Newspaper of Evening Star, September 21, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 21, 1861 Page 2
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THE FVr,l\l\K STAR. WASRINOTOff CITY: IATCRIIAT **nrm*er 91, 1001. 0*1 Fmnix ft th?> Tarinn* military rain pa and foatttooa will confer a faver by Iw^ptng at posted a? to nwwmrita apd affctr* Id tbrlrvlclalllea. (17" Tbc arw u.lJar Weekly Staj, fuller thai tret of Metropolitan nfw? and goaaip, and cbolc< library reading, !* cow cm oar coaster ready foi delivery to U* public. Embraced 1b ill eater tataing rontenta are tbe folio-wing article*: A Coquette' Confexalor; The Battle of Waterloo letter* frcir W H. Rneaell to the Londoi Time*; Warlike wl?; Capacity of the Countn to Suatala tbe War; Wholesale Arraat of Rebel! la Maryland: The Whitworth Battery. 5sr1ous Shooting Caae In Georgetown; Death o Rot. E Yeate* Reeee. D D ; Removal of Fed eral prlaonera from Richmond to Caatle Pinck ney, Charleston harbor, Confederate Account oi the Hatteraa Fight United Stataa Grand Lodge ?f Odd Fellow* li Baltimore: Raleaae of Mayor Berret; The Metro polltaa Police; Our Military Budget; Interesting cocresposdeaco of the Star, from over tbe river Old Pol at, snd Harper *s Ferry; Imporfctn detail* of affair* at Hatteraa, Old Point, Eaateri a?d Weatern Virginia, Cairo, sad In Mlaaouri News from Southern journal*. Departmental Intelligence; Military removal* and appointments: Doing* of the blockading flee N uc Potomac flotilla; Affhlra at tbe navj T?rd, *c., Ac. Lit** telegraphic ditp-itcbe*; Horticultural, agri cultural, mad gardening miscellany; Household firm, aad workshop recipes; together with t large ameoat of general reading matter, choice paragraph*, fan, wit, and poetry. This la juat the paper above all othera for per(ou adjourning In the National Metropolla tc end to their friends at a distance Price only three centa per copy, or fcl 00 per annum; posug* prepaid by stamps when ao arranged. Spirit ?f the ntruini Press Tht Inullie*nt*r argues the* very few of *h< cltlieas of Kentucky sympathiie with the south era idee of "State rights." Tbe RtjmblieaH treats upon the broad field foi enterprise presented by Central America, aad pre dicta great results to thatcoun'ry from the attitude of tbe new Administration. H3"The Urtod Lodge of Odd Fellows of th? United ?tafes, which commenced Its session al Haiti more on .Monday last, adjourned on Thursday afternoon, having concluded all Its busln?ss Previous te adjournment, the Grand Lodge passed, by a unanimous vote, a series of frlendlj reaoluMocs, deplorl ng the condition of the country and hoping that the next annual meeting may find CiPCUmitanrM liirk fhaf mamKsM Statei can again unite in fraternal brotherhood The next session will bo held in Baltimore. |fT From the publisher, G. P. Putnam, New York, through Franck Taylor, of this city, w< have No 7 of Fraiik Moore's " Rebellion Record." Thta nomber, which constitutes the first part ol the second volume of the work, Is devoted to th< battle of Bull Run " from every point of view,' sad with Its authentic descriptions and illustrm tlons, most be a valuable " record," Indeed, foi ail time to come. 117* The police board of New York have de^ elded to organize the force under their charg< Into a military body, in four divisions of 5U) men each Superintendent Kennedy will have tb? supreme command; each of the Inspectors will bt placed over a division; the captains of preciatti will bead their own meu; sergeants will act ai lleutem?nia. >iut rnn . - v ??? .?>?? ?? ??? ? oci^rauw. T National Past Dat.?The pastor* of til the Presbyterian churches in Baltimore bav? united Id recommending their respective congregstloas to obeerve the approaching Public Fasl Day with becoming respect; end further aanonnce that appropriate services will be held Id their oh a re he*, la which political views will aol be allowed to enter. pry It has been decided by the War Department to discharge the Texan soldiers who, under Gea Twiggs, were compelled to surrender themeetvea prisoners of war, acd who for some time have been encamped at Fort Hamilton. Such a measure will be tantamount to disbanding th< Averal companies of the 1st, 3d and 6th regiments, V. S. Infantry, at that post. The B+lt\mor? Exchange, which recentlj came to grief through its treasonable course, now appears under tbe name of the Maryland Timts It announces that it will eechew the expression ol opinion and devote ltaelf to oew?, but lta editorial columns Indicate that It meant to pursue quite aa pe*tiferous a course a* It did when known aa the Exckang?.. Maisa Lbo slatdkb ?The Senate will itar.d 96 Republicans, and 5 Union Democrats. Tb? House. so far at beard from, will have 2 Dan^ltra 34 Ublc-n Democrats, and 119 Republicans Th? returns for Governor cover 339 towns, and show the following tummary : Washburn, Sl,bSU; Jameson, 19,111; Dana, 17,184. ^According to the Richmond Dit patch, the Confederate Government baa devoted "nearly two buadred thousand dollars" to secure the defence* of the Atlantic and Gulf Coast. Not too much money, certainly, for the job. H7" Within the past week there have arrived at CaaUe Garden, New. York, 785 emigrants, ma king a total of 54,4M for the year?a decrease ol 21,04J from the number for the corresponding period la 1800. ID^The report that Queen Victoria wm about to cut herself In the bosom ot the Roman Catholic Chorea, aad the story of her mother * conversion to the same faith before her death, torn out to be a heartless hoax. C7* G?* Hicks, of Maryland, baa appointed James VV. Brady Colonel in the Maryland militia, tit* Nathan T Dushane now attached to the lat volunteer regiment of the State, and Capt. Thos C. James Lieutenant Colonel. The Government has acceptrd a company of Infantry from the Hawaiian Islands, constating of American emigrants aud native Hawaiian The company wlU arrive at aan Fra iciico, and Join the army of the West, aoo.t. irr More than 2,600 dogs have mei an uiitimely end In New York during too year at the hands of Capt. Jim Francis, chief of tho dog catchers. The season Is now aboot winding up. ITT" The ftrat of the twenty-five veaerU of war ordered to bo built by tbo I sat Congreea hu bcea eoaplebd, and on Thursday made a trial trip from New Vork, which proved Tory satisfactory. fry Prof. Alexander D Bacho, Superintendent of the American Com* Survey, baa been elected a foreign corresponding member of tbo Academy of Science* of tbo French Imperial Institute. 07"Government hu purchased the cllpper-bnllt nbip ?ray Eagle, one of tbo fastest teasels of Philadelphia, for blockading purposes She la to be Sttod up at once, and will soon go Into the aervtoe. , C7" S. Teachle Wallla, one oC the Baltimore secessionists cool nod In Fortress Monroe, la reported to be 111 nt that place. 0jT Three hundred and nine lettera, directed to peveono In the eeceded Sutes, were detailed at the Now York post often on Wednesday last. |JT Government has purchased tbo pro pollers Potomskaand Wamsutta, of tbe New York end N?w Bedford line, to bo Sited for gun boots. lET Sl,&3 97 has been made op by tbe Pbllndolphla ihentrrs In benefit for tbo sufferers of the Continental calamity of Saturday night last. C7* The wife of Gea. Bebert Aadaraon baa left Creeaon, Pa , for New York city, where ahe U to epcnd the wtater U (he Fifth Atmo* Hofe!H3T Pereeeeraoee Ledge, No. 1?, I. O O F, t New Turk eHy,baa dwl4?d to lavfit 99,000 in Uait?4 States 7 3-10 boada. IpTM*}* Rideaour, we regret to hear, haa bcei caiied Weat, by the sudden 111mm of a daughter. 87* Five hoadreat terpe'a rlfea are oa their way to New York ttom Sharp*'" rila fhctory, for >jj *r , *.* ? "*'' v i ^ > Om MILITARY BUDGET. * L*' THE SITUATION In answer to numerous late Inquiries by letter , and verbal. concerning the state of the war in thia particular section, we have to say that Beauregard, | [' attended by subordinate geneffcla, Is now amusing nd [ him*e!f and the disunion public by dally prancing of around, at a acfe distance from the United States lines, with a chip on hta hat, daring McClellan to gtri cross bis (B' ) cbalk mark and knock it off He r?i , aeems to bare entirely changed hi* programme lti< r that Involved a diaunlon awault on tbla capital, which waa to have long alnce been taken and \ razed to the ground or turned into diaunlon win- on: ter quartera, kc. i Tbue, be take* due care not to venture even a r corporal'a guard of plcketa within rang* from the K? 1 Union lines. an j In the meanwhile the army of Gen. McClellan oUJ la being aatlifactorlly atrengthened and Improved *hf In every conceivable way. We may not properly f enter Into particular* on that head. Suffice It to om t aay, however, that the knowledge which Jeff Davla k. Co. have of the fact, la the reaaon why jjj4 j Beauregard doea not dare to venture the attack a(,'; he baa ao long been threatening. we We have no idea when Gen. McClellan propo- l"J aea to advance. He la evidently arranging matten, aa that when he dots advance, he will leave I little of the enemy. ta) r nwruetr. We are gratified at being able to aay that the ou1 notn f.Afn r?t?*Lu V?*U ?VII. ? a a ?vw? nviu ucniuvftj, uuvu puutic ana priTnie, on < gives ansuaxances tbat everything Is well there. for , The prudence of the Government here, and that of P?1 the Union leaders of the State, haa successfully rnt . averted serious danger to the country's cause there the > from the dealgns of Tennessee and Kentucky's w^ r own t'aitors No apprehension of the serious in- ^ i vsialon of the State from Tennessee is now appre- co hendfd. Generals Anderson, Thomas, and Sher- wc man already have both men and arms sufficient pe< for toe emergencies of the time being, and are Ul? > certainly using them to the best advantage. a mistaek. bai Our frleiid. the Wuhlmitnn a<rant r\f ! Wfc ? "" ?j] ciated Press, Is in error Instating, In tbe Baitl more -- ? of this morning, that no determination 1 ! in tbe case of tbe command of tbe regiment bere- *>u tofore called Young'a Kentucky Cavalry, bas been ^ arrived at by tbe War Department. Prince Salm C(H de J*alm. of Prussia. hu certainly been appointed f 1 iu Colonel, aa stated in tbe Star a day or two h?l '* ? ANOTHSK GEAND XIV1KW. ! This forenoon, Major Gen. McClellan and stall', T ' escorted by a squadron of cavalry, proceeded to ,j ' tbe position of Major General McCall's division, fer where a grand review of ten or twelve thousand air ! troops was to take place. Many distinguished mf and other civilians went there also; as well as ,r^ the Prince de Joinville and the titled gentlemen r who accompanied btm to this city. Ill BIRTH PL ACS OF PKKSIDKMT LUirnl* P(ll Hampton Roads by Capt. Goldsborougb, who the r entered upon bla dutlea a day or two since. j J r Tbe Puaey also came up tbls morning, but toc with no news of importance. pii f Several workmen are engaged in tbe construc- con tion of a new naval battery adjoining the one s containing tbe heavy guns, which will add not a jea i little io the facilities for gun practice and ezperl- old ments with ordnance. aQ( Oaa la being introduced into the upper ship | ^ bouse, by Me?ars. Thompson & Brother, so as to ne\ ! enable workmen to carry on their labors during I*' the night, upon the vessels on tbe wnys This Is nii ! tbe first ship house in the L'nstfd States into ? which gat has been introduced, and the expense JY"i i of fitting It up and lighting It properly will be Cor something like that of illuminating a smalltown, day , Pipes are laid along tbe beams overhead, from rY"! ( which others out and extend down tbe ^ ( sides, to which will be attacded brackets and n'o pendants to the number of about four hundred; so that the whole building will be made suffl- IY"i ciently light for all practical purposes. ^ THI UNIOM CAL'SB IH V1K0INI4. 'Sr| ra - - ? - Edc correspondence or ibc Star J w ^ ALZxAtiuaiA, V* , Sept. 30?Editor Star:? y\ The seventh meeting of the unconditional Union I-,; men of Alexandria and vicinity, took place laat l evening, at Lyceum Hall, 8 Shlnn, President, U4 t In the chair. The meeting waa largely attended; _ i thirty-seven members took the oath of allegiance ? i to the United States, and became members of the r association. The cause Is onward. Several ad* ^ dresses were made, and the band of one of the ? 1 regiments In this vicinity discoursed very fine j\ music. Pm 1 1 * G Clkeical Chances ?The following clerical ]( changes have taken place in the ofiice of the Au- ? ditor of the Treasury for the Post Office Depart- |J ment within the laat few days : T Remorals.?Thomas A.Scott, of D. C, salary Jnn, $1,100; S. Y. Mason, pf Ohio, salary 81,400; Wm. A. Coburn, of D. C . salary 91,400; J no. VV . Clark, of I) C., salary SI,3ii"0. rec Promotions.?E W. Kortney, ?f D. C , to $1,800 aj] clerkship; Chds. B Shaw, of Va., to $1,000; Cun- ' nlngbam Hiylett. of Ohio, to $1,000; S B Klllott, of D. C.^o $1,400; H K Lawrence, of Wis , to A t tV>A. ? *" ----- vi,ww, ?? . a uavia, oi Me , to 91,400; Chestera ld Rrbb, of Pa , to 91,400 Apptnntment* ?Win. H Gunnlton, of Md., ^ flrst-ciaM, 91,300; Wm. J Lelb, of Pa , hrat-clau, Th< 91.200 jj John Butcher, of Va , second-clais clerk in the the office of the Second Auditor, was yesterday removed. mil Appointed.?Mr. Wm. Blanchard, of thla city, Qu haa boon appointed Consul to Melbourne. 1 p * m m m Sej A " R*v*?BHD" HITMBCO TUBNKD vp ASAI*.? The New Yo.k Ezpren aaya: giv " Mr Charles W. Dennison, for several years a ? chaplain to teamen In Boston and New York, and who waa appointed laat spring by the President ? chaplain to the U. 8 Hospital at Portress Monroe, f|* Va , has been authorized by Major Gen. Butler to * recruit 1,UU0 able-bodied men on the aea coast, for j act Its special service In certain quarters." d(Hi trr The Navy Department has accepted pro- ii positions from Messrs. C. 8. Bushnell A Co , of ,an Nfw Haven; Merrick A Sons, of Philadelphia; p, in j f.rt' mon. of New Y ork, for the construction .. of Iron-clad vessels IN Nil |[T During the eight day* coding on ."? "V Wadietday, freight room for (hipping l^JO.OOO & bushels of wheat and 40,000 barrels of Hoar, to P"J France, was eagaged In New York city. for ID-A H < Inernsey Is the name of the editor I of Harper's Magazine; tfee article la the October ?* namber on "Sporting in Spitsbergen," Is from rp P"- the Q71 Mr. Booj. Kgglestoa, ef this etty, confined In Port La fa ye tv, has been relasaed. sto 1 - fee lD~Cal kiolllgaa, whe commands st Lexlng- ?*J torn, Mo , ts an Irish lawyer from Chicago. Taa *?w EiaiissRTs i* Vmmort ? Both of aS the new reglmoats oolled for by tbe Government rf ?aro toll, and tfecra ?* WO mora than aro required, it?, 1 . a III President Lincoln will undoubtedly have a < r special Interest in the conflict now going on in cat ? Kentucky between the Unionists and Secession- R? ' 1st* In the vicinity of " Rolling Forks," near J"^1 Muldrows Hill. ?6 he was born in that neigh. m, r borhood 1 ANOTHER MAJOR GENERAL. V<( The President has appointed Col. K. D. Baker, ^ of Oregon, now Colonel of the New York First on California Regiment, and acting Brigadier General, to be a Major General of Volunteers. ' > ' 81 J , SAVT-TAKD. or(] . ?4rrica/ of a Prtzt?AIor? Contraband. coi , Yesterday afternoon the Rescue towed up to the K'' Navy-Yard the schooner Hartford, of Baltimore, found by the flotilla without imnnrn witw a i? ? ? ten I of wheat and tobacco. ?kr? was loaded at Port tloi i Tobacco and Pope's Creek, and wucaptured uear the these placet with alz men on board. Sh? wes '"r t placed alongside the receiving ahlp Anar.o?tla, under guard, where ahe will await the lnvestli gallon Into her caae. The Rescue also brought ^ up two contrabands picked up along the river Tb The steamer went down again last evening and joined the flotilla. It \ The steamer Mount Vernon arrived this morn- hat lng from Old Point, with shell for the Arsenal and several sick seamen from the blockading 0f fleet, to be placed In the naval hoapital She 1 reports all quiet at Fortreaa Monroe and along Gn the Potomac. Com. Strlngham had been super- o3i seded In command of the blockading Wi trim tki KmbTi Tift New OrlMn I [Til riON M PlttON'S HILL, Mil ARLIReTOH SMUTS. [K roar Dm New Orleans Delta .) Hill, ? T?ree milts tat I of Wnllt Ckurtk, Aug. 30 J wrote you a fsw days ego; since then we bava rawed to thts point, which Is within fnll view Washington snd Alexandria?distance, tlx les from the former snd eigbt from the ratter, e navy-yard, with the shipping lying in the ???, is all In fall view with a glaaa. Yankee nps are to seen plainly with the naked eye; sir pickets are within half am lie of our camp i rine snot rr rnr pickets. Firing la going oh tween tbem all day. >Ve flred some four or Are sbota at tbem with r rtfle cannon when we first took poeaosaion of ! bill, (day before yesterday at 8 a .1 ) It mid have amused you to bay* seen them leave, t aa there was only a amall number, and they ittered, we coald not tell whether or not It took y effect, with one exception, which took the >cer off hi* horse, killing both Thla quieted gentlemen for some time, but they kept their :keta witbln aight all day. During the afteron they became troublesome again, and we took e of our howttsen down near them again, and ye them some few ronnda of abell, which made (tn leave the house which they were quartered During the night, however, they came back tin, but the weather was so disagreeable and it that they remained quiet all day. This morn* 1 we sent a company of men to drl ve teem from :lr headqaarters, which we did In short order, l esterdav a balloon was raised from Georgevn Heights, and remained up nearly all dav rlnir observations. We can hear their drums iting distinctly, and tee a Union flag flying In * distance. Last evenine when the sun thnn? t clearly upon the capl'ol, we could aee peraons tbe cupola looking with tbelr glaaaea at our cea, and one of our boya, who la acquainted raonally with old "Abe," aaya be conla he dlactly seen with the crowd. We immediately aed n SeceeaJoii ll*g from tbe blgheat tree on >. hill, where It now w ve* in proud defiance thin plain view of the capitol. The country around here ia beautiful, and the labitanta live in fine atyle. The land appears od and welled tilled, and in ordinary timea iuId be a moat delightful place to reaide. The ipie are almost all Union men. The Yankee* had iae their headquarters at the house of one them; len we came tuey left, and he went with tbem, ving behind all he had, together with half a rrel of ground coffee and several cows, one of ilch 1 Immediately milked and obtained three lions, which enabled u? to have good coffee at 1 Yankee's expense. Phere are plenty of grape?, peaches and applet, t not quite ripe: abundance to eat, and all apir perfectly well satisfied, and we enjoy ourves very much, the weather being now clear, >1 and delightful Junson's Hill is being well fortified, and can Id out against 10 000 troops. It will be held at hazards, unless an advance should make it usei. *iiw Yokk Militakt Itiks.?The New York m?.?? f yesterday says: The Buffalo regiment, which has had transred to it, by order of Gen. Ystes, companies eady In this city, making now Its full complent cf men, will leave, in all probability, for ! srat of war to-day The Sixth Connecticut Regiment on Wednesv passed by this city en route for Washington, ts over a thousand strong, and has full camp uipageanda number of baggage wagons and i bu lances. jov Morgan has rendered a decision in the ie of th#? dllPnt^d rnlnnalrw A# f v. w?.VMvw v? iuc ruuitu gtment of the Excelsior Brigade, the Second re Zo'iavri He orders that a commission aball iasited to Col Jamea Fairman as aoon as the ister-rolls shall be properly filed. rhe Shepard Rifles now numbers 357 men, dlled into elyht companies. and expect to leave the seat of war lu about a week. A splendid nd of colors will be presented to the regiment Saturday, at the Palace Garden. Vrtillehy.?The New . ork World says: tty pieces of Parrot rifled cannon have been lered by Commisaary General Welch, and the itract for mo?t of the fixtures have already been ren out, one hundred rifled shells accompany! each gun. Twenty-tix rifled cannon h*ve eady been loaned to the Federal Government, of the number being 20-pounders Preparans are making at the State Arsenal for arming ' quota of :25,(J<)0 men which this State Is to nisb. Arms of a superior class are maktnir and paring, both for the uae of regiments about vlng and those already In the field. Visa and Floyd bkportkd Sdrrochdid ? e Cincinnati Commercial of Wednesday Bays: Vhen tbe steamer Melnotte, Capt. McUowan. med tbe mouth of tbe Kanawha, Monday night, vat reported that Generals Cox and Rosecrans 1 completely surrounded the rebel forces of Ik and Floyd, and that Rosecrant was In poailon of all the provisions and camp equipage Wise's column. 'he news w?? brought down tbe Kanawha to a vernnrient officer at Point Pleasant, Va., by an cer on the steamer Victor. i Skirmish in Cabkll Couhty, Va.?We find following In tbe Wheeling Intelligencer: )n last Thursday, the 13tb, a part of Col. Z?lg's regiment, stationed st Ceredo country, ttked '250 rebels, who were drilling on the turn;e, el&bt miles east of Barboursvlile, In Cabell inty The rebels fled at the Are, leaving sevektiled and wounded. Eight prisoners were en, among them Wm. Heusley, their ringder. John Lawson and Wm. Hawley. son of Patrick Fifteen stand of arms, several horses I two mules were captured. Sxpkditiocr ?A Sacramento paper publishes vs from Salt Lake City only three days old. ?me by pony express one hundred and fifteen let, and whs thence s^nt by telegraph. rrc'.v K'MIERT COLI.YER.of Chicago, Jili' on.will preach in 'he !'n<t*ran Church, nc- of D sn1 S'Xth ata.. TO MORROW (fun ) M<1RNING, at 11 o'clock. 1?_ rTHE COURSE OF LECTURES ANU Bililical Ira ruotion, by K??. Dr. Samson. umed THIS ivaturdaT) EVENING. at 7>< lock, in the Kooma of the Youm Men's Chria1 Aaaooianon. Invitation -cnerftl. it r MAYOR'S OFFICE. Washi^sto^, September 2*. 1861 JOIICK ? Ho?a and r*o?e found runninc at to in thia oitt from and after thia date will b? ared and confiscated to tha Corpora-ton. ?21 3t RICHARD WALI,a<-H. Mayor. r?COMPANY "A," U. 8. ENGiNKERS.Fift* intelligent and able-bodied maohanioa he emitted to fill thia Company to the max im fixea by law?ISO man. Inquire at No. t 6 atraet Pay from SIS to 934 per month, idea food and olothmg. au 17 tf OR SALK-A rojd RESTAURANT to ba soM on r-aaoniSle terma. Inquire at JOHN MEDFELLT'S, No. 4ii0 Eat., between Rth I 9th af ae 3t* O I'ICE TO CONSIGNEES.?Thaateam rC. C. Alter, Capt. Fer.toc, from __ ^ ilarielptiiA.. has arrived. oo<ia ready for delivery. HYDE & DAVIDSON, Agents. ; Georgetown, D C. NION ENVELOPES AND PAPER. h* moat b autifnl hnve'.opea published in the ited St* ea, printed in two, three, tour, aud ?.na evtn oi colors, mar be had of ". C. UPHAM, ? Ulicxnut utreot, Philadelphia, and WILLIAM LLANTYNE. Hookae'ler. Wanhinirion, D. C. JtmnU na , lr? ? ?111 I ? *- * .... win u'Mit uu a"\ anure*s on sipt of '.5 cents ?e21-wo2w tTuPOHALS FOR FORAGE. QnAETUMi>T?6imAL'? Oinci, / IVajlm<toa, Stfitmbtr 19, lMl.f KorosALs 4-e invited for furnishing Forage* euar.t.ty to be received will be about? lBo.O'iu bushel* of <'aU, 16>V 00 bushels of &helled Corn, 10,000 tone of Hay. II to b? delivered by 'he rod of March. Itei. ?delivery 'o be in auoh quantities per month as r be direoted by the Quartermaster. The total entities not to excetd those ab-ive apeoifi'd. All foiagc to be delivered at snoh storehouses or ots a* the Quartermaster may provide, in or und trie city of St. Louis, within two aua a half es of the Cou't-house. ropusala should be addressed to the "Chief titer matter of the Weatera Department," ft li , Missouri. roposas wi 1 be opened at noon on the 36th of >ta.i:b?r, at the oBoe of said Chief Qasr?ast*r, in tlie preeeao* of bidders, when eon >u wm?>eawarded to the lowest bidders who W (>? aiAUM/ij . ids vi 1 be received for the whole or for uj t of the above. M. C. MKltiS. > 21-3t Quartermaster general U.a ATO THOSE OUT OP PUNDS. HE Individual who appropriated to hia owa i, on tne 18<ta instant, the notioe on my offioe ir.' Ont of Fundi," has ray unqualified >ympa . as 1 presume ue needed the paper for hia own If. f he will o?!l arain, I will famish him one of the ne better exeon ted. MORRIS 8. MILLER. ept'inher 1?, '861. sett 3f OFFICERS AND SOLDIERS ? KEOING Any kind or Fancy and Staple DRY >Ot>S lor the folks at home are solicited to in otour vast stock ot New Autumn and Winter l>.ios. Ln examination of stook implies no obligation to rohase, >ne prioe only, marked in plain figures ; thsree, do purohftier is deceived. PERRY A BROTHER, Pa. avenue and Minth at, 5t if 'Perry Building i TO OPPICCRB. BE CAMPAIGN ?A Campaigning Wagon on i Prussian principle, arranged for sleep- ?v_ or toaot aa an Ass ha an?s m case knees or wopada. with ample room for****res and provision*; light, water-proof, and partly new, havii.g been jiirt utlt tu order by one he first makers uNit York, U offered for aale A Dvsl With Bioamwoim-Gawtiltrs and tktir Htnor ?The porting fraternity?they who, am red In fine apparel, atend musingly upon Broadway cornera; whole hlraute appendages are of the longest and aleekest, and whoae mannera are more than Chesterfleldlan?doea not often allow itoelf to exhibit the vulgar excitement which marked it ywerday. The occasion of tbta dlata r bed equanimity, however, waa excuaable. Two of Ma merobera bad fought a duel by the earl/ morning light, and offended honor bad been appeased. The wen pons, broadswords, and the place, romantic and secluded?McCorob'a Dun, on the banks of the Harlem River. In ths street your real gambler ia ever taciturn upon profrssion&l topics,except to his colaborers, and where so Important a thing aa "a meeting" la concerned involving unpleasant consequences to the partlctpanta, It la to he expected that he will be almost mute Therefore, reticeocs waa the rule yeater aav. rat rrom "another source'' we obtained tbe story of tbe affoir. Tbe names of the principals are Bob Willis and Samuel Hvman Willis keeps a ja/o*jat No 540 Broadway; Hyman, who is recently from New Orleans, sets ss a decoy. A few evenings since a dispute arow between th?ni respecting the wsy in which a "green one" bad been "plucked." Hvman demanded of Willia that a large portion of the money should be restored, but Willis was not willing to make restitution to the extent which had been named A challenge was tbe result, but from which oar 1 nformant could not say It was accepted, and the prellmtnarie?*havlngbeen arranged according to tbe code, the meeting occurred veaterdav morning, In presence of at least two dozen friends of tbe principal Tbe wespons were broad swords or sabres, snd both men are said to have fought bravely. Neither was over skilful, but Willis' Impetuosity won blm tbe victory. Tbe contest w?s very brief?Hvman having received two wounds, one on tbe forearm and the other nn th? knee, which were sufficiently severe to disable him He was immediately brought to hit residence In a carriage, while the others returned to the city by diff-rent routes as auletly as possible YVIllis t-acaped even a scratch. We have not heard that any attempt will be made to arrest him ? N.

Y. Timet. N?w Stiam Ccttrb*.?The government has contracted for tv* steam revenue cutters, which are to be completed as soon as possible. Two of them will be of 750 and three of 600 tons burden. The vessels of 730 tons will draw ten feet of water with armament and stores on board, and will be armed with one rifled pivot gun of 8 000 pounds weight, two 32-pounders of 4.'.200 pounds,and one nivy 24 pounder. They will carry 120 persons, provisions for sixty days, 2 800 gallons of water, and a condenser for distilling water They will b?mfcnflnrr.rliri>M< TV>? 1 uv VI WW Willi ourden will be of eight and a half feet draught, and will be armed with a pivot gun weighing 6,500 pound*, two 34-pounder*, and a light navy 24pounder. The Harriet Lane will be manned br the men of the navy proper, and h?-r crew and officer*, arrived here Wednesday, having been discharged. Capt. Faunce will probably command one of the new vessels, and the name* of D. W. Constable, Capt. Sand*. Capt. Hyde, and other*, are apoken of for the ether vessel*.?JV. T. World J FENCING ACADEMY. FlONNAFoUS, having received several invitation* to give Fencing Lessons in W&rhicgtoo. let* 'fao.e gentlemen know tha? he has reoeived one month'* leave from the Fenoing Clnh id Philadelphia. and tnat h? w<11 give, daring that time, a oourseof 30 l?e*on*, in sina 1 sword, broad sword, and bayonet, in Washington, to oomm*noe Monday next, September #. Address Mr. Fr Bra'dner, Temperance Hall, E street between I'h and lO h. Washington. se 18 lw? AT THE OLD RATE4*.?Black SILKS, extra glossy and fine, all -idth*. Plain and Fauc* SI I.R* in oboioe styles. With all kinds of DRY GOuD* adapted for the general and special want* of families. ONE PhlOK OMI.V ^i- ' ? w u m f n ( U IU |/ICklll U^UrOB', be>io* ro purchaser la deceived CARPETS, CURTAINS. OILCLOTHS, Ao. Upper Floors. PERRY A BRO.Peon, avenue and 9t?' stre?t, ro 18 5:if "Perry Building." ??EEKERSOF COTTON GOODS CAN I'ROk? cure their ftu'umn supplies of all kind* of COTTONS, white and colorea, at the old prices. We teouiod large louol such fabric* p; or to the rise in price* We a so otTfr our u?tia! full stock of all kinds of SR Y GOODS for the general au4 tpooial wants of .milies. One pri'e only, marked in plain figures. Carpets, Oilcloths, Curtains,, upper floors. PERRY A BRO , Penn. a*, and Pth st., "Perry Building." sep 18-6tif OUR tsTOCK AND WHOLE TARIFF OF PRICE;* ADAPTED IO THE WANTS HP pvoanMa im \*..T?r-n * "" * ? . a unuvkg 111 1*11/1/ciaa i el 1/1auum* 8TANCRH, D-y Gooda in all d?partmenta of firat elaaa European and * merioar. faorioa, art* ptad for tha ourrent wantaof fomilieianu hou-?k??-p ra. On' prioe only, marked in pam fisur-a, onresquent'.y no purohaier is oTerctiarcad. Ah paroefa for tha interior prorsrlrp'ck'd, fr<e of charge. PERRY A BR<>, Penn. *v aud <> h and C ata , aap U-atif "Perrr Building." All kinds of silk? at le.-s than he old pno a, notwithstanding the advance in Europe and the new tariff* Peraona needing SILK OOOD8 for aatnmn and winter will tffeot a ao id aaving by making their purchase* now. The ?ho:ena!eand retail buaineaa of the oouatry being now reduoed to the caaii standard enaMea ii< t" rff*r a I artifice a* a reduoed tariff of profita. ONE PRICE ONLY, maraed in plain figurea. Newoomer*, aojaumera, citizen*, and 'trangera wili lcaoeot our a ook at their pleasure; it >ncnra 10 obligation to purchaae. Catppfa, < urtan,*, and Oilclotha, Run, to, Upper Fl- ore. All parcel* for the interior properly paoked free ofoharge. PERRY A KRO., Penn. avenue and 9 ? atrret, ae 18 5tif "Perry Building." p a i l'n pilf a 1 ^ " 41 . _ ....i ?v>( uoaiiO) mi ihs win oi tep'^mO b?r, 1R6', at 12 o'o ock m , are invited, for furnishing the tubsietence Departinei.t with 150 tons of HAY The Hay to ba delivered in Washington at such place as tne lOVPrnm'Btnia* direot The quality to be equal to the beat and to oonsist of timothy aid olover mixed The Government reserves to itself the right to rej?MJt all or any of th" bids, and for sny cause it ma? think proper. Payment for said Hay to be made in Treasury notes, if Government desires to do so Th? Hay to be famished in bal*s of from 151 to 40-? lbs., and the weight of wood and wire used in baling to be deduotad. The bidtfto be directed to Captain A. BECKW1 I'M, (5B., U.S. A , and endorsed "Proposals for Hay." ae 14 PKHSON* IN BLACK ILL Find our stook of all fabrio* for Mourning Apparel full and oomplate in all departments, tnrou( nout the entire rear. One price only, marked in plain figures ; henoe no purchaser is deoeivad. Pfr'RRY A BROTHER, Pa. atanue and Ninth at., e17 5\if "Parr* Rniiait." _ ?-?'.""'H' Balance of htqck of cigahsand LKAF TOBA^C?r FOR 8ALK.-Previ .ui to removing my stook,daring thi* week, I sha: Mil balanoe office Domestic Cigars ud three oaiea Connrotiout Seed Leaf Tobaoco, at the v?ry lowed pnoes, in quantities to salt All m ?ut will do well to apply immediately P. WEILBACHKR. of Balto , Store No. 243 Pa. avenue. ael7-4t* between 18th and 13th ?ts. TREASHK Y NOTES OF ALL DENOMINA TIONB BOUGHT AND SOLD. We will deposit iu the United States Treasury here or in New Y'*rk, without obarge. all luma not les* than Fifty Dollars for parties wishing to iqvest in Three-year Treasury Notes, bearing 7 3 10 intere's wken y. r1ttbmhou8f.. fant a co.. se 11-lm Banker*. Wo. 3.Vi Pa avenu.. OQO JOHNSON A NAGLE, OL)Q ?o?7 No si89 Pkm?sylvani& Aviucb, fco?/ Between Ninth and Teeth sts . soutta aide, IMPORTERS OF WINES. > JQUORS, SBOAKS. PirELES. PRESERVES, SARDINES, FINE GROCERIES AND SUTLERS' STOREo IN UENERA L. Jaat arrived the following brands of CHAMPAGNES: SH. Mumm. Piper Heidaiok. andon. Cartier A Co , tiarat A Fagot, Tonretto, Royal Grape. Whioh we offer at New *orW Prioee?freight addtfd. JOHNSON A NAGLE, 889 Poena, aveane. Ahm. M. Bin'nger k. Co.'? (19 Hro^d afreet. Naw YorkJ Vorld renowned BOTTLED WINKSand LIQUORS, for Camp, Medicinal, and Family ui, oonatantly on hand and eold atNew York Pnoee by the Cue. At JOHNBoN * NAGLE'S. 889 Penna. avenue. 8PICKLES. Pepper and other SAUCE*. TOATO CATSUP, by the barrel, gallon, or dosen, am the oe^brated raanafiotory of Pohrf nbarh k Co., New York, at a?u>m?hi?*l> low prieee. At JOHNBON It NAGLE'8. Sole Agents. fsmsMwist wa or half-barrel. ?10 NOTICE! NOTICE! NOTICE!!! M. WILLI AN having taken the atore formerly occupied by Mr. R. C. Stivers, 836 Pennsylvania avenue, between 9th and ilCth etc., will oa*a tt on Mon a*, 16th Inst, with a new etoek of PALL ? UU1U|>I I?l ?H"? French Bonnets, Cloaks, Dress and Cloak Trimmings, Flowers. Feathers, Riband*, Embroideries, Fan*. Bead Dresses, Wreaths, Real and Frecon Laoe*. eto. eto I avail myself to off?r to the ladies a largo and well-seieoted stock?every srtiole being irasor'ed by myself?At moderate >rioes CE7~ Dresses* Cloaks and Bonnets mad* to order M WILLiAN. Importer, se H 33<t Pennsr'vania arenas. WALL. STEPH KNS * CO.. " 189 rniHiviiu AvuiOTk AND READY-MADE CLOTHIER9, " '* ^ WANTS. tendanuaeon patMnta,?n<itwon) ddl# ftredAmcrlean WOMEN. on*a? kon??ke-p<?r and the other a? dtaing-roofi aenrunt Nom bat thoea who can fnrmah MUwaotcrr eTideooee of good efca-acter anddi?yopiBo" ?Happly. i*? lw \17AN TE D?Piftf fed EMBROIDERY HANDS, tad#(old enbroidenni. None but first-rat* hand* n?*d apply A. NEW. se It 3t*,if S4* r% av., gear fievnth u*. \MJANTKD?A steady and reliable COLORED WOMAN, to eook, *a?h a?<1 iron. i*H* moit be a food plain oook. Appiy at 420 Twelfth at. tt> 19-3t w ANTED-A WOMAN to oo"k w??h acd iron ? for a aaaail family. Alao, a QIRL. from It to U jrMn of M*, to taka oar* of aoluU aid >mit? homework. Good rerommeodatioaa or r*f*rntN aiirtd. Apply it No. 414 E atraot, botwM* Hk ?th. . wlf tf GUTTER WANTED. C*)l at WALL, STKt PHEN8 A OQ.*S. SOT Pa arww. ?It WANTED TO BORROW-Froai RtOO to 300, for on* year, for whioh liberal interact will bs?t*on. with ainjple aeounty. Addreoa "A. L. 0.," WaahmrV>a City. ? l?-taw?w *l^i?LeU> rmat oorna <?*ll rwoniMidM. Colo rod preferred. centre at 4*3 P at. ?> WANTED?To bar* rmrr body to call at SMITH'S, No 4 60 Setenth at., opf ett-J'oet Qftoe, and pare>>a?e thoir FA1-L aid WINTER CLof HIN6, TRUNK?, HATS aod CAPS, at tha vary loweat prioea. OivehiaiaoaH aatO-Ii WANTED. FOR THK HASH ? All kimAm ?# Tf "SECOND-WAND" 91/RNITITrE~AN 1) HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES. Peraona Inv^ ing the city or having a aurplua will do wull to oall immediately. R. BUCHt.Y, Je 3 48* HrrerUh. between O and H ata. WANTED.?We are now baring SECONDHAND FURNITURE,8TOvfi?md BHD DING, for which we are paying the highest oaah prices. Families declining houaekeepinc, or harmg a ?urplua of furniture, will &nd it to their advantage to give ua a nail. BONT7. ft GRIFFITH, je 18-tf No. 369 rtb at., betw. I and K ate. PERSONAL. T CORRECTION. HE Fnrnt-aaer of the atol?n nor?* mentioned in Thnradav'a 9tar is not Washington Hurler, Serneant of Polioe, in the Firat Ward K* A NOTICE. LK Perioaa are hereby notified not to oredit anj person on mr_ aooount (unl*aa with a written oi-ut; irom mis date as i will hj no debU oilier than th?se oontraoted by m?s?*l. se2l-lw* J. N. SINGLETON. EDUCATIONAL. Gkorgktown female seminary, (Miss Harbovrr's.) No. 151 Wut tt., bftvten C. ugrnt amd Hisk si*. The duties of this Institution will be rmmfd on the first Monday in September next The attention of parents and snardians is partieularlr called to the Class in C alistheaios, whieh will be formed o- Monday, the Sth inst. by a jradnate of the -Lewi* Normal Institute of Physteal Education." The lormer papila are earnestly solicited to attend the Class. Ikstrbctors. Mis* R W. Wright. Mrs "eoilia Young. " M. E. J. Kaufman, Mr- W O. Bert man, " M. V. Harrorer, A Ztfpor.e. M.D , M'l'e M Gardette. Charles de Frond rat. Ciromtis may be obtained at the Bookstores, or by addressisg the f'rinoipal. M J. HARROVER. WASHINGTON KEMA'.K SEMINARY, ** No ?2i F Strut. Bttween Girth and beventh itt. MI^S HARKOVI.H. ! oomJi*nfl? with ?K? withas of frienda who deal re to p tronise h*r hut dirlike at present to send their d&ughtera to Georjetown in the omnibus, ha* made arran*emeiits to e>tab iah a department of her Bcho- 1 in Washington, and rtspeotftilly requests a mare of th? public patronage The first seaai n will commence on Monday. September 2^d Circulars mar he obtained at the Seminary and at the principal Bookstores. se 18-tf J HAftHOVER. Prinoipal SCHOOL FOR young ladies. Mm M. P. DUNCAN will, on Monday, the W .?f September n?xt, resume her School at her residence, No 91 IndianaftVftHM She has made arran<rn>ents to receive a limited nnmber ot pupiis as boarders. aa ?7-eo8w All the best grades of deayy GMODSFOR SERVANTS* WEAR. An air?p e and extensive a took now in etnr*. The whole or the above at oar proverbially low phoae. One pnoe only, mark*d in plain 6*ores PERRY A BKOTHER. I a. avenue and Ninth st., seJ7 St.if "Perry Bai.d'.M." SW. TUCKER Woald annoonoe to the eitl sens m.ltta y and sojourners in wuh- sa icg'on that be is bow proeecnting the Tai lorint Business in all its branonet, at Pip. 4 97 Piith st., SI door north of Pa av. He ff intends to tnanufac'ure, out.- repair, r? model, o'eanse, and stnve to be generally aoeoiainoiatinc. Eoonmists shoild call and see hia 1 oth- Trade?Fao.nga and other Machine Stitohmg neat It executed. ae l7-3?wlro* J A I'AKD MHEB F DAWSON Having purchased the esi&h i*hmerit formerly own?d by me, t o(*n oo"fl(1-ntlj reooirmend hun to my former "patrons as a thoroughly educated and o oiKtan' Drugost JOHN SCH WAR'IZE. Washington, September 16,1K1. J*ME8 F. DAWSON. CHEMIST AND DRUOQIST, No. 4*9 Pmu. Avkxvs, Undir Clay'i Hottl, Keeps oonst?nt y on hand an extensive assortment of DRUGS, '!Hf MIC* LS, Ot-.NTAI. n aid SURGICAL IN8TRUMLMTS. Aleo.CXf t-retch, English and German PERFUME YV GENTLEMEN'S OUTFIT, consisting ofTSJmne English Rnxors, R&xor Strops, Penknives. *o Together with a full assortment of FANCY GOODhof every description. including all kinds ofOomb?, Urt'uhes.ko. Uenuine HavacaCIOARS of the very ( es* quality ; all of whioh will be sold at the very lowest Cash prices. se 17 eoSf LOSING OUT! CLOSING OUT! Raring conc'uded to o'ose out my entire stock of FANCY GOODS, 1 have removed the same to No. SO Pennsylvania avsnue, betwaon ath and Mb streets, where I will offer the entire ptook at saeh pnce? as will enable my former oustomera, and the ablio gereraly to bu* tne ft'st elass French rancy Goods at jtmmic prict*. Now is the tine to buy! N B ? All persons having claims against me are i wv?k m/ wiiiiV7 Mine lur iniurmom; IDQ HI persons Indebted to m? are to mat arrangements to liqaidata their o & ms wlthr>?t far"ftjSsaR-"-v? 'SWR-m* 6 7-tf UB. MAIL 8TAGK LINE Between Waeh in*t"n &nn Rookviile iWMXTJ^i^Vy Martin'* Hotel, oor. 8th and D it* EVERY MUKMNU (9(Ddari ?Z-2EBCC cef t?wl) st 7 o'oiook and I. C. Cocode a oor. tiigh and Bea.l sis , Ge > o'oiook; retiming daily. On Monday*, Wednesdays, and Friday*, throQzh to Poolesville ; Tuesdo a, Tnuradaya and Batnrdaya to Frederick; returning next day*, ao a-lm* BKNJ. COOLKT. WHITE MER' KR POTATOES. PRIME. RIPE, AND MEALY, AT LOWEST MA.AKKT PklCt*. TO qi'ar termasteru ok regiment*. You wast to keep y oar men healthy y<>n cannot do thi* without (itidc them good Potatoes These you can get at Ste*l k. Co'*.Sit Pennsylvania avenue, oorner of Beoond atreet lO GROCER is.?You want to please your ouatomera, and induoe them to eall a?ain, and reornn mend your atook to their friends Then oall at 8'eel * Co'a, and Sky what Potatoes you need, either for your own consumption or lor uala They are warranted to ?leaae. TO HOTEL. AM) RESTAURANT KEEPER*. Do joa want to pleaae to*' imtiAod uokle their palatee? Than boy Potatoes of Steal kCo. By doing so three Mrtiea will be benefited?the dller, th" buyer, end the oopaamer. Ohio, Indiana. and Kentooky money la [?o4 ? j. w. BTEKL * CO.. #36 Penmylrania avenue, oorner of SMoad atreet?(Old SentinelOftoe ) a??6 M. I. riUIIlLlN, BO HUT mo AND practical optioiam, (From PtifftrfiilrAii.) 44 Penn'aaT.,.noith ude.) bKltthud IMirti. Improved SPECTACLES and BYE OUKEI. miUd ooaactty for vwy f* ?i?ht-?oui?ted la Gold, Silver, fine Steel, India Robber, or Tortotea Ifwttery PUld (Newi, Mkr*iMM?, fitwciyii, Opera mm* Marxkt GUtsuitiikUu kit icVmafii Lmt?, Mmthewtattcai and ekytital Cwimow, Siiritwtfu mrMKirte ftiwi to imi MHtety, at the lowest Eastern prieee ae ?>-tr 4SSb ~ BILLIARDS! njH The loren ' ^ " of tke GAME OP BILLIARDS will tad in cinniva'O r nr. HAbbt Corner o PenneylTneie nve.e* m4 11th rtrMt, (BOOth Bid*,) two o( Hi* rao?t ndmimbta TABLEb - In the United StttM, with every eonxfort uJ ooDveaiBooe ent-lf ler the etnyro. M?b?. I ^ k* ' ' ' r *?" a r" A AUCTION 8AUB. Br 4. C. Mcei'lRK ft CO.. > ?eUon?*r, VMT ftUPRKtOR ROtKW(V)DC?IOtBR. f mo riiw Fo?rm. Marmoi ?ii.T-?a**? tMbrrMO. it it o'?iv?k at it* rwiww oi0*1. P. Phillip*, I itrMt.hMvwa lTtk KiVdiet* *? >duI mU all hit Faraitara and EflT*ott, eo?a i win*? WjrtsfoteKr4 c",-! r'? Eiaao Cor?. I. M iim ?U<.4, in ant Prenoh P ito Oval Man*. Mirror, ia riafcI * ty OhvmI Kilt fiap*. ^in*a%t Hud? m PiarGlaaa.4 iliu^ n?*ka? S?it* or hr<>C*'*, r rofirH P$rlor Furn-tir#, o<HD>r-ctng th"0 SefM. iv* Arm Ckwn,M< lt?lT? Far or Caun, thlau BoaStT&hr doooratod Frenck China Vaeoe, wVen't(\V ot|*? e f rr *\ i?o nt T>bi^ N?ntno? Marble ?o# Cotter aad t*>faT?>le?, kuk Seat .,h*ir?, Rooker*. Faocy Takln, EltSm S&JtTfXX'c'ftl'hm-. Mr noe. RahMiaawl Cry?t%l B M?wt. Clockr, Window ai?*, _ wild Mah<>ianr Csrr* ChseiWr B?t, <*k Mar hi* top CkMbtr feat, B*c > t?*da. Draaaiaf and Plata Bimii, W*ahat*cn?. Tot'a? 8-t giMrior Cwrtad Hair Mattraaaaa. . _ PoTaiar* ud fi Iowa, Hnn-m*? aad B#4din?, Urn French P?ti P>yaba OI*m, gaparior Marble to# Omppi Tabia Rockcn. Three La<(a Glee* rroat Library 8-cko*?i*. Deafce, Writtri Tib,*, ofto* Ckaira, Coekirg, HaJI, Kcd e bar 8*>T*a, T oftb** a cen?ra' k<mta*n( oi BmmIk ' J and Ki*?kan Rhi iiUi. me?aah. . S. Tka koaae u for raa*. Ii*?ira of im A?ntioa?*ra. _er fl_d J. C moouire A CO.. A mot* By GRl EN A williams. ABoUoaeera Household and kitchen firm iru at ACCT105.?Oa Fill day. th? J7ti intatit. w^aha'l a 11 at ?ba rnidfnc* of a f?*t iran deHimnc rn!i?ak?*yim. at 10 o'oloex a at >o. 4 06 Nineteenth atreet wft. between ?> aad F atrerta nortk. known * 'k? l)*nkam Cottaga. ua > Hirtrorni PI r nrnit?r?. Tl?? Ko'evood and Walnut Par or Suit. Walnut Marbtr-tof and !?id? T?b>a, Do Fx'aaaioa, Dining and r thor T?M??a. n 1 Puinuof* Oioa. Glaaa, and C-ook-rr Waxr, Swo fit? ai' tad Cot'*|? Chambar tots. otrare aad otbar Bocstaada, iron Hat Raak, and ClffO. Keirig0iitora,?ritli a good lot of Kitehaa ReqaiWith many otbar art alaa vkiah w daaa iumha*ry to inan?r?t' aa?l-d QKKEN 4 WILLI A MW. Anata. By THOMAH DOW LINO. Aaotioaaora. CwitinM D. C. (7*ARM AND DAIRY ?T"CR AT AOOTIOJ*. r On MONDAY MORNIN9. S3d iaataat, at W o'clock. 1 vt 1 aall. in front of th? A action R <x ma, 1T4 Bridge it., C?orfrto*i, D. C-. fart of ta? stock *n<1 efface ol Rreelyn Farm, now kaowx at Port C rooraa ; oomjrtetag? tost in* yoang Work Horaea. S Maree wiU foid. I ftoa Riding Ho'ea, t two yeara old Colte. S oat ya%r old do. S Carta and Harnaae, 1 Baiiai Maabiaa tor Hay or Straw, PiaUorm Hoa'ea, to weigk *? 'ha. 1 la fa Hotlor for {e+d, 1 Kli'.k Wagqr, Qarrtage and Harnaaa. Milk Paae. Pots, aad May other Dairy ao<1 Farm Impiemema. HaieyoMtre. Terma paak H | |t IV"?" '?"> *?? ? ?xv T? AVW? B? WALL i B-\RN?RO. *aitionoera TRt'STf.F'S SAI.K OF VALUABLE I*r?oviD Real K?tatk.?b* nrtae of a dmd of trnat, ri*t?d the IRth da* of March. 1X97. and da!y r corded imoci the land reoorda of the ooaoty of Wa*h4ngtoo,D C ,1 ahal'. k0?***1 to sell, on the premises, on MUN DA Y, the Bd day of t-epton?b?' 1861. a' 5 o'e ook p m.,all tbo?e sieoea or parce a of ground aituated in the city of Washington. in ea'.d District, ud known and o??ignate<l a? Lola numbered thirty four (3?) *i;d thirty-five (35) in Kqoars numbered five hundred auU thro# (Snt) together with the improvements thereon, constating of a large three story Bnok Hone* with a fine has* merit. Said property is h-catod on the aonth aide of N "treet south, between <H and 6 h at recta. Terma of aa!e:?One quarter in eaah. balance in aix tweiri, eighteen,and twenty foar months from the day of aaie, to be aeourea by a deed of tea a. on the premises. ITthe terma of aala be not complied with ia fro day a from day of aaie. the Trastee reaervee the right to reeeil at the nek and cost of the firat ?nrofcaser. JOHN F EN,MP, Trasiae. aeI WA I.I. * R??N??n * w >- > ? i ? nww??. ^Br6RKKNt WILLIAMS. AaoUonnn CALK OF HANDSOME HOUSEHOLD AND CT k itch?h FrmniTC?i * t aictioii ?On MOM DA Y. the ad itiunt, we thftll Ml\. it the r?*ider oe of ft ceat.eniftr declining hou?eke*rini, No. 4 8?, north tide of P t>?t**?n 6th ftnd 7th it recti, ftt w o'elook ft. m , ftn exe# leLtftMortmectof Fnrnitnre. m: Mftbogftny Sofa*. Sprint Mftt Pftrlor tfad Eookift: Chftira, 1 ftrce French f'ate Gilt frftroe M r or, Mfthogftur Jjreeeitff ftnd other Bithii, KMrMi-tM Center ftnd other TftblOft, Whfttcot, Hftt Tro*. end Sid* T?Wm, Cott*?e ftsd other Hftdetaftds ftnd MftttreMe*. * ru??el? ftr.d other <ar?et?, Oilelo h ftftd Mfttti o*. E*<1ifttor ftnd other With ft food lot of K.tcuen Re^maitw. and mftor other ftrUolre, whioh we deem nuncoeMftry to morftte. Term* auk. ca d 6REEN k WILLIAMS. Aacta. By GREEN Jt WILLIAMS. Auctioneer.. Household and kitchen furnito*? at Abctioh.?Ob TUESDAY, the MU mate-1. we ahali sell, at the re?ider.o* of a geat<e m?n dfe inm* h aaek', No. 449 north eiae of ncr'h L, netweeu t hi teeith ai.d Fourteenth ttr^et w??t, at 14 o'clock a. m., an exoeheut a*Milnien? of Furn tn-e .?? Maho<*ny Exfnaiou ?-ofa, and SprincCfcaira, Do Rocktra. 0reea,an4 o-her Burr ana. Gilt f ain?* Mirror, ani other G!a?*< *, Wardiot?e, Waih'tMidt, and Can* seat Chain. Tbre'vply and oher c*r?ot-. and Matting, Cottage, Mud other B?d tee da and Mattreaaaa. I'ru aeL.ard other Carpet*.and Matting, Crockery an G aai Ware, Refrigerator, apklrc a* d 'her ?t'jv?a, A ro'jd lotof K tchen Hernial tea. A* aeriai*. Te id oaan in >pecie Jul: GJtELN A WILLIAMS, Aecte. Hj GREEN k. WILLIAMS, AneticBwra /MiVERNMENT BALK OP CARPETS, On. vj clotm. m ccahiowa. kcim veivAc., at Acctioh?On WEDN ESDA v. the ttth met. at 1 o'clock p in we shall ae ! at the eaat front of tha Capitol. bj order of tke Clerk of ta* Houee of Reareeec ativee, a v#r? a*tenai*e lot af? Velvet, Tapeetry, Br.aaela and Y*aati%a Car pete. Oilolcth. Matting. Cnahiona.and Faimtara, A *o. a large lot of gtorea With many other arUelea. which we daea ?aeoeaaary loenieerau. TimiMih taaaaria. aa?-d OR BEN * WILLI AMP, Ante. T~" RUSTRE'8ft*LK OF VERY VALI'A BLF in il.ttiDoi.-Nr Tinea of toeCirrait Court lor Howard e unty, the nd?r need. m traar** w U ofT-r it yabro la'a, on tfca pramieaa, on SATLR DAY tWaa>bw (. latl. at llo'olook the I-ARM of tha late Mai^r <"fctrl#a Hamrro-d eortauung ?nu tma J P of whiah ia tu a Ina state of call va kb, aod th? 'liut* iaai< , ni kory,and eh-eEut,?'ljoiu:ng the ano? of Ooo.? 8'foWt, Mra. Jnti l)ora> y and W V. P"r??y. t>q . aiH ia witaint mi > a of K tiro* Milla C ol the K eia? Hoaae. and II Iroa Haluia"?-? bj tarnpica Thupropart* will b* of>rad Iretat oa? traot. anl if not aold will than ba of redn tar*a pane. a? follow* s No. 1.?Co eta 11 rig a^ut 189 aerae of 'B~d, Imf-uvad b? a l?'|? l)WKl/^Nt? HOl>E, f? van'a'Q?-art?r. Mabie. Gran*r't Co'iti . Thia ia tha mr at b aut fai a u in tha State, e?? Binding a new aa far ae th cyi aar r^ern of ) delightful and highly oul ivatrd ooantry, wi< 'i riaw of tha Cheiap^ak* bay. Noa. S aad Sa-iioia the abova, aa1 oontain aae i lSaoreaof the faca?t laad in the Sta'a, cat pa?a*d on W-ator t'oothrirara, th* whole dirioal into baida with ranniug atraawa, and 1 0 aar?a in heavy limber. Ths health eooiety ?r<-ximity ?o achoola, oharobat and maikcta, ?ombtue with tha lienor qua ity of tua aad to invite ttia attaat.c i VI IB! 'll'ir UQ OIMM 10 th* abjTB a*l? Trmi m pr^oribod by tk* doorM : Om third out, jy?w IB OM wd two THri. With 1 nt?ra* . M \NNuN.TnialM. JP-S** 39 tu Pail ctr*M, Bait'mora. By BARNARD * BUCKET, AnbODMrt, nPRUPTEE'8 WALE.?By of a dard of 1 trust fri<m John w.S?ihorop. tawi tha lTtn J?na, lbtt, mad* 'o wirtj tha d?bt tl?ri>i bnUonod, to banj. P. M"Xioy.aa<l by the di-oetioc of MM M\xlry. 1 will sail at taction or ? ? l*th day of octot^r ooxt, at 4 o'olook i?? thoafnraoom. in f't?at ol tba pamiraa. to tha klgtiMl bid 4v> th? (oilowln* doaonbod irwiiM, to wi* jerboa* part* of Iota namhor [7 and II in owl G?-p i town, b -finning at U* oad ofah*1 wi waat 00 th* lin* of raid fUMt from th* diTMfcag 1 i t?? lota 17a&d M.aad ri?m th?a*don aai". liM rut ?6 f*M, thaaoe aorthorl? to a bo?Bd*' on >o. s, botag M Not from Fnfl? Mroot, ?* SKrly to atos* No. ft, M fart, timb* wiwrl; K to tha bofinaiBf, botaf th* i?ru n?mT?? h G*orc* M. Wothoroa and othari ooevorod to Joka W. ftothorM b* d??d of Uh* W 0aoornltr. K A. with t4oJmUdtat?thu?BB. T'rpi: Oad third of tM pnro&AM boht aaafc, nd th* r^ai^u* at aut and tw*l?* n-oEta*. for whMhtk*v?rchaarra nntra boariat lBt-roat fr*m th* lay of M'.O. wi'l h* ?** mmJtmwmA ? f wnl?M. D?*da at the parer.aaat'a rif tM. U tamtam* a-? pot o m*l ad wi?h *nltm tkfM da?? from th? da? of a*)#. Um pr-miaaa will h? ra oMfttor a ? ?< ' ^ab)i? notice, at Um MuH ooat of tka dclaalu g _ _ aaM2avlm* b N A K I> *B UCIK K\\AmtU. PFOt ARMY MEN. LAIN. IMrlMd and P aid FLANNELS for ahiita, VV hit* ft*.in ud Cotton ftLoY Ra, bmn Qt*i and 'Whitfl BLANKET?,wiu all?U? fciada of URY GOOj* tor Ui- ruu of rami. ?a. Oh ?flc? pair, Mrfcad la plain if im ; haaoa bo rvebiMr la a ?mi < d Aa in?>?oUon o( atook iaapliaa M ob i<a*4oa to M-j'iysfAVu iltl'M Bf AM i* 1 & UiRGAiM M* IBilWll n?i -

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