Newspaper of Evening Star, September 21, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 21, 1861 Page 1
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* / . - - h?t H-# -? & ji-nft ffs*r w-? ..^ -2k - ?. 4 _ . i -.-jlt; | 1 - j"-" ' "*" - - ? UK*--1 .??* ' j ?t v'i ihTtTi ?il|Ste V?*. XVIII. WASHINGTON. O. C.. SATURDAY. SEPTEMBER 21. 1861. N?. 2.680. _ % _ \ liMMII THE EVENING STAR ? - i PUBLISHED EVERT AFTERNOON, ( U3DAY EXCEPTED.> at th? stab. boilduim, (Wmt %f JNwuWmM itMM mmd BUvntk it. IT W. D. WALLAOH. papeaa aerred In package* by carrier* at St year, w 37 eaota ppt month. To mall wbacrUxw* U? prlea la S3 30 a year, m adeaaci; St for atx ootbi; SI lor threa moalhi; aad for laaa thaa tbrw BMlka at tke rate af IS wak a week. Stasia MDiM. Oil r* ?T la rafiMM ran rlHTI (?7* ADYBftTissxsaTs ahouM be eent to tt? c? before 12 o'clock m.; otherwise they n*f not appew until the neat day. HOW JIM BLASDBR SALTEO AND PICKLED THE QUAKER FRIEND a stout run ors own times. Thare lived in aertain neighborhood not far diatant from here, a roystering. rowdy bully, Jim Blander. Jim ?u "mm" in a fight, * kind of pagiliatio Napoleon. Many and blovdy were the affairs he had had in his lifetime, and had inTariably come ofl best. Jim ot only eonaidered himself invulnerable, but all the fighting characters in the surrounding country oonceded it was no ase in fighting Jim, a be was cons!dared to be a patent thrashing machine, that eoald not be improved on. 'in Jim's neighborhood had settled quite a number of Quakers. From some cause or other. Jim hated the " shad-bellies,"' as he called them, with hi* entire heart; he often declared that to whip one of these inoffensive people would be the crowning glory of hia life. For yeara Jim waited for a pretext. One of Jim'a ehuma overheard a young Quaker speak in disparaging terms of him. The report* soon came to Jim's ears, not a little magnified. Jim mad?desperate threat* what he washing to do with Nathan, the meek follower of Penn, on sight; besides various bruises and contuaiens he meant to inflict on Nathan's body, in hia chaste language, he meant to " gouge out" both bis eyes and ''chaw off" both his ears. Nathan heard of Jim's threats, and very properly kept out of hia way, hoping that time would modify Jim's anger. It seeins, however, this mach-to-be-desired result did not take place One day friend Nathan was out riding, and in passing through a long lane, when about midway, he espied Jim entering the other end. Nathan might have turned and fled, but his flesh rebelled at this proceeding. " 1 will pursue my way peaceably," said the Quaker, 44 and I hope the better sense of the man of wrfttK will nrtt n?fmit Kim in mrtlMf ma ap ). low him to do violence to my person." Nathaa's calculations u to the lamb like qualities of kia adversary were doomed to be disappointed. ' 0. oh." thought bully, as he recognised $athaa. *' I hare him at last Now I'll make mincemeat of shad-belly. I will salt him and piakle him, too." "Wilt thou please dismount from thy horse?" aid Jim, seising the bridle of Nathan's horse and mimicking Sis style; " my soul yearneth above all things to give thee the biggest mauling ever man received." "Friend James," replied Nathan, "thou must not molest me, but let me go on my way in peace. Thy better judgment will surely tell thee that thou cannot possibly be benefited by personally injurifig me." "Get down in a moment," thundered Jim; " get down, you canting, lying, mischief making oowardly hypocrite. I'll drag you down if you don't dismount." "Friend James, I remonstrate against thy proceedings and against thy language," replied Nathan. My religion teaches me sincerity; I AM* MAilKa* A It** m mi a.tUt A/ ? U1 uvi?uvt ? list, a Uiiovuiui-ujanor, UUT ft hypocrite; I am no coward, but a man of peace; I desire to pursue my way quietly?let mepasaon." "Get down," persisted Jim; "down with you; I want to beat tome of your religion out of yon; I must give you a flogging before I leave you. I think by the time I'm through with you, vou'll pass for a tolerably deoent man; I'll leach you a short and easy lesson on the importance of minding yoar own affairs, and the riak you ran in alanderiog yoar neighbar*-" " Twill not dismount." said Nathan, firmly; ?' loesen thy hold from the bridle." "You woo't, won't yoo7" said Jim; "then here goes," and he made a desperate plung? to collar the Quaker. Nathan was on his feet in an instant, on the opposite side of the horse. The Quaker, although of much smaller proportions that his persecutor, was all sinew and muscle, and his well-knit form denoted both activity and strength, liis wrath was evidently kindled " Friend J^mes," he implored, "thy pertinaeions persistence in persecuting me is annoyin*: thou muat ditaiat nr T m?w ao?ar forget myself u to do thee tume bodily h&r m '' ' By snakes!" said Jim. ooming toward Nathan, "I believe there is fight enough in broadbrim to make the affair interesting. I wish loaeuf the boys were here to see the fun. Now, friend Nathan. I am going to knock off the end of your nose; lookout! Suiting the action to the word, Jim, after various pugilistic gyrations with his fiita, made a scientific blow at the nasal formation of our Quaker friend; but Tom Hyer couldn't more scientifically have warded it off. Jim was evidently disconcerted at the ill suocess of his first attempt; he saw he had undertaken quite as much as he was likely to accomplish. Jim, however, straightened himself oat, and approached Nathan more oautiously. The contest began again. Nathan stood his ground firmly, and warded off the shower of blow* skilfully, which Jim aimed at him. " Friend Jamea," said Nathan, in the heat of the conteft, "this ia mere child's play. It grievM me that thou bast forced me into reaiat aace, but x mast defend myself from bodily harm- I see there is but one w*j of bringing this soandaloas and wicked affair to a close, tad that U by conquering thee; in order to do thia, I will inflict a heavy blow between thine eyes, which will prostrate thee." Following oat the suggestion, Nathan struck Jim a tremendous blow on his forehead, which brought him senseless to the ground " Now," said Nathan, " I will teach thee a leston, and I hope it will be a wholesome lesson. too. I will seat myself astride of thy breast; I will piece my kneea upon thy arms, thus, so that thou cannot injure me when thou raturnest to consciousness I hope I may be the humble instrument of taming thy fierce, warlike nature, and make a better and more respectable man of thee." the Quaker ooncluded, Jim began to show ifns of returning life. The first impulse of Jim, when he fairly saw his condition, was to tarn Nathan off. He struggled desperately, b?t he was in a vioe? his effort was unarailiug mena, taou must knp (till until I am done with thee," Mid Nathan. " I b?Li?ve I an an humble instrument ia the band* of God to chastise thee, and I trait when I am done with thee thon wilt be a changed man , Friend James, doea thee not repent of attacking ma?" "No," ?aid Jtmec; ' let meap, and I'll show yo?." M will not let thee up. impious wretch," replied Nathan; "dareat tnou profane the name of thy Maker? I will poaiah thee for that?I will cheek thy respiration for a moment." Nathan, u good u his word, elutohed him by the throat. He compraased hia grip, aa a gargling aoand could b? heard; Jim a fa^e became distorted; a tremor ran through his frame. He wh evidently undergoing a proeeea of atraagulation. The Quaker relaxed his hold, but not until the choking process had uAoieutly, as he thought, tamed the perverM spirit of Jim. It took some moments for Jim to inhale lir tr> ulrfrMi ?K? "I will knock under,'' Mid Jim; "enough; 1*4 me up." " No, thou but not got half enough," replied Nathan " Thoa art now undergoing a process of moral purification, and thou must be oontented to remain whore thoa Irest until I am doao with thee. Thoa iaet profaned the name of thj Maker, friend Jimei," continued Nathan, -'confess, dost thou repent thj wickedno*?" 41 No, hanged if I do," growled Jim. 44 Thoa perreree man," replied Nathan, In an imploring tone, "say that thou repentejt , of thj wickedness." " 1*11 ho kaagod if I do," growled Jim. . * Wilt thoa not," replied the Quaker, "mult I ase eompalsorj moans ? I will imprest thy wiadpip* again anless thou girest me aa anewer ia the sJIrmattTO?say quiok, art thoa #o*tt?" " fl*? 1-7-*+," ?hrieied Ji* in* gargling tone aa the Quaker's grip tightened, "yea, I DB am torrj." "1* thj aorrow a godly aorrow," inquired T? Nathan. ^ ps*ti Jim rather demurred siring en affirmative nnra answer to this question, bat a gentle aqaeeze admonished bim be bad better yield. th* 5 ' Tea,'' replied Jim, "now let me ap. P' "I am not doae with the* yet!" said Nathan. - only " Thou hast been a disturber of the peace of th? 1 thia neighborhood time out of memory?thy hand has been raised against every man?thou t<uh art a brawler. Wilt thou promise me that in future thee will lead a more pcaoeable life? that thou wilt lore thy neighbor as thyself?" then " Yea," answered Jim, hesitatingly, "all bat Jorm fKa Oiiakora n DJiftl 'Thou must make no exceptions," replied k, Nathan. " I insist on an affirmative answer." or fi 44 If I say yee to that?I'll die first." A struggle now ensued between the two, a.1! but Jim haa his match. like " Thou must yield, James," aaid Nathan, "I f?r c insist on it," and he again grasped Jim by the 0fTt'h throat. " I will choke thee into submission; Th thou mu?t answer affirmatively?aay after me, POM 'I promise to love my neighbor as myself, ineluding the Quakers*.' ** amo " I promise that?" said Jim; "I'll be cursed l?*r if I do." I will check thy respiration if thou don't," oont replied Nathan. Wilt thou yield ?" . 'No I woa't, I'll be blasted if I do," aniwered Jim. Bo ' Thee had better give in," replied Nathan, th* j ' I will choke thee again if thee does not?see my grip tightens." In an And Nathan did compress bis grip, and the To choking process again went on. Jim's face first became distorted, then purple?his tongue lolled out, and his eyes protruded from their era meketa?his body writhed like a dying man's. 1 K at ban persisted in holding his grip until Jim ^ j became entirely passive, he then relaxed his hold. Jim was slow in recovering his speech and his senses; when he did he begged Nathan ' for mercy's sake to release him. " When thee will make the promise I exact 4 W from thee, I will release thee, but no sooner," replied Nathan. 5. 2 Jim saw he was powerless, and that the Quaker was resolute, lie felt it was no use to persist in his stubbornness. 7. j " I will give in." he replied, "I will promise to love my neighbor as myself." 8* J "Including the Quakers?" insinuated Nathan 9. 1 " Yes, including the Quakers." replied Jim. )p 5 ' Thou mayest arise then, friend James," answered Nathan, '-and I trust the le?son thou 11. fi hast learned to-day will make a more peacea- ]0 . ble citizen of thee, and I hope a better man " ~ 0 Poor Jim was completely humbled ; he left 13 lfl the field with his spirit* completely cowed. . 5 Not long after this occurrence the story became bruited about. This was more than Jim could bear. He soon after left the scene of his many ,5- ? triumphs and his late defeat, and emigrated to the''far west." The last I heard of him he IB. s was preparing to make another move. Bain a _ - ? *9 l*y q Eressed for bis reuon why b? again emigrated, ' 0 said a colony of Quakers were aboat moving K& into his neighborhood. He was under an obli- n,?d gation to love them, bat he was of the opinion that distance would lend strength to his attach- mant m?nt. ,mBm, u'~ TAPEWORMS AND MEASLY PORK. 1. SC Strange, passing strange, and wonderful will be found the facta in this article. In Boston there is a very learned Qertnan, D. F. Weinland, Ph. D. (Doctor of Philosophy,) ? . who is devoting his life to the Btudy of tapeworms. During the last ten years he has dissected more than 5.000 animals in search of these singular parasites, and the facts which s* he and bis collaborators in this field of investigation have ascertained are exceedingly curious b?M Tapeworms are found in all classes of verte- the i brated animals, fishes as well as land animals, They different species of animals generally having different species of tapeworms; that of the aecici horse differing from that of the ass; that of the sheep from that of the goat; and that of the rat from that of the mouse. The common human tapeworm lives and 2. 1 grows in the bowels. Its head is nrovided with four suckers with a cluster of little hooks, 3 5" by meaaa of which it attaches itself to the in- 4 3 testine, the body floating two or three yards For down, and absorbing the nourishing juices either through small openings or through the Wlth skin The body consists of several hundred Uep< rings or soctions which grow out of the head, so that those nearest the head are the young- 0 ' est, and the eldest are at the end of the tail. ,te"* The creature is an hermaphrodite; and as the 1. SO jointa mature^ the sexual organs are developed, the male and female both in the tame joint. The joints then break off, each one is a 3 30 complete living animal, preserving its existence frequently for a considerable time, and 0n< laying numbers of eggs after it is broken off mitt? The eggs pass out by facet, and never hateh unless they enter tbe stomach of a bog. But if "m' the joints are eaten by a bog, or if the eggs fiad their way into the water that is drunk by 2. 1 swine, the eggs hatch in the hog's steinaoh, 3. I * ?* ^ * " pivviuvuiK auiwn BU vuui M W) DO ID V181 D10 ^ to the naked eye, but which, under the microscope, ere seen to have three pairi of spines, bj mean* of which they bore their way into ? the walls of the blood vessels and enter into the circulation. Here they are carried into 7. 90 the muscles of the hog, where they grow into ? . a curious animal, having the head and neck 9) ' of a human tapeworm, with a round bladder tail, and producing the disease called measles. F?. It has long been known that measly pork was ?ich< was oaused by this little bladder-tailed animal, kam but it is only within a few years that the curious fact has been ascertained that this animal is the larva of the common human tape- 1* 3 worm. It is now proved by careful observation j, 5 that if one of these aninais is taken into the human stomach, the bladder-like tail is di- . rested, while the living head and neck pate ? down into the intestines, where they hook on, and the rings begins rapidly to grow out into & the well-known tapeworm. w Other species of tapeworms, living in other animals, nave a natural history similar to that ? V! or tbe ham an tapeworm. They all live in the |; intestine# of vertebrated animal* (animals with 10! backbones). and ea?h species mast be hatched in the stomach of soma animal different from ^ that in which it is developed. For instance, one of the tapeworms of the dog ia hatched in IS. s the stomach of a hare, and another in that of )4 i aa ox; and the tapeworm of a eat is hatched in u. the stomach* of rau and mice. 2t About 200 apeciea of tapeworms have been JJ' j described, fire of them being found in man. 19. 5 Tnere are only two, however, that are at all *>. ? common. One of these is a narrow worm with : hooks on its head, found particnlarly in the p? Teutonio nations, (German, English, and ni?m Americans,) and the broad tapeworm without t*?*' hooks which seems to live almost solely in the e J[ej Swiss and in the Sclavonic nations. The for- mar and more common of these two species has \V a head about the siae of a pin's head, and the lares body gradually widens to about a quarter of an inch, sometimes reaching a length of 2i [?^ar feet. Tapeworms have been found in sheep 100 Ah feet long. pno? It ii doubted bv soma I *" tapeworms are injurious to health, though it UM seams probable that thej are. Tbej arc oer- ^ tainly general!j Moompaniod either bj cere- and bro-spioal affections, or nausea, or indigestion, GOl or oolio. The great remedy is pomegranite bark. IV There are four orders of "intestinal worms" J/, or 44 helminthee," and the several speeies ef gjgg tapeworms constitute one ef these orders. The whu same given bj naturalists to this order is b#fo' Cmmmm, from eeetoe. gxrdlt of Venus. We hare obtained the curious facts given ?l above from a pamphlet published bj Dr. Weilland, some time sinee at Cambridge- I* < ,?Fran ITT A. pa***, called the Gasette, Jftjj plated la -f i?skth ?as?y, B. Y.T has IMS d#aM the use of UMmatts/ .? - *< u OPOSALS FOR STATIONERY. Trxaivxy Sept. 14, 1861. !l Pxopoiali for (applying the Treaiary D?iiont with Stationery heretofore offered beie? liifaotory, new aealod propoiali for north ?u?for the current fi?oal ?ear ending June 3). If*it. be received aatii 13 o'elook M. on Hatardaj, th day of October proximo opuaale, uracoompanied with nMaf&ctorr anteei far the fulfilment of the oontraot, will >e considered-and oontraota will be awarded to eat&bhahed manufacture of or dealer* in i<"iolea ! the artielea mmt be of the very best qn*l>*y, lamples, wi'k the retptctiv? prices attacked to sample, iimat accompany eaoh bid. The *amof the party to whom the oontraot may toe rded will be paid fjr by the Department; tnoie ie nmuooeiiful bidder* will bs returned U l. The|iamplea furniaheJ by bidd*ri undo' or adv?rtiaem?nt will be paid for hy the Dement at the prioee mentioned in their reipionftera. .oh proposal mu?t b? signed by the individial rm ruakine it, (tmi must pacify a price. ami one ptice. for tao?i and every article oontamed e schedule. I the artioles furnished will be required to be the samples submitted, vhioh will be retained lompariaon; an ! muit be nehvered without devhen ordered, to the satisfaction of the head e ofhoe for which they are required, e Department, in the examination of the pro,l? tha; may be trade for stationery. wi>l not jverneti by the aggregate of the lowest oiler in rding the contract, but will have regard to the unt of each article ti*ed by it for whioh the >st Price may be proposed. le Department re?erves the right of ordering >ater or loss quantity of each *nd every artiole ractrd for, as the publio service may require, pplymgao infer.-or article at any time will be >ed sulfioient cause forthwith to annul the raot nds, with approved security, to be given by inrsons contracting; and i r case of a failure to ly the articles required, the oentractors and ties siiall be liable for the forfeiture specified oh bond as liquidated damages. e *uKj ined list specifies, as nearly a* oane be , the am?nnt, quality, and description of each e kind of ar'iolee required. Class No. Paper. B reams white cap paper, rmohine made, faintlined, and trimmed, of tne beet quanty. IHrASm.AS...... W1-- 1-:J ^ rv viai in we y ?i",i*uiuc"i&Kilined,KDown a? dospa'oh or consular paper, of the very bent quality m reams white lav cap paper, satin finish, h^avy. maehine made, faint-lined, and trimmed, of the very best quality. 10 resins quarto post, machine mar?e. white, plain, faint-lined on three sides, oi the best quality Dreams quarto post, white, faint lined four sides,and of the very best qua itr 1 reams quarto post, b ue, lauit lined on three sul-s. of the )>est qnality 0 reams qua't" prst, Ffenob. faint-lined three sides, of the very best quality 0 reems white not* paper, highly glaa^d, ha'd calendered, faint lined on three sides, of tne very best quality !5 reams vlute note psp'r, plain, of the very best quality 0 reams heavy white medium paper, lor b'loks, of the very best quality n reams heavy white royal paper, for books, of the very best quality > ) reams he*vy white gnper royal paper, for bo ks, of the very best q uality o reams copying paper, of the very best quality. color, and style 0 reams heavy, highly glwd, and hard calen der.*i envelope paper, royal, yellow, or buff. oi me very Deatquaii'y 0 retina heavy envelop* paper, auper-roval, hard calendered, ami highly glazed, yellow or buff, of the very beet quality 0 ream* la ge Ikowii envelope papsr, of the beat quality, strong and well made 0 ream* royal blotting paper, of tbe very beat quality, ?tt! , and oolor. oh item of the above olaaa muat be accompawitn a aample of half a ream, or on* package, 1 not packed in ha f ieami, aud the luda muat the pr:oe per ream delivered at the Depart Class 2.?Envelopes. 0 M adh?aive envelopes, whre. yellow or buffoolored, heavy imw h aud >)i<ck, with full pookei*. official aizea, of the three folowing aizea: 81-2 by 3 3 4. 9 by 4 and in by 4 lnohe*; price to he named for cash sue anu oolor, of the bent quality that is made 0 M full pooket adneeive envelopes, of the proper aize for quarto poet, white, yellow, or buff, heavy, smooth and thick, of the very beat quality 0 M full-pocket adhesive enve'opea, of the proper aiz? for the note paper, white, yel low, or buff, henvy, smooth and thiok,of the very best quality. zn co or 01 eaon item of the above o!*m must oompanied by aoanriplnof one ?a"ka?9, and prtoe muit be stated for e&oh size and col -r. mutt all l>e made adhesive and summed a >r distance\eaoli side of the ?*nter lappels, full pockets, an<i the lower lappel well and eljr gu Dined to the pocket. Class 3.?Pens. 0 dozen gold pens, of the best kiud and quality D dozen gold pent in silver oases, with everpointed penoi's.ot the best kind and quality 9 dozen steel pens ol the best makers and quality 0 M euills of the very best quality all the item* f olass 3, exoept item 3, in the s oias , the bidder is n??t resiiie*ed to a p&rtionanufaolure. but samples of different makers, tt e price of each, mt< be ? u bin i tied, ana the rimont will ? ?- ~ ? ?u ? - W VWUI1 mo UVBVf 11*5 . quality, anil fitness for the Mrvioe l>ein all deied. Class 4.?Pencils. 0 dozen Faber'a beat blaok lead penoila, Nos. 1.2,Sand 4 A 0 dozen red and blue lead penoiir of the beat quality dozen ivory propelling psroils. of Mears, or othera of like quality, with box of lead for each. s dozen of each kind of olasa 4 must be subd aa samplea. Class 5.?Ini, In&stands, and Wafers. 2 dozen Fry'a improved patent American inkatand 2dosau cast-Iron inkstands 2 dozen red ink?tan4s ground glass atoppera 0 quart bottles of the boat copying Ink, eample bottles to be submitted,of the beat quality made 0 quart bottle* of the bw?t blaok ink 10 Dottlea oest blue mk, sample to be submitted 0 bottles carmine iak, Fr- nch, amall size, in rlaas bottler, with ground glaaa stopper* noo large red wafera, lor Department aeal loo pounds beat extra superfine soarlet aealing wax. r all trie artiolea in c!aaa 5 ouitable and o^nve; samplea rouat be aubraitted, with price at>d to each. Class 6.?Cutlery and Miscellaneous sinicies. ndozen Rodgers ana Hon'? genuine, or equal, erasers, with ivory handles 0 doxen Rodgers and Sou's genuine, or equal, four b'aled knives, with stsg and pearl handles 3 dozen ivory handle wafer rtamps 6d"Zen iarie offise shears, of the very beat sua lty 6 dozen offioe scissors, of the very best quali0 spools of the very beat quality of red linen tape 0 nozen of the best quality of red linen tspe ? dozen si'k tap- of assorted oolors, in hanks 6 Uox n tvurv tounoe boxes 6 domen lignumvi's pounoe boxes 6 dossn cocoa or box and sand !>oxes, of th? best shape and quality S dozsn ooooa or box and wafer boxes, oi the best shape and quality to pounds prepared India rubber, of suitable sues 10 quarts blaok sand , Sonne's pounce 10 pounds strong linsn twine g doxen round rulers assorted it dozen, flat rulers assorted !0 doxen 9 Inch ivory tolders 10 dozen pen-holders, assorted f) boxes t-mali eyelets French 3 boxes targe eyelets, French. r all the amoves ia ola- s 6 ?uit&b!e and oonve t itmplM moat he submitted. with prioe atml to each; and the prioe in all cwe< must tnt the delivery of tk* article* at tk? Department. i 16 3awi5oot COAL AND WOOD. E Have on hard and o >nstantly reoeivinx >?uau.ities of all kinds of Coal, w Inch wr are iK at low prioes tor oath. We have now afloat cargoes We will sell i? at 25 oents per tou when taken direot from vessel. to, Oak, Hiokory and Pine Wo'-d, at low m. WARUKR A 8T IS WART, 11-If Coraer H and Twe ftn ?t? ITH'!*, No. 460 Peventhatreet, is the l>est laoe ia town to buy CLuTlllNG. TRUNRS, PSt. CAPS, VALINES. CARPET all kind* of bENTS' FURNISHING )DS, aa ha aells all his goods at New Vert ?. ay ?-lm E OFFER TO MILITARY MEN a large CAMP BLANKETS. HALF-HOSt:, Ao., ,n we invite ali cash ?nrnhn?wt?? * ,w vouj^5L*JS.*koM? jVi'tl'ii' 'y ffleww^SsssSw rl SUMMER RETREATS. ?KA BATHING AND SAKE RETREAT, ^ At Point Look-Out*>. Thi? ce ebrated Bathing riaoe. situated at tfee {unction of the Potomac River with the* A Chesapeake Bay, will be opened by theVcXkV undersigned on the 10th of June, iu theXfiJBLL very best style, for aM persons who may vish a safe and euiet retreat, where they oan nave the benefit of the !?st salt water bathing and enjoy the aeiioacies of the water, suoh as Fisb of ail kinds. Oysters, Crabs, Ac. Every description of fishing taokls will be kept ' for the aooommodation of guests. A fine livery stable kept on the farm. Also, ten-pin alleys and billiard saloons; with all other amusements usually found at sooh plaoes. The table will be supplied daily with fresh vegetables from the garden on the premises and from the Baltimore and Washington markets. The best Liquors and Cigars will always be found Board, 92 p^r day; one week, fit; second week, #1"; four weeks fur 936; children and oolured wr' inti The steamer St. Nicholas leaves Washington Tuesday at 6 a m. and Baltimore on Friday at 4 p. m. The half past 2 o'clock p. m. train from Washington will connect at Baltimore with the boats, reaohing Point Lookout daily ; a ro, a tri weokly etagefrom Washington, by way of i.eouardtowri

Add'esa the proprietors, at Point Lookout, Washington, 1) C., or Alexandria, Va. m 31 HEFLEBOWER * CO . Prop'ra. DENTISTRY. M TEETH. LOOM IS, M- ?)., the inventor and patentee oftl.a MINKKAL PLATE TEETH, at-4"^^ tenrtr, porsoLA ly at his office .n this oity.AaflBa# Many persons can wear these teeth w|y)v'' ' oannot wear others, n.nd no peraon oan wear others who oannot wear these. Persona oalliug at my office can be acooramooated With ktIT ?t?l? ?.rwH arina ? J J - - ??? r. .WW WI WWI ??oj III (ft J uriiFOf bat to those who are particular and wich the purest, cleaned, strongest, and most per foot denture that art can produse, the MINERAL PLATE will oe more fully warranted. Rooms in tins oity?No. 339 Pa. avenue, between Ith aud 10th sts. Also, 907 Arch street. Phi ad el hia. oc 14 tf GAS"FITTING, kc. AW M T. DOVE A CO. RE Now prepared to execute acy erders with which tliey mar be faYOTed in the PLUMBlNti, ?AS OK STEAM FIT*1N? BUSINESS. 117- Store ou Ith street, a few doors north of Pa. ? venue, where ma? be fonnd a oomslai* umitmrni or ch ANDKLIEKS and alktrIA,iTKANmoi W4TK.R FIXTUKm '?r t, I SNYDER, . PLUMBER AND GAS FITTER, Has removed to the corner of Twelfth and F ata. He ta prepared to introduce Water and Gas upon the moat favorable terina, and guarantiee entire aatlafaotion. Hehas on hand a lot of COOKING and other STOVES, which he will sell leas than coat, as he wtaheg to ret *id of them. no n WGAS FIXTURES. E Hava in store, and aro nai j receiving, GAS FIXTURES of entirely New Patterns and Desiena and Finish, superior in s'rie to anything heretofore offei d in this market. We invite citixena eeneral It tc tall and examine our stook of Gas nria Water Fix' ires, feel in* confident that wj have the heat eeieoteii a took in Waahinrton. A.11 Work in the above line infracted to ear cars will be promptly attended to. MYERS h MoBHAN. aar f-tf 3T6 D afreet. Of ice OF inspector and seaueft c * cas meters. Wabhiiwtoh. J aly II, 1M0. NOTICE IS HEREBY OJVEN. That.atrtm my *o in* provisions of the r rdinaroe of the Corporation approved May IS, 1M0, ths undersigned if now prepared, "whenever reft: red in writing, and on pre-payment of the fee of fifty cents, to inspeet. examine, teat, prove, and aaoertain the aoearaoy of registration ofany gas meter in naa in this oity." Every meter, iffonnd inoorrsct, will be condemned and another, sealed and marked aa true will be aet in i>* place. If proved to be acc?-aCs In ita measuiement of gas, it will be sealea aoco-airgiy, and again pat in position for use. OSce No. *10 Seventh atreet,(near Odd F?1 . wa'Hall.) Open f-oir. 8 a. m.. tot p.m. CHARLES W. CUNNINGHAM, Jy It tf Inspector and Sealer of 8?s Meters. iflv RESUMED BUSINESS. X ,L The Undersigned would inform bnlwl 9 flfrienda ar.d the publio that he liasV V taken hoaae on Ninth at., between D and K, where he will acain do busmesa as a licensed PAWNBROKER. Fair dealing in ail buaineaa transactions. |e8< am* . ENOCH WARD. g?5 TOPHAM'S urea wffl PREMIUM TRUNK t?&TQ MAN V FACTORY, 499 SlVKlTH ST&IXT, WASHINGTON* D, G. Silver Medal awarded by Maryland IcstiUte o Baltimore, November 7, lf?n. Also, Medal by Metropolitan Meoh&nios'Institate, \\ Mhinrfn*i fl r 1 am oonatantly inakinx, an'l ? ? !? ha*? on hand, of the beti material* e?ery deacriptiou of Fine Sole Lo&tnsr, Iron Frame, Ladiet' Drew, Wood Box, Mill i'aokinx Trunk!, Filliaier, Carpet,and Canvaa Travehnx Baca. School Satohela, &o.. At Low Prie*f. Member* of Conereaa and traveler* will please examine my atocx before purchaainf elaewhere Trunka that are made in other citiea. Superior Leather and Dreaa Trunka made to " Trunka oovered and repaired at ahort notioe. ttooda delivered free of ohnrce to any Ipari of the oitr. Georgetown, and Alexandria. jaii-lyeo JAMES S.TOPHAM. ^HWKKM'S Powder la the only known and ^B8SBB b?t artiole tt exterminate ; ? q Hod Knca, " " Anta, Motna, Fliea, ~J..? - ^"Flcaa. Garden Worm! ' 'V , Tint Ran.ka It containi no pouea, SCHWERIN'S PILLS are snre death to Rau and Mice. M Sohwerin has received certificates from the President of 6irard College, Direotora of House of Refute, Pennsylvania Hospital, and other Prominent Institutions of Philadelphia ; U. 8., Vvaahington, D C.;and Charity Hospital, New Orleans, La The original certificates can be Been at the Wholesale and Retail Depot 134 North Second street, Philadelphia, and for aale in thia oity by D. H. CLARK, oorner Pa. avenue and iK eta., and by all DriiKgirta and Srocers. BFYVARK OF SPURIOUS IMITATIONS. IC" Remember to aak for Sohwerin'a Annihilacu i Powder. ID1 None genuine unless signed M.ScHwsain. malS-^meo 'pHB EUROPEAN HOTEL, KEPT BY P. 1 EMRipiL at tj^e porner of Penn.A. . A uriiLi ?ta ^ievoniD ?i; e*t, hM ''*?nW]BV greatly imerored recently and now nffnri Urril irraKt inaecemenU for tiio p&tronace ofaipsena | ?nd etrarr>r? than any other public house in the oit?, feu pnoee beiac less than thoao of any other hots! on Petn. avenue, and hie accommodations for permanent or tranaient boardere unexceptionable. The bar and restaurant arrangements of the fcurope&n Hotel have already beoome very ?opu lar. being ail that oan he deaired by the moat faatidiaua. The eroerietor pledgee unremitted attentioi and continued liberal axaenditureato five satisfaction to all, and thue renews hi* invitation ell to tire the Kimimii HnMl a naJI. >le4-tl W| mm TRAVKLINO TRUNKS. K Offer tor sale the larteat assortment o TKAVKLlNS TRUNKS to be found ingMn thie oity, comprising beat Sole LeatherK&*? Ladies' Drean and Packing Trunks, lioos. Carpet Haga, 4c? which we are now ae'ling at very low prioes. iir a | l uwDnnuaTii "" *TAiiU| 01 rirnctiio A UUII a? 1* 143 P*qn. kTniigc. CASH NOTICE. N Consequence of our navmp to pay oash for every artioie o( too da we purchase, we are forced to retfuoe our business to Cash exclusively, for the resent. We hive in store & very large assortment of READY-MADE CLOTHING for men and boys' wear, which are selling at a much lower rate than usually. WALL. STEPHENS A CO.. 34'i Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th ?t?. ) 7 (Intnl. ? Rftpiih.) ATCH REPAIRING ANDSILVER WARE MANl/ACTORY. I have one of the best establishments, end furnished with aoomaiete eet of tools for repair mi every description of fine Watches, and ffgj articular attention give to the same, by jhHB tho ? Tk r'^nt ir-rEn*" "rJ * niJWklL ' t<ed sAlio, every deeeri* ron of eiendard sri-vER Wi RE. >lamandornanwntAl, manuflfcotured under my ??wn supervision. wLcti ay eustomers will fad fa superior m sunlit? ana fiinab to northern ware old by d?^era in. general and represented a# their WU ?auHKHttre. Jtu, HOOD, * ' M??r l^upoprrs gunpowder, ta?t Ordari tu *i?o bereft at thet?x>? of Adwr?' ' lOHW Ownw.US^J, Q, m-U?ly / Bun JOHNSTON, ALT 1 Rl U H K LUCK. HOSPITAL, H*i ixitovftd Ik* mott Ctnatn, Spttdy mmd *?if EJftetual Rtmt ly in tki World, FOR ALL DISEASESOK IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY FR EVENT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CUKE WARRANTED. OR NO CHAAOE. JN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. WicktiH o( Si Cs:I, Struma*, Aff?eti?t>? ?f U>? H sty* *0(1 B'tddtr iWMig .).ecr>?rgte, InpouutT, (in r*l Debility, Nir.nmiiiM, ^??ptptT, Ui.(inr, Ceefaaioe r Ideas, Low Spr.'J, ?--pitlua?< ?C iba If tart, Tiauduy. Trtmblmgt, Dimuiii o* 8ight nr Giddinttt, Dittaaa of tbt Rtad, Throat, Nota or 8kin, Aftctiona of tht Langt, itoaacn or E ?t,a?ibttt Tarribla Utor4iri uwa| from Solitary Habita of Youth?Lb tat Drtadfal and Daatracti't PractKtt which rtndti Marriagt impoaaiblt, ud daatror both Bod, and Mind. Youyo AfF.V bptelillf thtbiTt btemii tht Tiettrna a( Idkaty Ylca, that drtadfal aad dtttracUTt habit which aiwaa!I, tvttfi to mi antimtly grata thontanda of Yoiirg Mtu of tht m.ti tialttd talanta and brilliant tntalltct, who might othtrwitt hit? antranctd lutiau; 8ti>atta with iht thandtra of tlogaaoct or waktd to tcatacy iht living lyrt, may call vith fall coofidaoca. MAKKIAUE. MakRISD Pimom, or Young Mtn can Mm plating Marriart, btiiig awirt of physical waakntta, organic dtbiluy, dtformitttt, 4c., tpttdtl* curtd. Ht who plactt himttlf andtr tht etrt af Dr. J. ma, rthgiautly connJt m hit bonor aa a gentleman and canidtatly rtly a poll bit akil! aa a ph rtician. OFFICE Xo. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. Itft hand aide going fron Balrimort ttrttt, a ft w doers from tht corner. rail aot to obeerte uama and oarnber. Uattere matt bt paid at.d contain a etarnp. DR JOHXSTON, Mtmktraf tht Royal Colltf# of Surgeooe, Loodoe, grada at* from not of tht moat timiitiit Colltfta in ike OiHtd Bute*, and the ritater part of whott lift hat bc?n aptnt id tht notpiultof London, Parte, iliiladtlphia and tletwnert, hat tStcttd tome of the mott ae'.onieh'Qg egret Jfe' were ><r known; irany troobltd with rinyinf in tht^Had and tara wbtn atleep; freat Btreooaueea, Vtinc alarmad at tuddea tonodi, batbfolneta with fre<]ient blathm^, attandtd tomtiimtl with dtrargtrotnt of mind, wtrt cored wnretdiattly. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Young Mtn ana othtrt who haet injured thtmttl*tt by t ttrtam practice iitdiriftd in whtn aione?a habit frtoitcil; learned from ?'il cotnpaoiont, or at achool, tha electa af whicn art rigftly felt e?eu whtn atlttp, and if not cortd, rtnltra marriage lmpoatiblt, and daetxuyt bock ?iLd and body, thould apply immediately. Theat art tome of tbt tad and melancholy tfftett pmlactd by early habite of roath, ?i? : Weaknett of tht Back and Limbt, Paint in tht Head, of 8i^ht, Lott of MuaCB,ar Powtr, Palpitation of tut Httrt, Dytpepay, NerroBt irritability, Dtraiigemem of tht Digetii't Fbi etioat, Gtntral Dfility, Symptomt of Contnmption, 4c. mi 7i tall v.?"lli? fearful litcu on th? rniod art much to ?e dreaded?Loae of Memory, Cvofuaioei of Ideae, Dapreeaioo f Bpirita, En! Forebodinge. Aaertion of Society, Self-Die trnat, Lora of Solitude, Timidity, *10., ?ro aoi.ia of tba oaili frwlacid. Ncnvors OtBILITT ?1Thnue^nda cu now udge whit it I the came of their declining he-.l h, Uwing :-heir ?igo*, becoming weak, pala, nerauue and ?i: aciatea, having a lingular appearance about the eyee, Cough or eymptonu of coceurnpUoo. DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. Whan the miezui lad <ii,d imprudent votary of pleaeure It.da ha hat iml.U>ed Ota accda of thta pauifHl diteaae, it too oftoc ! '[ par* that ?n ill-tirued tenia of ahama or dread of diacoaary da.tra fjiin from apply inf thoae who, from edacatioei and reepeet biiity, Cao alone befruend him. Ha falla into tie band* of ignorant ao<? designing protcodtra, who, incapable I curing, filch hia pecuniary eutet?nce, keep htm trifling month after month, or aa long aa the amaiicat fat can be obtained, ?nd in dtepair lea?e him with ruined health to eigh a?er ma rilling dioappoiutmeut; or by tha aa? of that deed j poiecn?Mercury?bietei: tha conatituuobal aymptoma of thie terrible diaenee, eoch aa AtTecUonaof the Heart,ITiroot. Head, tin, ftc , progreeeing with frightful rapidity! Ull death put* a Senod to hia dreadful eufferirge by a ending hirut o k'.*t uniacoTered country (rotn wboae bourne no tra volar rat a me DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND JMPOTENCY. Bvfhia rrtll m r\A l in rv^rt ant vantilo ??t ? ? ? aia carid an*T fsl] vigor raaiorad. Thaaaauda o? ifca hi n?rT<u and dabiliutad, wba had last ail kopa, hart kite immtdiAtalj raha?ad. Alt iropedwnanta ta Marri&ft, Pbyiieal ar MaoUl Diaqaalllcauaiia, Loaa af Pracratu*! Powar, Hirmi Irritability. Tramblmf end Wa\ko?aa at SxhtMUao af the oarat faarfai kind apeaailj cirad. EM DORSE ME NT OF THE PRESS. Til MiBT TNtl'lt^Dl (itid at Uu inatuatioo vitkla th? ml aa?entaen yaira, and tb? naicaraua important B?rri al p?rmuai.? performed b? Dr. Jotir.etar, arituteaed by (ha la^anara af the papa re usd du; otbar Daraone, no-.icee af vhlcb fiaae eppeared tf tin and again LaTor* iba patlic, b?a daa hia itandmf u a gentleman of character and roepanMblllty. la a aalciam g?a.rantea t? tha eMic'.ed. mar It-ly Dn. J. H McLEAN 8 87RK5GTHEHING CORDIAL AMU ULOOI) PtRiriKM. THE GREATEST REMEDY ? tk* WORLD, j CORDIAL ^ if JrMrM* TAK?'y &Mri IJT It ll lulaLra aal- * taauta uil fiftttkit Caaayacnil, ?i??jt?i ?t iki d'.auiia- rtt 11m ?r taaia, k?rbi, t\ aad if?i. Tallaw ."? atk, Jlaad ftaat, HU | iu Out, Har:a.m- T n U, Wl.'a Okariy ly ark, tad Diartallaa H|2| aaiara lata !t? t*aTka aatlt* a?U?a ?"j? BT'l A ramadtU priatip It af ?a?*i iBftadlaauaTr!^^^^^ * Before ^^115. dliUUUf, f radati- f a dtiUialf, alalia taUaf iptrH, aad Ua att lafaliikia ?a?ada (at >auaraila( ika 4u?u<( tyiua, aad raatarlaf Ua s!?l, aatarUf, aad daalliuiad latalla ia Malik aad aitaagU MtLRAN'o 8TRKX9TH?NIIfB CORDIAL Will c(atk?*:ly a?ta kirtr Carapialat, Djaaapita, ; ? diaa, Ckraaia a? Harraaa Dakllity, Ptaanaa af ua U daaya, aad all dlaaaaaa analog fraai a lad kiaar at litaaik, yiaaytia, Iai::Hn, Iavajrd Pilaa, Aaidliv a> lakuaaa at (ki liaaaak, r?ilaaaa af >laao ia .ha ?at1, ba.i Paia ar vlamiag la Ua Itad, Palpluiiaa af Ik a Haan, Pmllaaaa ai Wtlgkl In tka Biaaaak. >i?r Mraauuana, Ckaklag ar IllHUiaj P aa'.tag v kaa lajLej dava, Dry a a** at TallaWaaaa af Ua i>ia aad I'll, ILflFVi la aau, lavard Fa?ara, Pala U Ua tnall af Ua Saak, Caart, ar Mda. taddaa r.aakaa af Haai, Dapraatlaa af tylrita, r >Lf k'^ai Draaaaa, kuftai, DtifMiicai; at any cartaaa dlaaua, Bataa a? Rlaukaa aa vkk Ikla, aa* Paaat aad Agaa (at CklUa aad ' frix a KlhhlOS eottlmb ka?? kite ??id daiiaa tka Uit all ntcUi, aad la aa laataaaa kaa U failad ta ?1*1*1 totira aauiafaatia*. Wka, >k??, Wtll [<Ilf ?> ! VlkUIII > *111 McUUIl ITHBDirilUlK CUK.OIA.fc wilt ? >? jta 1 a itcf ai|% am ?*? ?r ? uifitu Idaa ?f ika tawadiaia ??d alaau airaaalaaa ataafa piaiaaaa kj nktaj ikta Cardial ia tka diaaaaad, dakiUwtad, ud akaiiarad aarraaa ytttB; wkttJkar krakaa dava kj itiiu. wall ky uiiri, ai laputad ay alakaau, taa rataiad aad mira| arftalat'.'.aa U in aiiv ta tla ?rt*tlaa kaaitk tad i l(ai harkisd rbksonsi *Uara, aaaaaiaaa ?f taaWHlr fram vaa>a*ar aaaaa, will tad MckSAH'l t&BM?TaJUIlll? CUKMAb a tkar??ts rajaaeittar ?f Ui ?y?iaa; aod all wka at; kava U }?ra 1 tkaaulvaa ky lapraiir l?<'al(aaaai will tad la tfcla CvrdUl a nulla aad tpaadt raaadj. to the uldieb. Maj.SA11 ?VftBKCT? HUM COKDtAk la a aavaralffa aad apardv aara far U?:,iait CanaaapUaa, Wfctiaa, airaml at VISaalt Maaaira&l'aaJ ataatiaaaaa m Vrtaa ar laTai*?t?rf tkaraaf, r*l!irg ?f tka Waak, m ua *u hm?u?< il?lltM| ? r?BAI9l. TKA*R IS JVO MISTAKE ABOUT IT Bittr iNfsi. Tata It aaaardlaf ta dJrtBBaoa. It vtll atlatlatt. avraefikaa, tad Iar1fa/ua pat tad tataa tka klaaa ? tut* i? aa?*tt >?u mil ifata. Brary Mtit U varruiad va ft?a uUifii'iH. TOR CHILDREN, lf???i alLMf aa ara alakly, pvmy ar illalit, M?Ui (I'M COBDIAk v li aaaka tkta tttilkt, fat, aa<t rakaat. Dalay aat a taai-aet; trj a, aad ja* -will ka aaarlaaad. It la daUaiata taut*. ?AWtioa. avail af drag (liu ai dn iri wka aa; tij ta fain fa* tataa kluai ar atria pan I It traak, whiak ikty lu fat akaaa, k? ta?iuf it ta iait ka aaad. Aiaid lack a?. Ail lai m c kK A lit T&LHCTmVrIKA COLDIAk, aad uka datklnf alia. It ta tha ae!y ra'nady that will imfj tka Blaad taavaifkl* lad at Ua aama lima atianftkao tha afataaa. Una taaapaacral Uikn a?ai/ narotnf (aatinf la a caruta fn? antiTi far Ckalara, Chilli tad fatal, Y alia* Tavar, at aa? araiaiant dtaaaaa. It ta pat at la larra haulaa. Prat aafy |l par battJa, ai I katuaa far < J- MrLUI, Ban prapriatai af Ikta Cardial; alaa, McLaao'a Yataxla 01 ktariaaaat. Praalpal Dapat aa tka aaaaar af Tbard aad rial atraata, to. kaau. Ma. KoLean'* Volcanic Oil Linimeit, ( k ixrr buiiMKirr m tik woun> Tka aal* aafa aad aaruta tan far Cantata, Pllaa, Th an. vallinyi aad Branchili at Cattia, Panlraa, IIaa. itlfta, Waakaaaaaf tka Maaclaa, Ckwan ar luaaaaatarj Uaaatutm, Biifuaaa af tha Jaiuta, Cantraciad Maaclaa ar atiu, Kanaka at TankieHa, Iraiaaa, Itniai, fnal I Caw, Waaaida, Clear*. ra?ai (ana, Cakad Braaat, Bart ipplaa, Baraa, Baaida, Baa* Thraat, at aay iaB?aaaliaa at aia, aa dtfartaca haw aa*a-a ar laaa tha diaataa aat L.a a.Ui.M M/^LK-AlBia f'Wl a il 7. I aanaia timidr. TkHtudi ( kainfa itti kaaa htiI a Ufa af 4 la araptiada and retaary ky tfeaaaa af Uia tavalaaMa raiaady. MtLXAPTS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Wtll itllara r*ia airaaa. tantiii aaawly, a?d to vlli alaaa, parity aad haal tka 'aaiaa: um id aa laaradlkla akart uaia. rOR HOUSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. MtkEAN? CJO.RBII ATE!) LtKlMKMT UUiathiUi ud raliakla raaada It ifca aara af Sparta, tout* kaaa, Wladfalia, pliau, Ir.DaiaraJ La a pa, Nadaa af wkliiafa. It aavaf totlad la tart Big Haad, PaUaTil, Piatala, dVt Uaalaf Saraa, at l*aiar, V matitt iMkai Fa? pruaa. Braiaaa, Ititulaa, Craakad iaala, Cfeafaa, toadAia a* CaUaa toalia, Cma, taraa, ar tTaanda UUu latolUkla raaaady. Apply it aa iiiauai a?d a aara to aanata la aaa*y Issutss#. *. U. MrWCAII, Ma fwpUlM^ Caaaai tWH ?< flM am to UiU. Ma. CBAtokH iron, ?IKa,t,a?aafUl I* WajAtaf A VKV MICE I EON PLATR PIANO A FOKTK for atole for M KTZE-. THE WEEKLY STAR. smtalalag * grrnm rariaty mt lataraaHag rm*lag thaa eaa brfoa&d la uy otbar?is p?fcasfe?d m Friday morning. single copy, per ?...4< M Ft*, eopla ? n T<b ooptM.. I W Tweaty-lvc c*pi? to 90 It Invariably aoatalM the "WaAlmgtoa Newt * that has made TV Mlv ?* ?<?* 8tm oUeulata a? g?wally throng boat the cooatrr t^T?ln?le cveplee (In wrapper*) ma bo procured at the counter. I aimed lately after tbe tan# of the paper. Price?THREE CENT# ^ ptOPOSALB. N a vt Dur kithut, I Fmrtau ?f Verdi mmd D*ckt, Sept. 4. NM.( ?a*L?r fmoroaaLe. for *Mk oia?a oepara'eir. end or* e< I " rm^ewi for Olui No. (Me tke cam ? for the Nan Vart at ( name the yaM.r will be renetved at tta a ofiee until boob oa the Sd day of October next, -or furuiahint aod Oeti renai at the aavera! Navy Yarda nwred.tae material* a ad at Sslea oir?raoed in printed aohedaise. vhieh eil be rntahed on applioatmn, and sent by aiail.trae re?tee ted. to eeraone de* inn( la rffer to oontraet for any or all orlheelaereenamed taenia, by the Com maadantaofiiiefeveraiNaty Varda, for the"laeaae for the yarda under thair eemmaud, or by the Nary \cei.t neareat thereto, or by the tfaroau for aay or ali the iard*. To rrrrtnt rtnfwui*a and aultfei u? icsJIbi 14* nferr, no bid mil 4? rrreir?4 wktrk rraltiaj ci?M dividual of a fin* mast *1(11 the tod aad eoitr*el Bidde ?r>' hereby oMtion?d and part'on tarty notified that their ofl?? must to in tl>? frrvn eereinelter preeontod, and to mailed ! nx to rm> thM' i!e?tin*tion before the time M?irw for nmitin* their; no M rtil b* f?MW w>*ir4 tkall to rtetrrod after (to nrted Hated and no aUotoanrt will b* ma4* for failnrtt of tk* mail. To gu\rd a?wi ?t offer* tirmi opened before the time Appoint'd, biddere ere reewee led to eodcree on the envelope, atmve the addreaa, aad draw a line under the endoreement, tkne : " Pronaral* for Clan Ho.{nam* tkt cieil) fm tto >*?t p Yard at 1 na<n? tk* yard )*' 1 o the Chief of the Buieaii of Yarda aad Dooka, Washington, D. C. Fob* or Orrn. < Here date the offer.) I.(here ineert the name or name* oompoetnc tae firm. > of i name the town, > in the htate ot 1 name ttie Slate.) hereby offer to fornieh ar.der yoar atfeer hkAmant ? A.?* * ?.VW|V|>? ??? ! iww VI ua >1IIWUW |IM lllblMt to all the requirements of the nn?, tad or the printed schedule to whioh it reiers, a 1 the arUelee embrace^ in No (name The c'assi for the navy yard at i name the yard,) according to aaid schedule, viz . there paste on ths printed class frevn die schedule. and opposite each articleeet the price and carry out the amount in the eolmri for do] a' a d o?nts a^o fo< >- up the aggregate amount of the bid for the c'.aas.) amounting to (here write the amount ia words.) 1 propose as my agent i bare nam* the acent. one is required by the schedule) for the supply isder the classes misoellaneoo*. by a noo resident of thepiaoe of delivery; and should my offer be ae oepted. I request the ooutraet may be prepared aad sect to the navy acent at (name the agency) for signaturee and certificate. (Here the bidder and each member of the trm to aign ) Form or GraaaHTis. The undersigned i name of guarantor)of (name the town' and state of< name the rotate.)andt aame of seoond guarantor. *o ,) hereby undertake that the al> >ve nam's!(name the bidder or bidders) wiIU it his [or theirf offer as above be accepted. e?te* into contract with the United States within days after the date of not ee through the poet ofioe of the acceptanoeof his for their] off?r before men tioned. (Mgna'ureof guarantors.) Witness: 1 oertify that the above named (here name the guarantors) are known to me to be rood and re sponsible gua actors in this oace. (Signature.) To he sirned bv the district judre, district attorney. ool eotor, navy acent, or some person known to the bureau to be responsible. PORTSMOUTH. N. H. Class No 6 White pine, epmoe, juntfer,and cypress; class No.9 Gravel and sand; clans No. 11. Iron, iron nails, and spikes; olsss No. 12. Steel; ! class No. M. Files; class No. 16. Ship chaedlnry; class No. 17. Hardwars; e'ass Ne. IS. S*atisas?y. I class No. a. Belting, packing, and hose; oians No. X. Augers. BOSTON. Class No.l. Pricks; elass No.3. Stone; clans No. 3 Yeilow pins timber; class No.*. Oak aad hard | wood timber and lumber; o ass No. (. White piae, spruce, juniper, and oynrees; clnes No. 7. Lime, hair, and plaster; class No. I. Cement; elass No.K Gravel ard uid: els* N# 11- Iron- 1 rnm hiIm. and nails: olw No. 11 steel; eiwi ^lo. liTIHc iron, olaaa No. 15. Painta, oils, and iitu. otMe No. IT. Hardware. NEW YOBK. Claaa No. 1. Bricks; elaaa No. S Yallow pine timber; c.ass No.4. Yellow pine l?nb*r: olaaa No. 5 Oak and bard wood; olaaa No.tTWbiU pine, apruo?, cypres* ai.4 junior; olass No. 7. Lin*, hair, and plaster; c an No. . Cem?nt, elaaa Na.t. Gravel and sand; olaaa No. 10. Slate; o.aes No. Iron, iron spike*, and nail*; olau No. IS. P g iron; olaaa No. 15 Painta, oils ana (laaa; alaaa N\M Ship ohandlerr; c aaa No. 17. Hardware; elan No. 3. Belting, packing, and hoee, can Iron work. Ac. PHILADELPHIA. C mi No. S. Yellow pine Umber; elaaa No. 5. Oak and bard wood; olaaa No. &. White Pine, spruce. juniper, and rypreaa; elaaa No. 11. Iron, iron pikes and naiia; ? aa* No. IS. Filee; elaaa No. 17 Hardware; olaaa No. VS. Belting, packing, and hoae; olaaa No. 3S. Augers. WASHINGTON. Claaa No 1. Brioka: olaaa No. ft Oak and hard wood; o ass No. 6. White line, spraoe, jumper, and oypresa; class No. 11. Iron, iron stikaa, and naiia: o ass No. 12. Steel; alaaa No. M Files; elaaa No. 15 Painta,oila, and (laaa; elaaa No. 16 Hhip chancier?; oiass No. 17. Hardware; claaa No. 34. Sperm and iubnoating oi!e; olaaa No 37 Aoth-acuts ooai; olaaa No. 29. Bituminous Cumberland aoal. The schedule will state the times within whloh a.?.AU. ? II 1 > 1 - J r m- r in wm wj iDsuirva to dc aeuvcreo. ana vt?n the printed schedule i* not used, the period* etatcd in it tor denveriea moat fee copied in the bid*. All the article* which may be contracted (or must be delivered at *uoh plaoe or plaoea, inoluding d rayage and cartage to Uie paoe where need within the navv yads, respectively, for whiob the offer* are made.a* m\y t.ecir? 'ed by the oommandmg oftoer thereof; and all other tunc* being aaaal, preference will be given to Amarioao man u facta re. No ar'iol* will be reomved aPer the expiration of the period apeoibed in the aohedalea for the completion of deliveries nnlee* apocia * *uth vied by the Department. In oompating the olaaeae, tae price stated in the eo!onn of arioca will be the standard, and the aggregate of the clas* will be oarried out accord r g to the prioae stated ,t i* to b? provided in the ooctraot. aad to be dietinetly understood by the bidder*, that the amom.i and number of artiole* enumerated in classes headed "MiaealiajMoae" are apec 6?c aa t he w o?a bit *uantit| which may be repaired, a* walla* to fix data for determining the lowest bid ; but the contractor it to furr ieh mora or la** of the aaid numerated artiole*, and is ruck rsasliiyt, and as tuck trnur. a* tkn turtau *r commandant map reywtra , auoh inorea**, however,-not to axaaad one ha'f of tha quantiti^a atatad (and requisition* *?ot through the po?t oftoe shall be deemed aufteieet 3otioe) dunes the h?oal year ending toe mil of una, 1862; and whether the %uanutiee required be mora or less than thoaa apeoibed, the pnoea shall remain the same. All the artioiaa under tha ooctraot moat ha of tk* beat quality, delivered in good o>dar. fre- of all and every charge or expenae to th* Governmact, and anbfcot to the inapao 10a. ooaat. weight, or uieaaurement of the aaid navy yar',aad Ua in aU r?*pect* i-atiafactorv to tha sommnaM thereof. B mo era are referred to tha yard tor plana, epect cationa. or aamplea, and any farther d?*oription of the artioles. When bidders shall be in doubt as to the preoire articles named in the schedaie, they will apply to the commanding officer of the nary yard and act re cmploytn for deecriptmi of the article or articles m doabt. which information the said officer will rive in writing ton uee tors for oia-ses headed ''Miscellaneous," who da not reside noar ike p ace where the article* a e to be delivered. witl be required to name in tbeir proposals an agent at the eity or principal r ace near tint yard of delivery, w a may l>c oat.ed upon to ae i?er ar tides withou: delay when they shall be req sired. Approved ??reties m the fall amount of the ooatraot will be required, and twe'.ty par oeatam ae additional security deduoted |r<Ma each paynaat uatu th?. o-.oiract snail have been completed or oanrelled, unless otherwise author ??d by Ute De partment. (n classes o( articles krM?4vMM<l,ut? us," to be deiveied ae required ?aria( lit fiscal y^ar, the twenty per aertam retained atay, at the discretion of the commandant. k-e paid s Barter ly on theftrat of January, Apr>l, Jan, and Oe.toiWT| when the deliveries have ixiaa aatisfaotory, Sid the balance (eighty per cent.) will be paid by e respective nav* stents within thirty days after the presantauoa of biUa,in triplicate, daJy viashit aad approved. No part of the par centum reserved is to be pai until all the rejected articles < frred aacartheeoa traot aha . have baen removed from the yard, Bales a aawiaUy as in or sec t?v th? Dapartmaat. It will be stipulated a tn. oonireot, that if dofault a hall be made by the parties of the ftrst part :u ,lo. i venae all or any of the article* mentioned in any etaea bid far. of the qaality aad at the to aMa Bad P aoett above provided, thea aad in that eeaa toe said partiee will forfeit and pay to the United Atatea a sum of money act to exceed twice the amount of suoh cans; which may be jeoovered. (rem time to u me. acoerdiaf u? the aot of Cone rase 4^ J u - - M.-.v. a I &<e 1 ID UttgiH ?roTiu?w, *wi, i, The Bcrtiea mast ?ii? th" ooatrMt, MMl tfctu b > o?rtJiad U bj ? ? ?t ?opt. ?1 Jaoi-r, diauiet itiorM'. or other peraon. aror?" faiba oonutot UuU Um bore* a tell her# ttw lowt of MMutii ?ha ooctrmiv, wnfioui H>m or hoir* *othe6r?r?iH, ?M>* roe*re*? Aaiieot have aeeio eepeieiit Bwroorie tio?af-T ue-ertico. Dta*o. or f?r the opptetioi nfvn kt??tiaitM frr. ana on whioh tn??-f?er.SS". ^ASSfw'^ p,ff ' 'i.'.J.rr. Mg-Bi-I?(II bo within fifteen day* from the date of it?Uo? froe the bOTWB of tj.a Moofiuoo of thou bid.a oomki 31 ** *? wj??Q]oo m< p^.r ^ ? * *?t ^iT^r'" t>oteo?f..I*- ' - *?. 1

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