Newspaper of Evening Star, September 20, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 20, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. H7Tii Stab publishes the LUt of Letter* mntlnlng in the Wutlngton City Post Office under the provisions of the law directing them to be printed to the newspaper having the largest circulation within the delivery of the office. Its total daily circulation la more than double that of any other Daily printed In the District of Co'umbla. A buy Aid Association.?A meeting waa held at Rev i>r Gurley's church on Monday evening, to consider the expediency of organising an ssaoI elation to aid in the aafe transmission of srtlcles aent from abroad for the comfort and improvement of soldiers in the various divisions snd regiments of the army in and about Washington The meeting resulted in the orgsnlxation of the " Army Aid Aasocistion" of the District of Columbia The vMect of the association 1* stated In the constitution to be to eo-operste with sny individuals, or with sny snd all organization designed to promote the physical and religious welfare of the srmy. In soliciting, forwarding, and distributing contributions of every kind to the various divlstons and regiments A committee to nominate officers ww chosen, who presented the following list: For President. Rev. P. D Gurley. D. D ; Vice President. Rev. C M Butle', D D ; Secretary, Rev O W Samson, D D ; Tressurer, J. L. Ed' wards, Esq Executive Committee. Rev. J G. Butler, and Messrs J. C darkness,Wm Gnnton, snd Franrts Mohun,of Waahlngton, and Anthony Hyde, of Georgetown. The association will co-operate with those of New York, Philadelphia, and other cities Among others ths following gentlemen gave meet Interesting and important fhcts bearing on the object which such an association might tend to accompllah: Rev. G G. Goas, former Chaplain In the Mexican war; Rev Mr Stltt, of Georgetown; Rev. Mr Barnes, Chaplain In ths Army; and by Messrs. Hamlin of Massachusetts, Burger of New York, snd Alter of Indiana. Policb Mattxbs ? Btfm* Justic? Donn.?Chas Maddls was arrested by Patrolman Fenwick, for selling llqnor to soldiers. *nd fined $*25, which b? paid under protest Margaret Fitzgerald was arrested by Patrolmen Fenwick and Leach, for steeling a pillow of feathers from her daughterin-law Ellen Fitzgerald The evidence proved do theft, and the case was dismissed The partics, however, got into a war of words at the maglatrate's office, whereby the fact waa developed that Margaret had, while employed at the National hotel, about a year ago, stolen a sliver spoon and several china plates. The Justice issued a wsrrant, and the goods were recovered and ldmttfl?d by the owners It was also proven that the goods were deposited with Ellen, and she had retained them knowing them to bestolen. The result was thst both were held to ball for court Dennis Boyle, s soldier, went into the dwelling of Mr. P. Tobin snd behaved In a most Indecent and villanous manner. The lady had spirit and strength enough to pitch him out of her bouse, snd he was arrested by the police and tsken before Justice Johnson, where be made a disgusting display of obscene blackguardism. He was sent to Jail for court or subject to the order of the military authorities Liwcob Casks.?Justice Donn yesterday disposed of the following cases:?J Reynolds and Geo Nlckola were each fined ?-25 for selling liquor to soldiers. F Tenney & Co were fined 9VS, the act of one of their barkeepers In selling liquor to an officer boarding In their house In this last case the question wss discussed, :t Is an rffleerasnldler*'' The decision of the magistrate waa based altogether upon the language of the law, which identified the soldier by his uniform The Justice admitted that In many cases officers were not soldiers in fact, but in the law all officers are regarded as soldiers, snd he ssld that he would be guided by his understanding of the law. Messis Tenney A Co. have asked instructions of Justice Donn as to the question if hotel keepers have a right to sell *o officers, of the house. The Justice reserved his decision for to-day. Tbb Rivbb ?Vessels continue to arrive with fuel, Ac , and there la as much activity along the wharves as is usual at this season of the year At Carter's wharf there are (besides the schooners Kansas with coal, and Henry G Ely with coal for Gartrell. already reported.) the schooners Ann D. Hayes, with c ->al for Caatleman ; Chieftain, with lumber for Norment; and Wm F Washington, with wood not sold At Riley's wharf there are I beside* the ooal schooners Catharine Callahan, flarr Steven* and Streamlet, already reported,) the Charles West, Cspt Cade, with coal for Rev. Mr. McLean In addition to these, there are the usual number of river vessels with wood and farm prodacts from lower Maryland. Tha new arrivals report all quiet on the river, none of the vessels having been molested by Secesh batteries. Bad fob tbb Bsptbs ?Mr. N P. WIUIs, in a !>te leW6i W ?t*o 7arores tn* bors? and mule breakers at the Observatory corral, for cruelty to the animals In training He might find text-matter for another "Jotting," In noticing the inhumanity, or carelessness at least, with which ths mules are treated by some of their drivers; the flesh of the poor animals, In team after team, being not oniv raw, but rotten, in place* where the harness has been illy adjusted, at the crupper, under the ssddle. and on the breast sod nose, snd elsewhere. The officers at the bead of this department are men of capacity and humanity, and will, we are sure, apply a corrective when aware oftbe facts. Ah Isvstbbatb Orrxnozn ?Yesterday evening, Bill Bowie, a slsve, waa arrested by Patrolmsn Leach for stealing wood from Mrs. Handera, In the northern part of the Fourth Ward. He was taken bef >re Justioe Donn, who ordered him to be punished with twelve stripes Th? witness against him was a feeblecrlppltd colored msn named Holland, and as soon as Bowie received bis stripes he returned directly to the boos* where Holland wss snd taking a heavy eodgel beat him terribly and th eatoned to burn the louse He was again taken before Jus' Ice Donn, who sent hi m to Jsll to be disposed of by the court ss a very dsngerous character. This Is the third time he has been whipped for steallog, by order of this magistrate alone. Tib Balloos waa brought over again last evening to be relnfiated at the gasometer in the First W ard and took the ususl course through Georgetown snd the Alezandrla Aqueduct to Fort Corcoran. reeling on Its way like aome huge monster trying to lmttste the worm fence pedestrlsnlsm of a few of the "orlflcers" from thst vicinity. This morning it wss up over Fort Corcoran. To bb Stoppbd.?We bear tbat the Superintendent of the Police has directed his Sergeanta and Patrolmen tbat whenever a house Is known to * 11 liquor to soldier* no mstter of what grade, to enforce the laws sgainat it; and use the soldisis or officers ss witnesses if necessary. Good Samabitans ?Mr. Walker, of the New York Exprtu, who was so treacherously stsbb?d by the secession prisoner in Msryland, was kindly eared for by the fsmtly of Mr. Wm. A. Murray, of Prince George county, where the affair happened. Bbiliso Ltquoa to Soldibbs ?To-day. John Kelly wis tsken by the Provo-t Guard, and fined f*J5 by J ustlce Donn Miller, keeper of a restsursnt opposite National Hotel, was fined t2S by Justice Johnson. III.?Cspt Blunt, of the Engineer Corps U. 8. A., is lying, at a friend's house in Georgetown, nick with ths typhoid fever. Wahid to Emfu>t?At Whiteharst's Gallery. PJe> ?ss Pennsylvania avenoe, five Photographer*. OjUl^and aee ma Card Photographs and Camp Is it possible that any Soldier car. be so foolish as to leave the oity without a sup? y of Holloway's Claimant and Pills .' Whosver do-s so will deeply regret it. These medioines are the only oertam onres fer Bowel Complaints. Fevers, Sores and Boarvv. Only 28 eenU per boa or pot, se l*-lw harried At the Charah of the Ascension, on Tuesday evening. tTth instant, by the R?v. D- Pinokrey, Mr THOMAS 8 DABNEY to Mrs. VIRGINIA he t kuzioks < Wheeling and Weltshnrg. Va, papers oopy.) d1k1). In Alexardris, Va .on the ltth instant. Captain JAMES MoQUkKrf.Coapan, M. 15th kegim.nt N'w Yerk Voianteern. (Brcoilya. N. Y., papers oopy.) Oa the itth instant, CHARLES FRANCIS, infant and br I overt ton ol Franou E aid V. W.Parker, aged 6 months and 5 day*. la thia city on Thursday, ths !9th lost., FRANCIS H DA VI DOE. aged ? years The faaeral will take plsoe on baturdny, the 21 st isatant, atto'olock p m.. from the rssidence of his oa, No. 34 Louisiana avenue. i Baltimore papers oopy.) Oathal7.hln*tant,Mrs HARRIET FRENCH, wife of the late William Freaoh, formerly of the Treasury Department, aged <8 years. * On ths 20th inst. at ha f past o'clock. MARY GREEN, wife of Thomas MoNaoey. Her fsneral will take plaoe from her late residence, on 21 ?t street, between O a d P, on Suadsy. V?e fM lastut. at 1 o'clock. The fnsads of the finally are invite*1 to attend. Will rjKSffiS SS."*1*In' PfcRRY * BROTHER, ? if *?*aae and N inih st-, a* H-yjf 'Parry Bnilding." ^UTUlfN AND WINTER DRY GOODS. . A o??P'ete stock now in store, nt prioes to salt tAa owasrs of ansa! parse* One pr,e on y, ma-ked in piaia ftgnree, " f'KRRY k BROTHER. J&SmYBS 0&r"r?*' LIST OF LtTTERS REMANING IN THE POTT OFFICE, Washinstoii Cirr, September 20, 1861. f Ordered to be inserted in the Evaniita St4.*, t being the newspaper having the largest ciroalation of any daily paper published in Washington.] IE^ All persons applying for letters in the followng list, will please say they are adtxxtisxd. LADIES' LIST. Alexander. Mrs H Hess, Mis? Mary Addison, Mrs M H Hnnter, Miss F Adams, Mrs Hutchison, Mrs M J Alexander, Mrs Harriet Hutchison. Mrs Wm a bell. S P Ingraham, Mrs M A 2 Bad*nt, Mrs Mary Jones, Miss Fanny L Bi?key, Miss K Jones, Miss M Barrett, Mrs Daniel Klink, Mrs 8 Brent, Mrs H W Klook.MissS Beaoh.MrsN Lyndon, Mary Brm ke. Miss E Lyndon. <*athariae Bart, Mrs CL Leone. Elizabeth Beil. Miss Sarah Mooney, Mrs E Brown Miss Jane Miliara, Mrs 8 Beall, Mrs A H Moyse, Mrs L Boands MrsR Marshall. Miss J A Butler, Mrs C M'ssinger Mrs B oagbtoa, Misa H J Mill*r, Mrs M Clar*. MrsMA Maekm.C WR rofk.MnWin M*rdenhall, Mrs Srawford. Mrs C F M Mofc't.M'sA rutchett Mrs Jas Mocall. Miss E Collins, Miss M A \es?, Mrs C Cnmmins Johanna Naal.MrsNC Connelly, Mrs K Ornes. A M Conelin, Rridcet Pamsault, Mrs S D*w?p.Mra E Ke?d, Mrs H B Doyle. Mrs Mary E Riley, Miss M H Darbey, Misa Pusan Reynolds, Ellen Devenport, Miss Had way. Miss M p 'j* a*s. 8a .10 Reiger, Mrs Paviron. Mrs Robey, Mrs E Elliott, Mrs L-8 SI vie. Mrs R Kills, Mary A Smith. Mrs D Foster, Miss Elisa Stuck. Miss J Greene, Mrs SC Sherman, Miss W L Owinn, Miss uoy Smiley, Miss M ?reen, MissM Sedman, Mrs M Graven, %?iss E Treakle, Mary J Galleuriett, Miss S Taeiello, Marie Hunt, Mrs E Wiokham, 4urs A Hawes, Mrs J U Woods, Mrs A Hailes, Miss Clara Wits, Mrs W H Misckllamkocs.?Miss G 8. GENTLEMEN'S LIST. Arnold W H Brown B 2 Dunham I Aoker Wm H Beckett B F Dorwart B K Allen Wm Baton BO Dorse* Jno Applegate Saml Berry B G Deh'Dhi J P Allyn S D BaksrBF Dyer J w Anderson OenR Bates B Duff-e J Alias P Bright A 8 Delahen'y J Abb -tt O P Barton A A DetUriok J L Aleiauder O Berry A-2 Duffy J J A| corn Mr Bracfley A Denisoo J D Allen M B Brown A T Decker J W Armstrong L V Bie aski A )oty J H H Avery J M B own A Duns J R Anderson J L Brush A DuPont H A Allen J no Baker A L Davis Henry A lamr J P Bailey A J Davis G C Arno Jiio Bush A Driacol H Adams Jlo-2 Burton A A Dixon H J Alicorn Jno Beamer A H Daver H Antes H P Cosier W A Dupont G Austin H C Cole W O 2 Denmson G W Allen jr G C Carrioe W H Dennison C W Adami Dan I C>1? >? Diokover F M AinewCP-2 Courtner W O Doyie E Anderson C Conger W M Davis G F, Arno.d Col Clear W Davis E W 2 Atherson C Crass (VPS DeYoung E Alvord C A Carter W B Dennett K Alden B R Curtis W W Durmia K Abbott B Cunningham W Doisey E J A eia;djr AJ Chanclv W Dunigan D Bliss i W Cooke j D Diokinvn D8 Bennett Wm Clowe* J Devine D BellWm Couty J Dunning C Ba ianjiue W A coulter J O Daniels C H 7 Bates Wm H Champion T 2 DumvanC Brown W M Conroy T Dailey C-2 Ha?se Wm Cook 8 Daud Capt Bonowe Win C.ark S Drummer B BoyntonWH Curry S Darby B ^tlerW B Conrad R Daniels B G Bull W K ('oliyer R Daniels A H BirnieWm Cabot R Davis C H 2 Burke Wm Corwin R G Davis Com Batcbelor W H Crawford R Davis C W Boyd W in H Colburn K C Davis A J B anve:t W J Coreni, R K i eneen B Brauted W B Colburn R Dolcher A L Wm Carurthers PE Dougherty A Gushears W Crowler P Dug.ietteA Bancroft W H Co. k P Douglass A O BortweW.nO Conway P Da"lMA Barker Capt N Culver Dr W B Daouis A Muikers A Un- Carlisle N H El well Z W derhiil Curtin M H minous W B-oonea Thee Ciemenoe M C Ecktiert J Y 2 Bourkee T M cooper M Elder 8 8 Branoney 1 W c.aik Mr Eels 8 D Brown ihos-i Carrig Mr Edge R Bryantly RKL Caa?il, M H Kmmvaon R P Breather r Clasky Mr Everaen M Beailey TJ oe H CoppersmithLT Eller L Su.T,1?y T1H Caeavant L Elgey L W Bell baml Cooper L N Enle J Riaokman 8 H Cook L V verman J W BuxmannMr Campter L Edmonds JM Bawman 8 cook JNJ Evans J F BrownS H CampJA Evans J ^rownj* , Clark J ' Ely J W Bragg 8 S-2 Clark J P Ennis J Bar ring ton 8 Craft J EylesJ Browu S i Croppe J E Emmerson J BuoamasterS Cooke J N EasU?y J C Sfew1?LsJ, Coon Jno Elliott J Riaok ? P ? Carson J E<1ie J R ba- nngton 8 Clooey J Estw.nan J P , Corfua J M Egbert H A fcetgeRJ Coiley I Eda, G W A_ <-rntofiet J i??uvUO o Hormlley R Camsbrll J Este U P g.ooksR Collins Jf- Engl sh Edw Blundin R A Cottrel J J Erving E Bu.rin R 1 Cornwall J W E lm E C Batcheido; R N Chandler J P Emery E H black R E Carter J Echs'ein : Be. inins^mP 2 Caruthers J E?igar C W Blake J H Connor J Everiugham D B ?< .roard P D Clover J Ea?terbrookA U Barrett O I>-2 Coburn J H Ebenneyer A BrownUl cnaninghain J Flamgan Win Baboock O E Costi*anJ-2 Fu.lor W K BernuardOG Ca-low J P Fuller W M Btf'.nett N K Cam J Ferguson Wm Bremry N Craven J J Kessonden Wm2 Breaslrr hi J J H Fishtr W W Bartleti M M Cros'mau J H Kiizpatriok W Bryan M Cm ohetJ Hf Brown M Cliandler J G Fraser W L Burrow Mr ( Url?et J Korster T to 2 Bassett M M Crosby J 3 Float T Biugnam 8 t ( orl? J Fir Id T A h V , ? Chamberlain J 8 Fenton 8 H Bess L ooi-2 cnehmg J A Fosa 8 H.od et' LP Caiter J C Frailey 8 Bergman IN I'oburn J P Fre&se ? Bc> ntAB L U Cobean J Frutiee R baker L C Chambers J J Fienagan J Baobitt L 8 Carpenter J > lagg O 1 babes t, Chapn.anJW FieatoherN B*11? ^ ? Cutting H Ford M Bingham L F Crane H (? Frenon Mr baud u Chariton H L French M L Boyle J hn Calstou H 8 Flanneiy M Burns Joan Crotoue't H T Fergison M P bfown J Cooper H H Ford M H Birch J R Ca ver H Fuller L D 2 Brot k? J Calvert HB Foot a J Bjsey J Crawford H Felt Ira lirown J S W Colhvs H ? Franois J L ' lark H M Filts J Boyl I 1 Crosman t? H Foulkes J E \ r, Co* G vv Freamial es) Blood J D Cobentoeo Harris F J oael J L Champeno Geo FrickeeJoa J, Cooper J E Field J barber J E ChiPls O G Koust J M Bunnell J 8 Clark G W Frank J Beoviej John Cre&mmar 0 Kuiton J W Barrett J Charbonnel F Fulton U Benton J H Cameron F A Freer J W B-.rry J W Coloiaxer F W F>ankfordI Burns J Cate E D Farmer J W ij ? L Frederioh J H Blanoht?*ld J Cowling E Fairbanks J R BeauieJ Clark EU JU Bargslressy J Carstens E Ereexe J R Battle I Cuapman D F Forney J G ^u??f J M Colli's D J Fond J Bradley J W Critchlow D Fletcher J N Baxter J U Chauibers u A * rarr.bne J H B.?rettJ Carting IJ . Foster J H B aokert R C Crump C F Fertig J H Bo weuJL. C<lmorgau C e tenbaugh J A Broaohead J O Criner C H renwiok J T Bowen J L i Cobum C A Fladang M Bnss-y J E Cleve;and C D 8 M B ckl? J N < heever B H 2 Fifield H O Barrett J H Case B M 2 Foisome H M Martini Jas CoieoaHF Fiah H N BowenCap'JL Sohetwood B C 2 Framan 0 P Bantner J 8 Clark tt Kiaher G W Bingham J N Ciapp A M Foaaand G H Caliaghao A O Fusner G W Button J W Cashing A H Ferns F J Beeeher J C Crosby A B Foster F A Bassrsmith J S Cox A 8-2 FiUehke Edw Bonder J CushmanAO Forneys Biokei J T Chantry A W Fitxgerald D berry J E Cashing A H Piaon D Lor E Barnett J Campl.ell A W Fox Capt Burnett J18 Clark A B French C C Ba dwinG t alhoonA Fisher J bryanHS Clelan A rorsterC Boyie HM Castleman A L Frrderiohs A bond HO Cow fie d A Floote A H 2 Baboock H O 2 Dunning W Fisn A Be H L Davis W 8 Garret Wm 2 B Davinport W H Gregg Wm H OIrf Mj ^ M Gouoher Wm 2?1!1* i? ? Daly W J Garret Wm F Blake HE Dunn W M Gehns Col Wm B aokman G C Dewing W L Grant W K Heekker Geo Darrah W R Griggs W Brown G H DanOaaO Glunt W C D*nL*Hr Downing W R Gibson Watson B.y to W Dauglade T M toarver Wm Brown G H peen T ttiraird W Bill G Davison T Gleason W W Bo^rrG C-8 DrummT GreenwaltT D Bard G Dyer J 8 Goldsmith T J Brownell G C Donley T UrayThosJ Geok G tt Draper T Greth Lt 8 8-2 fi*11 ? ,, Dani 1 T Grelto 8 g'op^a GH Dyer T Greene 8 C Barlon IH Duan T Garrett Saml Ba linger T M 2 Datton 8 Gueet R A Browne W a DenikeS Gray Jerry brewer E D:an 81)1 Gooding Owen Bashas E 2 Dinsmore 8 P Gillman M BegesankBaron Danbenel 8 Gregory M B-2 E Von Detrioh R B Graham Gen i?P Bender J& >orseT R Gray Lt BainbndgeEO-2 Dean R Garron Capt K Butler E K >on ey P Gmxberger L S i - Jatron P Grove Dr J H Beaoh E J >empsey P Green J brookeEH Jjwiang N N Glenn Jos S ?r?^cJ"5r#' )a?ie N H Gardener JnoL S ArinkE H , Jriver N-2 Gibson Jas H Brown E D.soney N W G llen Jno Barnam E M-10 Delbanco M Georgue J blaokaonD Dick M M * GiitertJno Branoam D C )oylM Gilbert J b i .hop D J ! )ow MM USSThV BrosnanDA >?(.adaonM Greenwr^jd Jno Kro.*S ? A"* L . OarboeJnoWM P**oe L ^ Gibson Jaoob Kr1r* ' Gilmore J K Bailey C P Dodge J 8 Go-dlon Jas bsrringsrC >ars J Gravsn.tine Geo B'aalCE >orrart J Gillman Geo H Be-nhard C ^ffy^J Graham Geo BirkmmC H MvMaon J H toleaaonFL Bird Gtampailo D Law B D O'HimOio ?emt?ergling DR Lamed 9 Utki Geo J Gr*n Danl M Lightirtr Saml Q'Neil C Gnner D P Luoorn 8 Oesterioher C F Gr in D Lone Col S H "'Donnel A O?rdon f> ee Gen W K-3 O'R'ir A lioiild C M-2 l>? Lewis f?eni * %f Gormen K Ln liilian P Porter WI)J Groom Amoa l.wJwG Price W A Gleen 8 Lr?J o Prio.' Wm oillett * N Lewis Sam' rettiboneWW G*n? A C Uwi?LtMVB''?in?WH ?!r?ri? A 9 L.rav tt Sergt Patram W V GassageJno owry R H Ponltw? Thoi 2 HamiltonDrWNLawl ? Richd Perkins T A Hewitt W m W Lowe Prof 2 Palmer T G-2 HaibrathWm Luber L Power Tho? J Hern Wm A Leeoh Jo*>n Peeplee Saml Hitdrup W F Leech JnoL PhiflipaSL Rirmin Wm Lent J C ParkerS Hull Wesley Long Robt Putter 8 T HarlettWm Lone Janus Piatt R B Hill Wm A 2 Lord Jno B Palmer Prof Hernott Wm B Lane Jo* I'o ta Peter HioksWm L'mon Jno PaiuteraN H Hearer Win Livingeton J W Piok N Had Wm Lovett Joa I Patten M R Httoli Wm Larkin JuL Prima M' Harly Wilson F Lathrop Joa Patriok Gen MR Hnbbard W 8 Laoey Jas Phenix Lloyd Hinton Thoa A Leaob Jno ?? ?*rker L B Holaon Thoa R Lawrence JooL Powell L M Howe Thoa LongweliJaa 'iennier 8 L HarmanSolomanLeonard Jno PyllJaiM Hyatt Stephen Lackey Joa PeenJno HiJgina 8%nl Lukena Jas B Preston R H C Hoias 8 M Largdor Jaa D Pike Jno Hum Sam! Lov joy J E Poty J P Harrison R I Littlefie d J F Peter Frnat Hawley R V Logan J D Poler J * Hunter Lt R F Lewia A K 3 Putnam JAS HugheyRobt Lewia Geo vV Piper Jno Heine RR Lesris G?o Poler Jno S3 Hewett R C Lerrch J B Pioketmr Jno Hudson Riohd Lousby Jaa B Phillips Jno M S Herworth Robt Longteck*r HC Pookley Jaa Hnghee Pat LitinthterDrHAPhenix JuH Hess Phillip Litohnold H T Parker Ino C Hay ward P Levi H A Pu'dyWio Ha:stead OS Lester HO Puleaton Col JH MowardGenUOsLanman Geo W Parker Jacob Hall Lt N J Ley burn Geo Patton Jno D Hubert X Lawman Geo M Pomroy J J* Heinneger M Longdon t?eo F Pumroy J M Hubbard Mr Loonaby Geo H t arker Jaa ? Hart M ?* Lowe Pranoia patrick Jno Y Hendricks Mr LeMoyce F-2 Periy H J Howe Col M Loughlen Ko E Putnam H Harward L Longto K Preston H-2 Hetmei John Lynch E PinkertonH-3 HouokJas2 Lockery Edwd Pie ert H Haines Jno F Lee Edward Pease H G Houok Jaa H Loag E I PutramHS Hilts J H Lambert C A Potter H C Ha'lJR LargeC PalmerHeary Hall Jno M Leffiogwoll Col Preaourg G G Harrald JAS Lathrop C j? Prender Geo Hawkins CapJP I.oper Chaa Pono Geo Hamilton Capt' Lymon C E C-2 Phillips Geo T HeokarVJao Ltndsley C Porter Geo P Hardie Capt J A Lymon C A Pratt F-2 HillerJm LatimorCapAE Perce Edw H?skins J O C Lyon A MoD 2 Pieroe Kd W Harnaon Jacob Lerch A Pell DAS Hird J F-2 Lindsley W T Putnam D Hamer J P Marshall W 8 Plumb CR Heany Jro More W A Puroell C C Herrord J J 2 M Hard W 8 Plum'ey B R Hankie Joa Montgomery W Pedriok A K 2 Harrold Jacob R 2 Pieraon A B Hanscome J O Murphy W W Pool Alex Hufford Jas L Mann Col W B Perry A J Har iran Jno Mitohell Wm 3 Post A D Hainaker Joa Msrrel Wm Patrick A 8 E HertineJno Mudget W H Pell A 8 Harnar J MadaokWm Pratt A E-S Holder Dr J B Mong N H Parker A J Hnrlbert Henry Mahan Warren Potter A W Hankey H L Mi.ler W L> RanonaWB Hazen Lt H E Miley Wm Rutledge Wm 3 HaaoallCapHA SMartin M Rogers W R Harlus H Martin Wm R Roona W L Hof Henrr Martin Wm Robinson W E Hilton H F Moore Thoa Robinson W B Hatch Harry Milhken Sam I Ross VV H Huffman Harry Merrid;th Col 8 Rhode- W R Holiey G W Majlor J R H oth W F Holmes Geo H Murphy Jaa Raynoids W F Hubbard Geo D Murphy Saml Rawaon T Hai-eGeol Morley R K S Kouch Sellers Hewlett Goo Moodie R G Robb Robt 2 HarnaGeo MogeeRebt Roskerton OrR-2 Havens Geo Mulan P Reinhard P Hal stead Geo B Miles Pliney 3 Ryi.e P L Hobbie Goo Marker Perr* Roqinson CapO Hamber er F Maokt'aptOA KippeyCnlOH 3 Hooper F A Mitchell Genu Row'atd .V M Heath Fred M 7 Rollin- M H Heiltnge-F MasvnNO Ruppei M Holmes F G Mulcare M K crardsoa M Hamilton DrFH Martin M L RiaholdASon 2 Hartz ''apt K L Merritt Frank 3 Hi I M Harvey Col K B Mason Lt M B Riggle M A Hinks Cal E W MiMon M Rollins M H Hunt Wm H Morehead M K Roberts M O HendrioksonEIi Molar,eM Hoss l.t Haskeu Fd Merrill. C-2 Reed Jas Honne E N MarkLG Pons Jas Mazen David Merph* Lt Rauch Dr J H-2 Humph'C. 1) Morx J io Reese Jno H alioc i OF MishJHA Hey aolds J F Horto i CapD W Means Joa K uoel J no II llodghma Cuas Alarsh J no B Regan Jno Hoo'.f Capt MostJnoT Rob'aon CapJK HaslettC Mure J VV ReidCaotJW Hay Chas Macer H Rowland Dr J A Hamp C'ark Miller Capt J L Rogers Jno E HowfettChaa Meiiiorn J K Ruaan Joa Hamlin Chas Mountain La Romans Jno HuklinaonCE MahoneyJno Ri-eaJooA Harroll Chaa Mabkine JnoW Kiohardson J 8 Haacall C J MagnerJas Retman Jno Hollingsworth Munyon J C Rams*y J C Horni < Chaa M May wood Jno Kerno da Jno F Hurd C D Maurer Isaac Robertson Dr J HiokeyChaaH MiH?rJaiS Robertaon Jno Hinci ogbotnain Miller aa Rodgera Jno E Hutcnina l.tBT Magu're Tnn'f^1 Rejr'r'olTis'j^Xv Ha l Barach 2 Merwin J B Rider Jos Howden A T M-fTiuJ*" Keebo Henry HersohAng Mag.-ud.rJ F Hires H I) 5 House Albert Mills llenry Rutter Henry Hague Ami Mareey II 1J Rptno'ds 11 Hvnes Dr A W 2 ?i Rootr H G Har man A F Mi to heal Mr RoppGeo Hughes A W Martin Geo W Riohards'>n Gen llenning A MowryGe i Rider G?o F Harris A L Morgan Geo W R t'enhonneG8 Hioka Alex Martin *?eo Rogers Geo Raskill A P Miner U S Reynolds lien Harnnon A P Mitchell Gen Roberts G A Holmes M H Maxon ??eo Randolph F F Har i man A C Mosher G D Roeve F A H^nducks A W Myers F Ryder F Johnson Wm-3 MsaraFF Ross E P I win VV D-2 Moore F H Rid^evsy Ed J )D"s VV C Mareher Jlaa Honey E H Jordan Lt VV H Mouiton F Richardson E E Jerikii s CaptW Marshall F Rogers Ed JoneaThos Marsh Elias Rodgera Dr lones Rev Thoa Marr Krastua Raymond C W J"lies tfaml H Murdock F. R.if.inron C Jepsou rami LS Mason E E Ranch Clias JonesCap r-arn! Morae ir Dam Har Dr Ch U Joiinaon R W MagruderDL Raub B JigheE Matuew* DS Raynolda A Johnston M R Mord Chas Roads Alfred Jo*oe Michael Murphy Chaa SuowdenWmN Johnson M MurrayCarlyle3 Seick Wm JoneaJuoH MurryChas 8mi?hWmF . Jones Jonathan Moore C W Snider W R isaaos Joshua M yers C. 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I*ler chM Wainwrirht J M SherwoodCaptJ Tuek-r B E Wa.laoe J .o M Sohler E L Taylor A C Wherry Jno S^K,rA"ra iP"*rAJn Wilkir.t Jno il a thomw A C Woodruff J Saulabary A Tinney A B Wa'ker J F-2 StrouaeA T re<1 well A M i Wilaon J G g'"J>T _ _ Tar bor a E Wilaon J H Shaffer CW Lllmann Dr Walker Jno H Sohenek Court- Underwood T Waikerwagaaa?U nD Uupl-?y Mr muJH Setter CP t'ue GeoJ WiiooxJnoE Stewart Capt Underbill h F Woodruff H D Baa Cop H VanneaaLtWW Walbridge H 2 fete vena Cheater Viaaon W D Waahbarn H 0 g mmona C A Valentig W M Warrington H Van Gaakea W WitmanH So-djrC S Van Huakiik P Weld H g?!*S S.w _ * Vogel Peter Walah Lt Smith Chaa 2 Vioe LPS Whitney H ! ?m !? ? f. Vm?*> J * Weaver H A Smith AH Vaughn J C Williama H H Shfldon C R Van Vl*et F Walker Goo Staokhouje B F Veaaaok B K Waldrom G W Sohlnper fiII VoTmae T Wilhama Geo-2 SfcrSP"S 2 y?n Horn A W'achenhuaen G Shelter B H VanamburghA Wilaon GN Stratum B W Whelm Wm Sparhawk B F Wilty Z Wrhitney Frank Small A F Wehater Cat W?Walton K F Scannell A WiH.amaunWBWileon E A C-2 Williams W M White Ed Schimmeifiaini Wallaoe W S White Dr E ?Ai?a Wueo.W WunderEd Soalae A }X?40 Wn> Woodbury E 2 fSt?.opa R T Williams VV C Wdlard Ed eney J no T Warner Wm Wiilard KH uman Jno H Wannell W H Wilaon DCS i horn J H Wood W V Weiat Uanl Toft Dr J B Wilaon W G Witherapoon D reeaJno Wilaon Thoa VVonCinaa C TowleaJaa WayerThoaG WiHe Chaa Tray Jno F Wa kerTH WiiberCM TidenL L Wea ey Mr Wright CB Tuvany L Warner Theo Wyatt C A lempeat FL Walah J P WregelChaa Turner Mr Wilaon Saml Wat*on B F t Tuoker M-2 Wilaon S H Wie backer B Tweedy O Walnuts Weeka B S I ?,et !, WruhtProfS Wfbb Capt A S TolaonP Wilkeraon t?-4 Wa!co?AH2 Tborrpaon N Waggoner S Walker A Thompaon W F VT?jre Robt Warthman A Thompaon Wm Wakeman R Williana A TarrallMajW Wilaon R Waldrof A G-2 Warrenner R Youna W H Tatham W P Wilaon Robt Vounga W 9 Tew W H Wareham R A Younga W W % B R^ht Vanuat Jno Turner Wm Wagner P Ynacer H rt ToKie Capt W A Wilder O N Yonng H W Thorpe DrTT Weard N A Younl K-2 Tharer T E Woalev M Young D I Tllgliman Thoa WebbM F Young Beni Toaohmaoher S Wright Mr ZilWa Iiaa? Wike V B Zingling Uaao Th (>nn8fi^oG \v*n #r L rk Zimmerman J R Thrift R G Wilhama L D Zollinger H Tyler Lt R O WhiUIyLA-S "u",B?or " MiscBLLANBOVa.?Miaaionary Box !?#; U. S. Diapatoh agrnt; W??h. Herala Office; Reporter A Tribune; fcda. \Y aah. Union; Puba. Cone ltution; Parmaater U. 8. Volunteera; H. D. A,; B A. B. fC^LBTTBES MfST IN ALL CA8KH BK P&BPAID. Drop Lettera, in all oaaea, inu?t be pre-paid. Sop20 LEWIS CLEPHANE. P. M. FOR 8ALE AND RENT. h?OR RBNT-A vdr? d"?ir?l.lp ROIJ9K. (for. niahed > suitable (or email family; will be rejit?Ml upon rca?onable terma to a go< d tenant. Apply on the premiaoa, Ifift H at. between 20th and 21at ate : or to WM. WILSON, E?q , 2fth at. two doora from H. aei9 3t* pURNlSHIiD ROOM8-A Parlor and Cham her, or two Chambere, on the firat or principal atory, very nea.tly furniahed, location very rieairabMand very pleaaant, very n-ar tne Preautert'a H Uo^ ?nd PmW'C''jroonda? No. 460 New York av., ?d door from P iftoonth at. so 19 3teo POR RfJnT-A FRAME HOUSE, on Fifteenth ?treet woa?, No. 339, between L ar.d M strceta north Aiao, a Store on the corner of L and 15th ata. Inquire of A. BORLAND. Houae on Firat atreet east, No. JSh ; haa 8 rooma in gaod order. The key is at Mr! L 'n ea'. next door. se 19-St* l^OR RENT?Part of a handeome STO?E, in a an excellent looation, on Pa. avenue. Would i? raililary o^uipmenU. Addreaa E. T . City hoat Office se 18 St* |TOR FARM, oontaining SO acrea of lnnd'i?n^h* ??org?town and Rockville I urnpike,9 miloa from the former place, in a good neighborhood. Location very heaithy. Excellent water, good fruit, 4o Ineuire on the premiae*, or addreaa HEntRV HAIGHT, Rockville. Mont *?merr aonnty. Mil. M J7-lw* jj'y' mjumo run. n n?it. .? m " , *.4? Twelfth at., eaai aide, between and H ?ta. The locality ia unaurpaaaod iu t^is city, and the rooms are among the moat oomf-.rtable. No r^n In'he houae. Eveiy attention guaran ticd^ JTerma moderate. ae lSlw 1^^ ?A STORE on Pennsylvaniaave. * nue, and !< ixturea for sale. Apply at thia ? fII ce- se lt-2w* I^OR RKNT?HOUSK 4 02 Pennavlvania av., * over the bookatora of F ranck Taylor?a plaoe for a profeaaiona! man ae 4-tf F(iw?R5^T~A ruhs,ailt,(l! throe a to it BRICK i, HOUSE, with large lot adjoining, situated on Third Btreet eagt. two doora from C street north, on Capitol Hill?a very healthr location, and price of rent to euit the present times. Possession given unmediat*!v. Inquire o| Mr. BATON, next dooror of VI isa M. C. LINCOLN, 3?1 Pa Jvenai; between 9th and KiUi sts. au 15 hwo* L^OR RENT-The north HOIISKof thT^ow of i? -n5WJ<,u.r ?tory honaea on Fourth at ,l>etween l> and fc ata., No. 3SS, fronting the ?ity Hall WStT-i Apply to WILLIAM H. PH1LLII .Attorney at-Law, No. 4Q Louisiana avenue. mall-eotf UANDSOMEI.Y FURNISHED ROOMBA* hour nandsomely Furniahed Rooma, aupplied lt4.rilaild. convenient to the Patent "Vr??1 Office Departmenta. for rent. Apply at BOARDING. B<^A.KP ~'I?V0^a,. Boardora oan be accommodated, with or without Kooma. in a very ple^a. ant location, at No. 60'2 I atreet north, between fith and 7th ata. a* ig.4f GEORGETOWN ADVEKT'MTS MASSEY, COLLINS A CHVS PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT. th'?daT,per steamer J. Jerome? Soobarrela XX DRAUGHT ALE, 40 do. XXXX do. do. fioo hlf.-bbla. do. do. do. Which on arrival will be for aale Terma caah on deliver,. A R N Y * 8 HIN N, m 7 Union Depot, Georgetown. JUST RECEIVED- ~ 10 hhda.jarime Porto Rioo SUGARS Un bbla. Oid Rye WHISKY, kM1, J?KIM^I,NG.a^11 A.LEWIVE8, ) bbla. Cruahed and Refined SUGAR^. 10 bags Rio and Java COFFEE. 10 hhda.(low-arioed) MOLASSES. For aaie by JOHN J. BOGUJS. ae II 486 ,NTKRIOR ^ORATIONS. 4 PA PER HANGINGS, ail gradea and WINDOW SHADES PICTURE IxWD ^ tassels. GILT OVAL picture fr ames Ao,,at J-markriter-s. ES' . it 486 Seventh at.. 8 doora above ae ll-10t if Odd Fellows' Hall. Headquarters for INDIA RUBBER GOODS. OFFICERS, PRIVATES, TEAMSTERS, DRIVERS and others. Can find the LARGEST and BEST ASSORTMENT of INDIA RUBBER GOODS that there ia in the oountry, whioh will be ao!d at MANUFACTURERS' PRICES, AT HALL Sl WEEKS' IHDIA RUBBER WAREHOUSE, SOS Pbnhstlvamia Avbnci. Be tie ten Ninth and Tenth. Strut i. N. B ?8UTLERS and DEALERS aupplied at loweat Now York Priooa. oe<2tf PROPOSALS, till the Vth of Sep emJ* I*t:12 o a ook m , are Invited, for furof HAV fcobaiatenoo Department with 'fin tona ' ? > .SatS'ar.fcssitf5 "d to oo"'" ? ''? roaorvaa to itaolf the right to **y ?t tltf b>da? *H for any oauao it Proper. Payment for aaid Hay to be ? Treaaary aotoa, if ti- vornment deairoa to refill"*-?.'",6* f?rniaked ia hai>B of from 15 to *" TELEGRAPHIC NEWS Fr? Misesart. JirriuoN Cm, Sept l??Further accounts from Lexington mikr the rebel lot*. In their sttack on the Federal fortifications there, five tbouMod Reinforcements under tie* l-aoe wrre within forty miles of Lexington Other detach ments were alao moving from St Joseph, and four Indiana regiments en route by steamers would reach I.exingt?n this morning. Every confidence la frit that the Federal troop* can maintain their position until relieved Ben. McCullough is advancing rapidly froui the Southwest, and thresteuing the Osage bridge, eleven tulles distant. m JsrrsisoN Citt, Mo . Sept 17?The correspondent of the St Louis Democrat gives the following account of an engagement with the rebels at Boonvlll* on the 13th, taken from CapUln Eppstein's official report: The captain says that after the fight had Lasted an hour, the rebels whom he had taken as hostages became so restless that they begged him to allow one of their number to go with a flag of truce and ask an armistice. lTje hostage came back soon afterwards, while 1 let the men cease firing, with the request to know my conditions I then demanded that they should withdraw the rebel forces two miles from the city, and not molest any of our families, or any other Union people, and to leave the arms of the killed and wounded on the ground where they fell, while 1 promised to let the prisoners free whom 1 had taken, with the eiceptlon of Preacher Pamter, who. I Informed them, f would shoot id esse tbfy should not honorably keep their promise for seven days. They left town according to this agreement with me. Thtis It will be seen that CapUln E, with only one huaidred and fifty men, actually dictated hla own terms to fully four times his number The enemy fought well for a little while, but out of the whole six hundred only six could be found to storm the works. Their leaders bravelr led the way, but they absolutely refused to follow. Of these six our men killed four, Including their two lesders, Col. Brown and his son, Cspt Brown. These latter two fell near the entrenchmenta, and were drawn In. They died Inalde of tbem Besides these the enemy had eight or ten killed and wounded A courier, just from Boonevllle, reports that the rebel force was retreating towards Gen Price's command. Besides Col. Brown and his son the rebels lost two otoer captains. Col. Brown was armed with three eight-Inch revolvers, a rifle, a sword and a bowle knife. These weapons are now In the possession of Lieu t. Peace. St. Louis, Sept 19 ?The 39th Ohio, 3d lows. 16th Illinois, with a force of Missouri State militia and Iowa State troops, 300 cavalry and six pieces of artillery, left St Joseph's and Chlllcothe in two columns on Sunday They expected to reach Lexington on Wednesday to reinforce Col. Mulligan. The reason why Gen. Pope did not surprise and rout, or capture Martin Green's hand of rebels on Sunday night. Is explsined. Gen. Pope was at Hunnewell on Saturday with &00 men. Ki%wIng that Green was encamped In the neighborhood* of Florida, he determined to make a night march and surprise him; but learning that Green bad 3,800 men, be sent sn engine at noon to Shelbina, eight miles west, w th orders to Gen Hurlburt to send down immediately five hundred men to reinforce him, his force being too small to attack Green'* superior numbers, but in consequence of gross mismanagement on the part of Col Hurlburt, the troops did not arrive until too late to start ou the expedition that night. Another attack was planned for the next night, however, and Gen Pope marched 1,600 men 24 miles over a broken ana almost roadkss co<intry, reaching Green's camp early on Monday morning to And it deserted, Green having lieen apprised of Gen. Pope's design and fled. His men being mounted they could not be overtaken by Infantry, and Gen. Pope Lad no cavalry. There are now no armed bands of rebels in the counties north of the Hannibal and St. Joseph's Railroad, and but few between Hand the M msouri river. About 5;<ki0 Home Guards are in the northern part of the State, and it is now understood that Gen. Pope has effected arrangements for the thorough organization of the Union men of that region, who are abundantly able and willing to preserve the pea. e It is now confidently expected that no more lawless depredations will be heard of In North Missouri. In addition to putting Gen. Hnrlburt and Col. Williams under arrest for drunkenness, General Pope ordered the arrest of w<leut. Col. Blair, of tbs Second Kansas Regiment, for mutinous conduct at Shelbina, in threatening to withdraw his command if Col. Williams persisted in lighting when attacked at that place by Martin Green. In a letter to the Republican this morning, In reply U> charges by the Democrat, Colonel Blair states that he never asked the favor of a contract or appointment from Gen. Fremont, which was not granted. Their difficulties are not of a private nature, but relate to chuges made against General Fremont. Frsm Kentacky FRAXiroRT.Sept. 18 ?The committee on Fede'el**'""" '-rthe following : Wturrai, The Confederate troops have invaded Kentucky, and Insolently dictate the terms upon which they will retire; therefore "Resolttd, 'I hat Gen. Robert Anderson be invited to take instant charge of this department, and call out a ferce sufficient to expel the invaders " The above were passed by the House and concurred in by the Senate. The Senate also passed a concluding resolution, with but three negative votes, which proposes to confine the war to the two armies, and discountenance partisan quarrels, as leading to civil war. Louisville, Sept. 18, Evening?At 9 o'clock this morning, when the Government troops reached Rolling Forks, five miles north of Muldraugb's Hill, they found the bridge over the fork burned,and the enemy encamped on Muldraugh's Hill. Their numbers were not ascertained Gen Sherman, discovering a ford about breast deep, sent a reconnolterlng party, which had not returned at 4 o'clock this afternoon, at which time Lt. Col. Johnston was dispatched from Louisville with TOO additional force, consisting of the remnant of Rousseau's command and about 400 of the Home Guard. The city is full of rumors There is a doubtful report that General Buckner Is commanding the Confederate forces at Muldraugh's Hill. Another rumor says that the secessionists had burned the bridge at Rolling Fork. The Union men burned the bridge at Nolln, fifteen miles south of Eilzabetbtown, whereby they stopped two of the three trains which the secessionists supposed they had obtained by the burning of the Rolling Fork bridge. This Is probably true. Jbffbrsonville, Sept is ?2.300 Indiana troops arrived here this evening, and 4,700 additional trosps are expected before to-morrow morning. Louisville, Sept 19 ?Early this morning the U.S. Marshal seized the office of the Louisville Courier, arrested ex-Gov. Morehead, Reuben T. Murrett, one of the proprietors of the Courier, and Martin W.Barr, telegraphic news reporter for the New Orleans press, on charges of treason The prisoners were all carried to Jeffersonvllle, and will transferred to the custody of the marshal of Indiana district. The transmission of telegraphic news South is now interdicted, and the lines in that direction Interrupted. Parcbsss sf Herses in Canada. Toronto, C. w., Sept II.?A large number of horses are being bought here for the United Stat* s government, and several hundred have been shipped within the last few days Fire at Blssmfield. N. J. NrwAB*, N. J , Sept. 18.?The extensive paper mills of Van Llew k Co.. at East BloomfiAd, were entirely destroyed by fire last night, with a large quantity of stock, machinery, etc. Loss W0,00o, which Is insured for 913,600. A New Gsnbsat Laaached Boston, Sept 18 ?The new gunboat Sagamore was launched to-day. Two others are nearly ready. Mew Yerk Carnal Tells. Albany, Sept. 18 ?The tolls on the canals from their opening to September 15, 1861, amounts to 2,214,355; do In I860, tl,78S,8tt. The Natteaal Lean la Bsstsa. Boston, Sept 18 ?The subscriptions to tbs Treasury loan yesterday reached nearly tSaS.000. QQQ ? JOHNSON A NAGLK. OCA No 2B9 Pennsylvania Avian, Between Ninth and Teeth sts . sooth side, IMPORTERS OF WINBS. . 1QUORS, SBGARS. PICKLES. PRESE Hr RS, hJ4RDINR8, Fl N E GROCERIES AND SUTLERS' STORES IN GENERAL. Just arrived the following brands of _ ? CHAMPAGNfe.8: . . G H. Mtinim, Piper Heidsiok. Moot A Chandon, Carder A Co., Bsrat A Facot. Tourettg, Uojal Grap*. Whioh we offer, at New iorn Prices?freight added. JOHNSON A NAGLE, Penna avenue. < A bin. M. Binnger A Co.'s (19 Mrcnd street. Nsw York J World renowned BOTTLED WINES and LIQUORS, for Camp, Medicinal, and Pimilv C?t. t constantly on hand a>id sold at New York Prices !<y the Cass. At JOHNSoN A NAGLE'S, 969 Penna. avenas. PICKLES, Pepper and other SAUCES. TOc?? <. <>,*,? Sole A geat tfS ?Si or half-barrel. M We ?U1 deposit ia the United Stales Trr aeary iu Three-year Treasury Notes, bearing TV U inter SECOND EDITION" THREE OM L4K& P N Tax PBIKCB DB JoiItriLLS, kit MHI tbe Oat de PntkUm, tb? Cooil de Ptrti, tto Dm A* Chart re* and tb? ft her fr leads wbo saonmpaaf him. were prrufnted to the Presides! to-day OUR MILTTAR T BUDGET mw MILITARY AProiKTMBBTS ABD PBOaoTIOWS Tbe following army appolntim-at* a ad pw? ttona were made to-day at tht War Department Vis: Aaalrtant Jornwa Alri B IIaw piumstoi lobe a Surgeon, etc# Madison, resigned. Alfred A. Woodhull, to be aa Aaaistaat burgeon, vice Hasson, promoted Dr Wm Brodle, to be a brigade Burgeon Chaa B Ooddard, of Zanmllk, OUo, to be* Captain In the 17th lnfhntry. USA., vice Clarke, resigned AVISO HAT. Thla forenoon. Gea Smith employed a regiment of hla brigade In securing the hay and other such atorea of the farmer* reaiding betinoa tho L'ntted Statea llnea and thooe of tho dlsuaioalata la the vicinity of tho Chala Bridge. Oa aoaao other pa'ts of the line the disunlonlsts ha va eel and on and carried off everything eatable tor man of horae wlthla their reach. The work of tho regiment mentioned above waa to-day commenced oa tke farm of Dr. Mackall. la Fairfax county, Va THB PIBIRO 11ABD TO-DAT. The report! of artillery heard so frequently this forenoon, were from battery practice orer tho river. The burning of brush raised the smoke la that direction that waa ao generally mlatakea aa thla aide for the smoke of bnrnt powder. MATT TABS irrirsl of Contrmbmmdt. Yesterday the st* mer Lock wood weat dowa the river on a reconnolsance, returning early this mornlug, with thirteen contrabands, sent np from the flag ship Yankee. These are from the vicinity of Matthlaa Point, and report that there are ao batteries at that place, bat that there are obout300 of the rebels encamped near st hand, who peat sentries at the Point, and watzh the movements of the flotilla. Lieut. McOaw, of the Pocabeataa, accompanied the Lockwood, and landed at the White House, where he wa? piloted around by a colored man who had escaped not loag el nee from that neighborhood, and who waa well posted with regard to the topography of the country No batterlea were found, nor any signs of the Confederates, all belnjf quiet and deserted Since the arrest of Capt. Dove, the commaad of the Poc&hontaa baa devolved upon Lieut McGaw, under whom It la expected the steamer will Join the flotilla again soon Work Is progreeeing on board the Underwriter and Forbes, both of which, when completed, will join the flotilla, adding not a little to Itsefectleeneas upon the Potomac. LATE LOCAL NEWS. Shootimg Apvaib ?About half peat 10 o'clock laat night the residents of Nletse's alley, between Sixth and Seventh and N and O ste .were greatly alarmed bv a discharge of firearms, and the whla tllng of bullets by their beada and through their dTWe.Uin^s It appears that Mr. J . M Thompson and hla brother, with their wirea, were walking In the vicinity of their dwelling,when the? were accosted by several aoldlera, who off red the Messrs Thompson money to buv liquor for them, which they refused to take. The soldiers threatened, if they did not, to knock their brains oat; npon which the Theinpsons ran into their boons THbe soldiers fired eight or ten shots In tbe house ' and that adjoining The elder Thompson went to the window and looked out,when a ball grazed hia cheek Hla brother then fired Into the crowrd, . which began to retreat, firing aa they ran One of tbe aoldiera, a member of Company K, Second Cavalry, fell, wounded with two t*is?one entering a little above the hip. and tbe other la tho thigh He was taken lntoClasel's drug store and hla wounda were dressed by Dr Bott: after whleh be waa removed to the Infirmary. He is severely Injured. ________ Stbippbd ako Lbt Loose-?Yesterday, C. F. Temple, the Individual who waa arrested for assaulting Mr. McDevltt, while walking with ladie*. aeveral dava ago. was taken before Major Sykes, Assistant Provost Marshal, to explata bow be got tbe Lieutenant'a uniform be were, and the pass from tbe Provost Marabal. Tbe paaa business waa noi very aauafectorily explained, but bo aaid be bought the coat from a three months volunteer ?n the line of the Potomac Tbe uniform waa stripped from the fellow's back, by order of Msjor Sykes, and be waa than turned looa-. Abbb?ts ta thbSbvbhtr Wabd ? Mrs Robev, for leading a lifeahe " hadn't ougbter" lead, and "Iriab Mag." for the aame, were arrested by Officer Weeden Justice Strstton required Mrs R. to give security for good behavior, and seat "Irish Mag" to ruralize at Queeu's for 9U days Ellen Green, arrested by Olllcer Harrover for Indecent exposure, waa made to pay a S3 JM for the same by Justice Wslter. Ma tor Wallace, we are told, has consented to present, on bebaif of tbe ladles of this city, the beautiful stand of color* to tbe Ftret Regiment Diatrict of Columbia volunteera which has lately been made up for tnat purpose Tbe presentation will take place, In due form, te-morrow (Saturday) afternoon, at S o'clock, la the East Capltrl Park. ArroiSTBD.?Jacob Luskey has been appointed a watchman in the Waahlagton Navy Yard, eacs J. E. Cloakey, resigned. Cbrtbal Gcaxdhocsk Casbs, To-dat? Justice Walter ?Abraham Brown, drunk and disorderly; workhouse 30 days Peter Wilkinson, profanity; do 9* day*. Daniel Hill, drunk and disorderly; do. 30 days Michael Shea, playing carda; dismissed Thos Ellis, pitching quo !i in the streets; fine SI 91. Jas. Moloney, drank arid disorderly, do 92 35. Richard Buckley,do , handed over to the Provost Marshal Michael Lynch and wife, do ; fine S3 50 George Brown, larceny; dismissed G. Koch, asaault and better* with Intent to kill a soldier named Smith. It appeared that Smith, with another soldier, went into Koch's restaurant and aaked fur liquor, which was refused them They became laealUng, and were ordered to leave, and they declined b do so Koch undertook to put them out. and knocked Smith down, and while Smith was lying senseless on tbe floor, Koch ooattaued beating him with a cudgel Koch was held to ball la $300 for court. Anton Wagner, assault and oattery; dismissed. James Muiroy, drunk and disorderly; flned S3 50 Henry Herold, assault aad battery; dismissed Geo. Lamb, drnnk and disorderly; flned S* M Laura Herbert, do ; workhouse 30 days Alexander Me Will lame, disorderly; do 90 days Jno Newton, drunk and indecency; line S3 M Jno Smltk, drunk and disorderly; do. SIM. Jno McNanny, drnnk, fine 81. El'* Thomas, drunk and dlnorderl>: workhouse 30 days Ellen Greenau, Iridocei t exposure; do. 30 days LATEST NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. LATER FROM MISSOURI. JxrrxBsoB City, Sept 1*?Evealag ?There la no definite Intelligence from Lexington Dispatches from Boonevllle my that Lexlngtoa was taken by the Conledaratos oa Tus#ay laat Two gentlemen who lafl Bssoevllle this (Thaisday) morning, entirely discredit this report. Thare were four thousand Fadorais at Boseerilla bosides tbe Homo Guards. Tax PosiTioa or Rosbciaxs ?Tbe war cee respondent of Claclaaatl Ges?iu writes ftsm Cam 1 fez's Ferry, Ya , Sept. 14 s We are still encamped near the sits of tbe lats engagement. Tbs rebels destroyed tbe bsali and bridges; and the exbaostloa ai ear maa aad the d Ocultim of crossing have hitherto delayed pursuit. There Is also aa uoaocoeatebte weal of transportation A recoonolmnea was mads by MeCeak f1" day, which ended In his entering tbe oamy(ovy tke river) Floyd had stepped la after hiaisUsat, and which be had left at 10 o'clock that meralag Flovd himself. was tbea tea miles toward Lewtlra." . . . .. k McCook brought laseaeatesa prlsoaers, wblcb, added totbam already taksa, swells tbs aambar to about twr^r. ^ ? B aad is eeldeatly alarmed far tear etf hatag tskea la tbs rear. Anovaaa Kbsimm; ??a WA^TnoToa -A* aa aarl? bear yaMsrday marsiae Csteaej Mohan's Indepeadsat Raglmoat J Psadeyleaala 1 alba try raarhsd bare by tbe Phlladalphta, WUmlartea aad Bsltimars Railroad sa release the Capftal Tbe riwamiBi coaalated of tea ssmaanies, all of whom ware well clothed, aad<M>plUd styU Tbeas, beweeer, tbs eAeemMMWM^i bs exebaagad fcraafiisrtsr ?IaU?aiWwjfff report lag tbemaslvas to ha diantad were om tboaaaad aad tea maTla iiaa.aad ^? d?pc^teae?t^ wkllatU I*1" * T MiiTI

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