Newspaper of Evening Star, September 19, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 19, 1861 Page 1
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_ / - t#r (gJtrmtna ^lar. v V?*. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. SEPTEMBER 19. 1861. N". 2.678. THE EVENING STAR u PUBLISHED EVERT AFTERNOON, (SUjNDAY EXCEPTED.) AT THK STAR BUILOIN8H, Onwr prnnsflmnt* itnu mmd BUnmk ?. BT W. D. WALLAOH. Pa pen served la packages by carriers it |4i T?f, or 37 cents opr month. To mall snbscrlbori Um price U t3 M a year, in i^nui; f i for six month*, 91 for three months; and for 1cm thaa three month* >t the rate of IS cents a week. 81afie copies, on* cbst; In wrappers, two cihts. ADvaaTiaaMaars should be sent to the oftr? before tl o'clock m.; otherwise they may not appear until the next day. ARTEnil WARD SKES THE PRINCE NAPOLEON. Xotwithstandin I haint writ mueh for the papers of late, nobody needn't flatter their elves that the underlined ij ded. On the oontry, ? 1 fftill live,,T whioh word* was spoken by Danvil Webster, who was a able man. Even the old-line wbigs of Boston will admit that. Webster is ded now, howsever, and his mactle has probly fallen into tbe hands of some dealer in 2nd hand close, who can't sell it. Leastways nobody pears to be goin round wearin it to any particler extent, now days. The rigiment of whom I was kurnel finerly concluded they was better adapted as Home Gards,which accounts for your not hearin of me, ear this, where the bauls is tbe thickest and where the cannon doth roar. But as a American eiti&en 1 sball never eease to admire the masterly adTin?*M on r trnr^a m H a nn WaaKimrtAn ? ?MVV VH? * iUWV* w vu WW nouiugvvu II V1U Bull Run, a short time ago. It was well dun. I spoke to my wife 'boot it at the time. My wife said it was well dun. It having there 1 bin detarmined to perteet Baldinsville at all bassards, and as there was no apprehensions of anj immejit danger, I thought 1 would go orf onto a pleasure tower. Accordingly I put on a olean Biled Shirt and started for Washington. I went there to see the Prints Napoleon, and not to see the place, which I will here take occasion to i/oaarve is about as uninterea'in a locality as there is this side of J. Davis's futer home, if be ever doos die, and where I reckon they'll' make it so warm for him that he will si for bis summer close. It is easy enufT to see why a man gees to the poorhouse or the penitentiary. It's beeaws he can't help it. But why he sboul'd voluntarily go and live in Washington is entirely beyond my comprehension, and I can't A v fiA fairav n af tVi at cw saw i*?i vt uvi iu??> I pat ap to a leadin hotel. I saw the landlord and sed, '* How d'je do, Square!" " Fifty cent*, sir,** wa* the reply. 44 Bir?" 44 Half a dollar. We charge twenty-fire cents for lookm at ihe landlord and fifty cent* foj ppeakin to him. If yoa want sapper, a boy will show yoa to the dinin room for twenty-five cents Yoar room bein in the tenth story, it will cost yoa a dollar to be shown ap there." 44 How much do yoa ax a man for breathin in this equinomikal tavan said I. " Ten cents a Breth," was his reply. Washington hotels are very reasonable in their charges. (N. B.?This is Sarkassum ] I sent an a keerd to the Prints, and was immejitly adhered betoro him. He received me kindly end axed me to sit down. " I have cum t* pay respecks to yoa, Mister VT * \ _ r ? ? _ ? i ... Mspeieon, nop id i see you naie ana narty. ' "lam quite well," he?ed; "air you well, ?r,M " Seund M a cuss,'' I answered. He seemed to be pleased with my ways, and we entered into conversation to onct. " How's Lewis?" I axed, and he sed the Emperor was well. Eugeny was likewise well, he sed. Then I axed him was Lewis a good provider? Did he oum hom home arly nites7 Did he perfoom her bedroom at a onseasonable hour with gin and tanzy? Did he go to the Lodge oa nites when there wasn't any Lodge7 Did he often bar to go down town to meet a friend? Did he hav a extensix acquaintance among poor young widders whose hu?bans was in Caliiorny: to all of whioh question the Prints perlitely replide, girin me to onderstan that the Emperor was behavin well. " I ax these questions, my royal duke and moat noble bigness and imperials, beoaws I m anxieas to know how he stands as a man. I know he's smart. He ia eunoin, he is longheded, he is deep?he is grate. But onless he U good he'll some down with a orash one of these days, and the Bonyparts will be Baatid up agin. Bet >er life." 4Air you a preacher, air?" he inquire, ilitely atrkaaticul. ** No. sir Bat I bleeve in morality. I likewiae bleeve in Meetin House*. Show me a place where there isn't any Meetin Heuses and where preacher* ia never seen, and I'll show you a place where old bats air stuffed into broken winders, where the children air dirty and ragged, where gates bar no hinges, where the wimin air slipshod, and where maps of the 'devil's wild land' air painted upon men's shirt-bosums with tobaceo jooce. That's what I'll show you. Let us consider what the preachers do for us before we abooae em." He sed he didn't mean to aboose the olergy. Not at all, and he was happy to see that I was interested in the Bon\ part family. " It's a grate family," sed I. " But they % av a a scoopea me ota man id." " How, sir?" 44 Napoleon the grand. The Britishers scooped him at Waterloo lie wanted to do too much, and he did it! They scooped him in at Waterloo, and he subsequently died at St. Heleny! There's where the greatest military man this world ever produced pegged out. It was rather hard to consine suoh a man as him to 8t. Heleny to spend his days in catchin mackril, and walkin op and down the dreary beaoh in ? military cloak, drawn titely round him, ( ee pieter books,) but so it was. < Hed of the Army!* Them was his last werds So he had bin He was grate' Don't 1 wish we had a fair of his old boots to command sum of our rig*des,M This pleased Jerome and he took me warmly by the nand. "Alixander the Grate was punkins." I con?; A W..? XT 1 ' " - iiHBsiu, vu? .upwicuu wit puaKiDier : Alic wept becaws there was no more worlds to scoop, ad then took to drinkin He drowndid his eorrers in the flowin bole, and the flowin bole was too much for him It ginrally is. He undertook to giv a snake exhibition in his boots, bat it killed him. That was a bad joke for Alic! 44 Since yon air so solicitous about France and th? Emperor, may I ask 70a bow yoar own country is getting along"' sed Jerome, in a pleasant voice. " It's mixed." I sed. "Bat I think we shall oum oat all right. 41 Columbus, when he diskivered this magnificent continent, oould har had ne idee of the grandeur it would one day aseoom," sed tk* Prinli "It eoet Colombo* twenty thousand dollar* to fit oat hi* explorin xpodition," ued I. "If bo had bin a aeofible man he'd hav put the money ia a hoaa railroad or a (as company, and left thia magnificent oontinent to the intelligent savages who when they got hold of a go<>d thing knew eaoff to keep it, and who wouldn't bar acceded nor rebelled, nor knockt Liberty in the bed with a alungshot. Columbus wasn't much of a feller after all. It would har bin money in my poeket if he'd aiaid to home. Chri*. ment wall, but he put hi* foot in it when he aaled for America.' We talked sum more about matters and thinga, and at laat I ris to go. " I will now aay good bye to yon, noble air, and good luik to you. Likewise the same to Ciotildy. Also to the gorgeous paraona whieh oompoee your soot. If the Emperor's boy don't like livin at the Tooleriea, when he git* older, and would like to imbark in the ahow bisniu, let him come with me and I'll maka a man of him. Yoa find oa samwhat mixed, aa I before obsarved, bat oome agin next year and jou'll find oa elearner nor aver. The Amerioaa Eagle baa livd too aomptaoaaly of late?bia f.ammio becum foal, and be'a now takia a alite emetio. That's all. We re filtia ready to strike a big blow aad a sore one. When we do strike the far will iy and aeoeeaion will be ia the handa of tha anderuker, abeeted for ao deep a grave that aothiag short of Oahrial'f trombone will ever awaken it Mi ad what I 8aj_ Yoa'va heard the ahowman!" Than adviain him to hoop away from tha Pater Pank auctions of the ftaat, and the proariatara of ooroer-lota ia tha Weat, I hid him farewell, aad went away. There waa a levee at 9aaatoi What'a-hianamea. aad I tboog bt I'd jiaa ia tha feativ. itiee for a spall bo should I see bat she that vm Sarah Watkiaa, bow tha wife of oar Cfgtamer, trippia in tha daaoa, drisssd aa 8^h'?|uh?r vU to keep a little grosery store in oar town, and she used to clerk it for him in busy times. I was rushin up to shake hands with her when be tarned on her heel, and toasin her head in a contemptuous manner, walked awaj from me very rapid. " Hallo, Sal," I hollerd, "oan't you measure me a quart of tbam beat melasses? I may want a codfish, also ! I guess this reminded her of the little red store, and "the days of her happy childhood." But I fell in with a nice little gal after that, who waa much sweeter than Sally'a father's melaaaes, and I axed her if we shouldn't glide in the massy dance. She sed we should, and we glode. I intended to make this letter very seris, but a few goaks may hare accidently crept in. Never mind Besides, I think it improves a komiok paper to publish a goak once in a while. Yours Muchly, Ward, (Artemcs.) I'anfrderate Account *1 tha Htttern Fight. OFFICIAL RKPORTi Of COM BAKRON, MAJOR ASDKSWft AND COL MARTIN. The Rebel officer* hiva requested Commodnrt Stringbam to forward their report. Major Andrew* In bta report a)'!: At 7 40 o'clock a. m. of the 29th the enemy opened tire on ua from the cteam-frtgate Minnesota (43 guna), Wabaah (43 gun*), Sutquehanna (15 puna), frigate Cumberland (24 guns), ateamer Pawnee (10 guna). and Harriet Lane (5 guna),and a rifled battery of three guna erected In the aaod btlla three mi lea Mat of Fort Clark. Thua you will a^e they brought 73 gum of tha moat approved kind and heavleat metal to bear on ua?the flh#lll thrnwn h?lno Q.4n/?H Ht UoK '' 4 . ..? ?v ihvh) 1V-1HV.U, auu ii'incu D?hlgreen, Palxhan and Colnmbaid; while, from the position taken, we were unable to reach them with the greatest elevation. The men of the rbannel battery were ord?red to leave their guns and protect themselves a* well as possible, the conncll of the commanding officers having decided that It waa to be an action of endurance un 11 our reinforcements came up After a few nhots had been fired, and It was ascertained that we could not reach them, our guns ceased Are, and onlv answered the Ore of the enemy occasionally, to show we had not surrendered. The shower of *hell In half an hour became literally tremendous, as we bad falling into and Immediately around tbe work not less, on an average, than ten each minute, and, tbe sea being smooth, tbe firing was remarkably accurate One officer counted 28 shells as felling so as to damage us in one minute, and several others counted 20 In a minute. At a quarter to 11 o'clock a council of officers was bela, and It was determined to surrender. A white flag was raised, and tuc unu^ ccoscu ai 11 O'CIOCI. ID US IOT IDref hours and twenty minutes fort Hatteras resitted a torm of shells perhaps more terrible than ever fell upon any other work*. At the time the council determined to surrender, two of our guns were dismounted, four men were reported killed, and between '25 and30 badly wounded. One shell had fallen Into a room adjoining the magazine, and the magsxlne was reported on Are It is useless to at'empt a further description. The men generally behaved well. Nearly every commissioned officer, from the Commodore down, was more or less wounded, and SO or 60 of tbe tioa-commlssloned officers and men, who would not report to the surgeon. From the report of Commodore Barrou we take the following: I was requested by Colonel Martin and Major Andrews, commanding the post, to assume command of tbe Fort, to which I assented, Colonel Bradford volunteering to assist me In the duties of defence, in assuming this grave responsibility I was not unaware that we could be shelled out of the fort; but expecting tbe arrival from Newbern of a regiment of North Carolina volunteers ai or dcjoic niiaaikdi. (me neet naving put to sea, and appearance* Indicating bad weather.) we designed an a^mlt on Fort Clark, three quarter* of a mile distant from Fort Hatteras, which bad been taken possession of by a party landed J from the shipping; but, unfortunately, the regiment did not arrive until the following day, after the bombardment bad commenced, and when the time came that I deemed evacuation or surrender > unavoidable, the means of escape were not at my command Oa the next day at 7 40, a m , the fleet, consisting of the Minnesota, Wabash, 8usquebmna, Cumberland, Pawnee, and Harriet Lane, (other steamers being In company,) took < their position and opened Are In addition to the I batteries of the ships the enemv had, during the ( night, erected a battery of rifled guns near Fort Clark, which also opened upon as During the first hour the shells of the ships fell short, we onlv fl'insr occasional! v. tn whether onr shot would reach th?m. and wishing ! to reserve our very limited supply of ammunition ' till the vessels might find it necessary to come i nearer In, but they, aftor some practice, got the exact range of their 9, 10, and 11-inch guns, and did not find it necessary to alter their positions, while not a shot frun our battery reached tb*m, with the greatest elevation we could get Thla state of things, sheila bursting in and over the fort every few Seconds, having continued for about three hour*, the men were directed to take shelter under the parapet and tmveraea, and I called a council of offlcera, at which it was unanimously agreed that holding out longer could only rrault la a greater loss of life, without the ability to damage our adveraaMea, and, jnat at thla time, the magazine being reported on tire, a abell having fallen through the ventilator of the "bomb proof' Into the room adjoining the principal magazine, ' I ordered a white flag to be ahown, when the firing ceaaed and the surrender waa made upon > the conditions of the accompanying "articles of capitulation " The peraoonel of thla command are now "pria oners ot war" on board thla ship (the Minnesota), where everything la done to make them u comfortable aa possible under the circumstances Flag I Officer Stringbam, Captain Van Brunt, and Commander Caae extending to u? cbaracterlatlc conrteav and kindness We aro to be landed at Fort Hamilton, New York harbor. COLON XL MARTIN'S RKPOXT. Colonel Martin write# to the Governor of North Carolina asking that the families of the prlaoneri may be cared for. and that moi.ey aud clothing 1 may be aent them Co onel Martin refer# to the reports of Major Andrews and Commodore Barron for particulars of the second day's operations?merely remarking that Fort Hatteras had not "sufficient armament to compete at all with the enemy, and the fortlflcations were not sufficiently well constructed to enable us to lie still and endure the lire of the enemy " Of the operations of the first day, he says that Fort Clark was exposed to a "flood of shells," which poured upon It and upon all ths little skirts of wood where sn enemy might possibly be concealed, for several hours?"a fire promptly returned until every charge of powder and every primer was exbauated, when i retreat to Fort Hatteraa waa ordered " There are alao reporta from the Tar Hirer and other Captain* Fokt Laiayitti.?The New York Commercial of Monday afternoon aaya: Fort Lafayette contain* eighty-one prlaonera, who are guarded by eight two aoldlera. Thla proportion of aoldlera to prlaonera la accidental; still. It la Intended that the former shall not greatly exceed the latter. The lmpreaalon generally prevails that the fort can accommodate a targe number of prlaonera?one thouaand even baa been considered by some a low estimate. This la not a fact, however. The fort will contain a large number of men, but not that proportion of prlaonera The former can be accommodated In their regular auartera, while the latter must be aerured In auch a manner as to render eecape impossible. Tbe caaemates are used for this purpose now. and acme of tbem are very much crowded. The gun itself occupies a Urge .J - J it tl t?-*- w- ?' * p?ue, iuu rouaa n iuo uaui mux or Qilpoiea, ?o tbat tea prisoners are quite enough to place in dm casemate. If these prisoners are detained at Fort Lafayette all winter they will find tbe situation of tbelr prison very much exposed. Tbe casemates must * kept open is order to work tbe guns, and tbe free circulation of tbe air through this orifice will not greatly tend to the comfort of tbe Inmates. K r Berrrt, of Washington, was released from C iatody oa Saturday, having compiled with tbe iMilreaeatsof the Government, by taking tbe oat a of allegiance and resigning his office of Mayor of Washington. Tbe speedy release of Mr BeaJ P Cor lies, of this city, la looked for by his friends, as It >a bell red that an examination Into tbe charges against him will lall to show a miaul oomnliriiu urtiK M11 ha# U Ik* from For tresa Monroe, are kept securely confined within n casemate The State prisoners are only loekrd up at night, and have abundant oppor tuoilv far eierelse during the day. With bat few exceptions they express themselves contented with their treatment (ITIndiana has thirteaa new regiment* formIng, numbering from the Twenty-eaveath to the Thirty-ninth, laotaflTf. ? * SICK AND WOUNDED SOLDIERS IN HOSPITAL. Published tit conformity with the resolut e* oj the Senate of' July 10, 1881. At General Hospitnl on E street, between Fourth and Fifth streets, Washington, Sept. 13. IrtN. V. Cavalry a 3d Pennsylvania Vol . l 1st Excelsior Brigade. 1 13th do do.. 1 2d do do.(a) 0 26th do do.. 1 3d do do.... 4 27th do do.. 1 12th N Y. Volunteer*.. 2 2d New Jersey Vol.... l 25th do do 2 5th do do.... 2 27th do do 1 2d Maine Volunteer*.. 1 28th do do 1 3d do do 1 30th do do 1 4th do do 1 Slat do do 1 2d New Hampahlre... 3 35th do do 1 2d Michigan 3 36th do do 2 4th do (d) 6 3?'h do do 2 2d Wlaconaln 3 69th do do 1 1st California 1 79th do do...(b) 3 Sturges Rifl?-a 1 9th Maaa. Volunteera.. 1 1st Indiana Cavalry... 1 10th do do 1 McClellan'aDragoons. 1 14th do do 1 Cameron Drnpoons ... 2 10th do do 1 lat Kentucky Cavalry. 2 *)th do do 1 1st Chasseur* 1 2d Vermont Vol....(e) 3 D. C. Volunteers 3 1st Minnesota Vol .... 1 ? 1st Pennsylvania Vol . 5 Total 80 (a) Including an officer. (6) One officer. (c)One officer, (d) One officer. At Stminary Hospital, Georgttovm, Sept 13. 1st Artillery 1 6th Penn. Volunteers . 2 2d Maine Volunteers . 7 8th do do 2 3d do do 3 9th do do...... 2 6th do do 4 10th do do 2 1st Mats. Volunteers.. 1 11th do do 2 7th do do 1 12th do do 10 .m ?criuum ?uiuHR^ri i nv lUicni^an vol I 3d N Y. Volunteers.. 1 id do do...(a)lt 13th do do 1 3d do do 3 79th do do 2 4th do do. ..(6)21 14th do do 3 19th Indiana (e)3S 33d do do 13 21 at do I 35th do do 1 1st Minnesota 4 Mozart, New York.... 2 2d Wisconsin 1 Tammany, do 4 Kentucky Cavalry.... 4 Excelsior Brigade.... 1 1st D. C Volunteers.. 1 Garibaldt Guards 1 Teamsters, CJ. M D.. 3 Cameron Rifles 5 1st Penn. Artillery ... 3 Total 107 1st do Cavalry .... 2 (a) Three officers. (6) Two officers, (c) One officer; At General Hospital, Union Hotel, corner Bridge and Washmifton streets, Georgetown, Sept 13. 2d N. Y. Volunteers.. fi 1st Penn. Cavalry i 12th do do 3 1st do Chasseurs... 2 13th do da 9 8th do Volunteers . 2 t 4?U J ? J - ?-? * i-twu uu 1IIQ ao no 1 17th do do v! 12th do do 6 19th do do 1 26th do do 1 '23d do do 12 27th do do 2 25th do do 1 Ut Ohio 1 26th do do 2 19th Indiana 1 33d do do......10 21st do..... 1 35th do do 7 2d Michigan Vol 3 79th do do 5 3d do do......16 Mozart 3 4th do do 21 Tammany 2 2d \Vlsco?slndo 5 DeKalb l|6th do do...... 1 ExceWlor Brigade.... 1 1st Minnesota do 1 2d Maine Volunteers.. 9j 1st California do 2 3d do do 4! Kentucky Cavalry.... 1 4th do do 21 Lincoln Cavalry 1 6th do do fi^turges Rifle Corps.. 1 2d Vermont do 6 Independent do. 1 3d do do 15 5th U.S.Cavalry 1 9th Mass. do 5 5th do Artillery 1 12th do do 1 Teamster 1 1st Conn. do 1 1st Peon. Artillery.... 9 Total 200 At Hoivital at Columbian Colltr*. IWi . - I -* ?**?* !>"*'*) Sept. 13. 2d Maine Volunteeri.. 8 Tammany N. Y. Vol.. 1 3d do do 6 Garibaldi do do... 2 5th do do 4 De Kalb do do .. l 7th Man. Volunteers. 1 Anderson Zouaves,N V 2 loth do do 13 1st Long Island Vol... 1 14th do do 3 1st Penn. Artillery.... 1 20th do do 5;26th do Volunteers.. 2 3d Vermont Volunteers 1 31st da do 5 1st New York Cavalry. 3 2d New Jersey Vol.... 1 Harlan Cavalrv 1 3d do do.... 2 2d N Y Fire Zouaves. 1 2d Michigan Vol ..(?)20 2d N Y. Volunteers.. 3|3d do do 7 Bth do do 2 4th do do 2 9th do do...... 1 7th do do...... 5 11th do do 1 2d Wisc onsin do 5 12th do do...... 2 5th do do 13 14th do do I 0th do do 2.5 18th do do 1 1st Minnesota do 4 22d do do Ullfllh Indiana An l? 24th do do 4 1st California do 5 25th do do...... 1 MoCIellan'sDragoons 2 32d do do 1 Lincoln Cavalry 1 31d do do 4 2d U S Cavalry 2 3.>th do do 14 4th do do 2 30tU do do 4 Teamsters, Q M D.. 2 17th do do 1 Tilth do do 1 Total 236 2d Sickles Brig., N Y. 9 (a) Including an oJ&cer. At Gtneral Hospital, (C?rc/?,) Washington, Heft 13. 4th Cavalry 4 tit Infantry 4 5th do 9 2d do 5 1st Artillery 8 3d do 14 2d do 13 8th do 8 3d do 2 Recruit, unattached .. 1 4th do 7 ? 5th do 3 Total 78 Siek remaining in the Hospital for Eruptive Diseases, at Kalorama. Stpt 13. 9th New York 1 2d Maine 1 3l?t do I 2d Wisconsin 1 34th do 1 1st N. Y. Artillery.... 1 1 at Pennsylvania 1 2d German Rifles 1 3d * do 2 lit U 8 Chasseurs.... 1 8th do 1 lat Artillery 1 30th do 1 Governor'! Iiland Reg I 3d Infantry 1 Blenker'i Brigade.(a) 1 Ptb do 1 Capt. Minus' Co 1 Lincoln Cavalry 1 ? Cameron Dragoom... 1 Total 23 19th Indiana 2 (a) Officer l?7* Washington papers please copy and send bills to the War Department. sept 17?3t Ail'U va i-n l mio ftmlhllatlng >jaftpgPM!TA Powder la tbe only known and M ?SKIMB beat artiole I* 7^jT!PJQ)aPM^K tiUniiiiiitu Roachon. HeT Bun, AnU, Motiia, Fliee, ?iiiJBfc~J^^^^i^*Flea?. Garden Worms TIMBki,**. * - ? Jt contains no peistn. SOHW ERIN'S PILLS are mire li atti to Rata and Mioe. M. Sohwerin baa received certificate* froM the Preaident of Girard Colic*#, Direotora of Honee ol Refuge, Pennaylvania Hoapital, and other Prominent Inatitutiona of Philadelphia ; (J. S. Jail. V* aldington, D. C.; and Charity Hoapital, New Or sana. La The orifinal oartificatea can be seen at the Wholesale aud Retail Depot 194 North Second atreet, Philadelphia, and for tale in thia city by p. B. CLARK, oorner Pa. avenae and 4M ata., and by RE^OF^f'tRIOUS IMITATIONS. IT'* Remember to aak for Sohwerin'a AnnihlUmt i Powder. uj - none tannine unlessslf ned M. Schwikin. me l&-6meo i tREEN CORN. IN CANS; PETITE PUIS; Cbampijnons; Freeh Tomatoes, ia suart oans; Preeerved Fruit, of many varieties: Conserved ?Inter,<Canton;) Aneelisne; Freeh Maekereland Halibut, in cane; Freeh Lobsters and Cluni, in oane: Sardines; Krandied Frnite; Crosse AtBiack well's Pieklee, Sauoee.Capers.Olives, fte. For sal* by KINS A BURCHELL, ?rooers, Ml ?'.?rn?r y?nnont and 11th ?1 WK OFFER TO MILITARY MEN % iartf V a?sortmentofOREY and BLUE FLANNEL OVER-SHIRTS, WHITE SHIRTS, DRAWKKS. CAMP BLANKETS, H ALF-HOSl", to.. *%iob we invite all ?aah purchasers to examine before making their re> notions. WALL. STEPHENS & CO., 399 Pa. av.f between 9th and loth eu. m g (Intelhseneer and Re?nb'ioan.) 4Q9 HHPS and?MIDDLINGS, l? kexs BUTTER, 1,060 bus. OATS.aver^.ltg Mr^sh.^ t?i T1 Cen?T Pifhi* nth ?t s> VoMtnnt ?? SPECIAL BARGAIN** IN MOUKN1N8 eoODU. W?offlr nilth* bMtfrk^Mof MuarLi:i? :r"3f fliff.R"rb, a shea?." Ml eonmtl-fi.tJ.ut BwraMkx. ' SUMMER RETREATS. UKA BATHINtt AND BAKE KKTKKAT, At Point Look-Out. Maryland. Thia oe *brat?d Bathinc Fiaoe. aituated at the Janotionof the Potomao River with iml . . A Chesapeake Bay, will be opened br thtfcmf undersigned on tho 10th of Jane, in the^flHLX very beat atyle, for a 1 persona who wiah a aafe and auiet retreat, where they osd have t*e benefit of the beet nalt water hatpin* and eqjoy the datioaoiea of the water, auoh aa Fiah of all kinda. Graters, Crabs, Ao Every description of fiahinc taokla will be kept for tne aooommodation of guesta. A fine livery atabie kept on the /arm Also, ten pinalleya and billiard aalonna ; with

all other amuaementa usually found at auoh plaoea. The table will be aupplied daily with freah vegetablea from the garden on the premises and from the Baltimore and Waahincton marketa. The i>*at Liquor* and Cigars will always be found at the Bar. Board, 93 p?>r day; one week, $ 18; aeoond week, in; four weeks for 936; ohildren and oolored servant* half-prioe. The atesmer St. Nicholas Imtm W*?Ki Tuesday a*. 6 & m. and Baltimore on Friday at 4 p. m. The half past 2 o'clook p. m. train from Washington will connect at Baltimore with the boats, reaching Point Lookout daily ; a so, a tri-weekly state from Washington, by way of Leonardtowri Address the proprietors, at Point Lookout, Washington, D C., or Alexandria, Vain 31 HEFLEttOWEK * CO , Prop'rs. DENTISTRY. M teeth. LOOMIS.M. D., the iurentor and patentee ofthe MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at-^-*^ tends personally at his oflioe .n this oity.RaflBMV Many persons oan wear these teeth wtin^1-1'1 >' oannot wear others, and no person oan wear others who oannot wear these. Persons calling at my oflioe can be aooammoaated with any style and price of Teeth they may desire; but to those who are particular and wish the purest, cleanest, strongest, and most perfect denture that art oan prod use, the MINERAL PLATE will bs more folly warranted. Rooms in this oitT?Nn. P* 9th and 10th its. Alio, 907 Arch street, l*hi iJef phia. oe tft-tf GAS PITTING, &c* AWM ?. DOVE A CO. RE New prepared to execnts any erdsrs wiU wnioh they may be favored in the PLUMBIN6, 8AS OR STEAM FITTING BUSINESS. (T^ Store on ?th street, a few doors north of Pa. avenne, where may be found a camlets assortment of CHANDELIERS and otter ?J A?,**TE> M and WA'fKR K1 X'fl'R KS U W-1t I SNYDER, . PLUMBER AXD OAS FITTER, Has removed to the oorner of Twelfth ana F its. He is prepared to introduce Water and Gas upon the most favorable terms, and euaranties entire satisfaction. Hehas on hand a lot of COOKING and other STOVES, whioh he will sell less than cost, as its Wishes tn ret rid nf them ? " .... ......... lit* I# WO A 8 FIXTURES. E Have in store, and are dai y receiving, 94S FUTURES of entirely New Patternsand Designs and Finish, superior in syieto anything heretofore otf'ei d in thia market. We invite oitixens general ly U> tail and examine our atock of ?a3 and Water Fix ires, feeling confident that we have the beat elected stock iu Washington. All Work in the above Tine ictroated to ear oar* will be promptly attended to. fdVERB * MiSRAN. mart-If 37? D street. Of ICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF CAS METERS, WA1H1H*T0H, illy It.ltM, NOTICE IS flERKDf GIVES, That, agree ably to the provisions of the ordinanoe of the Corporation aaprovod May IS, isfin, the onderaigned is now prepared, "whenever refuired in writing, and on pre-payment of Ute fee of alty centa, to inapeot. examine, teat, prove, and ascertain the aOouraoy of registration of any gaa meter in nae in thia oity." Every meter, iffoand inoorreot, will becordemned and another, sealed an' marked a* trre will be aet in i>* place. If proved to be acon~aie in ita will be sealec acco-aingly, and again pat in position for nae. OSoe No. CIO Seventh street,(near Odd F?l.tws' Hall.)' Open from S a. m? to it. m. _CHAKI.ES W. CUNNINGHAM IT lt-il ln*?Mtorand Sealer of 6as Meters. A RESUMED BUSINESS. XWA Tho Uodersigned wouid inform hiiX 1 V fpfnends ar.d the pablin thai he h??9 V taken house on Ninth st.. between D and E, where hA will again do business as a licensed FAWNBROKER. Fair dealing in all business transactions. 3m? ENOCH WARD FOR KTAMPLN* A FACIEI OF PAPER ^ AND EMYELOFE8 NO VO MAVCH. it the CHARGE METROPOLITAN RnniATosc ^PHILP * SOLOMONS Atmtl ft* L*wri%ti' I uUbraud Ltmtm f*p?r? Millt," *t? *?. _ M Ml J h?t. ?tb and Kth nta. ?>? TOPHAM'S aiin QB PREMIUM TRUNK M Ay V FACTORY, 499 Sivsnth ?trb*t, VVashinsto*, D. C. 8ilw Medal %warded by Maryland Inatitite o Baltimore, November 7, lHfin. AIm( Medal by Metropolitan Meohanioe' Inatiute, Warhinjton, D. C., 1857. 1 am oonatantly making, and ai war* have on hand, of the beat materia!, every description of Pine Sole Leather. Iron Pram*. . Ladi?*' Drees, Wood Box, and Packing Trunks, Pe.,isier, Carpet,an4 Canvas Traveling Baj?, Hohooi Satchels, ?o,, At Low Pricti. Members of Congress and travelers Trill please examine my stock before pnrohasinc elsewhere Trunks that are made in other oities. Superior Leather and Press Trunks made to order. . ... Trunks ooveTed and resaued at short notioe. Goods delivered free of ohr.ree to anyfpart of the oity, Georgetown. and Alexandria ja23-lreo JAMES S.TOPHAM. THK EUROPEAN HOTEL, KKPT BY F, 1 E.'dRIOH. at the corner of Penn. A avenue and Eleventh street, has beonYfcT? Y greatly improved reoently and now offers creator inducement* for the patror.age of oi(liens and strantere tli&n any other sub'io house in the city, his prioos being less than those of any other hotel on Pens, avenue, and his accommodations for permanent or transient hoarders unexoeptionablu. The b*r and rertaurant arrangements of the European Hotel have alreadj become very popu ar. neing an mat can do aesirea t>x the most fas odious. The proprietor a'eJg ea unremitted attention and oontinuea WberaJ expenditures to fire satisfaction to all, and ttius renews his invitation * all to ri?e tha Karn?*?n Hotol a call, d? 4-U TRAVELING TRUNKS. E Offer for sale the largest assortment o TRAVELING TRUNKS to be fonnd himm this oity, comprising beat Hoi# LeaiherBoSVI Ladies' Dreaa and Packin* Trunk*, Va-^3SU lioea, Carpet Hags, &o., whioh we arc now selling at verr low pnoea. WALL. STEPHENS & CO., at It H'ii Penr. avenue. 1CASH NOTICE. N Cense^uenoe of onr having to pay oaah for every artiole ot goods we purohase. we are forced to reiiuoa oar buaineea to Cash exclusively, f >r the present. We have in store a v?r? large assortment of REAUY-MADg CLOTHING for men and boys' wear, which are selling at a much lower rate than usually. WALL. STEPHENS* CO.. 343 Pa. avenue, between 9th and loth at*. ' < Intel. ft K??Oh.> Watch repairing and SILVER WARE manufactory: I have one of the beet establishments, and furnished with a oomplete set of toola for repair in* every description of fine Watches, and A] particular attention give to the ?m?, by *JmO tho -urh oompetent workman .and a. workntau* tiec A!ro, every deeorip ion of etandard SiuvER Wi RE,plainaud ornamental,aMUMtmiuncei my jwd supervision, whioh my customers will nna far superior in euality nn.1 finish to northern ware old by dealer* in faneral and represented a; then wn manufacture H.O.HOOD, m>* Pa.>v<irait. iMrlik r|UPONT'8 GUNPOWDER. SMi Atmcvfortk* District A. ivii niM.y, ambrMing e-wmj r?n?linn hand, ?o/d?iiT?r?d frM U> all F?rt? of th? D:i|TMC nrd?r? tu ?1m> b*l*k??th#offie??f A(U?V KxirMi r?miuv. WuMwtflH. 0.?i. * %8W VOLUME BALZAC'S NO?ELS.-The ?~ A'?hsmi?t, or th* Hoqm of CIM?; (rem tue Frtoch of Hotiirt <V B*ln?. Fr?? by mail, fl cum Maraar.U* Wu??r of E>wwi; b? Geo. BDH JUHNBTON, ALTIMORK LOCK HOSPITAL, Nil iitttmtrti tki most C$rtmin. Sjltdf mJy Eftttual R*m*df m tk* World, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE. IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Wtakntaa of ? Ba:k, SirieiarM, Afaettoaa ?f ft<dnaya ?nd Bladdtr 3iacbarfaa, lmpotaocT, tiaoaral Dabilily, Ner.vouanaaa, 3?acapaT, Laneaor, Coofaaiao f Idtu, Lev Spr.j, ?/;yi!iain of ib? Hurt, Timidity, Trtcubliuga, Diinuaaa of Bigot or Giddiuaa*, Oiuui cf tht H??d, Throat, Nuai or Bkm, Aftctiona of tb* Lmn, Stomach or Bowala?thaaa Tarrtbla Diaordara irmn( from Solitary Halitiof Youth?ihtii Dreadful and Daatrrctt?a Praclien which rtndar Marrnri impoaaibla, and daairoy boib Body and Muid. YOUNO MEN Eapaeially who ba?a become the aictiraa af Solitary Tlca, that drendfal and daetracuea habit which annaally eweepe ta u n.umalf frm thouaanda of You. j Mm n* tha Mat eialted talenta and brilliant Intellect, who mipht otberwiae h-?t entranced Uatemng Senatee with tha tbundara of elo? nance or wakad to ecet*cy tht litinf lyre, may call with all conidence. MARRIAGE. MillilD rilions.or Yon; Min rortanplaui f Marriage, being awara at phyeical waakaaaa, argaaia debility. deroriniuee, Ac., epeadil* cored. Ha arbo placaa himeelf under tha eara of Or. J. nay relirtaaely cnufije in l.ia honor at a gentleman and caotdanuy fair upon bia aklll at a phyaician. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. left band eida going froai Bain mora etraet, a few door a frotn tha corner. rail not to obaerre oaaa and ntmbar. Letieri maat ba paid and contain a aump. 1)R JOHNSTON, Member af tha Royal f'ollefa of Sarcaana, London, grada ata from ona of tha nioet eaunen College! tn tha United Statea, and tha ri enter part of whoae life hat been apent in tha hoapitala of London, Pane, Philadelphia and alaawhara. bae effected eotne of the moat aaioniahtiif carta that were tTtr known; m&Lj troubled with ring-inr In tb? heed and eare when aeleep; gri\i nervoneneee, runjr alarmed at eudden lonnda, baehfalneee with frequent Meaning, attended eometiraee wub derangement of mind, war* cared wnroedlately. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Yoynp Men and othere wbo have m)ored tberoeeleee by a tartatn practice indulged in when alone?a habit fr?jo?ntl? leerned from e?tl coiupnnioua, or at eebaol, (ba effecte cf whicn ara nightly fait eeen whig aeleep, and if not cured, rendere merriage unpoeeible, and deetroye both mind and body, ahonld apply immediately. Three arc ecme of the aad and melancholy (fact* jprcdaced by early habiu of youth. *u: Weafcneae of the Back ant) Lunbe, Paine in the Head, Dimneaa of 8i|bt, Loae of Power, Palpitation of tne Heart, Dyepepey, Nervosa irrita biluy, Derangement of the Digeeuee Kuncuone, General DtKntty, Syn.ptotne of Coneomption, Ac. M*^TALLV.?The fearful effecte on the mind are maeh te be dreaded?Loee of Mcworv. Confnmou of Idaea. Dtrrfumn of Spirit*. K?il Forebodmr*. A?*r?ion of Society. llelf-p!*tru*t. Lot* of Solitude, Tunidity, *te., ar? Minu of ita* *til* produced. Nutoi'i Dimi.iTT?Thouand* e*n now )ude> whet i* lb* cauae of their declining he?lib, locing i-htir vigor, f coming weak, pale, nereoue and emaciated. h**mg a ?ingu!*f appuaranc* about th* *7*1, cough or ayinptoio* of cooeunipUon. DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. Whuti ih* miegnided and urpruden* votary of ple*?ure Slid* b* ha* imbibed the *eeJ* of tin* painful di**a**, it ton often happen* th it an ill-titied *eu*e of ?ham*or dread of diaeoeery deter* him from applr ing to thoae who, from *dnca(ioa and r**pect*bihty, can alone befriend him. Re fall* into th* band* of ignorant ant? deaigning pretender*. who, incap*) !* f earing, filch hi* pecuniary *ub*unce, ke*p him trifling month after month, or a* long a* th* *?nalle*t fee can t * ebtainad, and in deepair lea?e hisn with rained health to *irh >*r hi* galling di*appointm*nt; or by th* BI* of that deadly poi*on?Mercury?h .aten tb* eoiKtitntional lymptome of tht* Urribl* disraae, *uch a* Affection*of tn* Heart.Throat, Head, kin, *c., progreMing wuh frightful rapidity, f!!d*vh putaa period to bi* dreadful *uffe.icg* by **nding hi oil o undiscovered couiitry from who** bourn* ao traetler return*. DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY By thi* gr**t and important r*m*dy w*akn***?f th* organ* ar* *p**dily cured and full vigor r**t*r*d. Thousand* or tb* MAat niFTMi wid !? < >11 k. ? ? ? ?- - ?? kaan tmmadiaialy ralia?ad. All unpadimacla te Marritfa, Phyaieal ar MaaUl DUqBaltic* unit, Lmi ' Pr*cra*uta P?**r, Nar*aaa lrnubilitr, Trairibllnf in4 if Klbaaauaai af tha DNl faarfa! kind apaadily eartd. ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS. TnV Mart THO^'tltds carad at thia iuaiitatien vithia tfca laat MTtataio raara, and tha nimarni imperial,t Sarri al aparauetia parformad by Di. JotinatM, viuimiI by tha rapariara oi tha papara and mxi,y cihar paraona, noucaa ( which hara appaarad again and again bafora tha pablic, baa!daa ku aundinf aa a faoilaman af character and raarotiaiWitty. ta a aalciant faartntaa ta tha aSietad. mar 11 1* 1>*. J." H. McLBAN'8 8TEEVGTHEHIN0 CORDIAL iRU BLOOD FLKIFIEH THE HREATEST REMEDY tu tkt WORLD. and the root Dkliciovi and ?* JP DELI6HTFUL Jt JL1 ti CORDIAL MVWK S/ET3R Bi'rk, tiJ Ditdilita f ~^ 3L *~y n?*dl*l p f'??iy.? _j| MoretakEs.Lh;"1IiLT ".^?^cr iiiiiuim, >i*di?i>( * a*!i*t*a*. tithntiuf tpitH, **d u* not t?f?Ulk'? ftMidtfti >*a*T*u*f ik* < mil ty?t*m, ltd t*>k*rl*f til > ?, * < d*kiliuud laTilld t? k?*ltfc *?d iii**flk. MtLBAN'S STRENGTHENiye CORDIAL Wilt *Y**iailly **i* fci**r CaapUlat, r.7ip?p?U, Jtndl*?, CtrtaJt at Rittiii Pckllity,DImmu (im <d*?T?, ud *11 d!?????? tr1*luf !t?m a d>?*rd*t*il k'li *> flitniil, ip?U, **ri?Bi*, Inward r.'l**, A*Mit? 01 IiiImn *f Ik* luiitk, falla*** *f >: <] u ik* **?, U1.1 r*ia vlBBlif latk*B**4, PilpllaUaaaf tk* in, Fills*** M V*t?ki Im * W ??-- ? ? -- " STVtVKlVUI, t/tfllBf tl afaaaUaf ??< !???, Dryr ih aililbV. In ?t Ul Ikli 111 Ijn, I1!*!! * >?, livui ftMra, Pala ta lk? all af Ut !? ?, Cktai, ? Mid*. Vaddaa riukti ?f ?(, PifMHlM af aptru, Prlfhtfal Diuai, Ui|in, BuNtdii*; at u; utoni IIiimi, ? ? Fiatahaa m di IkU, i>4 fiMi u< ifii (at Chi Ua ui ||||.| 9VMM A MILLION BOTTLES k??? ktta Mid dmi/Ul latt lis a?Ui, aad ta aa ta urn k?a Ufult'" ta aaura iliifaaiiaa. Vb?. ikaa. vtll tafftr (? WatVatM ?r Daklltty ilia MikKAIT* TIIMTKIIDI COfcDIAk WU1 tUI j.a 1 a iu|u(i ita ih'i; aa aaaqaata Idaa af tki laaitlala aad alaaat Blraamlan akacf t frtdand k j taklaf Ula CarClil ta Ika dlaaaiad, dakllllaiad, aad akauarad atr???t ?yatia?, vkilkn k?ku dm k? aiaaaa, w?ak ky aitlaa, ai Inpaiiad ay iliknu, tka n uad aad aaatraaf atftal atlaa la raa?*?ad ta Ita prltUaa baalik aad *l(ar KA-1&IKU TXR60NB, at #< #??, aaaaatata af taakilltv fr?m vkturar taaaa, wtU lad Hckli t?*a rilllTlII JI COEAlAfa a Uara?fk ii(iiiintiaf Ua i;<na_ aad all vka aaaj ktta la iaii ! uiaiiiT-a wj imjwvyiw lanaifaaa** V1U lad IB UU CtrdUl a Simla aad apaady r*aa*dy. TO THE LADIES. M?kun rrasBCTirRm* ootniAk ta a slfa aid ap?i dy sara fat laslpltnt Caoaarayt'aa,, MiiltKd st Mlllll HiaitluiMa|l>?Mt!awM af litai at larduurj S'lWi.?f? tkataaf, Falllaf af Ua Wtmk, Iddtaaaa, raUuaf, aad all dlaaaaaa aaldaat u Faaalaa. THE EX IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT afar aa laafii. Taka It asasrdlnf ia dJr*stiaaa. It will Castas*. awaafikaa, aad tatlfarata aad sasia Ik* kiaaaa af kaaiu i* ataxia; jraar akaak afala. Bra it kattia la fUfiallt IS ft** a?.uafa*ilaa. WOK CHILDREN, If yast thlldMa ua alakty, p*nr at aKlaltd, MeklARI CORDlAh vlli aiaka Ilia kaallkr, fat, aad rakaat. Dalay aat a aa?n*ai; try it, aad yaa -will M aaavtasad. It I* daUslaaaia taks, 9 A TTIOir, ?vara af dnfftott at dtalan arha mat uy u pala n?a yaa Ha* Mttar at aanapanlla traak, wkiak ik*y aaa (a; ak*a?, ky aarlnf It lajaat a* faad. A f aid tack nan Aak fat MckKAira rrEEHMTIKinMa COUJIAfc, aad uka aaikiog *l*a. It la U* aaly raiaady Ua: will aarify tka laad laaraafhir and at in* aaiaa tima altauftbaa Ua ayataaa. Od* liaapaainl takaa avary marolnf faatinf la a cart a la prtrtnun far ^aalara, Ukilla 1*4 Ftraf, Yallaw r#??r, ? < > frt'tlMl diuui. It U IK It lull Mil. Prill I; |l fit kattlt, u I kattlaa far |i 1. I. McLCAB, It arapritlar tf tkit Cardial; a 1m, Mikiao'i Taltanlt ol ktaliaaat. Ptlntlpal Dapat aa tka wnir af Ttu4 ul PU? imiu, h. kaaia, Ma. oLean'i Volcanio Oil Liniment, (TIE BUT UmMIKT n TIE WOEkll.) Tka aalr iaf? ui ruin car* far Cancan, Pllaa, Ta art, wallinga and Brantklla at Cailrt, Panlraia, MaaraIfta, Vtikiau af tka Maaclaa, Ckraoia ar IsiaDaaitr; K.k t uai uam, Bufaaaa af dka J lata, CaaWaWl< Maaclaa a* kfimmli, Earaaka ar Taatbacfct, Brautt, Imiiii, Praak Caw. Waanda, Clean, fart? taraa, Cakad Braati, lata H'aplti, Barm, Btalda, taaa Tkraat, at aa; UtaMiatiaa at aata, aa lifirmti kav h'ln aa Im? tka duaaat aai kara tmttd, MckEAII CKkESEATED UB1MEBT it a aartata rtmtdy. Tkaaaaada af haiaaa kataga Ura ktaa aarad a lift af 41a arapttadt and miatry ky Uit aat aftkit la?al*nklt raratdj. MtLBAITS TOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will rtlitvt pala ai-natl .t.itamanaaakly, and it vfll alta*, p artfr aad kaal tk* faalaat tarn ia an laaradrkU than llaaa. m(Hntmi.vnnrufi ivrirnt M c kXAM C K UK BR* Tkilf!L*Ml MKMt' toiki mI* m U til rtlitkl* mih l? tfc* lin rf Infli, kitkMi, WmifUU, Ipknu, Vnaattral kampt. HmIm m It n?T?r f?il?d u tin Bif Bm4, MIiiH, rtataU, 0:< Eu?in( hiM, at if smart* Mllil Tm IflilMi ?* . Iwiikn, Crtakad ImIi, Cwh, IU41t n Cdiu?tm,Ou,aH?, > Wiaads, Mtoaa lafrlUkto taaa4y. AffX K u tiiHWt ul I U iwtli I* I'M} IMUIM. fkM inti M iMftf VI?k U? BUT ?nUIIH ktalaiiu a?a*?? yum. Obute a mm\y af oL MckUXI CfckBIUTID killMUT. UvUlMiiM. J. M( bKAJI. M< Pmptmm. CM?tTkMu<nMiaillMi,M. CliUM HUII, W fv t>, ?<? ?#?t I* w? a.? t cwm.?nirin? wh-mww A VKRY NICE HON PLATE PIANO THE WEEKLY 8TAR. Thla exoell?at Famll? u4 Nawa ieweel? 'ontelBiaf a greater rarle*y * UlmwuM nUn* than ru be found la any ?tber?la pabllsbed oa Friday Boralng. Tiaaa?C*tk, mmmnmhlf, < single copy, paraaaum ...91 ? Fin copiea4 71 Tea cop Ira I N Twenty trr roplea tD V It lBTarlably ooaUtaa the "U'aahlBg'm Nmpb' itut baa made TKt Dti? ?nm*| Smt alfawtata ; ao geaeraliy throughout the country I IT Single roplea (la wrappers) mm be pe*. cured at tbe counter, Immediately after tba laaao - - " itae paper. Prtca?THREE CENTS ^AVY BEEF AND PORK FOR IMS Navt DmrARTVKiiT, I F*r$aft frmiMW ?U CIhUN.) Aifttit M, 1HL S Pa* lip P*oro?*L?, endorved M Pro?o?li f. r Beet,'- and "Propotala for Pork,"*? the oa?e *? t>e, will br reoeivad at tbia i fioe antU o'oieet a. st. oo Wednesday, the ?th day ol ^>?u>i?bar Mil. for furnishing and deliver iaa, free of alt ?o?t and risk to the I nltac Stale*, al U? fallowing Navy YWil' Barraia Beat Bamli Fork. AtCharlaatow, Maaa?.XSaa 4JM At Brooklyn, N. Y. *4* t.Mi At Pbiiadalpkiia, Peaa... .MM ljao On* half of aaid Baaf aid Pork ma at ba dearer d at each ot the above-named *a da, tha lat day of A?rU, 18?, aud tba remains at half br the lat day ot Jane, IMS, on)e?? earlier deli vertoa hould Ko k- 1 0 1?>.? uy VWd ? UK NfMl Payment to be mad* within thirty U;i sjter a*4l?Jlid-lers mut specify their prioae mMMj m4 dieunotiv in wpkntoofari lor IM BWI u4 for th- *ork. aud ior eaoh of the plaoea of delivery, covering ail expense* and ail ckarcee The Beef must he from we 1 fattened oat tie, aufhtertd between the lit a; ol October. ltfcl, and tu* 1st da? ot January, 1*62, and weighing not less tuan six hui died pounds, oett weight, eaor.. Tuel"*? and leg rand* of the hind ?nartare,aad the shine ard shou der olods, the shoulders of mat ton aad ends ol sticking pieces, an<l at least twt re f unds from the ncck ei.d of esch fore-qsartar or he parte marked > os. 1.2.3, 4, and 5, an the drawing or de ineatmn of the fore wad hind 4warfare of an ox which will be attached 10 and torn a part at ttie contract, must be woolly rxoiuded fiom raoh t a're ; a 1 the other pieoes are to be paoked. amd. *nstead of bnn$ eat wilt a tltmvtr, msal b* isi tkrvnik tttik a >air swd kn%ft (e n*? i4? meal a squarf. mat. and sm?tk apptaranc*, m rurd ef act leti than tight pounds, nor mere thorn iweiwe pounds rark. I tie l*'>rk mutt fee packed from oora-fed. well fattened hvf?, slaughter- d between the 1st day of December 1861, and the let day of January, 1NZ, andweuhug not le?a than two hand ed poo r.da each, exoinoing the head*, joiea neeka, ahoa dera, hams, lege, feet, butts, rumpe, lard, and all refaae pieoee. aud mu?t be oat with a taw and kntft is pieoce weighing not lees than six pounds, nor morn than twelve pea .da each. Both the B<efar>d Pork nr at be ea'ted with at leaat one nta'ute ba?hel of Turk'e iaan'.ieleof May, Key Weat ao'ar. Ono .oaga eolar. or 9t Ube'a eat; ana the Beef must hare five oanoee of fine pulverised aa tpefe to each barrel, exolaaive of a p okle. to be made from freeh wafer as strong aa ta t * ill make it, atd muat be perfeotiy bright aud tear. Kach barrel moat contain fall *? pounds nett weight of beef or pork, and no exoeea of weight in eiti>e - article will be paid for. The barrels must be entirely new,and bemad* of the D-*t aea-oned h?art of wnite oaa atavee aa d h*&iir the ataveato be n tieaa than five eighths of an inch thi. k. and the headicga not teas than turet-fjunha ?>f an inch thick; thei muat be three fou tha nooped over, icoladmg the iron h' ope. t>nat white oak or hick >rv hoo?a,and each barrel must have on it four iron ho >pe, v.a oueofoce&nda half inch lowidtuon eaoli bi ge. ac.d one of one and aa eighth moii in aidth on each o'itine, lira etch to ?>e ol oat ?ixt< eruti of an iMt tniok. Ea.h b&irei mutt be of the internal ctpaony of thirty-two gallon* an j the iron hoop* muat be well psintfd with red le&d. l-ach l>arrel must be branded by burning oa ;ti head " N?vj B-?f," or * Nary Pork." aa the oa*? ma> be. with the contractor's name and tin year wiien packed, and weight; and tha.l also be branded on the bung ttave with the letter B. or P.. a* the oa*e mat be. The iiesf and fork will, unless otherwise cireetcd -y the Chief of th.a Bureau, be inspected by the inspecting offioera at the r?apeot<ve Navy tarda afore?a d,a >.d bv tome "awoin inspects of aatted proviaious " wno wi 1 be eeieeted l y the reapecbve oomma&ding office a; nt tbc.r ohartes fur saoh inspections muai be paid by th? reap.-oti ve contractors, wno must likewise have the barrels pat ia good shipping order, to the satisfaction of the comma iidan.a of the re?p?clive Nav? 1 aids aforesaid, after inspection, and afcthetr own exptnee. Two or more approved aaretiea intsea e^iai to one ha f the eatimated amount of Vie ooltract w U, be required. aud twenty per oettum in adaption WiU be withheld lrom the amount of each aayineiit to be made, aa oollateral seounty for the dae aad faith ul periormauoe of the respaetire o<ntracts, winch w II on no aooount be paid until theooatracts are oompued with is all respects ; and ia to be forfeited to the United states in ihe event of fai'ure to oomplete the ' elivenea witnintheare aonbed period. In case of fail a re on the part of the coa'rac or to Jeliver ail or any of the beef or pork above mentioned, ol th? ana lty and atthetjote nuu ?uv*o fiv? luou , kur wB ll SOW W!1 IOTleit and fay to the Uuted bt*tea. aa hqsidated dim?iei, a >um of noo?r esual to tvio? the amount of the oontraot pnoe t? m paid incwof the ao.ual deliver; thereof; which liquidated dan area may i?e reooverec from time to time aa they aocun Payment will be made t?y the United Matea at the perioda above tpeoified. (exo*?Cin< the twenty per oentnm to be withheld tic til the completion of the oontraot, aa before atated,) att?r the said beef and pork ahal1 have been u.a^ected and received, and bull for the aame ahali have been prevented to the navy agents, re?peoDve.y, duly approved by the commandants of the reapeouva navy yards, aooording to tha term* of the eon ract The farts Of betf to b< txrludtd trill bt par tic* lariy d signateii im tkt engrmr\n% to 6? attacked <e the eontraet. tenons tntertsttd con obttstm tkem on applutuion at tkts ofut. Hioderx whose proponals shall be accepted (and none others) will be forthwith notified, and aa early aa practicable a oontraot will be transmitted to them for execution, whioh oontraot maat bo returned to the Bureau within ten days, exclusive of the t>me required for the regular transmission of the mail. reoord. or duplioateof the letter informing a bidder of the aooeptanoe of his proposal, will V* deemed a notification thereof within the meaning of tbe aot of 1M6, and his bid will be made and accepted in conformity with this anderaipnaintEvery offer made no t be acoompanted (as directed in the 6th seotion of tha act of Conxreas making appropriations for the cava. eervide for 1846 'rr,?F f r. ved ll>th of August. W46.) by ft "itt t?u guarantee, signed b* on* or more responsible p?rfom, to the effect thftt he or they anriertake ikftt the bidder or bidders will, if kia or ttieir bid be ao cepted, enter into an obligation within leu dft/s. with good ftcd auffioient sureties, 10 furnish the ftrtiole proposed Tni? guftrftntee niit be accompanied by tke oar tifinate of the United States cistriot judge, I'mutf State# district attorney, or nary ftgent thftt the guarantors are ftble to make good their gaftiftotee. No proposal will be oonsidered inlees ftooompa med by ruch guftrftntee. The Didder's came ftud re?ider.ce. and the ntv? of eaoh member of tne firm, where a eoastsr offers, with tlie Christian names w rules rn fall, must be C .ftinotly stated. Under the joint reso ofion of Conrroaa. approved 87th March, 1854. "ftll bida for soppiiea or p??v| siona, olotning, and small stores for the os?- of the navy, may be rejected at the option of tha Depftrt meut, if made hy one not known fts a auuiuJac tnrer of or rogular dealer in the aruoie ? opv ?d to bo famished, wtuoh fact, or the r?varao,1.aftflt be diatinotly stated in the bids offered. ? M law4w I7KMALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL r ALEXANDRIA, FA. Mrs. 8. J. MoCOKMlCK. PftUteiraL. The thirteenth annua: eoasion of tois InstiUtioa will oommenoeon Tneadfty, SoptomDe- int. in the boose reoently oocupied by Bylvoatar t?eott, No. 130 King atraoC ? lh uoin* ra^uMW ?v wnw Bill? Mljatioc^ and Uuio, French, Litis And Dmviai. U 1 , to . ; r. to day cboiar*. Mrm. MoCormlok li irmnd to raoeivo a limited cumber of papua M bpardere, whc. oonatitnUng a part of her m Ujbily. will be under he' immediate oar* and supero ion. She will ?ndeavor, aa far as poa^tue. to car round them with the oomforta and kiamr lalaweee f Roiije. ^M^^aSdUmim at l?i ?hmri' ?riM* gy No artra ohartaa. aa iMt AAA SMI fW TUP ?? A 4a? v* AM A ?? ? Ae J roiti ^ ur.wof Aim, PockM Mui of iall kiod*. Soidi.nj' C*mp Dr?MiM Cmm /to* ftfO to*. Blank Book* and Stationery of all kinds,rtnc 'Kjra&SZ? 'M|.M * w^M ton, AnenoaL and h oreiin Mataiiw, Duly an<1 A RICHSTEIN* 1 rintoL A > ?? bT?W? Pa. i'm.'* Q U H B O A T B Pui*i 4jtb SracmcATiam lor tolls of tea po?U r tfo * Jyl* Brif. GM'laad UurttrjutK Gn' M'ga^'Afgf^aaTaare* p?i?u:-"''* WW 1 Nt """ mTWIOTTBIltilim # *r ij* *

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