Newspaper of Evening Star, September 19, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 19, 1861 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. Goaeral Mciiellu'i Ssng A mnatcal lsdy friend, uvi ?fce Roaton Transcript. hat made the discovery that Gen McClellan'a ipwh la well adapted (o go as a wig to the J r-hn Brown tune Now, aa the soldier* will sing that tone In preference to any other, we think it desirable they should be furnished with hotter words to it; and who know* bnt they may be W1 111eg to adopt this, which is at least unexceptionable on tbe *core of taste and sentiment Gen Mcc'iellan Is Mr!r entitled to the reward offered by the National Soup Committee. W ? bave bad our last retreat, We haw had oar last retreat. We hare had our laat retreat. McClellan'a marching on. Glory, Halle, Hallelujah, 4c. W? have fceen our laat defeat, We lure aeen our last defeat, We hare seen our laat defeat, lt^PUIU.1. kl __ m?i>. uiiiH vu OJoqr, Halle, Hallelujah, it. Yoq atand by me and I'll stand by yon, Yea stand by me and I'll stand by you, Yoa stand by me wd I'll stand by yoa, And victory a ball be our* OJory, Haifa, Hallelujah, Ac. Q7"The magnificent fountain* In the Place de ) Concorde la Pari* were of iron, and the water which play* over them contain* lime, which soon coated them with a dcpo*1t of aulphate of lime. This obscured all the rich detail* of their ornamentation. Tbene fountain* have be^n taken down, and a layer of copper has been placed upon them by the electrotype process This being bronzed give* the Iron fountains all the beauty of brons? at a tithe of the co*t. About sixty tons of aulphate of copper have been used in thtf process fTTThey have a story ia Chicago abcut a drunken captain who met a private of bis company in the same condition. Tae captain ordered him to "halt" and endeavored in vain to assume a firm position on bis fret and to talk with dlgnifi-d severity, exclaimed?"Private Smith, I'll give you t'l <bic)fouro'elack?ogi*soberin " 'Cap'u,'' replied the soldier, 4,as you'r (hie) sigbt drnnk-rntam I 11 give you t'l ive o'clock to glsaober la." C7" Orenadior*, oigaudies, gixtt Jt ton and Chainbery gj-nzes are to be allowed to triumph till the end of September, la the way of novelty a charming 11-w petticoat, called "the milkmaid," Is mentioned by high authorities A we-t walking-dre?s is a robe oforgandi, having iw lv? narrow tu-^ks arranged above: a rather wide hem at the b >'tom of the skirt. The d'ess ia high-necked, the corsage descend!ng to a point, and trimmed with graduating frill braces. CZ7*Oar amiable vnnng friend the Prince of Wales, la under hard drill at the Curragh In no one single respect ta an iota of distinction ? ? to drill or ??mp duties made betwrrn bim and any other captain of aecmpany. Wet or dry, hot or cold, he has to tramp along whenever he ie ordered cut, and take his share of the fatigue ai d roughing which a long day '* drill ? impartially accords to all in every regiment, whether guard* u, imr, um !?r* or men. OCh'A N S TBA MERS' SA J LING DA Yt JTbom tbb urito STATSS. Slnnri. Lta?*. ftr. Days. C. of Baltimore...New York....Liverpool.. Sept 31 Hammoaia... New York.. .Hamburg. ..Sept 21 Ainu* ......New York....Liverpool ..sepi^S Kangaroo.New Yoik...Liverpool.^.S*ptaS .New York . _ .New Yorfc... Bremen Stp* 2H F.nropa RoaM)" .Liverpool....Oct 2 Great Eastern New YorK...i.iverpo :i...Oe: 5 rir-im .New York. ? Liverpool....Oct ? Niagar* tioston. I.iverpooi... .Oot 16 Asia. .New York _ Liverpool... Oot23 Bremen .New York ...Bremen?.Oct* Fbom Ecbopb Eoropa Liverpool Boston..Sev; 7 Great Eastern ..Liverpool . Maw \ ork.. .Sept 1*? Sir onia~ ? Soutn'pton.. New * ork. ..S--pt Jl Persia. Liverpool New Vork .~8 pt M Pwiton ..SoutlCpton.?New York...So,t 18 Niagara. I.iverpooi rt<<aton *1 Ana ? .Liverpool....New York ..Seat 28 Bremen. Southfpton...New York..?0#t 2 The California mail steamers Ipat* New York MtkBlat I4tk oi-* -< - ? ?-* ??? ????* sua <(! ( ui urury incQUI< Oil ! OH !? bo to tho I'.^ople's Clo'h ng ?tore, No. 4?J> Seventh street. oppoi*ir<? Po?t Offiot>, ? examine tnat uew stock uf FaI.i. t'H'TH ). J Hi NHS. KAI'!*?:d CAi'S. al: for saIo at loweet N<-w York price* an S>-1 m W BOYS' CLUTULVJ. K H%r? received within tie list day or two ? large M?urtmeai of BOYS' SPR?%.9 CLOTHING, embracing asi ntyl ? of low-pnoed, medium, aoll ane ?aaiitioi, wnich we are oliiag a t vei j low .loo* for ca^a. WALL, STEPHENS 4; CO , 3'ivs fa. a v., betw^n < th &ud ifcth ?t?. m tt Hntallic?"cw^i^i< KepntOifutn.i GIBBS' HAIK STORE, No. Ui'i Pa. iv.. but. 12th and 13th *ts. rXRtVMBtiY. *c. BRAIDS.CURLS WIGS. HALT WIGS, FRlZETTES, Ao. A tn.i ?toc? a way i on hand, or made to order at the shortest notice. Hair Work repaired or exchanged. N. B ? Lauioa' Hair Dyed la the most natural t?nn?r. mi 9 fcm YWOOl) and coal. OU Will ?T2Tely get your mrawy'i worth bj oainr g at tee PION KLR MILLS, ttnakwtsi cor fs?r x S$v?ntk ilftet and Canai, (GEO. PAGE, Ageot.? They mei! cheaper at! gi?e better meaaure than aay other* in the city?out, split, a&d deiivared free of charge. if veu ot* 11 eueve ,i?f the Pioneer Mill* a tna , acd be eaMahed. n n T i ? <? u ?i m w * a v U . _ tT POTATOES! boshels prime Western Mercers wi'l be eo.u (Kitvuun rso. ? PenneyIvam* av.. oori er O' ? *?->cd at. First car load arrived to-day. Ci o us a trial, and we su&li give you s&ttriaoUou. Ohio, Indiana ajid Kentucky money, in good taci ng , taken at par. aa ?-tf J. W. STEELE A CO. ClMMt.K CLOTHING S3 At R*tcc*D I'ku.k?W# r?fferimr large assortment of thin Sl'MMtS CLOTHINt* at reduced pri es. <>ur stock embrace* all ?t?!e? and qualities of Gentlemen. Youths. and Hoys' \\ *Arin< Ap??re., ?I tue most 4?etr?ble and iMhionabie Uj.oh Alen. SHIRl> and FURNISHING GOODS in great variety. Giotiiii:* ui&d* to order at the shortest cotioe. WALL. STKPHKNS A CO., 3?2 Pennsylvania avenue, jj f I Intel. A Ree l bet. fHh and 10th ?U. CARRIAGES. A HE Snbeoriber uaving imute additions to hit i f&otof j, making itnowoneof toe artist,. Ln the Dietnot, where L.s tacnitie* rSRS^aP, (or ma*, a <ae taring CAR RJ AGES ana Mr ~ *= LIGHT WAGONS of all kinds cannot be anr fuito, aad Irom hie lone experience m the bum j neaa.he hopea to five seceral #*- faction All kind* ot Carna^ea a?d LijL*. Waiona kept on fcaedAii REPAIRS naattp done, and all orders prompt!? attended to. Second hand Carnatee u.k?n in txcbnnfe ft? moii-e, ANDREW J. JOYl^K. d 18 tf oorner of Fou. t<x?r.t'i ?nd E >=U IHli **AWN UFHC 9 0 B*ck of ikm !Sattom*l Hot*1. 9 V M at liberal advauoea iuau^ on oold and Uvcr Watoira. Diaru-jn .a, Jewe tj. Silver ware.Clothluf, Piato ?, and aJl kiode of Meiohandne. bunleu aUiOtir coobdectial. ISAA'J ribRZBKRG, 341 C street, an I-fm Between 4*j and 6th ?tn. A RMV SUPPLIES. A JCsT RECKIVEDW"cana sAl SAtf t. MbAl', V?i> caua FRESH TOMATOES, 4a 04i0# Fit ESH VEAL, c&:ia HKhF, a la mod'.. Mxana BOAST HEKh, ?uoana /RKSH MUTTON. Muoaiia BfcEFaid URAVY, Ivuau* rtOlPa. : BOUILLI, jooum FRENCH DESSlCATED VEWE TABLES. For aaie at New York Faotor* d-i KlNtt ft. 6l KCHhLL, me ? Corner I and t-ifteeath *tre?ta. 1 INlON PAfKR AND b NVELUPKA-Tw?u U tr different *tjle* of Note and Letter Paper, vitk Enve.'opee to match. V tow* of W aahmgtoa lathe form of t Koae, and la Mock form, aiao, separate Ali Uie Daily %cd Weeaiy Papers oon?tantly on kaad. Herald. Tiinee.efld Tnbuae reoeived every Biibt at 8 o'oiook. Pap*r? fro a. ail pert* of the ooantry. B?' uiio'e Dime Novel* and Bod* Book*. A freea eapply of Books for eaauaer reading, ^A^iarge aeeortment of Javenilw?Afayae Reid'a Book*. Rollo Booka, Atbott'e Hiitoriee. Ac. A dieeoaetof U> to 50 per cent, on a: i bound book* FRKNcH A RlliHSTIilN, ma m National Hook* torn. d7 * P*. *t Rp^5S5D?EEwB2S kinds OF # - vwy?niiiw. n A I P? UA T9? rKUfiS8> YAM**?- SHIRTS. COLLARS.and TlKr?, At SMITH'S, No. 4M twnatb aC, opposite Poet <> ?? aattirn HFIHMCI A R1CHSJE1N , AVE Jaet received a fresh supply of Note Pa>w, Colored Border*, rated and plain, with Envelopee to mtoh Alao. la* Paper of ail kinds, vKn and witkout Mottoea; Envelopes to match. Parses and Pocket Books of ovary description. a^t5sw? *tostj?i,! p.h t KICBSTKIN. mm t nT* Ponw. awopww. MOORE'* WEST EN1> SODA FOUNT IS l'l u fall ope-uioo, dispensing pare Carhuoao A aid Water, with nice sirupa ofaiBfsrent flavors, la aait bis patrooa. mV ' la addition to a fine stock of Medicines, he has a Cora; assortment of Toilet A rticl-s. fto Clears. w?-rw A J>t.~ ONION*?ONIONS?ONIONS. [TUT ? ? - - ?* ? yr.M Oaioiu. Por Mir low. _ ^ Kl>ii * BL'RCHEL!.. ?? (V?m?T PifWnth %ti I ?t?. CTKI.NWAV A SONS' AND RAVEN,**BAH C<' NS PIANOS.?A l?rg hM J?4t Mm r*MlT?L?P*raoaa is M*roN|IBB| 11 k r? (oitniifMBt M A tow >r?o? trdlllll iartt?d to ?U >ad HWtn* M Btoft of MAJICUB EKBINK CUM PorMfiMT. ^ ffU 1 ! AWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE' DEATH! ; AWFUL SACRIFICES' DISEASE! DEATH' I AWFUL SACRIFICES! DI8BASE! DEATH! in AWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE! DEATH! AWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE! DEATH! I AWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE! DEATH! AWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE! DEATH* AWFUL SACRIFICES! DISEASE! DEATH! Awful Sacrifices: DiMM : Death ! <r Awful Saorifi<-?? ! Pi*e*M ! DaUh ! Awful Saorifioea ! Dimam! D?*th ! Aw'nl Saorifloe?! Diteaae ! Death q{ Awful Baorifiooa! Diwaw! Death I Awful Sacnfloea! Diaeaee! Death! STR1KK AT THE ROOT OP THE DISEASE! STRIKE AT THE ROOT OF THE DISEASE! STRIKE AT THE ROOT OF THE DISEASE ! STRIKE AT THE ROOT OF THE DISEASE ! STRIKE AT THE ROOT OF THE DISEASE! STRIKE AT THE ROOT OF THE DISEASE! Strike at the Root of the Diteaee! 8 Strike at the Root of the Diaeaae! Strike at the Root of the Diaeue! Strike at the Root of the Diaoaae! S Strike at the Root of tae Diseaae' Strike at the Root cf the Dneaae! CONSUMPTION. INSANITY, EPILEPTIC b FIIS, GttAVEL. DROPSY. LAN6OUR, NERVOUSNESS. . Tl CONSUMPTION, GRAVEL, T| INSANITY, DROPSY, EPILEPTIC TITS, LANGOUR. Tl NERVOUSNESS. Tl Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, T| Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, T) Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, V( Consumption, Insanity, Epileptic Fits, T1 Gravel, l>io?ey, I?n*onr, Nervou?nesi, Grave', Dropsy, I.areour, Nervousness, Ora7el, Drcpsv, I angour, Nervousness, Grave!, Dropsy, Langour, Nervousness, rl Gravel, Dropsy, Langour, Nervousness, Gravel, Drofsy, Lane-nr, Nervousness, te| Uaiverral Lassitude of ths Muscular System, Universal Lassitude of the Musoular System, uk( Univer-al Lassitude of the Musoular System, Universal Lassitude of the Musoular System, Universal Lassitude of the Musoular System. 00 Universal Lassitude of the Musoular System, Dimness of Vision, Impotenoy and Insanity, oe Dimness of Vision, Impotenoy and Insanit*, Dimness ot Vision, Impotenoy and Icsimty, U.muess of Vision, Impoiaaoy and Insanity, Cimneas of Vision, Impotenoy and Insanity, == Dimness cf Visiin, Imaotenov and Inaanitv. THOUSANDS OF THE YOUNG THOUSANDS OF THE YOUNG THOUSANDS OF THE YOUNO THOUSANDS OF THE YOUNO THOUSANDS OF THE YOUNO THOUSANDS OF THE YOUNO OI both sexes die annually of theal*ov? Diseases, i oaured by abuse of the y GENERATIVE ORGANS, GENERATIVE ORGANS, I GENERATIVE ORGANS, I GENERATIVE ORGANS, ' GENERATIVE ORGANS, GENERATIVE ORGANS, and from diseases arising from Habits of Dissipation." Diseases of these organs require the aid of a Diuretio. HELMBOLDS EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU M HELMBOLDS EXTRACT BUCHU HELMRnr.n s: kytp act tummr I PW MM J. V A *JKJ\sA.l*J HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU v HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUC11U HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU " HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU H HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU HELM BO D'S EXTRACT BUCHU '* HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU M HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU .1 I? THE GRE \T DIURETIC 19 THE GREAT DIURETIC 18 THF. BREAT niiTiBTip . 9 19 the great diuretic 19 the great diuretic , 19 the great diuretic :h and a positive aad apecifio remedy for dit-eauss of M ? BLADDER, ** KIDNEY9, % GRAVEL, DROPSY, ORGANIC WFAKNEF8. ABU9E. w Syphilit o and Venereal Dl(*MM, # FEMALE COMPLAINTS, FEMALE COMPLAINTS, " FEMALE COMPLAINTS, FEMALE COMPLAINTS, FEMALE COMPLAINTS, 4| FEMALE COMPLAINTS, ti and all Diseases of the Generative Organs, whc ther existing in b young or old, young or old, Young or old. yoijno oh oi.n VOL NO OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD. YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD. YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD, YOUNG OR OLD. MALE OR FEMALE, MALE OK FEMALE, lh MALE OH FEMALE, .j MALE OH FEMALE, MALE OK FEMALE, MALE OH FEMALE, at From whatever i'?uwuruinati- g.a <J uu u^tlerol HOW LONG 8TAND1NG, HOW l.nvn ?T?NniNo HOW LONG STANDING. HOW LONG STANDING, HOW LONG STANDING, BOW LONG STANDING. ri HELMBOLDS EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLDS EXTRACT BUCHU " HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU St HELMBOLDS EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU H ELM BOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU 41 HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU H ELM BOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU '? HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU ! ihMHl in Hi &b?l odor. imiruiiitAin U. action, free from all "injurious properties." and it taken without "hindranoe" from "bnameia.", Lit'le or No Chance in Diet. Little or No Change in Diet. v Little or No Change in Diet. Little or No Change in Diet. Little or No Change in Diet. m' Little or No Cb&oge in Diet. Caret at "l.itt'e Expense" and "No Exposure." < Cures at "Little Expense" and "No Exposure." Carea at'-Little Expanse" and "No Expoaura." . Core* at "Little Expense" and "No Exp~sure." I Caret at **Little Expense" and "No Exposure." Cures M "Little Expense" and "No Expoaure." ( If you are suffering aend, or oall for the remedy ~ at onee. Explicit directions aoeompany. Prioe 01 per tott e, or six for 95, delivered to any address. j "PHYSICIANS" PLEASE "NOTICE." vi maxa "no secret" or "ingredients." , HELMBULD'8 EXTRACT BUCHU iaoompoM4 of Bnebu.Cutaba And Janiper Bern**, j lrotod with great o*re by a oompete it drurcut. PREPARED IN VACUO, BY U. T. HELM BOLD, Prao'ioal and Analytical Cheiniat. and Sole Manufaotur*T of HEDMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATIONS EXTRACT BUCHU, fa EXTRACT SARSAPARILLA, cJ IMPROVED WASH OF ROSES. (told in Waehiajtoa by f. B. Watti.Z. D. Oil- j MAir* Joui Wiley. S. C. Foma, 8. B. fc^rwitm to Kidwbll A Ltcaancc. Waeluagton and Georte town, aad all Drwtgista everywhere. I at HELMBOLDT* MEDICAL DEPOT. Ift. 104 South Tenth Strttt, below Chestnut, Philadelphia. PhyMoiaa in atteadaaoe from la.rn.totp in i UirMi ltiuri titt-LBUBOLD'H MEDICAL DK POT, 1#4 8o?th TMth ?trm, ChMnut. k? DMOrltM IB All MNHMIIMtOU. D7 Ad gratia. ByP?n? OwanUfd. ,a mf -tf l* *Th?y f? rlfht ti tb? Spot.'1 1ST A NT RELIEF STOP lOUX COUGH PURIFY YOUR BR BATH STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICE! ' SPALDING'S HROAT CONFECTIONS All OOD FOR CLERGYMEN, GOOD FOR LECTURERS, GOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, GOOD FOR SINGERS, GOOD FOR CONSUMPTIYEl GENTLEMEN CARRY SALDINO'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. LADIE8 ARE DELIGHTED WITH FALDING'8 THROAT CONFECTIONS. CHILDREN CRY FOR PALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. L ?. ? & ? - *? ipj re.isve ? uoagn instantly. ley clear the Throat ley give strength and plume to the roioe. ley impart a delioious aroma to the breath, ley are delightful to the taste. ley are made of simple herbs and cannot ban any one. I advise every one who has a Coach or a Husk nee, or a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of th iroat. to get a package of my Threat Confec >ns. They will relieve you instantly, acd yo ill agree with me that "the? go rirht to the spot :>u will find them very usefnl and pleasant whil tve'.ins or tttanilini nuhlm mHlinn fnr ihllin _ ? r -?? ?????*** ur Cough or allaying your thirst. If you try on ckage I am ?&fe in saying that you will ever al rwards insider them indmpensible. You wi] id them at the Druggists and Dealers in Modi liesPRICE TWENTY FIVE CENTS, y signature is on each paokage. All others ar unterfeit. \ Package will he sent by mail, prepaid, on rs ipt of i hirty Cents. Address, HENRY C. SPALDING, No. 4* CEDAR 8TRBET, NEW YORK. A?. NervousHeadacha A ^ CURE 1 Jdnis 0 Hendachp. By the ih of these Pills the periodic attacks c ?rrouj cr Sirk Htmdarki mij be prevented; an taken at the quit nenoemeiit ot an attaok imine ate relief pom paiaand sickness will beobtiunK They seldom fail lu rjniovmj the 1Vauua an tadaeh* to whioh female* are so sabjeot. They aot gently upon the bowels,?removing Coi NMII. For Litirary Mtn, Studtntt, Delioate Femalei id all persons of tritium Mitt, they are val kble as % Laxativt, improving the print*, givin m and vigor to the digestive organs, and re oriug the natnral elasticity and strength of th k/vU ? ? UUIU BJBl. Ill* The CEPHALIC PILLS are the result of Ion vesttgation &r.<l carefully oonducted experiment! L?ing b?e& in use many rears, during whioh tim ey have prevented and relieved a vast amount c un and suffering rom Headaobe, whether ?nil iting in the nirtous system or from a derange ate of the stomack. They are entirely vegetable in their oompoattioi ad may b* taken at all bmee wrth perfect eafet ithout making any ohangeof diet, mnd ikt ml net of any ditagruabU fast* rmdtri it eajy I imimstir tktm to tkildrtm. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The genuine have five signatures of Henry C paldtug on eaoh Box. v.- r?.~? - ? . - uvm vi vi afinH uu lii outer iMtitn id ntiti DM. iiox wiii be sent by nmll prepaid on reoeiHi PRIGS, 9ft CENTS. Al! ^r<?ra thobid boaddreeeed to RENHV C. 9PALDIN*. 48 CBDAK HTKBKT. N?w YOU. Hem 1A1 Exmmimmr, Xor folk, Tm, Ophs'io PiiU fcnoom?n?h the objeet for whie .t>i were made, vis: Care of beMsoUe In bll it ram. Ik* Kxmmtntr, Nor/oik, f?. They have been tf*t?d tn more thw ttlwuu mm, with entire aaoooM. brem tkt Domoermt, SI. Cloud. Mima. If you kre, or have been troabled w ith the b?ad ihe, Bend for a box, (Oofha.ic Pilla ,iiolut jo ay Lave them In owe ol anUttaok. tk* Wtttm R. R. 0uKit, OMtfd. Ill, We hearH'.y endorao Mr. Spaldini.aB* kia U railed Cephalio Pills. ram tkt Soutkam Path WkUtr, Ntw Oriammt, La Try them ' von that are afflicted. and we are nr at yonr teatlmoDT oan be to the ?!rwd n.ifrono list that ha* received beneita thai n her inediOine oau arodooe, / to* Ika fSmuatla, D**anptt, /mm. Mr. ^Mldinc would not oonnoot bia nam* Till i artioie be did not hmtm to poeeeaa red merit From tka Ad**rtit$r, Pttmidamta, & t. The Ccphalio Pilla are aaid to ho a rmflfcrlrabl [>cti?e mntedT for the headache, and vne 01 th >r? heat for that ??r* fre^aent oomplalnt arluci ka ever been dfaoovered. |IV>a ik< o< r r- rt '???? w*? A/vni i/inKV9rw? *hf Imme-i M) d?m?x.d for tk* *rtt*l* (C*?kai!? ill*) it rapidly inorf?"int. Fr*m tkt IimwiU Tnlltf Btmr, Kmmnmka, fm, W lire pure that portions ttiT*ncx with Ihe hMUi the. who try th*m, will attok to tana. V**m tk* Admortitm, Pr*mi4mu, R. J. The teatimorT id th*lr favor ia atronf, from U oat raa**otab'* auartara. F*om tkt Daily Nowt, Nitoport, R. J, Oephalio Pilla are taking tha plao* of all ki&4*. F*om tk* Commercial Bfllttin, Boston, Mm*. gaid to bo vary aAoaoioaa for tk* kaadaoho. Prom tin Commireinl, Cincinnati, Ohio, 3affenni humanity oaa now b* r*k*r*d. CT mnile b?ttl? of Spalding'* Prepared Glue will sat* t?n tioiM lta oo*t innnally. SPALBINO'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUEI SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE THE PIECES! KCOSOMY! DISPATCH 1D"'A Srifcft IN Tim*9a?m WiWE."-m in aoaiaenta will happen, even in well reflate* miliet, it is Terr desirable to have some ohaai d!oonvenient way for repair laj Furniture, Toys ockery, Ao. SPALDING'S PREPARED OLUE mU all snoh emerieaeiM, and no household oa ord to he without it. It is always ready, aad the stioking point " USEFUL IN EYERY HOUSE." H. B.-A Brash aooompames eaok Bottia.-pri? oents. Address HENRY C. SPALDING, No. 4? Cedar street. New Yart CAUTION. f f\> i aama. PALDIN?U PREPARED ?'-?* n? Tjam? / I' WASHJNOTON LOCK HOSPITAL. <?>M*J?p*ITl%tole<l Indian or t^rtaan doctor*, and pretenders of witoJMffaft tod impostors ta feoTTiis la the only pUme where a ssre and speedy ear* out be o5taiMd ia the world for all improper and evil habits, coaorrhm, fleet, seminal weakness, ayphiliia, primary secondary. and tertiary, organjo weakiMss. pains in the loins, strictures, general debility, prostration, i.eiron*tie*?, restless nichte, palpitation of the hoart, nntinz in the ears, . Jtofmemory, oonr;i8ion,uielanohcrV.aileotions t of the head, throat. BOM. *rd akin- i ?.il ii.r>?? peon liar disorders arising lrom the indiscretion of youth, rendering them nnfit for either business, st<u <ly, sooiety, or marriage. Dr. H. has the greatest remediea In the known world for diaeaaea of the biood. gonorrh?, fleet, atnotnres, typhi,lie. aeminal weakaese,eelf abaae. fto. Tnere la no oueia which th?y fcu to oare ia from s to 6 daye. Victims of u;ese horrible oomplaints, who woald . wish to be Yalaable men and ornaments to aociety. ' ahoald embrace the e&rlieat opportunity for relief. Dr. Shu mac haa made the moetoomfietearranrementa for the oomtort of hi* patient* who oome from a digt*r.oa. Tfcey will be farnUhed witn the aa oorn/orajle u tb^Voild be at I a nrat c.ui hotel at lesa than h&:f the ooet. Do not forget the name and number. l)r. Bhaman'a office is on the oorner of Sixth (treat and einaylvania avenue. C'arecion Hotel, oppoaite National Hotel, Waahington, D C. Persona at a dietanoe should enclose stamp for ratani postage. Ofioehoora,?A. 10 P.M. Varioaa parties have been enticed tram m* in ration by certain swindler* on back *treet* in thn oity, who will ru? it till the day of their death. A word to the wi*e i? ?nftici?nt a?>l? #Cur* Cough, Cold, Mmwimii, ln^wma any irritation Or Sorr t (J ik* Throat, htltivt tht Hachin* Couth m Consumption, Bronchitis, Ashwta, t Catarrh, Clear and fiv? strtntth to th* voice of PUBLIC SPEAK ER8 and 81N6KR8. Few are aware of the importance of checking a Couch or "Common Cold" in .t* first *fa*e; that j which in the begming would yield to a miln r? e. dv,if neglected, soon attack* the Lung*. "Brown'! Bronchial Troches." oontaini-ug deinuloent mgreui' ant*, allay Palmonarr and Bronchial Irritation. ? 1 "That troulUe in iny Throat, (fot BROWN'S j whicii the " JVo?a?*" are a ipecifio) t w10che8 WW" ' me "XYWu'S" brown's pj'kia,r^n?,inend "> ?' <> to pvbli* ii troches rev. e. h. chapin. brown's -.mttev.datiel'wisk." troches relief in the die brown's wsjsm^ " b~""? troohks ? * k^v" a- ?* e?8lk8ton. b.twn: -*sv,b w

? . . . t, Boston, troches noalcsijuil'^" "> ?> brown's e. f. bigelow, " troches " Beneficial in bmowciiitis." dr. j. f. w unr. BROWN'S Bitim " I have proved lh?m exoelleut for TROCHES Wloorifu Co*j?H." RL V, Hi W# WARRENi BROWN'S Bos im. " Beneficial when competed te TROCHES apeak, suflerim from Cold?' REV. S. J.F.ANDERSON, BROWN'S St.L?is. wanrnK* " ErriCTVA.L in removing Hoirte neee and Irritation of the Throat, 10 BROWN'S ?om on Wlth SrBAEBRi and Sin* wrophks ""'Prof. M.STACY JOHNSON, IKOCBL? Lm ??. nanwN'? T??oher of Muno, Soothers Female College. TROCHE? "Great benefit when taken before and after titer prevent BROWN'S Float?one*8. From their past efTeot, 1 think thej will be of permanent acJTROCHES ?aatate to rie. REV. E. ROWLEY, A. M. ddnurluic r f rr* ? UKiVf TT 11 C * IBilUOU* Ui AllVUiiO(V, A OUlli WROCHES fTr,SoldbT?iiDrur|i?t??tTWENTY FIVE CENTS A BOX-TT| to 1-ly JOY FOR TEE SICK AND SVFFERINC A AT AIL WHO ARB JLFTL1CTMD ' AJ/iT fHA^AJCJiJDT rt AM AhJOISM lit HMAITM. I. Frlnsd, 4* to ??fer? Art re* the notlm ef tej j ftkftM LiLirrocc fti.mccU vtJte true from imMiit7 of the biooQ:" Wkfit&re io yo* Mkf Kfttb?r??'x. whuur* they cot/ Th* blood is lb* aoiret ol lii? ?i.v hci'.ti, fced it )? We Sr?t elernoi t of osr beiug to rsir<.>nd to eny ettte whioh tflMU . ihe tytiem, m tuo pelte inaliib' j itMti. Tao ever ' >reriillnc N^src'sl*. the IrnUtlac Ery?i^?.M, the * aabtle Sercfeift. th* ?r roiling JlneamatiiG:, Ner- I I rott Debility. ti LiT?r Comyitint yrith ite i i wr?or usd oe;?ct:oL, and the iicmbefieet lilathat | 8o?n it hf ir to, <i?riTO their fcMlffopt orlfln from the D'QOa. UMi l??D U13 |CDllJ W1I5 IHR I1OM1 Vit u* vitalising letoirua of nature for it* aid, acd safer vs to oommer.d to year conlde&ee and . *se that traly valaar le uiedicuineut known aa . M.-S. M. cors INDIAN TJKHBTABLE DKC09T10N. With retard *o thia almost Infallible speeil* ' aoauiar Mntiment nas spoken In deoided terms a md the evideneea of thia great eSoaov are tained by oonatant avowee of ourative eS?<?ta and . the happiest resalta from its aae are after a.: other remedies and the beat medical skill have failed. ' Let aa nay, in oo-aoluaion, that oerti&catea aarea are not eoaght from the illiterate and soper iolal, bat they ere volunteered from the mo?i respectable pouroos and justify th? highest terms in which it ia possible to commend so valuable a speoiao to pab'.io approval. We may add also that , the ourative properties of the medioine are equalled " v*nly by its restorative efleota, the system recovering fromdiseaso-Tith renewed constitution! vigor, i. Pur aale by al< reopeotaUe Druggist* it tins ity, and by toe proprietor, MRS. M. COX, . noQo ronuiae vsieaa nor umt u diovs on tft? tottie *na her seAi on the oork ITT" Price $1 par bottle, six bottle* for St. W?olit*U Afnt. R. ?. T. C1SSEL, Draggist teorgetovTi. D C.. WholeeA'e Agent for the ]>! triot, ?o?i will eupplT the tr*4e at mj prioea. Am It tr j^HE ALL-SUFFICIENT THREE. TRIEHKMAR, 1.1 And ^-Protected by RotaI Letter- Fr.taat of Kiijc1aq<1, And secured bj the . SeAla of the boo e d* PnArwaoie de Pane, And the Imperial Collete of Medioine. Vleon*. * No. 1 la iRVAluAble for exl Aaition And uAterrhe*. ind All phj'.ioAl disAbilit<e?. No. 2 oomaletel* erAdioAtee All trAoee of those iiee>Aees that liAre I-?d hitherto treAted by the qai4 aeona And pornicloua u*e of oomiva And oabeba. No. 3 r.Aa entirely iapplAntoa taa injnrioaa aae of neronry, thereby ir.auring to the aaderer apeedj relief, diaperEing All imparities, aqo rooting oa Ue venom of diaeAse. *K1USE..UA11, nos.},Sana I,ars prepared l> the form of a lonsnge. devoid of taste and smell, and OA a be oarried in the waistooat pooket, Bold ic tin ouu, and divided into separate doses, ae ad ministered by Velpe&u, LaJemana, Rons, Rioord ko. Pries 93 each, or foar oases for ftf?, which saves ft & and in ft?T cuei, whereby there is a savin* of fta. To be nad. wholesale and retail, of Dr BARROW, of 194 Rieeeker street. New York. I. (mined. ?te!r on reoeiTinc a remittanoe. Dr. Barrow s will frnrnra the Trienemar to my part of the worid, seoure'.y packed, and addressee aeoording to ths in 0 atnvotsoni of the wrltor. The Book, of all others, that should be read by men with dam.ved and broken down aGnstitntions is "Human Fraiity, or Ph/siologioa! Researches." It is beautifuiy illustrated, and treats minutely of k aJl the pympiocie that invariably develop thein*elves, eocner r>r Later, resulting from the frailties j and vitiating habit* of earij youth, liaapaoitating Hieviotun from snating the fruition of Uie matri . menial stale, and. if uoichecked in time, degeuer1 '.Hug all the functions of manhood, aad bringing h him, etep by stop, to a lingering and untimely death. Sola by l)'. KAHIIOW, 194 Bleeqker street, four doors below Maod-iagal, New York. Pnoe 31 cent*. Went fre* ctc-* where. Hold also ?y b. C. Fore, Jr., Drag Store, WashI ingtoo, P. C. de 31-tm rT KI v ar nnntra IllSTORY of the United NeUierlautla. by John Lothn>? Motley ; 8 vole.; free b* mail, ?4. The Rim of ihe Dctoh Krp uoue, a niatory, by John Lothrop Motley; $ toj oioth; free by mail, Silas Warner, the Wearer of Raveiol, by the I author of *'Auam Bede j" eloth 7i|oenta j paper oeota. Life and Career of Major Andre, by Wintrop Sarceant; After laebnrga with a Pan.tor. a Bummer Voyage to Labrador and Newfoundland; by Rev Lou it L. Nob ; 91.fin The Manufacture of Photogemo or Hydro-Carbon Oiia. by Thomaa Antieell, M. D.; 91-76. Any of the above free by mail. FRENCH A RICH8TRIN, apts Penna. aveuue. QUNBOAT8 to* thu WESTERN RIVERS. qtjaktnikaatn ginieal'b ofpicu, i WmMkingto?, Jimm 17,1861. \ Pnoroaaxf ajs invited for oonatruetiu Gun do?u upon ids weetern riv?r? Sjftoinoations will Le immediately frejared ud may be examined at the Qu&rtermaater'a Office at Cincinnati, Pit'abunh, and at tbia office. Propoaala from boat buil era and engine-baild er? alone will b? oonaidered. Piana aubraitted by bidden will betaken into oonaideration M C. ME168, i? is Quartermaster General United State* f?OOTS AMD 8HOESa TO 8V1* TU We are now maaafaoturinc all kind* of BOOTS and t'HOKS, and ooztata&Ur receiving eap^i? of eaatern n.ade work of every de-BBtt aeration, made exproMly to order, and will yHJ J beaKd at a mtoii lowor erioe than liaa been* VOL I heretofore charged in uua city for maab inferior arbolee. . . ? vivwaw in waul vi DOUll AUQ DOOM OX WHflTB if ltr made work, will always find a rood assortinaa la atara and at lk? la wast jnoea. Sire as a oall. RIKFIN * BRO., % S *11 f?n??tniii? tr*n??. GTOflpi^fMWSrSM Koaohea, Bed Burs, Aota, fto Moore's Rat aad Mouse Exteruuaator sever fails. Moore's Benaias r?i^vtt&?&zjs?x4szi,,;s1 TRAVELLERS1 DIRECTORY. JJNITBD STATES ^MILITARY 10UT*. CHINOS OF HOURS, On and aft$r Monday, Augvst 19fA, 1841, msintik t*aihi will men u follows: LEAVE WASHINGTON at ud ??i I. m. 2 ? and 6 49 p. m.. am Tin* at BalUnor* at 7.4* and ?. . 3.45 and 6 9 m . am Tin* at W aihinxton at ud 10J6 a. m. and at 6 r> and *46 f. m. pMMcttr Train* leannj Waahini ton ? 7 ? a. m. aad 2.S) f. m ,ard Baltimore at I a. n i4i i. m , maka direct wibmxiobi for Aaaapolii at the Junction. _ i Trains leave Annapolis for Balttmor* and Wuk int ton at 6J6 a. m. and 3 p m Pwnicer Trains iwvinn WaahinjrtoB at ? and 7 30 a. m and 19 p. m. make direct oonsextoas at Baltimore for Plu a^etphia and New YorkAll artioies of freight (not ooatrabaod of war) wyl be transported or?r the line. Tor,na*s T'a.t? will leave Baltimore at 4 30 a m. Leave w aatuncton at 7 p. m. THOMAS H. O.VFIELD, MM". Assistant Manager. aa 17-tf SPECIAL NOTIt-B. . ? SUNDAY TRAIN. On and after SUNDAY,ilth Julj, there will be bat one Sunday dally train? Laave WAf?rl INGTON at 130 p. m. for NEW YORK and PHILADELPHIA. , From New Yor< and Philadelphia, arriving la Wanhiniton at 6 10 a. m. J. A. SCOTT, Jy 37 General Manager. j _|r?a STEAM WEEKLY BKTWEEN , NEW YOHK AND LIVERPOOL, Landing and emoarking puMEfin at Queenatown, Ireland The Liverpool. New York and Philadelphia ] Steam?hi? Company intend ditpatohint their fall , powered Cjrd^bmlt iron t*te&ni*hip? aa follow*: GLASGOW Satr.rcay, Auguct 3d. CITY OF BALTIMORE. " 10th. KANGAROO. ? ** 13th. \ And every Saturday, at noon, from Pier 44, North river. First Cabin .. #7S Do. t<i I .nnrtnw 80 n? ??? {/u< ?u ' ?rm..... _ li ] Do. to Hamburg . . H Steerage , Do. to London .. 94 < Do. to .. 3? Do. to Hnmbiri??. X5 Paesengera forwarded to Ha<ra. Bremen, Rot- ' terdam, Ant werp,Jto , at reduced throne h fares. ( Persona wiahmg to bring out their rrieixJa ean buy tickets at low rates. I Kcr furt-her information apply at the Captains Ofboe. JOHN G. DAL .Agent, 19 Broadway, N. Y . | Or to Q. A. HERRING, Adams Express Baltimore. ^jr^frlNDlVlDUAL^yTERPRlSB , ?53ESfiC EASTER* A\D WESTERN SHORE STEAMERS. "KENT," Capt. J H. K rwau " HONEJCK/'Capt. W. Norman. * Will ran their routes a? follows, lean a Light street, Uaitimore, foot ot Camden, at 7 o'olook A. ! J^| . KENT?For Cambridge, Denton and Landings on Choptank river, every WEDNESDAY and . BATPRDAY, returning every Thursday and Monday. I For ir.nA?o1i?*nH VV?? a, ' ? ?t ??? ?ny?, oinj i UCiO* * DAY and FK1 DA V and r??turnin g >a lays. PIOM KER-For St. M ohaei's ac* kaston, via Mile'* River, every WEDNESDAY,awl return j the same day. For Annapolis, West River, Cambridge, Oxford ( and Easton Point. evi?ry THURSDAY, returning ] by same route on Friday For Anmvpo le. West River, St. Michael's and y Ea ton, via Mile s River Ferry, every SATURDAY, returning every Monday by same route. Fsre to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and Faston . Point -flSO I Fare to t*t Miohaei's and Miles' Rivera round trip. SI.) ....i........ - 1W i Fare to West River, (ronnd tris, 911 1 Fare to Annapo;i" (round tris75oents)?. 76 MEALS EXTRA. IE7*Freight mast be prepaid. 1 Wharf and Office, LIGHT 8T., foot of Camden. Baltimore. C. K. CANNON. j _a- NORTHERN 6181 H CENTRAL RAILWAY. SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE,I ' Calvut S*tatioh, Bat,more. Met la, 1881. { On and altar Sunday. May 19th, 1861, Trains on I th? NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY arrive an<l depart aa follows, until farthar notios. TRAINS NORTH. I ?lLat?15A.M. . PRESS atjjn P. M. HARRISBURG ACCOMMODATION at P. M I The 3.16 A. M. train oounoets at Relay Hoim witi. trains on the Western Marylasd Railroad; at Hanover Junction witti Hanover and Qettsbarg Railroad*; at York with Y"rk and Wruhtsvtils Railroad; at Harritburg virh Penney 'vania Rail- i road fur all part* of the West, also ?itb Lebacnon 1 Valley Kailro&d to Ntw York dirttt; at NorUam 1 berland with L and H. Railroad for Kingston and all parts of Wyoonunc Valley .and at fcnnbary with i the Philadelphia and Erie Railroad tor all part* | Northern Pennsylvania and New York. The 3 30 P. M train make* all the above oonneo- i tions except Hanover Railroad, Wrightaville ? Railroad and the Lebannon Vall?*y Railroad. on: ? j n ii ? * m i . m nam muot oocarotiont with Peon i ev.vai.i* Railr. ad for al1 parts of the WMt,ud direct oonnect* for New York. TRAINS ARRIVE. 1 Mail at 6 10 p M.; Expre at 7 46 A. M.; Harrisbur* Accommodation at 2.43 P. M. For TlokeU and inforx ation injure at the Tioket uffioc, Calvert Station, Baltimore, J. C. CLARK, Say't. , ??^ LEAVE PHILADELPHIA | POK NEW YORK. The Camden and Amhoj and Philadelphia and ' Tron'oi Railroad Companies' Line lrom PHILA- . 1>E< PHI A TO NEW YOPK AND WAY PLACKS.frnraWAT.NlIT STREET WHARF AND KENSINGTON DEPOT, will leaveaa lol lows: At 6 A M .via Tamden and Amboy, (C. and A. Aooommodation.) I At6 A. M , via Camden and Jersey City, (N.J. | Aooominodanon.) _ At 8 A. M., via Camden and Jersey City. 1 Morn- . 1 c Hail.) Al llU A U .1. ir? -1 ? - J ? ... ..# <?. m -t ?i<a noitMU|H;a kUU J ravy cm, I , (Weilern Expr??m.) At liH P. M., vi*Camden and Amboy, (AooommodatioD.) At 3 P M-.via Camd?a and Amboy, (C and A. j Kjjre*? ) _ I a I ?H f ra., VM Kensington and Jeraey City. AIW ^ J??, citTi i i Seoond Claaa Ticket.) At6 p. M., via Camden and Jersey City,(Evening i Maii.) AtllJK P. M., T?a Camden and Jersey City, (Boath { era Mail.) .... i At 6 P.M., via Camden and Amboy, (Aooommodation, freight and panteuger, Piret Olau Ticket.) , Beoocd C!a*s Ttoket. < The6 P. M Mail Train rina daily. The lUf P. , M. Mail. Saturday* except, d For fielvidere, K.aaton, La<nhertvU)e, Fleming- 1 ton. to., at 7.10 A.M.;and4H P- M., from Ke?- , ing ton. For Water Gap. wtrondebarg,t*erantor,WHkea- ( harre. Mortroae, Greet Bend, Ao.. atT.10A.M-. j from Kenkingtor. via Delawaie, Lackawanna ami \Ve?t-*rn Hail read. < For Mauoli Chun*. Allentown and Bethlehem at ] 7.10 A.M. and 5K P. M. Irom Kensington depot; i tne7.Fi a. M. li e connect* wjU Ue train leaving Laaton at S SS P. M. For Mount Holly at 6 and * A. M. and S and Of < r For Freehold at A. M and 8 P M. t For Briatol, Trentci,fto. at 7.10 A. M.,?H and 6K P. M from Kenaington, and t* P. M from Walnut atreet wl.arf. For Palmyra Hiverton, Deianoo, Beverly. Bsriington, Florenoeoo, Bordentown, Ao.,at Ufc, I, I S, and 5 PM- ? (steamer Trenton for Bordentown. and interme- , diate places, at SM P. M. from Walnut street wharf. IC7~ For New York- ud Way Udm. tearing ' Smngton Depot, take tb* oars mi Fifth Wr?M, j v? Wiloat, half an boar before depa ture The f oars ran into the depot, and on arrival of train run ] from the depot. 2 HRy pound* of baccac* only allowed toeaoh paoeenger. Paasengers are prohibited from taking anything aa baggage bat their wearing appareT j All bacrage over 6ftj pounds to be paid for | extra. The company limit their reepoeekwlity f >r baggace to one "oi ar per pound, and will not be aaolefor any amount beyond one handrad dollar#, exoept by epecial oor.traet. WMH.6AT7MKK.Atnt j fin baWJoU^Iio ! RAILROAD. On and after Mat 16tn, 1861, the train? will rma f as follows, tib:?Leave Camden Station. Baltt- 1 more.?Mail, iexoept Sunday,) at i ? A. M.; Kx- i Ev C .Bttf S0trf6WlMT"Afltf KSM-tffrAWT 1 FOR WAY PASSENGERS. , B'twMu Baltimore ud Piedmont take tta A. M. t Trun; b*twna?_P?n4?ont and W kMhnc Mm A*- J oominodation Train, leaving Piodmoat at &.? A. i, M.; and betvaen Grafton tad rarkersburi. take _ tk? 5 ? A M Train from Baltimore. Tne FREDERICK TRAIN i^vM Baltimore 1 at4St P. M.aod Frederick at6JuA.M. J Th* ELUCOTTS MILLS 1 RAIN Imr* Bal- U tiniure at 630*nu 9.15 A. M. and 1 45and 3.40 p. M., a and Ellioott'a Milia at 7.4?and l\M A. M .and MS | and 7.00 P. M> a For farther information, Ti ok eta ofarerr kin^, Ao., apply to J. T. KN6LAN D Agent, at t&jiden 1 Station, or at thn Tioket ofto?. , m. -31I2yS88SSfc u. ??. uvL,b, uwri netit A(nL *RA1^? n'0* En OkMM' a ( N.VTTF cm IHk MlMt { preea. 7 ud 11 t> m., 1146 a. ru Aotf MJ and 340 and 5 p. *4? > _ . , r Troy and A!b*n? (With H4ip.a , *%??daya u- C ale?pirg oar) lu.iS p. an ola Wd ) Po.ifhkMMi* Miol,i lla. ..Mi !, p.? VIS p. HI train, ??p a ?46 p m. ET J Th jggis&yjSfagg^ Hociy.tUIMtimii t. th* W?*?f ** ? ?. wK'f B? Hmnr#TvtR\ PAY d%y) from th?r *rk*rf, ft** ?f Vwtom P ?*. ?t ?\ ^M^sieimi52i@isS tt JS o> o?| p. m. ?-* M. W Fil,IA Pryt rVtUDKLPHii. WIL HHi fenilto: 'Kig 4&D*Wmi??&l&Zi Trkiaa for Phnad# phi* will )??ve PrMidf>nt !> ? P?*? *"?rv n* MsV-JT: W5fiW DA Yt*at 4 45 P. ML oaiy. AU trataa ?MMtt ?>lk N?w York tmu MMfl 446 P. M. tnii on Satwr ^I*Freit bt Train with rtnnm oar aMaakad Imvm at 8 P. W , ato^yiac at til Station* bat wart. Baltimore and H**t? 4*-?mo?. Pmwh"i for TV'awaraard Ik* Rutoa fhor <>t Maryland wiii lad t)M aoat aspaditioai roau b; WM C?AWrO?P.A?>r, tehasirifsr 7srr? ?. At 7 Mi a n A?T?a? 1' to ** 5 00 p m l'.tb un SJn r r, )?? a* 4._r.t n_jr.i. nugirtM ten pmni'l Train with sleep;Kg I ?ar?,8.'6?m | Connecting at Albany villi tfce N?w York Tw tral Railroad f >r Sefteneotady RrMMt*'. t Batana, Rone, and tattoo* <>a Kern* aad W* town Rail r^a*4. HafKio Hfraonee, Niagara F^ ?. Ba*pen*i- n Bridjra, Aab?rn.Gan?Ta.Ca*ae<la , Train* in oonreotion leare BaflMo and 8??pr lion via Lake Shore, liuffslo???C i eke Hu'on ei. 0real Wee'em Railroad, for Hanultoi. Kroit. Cbioago. Toledo. VUaaakte. Fob DiU: Croeee. Maui* n Prairie i>a CMen, Ga et.? lieitb, Dubuque. Peoria, H'of Island. Mu?rLine, Iowa Cu?, Buthogton, Qnn cT. Sprint fc>Alton, St. Louu.Oiro, Terre ueate. lrdiauaeo l.o?i*ville, Ciucunat', I art<n. Colon bn*. (V< land, and at', pou t* \N e?t, Noitbweet aad Mor NORTHERN ROUTE Connect m? with Trails at Tro?, with Trojr f Boston and Rear k Saratoga Road* for Sara?'.; * Whitehall. Rutland, Bur'irgton. ~t. A lhan*. Rot Point, Platt<bur(b,, Montreal. #<?. to \lt Fre-ght Arrangemert* by tki* rcat* kt tiwto. wiiu<"ii onuBie 01 caia,tiom to* u<?o' IbimMri and i anal acreeta- lire at all timer a'avoraMe a* rradetyo'h r Ri n?^ C< dim rha (aaiHtiM of thia treat NewVork Ko?t?,?o * W*t 'ominena it to the oor.ideoo* of ate eht in ah ppera tor promptreaa and di?aa'oh Paaaenger 'rains. with !*mofc>nf and Flee-". Hare ran ia oonnection on tbe New York Cot. * R .ad. f or partion'.ari ar to looai train* and freitht a -aucemeuta, inqaire at the depot, V\ arr*?i at. A. F. SMITH. Fapennteadent -jr?k U * OOVKIMMKNT LINE TO FORT MOXROE AND OLP POINT COMFOKT l^eavee tbe lower ei>d f I \I< >N DOCK. Ba.ti u-re. wmi aide, DAILY. (Sncdara ineiMed. >at IH o'o ok f >1. takiuc paaeeticera and feuat. a:. KHin-etiof with tke Railroad iinra. to and t on WaahitiF'on, D. C.. Pbi ade pfna. New York, B< ' ion, York, Hart labor*, Pittaborr, Pa, ar.d tke Weat, immediate!* afler th* arrival of the Expreca Train from New York and Philadelphia. The following ia the ?*ehedn.e : From New York to Fort Monroe aad baek. ?l? Prom Phiiadelph a and nook .. e1' prom Mailimoreand baok 3?fCTPROCURE YOl R TICKET*^H] In New York, at the V?w !? B?.i~?.i < ie ? rO >t?f Cfurt ?rd Mreet. In Phi adelphia, at the Cowipany'a ofte? N. V. >orn?r < 1 Six'h and Ck*atnut ttreeU. or at [)*pot. Broad and Prim" str^e'a. In BO'imore, on b >a-d tie J*tram*r? foot Union Dock. HI UH O CONNKB, }'a???n*?r *i>;r VOkK, HARLEM AM flBntl ALBaNV RAII,R?'AO LEAVING NEW voek FOI ALBANY, TROY, N'RTB AND WKfcT. SUMMER ARMANGKME ?T Corr.mencinf Monday. May 27th. 1?CI For Abany?11:00 a. m. last expreaa train fro Hth street. Kor Dorer Platr e?<:<* p. m topptnr at WW-.* in* and (tationc north to Dover p ain*?frc Btfa afreet station. (Thii train will run to Millertoa rrtry ?*tar?t IV*nnf \ For firoton Pftils?8:15 a. m. atoypincata ?ta tiona north of Pordham <r.m SB h stra*tatat.i . For V\ hits Plains?S4V4:W at 4 fc? f m. sto: tine at ail ?tationa from 2PtU street station. For w kit* Plain*?fc 5 a. an. stoppinc at a. Ir Qod? from W hit# Lre?t iwim. For Wil'tam On- llilS a.! b. atopplui at all rr.MwM from nth atraat aia Rotnr^ioc will laava? Aiba-.y?K-oo a. n?. iaa: express tram. Dover p.aiaa-f:30 a m. <Thi? train leaves Mi lerton ?wr- moraine at a. in.) Crotoc FaJ ??bp. ti: Whft* Plhins??i", 7:'#) a m. 4: C k. 7*t> p. m. WM'ams Hndse? 9.-no t. in. A Is'*) p. m. Suoda* traioa will leave 4th Avena* oornm S3' itraet.for C?ntral Park, Yorkvilie, Harlan aw Hirh Bridge aver* f*-w iriratec, fro?? ?# a- t?> w. JOHN BURCH1LL. Aaat ftar'f l^^v>NKW YORK ANpfcRlLR-iM MflK road * ?*i Passenger Train* i?v?r1* Pav? Dia Ferry and Long iHx-k, from foot <^f Cham't itr*?t, i\aw York .as follows. vi? : 7X0 a. m , EX f H. for Dankirk, and Buflal and s iooipnl ictrrme ? e Stw.wj. 8 i*> a. in .MAIL, for L?n ktra. and interned.a^ *t*Uona?This Train remains ovai c:ght at K.aur* uiu prwwNii inf nfii morniDp 9.00 a k !\jILK dail,, for OtieviUe. and inter mod iat? Stations. . . _ 11 on a. m , ACCOMMODATION. daily, for Port (erne, and p incipal Station* 4 00 p. m.. WAV, for Middletowo, Newborgfc. tod inter mediate Stations, 5J? p. m.. NIOHT fcXPREBS, dally, for kirk, Buffalo. Oana^dait oaand principal Ktatior* rr.e Tram of ?atarday ?top? at all Mali Train StaMnn?, and root onto to ivmira. 6 00p.m.. ACCOMMODATlONJor HormTiue, in a principal Stations CHaS. MINOT, Gaol Pnp't. NATflAMrt, MARSH. Reoorer. m.FOR BOSTON VIA NEWPORT AND FALL RIVER. 19 By tbe splendid and Mpaft"* Jtoamor. METROPOLIS, fc>iPIRE ?TATl 6 AY STAT E. and STATE OF M AIN E. qfgrra iumiui mo IfWi uil pftTUCBWIf UlflM IO f navigation of Lone la and Sound, mr mng id cm neotion with Uie nil ptivwr a-d Old Co.~uy Km road, diatanoe of M not ea ?ri; to Bo?ton Lnti Pier No. I *o*th Rim ce*.r the BMtf * TheS^aaier EMPIRK8TATL.O^t Brayw . Ror.Uaya, Wedoeadaya, and Friday a, at to twek M.f touching at Newport each wa?. The Stwir.ei MKTROPOUt.CafU Bro-wn, vl rneadaya. Tharadafa, aad gatardava, a? t o'elock P.M., touohin* at Newport eaoh way. Theee Mtkiseri a<e ittad with eoniaodioi i ilate room*. ae<l every ar'angeaient for the earu r it aad oom^ort ol paaeengara. who are afforded b? Lhiaroate a aighta' re*t oa board, and onarri.a it Fall River proceed per Steamboat Train.tea ing lioston early the following mosning : or -emaiD oo board until atartiag of tae Aooo*i?r*n v. lion at 8 A. M., by whieh they may reaeh Bor hbout?.?6A. M. A baggage waater it attached to each atear , ah<> reoeivea an<i tirk> ta th* baggage. and a> o<_ lacie* tbe rame to !* doatioatmn A ateamer rura in eonn?etjon witli One Lute he i?mii Fall Hirer and ProndeDo* daily, exoer j|, Freight to Boaton la fbrwaadad through wi. treat diepateh by an Uxprea* Train, which ieare, rail Hirer erer? momi i, Swudava excepted. % o'clock for Boeton ard N?W Bedford, arrivi k im aMim?tiuD M ftboat II A M For freickt or ptis&c*. up.y ob board-or ?t u.* rj;c* on Pier No. 3 Nortb Kivw For st&ie lootr > kod be-thk app;y on toard. or if dot!rea to aroc hem 10adtfibce,to WN UURDKN.Atl V?iii<W W?i N V. JP^k THE HKGIXAR MAIL LIN1 Ptfifcl-^VIA OROTuS, erONlNCTur. ^^ and PRuYIDhNCK. FOK BO ION-Inland Ro?t?-Th? shortest and Boat o ot?Carry tee tut?m Maol. _ ^ 6Wo*swffL*8?ba^.1vr >Vililams, In connection with the tMonioctoa & :>ron<ipnte,and Boa'oatnd Providenoe iUulroa^ . Hrmi New York duly, HiMtsra ummml frv. Pier No U North River, tt i o'aioek p~K~ a xroton si Ijn o'flloo* P. M., or ob the arri?a ? Majl T'un whieh laaraaBottoB at 6 SO P. M. The FLY MOUTH Rock, from New V?0Moaday, Wedneeoa*, tad Friday. Froa 6r on?T*?ad*?, i?h?i'?4ay, aj?4 Hatsraat. Tka ? OMMVinwka ? Fu #? *!? ? Paaaengera fmn Grotoa proo*?d Mr raj.road to 'rondMM and Bocton, id flu Kipr*** Mail rr^ic. rraohicc aM F'Mf ItMnw of rk**c 1y >thar roata', tW la uwltbaM tor a 1 tka Mr y Horning Li nee aonaobng North tU Eaat. faelangara that prefer it, remain oa Ua-d tka >taMa?r, eujoy a nig hta'reat andietarbad breakaatiidaairod.aad leave Groto* la the? Ui. M. rralo, oonnrotin* at Providaooe with ike 1 *> I M. Train for tfoalca. F?ra fro* rro*;?Jaroa to Newport, Fifty aeata. A baccate mat tar aoovinpaniee til* Auaaa iu rrameaeh way For Paaaac*, Bertka, State Rooma, or Ff*??l . I oa tx-ar* the at*am*r, or at U? rratgat Toon, Piar U North Kiver, or at Uw Ofcoe h- Crmaaay, No. US t?a,t $-* ?.?ornar *f?^ar: aad atraac New York, Feb.?, t?.. Fm Ml LIT AMY BOOKS RENCM * RlCHSTI EN' liareiurt raoaivatf a arga ami eamplef **> -: m*r.t of Mi'it*ry Boo if all kind*. wt iatt they offer irotn Uns ta tbj ?r oaoL balaw tfca r??ni?r ? _ ia4iac s A n?v ditio* of fluiaf'i 'nfktrtrj t&d IM? raotioa, toniitu, flit K?rW VofMUon' Miau4.1toj, #1 lE*,-> CymneuiB* <^UV4M'I Tiwtit, Ma Grop.'i M iUrjr targetj.TSc Tka ?*oidiara CaxJe a <v>rc,p>rt* *H>y ai> Til; book for tha immIM Mil KM ?<" TCT&ISft. *. U.?, *>*?. , rrt b*olc of iaatniotioa to ifca U.V fJXatrj j| ^Wr, MIU, ? ?- W * M. riSvraSitti ??^CSJ^--,h T,Ttfc?ft m *, I J

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