Newspaper of Evening Star, September 20, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 20, 1861 Page 2
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- . 9 v , . . , . ? jfc????????MM?M THE EVF.MNG STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: FRIDAY ftepteafeev 20, 1*1. Oti Fkirkid* at the vjirlnpt m'1'toirv rannpa and portion* will ?ontmr a fiivor hj keeping na potted as to movements and affalra to their vicinities. Spirit ?f tb? n?raiB| Preaa The Jntflltgmcer devotes Its attention to the state of affalra In Kentorkf, and expresses the belief tbat tbe people will not fall to ratify the ctlon of tbe Leglaiature. Tbe Ktpnbhea* in notlelng tbe baala of Northera eownerce aaya. " The deetiny of New York> wbleb la to aurpaaa London, will be none tbe leea only accomplished If all the Gulf Statea were, by MM conruMon of nature, submerged In tbe eaaa.*' ? m e Burma Imirnmci -Tbe London Tt'ms* "Tbe Government will waive all acruplea wben tbe proeperlty of tbe country and tbe existence of million* are at stake." Yea, wben tbe Brltlab Government wished to Mtaopollae trade and commerce, under tbe convenient plea that "tbe proeperlty of tbe country waa at stake," Aey atruck at Holland and ruined Jta commerce, aa tbey bad that of Spain, and aa they subsequently did tbat of Prance. Tbey, under a similar plea. In a time of peace, attacked aad destroyed tbe Danlub fleet lying at Copenhagen Under tbe same plea, all tempi**,n when in Spala, oppoairg Napoleon, tbeir armlea uniformly deetrored all the manufactorlea of tbelr alllea. Wben these State* were British ?? A - ai? ? ? ? m., wwnun, uiiucr mr same pies, CCrUJIQ lEUSItC* turea were prohibited, erd all greatly discour P* Bat, If under Ibis un'rrupnloua plea, or any other, the British are sending troop* to Canada, and fleets to our coasts, with the Intent of dividing our country Into two or more governments, for the selfish purpo?? of lessening our bmmerce and diminishing our manufactures, (hey may be assured tbe United States will sturdily realst tbt aggression. There will be blows to receive as well as blows to give. We bave 9,000 vessels which (Strang? as they may conalder the statement) can be provided id 60 days wltb cannon, and with authority to capture British easels wherever found, snd sent into all navigable waters where a British flag fleata, and In one year tbe English are welcome to all the merchant vessel* they will have left. We have the hips, the men, the food, and can bave tbe can* soa, aa we already have tbe nautical aklll and personal enterprise and courage, to vipe out of trijtma that boasted commerce which Britain fcy fraud and force has built up within 200 yeara, S4 ik* txptns* of all other nations. And there Is a who would not be glad to see England humbled by such a blow at ouch an Intereat tbua to It, distastefully built up. England baa in thla Clatter but one object?to lessen our commerce and manufactures, to secure the tottering supremacy of Its own. If we are to be causelessly assailed and Injured bv fcer for a mtnw ? niif*1" r ?I ? r"""? elfish, we mast injure her to an equal degree, l*?l our eommeret and manufactures may hare #fual start tcitk hers, when the peace she waatOflly breaks shall have been re-established. We mutt do !t, and can easily do It; assuredly, In such a selfish wa.'. where calculation supersedes passion, we can inj?.'? hef commerce more than she ean ours Ample appropriations for ordnance were mads by Congress, and tb? President has already commenced arming the seaports. If England is anxious for a third trial of strength with us, merely to make m^ncy out of the disasters she hopes to cause, the United State* will ?eomraoda'.v her without uttering a single depletion. P~T" To the publishers, Messrs. Ticknor 4 Fields, Boston, we are indebted for an advance eopy of the AiUmtte Monthly for October, containing fifteen articles by such writers as Haw* thorn#, Holme*, Mr*. 8 to we, Mr*. Howe, Trowbridge, Mitchell, Hazewell, Watson, and "The Country Parson." . PT Part V. of Frank Moore's "Rebellion Record," Just received from Franck Taylor, baa capital portrait* of (Jen. MoClellan and Secretary Cameron, Na?al Aaraiaa ?Within a few day* the Navy Department baa made aome changes in the officers of fta squadron* Capt Wm VV McKean, of the Niagara, baa been appointed flag officer in the Gulf, In the place of Capt. Wm Mervine !( Flag Officer 9tringham having asked to be relieved from the command of the Atlantic Squadron, Capt L. M Goldsboroueh baa been a^pointed to auceeed him The aquadron baa been divided, and Capt Goldaborougb aaaume* command of tbe Northern divlalon, embracing the coasta of Virginia and North Carolina. Capt F S Dupont has been appointed flag officer of tbe Southern Atlantic squadxon, embracing the coasta of South <*sr?ltna. Georgia and Florida The new ttag officers being Juniors to ome of the r-aptatna now on duty, other changes are rendered nec<^?sary. Commodore Mlaaroom Is ordered to the sloop of War Savannah, vlr* Cant J R Hull Capt Marstoa bu been detached from the sloop of war Cumberland, and ordered to tbestrain frigate Roanoke vice Capt Nicholson,detached Capt Chancy has been detached from tbe tram frigate Susquehanna, and Capt. Lardner appc: :ted to that *Llp Commander Chaa H Dans baa been detached from special duty at tbe Navy Department, and appointed captain of the fleet of the Southern Allan tie aquadron Commander Perclval Dayton baa been ordered to a apodal duty on the Southern Atlantic aquadLleut C P R. Rodger* has been appointed to tbe U a lied Stat?-a (tram frigate Wabaah, the flag ahlp of the Southern Atlantic aquadron Commander J W. Llvlngaton haa been ordered to tbe aloop-of-war Cumberland, vice Captain Marstoo, transferred Commander W m Smith haa been ordered to tbe frigate Congreea. Commander Pendergaat haa been appointed commandant of the Philadelphia navy-yard. Commander J. S. hralley naa been appointed to too Philadelphia rendezvoua Commander Thomas Turner baa been detached from tbe Philadelphia rendezvoua and ordered to tbe Philadelphia navy-yard. Application for poeitiona aa volunteer lieutenant* and acting maat-re' mate* ahould state ages and be accompanied by certlflcatra from tbe laat owners of the ve?sels, and slso from several underwriter* of the port* whence the applicants have severally aa I led. None others will oe conalderedd at the Navy Department. Aemy Obdbbs ?Ad order was Issued yesterday from the War Department that tbe military department of Ohio in future consists of the Mile of that name, Indiana, and so much of Kentucky as Uaa within fifteen miles of Cincinnati, under the command of Brigadier General Mitchell, of the U. 0. Volunteers Headquarters at Cincinnati. So ach of Virginia aa Ilea west of the Blue Ridge mountains will constitute In future a sepa- I rate command, to be called the department of Western Virginia, under Brigadier General Rosecrane Headquarters >? tk* fitld. The War Deportment haa laaued an order to carry Into effect the law of Congraaa by which eldlera may aaalgn portiona of their pay for the W- eflt of toolr nmillea. The aaalgnment la to be entered in a separate roll, accord: :ng to a preaerlbed form, under the supervision or their lm wdlata commands at the time of their enllataaaat a roll la to be tranamltted to the Paymaster General, who will make the dedactlooa on eoeb pay roll, aad the paymaster of the regiment traaamltthe money for distribution to those In Vheaa fhvor the assignment is executed. aovabcb or tib convbdbbatb os tmb fbdbsal Lihbs ?We make the following extracta from letter of the correspondent of the Louisville Courier, written at Manaaaas, Sept 11: Our advance to the Potomac the past week haa bees steady and constantly successful forward march W a have moved forward by Inchea. as It war*, but assuming no position that we cannot | Maintain. Wherever our stakes bare been placed there they bold hat To day tbe gunners of the Waahington Artillery eight tbelr rifled cannon at Walla Houae. 1 ant confident, from every Indication wit bin my purview tbat tbe great conflict eaanoi be much longer delayed W? bare accumulated, witbtn tbe vicinity of Waahington, a *wy large and well appointed army. T?? Potomac livid witb rowuviL ?*in laTTBBtsa ?8e De Kay writes to tbe Louisville Courier, from Maaaaaaa. on tbe lltb: Already we baw tbe Potomac lined with povreyfal batteries. tbe location of which the enemy la at a lees to discover, and which, at tbe proper ttme. wit! open Are along tbe entire river, demoliablng the fleets of tbe Northmen and forever rellerlag that bcaatlful r ream from tbe eoatrol of Federal shlpmsstire At | rwrnt iha earn la of the Federals apeod tbalr time, ammunition and science la adeeming up and dawn the river, browlag ahel1 and shot lata tbe wooded tboree, bop lag to wake IP* masked battery; hut our me* fcwp ttp?f. ? OUR MILITARY BUDGET. FIEIHO AT PICKETS, BTC. Headquarters, Army / tk* Potnmae. ) Washington, Sept. 10, 1801. { Gentral Orders, No. 13. I. All persons not connected with the outpcst and picket gmrdi, except General Officer*, Commander* of Brigades, and efflcer* of their Staflk, are prohibited from passlug beyond the mala gnarda on the Virginia aide of the Potomac. Command era will define the ltnes and Instruct their gnarda accordingly. II. The practice, which has to seme extend prevailed, of firing upon the enemy'a pickets. Is Mntrcfii fA tKa IIM? ? * ??*- ?* -* ? j ? ?v uaugo ui umiteu waniie inu uoo not contribute to any good result It 1* therefore directed that, In future, the picket and outpoat guarda are not to fire upon the enemy'a plcketa, nnleaa it become* nereraary to realat their advance or to return a Are commenced by them. All commanding officers and guarda are required to enforce thla order, and to arreat every peraon violating It. By command of Major General McClellan: 9. W iLLUMa, Aaa't Adj't Oen'l. Official:?Ricb'd B. Imwia, Alde-de-Camp. TR1IHO TBI RAXOR. While Gen. McClellan waa preaent yetterday afternoon, after reviewing the brigade of General Blenker, an experiment waa made with the rifled guna recently mounted on Port Taylor?a new fortification, aituated about milea from Cheatnut Hill (Murray Maaon'a place), where the diaunloniata have conatructed their mo*t advanced work. It waa found that aolid ahot or ahell may easily be thrown from Fort Taylor well beyond the disunion fort.' While cur troopa were thui firing, a body of about 200 dlsuniontita deployed from uuder cover to the right; wt en a single ahot lurown among iiem sent them scattering In different directions. a skirmish with hardxx's troops This morning the following dispatch reached the headquarters here: Htarfquatters Western Department, ) St. Locis. Sept 19, 1861 ) To Col E. D TovmenM .?Major Gavitt, First Indiana Regiment of Cavalry, who was sent out In reconnolsance towards Hardee's position at Greenville, met the enemy's pickets, drove them In, killing two, and taking three of the enemy prisoners. He also captured sixty muskets and twenty-five horses J. C. Frsmomt, Major General Commanding. ?hi cab1xxt mxrt1no of txstkrdat. We have every reason to believe that In yesterday's long cabinet meeting the subject matter considered was the report of Postmaster General Blair and (Quartermaster General Meigs, relative to the situation in Missouri, and that no definite conclusion was then arrived at as to the duty of changing the hetd of the Western Military Department. DISTRICT MILITIA. Lieut Colonel John L. Smith, of the Fourth Regiment District Columbia Militia, has teen promoted to the Colonelcy of the same, in place of Mr. Randolph Coyle, resigned. Chas. R. Bishop has been appointed Lieutenant Colonel of the same, In place of Lieut. Colonel John L. Smith, promoted. * VOLrNTEKRINC. FROM THR SANDWICH ISLANDS. The Government have accepted the servient of a copipany of loyal Americans resident in the Sandwich Islands, who are probably now on the way to San Francisco, to join 'he extreme western divUion of the army of the United States. THR !tlW? riCN LEXINGTON. The despatch from Gen. Fremont, received by the War Departmeat last night, concerning the (bea progressing siege of our troops In Lexington, Mo., exibrscod no Information whatever In addition to that contained In our despatch by the Associated Press published lu yesterday afternoon'a Star. 1 ff*jm alono thr lines. [Specie correspondence of th? Star J Lanolet, Fairfax county, Va , Sept. 19, 18?1 ? Editor Star: Our boys laat night played a trick upon the rebels, which has caused no little consternation at its boldness, and any amount of swearing, on the partof the thieving secessionists. Several of the Union men owning farms above here, In the vicinity of Lewlnaville, had been compelled to remain In Washington for safety? leaving all tbelr property to the mercy of the Confederate*, who removed everything that could be of any use to them In tbelr camps. Household furniture, grain, hay, wagons, Ac., had been seized ind carried off, and tbls week they commenced to collect tht cattle of the neighborhood (among which were many valuable milch cows) and herd them on the farm of the late Commo. dore T. Ap Catesby J one*, whose family are ru?t!r?ftig nt Manassas, with the exception of a loyal son (Patterson) in the U. S. Navy, and ore daughter who looks after affair* on the place. Our boy* kept watcb until about fifty bad b^en collected, and lest night proceeded up to the farm, where they took the cattle and drove them Inside of our lines, so that their owners can now obtain their property, without a perilous journey Into Dixie for it. The consternation cf the rebels may be Imagined, wben they came to tbe Jones farm this morning for their cattle ; and tbeir cbagrin at having been outwitted and stripped of their booty, after all their trouble to collect It, was refreshing to those who from a safe point witnessed their crestfallen departure. PA.B1S COKRKSPOXDKMCIOr TDK STAK. Unrx Vim !??.(. V-.,. O IMt *? V t BW swus? a y a w ' ) ktpi. ?| 1CUI . ? IT . x/. WallacK, Esq . ? Dear Sir: It may b? interesting fur you to know that the traitors to our country find vrnya and means to communicate with their friends and representative* in Europe, by sending with almost every steamer a special messenger, who carries a*mail composed of Accession documents and letters. We had one of this kind on board the Fulton, on bcr outward passage. Hs was a Frenchman, by the name of Addisson. He came direct from Richmond, by way of Nashvllle, and bad In his possession a great many letters, and one hundred copies of the battle of Bull Run?official account of General Gonzales, published In Charleston, South Carolina. He was to have the same republished In France, at his arrival, for dixtributlon. The whole of the official account was a great misrepresentation, which Is, of course, quite natural. The passengers of the Fulton were mowtly foreigners, and did not take much Interest in the afl<tlr, which made me powerless to act In the matter. Our Government should be on the look-out for these secession messengers. Captain Woodon,of the Fulton, gave a grand Union dinners few days before our arrival In Havre, to the treat annoyance of several secession. lets from Baltimore, who did not show their ugly faces at alixahdria. [Special correapocdence of the Star.] Alexandria, Va., Sept. 18, 1861 ?Editor Washington Star: One of the events of tbe week la tbta usually quiet city haa been tbe serenading of Geo Montgomery by the band of the Fifth Maine Regiment, stationed near Fort Ellsworth. They arrived very quietly before the headquarters of the General, and struck up "The Star Spangled Banner," thereby delighting numerous citizens, who hurried to tbe scene at tbe unwonted atrains. Gen Montgomery aoon appeared, and bis appearance was tbe algnal for cheers loud and heartyAfter performing several patriotic airs, they were received by the General in hia quarters, where refreahmenta were aerved, and the officers presented to him by Col. ft. Freeae, his Asalstant Adjutant General. You are aware, I presume, of the formation of an ??Unconditional t'nlon AaeocUtlon" here, the member* of which are prominent citizens of tbla city and Its vicinity. The laat meeting of this body took place last Thursday fight, at the Lyceum Hall- The large building was crowded on this occasion, scores being unable to And seats, but atood content If only they could hear the speakers. Gen. Montgomery, Col. J. R Freese, Assistant Adjutant General and Provost Judgs of the city, attended; and tbe proceedings were further graced by the presence of a large number t>f ladies of high respectability Some or the b* M speeches I remember to hsve beard for some da** were delivered by Gen. Moutgomery sad Col. wbo each received a boquet from ladles present Rev. Dr I. C. Carver also delivered " excellent and very touching address, u4 !(lui conclusion was loudly applauded. The t meeting waa brought to a termination by a few pertinent remarka from Mr. Wno Maaaey, of tbla city. Tbe member* of tbla aaaoclatlon have every reaaon to be aatlafled with tbe aucceaa they have met with. Tbelr fliat meeting was attended by only a dozen or ao, and alnce then tbey bare been been constantly receiving fresh acoetatons. Col. Freeae, In bla capacity of Provoat Judge, baa aworn In over two hundred membera, and over thirty were aworn In by him laat meellng. Tbla cannot but be very gratifying to all lover* of tne Union. 1 have juat beard of a shocking caae of attempted murder, committed by one Young, a cltIzen, on the person of a Mr. Vandergrlft. It apnM r? I Kb t Vw>i' ?a?Ani M J ? r .? -mMmmw ?UV J Willi UU? !??? WU IT1 UllUAy BIIO^* noon for the purpose of playing card*. Young lost to the amount of two or three hundred dollar*, and the public presumption 1* that, exasperated at the low, be sttempted to murder the unfortunate man, and thus gain possession of the whole. Hs shot Yandergrlft In the breast?apparently without any provocctlon?the ball glancing downward, and lodging In the abdomen. He then commenced beating him on the head with a large club until be had produced insensibility, and the heed was pounded almost to a jelly. He stlil lives, but lies In a very precarious state, and cannot be expected to survive. Young is In custody, ball being of course refused. On his person was found between three and four hundred dollars In Last 11 Igbt, Judge Fre?ae, when searching a houae near Fort Ellaworth for money suppcaed to have been secreted by Yourg, accidentally discovered twenty six stand of arms, all new, and of the Harper'a Ferry rifle pattern. Not deeming them safe where they were he took the liberty to bring them back with him, and they are now ? to our sare custody. Skirmishing goes on as usual along our lines, but nothing of any importance. The marines at Fort Ellsworth last night fired several rounds for practice, and thereby occasioned some alarm to timid citizens. We are all eager for an engagement, and next time design giving them a very different version of Bull Run. Q. Thi Niw Oklians Batthrimo Ram?The Cincinnati Enquirer has been furnished with a description of tLe New Orleans battering ram : The steamer <h the les^'th of an ordinary steamboat. the roof beta^-arched in shape, covered with railroad iron, so as to prevt nt balls from penetrating, and the balls in striking will immediately glance off without having any eflVct, let the position of the sun tired be what it may At the bow of the boat is a ponderous cutter, made of the oeat s:e??i, tbe object of which it to cut a vessel in two This will require a very great power which the projectors think thev have obtained in the way of two powerful engines. The mode of attack is with hot water, which is thrown through hose attached to the boilers. The vessel attacked can not keep her men on deck, nor can she use her cannon, as thev will be kept wet by the water thrown. Besides being covered with b?-avy iron, the boat Is built of tbe heavtes and beat timber. Umtimilt End or an Ebitor ?Tbe correspondent of the Columbus (Ga.) Sun writes from Pensacola: ' The court-martial which has been sitting at Barrancas for several days, has at last finished Its labors Among the cases fcefore the court were one for murder at Fort McRse, on the day when Gen Bragg gave liberty to the soldiers, in honor of the battle at Manassas, and two for sleeping on their po*ta One of tbe latter,a young man named Robinson, belonging to the Tenth Mississippi Regiment, (and I am sorry to hear, an editor.) win be shot at Warrenton, in view of tbe forces, on Friday, the 30th instant. The other soldier from the/act of his extreme youth and inexperience, has been sentenced to punishment for sixty days and then drummed out of camp A IV 1W CoMMAKDIft or THI No*TH CAROLINA Foam*?W. F. Lynch, formerly of the Office of Orders and Details, in the Navy De- , partmcnt, 8 C.," ban been tendered, and has accented the appointment, In Com Harron's stead, of Flag Officer, to command the naval defense* of North Carolina and Virginia, with nlnesteam- ' ers ready, and others to be added. He started on ' the 4th Instant for Newbern, via Raleigh, pur- ( posing, In the latter place, to commuutcate with , Governor Clarke, and will hoist his flag on board of one of the steamers now there.?yatkvilU Union. Health or thi Kmpkiok Napolko* ?A Paris correspondent of the Armv and Navy Gazette, J speaking of the health of the ICmperor, aava:? ?Th*r? can Ho no Qoubi luai uie r/nperor's complaint. which Is a weaknewa of the spine, has assumed of late a moat alarming aspect People talk of this with a certain degree of foreboding, for even the most bitter enemies of the Imperial dynastv dre^d a change which will assuredly he , violent, and which may end In disappointment." , Naval.?The revenue cutter Harriet Lane, now undergoing repairs at the Philadelphia navy- j yard, Is to oe transferred to the navy. As soon as a new armament of rifled guns Is taken on board, her name will be changed and the transfer will be completed. The officers and crew were paid off on Monday. Captain Faunce will probably be ungneu 10 one or me gunloati now fitting out. 117"The loldleri on the Potomac are lending home monev to their frlendi ai fait ai th?y get their pay. An Indiana regiment lent two thouiand dollnri In gold to Evanivllle lait week, and on the 10th lnitant the members of the Eleventh Massachusetts regiment gave Mayor Wlghtman, of Beaton, upward! of five thouiand dollar! to take home for distribution among their famlllei iff A Washington correspondent of tbe N. Y. Express makea the atartllng assertion that officers of Maaaachuaetts regiments complain that they have been compelled to pay from 8300 to #400 each for commlaaiona from the State. U7*The Tuacarora was launched at Philadelphia navy-yard in forty-three days from the day the keel was laid. The keel of a large side-wheel steamn has just been laid In the same yard, and the vessel is to be launched within aeventy days. QI7"A shoal of blackflih were driven ashore at North Dennis, Mass., on Wednesday, and ioib* thirty-five of them werecaptured. They measured twenty-five or thirty seet in length, and averaged about two barrela of oil each. |V?"COLLECTOR'S OFFICE, J " September 9, 1861 NOTICE TO TAX-PAYER*.?Coin and doe bills or certificate! of indebtedness to this Corpo ration, of the denomination of five dollars, and Treasury notes of the United states. are alont receivable in payment of taxes. Treasury notes will ouly be recived in sums equal to, or less than, the amount so due to the Corporation. The discount for prompt payment is as follows : 20 per cent during the month of 8 pteml>er, 16 per oent. during the month of October, 10 per oent. during the month of November, and 5 per oent. during the month of d"?ember. selu eotit WM. DIXON, Collector. j Yf COMPANY "A," U. 8. ENGINEERS^ IL 3 Fifty intelligent and at.le bodied mechamoa will be enliated to fill thia Company to the max imum fixoa by law?ifio men. inquire at No. it4u 6 street Pay from 9)3 to #34 per month, beaidea food and oiothmg. au 17 tf Autumn shawls and wrappings. A few entirely new and atyliah tilings (real novelties at proverbially low prioea. AlaO. new Bilk M*nl MimnH?"i ituim. * " F K R RYATB R T ?~T A"K R , Fa. avenue and Ninth st, e in 5t "Ferry BuiMin<." 'I* TO THOSE OUT OK FUNDS. 1 HE individual who appropriate to hi> own ure, on the 18th instant, the notice on roy omoe door,"Out or Fuude," has m? unqualified tympa I thjr, & 1 presume ue needed Cue paper for his own door. i 1 f h- will o&ll at am, I will fnrnish him one of the same better executed. _ _ MORRIS 8. MILLER. September I*. '881. ?ett St* N OFFICERS AND SOi.DIERB ? j KEDlNtJ Any kind of Fanoy and Staple DRY ' uuOl S for the fo'k? at home are aolioited to inspect our vast at>/OK of New Autumn and Winter i h An 'examination of stook implies no obligation to purohMe. t line price only, marked in plain figures; therefore, no purohater is deceived. PERRY A. BROTHER, Fa. avenue and Ninth st, ae 30 St if '*Perry Building " j T TO OFFICERS. ] HE CAMPAIGN ?A Campaigning Wagon on J tha PpnuiRn nrinrti*1* ........ umiu 1 inc or to act as an Ambuianoe in oaee ofjULn sickness or wounds, with an. pie room for stores and provisions; light, water-proof, and per- \ fectly new. havi>:( b?**nju?t ?uilt to order by one of the brat makers m New York, it offered for sale V coat p ioe. Also, a handsome, strong, eound, dark-brown HORSE, either for seddle or harness. Both may be seen on asp ication to JAMES BROWN, at Mr. Inno*'" Mtables, Corooren'? Lane, behind the Chain Hoaae, between I and H streets. se? NEW AT M01>' ^OM*i?M?iulldMnM^S?UnB*PrtBta,ftl ltM .u. New Moneeellane, new styles, at SS eta. I 'WSfolMrt* of On Goods far the general and apeoial wants of fcmiliee. Oae pnee only, marked in plain igaree. < New comer*, etrangere, sojourners acd 01 tineas < will ln*p*et osr e oekat pleaaare ; it implies no 1 TT^MSSMfe. I' i Firtker CillltraU liiwi. Fobt Kkakxit, Sept 17 ?Hie San Francisco papers of the 3lat alt aa v there are now nine comKnies of volunteer* to serve on the plains at Camp >wney, two mil re west of Oakland, where Col. West Is in command. The cavalry com pan ire are at Camp Leon. Another camp ia established near San Francisco, where volunteers under the new call for 50 000 troops are held quartering until after the election, when more volunteers will leave the Interior for San Francisco. Two men residing three miles from Tehm* were murdered on the night of tbe2Sth of August by four Spaniards,who,after robbing the premises, set fire to the bouse The victims were Mr Houston and Alexandria Button Thia caused great ' hostility agalnat the Spanish population of that country, many of whom have been forced to flee Trade In San Francisco continues healthy but not active Batter, lard and pork bring full prices, with moderate transactions. Candles are moderately Arm. Coffee and Sugar are quiet; a few aales have been made of crushed sugsr at lS^C. Pure aDirlta. whllkn ?nH , , , ?.v dull. Attachment sale* have been commenced against George L. Story, druggist, for about S30.00U Thomas Maguire, theatrical manager, bai been restrained from performing the plav called "Colleen Bawn," of which Mr. Wheatlelgh haa the copyright Two thousand five hundred miners are reported at work In the Net Percee mlnea In Oregon, besides which there areaome Ave hundred idlers The past winter haa been very severe In the Amoor river country. Twelve cargoes arrived In the month of June and aeveral more were cloaed at band. It la announced that the government telegraph from Clkutlsh to Nlcoloefikl, acrosa the continent of Aala, will be commenced thla aeaaon and pushed forwald to completion as early uposaible, under the superintendencv of Mr. Romenoff Judge Cradlebaugb, the Union democrat, 1a elected delegate to Congresa from Nevada Territory Some tlx hundred dollars have been subscribed in San Francisco, to be sent to Parson Brownlow, of Knoxvllie, Tennessee

A line crop of Tobacco baa been raised In Los Angeloa It will be manufactured into cigars Lieut J S Parks has been recently promoted to a captaincy in the Thirteenth Infantry. J. S Harris and J.J Majors, of *h? United states eommlsslon boundary, who have been recently engaged In running tne boundary between Washington Territory and British Columbia, have completed their work, arrived at San Francisco on their way to Waihlngton to report The steamer Colonel Moody arrived at New Westminster bringing most favorable accounta from Carribla county, in Victoria. There are men there who have been only threeor four montha mining who have as much as 810.WW In dust. Some claims have paid as high as from S2"0 to ?500 per day. and many that at present yield from 500 to f I,WO. The news from the country Is far more exciting than any that has yet been received here, and new discoveries are being made here every day. The lmporta Into Vancouver's Land, for the last alx months, up to June 30th, amounted to the value f?o mm The report of the massacre by the Indians at Goose Lake la confirmed by the arrival of one of the party, be being the only survivor. He reports that there were four families, numbelng over one hundred persons. In the train, and th* whole company, women, men and children, were Inhumanly butchered Among those who have lately taken thia route, la the Kelsey family, by whom the auriferoua Sualitlra of American rlvera in California were r*t discovered. This faintly had much tosuffer during the trip. The Indians, associated with a uumiier of desperate whites, attacked them during their transit and robbed them of a Quantity of provisions and a number of animals. Far worse than all, a young girl of thirteen years was surprised by them, made a prisoner, and was left for dead on the road, with the U'ss of her scalp. Strange to relate, she did not die, and the little auflVrer finally made out to regain the caravan. Accounts from Nevada Territory state that the overland emigration Is pasning th ough on the way to California at the rate of fifty to seventy wagons per day. The majority appear to come i from Missouri, and many from Kentucky They ! report that thousands are behind them, and mention particularly 0110 very large train, with the best outfit that has left. This is called the Bloomer train, and there are about forty ladies In it, all wearing Bloomer costume* and boots, and sre armed with bowle knives and revolvers 1.(111 iIIII | udi. MIUUH I ALLOW AND DUU,UUU GREASE WANTED, for whioh Uie highest prioe will l-e p&'d in sp^oie Also. 150.COO lbs. of #(>AP And CANDLES for ale oheap for ouh, at the Nationa Soap and Canlie Works, Green et. and the Canal, Georgetown, D.C. C. B JEWELL, ee 19-1 m Proprietor. H1TE COTTONS. WOOL FLANNELS, an i Canton Flannels.?a <u 1 sunk of ohoioe grades at the old prioee, not withstanding all uoh goods are daily advanoing i i value. ' PKRRV * RHO , Penn. avenue and 9th street, selRStlf "Perry Building " FENCING ACADEMY. BONNAFOUS, having reoeived several invitations to give Fencing Lessons in Wa.hiogtou. lets 'hose gentlemsn know that he has reoei v??d r>ne inontii's leave from the Fencing Club in Philadelphia, and tiiat h? will give, during that tim*, a oourseof 2" lessons, in small sword, broad sword, and bayonet, in Washington, to commence Monday next, Sept-mber I#. Addrosa Mr. Fr Rra dner. Temperance Hall, E street, bJtween 9.h and loth, Washington. se lR-lw* 1 AT THE OLD RATES.?Blaok SILKS, extra glossy and fine, all widths. Plain and Fane* silks in ohoioe styles. With all kinds of DRY GOODS adapted fur the general and ?peoial wants of families. ONE PKICE ONLY, marked in plain figures; hence no purchaser i? droei*ed CARPETS, CURTAINS, OILCLOTHS, Ao. Upper Floors. 1 PERRYARRO.. 1 Penn. avenu- and 9t<i street, se 18 5tif "Perry Building." Seekers of cotton goods can pro- i cure their autumn supplies of all kinds of COTTONS, white and ooloretl, at the old prioes. We seoured large lots ol suoh fabrics prior to the rise in prioes. We also offer our uxual full stook of all kinds of PRY GOODS for the general an* ?Denial want. amines. ??ne prKe only, marked in plain figures. Carpet*, Oilcloths, Curtama, Run, Ac., upper floors^ a PKBKY4 BHl)., Penn. av. and 9th ?t., "Perry Build in*." i sep 18-6tif i hur stock and whole tariff of \ u pkices* adapted io the wants of persons in moderate c1rcum- , stances. . , Dry Goods in all departments of first olass European and \merioan fabrios, adapted for the ourrent wants of families and hou??keep9rs. One prioe only. marked in plain figures, ooossquenty no purohaser is overcharged. a! parcels for the interior properly pioked, free of charge. PERR\ A BRo , , Psnn. av and 9 h and c its , sep 18 5tif "Perry Building." All kinds of silks at le.<8than he old pries, notwithstanding the advanoe I in Europe and the new tariff Peisons needing SILK GOODS for autumn and winter will effect a so id saving by making their purohases now. Tne ?ho e?a'e atid retail business of the ooastry being now reduced to the oasli standard enaMes i us t> rff-r a I articles a* a reduced tariff of;s. ONE PRICK ONLY, maned in plain figures. Newoomers. sojourners, citizens and strangers will ms^eot our * ook at their pleasure; it incurs i o obligation to purchase. Carpets, < urtains, and Oilcloths, Rugs, &o , 1 Upper Fl<ors. All paroels for the interior properly packed free ' Dfobarge. PERRY A BRO., Penn. avenue and ft h street, se 18 6tif "Perry Building." ALL THE BKBT nf /X GOODS FOR SERVANTS' V0EAR."* 1 An ainD.e and extensive a took now in atore. The whole or the above at our proverb'ally low prioea. One pnoe only, marked in plain figures PERRYA BKOTHER, fa. avenu* and Ninth si, e 17 5tjf "Ferry Ballding." ! CLOSING OUT! 1 CLOSING OUT! Having oonolnded to o'ose ont my eulire (took of PANCY GOODS. I have removed th4 tame to No. *20 Pennsylvania avenue, between 8th and 9th itreets, where I will oifcr the entire stook at snoh pnoe* aa will enable my former onstomera, and the ( publio generally. to bnv the first olass Krenoh Panoy Goods at panic rritu, Now ia the time to any! N B ?All persona having olaima against me are \ request to present the same for settlement; and all persons Indebted to m? are requested to make ar- > rangeraents to liquidate their olaima without fur- , Lher notice. Prompt attention will greatly oblige. , Keapeotfuily, R. C. STEVENS. -T-tf { BARGAINS! BARGAINS!?Great bargain* in atl kinda of CLOTHING, TRUNKS. VA- J L.1SES, CAR PUT BAGS.SHIRTS. TIES. COLl.AK J. HAT-* and CATS,at SMITH'S*, No. 460 Seventh at., oppoaite Poat Offioe. Call aod aee hia 1 jew atook of Hooda, which will be ao;d at aatonahi n? low ratea aw gft-lm I BILLIARDS! rtiM The lovera ' " ^ of the GAME OF BILLIARDS will find in * EM RICH'S FINE HALL, \ Corner o Pennay 1 vania avecue and 11th elreet, (aouthaide,) two of the moet admirable * TABLES , la the United States, with every oomfortaad oenvenlenoe a am ? n lor tl>?> ?l?Ten. . FA1E aiu- m^..KBUOL- 1 At Sahdy ttpmtm, Mo. , Thi? iMtitution, vbioh Km ban in oom>Cb1 j ifntion for tho Un TMrt. will oowmdm 1u ?orai?f Urm on too l*t of th* 10 wo M>?- 1 tofeor)ooxt. Poreiroulors.ooataiainf fartlMr in/or- J **Uon in rn&rd to U* Mfly to mm** i WANTS. | \\7 ANTED?By a reapaetabl* yoaog w?n. i , ?" SITUATION iitliMTibfriiftid: lo oh)Mt.on | to Maist in waahin* And Iro: log. Addaa* Bo? 16 Booties It* WANTED? B? a aotwr and indaatnooa aan. a M TUA r ON aa farm h*nd. Good rofor*n<*a ou b? ciTen. AmIj M No. J?3 Mm?. ?t?no?.b?tworn 2d and X ?U? 11* BOARD WANTED, by a gentleman, tn a r*tn#d hat roo postal. I e portion of the city, with a mail private firmly (a widow lady preferrodt wbere there are no other boardera. The oomf 'rta of a ho ne are wan tod. Addreea?etat'ng tariaa, looation Ao 'H lmti." Washington. D. C. It* CMIVERNMKNT HOSPITAL FOR TBI! INI SANE.?W4ATED-Twoainria MEN a? at fondants upon pationta,*nd two m ddle a?ed Amrloan W OMEN, one aa hona*fceopor and tha othar a? dining-room eervant Nona bat Uioao who o%n farniah aatiafactorv evideooea of good oba: aotar and di?po?itio" neod apply. ao? lw IVMMTDn a nn ? ?? m/a/ I mr-A HRA39-MW ISHKK. ? ! ?! vv be a food workman. Apply to J. W. THOMPSON k. CO . 969 Pa avenue ae 1J tt \17ANTKD-Fifly food KM RROIPERY *" HANDS, todogoUlainbroidennc. Nona bat first-rate haoda nard apply A. NKW, a 19 ?*.if 346 Pa av, n*?r Seventh at. WANTED?B? a reeaeotable younc cirU If iwi of a?e, a SITUATION a? obambermaid or noree. Good r^ferei.os oan b* riven, if reqairad. Addreaa O F.. Georgetown Poat Oftoe. nH-it WANTKD?A steady and reliable COLORED WOMa N, to oook, waah an<l iron. ?he must be a rood plain oook. Apply at 4 30 Twelfth at. ? 19 3t AVOU*6 MAN WANTS A SITUATION as clerk or assistant bookkeeper, or in any oapacity in whioh he can make hinae'f areful. Can read and write the Frenoh. Engliah and Ge'maa lanraages fluently. Firat class reference riven. Pleaae addreaa "Edgar," Star OtBoe. ae 19 It* WANTED?A WOMAN to eo <k. wash and iron " for a s^ail family. Aleo. a GlRl, from 12 to IS yeara of age, to take care of a child ar d aaa at at houaework. Good rocnmin?r?(itw.n? rtr required. Apply at No. 484 E street, between 5?h and 6th. ae 19 tf CUTTER WANTED. Cal 1 at WALL, STEPHENS A CO.'S. 388 Pa avenue. ae H WANTED-A hundred WOOD CUTTFR8 to ohop cord wood, for which ft i per oord will be paid Aaply at fh? Kirkwood House, or at L>nthicum's Hardware Store, eorner H'gh, near Bridge ?t., Georgetown ; or, for further information. at the Star Office. ae 1^-lw* MMES R. LEACH. WANTED-A good WOMAN HOU*E SERVANT; also a MAN SEKVANT Both Fiuat oome well recommended. Colored preferred. nquire at 433 F at. ae 9 WANTED?To have every body to oall at ?M ITU'S. No 460 Seventh at.. opp^elU Poet Office.and purot>a*e their FALL and WINTER CLOTHING, TRUNKS, H^S and CAP*, at the very loweat prices. Give him a oali au3P lm WANTED. FOR THE CASH-AM kinds of SECOND-HAND FURNITURE AND HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES. Pereona leaving the city or having a snrploa will do well to oall immediately. R. BUCHI.Y, je 3 43* t*eventh. between G and H ata. WANTED.?We are now boyin* SECONDHAND FURNlTCKE,STOVfi.*and BED main * - ior vnmn wr are payinc the higheet ouh prioee. Famiiiee declining housekeeping, or having a ?urplu? of furniture, will find it to their advanta?e to give as a nail. BONTZ * GRIFFITH, je IS- tf No. 369 ?th it, l>?tw. I and K eta. LOST AiND FOUND. fl^OL'ND-ln Wa*hington, a PACKAGE CF I.KTTKKS.d rwtwi t? p?reon? I ring in the Northern states. The owners ca-i have them by oal'inr at 1 SO Bridge St., Georgetown. It* Strayed away?On the 9th instant. a dark brown COW. duck leg*, long t at, tea n long, one ho"i lonser th in the other, ]Pup brusii of tail out off A libera! reward wit Jbaka be paid for h<?r return to J. VAN HOOK. <>ni'?nt 'wii I) C . opposit? Navy Yard ?e 20 3t? I|*STR AY.?Taken up a>tray. on Sunday, the 15th J instant,two HORSES, which th? owner can have by proving property and ptfing damages. Can be teen at Earle'e ?ta-?*^^bles. on H St., between iOih and 2'?t ?t? ejn sr J AMES MORAN. Q 1(1 REWARD.?Strated away from the ?ubOl" *orit>er, a Ha^k t.ay mar* MULE failed on both > houMer*, ard grey in tbeV^M^a rehead. Any one leaving it a' my ?ta- VBH ble will receive the ar*warH. JAMES H SHREVE.^^^^ e20-St* Seventh ?t . between H and I its _ IOST?On Thursday evening, m or near the j Camp* at T'nallytown. a da k ootored leather POCKET BOOK,containing a Crimean meoal, a dicchargx from the British armv. and other documents of no va ue to any hut the owner. a liberal it. a _ * win o* ei?en- ii required, for the above. App y it Kost Office T?na!lytowp. eeSO 3t RAN AWAY?From the subsonber. on Thure day last. JOHN C RON IN, *red 19 * ears last June, ao indentured apprentice to the shoemak &g business. All persons are oautioned acainst hsr.aid boy, <?? tlm i*? will be atrieily ntoioea against all snoh off-nders. MAURICE R AIDV- No. 264 Sd st, U* B?twen Ma*s. a*, and G st. ?TL RE WAR D ?J'trayfd avay, on the Ittk inst, t a tellow buffalo row. with white^rf4M spot in h*r i icht snouMer. Th* a^ore r ward will bt- p%id for her return to W30 llaife* street. h?*tween SJ acd 4>? ?t?.. Is and. e l| 3' CONRAD WK1TZEL. <fr?>^ RK WARD.-We will pay fiS for the reeovery of fivn HORSKs* escaped ex. from Latham's stab e this morning, an I de-1 tT* liv?re?l to us. at Ciay'K Hot?l; or %5 ior<c^-^-4?a!i of said horses They had haifrs on when they escaped and are branded wi'h tne letter Bon the nrh' rump or under the ma^e. re X St* BKKNT A BUR BRIDGE/ District ok Columbia, ^oustt or Washibiqtoi*.?f?n th" 17th day of Sep- e\ timber, ssi. before the subsoru>er psrsan- jL2fk a'ly <*aine James and made oath due form of Kw that, n ttie 16 h da? of September, l?W51. he took up astray H* RSK. on tl e Eastern Branch Bridge, having the following inarka, vis : ooior cark ba? ; 15 hands high ; 9 years old ; white spot in therig:ii ?ye; sore back; whits spot on right (ore fo?t; all shoes off exoept one fore root. Witness my ha^d and seal, this 17th day of September, 1861. jiarnTI i o THE "WNFR OF THE ABOVE HORSE 18 i requested to com* forward, prove property, pay ahargea, and take it away. J AS. ROACH, e 18 3t* Navy Yard Bridge. OTRAYED OR STOLEN-On Sunday, the Ik? l?th inat., 'rom the common*, oppo- f?v 1 aite No. 434 Virginia ave,, be ween lit and 3d at eeti. a dark brown MARE,^# "* with rourd and fall forehead, eyea fu'l ahowing much white, wicdgalla on all four leca, ama'l aoar on her right front knee, and end of her tail dipped off. A liberal reward will be paid for her ratara > r for information concerning her wheraaboaU. JOHN J. HALL at the above named plaoe. ae 17-4t* A 'A REWARD Will be paid for the apprahanO.Jll a>on and delivery to me, or aeonring m in Jail of NEGRO WOMAN LOUISE; M call* herself Louiae Hanaon She ia a tall, like'y negro, quite black, well dreaaed, with full auit of hair. She ia no doubt lurking mCL* IJpper Marlboro' or neirhborhood. She haa a huahand in Waahingt?n city,and m%? make her way to that plaoe. WM. vVoR THIN6TON. Near Woodvil'e, au 15-8tawtf Prince Georee'a oounty, Md. I^OUND?Oa Wedneaday evening,on the Aveniie, near the oorner of Ninth at., a HMR HRArKI.KT, with initiala on tht o a*?. Apply at No L atreet. next to the northaaat oorner ol Fifteenth. lt? QQC REWARD.?Ran away from theaubeorW O her, about three week* dxnpleetrd NKGRO BOY,about 18 yrara, f ftge, r.amed Robert Butler ; ha? lull black syea, liepa in hia aaeeoh. and haa a out in the jn Heahy part of hia right foot; had on when hi loft hint linen panta and oloth cap. The a bo re reward will be paid for aaid negro, if delivered to ma or aeon red in jail ao that I get him acain CHARLES L. GARDINER. ae lVlw* Near Di^ield. Charlea oounty, Md. f OUT ? $& RiwiiDi?Loat, laet eraninf. a L Colt'a 7-inoh Nan REVOLVER, atlrer mounted, marked "Mortimar Thomaon, 1881." The kbove reward will be paid to anyperaea who mar return the piatol to MORTIMER THOMSON, 2*1 F at., between 13th and 14th ; or to Mr Chadvick, Willarda' Hotel. aa 11-tf > I. -? 1 EDUCATIONAL. ! i Georgetown female seminary, i (Miaa Rittovn'i.) ' No. 151 If Ml *l.. Mwmi C?ntrut md High Ml. The datiea of this Inatitttion will ba recanted on .he firat Monday in September next ' The attention of parents and guardiaaa ia parti eilarlr called to the Cla?a in Caliatheaioa, whioh ' will Se formed O'. Monday, the 9t? inat, by a fradiate of the "Lewia Normal Iaatitata of Phraioal ' Education." The former papilt are earceetly eolcited to attend the Claaa. iNiTECCTOla. Hi?e R. W. Wright, Mra Ceoilia Yoanc. ' M. E. J. Kaufman. Mr. W.c. R?rrm?? I M. V. Harrom, A Zap?one. X uT' ! j H'lle M. Gardette, Charlei dc Frond rat. Cironiua mar be obtained at the Bookatore*. or ' , harrovbr. ' y^ASHlNUTIWKEI^A^KJiKJllNARY. ' fiiNHM Sixth amd i>tv*ntk >lt. 1 MISS HARKOVhK. ib oomplianoe with the aiahea of frienda whodeaireto patronise h?r bat lulike at present to aand their daughtara to Jeorcetown la the omnibna, ha* made arrange- , rei.ta to aatab iah a department of her School la 1 Washington, and raapaotfnlty re* seats a ahare of ' he anblto pat onafe. The ft rat aeaaicn will oommenoe on Monday. SepemberShl. Ciroaiara may be obtained at the Somioary aad , A the prinaipai Bookatorea. I aeH-tf M. J. HaKROVER, Pnaoipal J ST. JOSEPH'S SCHOOL. \ s?. lahool for BmrII Bora at ft Joeeph'a Mala Orphan 1 tnl?n, oorner of V and Tenth eta. eafocl MlS. C^I<LULYOUN(TlvFl,fr reaaaaa her i ^a??-a in VooaT Maata oa Monday next, >?*etam- | >er 9 J? at her reetdanae, No. 4M klareeth at/aet. . a--_ _ 1 . AMUSEMENTS. I T"lm^JV/3Jt/O> 4?D CONCERT (blllriB ?f M. lupin ftaatar khMl PrtK?^t fm tk4 Dm tf tkt fMT 0f tk? AmiUd (vy luMrutBOat* AMOBfUiaMt. ? W fcDN K?^ A i r "xbbs II, Corner of land North Capitol itrMU fut u t Hail !*buUiu Morn. Fail Chorea i bolo Vi?l<no?ilo, Piaso Aooon yam meat, by Prof. M??r?rt ft Erin la mr H?w?a <?uar:ett?>.. Mimm 6 V> here ?r? tki fnacda of ay yoata?? wm Raarfle 7. GawDler'a Wifeieolo* Mim P Radwil* ruf it Crowa in the* W CWoma of Bore 9 Vio oncello tfolo, vitk Piaao ..Prof. Maafror* 10 "i ke Moratac Call ...... 11 On to the fteid ol g ory .Boy* ta fall aoidier tree* 11 Cone. come, ocate ! iao)o and oko ru*A.._ ...Mary Baaty IS. Fair* fi?? HTl.. . - OWII ff UM PA IT III. Conoladea witr, Gilaa Crrijcice, Um Mboolaaator. Tickata SS o'Dti; (MMm IttMti. Door* op?d at fcaf-pwt? o'oiook ; mimm at haTfput 7 m?i 1y GRAND PIC NIC. UK Und?r?nfM ki to luora tb?'r fh?Bda, tad the public in fatal. t-??t tbaj will . ?n?thar GKAND p-I?* MtC on MUNDAY N k)XT, tbe 23 1 of Sap'embar,*t thair Pmw /A mr? Cardan, tapitol Bill. (A Give na a oal. -ton* HUMPHREYS 4 JUENEMANN. ODD FELLOWS' HALL! ;ixcm: sccrfcSW' ?k ccfes i SIXTH WEfcK of tha TAMPBELL M'NSTRELS* CAMPHK.LI. MINS1 K KL9_I M*-mhkh A sTAh: EVtRv MKMRPR A btaw > CHANGE OF rK??GHAMMK CHANGE OF PROGHAMMI? fVERY NIGHT THIS WfctK ! VERT NIGHT THIS WttK! Asxiaaion 83 Cut*. ae 17-1 w AUCTION SALES. ^ By GREEN * WILLIAMS, Auouudmti Sale of handsome household anp KlTCHM PCimmiiT VBCTIOH ?OB MON DA Y.tbe S9d ujatant, we (hall Mil. at tbc r*?4c * of a ( Dliaman daoiimnc k?aa*k*?>?io(. No. in?. north aiJa of F brtwaen 6'.h and 7ta ttroou. at 19 o'elook a m ,ao exoeJa&t aaaortmactof Farmtara, '?: Mahogany Sofaa, Sprint aeat Parlor and Rookini Chhi, T arja F'rnch p ate Gilt frame Mirror. M?li?|U; OrMiini and <>th?r Birtaii, 1)0 ? Do. Whatnot, faat Tree, and Side Tabtaa. Cottage end other Beditear'a and ? rna?ela and othar ? Oiiclo.h ud Mat: r.{ . Radiator and othar S*?<>va?. With a good lot of Kitchen Ra^aiaitaa. acd roai other articles, which we deem uuneoeeaari to eat>merata. Te m? oaeh. * _a?JO d BRKK.N k WILI.UM9. Aacta. By GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auction** Household and kitchen fuinu titei at Apcuoii ?On TUESDAY. ti? Wth instant, we ahall the residence of a gentle in\n d'olimnc h o?ek ?ef> nt. No. 449 north aide of north L. between Ihi teeiith and Foyrtaer* i street w??t. at le o'clock a. m., ao excellent aaaoi. ment of Furn tura. tie? Mahogany Extension ?*ofa, and Spring Chaira, Do Rocker*. Dres?,an?l other Bureaus, Gilt frame Mirror, an* other Giaaaea. Wardrobe, Washrticda, and Cane aeat Chair#. Three-ply and other oarpet*. and Mattine, Cottage, and other B'd toad* and Mattretaee. Br?*a<?l?, ard other Carpets, and Matting, Crockery ani G :aa* Ware, Refrigerator, ? ockif.g ard "'her Ptov*a, A (ood lot of Ktchen Kequiaites Aquarium. Tem?oaah in pocie ?*2T>3t GWKEN A WILLIAMS. Auots. By GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aaetienaara. ^GOVERNMENT SALE OF CARPETS. Oil W cloth, MiTTIhS cchki'T*. Fckni ca?, Ac.. at Accti?n?On WEDNK8DAV. the mh icst . at 1 o'clock ? m . we ah al * - the Capitol, bj order of theCferk of the How* of Reeteeer.atiree, a very extensive lot of? Velvet. Tap**t'j, Brn>rii and V?wti?i CvhU, Oilolotn, Matting, Coahione.and Pernitore, A "o. a large lot of Stovee With many other articles, whioh we deem uaneoeeaary to enumerate. Term* oaih in specie. ae*-d 0RKEN AJWlLLIAMS, Anete. TRUSTEE'S S*LE OF VERY VALUABLE I lam) is ilkkidgb.? By virtue of * decree of the Cif nit Court lor ti( ward eunty, the ander igned. a* truete? w 11 at put>i c *ale, oa the eremieee, on SATURDAY S'j'-ennb ?r a. 1(61. at 11 o'clock the mKM of the late Major Char lee Hamnor d oontainiug * * aoret. 9 of whteh la in tm fine iaie of oaltra i-.B. ead the > aiaae- ie n*k. i kory,and oh?atu,,a4jom ng the *nd? of G?-ori?' Stootett, Mrs John i> *re? j Ham-noed end *V. lJ. Dj'Wf. E?q . and le within 4 ml <S of E litott'e Mills 6 ol the Relay Honee, and U fro* haltimore by turnp ?e i'nu pro.ert* will b^ offered first ae one tract, anl if not ajld til then be off red in til ee pane, a* follow* : No. 1.? a^ut 133 aore* of imp .-red b* a >arge DWKL l\j HOUSE, Servants' Ori tM, >?*ble, Granar', Corah uee. *o. Thia la the meat b aut fui a te in tha State, oomminding a new a* f*r a* th ey? eac reech of a delightful and highly cul ivatfd ooucry, with a T)?* of the Che?*p-ak-? bey. Nwe. 2 and 3a'jo n the above, a?1 oootain eac'i 133 acres uf the fine t lan i in iue ?tatA- tot ??r- ] ps>sed on tV*?,tor foulh rivers. th* whoedivideJ li to fields wth > B"nini stre.- vs. and 10 a^roa in heary i<T>ber. The health *ooiet? pr ximty to echo la.oha ?he' and mi'k'te,oomb ne with t e tup?nor qua ity < f the and <o turtle theattention of far nor? and ottiT* to tre ab 'V? ?*le Turma 4 k- " r v k-w tfj viio mwmw* : use mir^ oaah; talanoe in one anH two Tttn. w ? > m?ere? . M Bi>Nt)N,Tni?U?. ae8(>-3 * 33 St. > ao a'r<*t. Bait more. By WAl.l.A BARNARD. AuiUusMrr. Corner 9:4 ?l. and iomK ftls fa- ?r K'jstim'kv BRKD H"KHKs at Al'CTION. OnSATl/RDAY MORNI MS.*'?i to o'clock, we wi'l eel:, in front of tko A notion K -omi, 18 through-bred kaUuoky Moreee, oomMiaiig? ba??, Sorr?;?, and Brown Saddle and Hvmm Horace. { Theee burst* have jo?t arrired and are all of the beat atock. and aa the aaie will be wtthoat reeerre (t will offer an opportunity rarely met with to eeoara a good horae. Terma oaah. ae i? WALL k, BARNARD. Aaoto By THOMAS DOWL1NG. AaoUonaera. &?orj$tne?. D. C. PAKVl AND DAIRY ST'-CR AT AUCTION r On MONDAY MORNING. Md tnataat, at L o'clock. 1 wt 1 eell, tn front of the AeoUon Room*. 1T4 Biidft at.. Georgetown, D. C., part of tv atock and effeota of Roeelyn Farm, now knows a* Fort C rooraa ; oompnaiiif? 6 rear fine young Work Horace. 3 Marea witn fold. 1 lie Riding Ho'ee, S two yeara old Colu, 3 one year old do. 8 Carta and Barneaa, 1 Baling Maohine let Hay or Htraw, Platlorm Soa'ea. to weigh MO !be. 1 la-fa Boiler for feed, 1 Mi k Wagon, Carriage and Harceea. Milk Paaa Pot*,and at:; oth<*r Dairy and Farm Implement*. Hale Terma oaah ee > 4t THOMAH DOWL1NQ. Aeo . _ OAILlFF'S HALF.?By Tirtae of aa order i D distrain from Frederick Volk, and to me directed, | have a "tied and taken om aa?a ' orama, large use, Painting*. Ao., ae the property of Henry * Tiiier. to a?r and eat en re* and in arreara.andl hereby cire do'ice tka4 > n SATURDAY a'xt, tne 21et met, at ike hoer ?f a ra.,on th? premieaa, a mated curne'of B ai.d 0, atreeta, Wa?hingto8 City, 1 ebali proceed to e?l. aa<d Diorama ei.c Pa nbDfi. to pay aid eaC?f? aid rout da* and la arraar* T*nae cMh ? la^.Ta.AF* H. YEATMAN. BalUf By WALL A BAIN *IP. * neuonaera TRDSTKK'S 8aLK OP VALUABLE 1M rioriD Rul K?T4T?-?B * virtue of a de<-. of truet. dated the lrh day of Marak. 1857, and dt recorded amou tbe laad reeorde of the eouety [Ml. at 5 o'clock p. m.,all tfcoeejeoee or paroe'e Ed at tutted ia the citt of Waahintton, in eat lot, and known and daeic nated a* Uti nm tkirty foar (34) aad thirty-! ( at) in nambered five hundred and three (KM togetfi' with tbe impro?emeU thereon. ooneieUof of a larje three etory Briok Moeee. with a Ana bee-* Bent tiaid property ia looalao oa tkeeoetk bic* * ?treet eoutt, botweer. ?H aad ?tk a tree la, Terme of eaie:?One quarter ia aaek. balance r itx twelve, eifhtren,and twenty fbar montka Ike day of sale, to be eeoeraa by a deed of traa, w the eremlaea. Iftba term* of eaie be not oom plied with lafrt lay* from day of Mia. the Traet*a raee-vee t e rghtto raea.l at eat WALL A BARNARD. Aaete Plain, ? tm ihirta. Whjt* Berim and QoOoa ?LOVE** ke*> U'ey and White B LANK ETS, w iii ail othai kind >f DRY ?OOi? for tk? wanta of fkaailiee. ( One prtoa only, markeo in pLata fir area ; bane to percnaeer ia deoanwd.. Aaiaepeotioa of a took impUaa ao oblation to tavhaea. ^ . IUUP PT? rt'BTUN* r\ t ? . ? - ?"J ? w M Mli? U( VI &iV liUT B V? ?u4..i..-bw-^Wy ^ brother, PLimMlU Nir.tL rt . w cBTcSii9txffs^u^R^& iyymxa? ?nm~t t N0T10*' NOTICE!!! r rMon Boanots. Clock*. Dnh u4 ClMl Trimor

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