S3 a. m. ISO aimI 6 45 f. ra., am vine at Baltimore at 7.44 and J.'O a. m. and 4.16 and 7 je y. m. LEAVE BALTIMORE at US and Ida. in. and 3.45 and i I. . am run* Wuku>tna ?t l ui 10.36 ft. m-ftnd at 5 9?ftad lf46 a. m. PuKnier Trftiaa 1mtiq( Wftakiactoa ftt 7 J# ft. BB. ftnd L9> p. m.,ftnd fiftltinor* ftt I?5 ft. ftcd v. in niftk* diroot oonnexiona for Aaaftjolia ftt the JUDOtOD. . Trftiaa lea re Annapolia for BftJtinor* ftad Waafc lac ton at LM ft. ai. ftad 9 p. mPaaaengar Trftina laavia* Waahiactoa at ftod r 90 ft. m ftad 3 90 p. m. make direct oonaexioaa ftt Baltimore for Philadatphift ftad New York. All ftrtiolea ofrreUht (not ooatrabftad ?( nr) will be transported orar the lis a. Toaoaca Traiaa will leave Baltimore ftt 4 99 ft. aa. Laftva WaaOinttoa at 7 p. m. Br orimti U. # THOMAS H. CAN^ELD,?**"1^" 1 Aaautftnt Manajer. ftu 17-tf SPECIAL NOTICE. SUNDAY TRAIN. 5I8EIIIB 8BI5B6 On and after SUNDAY,i?th Jaly, there will bs bat one Sunday dally train? . Leave WASHINGTON attJO*. m. for NEW YOKKand PHILADELPHIA. From New Yor< and Philadelphia, arriving in Washington at 610*. m. J. A SCOTT, jy 27 6eneral Manager. STEAM WEEKLY BETWEEN ttxEJ* NL W YOK K AND LIVER POOL, Landing and embarking passengers at Queenstown, Ireland The Livernpol. New York and Philadelphia Steamship Company intend dispatohinc their ftill powered C yd*-bmlt iron Steamships as follows: GLASGOW Setartar, August Si. CITY "OF BALTIMORE, " " l?th. KANGAROO. " 13th. And every Saturday, at noon, from Pier44, North river. lATIS or PiMitl. First Cabin (IS Do. to f.nnrfnn SO K. to Paris , 86 . to Hamburg 86 Steerage #30 Do. to i^ondun. ? .. 34 To. to ^aMS??............... SB Do. to Hamh?i? ? PuuDtan forwarded to Urem?n,Rotterilara, Antwerp, 4to , at redaoed thronch (arc*. Persons wishing to bring oat their friends out buy tlokets at low rata*. Kor further information aptly at the Captains OAoe. JOHN 6. DAL'., Agent, IS B-oadway. N. V., Or to Q. A. HERRING, Adams Express Baitimore. ^INDIVIDUAL, ENTERPRISE LINE. EASTER V AND WESTERN SHORE STEAMERS. "KENT," Capt J, H. K'rwan "PIONEER," Capt W. Norman. Will run their roatee a* follows, leavirf Light street, Baltimore, foot ol Camden, at 7 o'oloek A. M : KENT?For Cambridge, Denton and Landings on Ctioptank rive', every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, returning every Tha rediy aad Monday. For Annapolisand West River,every TUESDAY and F K1DA V and retnrmng sa e days. PIONEER?For St. M>ohae!'s an< Easton. via Mile's Kiver, every WEDNESDAY.u.d return ibe same day. For Annapolis, West River, Cambridge, Oxford &?d Eaaton Point, every THURSDAY, returning by Mine route on Friday For Annapoiii. Weat River, St. Miohael'a and Ea ton, via Mile'a River Ferry, every SATURDAY, returning every Monday toy tame route. Fare to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and Faaton Point ?_ SI SO Fare to St Miohae.'a and MIIn' R iver,< round tri P L) ? ..?? .?.. - ** ? 10? Fare to \Veat River, (round trie, 91) 1 *0 Fare to Annapoli* (round trio?5oenta) 75 MBALS EXTRA. try Freight muat be prepaid. Wharf and Oflioe, LIGHT ST., foot of Camden. Baltimore. C. K. CANNON. NORTHERN CKNTkALfcAILWAY. SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE,! Calvxxt Station, Batimore. Way 18, 1861. % On and alter Sunday. May 19th, 1861, on the NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY Arrive and depart aa follotra, until further notice. TRAINS NORTH. MAIL at 815 A. M. KPR ESS at 3 9) P. M. RRISBURO ACCOMMODATION i P. Thei 8.15 A. M. train oonnecta at Relav Rout who traina on tbe Western Maryland ftaiiroad; at Hanover Jonotion with Hanover and Gettabd'g Kailroada; at York with York and Wrightavlile Railroad; at Harr'abarg with Penaeylvania Rai road for all j.nrta of the Weat, also with Lebaanon Valley Railroad to N$w York dirtet; at Northuir. herlar.d with L and B. Haiiroad for Kincaton and all parta of Wjooming Valley And at ?irnburr with (tie Philadelphia and Erie Railroad lor all parta Northern P??nneylvania ar.d New York. The 3.30 P. M train make*all the above oonneotiona exoept Hanover Railrcad, Wrichtaviile Railroad and the Lebannon Valley Railroad. Ti e 8 P. M train makea oocn'otiona with Penn ailvania Railroad for ai: parts of the Weat, and direot oonneota lor New York. TRAINS ARKITS. Mail at? 10 P M.; Expre-a at 7 45 A. M.; Harriaborg Aocommodation at 8.43 P. M. For Tiokets and inforc. ation inquire at the Tioket Offioe, Calvert Station, Baltimore. J. C. CLARK, 8bp'C 1? leMke /twS4g*kp'"A The Camden and Amboy and Philadelphia and Trenton Railroad Oompamee' Line Irom PHI LADE" PH1A TO NEW YOU K AND WAY PLACJ; * Jrom WA^NUT SUREST WHARF piiu ftbiisinuiun ut.rui.TUl leave as ioi At 6 A. M , via Camden and Am boy. (C. and A. Accommodation.) At6 A. M , ri* Camden ud Jereey City, (N.J. Aooommodation.) , . ? At < A. M., via Camden and Jersey City,(Mornii g Mail.) At UK A. M , via Keuslncton and Jereey City, (W Mtern Express.) At UX P. M., via Camden and Amboy,( AooommodatoD.) At 8 P M.,via Camden and Am boy, (C. and A. Kxprers.) At ik P M., via Kensington and Jereey City, (Evening Express.) _ At iH P M . via Kensington and Jereey City, (8eoo rid C lass Tieket > . At 6 P. M., via Camden and Jereey City, (Krsuni Mail.) At lljtf P. M., via Camden and Jereey City, (Soethern Mail.) _ , . . At 5 P. M , via Camden and Amhoy,( Aooommodation, freight and passenger, First Claee Tiofcet.) Beoond Class Ticket. The 6PM Mail Train r?ns daily. The ILK P? M. Mail, Saturdays excepted LVr * - * -** r vi uvitiuoiV) CiMuin| j>5*nDCriVIU6| FlAIOiDf" ton, &o., at 7.10 A. M.; Hid 4X P. M., from Kenuniton. For Water Gap, ?troud?bnrg.Boranton,Wilkeet?arre. Montrose, Great Bend, Ac., at7.10A.M.. from Keiuinrton, via Delaware, Lackawanna mm W?st?rn Railroad. Fit Mauch Chunk, Allentown and Bethlehem,at 1.19 A. M. and SK P. M.. (rom Kensington depot; tho 7.10 A. M ii e connects with the train 1 earing b as ton at 3 35 P. M. For Mount Holly at and t A. M. and 3 and Of P For Freehold at A. M. and I P. M. For Bristol, Trent?*, Ac. at 7.10 A. M., 4* and P. M from Remington, and UP. M from walnut street wharf. ? For r?<myra Kiverton, palaaoo, Beverly. Buringtoa, Fiorenneoo, Bordentown, Ac., atl3J*,1. J. 4H and 5 P M Btoaiitr Trenton for BordeBtownjand in tor? liate placet, at 1M P.M. from walnut etieet For New York aod Way Um. leaving Kensington Depot, take the can on Fifth street, kbove Walnut, half an hour before depa-tnre The ?ri run into the depot, and on arnral of train ran [rom the depot. h iftr pound* of bacrace only allowed toeaoh passenger. Passenger* are prohibited from taking wojrthing as baggace bat their weerinr *???' ? (ill buiM* over ifty Mudi te be said for ?xtra- The oomeany limit their r nepoasMtuty for btnlie to one *ol ar Mr found, vnd will not be LmbleTor any amount beyond one hundred dollars, .ao^t b, syoial octree. ^ fiftSBSB B R K^^DU3IlO On and after Mar Utn, 1B61, the traiss will rrnn is follows, via:?Leers Camden Station, Baltimore.?Mail, iszoest Sunday j at & SB A. M.) Express datfj et *. 45 P. M. Botn Ti?^* 10 dks?U? ilmuh FOR ALL fARTS OF THE ffEIT. SOUTHWEST AND NOKTHWEBTT FOR WAY PASSENGERS. Between Baltimore and Pisdmont take the A. M. Train; between Piedmont and WheeUn? take Astommudation Train, lea*in? Pisdmoat at A ?B A. VI ; and between Grafton and Parkers bar g, take wd~fc,ll7oou'? mIiTi tJTij?tad \IM ui L. M. _____ HUDSON UTU ? iU-EOAP? aAfe&ss ;S'. v <? * f -, jgv Monro*) to M man**. ot M4 MwnW, tM ttok laetoat, tb? lu Lim ofHwptn Will l}???l)k tiiDO'c K V K R \ DAY ( SMpTivi fey) from their vkarf. foot of I tioi t>^<?. ?< *S o'oloolt p. *n or liritiMliM*;? a/tor tb# orrivoi : the Wit.itfioB Tim, wki?4 1 ? vw W? >!n tto? tSK o'c.ooi p. m. Mi M. W FA LI*. PtW1 ba,l ?****? j^VuTOA^r OD wt?r j v t?*yA I Trains lor Phii?<ieip|i? will 1?ot? Prmiui street > ?l.roU?w?A n* i ipri>N w?f an, Trtutt N?t York tnui MWft 4.a P. MTtnii oa Bktw A MHt Tnua vitli p???nx?r ear attaefc?l Inmail P. m, rtopfiniat allfccaboaa Wcvmb *1{7- A \. nut (ir? bond Ufor* n ?riM tlfoa?. ww CHAWFOD D A fit. mrnwmamm N#W Yfrt c ty depot# of Hiufon Klfff Kiitroii (Uiiy. Ftindaya UWfMi, ? lo.iOWas From Ckanbara atioat Prrm Slat at atatioa. At 7.00a m AtTMaa 11.00 M 6 00 r m I M ' U|? jjn > m 3 56 Montr<al ud Buffalo Traia with aiecpnr oara,!.'!! a Itfya AlfcfT wttt.U^N.w VortLCaa eiiMiii'n Bridge. Aat'iirn. Gei^Ta.Canardait * Traina in connection leave RufTVo and P*?r '+ ion fit Lake Shore, Buffalo irn! i ake Baron ?i l Great W??ten Railroad. for Hamlltoa.'frwnt". Detroit. Chicago. Toledo. Miivaakie.Foe Du Lac, La Croaee. Madia n. Prairie Da Chian, 6? r* Dul.nth. Duhuqur, Peoria, Rock li.abd, tine, Iowa City. Burlington, Qutrev, R?ricgfee>ti. Alton, St Loaia.Cairo.Terre beat*. |p?ia&ae<> '? l,ouiaTille. Cir.ciruaf, I Coluirbaa, CVve land, and al. pointa Wcat. Noithweat aad Rout" We#t* NORTHERN ROUTK Connecting with Travt at Troi, with Troy A Roaton and Reca. A Saratoga Roade for Saratoga. Whitehall. Rutland, Bnriington, St. Albana,Kon*c Point, Piattiourgh, Ogi.eiratmigh, Montreal, Ae., *o K7" Freight At ran (Omenta by tk?? reate ac above, without change of Care, troa the l>rpot* n Chambera aad t anal eweeta. are at all tiwea a* favorable aa irerie ty oth r Railroad Co meant ?> The faoilitiee of thia great New York Roate. ?o tha Wert command it to the confideaoe of merchant* an1 ah ppera tor promptreee and di(patch Paeaenger traine. with SmokiM and Rifepang Car a ran in oonneotion on the New York Cen.ra. Por partioa'ar* u to loeal train* *nd freight ar rU(*m?EU, ltquire at th? detot. 6* Warr*n at. A. F. BMITH, Mytmtwidwt _JP*w U 8 GOVERNMENT LINK fort monro? and old roiFt comport. UtTH the lower erxl of I'MnN DOCK.Balti mor?, weef aid*, OAtLY, (Bandar* inc r.d?4,)at 4Mi o'eloek P. M. takinc pM??rc*r? uc fright, ud oocn^rtir.f with the Railroad h?*e. to and from Washington, D. C., Phi &de tin*. New York, Boeton, York, HarTiebfg, Pihabnrc. Pa, aod the W f?t. immediat^W af>er the arrival of the Eipr? Train from New Yoik and Philadelphia. The following is the Senwln.e: Prom New York to port Monroe and baok.. fU Prom Pniladeiph a ard n*ck? alt Prom Baltimore and baok #6. IE^PROCURE YOUR TICEET*XD In New the New Jereay Railroad Oftoe foot of Courtiard atra*t._ *_ _ ib rai.M?ipni?, at uc Lonpui'i oBo*. N. W. eornar ?f Siz h and Ch*etfiot ttreeu, or at ifer Depot. Broad and Prim* atreata. In B*Jtimora, on board the Staamara. foot 01 Union Dock. HUGH O'CONNER. Paaaenaw Aa?p? r^M(NEW YOhK, HARLEM AN D ^ i^n ALBANY RAILROAD LEAVl>e NEW YORK FOR ALBANY.TROY, NORTH AND WKbT. SUMMER ARKANGEME ?T Commenoinc Mondav, Mar nth, 141 For Ata.Ly?11 <?o a m. fast axpreaa train froir. *th atraat. For Dotot PlalctHtf f. m atop ping at White Plaiaa and atatiooa north to Do Tar piaioa?Iron 36th atTaot atation. (Th:a train will ran to Millertoa evarv fatnroaj r*FoiB6roton Fai'a?*i5a. m. atopptnc at all etationa north of Ford ham tmm ?ih etra?t station. For W tute Plain*?MB, 4:10 atd feon a. m. atop-. vine at ait atationa froaa 2Btn atirw atatioa. For Whita Plaine?6: * a. an. atopping at all eta bona from Whit? treat etanoc For Williama Bridta-7J*', 11:18 a. m. and 1:36 p. B. atopeir.g at all tatiora from *7th atraet taliou. Returning will leaae? Aibacy?fcOO a. m taat ezpreaa train. Dv<?> r<aini-M0 & m <Tbia train Uavaa Mu ierton arorj Mot.dar morning at $ a. a.) Croton Falie?*e. an. WW\U Plhjna?fcio, 7.-00 a m. A p. a. Williama Bridge-f.4o,?^?a. m. A 1:00 p. m SuLdaT trama will ioare ?th Avenae oorow SJd atre?t^for Centra; part, Yorkvilla, Harlem aad i i- w imtiim. [row t. ID. H) rnfy m. JOHN BURCHILL. Aa?t Sey't. c^^h-NEW YOEK AND ERIK RAIL I ROAD puMiftr Train* leare via Paronia Ferry and Loo* Dock, from foot vf CUm'eri street. New Ynrk.aa follows, m : 7.00 a. m , KX hr ES& for Dankirk, and Buffalo acd principal interm*riae Station*. 8 0" a m, MAIL, for Darkirk- and intermediate Btatioca?Thia Train remain* orer night at Eimira, and rruoeodi the next morninc 9.oft a m MILK daii., for OttSTille. and intar mediate Stations. 11 oo a. m .ACCOMMODATION, daily, for Port Jerv's, acd Inoipal StaMgos 4 0b ?. m . WAV, for MiildJetown, Newbnrjh, and u.termediat* Btatiuna. 6.00 p. nu. NI8HT EXPRESS, for Daskirk, Buffalo, Canandaicua.and principal ctaUoee The Tram of Sat a r da; ?up> at ail Mall Train Stauoci, and rana oeli to E'mira. C00 a.m.. ACCOmrnniTiiiw , - - , ?IVI BviimTUiVf and priuoipal station* CH AS. MI NOT. 8M'I Sajt. NATHANIEL MAK8B. R?o?inr. _ir-^^FO* VIA j*SWPORT By the aad iiHrior Steamers METROPOLIS. EMPIRE STATE, BAY STATE. M4 8TATC Of MAINE. ofgraa{ strength tod nMd, bat particularly UkfM to to* uti|?UoB of Lock 1i anc So and, ru nuns > oonaootioa with tne Fall fliver a-d Old Colony Railroad, distaaoe of M n.iias o&jy to Boston Leave Pier No. *0'ti Rlvar iw the Battery. Tee S mudmt EMPIRESTATE. Capt Brtytoc. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at $ o'elook P. M., tna<c ,1.1 at Neyp;>rt cash war. The Steamer MK.TR<5pOUB. Capt Brown. or Tur ?<iays, Thure^kf a. aad Satu om?, at Ao'aiooh P.M., touching at Nawport aacti way. Thaaa tfttanirt at* fitted with aoMM>4Ioas atate rooms, aad every ar-aagement for the aocur tr and oomfort ot passengers who arc afforded ) ? this roata a aighta' raat oa board, and on arm a at Fall Rivar prooaad per Steamboat Traia.raacfc tag Boston aarly tha faOowiaa morning: or nay ramata on board aatil starting or ta? Aooowaooa boa at! A. M., by whioh taay may reach Boater fthnvt Ltf AM ni?*ter if tttaohad to faeh itMra"/ who NMITH Hd tiekata the btcmt, u<j iaoom(mum tho itmr to iu ANtisMiM. at?araer rnna m tonawboo with this Lias b#tTMn Fall River and I'rovidsuos daily. exosrt Sunday*. Frurfct to Boston la forwatdad throaah iri?* ^it dispatch by an Express Tram, vhioh iaa- ? 1 Hirer exert momioa, tMrndaya ?my<rt. at ?Af o'clooh fur Boston ai d N*w Hedtoid, arnvui at its destination atatooat 11 A M For freiaht or pataacs. a?p y on board, or at t. ofioeoa Fisr No. S North Rirar For stats roon.a and bsrthk apply on hoard, or ir deaireo to a*?ur? Uaa la adytfnoa, to Wm BORDKN.Aft * an*' Tl W ?m< wtr<*r>t.TZ V. ^ ^ "and PROTIDKNCK, FOR BOf TON?Inland Ronto?'The shortaat aad Most diioc?,c?,c w mmi vummvh w ULTBi DMt ! W? w.: iuhi, la MDSMboa vitJi the BtoalBfton ui: PromtBMMd Boi>oiud rrandMMMilnMi, 1 earing New York daily, Buddart ?xcf ?t?d, f'on Pier No 11 North Hit*, at i o'clock p. M., ?co Groton Ml* o'oloa* P. M., or on the arrival of Oh MailTraiawbiol) laaree Bo?u?i M. The PLYMOUTH ftOCK-frooi N.w Y.rtMotidar, WtdaMdif, aad Friday. Ptm firoj.rt Tf e?day. Tbireday. aai Batarday. Ptoai tiro tea ?UoodtTi Wedaeaday, aad r rtdey. PMMi|?rt fmnCrotoa ear railroad to Prorideaoe a:;(2 Button, la Che Kipreae Mmi Trail, reaching mm >l*oe in adraaoe of Utoee V other roaU'.and la amii* tun* lor ail the early Moraing Line* ooaaotlng North aad Kaet. PaeNiieri that prefer it. lemam ?n board the fieaaier, eiyoy a nighta' roet eadietarbec breakfaat if deairea, and leave Orotoa ta the 111 A. M. Train, ooonooting at Prorideaae with the lei M. Traia for awatoa. Fmfrow froTideret to Newport. Fifty eeale A baggare matter aoovmpaaiee the P learner aad Train ea?h way For Paeeace, Berth*. State Kmnm, or Fraicht, eaelyon board the it*aai*r,er at the Freigfel tffioe, Pier 1* North Hirer, or at the Otoe of the Oaeany, No. 1U TX^-* ?^'*'.aom#r ' ^t French * It1!c^iVtIk"''i?*t j wrumN * tz'tn; per ml bwo? th* r?f?ln ratoii pnoM.?I oiiduti: mw edition of BordM*! Tifentry %mi ||fl? ?m>1. t v*U, H li*b'a CoomMiik of Huto'i TU1.M, Jte Tb* N>.c!ier'? 6auU, eomplM* > ! Md tk? VoitalMr MmUi a^fi O^SjtSw * l%* *"** WV' S^Sroiij-Zr ssmsa

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