Newspaper of Evening Star, September 21, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 21, 1861 Page 3
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i.ocal news. . 11 ' *.# ; BTTWt* To Sraa is prlatod sa the iMtort team prraa to ase south sd BaMbaote, Its edition li so large as to reqaire It to be put to prtes U aa nerly >wr; AS 1 iU?L?(iito, therefme, boo Id be eat la before IS o'clock m, ether** lee they may lot appear until the aert day. Norma.?District of 4olaaabto Advertisements to he inserted 1a the Bairuion* Son are received, at aad forwarded from Tux Sr*a Office. Tan GovxnuaisT Baibbt ?Feware aware ef the extent of the arrangements made by Uncle 9am for mpplying hia army here with food freah bread. Hundreds pass dslly over tbe fiery ovens at the Capitol aa tbey promenade on the broad terrace, who. If their attentloa la attracted by the chimney* along Its eater edge, content themselves with a peep over into the yard at the roofa ef the sbeds without peeving into the establishment, or conaldertng for a moment the immense s mount of labor performed daily, or the enormous atorea consumed la the manufacture of the huge wagon loads of bread wbiah are aeen constantly wiadiag out of the Capitol greunda aad stretching away to the various ram pa about the city. Juat "aside the archea, by the reuntnto, are the departments for the manufacture of yeaat, where aeveral men are busily engaged etirrlag la caaha a mixture of boiled potatoes, malt, Ac which, when thoroughly mixed, la allowed to atand about two hours, when it is ready for uee. At the left to the vaulta formerly uaed for ataring wood, coal andclodera, six huge brick ovens have been conatructed, into whoae fiery mouths tbe toavea are thrust by hundreda as they roll out in proper form under the awlft manipulation of the flour-whitened bakera. Attached to each oven laa kneading room, where, In the lo;ig deep trougha.the yeaat la pound into a large quantity of floor, where, with sleeves rolled to tbe ahoaldara, stalwart men plunge and tumble it about until it becomes ao stiff as to require cutting and spreading out in large layera, one upoo an other, in order that it may become thoroughly leavecrd It la tbw> taken out upon the tablea. rolled out into loavea, ana in i?rge pan*, holding fifteen loavea each, slid away into the dark, cavernoua depths of tbe ovens, where It res's in f?*ce until made fit to aupplv the wanta of tha inner man When done, the loavea are taken oat and placed upon tha edges on long shelves, where tbey become cooled before removal to tbe wagooa. These are not tbe only bakeries, however, as lnalde tbe Capitol are found. In tbe rooms once occupied by tbe Superintendent of Public Printing and hia clerks?where soft carpet* muffled the tread?piles of bricks and mortar, Into which hundreda of barrela of flour paaa weekly, emerging beautifully browned, a oft, sweet bread. Tne metamorphosis ex ten da through all tbe lower rooma of the old building, and the visitor ik struck as he paasea through at the contrast presented to their appearance one year el nee. Fach door baa upon it a number or other designation, aa - .Mesa Room," ' Bread Room," Ac., the former of which la uaed by the bakera who mess at the Capitol, ahd whose provisions are cooked In a room at the right of tbe entrance, oppoaite tbe apartment, formerly occupied by Dr. Wooater and bis electric bath, now ornamented with long rowa of tin-cupa. Ac , aad filled up three timea a day with hungry men engaged at the bakerlea Still further along the peerage, where artists flourished aad atone and plaater grew into the likeness ef man, are found the steaming ovens and fragrant bread, while at every turn the visitor stumbles upon carpeted rooms filled to the ceiling with the ataff of life. Beside the numerous wagons connected with the establishment, a great number from the sever si camps crowd tbe approaches to the bakery, and enliven tbe surroundings with tbe vehement persuasions of teamatera whose obstinate mules too often strive to Imitate the lobster's mode of locomotion. Each wagon in lta turn is backed up to a window, through which tbe loavea fly awlftly, propelled by tbe muacleofaome stalwart chap inaide, and, when filled, makea way for the next cuatomer, who Impatiently waits nis turn outalde Tbe wood uaed la pine, split very fine, of which about SO corda are consumed per month. The eatabllahment launder the supervision of Lieut Thomas J. Cate, of the 16th infantry, U S. A , who arrived here with the Maasachusetts Sixth, and at once began preparations for supply1??. the troops with bread. Under hia superin- I tendence all the ovena at (he Capitol?fourteen in number?have been built, of which two were coaatructed immediately upon the arrival of the Maaaacbusetta boys. In tbe manufacture of bread at this bakery there are used every twenty four hours 94 bushels of potatoes, 240 barrels of flour, and 1,400 gallons of yeast?turning out about 60,000 loves of bread One hundred and fifty men are employed, who represent all parts ef the country?North, South, Ea?t, and West One, from South Carolina, was In Charleston at the time of the bombardment of Fort Sumter Tbe amount paid to tbe employees falls but little short of S5,OtO per month, and the whole expenae of maintaining the establishment Is enormrus All tbe other provisions for tbe troops are obtained elsewhere?tbe Suartermaster of a regiment receiving from Capt. rckwith a requisition upon tbe officer at tbe Poat Office building who furnishes the coffee, rice, crackers, Ac., and who tben gives a requlaltlon upon the officer at the Capitol for bread. Occasionally the teams belonging to the bakery are Impressed Into the service of a regiment when sent out with bread, and fail to return until after aeveral days; as In tha case of a Massachusetts regiment wblch waa encamped near tbe city, and receiving orde's to proceed up the river, impressed a muleteer and his team, and compelled aim to accompany them to Pooleaville. liesldes this establishment there are Immense army bakerlea over the river, wblch turn out, by the thousand loavea, excellent wheat bread, fit to "place before a king." Faojt TBI Ptrrsm Ra.iqebs ? [Special correspondence of the Star ] PooL'r:llb, Sept 19 ? Dear Star: Th-Putnam Rsngers arrived here, last night, after a long and weary march from tbe vicinity of Washington; but after several hours of rest tbe company have been restored to their usual vigor. Tbey are encamped two miles soutb of this place, In a beautiful weod thst overlooks the fluest country In the State To the north Is Keen distinctly tbe Sugarloaf Mountain?a mountain ever d?ar from the remembrance* and lnclden'a of childhood to one of tbe company?and tbe Intervening valleys and hilla charm the eye of the beholder. Southward, extended in " magnificent distances," are prairies aad meadows, Interaperaad with pleaaant groves of chestnut wood, and bordered by the proud Potomac From the spot I write I can see thirty miles into Vlrglnls. and have been amusing myself for hours, in calling to mind and recognizing eeeoes over which I have roamed, many yearaago. Gea Stone, with a brigade consisting of cavalry, artillery, and Infantry, la there On Tues day morning a battery waa aent to the aboree of tbe Potomac at a place called Edwards' Ferry, where secessionists can be seen 00 the opposite bank with wagons, Ac., In considerable numbers, at any time. Tbey fired a few rounds lnte one of their trains, and dismounted aeveral of the party Tbe people to this vicinity clsim to be neltber Union or disonton, but we all know how to Interpret this strict neutrality I have written a few hurried Unee that the friends of the Putnam* may know tbey are all wall and to good spirits. I will try and furnish you with everything of Interest salt transpires, that is not contraband. Sbnwood. Tax M. P 's.?The Metropolitan Police are not only dolag good service to this community In mating arrests of persons for selling liquor to volunteer officers as well aa to privates, but tbey deserve due credit for clesrlng the public squares, streets and corners of tbe vagrant a by which they were Infested. All the beggars which have been such a nulsasoe to cltiieos snd strangers have been made to ' move on." If tbe force continues to be ss sealous in tbe discharge of duty sa at present, experience will make them good pollceDtsobdbbly SoLBisas ? From some cause tbe umber of disordsrly and drunken soldiers seems to ha oa the increase la our streets and avenues, and they seem disposed to resist th* officers snd give them all the trouble possible Sergeant New aa had oae desperate caae to Georgetown on Thursday, and Sergeant Hurley a similar one la the First ward In both esses the soldiers were guilty of outrageous conduct, and resisted the effioer* and la both cases they got the worst of ths bargain, earning oat of the scrape more er less damaged aad repentant. OaaTB ot an Orricxa ?Capt OrvllleC Howard, at Company I, Second Regiment Sickles Exoelslor Brigade, died at tbe E street Hospital yesterday mora lag about 3 o'clock, of typhoid fever. The body was embalmed at uadertaker Bochly's aad afterwards clothed to the CspUln's uniform ef deceased, glvlag It an appearance slmoet like UJs The brother of deceased has beea with blm through hia Illness, aad lsst evening conveyed his remains to his home In New York city. Bkbf ?Although the number of beef eaters !n the campa 1a this vicinity has been largely Incrcased lately, the Government stock of beef cattto baa aot diminished, but the number to the monument lot and tbe adjoining squsre seems to he greater than ever. To give au idea of the large number of osen required to keep np this stock, ws need only atato that 15o fat cattle are slaughtered for the troops dslly. BsaiiiM ?Secretory Cameron was serenaded by tbe band of Col. Fried nun's Philadelphia Cavalry regiment sight before last. Tbe affair was a very quiet and pleaaant one. Tbe band afterwards serenaded Gen tftoneman, Tbos A. Scott, Esq , aad Mr. James Leslie, Jr., sad were entertained at tbe residence of tha last named ^antiem*. Bsaasa ?A little girl shout six year* old, daughter ef Mr O W. Cuaalngham, who resides aa K. kttwsen Nlath snd Teeth streets, was badly burnt about the neck aad breast yesterday mora lag, daring the absence ef bar parente. She was build lag a Am la the baek yard far bee ewa ajauaeaneat, aad it saimsalestod to hm ridtlH- Tha Uals saffiMi la datag wuU. lit Ft a it or TA?*m*ArL*?? The month Tttr! th? flrst of tbe civil year of tbe ancient Israelites, which it the uoie with onr September moon, la peculiarly a religious month with the Israelites of tbe present day We hare already noticed two of tbelr solean a festivals, and now j we notice third, hardly leaa Interesting than i either of the others The evening of Wedaesdsy wan tbe flfteeatb of Ttarl, and the flr?t day cf tbe | feast of Tabernacle* Anciently It was one of . the three great festivals In which all the malea of | tbe nation were obliged to appear before the Lord. It was called the feaat or Tabernacles becanae daring ita continuance. eight days, they dwelt In tenta or arbora, In memory of the pasawe of their fathera through the wilderness, when they dwelt In tenta. It wa? celebrated after harvest, and waa designed for a general thanksgiving to Ood for the plenteoua yield of the fields Tbe eighth day waa the moat aolemn of all, and waa therefore called "Hoaannah Rabbah " Ob thla day they presented tbe first frulta of tbe late crop. Then, too, tbe ceremony was performed supposed to bare been Instituted by Haggnl after the return from captivity, of taking water from the pool of 91 loam Into the temple, where It waa mingled with wlna and poured out by the priest at the foot of tbe altar of barnt offerings. The sacrifices, In addition to tbe ordinary sacrifices, began with thirteen calves, two rama, and fourteen lambs, with flour and wine; and a ' goat for a sin offering. They gradually decreased the number one calf each day till the eighth, when but one calf, one ram, and seven lambs were tbe burnt offering, and tbe goat of the aln offering. Devout Israelites still remember the customs of their fathers, aqd religtoualy observe each return lag dsy, although depriyed of the indent privileges of the Temple. Tub Rivbb ?Since our report of yesterday 10 or 12 schooners hare arrived with wood, aeveral small craft with oysters, etc , and tbe following vesaMs with coal: schooner h Dllatuah, Capt. Bartlett. for Gait; schooner Mary Louisa, Capt Woodruff, for Thomas; and schooner w. l. Hern, Capt Seward, for McKnew a Marlow. Also, schooners Alvarndo, coal for Harvey: Ann Pickroll, coal for Sheriff; Eclipse, coal for Keyes; Mary Elizabeth Ellen, coal for Tbomaa; and Bueoa Vi~W, coal for . The number of vessels arriving ?uu fuel ao., *??>, -to mum rather above the average number at tnls season of (be year, and tbe wharves present a gratifying and uuwonted look of buatle and activity. These vessels were not molested, and report all quiet down the river. The only unusual sight or sound was the occasional roll of a distant drum, or a siucy little Union tugboat pitching a few shells Into suspicious placea on the Virginia abore. aa, s'ie puffed along up or down the stream Tbe schooner c. Carroll haa arrived with hay for the Government, and tbe schooner Ida Delltora, which brought a cargo of hay. la now at Harvey's wharf loading with empty pork and beef barrels. Srllino Liquor to Soldirbs.? Yesterday, Christopher Boyle was arrested by the metropolitan police for selling liquor to soldiers. He was Ined f^s by Justice Donn, and paid under protest, nottfving the msglstrate that tbe caae would he brought before tbe Circuit Court by petition. Samuel Tinkler was arrested by a giard from the 7th Massachusetts Regiment and taken before tbe Provost Marshal, and turned over by him to the elvll authorities. Col. Davis, In a letter to General Porter, charges him with keeping a bouse in tbe woods near Camp Brlghtwood. 7th Massachusetts camp, north of tbe city, where he has eight or ten prostitutes of the lowest character, with their pimps; and the house lssuppled with intoxicating liquor. It had become an intolerable nuisance; and tbe Colonel says tbe acene In tbe bouse on tbe night of tbe 19th Inst waa disgraceful and disgusting in tbe extreme He asked that tbe prisoner might be sent to the city prison snd punished to tbe full extent of the law. Justice Donn sent him to jail for future punishment by the law In such cases. Rooms for thr Metropolitan Police ?The rooms over the office of the Gas Light Company, oa Eleventh street, have been engaged for the use of the Metropolitan Police. Oue room will be used for tbe meetings of tbe Board of Commissioners. and other rooms will be set apart for the use of Superintendent Webb and his assistants These rooms formerly rented for s400 per annum; but In consequence of the depreciation of rents the board have secured them at a rental of $250 per annum. Crntral Guardhouse Cases ?Gilbert Davis, drunk and profane; fineandcostsSl 91 Rosanna launder, dead drunk; do s3 94 wm. Gray, disorderly; do s3 50 Jno. Butler, do ; do s2 50. Patrick Kergan, sleeping In the street; dismissed Thos Hardy, stealing grapes In the market; b-?tl for court Isaac Magulre and Jos. Klncbler. drunk; dismissed. Dennis Daysey, drunk and disorderly; dismissed. Jas. Foley, do.; do. Patbrook m Small, drunk and deranged; do. Arrived at Carter's Wharf, (foot of Thirteenand-a-half street,) schooners William 1. Hern, Seward, with a cargo of coal for Messrs McKnew & Marlow; Ellpse, Keltley, with a cargo of coal far c. m k?-y?, Ann Plrherel, Elsey, with eireo of coal for George l Sheriff; Buena Vista, Phillips, Philadelphia, with 241 tons of coal for Chapln & Brother. a Hist to the Peovost Guard?From fifty to one hundred saldlers attend a Seventh street concert each evening, and many of them are drunk and disorderly On Thursday night a pistol was accidentally discharged by one of thein, endangering the lives of the audience. By having a tquad of tbe guard at the door when the exhibition closes, a fine haul may be made. Railino at thr City Hall ?Congress having appropriated s5,0u(l at tbe last session for tbe improvement of Judiciary Square, the money, or a portion of it, has been used in enclosing the south, east, and west sidas of th* square with tbe Iron railing removed from the Capitol grounds, which has been set on granite blocks, adding much to the app- arance of the grounds Elrctrd ? At the lsst annual meeting of the Young Catholic's Friend Society the following gentlemen w<*re elected c Ulcer* for the ensuing year : Hugh b. Sweeny, President; Geo. Savage, i Vice President; Chs. Jones, Cor Secretary; Giles | g. c. Slmms, Rec. Secretary; Mr. Elchhorn, | Treasurer; Mr Fullerton, Book keeper ; Mr. Sto- i phena, steward Thr astonishino success of the Campbells, at i Odd Fellows' Hall, can only be accounted for by i those who have enjoyed their side-splitting cem- i Ities and roaring burlesques Each bill seems i richer than tbe preceding one, while everybody wonders at the inexhaustible fun of this inimita- i ble troupe. a splendid bill to-night. Tbriats or Violbncb ? Jacob Wolfstelner | was arrested yesterday by county oScer Stafford i for threats of violence to Myles Sweeney. Ha i was committed to Jail by j ustlcs Walter In de- i fault of ball for peace. Pice mo a Soldier's Pocert -On Thursday, a I soldier riding In an omnibus upon the avenue, i had his pocket picked by a fellow passenger of i about ?87. The person who committed tbe act i escaped, but can be Identified. On Monday next that grand plc-nlc of Hum- I pbreys and Juenemann's comes off at their pleas- i ure gardens, on Capitol Hill, It will be remem- i be red. Elsrwbrrr will be seen the Inviting pro- i grsmme of the third annual exhibition and concert i of tbe children of st Aloysius Sunday school. a i grand entertainment may be looked for. Removed and appointed ? fcdmund Purcell i baa been appointed a night watchman In the I Treasury building, vit* Wm. Jones removed. Chloroform or ether skillfully administered I for extracting teeth, by Dr Loomls, corner of I Pennsylvania avenue and Ninth street. newdbygjods. i Stook just op?ned at k fcf Hall's old stand, 575 Stvmtk Street Store orowded with customers. Goods to suit the times, and at prioes to please. I seU-oott Matthews * Co., 175 Seventh st. | India Rursrr Blankets fob |9. Shortly i Imprrfrct.?ijnoo Rubber Blankets, large sirs, I feet 4 inoh*s loBf,4fe*t 4 inohes wide, ooatad on I ootton flannel. Also. Blanket* for Soldiers, for I fl.J?eaeh,and pocket Filtering and Drinkior Tab's I Jb o*nis eaol; a d every variety of India Robber I Goods, at nsanufaotnrera' prioes. at the India Kub- I ber Warehouse, SOS Pennsylvania avenae. be- I tween 9th and loth sta. se 21-St Measlrs arc prostrating the volanteers by hnn- I dr.ds ; the hospitals are orowded with them. Sol- I diers. be warnad in time Me.'leway's Pills are | positively in'alible in the oure of this disease; I < ocasional doses of them will preserve the health I eveu under the greatest exposores. Only 35 oenU per bo*. sa21-lw To thb aftlictbb f?b# sate to read theadvar- i .jeme-t of Mo Lean's Strengthening Cardial and I Blood Punftar. in another ooiuma. tf kbadbb, nave you seou Prof. Wood's advertise i nient iu our papar. rcaf it; it will IntorMt yoa. i an 90-eoly Pennies. Persons daairiac pennies will always find them I for QXoUante at the Star Offioe aoonter. tf 1?BD, On the *M>h instant, ROBERT CLARENCE. I lf?otaonof Aogastas and ?arah ?onneider. aged I 18 mouths a'd 12 days. The lunnral will take plaoe on Sunday. the Sd I la taut, at 336 o'olook. (rem the reaidenoa of its pa- 1 reals, 174 Pa avenae, between 17th and itth sts. In this ?it?. on the Snb instant, SARAH ADA I l.AII'K. ag?a 7 montns and 25data, infant daogh- I ter of Col. William Bad Laura V H.MeNeir. The funeral will take plaoe this evening, at 4 I o'cook, f om 7IT New Jersey av. jst&vrA HeHTnends are tavtt d to at|e?d ter faaatal, oa I v V e * * AMUSEMENTS. ^ILINOTOW CLUB. Thememberaoftha ARLINGTON'CLUB beg leave *o announce to their frien^la and oui 6%. sewe that Uiej intend htwi their Seventh fl? OR A Nl? COTILLON PARTY on WED-ifB NESUAY, October a. 'Ml. ?? FkankmnGA Hai.l. n at., between 12th and >3th at* Tickets SO oanta, admitting gentle man and ladiea. it* CJOOD TIMESAKK COMING! * HICKORY CL4IB IN THE PIFLD AQJLIN! The members of the Hickory Club take great pleaaure in aonouneing to their many friend* a* and the pnblio generally that they will g ive their Sixth Grand COTILLON PARTY roM MONDAY EVENING, October 7, :?8I, aW the Fxanxlin Hall, corner of 9th and 1) ata. Ticketa 60 cents, admitting a gentleman an.1 ladiea. ilj order of the Committee of arracgeinenta. For p&rtioolara aee future advertiaement. It Third annual ~ EXHIBITION AND CONCERT of the Children of St. Aloyilas Sunday School Proci?1s for tki Uses tf the Poor Ih* Same, Aaaiated by Inatrumental Aooompaniment. Will take p'aoe WEDNESDAY, Skptixbix 95, Corner of I and North Capitol streeta. . ? MIT 1. I. Gloria, from De Monti Fall Chorae ! Whiaaer(aolo) Mary Neff ? Hail Hmilinf Morn. Full Chorea 4, l5o)o Violoncello, Fiado Aocom . _ paciment, by Prof. Mnagro va 5 Er?n la my Home (quartetteji.. Miaaea Jiadget 8 Where are the fnenda of my ? youth? Wm. Randle 7, Gamoler'a Wife(aolo). Mina P. RadoUfle - ? FABTII. Crowe in the Cornfi?ld Chorea of Bova ,2 Xl? ?50*"? *?1?. w?th Piano...Prof. Mnaarove '? The Morning Call _ U to tJ)? ?' * ory.Boya in full aoldierdreaa lz. Lome, come, come ! caolo and cho _ ru?> ~ Mary Hauty IS. Fairy Hoy t ddy W kite _ , . ... MIT III. Conolndea with Gilea Croggma, the aohoolmaater. X'?kot* S6 ?*nta; children 10 oenta. half paaff"" * * hflif.nAntfl o'nlnnlr : ct\m "wnfiTd T._. GRAND PIC NIC. HE Underaigned fcer to inform the'r frienda, 1 and the pnblic in general, that they will fire fA another GRAND i'IO NIC on MONDAY fit NEXT, the 231 of September, at their Plaaa- /Ptm ure Garden, capitol Hill. U0E& Give ua a call. a*20 2f HUMPHREYS A JUENEMANN. ODD FELLOWS' HALL! SUCCESS: SUCCESS! 1 SUCCESS! SUCCESS! CROWDED HOUSES! 1 CROWD* D HOUSES! SIXTH WEEK SIXTH WEEK of the , CAMPBELL M?NSTRELS! CAMPBELL MINSTRELS! EVERY MEMBER A STAR! EVERY MEMBER A STAR! CHANGE OF PROGRAMME CHANGE OF PROGRAMME EVERY NIGHT THIS WEKK ! EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK! Adnimioh 85 Cbmts. ?e 17-lw LUST AJND FOUND. ' LETTERS LOST.?Lost, on Tenth at., between E and G, two old letWa (one of thein Latin) with newly written oopiea. Whoever reetorea them will be rewarded. N, W. corner of Tenth anrt E. It* l^OU ND?On the 2'ith instant, on the Georgetown a. Turnpike, a hamlaome black leather SATCH EL. b^.ongmg to lat Lieut Raphael r?oaia.of Comp\ny D. Van Allen'a Cavalrr Th? owter wi 1 find the aame at the widow Rabbitt'a Tavern, George- ( tjwn 1'urnpike. It* ARMY H >HSK LOST?On Thursday evening, 19 h imtant, an Army H one, aail- r\ d e antl brd ?. ,hirw ita ridei su I run off : jl ," oolor grey, h*Uht 13 o-14 h*ndvwith b n a. Anrone givi'i* information at ihiaoific wi'l b properly rewarded A non-oom<iiiaaionrd officer will be 'fl'Foaaible lor tue oaa, if not recovered. se21 It* 1 O-T-ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS. in a * gold-pieces, in a buckskin pur*e, during my pale on M t.tre?t, between 8th and 9'h, on Friday, S-ptemhora11,1851. Th* finder will be suitably rew^rded on returning it tn me. at th' reaidenoe of Mr David C. Davia, on Eighth *t . re*r I,. No. 3*1. (It*) MAR I HA L ARMOR. j REWARD?1 oat, on Friday morning, the i J 2oth icatant, near Gen. Porter'a Office, a i leather W AL.LET, containing two five dollar gold i ptecea and one ten-dojiar Tr^aanr* note. Tt<e above reward will bepaid to the finder on returning the aame to thia office. i a*21 3t GEORGE BIRL. A jA REWARD?Ran away,on the 7th inat., ?-til two NEGRO BOYS. Lewia ard Henry Lewia la of eopper ool?r and about Qg 18 yeara old; he waa purchaaed about 4 yeara I *?/> of fieorae Horarman, reaiding on the VV I aland, Washington oitj, and may be lurking JJL. in that vicinity. Henry ia ahaut 14 yeara old, and has loat the first lomtfur nearly so) of hia fore fincar, right hand ; no othsr marlr. reoolleoted. I will pay 92u apiece, if secured so that I get them. ( KORGE HUMES, ae 21-3t* Beltaville, Prince George's oo., Md. Strayed AW a\ ?On the 9th instant, a dark brown COW, duck legs, long ' -- ggTrti tea;a lone, one horn k.nger th*n the other, brush <>f tall out r.fT. A libera) reward winJEaaa be paid lor her return to J. VAN HOoK. tjni<>ntiwn Q C .oppoait" \avy Yard. ae 2Q 3t* ESTRAY.?Taken up astray. 011 Sunday, the 15th instant, two HORsfcS, wuich th? own- rv er can have by proving property acd pay-"L-T^ log damagea. Can be aeen at Earle'a ata-^53^bira. on H at., between iOth and V ?t ats 1 _ ae it) 3t* JAMES MORAN. Q | / ) RE WAR l>.?Strajed away from the aubv '" 'enter, a<!ark bay m*r? MULK galled ?n both t honldera. arid grey i n the^gWiav f Tehead. Any one having it at my ata- '6(3*3 ble will receive th? a <?ve reward. 77 JAME* H SHREVE. "" " ae 20-3t* Seventh at, between H and I eta. 1 I OST?On Thurrday evening, in or near the mj t'arnpn at T^nallytown. a da k colored leather POCKET BOOK, containing a ornne&i m*'al, a discharge from the British arinv, and other dooumenta of no va'ue to any but the owner. A liberal will !> ? ii'ea. if required, for the above. App y at PoatOlBoe T^nallytown. se j0 3t f OST.?J5 Rkwasd.?Loat, last evening, a Li C' lt'a 7 inch Navy REVOlVKR. ailver mounted, marked "Mortimer Thomaon, 1961.** The above reward will be paid to any peratn who may return the piatol to MORTIMER THOMSON, 95I F at., between 13th and 14th ; or to Mr Chadwiek, Willarda' Hotel. ae 11-tf ^^ INTERIOR DECORATIONS, t*Af KRHANG1.NGS, ail grade* and prices : WINDOW SHADES, PICTURE CORD and TA8SELS, GILT OVAIj PICTURE FRAMES, As.,at J. MARKRI TER'S, No. 486 Seventh at., 8 doora above ae ll-10t*if Odd Fellowa' Hall ?< EA LED PROPOSA LS are invited tiM the 26th IO of September, at 12 m , for aupplying CORN U the Subeiatenoe Department of the Army. The Corn to be in the ear, and to bo delivered in W aahington City, at tho Catt.e Yard on Monjment Sqnare. Bidders are re^ueated to atate the prioe per 100 lba. of ears About 100,000 poundaof eara will bereqnired, to be delivered one-half hy the I0tn of October. lRfil, and the whole < elive. y to be made during the month of October. The bids to be directed to Captain A. BECKWlTH, C. S , U. S. A., and endoraed r'Propo?ala f?r Corn " ae 14 T NOTICE. HE Copartnership neietofore oarried on by the name of H. F. Loddo> A Co. waa dissolved on the lat icatant by ita own limitation. All thoae owing amounts to aaid firm are requertedto settle the aame without delay, as the auooesaora are anxioua to ooae tne books and sett'e aooounta a;ainst the above expired oopartnerahip. GEORfiEW. FARANT. FRANCIS J. HKI . ERGR, JOSHUA H. KING. iLr NOTICE.?Tue underaigned respectfully inturm their patrona and the public generally of their having formed a copartnerahip to continue the bnaineaa, in all ita brancbea.aa suoo?afora of the lata firm of H. F. Loudon A Co. Whilat tendering their thanka for the very liberal patronage reMi ved, thev pledge themselves to nae their utmoat xertiona to merit their oontinued favora. F. J. HEIBERGER A CO. flnooeaaor to H. F. Loudon and Co., Military _ _ ana Naval Merohant Tailora. P. J. Hi'inau, J. H. Kma. ?pll tw NOTICE. ? ADAMS* Thia Company offers to the aublio** Unequalled Advantaaea'' for the Safe ana Quick Diapatoh of Heavy FfeighU Paokaaea, Valuablee, Money, Ao. Ao., to all parta of?he United Statea. Expreaaaa to and from the North and Weotdaoin and arrive in Waahlngton twiee dally. All Expresaea are in oharge of txrmrierutd and rtlxabU Meaaengera. All Paokagea for The Soldiera carried at "oiti half" oar usual rate*. All Go?da for the ao-oal!ed "Confederate State*" and all Artiolee " Contraband of War" wi.l be RiruaiD. On Expreaaea leave New York at 1,8, and 6 P.

M.^arriving in Waahington at 6 A. M and 6JO Expreaaea leave Philadelphia at 8 JO V. M. aad UP.M., arriving in Waahington at 6 S3 P. M, and Expreaaea leave Baltimore at 4 20 A. M. and 3 P. M . at riving in Waahingu n at 6 A. M. and 590 P. M. Kxpreaaea for all pointa North an-1 Weat leave Waaaington at 7.90 A. M anil 2.30 P M. daily. Special Contraota for <arge quantiti?a of Freight can be made on application to thie < 'ffioe. All Gooda aalled for and delivered Jrtt of Extra chargea. a E. W, PARSONS, 8op't Adama' Expreaa Company, Waahington. Angnatg. 191. an a tf Dr. CHARLUt. BOTELER, No. 336 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, batweea Ninth aad Tenth Streeu Smms&s, 6 ? . / > FOB 8ALBAND BJD4T. < l?Ot RBNT-Tvo HOUSES, dm on L atrMt, r nar Tenth; one on MtmohiMiti avenue, hft?m Pth and 10th g*? : 8 room a in each h< uae. lrqui?of JOHN MURPHY, Grooer.eorner of L >o I nth. ?e 21 at* L^OR RENT?A mj deairable HOUSE, (fur? mhed.) Mutable for email family; witl he rente* upon reasonable terma to a rord tea>nt. Appl'onthe premmea, 165 H at .between30thand Jlst i?:ortoWM, WILSON. Erq , 20th at. two doorif-om H. ?e >9 3t* I/IRNISHED ROOM??A Parlor and Ohamr or two Chambers, on the firat or priooipal atorv vary neatly fumiah'd, looatioa very deatrabl* ad vary pleawint, very near tie Preaident'a Hon* andpnblio Grounde?No. 460 New Vork av., door fiom Fifteenth at. ra 19-3teo t^OI RENT-A FlfvME HOUSE,on Fifteenth r atvet wear, No. 339, b?tween L a: d M *treeta rorth Alao, a store on the c">rner of L and 15th ata, liquire of A. BORLAND. Alao a Frame Houae on Firat atreet raat, No. 326 ; laa 8 room* in good order. The key ia at Mr. Loroea. next door. ?e 19-3t* ITOH SAI.K?A FARM, containing SO acrea of r good land, on the Georgetown and Rockville Tura?.ke,9 mile* from the former piace, in a good neigloorhood. Location very healthy. Excellent vatf. rood (rait, Ac. Inquire on the pramiaea, or addnaa HKmRV AAIGHT, Rookvi'le. Moat gomwy county, Md. aa ,7-lw* EUJINI8HED ROOMS FOR RENT, at No. r 450 Twelfth at., eaat aide, between O and H ata. The locality ia unaurpaaaed in tMa city, and the rtoma are among the moat oomfortable. No childen in the hooae. Every attention guarantied. Terma moderate. ae 13 lw 1701 RENT?A STORE on Pennaylvaniaavel me, and Fixturea for aale. Apply at thia of. fice. ae 1 l-3w* ITOI RENT-HOUSE 403 Pennaylvania ar^ a o\er the bookatora of Franok Taylor?a place for a pofeaaional man. ae *-tf E'OR RENT?A aubatantial three atory BRICK r IOUSE, with large lot adjoining, situated on Thiid atreet raat, two doora from C atreet north, on Capitol Hill?a very healthy location, and price of pnt to amt the preaent tnnea. Poaaeaaion given unnadiatelv. Inquire ol Mr. BA CON, next door; or <f Aliaa M. C. LINCOLN, 301 Pa avenue, Qf K ? rtrl 1A#V? ' * COR RENT?The north HOUSE of the row of I' new four-atory hou*ee on Fourth at., between D and E ate.. No. 388, fronting the City Hall iquare. Poaaeaaion given immediately. Apply to WILLIAM H. PHILLIP, Attorney at-Law, No. 4Q Loniaiana avenue. ma 11-eotf HOUSES FOR RENT-No. aa and No.9T.on the aouth aide of Indiana avenue, both of them yery large and convenient houaea, with good atabling and carriage-houaea. Alao, the oommodioua and large Houae, No. 389, Dn the north aide of C atreet. Apply to THOMAS BLAGDEN, No 499 Sev?nth atreet. jy 17 2awtf HANDSOMELY FURNISHED Four handaomely Formatted Rooma, aopplied with gaa and water, and oonvenient to the Patent and Peat Office Departmenta, for rent. Apply at 490* Maasachuaetta avenue, north aide, between tth and *th ata. ma 23 BOARDING. BOARD.??evera' Boardera can be accommodated, with or without Rooma. in a very ple*a- I ant location, at No. *02 I atreet north, between 6th and 7th ata. ae 18-4t" GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS MASSEY, COLLINS A CO.'S PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT. Expected thia day, per ate*mer J. Jerome? 2U0 barrela XX DRAUGHT ALE, 40 do. XXXX do, do. 600 hlf.-bbla. do. do. do. Which on arrival will be for aale Terma eaah I on delivery. ARNY fc SHIXN, m 7 Union Depot, Georgetown. JUST RECEIVED? 1<? hhda. prime Porto Rico SU6 AttS l*o l.lila. Oid Rye WHISkY, IfObbla. HERRING and A LE WIVES, m bbie. Crushed and Refined SUGARS, So iAga Rio and Java COFFEE, 10 hhda.(low-priced) MOLASSbS. For aale by JOHN J. BOGUE. aell OR. GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE uaed for the la?t lialf century in the hoapitala of I London and I'arta for the cure of Secret I Lhstnt/s may now be haolat UPHAM'S. I No. 310 <;heanut atreet, sole agent for the United Statea It ooutaina nd meruury or other minerala, and wi I rot harm the I mont delicate conatitutioa A speedy cure tua? I anteed and no change of <net required. Prfe $1. I Sent bv expreaa So d in Warhington by S. CA 1<- I VERT FORD, corner 11th atreet and Pennaylran\a avenue eep5-eolt UPHAM'** HAIR DYE '.-TO COLOR BLACK OR BROW & .'.'?Only 38 cant* a b<>x. Three | boxe* for one dollar. Gray, red or flaxen hair oan be ohanged in a few aeoonda to a j t biaok or I brown, by uamg Upl am'a Liquid Hair Dye, the beat I and obeapeat in the world, prodnoing, the moment I it ia applied, a rioh natnral appearanoe. Kaoh Box I of UPH AM'S HAIR DVE ia warranted to oontain I aa much hair rive a* othera aell for one dollar \ I SnM by S O. UPH AM. 310 ?'hj??iiurBtreet. h la- | ielphii, and S. OALvfc.RT FORD, corner 11th atrret and Pa. ave. tep fr-eoly I DR DUPONT'S 8UGAR-COATED FEMALE REGULATING PILLS ?re^?, the t-rry i* They operate apeedi y^W> ac?l efleotually. and being 'u*ar-coate / I crea'a no n&uaea upon th<v moat deiioat).^ r u-o iaoh A tri?I of tfceae Pilla will prove tneir I superiority over all oihera. I'rioe One Dollar a I box. Sold only at UPHAM'S, 310 Cheanut | atreet. Sent by mail to all part* of the country in I a ae&lod envelope. Sold in Waalucgtou by 8. CALVERT FORD, corner 11th atreet and Pa. I ave. aep 5 eoly LEA & PERKINS* celrbratbd Worcestershire Sauce. Pmnouno9d by EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS * of a Letter from a to be the II MeJieal JS- V at Madr&a I "ONLY GOOD ^B.% _ ? c rlG jE To Ha Brother SAUCE." n Worceater. and applicable to - Tell ??V P^EVERY !a"hi*hlV^eateemed in Irdta. and ia, in I VARIETY my opinion, the most I paiat<bie, aa well aa np niHH !^K^2aithe moat wnoleaome I OF DISH. ihat ia made." The above *AUCE ia not onlv the star and m??t j Popclak coxoiMiKT known, but the moat Acowrm- i ieal, aa a lew dropa in Soup Grarp, or with ri*k. i hot and co'd Joint*, B*?f Steak, G?"??,Jtc.% impart I an exqmaite xeet. whioh Sauoe man- I ufacturera have in vain endeavored to tmttate On the Breakfast, Lutuketm, Dimner, or Surper Table, a oruet containing " LEA A PKRR1NS I WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" ia indiapenaable. I To appreciate the ercellmt qualities of thia deli- I cious preparation it ia only neoeaaary to purchase I a ani*ll bott.e of the genuine, of a reapec table gro I oer or dealer, aa many Hotel and Km aurant pro prietora ae'dom place the Pure Sauce before their I gueata. rot anbaiitutea genuine Bottle filled with I a spurious mixture. For aale by Grocera and Frniterera everywhere. I JOHN DUNCAN A SO *8, Union Square and UrA (treat, Sev> York, Sole Wholeaale Agenta for the United Statea. I A Stock alwara in atore ?Alao ordera reoeived for direct ahipmenta from En?la d. [[J* Beware of Counterfeits and Imitations.-Til aep 3-ly,eo I piREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capttml 9200,000. Qflti tomtr C strut aiad Louisiana a ., *ear Bank Of Washington. INSURE HOUSES ANFOTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIKU. Diincroaa. Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel Redforn, Samuel Cropley, William Wilaon, Richard Jonea, John D. Barclay. Jacob Gideon, Andrew Roth well, Thoa. Parker, Riahard Barry. B. B. French, Dr. o. W. Davia. No oharge for Polieiea. JAMES ADAMS, Preaident Am G. Da via. Secretary. au 9-eoHn Medical department of Georgetown COLLEGE. Washington City. Corner gj Fand Twelfth Strutg. 8*asio? 0? 186I-'?2. FACULTY OF MSDICINK. NORLK YOUNG. M. D.. .. ? . Profeaaor of Prmoiplea and Practice of Medioine. I JOHNSON ELIOT, M. D.. Profeaaor of Principles and Praotioe of Surgery. JAMES E MORGAN, M. D , Profeaaor of Materia Medioa and Therapentioa. J. M. SNYDER, M. D., , r Profeaaor of Obatetrioa and Diaearea of Women I and Children. THOMAS ANT1SELL. M. D, Profeaaor of Meuioal Chemiatry, Toxrcol^gy, aad Phyaiology. J. E. W1LLETT, M D.. Demonatrator of AnaAo ny JT7" The ohair of anatomy to be filled. The aeaaioa will oommence on the 22J of Oeto ber and end in March following. For further in- I formation addreaa JOHNSON ELIOT, M. D, Dean_i>f the Faoulty, 408 F atreet, between 6th andffh ata. * ae 6-lawtNovl* HE SUBSCRIBERS RESPKCTPULLY invite the attention of tlie Army ?nd_^ Navy to their full aupply of MILITARY ana NAVAL PURNjSHING G<?o5s, WK auch aa Indigo BlueClotha aad Doe?kir.?. tm rfcae<.tive em'jroidery Aie?), the oalebrated PATH4& t w. T| TELEGRAPHl^^Wsj THE WAR in niisocm I I 8t I.oci?, 8fpt 20 ? A gentleman who arrived I f*y ? ^ a Polnt on the Missouri river, I I^ngUM,, witnessed a severe flghtthe'e I Tk , nf'"d,,T afternoon, ft>- tbe possession of I three ferry boata lying ?t the levee. Price'a rebel I forces adTaored on tbe boata from above and be- I low. but after a severe light tbey were repulaed I Price alao assaulted Col. Molfl|u't entrench- I menta four or flee time* on Wednteaay, and waa ??,Vlnv?' W,lb 1 tom of three or four hundred killed and wonnded Federal reinforcements under Gen Stnrirls I wwnp^WtoMriKon Wedno^Uv nlgbt bil tbevwlnld w? ?f B?mr ot the r'"T they would be unable to croM tbe rtver Thla I account la rather Incoherent. and entire reliance I laaotptoccd ? II here* It la evident, however I that the reported capture of tbe town on Tuesday la not correct u?*ay i wW' 20?Additional partlculara of I haa hl?C 0nl'?X^fltOa ba** been received It I baa been ascertained that tbe IIrat attack waa Bade I on Monday, with about 8,000 men. lasting two I hours, when the rebels were repulaed with a loaa I 411(1 from ,wo to four hua- I kinli ^ .?nr IoM u ^Ported at only five I killed and aeveral wounded. I fortifications are altutted at the !fjE ?tL^w wD' ?B \ bluff overlooking tbe river. The worka are of earth, aeven fwi htoh I themWelTe fOPl lhlck' wlth dltch aurrc jndlng I .an<L ""Her *rork la erected Inalde I f *? by " dl,ch Tb? wbo1* ? capable I tbouaand troops The attack on I Wednesday b., Gen. Price's Vebel tooopTwo I ^determined one, and laated nearly all day, I resulting in heavy Iom to tbe enemy. I The Federal reinforcement* from tbe North I bufahou'ld'thtUrKL"' W?V *>robabl>r number 3.000' onU .m ?k ^ Unrth}e to rro** the rtver, the only aid they can render will be to sweep the enemy with their artillery. P I It la contldently hoped, however, that the rein- I forcementa which left JeffeMon City on Wednes- I day by the atMmera will be able to land at or enemy'* forooe, **? *? way through the I It la said that Col 'filSffiftnHlUlaB* !r_ fldent expectation of being able to hold hiaown I hfm "nV '?rCe Ulat mtgLt ** broug??* against trtZM*?W0.VH' 18 ~The ? * ? accounta from the Southern border represent Gen Rain s I Confederate troopa are marching northward, and I ing him De con>mand of federal troopa followA force of one thousand rebela were at Piatt City, eight miles eaat, yeaterday, aupposed to be I riT?t,mar ,0.J.?^ Ra,n" or Pric - crossing the river at or near Liberty A portion of them have I been engaged In tbe recent bridge burning on the I western dlviaion of the Hannibal and St.To^ph'S EHf-ar?' ,""ni>? n J,fi,V017 C,tT' 90 -I* ? reported that Ben McCaUoujrb lain the Osage, 70 miles hence, I marching on Jetteraon City. I Col. Richardson took up a petition to-day with I hl" regiment of Home Guards at Osage bMdJe Ti ue 1 attack no doubt be made I *.5?' Montgomery ?f Gen. Frsmont'a cavalry, has just arrived from Georgetown, and aaya that | heavy firing waa beard at Boonevlile, from the I direction of Lexington, all day on Wednesday I and late at night, and It waa believed there that I Gen. Lane had succeeded in reinforlng Col. Mul- I llgan at Lexington It waa the impression at I Boonevlile that Gen Price could not take Idling- I ton but with terrible slaughter I o<o L-?V .J.!e^in' U ?' Mld- hM not more than I 950 men with him. and la surrounded by Federal I troops on every side 1 "xc,a* I The Late Railroad >la??acre Ciscibiiati, Srpt 19 -The unfortunate Nine- I teentnIllinois Rf-?iment reacted this city at two I . . ra?rnin? Th(T matched to the I m#rket house, where supper bad been I provided for them, and thence to the Little Miami I Railroad depot, where ttey took the cars for I Camp Dennlson. The bodies of their dead were taken to the I Orphan Asylum building, wiere they will be I ? laced in coffins and made ready for a burial I lany of the bodies are sidiy dUflgured, but the I ?reat portion seem to have come to their death I rom Internal bruises received in the crash At I two o'clock this afternoon the bodies will betaken I to tbe Spring Grove Cemetery for burial The I remains of Capt. Howard will be seat to Galena I for Interment. I The funeral of the soldiers killed by the accl- I dent took place to-day. After the service at tbe I Asylum by tbe Chaplain of tbe unfortunate reel- I ment, tbe csfflns, twenty eight In number, were I placed In beyses and cars draped In mourning, I and escorted by battalions from the Illinois I Twenty fourth and Nineteenth Regiments, the I Home Guards and Rifle regiment of this city, the I procession passed through tbe prlncipsl streets I rbe coffins srenow in vsulta, subject to orders I from lndt.ns.potu Th? wounded are doing I well, and theaurg. ons now think that all will re- | cover The Natlml Fast. * 20 ?Governor Morgan, In con-I formlty with the recommendation of the Presl- I deut, baa lasued a prwlamatlon designating tbe I m J. ?. ^Ptember as a day of public I humiliation, fasting and prayer. I Hakhikbcsg, Sept. 20?Governor Curtln has I ?!*Uir a f'roC,i,m,,tion, In accordance with that of I ,!lre*.K^">?, ordering that on the 26th of Sep- I temlv r the public otlices be closed, and earnesllv I recommending to the people to suspend tbelr or- I dInarv avocations on that day and bumble them- I with earnest prayers I that He will look with mercy on this people I Fhilapklphia, Sept 20 -in tbe select conncll I a resolution has been adopted directing tbe clos- I lngofall the city office* and establishments on I the day of tbe national fast, and that the citizens I generally be recommended to close their places I of buslntJt and observe tbe day. I Mevements ef, Jte., iB Keatacky Lopisvillb. Sept. 2t)th.?Col. Crittenden's re-I glment, well armed, passed through tbe city to- I day to the Nashville depot, and proceeded imme- I dtately southward. ??riK General War arrived here to dsy from I V asblngton, snd will forthwith take command I of Central Kentucky dr^b^U '' lrt ,D rO^"l0n of Mq1Justice Catron, of tbe U. 8 Court, Issued to- I day writs of habeas corpus In the case of Kx-Gov. I Moorehead and Messrs Darrlt and Barr, return- I able on Monday. The bill which passed both Houses of the Le- I g .Stature, requesting Gen Anderson to call for and I take command of Kentucky volunteers, was vetoed I by f?ov Magoffin, and immediately nnssril by a I constitutional vote over the veto. I Frem Kansas City?SktraUshiag with the I K rbels Kassas Citt, Mo , Sept 17 ?A body of rebels made their appearance on the oppetlte side of the I river to-day, when a party of mounted Union men I discovered the rebel campand attacked It, killing I seven and taking six prisoners, a number of I horses, and destro)ilng their barracks. Another rebel party attempted to cross the river 1 four miles below, oil a flat-boat, but they were I repulsed, and tbe boata aunk. The rebels after- I wards crossed the river sixteen miles below The I city Is slive with excitement Various aklrmlshes I have taken place, but no damage dene, though I they fired into Kansas and Wyaudotte. I Arrival ef the Callferala Express. BumLiKOTON, Ind., Sept 19 ?The California I pony express brings San Francisco dates of Sept. I Ttb. The California election returns were lncom- I plete The Republican ticket had, as far as hesrd I from, 43,000; the Union democratic ticket 20 000. I and the Breckinridge democratic ticket, 19,000. I The ship Henry Brigham, belonging to Savan- I nah, has been seized at San Francisco under tbe I confiscation set. Also the ship Benefactor. The! emigration to California Is immense, including I large numbers of Union men from Texas. I Counterfeits Boston, Sept 19?Counterfeit ten* on the At-I lantlc Hank of Boston were pat In extensive clr- I culstton yesterday, and six persons were arrested I last night snd this morning for passing them to- | gether with counterfeit tens on the Bay ?'atf I Bank, of Lawrence. I Ksatacky State Prlseaersfsr Fert Lafayette. I l!?DiA5AroLis, Sept. 90 ?Ex-Gov. Morehead, I Martin W Barr, and ft. T. liarrett, arreated at I Louisville yeaterday for treason, pasasd through ] here to-day, oa their way to Fort Lafkyette, by I order of the W ar Department. I Selznre ef a Csatrabaad Veasel. ; Nbwabk, N J , (Sept. 19 ?The brig Hannah vin*1 'org?* clearance from New York I for St. Thomas, wltn a large and valuable cargo I were seized at Elizabetbportthla afternoon The I captain and crew escaped. , The New Yerk State Fair. W ATxarowa, Sept 19 ?Tbe Fair grounds have been thronged with visitors to-day Five thousand Canadians were present, including many prominent citizens from Kingston The total amount of receipts thus far is S7,000 1 he IVaUeaal I sin CaicAOO, Sept 19 ?The subscription to the national loan to day amounted to fll3,000. of which amount S 100,000 were subscribed by Belomon Sturgls, who srmed and equipped Gen McClellan*s body goard I taUa MeeUag. ] Naw London. Ct , Sept. 19?Tea thousand people sssembltd In buss meeting to-day to hear saa owttag"1*1 S J second edition: 1 # ... , . THREE O'CLOCK P. M. OUR MILITARY BUDGBT~ A HaTL in CHitLII COCWTT, MB , KT< [Special correspondence of The Star j Urrsa Mablbobo, Prince Geoegeceanty, Md , Sept 20, 18*1.? Ednt I At stmr : On tbe day before yesterdsy Col Cowdlas Fliet Masaechu setts Regiment, now doing daty on tbe pes I mu la, made a haul of two wagon loads of military clothing, arma, Ac., destined to be amuggled acroaa tbe river for tbe use of d^sualoa troop* The capture waa made near Frederic ktown, about fifteen ml lea from Leonard town. Tbla regiment, which Is eae of the beat of Gen Hooper'a crack brigade, tea been doing good arr Ice Indeed below tbla town, la holding seceeBlonlam la check, ferreting out treason and routIng out traltora and giving good boart to tbo Union men of Cbarlaa, St. Maryland tblacounty. They hava folrly opened tbe eym of tbe whlaky-drlnklng, quarter-racing and cock-fighting dlaunlonlata of lower Maryland to tbe feet that there la, even yet, an Uailed states, aad that the United 8tatea hare a Government I AFFAIU IK BALTIHORB [Special corrrepoadence of Tbe Star J Baltimobb, Sept si _Kdu* Stmt Ballmer* aever waa more quiet than It aow la. Tbe Ualea canae gain* strength every hour. There la some ttlk, Indeed, that the Pe\ce-war party have abandoned tie Idea cf running a ticket Gen Howard haa not yet accepted tbe nomination for Governor tendered htm by this conclave, aad there are doubta whether he will It would not aow be aurprlaing to aee Baltimore go largely for tbe Union ticket, and the State by probable 20,000 majority. reated. Dr Robinson'tfcu'UbflV ffdlkAfehMti night by Government officers but ne escaped late the country. Strong effbrta are making to aecure tbe release of Mayor Brown and Row Winans. The troopa in and abound our city enjoy remarkably good health. The hoapitala are well attended to, poaensiag every convenience snd ample accommodation Our Union ladlea are unremitting In their attentlona to the alck and wonnded aoldlera Large auma of money are aubacrlbed to aid them and minister to their comforts There are between four and five hundred patienta la tbeee hoapitala. suffering moatly from Intermittent fevers and rheumatism The Northern Central Railroad la now deing aa immcass bualneaa Many troops are paaalng over It. _ _ _ B LATS LOCAL NE All About a Man.?Tbla morning, patrolman Leach waa called upon to conduct two ladt*. Mra F.ilen Smead and Mra Ferguaon, to the offlne of Justice Johnson, from the avenue, opposite Brown's Hotel. The aid of tbe ofiloer waa demanded by Mra. Ferguson, and accordingly, when they appeared before tbe justice, she was called upon to make her complaint. She stated that Mrs Smead came up to her on the atreet and ?aid to her, "Madam. If you wllloall at my hooae this evening, I will explain tbe heaeneas of your husband to me ' Mrs F replied that she would have the case investigated, aa Mrs S was ruining her peace Mra F aald she had received eeveral anonymous letters apprising her of tbe Infidelity of her husband, and his constant Intimacy wlta Mrs Sm?a<i. Mra F. admitted that ahe went after Mrs S with a loaded pistol, and threatened to shoot her if she did not stop her Intercourse with her (Mrs. F ' ) husband. The statements ard couuter-statementa came thick upon Justice Johnson at this stage of tbe trial; and he aeveral times had to interpose between the parties, who were very much excited, and the danger of a hair.pulling acene la the Judicial sanctum was growing Imminent. Mra. Suiead charged Mrs F with drawing tbe pistol upon her, ana tbreatning to shoot her Mrs. F charged that Mrs S had her husband In ber house aa late as lit o'clock at night. Mrs S explained that she waa for months engaged la Important law sulU, and Mr Ferguson was her counsellor and adviser, and did all ber private writing for ber, which accounted for tbe lataasBB of his stay at ber bouse The Justice concluded the caae by holding Mrs Smead to aecarlty for peace towards Mrs Ferguson. Mrs Smead thea charged Mra. Ferguaon with attempting to sheet her; and Mrs F. was required to give aecarlty for a further hearing la that case. Hish Old Timb Last Nisbt? Mat bit AUtp Tdktu ?Amongst other disreputable placsa which seem to be popular with tbe volunteer officera aad aoldlera who drift about the streets of Waahlngton, may be named the notorious "Marble AMey?? situated south of Pennsylvania avenue, Within s "tone's throw of that thoroughfare It runa through from Four-and-a-half to Sixth street: aad Its female resident* hsve heretofore been unable to establish a reputation for chastity. La*t night aa attempt was made by a aquad of tbe metropolitan police to effect an entrance into aeveral well-knowa bouses there, but tbey had not euR lent force to accompliah their purpose, snd bad to best a retreat. They soon rallied, and were reinforced by their comrade* and by a body of tbe provost gu?ra The united force on their arrival entered tbe dwellings of Madame Dupr*, Sarah Auatla, aad Julia Dean, and made nearly thirty arrsats, most of them soldiers, and among others a colonel and " aeverlal" captains and lieutenants The aceae presented on the entrance of the ofllcera la said to nave been rich. The consternation of tbe "gala" waa only equalled by the gymnaatic feats of those " gay and festive ctiaaee." their military admirers, who were uoder beds, behind doors and la all aorta of possible and impossible places. One modest youth, with " miltngtary" clothes oa, hid bis blush's under s large chair which he thought would cover htm The aoldlera (most of them out without permlaslon) were taken to the station house, and the damaels were allowed to depart to aet their trapa for another lot of greeaeys. BaoroHt to Justicb?Several days age we mentioned a caae of tbe larceny of Government pl*tola and of a horse belonging to T. B Beale. Officer Kimball obtained a clue to the tMef, and immediately telegraphed to Officer McPbatl. In Baltimore, to arrest Charlea Hays, efts* Miller, upon hia arrival there by tbe cars from Wasblagton. He waa accordingly arrested, and yesterdsy Officer Kimball west to Baltimore with a proper warrant and received tbe prlaoaer He was brought to this city by the earlf train tbla moraine, and committed to jail by Justice Dona Patrick Sullivan, of the 11th Maaaachuetta Regimen came to this city yesterday without a pass, and during hia stay stole from tbe store of Mra. H CUtcb a naval revolver and a alx Inch revolver Upon hia attempt to return to hia camp, near Bladensburg, by the cars, be (belue without a pais) was arrested by tbe Provost Guard On hia way to tbe guard-house, a ltttl* girl who waa at Mra Clltch's store aaw htm, and told Mr* C. of his arrest She reported tbe tbeft to the officer of tbe Guard, aad Sullivan was ordered to be aearched, and the pi at o la were found upon him He waa turned over to J uatloe Dona, who aent hi m to jail for trial at tbe Crlalaal Court. LATEST NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. THE CALIFORNIA ELECTION. [Special telegraphic dispatch te The Star.j Sab Fbahcisco, Cal, Sept. 9, lBfil ? ITsaAington Star ?California has demonstrated ber fidelity to the Ualon. Stafford (rep ) Is elected Governor by an overwhelming majority, aad tbe Legislature elected embraces a fair republican majority. LATEST PROM MISSOURI. CONTINUED FIGHTING AT LEXINGTON. JBrrsasoN Citt, Sept. Il.-fna accooats received at headquarters here, Cel. Malllgaa's force at Lexington la supposed to be MW men, with three fi-pouaders, one howttxer and tea mortars _ Tbe Federal acouta, just la, report that the fight waa still going on Wedaeaday evealag at Lexlagton It la said the rebela have ao aball, ahrapnel, or canister?nothing but round shot aad slugs. Advices by private letter from Lexlagton to-day, aay that General Prloe attacked the Federals at 10 o'clock yesterday moralng, with a force ef thirty thousand men Tbe Federal force Is estimated at from three to four thooaand. The latter fought them for two boors, wbea the areas si ea lata drove them back Into their intrenchmeata Tbe Irlah regiment then came oat aad charged them at tbe point of tbe bayonet, scattletiag tbe rebels la all directions. Gen. Price iataaded to renew tbe attack thta mora lag with sever toes pieces of artillery. No statenoent of less oa either tide la glsen liXiaa Citt, Sept. ?l ?Fifteen hundred aea, under Cel Smith, overtook three theueaad secessionists aa tbey were cross!ag the river at Blue Mills Landtag, on the 17th laat , complete*y routlag them, aad killing between ISO aad ?Kt, besides taking lit prisoners The Federal lorn waa ?o killed aad fiS wounded ELECTION IN CALIFORNIA. PniLA.aai.PBia, Sept. fil.?A telegram briage the latelllgeaee f-oan California (In part by peep axpreaa) that Staffe d ha* beee e -xt^d Govefaet, He ara? the leptibUcea candidate it* V *

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